The Games Players – Weekend Away







I want to tell you a very special story, about what happened when Janna and I decided to combine a long weekend away with a visit – a working holiday, if you want, but it turned into something very different…


The person I wanted to suggest to Janna was an authoress called Delia Davies.  She was a serious writer – historical romances, that sort of thing – and lived in the Yorkshire Dales on the outskirts of Catterick.  Those who have read these stories know that both Janna and I love the Dales, and we had talked for a while of just driving up for the weekend, stopping wherever we wanted.  The more we talked about it, however, the more we realised that we could start the weekend in an – interesting way.


So for the week before we drove north, we studied what we knew.  Delia was in her early forties, a widower, and lived with her two daughters – twelve year old Bobbi and eleven year old Becca.  They kept themselves very much to themselves, only really seen in the town for the Saturday morning shop, and otherwise not at all.  So we already knew, if we were going to visit them, we’d have to let the police know.  It wasn’t the first time I had done that, which was fair enough…


So we packed our bags, loaded up the car on the Friday morning, made sure we also had our rucksacks fully stocked, and then drove off, heading north on the A1 – and into that very different weekend…



It would have been about five o’clock when we drove through Catterick, and then to the house where Delia and her family lived.  I was wearing my brown jumper, leggings and knee length leather boots, with a brown leather bomber jacket, while Steve was in a black jumper and jeans, trainers and a black leather biker jacket.


It was a mile or two outside the town, set back from the main road with a driveway that went up a small hill, and a stone wall around the outside.  There was a garage, but their car was parked outside, so Steve parked just outside the main gate and looked at me, while I looked at him. It was starting to get dark, as we pulled the stockings down over our heads, and then put on the leather gloves.




“Ready,” I said as we got out of the car, and made our way quickly up the driveway and to the front door of the house.  From my jacket pocket, I drew out the starting pistol we used to – persuade the elders to play the game, and nodded as Steve knocked on the front door.


We waited, breathing deeply as we heard footsteps on the other side, and then the door opened, Delia Davies looking at us and saying “yes, how can I…”


“Good evening,” Steve said as he made her walk back in, my following and closing the door.  “Please, stay calm and quiet.   We have no desire to hurt you or your daughters, but we do need your complete cooperation.”


“I would do as he says,” I continued, “in fact, we want you to help us in keeping your daughters calm.”


Delia looked at both of us, and for a moment I thought she was going to smile.  The older woman was wearing a white blouse, the sleeves rolled up, black culottes and taupe coloured leather boots with a three inch square heel.  She took a moment to calm herself, and then said “how?”


“We need you to tell your daughters this is a game you organized,” Steve said, “and that you’re all going to play along.  The game is robbers, and my friend and I are going to make sure none of you can stop us.  Will you do that?”


“I think I can manage that,” Delia said, “so what do you want me to do?”


“First, turn round and face the wall, and put your hands behind your back,” I said quietly, and as she turned round I took from my pocket a length of white cord.  She put her hands together, and a few minutes later I had her wrists tied tightly together, the rope going around and between her arms.


“Now then,” Steve said quietly, “where are the girls?”


“Bobbi and Becca?  In the front room,” Delia said, “I’ll show you.”


We looked at each other – she was been very cooperative.  Too cooperative, so I watched carefully as we walked to the door, Steve opened it, we walked in – and the first thing I heard was “hhrrtheeemmm?”


It took me a moment to take in what was going on as well…  Bobbi and Becca were lying on the floor – Bobbi was wearing a long sleeved black top with a pattern on the front, blue jeans, and knee length wide black boots.  Becca was next to her, in her case wearing a white jumper, grey leggings and black knee length leather boots.  She had dark hair like Delia, while Bobbi had long blonde hair, but it was the fact they were both trussed like members of the TTTT club that caught our attention.


Their arms were folded behind their backs, their wrists secured to their elbows, and rope around their forearms which was also holding their bound ankles in place.  Their upper arms were held tightly to their sides with two bands of rope, and their legs secured below their knees.  Large silk squares had been rolled into bands, knotted and used as combination stuff and cleave gags.


“Bobbi, Becca,” Delia said quietly, “these fine people are here to play a game of Robbers with us – and yes, they are the real Games Players.”


The two girls looked at us, and said “hmmgddsrelllyu?”


“Perhaps you can explain,” I said as Janna looked at the girls.


“Well, they read about you,” Delia said as she sat down, “and they asked me if I would tie them up for an hour or two.  I guess it’s just grown from there…  So now, every weekend one of us holds the other two hostage.”


“I see,” I said as I knelt down, and secured her ankles together, before tying her legs together below her knees, “for how long?”




“All weekend?”  Janna looked at Bobbi, who nodded as she and Becca wriggled round.  I took a longer length of rope, and secured Delia’s arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest and pulling tighter with each pass, as Janna knelt down and eased the gag out of Bobbi’s mouth.


“So your mother did this to you,” she said.


“Yeah – but if you’re the real Games Players, we’re going to be robbed, aren’t we?”


“Well, I’m afraid so.”




“Becca, please,” Delia said as I tied the chest ropes off.


“No, she doesn’t mean it’s not fair you’re going to rob us,” Bobbi said, “she means it’s not fair that we won’t be able to play the game all weekend, because the police will come and free us.”


“Well, I’m afraid that would be the case,” Delia said, “so we need to make the best of it, girls.”




Bobbi looked at both of us, and said “if you really want to play the game with us, then keep us hostage all weekend.  Nobody’s coming to visit, apart from our grocery delivery tomorrow – and we have nothing to do apart from our homework.”


I looked at Steve, and then at Delia and the girls.  “Are you seriously saying you want us to hold you hostage all weekend?”


“Yeah,” Bobbi said, “keep all three of us tightly tied up and gagged, except for toilet breaks and food – until Monday morning.  What do you say Mum?”


We both looked at Delia, who smiled and said “I’m up for it if you girls are – and I know you’re going to rob us, so make sure we really can’t stop you.”


Steve said nothing, except to go into the hallway, and return with a large cream coloured headscarf.  “You three need to stay here while we have a look round,” he said as he rolled it into a band and tied a knot in the middle, “so remember – no screaming for help, all right?”


“Open your mouth,” I said as I re-gagged Bobbi, and Steve made sure Delia was kept reasonably quiet, the three of them nodding as I turned the television on, and went out with Steve.


“Are they serious,” I said quietly.


“I think they are – and we have no other plans.  What do you say – want to have a weekend with a difference?”


“We can’t eat at the same time as them, you know.”


“I know – but if we keep them trussed and gagged in different ways, we have time to eat, and other things.  What do you say – want to do a Jay Edwards and Mrs McPhee, without the accents and the forced bank robbery?”


I smiled, and said “I must be out of my head – do we have spare stockings?”


“I’ll do a supply run later – in the meantime, let’s look round the house and lay some plans.”


An hour later, we came back into the room, as Steve said “Well, we have a slight problem, ladies – it appears we are snowed in, and cannot leave for a few days.”


“So,” I said as I looked at them, “we’re going to have to stay until we can get out – and make sure you three stay where we can keep an eye on all of you.  Sorry – but we’ll make it as fun as possible.  Are you expecting visitors?”


“Grssrtmrrr,” Delia mumbled over the darkening cream silk knot.


“Grocer?  Well, we’ll make sure the girls are kept quiet, and you will do whatever we say, or else…”


All three of them nodded as I said “good – now, we’re going to untie your mother, and she can prepare some supper for all of us.  I’ll go with her while my friend stays here, all right?”


The two girls nodded as Steve released Delia’s legs, and then I escorted her to the kitchen.  Once there, I untied and removed the scarf, before untying her arms.


