Dealing With The Aftermath







A few weeks had passed since the two men had broken into our house and terrorised us, and each of us had tried to cope with it as best we could.  Having said that, none of us had a chance to talk to each other about it, what with police interviews and other things, so when I came down the stairs one Saturday morning and saw both Mum and Kristen sitting at the breakfast bar, I took my chance.


“Mum,” I said as I sat up on a stool, “Can I ask you a question?”


“Sure, Mark,” she said as she put down her coffee cup and looked at me with her hazel eyes, which I had inherited, “What do you want to talk about?”


“Well,” I hesitated as I looked at her, her red hair falling over her dressing gown, “I want to talk about what happened a few weeks ago - that Saturday morning.  We really haven’t had a chance to tell each other how we really felt that day, and I think we need to.”


“Do we,” Kristen said as she looked at me.  She was still in her nightclothes - a spaghetti strap top made from blue silk and a matching pair of shorts.  “I still get bad dreams from the way those two men treated us.


“No, Mark’s right,” Mum said as she looked at the two of us.  “We were forced to spend time as hostages, and it’s only fair and proper that we tell each other how we felt.”  Putting her hands round her coffee cup, she said “For my part, I was more scared for you two than for anything.  I don’t know what I would have done if they had hurt you, so I had to do what they told me.”

“I was just scared,” Kristen said, “they were bigger than me, stronger than Mark, and they had weapons.   I just wanted them to go.  What about you Mark?”


I swallowed hard and said “Well, I was scared as well.  Btu what could I do?  They were armed, they had threatened Mum and you - I had to just let them do what they did to me.  I can’t say it was fun been tied up like that, but...”


Mum looked at me in a funny way.  “You know, when you looked at me when we were all bound and gagged, I got the feeling you were enjoying it just a little bit.”


I blushed at that, while Kristen winced.  “Eww - too much information, Mark.”


“I’m sorry,” I said, “but I did start to get a bit excited but the situation we were in.  I didn’t mean to but...”


“So did I.”


Both Mum and I looked at Kristen, not quite believing she had said that as well.  “Well, it felt strange, not been able to move, but the way those ropes felt around my breasts made me feel - nice.  Is it wrong to say that?”


“No, it’s not,” Mum said as she looked at both of us.  “You’re both getting older, and you’re going to react to these things in different ways.  The fact it took a home invasion to make you feel them is unfortunate.”


“Do you think it would feel different if we tried it voluntarily?”


Kristen looked at me after I said this.  “Why, have you got an idea?”


“Look - we don’t have to do anything today.  Mum’s not needed at work, and we have our chores done.”  I swallowed before continuing.  “I think we should try been tied up again - but this time we do the tying.  Let’s see if it makes a difference.”


Mum looked at both of us before saying “Do you both want to try this?”


I nodded, and I could see Kristen nodding as she turned to look at me.  “So how do you want this to work?  We don’t have any rope.”


“Let me suggest something,” Mum said.  “I’ll tie both of you up first, and then I’ll go off and do some shopping and pick up anything else we need.  When I come back, then you can two can toss to see who goes first.”


“All right,” Kristen said, “but we have to wear the clothes our binder tells us to.”  That gave me a few ideas, but I could see one problem already.


“Fine, Mum, but what about now?”


“Stay as you are,” she said quietly.  I had on a white t-shirt and dark shorts, so I had no real problem, but I wasn’t sure about Kristen.  “All right,” she said as she stood up, “but we should go to the toilet first.”


“Hurry up then,” Mum said as we stood up, “I think I have something that I can use for this part.”


We went upstairs and took our turns in the bathroom, then went downstairs and waited for Mum to go and get washed and changed.  “Let’s have a race to see who can get free first,” Kristen said as we waited. 


“Deal - and whoever wins gets to go first later.”


As we shook on it, Mum came back in, carrying two rolls of grey duct tape with her.  She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white roll necked sweater, with black high heels on her feet.


“I’m going to tape both of you up,” she said, “and then leave you while I go shopping.  I won’t put anything in your mouth, so you should be all right.  Now, both of you, lie face down on the floor for me and put your hands behind your back.”


We both did as we were told, looking at each other as Mum tore the end of the tape loose.  As I looked on, she put Kristen’s hands behind her back, palm to palm, and taped her wrists tightly together.

“How does it feel,” I asked Kristen as Mum tore the tape off and smoothed it down on her arms.  “Not too bed so far,” Kristen said as she watched Mum do the same thing to me, “At least I’m not scared this time.”


