Family Bonding




She was cold, damp in all the wrong places and so scared she was actually wondering if death would not be a blessed release.  It was impossible for her to move, to call out, and even if she could the wooden lid above her and whatever was on top of that would stop anyone hearing.  Her one hope was the small camera that was trained on her, and the hope someone would see her before it was too late...


A late summer evening found Bobbi Court, and her mother Peg, returning to their shaded suburban home after a meal out.  As the manager of one of what used to be known as pawn shops, Peg made a good living, while Bobbi was learning the trade at her mother’s office.  The staff who worked there had a nickname for the mother and daughter – Leather and Lace, mainly for the style of clothing they both preferred to wear.


For example, on this night Peg was wearing a white full sleeved silk blouse with lace cuffs and collar, a black leather waistcoat and knee length skirt, and black fabric knee length boots.  Bobbi, on the other hand, was sporting a brown leather jacket over a white lace dress, the skirt of which flowed from under the waistband of her jacket to just below her knees, and straight brown leather boots.  The two of them were walking along, idly chatting about this and that, as they opened the gate to the drive that led to their door.


They had no idea of the night that lay ahead for both of them.



As Peg unlocked the door, the first thing the two women noticed was the breeze that was blowing through the hallway.  “I wonder where that’s coming from,” Bobbi said as she closed the door to, and her mother made her way towards the kitchen door as it swayed in the frame.  Before she had gone more than half a dozen steps, however, she was stopped by a large, muscular man who came out of the kitchen, dressed in black overalls and with a stocking pulled over his hair and head.  In his hand was a large wooden staff, which he swung and hit into the open palm of his other hand.


“Oh Christ – Bobbi, RUN!” Peg screamed as she turned round, only to see that her daughter was in the grip of another man, similarly attired, who had his arm around Bobbi’s body and a shotgun in his other hand.  Peg could clearly see that the ends of the barrel had been sawn off just short of the stock, as if it was a prop in a bad seventies cop show.


“Don’t say a fucking word, bitch, or the young girl here gains an extra mouth,” he said as he pointed the gun at Bobbi’s cheek.  “Do exactly what my friend and I tell you to – no more, no less.  Do you understand?”


Peg stood there, mute with fear, which seemed to antagonise the man even more.  He pressed the ends of the gun barrel hard against Bobbi’s cheek, making her cry out, and said “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”


“Yes, I understand,” Peg screamed back, “Just don’t hurt her.”


“That’s better,” the man said as he relaxed the pressure against Bobbi.  “Right – go in there, draw the curtains, and then kneel down on the floor, hands behind your head, fingers locked together.  Move!”


Peg looked at her daughter, who was starting to shake as the tears rolled down her cheeks, and walked slowly unto the spacious front room. She walked over to the main window, looking out to see if anyone was passing, but a noise behind her made her turn to see the other man with the cudgel standing in the doorway.  She turned to the side, pulled on a cord and brought the heavy velvet curtains together, before walking into the middle of the room.  Kneeling down, she placed her hands behind her head and watched as Bobbi was brought in and made to kneel beside her.


The tow women looked at each other as the gunman turned on a large standard lamp, while the other intruder brought a large canvas holdall into the room and dropped it with a loud thud onto the floor.


“All right, bints,” the gunman said as she sat down and looked at the two women, “here’s the deal.  We are going to spend a nice, pleasant evening here with you two, and in the morning mommy is going to come with us and help us to rob her store, while kiddie here,” he said pointing the gun at Bobbi, “acts as our insurance policy.  Now, play nice and don’t argue, and we’ll get along just fine.  Argue, or don’t do as you’re told, and you will be punished.”


“You can’t do this to us,” Bobbi shouted at him as she raised her head, “get out of our house.”


The shattering of glass was deafening, as the cudgel was swung down on a small coffee table that sat in the corner of the room.  “Next time, it will be your arm, then your head.  Now, if I ask a question the correct answer is ‘Yes, Sir’.  So, are you going to behave?”


