Adam and Eve – Family Time








Friday, 6 pm


“Another wonderful day in paradise,” Emma said to herself as she sat in bus, watching the world go by through windows clouded by condensation.  The legal clerk was in her early thirties, and lived to the north west of Newcastle city centre – the part which was not reached by the Metro, hence the one-hour bus journey in and back every night.


The early spring sun was setting, but the air was still and cold, as she stood up and stepped off the bus, looking up and down the street before she crossed and made her way along the Barrett Box house lined avenue.  When they had been built in the mid-seventies, they had all been identical, but alterations and replacement windows over the years had given them an individuality that made it a more interesting area.


Emma drew her black military style jacket around herself and tightened the belt.  Under the jacket, she was wearing a white blouse, while her pleated knee length dark wool skirt moved slightly with each step.  Given the continuing cool weather, she was wearing dark tights and long black leather boots.


As she walked down the short concrete path, the door to the house opened, and she saw her mother standing there, smiling.  Imogen was in her late forties, with slightly greying chestnut brown hair pulled back in a loose ponytail.  She was wearing a red jumper over a grey pleated skirt, dark crimson tights and knee length straight burgundy leather boots.


“Just in?”  Emma asked as she walked in the door.


“Yeah – want a coffee?”


“Please – and I’m in no mood to cook tonight.  Order a curry later?”


“Sounds good,” Imogen said as she closed the door and made her way into the kitchen.  Emma went into the front room and removed her jacket, only to sigh as she heard the front door bell ring.


“I’ll get it,” she said as she walked to the door and opened it – then walked slowly backwards as a man and woman came in, both smartly dressed, the woman smiling as she pointed a handgun at her, and the man carrying a large holdall.


“Who is it,” Imogen said as she came out of the kitchen – and then raised her hands as the woman said “good evening, ladies – my name is Eve, and this is my partner Adam.  Remain calm, and no harm will come to you.  If that is coffee you are making, I would ask you to make it for four people – and while you do that, your daughter here can sit with Adam in the front room, and I will watch.


“Just…  Just do as they say Mum,” Emma said as she slowly walked back into the room, sitting on the couch as Adam put the bag next to her, opened it and took out a length of cord – which he proceeded to use to bind the young woman’s wrists together, then a second length to secure her ankles before he went to close the curtains.


“What…  What’s going on,” she whispered as her mother came in, carrying a tray with four mugs, then sat down as Adam bound her wrists and ankles, before Eve handed them a cup each.


“Well, simply put,” Eve said as she sat down, “we’re going to be staying the weekend with you, and we need you to not raise the alarm, and do what we say.  I think you will be surprised at how exciting this can be.”


“Exciting?”  Imogen snorted as she took a drink.


“Yes – exciting,” Adam said with a smile, “as you will see.  Now, do as we say, and no harm will come to you. 


“But what do you want,” Emma asked.


“For you to have your drink,” Eve said, “while we arrange some supper for you and prepare for the next few days…”




8 pm


“I hope you have had enough,” Adam said as he collected the takeaway boxes.


“yes,” Imogen said quietly, “but I still don’t understand.  Why are you…”


“All questions will be answered in good time,” Eve said as she untied the older woman’s ankles, and helped her to stand up, “for now, it’s time you got ready for bed, so please come up the stairs with me.”


She looked back at Emma, and then allowed Eve to guide her up the stairs as her daughter twisted round, her boots rubbing against each other and squeaking.


“we don’t have any money, or much jewellery, and we have no family,” she said as she watched Adam putting the rubbish into a bag, “so why do this to us?”


“As Eve said, all will be explained in good time,” he said with a smile as he turned the television on.  “I understand you enjoy watching BBC4 on a Friday night, and they are doing a special on female blues singers.  Sit back, relax.”


“Easy for you to say,” Emma said with a sigh, but she sat back and listened to the music, turning a short while later to see Eve escort her mother back in.  Imogen was now wearing a pair of white pyjamas with a floral pattern, but her arms were behind her back, and as she sat down Emma saw the cords that were holding her crossed wrists together behind her back.


