Dial-A-Fantasy: Home Invasion







As Wanda walked into her home, she wanted nothing more than a quiet night in – no distractions, no calls, just some true down time.  After the day she had spent at the Emergency Room, she needed the relaxation.


She was wearing a blue blouse over a black roll neck sweater, a black leather skirt that came to her knees, and knee length black leather boots, the stockings visible between the cuffs of her boots and the hem of the skirt.  Opening the front door of her house, she walked in and put her bag down, closing the door and sighing as she took her black leather jacket off and hung it on the coat rack.


“Do not speak, do not move, unless I tell you.”


The voice was make, deep, commanding – and the leather gloved hand that had placed itself over Wanda’s mouth was strong, pulling her head back as she felt the wool against the back of her head.  Her eyes shot wide open, unsure of what she could, if indeed she could do anything as she struggled.


“Do as I say, no harm will come to you.  I merely need to make sure you cannot interfere in what I am doing – if you understand, say nothing, just nod.”  Wanda thought for a moment, and then nodded as the man said “good – what’s your name.”




“Well, Wanda, I’m going to take my hand away, and then I want you to do exactly what I tell you.  Understood?”


Wanda nodded again, and when the hand was taken away she whispered “please don’t…”


“Not a word, Wanda – walk slowly into the front room, and turn the lights on.”


She nodded as she complied, seeing as the lights went on that the curtains were already drawn over the windows – and there were several lengths of rope as well as other items catching her eye as she said “who…  What…”


“Quiet Wanda – turn and look at me.”


As she did so, she saw the man – tall, well built, dressed in black – even the balaclava that covered his head.  His eyes were blue, piercing – and the gun in his gloved hand was real.


“Strip, Wanda.”


“What did you say,” she whispered as she stared at him.


“I said strip,” the man said as he raised the gun, “unless you’d rather I did it?”  Wanda shook her head, as she slowly pulled her blouse free from the skirt, unfastening each button as he watched her, then letting it slip off her arms and down to the floor.


“Keep going.”


“who are you,” Wanda whispered as she reached behind her, unzipping her skirt as it fell to the floor, revealing the tops of her stockings and her black panties.


“I am the man who is telling you to strip,” the man said quietly as he watched, “now the jumper.”  Wanda nodded as she took the bottom of the sweater and pulled it up, taking it over her head and then pulling it off her arms as it fell onto her blouse.  As she stood there, the man nodded – the panties were actually part of a black lace body stocking, the thin straps holding it up as she looked at him, her large chest clearly visible under it.


“Very nice – you have a good body for a lady your age.”


“and how do you know how old I am?”


“I had time to look round when I came in – it was your fiftieth birthday last week, and you haven’t disposed of all the cards yet.”


Wanda slowly nodded as the man smiled, then said “turn round, and put your hands behind your back.”


“What are you going to do,” she whispered as she complied, then felt the soft rope as he began to bind her wrists tightly together, the rope going around and between her arms.  She put her lower lip as she tried to compute what was happening, the rope getting tighter and tighter until he gave it a final tug, and tied it off on her wrists.


“There,” he whispered into his ear as he held her by the arms, “I trust that is tight enough for you?”


“I can’t move my wrists, if that is what you mean,” Wanda whispered.


“It is – and I’ve only just begun,” he whispered into her ear, as Wanda allowed herself a smile, and to remember…




“So let me recap, Mrs Blake – your desire is for you to be surprised by a masked man when you return home one night, for him to secure and gag you – but also to make you pleasure him in the process?”


Wanda nodded as she looked round the reception area.  “That’s right – with the additional items we discussed?”


“We have made a note of your requests, Mrs Blake – and your financial records meet our criteria.  We ask only that sufficient funds are in your account to meet the fee, as laid out.”


Wanda nodded as she said “my other request?”


“To make sure it is when your daughter is out for the night?  We will do our best to comply.  So our question now, Mrs Blake, is do you wish to proceed?”


Wanda took a deep breath, and then whispered “yes?”


“Very well then – Fantasy Fulfilment thanks you for using their services.  We will be in touch…”


“You are going to do what I say – understand?”


Wanda slowly nodded as the masked man let go of her, and then walked to the bag, taking from it a longer length of rope and doubling it over before he came back and wrapped it round her, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides.  The masked man said nothing as he wound the rope round – and Wanda could feel the pressure on her chest as the bands pressed on them, framing them, forcing them out as her body stocking was stretched…


“Oh my god,” she whispered as the ropes rubbed on her as the intruder secured the ends behind her back, then walked in front of her, smiling as he doubled over another long length of rope, then fed it between her breasts and the two bands, feeding the ends through the centre loop and then pulling so that the bands pressed even more firmly on her breasts.  She glanced down, seeing the shape of her nipples as the man secured the rope, and then walked behind her.  She glanced down, seeing his hand as his arm went between her legs – and then said “Oh my god” as he pulled the rope through and up, feeling it rubbing on her as he secured the ends behind her back.