“Yes,” Peg cried out, “just don’t hurt us…”


“What is the correct answer?” the gunman said as he leaned forward, looking at Bobbi.


“Yes, sir,” Peg said quietly, with Bobbi whispering it as well.


“Much better.  Now, we need to make sure you cooperate fully with us. So we need to stop any thoughts you may have of getting away.”  The gunman stood up and walked over to them.  “You, mommy – stand up and strip.”


“I beg your pardon,” Peg said as she looked up at the man.  This time, the cudgel did not come down, but instead the other man pulled back on Bobbi’s long brown hair, making her cry out in surprise and pain.  The gunman calmly put the end of the gun barrels into Bobbi’s mouth, turned to Peg and said “Stand up and strip, now.”


“Yes, Sir” she replied with a tone of anger.  Bobbi looked up at her, the taste of metal and oil in her mouth making her want to retch, but fear making her stop.   Peg looked at her daughter, and slowly slipped off her waistcoat, placing it on the floor.  The two men watched as she reached behind her back, unzipped the skirt and allowed it fall to the floor, after which her blouse followed it onto the pile.  She stood there, in a black lace bra and panties, with her dark stockings still tucked into her fabric boots.


“Now what do you want me to do?” she said to the gunman with a tone calculated to show her displeasure.  Her response, however, came from the other man, who placed his staff on the table in front of her and opened the bag.  He drew out a pair of handcuffs, the rigid kind used by police, and pulling Peg’s wrists behind her back he fastened the metal clasps around her wrists, before making her kneel on the floor.


“Do you see how much easier it is if you do as you’re told?” the gunman said a she looked first at Peg, then at Bobbi.  “You’re going to do as you are told, aren’t you?” he said, and Bobbi whimpered as she slowly nodded her head.


“Good,” the man said as he removed the barrel from her mouth.  “Now, your turn – stand up and strip for us.”


“Are you all right, mum?” Bobbi whispered as she stood up and saw her mother kneeling there, the tears starting to fall down her cheeks.  Peg looked up, and nodded as Bobbi unzipped her jacket and took it off, revealing her bare arms underneath as the straps of her dress were revealed.


The dress fastened by a series of buttons at the front, from the bottom of the yoke neck to her waistband, and Bobbi slowly unbuttoned each one while the men watched.  Slipping the dress off her shoulders, she allowed it to fall to the floor around her, revealing a white corset, pants and stockings.  It wasn’t a great surprise to her when her own arms were manacled behind her back and she was made to kneel facing her mother.


“That’s better,” the gunman said as he sat down on one of their armchairs and pointed the gun at them.  “Now, we’re going to have a little mug of coffee, and then we’ll get started on the evening’s entertainment.  Keep your mouths shut and your heads down.”


Bobbi looked over at her mother, who was starting to shiver as she knelt there.  The steel was rubbing against her wrists, and she was aware of a damp patch that had started to spread around her crotch as her fear made her lose bodily control.  Peg looked straight down, terrified of what might happen next.


The hour passed slowly, as the two masked men sat down and looked over some plans they had with them.  As the clock struck seven, the gunman looked over at the two women.


“You’re shivering,” he said with a mock tone of concern, “We need to make sure you keep warm, and I know the perfect way to do that.  My friend here is going to release you, and I want you to stand up.  Understand?”


“Yes, sir” the two women whispered as the other man went behind them and unlocked the cuffs.  Peg stood up, using her hand to help Bobbi get onto her feet, and looked at the red bands around her wrists.


“Now, take your tights off – both of you.”


“I beg your pardon – I thought you said we were going to be warm!”


Peg regretted her outburst as Bobbi was grabbed from behind, and the cudgel pressed across her throat.


“Sorry, Sit,” she said as she started to unzip her boots, before pulling her stockings down and leaving them on the floor.  Bobbi followed suit, pulling her boots and stockings off.  The gunman watched them both the whole time.


“Very good, ladies – now, each of you pick up the stockings of the other, and roll them into a little ball.”


