False Pretences









Gina Rae looked impatiently at her watch, and then out of the curtains that covered the windows, looking for a set of headlights on the dark street.  “I don’t understand, they said they would be here at six,” she said to herself as she looked out.


She was wearing a short sleeved tunic like top, with a pattern of grey and black on the front, and a black back and short sleeves, as well as a pair of grey jeans, but the style of her clothes was deliberate.  She was expecting a man whom she had contacted through an advert, who offered good money for photos of ordinary woman, and arranged for him and his partner to come over that night and discuss a shoot.


Finally, she saw a pair of headlights appear, and said “at last” before she looked at herself in the mirror.  She was perhaps a little larger than she had been in her youth, and a hint of grey was showing in her long brown hair, but she still looked good, as she adjusted her chest and smiled.


The heavy knock on the door drew her attention, and as she opened it she saw the men standing there, in black sweaters, jeans and woollen caps.


“Gina Rae?  I’m Steve - we talked on the phone?”


“Oh yes,” she said with a smile as she opened the door to them, “Come on in - I’ve been expecting you.”  She watched as the second man carried in a box of equipment, and then closed the door behind them.


“Nice house,” Steve said as he looked round, admiring the wooden panelling, “Do you live here  alone?”


“I do now - my kid’s off to college, and my husband walked out long ago,” she sat as she walked over to the kitchen area, her feet padding on the floor in a pair of moccasins.  “So, can I get you both some coffee?”


“That would be good, thanks,” Steve said as he nodded to his partner, who opened the box and started to take out some photographic equipment.  “So I’m curious - what attracted you to our advert?”


“You said it would be good money for a couple of hours work - and I can always use the extra money,” Gina said as she started the coffee machine off. “Why, was it a lie?”


“Oh no, there is good money to be made,” Steve said as he pulled a pair of leather gloves from his hands, “if you use the right incentive.”


“Oh,” Gina said with a smile as she walked over and leaned up against the coffee bar, looking at his partner as he set up the camera.  “Well, I’m game to have the photos taken, so what sort of incentive are we talking about here - a larger wage.”


“No, not really,” Steve said as he walked up behind her, and clamped his large gloved hand over her mouth, “I had something more along the lines of fear in mind.”


“Whhtthffkkk,” Gina said as she pulled on Steve’s arm, trying to get it free from her mouth, but his grip was too strong as he whispered into her ear “We’re going to be taking a lot of photos of you, for sale - and I’m sure you won’t have anything to say against it.  After all, we have ways and means.”  He looked at his partner, who took a very real gun from the case and pointed it at Gina.  Her eyes shot open and she slowly nodded to show she understood.


“Now,” Steve said quietly, “you’re going to call your sister Jacqui, and invite her over to join you.  These things always work better with a friend.”


“NWWWW,” Gina screamed into his hand as she tried to wriggle her way free.  “Stop struggling,” Steve snarled into her ear, “unless you really want to get hurt.”  Gina stopped for a moment, then shook her head slightly from side to side as she started to calm down.


“Good,” Steve said as he removed his hand, “Now, call your sister.”


“No,” Gina said as she looked defiantly at him, “I’ll do whatever you want, but  leave her out of this.”


“Oh we’re going to,” Steve said with a smile, “but if you won’t call your sister, then we need to make sure you can’t stop us calling her.  Hands behind your back, now.”


“All right,” Gina said quietly as she moved her arms behind her back, “Just please, don’t hurt me.”


“We’re not going to hurt you, Gina,” Steve said as she felt the rope being wrapped around her wrists, pulling them tightly together, “In fact, that’s the last thing on our mind.”


“Then what is on your mind?” Gina said as she tried to look over her shoulder, feeling rope as it was tied around her elbows and across her back.”


“Oh you’ll see,” the partner said as he picked Gain up and sat her on the work surface, before kneeling in front of her and removing her moccasins.  She felt his gloved hands stroking over her feet, over her soles and suppressed the desire to laugh as she watched him binding her  ankles tightly together, passing the rope around and between her legs.


“Look, take whatever you want, but please just leave me alone,” Gina pleaded as the partner started to tie her legs tightly together below her knees. 


“Do you hear that, Alan?  She wants us to take what we want and leave her alone?”


“That’s good Steve,” he said as he looked past Gina, “She hasn’t realised yet, that we are going to take and do whatever we want.”  Gain’s eyes widened as she felt a pair of hands reaching round and starting to grope her chest.


“Oh yes,” Steve said behind her, “Anything we want.”


