Heidi and The Birthday Surprise




The house was darkened as Heidi made her way slowly down the corridor. She had deliberately left her shoes in the hallway downstairs, so that her footfall would be as soft as possible, and the torch was dimmed with a cloth over the end to keep it as low as possible. She knew the missing heiress was somewhere in the building, but where exactly was a mystery she had to solve. After all, she was the best teenage sleuth in the area - what else was she going to do?

She had dressed to blend into the shadows - dark leggings and a roll neck sweater, very different from her preferred garb, but needs must as he mother said. She stopped for a moment as she listened, convinced she had heard something, but the only sound that came through was that of the birds outside. Slowly, carefully, she walked along the corridor, testing doors and where possible looking into the rooms, until she found the one she was looking for.

The girl was sitting in the middle of the bare room, strapped to an old wooden chair. Her dark hair was pulled back from her face by a gold scrunchie that was pulled over the locks, but her eyes were wide open as she looked at Heidi slipping through the doorway. Her arms were secured down to the heavy armrests with black bands, contrasting with the pale blue of the sleeves of the ball gown she was wearing. Her ankles were similarly secured, the black this time stark against the white socks, while a black scarf covered the lower part of her face. She shook her head, trying frantically to say something to the young detective, but all that Heidi heard was "gt ut - rn, rn nw..."

"Don't panic, Miss Elsworth," Heidi said as she walked towards the bound and gagged girl, "I'm here to hlppmmmm." she had been silenced by the black leather gloved hand that had clamped over her mouth, while she was held by another arm in a bear hug. "So, another little pretty," a deep female voice said as Heidi struggled to break free, "come to keep my guest company. How thoughtful of you."

Heidi was powerless to stop the mystery woman forcing her to the floor, before she pulled her hands behind her and held them in one hand. "Just keep still and quiet," she said as the sound of tape ripping muffled the screams of the other captive. As the tape was stuck to Heidi's wrist, and then the roll passed around both of them, she looked over her shoulder at the woman, dressed entirely in black with a stocking pulled over her head.

"You'll never get away with this," Heidi shouted out as she was rolled over onto her back. "Yes, I will," the woman replied as she pressed a large strip of tape over her lips, before grabbing her legs and starting to secure them together. As her legs were drawn together, Heidi looked over at the young kidnap victim, who turned her head away as the woman stood up.

"Now then," she said with an evil cackle, "What am I going to do with..." It was at this moment that a cell phone rang, and the woman looked round. "Dammit," she said as she picked the phone up off the floor and removed the stocking, her blonde hair falling around her shoulders as she spoke.

"Veronica Cabot - how can I help you?"


Heidi raised her head and watched as her aunt walked out of the room, talking on the telephone. Rolling onto her side, she somehow managed to sit herself up and start to slide on her bottom across the floor to the chair, ignoring the muffled laughs that were coming from the fair young maiden secured there. It took a few minutes, but eventually Heidi managed to come alongside her, looking up with a look in her eyes of both annoyance and happiness.

"I'm really sorry about that, girls," Veronica eventually said as she came back into the room, "I told the office not to contact me unless it was absolutely necessary, and unfortunately..."

"That was absolutely necessary," Cindy said as she spat out the handkerchief from her mouth. She had sat still as Heidi's aunt untied the scarf over her lower jaw, and now watched as she was released from the straps holding her in place. "It's all right, Miss Cabot, I know my mother sometimes has to go at short notice."

"It's Veronica, Cindy - please try to remember that. Can you get Heidi free? I need to go and change into something more appropriate for business." Cindy rubbed her wrists as she watched the older woman leave, before kneeling on the floor and pulling the tape away from her friend's mouth. "I was just getting into it as well," Heidi sighed as she waited for her wrists to be freed.

"Ah well - let's get changed and finish off that homework. My mother will be by soon to collect me anyway."

"Heidi, have you given any thought as to what you want to do in two weeks time?"

The young girl looked at her aunt as she was driving her back home. "Two weeks? Why, is there something happening in two weeks?"

"Oh, nothing much - just you becoming eighteen years old. Got another party planned?"

“Not this time, no – mum wants it to be a quiet affair, just her and me – and you if you are willing.”

“Well, I might be able to come – if she asks me. The thing is, what would you like to do?”

Heidi sat still for a moment, before saying “There is something I would like to do, but I may need your help with it.”

Veronica looked over at her niece. “Oh yes? The last time you said that was when Cindy came for the Halloween party – have you another friend in mind?”

“Not a friend, no – I was wondering...”


“Do you think Mum might like to play with us?”

Veronica didn’t reply immediately, and Heidi wondered if she had crossed some sort of line. As they pulled up outside her house, her aunt turned and looked at her.

“Listen – don’t say anything to your mother about this, not yet anyway.” She stepped out of the car as Amy came out of the house. “You need to wash up Heidi – Dinner’s nearly ready,” she said as Heidi ran past.

“She’s getting bigger every time I see her,” Veronica said as she stood with Heidi’s mother.

“Don’t I know it – but at least she has good friends as well.”

“Listen, Amy – can I come and see you tomorrow when Heidi is at school – there’s something we need to discuss.”

“About what?”

“Our younger days.”

Amy looked over at her half-sister. “All right – tomorrow at 2.”


Amy looked out of the window as Veronica pulled up and stepped out of her car. Heidi was not due back from school for another hour or so, and she wanted it that way - given what Veronica had mentioned the previous day. As the dark haired woman walked up the path and rang on the doorbell, Amy pushed her hand through her own blonde hair and sighed.

"Come in, Veronica," she said as she held the door open, "I've a fresh pot of coffee ready."

