While Heidi’s Away - Part 1









“Is that the last call then?”


Amy sighed as she put the telephone down and returned to the sofa.


“That’s it - Anne will bring Andrea, Coral, and Chloe.  We take Dorothy, Cindy, Natalie and ourselves, while Joanne, Alexa, Alice and Jannifer are coming with Suzanne.  We have the cabin for a week, from Saturday to Saturday.


“As far as the other parents are concerned, we’re taking the girls for a holiday with friends.  Those who do not need to know, do not need to know.  We’ll bring the supplies in the SUV, Coral is bringing the food, and Anne the other essentials.”


“I guess we need this break,” Amy said as she sipped her wine, “It’ll be good to just have a week with no worries except those we create in our games.”


“Come on - we’ve earned it,” Veronica said quietly.  “I’ll drink to that.”


Saturday, the Elsworth home

As Amy drew up to Dorothy’s front door, she saw Natalie waving to her mother as she drove off, a rucksack by her side.  She was not dressed that well for the mountains, in her usual flowing skirt that came to below her knees, t-shirt and sandals.


“Hey folks,” she said as Amy and Veronica got out, “Where exactly are we heading anyway?”


“I’ll explain inside,” Veronica said as the door opened and Dorothy stood there.  She was wearing a black waistcoat over a long sleeved grey top, matching trousers and mid-length black boots that laced up the front.


“Come in everyone,” she said as Amy, Veronica and Natalie came into the house, “I just need to pack a few more things and then we’ll be ready to get going.  Cindy’s in the front room.”


As the trio walked in, they found Cindy sitting on the couch, poring over a book.  She was wearing a white sweatshirt with a UCLA logo, jeans and flat shoes.


“Hey,” she said as she put the book down, “so, where are we going for the week?”


“That’s going to be a surprise,” Veronica said as she put a large holdall down on the floor.  “In fact, we’re going to make sure you’re not going to see or know where we’re going.”


“Oh,” Natalie said as she sat down, “and how do you plan to do that?”


“I hope you’re packing is all done,” Amy said as she opened the holdall, “and you don’t need the toilet for a while...”


“Right, that’s everything,” Dorothy said as she put the last bag down on the stairs.  “Are we ready to...


She stopped as she walked into the living room, and saw Cindy and Natalie looking back at her.  Both girls had their arms pulled behind their backs, and Dorothy could see the loops of rope over their shoulders and around their arms.  Their mouths were covered with strips of white tape, and it was obvious something had been pushed into their cheeks.


“Guess what, Dorothy,” Amy said as she walked behind her.


“I’m not going to know where we’re going, am I?” she replied as she saw Veronica holding a long length of rope in her hand, a small loop tied in the middle.


“That’s right,” Veronica said as Amy turned Dorothy round and she felt the rope been hung over her neck, the ends going over her shoulders and round her arms as they were pulled behind her back, “you’re not.  Just stand there for a few minutes and I’ll get you nice and secured.”


As Veronica worked, Dorothy could feel the rope going round her forearms, securing them in  box before they were pulled up behind her back.  Within five minutes, she had her upper body secured in a tight web of rope, going round her arms and chest.


“Open wide,” Amy said, and Veronica could see she had a small sponge in her mouth.  “But what if I mmmdsmmdf,” she said as Amy pushed the sponge in, tore off several strips of white medical tape and used them to seal her lips.


“Less talking,” Veronica said as she sat Dorothy down next to her daughter, “and more doing as you’re told.  Amy, take their bags out to the car, I’m going to blindfold these three. Kidnap victims should not be able to see where they’re going.”


Hgrrrrtt,” Natalie said as she raised her eyebrows, watching as Veronica securely fixed sleep masks over the eyes of Cindy and Dorothy.  “You should have put a jumper on,” she whispered in Natalie’s ears before putting the sleep mask in place.


Mmdbbdbdbdd,” she mumbled as she felt herself been stood up and walked out of the door.  There was a blast of cool air in her face before she was helped to sit in a leather seat and a belt fastened over her upper body.  She could also feel rope been tied round her ankles, and her legs below her knees.


“Sit quietly now,” she heard Veronica say as she was left alone, then heard grunts as a second, then a third person was sat wherever she was and secured in place.  “Now, ladies, we have a long trip ahead of us, so we’re going to give your something to listen to.”


Natalie felt something been placed in her ears, and as she felt rather than heard the doors been shut the opening strains of Wicked came into her ears.  She felt the vibration of the vehicle starting as the music continued to play....


Saturday, the Blackwood home


“Good morning, Mrs Blackwood - I hope I am not too early?”


“Of course not, Chloe,” Coral Blackwood said as she opened the door and allowed the young French student to come in.  “Please, leave your bag there and join us in the front room - Andrea’s father is away today, so we have the house to ourselves until our ride arrives.”


As Chloe walked in, she saw her friend Andrea sitting there, in her favourite black sweatshirt and jeans, reading the paper.  “Hey, Chloe,” she called out as she looked up and saw her friend standing there, “Any idea where we’re going?”


“None whatsoever mon ami,” Chloe said as she sat down, “All I was told was that I was to be here by a certain time, and that time is now.”  Chloe was dressed in her usual manner - a grey v-necked sweater and short skirt, thick black tights and Doc Marten boots, with a red scarf tied round her neck.


As Coral came back into the room, she was pulling on a matching cardigan over her peach coloured roll necked sweater.  She was also wearing a knee length tweed skirt, dark hose and kitten heeled shoes.


“Do you have any idea where we are going, Mrs Blackwood?”


“I genuinely do not know Chloe, all I know is that...” her voice trailed off as she looked in the direction of the door.  As Chloe and Andrea followed her eye line, they saw a tall, thin woman standing there, dressed in skin-tight black clothing with a balaclava over her head, and pointing a gun at all three of them.


“Good,” she said in a voice they all recognised, “you’re all here.  You,” she said point at Coral and throwing her two lengths of cord, “bind their hands behind their backs, and make it tight.”


“All right,” Coral said as she nodded.  “Girls, we had better do as she says.  Turn your backs to me and put your hands behind your backs.”

“All right, Mum,” Andrea said, feigning fear as she slowly turned round and crossed her wrists behind her back, Chloe following suit.  As they stood there, Coral quickly bound their crossed wrists tightly together, making sure the rope was secure.


“Right,” the masked stranger said as she threw Coral two more lengths of rope, “Tie their legs together, below their knees, so that they can still walk.” 


“You had better both sit down,” Coral said as Chloe and Andrea looked at each other.  The two girls sat on the long recliner, and watched as Coral bound their legs together, above their knees, leaving enough room to allow them to walk but wrapping the rope tightly round that gap to tighten the bonds in place.


