Heidi’s Housewarming









Wednesday 26th June, 2013


“Pete, are those cameras up and running yet?”


“Give me a moment, Agent Duncombe - I’m fixing the last cable now.”


Sue Duncombe nodded as the door opened and Dorothy Ellsworth walked in, wearing a white t-shirt and bleached denim shorts with a pair of sneakers covering her feet.


“Hi, Dorothy,” Sue said as she turned and smiled at the new arrival, “five minutes and I think we’re all done in here.”


“Great,” Dorothy said with a smile, “So we can start to move in on Monday?”


“That’s right - with luck, you’ll be done and dusted in time for the fireworks on Thursday, and then you can have the housewarming party on Saturday as you planned.


“Great,” Dorothy said with a smile, “so you can’t see them?”


“Oh come on,” Sue said as she looked at Dorothy, “I’m a professional remember?”


“All done, Sue,” the man said as he came into the room, dressed in a pair of blue overalls.  “I’ll run some tests from the field office, but you know me - this will work.”


“I do know you, Pete, and I trust you,” Sue said with a smile.  “See you later.”  The two women watched as the man left, and then Sue said “come on - we’re meeting Amy and Anne at the local coffee shop to discuss the arrangements.”



“Well, at least the house is fully equipped now,” Anne said as she sipped her iced Mocha.  Dorothy and Sue had joined her and Amy a few minutes before, Anne dressed like Sue in a trouser suit and white blouse, while Amy was wearing a blue sleeveless blouse and a pair of tan pants.


“So the new furniture is arriving Monday, and once Veronica has completed the escrow and the other property transfer we can move in ourselves.  For now, however, we’ll make do with the party on Saturday.”


“I think it’s going to be an interesting party,” Anne said with a smile, “so Veronica and Maria are catering?”


“That’s right - all we need to finalise now are the invitation arrangements.  We have half of them in line at our end - what about you Anne?”


“I hope you don’t mind,” Anne said with a smile, “but given the people involved, I felt it would be better to ask a couple of friends of mine who are - uniquely placed to collect the people I am responsible for.”


“Do you trust them?”  Anne looked at Amy as she said “One hundred percent - they know me, and they are more than willing to help.  Sue?”


“Plans are all good to go - all I need is the word.”


“Then,” Amy said as she looked at Dorothy with a smile, “Make it so.  Saturday we PAR_TAY!”




Saturday 6th July, Somewhere in Maine, 9 am


Heather switched off the blowtorch and raised the visor, examining the wrought iron bedstead to ensure the iron chain she had just attached to it was firmly in place, before smiling and putting her equipment to one side. 


“That should please the client,” she said to herself as she rubbed her hands on a rag, and then pulled off the visor and apron she was wearing over her bib dungarees, the legs of which came down to her knees, and her white t-shirt.  She walked out of the barn, her bare feet pressing down the grass as she made her way back into the farmhouse she lived in, and then walked into the hallway.


Picking up the telephone, she dialled a number and waited a few minutes, before saying “Carl?  It’s Heather Reid.  I’ve finished the major work on the props you wanted me to work up for you - give me 48 hours to polish it off, and you can collect Monday evening.


“Yeah, I had a good holiday, thanks - dinner with the family and I joined them to watch the fireworks.  But it’s still good to get back up here and get back to work.


“All right then - see you Monday night.  ‘Bye for now.”


Replacing the handset, Heather smiled as she turned - and ran straight into the broad-chested man who was standing there, a black mask covering his head so that only his eyes and mouth were visible.


“What the...” Heather said, before she sensed rather than saw the hand come from behind her and push the rubber bung into her mouth, and then the leather pad it was attached to pulled over her face as it was securely fastened around her head.


She was quickly turned round to see a woman standing there, dressed like the man in black with a balaclava over her head.  “Whstgngnn,” Heather mumbled as she felt her arms being pulled behind her back, and the soft feel of leather around her wrists as they were secured together with a pair of leather cuffs linked by a chain.


“You’re coming on a little trip with us,” the man said, and Heather was surprised to hear the Australian accent he spoke with.  “Now, you’re not going to give us any trouble, are you?”


“Whrwgng,” Heather mumbled as she was forced  onto her knees, and she felt a second pair of leather cuffs fixed round her ankles.


“You’ll see - or rather, you won’t” the man said, and suddenly Heather gulped as her sight was cut off by a black mask that was pulled down over her eyes and head.  She felt herself being lifted off the ground, and carried out of the house, her struggles useless as she felt herself being laid on a metal floor, and then her ankles pulled back.


As the woman fastened a chain between her legs and wrists with a small padlock, the man said “One down - four to go.  Let’s move - we have a drive ahead of us...”


Saturday 6th July, 9 am - the offices of Cabot Estates.


Bobbi Hopwood walked down the warm sidewalk, dressed in a light blue cotton sundress which came to just above her knees, and a pair of wedge sandals on her feet which were tied to her legs by thongs that crossed her thigh up to her knee.


She stopped outside the door of the real estate office, looked at herself in the mirror and then opened the door, closing it behind her as she looked round the empty floor.


“Hello, Veronica - are you in here,” she called out, expecting her old friend to call out, but there was no response.  Walking to a door at the back of the office, Bobbi knocked on it and said “Veronica?  Are you in there?”


She could hear some noise on the other side of the door, and she put her hand on the door knob, turning it and pushing the door gently in.  “Veronica,” she said again as she slowly walked into the inner office, “Are you in here?”




Bobbi stood still at the sight of Veronica sitting in a chair, her arms taped down to the rests and her ankle and legs taped together.  A band if silver tape also covered her mouth as she stared back at her friend, trying to say something.


“Hello,” a young voice said behind her, and Bobbi turned to see two women standing behind her, one slightly taller that the other, dressed in grey jumpers and slacks with stockings covering their heads.  “Now, you’re not going to scream or shout or do anything stupid, are you?”


