Heidi’s Big Night








Come with me, I’ll take you where the taste of life is green,

And everyday holds wonders to be seen.

Come with me, leave yesterday behind,

And take a giant step outside your mind...


“Mum, is it absolutely necessary for you to play bubble gum pop that loud?”


“Debbie Gibson was bubble gum pop, Heidi - this is classic pop music.  Anyway, I’m not going to tell you what to listen to tonight, am I?”


Heidi shook her head as she put the snacks and bottles of soft drink out on the coffee table.  After Alicia and the others had departed, this had been the first chance that the girls had found to get together and just have a fun time, and she was determined to make every possible use of the time.


Even better was the fact that, unlike last time, her mum had guaranteed that she and Aunt Veronica would not be paying a surprise visit.  This had been made easier because Amy and Dorothy had been invited to a party, and the reason for The Monkees playing in the background was simply Amy “getting in the mood” as she put it.  There was only one problem with her choice of music.


“Mum, that stuff was old when you were my age.  Why on earth are you playing it?”


“Because, my dear daughter, this is what my mother used to do to me, and I feel it is only fair that you share in the joyous experience.”


“Are you drunk?”


“Nope - just wanting to see how you react?”  Amy appeared in the doorway and stood looking at her daughter.  “So, does your mother still have it?”


Amy stood and stared at her mother, who looked completely different from her usual casual attire.  Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pigtail, which hung down the back of her sheer sleeveless blouse.  The bottom of her blouse hung over a black leather miniskirt, which was complimented by the over the knee black leather boots she was wearing.  A pair of fishnet stockings completed her outfit, as Amy tried her best to stand on the four inch stiletto heels of the boots.


“You really dressed like that when you were younger?”


“How did you think I snared your father - by been a bookworm?”


Heidi said nothing merely shaking her head as she heard the doorbell ring.  “I’m not gonna touch that one,” she said as she walked to the front door and opened it.  “Hey, Cindy,” she said as she opened the door to find Cindy and her mother standing there, “Come away in.”


“Thanks,” Dorothy said as she came in, a fawn coloured great coat covering her clothing, “Is Amy in the kitchen?”  Heidi nodded as she watched Dorothy walk towards the kitchen, while Cindy took her coat off.


“Time to get changed?” Cindy said as she held up her bag.  “I genuinely think Andrea is going to be surprised at us.  Do you think the others are going to play along?”


Alexa and Joanne said yes, but not the others.  Still, at least we are going to make her feel at home.”


“Talking of which, what’s your mother got on?”


“You really do not want to know,” Cindy said with a smile as the doorbell rang again.  “Go and get changed,” Heidi said as she shooed Cindy towards the stairs, and opened the door.


“Somebody order a sleepover chaperone,” Joanne said as she came in, Suzanne following behind her.  Cindy’s aunt was wearing a red leather jacket, open to show the top of a white t-shirt, tight blue jeans and red stiletto heeled ankle boots.  Her hair was frizzed and had a red bandana tied in it in a band.


“Your mum in the kitchen, Heidi,” Suzanne said, and as Heidi nodded she walked in that direction, her heels clicking on the hall floor.  “I think they’re trying to discover their lost youth” Joanne said with a smile as she took her track suit jacket off.  “What do you think?”


“I think Alexa is going to struggle with this idea, right?”


“Actually, she said she’d do it, but only for Andrea.  Where’s Cindy?”


“Upstairs getting changed.”


“You’d better go and get changed as well - Alexa will be here in a few minutes, and Coral is dropping Andrea off at eight.  When are the three of them heading off?”


“Once they have finished talking things over in the kitchen,” Heidi said as she headed up the stairs.  “Drinks and snacks are out - we’ll be down in a few minutes.”





“Looking hot Dorothy - I never knew you had it in you!”


Dorothy smiled as she crossed her legs, her tight red skirt riding up her thighs as she did so.  It had a slit from the hem almost up to the wide leather belt that was around her waist, while her red top was hanging loosely off one shoulder.  Her red patent leather shoes and sheer stockings completed the outfit she had chosen for the night.


“I may have been screwed by my not very much missed husband, but I feel like I can let go a little tonight,” Dorothy said as Amy put her arms round her friend’s neck and kissed her head.


“When exactly are you two going to tell Heidi and Cindy what’s going on?”


Amy smiled as she said “In good time - I know they deserve to know, but we have to find the right way to tell them.”


Dorothy nodded.  “I know they’re great kids, and we’ve all been through a hell of a lot together, but the right time just has not come up yet.  I promise, Suzanne, we will tell them, but not yet.”


“If you don’t tell them, they may find out by accident.”


Amy nodded.  “Yeah - we’ll tell them, but tonight we party like it’s 1989!”


“Whose idea was it to revisit our youth anyway?”  Suzanne laughed as Dorothy stood up and pulled her coat on, while Amy pulled on a black coat.


“Joanne,” Suzanne said as she came out into the hallway.  Joanne opened the door and looked at her mother.




“We’re off - we’ll be back some time tomorrow, so make sure we still have a house here when we come back.”


“Mum, just how much trouble do you think we can get into?”


“This group?  Don’t ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to.”


“Fair point - have a good time,” Joanne said as the three older women headed out of the door.  As it closed, Cindy and Heidi came down the stairs.  “Very nice,” Joanne said with a smile, “How do they feel?”


“Snug - I can see why Andrea likes them,” Cindy said with a smile as he walked in.  “So what’s going to happen next?”


“Let’s see who turns up next,” Joanne said as the doorbell rang, and Heidi went to answer it.







Veronica looked from side to side in her darkened front room, as she felt the ropes tightening around her chest, holding her firmly to the chair back.  She was wearing a black leather pinafore dress, with knee length fabric boots, the legs they were covering firmly lashed to the front legs of the chair at her ankles and knees.


She felt with her fingers the ropes that were holding her wrists tightly together, as well as to the chair back, but she was topped from doing this by the gentle hands that took her fingers and started to tape them together.  There was not a lot she could do to protest this, given the cloth that was stuffed into her mouth and the wide strip of micropore tape that was covering her mouth.


She blinked as the black wool balaclava was pulled over her head, only showing her nostrils as she controlled her breathing in and out, while the two black clad women stood either side of her.




“Soon - very soon.”







Heidi opened the door to Andrea Blackwood, who turned and waved at her mother as she drove off.  “So, where is everyone,” she said as she took off her coat and hung it up.


“Joanne, Alexa and Cindy are here - the others should be arriving soon.  Why don’t you go upstairs and get changed?”