“Nice work,” the masked woman said, “Now, your turn.”  She walked up behind Coral and pulled her hands behind her back, securing her wrists tightly together behind her back with her wrists crossed, and then wrapping more rope around her arms, taking the coils above and below her breasts as she looked forward.


Kneeling down behind her, she quickly bound Coral’s knees in the same way, and then said “You two - stand up and join mummy here.”  Andrea and Chloe stood up and faced Coral, not moving as the stranger bound their arms in the same way.


“We’re going to take a little trip,” she said as she produced three knotted scarves from the bag she had over her shoulder, and pushed one into each of their mouths, their teeth resting on the knot as the ends were pulled round their heads.  Satisfied, the woman then took a long length of rope and tied it round Coral’s waist, fixing her wrists against her back as she played the rope out and wound it round first Andrea, then Chloe, so the three were linked by a rope chain.


“Right,” the masked woman said, “One more thing and then we will be on our way.”  Andrea’s eyes widened as she saw her take from the bag three more balaclavas, only these ones seemed to have no holes for eyes or mouth.  She placed one over the head of each of them, plunging Andrea into total darkness. 


She felt the tug on her waist and started to walk, stumbling slightly as their captor led her train towards the waiting black van.  As she felt herself been made to step up, and then sit down, one thought crossed her mind.


What was happening with the others?


Saturday, the Birkin home.


“Mum, Alice and Jannifer are here.”


“All right, Joanne - I’ll be down in a few minutes.”


Joanne showed the two younger girls into the front room, where Alexa was sitting on the floor, her legs crossed as her leggings stretched over them.  Her white tank top was raised a little to show her midriff.


Alice was wearing a mustard coloured jumper and trousers, while Jannifer had a white short sleeved blouse and shorts on.  They both sat down on the couch and watched as Joanne came in, sitting behind Alexa and putting her arms round her neck.  Cindy’s cousin was wearing a blue sleeveless denim top and skirt, with short black boots on her feet.


“I’ve been meaning to ask, Joanne - what happened to your glasses?”


“Oh those - I got used to the contact lenses eventually.  More freedom that way.”  She stood up and helped Alexa to her feet.  “Besides, My mate here tells my eyes look more beautiful without them.”


“Well, they do,” Alexa said with a smile before turning to look at Alice and Jannifer.  “Ready for the holiday?”


“You bet,” Jannifer said, “but how are we going to get there?”


“Funny you should ask that,” Joanne said with a smile.  “You’re going to be our hostages for the journey.”  Alice and Jannifer looked at each other before Alice said “I should have guessed - what are you going to do?”


“Be good girls and lie down on the floor, hands behind your back,” Alexa said with a smile as she held several lengths of rope in her hands.  Slowly, carefully, the two girls lay on the floor and moved their hands behind their backs, smiling at each other as Joanne and Alexa swiftly crossed and bound their wrists together.


“At least it feels comfortable,” Jannifer said as the two girls were helped to get on their knees and they watched loops of rope been passed over their heads, pulled around their bodies to force their arms into their sides as Suzanne came in, dressed in tan chinos and a matching t-shirt.


“I see you’ve got started,” she said with a smile as Joanne and Alexa wrapped the rope around the tow younger girls, above and below their chests so that they were well secured.  “I hope you two don’t mind, but this is going to be a bit of a mystery trip.”


“No - it’s exciting, actually,” Alice said as the two girls were made to stand up and face each other.  A small cotton wad was held in front of their mouths, and as they opened wide it was pushed in, then held in place with a knotted bandana each that was pushed into their mouths and pulled tightly over their hair/


“If you will blindfold them,” Suzanne said as she picked up a set of keys, “I’ll get them settled in and come back from the rest of the things.”  Joanne nodded as she handed Alexa a black sleep mask, and they fixed them firmly in place over Jannifer and Alice’s eyes.  As they waved their eyes in front of them, Suzanne took the two girls by the arm and said “Let me guide you to the car,” as they walked towards the door.


“Well, that’s them taken care of,” Alexa said with a smile as she turned and put her hands round Joanne’s neck, “so what do we do now?”


“Now,” Joanne said as she held up a length of rope, “I bind you up.  I hope you don’t mind.”


“Mind?  Why should I mind,” Alexa said with a smile before she kissed Joanne, and then turned round to allow her girlfriend to bind her crossed wrists behind her back.  She pulled a pullover over her head to lock her arms in place, as well as to keep her warm, and then bound her already covered arms to her side with loops of rope around her upper body, forcing her breasts up and out.


“Comfy,” Joanne said as she kissed Alexa on the side of the neck.  “Can’t complain,” the girl said with a smile as she leaned her head back onto Joanne’s chest.  “I guess you’re going to gag me now, right?”


“Right,” Joanne said as she gently kissed Alexa, her partner returning the gift before she allowed Joanne to stuff and cleave gag her.  Fixing the sleep mask over her eyes, Joanne looked up as her mother came in.


“Great - Alexa is ready,” Suzanne said with a smile.  “We’ll get her out to the car once I’ve taken care of one last thing.”


“Oh,” Joanne said, “and what would that be Mum?”


“You,” Suzanne said as she picked up a length of rope.  “You know what you have to do.”  Alexa mumbled a laugh through her gag as she stood there, knowing full well that Joanne was not going to escape this time.


Twenty minutes later, Suzanne tied off the rope around Joanne’s knees and fixed the seat belt in place, before closing the rear door of the SUV and locking up the house.  “Ready,” she said as she climbed behind the steering wheel and switched on the CD player, the sound of The Eagles drowning out the complaints as she set off down the driveway.



Saturday, somewhere in the mountains.


As Amy pulled up outside the house, she looked up at the imposing building.


“A little log cabin in the woods, you said.  Just a small little home, you said.  Veronica, how the hell did you get this place?”


“I called in a few favours from some old friends,” Veronica said with a smile.  “Like it?”


“Like it?  I think it’s absolutely perfect.”  Amy felt her cell phone vibrating and took it out.  “Anne is about thirty minutes away - we just have enough time to get our guests settled.”  Turning the car engine off, she switched off the CD player and saw the expression of Dorothy, Cindy and Natalie as the music stopped.


“We’re here,” Veronica said quietly, “We’re going to help you to hop into our destination, and sit down, and then we’re going to ask you to sit quietly for a little while until the others arrive.”