Bobbi looked at the both, then at Veronica, before raising her arms and saying “What are you going to do to me?”


“Take you for a ride,” the taller of the two women said as she produced a roll of duct tape from behind her, while the younger woman produced a roll of saran wrap.  “Have you ever seen Cleopatra?”


“A long time ago - why?”


“Very slowly, put your handbag in the floor, and then stand with your arms by your side.”


Bobbi bent her knees, slipping her leather bag off her shoulder before she stood up again, and pressed the palms of her hands into her sides.  She watched as the younger girl tore free the edge of the wrap and walked behind her, pressing the thin plastic around her arms and waist and then taking it down her legs, fixing her wrists to her sides as she wrapped the young blonde down to her ankles.


“Planning on keeping me crispy fresh,” Bobbi quipped as she looked over at Veronica, who simply stared straight back.


“You’ll see,” the older woman replied as she watched her companion return to Bobbi’s waist, and then wrap her in the clear plastic up to her shoulders.  Bobbi tried wriggling round as she stood there, but to little avail.


“And now,” the older woman said as she tore the end of the large roll of tape free, “for the next layer.”  She walked behind Bobbi, sticking the end of the tape to her shoulder over the saran wrap and then beginning to encase her arms and body in the silver bands.


“Well,” she said as she looked at Veronica, “at least I won’t have my outfit ruined.”


“Vrreeffnnnee,” Veronica said as the silver encasement continued, covering Bobbi’s arms as her finger tips disappeared under the band covering her waist, and then down, covering her skirt and her legs until all that was visible was her sandals and her head.


“I would prefer a seaweed rap,” Bobbi said with a grin as she twisted round, “but I can live with this.  So I guess you’re going to take me - or is it us - somewhere now?”


“You’ll find out,” the older woman said as she took a pad of cloth from her pocket and held it in front of their captive’s mouth, “right now, open wide.”


“Look, I don’t know what’s going on here, or why you have taken me and my friend hostage, but you don’t haffftggmm.”   Bobbi’s plans fell on deaf ears, as the cloth was stuffed into her mouth, and her lips covered in several layers of tape.  “Take her feet,” the older woman then said, and as she was lifted off the ground Bobbi was powerless to stop them taking her to the rear exit, and then depositing her in the trunk of a car.


“We’ll be back in a minute,” was the last thing she heard before the trunk was slammed shut, and the two women returned to Veronica’s office, where they found her laughing under her gag....


Saturday 6th July, 10.30 am - the Jenkins residence


Natalie looked up as her mother came into the room, carrying a pile of freshly ironed tops in her hands.


“You’re not forgetting that we’re meeting Chloe later, are you,” Katherine said as she stood in the doorway, looking at her blonde haired daughter who was sitting cross-legged in the seat.  Natalie was wearing a white t-shirt with “Born to run” imprinted on the front, and a long pleated white skirt that covered her legs, the tips of her bare toes sticking out from underneath.


“No I haven’t forgotten,” Nats said as she looked up.  “I’m all right like this, aren’t I?”


Katherine shook her head and went upstairs, entering Natalie’s room and putting away the clothes in her drawers.  Task completed, she headed for the shower and stripped out of the joggers and top she was wearing, refreshing herself under the running water before drying off and heading for the bedroom.


After her underwear, she selected a white silk blouse and a knee length grey skirt, placing them on the bed before retrieving a pair of black patent leather heels and a matching pair of dark stockings.


A few minutes later, she stood in front of the mirror on her wardrobe door, saying to herself “That should do the trick,” before she left the room and walked down the stairs.


“Ready, Nats,” she said as she walked into the front room, only to be stopped as she looked at her daughter, staring back at her over the large knot of cotton that her lips were wrapped around.


Her arms were pinned behind her back, but Katherine could clearly see the band of rope around her shoulders.  Nats had her knees bent, and there was a flash of white rope under the hem of her skirt as she wriggled her toes.


Katherine simply stared at Natalie, before she was taken completely by surprise by her arms being folded behind her back, and three lengths of rope being tied around her wrists and elbows, and her forearms.  Before she knew what was happening, or even had the chance to say anything, she was been pushed down onto her bottom, and a woman clad in black literally from head to toe was wrapping a length of rope tightly around her ankles, while someone was binding her upper arms to her sides with a further coil of rope.


Natalie could only look on mutely as the man behind her mother then nodded to the balaclava masked woman, who bent Katherine’s knees and then passed more rope under her thighs, passing it to the man who moved faster than Natalie would normally see.


They had taken her completely by surprise five minutes after her mother had left, the sound of the shower meaning that she did not hear them until it was too late, and her own arms were already secured.  Now she saw her mum been forced into a ball tie like hers, and then the thick knotted scarf pulled between her teeth to silence her.


The man and woman picked Katherine up, and carried her out of the room between them, Nats wondering what the hell was going on - and how they had managed to do this without her mum doing a single thing about it.


As for Katherine, once the initial shock of seeing Natalie bound and gagged had worn off, she was already too well tied to do more than let them finish, and try to work out what to do next.  She was carried out to a van that had been backed up the driveway and sat on the floor.  The two captors left, and she looked round the van, noting only the boxed off area in the far corner.




She looked up as Natalie was sat next to her, and then the van doors were slammed shut.  “Enffhde,” Katherine mumbled through the cotton knot filling her mouth, as she felt the van start and then move off.


Behind the driver’s wheel, the woman removed her mask, shook out her hair and said “Two more?”


“Two more,” the man said in his Australian accent as they made their way back across town...




Saturday 6th July, 10.30 am, the School Library


As Chloe sorted through the books and replaced them on the shelves, she started thinking about the detention class she had planned for Natalie on Monday.  She had invited her and Heather to the school to discuss the plans that she had, and hopefully to gain the tacit approval of Katherine for one of them


It was one that she felt may finally break Natalie’s habit of walking barefoot in the library, and was designed to cause Nats to feel the most discomfort as well as give Chloe the most fun.  The fact that poor Natalie would end up in fits of giggles was merely an additional bonus in her eyes.