“Thanks – you guys know what you are doing,” she said as she rubbed her wrists.


“Okay – the deal is we will, as suggested, keep all three of you bound and gagged as much as possible this weekend.  Obviously, you will have to cook – but you will be gagged and your legs hobbled for that.  We’ll tie you to the chairs before we ungag you and you can eat, and you get toilet breaks – but otherwise, you are our captives.  In return, we will make sure you are secured on Monday as if we had called before the girls went to school.  Acceptable?”


“Will you start now?”


I nodded as I re-gagged her, and then tied her legs together and her ankles with a short length of rope between them, so that she could walk/shuffle around the room.  I then helped her to prepare some snacks in the oven, and some glasses of milk, before helping her to carry them to the front room.


As she sat down, Steve and I released the girls from their hogties and sat them on the couch, before untying their arms and then removing the gags of all three of them.


“Wow,” Becca said as she took a drink, “the real Game Players!  This is going to be so exciting!”


“I know,” Bobbi said as she took a piece of Garlic bread, “what are you going to do to us?”


“All in good time – when are you expecting the grocery delivery tomorrow Delia?”


“At ten,” their mother said as she sipped some milk. 


“Right – well, when you have finished, you two girls and your mother will come upstairs with us.  We’ll let you go to the toilet and change, and then we’re going to tie you to the beds and tape gag you for the night.”


The cheer from the three girls was – well, muted, but they and Delia all seemed pleased at the idea.  Steve nodded as I took my rucksack, and went up the stairs to make the preparations…


As I came out of what I figured was Becca’s bedroom, I watched as the three of them were walked up the stairs, their hands on their heads as Steve said “All right – you two can go to the bathroom and do what you need to do.  Delia, you go with my friend here, and bring back what all three of you will wear tonight?”


She nodded as we went into the first bedroom, with pictures of pop stars on the wall, and I said “Bobbi’s room?”


“Yes – we’re all going to wear the same sort of thing to bed,” she said as she opened a drawer, and took out a pair of light pink pyjamas with a pattern of an old air balloon on them.  As we went to Becca’s room, with the cuddly toys and books, she took a matching pair out, and then went to her own bedroom to get a third pair.


“You will want to sleep – there’s a guest bedroom in there,” she said as she nodded to a fourth door, and then we walked back to the bathroom.  Steve took the two pairs of pyjamas for the girls, and passed them in, the three of us waiting until they came out.


“Your turn,” he said to Delia as I looked at the girls, and said “can you cross your wrists in front of your tummies?”


“We’re going to be tied to the bed?”


“That’s right,” I said as I took a length of cord, and secured Bobbi’s wrists together in front of her, leaving the two ends as they fell to the floor after I had cinched the binding.  I then did the same to Becca, as Delia came out.  The only difference was while the pyjama tops of the two girls had a round neck, and darker pink elasticated cuffs, hers had a button or two at the neck and no cuffs.


“Oh no – they’ve started to tie you up again,” she said in mock terror, as Steve tied her wrists together in the same way as the girls.  “What are you going to do to us?”


“In here first,” Steve said as we went into Bobbi’s bedroom, and she lay down on the bed, her head on the pillows as I took her wrists up and tied them to the headboard.  Steve then tied her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees, while I picked up a roll of white microrpore tape and tore a length off.


“Sleep well,” Delia said as I pressed the tape over her mouth, and then she leaned over to kiss her daughter’s forehead before we went out of the room – once Steve had secured her ankles to the foot of the bed.  We did the same to Becca, leaving her humming to herself as we went to their mother’s bedroom, and tied her to the bed as well.


“You’ll make sure they are safe,” she said as Steve tore the tape from the roll.


“They’ll be fine,” he said before he pressed the tape firmly over her lips, and then we left the room, turning the lights off.


“We’ll check them later,” I said as Janna looked at me.  “Do they have something we can eat?”


As she nodded, I said “right – you go and start cooking, I’ll see if we can get the car into the garage.”  We walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, and as Janna went to the stove I went into the garage, and saw there was enough room next to their car for ours.


Ten minutes later, I got out of our car, and closed the garage door, before I came back in ad took the stocking mask off.  Janna had already done so, and was putting some pizzas into the oven.


“Steve – are we going to be able to do this?”


“I think so – she said they had a guest bedroom?”  As Janna nodded, I said “I’ll take our bags up after we eat and check them – and then we can work out the timetable for everything…”



“Hey – good morning sleepyhead.”


I smiled as I opened my eyes to see Steve looking at me on the very comfortable bed.  “What time is it,” I whispered.


“About six – we need to get up, washed and dressed before we start the activities of the day.  Do you want to go first, then once we’re ready we can set things up for breakfast, and bring our hostages down?”


I nodded as I got up, and picked up a towel before I headed to the bathroom.  When I returned, I dried myself off and put on underwear and tights, I selected a black roll neck sweater, a pair of black jeans and some knee length suede boots.  As I finished dressing, Steve came back in, and put on a grey sweatshirt and jeans, with black sneakers.


“We need to keep the gloves and masks on whenever they are with us,” he said, “so we’d better go and have some breakfast before getting them ready.”


“Agreed – this is going to be very different,” I said as I put my leather gloves on, Steve selected two fresh stockings, and we made our way quietly down the stairs.  Going into the kitchen, I put the kettle on while Steve cut some wholemeal bread, and spread both butter and marmalade on the slices, and we stood talking.


“Those times you’ve worked with – him,” I said quietly, “is this what happened at meal times?”


“Yeah – get them all secured, then let them eat, go to the toilet, change and secure them again.  Given we know they have a visitor this morning, I think we do it that we’re holding the girls captive to make sure their mum doesn’t raise the alarm, and then we tie her up with them while we sort out the delivery.”


“Sounds like a plan – then we get them some lunch, and for the afternoon…”


“I want to have a proper look round the house this morning once they are all secured – see what we can work out,” Steve said before he took a drink of his coffee.  “So, what do you think they will want to eat?”


“Cereal, fruit juice, toast, coffee for their mother – if we’re doing this right, nothing involving them having a knife we can’t see.”


Steve nodded as he said “sounds like a plan…”


Once we had finished, I and Steve set out bowls, cups, and everything they might need for breakfast, before I made my way up to the room Becca was sleeping in.  She was wriggling on the bed, and as she looked at me she said “Hnnurstllhr.”


“Oh yes were still here,” I said with a smile as I untied her wrists and ankles from the bed.  “Do you need the toilet?”  As she nodded, I lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom, standing her up and saying “do you need help?”


She shook her head, so I stood outside with the door closed to until I heard the toilet flush.  When I looked in, she nodded as I picked her up again, and carried her to the dining room.  Like me, Steve had pulled the stocking down over his head, as he said “good morning – we’ll tie you to the chair, and then you have to wait until your mother and sister come down.”


“Hlllrrt,” she mumbled, her lips moving under the tape as I sat her down, and he tied a length of rope round her waist while I went back up the stairs.  A few minutes later, I returned with Bobbi, sitting her in the chair as Steve went up the stairs, and /I tied her to the chair, before pushing them both into the table.


“Gddmmnnngrls,” Delia said as she jumped into the room, and sat herself down, Steve again securing her waist to the chair back before we untied the wrists of all three captives, and peeled the tape away from their mouths.


“Can I have some apple juice please,” Bobbi said, Becca nodding in agreement as I passed them the carton and they poured it into glasses.


“Are you both all right,” Delia said as Steve passed her a cup of coffee.


“Slept like a log mum,” Bobbi said, “how about you?”


“Not too bad – so what is going to happen to us today,” she said as she looked at Steve.