Bobbi, realising what was about to happen, knelt down and picked up her mother’s stockings, rolling them into a pad as Peg did the same to her white stockings.


“Go on, then – into your mouths they go, and don’t even think of spitting them back out again.”


Peg sniffed at the stockings, before opening her mouth and pushing the silk material inside, filling the space behind her teeth.  Bobbi did likewise, as the other man went back to the holdall and pulled out a set of white plastic zip ties.


“All right, Mommy – take one of these and tie your daughter’s wrists together behind her back,” the gunman said as Peg was handed one of the ties.  Bobbi, sensing her mother’s unease, turned and offered her wrists to her, crossing them in the small of the back.  Peg mumbled “ms srry” as she wrapped the thin plastic band around her wrists and pulled tightly, securing them together as the clasp bit into the plastic.


“Now, little girl, kneel down and let your mother secure your legs together.”


Bobbi knelt in the carpet, and looked over her shoulder as Peg used two more bands to secure her legs together at the ankles and above her knees.  She wanted to spit out the silk in her mouth, especially as the way it soaked up her saliva left her incredibly dry, but fear meant she only visibly winced as the thin plastic cut into her thighs.


Peg stood back up, staring at the two men as they stood opposite her.  “You’re wondering how this will keep you warm?” the gunman said, and Peg nodded.  “I’ll show you – kneel down and give your daughter a big hug.”


As she knelt down, Peg nodded to her daughter as she tried to get her wrists free, before reaching around her body with her arms and hugging her.  As she did so, the other intruder grabbed her wrists, pulled her arms tightly around Bobbi’s chest and bound them together with a tie.  This pulled Peg closer to Bobbi so that she was pressed against her, chest to chest, as tow more ties were used to secure their upper arms to each other.  For the first time she could remember that bight, the gunman put down his weapon and secured Peg’s ankles and legs together in the same way she had secured Bobbi.


“I think we need one last thing to keep you warm together,” the gunman said, and Peg silently hoped it was a blanket.  She was shocked instead to feel a further thin plastic band pass around her neck, and then secured behind Bobbi’s neck as their faces were pulled close enough together for the noses to touch.


“Now, you stay there while we have a look round,” the gunman said as the two intruders headed for the room door.  “We’ll be back later.”


They knelt there, staring at each other as they heard sounds of thumping in other rooms.  Neither woman dared move, in case the strap around their necks dug even more into the bare flesh and caused harm, never mind the way they were secured to each other.  The two men had not been gentle, and Peg could see a red weal starting to rise around the band holding their left arms together.  She tried moving her arm to relieve the pressure, but the grunts from Bobbi told her that was not helping in the slightest – if anything, it was making it worse.


By the passing of time as measured by the clock, a good hour and a half passed before the two masked men returned, placing a pillow case on the long couch as they turned to look at the two women.


“Look at that,” the gunman said, “they’re shivering.  I guess they aren’t keeping warm at all.  Cut them loose, and give them some water.”


Peg groaned with relief as the thin plastic straps were cut, allowing her to sit back and rub her wrists and arms.  Bobbi stayed kneeling, looking around her with frightened eyes and too scared to move.  Removing the stockings from her mouth, Peg went over and held her, reaching up and removing the gag from Bobbi’s mouth as she did so.


“It’s all right, angel, it’s all right,” she whispered as she held her daughter.  “It will all be over soon.”


“Don’t get your hopes up yet,” the gunman said as the other man passed the two women a bottle of water each.  “Have a drink – you look parched.”


They looked up suspiciously at their captors, but the overpowering thirst and dryness of their mouths got the better of them.  Peg unscrewed the top, and took a long deep drink from the bottle, half expecting the water to be drugged or poisoned.  As she drank, however, she realised it was nothing but water, and nodded to Bobbi that she should also drink.


“So,” she croaked as the two men looked at them sitting there, “what happens now?  You’ve obviously taken our valuables, and you want me to do something tomorrow.  I’ll do whatever you ask, but please leave my daughter alone.”