Andrea headed up the stair case, as Heidi unfastened the belt around her waist and let her dressing gown fall open as she went back into the front room.  Fifteen minutes later, Andrea came back down, fastening the front of her powder blue sleep suit as she did so, and opened the door.


“Hello ever...” she started to say, before stopping and staring at the four girls sitting there.


“SURPRISE!” Heidi called out as she raised her arms, the sleeves of her brand new white and blue sleep suit going slightly down as she did so.  The other three were also wearing new sleep suits - pink for Cindy, black for Alexa and white for Joanne.


“Oh my,” Andrea said as she put her hands to her mouth, the mittens that were attached to them hanging down, “You did this for me?  I... I don’t know what to say.  What about Natalie, Jannifer and Alice?”


“I’m afraid not - they’re late coming from their gymnastics club, so they won’t be joining us yet.  But we wanted to do something with you first - a surprise for when they get here.”


“Really - what?”


Joanne smiled as she held up three of the special balaclavas from their summer trip.  “We’re going to tie the three of you up as you like, Andrea, so that they can find you when they arrive.  Let’s all go upstairs to Amy’s room.”


“Once,” Alexa said as she held up three lengths of rope, “We have your hands tied behind your back that is.  Mittens on, all three of you.”


Cindy and Heidi looked at each other and pulled a pair of fingerless mittens onto their hands, while Andrea pulled her own on, covering her hands.  “You are going to love how this feels,” she said with a smile as Alexa pulled her hands behind her back, crossed her wrists and started to bind her wrists tightly together, Alex doing the honours for Heidi and Cindy.


“Now,” Joanne said as she came to the door and opened it, “Up we go.  Time’s a-pressing, girls.”


Cindy, Heidi and Andrea walked through the door and walked up the staircase, Alexa leading the way as Joanne came up behind.  “These are actually quite comfy,” Cindy said as they walked into Heidi’s room.  “I can see why you like them, Andrea.”


“So I am right after all,” Andrea said with a smile as she looked at Cindy and Heidi, Alexa wrapping some rope around her arms and chest to fix them into place above and below her chest.  Joanne made Cindy and Heidi sit back to back and started to wrap some rope around their upper bodies, holding them together around their arms and chest as Alexa wound her rope above and below Andrea’s chest.


“Do you think we’ll ever look like that one day,” Cindy said to Heidi as they watched Andrea have her wrist tied to her waist, and then helped to sit down on the floor.


“You’re not that far off yet, but you’re different, cuz,” Joanne said as she tied the rope off, walked round and knelt at Cindy’s legs as she tied her ankles together.  As she did this, Heidi watched as Alexa crossed and tightly bound Andrea’s ankles together.


“You both look so cute in them,” Andrea said as she looked at her class mates, Alexa binding her legs as Joanne secured both Heidi and Cindy, their legs stretched out in front of them.  “We’re going to gag and blindfold you before we finish, so if you have anything to say, say it now.”


“Fiddlesticks and bubble gum,” Heidi said as the others looked at her.  “Something I picked up during the summer,” was her only explanation before she allowed Joanne to push a sponge ball into her mouth, and cover it with a strip of white medical tape.  She reached round and did the same to Joanne, while Alexa gagged Andrea in the same way.


Fnnks,” Andrea mumbled as she wriggled her covered fingers, before Alexa fitted a set of small plugs into her ears and covered her head with the balaclava, fixing it over her head so that only her nostrils showed.


Udngtss,” Cindy said to Joanne, who nodded as she picked up two more of the special masks and fitted them over their heads, oncve their ears had been plugged.  When the three girls had their eyesight totally blocked, Joanne helped Alexa to put Andrea onto her stomach and place her in a tight hogtie, her ankles tied to her waist ropes and rope around her thighs and calves as well.


“What about the youngsters,” Alexa whispered into Joanne’s ear as they looked at Cindy and Heidi.


“They’ll be fine,” Joanne whispered back as the doorbell rang.  “Besides, we have other guests to attend to.”


“Are we going to get some time later?  After all, Chloe was busy elsewhere tonight.”


“We’ll manage it - Andrea can do it as a favour to us later, once they finally go to sleep.”


“So that’s four tomorrow morning then?”


“Did you have any other plans,” Joanne said with a smile as they left the room and headed down the stairs.  Stopping at the door, she opened it to see Natalie, Jannifer and Alice standing there, while a car drove off into the distance.


“Has the party started yet,” Natalie said as she came in, her bare feet padding on the wooden floor.  She had a shawl tied around her leotard, which swished as she walked.  Both Jannifer and Alice were wearing track suit bottoms and sneakers, but they both looked happy.


“The others will be back in a minute,” Alexa said with a smile.  “They want you to get ready before you join them.  You can use the cloakroom over there to get ready.”


The three girls trooped off as Alexa and Joanne exchanged a conspiratorial look...



“So where are they?”


Natalie sat herself down with a drink and crossed her legs, the cuffs of her knee length shorts rising slightly as she did so.  They were a bright green, with two white stripes down the sides, with a matching t-shirt top.  A rope bracelet hung loosely from her right ankle, and there was a glass of soda in her hand.


“Still tied up in whatever they are doing,” Alexa said as she sat down.  “Nice jammies, by the way.”


“What gives with the onesies anyway?  Andrea finally convince you to try them?”


“Nah - it was Cindy actually,” Joanne said as she came in with Jannifer.  The red haired girl was wearing a short puff sleeved nightdress, with a picture of Minnie Mouse on the white material.   Behind them came Alice, in her red satin pyjamas.


“So where exactly are they?” Alice said as she took a drink and sat down.


“We’ll tell you in a minute,” Joanne said quietly, “but first we need to tell you about a couple of things.  First of all, there will be no parents tonight - they are staying all night at Veronica Cabot’s house, even your mother Natalie.”


“Mum?  Does she know what she’s walking into?”


“I think so - I know she sat down for a long time with Veronica, but she was always going to be going a little later.  Point is, we’re in charge, and we’re going to make sure you have the best girls’ night in a long time.”


“But we want something in return,” Alexa said as she sat forward.  “You know that Joanne and I are an item, right?”


The three girls nodded - it was an open secret, but they had never denied or confirmed it to anyone.  “Good - we don’t mind what you do later, but all Alexa and I ask is an hour or two, on our own, in a room upstairs.  Is that acceptable?”


“Sure - what else?”


“No objections?”


“Joanne, come on - of course we don’t mind.”  Jannifer sat forward on her seat as well.  “What else are you planning?”