“It’s your turn now,” Eve said as she untied Emma’s ankles, Adam coming in and sitting down as she was walked up the stairs, and into the bathroom.  As Eve untied her wrists, she said “the door stays partially open while you change,” and then stepped outside.  Emma looked at the white pyjamas with the rose print, and then sat on the toilet, removing her boots as she tried to process what was going on…



10 pm


“I guess we’re going to be tied up in our beds now,” Imogen said as she and Emma sat side by side on the couch, their arms pinned behind their backs.


“Well, yes,” Eve said with a smile as she stood up, “and you will also be silenced as well.”  Walking behind Emma, she rolled up a white scarf into a thick band, and said “Please, open your mouth.”


“You don’t have to do this,” Emma said, “wlllbeequeett…”


“Yes, you will,” Eve said as she pulled the band between her lips, and then tied the ends at the base of her neck, Imogen watching as a second scarf was rolled up and used to cleave gag her.   The two women looked at each other as Adam said “so – shall we go to your bedrooms?”


They both nodded as Eve helped them to stand up, and then they walked up the stairs, Imogen watching as Eve helped Emma to lie on her bed, tied her ankles together and then secured them to the foot of the bed.




“Not tonight – maybe tomorrow.”




Adam simply nodded as he escorted Imogen to her room, her ankles bound and secured, and then the light turned off.  She struggled a little, but then suddenly felt very, very tired…




Saturday 9 am


Emma’s nose wrinkled as she smelt the odour of bacon cooking, and then opened her eyes to see Eve standing over her.


“Good morning,” she said with a smile as she untied her ankles, “if you promise not to call out, I will untie your wrists and remove the gag, and then you can come down to have some breakfast.  Your mother is already downstairs.”


As she nodded, her wrists were untied and she removed the scarf, looking at the dark grey patch in the middle.


“I still don’t understand,” she said quietly, “why us?”


“Come and eat,” Eve said as she gently guided Emma out of the room, down the stairs and into the kitchen.  Imogen was sitting at the table, a band of tape holding her waist to the chair back, and as Emma sat down Eve made sure she was secured in the same way.


“Here we go – bacon, eggs and toast,” Adam said as he served the food, Imogen pouring a glass of orange juice and handing it to Emma as she said “this will get the taste of the cloth out of your mouth.”


“Thanks – how did you sleep?”


“Honestly – better than I thought I would.  I don’t know – I’m finding this a mixture of exciting and terrifying at the same time.”


Emma nodded as she watched Adam and Eve consulting a tablet in Adam’s hands.  “I wonder what we’re going to end up doing – I picked up on him saying they would be here tonight as well.”


“Who knows,” Imogen said as Eve left the room, and Adam said “please – eat.  Once we’re done, you will be taken upstairs to shower and put on the outfits we will lay out for you, before the morning’s activities begin.”


“And what will they be?”


“Oh, I think you’ll enjoy the film…”


The two women looked at each other, and started to eat…


10.30 am


Imogen went into her room, and towelled off her hair, as she looked at the outfit that was laid out on the bed.


“You have got to be kidding me,” she said quietly.


“Nope,” Eve said with a smile, “Please dress.”


Imogen nodded as she pulled on the underwear, and then the sheer black patterned tights, before she lifted the green dress over her head and pulled it down.  It hugged her body, her curves somehow more prominent as she pulled it down.  She then sat on the bed, and pulled the long black leather boots over her feet and up to her knees.


“Excellent,” Eve said as Imogen stood up, “shall we go down now?”  The two women walked down the stairs and into the front room, Emma looking up as she said “welcome to the film show.”  Imogen nodded as she sat on the dining table chair next to her, Adam taking her arms round the chair back and then starting to bind her wrists together.