“I’m sorry,” the gunman said as he walked over and suddenly swung the back of his hand across Peg’s cheek.  “Did you forget something?”


“I said; leave my daughter alone, SIR,” she cried back as Bobbi screamed “Leave my mother alone!”


“You girls need to keep quiet – stand up, and tale off your underwear.”


Peg and Bobbi stared at the gunman, wondering if he was serious, but the way he raised the shotgun and pointed it at them told them it was real.  Slowly, they both reached down and took off their knickers.


“Stop there,” the gunman said.  “Give your knickers to each other, and put them in your mouths.”


“NNOOO!” Bobbi screamed as she looked at her underwear.  There was a stain where she had relieved herself earlier, and the thought of that in her mother’s mouth was more than she could bear.  The result of her outburst was immediate, as the gloved back of a hand struck her across the mouth.


“No arguments, unless you want us to do it,” the gunman said, and Peg took the pair of knickers from her daughter.  “I’ll manage, Bobbi – let’s just do as they ask,” she said in a faint voice before stuffing the stained and damp pair into her mouth.  Bobbi took her mother’s black pants and did the same.  The other intruder passed them both a strip of fabric plaster.


“Take the packing paper off and press the pad over each other’s mouth,” the gunman said as he pointed the firearm at them.  Peg peeled off the backing paper and pressed the pad over Bobbi’s mouth, before allowing her to do the same to her own lips.  The plaster pulled at her mouth and jaw, but she made no move to complain.


The gunman placed his shotgun back on the coffee table, and nodded to his companion, who went to the rucksack and produced several tightly wound skeins of rough brown rope.  He passed one to the gunman, who quickly unwound it and walked over to Peg.  He turned her round, pulled her wrists behind her back and started to pass the rope around them, as his friend did the same to Bobbi.


She could feel the rough rope as it rubbed her already red wrists, irritating them even more as it pulled them tightly together and then was passed between her arms.  The rope was then taken up and passed around her elbows, pulling them tightly together so that her breasts strained against the fabric of her black bra.  Looking over at Bobbi, she could see the same thing was been done to her, as the top of her corset threatened to drop down and let her breasts hang exposed in the rapidly cooling air.


Her eyes widened as she saw the gunman pick up a pair of scissors, and with two swift cuts remove her bra, leaving her own breasts hanging exposed.  Bobbi soon followed suit, as the top of her corset was indeed pulled down.  Peg stood there, wondering what was going to happen next as two more lengths of rope were unravelled and doubled over by the intruders.  Her fears were answered as the gunman came behind her and passed the rope around her arms and chest pulling the two ends through the loop behind her back and pulling tightly.   This constricted her breathing to an extent where it hurt to breathe in through her nose – her mouth offering no ingress or egress for sound or air.  The low moan she heard from Bobbi told her she had the same feeling.


The two men stood back and looked at the two women standing there, chuckling softly to themselves as the two women shook with fear and cold.  The gunman then took Bobbi by the arm and half walked, half shuffled her over so that she stood with her back to her mother.  Peg took hold of her daughter’s fingers and gave then a squeeze as more rope was passed around their waists, pulling them together before they were made to sit down and watch as their ankles and legs were bound again.  The rough rope dug into their pale skin as they wondered what else these two men could do to humiliate them.


They soon found at, as a length of rope was passed around their necks and tied so that they could not move their heads apart without the cord cutting into the other woman’s throat.  Peg stared over the plaster pad at the gunman as he knelt and looked her in the face.


“We’re going to catch a few winks of sleep now – try not to hurt each other,” he sneered as they turned and left the room, turning off the light and closing the door on them.  Both women sat and listened as the sound of people working in the kitchen came through to them, before Peg squeezed Bobbi’s hand again to show she was there for her.






Peg opened her eyes with a start.  The first rays of light were starting to creep through the thick curtains, and as her eyes cleared she could see it was about five in the morning.  That, however, was not her major concern.