“If we told you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise,” Joanne said with a smile.  “Which reminds me - they’re upstairs in Heidi’s room.  Why don’t you go and say hi to them?”


The three younger girls looked at Joanne and Alexa, before they jumped up and ran up the stairs.  Stopping at Heidi’s door, they looked in and saw the three girls on the floor.


“Well, a triptych in sleep suits,” Natalie said as she walked into the room, “All nice and unable to see or hear us.”


“So what are we going to do to them,” Alice said as she knelt next to the hogtied Andrea.  “They look so peaceful there, and it would be such a shame to spoil it.  Wouldn’t it, Jannifer?”


“Well, it would be a shame that is true,” Jannifer said as she knelt by Heidi, while Natalie knelt next to Cindy.  “So what are we going to do about it?”


The three girls nodded to each other, as they flexed their fingers and placed them around the ribs of the three others.  The signal was silent, barely imperceptible, but Heidi, Cindy and Andrea knew when the tickling started on their ribs.


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” all three screamed as they wriggled to get out of the way, Andrea squirming on her stomach as the toher two rocked from side to side, unable to separate themselves or move out of the way of the relentless assault.  


Stppttttt,” Andrea yelped out in a muffled way as Alice grabbed her legs and started to tickle through the material covering them.  “I like how all three of them are wearing sleep suits - but how come we didn’t know about this,” Jannifer said to Natalie as she tickled the back of Heidi’s knees, making her thump her legs up and down in a vain attempt to get them out of the way.


“DNTDTTTT” Cindy called out, but she soon started laughing through her gag as well when Natalie tickled her feet.  “How long do you think we can keep this up for,” she said as she looked at Alice.


“All night if we wanted, but I think we should let them breath,” she said as he pulled the balaclava off Andrea’s head, and peeled the tape away from her mouth.  She watched as her friend spat the sponge out, took a few moments to catch her breath, then said “H.....Hi Alice.  Welcome to the party.”


“Nice to see you too, Andrea,” Alice said as she watched the red flush pass from the older girl’s face.  Want to be untied?”


“For now yes, but I would like to return to this later, when we sleep.”


“If we sleep,” Heidi finally said as Jannifer removed the gag from her mouth.  “Where are Alexa and Joanne?”


“Downstairs,” Natalie said as she started to untie Cindy’s legs, “I think they were making dark mumblings about ordering pizza.”


“Well then,” Andrea said as she stood up and rubbed her arms and legs, “We’d better make sure they order enough of the right thing.  They like too much jalapeno peppers on their toppings.”


As the girls trooped into the room, Alexa turned and put the phone down.  “That’s the pizzas ordered,” she said with a smile, “and I made sure to order extra peppers on one of them.”


“Oh great,” Andrea said as she slipped off her mittens, “and what about the rest of us.”


“Pepper free,” Joanne said from the couch, “for your taste.  Grab a drink and gather round.”


Heidi picked up a bottle of coke, and handed one to Cindy, but as they turned Natalie accidentally bumped into them, making them spill their drinks on the sleep suits.  Dammit,” Cindy said as the brown stain spread down her clothing, “We’ll have to go and change.”


“Sorry,” Natalie said as the two girls left the room, then turned and held her hand out.  “Come on - five bucks from each of you.  I told you I’d get them to change.”  Jannifer and Alice nodded, pulled a five note out from their tops and placed them in her hand.  Andrea looked at the three girls, before saying “Don’t you like their suits?”


“Yeah,” Alice said, “but we have a challenge we want Heidi and Cindy to do, and they need to be wearing footless clothes for that.  You’ll like it, Andrea - it’s a tickle test.”


“Well, I cannot argue with that,” Andrea said, “so long as the test allows us to do it anonymously?”


“I guarantee it,” Alice said as she sat down.  “Where did you order the pizzas from anyway?”


“Pizza Boy - why?”


“Do you know who does deliveries for Pizza Boy in this area?”


“No - who?”


“Dave and Karl.”


Joanne sat up as she heard this.  “Do they now?  Right - get them down here and start your challenge.”  Natalie nodded as she went to the door and said “Come on you two - I have a special challenge for you.”


“All right, all right,” Heidi said as she walked back in, having changed into a pair of pink short sleeved pyjamas, “What’s all the fuss about?”


“I bet,” Natalie said as she watched Cindy coning, wearing a white sleeveless nightdress with shoulder straps that came to just below her knees, “that the other can tie the three of us up, blindfold us, gag us, and then tickle us without us squirming.”


“You?  Not squirm?”  Cindy said as she looked at Natalie.  “What’s the bet?”


“Whoever manages it gets to pick the next game - but the loser has to be the first person to play the game.”  Natalie held up three eye masks in her hand.  “Ready to begin?”


“Give,” Heidi said as she grabbed a black one and put it over her eyes.  “Who gets who?”


“I got you,” Alice said as she stood behind Heidi, while Jannifer stood behind Cindy and Andrea behind Natalie.  “Identical ties, right?”


“Right,” Jannifer said as she crossed Cindy’s wrists behind her back and tied them tightly together, “and nobody starts until all three are ready.”  Natalie nodded as she fixed the eye mask over Cindy’s eyes, and then blindfolded herself before Andrea started to tie her up.


Alexa and Joanne watched as all three had their wrists tied, and then rope around their upper bodies, holding their arms tightly into their sides as it went around their stomach and shoulders.  Their binders helped them to lie down, then crossed their ankles and tied them together, followed by their legs below their knees, then brought their ankles back and secured them to their chest ropes.


“Open wide,” Jannifer said to Cindy, before she stuffed a folded handkerchief into her mouth and then covered it with white tape, sealing her mouth as the other two received a similar treatment.  Natalie relaxed, happy in her position as the five other girls gathered around them.


“Now remember, you have to try not to squirm,” Alice said as she started to tickle Cindy’s feet, and Jannifer Heidi’s.  Joanne slipped over and started to tickle Natalie’s feet, while Andrea and Alexa headed to the door that led to the hallway.


Heidi squirmed at the touch of fingers on the soles of her feet, but she was determined to win this bet - if only to show her cousin that she had far more control over her body than she did.  It was difficult, but she worked hard, controlling her breathing as she tried to resist


By her side, she could hear Cindy doing the same thing, while there were muffled grunts coming from the direction she believed Natalie was lying in.  She slowly concentrated on times tables, her upcoming biology test - anything except the incessant stroking on her feet.




Out in the hallway, Alexa and Andrea looked at each other.


