Heidi's Smashing Saturday






Veronica set her mug down on the coffee table and looked at Amy, sitting opposite her with a face she could read nothing from.

“You want me to take Saturday off and come to see you and Heidi? May I ask what for?”

“If I told you,” the blonde haired woman said with a smile, “It would spoil the surprise. Heidi and I want to say thank you and give you a birthday treat, that is all.”

“And this has nothing to do with revenge for last time?”

The last time Veronica had tried to arrange a treat for Heidi on her birthday, it had ended up with Heidi and her best friend Cindy bound and gagged in one room, and herself and Amy in another by a mutual friend. Even though by the end of that day she had been hogtied on the couch, forced to watch a video of the show she had been in as a child, she still harboured a suspicion that something was up.

“Seriously, Veronica, we’re just planning a nice day away – no surprises, no shocks, just the three of us. Why – don’t you trust me?”

Veronica shrugged and looked at the door as Heidi came in with Cindy. “Hi Mum, Hi Aunt Veronica,” she called out as the two girls ran past, “we’re going upstairs to do that book review.”

“Don’t make too much noise,” Amy called after them as they ran up the stairs. “So, can you come?”

“All right,” Veronica said as she stood up and brushed her skirt down. “What do I need to wear?”

“Come casually dressed,” Amy said as she showed her sister to the door. “Ten o’clock sharp – don’t be late.”

She stood in the doorway, waving as Veronica walked down the bath, her long blonde hair blowing slightly in the breeze. Closing the inner door, Amy went to the kitchen and poured herself another cup of coffee, sitting at the breakfast bar and reading a magazine for a few moments. Eventually, she set it down and walked through the living area, up the staircase and stopping outside Heidi’s door.

“All right girls,” she said as she knocked on the door, “Is it safe for me to come in?”

The door opened and Cindy looked at Amy, her dark hair held down by a red and green scarf that was tied over it. She was wearing a pair of denim bib shorts over a white t-shirt – a change in clothing for school Amy knew had come about after a recent day spent with her mother in slightly restrained circumstances.

“Hello Mrs Strong,” Cindy said as she smiled back. “Heidi is acting out a part for our book report.”

“Oh – and what book are you writing the report on?”


“The Jane Austen book?”

“No – the teen mystery.”

Cindy opened the door and allowed Amy to see her daughter, sat in a metal chair with her wrists and ankles taped to the frame, and a wide strip covering her mouth. She was wearing a pale blue t-shirt and matching shorts, but her socks and shoes were on the floor.

“She’s the daughter kidnapped to persuade the bank manager to open the vault,” Cindy said as she sat on the bed.

“I might have guessed,” Amy said with a sigh. “Are you all right there, Heidi?”


“All right – Cindy, you have an hour, and then your mother wants you to go back home.”

“All right Mrs Strong,” Cindy said as she walked over and started to tickle Heidi. As the young girl tried to stop laughing, Amy stopped in the doorway.

“Oh, and Cindy – your mother has given permission for you to stay for the weekend, right?”

“Yeah – after school on Friday until Sunday night.”

“Good – bring some long sleeved tops and joggers,” Amy said as she closed the door. Walking back down the staircase, she picked up the telephone.

“Anne? Can you come round tonight – I need your help with something...”




As Saturday morning dawned, Heidi woke up and rubbed her eyes.  She could see Cindy still sleeping on the camp bed in her room, the duvet pulled up to her chin,, so she decided not to disturb her as she slipped out of bed and padded into the bathroom.  As she emerged a few minutes later, she saw Amy standing by the doorway.


“Why don’t you go downstairs and fix yourself a drink,” Amy said with a smile as she walked into the bathroom, “I’ll be down in a few minutes anyway.”  Heidi nodded as she padded down the staircase, her thick white socks muffling any foot fall. 


As she passed the large mirror in the hallway, she caught a glimpse of herself in the glass.  She was beginning to show the fact she was seventeen more every day, as the front of her blue cotton pyjamas showed the signs of straining over her chest.  Running her fingers through her short blonde hair, she yawned again before going into the kitchen and opening the fridge door.


As she took the orange juice to the table and picked up a glass, she realised that it was already eight o’clock.  “Aunt Veronica is coming at ten,” she said to herself as she poured a drink, “We need to start getting ready.”


“We will,” her mother said as she came into the room and switched on the coffee machine, “but not in the way you might think.”  There as a knock on the door that led to the back yard, and as Heidi watched Amy opened the door and allowed Anne to come in.  She was wearing a black jumper and slacks, and carried a large duffel bag with her.


“Good morning Heidi,” Anne said as she laid her bag on the kitchen table, “Ready for a fun day?”


“Oh,” Heidi said as she looked between the two older women, “This is part of our surprise for Aunt Veronica?”


“What is?” Cindy said as she walked in, yawning and stretching.  The sleeves of the short pink Hello Kitty pyjamas she was wearing slipped down her arms as she stretched them up.  “Oh, hello Anne,” she said as she recognised the new arrival.  “What are you doing here?”


“Getting the three of you ready for your aunt,” she said with a smile.  “You’re going to get some more training today.”


“So, have some breakfast, go and clean yourselves up, and then come down here,” Amy said as she poured two cups of coffee.  “You won’t need to change – not at first, anyway.”



The clock struck nine as the two girls sat down in the front room.  Amy joined them, having tucked her feet into a pair of white socks, and sat down in her white nightdress.


“Now,” Anne said as she sat next to Amy, “We’re going to get ready to surprise Veronica when she arrives.  Your mother has suggested that the three of you be unable to warn her of what is coming, so are you up for a little early playing?”