Dorothy nodded as the other two moved their heads round.  Climbing out from the vehicle, Veronica went to open up the house while Amy opened the door and unbuckled Dorothy.  “Short shuffles,” she said as she helped the bound and blindfolded woman to get out of the back and shuffle along the driveway, then to hop over the front door and into the large front room.


“Sit down,” Amy said as she helped Dorothy to sit on the thick carpet, and left the room, returning with Cindy and then Natalie.   Once the three had settled, they sat still, wondering what was going to happen next.  The answer to that came when the sound of another vehicle coming up the driveway that led to the house came through the open window.


“Our next group has arrived,” Veronica said as she and Amy walked out of the room, leaving their three captives to wonder what was happening.


“Nice place,” Anne said as she dropped the window on the driver’s side, “very cosy.”


“Yeah I like it,” Amy said with a smile.  “Got your passengers?”


“In the back,” Anne said as she pointed to the side door of her black van.  “I think they had an enjoyable ride.”


Veronica opened the door and looked in, and then back to the other two saying “I see they wanted to be together.”  Climbing in she touched Andrea, Coral and Chloe on the shoulder, and said “You’ve arrived - try to stand up and we’ll lead you in.”


Gggfdkfggffg,” Coral said as the trio were helped to their feet and then guided to the side of the van, each of them taking a short jump out when told to do so before they walked, hobbled by the ropes, towards the doorway.


In the front room, Dorothy turned her head as she heard three more people been walked in.  Hssrrvvddnn,” she mumbled as Coral, Andrea and Chloe were stopped across the room from them, and the rope around their waists removed.  Any thought they had of release were dashed, however, when Amy and Veronica made them sit and cross their ankles, rope been bound around them to hold them tightly together.  “You keep the hoods on, for now,” Anne said as she stood up, looked at the other trio and left the room with Veronica.


“Six down, four to go,” she said as they closed the door to.


“Four arriving - Suzanne just texted to say they’ve turned onto the road to the driveway.”  Amy looked up from her phone.  “So, what happens once we’ve got them all together?”


“Fun time,” Veronica said with a smile as they heard a SUV pull up outside.


“Hey guys,” Suzanne said as she jumped out from the driver’s seat and closed the door.  “Everyone comfy?”


“We just need to take care of your passengers,” Veronica said as she opened the side door to see the four bound and gagged captives sighing in relief.  “What on earth did you do them?”


“Introduced them to some decent music,” Suzanne said with a smile.  “We’ll do them two at a time - Veronica, you help me and Anne can help Amy.”




Mggmgfmfdmfd,” Joanne said as she was sat down on the carpet.  As Suzanne left to lock the SUV, Veronica looked round the group of ten women and girls.


“Glad you could all make it,” she said as everyone raised their heads to listen.  “In a few minutes your blindfolds - and other head coverings - will be removed.  I’m going with the others to prepare dinner - as for you, all you have to do is get free.”


There was a chorus of muted noises and nodding of hoods as one by one Veronica went round the room.  As she removed the blindfold from Dorothy’s eyes, she blinked and quickly looked round the room.


Rullrrtsndeee,” she mumbled to her daughter on her left as the sleep mask was taken off her eyes.  Cindy nodded as she looked at her mother, while Natalie blinked and said “fnksmmm” as her blindfold was taken off.


Andrea grunted as the balaclava was pulled off her head, and looked round the room, seeing the trio of Dorothy, Cindy and Natalie on the other side of the room.  As Coral nodded at Veronica, Chloe looked round the room and mumbled “mdddeee.”


Alice and Jannifer called out “Hsdneee” as their sleep masks were taken off, before Joanne and Alexa looked at each other, then round the room.  “Well, I’ll leave you to it,” Veronica said with a smile, “Good luck.  Anyone left bound when dinner is ready does not get fruit cup.”


She left the room and closed the door, heading for the kitchen from which the smell of a casserole was starting to emerge.  The ten women and girls looked at each other, wondering who was going to make the first move.


Natalie looked at Cindy and Dorothy, before turning so that her head was against the seat of the couch they were leaning against and started to rub the side of her face against the cushion.  As she did this, Cindy and Dorothy turned their backs to each other to see if they could reach the knots holding their ropes in place.


On the other side of the room, Joanne and Alexa had had much the same idea, but in their case they got onto their knees, Alexa turning her back to Joanne as she tried to use her fingers to hook under the scarf tied tightly into her friend’s mouth.  Alice and Jannifer looked at each other, and then started to scoot across the floor, heading towards Cindy and Natalie.


Coral was twisting her mouth and jaw round, trying to dislodge the knotted and rather wet knot of cotton that was sitting between her teeth, while Chloe was picking at the knot around Andrea’s ankles with her fingers as best she could.


Mmmmm - phwaor that’s better,” Natalie said as she managed to peel the tape off her mouth and spit out the cloth that had been held in her mouth.  Looking at Alice as she came over, she said “Put your back to me - no way you can undo these knots, so let me get you free with my teeth.”


“Well done, my girl,” Joanne said as the scarf was pulled from her mouth.  “Now stay still and I’ll work on your arms as well.”  Alexa nodded as she knelt there, staying still as Joanne started to pick at the knots with her teeth.


“I really never got used to that taste,” Coral finally said as she managed to push the knot out of her mouth with her tongue.  “How are you two getting along?”  Andrea nodded as Chloe managed to undo her ankles, helping her to move so that Coral could start to untie her as well.


As Alice shook her arms loose, she removed the gag from her mouth and looked at Natalie.  “They really did one on you three, didn’t they,” she said as she started to unpick the knots holding her friend’s arms in place, while Jannifer used her fingers to peel the tape gags away from Cindy and Dorothy.  “Yeah but it's certainly comfortable,” Natalie said with a smile, “Maybe they can try it on you while we’re up here.”


“I wonder where here is,” Coral said as she looked out of the window at the sun setting over the forest.  The ropes fell away from Andrea’s arms, and as she removed her own gag she said “That was a - different journey.  I’ve never felt that sort of total blindness before.”


“It was nice, though,” Coral said as she felt her own arms been released.  “You take care of Chloe - I think Dorothy and Cindy need our help more than her right now.”  She untied her legs and went over to help release the others, as slowly, one by one, they managed to escape from their bonds and gags.


As the last rays of the sun shone in the window, Dorothy turned the light on to a mess of ropes, cloths, scarves, sponges and tapes as they lay on the floor.  “I guess we need to clear this up,” she said with a rueful smile.


“Nah - leave them for later,” Natalie said, “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m starving, and that is one very delicious smell coming from somewhere.”


Opening the door, she led the party across the large entrance hall towards a set of double doors.  Opening them, she revealed Anne, Veronica and Suzanne sitting at the end of a long table, as Amy carried in a large pot with a pair of over gloves over her hands.