Emma was wearing a green cardigan with leather striped sleeves, over a black t-shirt, black leggings and over the knee light brown leather boots – but her wrists were secured together and to the chair back, while a band of rope was wrapped around her upper body to further secure her to the chair.  As Adam tied the ropes off around Imogen’s wrists, he started to lash her to the chair back in the same way, while Eve knelt in front of Emma and started to bind her ankles to the front legs of the chair.


“Well, we’re certainly staying at home this morning,” Imogen said as Adam pulled the rope tight, secured it, and started to bind her legs as well.


“Looks that way – so what are we going to watch?”


“You’ll see – but it is time for you to be quiet.  Open wide please.”


“I guess we’ll talk later,” Imogen said as a folded cloth was pushed into Emma’s mouth, and then her lips and jaw were covered with several strips of silver duct tape.  She watched as her mother was silenced in the same way, and then the television was turned on.


“Hmmggdd – yngfrnsteen?”


“I am given to understand it is a favourite of both of you,” Adam said with a smile, “so enjoy.  Eve will be running a few errands, but I will keep you company.”




“Which is why I will be watching you,” he said as he sat in an armchair, and the film started…




1 pm


Emma was laughing into her gag, the sweat stains at her chest becoming more prominent, as Imogen was unable to stop herself from twisting round as the film came to an end.


“Ah – a true genius of work,” Adam said as he stood up, and turned the television to a news channel, “if you ladies will remain here, I will start to prepare lunch.”


As he left the room, Imogen looked at her daughter, and said “hwdducpp?”


“Whhsddecppdd,” Emma said as she wriggled round.  The ropes holding her back to the chair held firm, but the way they were rubbing on her in certain places…  she looked at her mother, and saw the understanding in her eyes as she struggled as well.




“Fnnddee – btmmgddiuknnhweflt…”


Emma nodded to indicate she did know, as the door opened and Eve came in.


“I see you have enjoyed the morning,” she said with a smile.  “Adam will bring some drinks and sandwiches in in a few minutes, and then I think you would appreciate the chance to change and refresh yourself before this afternoon’s activities.  I’ll make sure you are both prepared for that.”




“Get some fresh air,” Eve said with a smile as Adam carried a tray of sandwiches in, and Eve untied their arms and wrists, then removed the gags.


“Fresh air?  We’re going outside?  As your hostages?  Won’t people notice the fact we’re bound and gagged?”


“Wait and see…”





2.30 pm


“Okay,” Emma said as she stood in her underwear, “why do I have to wait a few minutes before I put on the outfit on the bed?”


“Something I need to do first,” Eve said with a smile as she selected a length of rope from the ones laid out on the bed, and doubled it over.  “Your mother will be getting the same thing once she is out of the bathroom.  Now, please put your hands on your head, and don’t move.”


Emma did as she was asked, wondering what was going to happen as Eve passed the rope round her waist, and knotted it under her belly button before she walked behind the young woman.


“Oh no – you cannot be OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH,” she said out loud as Eve reached between her legs and pulled the rope through and up, the rope rubbing on her panties as Eve tied it off.


“there – now you can dress,” she said as she left the room, Adam standing outside as Emma walked slowly over to the bed, and pulled on the grey slip dress.  Each movement made her gasp more, as she fastened the tan belt round her waist, and then wrapped the pink scarf round her neck, followed by the denim jacket.  She looked down, the skirt of her dress covering her rope, as she heard her mother say “Oh my…”


“If you are ready,” Adam said as he came in, holding a compressed sponge ball in his hand.  Emma nodded as she opened her mouth, allowing Adam to push the sponge in, the material expanding and pressing her tongue down before he tore a strip from a wide roll of clear tape.  He pressed it carefully over her lips, making sure there were no creases or air bubbles, so that when Emma looked in her long mirror she wasn’t sure if she was gagged or not.


Eve appeared in the doorway with Imogen, the older woman wearing a black jacket over a V-necked purple dress, and long black boots – but looking more closely, she saw the tape over her mother’s lips, and the look in her eyes told her of the additional rope as well.