“OF course we are,” Cindy said with a smile.  “Who gets to go first?”


“Call it,” Anne said as she tossed a coin.  Cindy shouted out “Heads,” but her face fell a little when she saw the coin land tails side up.  “Heidi, tied or tying first,” Anne said, and noticed the grin on Heidi’s face when she said “Tying.”


“Figures,” Cindy said as she turned round and offered her wrists to Heidi.  Anne reached into her bag and drew out a long blue oblong of silk, which she handed to Heidi.  “Wrists crossed, make sure it is snug,” she said as she watched Heidi tie her friend’s arms together, passing the scarf round and between them as she secured them tightly.


“Feels nice,” Cindy said as she looked over her shoulder and moved her arms up and down.  Heidi took a second long silk length and wrapped it around Cindy’s waist, forcing her wrists against her back and keeping them in place.  “Why don’t you have a seat,” Anne said, and as Cindy sat down she handed Heidi a third scarf.


“Tie her ankles together,” she said, and as Heidi knelt down and secured Cindy’s legs she took a small sponge ball and a roll of microfoam tape out of her bag.  As Heidi stepped back and looked at the band of pale blue around Cindy’s ankles, she took the ball from Anne and scrunched it in her hand.


“I guess the same thing is going to be happening to me,” Heidi said as Cindy looked at her friend.  “It had better,” she said before allowing Heidi to push the ball into her mouth, and then smooth a length of the tape over her jaw and lips.


“It will be,” Anne said as she handed a set of scarves over to Amy.  “Why don’t you start tying Heidi up – I need to get three things from your room.”


“Sure,” Amy said as she turned Heidi round and pulled her arms behind her back.  “This is all your idea,” Heidi said as she felt the soft band of material forcing her wrists together.  “The first part is, yes,” Amy said as she looked at her daughter.  “Anne will decide what happens after that.  This is going to hold, you know – no getting these knots undone easily.”


“We’ll see,” Heidi said as Amy wrapped the second scarf around her slim waist, fixing her arms into place.  “Do I get to sit behind Cindy?”


“That’s the idea,” Amy said as Heidi took her place against Cindy, her friend moving herself round so that they were sitting back to back.  As Amy secured her legs together, she saw Anne coming back in with three of her mother’s headscarves.


“We don't want you helping each other,” she said as she drew a large coil of soft rope out of the bag.  “Amy, why don’t you help me to get these two nice and cosy, before I blindfold them.”


“Blndfld,” Cindy mumbled as Amy took a second sponge and knelt in front of her daughter. “Gssso,” Heidi mumbled as she in turn was gagged, before Anne and Amy took a scarf each and folded them into wide bands.


“All will become clear,” Amy said as she blindfolded Cindy, while Amy took care of her daughter.  The two of them sat there, listening to Amy and Anne talking before Heidi’s mother was also muted, and then there was silence for a quarter of an hour.  They sat still, waiting for the moment when Aunt Veronica would arrive and the party could really begin.





As she rang the doorbell, Veronica wondered what her half-sister and her daughter had in store for her today.  She had dressed casually – or as casually as she got, with a light fawn roll necked sweater and trousers and a pair of open toed three inched heel sandals.


There was no reply, so Veronica opened the screen door and tried the handle.  As the door swung noiselessly inside, she stepped in and closed the two doors behind her.


“Amy?  Heidi?” she called out, but there was no answer.  “If you jump out and surprise me, I swear I will get my own back on you,” she said as she walked into the kitchen, but there was no sign of any of the family.


“Curiouser and Curiouser,” Veronica said to herself as she looked round, before she made her way into the front room.  “Oh my,” she said as she stopped in the doorway, “what on earth is going on here?”


She could see Heidi and Cindy sitting back to back on the floor, their mouths covered with tape and scarves tied over their eyes.  Both of them had their wrists tied behind their backs, and their ankles secured together as they sat in their night clothes.


More of interest to Veronica was Amy, who was lying face down on the long recliner in the front room.  She was in her nightdress, but her wrists were crossed and tied behind her back with one end of a long length of rope.  The rope was wrapped around her waist and legs, before it had been sued to tie her ankles together over a pair of long socks.  “Amy,” Veronica whispered, and as her sister turned she saw that she too had her mouth covered with tape, and a black silk scarf tied over her eyes.


“Don’t move a muscle,” she heard a familiar voice behind her say, and she slowly raised her arms.  “What have you done to my family,” Veronica said quietly, instantly starting to play along with the game.  “The same as I’m going to do with you,” Anne said as she took Veronica by the arm.  “Come over here, sit down and shut up.”





Heidi had heard her aunt come in, but had said nothing.  She was wondering what Anne was going to say, and did not want to spoil the fun.  Instead, she squeezed Cindy’s hand, getting a reassuring response as she listened to Anne talking with Veronica, and then Anne alone with some occasional grunts. 


She heard Anne walking over, and then felt the scarf been removed from her eyes.  As she blinked, she looked up and took in the sight in front of her.


Her mother was lying on her side on the couch, her lower body encased in rope and her hands behind her back, with a scarf over her eyes and tape over her mouth.  Turning her head, she saw Aunt Veronica sitting there, her wrists behind her back and her ankles lashed with a length of rope between them.  She also was blindfolded and gagged, as she tried to move her head around.


“FNE,” she heard from behind her, and turning her head the other way she saw Cindy looking at her mother, the blindfold removed from her eyes as well.  Anne was standing in the doorway that led to the kitchen, a smile on her lips.