“Welcome,” she said with a smile as she placed the pot on a large mat.  “Fruit cup can wait - I’ll bring in the baked potatoes and then we can eat.  Take your seats - we’ll sort some drinks out in due course.”


“Where on earth are we,” Coral said as she looked round the oak panelled room.


“Somewhere nobody is going to disturb us,” Veronica said with a smile as she stood up.  “We’ve got beers for the older ones and soft drinks for the youngsters - what do people want?”


The wall lamps shone down on the assembled group as they sat round the large front room, nestling mugs of hot chocolate in their hands.


“All you really need to know,” Veronica said, “is that we are a ways from any town here, and the woods around are there for our use.  I propose an incredibly relaxing week just doing what we want to do.”


After dinner, they had taken their bags upstairs and selected their rooms.  There was a wide choice, but in the end Cindy and Natalie, Alice and Jannifer, Chloe and Andrea, and Alexa and Joanne had picked a room to share, while the adults had taken a room each.


“The house has three floors - the top floor is one big room, and we might make use of that later, but not tonight.  I think tonight, we can all get a good night’s sleep - once we get the dishes washed up, that is.”


“Cindy and I will take care of that,” Dorothy said as she got up.  “We’ll see you all in the morning.  Coming, love?”


Cindy nodded as she slowly got up.  “I’ll see you upstairs in a few minutes, Nats,” she said as she followed her mother.  “I’ll give them a hand,” Anne said as she too left, then one by one the others made their excuses and climbed the staircase to their bedrooms.


Two hours later, the house was in darkness as a shadow seemed to crepe down the stairs.  Heading to the kitchen, it opened the fridge door and took out a bowl of the casserole that had been left, warming it in the microwave before carrying it and a bottle of soft drink out of the room and back up the stairs....




Cindy stretched and yawned as she slowly opened her eyes, listening to the pitter patter of rain on the windowsill.  She looked over to where Natalie was lying on top of her covers, her pink vest top and shorts undisturbed.


Turning over, she saw the clock showing nine in the morning.  “Must have been more tired than I thought,” she said to herself as she got off the bed and walked over to Natalie, her white nightdress brushing the wooden floor as she did so.


“Hey Nats,” she said as she shook her friend’s arm, “Time to get up.”  Natalie moved slightly and then opened her eyes, saying “Is that rain?” as she did so.


“It is - come on, let’s see if anybody else is up.”


The two girls walked down the staircase to find Joanne and Alexa in the kitchen, drinking coffee.  Joanne had her favourite black silk pyjamas on, while Alexa was wearing a white man’s shirt, open at the collar.


“Hey sleepy head,” Joanne said to Cindy with a smile.  “I think we heard the others stirring, so with any luck everyone will be up soon, and then we can get breakfast sorted out.”


“None of the adults up yet,” Natalie said as she sat down and poured herself a glass of orange juice from the pitcher.


“Not yet - but they did have a long drive to bring us here,” Joanne said as Chloe and Andrea walked in.  Andrea was wearing a full body sleep suit, with mittens hanging from her hands as she padded round in her covered feet, while Chloe was wearing a white lace trimmed Teddy dress which came just below her crotch.


“Hot to trot girl,” Alexa said, which made Chloe smile.  “I am glad you like it, Alexa,” she said quietly, “It was a gift from a grateful friend.  Do  I look nice in it?”


Va va voom,” was all Joanne said as the door opened and Jannifer walked in, wearing her pink Disney Princess nightdress.  “Hey, are we the only ones up,” she said as she looked round the room.


“Looks that way - why?”


“Not sure - Alice has gone to the toilet, and,,.”  Her words were interrupted as Alice walked in, her blue sleeveless night gown hanging loosely, and said “I think you lot had better come with me.  I was passing your mother’s room, Cindy, and - look, just come and see.”


Looking at each other, the group stood up and followed Cindy and Alice to the bedrooms, stopping outside the one they had seen Dorothy enter the night before.  Alice put her fingers to her lips and slowly opened the door.


Dorothy was lying on her side on the bed, wearing a similar nightdress to Cindy, but her arms had been pulled behind her back and her wrists bound tightly together, palm to palm, with black rope.  More rope was around her arms and upper body, stretching her nightdress over her chest, and her ankles were lashed together as well as secured to her chest ropes.  A black balaclava was pulled over her head, and Cindy could hear some low moans coming from underneath it.


“Nice job, Cindy,” Alice said as she closed the door to.


“Hey, nothing to do with me,” Cindy said as she held her hands up in surprise.  “For all I know, Joanne did it and then tied her own mother up.”


“I didn’t but just to prove it,” Joanne said as she walked to the door of her mother’s room.  “See,” she said as she opened it, “I did nothing.”


“You sure about that, lover,” Alexa said as she looked in the room, and as Joanne looked in she saw her mother in a pair of crimson red short pyjamas, bound and hooded in the same way as Dorothy.


“But - I didn’t do this,” Joanne said as she looked at her mother.  “Well someone did it,” Natalie said as she opened Veronica’s door, then Amy’s to find them both in their silk pyjamas, similarly secured.


“And not just to them,” Andrea said as she opened Coral’s door to see her in a thick green cotton nightdress, with matching bed socks, also bound and hooded.


“Do you think Anne did this,” Alice said as Chloe opened the final door.  “I fear not,” she said as she looked at us, “Miss Duncombe has also been secured.”


“Tempting though it is to leave them,” Andrea said, “I guess we had better release them and sort out breakfast.  Then we can decide how to spend what is obviously a very wet day.”




“So none of you are going to admit you did it?”


Anne looked round the long wooden table as the party pushed their plates away from themselves, having dined on bacon and pancakes after cereal.


“Honestly, Anne, we have no idea who did it?  Maybe you did it and then tied yourself up?  It’s not as if it is something you do not know how to do...”


Anne allowed herself a small smile, before saying “Well, whoever it was, you’re good - the first I knew of what was going no was when Joanne removed the balaclava and started to untie me.”


“Anyway, it was one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years,” Coral said as she sipped her coffee.  “Made me think of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot again, all tied up and gagged like that.”


“So what are we going to today,” Andrea said as she looked at the rain streaking down the window pane.


“How about a little mother daughter time,” Coral said as a smile grew on her face.


“Oh - and what did you have in mind, mother dearest?”


“Well, it occurs to me we’ve never spent time together unable to move or speak, O daughter of mine.  I want to see if I can still take it.”