“Well, first you have breakfast, and then you can all jump into the front room and watch some television,” Steve said.  “We’ll take you upstairs one at a time to get washed, and dressed, but we know you have a delivery coming today.  That’s fine – but we’ll be with the girls, and if you give any hint we are here…”


“I won’t,” Delia said with a grin, “what will you do to them?”


“Make sure they enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons,” I said.  “Have some cereal…”


“All right,” I said as the breakfast plates were cleared away by Janna, “I want you to put your lips together – you need to be gagged while the others get ready.” 


“Do as he says girls,” Delia said with a smile as I tore a length of the white tape from the roll, and then pressed it firmly over her lips, the girls nodding as I did the same to them.  I then told them to lean forward, as Janna went round and tied their wrists together behind their backs, before I released them from the chairs and they jumped into the main room.  As they sat side by side on the long couch, Janna went and closed the curtains, while I turned the television on and found Boomerang.


“So which of you is going to go first,” I said, and smiled under the stocking as the two girls looked at their mother.  “Gssttssmm,” she said with a shrug as I knelt down and untied her legs, before she stood up and winked at Bobbi and Becca.


“Let’s go,” I said as I led their mother by the arm, and up the stairs to the bathroom.  Releasing her hands, I watched as she removed the tape, and said “so what are you going to do to the girls?”


“Make them both comfortable and immobile for the morning,” I said quietly.  “Now, go and clean up, then you can change into some clothes.  I recommend for this morning, you have your body covered.”  Delia nodded and went into the bathroom, while I waited outside.


A few minutes later, she came out wearing a bathrobe, and I escorted her to her bedroom – but no, I did not follow her in.  This was by arrangement, and besides – I had already disconnected the phone in her room the previous day…


When she came out, she was wearing a grey scoop necked sweater, light grey jeans, and a pair of knee length dark grey suede boots.  “Given I’ll be joining them once the delivery arrives, I’m getting ready now,” she said as I nodded, and then walked behind her, securing her wrists with a plastic zip tie.


“A zip tie?”


“We need to be able to free you quickly,” I said as I took her by the arm, “shall we go down?”


“No gag?”


“Not for the moment – but don’t worry, the girls will be quiet,” I said as we walked down, and into the front room.


“Ulkkgddmm,” Bobbi said as Delia sat down, watching as I secured her ankles with a zip tie as well.  “Girls, make sure you are dressed so that you can be secured properly,” she said as she looked over.




“Yes – when they dress, allow them to get some boots from my room.  I know the ones they will want,” Delia said as I untied Bobbi’s legs.


I nodded as I helped the older girl to sit up, and then took her to the bathroom, untying her wrists and watching as she went straight in.  I could hear the shower running, and then she skipped out as we went to her room, and she put on some underwear.


She then put on a pair of blue jeans, and a long sleeved white top, before she said “can we go to Mum’s room?”


“Of course,” I said as we went in, and she looked in the wardrobe, taking out a pair of long tan leather boots and putting them on.  On her, they came to her thighs, but as she zipped them up she said “that’s good – now what?”


“Now,” I said as I looked at some of the ropes I had brought up, “we start to stop you raising the alarm.  Can you put your arms behind your back, and put your elbows on your palms?”


“Sure,” she said, as I tied her wrists to her elbows, and then secured her forearms together.  I then took a longer length of rope, and tied it round her upper body, wrapping it round her chest as I held her arms in place.  I then used two smaller lengths to cinch the bands between her arms and body.


“No, we’re going to keep you quiet,” I said as I looked in the wardrobe, and picked out a black silk square, rolling it into a band and tying a knot in the middle.  She nodded as she opened her mouth and I cleave gagged her, the knot pressing her tongue down, and then tied the ends tightly at the back of her neck.


“Let’s go,” I said as we walked down the stairs, Delia nodding as I walked Bobbi to where her sister was sitting.




“Ysss,” she said as I helped her to sit down, then tied her ankles and her legs below her knees, both bands rubbing on the leather as I made sure the bands there were cinched as well.


“Your turn now,” I said as I untied Becca and took her up the stairs.  When we came back down, she was wearing a candy striped long sleeved top, covering her jeans as well as the tops of the long black leather boots she was wearing.  Her arms were secured in the same way, and a knotted black scarf was tied round her head, the knot between her lips.


She soon had her legs tied as well, as Steve said “Now, keep quiet, and we’ll all be just fine – your mum will be just like you in a little while…”


The girls nodded as they wriggled round, the ropes and their boots squeaking as they rubbed together, and I sat down to watch over all of them.


As the hands of the clock reached ten, we all heard the van draw up outside, and I stood up, walking behind the girls as Steve cut the strips from their mother’s wrists.


“Remember – not a word about the fact we’re here, or they are the ones who pay,” he said with a smile as we each put a gloved hand over the mouths of one of the girls.  Delia nodded as she stood up, rubbing her wrists as the doorbell rang.


“Are you both enjoying the morning so far,” I whispered as we heard her talking to the delivery man.


“Ysfnkksss,” Bobbi whispered as we listened to the footsteps walking to and fro, and then Delia as she talked to the delivery man before the front door closed.  Steve walked over to the curtains and glanced out as she came back in, and said “that’s it – nobody else is going to call before you leave.”


“Good,” I said as I held some lengths of rope up, “now you join your girls in staying in this room.”  Delia nodded as I bound her wrists and arms in the same way as Bobbi and Becca, while Steve took a roll of black electrical tape and wound it round the head of both girls.


I then helped Delia to sit on the floor and secured her ankles and legs, while Steve picked Bobbi and laid her on the floor, then turned her over and pulled her ankles back, securing them to her chest ropes before he did the same to Becca.  They both watched as I secured their mother in the same way, before taking a third black silk square and folding it.


“This goes in her mouth and then we wrap the tape round – after lunch, all three of you are going to be gagged in a similar way, but much more quietly, so for now take this.”


Delia nodded as she let me push the cloth in, and then wrap the tape round her head, before all three started to watch the television while Steve and I left the room.  I went to the kitchen, while Steve started to explore the rest of the house…



I watched as Janna started to put away the groceries, and heard our three hosts trying to talk to each other, before I looked round.  To tell the truth, I hadn’t had a chance to look through the rest of the house yet, so I decided now would be a good time.


I had noticed on the first floor a hatch in the roof, and a pole with a hook on it against the far wall, so I started by walking back up the stairs, taking the pole, and using it to pull the hatch down.  As I did so, a metal loft ladder started to descend, and I watched as it gently slid down.


Putting the pole to one side, I climbed the ladder and pressed down on a switch I found at the top, looking round what was obviously the attic.  There was a wooden floor, and a number of lumber boxes as I went in and had a look – but what intrigued me more were the three large hooks that were screwed into the main rafter that ran the length of the ceiling.


Looking at them, I got an idea for one possible game, but I’d need to test it out.  At the very least, it provided another space where our three hostages could spend some time.


Switching the light off, I went back down and pushed the ladder up, before using the pole to lift and close the hatch.  I then walked back down the stairs, looking in and checking all three of them were still well secured, and then went back into the hallway – there was another door I wanted to look into, and as I opened it I saw another staircase going down.


Obviously, there was some sort of cellar, and as I walked down I wondered what I would find in there.  Again, there was a light switch at the bottom, but when I turned this one on I found that the cellar had been fitted out as some sort of fitness studio.


There were a number of exercise mats on the floor, a music centre, and what was obviously their boxes of supplies – so I knew I would not need to take that trip to a local B&Q.  Smiling, I knew where they were going to spend the night – and how they were going to spend it – but that was still some hours away.


Heading back up the stairs, I sat at the kitchen table and took my stocking mask off, smiling as I looked at Janna preparing some salad.