“You two do look kind of cute in those suits,” Andrea said with a smile.  “Plan to keep them on all night?”


“Nope, but that’s for after the girls finally go to sleep,” Alexa said, smiling as she leaned back against the phone table.  “What do you think the mothers are up to?”


“I have absolutely no idea - I know Mum was excited, but that’s all.  Why are we out here anyway?”


“Because we need to stop the front door bell ringing,” Alexa said as she watched out of the glass panel in the front door.  “If what I think is going to happen happens, then we are going to frighten the life out of the two girls.”




Ngggmmsmmmm” Cindy mumbled as she squirmed slightly, Joanne lightly brushing her bare soles as Jannifer started to tickle her sides.  Alice was sitting back, watching as they moved between the three hogtied girls, trying to get them to laugh out under their gags.


“So how long are we going to keep this up for?”


“Not for too much longer,” Joanne said as she looked at the window, “Not for too much longer...”




Alexa opened the front door and smiled as the two boys walked up the path, dressed in candy stripe shirts with white baseball caps on their heads.


“Well hello boys,” Andrea said as she took the boxes off the delivery boys, “Why don’t you both come in - we have something to show you.”


“Something to show us,” the taller of the two said as Alexa closed the door behind them, “Whatever do you mean?”


“Put it this way - if it had been anyone else, we would not be doing this.  Say nothing - just look.”  The two boys looked at each toher, and then as Andrea opened the door to the front room they looked inside.  Their eyes took in the scene as Joanne put her finger to her lips, then stepped outside, Andrea closing the door behind them.


“Did you...  Was that...”


Yes, and yes.  When do you guys need to be back?”


The taller of the two took out his cell phone and dialled a number.  “Hey, it’s Dave.  Karl and I are going to take a break - take us off the board for half an hour will you?”  He hung up, smiled and said “Do you mind?”


“Not at all,” Andrea said as she opened the door again.






Heidi opened her eyes under the sleep mask as she felt someone else holding her ankles and start to tickle her feet.  This grip was different, stronger, and the stroking on her bare soles was more aggressive, more teasing.  It felt different - very different - and it was much more difficult to resist.


Cindy was having the same problem, as a pair of hands started to tickle her at her sides, probing and teasing her in a way that was almost impossible to resist.  In fact, as she squirmed round, she realised she could not resist it, especially when one hand started to gently tickle the soles of her feet as well.


Mmwwahahaaaaaaa,” she called out as she could not help herself any longer only to hear Natalie scream “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” as well.  She felt somebody bumping against her, as Natalie fought against the combination of Alice and Jannifer on her body.


As for Heidi, she was struggling to fight the assault on her feet and ribs, but it was when whoever was tickling her started to tickle the backs of her knees that she exploded in laughter,


“NNNNNN LLLRTTTTSTPPTTTT,” she screamed as she rolled onto her sides, only to be surprised to feel her tormentor kiss her over her taped lips.  Whhtttt,” she asked as the sleep mask was pulled off her head, and she looked into the blue eyes of....


“KRL!” Cindy screamed as she saw her boyfriend looking at her, as Dave reached over and kissed Heidi on the cheek.  “Surprise,” he said as he untied his girlfriend’s legs from her chest and helped her to sit up.


“Good way to spend a break, Cin,” Karl said as he ungagged Cindy and kissed her.


“I might have known - you put these two up to it, didn’t you?”


“Nope,” Joanne said as she put the pizza boxes on the table, “I forgot they worked for this company, and if it had not been them then the delivery boys would not have got in.”


“But it was, and they did,” Andrea said as she untied Natalie.  “When do you guys get off?”


“Not until later - and we have work tomorrow as well, so we won’t come back,” Dave said in answer to the unasked question.  “But you girls have fun, and I’ll see you tomorrow Heidi.”  The two boys stood up, smiled and waved, as they left the room, Alexa following them to let them out.


“Right,” Alice said as she lifted the lid of the first box, “I got Ham and Mushroom here - who wants some...”


The girls sat themselves around the coffee table, as the pizza was slowly consumed between them.  Cindy nudged Heidi, and said “What do you think our mums are up to now?”


“Probably trying to recapture their long lost youth,” Heidi said with a big grin as she bit into a slice of Pepperoni.  “It must be a real nostalgia trip for them.”


“Hey,” Jannifer said as she bit into her slice, “I know what I’ve been meaning to ask you.  What did you think of Heidi’s British friends?”


“They were cool,” Natalie said as she looked at Heidi.  “And real skilled as well - I wish they had come over when we were on holiday as well.”


“Maybe another time,” Heidi said, but as she looked at Cindy she saw a frown on her face.  “Hey,” she said as she nudged her friend in the arm, “Come and give me a hand with some more drinks.”


“All right,” Cindy said as she stood up and the two girls padded into the kitchen.  As Heidi opened the fridge, she looked at Cindy and said quietly “What’s up?”


“I was just thinking about that Thursday night - it was something completely different.”


“Anne and Mum never told us what happened - I did see the picture of you and Cassie together, but not a lot else, and they said nothing.  Was it something secret?”


Cindy nodded as she said “I really can’t tell you that much - it had something to do with my dad, and it scared the hell out of the Craigs.  I had to talk Cassie down - but she was a lot braver than I imagined.”




“Well, you should have seen the way she made one of the two men hop...  But I really can’t say that much.  She’s a great kid though - I hope I can see her again some day.”


“I’m sure you will,” Heidi said as she hugged Cindy, and they both heard the sound of laughter coming from the front room.  “What’s going on,” Cindy said as they walked back in - to be greeted by the sight of Joanne, Alexa and Andrea on the floor, been tickled mercilessly in the ribs by Jannifer, Alice and Natalie.


“Hey,” Natalie said as she looked up, “I think these three need to be given the same torture they gave us.”


“In those sleep suits - might make feet tickling a little difficult,” Cindy said with a smile.


“So we get them everywhere else,” Jannifer grinned as she grabbed Alexa’s wrist and pulled them behind her back.  “Throw me some tape will you - I want to make sure they can’t stop us.”


“Don’t you daaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaahaahhhaaa,” Joanne screamed out as Alice continued to tickle her ribs, her covered feet kicking up and down on the floor as her assailant sat across her.  She turned and watched, her face red as Jannifer put her lover’s hand together, palm to palm, and covered them with tape from her wrists to the tips of her fingers.


“Give me that,” Alice said, and as Jannifer passed the roll of grey tape over she arranged Alexa’s arms in a box behind her back, and started to tape her arms from wrist to wrist.


