Heidi and the Valentine









Heidi and Cindy’s Home, 7.30 am


“Good morning sunshine, it’s a brand new day...”


As Heidi slowly opened her eyes, she could see the sun starting to peek through the curtains of her room. 


“Huh – nice joke,” she said to herself as she sat up, and put on her slippers, before heading out of the room and down to the kitchen.  She was the first one up, so she started a pot of coffee brewing and poured herself some orange juice, before making her way to the front room.


It was as she was passing the front door that she saw the white envelope lying on the mat – and then the red one under it as she lifted it up.  Smiling, she picked p the second envelope and carried them both through to the breakfast bar.  Leaving the red envelope on the surface, she drained her glass, poured herself a coffee and sat down, opening the white envelope and taking out a card with two bears on the front.


Smiling, she looked inside and read “Be my Valentine.  6 tonight, Luigi’s.”


“Valentine’s card?”


“Yeah,” Heidi said as she looked up to see her mother standing there, “I’ve been invited out for Pizza tonight.”


“Guess you’ll be eating out then,” Amy said as she went and poured some coffee.  “Well, I’m planning to take Dorothy out for a meal and a movie anyway, so that solves one problem.  What about Cindy?”


“The contents of this might answer that question,” Heidi said as she tapped the red envelope.  “As it is, however, both of us are helping Roberta and Ellen at the gymnastics club this morning, so further discussion will have to be tabled until later.”


“Very grown up of you,” Amy said with a smile as Cindy came in.


“Hey – can I have a mug of that please?”


“Sure,” Amy said as she poured some coffee into a clean mug and handed it over.  Cindy took a sip, and then picked up the red envelope, smiling as she looked at it.


“Is that from anyone in particular?”


“None of your beeswax,” Cindy said as she opened it and read the message inside.  “I’m going out for dinner tonight, Amy.”


“Right, well that takes care of everyone,” Amy said as she finished her drink.  “You two had better get ready – you need to be at the gym for nine thirty.”



Anne Duncombe’s apartment

8 am


“Yes, yes, I know Sue,” Anne said as she walked round her front room, “but you drew the short straw this time.  And besides, I know how much you love these surveillance posts.


“No, you cannot say that to me.  I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said as she ended the call and put the handset back into the base.  Taking a drink from her mug, she sat down and put the mug on the coffee table, and looked through the morning paper.  She had already showered and changed into a black jumper and leggings, with slippers on her feet.


“Another day in paradise,” Anne said to herself as the phone rang again.  Picking it up, she said “Duncombe?


“Hey – up already?”


She smiled as she leaned back in the couch.


“Yeah, that sounds nice.  I’ll see you at one – and Kayla?


“I love you.”


Ending the call, Anne smiled as she looked at the handset – and then blinked, the handset slowly dropping from her hand as her eyes closed.  The man behind her smiled as she lifted her unconscious body in his arms, and carried her to the door.



8.15 am

Kayla Smith’s Apartment


Putting the handset back on the wall, Kayla smiled as she took off her dressing gown, and stepped into the shower.  It had been an amazing year with Anne, and meeting her for lunch was only the start of a spectacular day that she had planned.


The hot water flowed over her hair and body as it cleansed and revived her, making her feel good before she came out and towelled herself off.  Heading to her bedroom, she changed into a short sleeved white sundress, and put on a pair of three inch heels, before she collected her handbag and headed out to the car.


Getting behind the wheel, she started the car – and then stared straight ahead as she felt the hand on her shoulder.


“Hello,” the female voice said, “your plans for today have been changed.  Kindly lean forward, and put your hands behind your back.”






9.30 am

Sonny’s Coffee Shop


Joanne Birkin was sitting in a corner table, stirring her coffee as she looked out of the store window.  She was wearing a red jumper, jeans and short red boots, and had a faraway look in her face as her hand slipped to her ring finger.


“Still feel funny?”


Joanne smiled as she looked up to see Alexa Johnson standing there, in her black t-shirt, jeans and long duster coat, smiling as she sat down and put her cup on the table.


“I wake up every morning and still wonder if I’m dreaming,” Joanne said with a smile.  “So what do you have planned for today?”


“No real plans, I figured we could just wing that momma,” Alexa said with a smile.