“Chloe?  Are you in here somewhere?”


“One moment,” Chloe said as she put the last book back, and walked to the open area, where Alexa was sitting at a desk, swinging her legs to and fro.  While the young girl was attired in black t-shirt, white shorts with black leggings and tennis shoes, Chloe was in her normal attire of a v-necked jumper, denim skirt, black Dr Marten boots and dark tights.


“No scarf today,” Alexa said as she stood up.


“No - I felt it too warm for that,” Chloe said, “so what can I do for you?”


“I need a favour,” Alexa said with a blush, “Joanne is coming over later, and I understand you may be able to loan me something that we can use for our - games.”


“Ah - I see,” Chloe said with a smile, “Shall we go into my office?”


The two girls went into the inner office, where Chloe produced a box from the cupboard and opened it.  Alexa looked in, before saying “Oh yes - some of this will prove very helpful indeed.  What are these?”


She held up two balls, with holes in them, and thin leather straps on each side.


“Ah yes - they are called Wiffle balls,” Chloe said as she picked one up, “they were a popular form of ballgag in early periodicals for this sort of thing.  Would you like to try it?”


“That sounds like a good idea - why don’t you both try one?”


Chloe and Alexa looked to the doorway, the young French girl muttering “Mon Dieu” as she looked at the new arrival.


“Sue,” she said as she looked at Sue Duncombe, standing there in a black roll neck sweater and tight leggings, “How did you get into the school?”


“Oh I had my ways,” Sue said with a smile, “but enough pleasantries - I am here to invite you both to a party and I need to ensure this is an invitation you cannot refuse, so...”  She produced a small dart gun and pointed it at Chloe and Alexa.  “We can do this in a way you enjoy, or you can take a little nap - which would you prefer?”


“On reflection,” Alexa said as she looked at the other two, “and from what I heard from Joanne’s mother, I think the first way is better.”  Opening her mouth, she placed the ball in her mouth and fastened the thin leather straps tightly around her head.


“But what of the library - we can hardly leave it unlocked,” Chloe said as she looked at Sue.


“Quite right - so you’re going to lock it before we go out to my car,” Sue said with a smile.  “But first - use one of these to secure Alexa’s wrist behind her back.”  She produced from somewhere a long thin plastic strip, and handed it to Chloe.


“Well, if you insist,” Chloe said as she walked behind Alexa, crossed her wrists and used the zip tie to secure them together.  “And now, mon cher, I presume I must gag myself, Non?”


“Oui,” Sue said, and she watched as Chloe place the ball in her own mouth and gagged herself.  “Now then,” she said as she took Alexa by the arm, “why don’t you turn off the lights and lock up, and then we can take a little trip?”


It took the young French girl a few moments to turn off the lights and lock the door, before Sue used a second zip tie to secure her wrists behind her back, and then they walked to a waiting van.  Sitting them both in the back, she secured their ankles and then stuck several layers of duct tape over their mouths.  Smiling, she said “Enjoy the ride,” and then shut the door on them. 


As they felt the van move off, the two young girls looked at each other, wondering who had started this latest escapade off.


Saturday 6th July, 11 am - the Dale household.


“No, Mum - you pull the rope through the loop, then back on itself and wind it round their wrists.”


Blossom nodded and followed Jannifer’s instructions while she knelt in front of Margo, while Britney sat in front of her older sister.  She was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Justin Beiber on the front and a pair of jeans, while her twin sister was wearing a blue short sleeved blouse, a tiered denim skirt that covered her knees as she knelt, and a pair of high white socks.


“That’s better,” Jannifer said as Blossom separated the ends of the rope and passed them between Margo’s wrists, pulling the bands tighter, “now copy my knot and tuck the ends into the bands of rope.”


“I think it’s great that you agreed to play this game with us, Mum,” Britney said as Jannifer shuffled back and picked up another length of rope, “It means we can be a family together.”


“We always were, Buttercup,” Blossom said as she put Margo’s ankles side by side and started to bind them together, “but this way I get to keep an eye on all three of you.”


“Which means no funny stuff,” Jannifer said as she bound her little sister’s ankles, and then helped her to sit with her back against the couch.  Binding her legs tightly together below her knees, she watched as Blossom folded Margo’s skirt back, did the same over the tops of her socks, and then folded the skirt back.


“Now we gag them, right?”


“Right,” Jannifer said as she picked up two red bandanas, which she had rolled into bands and tied knot is the middle of, “A nice simple knotted cleave gag, as they requested.”


Margo and Britney nodded as the scarves were gently pulled into their mouths, the band taken around their heads and then knotted together at the base of their necks.


“Uttrnnwmm,” Margo said as Blossom looked at Jannifer.  Her older daughter was wearing a lime green t-shirt with matching leggings, while Blossom herself had on a cream coloured sundress with a cornflower print on it, and natural hose over her legs.


“All right,” Blossom said as she knelt in front of Jannifer, and crossed her wrist behind her back, “but remember the rules, Janny.”


“Yeah, I know - one hour tops, and then they have to be let free,” Jannifer said as she crossed her mother’s wrists behind her back and tied them tightly together, “although the idea of keeping them tied up all day does appeal to me.”


“Andsfn,” Britney said as the two of them giggled, but Blossom looked at them and said quietly “No - I’m still getting used to this idea, so a time limit for now.”   She looked over her shoulder and tried to move her wrists as Jannifer tied them off, but smiled as she said “You have learned a few things from the others.”


“You’d be amazed,” Jannifer said as she picked up one of her mother’s scarves, a large brown headsquare with white lines running diagonally over it, and rolled that into a band before tying a knot in the middle of it, “now I think you need to be quiet - open wide.”