An awkward silence followed as Veronica came into the kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar, watching Amy as she poured two cups and sat opposite her. "So," she finally said as she picked her cup up, "What do you want to talk about?"

"First of all, do not say anything to Heidi about this - she was being curious, and wanted to know a few things."

"About what?"

Veronica took a long drink from her cup. "When she first came to stay for the weekend, Heidi brought a photo album with her - one she made from a certain shoebox she found in the attic. When she showed me them, I had no choice but to - well, to tell her what had happened."

Amy put her cup down on the bar. "She found your photos - has she..."

"No - they're safe in my strong box, and there is no way I'm showing her them – they need to be kept locked away unless you say so. Anyway, she was intrigued by them, and asked me if I would show her some games. I resisted for a while, but the other week I finally relented and tied her up." She saw the look on her half-sister's face, so said quickly "I used scarves - no rope."

Amy sat still for a moment, before saying "I wondered if she would ever find those photos - guess it was only a moment of time. At least she had you to talk to - I still wonder about some of the things I did. But why are you telling me now?"

"Well, for one thing I said I needed to tell you what had happened. I have to confess I think she enjoyed it, but I'm not going to do it again unless you agree."

"Thank you for that. Look - let me talk to her tonight, and I'll let you know what happened."

Veronica let out a sigh as she took another drink. "Do you ever think about them?"

"The old days?  Sometimes - but I'm a mum now. It just seems a bit - wrong to be thinking about it."

"Talk to Heidi, and see how you feel after that.  She’s not a child any more, and she is more responsible than you may realise.  Maybe we can relive those days again." Veronica smiled - her initial plan had gone well.

"Heidi - can you come down for a minute please?"

Amy watched as her daughter came down the staircase, wearing a red cap sleeved t-shirt, matching shorts and ankle socks. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pigtail, and Amy was struck again as to how like her as a young woman she looked.

"What is it, Mum?"

"Sit down, Heidi - I need to talk to you."

The young girl sat down, wondering why her mother was looking so serious. "Have I done something wrong, Mum?"

"Not really, no - your Aunt Veronica called to see me this afternoon, and we had a chat. I need to ask you about the album you showed her a few months ago?"

Heidi gulped, and stood up. "I have it upstairs, would you like to see it?" Amy nodded as her daughter went back to her room and returned with a small photo album. She handed it over and sat quietly as her mother flipped through the pages, a slight smile on her face as she did so. "These bring back a few memories," she finally said as she closed the book. "I'm not mad at you for asking your aunt, but I wish you had told me first."

"I'm sorry, Mum, but I honestly did know what to say to you," Amy said as she kept her head down. "What else did Aunt Veronica say?"

"She told me that you persuaded her to tie you up the other day. Is that right?" Heidi slowly nodded her head. "Was Cindy there at the time?"

"No - it was before she came." Heidi looked up at her mother, who was studying her closely.

"All right - to tell the truth, I don't mind you playing these games, but only if everyone agress to do so, and you need to be very careful. Understand?"

Heidi bowed her head and said "Yes, Mum."

"Good - now, go to the toilet and come back here." The young girl looked up to see her mother smiling. "If you want to play these games, I want to see you doing it for myself. Hurry up now."

Heidi ran off, to reappear five minutes later. She found her mother sitting on the couch, with a coil of white washing line beside her.

"What was the game you played with your aunt?"

"We pretended she was a burglar who found me at home."

Amy nodded. "Well, let's do that now. Are you going to scream little girl?" She let her voice drop several octaves and put on a Southern accent as she said this.

"No, I won't" Heidi said very quietly.

"Right then," Amy said as she tossed a pair of socks over to her daughter, "Put those on your hands, and then come and stand in front of me."

Heidi put a sock over each hand, pulling them over her wrists as she watched her mother cutting a length of rope from the coil. "Move it, little girl," she said as Heidi walked over, "and turn round." Amy stood, looking over her shoulders as her mother wound the length of rope around her wrists in a figure of eight. She could feel the rope through the cotton, but said nothing as she tied the ends off.

"Sit down," her mum said, and as Heidi sat on the couch she watched another length of rope being cut off. She looked down as her mother quickly bound her ankles together, not too tightly but enough to ensure she was unable to separate them. "Right - where does your mother keep her valuables?"

"Upstairs I think - why?"

"I need to go and have a look," her mother said as she took a roll of white medical tape out of her pants pocket. "I need to shut you up as well, so put your lips together."

"All right - just don't hurt me," Heidi said as she sat still, feeling the tape smooth itself over her lips as her mother pressed a length in place. Helping her to lie on her side, Amy said "Stay there," as she took the rope and tape and left the room. Heidi lay still - the bonds were not that tight, but she did not want to ruin the moment, and was enjoying the peace.

When she heard her mother saying in her normal voice "Who are you? Where's my daughter?" Heidi wondered what was going on. She knew nobody else had come into the house, so assumed it was part of the role play. After a few minutes, she saw the room door open, and her mother came in.

Actually, hopped in would be better. Amy had a strip of the tape over her own mouth, and her ankles were tied together at the bottom of her pant legs with rope. She also had her wrists pinned together behind her back in some manner, as her arms stretched behind her. She hopped over to where Heidi was sitting, and as the young girl got herself into a seated position sat herself down at the opposite end of the couch. Looking at her daughter, she smiled as she wriggled round, and Heidi nodded in return.

After a few minutes, Amy nodded to her daughter and indicated they should come together. She turned her back to Heidi, and showed her wrists tied together side by side with a few loops of rope. Heidi twisted herself round and put her back next to her mother, looking over her shoulder as she watched her starting to unravel the knot at her wrists.

"My, it's been a while since I did that," Amy said a few minutes later as she took the tape off her mouth. "Did you enjoy that, Heidi?"

