Crime School Reunion








“Students, former girls, and parents, may I welcome all of you to this special day here at St Blazius School!”


The packed assembly room applauded as Miss Hardcastle stood at the dais, wearing a grey jacket and skirt with a peach blouse.  Beside her stood Miss Burges, her deputy, in a white sweater and black trousers.


“It is a real pleasure to see so many of you here, with your parents, to support your younger siblings and see how the school is working with them to prepare them for life in the world outside.”


Casey Stoner smiled as she looked over at her younger sister Josie, sitting in her school uniform.  Casey had left last summer, and was a student at Warwick, but had come back with her mother to attend this special day.  Wearing a white top with the cuffs of the sleeves rolled back, a brown leopard skin pattern scarf loose around her neck and her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders, she brushed some flecks from her black leggings and looked at her grey laced boots.  Harriet Stoner was sat next to her, her grey hair cut short, and wearing a brown cardigan over a floral top and white skirt, dark tights and mid-length brown suede boots.


In the row behind, Suzanne Yeoman was looking round the old hall.  She had left two years ago, and had decided to wear a short sleeved black dress, the front opening showing some of her chest, dark stockings and black ankle boots.  She had been something of the frump of her year, but a recent makeover left her with dark hair that flowed in soft curves either side of her face, and a new attitude on life.  Sitting next to her was her aunt, Diana, wiping the lenses of her black framed glasses.  A business woman in her own right, she was wearing a grey jacket with black piping over a white blouse, and black trousers, the legs of which were tucked into high black leather boots.  She put her glasses back on and brushed her short brown hair back with her hand as she listened to the speech.


Across the other side of the gap, Tammy and Tanya Burdett were listening as well.  Tammy had been in the same year as Suzanne, but in total contrast she had been the flirt of the year.  She loved to dress casually, and today was wearing a coral pink v-necked sweater, faded blue jeans and mid-length black leather boots.  She had long strawberry blonde hair, unlike her mother, whose auburn locks fell over a black jumper which itself was over a grey cowl necked top.  She was also wearing jeans and black leather boots, these with the cuffs turned down below her knees.


“So, in conclusion,” Miss Hardcastle said, “Enjoy the day, enjoy the chance to look around and renew old friendships, and thank you for your support of the staff and students here.”


There was a round of polite applause as Miss Hardcastle stood back, and the school choir did a rendition of Jerusalem.


“Well, I’m glad that’s over,” Casey said as she and Harriet stood up, and made their way over to join Josie.


“So,” Harriet said as her younger daughter hugged her, “can we get a tour of the school?”


“Sure – come with me,” Josie said as they walked off, while Tammy and Suzanne approached each other from opposite sides of the hall.


“Suzanne – you look fantastic,” Tammy said as they hugged, “What happened?”


“I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself,” Suzanne said with a little laugh, “how are you keeping?”


“Can’t complain – in my second year at uni now.  You?”


“I work for my aunt,” she said as she glanced over to where Tanya and Diana were talking, “not that I’m complaining – I’m learning a lot – but she brought me up after the accident, and there are times when I feel as if I just want to break free from her.”


“Yeah – I can understand that feeling.  Listen – want to have a wander round, leave those two talking business?”


“Suits me,” Suzanne said as the two younger women left the hall.


“So how is the special project progressing,” Tanya said to Diana as they walked to the refreshments table.


“Slowly – one client in particular is holding out, but I hope to get it resolved today,” Diana whispered as they both took a cup of tea.


“Could they cause trouble?”


“I don’t think so – just a little recalcitrant in accepting the generous terms.  It’s their choice, but I hope they can be persuaded.”





“This is the gymnasium,” Josie said as her mother and sister followed her in.  They looked round, Casey running her hands over the bars at the side while Harriet looked at the equipment store.


“Very well equipped,” she said as she looked at some of the boxes, “but why so many ropes?”


Casey and Josie looked at each other, before Casey said “Why do you think, mum?  You’re forgetting the mandatory after-school classes in escapology and what to do if you are kidnapped.”


“Yes – I never understood the need for that,” Harriet said.