“Heard from Andrea today?”


“Nah – I spoke to her yesterday, and she’s keeping to herself today.  So where do you fancy going?”


“Let’s see what’s on at the cinema later – sound good?”


“Sounds good,” Alexa said with a smile.  “So drink up, and then we’ll head off.”


Joanne and Alexa sat talking for a short while longer, before they left the coffee shop, and headed down the street.  As they went round the corner, they saw a grey panel van parked by the sidewalk – the side door of which opened as they walked past.  Both girls looked inside, and then at each other, before they stepped in, the side door closing before the van drove off.


“Hello, mes amies,” Chloe said as she looked at Joanne and Alexa, “today, you have a very special day ahead of both of you, oui?”


The two girls could only nod as they sat there, wrists secured in front of them with plastic zipties, ankles secured in the same way, and strips of tape covering their mouths.


9.30 am

The High School Gymnasium


“All right girls, start warming up,” the coach shouted out as Jannifer, Natalie and Alice started to stretch their bodies, while Heidi and Cindy set out the water bottles and other equipment.


“So where are you been invited to?”


“Luigi’s.  You?”


“Chang’s.  So we at least know what the two of us are going to be doing later – are you ready to go ahead with the rest of today?”


“Yeah,” Heidi said as Fi ran past, saying “Sorry” as she dropped her bag on the floor and started to warm herself up.


“All right girls,” Bobby said as Nats looked up, like all the other girls wearing a black leotard over a blue body stocking, “let’s start with some floor exercises.”




Cindy nodded and smiled as Fi completed her floor exercise, while Alice did a somersault to come off the beam.


“All right girls, take fifteen,” Bobby said, Amy and Cindy looking at each other as Alice and Nats grabbed a towel and headed for the rest room.  The two girls followed them, grabbing several rolls of athletic tape as they did so...



“Well, that was good,” Nats said as she closed her locker door, and took a swig from the bottle of water she had retrieved.


“Oh yes – so what have you got planned for the rest of today?”


“I haven’t got anything in particular fixed,” Nats said as she looked at Alice, “you?”


“Nah – nothing that can’t be...  Hey you two, what’s up?”


Natalie looked up at the grinning Heidi and Cindy, before groaning and saying “all right – what does Coach want us to do now?”


“Enjoy yourselves,” Heidi said as she held up the roll of athletic tape, “stand up, ladies, and hands behind your back.”


“A kidnapping?  Both of us?  What’s going on Cindy?”


“Sorry, got my orders,” Cindy said as she walked behind Alice, and started to tape her wrists together behind her back, “so be nice, and play nice.”


“All right, I’ll play along,” Nats said as her wrists were taped together, and then opened her mouth to allow Heidi to push a sponge ball into her mouth, and then tape over her lips.  Once Alice was silenced, both girls were surprised to have a set of earplugs out into place, and then a sleep mask secured over their eyes.


Heidi and Cindy walked the two girls over to the rear entrance to the changing rooms, opening the doors as the trunk of the station wagon was opened.  Helping them both to lie down, Heidi started to tape Natalie’s ankles together while Cindy went back in and fetched their bags, placing them into the car as Heidi smoothed the tape over Alice’s ankles.


Closing the rear of the vehicle, they watched as it was driven off, before going back into the changing room and into the main gymnasium.


“Did you make sure they got away all right,” Bobby said, smiling as both girls nodded.


“Right then,” she called out, “team talk...”



10.30 am



As Anne slowly opened her eyes, she mumbled “I’m gonna kill someone for this.”


“Join the queue.”


Turning her head slowly to the left, she saw Kayla looking at her, smiling as she said “hey – lunch may have to wait a little while.”


“Why?  Oh – now I realise why,” Anne said as her eye lien went up, and she saw Kayla’s crossed wrists secured to the headboard of the bed they were lying on, a blue silk belt holding them in place.


Looking up, she then saw her own wrists were secured with a red belt, flexing her fingers as she gently twisted her wrists round.


“Well now – who invited you here,” she eventually said as she looked at Kayla in her sundress.


“Funny thing – this woman was waiting in my car, made me secure, and then drove me here.  You?”


“No idea – but I have my suspicions.  I was talking to you on the phone, ended the call, and then – zap.”