“You two are going to be in so much trooooahhhhhh” Andrea said as Natalie pulled her wrists behind her back, crossed them and then started to tie them together with a length of cord.   “We’ll see who is in trouble,” Natalie said with a laugh as the three girls turned round, and Alice taped Alexa’s ankles together, before passing the roll to Jannifer to deal with Joanne.


“I am so not getting involved in this,” Cindy said as she picked up a slice of pizza and began to eat it.  “Nor me,” Heidi said as she drank from a bottle, and then continued “at least until you have the three of them in a state where they can do nothing about it.”


“Right - let your cousin get all the hahhahahahhhhh,” Joanne laughed out as Jannifer taped her legs together, below her knees, and then pulled her legs back, taping her calves to her thighs before she handed the roll back to Alice.  At the same time, Natalie had crossed and bound Andrea’s ankles, then her legs, and placed her in a hogtie with her ankles attached to her wrists.


“That’s better,” Alice said as she finished taping Alexa’s ankles to her wrists, the grey band running between the two of them.  “Now, anyone got something to gag them with?”


“How about these,” Heidi said as she picked three red and white bandanas and passed them over to the girls.  “Perfect,” Natalie said as she rolled hers into a band and tied a knot in the middle, the other two girls following suit.


“That won’t slnnsnssstmsh,” Andrea said as the cloth was pulled into her mouth by Natalie, and the other two were similarly gagged.  “No,” Natalie said with a smile, “but this will.”  She took the roll of tape, tore off several strips and placed them over Andrea’s mouth, sealing the cloth knot in place as Jannifer and Alice did the same to their captives.


“Now then,” Natalie said as she fixed a sleep mask over each of their eyes, “Who’s going to be first?”  The three older girls turned their heads, wondering which of them was going to be hit first, and listening to the sound of covered feet moving on the floor...

“NNNNNNNN,” was Alexa’s reaction as she felt the five pairs of fingers on her ribs, elbows, legs and feet, mercilessly teasing and tickling her to see what she would do.  The girls had moved both Joanne and Andrea further to the sides, so that they could crowd round one of them at a time and give them full attention.


Rullrrtlxe,” Joanne mumbled, but the reply she got was just more muffled squeals of laughter as Alexa was tickled in every single sensitive spot she had.  How long the torture lasted for seemed like an eternity, but it was only about fifteen minutes, the sweat patches on Alexa’s suit growing more visible by the minute.


“Onwards,” Natalie said, and as Alexa started to slowly relax Joanne was the next to face the Fearsome Five, the fingers on her sides provoking an instant reaction. 


“SSTPTTTTPLSSHHAAAHHH” she called out as they tickled her within an inch of her total submission, Alexa turning and trying to look in the direction she thought the sound was coming from.  Andrea was next, her muffled screams filling the room as they carried on.


“Right,” Heidi eventually said as she stood up, “There’s some ice cream in the fridge - why don’t we go and get some.”


“What about our chaperones?”


“If they can get free, then they can come and join us,” Cindy said as she patted her cousin’s bottom, and the five of them left the room, while Joanne started to gently rub her head on the edge of the rug.


Slowly, carefully, she managed to push the sleep mask off her eyes, and looked at Alexa and Andrea.  Her girlfriend was lying on her side, her back to her as she panted for breath, while Andrea was lying on her stomach as if this was the most natural place for her to be.


Moving her head slightly, she started to rub the edge of the tape on the edge of the rug, taking her time as she heard the younger girls talking in the kitchen.  The look of steel determination in her eyes was plain to see as she eventually managed to peel the tape away from her mouth, and push the knotted scarf out from between her lips with her tongue.


Rolling onto her stomach, she shuffled over to Alexa, and used her teeth to slacken the elastic band enough to move her sleep mask.  As she looked over her shoulder, she stroked her head against Alexa’s neck, and then said “Stay still” as she started to bite at the grey tape band between her wrists and ankles.





“... and that is how Alicia and Jenny became friends in the end.”


“My cousin, the adventurer,” Natalie said as she took another scoop of the pistachio ice cream and put it in her mouth.  “I can see where they got to be so good at the rope work, though.”


“I guess practice really does make perfect,” Heidi said with a laugh as she took the ice cream tubs and went back to the fridge, “Talking of which, we’d better go back and free the others.”


“That’s all right,” Joanne said as she stood in the doorway, Alexa behind her, “We managed just fine.  Now, the question is, what are we going to do with you five, hmmm?”


“Err... Thank us for the wonderful time,” Cindy said as she looked at her cousin.


“Not quite - into the living room,” Alexa said as she stood out of the way.  “It’s challenge time...”


The five girls looked at each other, Cindy muttering “My cousin the escape artist,” but as they walked in the room was empty.  “Where’s Andrea,” Heidi said as she looked at Alexa.


“Busy” was the enigmatic reply.


In Heidi’s room, Andrea was lying peacefully on her side.  She was still securely hogtied, but when Joanne and Alexa had carried her up they had added a nice pair of earplugs, as well as one of the special black hoods that only showed the nostrils of someone wearing it.  She was breathing quietly, enjoying the solitude and peace for the moment.



“So what are you going to do to us, you fiend,” Cindy said as she looked at her cousin.  Joanne said nothing, instead holding in her hand five sleep masks. 


“Put these on,” she said as she handed one to each of the girls, “and then stand still.”  The five girls looked at each other, and then slipped a mask over their eyes, wondering what was going to come next.


Heidi gasped slightly as she felt something like silk passing around her wrists, pulling them tightly together.  “Did you raid Mum’s scarf drawer,” she said over her shoulder.


“No - my mothers,” Joanne said, “I had a feeling one or more of you might pull something like this, so I came prepared.”  She had used a red chiffon rectangle to bind Heidi’s wrists together, and then passed two more ones, both blue, to Alexa, who bound the wrists of Jannifer and Alice while she took care of Cindy and Natalie.


“Sit them down, backs against the couch,” Joanne said, as one by one Alexa sat the girls down.  “So what happens now - you tickle us in return,” Natalie said as she wriggled on her bottom.


“Not yet - you’re not ready,” Joanne said as Heidi felt her left leg been pulled to the side, and then tied to the leg of whoever was sitting next to her.  “Hey,” she heard Alice said, “What’s going on?”


“You’ll see,” Alexa said as she grabbed the girls’ left leg and tied her ankle to the right leg of Cindy, who was sitting next to her.  When she had finished, the five girls were tied to each other in a row, while Joanne tied Heidi’s free leg to the table leg in front of her, and Alexa tied the free leg of Jannifer to the other chair at the side.