“How are you doing Josie?”


“Better than you did by all accounts.”


“Mum, let us show you what happens, and then maybe you’ll understand,” Casey said as she picked a length of rope up, Josie turning and crossing her wrists behind her back as her sister expertly tied them together.


“What are you doing,” Harriet said as Casey then wrapped some rope around Josie’s arms and chest, securing them tightly to her sides as the rope forced her breasts out.


“I’m going to secure Josie, and you can see how quickly she manages to get out of the ropes – sit down on the crash mat, sis.”


“What was your record,” Josie said as she crossed her ankles, watching as Casey tied them tightly together, taking the rope between her legs, and then secured them below her knees.


“Four minutes twelve – why?”


“I’ll beat that,” Josie said as Casey unwound her brown scarf, and then pulled it between her sister’s lips, Josie biting down as Casey wrapped the scarf twice around her head and secured the ends together at the base of her neck.


“llrrtthnn – strtthclk.”


“No – don’t start the clock yet.”


Casey and Harriet slowly turned round to see a group of men, all wearing balaclavas, one of them pointing a gun at them as he said “let’s make this a contest, shall we?”




“Now this brings back some memories,” Tammy said as she and Suzanne stood in the sixth form common room.


“Oh yeah,” Suzanne said as she felt the back of the old leather seats, “sitting up late at night, discussing what boys were hot and which ones were not...”


“So is there someone?”


Tammy nodded as she said “John – he’s a second year law student.  You?”


“We split up a couple of months back – I got the feeling Aunt Diana did not approve of him.”


“Does she approve of anyone?”


“Very good question,” Suzanne said with a smile as she picked up a book, flipping through it before she put it back down again.   “Let’s go – before they send out a search party...”






Harriet mumbled through the thick white scarf that had been tied between her teeth, looking over her shoulder as the masked man pulled her bound ankles back, and tied them to the ropes that sat above and below her own chest, her cardigan pulled to the side on either side.  She looked over to her over side, where Casey and Josie were also lying face down on the crash mats, their wrists behind their backs, and their bounds ankles pulled right back and secured to the ropes around their chests.  Casey also had a thick white cloth pulled between her lips, the corners foe hr mouth pulled back and her cheeks forced out by the pressure of the gag.


“Neon of your business,” one of the other masked men said as he smacked Harriet on the bottom, “you keep an eye on them, and make sure they don’t try to escape.”


The man he pointed to nodded as he sat on a bench, watching them as they lay still, Josie raising an eyebrow to Casey as she looked over, and her sister slowly shaking her head.


“Now what boss?”


“We find them, we secure them, and we have a little chat about business decisions,” their leader said as the rest of the gang left the gymnasium.


Harriet tried to move her legs, the rope rubbing on her suede covered ankles, but as Casey looked round and said “Rlxmmm – tlblrrt,” she nodded and stopped, hoping they had a plan in mind...




As they walked down the corridor, Tammy and Suzanne were chatting quietly, not noticing as other parents and former pupils went past in small groups.


“Oh lord – Miss Plaistow’s classroom,” Suzanne said as they stopped outside a particular door.


“Business studies – never my favourite subject,” Tammy said with a smile.


“Oh it’s stood me in good stead for the last couple of years,” Suzanne said as she turned round, and looked up and down the corridor.  “I guess I really do miss this place – what about you Tammy?




“Suzanne,” Tammy said without turning round, “the door is open behind us, and someone is pressing what feels like the business end of a pistol against my back.”


“Do not turn round,” a male voice said quietly, “just back up into the room, nice and slowly, without saying a word.”


Suzanne looked at Tammy, who nodded as she started to walk back, Suzanne following as she went in and saw two masked and armed men, one of them closing the door as the other covered them.


“Tammy Burdett and Suzanne Yeoman?”


“Who wants to know?”


“I do,” another masked man said as he walked in front of them, nodding as someone behind each of the girls pulled their arms behind their backs, and they felt rope as it was passed around their wrists.


“And if..  Nnn... And if we are?”