“Zap – I just woke up.  Did you see who brought me in?”


“Nope – you were here when I arrived.  But I think we’ve talked enough, don’t you?”


Kayla moved over and gently kissed Anne, the agent responding in kind as they wriggled round on the bed.


After a few minutes, Anne moved back, smiled and said “I wonder how long they are going to leave us like this?”


“Well,” Kayla said with a smile, “perhaps it would be easier if I did this.”  She slipped her left arm free, and then started to untie Anne’s wrists.


“How did you?”


“Been practising,” Kayla said as Anne untied her, and then they walked out of the room and into the large main room.


“Wondered when you two would be out,” Brian said as he looked at them, “Coffee?”


“Why not – so what are we here for,” Anne said as she and Kayla sat down.


“Some you time for Valentine’s day,” Brian said as he went to the kitchen, and started the coffee machine.  “You will accept our guidance in all things, and in return join us for a two-way romantic dinner tonight.  Sound good?”


“And for the rest of the day?”


“Coffee first,” Brian said as he brought the mugs through, “and then when Sarah gets back, you’ll find out...”


11 am

Heather’s Farm


“We’re here,” James said from the driver’s seat as Chloe cut the zipties away from the ankles of Joanne and Alexa.  She opened the side door of the van and helped them to step out, and then led them to one of the barns that sat behind the farmhouse.


As they walked in, Alexa saw the table set to one side, and then stopped as James cut the strip from her wrists, before she peeled the tape away.


“So, you’ve brought us out here for something,” Joanne said as she looked round.


“Indeed – and you will see what very soon, my dear friends,” Chloe said as she stood there in her usual outfit of v-necked sweater, denim shorts and leggings with Doc Marten boots.  “But for now, please, sit and enjoy some food and drink.”


“Well, we can’t refuse,” Joanne said as she accepted a glass of wine from James.  “So what have you planned for the rest of us today?”


“Don’t worry, we have a dinner reservation to get you two to later,” James said quietly, “with us.  So, have a drink, and then you can hug each other while you get some close personal time together.”


“In what way?”


“With ropes, naturellement,” Chloe said with a smile, “with my tender care as well.”


“I see,” Alexa said as she nibbled on a sandwich, “and will this involve us been unable to escape?”


“I guarantee it.”


“Good,” Joanne said, “just the way I like it.”





As they were talking in the barn, Heather pulled up outside the main farmhouse, and opened the rear of the station wagon, cutting the tape from the ankles of the two girls before she helped them to stand up and walk into the house.


She guided them into the spare room with the three vertical poles, and then without a word made them stand facing each other.


“Whtsggnnn,” Nats mumbled as she fetched some rope, and then she felt her elbows been secured together behind her back, and then rope around her arms and chest.


As she moaned softly, Alice said “whtsggnnnts?”  She then felt Heather securing her own ankles together, and nodded as the ropes framed her chest above and below.


Gently making them kneel, and then lie down, Heather crossed and secured together the ankles of each girl, as well as their legs above and below their knees, and then bent their legs so that she could secure their ankles to their chest ropes.


Without a word, she then pulled off the sleep masks and walked out of the room, both Natalie and Alice blinking as they let their eyes adjust to the sudden bright light.


“Whrrr – nthfrrsspls?”


“Lksslkht – swhthtnw?”


As Natalie wriggled round, she said “gtrrmfssfrr?”


Alice nodded as they managed to wriggle next to each other, and then started to rub their taped mouths on each other’s cheek – their heads occasionally slipping as the tape gags rubbed against each other.  They looked into each other’s eyes, and continued to try and uncover their mouths...




“Well, fancy meeting you here.”


“I did, actually,” Alexa said with a smile as Chloe pulled her closer to Joanne, their bodies bound together with ropes around their waists, stomachs and shoulders.  James had already folded their arms behind their backs and tied their elbows to their wrists, before Chloe held up a double ball gag and said “open nice and wide, mon cheries...”





The Blackwood Residence


Andrea sat on the long couch in her front room, looking at her sketch pad as she completed a pencil drawing of her mother.  The young woman was wearing a light pink tank top and denim jeans, with white socks, and was humming to herself as she heard a knock on the front door.