“There – I think that is going to be so good for you,” he whispered as he put his gloved hands on her arms, and started to kiss her neck, the ropes rubbing as she twisted round…


“Kneel down, and cross your ankles.”


“Yes,” Wanda whispered as she did this, and then felt him bind her ankles tightly together, the leather softly squeaking as her legs were made to rub together.  She then felt the pressure as her legs were forced together by more rope, tied below her knees, the feel of his fingers as he stroked her legs…


She let out a soft sigh, and then looked at him as he stood in front of her.


“Do you know what I intend to do next?”


She slowly nodded, anticipating as he moved to his pants – and then they heard the front door open.  As she looked at him, he took a clean white cloth from his pocket and said “open your mouth.”  As she did this, he pushed the cloth in, the edges sticking out from between her lips as he stood by the door.


“Mum – sorry, but my date bailed, so I’m back,” she heard a young woman say, and then she groaned as her daughter Gail walked in.  the dark haired young woman was wearing a light coloured tan leather jacket and knee length boots, the jacket over a black top and tiered skirt, black tights on her legs.  She stopped in the doorway, staring at her mother as she looked up from her kneeling position, as she mumbled through the cloth “Hmhgghdddmhndeee…”




The young woman turned and stared at the masked man as he said “and you are?”


“Mandy…  What are you doing to my mother?”


“Something wonderful,” the man said with a smile, “but you are an unexpected bonus.  You’re not going to give me any trouble, are you?”


As she shook her head, the man smiled and said “is your name Mandy?”


“How… How did you know?”


“I am very good at understanding women,” he said with a smile as he looked at Wendy.  “Slowly, let your bag and your jacket drop to the floor.”


“Why,” Mandy whispered, but as she did so she saw her mother nod, and the man walk to where the ropes were, picking one up as he walked back.  “I need to make sure you are also given the opportunity to have some pleasure,” he said with a smile as he walked behind her, “hands behind your back please.”




“Dhhshhshsss,” Wendy mumbled as she felt the cloth soaking up more of her saliva.  As she looked up, the masked man smiled at her, and then took Mandy’s arms behind her back, folding them so that her forearms were parallel to each other, and then securing her arms together as she wriggled her fingers.  The top had short sleeves, as Mandy felt the soft rope rubbing on her bare forearms, and then the extra pressure as her wrists were secured to her elbows.


“Are you all right Mum,” she whispered, seeing Wendy blush as she slowly nodded.  For Wendy’s part, she knew this was her fantasy, but it was never her intention for her daughter to be part of it – what was the man going to do to her?


“There now – that’s a good girl,” he whispered as he put his hands on Mandy’s upper arms.


“I’m not a girl,” Mandy snarled back.


“no – you are a very attractive and alluring young woman,” he whispered into her ear as he looked at Wendy, before he reached round and squeezed her chest, her mother shaking her head as she said “whthrrudhdhnnn?”


“Relax – I’ll get back to you shortly,” the man said as he let Mandy go, the younger woman blushing as he picked up a longer length of rope and started to secure her arms to her body, the rope sitting above and below her chest, before he took the rope over one shoulder.  As he walked round, he smiled at Wendy before he fed the rope under the lower band between her breasts, and pulled it sharply up, Mandy gasping even more as he took it over her other shoulder and secured the ends behind her back.


Wendy watched as the masked man started to massage her daughter’s chest – and as she did so, she struggled, the rope between her legs rubbing no her and making her feel strange – excited…  Closing her eyes, she started to use her wrists to move the rope, as she heard her daughter’s moans.




“You need to be quiet,” the man whispered into Mandy’s ear, and he squeezed her left breast hard.  As she opened her mouth, he pushed a cloth into her mouth, before he took a strip of white tape and pressed it over her mouth, sealing her lips so that only soft moans escaped from her.  The sensations running through the young woman were intense – and she was finding herself enjoying the teasing, the attention…


“I need to take care of your mother,” the masked man said, “but I want you to be happy as well.  Do you want to be happy?”


“Hmmyhssss” Mandy moaned as he let go of her, and went to retrieve another length of rope – and a small white oblong, which he tied the rope around before he secured the end of the rope to her arms, and took it down and between her legs.  As he pulled it up, she heard a soft buzzing, and then felt it against her clit as the rope hiked her skirt up.  She instantly moaned, feeling her legs start to buckle as he guided her to the floor, helping her to lie on her side as she looked at her mother.