“Please,” Gina started to cry, “Just leave me and take my things...”


“I think it’s time for you to be quiet,” Alan said as he took a long length of cloth from the case, and pulled it tight.  “Now then, be a good girl and open your mouth.”


Gina shook her head and clamped her mouth shut, but as she felt Steve pinch her left nipple she opened her mouth with a gasp, unable to stop Alan winding the cloth around her head and between her lips, stuffing her mouth as she was unable to prevent it.


“Nnnpplsss,” she moaned as Steve reached round and pulled the arms of her top down, revealing her cream coloured bra as Steve started to grope and massage her chest.  “NNNnNnnn,” she moaned as she felt his hands, and worst of all felt her body reacting, her nipples hardening to his touch.


“Oh yes this one is going to be good – get the camera Alan.”


Gina was powerless to stop the man behind her groping her, making her moan in response while Alan started to take pictures of her, capturing her as she closed her eyes and moaned into the cloth in a  mixture of terror and pleasure.


“Lei her down,” Alan eventually said, “and let me have a go.”  Steve nodded as he laid Gina on her side, taking the camera from Alan as he took hold of Gina’s bound feet and started to suck on her toes.


“Hmgdddnnnn,” Gina moaned as she felt his lisp on her toes, his tongue passing over them as he kissed and sucked each of them in turn.  “I get the feeling she really likes this,” Steve said with a smile as she wriggled round, Steve taking photos all the time.


Eventually, he put the camera down and kissed Gina’s head, saying “There now – that wasn’t so bad was it?”


“Whhrudngthd,” Gina moaned as she opened her eyes and looked at the two men.


“We already told you – we want you to invite your sister to join us,” Steve said as he sat Gina up, and untied the cloth, removing it from her mouth and handing it to Alan.  “So, are you going to do what we asked?”


“No,” Gina said as she looked between the two of them.  “I won’t do it.”


“Not even,” Steve said as he produced a handgun and held it to Gina’s head, “if I tell you I am going to shoot you if you do not.”


Gina swallowed, and then shook her head again.  “Well now,” Steve said as he looked at Alan, “that shows true love, doesn’t it?”


“It does,” Alan said with a smile, “but we need to move on.  Gina, open your mouth.”


“Why,” she said as she looked at Alan, who still had the cloth in his hand.


“Because we said so,” Steve said as he pressed the gun against her head.  Fearfully, Gina slowly opened her mouth as Alan started to push the cloth inside.  It seemed to take an eternity, and Gina had no idea how he would manage it, but eventually the whole long strip sat in her mouth, pushing her cheeks out as she closed her lips.


“There now,” Steve said as he kissed Gina’s head, “Just relax.”  Gain nodded, but her eyes widened as she saw Alan take a wide roll of white tape out of the case, and tear the end loose, the tape making a sound that was like a squelchy rip.


“Now, keep your lips closed,” Steve said as Alan stuck the end of the tape to Gina’s right cheek, and wound it round her head, keeping it tight as he smoothed tape firmly down to her skin, the shape of her lisp visible as he passed it round, then tore it loose and smoothed it down behind her left ear.


“Now then,” Steve said as he picked up Gina’s mobile phone from the kitchen sink, “let’s see if your sister is in your contacts – ah here we are.”  He pressed a few keys, and then said “How does this sound?  Jackie – can you come over and take part in a fun shoot with me?  The photographers have set it up so that I am being robbed, and they want someone to come and join me.  Big money to be made if you come tonight – and it’ll be fun.”


Gina shook her head, screaming “NNNUCNT” as Steve nodded to Alan, before pressing send.  He then put the phone down, smiling as he looked at Gina’s wide eyed shock.  “OH come on – you know you want to share this,” he said as he held Gina’s shoulders.  “Now, here’s what we are going to do, Gina.  When she gets here, you’re going to let her in, and we’ll tell her that we’ve started the shoot, and she has walked in and disturbed the robbers.  You will tell her that this is just a normal shoot, and she should enjoy it.  And you’re going to say all that while gagged.”


“Whrurllgngtd,” Gina said as she looked at them.


“Exactly what we said we would do, Gina – have fun and take pictures,” Alan said as he looked at her.  “Now, you are not going to tell her of our real intentions, are you?”


Gina looked at them, and at the pistol which Steve had picked up again, before shaking her head and saying “Nnldsuse.”


“Good girl,” Steve said with a smile as he put the phone down.  “If you’re really good, we’ll make you both very happy...”