“Wonder who that can be,” she said as she put her sketch pad down, walked to the door and opened it – only to be confronted by someone holding a large bunch of roses.


“Delivery for a Miss Blackwood – may I bring them in?”


“For me – now who’s sending flowers,” Andrea said as she stood to one side, while the young man walked in and placed them on a side table.


“Is there a message?”


“Yes there is,” he said as he turned round, “hands in the air, and be very quiet.”


“Oh my god,” Andrea whispered quietly as she looked at the gun in the young man’s hand, and slowly raised her hands.


“Very good – is anyone else home?”


Andrea slowly shook her head, as the man said “Very well – go into the front room, and draw the drapes across the windows, and then lie face down on the floor.”  As he said this, he grabbed the telephone wire and pulled it free from the wall, waving the pistol as Andrea slowly walked into the room.


Closing the curtains, she slowly knelt on the ground, and then lay on her stomach as the man pulled her wrists behind her back, securing them together with a plastic zip tie, before he used a second one on her ankles.  Rolling her over, he pushed a balled up handkerchief into her mouth, before using a third zip tie as a makeshift cleave gag.


“Now don’t move,” he said as he stood up, and left the room, Andrea pushing herself up into a seated position as the plastic bit into her cheek...




“Andi?  You in the front room?”


Coral put her handbag down as she closed the door, and removed her overcoat, hanging it on the stand and looking round.  The house was quiet, the large bunch of red roses on the small table the only new thing.


“Someone’s very lucky,” she thought as she looked at them.  Having being to the bank, she was wearing a white blouse under a dark trouser suit, and high heels.


There was a muffled sound from the front room, Coral shaking her head as she walked in and said “Andrea, if you are...”


“Not a word,” the young man said as he held Andrea, the gun planted against her forehead.  Andrea now had several strips of duct tape pressed over her mouth, and ropes holding her arms to her sides, her top pulled up to reveal her bra.  Another rope was running between her legs, and her ankles secured together.


“Well,” he said as he grasped Andrea’s chest, “mom looks even nicer than you.  Go on Mom – take that jacket off, and then kneel down, hands behind your back.  I think both you and your girl here should have a little fun.”


“Andrea, has he...”


The young woman shook her head as she felt behind her back with her fingers, her wrists secured now with ropes. 


“Don’t move,” he said as he walked over, and knelt behind Coral, fishing more rope from a bag by her and starting to bind her wrists together.  Finally, she found the keyfob she was searching for, and pressed down hard on it with her thumb and forefinger...



1 pm

Heather’s Farm



“Hmmm – this is just the way I like it,” Joanne said as she looked into Alexa’s eyes.  The two women were stripped to their bra and panties, their arms wrapped round each other and their wrists bound with rope behind each other’s back.  Both were also wearing crotch ropes, a short length of rope linking their wrists to the other’s crotch ropes.


“Eh bien,” Chloe said as she pulled the final rope around their thighs, and passed it between their bodies, so that they were held at ankles, legs and chest, “Do you think you will be happy again like this for a while?”


“Oh I think so,” Alexa said with a sigh, “but this would not be your handiwork without your patented gag, would it?”


“Of course not,” Chloe said as she pushed a sponge ball into each of their mouths, and then smoothed white tape over their lips, “enjoy.”


“Weellwlll” Joanne said as she gently pressed her covered lips against Alexa’s, while Chloe slipped out of the barn and into the kitchen of the farmhouse.


“Coffee,” Heather said as she held the pot up.


“Please – James, we will allow them enough time to be satisfied, and then...




“Heather, I know it’s asking a lot, but can you watch both pairs of girls for a little while?”


“Yeah – why?”


“Family matter,” James said as he looked at Chloe, “we need to go.”




1 pm

The Holderness-Carter Home


Kayla giggled as she looked at Anne, the FBI agent lying next to her on the large bed.  Her wrists and elbows were secured behind her back in a red arm binder, the straps crossing and encasing her breasts, while her ankles and legs were tightly secured with bands of leather.  A large panel gag was fastened over her mouth, while a certain appliance was secured in front of her.


As for Kayla, she was wearing a white corset and nothing else, as she lay spread-eagled on the bed, a cloth stuffed into her mouth and held in place with a thin chiffon scarf.  As Anne moved into position, she closed her eyes and moaned.