That was the fact she could not feel Bobbi behind her.  The rough rope around her throat was also gone, and she had been moved so that her back was against the seat of the long couch.  Of her daughter, however, there was no sign, and Peg began to fear the worst.  She looked frantically round, screaming through her gag as loudly as she could, when the door opened and the man, who had been holding the staff came back in,


“Hush,” he said in a quiet voice, “If you promise not to scream, I’ll take the gag out and I’ll tell you where your daughter is.  Nod if you understand.”


Peg nodded her head and winced as the man pulled the cloth plaster off her mouth, followed by him pulling the soaked panties from behind her teeth.  She took great gulps of air, before turning to him and tearfully saying “please, tell me you haven’t…”


“I was tempted,” the man said with an evil grin that showed Peg a set of yellowed teeth, “but we have other plans for her.  Look.”


Peg watched as the door was opened and the gunman came in wheeling a box, about six foot in length and two foot wide, non a trolley.  Inside the box Peg could see Bobbi, wrapped from head to foot in silver duct tape and with tape wrapped around her lower face, so that only her eyes and nose were not covered.  She tried to talk to her mother, but only a faint muffled groan came out.  Peg watched in horror as the man who had spoken to her picked up a wooden lid and fixed it to the top of the box, the air holes drilled throughout the lid.


“All right, dear,” the gunman said, “I’m taking your daughter to a place where she will be kept until we’ve finished our business at your office.  If you make any sort of move to try and raise the alarm, I press this button,” he said holding up a small electrical device, “and the poison gas capsules in this box are released.  Understand?”


“Please, I’ll do whatever you say, just don’t hurt her….”


It was no good – Peg watched the gunman lean the trolley back and wheel it out of the house, saying as he went “Untie her, let her shower and change for work – I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


The second man nodded, and sat looking at Peg as the front door opened and closed.  They both could hear the sound of a van driving off, and as the noise faded in the distance the man produced a long bladed knife and knelt behind Peg.


“Just sit still,” he said as he cut at the ropes around her arms, “and I’ll let you run a bath.”




Bobbi looked up as she listened to the sound of something being laid on the lid of the box.  She had already relieved herself to her own discomfort, as it added to the irritation around her crotch and breasts, and the cotton wool that filled her mouth was offering no salvation from an over powering thirst.  The only thing she could focus on was the small camera that the man had inserted when he briefly removed the lid, filming her every moment.




The gunman came back into the room just as Peg was towelling her hair off.  She had relaxed a little in the bath – as much as you can with a knife wielding intruder watching over her – and the red wealds on her wrists and legs had eased slightly.  The gunman smiled as he looked at her, sat in a long sleeved white blouse and mid-length skirt.


“Your daughter’s fine,” he said as he held his mobile phone in front of her, “Just as long as you do as you’re told.  “Peg could see Bobbi, her eyes over the tape, staring at a camera.


“Where is she?”


“Sorry?” the gunman said as he raised his gloved hand.


“Where is she, sir?”


“As I say safe – but we need to get you ready now.  Open wide.”


“I beg your pardon?” Peg said as she saw him remove a bag of cotton wool from their canvas bag.  The gunman tore off a large pad, and said “Open wide, or else the gun goes in your mouth and I pull the trigger.  Your choice.”


“All right, sir,” Peg said as she opened wide, allowing him to push the cotton wool pad into her mouth.  Pad after pad followed, until she felt like a chipmunk with her cheeks filled out.   “Better,” the gunman said as he tore a strip of flesh coloured plaster off a roll and smoothed it over Peg’s lips.  He then took a stick of red lipstick, and began to draw a set of lips over the plaster.  As he did this, the other intruder pulled Peg’s wrists behind her back and bound them tightly together with a length of thin white cord, that was barely visible over the silk sleeves of her blouse.  This was followed by a long length over her arms and chest, pulling them tightly into her sides and keeping her breasts sticking out.