“So – a trip to the Metro Centre is in order I think,” Adam said, the two women looking at each other as they were escorted to Imogen’s car.  “Remember – no raising the alarm, act naturally, and you will be surprised at the lack of reaction…”



5 pm

Imogen nodded as she paid for her purchases, Eve saying “forgive my aunt – she has a sore throat” as she picked up the bags and joined Emma and Adam outside the store.  They had spent two hours in the large shopping centre, walking round, actually doing some shopping – and nobody, NOBODY had noticed the fact they were gagged.


As they had walked round, however, both Emma and Imogen had felt that rope rubbing between their legs – and the heat, the sensations running through her had almost made her call out, and spoil the illusion.  Somehow, both of them had held it together, as they walked to the car, Imogen unlocking it and the bags going into the boot before they got in and drove off.


“Hmmmswtlrrdd,” Emma groaned as they left the car park, “hffugtnnedeee…”


“Oh yes,” Eve said quietly, “and tonight, when we make you both ready for bed, we have an offer for you – if you are both interested.”




“To have the rope on you overnight.”


Imogen looked at her daughter in the rear view mirror – they needed to have a conversation…




“Oh we have some ready meals to cook,” Eve said with a smile, “and you will have some time to relax with us – before we prepare you for the evening…”



9 pm


“Oh my god,” Imogen whispered as she and Emma were in the bathroom, “this afternoon…”


Emma nodded as she towelled herself off.  “That rope – and the fact we could not speak, and nobody could tell…  Mum, what on earth are we doing?  They’re holding us hostage, and yet…”


“And yet,” Imogen said quietly as she slipped on her dark blue pyjama bottoms, “I’m starting to enjoy what’s happening, and I get the feeling you are as well.”


Emma blushed as she nodded, “So – tonight?”


“If we are going to be tied up and gagged,” Imogen said, “then I might as well get some enjoyment from it – I’m game if you are?”


Emma looked at her mother, then pulled on her blue nightdress, with the light floral print, as Imogen put on her pyjama top.  “Okay then – let’s see what they ae going to do next.”


As they walked out, Adam and Eve were waiting, Adam smiling as he said “so – your decision?”


“Do your worst,” Emma said as she held her mother’s hand.

“Oh, I think you meant do your best,” Eve said with a smile, “shall we use your room Imogen?”


“Yes – I’ve got the larger bed,” Imogen said as they walked in, Adam and Eve picking up a length of rope each before they walked behind their captives, and began to secure their wrists together.


“Now then,” Adam said as he picked up a longer length of rope, and passed it around Emma’s body, pulling her arms into her sides under her chest, “we’re going to make sure you two stay on the bed, quiet, but given your choice, we will ensure you have the opportunity to amuse yourself.”


“How,” Imogen asked as the rope was wrapped around her by Eve, her top stretching over her chest as Eve took the rope above and below her breasts.


“Mum, use your imagination,” Emma said with a sigh as she felt the bands tightening on her body, before Adam took the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band between her breasts, and then back up, while Imogen had the rope taken under one arm, around the back of her neck, and under her other arm to tighten the chest ropes.


“Are you all right Mum,” Emma said as she saw a strange look in Imogen’s eyes.


“I think so – it just feels so different to be tied like this…  the way the ropes feel…”


Emma nodded to show she understood as Eve said “all right – it’s time to make sure you both stay nice and quiet.  Open your mouths.”


“What is it this time – a sponge or a cloth,” Emma asked as she looked at their captors.


“Nope – sports sock,” Adam said, the two women looking at each other before the balled up socks were pushed into their mouths.  They then watched as Adam picked up a wide roll of white tape, tore a long strip off, and pressed it firmly over Imogen’s mouth.  Emma could see the shape of her lips as the tape formed to the contours of her mother’s jaw and chin, before she felt the slight tug on her skin as the tape was smoothed over her own mouth.  They then felt the rope as it was tied round their waists and pulled between their legs, Emma’s nightdress lifted up as she felt it rubbing between her legs.