As I felt my hands been forced together, and the tape pulling on my skin as Mum made a tight band round my wrists, I started to breath slowly, trying to calm myself down.  Once she had finished, she helped both of us to get up on our knees, and then wound the tape round my body, forcing my arms against my back as the grey band grew around my stomach.


“Go and sit against the couch, Mark,” Mum said as she tore the tape loose and smoothed it down behind my back.  Putting one foot on the ground, I managed to stand up and walk over as Mum wrapped the tape around Kristen’s body, keeping it below her chest.  It still stretched her top over her breasts, but I kept calm as I allowed myself to slide down the couch and sit on the floor.


Mum then helped Kristen to get onto her feet and walked her over to the chair on the other side of the room, helping her to sit on the floor facing me.  She then walked back, picked up the roll of tape and knelt next to me, saying “Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor, Mark.”


I watched as she quickly and tightly taped my ankles together, and then my legs below and above my knees.  “If I was a burglar,” she said as she tore off the last strip of tape and smoothed it behind my legs, “This is what I would do.  Now, keep your lips closed and look at me.”  I did as she asked, watching as she held a long strip of the silver tape in her hands and smoothed it over my mouth, from ear to ear.  Tearing off more strips, she smoothed them in place as well before walking over to where Kristen was sitting.


I watched as her legs were taped together like mine, and then she stretched them out, wriggling her toes as Mum gagged her with more tape.  “Now then,” she said as she stood up and tossed the roll of tape onto the floor, “I’m going to get some groceries.  If you manage to free yourselves, then get dressed before I get back, all right?”


“Lrrtmmm,” I tried to say as she walked out of the door.  Kristen and I sat for a few minutes, listening to the sound of the car heading off, before she said “Shhwwdwgtfrrrr, mrkeee?”


“Cnushfflvrhr?” I said as I moved my head towards the couch.  Luckily for me, she understood the message as I watched her start to turn herself round.  Whether by accident or design I’m not sure, but as she moved her chest started to bounce up and down as well, and I had to keep reminding myself that she was my sister.


As she started to push herself back, bringing her feet up to her chest and using them to force her bum along the floor, I tried to see if I could reach the edge of the tape around my wrist with my fingers.  Even with some effort, it took me a while to realise that this was a lost cause, so I tried moving my jaw to see if it would be possible to get the tape loose.


The last time I had been gagged, there was something in my mouth to soak up the saliva, but that was missing this time.  As a result, I managed somehow to force my mouth open a little and run my tongue round the inside of the tape.  As I did this, Kristen managed to push herself over to sit next to me, and she tried a different approach to the gag, leaning over and rubbing the side of her face against the cushions that formed the couch seat.


Slowly, painfully, I managed to get the tape to come away from my upper lip, eventually allowing me to breathe a little more easily as the gag came off and allowed me to move my jaw up and down.  As I managed this, Kristen managed to peel away the layers of tape from her own mouth, the tape sticking to the cushion as she turned her head away.


“So, did you enjoy watching me cross the floor,” she said as she looked at me.  I genuinely could not tell if she was angry or not, so I decided to come clean.  “Yeah, I did,” I said, “but you’re my sister, so I didn’t want to.”


“Good answer,” she said as she turned her back to me.  “Now let’s see if I can’t get that tape off your wrists with my fingers.”  I turned so that my back was against hers, but my mind was already thinking about how I would make her and mum more comfortable later.


IN fact, my mind was so much on it I failed to realise that she had actually managed to work her own wrists free, until I heard a mighty “YES!!!” and I looked round to see she had wriggled her arms round and was now unwinding the tape around her upper body.  “Hey,” I said, “I thought you were helping me?”


“What - and have to be the last to be free today?  No chance, Mark, I’m going to win our bet,” she said as she pulled away the last layer of the tape and started to work on her feet.  I started twisting my hands round like mad, trying desperately to force the tape off, but it was no use - Kristen beat me fair and square as she pulled the last tape off her legs and stood up.


At least she then brought me a pair of scissors and cut my arms free; leaving them with me to cut the rest of the tape away while she headed up to the bathroom.  Once I had freed myself, I gathered up all the silver strips and put them in the rubbish bag, then poured myself a glass of juice as I waited for the bathroom to be free.





When Mum got back, Kristen and I were sitting in the front room.  It was a warm day, so I had put on a blue and white striped polo shirt and khaki shorts.  Kristen was wearing a short sleeved white blouse with a tan belt round her waist, and a pair of faded jeans. 


As Mum came into the room, she looked at both of us and said “I guess I’m not going to have much free time this afternoon.  Mark, can you help to carry in the groceries, and Kristen you fix some lunch.  Once we have eaten, then you can tell me which of you is going to go first and what they intend to do.”