"That was fantastic, Mum - but how did you tie your own wrists together?"

"I'll tell you when you're older - and I have to admit, I enjoyed it too. Maybe we could do it again?"

"I'd love that Mum - maybe Aunt Veronica can join in too."

"Whoa - one thing at a time. Clear these ropes away - I'm going to make dinner."

"Well, it wasn’t a no," Heidi thought to herself as she cleared the rope and tape away. Her aunt's plan was working perfectly...


"Well, well - we seem to have awoken a bit of a beast in your mother."

Veronica was sitting with Heidi at a cafe, the day after she had had the "little chat" with her mum. She smiled at the young girl as she looked back at her.

"Yeah - so, do you think she may be up for doing something for my birthday?"

Putting down her cup, Veronica sat back and said "Now, if I replied in any way to that, it would not be a surprise, would it? You’ll just have to wait and see, little one."

"Thanks, Amy; I'll see you on Saturday."

Veronica switched off her cell phone and turned back to the tall, thin woman sitting next to Cindy on the couch. Both were wearing roll necked sweaters under pinafore dresses which reached to the floor.

"As I was saying, Mrs Elsworth, it is Heidi's birthday on Saturday, and her mother and I are planning a very special surprise for her. I was hoping that you would give your permission for Cindy to join us - she is, after all, her best friend, and we want her to have a small celebration."

The older woman looked at her daughter, who simply looked forward without smiling. "I know you are a woman of her word, Miss Cabot, so you promise that she will be home in good time?"

"I promise to have her home by ten that evening. If she is not back by that time, then you may call at Heidi's house and accept my personal apologies."

"Very well then, I will give my permission."

Veronica smiled as she stood up. "Excellent - I will call to collect Cindy at midday. Thank you again, Mrs Elsworth."

"Cindy, show Miss Cabot to the door," her mother said quietly as Cindy stood up. As they left the room, Veronica leaned over and whispered "I want you to pack a certain outfit - we have a very special surprise lined up for Heidi." Cindy smiled as she listened to what Veronica was saying, before opening the door and showing her out.

"Thanks for the shopping trip, Mum." Heidi sat back in the seat of her car as Amy drove back to their house from the mall, a number of large bags safely stored in the boot. "What else have you got for my birthday?" She was wearing a long sleeved top, a blue denim mini skirt and black leggings, with a pair of corduroy boots with large buttons on the side over her feet. Her mother was wearing a light blue v-necked jumper over a white t-shirt, jeans and mid-length black suede boots.

"Calm down, Heidi - we're going to have a quiet family meal tonight, and then maybe we'll go and see a film. We'll say what happens when your Aunt Veronica gets there." As she said this, they drove into the driveway of their house, and Heidi unbuckled as her mother stopped the car.

Opening the door to the kitchen, Amy watched her daughter go in as she retrieved the bags from the trunk. "Get yourself a drink," she called out as she came into the kitchen, but there was no reply. "Must have gone to her room," she said to herself, but as she walked into the main room she saw the reason why Heidi was not answering.

She was being held by a tall, blonde haired woman, dressed in a black jumper and leggings, with knee length black leather boots. A black leather gloved hand was over her mouth, while a second was holding her around her chest. A black domino mask was covering the upper half of the woman's face, her blue eyes showing clearly.

Amy looked from the woman to Heidi, and saw the calm look in her eyes as she stood there. "All right," she thought to herself as she slowly raised her hands, ready to play along. "Who are you and what do you want," she said with a frightened tone in her voice.

"I just want to steal your pretty things," the woman said in a strong French accent, "but you came home sooner than I had hoped. Now I need to make sure you can’t get in my way. I want you to go and close the curtains - quietly now, or your daughter is the one who suffers."

Nodding, Amy walked to the large bay windows and pulled the curtains closed, before turning back to Heidi and her captor. "All right - let's go up to your bedroom," she said as she held the young girl in her arms, "and we'll see what we can find."

As she kept hold of Heidi, she walked to the staircase to the side of the room, indicating that Amy should walk in front of them. They climbed the staircase and Amy led the way into her bedroom.

"Sit down," the woman said, and as Amy sat on the edge of the bed she let go of Heidi. "Go and sit with your mother," she said as she pushed the young girl gently forward.

"She's good," Heidi whispered to her mother, who simply nodded as they both put their hands on their heads as the woman asked them to. She then walked over and knelt down in front of Heidi.

"All right, little one, what's your name?"


"Well, Heidi," she said as she reached up and brushed her long blonde hair back, "I need to take your mother for a little walk, and I want you to stay here while I do so. I'm afraid I need to make sure you cannot move very easily, but I promise it won’t hurt. All right?"

"Please, don't hurt her," Amy said, and the masked woman looked over at her. "Do as I ask and I won't" she said as she reached into a pocket in her pants and took out a roll of white tape. "Now, Heidi, put your hands in front of you, palms together." Heidi watched as the woman quickly taped her wrists together, firmly but gently.

"Do you mind if I take your boots off," she asked, and as Heidi shook her head she watched the woman slip her boots off her feet, before taping her ankles tightly together as well. She knew she wasn’t going anywhere - her aunt was too good at these things - but decided to play along as she said "Why are you doing this, I won't say anything or make a fuss."

"I know you won't, but I need to be certain," the woman said as she stood up. "Why don't you lie down - put your head on a pillow." Heidi shuffled back and turned herself around, before settling down on her back.

"Now, I need to make sure you can't call out. If I put something in your mouth, do you promise to keep it in there until I bring your mother back? If you do that, I'll make sure you can talk to each other for a little while."

"I promise," Heidi said as she looked at her mother, who had been sitting watching the whole time with her hands on her head. She saw her nod, as the intruder folded a small pink headscarf into a roll.