She walked over to the far side of the bed, sitting down and watching as Adam knelt down and crossed her ankles, then secured them together with rope, the band going around and between her legs.  He then secured her legs together below her knees, making sure the rope went between her limbs, and then helped her to lie on her side facing her mother.


She could feel Adam pulling her ankles back, and then gasped into the tape as she felt him securing them to the rope between her legs.  She could see her mother’s eyes opening wide as the same thing was done to her, before their captors left the room, turning the light off.


“Hmswttlrd,” Imogen moaned as Emma tried to move her legs – which only made the rope rub on her, and those wonderful strange feelings from that afternoon start again, the fire growing as she moved some more – and Imogen did the same…




Sunday, 7 am


As Imogen slowly opened her eyes, she smiled under the tape as she remembered the events after they had been left in the bed, both her and Emma seeking a form of release despite their restricted position.


She could feel the dampness in her bottoms, the rope still rubbing on her as she wriggled round, the memories of when she had screamed out and shook with desire still uppermost in her mind…


She watched as Emma slowly opened her eyes, and said “Gddmrrrnnn.”


“Hmmmm -hmgd,” Emma said as she tried to move, and then started shaking again as the ropes rubbed on her bare, damp crotch.


“Ststllll – nlssss?”


Emma nodded as she kept twisting round, Imogen rolling onto her other side to grant her a little privacy.  She heard the muffled scream and sigh, as the door opened and Eve came in.


“We’re warming up some croissants and coffee,” she said with a smile, “but I suspect you both will wish to shower and put on some different clothing.  True?”


Imogen and Emma nodded as Eve started to untie them.  “Very well – we have outfits selected for later, but for now, dress as you will, once you have cleaned yourselves up.”


8.30 am

As they walked into the front room, Adam looked at Imogen and Emma and said “I trust you both had a pleasant evening?”


“A surprisingly relaxing one,” Emma said as she sat on the couch.  She was wearing a light pink polo shirt, jeans and sandals, while Imogen had put on a white blouse and pants with her own sandals.


“Well, sit, and have some breakfast,” Adam said as he indicated the mugs of coffee and croissants.


“So – are we still going to be your captives tonight as well,” Emma said after she had taken a sip.


“Oh you’ll find out everything soon enough,” Eve said, “but this is a time to relax.  After all, we have not really hurt you, merely – opened your eyes to a few truths, no?”


The two women looked at each other, and nodded as Adam said “anyway – it’s Sunday, a time for togetherness, and I promise you, you will be together for today…”


“In what way?”


“Oh, in a mother and daughter way,” Eve said with a smile, “once you have had your breakfast…”


The two women looked at each other, before they started to have their breakfast.



Eventually, Adam said “all right then ladies – lean forward, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Here we go again,” Emma said, Imogen nodding as they complied, then heard the ripping sound as Eve folded their arms behind their backs, and taped their wrists to their elbows.


“Okay – a different way again,” Emma said, Imogen nodding as Eve then wrapped the tape around their upper arms and bodies.  As Eve did this, Adam cleared away the plates and mugs, and then moved the low table so that there was room on the floor for the two women to sit back to back.


Eve then taped them together around their waist and stomachs, before she secured their ankles, calves and thighs with silver bands of tape.  She then tape gagged both of them, before she said “so, a little music, and you can enjoy this bonding time together.”


“Vreeefnfeee,” Imogen said as she watched them leave the room, the sounds of Gypsy! Playing from the CD player.


“Wlllmhtswwllenjths,” Emma said, her mother nodding as Adam and Eve talked in the kitchen…



3 pm


“The last thing I expected,” Emma said as she put her knife and fork down, “was a roast Sunday dinner from my kidnappers.”


“Our way of saying thank you for hosting us,” Adam said with a smile.  Both Imogen and Emma still had their legs taped, but their arms had been released to allow them to eat.


“So how much longer,” Imogen said quietly.


“Well, our time is nearly up.”


“But you still haven’t told us why you did this to us all weekend,2 Emma said as she wiped her chin.