“All right, Now whaaaaaaaaaannnnnomoooooooo” Heidi said as she heard a buzzing sound, and something soft brushing against the soles of her feet, making her laugh out loud as she pulled on Alice.


Alice, however, had her own problems as she felt something stroking her own feet.  That made her jump and squeal as well, shouting “PLEEASSSDONNNTTTTTT”  Joanne smiled as she stroked the feather duster again on her soles, while Alexa took the electric toothbrush and started to work on Natalie’s feet.


They worked their way down the line of girls, tickling and torturing them as they laughed out loud and tried to escape, but the way they were tied meant they could not move without moving another one, making the laughter go all the way down the line and back again.


Plessseeeeee,” Heidi finally said, “Stopppbeofreewaaahhhhhah Before I  - I need to go a place!”


“All right,” Alexa finally said, “It’s getting late anyway, and we need to make sure you’re all safely tucked up in your beds.”


“Aw - it’s only ten o’clock,” Cindy said as she calmed down, “Can’t we stay up a little longer?”


“Well, if we allowed you, what would we get in return?”


“You can tie us in our sleeping bags if you want,” Alice said as she looked at the two older girls.


“Deal,” Joanne said with a smile, “We’ll release you, and let you go and get sorted out.”


“What about Andrea?”


“Leave her for now - but I’ll set up a DVD to watch.  Any requests?”


“IF we don’t like it, we’ll let you know,” Heidi said as she stood up and literally ran out of the room, the others waiting until they heard the sound of a flushing toilet before moving.




“You have got to be joking,” Alice said as Joanne pressed the start button, and the music started to play.


Little shop,
Little shoppa horrors.
Little shop,
Little shoppa terror.
Call a cop.
Little shoppa horrors.
No, oh, oh, no-oh!


“Hey, you let me pick - and besides, this is one of Cindy’s favourites.”


The four girls looked at Cindy, who smiled sheepishly and said “All right, all right - just watch it and you’ll see.”


As the girls sat back, Cindy picked up one of the sponge balls and held it in her hand.  “Joanne,” she said as Audrey looked at the plant for the first time, “I’m going to sing my song.”


“Only if you muffle yourself,” Joanne said without looking over.  Cindy nodded and pushed the sponge into her mouth, before she started to sing along.


A mshbxfrwn, afnsfrlchnlnk
grilonpeto, dspslntsnk
Awshrnddrr nd nrnngmshn

erksntrmstlwn, elvstmendweeeed
Icklkbtteccckr ndilklkdnnariid
thrsplstcntfornter tkptnssncln
ntpinslsentdar smwhrthsgrn


“You know,” Alice said as she looked at her friend quietly humming along, “My granny used to talk about places like this.  I have to admit, this is kind of fun to watch.”


“It is in a cheesy way - and that guy voicing Audrey 2 is fantastic,” Heidi mumbled as Cindy carried on.

Btenrfrsndnr ndurbdttm - nnfftn
wshnglwshnglseee nrbg,nrmmms, twlfnshscrn

U'm uuh Nuhfuuhmfuuhr Pruhnuh
Huh'h fhahmuuhr, uuh gnowh fuuhm
Our guhnh wahmfh Hownu Noonu
Ah muuh hun uuhmh uhn muuh wuhm
A pfuhfhmuruh oum ofh Puhmmuhr Homuh
ahnn Gahrnuhnh Mahghahfuuhnuh
Fahr fhrom Hguhn Row
Uh nruhahm wuh'll gho
homuhwuuhruh mhahm'h... ghruuuhn


The extra muffling came from the strip of brown sticking plaster that Heidi smoothed over Cindy’s lips, her eyes wide as she looked at her friend.


“That’s better,” she said as she picked up a bandana and rolled it into a thick band, “now I can join you in the singalong.”  The others grabbed cloths and gagged themselves, Joanne and Alexa laughing as they sang along.


Wuuhn Uh wah ufhngh ahnn nuhm ah fhahn luhmmluh guhn,
Mu mommah nomuhfuuhn fhunnu muuhngh Uh nuhn.
Muhguh hoomuhn' pfupfpfuuuh wuhmh ah PP-Gun.
U'n pfouhon ghupfpfuuuh, ahnn wuuhn Uh wah nonuh,
U'n fuuhnn ah pfuhu-fhahm ahnn fhahh uhn uhm'h uuhahn.

Hhahm'h wuuhn mu mommah hauuhn...


(Whahm nuhn uuh hahu?)


Huuh hauuhn mu fhou Uh muuhng homuhnahu
Ufh'll fuuhnn ah wahu
Ho mahguh ufhr nahmurahl muhnnuhnfuuhh pfahu...


Ufh'll fuuh ah nuhnmuhm.
Ufh hahvuh ah mahluhnm fhor fhauuhngh muuhngh pfauuhn!
Hon, fuuh ah nuhnmuhm.
Puhopfluh wuhll pfahu ufh mo fuuh uhnhumahnuh!


Ufh'ruh muhmpfuhrmuhnm'h wrongh fhor muuh pfruuuhmhoon,
Ann muhahfuuhngh wouln huuhm ufh hmuhll luhh.

Hon, fuuh ah nuhnmuhm.
Ufh'll fuuh ah hufhfuuhh.


As the closing credits ran, Joanne pressed the stop button and looked at the girls.  “Right - time you hellions were in bed.  I promised Amy you would be there by 12, and it’s nearly half past.  Don’t worry, though - we’ve made special arrangements for all of you.”


She smiled as the five girls removed their gags and stood up, stretching and yawning as they did so.  Alexa held the door open as they made their way up the staircase, Joanne opening the door to Amy’s bedroom while Alexa went to check on Andrea.


Five sleeping bags were laid out on the floor, sitting on top of rollout mats and the front open wide.  On each bag lay several lengths of rope, and as Heidi looked back she saw Joanne twirling a roll of white microfoam tape in her hands.


“Ground rules girls - hands in front of you, and only tape over the mouths, but otherwise we will make it as secure and snug as possible, all right?”


“Fair enough,” Cindy said, “but what’s to stop us wriggling out of the bags?”


“You’ll see - right, bathroom break, do your teeth, and then back here.”


Cindy was the first to return, and as Joanne said “Stand in front of me” she stood next to a sleeping bag.  Taking a length of rope, Joanne crossed her cousin’s wrists in front of her waist and lashed them tightly together, before wrapping the rope around her waist to hold them firmly in place.