“All right,” she finally said, “Welcome to the Veronica Cabot Special Day.  The first part of the day is simple – this is an escaping challenge.  You each need to free yourselves and the first person to get free gets to decide what happens to everybody else.”


“Ncldngu” Amy mumbled as she twisted round on the recliner.


“Including me,” Anne said as she looked at the two young girls and raised her finger to her lips.  “I’ll be watching, so on your marks...  Get set...  GO!”


Heidi watched her mother start to twist round, her nightdress riding slightly up as she tried to get her hands free, while Veronica was probing around the ropes on her wrists to try and find the rope.  She could feel Cindy move round behind her as she tried to loosen the scarf that held her wrist tightly together, but Heidi sat still for a moment.  She looked round the room, hunting for something she had seen earlier, and saw it sitting by the front of the recliner.


She started to inch herself forward, pushing her bottom along the floor and extending her legs, until she got to where the nail file was sitting on the wooden surface.  Reaching it, she turned round and looked over her shoulder as she grabbed hold of the object in one hand, turning it so that the narrow blade was point up, and started to push the metal into the folds of the knot that held her wrists firmly against her waist.


Cindy looked up from where she was lying on her floor, rolling her eyes and grunting “Dmt” as she saw the scarf around her friend’s waist loosen and start to fell down onto her lap.  Heidi nodded as she looked over, saying “dntwre” as she started to push the file into the scarf around her wrists.  Slowly, carefully, she worked on and loosened the knot until she managed to get one hand free and bring her hands round, removing the scarf from her other wrist as she did so.


As she reached down and released her ankles, she winked at Cindy.  Her friend expected Heidi to take her gag off next and declare victory, but instead she crawled over and helped her to get out of her bonds as well.  As Cindy rubbed her wrists and reached down to untie her ankles, Heidi peeled the tape away from her mouth, spat out the sponge and said “WINNERR!!!”


“Hgd,” Veronica said as Cindy removed her own gag.  Heidi jumped to her feet and removed the blindfold from her mother’s eyes, allowing her to look over at Veronica as she sat on the floor with a bump.  “Gtcha” she mumbled as Anne walked over and started to untie Veronica, Heidi and Cindy doing the same for her.


“Well done, Heidi,” Anne said as Veronica rubbed her wrists.  “You won the challenge, so now you get to decide what game we get to play next.”


“You said you were going to take part as well, Anne, right?”


“She did,” Veronica said as she rubbed her wrists, “and I hope you make her pay for this.”


“Happy birthday, Sis,” Amy said after she had removed her own gag.  “Surprised?”


“Should have seen this coming,” was her response as she sat back on the chair.  “All right then – what are we going to do next?”


“Want to help me out Cindy,” Heidi said as she turned to her friend.


“Sure – what do you have in mind?”


“I think the two of us and mum need to get washed up and changed first,” Heidi said with a smile on her face, “and then we can have a drink.  I have an idea for what game we can play next.”


“I really need to go to the toilet anyway,” Amy said as she stood up.  “Put the coffee on, you two – we’ll be back in a few minutes.”




As Amy walked back into the kitchen, she saw Veronica and Anne talking at the breakfast bar.  Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she walked over and sat next to them.


“Expecting some exercise, Amy,” Veronica said as she looked at her sister.  She was wearing a leotard of diagonal stripes of black, blue and green, over a black bodysuit.  A pair of black socks was over her feet.


“You just gave my daughter and her very imaginative friend control of the rest of the morning,” she said as she sipped her coffee.  “If you think we’re getting out of this one easily, you’re wrong.”


“Wait and see,” Heidi said as she and Cindy walked back in.  Heidi was wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt and denim shorts, while Cindy was wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse.  “It’s Saturday, dear,” Amy said as she looked at her, “You don’t need to dress up.”


“Heidi’s idea,” Cindy said as she poured herself a glass of coke, “You’ll see why later.”


“We start again when you have finished your coffee,” Heidi said as she looked at the three women.  “I think you’re going to really enjoy what I have in store.”


“What has that devious little mind of yours come up with,” Anne asked as she looked at the tow girls, standing there innocently.  “Drink up your coffee and you’ll find out,” Veronica said as she took a long sip.  “I think it’s going to be fun anyway.”


As they walked back into the front room, the three women saw that the floor had been cleared, as the young girls stood there waiting.  “Ready?” Cindy asked as they stood there.  “Right then – please, sit down on the floor next to each other.”


As Amy sat herself down, she saw Heidi produce a roll of white medical tape from behind her back.  “Who wants to be first,” she said with an evil grin on her face.  “I will,” Anne said, “After all, I’ve been lucky so far.”


“Hands behind your back,” she said as she walked behind Anne and squatted down.  As she held the older woman’s wrists behind her back, palm to palm, and started to tape them together, Cindy produced a second roll and knelt at her feet, removing her ankle boots before she started to tape her ankles together.


The two girls worked quickly, taping the wrists of each of the women behind her back and their ankles together, before helping them to shuffle round and rest their backs against the recliner.


“So what are you going to do now,” Veronica said as she looked at her sister, “Tell us some stories to make us laugh?”


“No,” Heidi said as she walked behind the chair, “We’ve decided to get your day off to a fun start.”  She leaned down and produced tow feather dusters.  “Cindy, why don’t you take off my aunt’s shoes – she needs to feel this as well.”


The three women shrank back as Cindy quickly removed Veronica’s sandals, and took a duster from Heidi.  “Ready,” the blonde haired girl said with a grin as she stepped forward...



“Hold on,” Cindy said quietly, “We need to do make sure they get the full benefit of this.”