"Open wide," she said, and Heidi allowed her to push the wad into her mouth, the edges sticking out as she lay back. "Let's take a little walk," she said as she took Amy by the arm and helped her to stand up. "Mfnmm", she mumbled as she watched the two women walk out, wondering what else was going to happen to her.


As she lay in the bed, Heidi could hear her mother and the intruder moving around the various rooms of the house. She tried twisting her wrists round a few times, but the tape held firm and she could find no give in them. There was a little bit of pulling, but nothing she could not cope with, and even with the wad of cloth in her mouth she could breathe normally.

"Aunt Veronica really can play a part," she thought to herself as she lay there, wondering what the next part of the surprise was going to be. She knew that something was going to happen involving her mother, but exactly what was still a mystery. Of course, the whole situation was a surprise, but knowing her aunt as she did it was one she should have expected.

"So, young Heidi, how are you doing?"

Heidi looked over to see her mother with the masked woman standing just inside the doorway. There was a sack in her hand which jangled a little as she placed it on a chair.

"Thank you for not trying to call out," she said as she reached down and pulled the cloth from the young girl's mouth, "I brought some juice up for you so that you could have a drink. Why doesn’t your mother help you to drink it before we get started?"

Amy took the carton, placed a straw in the hole and helped Heidi to sit up before allowing her to take a sip. "How are you doing," she said quietly as the masked woman looked on.

"Great, Mum - I didn’t expect you and Aunt Veronica to come up with this."

"Well, given what we talked about the other day, we decided that this would be a fun way to spend the evening. When we talked on the phone, we promised we would be done before Cindy arrived, so this is just for the two of us."

Heidi smiled as her mum placed the carton on the bedside table. "Now what do we do," she said as she looked back at the masked woman, who was standing there with the roll of white tape in her hand.

"Well, I think you need some quality time together. Why don't you lie down and give your daughter a hug?"

"Would you like that, Heidi?" As Amy looked at her daughter, she saw her smile as her eyes twinkled. "All right then - you lie down on your side," Amy said, and as she watched her daughter lie down and make herself comfortable she moved her own body so that she was facing her. Slipping her right arm under Heidi's body, she wrapped her daughter in her arms and held her close.  She noticed how much Heidi had blossomed as she drew her close, but said nothing.

"Hold that pose," the woman said as she walked to the far side of the bed, knelt behind Heidi and crossed Amy's wrists before taping them together. As she felt them coming together, Amy whispered "I wonder how long we have before we can start to get free?"

"Don't know, but I'm enjoying this," Heidi said as the intruder walked back round the bed, unzipped Amy's boots and removed them before taping her ankles together. Once she had done this, she then tore the tape loose and pressed it against Amy’s legs below her knees, wrapping it around her and Heidi so that the young girl's legs were taped to her own.

"This is different," Amy said as the woman stood and looked at the mother and daughter. "All right," she said quietly, "Roll onto your back for a moment so that Heidi is lying on your stomach."

"Ready," Amy said, and as Heidi nodded she rolled onto her back, pulling Heidi over so that she lay on her chest. They watched as the woman taped their arms together where they crossed, and then helped them to roll back over.

"Thank you for being so co-operative," the woman said as she rechecked their bindings, "but I am afraid I have to leave now, and it will be necessary to silence you." She tore a long strip off the roll and held it in front of Amy's mouth. "I'll talk to you later, young woman," she said with a twinkle in her eye as she felt the tape press down on her lips, silencing her. "Thanks, Auntie," Heidi said before she too was gagged, and two more strips were placed over the mouth of each of them. "This is a wonderful birthday surprise," she thought as the woman went to pick up the bag, and she could see in her mother's eyes she was enjoying it as well.

So when the bedroom door opened, and Veronica walked in with Cindy, saying "Sorry I'm late, when do you want to..." both Heidi and Amy looked at each other, their eyebrows raised.



Heidi stared back at her aunt and Cindy as they stood there, staring in their own turn at the masked woman standing beside the bed. "Err... Would you mind telling me what is going on here?" Veronica eventually said as Cindy looked over at her friend. She was wearing a set of bleached denim bib shorts, with a light green cap sleeved t-shirt underneath, matching socks and a pair of dark blue sneakers.

As for Victoria, she was wearing a long sleeved black dress, a red roll necked sweater visible under the collar and the skirt coming to just below her knees, and red knee length leather boots. She continued to stare at her sister and niece, and at the stranger, as Heidi tried to ask her mum what was happening.

"Well, well, well - I guess I will be spending a little more time here than planned," the woman said as she put the small bag down, and drew what looked like a pistol from the back of her pants. She pointed it at the two new arrivals as Amy tried to turn round, her toes wriggling as she lay there. "I need you both to stay absolutely still, while I decide what I am going to do with you."

"Amy, do you know who this person is?" Veronica asked, but as her sister frantically shook her head a real look of fear passed over her face. "Oh crap - who are you?"

"Oh, just someone who has been interrupted a few too many times today," the woman said with her French accent. "I didn't expect to have to deal with four arrivals, never mind two." She smiled as she pointed the pistol at Cindy. "You, little one - what is your name?"

"Cindy," she said as she stood there, wondering what was happening.

"You are a friend of young Heidi? Well then, I think it is right that the two of you are together for a little while. Both of you walk very slowly over here and stand on front of me, with your hands behind your back. You do not want either of these two to be hurt, no?"

Amy and Heidi shook their heads, saying "dntdt" as Veronica took Cindy by the arm and walked round to the side of the bed. "Very good," the masked woman said as they stopped and turned round in front of her. "Now, stay perfectly still and don't move." Pushing the pistol back into her waistband, she picked up the roll of tape and pulled Cindy's arms down so that they were by her side.