“Mmmsbnggd, mmsbnggd,” Britney and Margo sang in unison as Jannifer pulled the silk knot between her mother’s red lips, and then tied the ends together under her hair at the base of her neck.


“Bttrrstnw,” she mumbled as she managed to sit between the twins, watching as Jannifer tied her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, before she looked at the three of them.


“Whtrufnkng,” Blossom said as she looked at Jannifer, then she closed her eyes and started giggling as Jannifer tickled the soles of her hose covered feet, moving from time to time to Britney and Margo as all three started to laugh.


“Hhfdddpllssssss,” Blossom called out as she tried to move her feet out of the way, but Jannifer just kept up the tickle torture, making all three of them laugh as they kept wriggling.  Blossom opened her eyes for a moment and looked at Jannifer as she felt the finger tips on the soles of her feet again, and called out “Pllsssnffffjnffrrlkt!!!”


Jannifer looked at her mother, then the twins, before a gloved hand clamped over her mouth and she felt her arms being pulled behind her back, soft rope encircling her wrists.  “Sorry to interrupt,” she heard a muffled female voice that seemed familiar say, “but we’ve come to take you on a little trip - all of you.”


“Hrru,” Blossom said as Jannifer felt her ankles being pulled together, and then rope going around them as well.


“Take the younger ones out,” the voice said, and Jannifer saw a small, plump woman with a stocking over her head pick up Britney and carry her put of the house.  As the masked woman returned for Margo, she saw a folded and knotted black scarf being held in front of her mouth, and the voice said “Open wide.”


“WHHREGNG,” Jannifer said as she felt and tasted the silk in her mouth, while the woman returned and picked her mother up as if she was a sack of feathers.  “You’ll see, the voice said as Jannifer herself was lifted up, and followed the woman carrying her mother out to a waiting van.  They were sat next to Britney and Margo, as one of the woman closed and locked the door to the house, then slipped the key into her pocket.


“Let’s go,” she said as the doors to the van closed, and the family were driven away...



Saturday 6th July 12 noon - the Hawkins residence


“This was great Mum - it’s not often the two of us get a shopping trip together.”


“It does make a nice change - but with your father off playing golf, and your brother out of town, we get a girly day to ourselves.”  Margaret Hawkins smiled as she drove down the road, her dark glasses keeping the hot sun out of her eyes as she did so.  Alice was in the front beside her, looking out of the window at the boys as they passed by.


“Thanks for letting me dress as I want as well,” Alice said with a smile.  She had on a light blue crop top vest, matching hot pants and dark tights, with a pair of three inch heels on her feet.  Her mother was also relatively casually dressed, in a black t-shirt and leather skirt that came halfway down to her knees, bare legs and leather heels.


“Well, your dad’s not so strict about your clothes now, but he has nothing to say on the matter today,” Margaret said as they drove into their driveway, noticing a grey van that was sparked a short distance down the road.  The mother and daughter got out of the car, and as Margaret popped the trunk Alice took out the various bags with the things they had bought.


Opening the door, Margaret said “Just put the gags down, I need to take these heels off,” kicking her shoes into the hall way as Alice put the bags down, and kicked her own shoes off.


“Do you ever get used to walking in those things,” she said with a groan as she sat on the bottom steps and rubbed her feet.”


“You do, but walking round the mall in them is not the best idea,” Margaret said with a smile, “even if you do get half the boys looking at you?”


“Only half,” Alice said, and then the two women burst out laughing.  “I think I understand why Nats hates wearing heels so much now,” she said as she stood up, and walked into the front room.


“Mum?  I think you need to come in here - sort of now.”


“What’s up,” Margaret said as she followed Alice into the darkened front room, and then stopped short as she said “Jack?”


Her husband was looking at both of them from the centre of the room.  He was sitting in a chair, in a white vest and striped boxer shorts, but the unusual thing was that he was lashed to the chair with ropes around his chest, laps and legs, and his arms were behind the back of the chair.  He also had strips of tape covering his mouth, as he looked at both of them.


“What the...” Margaret said as the door closed behind them, and both she and Alice realised someone else was in the room.


“Now then,” a male voice in a strange accent said, “you little ladies need to very slowly put your hands behind your back, and stay nice and still, understand?”


“Just don’t hurt my baby,” Margaret said as she moved her hands behind her back, and she felt her wrists pressed against each other before the pressure of rope as it rubbed against her skin.


“Are you all right Dad,” Alice said as she felt her own wrists been bound together.  Jack nodded as he watched the black clad figures binding his family’s arms behind their backs, and then pulling them tightly into their sides with bands of rope around their stomachs and upper arms.  As the material of her blouse stretched over Margaret’s chest, he had to think some very clean thoughts to prevent anything else happening.


“What are you going to do with us,” Margaret asked quietly as she tried to move her arms.


“You’ll find out,” the man said as Alice felt some rope being passed around her legs.  Looking down, she saw a pair of gloved hands passing the rope around them above her knees, leaving a short length between them as they tied her legs together.  Glancing to her side, she saw her mother receiving the same treatment.


Jack had to sit watching all this, wondering how this had started.  He had fully intended to spend the day at the golf course but when he went to get a drink of water before setting off there had been a knock on the door.  He had opened it to find two masked people standing there, one of them pointing a gun as the other ordered him to strip and then bound him tightly to the chair.


He knew it wasn’t Sue - the woman was too big, for one thing - but when they had explained what was going to happen he nodded and understood.  He couldn’t do a lot else - the tape over his mouth holding the sponge ball inside took care of that.  But, he had changed his mind about a lot of things, so he figured he could live with this.


“Now, ladies,” the man said as he stood in front of Alice and Margaret, his face covered by the black balaclava, “we’re going to take a little trip.  Your hubby here is going to be just fine, and I’m sure he’ll pay for your safe return.”