His talking was interrupted by the sound of a car drawing up outside.  “Well, she made good time,” Steve said as Alan moved to the door.  “All right, Gina – on your feet and start hopping over to the door.”


Gina nodded and shuffled over, slipping off the work surface and taking a moment to gain her balance, before she started to hop over to the door.  As she made her way, she could hear a knock and the voice of her sister saying “Gina?  Come on, let me in.”


Eventually, she reached the door, and turning round she pulled the handle down and opened the door inwards, allowing her sister Jackie to come in.  She was as tall as Gina, with straight greying hair, and was wearing a round necked yellow jumper, grey jeans and black slip on shoes.


“My goodness, sis,” she said as she came in, “You weren’t kidding about what they’re doing.  How are you feeling?”


Gina glanced at the other two, before saying “Mhfnngfn,” as she looked at her sister.  “Hello Jackie,” Steve said as he stepped forward, hiding the gun out of sight, “I’m Steve, and this is my colleague Alan.  We’re so glad you agreed to come and join us.”


“Well, Gina said it was easy money,” Jackie said as she looked at Gina.  “You really have her tied up and gagged – that’s amazing.  So are you going to do the same to me?”


“Does that bother you,” Alan said as he stood by her.


“Not if the money’s got enough,” Jackie said with a smile.  “Hthmneesntthfng,” Gina said as she looked at her sister, and shook her head.


“Well,” Steve said as he stood behind Gina, and started to untie her wrists, “the scenario sit that you have walked in, and we are going to make your sister keep you quiet before we tie you up, side by side.  Any questions?”


Jackie smiled at Gina and said “So when do we get paid?”


“Gddqstjn,” Gina said as she felt her wrist being untied.  “We’ll sort out the contracts and payment details later for you, Gina has already given permission, haven’t you Gina?”


“Ysss,” Gina said, her eyes rolling as she felt her wrists being released, and then Steve starting to untie her arms.  “So, Gina, when we have you free you’re going to put the cloth Alan gives you in your sister’s mouth, and then used the tape around her head to keep it in there, just as we did with you.”


“Gtt,” Gina said as she brought her hands round and rubbed her wrists.  “Urddeefrths?”


“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Jackie said with a smile, “but there’s something...”


“”We need to crack on Jackie,” Steve said with a smile as Alan handed Gina the cloth.  “Pnnwdsss,” she said as she held the cloth to Jackie’s mouth, pushing it gently in as Jackie kept her mouth open.  “Tsstss,” Jackie said as she closed her lips over the stuffing, and then Alan tore the end of the roll of micropore tape free and handed it to Gina.


“Msreee,” Gina said as she pressed the end of the tape to her sister’s cheek and then pulled it tight, pressing it down over Jackie’s mouth as she wound the tape around her head.


“Wllthshrmhr,” Jackie said as Gina took the tape around her neck. 


“No – your hair is fine,” Steve said as Gina wound the tape round her head.


“Gddd – jsthddtdnttnees,” Jackie said as she looked at Gina.


“Lksnss,” Gina said as she tore the tape off and smoothed it down on her cheek.  “Rdeerr?”


“Gssso,” Jackie said as she looked at Steve and Alan, “nwwth?”


“Gina, why don’t you hop back over here, and your sister can join you on the work surface,” Steve said with a big grin.  Gina shook her head and then said “cmvrhr,” as she turned and hopped over.  As she did so, the rope around her legs started to slip down towards her bound ankles, but she ignored that, turning to watch Jackie as she walked over and stood in front of the worktop.


“Up you get,” Steve said as he tapped the top surface.  “Ftru,” Gina said as Jackie pushed herself onto the work surface, and then she too pushed herself up, using her hands to help as she swung her bound legs.


“All right,” Steve said as he looked at Alan, “You take the pictures while I tie the two of them up.”  He reached round and adjusted Gina’s top, covering her shoulders before he gently pulled Jackie’s arms behind her back and began to tie them together.


“Wllthknwthrstf,” Jackie said as she looked at Gina, feeling the rope pulling her wrists together.


“Uhfndee,” Gina said as she watched her sister having her wrists bound by a man she knew had plans for both of them, and no way of warning her.  “There,” Steve said as she tied the rope off between Jackie’s wrists, “now let me re-tie Gina’s arms.”


“Shwdstfl,” Gina said as she felt her wrists being crossed and re-bound.  She watched Jackie twist her wrists round, and then say “Cmfee – btcntlssnthm.”