“And I promise, all will be explained in due course,” Adam said, “but we have one last thing that we require both of you to do first.  Imogen, we will release you first, and allow you to change, and then Emma.”


“Come with me,” Eve said as she cut the tape from the older woman’s legs, and walked her up the staircase as she heard Adam say “we will follow in a few minutes…”


“so what am I to wear now,” Imogen said as she walked into the master bedroom, and then saw the outfit Eve took from the wardrobe.


“I think you should dress to impress – if you are ready?”


Imogen nodded as she stripped off, and then put on the long sleeved black lace dress.  As it fell down her body, she picked up the wide black leather belt and then fastened it round her waist, before she sat on the bed and pulled on the long over the knee leather boots.


“Unleashing your inner Stevie Nicks?”


“Well, this weekend does seem to have helped me find my inner wild child,” Imogen laughed.  “But I presume I am going to be secured and silenced again?”


“You are – please, put your hands together behind your back.”


Imogen nodded as she clasped her hands together, then let out a gasp as, instead of securing her wrists, Eve used a length of rope to secure her arms together at her elbows, almost making them touch as she wound the rope around and between them.  Tying the rope off, she then secured the older woman’s wrists, as Imogen looked at the way her chest was forced out.


“Oh my god Mum – do you know how good you look in that?”


“I do – even if I am a little forced out,” Imogen said with a smile as Emma was walked in by Adam, wearing a grey sweater and jeans, with black knee length suede boots.  She also had her arms behind her back, and from the way she was standing Imogen knew her arms were tied in the same way.


“So, shall we go downstairs,” Adam said, the two women nodding as they were walked down and into the front room.  They then stood facing each other as their upper bodies were bound with bands of rope above, below and at either side of their chests.


“If you would kindly lie on the couch,” Adam said to Imogen, her daughter nodding as she watched the male captor securing her mother’s legs together at her ankles and below her knees, making sure her skirt covered her as much as possible.  She was then helped to sit on the floor by Eve, watching as her legs were secured in the same way.


“Now to keep you both quiet – and this time we mean it,” Adam said with a smile, as each of them had a scarf, which had been rolled into a band and a knot tied in the middle, used as a cleave gag, the silk knot keeping their tongues pressed to the floor of their mouth.  A band of the white tape was then wrapped tightly round their heads, before both of them were made to lie on their stomachs, and their ankles secured to their elbows.


“Well, it has been a pleasure to spend the weekend with you ladies,” Adam said as he and Eve looked at them, “but it is time for us to go now.”  He placed a sharp knife from the kitchen near Emma, before he said “when you do get free, all will be revealed.  Please, enjoy the rest of your weekend.”


The two women watched as Eve turned the radio up, and then they left, the front door closing as Imogen rolled onto her side and looked at Emma.  Neither of them moved for a while, wondering just how long they should wait, before Emma said “wllltsbtmmm.”


Imogen nodded as she slowly started to shift herself towards where the blade lay, trying to ignore the way the ropes were making her feel as she focused on the means of escape…




7 pm


“Well, nothing’s been taken,” Imogen said as she came to the dining table, a towel round her head and a dressing gown on, “apart from our liberty for the weekend…  What are you looking at?”


“When you went to shower,” Emma said, “I came in here to find this note and this memory stick.”  She handed her mother the note, and as Imogen read it she stared at the message.


“They… They were hired to hold us hostage for the weekend?   To show us what they could do?  By Who?”


“Read on – this stick gives access to their website, and I’m looking at some of the other people they have ‘visited’,” Emma said as her mother looked down the rest of the note.


“Donny?  I am going to kill him!”


“I’ve got a better idea,” Emma said, “I just returned the favour.  Let’s see how he, Joan and Cassie like spending the weekend with them…”


“Well, I have to admit, I enjoyed some parts of it.”


Emma looked at her mother and smiled.  “Yeah – so did I.  Want to go shopping later?  There’s a couple of shops that might interest you…”







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