“Think they’re going to enjoy themselves,” Brian said as he fed the twins, while Sarah joined them.


“I think they will,” Sarah said with a smile, as she looked at an incoming message on her cell phone.


“Sarah?  Is there a problem?”



1.30 pm

Heidi’s place


“Hey Aunt Veronica,” Heidi said as she and Cindy came in, leaving their bags in the floor by the front door, “where’s mom?”


“She and Dorothy went out to pick up a few things,” Veronica said as she looked up, “you girls eaten yet?”


“We’ll grab a sandwich once we’ve changed,” Cindy said as she went upstairs.  Heidi went into the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of water before heading up the stairs herself.


“Cindy?  Something caught...”



Heidi stopped as Cindy put her finger to her lips, and pointed to the bedroom their mothers shared.  As Heidi looked in, she saw their mothers lying on the bed, wearing red swimsuits, tightly bound and hogtied with ropes, a scarf over their heads and covering their eyes, tape on their mouths.


“I guess they are enjoying some quality time together as well,” Heidi whispered as they made their way to their bedrooms.




2 pm

Heather’s Farm


“Well, that took you long enough,” Heather said as Natalie and Alice came into the kitchen.  “Hungry?”


“Oh yes, Aunt Heather,” Natalie said as she sat down, “did you arrange all this?”


“Well, me and your grandmother,” Heather said as she put a bowl of soup down in front of each of them.  “We figured you two would appreciate the chance to spend some time together without anyone bothering either of you.”


“Oh,” Alice said as she picked up a spoon, “and why would we like that?”


Heather sat down and looked at the two girls, before she raised an eyebrow and said “now why do you think I would think you would like that?”


Natalie looked at her aunt, and then at Alice, before she blushed and said “You know?”


“That depends on what you think I know,” Heather said with a smile.


“Why do I feel as if I am in a bad seventies movie?”


“You’re too young to remember bad seventies movies – your parents are too young to remember bad seventies movies,” Heather said with a smile, “but my mother isn’t.  Look, I have no idea how aware of what’s happening your parents are, but your grandmother and I could see how close you two are – hence the plan for today.”


“So are we in trouble?”


“Nope – I called your mums, let them know you’d be back later.”


“And we’re not the only ones here are we?”


“Why do you say that?”


“The rucksack in the corner, and the red scarf – where is our escapology teacher?”


“Have you been taking lessons from your dad Alice?”


“Some things rub off,” Alice said with a smile.  “So where are they?”


“They went off for a while – should be back later.  On which note, I need to check my other guests – there are soft drinks in the ice box,” Heather said as she slipped out of the kitchen.


“Well, what are we going to do now?”


“Finish our lunch?”





2.30 pm

The Blackwood Residence.


“Well, you ladies are ready?”


Coral and Andrea stared at the young man, their bodies secured with ropes, their mouths taped.  The intruder had opened Coral’s blouse up, the ropes framing her chest as she struggled.


“Eeeny, Meeny, Minie,...”


Before he could finish, the man heard the front door open and close, while he heard a female voice call out...


“Excuze me – are you eer, Madameoiselle Blackwood?”


Coral and Alexa stared at the red haired woman who had walked in, dressed as if she was going to some sort of cosplay event.  Her straight red hair fell to the shoulders of the red sweater, with black sleeves and an hourglass on the front, black hot pants, red tights and red knee length combat boots.  A pair of red elbow gloves and a red velvet mask completed the outfit.


“Mademiselle Blackwood, are you – oh I seeee you are othevise occupeed, I will cum leter...”


“Oh no,” the young man said as he pointed his gun at the new arrival, “please, join us.”


“Eee do not undeerstend,” she said as she raised her hands, making a fist with her fingers as she did so, “Eee cam ere this moaning to have some drewers done, and I see zis?”


Andrea and Coral looked at each other as the man walked slowly forward, his eyes fixed on the young woman as he said “I think I just hit the flaming jackpot, is what I think.  What have you got in those belt pockets?”  He opened one up and took out a set of handcuffs, the other two women shaking their heads as he said “Cuff your hands behind your back.”