“That’s the idea, “ Alan said as he continued to take pictures of both of them, “To make it realistic.”  He then put the camera down and knelt in front of both of them, looking at Jackie’s feet before he slipped her shoes off.


“Good idea,” Steve said as Alan removed the loose rope around Gina’s legs, and then started to tie Jackie’s ankles tightly together.


“Rllcntmfnw,” Jackie said as she looked at Gina, “sssgnnlfths.”


“Urntkng,” Gina said as she wriggled round, watching as Alan tied her sister’s ankles tightly together.  As he stood up, she looked at Jackie and shook her head as Alan and Steve looked at them.


“Well, I think we’re about ready to begin,” Steve said as he looked at them, “Will you tell her, Gina, or shall I?”


“Tllmwht,” Jackie said as she looked at her sister.


“Jcke,” Gina said as she turned her head and looked at her, “Msree, msssreee.”




“Thmnn  - stffnln – thrntftgrfrs.”


Jackie looked at her sister, then said “fcrsthr, thtkkfts.”


“Ysss,” Gina said as she shook her head, “bttthrntwhtthsthr.”




“thrrcrks, jckke – thtkmhstj.”


Jackie’s eyes widened, as she said “sssthtgn?”


Gina sighed and said “Msreeejcke, wrthhstksnw.”


Jackie looked at the two men, standing there smiling, and said “mgdd,nnnn”


“Gina’s telling the truth,” Steve said with a smile, “We are going to take photos of both of you, but there is no payment – unless you count the pleasure you are both going to feel as payment.”


Jackie looked at her sister, and then said “btudntnndrstand.”




“urmmsssjs – frwdrdttt.”


Gina looked at her sister and said “Hwttt.”




Alan was now knelling on the floor, massaging the feet of the two bound women as he started to kiss them.  Jackie closed her eyes and said “Hmmgd” as she felt his lips, while Gina was starting to try and twist her arms free.


“Whhddudtht,” she finally said as she looked at Jackie.


“EEeee – efghtshdnjt,” Jackie said as she looked at her sister – and then Gina’s mobile phone rang.


“Aunt Gina – it’s me Suzie.  Just to let you know I’ll be over in twenty – and thanks for the invite.”


Steve and Alan looked at each other, and then smiled as they said “Oh good, another victim.”


“DNTUDRRRR” Jackie screamed through her gag, only to open her eyes wide with fright as Steve picked up the gun and held it to her head.


“Not a word,” he snarled as Alan pulled Gina’s top up, and then started to bind her arms tightly to her side, forcing her chest up and out as the rope tightened over her arms.  He then pass ed the rope under one arm, up in front and around the back of her neck, before passing it under her other arm and tying the ends off at her back.


“Let’s have a look at you,” Steve said as he pulled Jackie’s jumper up, revealing her brown lace bra.


“Plssdndtnsths,” she pleaded as Alan started to bind her arms to her side as well, forcing her chest out as her bra threatened to give way under the tension of the rope bands. 


“Jsstlfhrln,” Gina pleaded, but it was no use, as Jackie found her arms tightly locked into place, and then heard her grunt as the ropes were cinched. 


“We need to make sure they really cannot raise the alarm,” Alan said to Steve.  He nodded as Gina and Jackie were made to lie side by side on the surface.  They turned their heads and looked at each other as their ankles were pulled back and tied to their chest ropes.


“Whtrwgngtd,” Jackie said as she looked at her sister.


“Eddntkn,” Gina said as she looked at Jackie, before another car was heard pulling up outside.


“Not a word of warning,” Steve said as he pointed the gun at the two older women, “or I break your neck.”


They both nodded as they heard a knock on the door, and Alan opened the door.  “You must be Suzie,” he said, ”Come in – we’re just taking a break, so your arrival is well timed.”


Jackie turned her head and said “Hlllf” as her daughter came in.  Suzie was in her early twenties, with light brown hair cut short, and she was wearing a white blouse under a black waistcoat, a pair of tight black trousers and knee length black suede boots.


“Hey Mum, Aunt Gina,” she said as she put her handbag down, “Having fun?”


“Plssss,” Gina said as she looked at Steve, but he merely smiled and said "They are, Suzie – the idea sit they have fallen victim to a couple of home invaders, and unfortunately you have joined them.  So, you need to do what we say, all right?”


“Gotcha – are you all right like that, Mum?”


“Plsssdnt,” Jackie said, but Steve smiled as he said “They’re staying in character.  Now, we need you to keep quiet, so put this cloth in your mouth, and then wind the tape tightly round your head.”