Half an hour later, we were sitting at the breakfast bar again, eating sandwiches as Kristen explained how she had managed to get free before I did.  I didn’t tell her how much I’d enjoyed watching her twist round - it just didn’t seem right.  Besides, I was steeling myself up for the fact that my big sister, who was smaller than me in height, was about to do her worst to me and tie me up with Mum.


“Right,” Kristen said as she drained her glass, “My turn I think.”


“Do you want me to change,” Mum said as she stood up.


“No, you’re fine like that - I found some rope while Mark was getting cleaned up earlier, so we’ll use that.  Just bring two of the dining room chairs into the front room, and we’ll get started.


Now, I had a feeling I knew where she had found the rope - after the police had gone, I’d gathered up what pieces of rope they had left and put them in a sack, but Mum had also bought some new skeins of washing line to replace the ones they used.  As we walked into the living room, I saw that I was right - Kristen had used a couple of them and cut them into various lengths.


“I’ll go first,” Mum said as she sat down, “Since I was free this morning.”  She allowed Kristen to take her arms behind the back of the chair, and I watched her biting her lower lip as Kristen crossed her wrists and started to wrap some washing line around them. 

I don’t know if she’d been practising or not, but I could see she was doing a good job, taking the rope around and between Mum’s wrists while keeping it over the cuffs of her sleeves, and then tying the loose ends down to the wooden bar that ran up the back of the chair.  She then took a length of rope and tied it to the point where the chair back meets the seat at the side, before proceeding to run it around Mum’s body and the chair back, pulling her against the wood as it went round her stomach and arms.


“I’m not going anywhere for a while,” Mum said as she looked own her body, while Kristen tied the end of the rope off at the other side of the chair.  “Your turn, Marky,” she said with a smile as she patted the seat next to Mum, and I sat myself down, moving my arms around the chair as she started to bind my wrists together.


IT didn’t feel too bad, and the chair was certainly more comfortable than the floor.  Kristen seemed to take extra delight in making sure my hands were well secured and pulling the rope tightly round my body as she weaved it through the woodwork.  Looking to my side, I saw Mum squirming round lightly, and the way the ropes had stretched her jumper over her chest.  I had to confess I was getting a little turned on again by the way she looked - something that had not escaped Kristen’s attention.


“Eyes front, brother of mine,” she said as she knelt in front of me and pulled my ankles together.  I watched her as she bound them tightly side by side, the rope going over my socks and then between my legs, before she pulled my feet back under the chair and attached the ends of the ropes to the crossbar between the two back legs.  One last length of rope went round my legs, below my knees, and then I watched as she moved to kneel in front of mum.


As she pushed the legs of mum’s pants up, I saw the hose that she was wearing over her legs.  That made me groan a little bit, which made them both look at me.  “Mark likes to see ladies in hose,” Mum said with a smile, “We’ll have to remember that for later.”  She then sat quietly, watching as Kristen bound her ankles together and then against the front leg of the chair.


As she was binding mum’s legs together, below her knees, the telephone started to ring.  “Can you get that for me, Kristen,” Mum said as my sister tied the rope off between her legs, “It might be important.”


Kristen stood up and walked out of the room, returning a few minutes later with the phone in her hand.  “It’s your office,” she said as she put the phone to Mum’s ear.


“Hello, Regina speaking.  Yes...  Yes... I understand.  Put the files on my desk and I’ll deal with them on Monday.  You can’t get them to the probate office before then anyway.


“Right - see you then.  Bye now.”  She nodded to Kristen, who switched off the phone and put it on the couch, before picking up a large red bandana and rolling it into a band, tying a knot in the centre of the band as she did so.


“Open wide, mum,” Kristen said as she stood behind our mother.  As she opened her mouth, Kristen pulled the thick note between her teeth, and brought the ends round her head, trapping her red hair at the fringe as she knotted the two ends together at the base of her neck.  She then took a second scarf, this one a long white woollen one, and tied it over the first gag.


“You’re getting the same treatment, Mark,” Kristen said as she tied a knot in a second rolled up bandana, one of her black ones this time, and pulled that into my mouth, then covered it with a brown scarf.  “Fnkssllltt,” I mumbled as she walked to the doorway.  “I’m going to listen to some music,” she said as she gave us a little wave, “Have fun now.”


As she left the room, I watched Mum twisting her body round to try and force the ropes off - with no visible effects save to make her breasts stick out even more.  I could feel a burning between my legs as I sat there, listening to her mmphing under the gag, before she turned and looked at me.


“Cnnummvvschhr,” she mumbled as she looked at me.  Now, my feet were not touching the ground, but I got the feeling she wanted me to try and turn round, so somehow I used my bodyweight to start to twist the chair so that the back was facing her.