“Mon dew,” she said as she slowly took her hands behind her, and fastened the cuffs around her wrists, “Is seeez a rhubery?”


“Yes it is,” the man said as he reached into a second pouch on the pocket, and took out a red ball gag, “and it appears you are going to be the appetizer to other matters.”


“Nooo, noo – I cum eer today for see drewing, Nufngmmtrrrmmm,” the new arrival mumbled as he pushed the ball into her mouth, fastening the straps around her head as she stared at him.  Something in her eyes, in her stance, in her scent was making him feel that the other two were nothing – this was the one he wanted to show who was in charge.


“You’re not going anywhere, are you,” he said as he looked at Andrea and Coral, before he dragged the costumed girl out of the room.


“Hmgddnnnn,” they both heard the girl say as there was the sound of clothing being ripped away, and then the sounds turned to those they had never wanted to here – animal grunting, moans of fear and something else, and then a loud cry of pleasure, with a muffled background.


“Plsssnnttussmm,” Andrea said as she tried to move, her head resting on Coral’s chest as she tried to calm her breathing.


“I knew you would be...  What...  What’s happening to you...”


Coral raised her head and looked to the door as the intruder backed off, his face white as snow, his arms raised as if he was trying to ward off something.


“No...  Oh dear god no, you can’t be...  You can’t be serious!”


There was a strong acrid smell, like ammonia, as the man screamed and then fell in a dead faint on the floor.  Andrea and Coral looked at each other, before they heard the sound of “Police!  Where are you?”




Two officers ran in and started to untie them.  “We had a tipoff of an assault – is this the man responsible?”


“It is,” Coral said as the gag was removed, “but another girl came in – where is she?”


“House is clear,” a third officer said as she came in.


“Mom,” Andrea said quietly, “he got what he deserved.  Leave it at that.”



3.30 pm

The Farm


“Thanks,” Alexa said as she rubbed her wrists, and then kissed Joanne.  “So where did Chloe and James get to?”


“They had to go and take care of something – they called and said they would be back in a little while,” Heather said.  “Come through and have some coffee in the meantime.”


The two girls followed Heather into the farmhouse, kicking off their shoes as they came in.


“So are the teenagers here as well,” Alexa said as she looked at the sports bags.


“Yup – they went for a walk down to the water hole.  Should be back soon.”


As she handed them both a mug of coffee, Chloe and James came back in.


“I am so sorry I had to leave you, mes amis,” Chloe said as she sat down, “I trust you had a good time?”


“We did thanks – what happened?”


“We had to run an errand, unexpectedly,” James said with a smile as Natalie and Alice came in, the soles of their feet dirty from the woodland path.


“Sit down, and get a warm drink,” Heather said as they all sat round the table.


“So what are you plans for the rest of the day,” Chloe said as she looked at the younger girls.


“We thought we might go and catch a movie – if Aunt Heather can run us in.”


“Not a problem – just call your mothers and tell them what you’re doing first, all right?”


“Yes, Aunt,” Natalie said as she rolled her eyes.


“You need to keep your mothers on your side,” Heather said as she sat down, “trust me on this one.”


“So what are the rest of you going to do?”


“A table is booked – we’ll head in once we’re changed,” James said.


“And what are we supposed to change into,” Joanne said as she looked at her friends.


“the spare clothes we brought with us,” Chloe said with a smile.

4 pm

The Holderness-Carter Home


“That’s better,” Anne said as she towelled her hair off.  Kayla nodded in agreement as she finished pulling on a blue sweater dress.


“A very special day – so where are we going tonight?”


“You’re asking the wrong person,” Anne said as she pulled on her blouse, then tucked it into her trousers, “let’s go and find out.”


The two women descended to where Brian and Sarah were sitting.


“So we just need the babysitter to come and look after the twins now, correct?”


“That’s right – I’m going to pick Jannifer up now,” Brian said as he grabbed the car keys, “see you in a little while.”


As he headed out, Sarah said “you both need to know that Chloe had a job this afternoon – someone broke into the Blackwood house and threatened Coral and Andrea.”


“Did he...”


“No – she got there in time, and I helped her while James alerted the police, and held them back until we got out.  She’s fine – but I suspect James is in for a real fun evening later.”