“Then stand perfectly still,” the man said as Tammy felt the rope going between her arms, and then watched as a long length of rope was passed around her chest and pulled tight, forcing her arms into her sides as her chest was forced up and out, the pressure increasing on her breasts as the rope went above and below them.  Looking over, she could see Suzanne’s eyes widening as the same thing happened to her, her dress stretching as more of the top of her breasts became visible.


The pressure was only increased as the rope went under one arm, up and around the back of Tammy’s neck, and then under the other arm, Tammy groaning a little as it was tied off in the middle of her back.


“We’re going to arrange for a message to be sent to your mothers,” the masked man said as Suzanne felt her ropes tightening as well, “but as you will have to wait a while, you may as well have a way of entertaining yourself.”


“What do you mean,” Suzanne said as whoever stood behind her passed a length of rope around her waist, feeding it through the centre and pulling it tight before he tied it and let the ends drop to the floor.  Tammy looked at that, and then the rope around her own waist, before she whispered “oh god, you’re not going to....”


“AHHHHH” Suzanne called out as a hand went between her legs, taking the rope through and up as it pulled the skirt of her dress up, and pressing against her clit as it was tightly tied off around her wrists.  She looked at Tammy, who could feel the rope as it pressed on her jeans, and whimpered as she was forced to kneel, the rope rubbing on her as she did so.


“Now,” the man said as a folded cloth was held in front of the mouths of each girl, “open wide and say Ahhhhh.”




“Msreeemsssrree,” Harriet said as she looked at her daughters, tears starting to run down the side of her cheeks over the scarf, a damp stain spreading from between her lips.


“Dmtwrrmmwlbfn,” Casey said quietly, both her and Josie watching the guard as his head slowly dropped, and then shot up as he looked at them through the eyeholes of his mask.  Casey didn’t move, biding her time...



“Mrs Burdette, Miss Yeoman?”


“Yes,” Tanya and Diana said as they looked at the young student.


“A message from the school office – could you go to the Business Studies class in room 26 please?  Miss Plaistow would like to discuss a possible project for A level students with both of you.”


“Of course,” Diana said as they set off from the hall, making their way down the corridor to the Business Studies room.  “I wonder what she has in mind,” Tanya said as she opened the door and they walked in – only to be grabbed as the door was closed behind them.






“Hlpssmmmpplssssmmmmm” the two girls moaned as they knelt on the floor, the ropes around their chests and between their legs visible to both Tanya and Diana as they tried to speak through the white micropore tape that covered their mouths.  Both girls had their ankles tide tightly together, a rope running from them to their chest ropes, and a final band of rope held their legs together above their knees.


“Hello, Miss Yeoman,” the masked man said as the two men guarding the girls pulled on the ropes between their legs, making them yelp, “my boss wanted me to have a word with you.”


“And he believes that taking my niece and her friend captive like this will change my mind?”


“No – he believes it will make it easier for you to come with us.  But first – tie her up.”


The two girls screamed and shook their heads as two more men appeared, and pulled Tanya’s arms behind her back, one of them starting to bind her wrists as another started to bind her arms to her side, the black jumper stretching over her chest.




Casey watched carefully as their guard slowly let his head fall down, and all three of them heard the gentle snoring.  Looking to her other side, she nodded to Josie and said “Rdeee?”


“Hysss,” she said as their mother watched them roll onto their sides, their backs to each other, and then wriggle over so that Casey was able to reach the knot holding Josie’s ankles in place, beginning to unravel the knot until Josie’s legs fell quietly onto the crash mat.


“Hwdddudtht,” Harriet mumbled as Josie looked over her shoulder, moving so that she could start to work on the same knot for Casey.


“Qeetmmm,” Casey whispered through her soaking wet scarf as she felt the knot slacken.




“Please, Dontttdthhssss,” Tanya said as a folded black silk scarf was pushed into her mouth, filling it and pressing her tongue down before one of the two men pressed the tape over her mouth, using his thumbs to smooth it into place.