Kneeling down, she slid off the white ankle socks that covered her feet.  Moving along, she pulled the black socks off Amy’s feet and deposited both pairs on the couch behind them.


“Damn – I hoped you would not notice,” Amy said with a mock sense of resignation, but the smile on her lips told Heidi she knew what was coming.  “Girls, it has been a pleasure knowing youAHHHHHAAAAAAA.”


The touch of the feather in Heidi’s hand on the soles of her feet was what had sent Amy into a fit of laughter, the gentle stroke enough to tickle her.  “Please.... OH PLEASE DON'T HHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA,” was all she could say as Cindy started to tickle her on the sole of her other foot as well.  Veronica looked over at her sister, a wry look on her face as she said “Just be glad it’s your feet they’re tickling, Amy – if they really knew...”


“Oh yes,” Heidi said as she moved over to kneel in front of her aunt.  “Is there something you want to tell us, Aunt Veronica?”


“Me – no, no, just forget what I was saying.”


“Now, Veronica, you know you canNNHHDFGGGSDFHAAAAAAA”.  Anne had started to goad her old friend, but the touch on the soles of her feet of Cindy’s feather sent her into a fit of laughter as well.  As she squirmed round, Amy composed herself enough to say “Heidi, you do know that your aunt is far more ticklish than I am.”


“Really,” Heidi said, and as she tickled the sole of Veronica’s foot she was surprised to see her close her eyes and drew her feet right back, her lips tightly closed but quivering as she tried her best not to laugh out loud.


“Give me a hand here Cindy,” Heidi said, and the other two women watched as the young girls began their assault on Veronica.  Even as she tried to draw her feet back, Cindy and Heidi grabbed a leg each and pulled them back down, before starting to tickle her soles.


The reaction was both instantaneous and unexpected as Veronica thrashed her upper body from side to side, the peals of laughter escaping from her mouth as she closed her eyes and yelled between attacks “For the love of God, stop it – I can’t take much more of this.”


Her pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears, as Heidi and Cindy continued their merciless assault on her feet.  It was even more torture to hear Amy say “Keep it up girls – she’s easily the most ticklish one here.”


“Ohhh....  Ohhhh.   All right, all right, stop, I‘ll tell you,” Veronica eventually said as her cheeks turned red from the laughter.  As the two girls let go of Veronica and shuffled back, she sat there taking in great gulps of air until she managed to compose herself.


“Amy,” Anne said as she leaned over and whispered to her friend, “Are you sure you wanted to encourage the girls to treat Veronica that way?”


“Now why do you say that?”


“Because,” Veronica said eventually, “I can tell them that your really ticklish spot is under your knees.  I always made you collapse in a heap with just one touch.”


“Oh no, you....”


Heidi and Cindy looked at each other, and then stood up and walked quickly to take up position either side of Heidi’s mother.  “If I was you,” Veronica said to Anne, “I’d be shuffling a little bit along the floor, out of their way.  I know what’s going to happen...”


Amy looked out of the side of her eye, watching the two women shuffling away and whispering “I’ll get you for thissssSSSSSSSSSSAAHHHHHHHH”.  The two girls had lifted her bound legs slightly and now were tickling her under her knees, their fingers easily felt through the leggings.  Her eyes closed, her mouth open as she kept laughing, she slid over onto her side, her head landing on Anne’s legs as she started to try to kick her legs out.


“Enjoying yourself now, Amy?”  Veronica smiled as she watched her sister thrashing around, the younger girls moving out of the way as quickly as they could while still continuing to tickle her.  The sweat was starting to form on her face as she eventually said “ahhhhhhh – enough, enough!  I give in, just stop tickling me please!”


“Do you concede defeat then,” Heidi said as she stepped back.  “I do, I do,” her mother said with short pants.  “Please, let me catch my breath, and in return I’ll tell you something.”




“Anne has very ticklish ribs.”


“She’s right,” Veronica said as she slid a little further out of the way.  “Very, very ticklish ribs indeed.”


Anne looked from one side to the other, at the two older women and the two girls as they came closer.  “Oh, you are both going to regret this later,” she said as they advanced, the feathers dropping to their sides as they started to tickle her over her jumper.


As Amy and Veronica watched her silently collapsing onto her side, they looked at each other.  “Turnabout is fair play,” Veronica said as Anne gasped under the onslaught, the fingers reaching parts she did not even know were ticklish.


“Heidi, when are you going to let us go,” Amy eventually said as she watched her daughter stand up.


“I’m not going to,” she said as Cindy stood beside her, “You’re going to have to free each other, and if you don’t so it in the time I say we go on to the next forfeit.  While she catches her breath, I’ll help you and Aunt Veronica to get onto your knees.”


As Veronica was helped up, she shuffled herself over so that she was facing her sister, the legs of her slacks pulled up under her knees.  As the two girls checked the tape around their wrists and ankles, Anne slowly got herself onto her own knees and shuffled round to join them.


“Cindy has asked if she can join you for this game,” Heidi said as her friend knelt down next to Anne, her skirt riding up slightly as she knelt down.  Taking the roll of medical tape, Heidi quickly taped Cindy’s wrists and ankles together, before looking at the four captives.


“It’s very simple really – you have five minutes to get yourselves free, but you are not allowed to use your hands to do so.”


“Is that all,” Veronica said with a smile on her face, “Not much of a challenge is it – we can just use our mouths.”


“Funny you should mention that,” Heidi said as she held two clean pairs of ankle socks up.  “Ready, Cindy?”