"N, pls, dnt d tht," Amy mumbled as she watched the woman tape Cindy's arms to her side, wrapping the tape around her waist so that it looked like a white band was encircling her waist. Cindy stood perfectly still, worried about what might happen if she tried to resist, while veronica watched. "Just stay calm, Cindy," she said as the girl felt her arms pressing into her side, "Hopefully this will not be for too long."

"We shall see," the woman said as she turned Cindy round. "Can I trust you to stand quietly," she said as she held Cindy's chin up, and the young girl nodded as she said "Yes" in a quiet voice.

"Good girl - stand against the wall," she said as she motioned to Veronica. "Now you, ma cherie - come and stand in front of me, and put your hands in front of you, palm to palm."

"Well, this is not the surprise I had planned," Veronica said as she watched the intruder binding her wrists tightly together. She could feel the tape tugging at her skin as it was torn and smoothed off. "So, what are you going to do with the four of us?"

"I have a few ideas," the woman said as she wrapped the tape around Veronica's arms and chest, just below her breasts, and pinning her arms to her side. "Now, sit down on the bed while I take your boots off - no reason why you should ruin what look like a perfectly acceptable pair of boots."

"Whts gngn, nt," Heidi said as she turned her head to look at her Aunt Veronica, perched on the end of the bed as the masked woman unzipped and removed her boots, revealing a pair of ankle socks on her feet. "I have no idea, Heidi," Veronica said as she turned to look at her niece, ignoring the ripping sound as she felt her ankles been taped together, "this is in no way what your mother and I planned."

"ysndyhr," Amy grunted as she looked at her sister,

"Cindy - ah, something we may have neglected to tell you about earlier, I'm afraid. If and when we can, I'll explain everything - dammit, do you have to do that so tightly?"

She turned and looked at the woman as she folded back down the hem of her skirt. "Well, it was necessary," she said as she stood up. "Now, I need to separate the lovely mother and daughter here. Please, do not move."

Taking a pair of scissors from the dressing table, she cut away the tape around the arms and legs of Amy and Heidi. "Lift your arms up," she said as she gently slipped Heidi out from under Amy's arms, and helped her to sit up and slide off the bed onto her feet. Taking her by the arm, she frog marched her over to stand next to Cindy, before returning to the bed.

"Are you all right, Heidi," Cindy whispered, and Heidi nodded her head, watching as the woman walked back over and helped her mother to sit on the mattress in the centre of the bed. "I trust you are all right," she said as she brushed the hair away from Amy’s eyes. "Wht du thnk ur dng, u bstrd," she mumbled as she watched the woman taping her legs together above her knees.

"Why, robbing you of course," she replied with a smile as she walked back round to Veronica. "Now, slide yourself over so that you are sitting back to back with Heidi's mother, if you would be so kind."

"Do you promise not to harm the two girls," Veronica said as she looked up at the masked intruder. "You have my word that I will merely silence them," she said. Veronica nodded as she slid herself back and sat behind Amy. "How's it going, sis," she said as she looked over her shoulder. "lklu" Amy mumbled as she watched the other woman pick up two long red silk scarves that were lying on the floor, wondering what she was going to do with them.

The answer came as the woman tied one of them over her eyes, blindfolding her as she struggled to free her wrists. She then taped her arms to her side as she had veronica, before taping her wrists down to her waist. "Your turn now," she said, and as the two young girls watched she taped Veronica's wrists to her waist, gagged her with the tape and blindfolded her. "Kpclmgrls," Veronica mumbled as the woman then used more tape to secure the two older women’s upper bodies together.

"Now then," the intruder finally said as she walked over and threw Heidi over her shoulder and making her grunt through the tape gag, "Let's get you two sorted, eh?" Indicating the door, she made Cindy walk in front of her, leaving the two older women taped together on the bed.

She escorted Cindy into her friend's room, saying "Sit down" as they went in. Cindy sat herself on the edge of the bed, looking at Heidi as she was taken off the masked woman's shoulder and sat down next to her. "Can I talk to her, please," she said as she looked up at the woman, who nodded as she reached over and peeled the tape away from Heidi's mouth.

"Heidi, what is going on here?" the dark haired girl said as Heidi worked her jaw from side to side.

"I have no idea," she said as she turned to her friend. "My mum and I got back an hour or so ago, and I thought this was Veronica - Mum played right along, and it just seemed like a game until the two of you walked in. Mum doesn't even know we play these games - why did you come with my aunt?"

"Well, the idea was I was going to be someone she had kidnapped, brought to a house she thought was empty, and then you two were going to be surprised - she’d have explained about me later. As it is, we got held up at home - my mother insisted on talking about something to your aunt before we set off. When we saw your car in the driveway, we talked for a moment about how to handle it, but then we just decided to come in.

"Is this a real robbery then?"

Heidi looked at the woman as she was searching through her chest of drawers. "I guess it must be," she eventually said, "in which case, I'm really sorry you walked in on it." She watched as the intruder came back and knelt in front of Cindy, unlacing her sneakers and pulling them off before placing them on the floor. She then worked her socks down over her ankles, before retrieving the roll of tape from her pocket and forcing her ankles together, side by side.

"Does it hurt," Cindy said as she looked at Heidi staring down at her wrists on front of her.

"It pulls a bit, but it doesn't really hurt," she said as the woman tore the tape off and smoothed it down behind her friend's legs. "I'm more worried about what's going to happen now - we can’t count on mum and Aunt Veronica to help us."

"That is the idea, little one," the woman said as she started to tape Cindy's legs together below her knees. As she looked down, Heidi could see the residue of the tape that had been around her won legs, before asking "Are you going to tape my legs together as well?"