“He’s a cop,” Alice said with real anger in her voice, “He’ll hunt you down if you hurt us.”


“Well, we won’t hurt you, if you behave,” the man said, “Starting with you opening your mouth nice and wide, little girl.”


“Whmmmmgg,” Alice said as the knotted scarf was pulled between her lips, gagging her as the band was passed round her neck and tied off.  She glanced over at her mother, who was also being gagged in the same way, before they were turned round and marched to the door by the second person.  It was only now that both Alice and Margaret realised their other captor was a woman.


The masked man walked over to Jack, and whispered something into his ear.  Jack nodded as he saw something been placed under his left hand, and the man walked off, leaving him alone in the dark.


Opening the front door, he looked both ways before saying “Let’s go,” and ran to the grey van, reversing it up the road before coming out and opening the side door.  The masked woman made Alice and Margaret walk as fast as their bound knees would allow them to the door, and then helped them to climb in.


“Lssss?  Mrgrrt?”


“Kfrrn?  Ntly?”


The two women looked at the ball tied Natalie and Katherine as they were made to sit opposite them, before their ankles were crossed and bound.  The woman climbed back out and closed the door, as the van moved off.


Saturday 6th July, 12 noon - the Blackwood residence.


“Andrea, are you going to spend all day in that outfit?”


Coral Blackwood walked into the hallway and looked at herself in the mirror, adjusting the silver crucifix she had on around the neck of her black sweater and then brushing down her knee length skirt.  Turning, she listened and then shook her head as her daughter called back down the stairs “Why not - nobody’s coming to call, and we’re not going anywhere, are we?”


“There really is no answer to that,” Coral said as the telephone rang, and she picked up the handset.


“Blackwood residence?


“No, we do not require loft insulation, thank you very much. 


“Yes, I am quite sure - good day.”  She put the handset back and shook her head - before a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, and a voice whispered into her ear “Stay calm, put your hands behind your back, and don’t say a word.  We don’t want to scare your daughter, now do we?”


Coral shook her head and then allowed herself to be walked towards the kitchen door...


Andrea was lying on her stomach on her bed, drawing in her sketch book as she hummed to herself.  She was wearing a one piece sleep suit, made of white cotton with black dots that covered her from her toes to her neck, and a pair of mittens hung loose at the wrists.


As the door opened, she said without looking “Come on Mum - I thought we weren’t going anywhere.”


“Wrong,” a voice said, and as she turned and looked she saw a woman standing there, dressed in black with a stocking pulled over her hair, holding her hair down.


“What’s going on,” Andrea said quietly, but the woman merely produced several lengths of rope and said “Put those mittens on, and then lie down with your wrists crossed behind your back.”


“Is this a kidnapping?  Where’s my mother?”


“No talking - just do as I say.”


Andrea put her pencil down and slipped the fingerless gloves over her hands, then did as she had been ordered, looking ahead as the woman quickly bound her wrists together behind her back, and then tied her arms together at the elbows.


“On your knees,” the woman said, and she helped Andrea to do that before she started to bind her arms tightly to her sides, the ropes going above and below her chest as she did so.  Andrea was too frightened to offer any resistance - and, if she was being honest, she was enjoying it too much.


“Open wide,” was the next thing she heard, and she offered no resistance as a balled up pair of ankle socks were pushed into her mouth, and then her lips covered with a strip of micropore tape.  “Let’s go,” was the next command as an arm took Andrea’s and she was frogmarched out of her room, down the stairs and into the kitchen.


The door to the garage was opened, and as Andrea approached the car inside she saw her mother lying in the back of the vehicle, her legs pulled back so that her ankles were attached to a band of rope that was around her arms and chest.  Her ankles and wrists were securely bound, a strip of white tape covered her mouth, a black sleep mask was over her eyes, and a pair of headphones on her head.


Andrea smiled under her gag as a similar blindfold was used on her, and then music played into her ears by a second set of headphones.  She allowed herself to be laid on her side, and then her legs to be tied together and to her chest ropes, before she felt the trunk being closed and then the car moving off.


Saturday 6th July, 1.30 pm - Ground Zero


“When do you think the first of them will be arriving?”


“Any minute now,” Amy said to Heidi and Cindy as they sat at the kitchen table, drinking from glasses as Veronica walked in.


“Well, Bobbi is still in place,” she said with a smile as she sat down, “I don’t know if she’s ever going to forgive me for this.”


“See if she feels the same way when the rest arrive,” Amy said as a car pulled up in the driveway, “but it looks as if the first of our guests have arrived.”


Amy and Veronica walked out of the front door as Anne got out of the car.


“Any problems,” Veronica said as Anne opened the trunk, and they saw Coral and Andrea lying there.


“None whatsoever - what about the others?”


“We timed the arrivals so they don’t coincide - you’re the first,” Amy said as she tickled Coral’s ribs, making her squirm.  She then took her shoulders, as Veronica took her feet, and carried her into the house.  As they did so, Heidi came out and said “Need a hand” to Anne.


“I should be fine,” Anne said as she picked Andrea up and carried her in her arms.  “Ready for the big day?”


“Oh yes,” Heidi said as she followed Anne in.  “We’re going to have so much fun.”


“Well, we need to play safe,” Anne said as she followed Amy and Veronica up the stairs and into one of the rooms, leaving Coral and Andrea facing each other on the bed for the moment.  Looking out of the window, she saw a van pull up, and said “Right - you three head to the kitchen.  I’ll take care of the new arrivals, and you need to get ready for the big reveal.”


“You got it,” Amy said as she, Veronica and Heidi went back into the kitchen, and Anne walked out of the front door, as a tall blonde haired woman came out of the van and embraced her, the watch dial on her wrists glowing green.


“Everything go according to plan,” Anne said as a tall well built man came round from the other side.