Veronica and Amy looked at each other, then Veronica said “Well, if you want that, then I can arrange that for you - do you want to change first?”


“No,” Andrea said quickly, “I - I like to be tied in this outfit.”


“Let’s go,” Coral said as she and veronica stood up, “We can use my room.”  As the three left the room, they climbed up the staircase and into Coral’s room.


“Why don’t you slip some socks over your hands,” Veronica said as she took some rope from a drawer and tightly bound Andrea’s crossed wrists together, having first fixed her mittens back in place over her hands..  As Coral walked back over, a pair of white bed socks covering her hands and wrists, she saw the smile on Andrea’s face.


“thank you for being here, Mum,” she said as she watched Veronica bind Coral’s wrists together, and then her arms below her elbows, repeating the process for Andrea before she made them both sit on the bed.


“You haven’t lost your touch,” Coral said with a sigh as Veronica crossed and tightly bound her ankles, and then her legs below her knees,, before moving on and doing the same to Andrea.  The younger girl sighed as she felt her legs been tightly restricted, swinging them back and forth as she watched Veronica climb behind Coral on the bed and start to wrap rope around her arms, taking it above and below her breasts as she did so.


“Are you 100% sure it wasn’t you who tied me up last night,” Coral said as she felt the bands been tightened as Veronica brought them together behind her back.


“Honest to god, Coral, it was not me,” Veronica said as she moved behind Andrea.




Back in the kitchen, Dorothy was looking at Cindy.  “Fancy an escape challenge,” she said with a wink.


“You bet,” Cindy said as she got up.  “Amy, will you do the honours in the front room?”


As the three got up and made their way into the front room, Joanne whispered into Alexa’s ear, making her smile as she said “Chloe, would you come with us for a few minutes.”


“Would I - oh, of course I will,” Chloe said as the three of them headed off, leaving Anne, Suzanne, Alice, Jannifer, Natalie and Veronica sitting there.





“There,” Veronica said as she fixed the earplugs into Andrea’s room and tied the sleep mask over them, “All nice and cosy.  Both happy?”


Andrea and Coral both nodded as they lifted their heads up, their mouths sealed with grey tape to keep the cloths that had been stuffed into their mouths in place.  Their legs had been pulled back and secured to their chest ropes in a light hogtie, as Veronica slipped out of the room and left them alone to spend time together.


Walking down the stairs, she looked into the front room to see Amy securing Cindy and Dorothy together.  Their hands were taped together in front of them covered in white tape as if they were praying, while she could see the tape holding their ankles together, and she guessed their legs below their knees.  Amy had used a long length of rope to tie their upper bodies together, while they had thick white cloths pulled into their mouths, the knot visible between their lips.


“I see others are getting into the act,” she said as she walked into the kitchen, only for Natalie to grab her hand and drag her back out of the room.  “They’re not going to have all the fun,” she said as the kitchen door swung shut, leaving Anne, Suzanne, Alice and Jannifer looking at the swinging wood.


“Cards, anyone?” Anne said as she opened a drawer and pulled a pack out, “I know a particularly mean form of poker...”



“There, mes amis, I trust that is - comfortable?”


Chloe smiled as she tugged at the last rope, tightening the coils that were holding Joanne and Alexa together face to face.  Their arms were wrapped round each other as they looked into their eyes, large pads of white tape covering their mouths and leaving them unable to speak.


Not that they needed to speak, as they squired together, their bodies tightly lashed as they knelt there, their ankles crossed and secured as well as their legs below their knees.  As Chloe turned at the door, she saw them kiss, before she closed the door and walked down the corridor, a smile on her lips.


A smile that disappeared as she was grabbed from behind and dragged into her bedroom.  She caught a glimpse of a woman dressed in black before the sweet smelling cloth that was clamped over her mouth started to take effect, and her eyes slowly closed....





Jannifer squirmed in the chair as Anne slowly ran the feather duster over the soles of her feet, making her scream through the thick towel that had been tied between her lips.  Alice was quietly laughing in the char by her side, unable to say much more because of the sponge that she had stuffed into her own mouth and then covered with a large piece of masking tape, the edges of which were pulling away from her cheeks.


Anne had proposed a game of whist, but then explained the slightly different rules she liked to apply - particularly the fact the players would all be gagged.  Amy had come back in as they were finding items they could use as gags - two tea towels, a roll of masking tape, a sponge, and two clean washcloths.  She had then arranged five chairs at the end of the table, and one by one they had selected a gag to use on themselves - Alice using the sponge and tape, Anne and Amy the washcloths, and Suzanne and Jannifer the tea towels.  They had then started to play - with the forfeit for losing a hand clearly explained.


Jannifer was only the most recent loser - Amy and Suzanne had already experienced the torture, but Alice had proven herself a far more devious player than any of them had suspected, and was giving Anne a real run for her money.  As Anne stopped tickling her feet, Jannifer looked across at Amy and Suzanne, and a communication unspoken but totally understood passed between the two of them.


Before Anne could return to her seat, Amy and Suzanne grabbed her and forced her to the floor, plying their fingers over her ribs and feet as she wriggled on the floor.  As Alice saw this happen, she realised she had only one chance to get away - a chance that was lost of Jannifer put her hands to her side and tickled her ribs as well.   She threw her legs up and tried to get out of the way, but Jannifer was too strong, or else she was enjoying it too much.


ALfldsfldfltlrretlretletl right, all right,” Anne said as she finally spat the cloth out, “I submit, I give.  Game over, Oly Oly Oxenfree, whatever!”


The others stopped and removed their own gags, as Amy said “I wonder how the others are getting on?”


“More to the point,” Alice said as she spat the sponge out, “Would they appreciate a little visit from tickling fingers as well?”


Suzanne looked over at the clock.  “Good god, is it three o’clock already?  I guess we’re all going to have a late lunch or early dinner or something.  I’m going to go and get dressed, and then I’ll start cooking.”


“Good idea,” Amy said as she looked at Anne, “We’ll go and get ready as well.  You two - just do whatever you need to, but others need to get washed and dressed by seven.”


Alice and Jannifer smiled and nodded as they left, while Anne called out “Don’t worry about Joanne and Alexa - I’ll get them released when I’m dressed.”


“What is it about those two - oh,” Jannifer whispered as she looked at Alice.  “I keep forgetting.”


Alice shook her head, then put her finger to her mouth as she slowly opened the door to the front room and the two girls looked in.


Cindy and Dorothy were sitting back to back, their arms around each other and tightly bound together with rope in front of each other’s waist.  Their arms were secured at each side with a short length of rope, while their wrists were held together.  Both had their ankles tied together side by side, and their legs lashed together above  their knees, the skirt of their nightdress pulled up to show their bare feet.