"In a moment," she said as she finished taping Cindy. Turning to Heidi, she secured her legs together over where the tape had previously been, before wrapping the tape around her waist and arms. As she tore off that binding, however, she stopped for a moment and looked at the roll.

"How unfortunate," she said as she looked at the two girls, "It would appear that I have run out of tape. Never mind, however, I have an idea." She took hold of Cindy's feet and pulled her socks off, pulling each into a wad as she stood up and said "Which one of you would like to go first.

"Oh god," Cindy said as she realised what was going to happen. "Please," Heidi finally called out as she heard muffled calls from her mother's room, "I know you're going to that, but there are clean pairs of ankles socks in the drawer. Use them."

She looked at the two trussed girls for a moment, before nodding and dropping the pale green balls to the floor. Walking back to the drawers, she took a pair of white ankle socks out, folded them into two balls and said to Cindy "You first, dear." Nodding, the young girl opened her mouth and allowed the intruder to push the sock behind her teeth. Heidi said "Thank you" as she allowed her own mouth to be filled, the cotton taste not that unpleasant as it forced her tongue to the floor of her mouth.

They watched silently as the woman took out two more things from the drawer. One was a pale grey silk scarf that Heidi had worn with a matching blouse and skirt on formal occasions, while the other was a triangle of thin blue cotton, with a floral pattern printed on it, which had two thin straps from the corners of the long edge. Heidi recognised as something she sometimes wore over her hair, like the scarves her mother had. The woman placed that on the bed before rolling the scarf into a strip. "Open your mouth, dear," she said to Cindy as she pulled the strip between her lips. The young girl bit down on the cloth as she secured the ends together under her hair. Turning to Heidi, she did the same thing to the triangle, the strip looking much thinner as she closed her lips around it, but proving equally effective.

The intruder than helped both girls to lie on the bed, placing them next to each other on their stomachs on top of the duvet. "I really must be going now," she said as she walked to the door of the room, "Enjoy the rest of your evening." As she closed the door on the two friends, they lay still, listening to the sounds of footsteps heading down the staircase.

They lay still, listening for any sound that indicated that the two older women may be coming to their aid, but there was no sign of any hope in that direction. Eventually, Heidi managed to roll over onto her side and look at Cindy.

“Cnutrnvr,” she mumbled through her stuffed mouth as she looked at her friend, the white tape visible around her chest. Slowly, Cindy managed to roll herself over onto her side. “Whtrw gngn td,” she mumbled as her lips moved, but only mumbles emerged through the light grey cloth, a dark stain forming in the centre of it.

“Cn u wrgl dwn?” Heidi said as she motioned with her head. Cindy looked down the bed and slowly began to slide herself down, her legs chafing as they rubbed against each other, until she finally managed to get her mouth near to Heidi’s waist. “Whtnw,” she said as she looked up.

Heidi looked down at Cindy and signalled for her to bring her mouth closer to her. "Lrt", Cindy mumbled as she shuffled a little closer, the shoulder strap of her bib shorts falling down over her shoulder as she did so. Eventually she managed to get her mouth within reach of Heidi's fingers, as she reached out and started to work her fingers under the scarf pulled into her friend's mouth.

Time passed slowly as Heidi gently picked away at the edge of the gag, slowly easing the edge down from Cindy's lips as she lay patiently watching. As she felt the silk band start to move out, she twisted her head slightly to help Heidi to ease enough of the material free to be able to get a grip with her fingers. It was difficult, with Heidi's hands taped together and her arms secured, but what little movement she had she used to full effect as she eventually managed to get a firm grip under the band.

"Rde," she mumbled as she looked at Cindy. "Ys," she said as she waited for Heidi to get a firmer hold of the band, and then she lifted her head as Heidi pulled the cloth up and out. She winced as the knot dug into her neck, but within two minutes she was able to relax and look at Heidi, the scarf around her neck and the white sock starting to appear between her lips.

"Spt tot," Heidi said, and as she watched Cindy pushed the sock out from her mouth with her tongue, letting the soaked cotton mass fall on the bed as she worked her jaw.

"God, that's better," Cindy said as she started to push herself up the bed. She stopped as she saw Heidi shake her head, and nod down to where she was holding her wrists up as far as she could with the bands around her arms.

"Do you want me to try to free your wrists," Cindy said as she looked up, and the nodding of her friend's head showed that was exactly what she wanted her to do, bringing her arms up as far as she could. Cindy lay on her back and looked underneath, before saying "I can see the edge, but I'll need to try and free it with my tongue. If I manage this, there had better be a very large, very cold drink at the end of this, all right?"

"U cnhv nfng uwnt" Heidi mumbled as Cindy started to lick at the edge of the tape, slowly trying to moisten it enough to make it start to come away from the binding. The taste was horrible, but she tried to ignore that, knowing this may be the only way the two of them could get free. Eventually, just as she felt as if it was not going to work, she saw the edge of the tape slowly start to come away, enough for her to be able to grab the edge between her teeth if she lay on her side.

"Mv," she mumbled as Heidi began to circle her wrists, the tape slowly coming away as she did so. Every few moments, Cindy would let go and grab the tape in a slightly different position, allowing another few centimetres to come loose with the turn of Heidi's arms. It was a slow, torturous process, but eventually Heidi was able to move her wrists apart, a mass of torn and gathered white tape lying between the two girls.

They lay still for a few more moments, as Heidi rubbed her wrists and let out a sigh. She then turned onto her side and said "rl nt ursd" to Cindy. The other girl rolled to face Heidi, who shook her head and said "N - frwe." "All right," Cindy said as she rolled over onto her back, looking at the wall as Heidi shuffled closer and started to pick at the tape that was secured behind her friend's back.

