“I should be home in about an hour,” Harriet Court said as she put on her dark grey cardigan, and then wrapping the vintage design scarf round her neck, “will you both be ready to head off then?”


“Yes Mum,” she heard her oldest daughter call down from upstairs, and smiling she picked up her handbag.  The cardigan was covering a black sweater, while the red jeans she was wearing had the legs tucked into knee length black leather boots. 


“Good, I’ll see you both then,” she called back as she picked up her car keys and left the house.


“Has she left?”


“Yeah – I think we can come down and make the phone calls now.”


April was the first to come down – the younger daughter at eighteen, she was wearing a white Arran cardigan over a peasant blouse, blue jeans and knee length black leather boots, the cardigan loosely held in place by a matching belt around her waist, her chestnut brown hair falling to her shoulders.


Alex came down after her – two years older, she had her blonde hair swept to one side, and wore a black bat winged cardigan over a grey top, blue jeans and black over the knee suede boots.  She was also tying a long white scarf round her neck as she said “you make the call, I’ll get the drinks ready.”


“Gotcha,” April said as she picked up the telephone.  “Bobby?  She’s gone out – we’ll get set up, you meet her where we said she would be, keep her occupied for an extra hour, all right?


“Thanks Cuz – see you later,” she said as she put the telephone down, and then heard the knock on the door.  Walking quickly over, she opened it and said “yes, how can I…”


“Who is it at the door,” Alex said as she came back through from the kitchen – only to stop as she saw April, her eyes wide with fear as the end of the shotgun barrel was placed in her mouth.


“Let’s keep nice and quiet now,” the balaclava masked man said as he and two more came in, “in the front room, both of you, and not a peep.  Disconnect the telephone, disable all alarms, and make sure they cannot raise the alarm.”




“Yes, that looks good – can you arrange delivery,” Harriet said as she looked at the cloth.


“We can Mrs Court – charge to your account,” the assistant said.


“Please – and thank you again…”




Harriet turned to see two young women standing behind her.  They were obviously sisters, one with shorter blonde hair pulled back and wearing a grey shirt dress over a white blouse, dark hose and over the knee soft grey suede boots; the other with her hair in a ponytail over a blue jersey dress, white blouse, dark hose and black suede heels.  Both had bare forearms, and smiled as Harriet said “Roberta?  Rebecca?  What are you both doing here?”


“We were doing some shopping, and saw you in here,” Bobby said as she smiled.  “Got time for some coffee?”


“Well, I was meant to meet the girls to go somewhere…”


“Oh they won’t mind waiting,” Becca said as the girls took Harriet by the arms.  “I mean, how much trouble can my troubles get into?”




“Why are you doing this,” April sobbed as she watched one of the masked men pull the rope around her sister’s body.  Both girls were kneeling on the floor, their wrists tied tightly behind their backs and her arms held firmly against her sides, the bands of rope sitting above and below her chest and framing her breasts as they were forced up and out.  Her jacket had been forced to her sides, as was Alex’s as her arms were secured in the same way.


“If you can’t keep quiet,” the man who seemed to be leading the gang of intruders said in a menacing voice, “I’m going to have to keep you quiet.”  He nodded to the second masked man as he tied the ropes off around her sister’s chest, and then walked behind April, pulling the belt away from her waist and then forcing it between her lips before she had a chance to protest.  The taste of the wool on her tongue was different, and she had to admit not unpleasant, but right then?


“PLLSDNTTTHSTMM” she called out as the belt was wrapped round her head and tied tightly off, muffling her calls.


“You bastard!  IF you hurt hermmgnnnkuuuu.”


“No you’re not,” the leader said as the man pulled her own white scarf between Alex’s lips, forcing her teeth apart as it too was tied tightly round her head.  “Instead, we’re going to keep you distracted for a little while.”


Alex wondered what he meant as another of the masked men tied a rope round her waist, securing it in front of her as a second man did the same thing to April.  It was only when he reached through between her legs and pulled the rope back that she yelped in muffled surprise…




“You know, it’s all very well you buying me coffee,” Harriet said as she put her cup down, “but I really do need to get back to the house.  The girls will be waiting.”