“Thtssggddd,” Mum said as she twisted her chair round so that we were sitting back to back, looking over her shoulder as she tried to reach my hands with her fingers.  I suddenly realised what she wanted to do - try and reach where Kristen had tied the knot around my hands with her fingers!  The thought of my mum trying to free me was all it took, as I tried to push the chair further back, eventually feeling her fingers against my arms as she tried to find the knot.


Mum’s fingers were long and slender, unlike my short fat ones, so if anyone was going to accomplish this it was her.  I heard her panting as she probed and pulled on the ropes around my wrists, trying to contain myself as I felt the way her actions were affecting me. 


“MMGgnngngng,” I moaned through my gag before I felt the ropes around my wrist slackening, just a little.  “Rullrrt,” Mum asked, and I nodded as she slowly, carefully managed to unwind the knot holding my wrists in place against each other.


Eventually I felt the ropes give way and I wriggled my arms round to the front of me.  Grabbing the side of the seat, I half twisted, half bumped my chair round so that I could see Mum’s arms, and pulled my own round so that I could start to untie her.  “Fnnksmrrkk,” she mumbled as she looked over her shoulder and watched my slowly release her wrists and then untie the rope holding her to the chair, all the time trying to hide exactly how I felt about seeing my gorgeous mum been tied to the chair and me been the big hero!


A few minutes later, Kristen walked back in to see mum untying her legs and feet.  “God, you’re good,” she said as Mum stood up and pulled the scarves away from her mouth, before she untied my legs. “I thought I might have another half hour at least.”


“Well, you didn’t,” Mum said, “and now it’s Mark’s turn.  Do you want to do the same to us?”


“No,” I said, “But I also want you both to change into something else.”


“What,” Kristen said as she shot me a warning look.  As if that was going to put me off, given I tower over both of them!


“Can you both go and put on your Sunday best,” I said.


“Including hose?”  I nodded as I looked at Kristen in reply to her response.  “Especially including hose,” I said, “it will help protect your legs.”


“Come on, Kristen,” Mum said as she took my sister by the arm, “I guess the big bad burglar is going to surprise us when we come home from church.”  They both walked out of the door, my heart leaping as I said “I’ll be up in a few minutes!”  I needed to make sure I had everything I would need first...




I crept up the stairs after half an hour, my heart bounding as I carried a holdall with my supplies inside.  I could hear Mum and Kristen talking in Mum’s room - which was perfect, that was exactly where I wanted them.


I got an even bigger surprise when I walked in.  Mum had changed into a grey trouser suit, with a white camisole top under her jacket, dark hose and her grey patent leather shoes.  Kristen was wearing a black and white skirt which came to just above her knees, and a white long sleeved blouse which was open at the collar.  She also had on some sheer pantyhose, and a pair of white shoes with three inch heels.


“Oh no,” Kristen said as she saw me come in, “Mum, it’s a burglar!”


“Don’t move ladies,” I said as I looked at them, “I only want your valuables.”


“Take them,” Mum said, “Just please leave us alone.”


“I will,” I said as I put my bag on the floor, “but I need to keep you two out of the way first.  Both of you, kneel on the floor facing the bed, and put your hands behind your back.”


“All right,” Kristen said as she slowly knelt down, her hands raised, “Just please don’t hurt mum or me.”


“Just put your hands behind your back,” I said as I watched Mum kneel next to her.  Opening my bag, I took out one of the lengths of washing line and placed her hands together, palm to palm, before binding them tightly together, making sure the rope went around and between her wrists.


“Oh, that’s tight,” Mum said as she felt the rope tightening, trapping the sleeves of her jacket underneath.  That was the point, of course, but it was still nice to hear her say it as I cinched the binding.  Moving to kneel behind Kristen, I did the same thing to her hands, making sure her wrists were tightly tied together over the cuffs of her blouse.


I then did one extra thing - from the bag I took two of my shoelaces and tied their thumbs together.  That made Mum gasp and Kristen look over her shoulder, before mumbling “I should have thought of that.”


“Quiet now,” I said as I took a long length of the rope, shook it loose and doubled it over and then passed it round Kristen’s arms and body, pulling it tightly so that her arms were forced into her body as her blouse was gathered under her chest.  I remembered the men doing this to mum, and I wanted to know if I could get the same look on both of them this time.


“At least it’s not my elbows,” Kristen said as I passed the rope around her, above and below her breasts, and I saw the way the silk of her blouse was been stretched behind her.  Eventually, I used the loose ends to pull the two bands together behind her back, and tied them down to her wrist as well, before saying “Stand up and sit on the bed.”