5.30 pm

Heidi’s House


“Well, someone looks like they’re ready for a fun time,” Amy said as Heidi came into the front room.  She had changed into a pleated knee length blue skirt, a white jumper and a blue denim jacket.


“Well, it’s cold out there,” she said as she sat down and started to put on a pair of knee length black leather boots.  Looking up, she saw Cindy come in.  Her sister was wearing a light grey blouse and trousers, her grey suede ankle boots visible under the hem of the legs, and a grey leather jacket over her arm.


“So when are you heading out,” Cindy said as she looked at their mothers.


“In a while – so take your keys with you, both of you.  Veronica, you still all right to drop them off?”


“Sure,” Veronica said as she came in, “whenever you two are ready?”


“Ready now,” Heidi said as she stood up, “Cindy?”


“Let’s rock and roll,” Cindy said as the two girls went out with Veronica.


“They really have no idea what’s going to happen, do they?”


“Nope – just so long as they get them back here without getting caught, it will work out just fine...”




6 pm


“Right – see you later Cindy,” Heidi said as she and Veronica headed off, leaving her at the entrance to Chang’s Chinese Restaurant.




She turned round and smiled as she saw Karl standing there, holding a single red rose.


“Hey yourself – thanks for asking me to meet you here.”


“No problem – this is for you,” he said as he handed the flower over, and took her arm.  “Why don’t we head in?”


“Why not,” Cindy said with a smile as they went into the restaurant.





“Hey,” Dave said as Heidi got out of the car, “hungry?”


“In a way – so are we eating first?”


“That’s right – come on in.”  He held the door open for Heidi as they walked in, the waiter showing them to a table and allowing them to sit down before he handed them a menu.


“So, what do you fancy?”


Heidi looked at David, and said quietly “what do you think?”


“Maybe later, but what do you want to eat?”


“Promises, promises,” Heidi said as she looked down the menu...





“That was a fantastic meal Karl,” Cindy said as they walked out of the restaurant, “so what are we going to do now?”


“How about a walk home – unless it’s too cold for you?”


“Oh no – I like that idea very much,” Cindy said as she put her arm round her boyfriend’s, and they made their way along the street.  Quite a few couples were walking down, as Karl stopped and turned, kissing Cindy as he did so.


“Hmm – that was nice,” she said as she looked at him, watching as he took a clean hankie and wiped her chin.


“How do you feel about a little dare,” Karl said as he looked at Cindy.


“Oh – what?”


“Open your mouth.”


As Cindy did so, Karl looked round and then pushed the cloth into her mouth, Cindy looking at him as she closed her lips and he kissed her.


“Now, who don’t we enjoy the walk together,” he said as he put his arm round Cindy, the young woman nodding as they walked along, her head resting on his chest.




“So how do you follow a meal like that,” Heidi said as she looked at Dave.


“Well, I have an idea – up for a little dare?”


“Possibly – what?”


“I dare you,” Dave said as he passed a small white box to Heidi, “to take this to the washroom, use what’s in there, and then come out and join me at the doorway.”


“All right,” Heidi said as she took the box into the washroom and opened it.  Inside was a clean white handkerchief, and a roll of clear tape.


“Long time since I’ve done this,” she said quietly as she checked nobody else was in, and then opened her mouth, pushing the cloth in and then tearing a strip of tape and smoothing it over her mouth, making sure there were no creases or air bubbles as she checked her reflection, and then put the roll of tape back into the box.


Dave was paying the check as Heidi came out, looking at him and smiling as she put on her coat.  “I’ll get a cab,” he said as they walked out, and then climbed in, giving Heidi’s address as the car headed off.




“Here we are,” Dave said as he opened the door, escorting Heidi in and helping her to take her jacket off before he gently kissed her taped lips.


“Mmmsnetlknww,” she mumbled, Dave nodding as he gently peeled the tape away and took the cloth out.  “That’s better,” she said as she wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him properly.  “So, fancy a little fun?”


“Depends on your definition – and if you want to change,” Dave said with a smile.


“Maybe – give me a minute,” Heidi said as she headed upstairs, “you can fetch a couple of drinks upstairs.”


Dave went into the kitchen, and took two cans of coca cola from the fridge, before he came upstairs and knocked on Heidi’s door.  As he did, he heard the front door open and close, and Karl say something.