“I thought we would let them eat first,” she said as she looked at me, “then once we’ve got them re-tied, we can have our meal.  What did you find?”


“Big open space downstairs and in the attic – and their supplies.”


“So we don’t need to go out later?”


“Well, no – but I thought we might go for a drive with them anyway.  Only they won’t be able to raise the alarm…”


“And how are we going to manage that,” Janna said as she looked at me.  I smiled as we went into the garage – and next to our car was their SUV.  The one with dark tinted windows that made it impossible to see inside.  She looked at me, smiled and nodded, before she said “this is somewhat liberating, isn’t it?”


“Oh yes – and we can let them change as well.  I suspect they will be somewhat sweaty…”



“Something smells good,” Bobbi said as I untied her, having first removed her gag.


“Pizzas,” I said quietly, “so you can go to the toilet, and then come into the dining room.”


She nodded as I helped her to stand up and walk to the bathroom, while Janna came in and started to release Becca.  She went to the downstairs toilet this time, as I waited outside, and then I walked her to the dining room, letting her sit on the chair before I tied her waist to the chair back again.  As I was tying the rope off, Janna brought Becca in, so I went and released their mother.


Only when all three were secured to the chairs did Janna go back to the kitchen, bringing in two large pizzas on platters and setting them down on the table.  She then returned with three glasses of soft drink, as Delia said “I can’t speak for you two, but I have to admit, I’m both hungry and having fun!”


“So am I,” Becca said with a grin, “I’m glad you agreed to keep us hostage, Mister and Mrs Games Player!”


“Well, it was a challenge,” I said with a smile, “but don’t forget what is going to happen at the end of it.”


“We haven’t,” Bobbi said, “so what are we going to be doing this afternoon?”


“That would spoil the surprise,” Janna said with a smile, “but once you have all eaten, we want you to change – your clothes are a little…”


“Sweaty – I agree,” Delia said as she looked at the girls.  “Once we have eaten, we’ll do as you tell us.”


“Good – and then we can start the surprise,” Janna said with a smile as she looked at me.  “In the meantime, finish your meal.”




“Okay – I’m ready,” Becca said as she came out of her room.  As she had finished first, I had untied her and taken her to her room, and she came out wearing a long sleeved plaid top, blue leggings and…


“Red wellies?”


“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be tied up wearing them,” she said with a smile, “guess I get to find out today.”


“Very well then,” I said as I held up a fresh length of white rope, “for this afternoon, we are going to tie your wrists in front of you – but don’t worry, when we’re done you won’t be able to move them.”  She nodded as I crossed and lashed them together, the rope as always going round and between her arms, and then tying the ends out of reach of her fingers.  Walking behind her, I took a longer length of rope and tied her arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest, and then tying it off before I tightened it with two short lengths under her arms.


“Come and sit at the table now,” I said as we went back into the dining room, Delia looking and saying “wellies?  Okay then,” as Janna took Bobbi out.


“She’s always wondered what it would be like to wear them,” Bobbi said as we walked up the stairs, and I let her go into her room.  I watched from the doorway as she changed into a buckskin style sleeveless dress, which came down to her knees, and fastened an ethnic style belt round her waist, before she sat down and put on a pair of short leather cowboy boots in the same colour.


“I wanted to be the Native American captured by the cowboys,” she said as I tied her wrists together in front of her, and then secured her arms to her sides, the two bands of rope also going above and below her chest as I did so.  Once I had her bound, we walked back to the kitchen and Bobbi sat down as I released Delia and escorted her back upstairs.


I waited as she changed out of her clothes, putting on a cap sleeved purple top with a pattern on the front, black leggings and short grey suede boots.  “So,” she said as she came out, and I crossed her wrists in front of her before starting to bind them together, “what are we going to do this afternoon?”


“Well,” I said as I tied the rope between her arms, “you said you wanted to be our hostages all weekend, and never leave the house – but we’re going to show you that you can be our hostages, even if we take you out of the house – and nobody is going to notice your predicament.”


“Oh – and how do you plan to do that,” Delia asked as I walked behind her, and started to bind her arms to her sides.


“All will be explained once we go down and join the girls…”


When we walked into the dining room, Steve smiled as she said “sit for a moment Delia.”  He folded a clean white cloth, and said to Becca “open your mouth as wide as you can.”  As she did so, he pushed the cloth in and behind her teeth, before he picked up a wide roll of clear tape and tore a strip off.  As she closed her lips, he carefully pressed the tap over her mouth, making sure there were no folds and any air bubbles were smoothed out.


“Wow, Becca – it doesn’t look as if you are gagged at all,” Bobbi said, her sister nodding as Steve folded a second cloth, and proceeded to gag her as well.


“Can you take care of their mother,” he said as he picked up several lengths of rope, “while I make sure they are secure?”  I nodded as he helped the two girls to stand up, both of them exchanging a look as he frog marched them to the garage.


“Are you going to pretend to drive us to another hideout,” Delia said as I folded a third cloth.  I smiled and said “You’ll see – open wide now.”


A few minutes later, we walked into the garage to see Steve using the last length of rope to secure Bobbi’s wrists to the band that was tied round her legs.  Both girls had their ankles tied together, as well as their legs below their knees, and were sitting in the back seat of the family SUV, the seat belts fastened round them.


I helped Delia to step into the car, as she sat in a chair in front of the two girls, and Steve fastened the seat belt over her.  Taking three lengths of rope from me, he started to bind her legs as I looked at Becca.


“So – tied up in wellies?  How does it feel?”


“Flllsnnss,” she mumbled as she tied to move her legs, the rubber boots squeaking as she did so.  I smiled and nodded, then went back into the kitchen, returning with the house keys and locking the door back in.


The family looked at each other as Steve and I sat in the front, looking at each other as we made sure the tinted windows were raised – and then he operated the remote control to open the garage, the family saying “urnnttt” as he drove out, and then waited for the garage door to close behind us.


“Time for a drive in the country,” I said, “enjoy the view.”


And so it was that we set off, for the next three hours driving round the Yorkshire Dales, the girls and Delia looking out through the windows as we made our way across the beautiful countryside.  We even drove through a few towns, both of us still wearing our stocking masks, both wondering if we would be stopped – but none of us were.


There were even some muted squeals of excitement from the girls at one point, and as I looked through the shaded windows I saw a group of girls at the entrance to a shopping mall.  Turning round, I said “Classmates?”


“Ysss – thlllnfrblffths,” Bobbi said as Becca nodded in agreement.  I wasn’t quite believing it either – or the fact that by taking them into the dining room, Steve and I had missed dinner.


And I wasn’t sure I should be skipping meals…


Anyway – it was about five o’clock when we returned to the house, Steve opening the garage door and driving in next to our car before he turned the engine off, and let the garage door close again.  I got out and unlocked the door to the kitchen, then unbuckled Delia before I lifted her legs, and Steve her shoulders.  We carried her through the kitchen and into the front room, sitting her on the couch before we left, and then returned carrying one of the girls each.  Sitting them either side of Delia, we turned the television on and let them watch as Steve and I retreated to the kitchen.


“Okay,” I said as I removed my stocking mask, and shook my hair out, “that was fun – scary, but fun.”


“Yeah,” Steve said as she looked at me, “never again though, agreed?”


“Agreed,” I said with a smile as I went to the fridge.  “So, we feed them – what are we going to do with them tonight?”


“They’re going to spend the night in the cellar,” Steve said with a smile, “while you and I have a relaxing meal and a quiet evening together.”


“That sounds like fun – how comfy will they be down there?”