The both had sleep masks over their eyes, and their mouths were covered in strips of white tape.  The same was true of Natalie and Veronica, who were sitting on the long couch, their backs to each other as their legs hung over the arms of the seat.


Unlike the other two, their arms were pinioned behind their backs, with ropes holding them together around their waists and shoulders.  They also had their ankles bound, although their feet were crossed, and the legs tied together below their knees.  They turned their heads in the direction of the door, as if they had heard it opening, but then turned them back and returned to their silent thinking.




Alice nodded as she took up position at one end of the couch, and Jannifer on the other.  “On the count of three,” Jannifer whispered.  “One... Two... three...”


Natalie felt the soft touch on the soles of her feet, and tried to wriggle out of the way, only to realise with a start that she was rather well secured to a living back support, who herself was starting to wriggle round.


Mmgmgmmg...  MDmdsammsaDFSMFFDS.... mmsmammsadfmgmmhh.... hhhhhHHHAAHAAHHAHHHHHHHH” was all that Natalie could say as she tried desperately to pull her feet out of the way, only to feel an arm encircling her legs as the touch on her feet continued.


As for Veronica, she was desperately trying not to call out - the motion behind her was making her back move as well, but more importantly the person assailing her had moved from her feet to the back of her legs, tickling her in a very very sensitive spot under her knees.


“MSMDGGDDDDDDDDMDDNDNNTNTNTTTTT” she finally screamed through her own gag as she tried desperately to kick her legs out of the way, her head moving from side to side as the sleep mask began to slowly slip down her face and off her eyes....








Mgnnnnnkllufrtssss,” Natalie mumbled as she saw Alice smiling at her, and then saw Jannifer walk in front of her.


Shhh,” they said as they put their fingers to their lips, and walked to kneel in front of Cindy and Dorothy.  They had no real idea what was going on, thanks to the foam plugs that were sitting in their ears, so when the two girls started to tickle their feet they exploded in response, trying desperately to get out of the way as they rubbed each other’s tummies with their bound hands.


“I see you have been visited,” Anne said as she walked in, dressed in a pale blue track suit with a white t-shirt underneath.  “Are you two ready to be untied now?”


Veronica and Natalie nodded as Anne reached over and pulled the tape away from their mouths.  “Is it really that late?” Veronica said as she looked at the clock on the mantelpiece.


“Yup - doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun,” Anne said as she unwound the rope holding the mother and daughter together.  “Amy and Suzanne are in the kitchen, and I’ve released Joanne and Alexa as well.  Perhaps, once this is done, you two can go and get dressed as well - and maybe a shower?  You do seem to have been sweating a bit.”


“Yeah - must have been exercised by something - or someone,” Veronica said darkly as she watched both Cindy and Dorothy trying to twist out of the way of their determined tormentors.


“You don’t say,” Natalie said as she stood up and rubbed her wrists.  “I’ll be sure to make sure they understand the price of what they did.  Where are Andrea and her mother?”


“Still in their rooms I presume - why don’t you two get them free and I’ll make sure Dorothy and Cindy get freed.  Once they have been fully tortured of course.”


“Of course,” Veronica said as she guided Natalie out of the room and up the stairs.  Twenty minutes later, having both showered and changed into t-shirts and shorts, they met outside the door of Coral’s room and slowly opened it.


Coral and Andrea were lying on their sides, facing each other.  Their eyes were securely covered with sleep masks, while the grey tape over their mouths was still firmly in place.  They seemed peaceful and contented - so contented that as they approached, Jannifer could actually hear Andrea snoring as she lay there in her body suit.


“Andrea,” Natalie said as she gently shook the older girl, “time to get up - you’ve had a lovely long sleep.”


Mmgmgmmm,” Andrea said as she turned and rested on her bound arms.  Whssthrrrr?”


Natalie reached over and gently removed the sleep mask, watching as Andrea blinked and recognised her friend.  At the same time, Veronica removed the sleep mask from Coral’s eyes, and started to release her from the hogtie she had placed her in earlier.


Whttmst,” Coral said as Veronica helped her to sit up, and Natalie untied her daughter.


“Late afternoon - I hope you’re not too stiff?”


Nnnnn,” Coral said as she shook her head, looking at Andrea with a look of happiness as she did so.  Andrea nodded in agreement as Natalie released her wrist and arms, before peeling the tape away from her mouth and spitting out the very wet cloth that lay behind her lips.


“I really fell asleep,” Andrea said as she watched her mother remove her gag.  “I must have been relaxed.”


“I think we both were,” Coral said as she stood up.  “Come on - let’s get dressed as well.  We can sort things out later.”






The clock showed six as the group gathered in the front room, looking at the large central table as Amy, Anne and Suzanne started to lay out plates of small tarts, sausages, Chinese dim sum and other finger food.


“Given the day we’ve all had,” Amy said as she set a plate of spring rolls down, “I think just sitting here and talking would be a good idea for now.”


“Hey,” Joanne said as she looked round, “where’s Chloe?”


“Probably upstairs,” Natalie said as she stood up, “I’ll go and tell her.”  She walked quickly out of the door, and started to walk up the staircase.




Chloe became aware rather than waking. She tried to work out if she was awake or not. All was quiet and dark. She tried to move and found she was limited. Her arms were pinned behind her. She moved her legs and found they too were tied together. Her ankles had also been tied to something. A quick tug on her hands confirmed she was also wearing a crotch rope. That could cause some problems escaping, she thought to herself as she felt the pressure between her legs. Something was filling her mouth and she could not push it out. All was dark and as she tried to rub her face against the soft surface she was lying on. Nothing moved and she guessed she was wearing a hood rather than a simple blindfold. She pointed her toes to try and see what would happen. Without her usual thick tights on she was able to feel the rope tethering her to something and began to pick at it with her toes while her finger felt for knots. Suddenly she felt a weight besides her. Having heard nothing she guessed she had earplugs in too.


“Chloe,” Natalie said as she opened the door to the room that Andrea and Chloe were sharing, “Are you in here?”  The room appeared to be empty, but as she stepped in she was grabbed from behind and a sweet smelling cloth pressed over her nose and mouth.  Natalie tried to struggle free, but soon she succumbed to the sweet smelling fumes and fell unconscious to the floor.