“Cindy’s back,” he said as he came in, “so...”


He stopped as he saw Heidi wearing a pair of satin tight shorts and a vest top, and holding several lengths of rope in her hands.


“Let me have a drink,” she said as she took one of the cans, “and then I want you to immobilise me, gag me, and do whatever you want with me – short of that.”


“Are you sure that’s what you want,” he said as he swallowed.


“Oh yes- so what do you want me to do?”


“Sit down and have your drink,” he said with a smile, “while I take care of your legs.”


Heidi sat on the bed and crossed her ankles, watching as Dave lashed them together with rope, and then tied her legs together below and above her knees, as well as around her thighs, taking the rope between her legs with each band.


“That feels nice,” Heidi said as Dave took the can from her, and folded her arms behind her back, taking more of the rope and tying her wrists to her elbows, and her forearms together, before he sat next to her and gently kissed her lips, his hand stroking her belly.


“Hmm That’s good,” Heidi said as she closed her eyes, David kneeling behind her as he started to massage her arms and chest, while she leaned back and kissed his neck...





“Allow me,” Karl said as he removed Cindy’s jacket and hung it up, and then gently kissed her lips, his arms round her waist and Cindy returned the approach.  As he pulled back, he stroked his hand down her cheek and said “So what would you like to do?”


Taking his hand, Cindy led him up the stairs to her room, and then lay on the bed, crossing her wrists above her head as she looked to the cupboard.


Smiling, Karl went and took out a long grey silk scarf, which her used to bind his girlfriend’s wrists together, and then tied the ends to the headboard.  As Cindy watched, he pushed the legs of her pants up and removed her boots and socks, before taking more scarves from the wardrobe and binding her ankles and legs together.


“there now,” he said as he sat next to the bed, stroking her with his hands, “Comfy?”


Cindy nodded as Karl leaned over and kissed her lips, and then her neck, squirming as he opened up her blouse and started to stroke her chest...





“That was a good film,” Natalie said as she and Alice left the cinema.


“Yeah – listen, did you enjoy today?”


“I guess I did,” Nats said quietly as they walked along, “it was nice to spend some time alone with you, like that.”


“Yeah – do you think the others had a good day as well?”


“I guess so,” Nats said as the walked along.  “I just wonder sometimes if they know how I really feel.”


“How we really feel you mean,” Alice said quietly.  “Well, I’m sure they don’t mind...”


“No I know they don’t – and Aunt Heather and Gran certainly don’t.  It’s my parents...”


“Don’t worry about them,” Alice said as she squeezed Natalie’s hand, “all right?”


“All right – want to get something from McDonald’s?”


“Yeah – come on...”




“Now are you sure you want to be left like that,” Dave said as he looked at Heidi.


“Hmmyss,” the young blonde nodded as she looked at him, her legs pulled back and tied to the ropes holding her upper arms to her chest, while a folded white scarf covered the lower half of her face – hiding the white tape gag hiding a cloth in her mouth.


The ropes were rubbing in places that made her feel – different, but she smiled under the gag as she settled down for the night, the memories of the last hour or so warming her.


As Dave closed the door, he saw Karl coming out of Cindy’s room.


“Hey – good night?”


“Oh yes – you?”


“I’m happy, and Heidi’s happy,” he said as they both walked down the stairs, to see Amy and Dorothy come in.


“Girls in bed,” Dorothy said as she closed the door.


“Well, they’re on their beds, and they asked to be left until morning – they may need some help getting up,” Dave said as he picked up his jacket.  The two women looked at each other, before Amy said “All right – good night, both of you,” waiting until they left before she closed the door.


“Should we check on them?”


“Nope – let’s have a nightcap instead...”




“So, good weekend all round?”


“No complaints,” Cindy said as the girls sat round the table in the cafeteria on Monday lunchtime.


“Hey – what’s with the Chloe style scarf,” Jannifer said as she looked at Cindy, who had a long black wool scarf tied round her neck and tucked into her jumper.


“Just cold,” Cindy said as Fi came over.


“Hey you lot – I have a slightly huge favour to ask of you.”


“Oh,” Alice said, “what’s that?”


“Do you think your folks will let you come to the ranch with me for spring break?”











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