“Oh very comfortable – I thought we would give them the full Jay Edwards experience for the night…”


“There we go,” I said as I secured the rope round Delia’s waist, and then untied her bound wrists from her legs.  Becca and Bobbi were watching, like their mother tied to the chair again, and the rope removed from their upper bodies, but their wrists and legs still bound.  Set out on the table were a selection of Chinese and other snacks on plates, as well as bottles of soft drink.


Janna went round the table, carefully peeling away the clear tape from their mouths and easing out the cloths, Delia working her jaw as she was able to and saying “That – was intense.  I kept thinking we would be stopped…”


“But we weren’t Mum,” Bobbi said, “and can you imagine what the girls are going to say when we tell them?”


“But we’re not,” Becca said, “that’s going to be our secret, right Mr Player?”


“That’s right – you tell the police what we did when we interrupted your breakfast on Monday,” I said, “the rest is between the three of you.”


They all nodded as Janna and I took the plates round the tables, each of them taking some of the snacks on their plates before we poured drinks into the glasses and put straws into each of them.  Janna made an excuse and went upstairs, to make preparations, as they sat, ate and talked.


“So what are we going to do tonight,” Becca said as she looked at me.


“I have seen your cellar,” I said with a smile, “so you three will be spending the night there, together, but unable to help each other, move and speak.  After all, you are our hostages, correct?”


“Yes, yes we are,” Becca said, but I could see the smile on all three of their faces.


“and tomorrow?”


“Oh we’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow,” Janna said with a smile, “for now, enjoy your food.”


“And what will you be doing,” Delia said as she looked at us.


“Having our own meal,” I said quietly, as she nodded. 


“And you both have homework assignments to complete,” Delia said as she looked at her daughters, “so at least some time tomorrow needs to be spent doing that, to complete the illusion.”


“Aww mum!”


“No, your mother is correct,” I said, “but we can make it part of the game as well…”




“That was wonderful,” Delia said as she looked at me, “so what is going to happen now?”


“You will go first,” I said, as Janna took the white tape and covered the mouths of the two girls.  I untied Delia’s legs, and then the rope round her waist, before I asked “is everything ready upstairs?”


“It is,” Janna said, “you’ll find what you need in the bathroom and outside.”


“Okay then – let’s go,” I said as I took Delia by the arm and walked her up the stairs, stopping outside the bathroom and untying her wrists there.  She looked at the items on the low blanket box, and said “I guess we really will be secured tonight.”


“Indeed – go in and wash.  You will find your nightclothes inside,” I said as I opened the door, Delia nodding as she went in and I closed the door to.  I could hear the water running in the shower, and her singing a happy song…


When she came out, she was wearing a pink vest top and darker pink pyjama bottoms with a fern pattern in the same shade as her top.  “So we will be identical,” she said as she looked at me.


“In every way,” I said as I picked two halves of a sponge.  “So, I want you to hold these in your hands and make fists.”  Delia nodded as she did as I asked, then watched as I took the roll of silver duct tape and covered them, so that it looked as if she was wearing silver boxing gloves.


“No way I am using my hands now,” she said as I took a pair of white sports socks, and pulled them up her bare arms, before taking the roll of white medical tape and wrapping it round the tops of her socks to keep them in place.


“Nope – we will go down to the cellar now, while my friend brings your daughters up to get ready.”  We walked back down the stairs, Bobbi and Becca looking at their mother and her hands.  Looking at Janna, I said “take them up to get ready for bed, then join us in the cellar.”  She nodded as she started to untie them, before I opened the door and walked Delia down to the exercise room.


“Why do I have the feeling you found the attic as well,” she said as I reached the bottom of the stairs.


“That is for tomorrow – if your daughters finish their work,” I said as she stood in the middle of the room, and I opened one of their supply boxes.  Taking one of the lengths of pink rope, I walked back and crossed Delia’s wrists behind her back, securing them as before – but this time I also took a length of rope around her waist as well, using it to secure her wrists to her back and cinching that band between her body and arms.


I then took a longer length of rope, and used it to bind her arms to her sides, as usual taking the rope above and below her chest so that they were locked in place.  I made sure they were really locked in place after securing the bands behind her back, by taking the ends of the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


As I secured the ends, I said “so, think you will be able to move your arms now?”


“No,” Delia said as she wriggled round, “I presume my legs will be just as tightly secured?”


“Indeed,” I said with a smile as we heard footsteps, and watched Bobbi and Becca as they joined us, both wearing the same pyjamas, their arms and hands also covered with socks and the ends taped with white tape.  “Now, while my partner secures your daughters, time to show you just how quiet you will be.”


“Wow Mum – that does look inescapable,” Bobbi said as she looked at Delia.


“It feels it – and you’re going to be the same way in a few minutes,” she said as Janna started to use more of the ropes to bind their upper bodies.


“Are we going to get the same thing,” Becca said.  Janna looked over at me, as I nodded and said “yes – you will all be dressed, bound and gagged in exactly the same way.”  I then took out of one of the boxes a red sponge ball, compressed it in my hand and said to Janna “so, let us begin.  Open wide.”


“Sponge and tape?”


“In a way,” I said as I gently pushed the ball into her mouth, making sure it went behind her teeth as she closed her lips over it.  I could hear Bobbi and Becca talking quietly to each other as Janna secured them, while I moved to stage two.  There were several strips of torn up sheets in the box, so I selected one of them and tied a knot in the middle of it, then used that as a cleave gag on Delia, the knot behind her teeth as well to keep the sponge I place, the strip holding her hair down.


“Hkkeee,” Delia mumbled as she looked at me, while I picked up a roll of white micropore tape.  Smiling, I eased the end free from the roll, and then stuck it to the side of her cheek, the girls watching as I wrapped it tightly round their mother’s head, covering the cloth strip as she said “Hkkeeefreekweet.”


“I haven’t finished yet,” I said as I tore the white tape free and stuck it to the side of her head, as Janna finished securing Bobbi’s arms to her sides, and moved on to Becca.  Picking up the silver duct tape, I tore the end loose and added a silver band on top of the white one.  The micropore tape did not stick to hair, so it was protected as I reinforced the gag.


“Oh lord,” Bobbi said, “that looks amazing.”


“Hflslsdfrnt,” Delia said as I took a pink scarf, folded it into a wide band, and then tied it over everything, before I helped her to sit on the floor.  I heard Janna say “Now, open wide,” as I took more ropes, and tied their mother’s legs together at her ankles, below her knees and her thighs, taking the rope carefully between her legs at each band to make sure they were held firmly together.


“Swwwrslppnndeenhhrmm?” Bobbi said as she walked over, the pink scarf tied round her head now as she sat down, and Becca sat on the other side of her.  Delia nodded as Janna and I secured the legs of the two girls, and then helped them all to lie on their stomachs as we bent their legs back, and secured their ankles to their chest ropes.


Placing pillows under their heads, we turned on the radio so that it played music at a low volume, and said “we’ll check from time to time – enjoy your night,” turning off the lights as they rolled onto their sides, and leaving them as we walked upstairs.


“You go and sit down,” I said as I removed my stocking mask, “I’ll cook dinner tonight.  Find something they have that we can both watch.”


“One day down, one day and night to go,” I said to myself as I removed my own mask, and went back into the front room while Steve went to the kitchen.  I turned on the television, and sat back to watch some variety show on the BBC.


From time to time, when we know we may need to be a little while in a home, Steve and I have used a cheap set of baby alarms – leaving one on the room where the children are, and carrying one of the others round with us.  I’d left one in the cellar, and the receiver was on the small table next to me, so that I could hear if any of them got into any actual distress, but so far all I could hear was the music and their low mumbling.