“Natalie came in next, her bare feet padding on the floor as Joanne helped Cindy to lie on one of the sleeping bags, and tied her ankles snugly together side by side, and then her legs below her knees.  As Alexa began to bind Natalie, the other three came in and patiently waited their turn to have their arms bound, then their ankles and legs.


“Before we close the sleeping bags,” Joanne said as Alexa finished with Heidi, “A little additional precaution.  Each of the girls watched as a rope was ran from their wrist, down around the legs and then tied to their ankles, and then the bag was closed over them and zipped up to their necks.


“It’s snug,” Jannifer said as she wriggled round, “but I bet I can slide out of it.”


“Think again,” Alexa said as she took a long length of rope, and started to wrap it around Jannifer in the sleeping bag, constricting it around her legs, waist and arms with tight bands.  Each of the girls got the same, as Alice said “All right, I guess we are going to be staying in these for a while.”


“Quiet and sleeping as well,” Joanne said as she started to tear strips of the white tape off and smooth them over the mouths of all five of the girls, the material forming to the contours of their faces and acting as a reasonably effective gag.  As she did this, Alexa went round and fixed a sleep mask over their eyes, and a pair of earplugs to prevent them hearing anything.


“Sleep well,” Joanne said as she turned the light off and closed the door, leaning against the wall outside as Alexa looked at her.


“Next time we agree to do this,” she said with a weary smile, “remind me to ask for danger money.”


“Oh come on,” Alexa said as she stroked the palm of her hand down Joanne’s cheek, “They’re not that bad - and that sing-along was funny.”


“I suppose it was - how’s Andrea?”


“Come and look,” Alexa said as she took Joanne by the hand and led her to Heidi’s room.  As they looked in, Andrea rolled on the bed, oblivious to their presence as the sound of gentle nasal snoring filled the room.


“Sleeping like a baby,” Joanne said with a chuckle, “But do we need to wake her up?”


“I’ve a safety plan in mind,” Alexa said as she pointed to a baby monitor that was plugged into the wall.  “There’s another one in Amy’s room, and the receivers are in the spare bedroom - the one we’re going to now.”


The two young women walked to that room, Alexa closing the door behind them as Joanne stripped out of her sleep suit and put on a short nightdress made of pale blue satin.  “So where do you want me,” she said with a smile as she watched Alexa change into a large man’s pyjama jacket.


“On your back, on the bed, hands over your head,” Alexa said as she picked up a length of rope.  Joanne smiled again as she lay, her head resting on the pillow as Alexa crossed her wrists and secured them to the headrest.


“Hmmm - I guess I’m your prisoner now,” she said quietly as Alexa ran her hands down her legs, crossing her ankles and tying them together with more rope, then her legs above her knees, cinching the bands of rope between her legs. 


“Indeed,” Alexa said with a chuckle, “so I guess I will have to take advantage of that.”  Bringing her knees up to her shin, she reached down and bound her own ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, before stretching them out.  Looking to her side, Joanne saw the pair of scissors lying there, as Alexa tied a length of rope to the band around her legs.  At the other end of the length of rope Alexa had fashioned a pair of rope cuffs.


“So,” Joanne said as Alexa tore a strip of the white tape off the roll, “Are you ready?”


“As ready as I am, my love,” Alexa said before she brushed her lips over Joanne’s, the other girl raising her head to return the kiss before she allowed Alexa to smooth the tape over her mouth.  Tearing a second strip off, Alexa gagged herself before she pushed her hands through the rope loops, pulling the apart to tighten the binding around them before she lay with her head on Joanne’s chest, her hands stroking down her body as Joanne closed her eyes and sighed.


From one of the monitors came the sound of nasal muffled talk, which gradually subsided and were replaced with sounds of sighs....






Heidi slowly stirred, feeling warm in her sleeping bag. As she opened her eyes, she at first thought it was still dark, but she then remembered how they had been left.  Moving her head to the side, she began to rub the side of her head on the mat, slowly dislodging the sleep mask from her head as it slid up and over her hair.


Blinking, she saw that Nats had also woken up, and was rubbing the side of her jaw on her mat to try and remove the tape over her mouth.


Mrrnng,” Heidi mumbled, and as Natalie looked up she nodded.  Heidi could see she had begun to loosen the side of the tape from her jaw, so she gave muffled encouragement as Natalie slowly peeled the tape away from her mouth.


“Morning, sleepy head,” Nats said lightly as she began to wriggle over to Heidi.  “They may think they have secured us in the bed, but I know better.  Just stay still and I’ll show you what I mean. “


Heidi had to stop herself from laughing as Natalie rolled onto her stomach, and wriggled over like some sort of snake, stopping as she reached Heidi’s bag.  With her teeth, she started to pull down the zip on her bag, pushing the ropes with her nose over the fastener as she did so, until Heidi was able to bring her bound hands up, bending her knees so that her cousin could reach the knots with her teeth.


Within a few minutes, she had loosened the knots enough for Heidi to work her hands free, and sit herself up before she peeled the tape away from her mouth and pulled the earplugs loose.  “Nice work,” Heidi said as she reached over and started to untie Natalie, “Where did you learn to wriggle like that?”


“Come on - a brother in the Marines, and a foster mother who went to Annapolis?  I picked up a trick or two,” Natalie said as the two of them shook lose the ropes when they stood up.  “Want to wake the others up?”


“Not yet,” Heidi said as she walked to the door, “I really need to go to the toilet.  Any idea where the others are?”


“I’ll look,” Natalie said as the tow of them crept out of the room, and Heidi ran for the bathroom.  Natalie looked in Amy’s bedroom, smiling as she closed the door, and then looked in Heidi’s room.


Ssssmnntthr,” Andrea mumbled as she lifted her head.  Natalie walked over and removed the hood and eye mask, then the tape and finally the cloth gag, the soaking material falling around her neck.


“Water,” Andrea said quietly, and as Natalie removed the rope holding her in a hogtie she helped Andrea to sit up.  Pouring a glass of water from the bedside pitcher, Natalie then put it to her lips. 


“Thank you,” the older girl said as Heidi came in and started to untie her, “How long...”


Looking at the clock, Natalie said quietly “Assuming they left you here, about ten hours.  How do you feel?”


“Dry and stiff,” Andrea said as she stretched out, “but incredibly rested.  What of the others?”


“Still sleeping,” Natalie said as they all stood up, “Let’s go down and start to fix some breakfast.”  She bent down and unplugged the baby monitor.  “Just let me swap this round, and then we can hear when they wake up.”