“Please be patient a few more minutes,” he said as he looked at Wendy, the older woman nodding as he bound Mandy’s ankles, and then her legs, before he pulled her ankles back and secured them to the rope between her legs.


Mandy groaned as she felt the rope and the vibrations, her eyes starting to mist as she watched the masked man walk over and stand in front of her mother.


“Now – where were we?”


Wendy saw Mandy as she started to shake, and then nodded as he slowly pulled the front of his trousers open, removing the member as she looked at it.


“Do you like what you see,” he whispered, Wendy looking up and slowly nodding as he took the cloth out of her mouth.  “Then do what I want you to do, and do a good job.”


“and if I do,” she whispered.  The man just smiled, as she shuffled forward on her knees, and gently kissed the tip of his cock, the man smiling as she looked up at him.


“Keep going,” he whispered as he put his gloved hands on her head, Wendy nodding as she started to kiss the length of the organ, and then put her lips over the tip, her tongue stroking over it before she pulled back, her lips making a soft pop.  She then took it in more fully, gently moving it in and out with her tongue as Mandy let out a loud moan and started shaking.  Wendy looked at her, helpless, unable to do anything as the masked intruder held her head, and forced her to continue kissing, sucking, using her tongue as she started to move the rope between her legs as well.  If he was making her do this, then she wanted to make sure she got pleasure at the same time…



Mandy slowly opened her eyes, feeling the dampness between her legs, the sweet sensations as the rope and the device continued to work on her.  How did he know – and why was she feeling so turned on again as she watched her mother giving him a blow job?  Did he know – everything?



Wendy groaned as she felt his cock engorging in her mouth, thanks to her attentions, pressing her tongue down, the tip threatening to press on the back of her mouth.  She tried not to gag as she increased the pressure on him, sucking harder as she used her tongue to move him – and he responded, moving with her, groaning softly as he felt the throbbing.  The throbbing Wendy could feel on her own tongue, as she groaned and twisted – but she also had her own sensations to contend with, as she felt the dampness on herself, the rope rubbing her, taking her closer, closer to the edge…


“That’s good, that’s good,” he whispered as he pressed on her head – and then she felt the jerk, the pressure, the throbbing as she prepared herself.


As her own orgasm began, reflexively she sucked harder – and that was enough to tip him over the edge as well, his seed and cum flowing into her, as she swallowed, surprised at her own enthusiasm.


But then, this was her fantasy, wasn’t it…


As she finished, she looked up and saw him smile as he said “well done – let me clean you up.”


As he withdrew and wiped her chin with the damp cloth, she whispered “thank you” and then felt the cloth on her tongue as he pushed it in, covering her lips with more of the white tape as she heard her daughter’s moans.

“and now for your reward,” the masked man said as he laid Wendy on her side and walked to where the ropes were, picking up a second white object and slipping it into her body stocking under her crotch and the rope.  She was surprised at how easy it was to slip it into her, the gentle throbbing and buzzing as the crotch rope was tightened, and then her legs pulled back, her ankles attached to her crotch rope in the same way as her daughter.


The man smiled as she adjusted his own clothing, and then left the room, the two women looking at each other as they heard him searching the house.


“Mhmmhm, heuhhhh…”  Mandy then closed her eyes and groaned, her body shaking as another orgasm took hold of her while Wendy watched.


“WhllthhsshshHMHGGHDDD!”  Wendy started to shake as well as her own body finally responded to the device inside her, both women closing their eyes before they opened them and looked at each other.


“Well, I need to go,” the man said as he came back in, and moved them so that they were facing each other – then placed a small black box between them so that they could both look at it.  There were numbers on the side, as he pressed a button on the top and left them to struggle.


And make themselves cum again….






When the numbers got to zero, both Mandy and Wendy watched as a small metal rod rose from the box, two arms extending before it started to spin round and disperse a spray on both women.  They were surprised to find the ropes holding them dissolving as the mist fell on them, so that within five minutes they were no longer bound.  They slowly sat up and looked at each other, before at the same time they reached down and removed the vibrators rom their bodies, then looked at each other, the sweat stains clear on their clothing.


Slowly, Wendy peeled the white tape from her mouth and spat the cloth out, saying quietly “Mandy, I am so sorry, this was meant to be something for me only, and…”


“Mhmmm…”  Wendy looked at her daughter as she ungagged herself, and then said “Mum – I need to apologise.  Seeing you like that got me so turned on…”


“I can hardly comment on that…”


“No, Mum – I mean I get turned on by women tied up.  Only women.”


Wendy looked at her daughter, as she said “oh.  A day for surprises.”


“But you said you arranged this – how?”


“I saw an advert…”







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