The hooded figure carried the unconscious Natalie into the attic room where Chloe was just rousing. The figure wore a black leotard with black gloves. Black leggings with thick black socks on her shoeless feet meant she could move around this house in near silence. Her head and face were covered with a black balaclava with only eye and mouth holes. She put Nats down on the bed next to Chloe. Seeing Chloe’s attempts to free herself the figure took some tape and taped the French woman’s index fingers to her middle fingers, then to her ring fingers and finally taped her big toes together removing all slim hope of freeing herself. The figure then turned her attention to Natalie.


She began by crossing and tying her wrists behind her back and taping her fingers much like Chloe's. Ropes were passed round her upper body and arms cinched to pin her arms to her sides. Her ankles were tied and crossed and then her legs were bound above and below the knees. The figure picked up a large foam ball which she pushed into Nat's mouth, before covering the poor girl’s lips with several lengths of tape. An ear plug was inserted into each of Nats's ears before putting a balaclava over her head. Unlike the figures hood however this one had only a hole for Nats's nose and extra padding sewn in over the eyes ears and mouth.


She smiled as she saw the two girls on the bed.  Turning, she left, locking the door behind her as she heard the chatter from downstairs.  A smile crossed her face as she considered her next conquest.


Sunday Evening


“Now where on earth can Chloe and Natalie have got to,” Veronica said as she put her plate down on the table.  She looked round the room at everyone who was present - Anne had excused herself a few minutes earlier, and Alexa had gone to fetch something from the room she was sharing with Joanne.


“They’re probably rummaging around upstairs, or gone to their bed,” Dorothy said as she sat back on the chair and sipped her glass of wine.  “Don’t worry about them, Veronica - I’m sure we’ll see them hale and hearty in the morning.”


“I’ll put some food away, just in case they want it later,” Suzanne said as she moved some of the leftovers onto two platters, and picked them up in her hands.  Walking to the door, she waited as Anne opened it, saying “Thanks” as she left the room and started to walk towards the kitchen.


Arriving in the large room, she put the two platters down on the heavy wooden table before opening the refrigerator door.   She looked at the shelves, moving some stuff to the side to accommodate the leftover food, but before she could do anything else a gloved hand clamped itself over her mouth, and she felt herself been pulled backwards towards the centre of the room.


Whtsggnnnggn,” she mumbled as she tried to look over her shoulder, but there was no reply, no response as her eyes started to get heavy.  She was dimly aware of the hand been removed, and her arms been pulled behind her back, but something in the cloth that had been placed over her mouth was clouding her sight, and her senses.


Ngggg,” was all she could say as she felt something been pushed into her mouth, and then her body was lifted up....




A few minutes later, Cindy stood up.  “I’m going to get another drink,” she said, “Does anyone else want one?” 


“I’ll have a Mountain Dew if there’s one there,” Alexa said as she walked into the room.


“That’ll keep you awake,” Coral said as Alexa sat herself next to her and Andrea.  “That’s the general idea,” Alexa replied as she winked at Joanne, her blush evident as she chose not to reply.


Cindy left the room, shaking her head a she walked to the kitchen.  As she came in, she saw the fridge door open and the two platters on the table.  “Aunt Joanne,” she called out, but getting no reply she retrieved two bottles from the fridge and put the platters in, closing it behind her.


“Has Aunt Joanne been back in, Mum,” Cindy said as she came back into the front room. 


Mmmm - no, she hasn’t,” Dorothy said as she looked up.  “That’s not like her.”  She stood up, brushed some crumbs off her jeans, and said “I’ll see if she’s gone upstairs” as she headed for the door.


“I’ll help as well,” Amy said as she followed her out, “I want to get changed anyway.”  The two women walked out of the room as Jannifer stretched her arms.


“Well,” she said as she finally stood up, “I’m off to bed.  See you all in the morning.”




“I’ll be up in a little while,” Alice said as she watched her friend pad out of the room and head up the stairs.


“That’s strange,” Veronica said as she looked in Suzanne’s room, “She’s not here either.  No sign of the others, either.”


“I’ll check in the girl’s room,” Amy said as she walked down the corridor, leaving Dorothy to look in the room again.  As she did so, she heard a sound, and looking outside the door she saw a figure ducking into another door at the end of the corridor.


“Anne, is that you,” she said, but there was no reply.  Walking towards the door, she opened it and saw a set of stairs leading up.  “Anne, if this is one of your games,” she said as she headed up, finding another door half closed at the top of the stairs.  As she stood there, she thought she could hear some noises from inside.


“Anne,” she said quietly as she put her hand on the handle, opening the door and peering inside.  Her eyes opened wide as she saw the two trussed and blindfolded girls on the bed, and even more so as she saw her sister in law sitting on the floor.  Suzanne had her wrists and arms tightly bound to her body with rope, and her knees drawn right up to her chest as coils had been passed round her chest and under her legs.  Thos legs had also been frog tied, and her head was encased in a black balaclava, with only holes for her nose in the material


“What the hell,” Dorothy said before she was pulled into the room, the door closing behind her.




Jannifer walked into the bedroom from the bathroom, towelling her hair off as she looked at the clock display showing the time at eleven o’clock.  “Wonder how much longer Alice is going to be,” she said to herself as she slipped on her Disney nightgown, picked up her book and started to read it.


After a few minutes, she heard the door opening and closing again.  “You tired as well,” she said to herself as she looked up, only to lower the book slowly as she looked at the woman clad in black that was standing in front of her.


“Err, Anne?” Jannifer said quietly, but the woman said nothing.  Instead, she held up several coils of rope and a black balaclava, a smile on her lips as she did so.  “All right, I’ll play along.” She finally said as she stood up and turned, putting her hands behind her back, “Guess I won’t get an early night tonight either.”  She looked over her shoulders as the woman took a length of the rope in her gloved hands and tightly bound her wrists together, making sure she cinched the lengths between her wrists as well.


Jannifer watched as she took a small roll of white tape from her pocket, and started to tape her fingers together.  “So is this an escape challenge,” she said, but her binder said nothing in reply, concentrating on ensuring she could not move her fingers and hands before she held a white cloth in front of Jannifer’s mouth.



As Alice climbed the staircase, she yawned, wondering if Jannifer was still awake.  As she reached the top of the stairs, however, she stopped as she caught a glimpse of a black clad figure leaving her bedroom, and Jannifer over her shoulder.  She blinked for a moment, and looked again, but the figure had disappeared.  Running to the room, however, she saw the covers on Jannifer’s bed turned back, and her book on the bed.  Turning, she made her way back downstairs, and burst into the room.


“Someone just took Jannifer,” she said as she looked at the others assembled there - everyone except Anne and Veronica.


“Took Jannifer?”  Cindy sat up from the couch she had been lying on.  “What do you mean took her?”