As they entered the kitchen, Heidi and Natalie headed for the fridge, while Andrea busied herself with preparing a pot of coffee in the maker.  As the machine began to bubble, the door to the kitchen opened and Joanne walked in.


“Morning,” she said as she accepted the glass of orange juice that Heidi handed to her.  “I heard you moving about so decided to come and join you.   Alexa will be down in a minute.”


“What happened to your lovely sleep suit,” Andrea said as she looked at her friend.  Joanne looked down at her nightdress, and said “I kept it safe for another day - Alexa and I wanted to be sure it did not get damaged.”


“So any sign of the other stirring yet?” Natalie said as there was a bussing sound from a phone on the table.  Joanne picked it up and looked at it.


“Message from Chloe,” she said as she put the phone down.  “It would appear our mothers have started to wake up from their party as well.  She says they’ll be back by lunchtime.”


“Did she say what they got up to?”


“Nope - and they’ll tell you if they want to,” Joanne said as Alexa walked in stretching and yawning.  “I just saw Cindy coming out of the room,” she said as she poured herself a coffee, “So I imagine the others will be down soon.”


Heidi and Natalie were busy putting fruit and juices out on the table, and then taking some pastries out to warm in the oven.  “So we get the morning to ourselves, do we?” Natalie said as she sat at the table.


“You’d think so, wouldn’t you,” Joanne said with a smile, “but have you noticed what time it is?”


Heidi looked up at the clock, the glass perched on her lips as she did so.  It’s ten thirty already,” she said as she put her glass down, “So we have...”


“About two hours to get the place cleared up before they get back,” Joanne said with a smile.  “I think you need to go and wake the others up - we need to get started by eleven, but I know a way to make it fun.”


“Let me guess - you’re going to turn it into a challenge,” Heidi said as Cindy walked into the kitchen.


“Is there any other way,” Alexa said with a smile...




“Right,” Joanne said as she walked down the line of girls, “You each have your assigned area to clean - any questions?”


“Yeah,” Jannifer said as she held her hands up in front of her face, “Do we have to do this with our hands and arms tied?”


The girls were all wearing shorts and t-shirts, with their hands tied tightly together in front of them, palm to palm, the rope going four times around their wrists and then between their arms.  A band of rope was also tied around their arms and chest, below their elbows, as Alexa tightened the last one around Alice.


“Consider it a challenge,” Andrea said quietly.  “Now, Jannifer and Alice, you get the front room, Natalie gets the kitchen, and Cindy and Heidi the bedroom.  You’ll find cloths and other cleaning items in front of you, and you have ninety minutes.  Ready, get set - GO!”


“Well, sooner started, sooner done,” Jannifer said as she and Alice picked up a couple of dusters and went to the front room.  Natalie made her way through to the kitchen, while Heidi and Cindy went up to the bedroom they had used.


“We’d better start by folding the sleeping bags,” Cindy said as she and Heidi started to pull the bags taut, then fold them and pile them on the bed.  They then moved the mats to one side, and started to gather the discarded ropes and gags, placing them in a bag.


“Cindy,” Heidi said as she held the bag in her hands, allowing Cindy to put the lengths of tape in, “Can I ask you a question?”


“Sure,” Cindy said as she dropped another set of tape in, “What’s up?”


“Our mums,” Heidi said as she picked up the bag the rope was in, “Have you noticed anything about them recently?”


“What, apart from the fact my mum seems the most relaxed that she has been in years?”  Cindy sat on the bed and looked at her friend.  “I know what you mean, though - I’ve seen the way my mum looks at yours from time to time.”


“So have I,” Heidi said as she stood up.  “Cindy, do you think they...”


“Heidi,” Cindy said as she touched her arm, “If they are, then what are we going to do?  After all, we have all been through so much that I’d be amazed if they did not have strong feelings for each other.  Whatever happens, however, they are our mothers - and I could never love my mother any more or less than I do now.”


I know - nor could I,” Heidi said with a little smile.  “Mind you, some people are not going to be too happy if they ever figure it out.”


“If they are friends of ours - true friends - it will make no difference.  If they object - well, that’s their problem.”


“I know Cindy, but your mother - she’s considered a pillar of the church community, so prim and proper, so that if we’re right...”


“I don’t think she really gives two jots about that image any more - when she first met you, you didn’t know our past, and that was the image she chose to display.”  Cindy stood up and looked at Heidi.  “Heidi, I think of you as the sister I never had - let’s never lose that, all right?  Whatever others think, you, your mother, Veronica, Natalie - you’re part of our family as well.” 


“Thanks - sis,” Heidi said as she put her head on Cindy’s shoulder.  “Anyway, come on - we don’t have much time left.”


The clock was showing twelve forty five as the five girls gathered again in the front room, waiting before Joanne came in and smiled at them.


“Well the good news is that the place looks great, so well done to all of you.”


“I sense a but,” Natalie said as she looked at Andrea and Alexa.


“But,” Joanne continued, “I think they may be a little tired when they get in, so let’s make sure you don’t give them a headache, yes?”  She brought her hands round from behind her back, as the two others produced some Nerf balls and the five looked at each other...





“Home again,” Amy said as Suzanne pulled up outside.  “Do you think the place will be a mess?”


“I trust Joanne to make sure it’s at least semi-clean,” she said as she turned the engine off, and the three women got out of the car.  “If it isn’t then I’m afraid I’ll have to make her clean it up.”


“Perhaps you could frighten her with the toys,” Dorothy said as she walked put her pathway, and then turned to look at Amy and Suzanne.  “I’m joking - even though she is old enough.”


“That’s between her and Alexa,” Suzanne laughed as Amy opened the front door.  “Joanne, we’re back.”


“Hi Mum,” Joanne said as she looked out from the door to the front room.  “Good party last night?”


“Different,” Suzanne said, and Joanne could see the faint glow on their faces.  “Where are the girls - and is there any coffee?”


Alexa is sorting the coffee out,” Joanne said as she opened the door, “As for the girls...”


Amy looked in to see Heidi, Cindy, Natalie, Alice and Jannifer sitting on the couch, their wrists tied down to their legs above their knees and their ankles tied together, with strips of silver tape covering their mouths.


Wddntwnttgfuhdch” Heidi mumbled as Amy looked at her.


“How thoughtful,” Dorothy said as she smiled at Cindy.  “Let’s go and get some coffee - you girls don’t mind waiting there, do you?”


Fcrssntmm,” Cindy said as she nudged Heidi, and they watched their mothers walk into the kitchen, Dorothy slipping her hand into Amy’s as they did so.







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