“No problems at all - in fact, the woman you said would give me the most trouble was the easiest of the five to prepare.”


“You are joking,” Anne said as the man opened the door and she climbed in, looking at the four bound and gagged women as she did so.


“Hmgd - nwiknwhtshpnng,” Katherine said as she looked up at Anne.


“Well now - this is a nice surprise,” Anne said as she looked at the four of them.  “Where’s the fifth person?”


“Behind the covers - you said you wanted her kept separate?”


Anne nodded as Natalie heard the Australian man speak, and then all four watched as Anne walked to the far corner of the van, moving the covers to reveal Heather secured, gagged and blindfolded.


“Very nice,” Anne said as Heather raised her head.  “Give me a hand, will you?  We need to get them inside.”


Saturday 6th July, 1 pm - the Birkin residence


As Suzanne stepped out of her house, she had a mental list of the things she wanted to do that afternoon at the mall.  She turned and locked the door, the hem of her white gypsy skirt swinging with her as she turned, then put the door keys in her handbag and walked to the car, her sandals flopping slightly as she walked.  She pulled up the sleeves of her jumper as she took out her car keys, unlocked the door and climbed in.


Starting the car, she looked in the side mirror then the rear view, stopping as she saw the small, dark haired woman sitting in the back.


“Sue?  I’d ask how you got in my car, but I’d probably regret the answer.  What can I do for you?”


“Nice to see you too, Suzanne,” Sue said with a smile, “I came to take you to a party - and I’m afraid you can’t refuse this invitation.”


“Oh great,” Suzanne said as she shook her head, “the one day I actually need to do some clothes shopping, and you appear.  Am I the last to get an invitation?”


“No idea,” Sue said with a smile, “but I need you to drive to the mall car park.  I’ll tell you where to park.”


“As you wish,” Suzanne said with a smile, reversing out of the driveway and heading in the direction of the mall.


Chloe and Alexa had been sitting in the stationary van for an hour now, the earphones in their ears playing music, so when the rear door opened they looked up to see what was happening.  Alexa said “hlllszn” as Joanne’s mother was helped into the van and then sat down on a blanket, bending her legs so that Sue could secure her ankles with a second zip tie.


“Afternoon girls - I see you got an invite as well,” Suzanne said as she looked at the two girls, “but where’s Joanne?”


“Dntknn - sntshwfu?”


“No - I fgghsewssfu,” Suzanne mumbled as Sue gagged her with strips of duct tape.  The three of them looked at each other as Sue climbed out of the van, closing the doors before they felt the engine starting again.


Saturday 6th July 2 pm - Ground Zero


Katherine looked at the masked man and woman as they gently sat her on the floor in the bedroom, Natalie next to her and Heather on the other side of the room.


“You know,” Anne said as she sat on the bed and looked at Katherine, “I still can’t get my head round this.  You offered absolutely no resistance, none at all?  Annapolis, I am really surprised - and, I have to confess, a little delighted.  Now, you three stay here and I’ll be back soon.”


The three of them stood up and walked out of the door, as Heather said “Wthhhlsgngn?”


Natalie looked at her mother, before shuffling herself on her bottom across the wooden floor, and turning her back she began to try and remove the hood from her head.


In the next room, Alice and Margaret were placed together on the double bed by the masked man and woman, who closed the door and left them facing each other.


“Shwwdwgttfths?”  Margaret said as she looked at her daughter.  Alice rolled over and looked over her shoulder, indicating to her mother she should shuffle closer to her.


As they walked down the stairs, the man and woman met Amy as she came out of the kitchen with Anne.


“You must be Anne’s friends,” Amy said with a smile, “Why don’t you stick around and join us for a while?”


They looked at each other before Anne said “If it’s all right with you, Amy, they’ll come back later - once they have a chance to change.”


“Sure - we’ll see you then,” Amy said as she walked back into the kitchen.  Sara let out a sigh and said “That was close - I don’t think I’m quite ready to meet her yet.”


“Well, that and the fact you still need to bring someone later.  Did you enjoy it though?”


“Actually, yes - so that’s the kid’s friend and cousin,” Brian said as he took off his balaclava.


“Oh yeah - you’ll like them.  So when can I expect you to come back?”


“Give us a few hours - I need to sort a few things out and put something on.”  Anne nodded as she walked to the door with Sara and Brian, waving to them as they got back into the van and drove off.




Anne turned round to see Heidi and Cindy standing there.  “Hey - something wrong?”


“Were they the friends you asked to help out?  It’s just I heard that woman somewhere before, but I can’t quite place where.”


“Well, they’re coming back later, so you can meet them then,” Anne said as another van drove up.  “Right now, we have more work to do.  Want to come and give us a hand?”


The girls nodded as the driver door opened and Dorothy jumped out, Maria coming from the other side.  “No problems,” Anne said as they went to the side of the van.


“None whatsoever,” Dorothy said as she opened the door, allowing Heidi and Cindy to climb in.  “Hey there,” they said to Jannifer, “thanks for coming to our party.”


Jannifer stared at them, but the eyes of Britney and Margo were even wider.  Blossom looked at them, then at the three women standing outside the van, before she said “MGNGTKLU!”


“Well, it was you who suggested this,” Dorothy said with a smile as Heidi and Cindy picked the twins up and carried them into the house.  “We’ve got a room set up with videos, games and things just for you,” Blossom heard Cindy say as Dorothy and Maria picked her up.


“You and Jannifer get to join Alice and her mother,” Anne said as she was carried in, Amy passing them as she helped Anne to bring Jannifer into the house.


“Nsstcut,” Alice said as they carried Jannifer in and sat her next to her mother on the floor.  “Now then,” Amy said quietly, “As soon as you four free each other, we’ll be having drinks downstairs.”  She left and closed the door, Alice smiling as she showed her free hands to the new arrivals.