“Ready,” her friend said as Heidi pushed one of the socks between her teeth, allowing her to close her lips over the cotton before placing a strip of the tape over them.  “I knew there had to be a catch,” Amy said before she too was gagged in the same way, Heidi working her way round until all four were facing each other, their eyes staring over the tape.


“I’ll be generous,” Heidi said as she sat herself up on a stool,” and gave them all a smile.  “You have ten minutes – and if any of you do get free, you pick the next forfeit.  Ready, get set – go!”



Heidi sat down in an armchair, watching as the four captives started to wriggle round and try and free their hands.  She noticed that Cindy wasn’t really trying – instead she rolled over onto her side and watched as the three older women looked at each other, trying desperately to get free themselves.


Anne was looking over her shoulder, twisting her wrist from side to side in an attempt to loosen the tape around them, while Veronica had sat herself up and was concentrating on her feet, moving them up and down against each other as the tape moved with them.  In both their cases, the lack of success was as obvious as the sweat that was starting to pour down both their faces.


She looked over at her mother, who in contrast to the other two was kneeling quite still, her eyes closed as if she was in concentration.  Heidi watched, fascinated as her mother’s shoulders moved from time to time, almost as if she was doing something...


She glanced at the clock, which showed that eight minutes had passed, when she heard her mother saying “Yssss.”  Looking over, she saw that Amy had brought her hands round to her front, the end of the tape dangling off one of her wrists, before she reached up and peeled away the tape over her mouth.  As she spat the sock out, Veronica let out a loud groan.


“Yes, sis, I can still the fingernail trick,” Amy said as she unwound the tape around her ankles.  “Right, young lady – you get the others free while I start some coffee brewing, and then we can have some lunch.  After that, I believe it is my turn?”


“All right, mum,” Heidi said as she stood up and walked over to her Aunt Veronica, peeling away the tape and removing the sock from her mouth.  “You realise, of course, this means war,” she said as she worked her jaw.


“Yeah – I think Mum’s going to get us good,” Heidi said as she took a pair of scissors and cut the binding away from Veronica’s wrists.  “At least we get to have lunch beforehand.”






The clock on the living room floor was showing two as the small party came back from the kitchen area, having eaten from some pizzas that Amy had ordered.  As Heidi and Veronica sat on the long couch, Cindy sat herself in one armchair and Anne in the other as they waited. Presently, Amy came back into the room, carrying a small canvas bag.


“We’re going to make use of these,” she said as she pulled open the bag and took out several lengths of soft white rope.  “Veronica, Anne – feel like a little revenge on our two miscreants here?”  The two older women glanced at each other before Veronica said “Cindy, darling, I want you to come over here and stand next to Heidi in front of us.”


As Cindy walked over and Heidi stood up, Amy left the room for a few minutes, returning with a large plastic sheet that she started to place on the floor.  Anne stood up and collected two lengths of rope, handing one to Veronica as she sat where Heidi had been sitting.  “Turn round, girls,” Anne said as Veronica made a stirring motion with her finger.  “Here we go,” Heidi said as she turned her back to her aunt, and felt her arms been pulled back.


She glanced at Cindy as Anne crossed her friend’s wrists behind her back and started to lash them together, even as she felt the pressure of the rope on her own wrists.  Veronica applied a simple tie, several times around and twice between to tighten the loops, before tying the ends off and tucking them back into the binding.  By this time Amy had spread the plastic sheet on the floor, smoothing out any bumps as she did so.


“Bring them over here,” she said as she stood up, “and help them to lie down on their stomachs.”  As Veronica and Anne stood up and walked the two younger girls over, they looked at each other, wondering why the sheet had been laid down.  Veronica helped Heidi to kneel down and then lie on her stomach, before accepting another length of rope from her sister.


“Cross her ankles and tie them together,” Amy said as Cindy lay on her stomach.  Anne and Veronica bound the ankles of both girls together, before Anne handed them another, longer length of rope each.


“Hogtie?” Veronica said as she looked at Amy.  “Hogtie – but not too strict a one, just enough to keep their ankles off the ground.”  Smiling at Anne, Veronica pulled Heidi’s legs up so that her feet were about a foot off the ground, and wound one end of the rope around her ankles.  Passing it up and around her wrists, she took it back down and secured the rope in placer, leaving her niece rocking very slightly on the ground.


As Anne stood up and checked Cindy, the two young friends looked at each other and smiled.  “Have you got any idea what your mother is planning?” Cindy said as she tried to stretch her legs out.  “Not a clue – but I know we’re not the only ones who are going to end up like this,” Heidi said as she watched her mother take a coin out of her pocket.


“Call it, Veronica,” Amy said with a smile as she tossed the coin in the air, “Heads or Tails?”  Veronica watched the coin as it spun in the air, calling out “HEADS!” as it landed on the sheet.  The three women looked down, before Amy looked up and said “Your choice – bound or bind?”


“Bind – definitely bind,” Veronica said as she picked a length of rope out of the bag and spun Anne round, pulling her arms behind her back and lashing her wrists together, keeping the rope over the cuffs of her black jumper as she wound it round and between her arms.  Eventually, she gave a satisfied grunt as she pulled the coils tightly around Anne’s wrists, tied the ends off and tucked them in out of reach of her fingers.


Anne knelt down next to Cindy, before lying herself down on her stomach, crossing her ankles as she did so.  “Comfy, Heidi,” she said as she felt the rope going around her bare ankles, forcing her legs together.


“It’s not too tight,” Heidi said as she rolled  onto her side and watched her aunt tying Anne’s ankles together, and then securing them to her wrists in a hogtie as well.


“What about you, Cindy – think you could get yourself out of this?”