“Oh we know that,” Bobby said as she rubbed the side of her booted leg, “you don’t mind if we come with you, do you?”


“No of course not,” Harriet said as all three women stood up, “come on – the car’s over here.”





As she pulled up outside the house, Harriet noticed the grey panel van that was parked on the street in front of the house.  “I wonder who that is for,” she said as she turned the engine off and left the car.


“Does it matter?  It won’t be for you, Aunt Harriet,” Becca said as she got out, the heels if her pumps clicking on the stone path as she waited for her sister to come out, and then for her aunt to lock the car.


“True – all right then, let’s go and see why my daughters wanted you to keep me out of the house for some extra time.”


“Now would they do that,” Bobby said as they walked to the covered front door.  “They’re not like you, Aunt Harriet.”


Harriet smiled as she unlocked the front door.  “No they’re not,” was her comment as she opened the door, and the three of them walked in.   They could hear a noise in the front room, as Harriet walked in, saying “girls, are you…”




Harriet stared at her daughters as they looked up from the floor, screaming through their gags as they wriggled round – that movement making the rope that was pulled tightly between their legs rub them and increase the strange feelings they were experiencing.  Their legs were bound at the ankles, knees and thighs, their feet pulled back and secured to their chest ropes by the short rope that was wrapped round the crotch rope as well.


“What’s going…?”  Bobby said as she and Becca looked in, and then they both screamed – before their screams were cut off, Harriet turning to see the two masked men behind her nieces, leather gloved hands clamped over their mouths.


“Hello Mrs Court,” a third masked man said as he stood in front of her, “sit down on the chair, hands where we can see them.  I will talk to you once these two ladies are properly secured.”


“Who are you…?”


“Not important – you sit down, you two,” he said as he looked at Bobby and Becca, “come and stand in front of these two, hands on your heads.”


Looking at her daughters, Harriet looked at both Bobby and Becca as she said “just…  Just do as they say girls.  I don’t want either of you to get hurt.”


As they nodded, she went and sat on the couch, watching as her nieces stood in front of the masked man, placing their hands palm down on their heads.


“Good,” he said as he smiled – a thin, evil smile – do not move.”


As they stood there, Harriet watched the other two masked intruders doubled over two long lengths of rope, and wrapped them round Bobby and Becca’s waists, pulling the ends through the centre loop at their waists and letting the long lengths drop to the floor as they looked at each other.


“Oh god no – not them as well,” Harriet whispered, but the masked men just grinned as they walked behind, put their hands between the legs of the two girls to grab the lengths of rope, and then pulled them sharply up and through.


“OHMYGODWHATAREYOUDOING” Bobby called out as the rope lifted the skirt of her shirt dress up, rubbing on her panties as the ends were passed through the waist rope at her back, tied off, and then the lengths allowed to fall against their bottoms.  She looked over at Becca, who was biting her lower lip, before the masked man said “face and hug each other.”


Slowly, unsure of why this felt this way, the two sisters turned and put their arms round each other, their cousins watching and starting to shake as the masked men crossed and bound their wrists behind the other girl’s back. 


“Why are they doing this,” Becca whimpered as she felt the rope ribbing on her bare wrists as they were secured – and then gasping as she felt the rope between her legs tighten still further, the masked man taking the loose ends up behind Bobby’s back and securing them to her own wrists.  Bobby herself then gasped as her sister’s crotch rope was secured to her wrists, and involuntarily pulled her arms up – which made Becca gasp as she raised her own wrists.


“Girls!  Keep calm,” Harriet called out as the two men then bound the arms of her nieces to the sides of their bodies, while her daughters looked at her, their eyes pleading as they groaned.


“Sound advice – if they weren’t too scared to listen Mrs Court,” the leader of the gang said as he grabbed her by the arm, forcing her to her feet.  “Now then – you are going to come with me, and we are going to visit your office.”


“No, don’t lfsslnnwhfftthmm,” Becca called out, her words muffled as a sponge ball was pushed into her mouth, and white tape wrapped tightly round her head, covering her lips and sealing the stuffing inside.  She could only watch mutely as the same thing was done to Bobby, and then they were made to kneel down as Harriet was frog marched out of the room.