She moaned again, the rope between her legs rubbing on her as she was made to kneel next to her daughters, and she felt her ankles been secured together.  She had been bound in the same way, only in her case the rope had been taken over one shoulder, under the lower band of rope and back up again, so that her breasts sat in an improvised external bra.


“Girls, are you all right,” Diana said as she felt the rope pulling her own arms into her sides.  Her wrists had already been crossed and bound together, as her jacket was forced to the sides.


“You’ll see them again if you and my boss can come to amicable terms,” the masked man said as he smiled at them, and they all felt the rope been pulled from behind, making them all squeal out at the same time...





“Well done,” Casey whispered as she removed the now grey and white cloth from her mouth, “now, go and find Miss Hardcastle, and tell her what’s happened.  Find out if any other parents have been called away as well.”


Josie nodded, rubbing her wrists before she crept out of the gymnasium, silently closing the door behind her while Casey started to untie their mother.


“Keep quiet,” she whispered as she lowered Harriet’s legs onto the mat, and started to untie her arms.  “Once I have these free, can you untie your own legs while I do something else?”


She smiled as her mother nodded, removing the ropes around her chest and wrists before she untied the white scarf and eased it out.  Harriet rolled over and sat up, rubbing her wrists as Casey walked quietly over, and removed the gun from their guard’s lap.


She watched as her mother untied her legs and stood up, before she said “Hey – Asshole.”


The guard suddenly raised his head and saw Harriet standing there, then turned to see Casey pointing the gun at him.


“You – face down on that mat now.  Mum – take this gun and cover us while I take care of him.”







Diana tried to plead with them, but the flesh coloured plaster they had smoothed over her mouth kept her lips closed together – and the scarf behind them in place – while one of the men fastened a coat over her bound arms, covering the crotch rope that rubbed against her with each step.


“Don’t worry, I’m sure someone will find them eventually,” the man said with a sneer, as one of the group looked out, turning and nodding his head.  They gathered at the door, Tanya, Tammy and Suzanne struggling and trying to call for help, while at the same time trying not to get more excited as the ropes worked on them.


“Enjoy the rest of you day, ladies,” he said before they all removed their balaclavas, and walked out, surrounding Diana as the door closed behind them.


“Hmfknggdddthstdstrcng,” Tammy said as she let out a low groan.




“Sreemmmbtts,” she said as she wriggled round, and then moaned again.




Tammy shook her head as she looked at Suzanne, and then glanced at the desk at the front of the classroom.  Looking over, Suzanne could see the screwdriver left there by someone, and nodded as she started to shuffle forward on her knees, stopping far too often as the ropes made her need to compose herself again...


“In here!”


All three turned as the door was opened, and Miss Hardcastle came in with two police officers.


“Oh my – we need to get you free,” she said as she took in the situation, and the officers went to untie Tammy and Tanya, Miss Hardcastle herself taking care of Suzanne.


“How...  How did you know,” Suzanne said after the head teacher had peeled the tape from her mouth, and taken out the cloth.


“Another family were taken hostage – but they managed to free themselves and overpower their guard, alerting me at the same time.  Asking around the year 7s led me to the message passed to your aunt, and we came here as soon as the police arrived.”


“And Aunt Diana?”


“Waiting for you in my office with the other family – take a moment to compose yourselves, and then I’ll take you there.”



“Thank you,” Diana said as she hugged both Josie and Casey, “you saved all of us.”


“I’m just glad we had those lessons,” Casey said as the door opened, and Suzanne ran in, embracing her aunt as Tammy and Tanya joined them.”


“All right,” Harriet said, “I can see why those lessons were useful now.  How are you all?”


“In need of a hot bath and a drink,” Tanya said quietly, “you?”


“Not as scared as I was earlier – who were they?”


“They’d been hired by a man who was holding up a major deal I am negotiating – I guess he felt this was the only way he could stop me.  He’ll regret that decision – but not today.  Please, allow me to take all of us out to dinner – we can talk over what happened there.”


All of them nodded as a police officer came in.  “Mrs Stoner – can I talk to you and the girls for a few minutes please?”


“We’ll wait here,” Tanya said, “and thank you again.”







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