Cindy tugged at her wrists as she pulled her ankles down.  “I think I could,” she eventually said, “but I don’t want to – I want to see what Heidi’s mother is up to.”


“You’ll find out soon enough,” Amy said as she took Veronica by the arm, helped her to stand up and walked over to stand beside Heidi.  The young girl turned over onto her other side as she watched her mother bind her sister’s wrists together as well, and then lie down before placing her in the same position as the other three.


“Now then,” Amy said as she walked behind the bound quartet, “before I start the next game off there is something I need to do.”  She leaned down and pulled the socks off of her daughter’s feet.  Heidi looked over her shoulder, saw the evil grin on her mother’s face and said “Oh no, no you don’t, no you AAHAHHHHHHAAAAHHAAAAAAAAA”  The touch of her mother’s fingers on the soles of her feet had sent her into a spasm of laughter, with no relief as she continued to tickle Heidi.  Her grip on her daughter’s ankles was tight, so there was no escape for her as she kept laughing and trying to twist out of the way.


“That, young lady, will teach you to tickle me where I really am ticklish,” Amy said as she finally let go of her daughter’s feet.  “And don’t for one minute think I’ve forgotten about you, young lady,” she continued as she pulled the socks off Cindy’s feet and tickled her as well.  If anything, her reaction was even more extreme, as she rolled over onto her back in her attempts to get away from the probing fingers.


“PLEEEASASSSSEEEEE OH GODDDDDDD STTOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP” she screamed out before Amy let go of her as well, waiting until she had calmed down before rolling Cindy back onto her stomach.  “As for you, ‘old friend’,” Amy said as she walked behind Veronica and grabbed her feet, “This is for telling them about my knees.”


“AHHHHHHAAHHHHHHHAHAHHHHHHSSSTTOOOPPAAHHHAHAAAA” Veronica exploded as she felt the touch on the soles of her own feet, sending her into spasms as the other three watched.  This carried on for a few more minutes, before Amy finally let go and walked round to stand in front of the four others.


“Now then,” she said as she wiped her brow, “Who would like some ice cream?”


“Ahhhhh – what do you mean?”  Veronica finally was able to breath after the tickle attack, as she looked up at her aunt.


“I mean, who wants some ice cream – Chunky Monkey suit everyone?”  She turned and walked back into the kitchen, eventually returning with four bowls which she laid on the far side of the sheet, Heidi watching her every move.


“What are you going to do, mum – spoon feed us,” Amy said as she looked up, before realising two things.  One was that the her mother was only carrying one spoon in her hand, which she kept as she sat down on the long seat, putting her legs up as she did so.


The other was the look on her aunt’s face, as Veronica looked up and said “You don’t mean...”


“Oh yes I do,” Amy said as she took a spoonful of ice cream from her bowl.  “First person to finish gets to pick the next game.  Have fun.”  She placed the spoon in her mouth and smiled, watching the others as the banana and chocolate slowly melted in her mouth...





“I am so going to get you for this,” Veronica said as she forced herself up unto her knees and pushed herself forward, falling back onto her stomach as she inched forward.  For her part, Anne started to move her body from side to side, slowly, slowly working backwards towards the bowl.


“I’m not going to be able to hop,” Heidi said as she rolled onto her back and brought her knees up, pushing herself back on her bottom as she looked over her shoulder.  She watched Cindy, lying there with her eyes closed, and called out “Hey, dummy, do you want to be last?”


“Uh uh,” her friend said as she pushed herself onto her knees and shuffle forwards as best she could, Amy watching all the time as they got closer and closer to the bowls of slowly melting ice cream.  As Veronica reached the bowl, she raised her head and used her chin to pull the china towards herself.


“A spoon would have been nice,” she said as she looked up at her sister.


“And tell me, how would you have used it?”


“Ng,” was the only response as Veronica lowered her head into the bowl and scooped a mouthful of ice cream into her mouth, the other three coming up in their own way and starting work on theirs as well.  As Amy watched, their faces grew steadily more and browner as the bowls grew more and more empty.  Eventually, and much to Veronica’s surprise, it was Cindy who looked up and said “Finished!”, her mouth ringed in brown chocolate.


Amy stood up from the couch, carefully avoiding the pools of brown liquid that lay on the plastic, and looked at the bowl.  “Licked clean as well – impressive,” she said as the others looked on.  “I guess that means you get to pick the next game, Cindy.  What do you have in mind?”


“Wait and see,” the young dark haired girl said as she watched Heidi’s mother untie her.  “I think we all need to get washed and changed, however.”  As she said this, she looked at the brown chocolate stains on her own clothes, as well as the stain on Heidi’s top that went from her neck to the belt of her shorts.


“I guess so,” Amy said as she walked over to her daughter.  “I’ll clear up here – Anne, you can borrow some clothes from me if you want.”


“No need – I brought a couple of spare outfits.  I just need to know what this young lady here would like us to wear.”


“Something casual and smart,” Cindy said with a grin, “and make sure your ankles are covered.”





As Heidi walked back into the room, she saw Cindy laying out various lengths of rope.  She had changed into a brown roll necked sweater and jeans, with a pair of black felt boots over the lower part of the legs.  Cindy was now wearing a black jumper and stretch pants, with black socks covering her feet and a pair of plimsolls over them. 


“So are you going to tell me what you are thinking about,” Heidi said as her mother came in, fastening the cuff buttons on her blue silk blouse.  She was also wearing jeans, with a pair of white socks over her feet.