"Watch what you're doing," Cindy said as she felt the tugging on her arms and chest, but as she looked over her shoulder she could see that Heidi had managed to free the edge of the tape with her fingernails, and was now trying to peel away enough of the edge to be able to grip it with her hands. "Oh, I get what you're doing now," she said as she watched Heidi grab the tape, and started to roll over onto her stomach, the tape coming away as the blonde haired girl kept tight hold of the edge.

It seemed to take even longer than it had for Heidi - not surprisingly, given there was a lot more tape involved - and both girls had started to sweat as Cindy finally managed to wrench one arm free of the tape that held it in place. "Ysss," she heard Heidi say as she sat up and turned to her friend, taking a moment to remove her scarf and sock gag.

"That - that was different," Heidi finally said as she worked her jaw. "There's a pair of scissors in the top drawer at my table - can you hop over and grab them?"

Cindy nodded as she forced herself to stand on her feet and covered the floor, taking short bunny hops until she reached the desk with books piled on it. Opening the drawer, she retrieved the scissors and hopped back, sitting down carefully as Heidi pushed herself up into a seated position. Cutting her friend's arms free, she then pulled the rest of the tape off her upper body as Heidi cur the bands around her legs and ankles.

"I'll need to see about a new set of leggings," she said as she saw the way the material had been pulled by the tape that had been wrapped around her legs, "but that's not important right now." She stood up and walked slowly over to the door, putting her ear to the wood as Cindy cut her legs free.

"I don't hear anything," she said as the dark haired girl came over to join her. "Come on - out phones are downstairs, but I want to see if Mum and Aunt Veronica are all right first."

Slowly, quietly, Heidi opened the door and crept out into the landing, Cindy following close behind. They could hear the clock strike five downstairs, but there was no other noise. They kept low as they walked back down the corridor to Amy's room, the door of which was closed.

"Ready," Heidi said, and as Cindy nodded she grabbed the handle and slowly opened the door...



As the door swung inwards, Heidi quietly said "Mum?" expecting a muffle call out to her.  When there was no response, she pushed the door still further in, until both girls had a clear view of the large double bed.

"What the..." Heidi whispered as she took the scene in.  Where she had seen her mother and her Aunt Veronica taped up so that they could not move, there was a pile of strips of white tape.  Two long red scarves lay on top of the pile, the ends still knotted together.  Of Amy and Aunt Veronica there was no sign.

Heidi walked into the room, Cindy following behind with her eyes wide.  "Where are they," she said as the two girls looked at the tangled mess of tape.

"I... I don't know.  They must have got free somehow, but then why didn’t they come and help us?"  Heidi turned and quickly walked out of the room.  "Come on, Cindy," she said quietly, "We need to have a look downstairs."

As they walked down the staircase, Heidi could hear a noise coming from the main room.  Putting her lips to her fingers, she motioned to Cindy to follow her as they crept down, and moved slowly to where the sound was coming from.  As they peered round the corner of the door, they could see that there was something playing on the television.  It looked like it was some sort of drama program, but an old one - the faint lines across the screen gave that one away.

"Come on," Heidi whispered as she waved her hand at Cindy.  The two girls crawled along the floor, and as they got closer they could hear the dialogue of the program.  There was a young girl saying "Please, just leave us alone," and someone telling her to shut up.  Both girls looked round as they crossed the floor, but there was no sign of anyone anywhere.

As they hid behind the couch, Heidi heard a woman say "That'll hold them - come on," and then some muffled talk.  Peering round the seat, she saw on the screen two young girls, lying on a bed.  Both had duct tape around their upper bodies and legs, and one had her wrists taped together in front of her, them resting against her denim skirt.  The other had her arms taped to her side, the silver bands crossing the pair of denim bib shorts she was wearing...

"Hang on," Heidi whispered as she recognised the girl with her hands in front of her, "That's Aunt Veronica."  She turned her head from the screen to the couch, and saw Veronica lying on her side, watching the screen.  She was still in her dress and boots, but now her arms were pinned behind her back, and Heidi could see the rope around her arms and chest, as well as her ankles.  A thick white scarf was tied into her mouth, but she wasn’t making nay attempt to struggle free or escape.

"Do you know, she'd actually forgotten about this episode," a familiar voice said, and Heidi slowly stood up while Veronica looked down the couch before saying "Hpy brfde hydy."

"Mum," Heidi said as she and Cindy turned round, "What's going on here?"

"A little revenge, a little fun, a little surprise - and you really should have told me about Cindy," her mother said, but Heidi could see the smile on her face.  "Come into the kitchen - there's somebody I want you to meet."



"Ah - so you did manage to free each other. I'm glad to see that - I thought your mother may have had to come and rescue you herself."

Heidi was surprised to see the blonde woman who had tied them up sitting at the breakfast bar, drinking from a mug. She had removed her mask and gloves, and was smiling as the three of them went to sit with her.

"Girls, this is Anna, an old friend of mine who agreed to help me out with today. Anna, this is my daughter Heidi and her friend Cindy. Say hello girls."

"So this is your daughter," Anna said with a smile as she shook Heidi's hand. "I guess the apple really does not fall far from the tree. How are you enjoying your birthday so far?"

"Truthfully? I'm loving every second of it. Mum, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Cindy, but Aunt Veronica thought you may not have approved."

Amy nodded as she picked up her cup. "I take it this started at that Halloween party," she said as she looked at Cindy. She had the sense to nod and say "Please, don't tell my mother - I don't know what she would say if she found out."

"Don't worry; your secret is safe with me. Heidi, I need to make a small confession to you as well. When I went with your aunt to that modelling job, and found out I like been tied up, I persuaded a few of my friends to take part in some games as well. Anna here was one of them."