The aroma of food came through from the kitchen as I smiled – it had been a mad idea to do this, and to agree to their request, but it all seemed to be working out for the best, and I had to admit we were enjoying ourselves as well.  Which was good, given…


“Here we go,” Steve said as he handed me a glass of wine, “I think we can indulge in one glass now.”


“Thanks – so what are we going to do with them tomorrow?”


“Did you look at what else was in the boxes down there?”


“I did – they like to go up a level from time to time?”


“Definite members of the Tied Too Tight club – well, in the attic it has plenty of room, and some very sturdy hooks in the ceiling, so I thought we’d torture them tomorrow to get them to reveal where the valuables are.  Then leave them there while we use what’s in the kitchen and cook a proper Sunday dinner for them.”


“A thank you, you mean?”


“Oh yes – although they’ll still be tied up when they eat.  Let me go and check our food now.”


He went back towards the kitchen, as I thought about his idea.  That would be fun as well…





We both woke up early on the Sunday morning, and had a quick breakfast before we got dressed.  I decided to wear a black jersey dress and knee length fabric boots, and Steve an open necked shirt and smart trousers with his shoes – but we still had on the leather gloves, and pulled fresh stockings down over our heads before we walked down to the cellar.


Our hosts/captives were still asleep, as we turned the radio off.  The sudden silence made Delia open her eyes, as I said “I’m going to untie you, but the gag remains until I take you up to the bathroom.”  She nodded to show she understood as I slowly removed the ropes, allowing her to stretch out and shake herself to get the circulation going again before we walked up the staircase, Steve remaining in the basement with the two girls.


As we got to the bathroom, I untied the scarf, then unwound the tape bands and removed the other parts of the gag, Delia gratefully taking the bottle of water from me and having a drink.  “That – was intense,” she said quietly, “but it felt so good to be able to relax in the end.  Where are we going to be today?”


“As far as this morning goes,” I said as I looked up, and Delia nodded as she said “yeah – that would do.”


“Go and shower,” I said, “and then you can go and change.  I suggest making sure your arms and legs are covered this morning.”


Nodding, she headed into the shower, as I waited outside.  When she emerged, her hair was wrapped in a towel and she had a white dressing gown on.  Escorting her to her room, I waited as she put on some underwear, and then pulled on a pair of blue jeans.  Fastening them, she then put on a black blouse and fastened it up the front, before she sat down and added a pair of black mid-calf suede boots on her feet.


As we stepped out, we saw Steve bringing the girls up, still gagged as well.  “I want you to dress in the same way as me – by their orders,” she said, the girls nodding as I escorted her downstairs.


“You can set the breakfast out,” I said as we went to the kitchen, “and then I’ll tie you to the chair before they come down.”


“Thank you,” Delia said as we carried the breakfast things in between us.  “You know, I thought I was going to be in real trouble this weekend, but you’ve both made it a real experience.”


“Thank you – we try to put those we visit at ease,” I said as I looked at her.  “But if that is everything, then I need you to sit in the chair.”


I picked up the length of rope as she sat down, and I secured her waist to the chair, then her ankles to the front chair legs as Steve brought Bobbi and Becca into the room.  The girls had showered and changed – Bobbi into a grey t-shirt over a black top, jeans and knee length black leather boots, and Becca a round necked black top, jeans and laced black boots.


They were soon secured to the chairs as well, their ankles tied together rather than to the chair legs, as they started to eat their breakfast.


“Okay,” Steve said as they ate, “this morning, you are going to tell us where all your valuables are Delia.”


“And if I refuse,” she said as she sipped some fruit juice.


“Well, then we may have to do something to your charming daughters until you do tell us?”


“If you hurt them…”


“Who said anything about hurting them?  But if you will not tell us…”


“Don’t tell them Mum,” Becca said, picking up very quickly on what was going on.  Steve looked at all three of them, smiled and said “very well then – I did warn you” before he left the room.


“What’s he going to do,” Bobbi said as she looked at me.


“I don’t know – but I hope you do tell him,” I said as I looked at Delia, “he can be very – ingenuous without harming your daughters.”


The three of them looked at each other, and then grinned as they kept eating…



Eventually, as they finished, Steve came down and said “last chance, Delia – will you tell us where the valuables are?”


“No,” she said defiantly.


“Very well – tape their mouths while we clear up here.  Use the sticking plaster.”


I went to our bags and took out the roll of brown sticking plaster, tearing a strip off and pressing it over each of their mouths, before I made them lean forward and tied their wrists together behind their backs.  They watched as we cleared the plates and glasses away, putting them in the dishwasher, and then the food, before we untied their legs and waists and helped them to stand up.


“Let’s go – upstairs,” Steve said as he led the way, me following as we walked up the staircase, and then carefully up the ladder into the attic.  I could see he had a number of things set out, as he peeled the plaster from Delia’s mouth and said “so, your valuables?”


“No – you’ll never find out,” she said defiantly.  Steve nodded as he said “Watch the girls” and took Delia to one side, making her sit down and securing her ankles together with more rope.  Bobbi and Becca looked at each other as he said to me “secure their arms, then sit them under those hooks.”


I looked up at the hooks, which had a pullet hanging from them, before I took two long lengths of rope and tied them round the girls, pinning their arms to their sides as I did so.  I then made them sit down, crossing and tying the ankles together as well as their legs below their knees.


Steve walked over and tied the ends of a long length of rope to their ankles, and then used a step to feed the through the pulley, Delia watching as he then pulled Bobbi up so that she was hanging from the rafters, her hair falling as she looked at Becca and Delia.  “htrruuddnnn,” she said, more in curiosity than fear, as he then hoisted Becca into the air in the same way.


“Don’t hurt them,” Delia said in mock fear – she could see in their eyes, as could I, they weren’t afraid, but she also wanted to play along.


“Then tell me where the valuables are,” Steve said as he squatted next to her.  Delia looked at him, and then shook his head as he said “very well then” and walked to the side of the room.  As Delia saw what he was picking up, she shivered and said 2you wouldn’t…”


“Yes I would,” he said as he started the electric toothbrushes up, and then started to use them to tickle the backs of the knees of the two girls.  Both Bobbi and Becca started to laugh under their gags as they twisted round, the ropes squeaking on their boots as they tried to get out of the way of Steve, but it was no use – and when he began to use it on their sides, Becca started to cough.


I walked over and removed the plaster from both their mouths, as they shrieked “Don’t tell him Mum!” between their laughter. 


Delia burst out laughing as well, as she said “All right, all right – I’ll tell you.”


“Much better,” Steve said as he switched the toothbrushes off, “start talking, or I start them off again.”


“In my room…  In the wardrobe…” she said, giving the locations of her jewels as I took more rope, and tied her arms tightly to her sides while Steve listened.  I also further secure her legs at her knees, before walking over and helping Steve to lower the two girls to the floor, and then placing them both in a hogtie, their ankles secured to their chest ropes.


“What are you going to do now,” Becca said, and then she saw what Steve had picked up.  It looked like a table tennis ball, but with holes in it, and a leather strap had been fed through the middle.


“Found these downstairs – have you used them before?”


“A few times,” Delia said with a blush.


“Fine – we’ll use them now,” he said as he used one to gag each of the girls, and then secured the pulley rope to their chest ropes – before lifting them off the ground.  He had previously secured the pulley ropes to a beam running along the side of the attic – and he did this again, as I helped Delia to hop over and lie under the third hook and pulley.


“Are you girls all right,” she said as she looked at Becca and Bobbi, both nodding as they swung gently to and fro – and then Steve used a third whiffle ball gag on their mother, before she too was hogtied and lifted in the air.


“Don’t go anywhere,” I said as I left the baby monitor in place, and we both left the attic…


“Well, that gives us time to prepare lunch,” I said as we walked down the stairs, and removed our masks.  “Listen – for this afternoon, why don’t we switch to the ski masks, and then we can eat with them?”