As she did so, I saw the way the blouse was now stretched over her chest, and I felt the throbbing starting again between my legs.  I tried my best to ignore it, however, as I repeated the process on Mum, so that when she stood up and sat back down on the bed I could see her jacket pulled to the side and her top stretched over her chest as well.  It was all I could do to tear my eyes away as I took a length of rope again and crossed Mum’s ankles.  Wrapping the rope round them, I pulled them tightly together and made sure they were well secured before doing the same to Kristen.  Finally, at least for then, I tied their legs together below their knees, the feel of the hose on Kristen’s legs distracting me yet again as I passed the rope between her legs.


I stood up and looked at them sitting there, twisting round with their arms tightly held in place and their chests forced out.  “What are you looking at,” Kristen said as she stared back at me, so I shook my head and went to get ready to gag them.


“I need you two to be quiet,” I said as I fetched something from Mum’s drawer, “so open your mouths and don’t spit this out.”


“Don’t spit wehmtmtmremmermerm,” Kristen said as I pushed one of Mum’s white tube socks into her mouth.  Mum didn’t complain or say anything as I did the same to her, but here eyebrows did rise up when I went back to my bag and took out a roll of something I had bought.


IT was a type of white sticking plaster, about three inches wide, and it made a lovely sound like an orange been peeled as I tore off a strip and held it in front of mum’s mouth.  I had looked it up on line, and the description said it would stick like a second skin.


The description wasn’t wrong - it did stick to her skin as if it was moulded to her face as I smoothed it down, forming itself to the shape of her jaw.  She tried moving her mouth round and speaking, but the only sound to come out was a very muffled “Mdmsmammmmmmf”


Kristen could not say much more wither, as I smoothed a second strip over her mouth.  So when I helped them to move so that they were sitting back to back on the bed, and I took another long length of rope and wrapped it round their waist so that they were held together, I heard no complaints from them.  I just figured they would want to stay together - and even if they managed to free each other, I could still enjoy the sight of watching them try.


I also tied their upper arms together at each side with rope, just to make it that tad more difficult for them to get free - and a tad more fun for me to watch from a safe distance.  “I’m going to have a look round,” I eventually said, “Don’t go anywhere.”


“Hffbdbsbbddbbbhhhh,” Kristen said as she looked at me walk out.  Once I had left the room, I stood just out of their eyesight and watched them as they struggled to try and get free.  The way I had tied them together allowed them a little room, but not much, but the gags meant they could do little more than mmmph at each other.


The way the ropes were around them meant their chests kept bouncing up and down as they moved, and mum’s jacket started to slip down her arms to reveal her bare shoulders.  The sight of that...  The squeak of their shoes as they rubbed together...  The way their legs moved as they rubbed them up and down...  All of it was fascinating, alluring, frankly - a great turn on, and I could feel in myself just how much of a turn on it was becoming. 


I even heard myself start to groan as my body became more and more aroused at the sight, so I slipped away as quietly as I could and made my way to the bathroom.  When I returned a while later, I saw that they had both kicked off their shoes, and were wriggling their toes around.


Well, what would you have done?  I walked in and started to tickle their feet, enjoying the way they started to squirm and laugh under their stuffed and taped gags.  I kept going, mainly because it was fun, but also to help them to share in the enjoyment.


All good things have to come to an end, however, as Mum called out “NFFFSTPPPPPP” and then bowed her head.  I reached up and peeled away the tape from her sweaty face, and then took out the sock.  “Enough, I surrender,” she said between breaths, “untie us and let us change, and we’ll all go out for pizza.”


“Snddssgggggd,” Kristen said through her gag, so I removed the rope that was holding their arms and waist together, and untied mum’s wrists.  “You can take it from there,” I said as I went to my own room - well, I had to change as well.




Later that night, I was sitting up in bed when there was a knock on the door and Kristen came in.  “Mark,” she said as she sat on my bed, “That was fun today - want to try tying each other up again some time?”


“Sure,” I said as I nodded, and Kristen smiled before leaving the room.  I looked back down to my book when I heard Mum saying “Mark?”


I looked up to see her standing there in the doorway.  “Yes, Mum?” I replied as she walked in and sat on my bed.


“Mark, when you left Kristen and me on the bed, did you - go and do something else?”


BUSTED!  I nodded and looked at her, wondering what she was going to say.


“I thought so,” was her only comment as she stood up, but before she left the room she turned and said to me “If you ever want to tie someone up again, and I’m not busy, let me know - I’d rather it was me than someone you did not know.  All right?”


I nodded mutely again - with two such offers, I was already planning what I could do...






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