“I want to do a twist on something we did for your birthday,” Cindy said as she looked up, “and I think you’re going to enjoy it.”  As she said that, Anne came back in.  She was now wearing a grey jumper and pants, with short black leather boots.  Veronica was the last to arrive, wearing a short sleeved blue t-shirt and tight grey leggings with ankle socks.


“I don’t know what you’re planning, Cindy,” she said as she sat down, “but I refuse to wear my going out outfit for this.  We are going out later, aren’t we?”


“I’ve booked a table for 6,” Amy said as she looked at the lengths of rope.  “All right, what are we going to do first?”


“Heidi, can you and Anne kneel on the floor facing each other, and then out your arms round each other’s waist please?”


“I’m not sure, how far they will go, but all right,” Heidi said as she knelt on the floor, waiting for Anne to go on the floor in front of her.  As Anne embraced the young girl, Heidi put her arms round, but found she could not bring her hands together.


“No problem,” Cindy said as she took a length of rope, walked behind Anne and quickly fastened the end around her friend’s left wrists, bringing it across Anne’s back, she then fastened the rope around the other wrist, passing it between the two several times before securing the ends around the band between Heidi’s arms.


Walking behind her friend, she brought Anne’s wrists together and secured them with a second length of rope, passing it around and between them before tying the ends off.  “When you surprised us on Cindy’s birthday, I saw her and her mother like this, and I wanted to see if I could do something similar,” Cindy said as she picked up another length, pushed Anne’s legs together and tied it around her ankles.


As she did the same to Heidi, she used yet another length to secure Anne’s ankles to the rope around Heidi’s wrists, before doing the same on the other side.  “Now, try not to full over,” she said as she turned back to the couch.  “Mrs Strong, Miss Cabot, I need you to kneel on the floor facing each other as well.”


As she busied herself securing the two older women together, Anne looked at Heidi and whispered “What do you think she intends us to do?”


“I have no idea,” the young girl said as she watched her mother’s wrists been secured to her aunt’s ankles, “but whatever it is, I don’t think she wants us to struggle too much.”


“Now,” Cindy said as she went back to the couch, “I need to blindfold all four of you before I begin.”  She picked up an old woollen scarf and bound it over Heidi’s eyes, using other scarves on the three older women.  The cloth completely cut off Heidi’s vision, as she listened to Cindy walking out of the room.


“Can you reach the knots,” she heard her mother saying, and then Veronica replying “No – but something tells me escaping is not her intention.”


“Quite right,” she heard Cindy say, “Open wide.” 


As she heard her mother say “Whmmmmm” and then her aunt mumbling as well, she heard her friend saying “Do nothing until I say so.”  There were footsteps over, before she heard Anne say “What are yoummmm” and then Cindy whisper “Open wide.”


Heidi felt something been pushed into her mouth – something that tasted a lot like....


“Your task is simple,” Cindy said, “Whoever can eat their gag between them first wins.  You must not drop it, or else you are disqualified.  Go!”


“Doughnut gags – novel,” Heidi said to herself as she slowly chewed at the soft sweet item in her mouth, wondering how long it would take the others to finish.


The silence lasted for several minutes, punctuated as it was by mumbles and the sound of swallowing, until Veronica took a deep breath and shouted “HA!  Won one of these games at last!”


“Nlyjst” Amy said as she swallowed the last of the doughnut.  “Well done, birthday girl – what do you intend to do now?”


“Unite us, Cindy,” Veronica said as the scarf was removed from over her eyes, “so you and Mrs Strong get to perform the next game between you if you so wish.”  Removing the scarves from the others, Cindy then went to remove the ropes around them.


Heidi watched as her mother and aunt was untied, wondering exactly what they were likely to get up to.  As she was also released, Veronica gathered up the ropes and laid them out neatly on the couch.  “Anne, I think you can sit this one out as well,” Veronica said as he friend rubbed her wrists.  “It will give the three of us a chance to get ready while they are – otherwise occupied.”


“This does not sound good,” Cindy said as she helped Heidi to stand up.  “Oh, you might enjoy this,” Veronica said as she handed the young girl a length of rope.  “You can start by tying Heidi’s wrists together behind her back, palms together.”


“I guess we’re going to spending some time together,” Heidi said as she stood still, looking over her shoulder as Cindy wrapped the rope around and between her bare wrists.  Veronica handed Cindy a second length of rope, which she used to bind her friend’s ankles together over the black felt.


“Just push that over her lips now,” Veronica said as she handed Cindy a strip of white tape.  “Better pucker up,” she said as she looked at Heidi, who merely raised her eyes and pouted as the tape was smoothed into place.


“Nicely done, Cindy,” Veronica said with a smile, “now, do the same to your mouth.”  She handed the dark haired girl a second length of tape and smiled as she watched her gag herself.  “Now, give Heidi a great big hug,” she said, and as Cindy reached round and pulled Heidi into herself she quickly tied her wrists together, attaching the binding to that around Heidi’s with a short length of rope.


“Help me out here, girls,” Veronica said as she leaned down and pushed Cindy’s ankles together.  As they were bound with rope, the two girls watched Amy bind their upper bodies together around their waists, while Anne bound them around their legs above their knees.


“One last thing,” Veronica said as she picked up two of the scarves.  Cindy closed her eyes as the cloth went over her eyes, blacking out her sight as Heidi was similarly blindfolded.


“Now, young ladies,” Veronica said as she stood back, “you merely have to tell me who is tickling you.”


“Hwwhnrlprsld,” Cindy mumbled, only to start squealing as she felt a pair of fingers lightly tickling her ribs.  Normally, when somebody tickled her, she would collapse on the floor, but on this occasion she could not, owing to the fact that Heidi was bound to her.  What made it worse was she could hear her friend squealing through the tape as she was been tickled as well.