“Good idea,” Janna said with a smile, “I think it’s going to be easier to manage the rest of today if we eat at the same time as them.  So, I’ll get the oven warmed up, you prepare the joint.”


I put the oven on as he took the rolled lamb joint from the fridge, and started to prepare it on a roasting tin as I then started to peel some potatoes.  If we were going to do this, we were going to do it properly.



When we went back to the attic, Delia wrinkled her nose as she said “Smmfnmllsnss.” The girls nodded in agreement, and then Becca said “whhtthmsks.”


“Well,” I said as I smiled, the balaclava meaning they saw our eyes and mouths, but nothing more, “for the rest of today, we are going to eat with you – but this means you still don’t know who we really are.  So, we’re going to lower you down, and carry you to the foot if the attic ladder, but after that all three of you have to make your own way to the dining table, understood?”


All three nodded as we gently lowered them to the ground, and released them from their hogties, before Janna made her way down the ladder.  One by one, I then lowered them as she helped them to stand up, and they hopped over to lean against the wall, waiting until all three had come down.


As I came down, Delia started to jump to the top of the staircase, the girls following her as Janna walked forward to overtake them.  They then came down one by one – Becca first, then Bobbi, then Delia before I Walked down behind them, and they jumped into the dining room, sitting themselves down before the two of us went round, tied them to the chairs and then released their arms.


We then untied and removed the whiffle ball gags, giving them each a piece of kitchen paper to wipe their mouths with before they all had ad rink.


“Wow,” Bobbi eventually said, “that was great fun – but what are you going to do for the rest of the day?”


“Peaceful meditation later,” I said as Janna carried in the vegetables, and I left for a moment, returning with the roast lamb.  “Shall I play father and carve,” I said, the family nodding as we served a normal Sunday dinner up, with all the trimmings – and the family tied to the chairs with their legs secured…




“That was delicious,” Delia said as she pushed her pudding plate away, “you’d make someone a lovely wife one day.”


I swear, Janna blushed at that, as she cleared the plates away and went back to the kitchen.


“Well, after the exertions of this morning,” I said as I looked at them, “I think you all need a nice, quiet afternoon, so we’re going to untie you one by one, you can go to the toilet, and then we want you to change into the outfits that will be given to you before you come back down to the front room.”


“And then?”


“Peace and quiet and your own music,” I said with a smile.


“Do you girls mind if I go first,” Delia said as she squirmed a little, “I really need to…”


“that’s all right Mum – you go first,” Bobbi said, Becca nodding as Janna untied her waist and legs, and then they walked quickly up the stairs.  A few minutes later, I untied the two girls and led them out, as Janna came down with Delia.  Their mother was now wearing a purple vest top and grey leggings – but she also had a long, wide strip of white medical tape over her mouth, as Janna led her into the front room.


“What’s going to happen to us,” Bobbi said as we walked up to the bathroom.


“You’ll see soon – right now, in you go and get changed,” I said as they went into the bathroom.  I could hear them talking about all the fun they had as they took care of themselves – and then came out.  Bobbi was wearing a pink cap sleeved t-shirt and knee length leggings, while Becca had put on a white t-shirt with a small v-neck, and slightly darker pink leggings that came over her knees.


“Good,” I said with a smile, “but we need to keep all three of you quiet and relaxed this afternoon.  So, open wide.”  They looked at each other, then allowed me to push a compressed sponge ball into their mouths, and then press a long, wide strip of white medical tape over their mouths and jaws, stretching it and making sure it was stuck firmly in place.


“Let’s go back down,” I said as they walked down and into the front room.  Delia was sitting on the floor in the lotus position, her hands palm up on her knees where Janna had used the white tape to secure to her knees.  Her ankles were secured together, and her upper arms taped tightly to her sides.


“Cmmndsstdwn,” Delia said, the tape moving with her lips as Bobbi and Becca sat either side of their mother, and we secured them in the same way.  We then used the tape to cover their eyes, as Janna turned the radio on to Radio Two – Sounds of the Seventies is a great show.


Leaving them to listen, we both went back into the kitchen, removing out ski masks as we sat down to have some coffee, the dish washer humming in the background.


“We need to go round later and make sure everything is either cleared away or disposed of,” she said as we sat at the kitchen table.


“Agreed – if we do it when we get them secured in their beds tonight, then we can set off promptly tomorrow after we make sure they can’t raise the alarm,” I said before I took a drink.


Janna nodded, before she said “listen – there’s something I need to tell you.”


“Oh – what?”


“I’m going to need to scale back my appearances as the Games Player soon,” she said with a smile.”


I looked at her and said “why?  What’s happened?”


“Well…  it’s going to be difficult to get into the costume and things in a few months.”


I swear, it took me a few minutes to realise what she was saying – but when I did, I got up, walked round and kissed Janna, my hand on her belly.


“How long along…”


“About ten weeks – are you happy?”


I really could not express how happy I was…


Becca blinked as I gently removed the tape from over her eyes, and then cut the tape holding her wrists to her knees.  She nodded as I did the same to Bobbi and Delia, while Steve carried through some plates of snacks and nibbles, as well as glasses of drink.


“Thank you,” Delia said as she took the drink, “I have to admit, I feel totally relaxed today – do you girls?”


“Yeah Mum – and we can do our work after we have eaten this,” Becca said.


“Indeed – you can go and work at the kitchen table,” I said, “and I’ll keep an eye on you while your mother gets things ready for bed tonight.”


“But for now,” Steve said, “eat and have your drink.  We’ve got your books set up and ready for you to do your work.”  The two girls nodded as they sipped their drinks.


“And what about me,” Delia said.


“I suspect you have a program you like to watch,” Steve said, “so you will be able to watch it in comfort – before you have a nice long bath…”




“Are you finished?”


Bobbi nodded as she closed the text book and looked at me.  She and her sister were once again tied to the chairs, their legs taped together at the ankles and knees, and a strip of tape covering their lips.


I looked at Becca, who was still drawing, and then saw Steve through the door as he came down with Delia.  She had been up to have a bath, and was now wearing a long white nightdress with an Edwardian style square collar.  Her wrists were behind her back, and she had bands of rope around her waist and chest, indicating she was already well secured.


“Fnnsshsdd,” Becca said as she closed her book.  I smiled as I untied them from the chairs, and let them hop to the stairs, then push themselves up before I cut through the tape at the top of the stairs.


“In you go – shower, change and then come back out,” I said as I saw the neatly laid out ropes at the side.  Both girls nodded as they went into the bathroom, and I heard the water running.


A short while later, Bobbi came out, wearing a nightdress in the same style as her mother.  “So – how am I going to be tied tonight,” she said as she looked at me.  I took her arms behind her back and folded them, then tied her wrists to her elbows, as well as securing her forearms together, and then tied her upper arms to her body with bands of rope above and below her chest.


When Becca same out, I soon had her secured in the same way, and then we walked back down the stairs to the front room.


“Come and sit next to me girls,” Delia said as she wriggled on the couch.  Steve had secured her legs with one band of rope at her ankles, and another round the skirt of her nightdress above her knees.  The two girls nodded as they walked over and sat on the couch, and I secured their legs in the same way.


“So,” Steve said as he sat down, “have you enjoyed your weekend?”


“Very much so,” Bobbi said, “I wish it could go on for ever.”


“Well, I’m afraid it can’t,” I said with a smile.  “But now, we need to do what we came here for, so please – tell us where you keep your valuables.”


“Will you be robbing us as well,” Becca said as she looked at me, “we have some nice rings and earrings as well.”