“Fnks,” Heather finally said as the hood was eased off her head by Natalie.  “Whrre?”


“Mendsrfspls,” Katherine said as she tried to twist her arms round.  “Mstbehrprte.”


“Brllnt,” Heather said as she looked at the chains and cuffs holding her in place.  “Shobrts?”


“Ndde,” Natalie said as she put her mouth within reach of Heather’s fingers, “bttmmtgtfr.”



Sue turned off the engine and jumped out of the van, walking round as Maria came out to join her.


“Hello,” she said as she looked at Chloe, Alexa and Suzanne, “and welcome.”  Sue jumped in and cut the zip ties from their ankles, and then helped them to stand up.  As they stepped out, they looked at the house, and then round at the grounds, before they walked into the house and into the front room.


“Have a seat,” Maria said as they were helped to the couches, “and the others will join you shortly.”


The three women looked at each other, and they all knew they were thinking the same thought.


Where was Joanne?


“And... there!”


Alice smiled as she released Jannifer from the ropes holding her wrists together, while Margaret untied Blossom.


“Thanks,” Jannifer said after she removed her gag, “So, who brought you here?”


“We came with Natalie, her mum and her aunt,” Margaret said as she sat on the bed.  “I got the distinct feeling they had been in the van for a little while.”


“Any idea who it was that brought you?”


“Apart from it being a man and a woman - no.  I guess you got invited by Dorothy herself?”


Jannifer and Alice were looking at their mothers, talking as if nothing had happened, before Alice said “Hello?  Dad tied up and gagged at home?  What are we going to do about him?”


“And what about the twins,” Jannifer added as Blossom looked at her.  “Who’s going to watch over them?”


“Maria will - she said she’d love to.”


They looked at the door to see Veronica standing there, smiling with her arms folded.  “Well,” she eventually said as she stood to the side, “Want something to drink?”



“Whoever did this really knows their knots,” Natalie said as she knelt behind her mother, picking at the ropes around her wrists with her teeth.  “It’s almost imp.... Ah, there we go.”


Katherine nodded as she shook her hands free, then wriggled her arms round and pulled the ropes off her upper body.  Turning round, she surprised Natalie with the biggest hug of her life as she said “I am going to kill Amy and Dorothy for this - scaring me like that.”


“WHTTBBTMM!!” Heather called out as she shook her tightly bound arms and legs in muted frustration. 


“Sorry, sis,” Katherine said as she untied her daughter, then started to free her own legs, “Let’s get that gag off you.”  She stood up, rubbing her wrists as she did so, then walked over and unbuckled the panel gag, droll running off it as the rubber bung was eased out.


“AH,” Heather finally said, before she looked over her shoulder.  “Anyone know if you have any keys for these.”


“Looking for these, Annapolis,” Sue said with an evil grin as she waved a bunch of keys in the doorway.  “I heard you were taken completely by surprise.”


“Sue,” Katherine said very slowly and quietly, “I know it wasn’t you who took us, but we need to get my sister free.  If you’re planning...”


“Relax,” Sue said as she tossed the keys over, “Why don’t you get free and come down - we’re having drinks in the main room.”  She walked out of the room as Katherine unlocked the padlocks and freed her sister.


“Not quite how I intended to spend the morning,” Heather eventually said as she stood up, “who is that anyway?”


“Sue Duncombe,” Natalie said as she hugged her aunt, “Her sister is Anne Duncombe, an old friend of Dorothy’s .  So do you guys know what’s going on?”


“I think,” Katherine said as she stood up, “This is the housewarming party for Amy and Dorothy - hell of a way to invite us.”


“You have no idea,” Heather said as she stood up, her bare feet sinking into the carpet.  “They’re going to need a drink once I’ve talked to them.”


“What are you talking about,” Natalie said as Heather moved to the door, the other two following.  As they headed to the stairs they met Alexa coming up.


“You got invited too,” Natalie said as she saw her, “Who by?”


“We’ll thank Sue later,” Alexa said as she headed down the corridor.  Stopping at a door, she opened it and went in, walking to the bed and removing the blindfolds from Coral and Andrea.


“Hey there,” she said as she removed the headphones, and then the tape and cloth from their mouths, “Welcome to the party.”


“Party,” Coral said as she looked round, “PARTY????”


“I’m going to need a change of clothes,” Andrea said as she looked at the one piece sleep suit she was wearing.  Alexa held up a plastic bag that was sitting on the floor, and said “I think Anne already thought of that.”


“Anyone else here?”


“Almost all of us,” Alexa said, “Cindy cut us free and I offered to come up and find you two.  Chloe has gone to look for - Bobbi I think she said her name was.”


“Bobbi?  Bobbi Hopwood is here as well?”  Coral looked over her shoulder and said “You’d better free us - I want to thank Anne for this.




Alexa untied the two women as quickly as she could, then she left with Coral as Andrea took a few minutes to change.  As they walked past a door, they looked in to see Bobbi looking back at them over the silver cocoon that was tightly wrapped around her.


“Crrrl?  Whtsgnnnn?”


“Afternoon, Bobbi,” Coral said as she came in and removed the tape and cloth that was silencing her friend, “It would appear we have been invited to a party.”


“Hell of a way to invite...  Where’s Veronica?  Last I saw, she was tied to a chair in her office!”


“I think you’ve been taken in by a ruse,” Coral said with a smile, “Why don’t I go and find a pair of scissors, and cut you free?”


“Ah there you are Natalie - I trust you are well?”


Natalie nodded as she and her mother and aunt walked into the room.  “Give me a minute,” she said as she spotted Heidi and Cindy at the far side of the room, walked over and started to tickle them both.


“Heeeyeyeyywhatssthatfororrrr,” Cindy called out as Alice and Jannifer came in from the kitchen.


“Next time, send invitation cards like normal people - whoever it was scared the bejasus out of me!”