“Gotcha,” Suzie said, and as the two older women tried to warn her they had to watch as she pushed the cloth into her mouth, closed her lips and then wound the white tape tightly round her head, her lips showing as he tore the tape off and smoothed it down.


“Very nicely done,” Alan said, “Now, lie face down on the floor, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Thshssxesstng,” Suzie said as she lay down, and allowed Alan to bind her wrist tightly together, crossed in the small of her back.  She smiled under the tape as she felt the tightness of the rope, and then felt he rankles being crossed and tied in the same way.


“Plsslfhrlm,” Gina called out as Suzie was made to sit up, and then her legs bound tightly together below her knees.  “Well, this is nice,” Steve said as he looked on, “it’s not often we got both sisters and a mother and daughter shoot.”


Suzie looked over at her mother and aunt, and saw for the first time the tears in their eyes.  “hshht,” she finally said, “tsntnmne,st?”


“Ah, you realised,” Alan said as he pulled Suzie’s waistcoat open and pulled it down her arms, and then started to pass the rope around her arms and body, tying it tightly as her blouse started to come undone under the pressure of the ropes, pressing down and up on her chest.


“Wht....  whtrugndtd,” Suzie moaned as the ropes were pulled tighter, and then her blouse was ripped open, exposing her bare chest.


“Oh nice surprise,” Steve said as he picked up a video camera, and started to film Alan as he groped at Suzie’s chest, massaging it in his gloved hands as she started to moan despite her fear.  She could feel her breasts firming, as Gina and Jackie screamed into their gags and started to thrash around on the worktop.


“If I was you,” Steve said without looking round, “I’d consider my position very carefully.”  Gina and Jackie looked at each other, then over the edge.


“Hsrrtdmnhm,” Gina said as the tears started to flow again.


“Eknnwww – msrrrlf,” Jackie said as she watched Alan lay her daughter down on the floor, and start to kiss her bare chest, as his hand moved between her legs.


“Hmmgdddddwhtrudng,” Suzie called out as she felt his touch, unable to stop him as he pulled her trousers down to her knees.


“NNNNNNNNNN” Jackie called out, but then Steve turned and said “We don’t do that – we’re just going to thank you for allowing us to do this.”


The two older women watched as Alan massaged Suzie between her legs, and then kissed her chest again, making Suzie rise and her gagged mouth let out a moan.  He continued to do this for a while, both the older women crying out as he brought Suzie to a point of climax.


Eventually, the young girl screamed out and arched her back, before she slumped over.  Alan stood up, took some more rope and tied it round her waist, before passing it between her legs and pulling it tightly up.


“Hmmgd,” Jackie moaned as he tied the rope to Suzie’s back, and then lifted her onto the couch.  She looked over at her mother and Aunt, her eyes glazed over as she said “Hmggddgddwhtnw.”


“Now then,” Steve said as he set the camera up on a tripod, facing the two older women.  He then stood beside Gina, Alan standing beside Jackie, before they were released from their hogties and made to kneel on the work surface, facing each other, and their wrists tied to their ankles.


“Your turn,” Steve said as Gina felt his hands on her chest, pulling her bra down and groping her breasts, at the same time as she saw Alan pulling down the bra of Jackie and massaging her chest.


“Whtrwgngtd,” Gina said as she looked into her sister’s eyes.


“endttknw – hggdddd,” Jackie said as she closed her eyes, and then moaned loudly.  Gain was surprised to find herself doing the same thing, as she felt her nipples firming, her chest heaving to his touch, and then his hand slipping between her legs, feeling the dampness before he pulled her jeans down to her legs and started to feel her, his fingers pressing the soft cotton of her panties against her crotch.


“HPLSSLGDDDDDD!” she called out, unable to contain herself as she started to push against the touch.  She looked at Jackie, whose eyes were closed as she rocked against Alan, and she knew she was in no position to offer any resistance.  No position at all – and part of her did not want this to stop in any way, shape or form....







“Well, thank you ladies – enjoy the rest of your evening.”


Gina and Jackie raised their heads, unable to respond as they lay facing each other on the floor, while Suzie could only manage a small moan as the rope rubbed against her crotch.  The older women also had crotch ropes tied between their legs as they lay there, their pats around their knees, the sweat running down and over the micropore tape bands.


Steve and Alan picked up their bags, smiled and said “You’re going to be very popular,” before they left them to try and free themselves – if they could...







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