“We need you to look as natural as possible,” the gunman said as he took up a mirror and held it in front of Peg.  She had to admit, from a distance, it looked like she normally would, despite the pulling on her chin by the tape.  The gunman then slipped a pair of black leather shoes on her feet, while the other man took her black leather jacket from outside and brought it in.  They helped peg to stand up and the coat was put over her body, zipped up with the cuffs of her sleeves tucked into the pockets.


“Right – let’s move” was all that the gunman said as he forced Peg towards the door, his companion following with their bag.  The light was still dim outside, as they walked towards a light blue transit van.  Stopping outside the side door, Peg found herself in darkness as a large black woollen scarf was tied over her face before she heard the door opening and she was pushed inside.


She tried to keep track of time as they drove to their destination, but before she had a chance to settle the door was opened and she was pulled out and made to walk a short distance.  A set of keys could be heard jangling and then the group moved into a warmer area.  Peg stiffened as she heard the familiar beep of a number being punched into a keypad – while she had been alone with the other intruder, each piece of clothing had been handed to her in exchange for either the alarm code, or the safe combination, or any other security measures.


The scarf was removed from her face, and Peg blinked in the harsh neon light that came from the ceiling of her back office.  She hoped for some relief now that they were inside, but instead the gunman reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor.


“Secure her,” he said to his companion, and Peg was led into the store room at the back of the store.  Looking over, she saw a set of leather belts in the hands of the masked robber, and wondered what he was going to do next.  She got her answer when she was made to sit against a wall, and her legs pushed up so that her ankles touched the back of her thighs.


The masked man took a belt, and passed it around her ankle and legs, pulling tightly so that her knee was almost parallel with her breasts under her leather jacket.  Peg now realised why they had not tied her arms as strictly as overnight – her jacket was also constraining her, as her other ankle and thigh were secured.  Two more belts were passed around her legs below her knees, before the scarf was tied back over her face, pulling tightly so that the air she could breathe through her nose was filtered through the fibres. It was warm, and cloying, but Peg tried not to panic, fearful of the possible consequences.  She also had one other question in her mind – where was Bobbi?




A few doors down, at the local fruit and veg market, the morning crew were coming together to start sorting through the stock for the day.  They opened the rear warehouse door, not noticing at first the sacks of potatoes that had been moved to cover a large wooden box.


Inside the box, however, Bobbi could hear noises, and she started to kick at the base of the box with her mummified fee, in an attempt to get someone’s attention.





“All right, bint, we’re done here.  Just sit still and your daughter will be released soon.”


Peg listened as the store room door was closed on her, and calmed herself as she contemplated how to get out of her predicament.  Her legs were stiff from the frog tie, and her wrists were starting to ache again under her leather jacket, where they were pinned against her back.  She had no sense of time, no idea how long it would be before someone realised neither she nor Bobbi were there to open the store…




“Hey – did you hear that?”


The two workmen stopped and listened.  There it was again – a knocking sound coming from somewhere, faint but rhythmic.  They looked round the store, finally noticing the various sacks piled around a box in the corner.


“Give me a hand here, Jack,” Bobbi heard someone say before the sound of things being moved off the lid of the box reached her ears.  She kept kicking at the foot of the wooden enclosure, silently rejoicing as the lid was finally opened and two older men in brown overalls looked in.


“Christ on a bike,” one of the men said as he looked in, “Jack, call the police and an ambulance – hurry!”


Bobbi looked up as he examined her gag.  I’m sorry, love – I can’t find a way to cut that.  Can you hold on until my mate gets back, and we’ll lift you out?”  She nodded, tears running down the silver covering as she realised her ordeal was coming to an end.



Peg blinked again as the scarf was pulled off her eyes, and she saw two policemen standing over her.  “All right, love, let’s get this off,” she heard one say as he reached over and peeled the plaster off her mouth, and started to pull the cotton wool from behind her teeth.  “We’re here now – and your daughter’s safe as well.”


“Thnk gd,” Peg mumbled as her legs were released, “wve hd qut a nght.”