"Your mum was a real team player in those days," Anna said as she put down her cup, "and we've stayed in touch ever since. I'm glad to see you re-ignited that spark in her, Heidi. I suppose I should let Veronica loose now?"

Amy nodded as Anna stood up and walked into the main room. "At any rate," Amy continued as she turned to look at the two girls, "When your aunt suggested the idea of a tie-up game with the three of us, she was going to play the part of a burglar. I gave her a time, and then decided I wanted to be in charge, so I called Anna and asked her to come a little earlier and pretend to be a burglar. I felt your aunt needed a little payback from me - in the nicest possible way of course."

"Very funny, very funny," Veronica said as she came in, rubbing her wrists. "When Cindy and I came in, I genuinely thought you were being robbed. You scared the hell out of me, sis."

"Good," Amy said as she stood up and poured Veronica a coffee. "Especially for bringing Cindy in. At any rate, Anna improvised like mad with her - the plan had been to leave all three of us in my room, us on the bed and you on the floor, and see who got free first.

"Instead, she taped us together, took you two into Heidi's room, then came back and cut us free. We left you to sort yourselves out, came down here and..."

"And you jumped me, tied me up and left me to watch one of my old shows!" Veronica let out a laugh as she said this. "Anna, a brilliant job. Well done."

"My pleasure - anything for an old friend," Anna said. "So, what do you have planned for the rest of the night?"

Heidi glanced at the wall clock, which said it was six. "We have two hours before you need to go home, Cindy - just time to grab something to eat."

"Well," Amy said as the doorbell rang, "We can order out for pizza, but I have an idea as well. Anna, many thanks for today."

"No problem," she said as she stood up. "Enjoy the rest of your birthday, Heidi," she said as she followed Amy to the door. "We need to do that again sometime," she said as Amy opened the internal door."

"I'd like that - good evening, Mrs Elsworth."

"Good evening," Cindy's mother said as she stood on the porch, a small bag in her hand. She looked at Anna as she walked past, Anna returning the glance, before saying "It is most kind of you to invite Cindy to stay over tonight. I trust it will not be too much trouble?"

"No trouble at all - I will bring her home tomorrow."

"Until then," Mrs Elsworth said as she turned and walked back to her car, her long skirt swishing in the breeze. As she opened the door, she watched Anna climbing behind the wheel of her car, then glanced back at the closing door of the house.

"She's letting me sleep over? That's fantastic. Thank you, thank you!!"

"Well, while you were busy upstairs I rang and asked if that would be all right." Amy passed around the pizza boxes that had just been delivered. "Can you stay as well, Veronica?"

"I think I can - why?"

"You'll see, you'll see. I can lend you a pair of pyjamas if you want - we'll make this a real girl's night in." Amy smiled as she sat down. "We'll let Heidi pick the DVD to watch."

"There you go - a pillow for your heads. Are you two nice and comfortable on the floor?"

"Yes, thank you mum," Heidi said as she rested her head on her hands for a few minutes. She had changed into a pair of pale blue cotton pyjamas, with a pair of thick white bed socks over her feet. She looked over at Cindy, who was lying next to her watching the film on the large television screen. "Enjoying yourself, Cindy," she said as her friend turned to look at her, nodding her head as she did so.

"Let your friend watch the film, Heidi," Veronica said as she looked own from her position on the couch. Amy had loaned her sister a knee length red nightdress with shirt cap sleeves, which Veronica had changed into some time before. The two younger girls had then taken great pleasure in showing Heidi's mother their own rope skills, tying Veronica's wrists together behind her back with one length of rope before passing it around her waist. A second length had been sued to tie her arms tightly into her side, passing around them just below her breasts and cinched at the sides. After helping her to lie down, they had tightly bound her ankles together and her legs just below her knees, before they had then gone and changed themselves.

"Time for you to be quiet, Sis," Amy said as she walked over, a long strip of brown sticking plaster in her hand. She smoothed it over Veronica’s mouth, the shape of her lips visible under the material as it formed itself to the shape of her jaw. "All right," she said, and as Veronica nodded she knelt next to Cindy.

"Are you all right as well," she said to the young girl, who nodded as she looked up. Cindy was wearing a pair of red pyjamas with white polka dots, again with a pair of socks over her feet. Heidi and Amy had both tied her up - Amy crossing her wrists behind her back and binding them together with rope, while Heidi had tied her ankles together as well as her legs below her knees. At her own request, she had been gagged first, and as she turned to watch the film she knew she was enjoying it.

"Your turn, sweetheart," Amy said as Heidi brought her own hands behind her back. She looked over her shoulder as she felt them being drawn together, the rope going around and between, before Amy moved down and tied her ankles and legs together in the same way as Cindy.

"Are you both ready for the next bit," Amy said to the two girls. "Ready," Heidi said as Cindy nodded. Taking two lengths of rope, she secured one around Heidi's wrists, then took it down and tied the other end around Cindy's ankles. Repeating the process between Cindy's wrists and Heidi's ankles, she stood up and tore a strip of plaster off.

"Remember, if you need to go anywhere, grunt three times," Amy said as she gagged her daughter. Heidi nodded and watched as her mother sat in chair, looking over all three of them. She was wearing a pair of satin blue shorts and a matching top, while on the table next to her was a pair of scissors and three lengths of rope.

Heidi watched as she tied her own ankles and legs together, before taking the third length and making what looked like a pair of handcuffs, which she tied the ends of around her legs. Taking a final strip of plaster, she said "Thirty minutes, and then the first to get free decides the next game," before smoothing the tape over her mouth. Pushing her wrists through the loops on her lap, she pulled up and out, Heidi watching as her mother finished her own tie up. "Thnskmm," she mumbled as she turned back to watch the film with her friend and her family.





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