What they could not see was Amy and Veronica quietly slipping out of the door as Anne tickled them, one hand on the ribs of each girl, watching them trying to get out of the way and not knock each other over as they did so.





As the blindfold was removed from Heidi’s eyes, she could see the clock showing the time at 5 pm.  Her mother was sitting in a chair, watching the two girls and smiling, but dressed now in a long blue sleeveless dress that buttoned up the front and a pair of open toed sandals.


Anne was wearing a black blouse and leather skirt, with knee length black fabric boots, as she watched the two girls been released from their last set of bonds.  Peeling the tape away from her mouth, she looked at Veronica, dressed in a cream silk blouse and grey jacket and skirt.


“I don’t know who tickled me,” she said as she looked at the three older women, “but I need to get cleaned up.”


“You have,” Amy said as she looked at her watch, “thirty minutes to get showered and changed, and then we need to head to the restaurant.  Hurry up now –we don’t have all day.”


Heidi and Cindy ran out of the room, as the other three sat down to discuss the events of the day so far.  Twenty five minutes later, the two girls came back in, Heidi in blue denim skirt and blouse while Cindy was wearing a white jumper and a pair of mid-length brown culottes.


“Right,” Amy said as she stood up, ”Let’s go and celebrate the birthday with a decent meal.”  The party of five headed off, locking and closing the door behind them.







The clock showed nine as they came back into the house, the two younger girls sitting down on the couch as Amy poured a drink for the other three.


“So, sis,” she said as she handed Veronica a glass, “Have you enjoyed your birthday?”


“I have, yes,” she said with a smile, “but I think we may have time to play one more game.  Heidi, can you look and see what films are on tonight?”


The young girl picked up the television remote and flashed through the channels on the on-screen guide.  “Hmmm – they’re showing Hairspray at 9.45.  Why?”


“Anne, will you do us all one last favour,” Veronica said as she took her friend by the arm.  They walked over to one side, and talked in low whispers, before Veronica came back over and said “Cindy, Heidi – go and change into your night clothes and come back down here.  Amy and I will be waiting for you.”


“Wonder what she has in mind,” Cindy said as they walked up the stairs.  “Don’t know – I know it’s one of my aunt’s favourite films, so I guess we’re going to watch it, but if Anne is going to...”  Heidi stopped still for a moment, a smile slowly spreading across her face.




“Come on,” she said as she started to run up the stairs, “let’s get ready.”


It was 9.15 when they came down the stairs, dressed in fresh clothing given their sleeping garments from last night were still dirty.  Cindy had put on a long white nightdress, with short puffed sleeves, while Heidi was wearing a short blue t-shirt with thin white stripes and matching knee length britches.


“Excellent,” Veronica said as they came in.  “Amy, you need to go and get changed now as well, while Anne and I make the girls comfortable.”  As Amy walked out of the room, she turned to see Veronica as she said “stand facing the couch, girls, and put your hands behind your back,” as Anne handed her a large roll of white tape.


It took ten minutes for Amy to strip out of her outfit and put on a spaghetti strap top made of pink silk, and a matching pair of shorts.  Coming back down the stairs, she was not surprised to see Heidi and Cindy sitting on the floor, their hands behind their back and white tape around their ankles.  She could also see tape around her daughter’s legs, just below her knees, and presumed Cindy’s legs were bound in the same way from the way she moved her legs.


“Your turn, Amy,” Anne said as Veronica left the room, smiling as she did so.  She quickly taped her wrists together behind her back, before sitting her down on the couch and taping her ankles together.  The final band went around her legs below her knees, as she looked at the two younger girls looking up from their position on the floor.


“What is this,” Amy said as she twisted her legs round.


“Micropore tape,” Anne said as she tore a long strip off.  Amy could see the strip over the mouths of both young girls, their lips visible underneath the tightly stretched fabric.  “It won’t hurt, but it will stop you from talking too much.”




“But me no buts,” Anne said as she pressed the tape over Amy’s mouth, forming it to the shape of her lower jaw as Veronica walked back into the room.  She was now wearing a short red nightdress, held over her shoulders by thin straps, with a white lace collar and hem.


“”We’ve got ten minutes,” Anne said as Veronica turned round and put her hands behind her back.  She taped her wrist tightly together, before sitting her on the other side of the couch and taping her ankles and wrists.


“I’ll leave the scissors on the table over there,” Anne said as she tore a long strip of tape off, “and I’ll start the movie before I go.  Ready?”


“Ready,” Veronica said as her friend gagged her with the form fitting tape.  Walking to the television, she put the appropriate movie channel on and picked up her jacket, throwing it over her arm as she looked at the four women.


“Well, have fun ladies, and I’ll see you soon,” she said as she walked out of the room.  “Thnksn,” Veronica mumbled as the film started, and the four of them watched the Baltimore skyline appear on the screen as the music started.  “Rde,” she said to the other three, and as Tracy Turnbland jumped out of the bed they started to sing along.


Hhh, Wkp tde
Flng twa ilys d
Hhh, hngr fr smtng  tht cnt eet
Thn hr thtbt, Trytm ftwn, Strts clng mdwn
T'slka msgfrm  hgbf
Hhh , Plln mt Te smls nde stts thtilv

Gd mrnng Bltmr
Efridy's lk npndr

As they continued to perform gag karaoke, Heidi looked at her friend, whose eyes smiled back, then at her mother and aunt as their heads rocked from side to side.  It had been a smashing Saturday after all, and one other thought was in her mind as she sang.


What were they going to do tomorrow?





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