“And a set of pearls each,” Bobbi said, “if you’re taking Mum’s you need to take ours as well.”


“Very well then,” I said with a smile, “where do we need to look…”


As they told us where to look, Steve nodded, and then he left the room as I rolled up three large white cloths.


“Tonight, you’ll be old school,” I said with a smile, “nice simple very big cleave gags.  Open wide now…”


Delia said “be quiet now girls” as she opened her mouth, and I pulled a rolled up pillow case between her lips, forcing back the corners of her mouth as I tied it round her head, her lips closing over the white cotton.  The girls then opened their mouths so that I could gag them as well, before they settled down, resting their heads on Delia as I put on a movie for them to watch.


I wasn’t surprised when they all fell asleep, and I watched the film for a while before Steve came down.


“I guess they’re going to be sleeping down here,” he said as he looked at me.  “One of us is going to have to keep an eye on them.”


“We’ll do it together,” I said quietly as I stood up, “I’ll go and make some coffee…”  I watched them as they breathed deeply, and smiled before I made my way back to the kitchen.





I smiled as Delia slowly opened her eyes and looked at me, working her lips as she said “ddwwellslepdwnhrrr?”


“Yes you did,” I said as I looked at her.  Janna and I had already dressed, back into our black clothes and with fresh stocking masks, and Delia turned her head at the sound of things been prepared in the kitchen.


“Time to untie you,” I said as I moved the girls so that their heads rested on the back of the couch, and she watched me untie her legs.  “We go upstairs, and you dress as you would have done for today.  The girls will do the same, but today you will not be tied to the chairs for breakfast.”




“Because the story will be we interrupted your breakfast,” I said as I helped her to stand up.  We walked once more up the stairs, and I untied her arms before she disappeared into the bathroom.  I could hear Janna talking to the two girls downstairs as the water ran, and then Delia came out, wearing a dressing gown.


I escorted her to the room and stood outside as Janna brought Bobbi up, untied her and let her go into the bathroom.  “Will you keep an eye on her,” she said, and I nodded as I heard the water running while she went downstairs.


A few minutes later, Delia came out, pulling down around her waist a light blue Fair Isle style sweater.  She was also wearing a pair of tight black leather trousers, and a pair of knee length purple leather boots.


“I have a meeting booked with my agent in town at ten thirty,” she explained, “which I guess is my way of knowing we will be freed later today.  When I don’t make it, she’ll come here.”


“Good to know,” I said as Janna walked Becca up the stairs.  “Come with me – you can make the arrangements for breakfast while I watch.”  Delia nodded as we walked back down, and she arranged glasses of fruit juice as well as the milk on the breakfast table.


A few minutes later, Janna came back with Bobbi and Becca.  The older girl was wearing a brown V-necked woollen top, faded blue jeans and brown knee-length suede boots with a leather cuff at the top.  Becca had put on a white sweatshirt with “LOVE” in multi-coloured metallic letters on the front, pink jeans and grey mid-calf felt boots. 


“Have a seat girls and eat up,” she said as the family sat and started to eat their breakfast together.  As they did so, Janna slipped out and went into the front room, as I opened the rucksack I had brought on Friday.  During the night, Janna and I had cleared everything away, and we had the detritus from the weekend in a black bin liner in our car.


Eventually, I had to say “it is time – now remember, we surprised you all, and your mother told you this was a special game she had arranged.  Do either of you need to go to the toilet?”


“I do,” Becca said, Janna taking her as I took a length of rope from my rucksack.  “I’m going to tie your mother’s wrists behind your back,” I said to Bobbi, “and my friend is going to take you and your sister into the front room to play the hostage game.”


“It’s going to be fun,” Delia said as I crossed and tied her wrists tightly together.  When Janna came back, she said “why don’t you come with me?”  Bobbi nodded and joined her and Becca, as I said “please, stand up Delia.”


“Okay girls,” I said as I walked Bobbi and Becca into the front room, “I want you both to sit on the floor, facing each other so that you can reach each other’s ankles.”


As they sat down, I took two lengths of rope, and handed one to each of them.   “Do you want us to tie our own ankles,” Becca asked as she looked at me.


“Nope – I want you to cross your ankles, and then you are going to tie each other’s legs up.”  The two girls looked at me, then grinned broadly as they got to work on each other.  I could see they knew what they were doing – doubling the rope, wrapping it round the ankles with neat loops, then passed between their legs before they tied the ends together behind the legs.


“Good,” I said as I took two more lengths of rope and handed them to the girls, “now tie your sister’s legs together below their knees.”


“this is fun,” Becca said as she pulled the rope round Bobbi’s legs, her sister agreeing as they secured and cinched the binding so that they could not move their legs apart.


“Very nicely done,” I said with a smile.  “Now, I’m going to give you each a sponge ball, and I want you to make sure it goes in your sister’s mouth to keep her nice and quiet.”


“Well, here we go,” Bobbi said, Becca grinning before she opened her mouth and allowed her sister to push the sponge in.  She then allowed Becca to push the sponge into her own mouth, both of them smiling as I tore a wide strip of white medical tape and smoothed it over their mouths.


“Now then,” I said as I pressed the tape over Becca’s mouth, “I want both of you to put your hands behind your backs…”


“Well, I should say thank you again,” Delia said as I pulled the rope tightly round her arms and upper body, making sure they were looked in place before I tied the rope behind her back, and then used the ends to tighten the rope between hr arms and her body.  I made sure she was as comfortable as possible, as she wriggled round, her wrists secured to her back as well.


“No thanks necessary- it was our pleasure,” I said as I tied the last knot, and then turned her round.  As she watched, I went to her drawer and took out a small red chiffon square, folding it into a pad as I said “now, open wide please.”


As I pushed the scarf in, I made sure it sat in her mouth as she closed her lips over it.  Picking up the roll of white tape, I tore a long strip off, and then pressed it firmly over her lips and chin, the tape forming to the contours as I did so.  Once I was satisfied, I said “now, let’s go and join your daughters in the game.”


“Fcrsss,” Delia said as she walked down the stairs in front of me.  When we entered the front room, we saw Bobbi and Becca sitting in front of the long couch, their wrists and arms tied in the same way as their mother, and their bound legs bet with a rope between their knees and their chest ropes.


“All right then,” I said as Delia sat down between them, and I took two more lengths of rope – one to secure her crossed ankles together, and one her legs below her knees.  The girls watched as they twisted their legs round, the rope rubbing on the suede and denim.


I then helped Delia to lie on her stomach on the couch, pulling her ankles back and tying them to her chest ropes, before she rolled onto her side and looked at the girls.


“Now then,” I said as Janna and I looked at them, “we’ll turn the radio on, and hopefully your mother is right about someone coming to see you by lunchtime.  For now, remember we are pretending to be just outside, so when you are rescued you can say you thought it was a game.  All right?”


The three of them looked at us and nodded, as Becca said “Fnkkubfff.”


“You’re welcome,” Janna said as we walked out of the room.  I had their valuables already in my bag, as I went to the garage and started the car.  As the garage doors opened up, I drove out and waited for Janna to get in, before we made our way back to the main road…




“Hey,” I said as I looked up, “everything disposed of?”


“Safely done,” he said as he leaned over the back of the couch and kissed me.  “What’s on the news?”


“A report on the robbery at Delia Davies’ home,” I said as the reporter spoke on the screen.  “Seems the Games Players surprised them as they had breakfast this morning.  Her agent found them tied up and gagged in the living room of their home at lunchtime when she went to find out why she missed their meeting.”


“No honour amongst thieves,” I said with a smile.  “I fancy a curry – a hot one.”


“Cravings already,” Steve said with a smile as he rubbed my midriff, “very well then…”







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