The girls looked over as Harriet was brought back in, her scarf rolled and used as a cleave gag in the same way as Alex, her lips barely closing over the dark brown band of silk.  Her wrists were crossed and secured behind her back, the ropes digging into the bare flesh of her wrists, and then her arms were pinned to her sides, the bands of rope above and below her chest forcing her own jacket to the sides.


Her daughters could also see the band of rope between her legs, rubbing on her red jeans as she walked over and sat on the leather couch.  “Make sure she cannot get off there,” the leader of the gang said, the other two nodding as they grabbed two lengths of rope and walked over, kneeling either side of the older woman.


“Rrrugrlscpnn,” she mumbled as she looked at her daughters, who were sweating, and as Alex rolled onto her side she could see the spreading damp patch under the rope at her crotch.  Her white scarf was dark grey in the centre of her mouth, from the saliva it had soaked up, and as April slowly raised her head Harriet could see the damp patch in her belt as well.


Her nieces were now kneeling on the floor, and she could see the white rope around their crossed ankles, as well as their legs above their knees – and the extra rope from their ankles to their wrists as well.  They slowly turned their heads and looked at their aunt, eye glazed as they started to shake again.


She barely noticed as her ankles were crossed and secured together, the leather squeaking, and then her legs below her knees, before she was made to lie face down on the couch, the rope around her legs tightening both from the way it was cinched, and also the fact her legs were bent, her ankles pulled back and tied to the rope between her legs as well.  She tried to move them – and then groaned as the rope rubbed on her.


“All right, we’re done here,” the leader said as the other two men picked up their guns, “let’s get out of here.”


“Whttbttsssshmgddd,” Harriet moaned as the ropes started to affect her.


“OH I’m sure your husband will turn up in good time – pity you’ll have to wait for that birthday cake,” the Leader said, as the three men left, Harriet looking at her daughters as she struggled.  The sound of rope on leather and leather on leather was added to as all four of the younger girls tried to get free – and then their muted screams as the actions of the ropes caused first Becca and Bobby, then April and Alex, and finally Harriet to have an orgasm…




It was dark, the room enveloped in shadows as Harriet slowly opened her eyes, the last orgasm draining the last of the strength from her as she looked over.  Becca was resting her head on her sister’s shoulder, her breath coming in short nasal blasts as Bobby rubbed her cheek on Becca’s head.  Her own daughters were asleep, on their sides – and then she saw the headlights as they passed over the curtains, and the sound of a car door opening and closing.


“Hey – is there anyone home,” she heard her husband call out as the front door opened and closed – and then he appeared in the doorway, turning the light on and then staring as he said “what the…”


“Hlppssplsss,” she called weakly out as he stared at all five of them…




One week later


Harriet was sitting at the table, sipping her mug of coffee gently as she looked at the weekly local newspaper.


Double Crime Drama – Local Businessman Robbed at Home and then Business Raided


“It must have been an interesting evening.”


She looked at the bearded man who had sat opposite her, and said “my husband was more concerned with the safety of his family than anything else – so when he heard from the officer that had come to take our statements that someone had broken into his office and emptied the safe, he just shook his head.”


“Yeah – well,” the man said as he stirred his coffee, “how are the girls?”


“They’ll recover – we talked about it, about what we all experienced and the way it made us feel.  We’re getting through it.”


“And your nieces?”


Harriet picked her mug up again and took another sip.  “That was – unfortunate, but I could not stop them from coming with me.  They also are dealing with it.”


“I agree – but we had to play it through,” the man said.  “Otherwise…”


“Otherwise, the plan would have gone to pot,” Harriet said.  “How much did you get from the business safe?”


“About five hundred thousand.  Along with the contents from your own safe, I think you have enough now for the next stage.”


“Good,” Harriet said, “that bastard of a husband is going to pay for playing around with his secretary again.”


“Out of interest,” the bearded man said, “how did you feel?”


“More aroused than I had done for a long time,” Harriet said, “maybe I should get you to do more surprise visits – but when the girls are not there.


“And perhaps with me wearing less…”







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