“Just that - I saw this person clad in black leaving our room, with Jannifer over her shoulder, and then she just disappeared.”


Amy looked at Coral for a moment.  “Hang on,” she said slowly, “First all the adults get bound and gagged during the night, and now you say someone’s taken Jannifer?  Who else has disappeared?”


Coral started to tick off names on her hands.  “Chloe...  Natalie... Suzanne... Dorothy never came back...  And now you say Jannifer has gone?”


“Gone where,” Anne said as she came into the room.  “Sorry - took longer than expected to get the wood in from the yard for tomorrow.”  She looked round the room, seeing the others were looking at her, and said “What?”


“Anne, do you know who bound us all last night?”


“No idea - I was as surprised as you were when I woke up this morning and found myself like that.  Why?”


“You are the most skilled of all of us is why,” Amy said as she stood up, “and now more of us have disappeared.  Is there something you would like to tell us?”


“Only that whoever it is, it’s not me,” Anne said, “but if we are been grabbed, we need to find out who it is.  Where’s Veronica?”


“She went to the kitchen to put on some coffee - why?”


“Because she wasn’t in the kitchen when I walked through a few minutes ago.  Let’s pair up - on kid with one adult.  Andrea, you stay with your mother.  Cindy, you stay with Amy, and Alice you come with me.  Joanne and Alexa, I hope you two don’t mind watching out for each other.”


“No problem,” the two older girls said as they stood up, “but what’s going on?”


“I’m not sure,” Anne said quietly, “but we’re going to search this house from top to bottom until we find the others.  I want everyone back here in one hour - no excuses.”


The others nodded.  “Mum and I will check the kitchen and cellar,” Andrea said as the two of them left the room, and the clock showed that it was midnight.  “We’ll check the rest of the rooms on this floor,” Amy said as she and Cindy left, while Alexa and Joanne left the room and started to head up the staircase.


“What about us,” Alice said as she looked at Anne.  “I want us to wait here for a few minutes,” she said as she sat back down and crossed her legs, her black tights lifting slightly from her ankles as she did so.  “You see, there’s something I need to tell you - I think I know what’s going on here.”


Alice looked at Anne, her eyes widening as she listened to what the older woman had to say...




“Dorothy?  Are you in here?”  Amy looked round the door to the darkened room before stepping in, Cindy following her as she turned the light on.  The room was bare, save for some furniture which was covered in dust sheets.


“I don’t think they are in here,” Cindy said as she looked round.  “In fact I don’t think anybody has been in this room for some time.”


“It does look unused, doesn’t it - Veronica told me the room wasn’t the best one for our purposes, but I guess we could find something to do here, don’t you Cindy?”




Amy slowly turned round and saw Cindy standing there, a black gloved hand over her mouth.  The hand was attached to a black covered hand, which extended from one of the dust sheets, covering whoever was holding the young girl in their grip.  Amy took in the sight, and then slowly raised her hands at the sight of the toy gun in the other black clad arm....




An hour passed, and as Andrea and Coral came back into the room, followed by Joanne and Alexa, they found Anne sitting there on her own.


“Where’s Alice,” Joanne said as she looked round the room.


“She went to put some more coffee on,” Anne said as she stood up.  “Any luck?”  She saw the four of them shaking their heads, before saying “Where are Amy and Cindy?”


The quartet looked round, before turning and running out of the room.  “You look downstairs,” Joanne said to Andrea and Coral, “we’re going to check upstairs again.”


“Have you any idea what’s going on here,” Alexa panted as they reached the top of the stairs.  “I have - and if I’m right, I’m going to kill someone,” Joanne said as she opened door after door, the pair looking in each room as they went past.  Eventually, they reached the last door, and opening it they found instead of a room a set of stairs heading up.


Shhh,” Joanne said as she put her finger to her lips, the two girls creeping as quietly as they could to the door they could see at the top.  As they opened it, they saw exactly what had happened to the others.


First, they saw what they presumed was Chloe and Natalie, back to back on the bed, and then her mother and Veronica back to back on the floor, both ball tied and secured to each other.  On a second pair of beds on the far side of the room they could see Jannifer and Cindy, both very tightly hogtied, while on a third bed was a woman dressed from head to foot in black, busy using a length of rope to secure Amy’s ankles to the ropes tightly wrapped around her chest.


One thing was true of all the women and girls - each of them had a black balaclava, like the ones Joanne and Alexa had worn the previous day, pulled tightly over their heads.  From the way they were all mumbling, it was obvious they were all gagged under the hoods as well.


Alexa looked at Joanne and nodded silently, as the two of them slipped into the room and crept over the wooden floor, approaching the figure as she straightened up.  “I knew it was you, Anne,” Joanne said as she pulled the masked woman back, making her drop to the floor and onto her stomach as the two girls grabbed some loose coils of rope and started to bind the binder, crossing her wrists behind her back and her ankles as they started to lash them together.


Within ten minutes, they had the masked woman sitting up, her eyes flashing at them as she found herself been encased in coil after coil of rope, holding her arms to her sides, her legs together, and her else to her chest.  She said nothing, not even when Alexa stuffed a cloth into her mouth and Joanne pulled a thick scarf between her lips to hold it in place.


“Go and get Coral and Andrea,” Joanne said as she sat and watched their new captive, “they’ll want to see who is behind the disappearances.”   She watched Alexa as she ran off, then leaned over and whispered into the masked woman’s ears “I don’t know why you did this, Anne, but I think tics a great idea.  Here’s a little reward for you.”  Reaching under the coils of rope around her chest, she started to tickle her captive, provoking a response of “MSDMSMMSamsmdmsmasdmsdmaffdsfmsfsdmMFFSDMMSDFSAMSMDF” as she tried to twist out of the way.


“What’s going on,” she heard Coral call out as footsteps echoed up the stairs, and as she looked up the older woman ran into the room, Andrea behind her.  “My god,” she said as she looked round the room at the struggling women and girls, “who on earth did this?”


“Anne did,” Joanne said as she started to tickle her captive again.  “I’ve no idea where she stashed Alice, but...”


“Where who stashed me,” Alice said as she came into the room.  “I was in the kitchen and heard the commotion.”


“You...  You were in the kitchen...”  Joanne looked at the young blonde haired girl, before looking back to her captive.  “But if you were in the kitchen, then Anne was telling the truth, and if she was telling the truth about that...”


“Then I could not be sitting there,” Anne said as she came into the room, followed by a shocked looking Alexa.  “Having said which, I have a fairly good idea of who it is under that mask.”  The free girls looked at her as she stepped forward, removed the cloth from between her lips and pulled the balaclava off the extra woman.






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