“Both of us,” Katherine said as she came in.  “I literally had no idea what was going on, or how they did it without warning me.  Who were they anyway, Anne?”


“Friends of mine,” Anne replied as she came in, and handed drinks to Chloe and Suzanne.  “You’ll get to meet them later.  Pleasure to finally meet you, Heather - I’m Anne Duncombe.”


“Likewise,” Heather said as she shook Anne’s hand.  “Full marks to them - they took me completely by surprise.  So, this is the house that Veronica bought?  Kathy told me about the present.”


“Kathy?  I’ve never heard you called that,” Anne said as she looked at Katherine.  “That’s two shocking things I’ve discovered about you today.”


“Oh, just you wait,” Katherine said with a smile as Coral and Alexa walked in.  “Well, looks like almost everyone is here.”


“I haven’t seen Joanne yet,” Andrea said as she walked in, now wearing a black t-shirt and jeans with black ankle boots.  “Which room is she in?”


“I was going to ask the same thing,” Suzanne said, “she wasn’t home when I was taken - I thought she said she was spending the day with friends.”


“Well, it wasn’t with me or Andrea,” Alexa said, “so who was it?”




The room turned and looked at Heather as she blushed slightly.


“Those friends of yours,” she said as she looked at Anne, “They were told to collect me, right?”


“Right,” Anne said, and then she slowly put her glass down as Katherine said one word.




“The attic - she came over last night, by arrangement, and I left her up there while I got on with the work I had to do.  It was an early start, and I had intended to cook her lunch, but...”  Heather looked at her watch and said “Somebody needs to go and bring her here.”


“We’re on it,” Anne said as she grabbed Heather’s door keys from a pile on the sideboard, and Sue followed her out.  “Oh god grief,” Heidi said as she realised what had been said, “I hope she is all right...”


“Don’t worry, kiddo,” Alexa said with a smile, “Joanne’s spent twenty four hours unable to do anything before.”


“She has,” Suzanne said with a smile, “When?”


“And on that note,” Dorothy said, “Welcome to our new home.  Veronica?”


“Whenever a new family moves into a house I have sold,” Veronica said with a smile, “I always like to welcome them with a bottle of champagne.  Well, this is a slightly bigger celebration than usual, but...”  She picked up one of three bottles, popped the cork and started to pour it into plastic glasses, Amy and Dorothy doing the same with two other bottles.


“Can we get a glass too,” Heidi said.


“This one, yes - everyone except the twins gets a glass.”


“AW,” Britney and Margo said as they walked in with Maria, “It sucks being young.”


“You get these instead,” Veronica said as she handed the twins a glass of cola each.  “Now - to the new homeowners!”


“The new homeowners,” was the general call as everyone took a drink.  “So,” Natalie said as she looked at Cindy and Heidi, “When do we get to see what this place has to offer.”


“Do you want to change first?”


“Into what?”


“The clothes that your inviters brought with you - there’s a bag in my room.  Up the stairs, first on the left.”


“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Natalie said as she left the room.  As the door closed, Katherine put her arm round her sister’s shoulder and said “So, do you know who brought us here?”


“Nope - they took me completely by surprise, or I would have told them about Joanne.  I did not even know the rest of you were in that van until we got here.”


“I wonder who they were,” Katherine said as she shook her head, and they walked past Alexa and Andrea, who were talking to Coral and Bobbi.


“So you might be interested in a career in graphic art, Andrea?  I may have an opening for an internship at my design firm, if you would be interested.”


“Sounds intriguing - doing what?”


“It will mainly be background research work, and helping with the production of portfolios and presentations - but these are things you need to know if you are going to get ahead in this business.  Come and see me on Monday if you are interested.”


A few minutes later, Natalie came back in, now wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a vest top.  “That’s better,” she said as she wriggled her bare feet, “so where does the tour start?”


“Want to see the pool?”


Everyone turned as they heard this, and said “Pool?”



Heather’s farm


Joanne turned over again and tried to move her body, but short of wriggling her fingers she was in no position to do anything.  Nor see or say anything for that matter - the leather hood that covered her head had mufflers over her ears and eyes, while her mouth had been covered with white tape to keep the folded scarf inside.


Her arms were held together behind her back by the leather armbinder than went from her shoulders to her hands, the material holding them snugly together, while her ankles, legs and thighs were held with bands of black industrial tape.   Heather had arranged all this after a quick breakfast at dawn, with a promise to check on her every so often until sunset.


How much time had passed she was not sure, but she was getting hungry, and wondering if that meal was ever going to come, when suddenly she felt herself being lifted and carried, and then laid on some sort of rug.  For a brief moment she thought she saw a lighter shade of black, but that quickly changed as she felt - my goodness, was she in a car?



Ground Zero


“See - a pool.”


Cindy was grinning from ear to ear as Heidi showed Alice, Jannifer, the twins and Natalie the swimming pool in the back yard.  It had a white stone edge running around the four edges, and did not look more than about three feet deep, but it was a pool.


“Wow,” Alice said, “think of all the afternoons we could spend sunbathing here - starting right now!”


“Nope,” Heidi said with a smile, “No sunbathing today, but we can go for a swim later.  Right now, we need to show you the rest of the place.”


“Just how big is this garden,” Jannifer said as she looked over the plush lawn that seemed to stretch out of sight.


“Big enough - and completely private,” Cindy said quietly.  “We could stake you all out, and nobody would know.”


“Stake us out - sounds fun,” Britney said as Margo nudged her.


“Down, hellions,” Jannifer said with a smile.  The girls went back inside, through the large kitchen and into the hallway.


“There are three downstairs rooms,” Heidi said, “and six bedrooms upstairs.  Our mums have one, we have one each, and spare ones for people staying over.”


“Oh this is just perfect,” Natalie said as she walked round the hallway, “With Aunt Heather’s farm, and this place, we could spend almost the whole summer without anyone knowing what we were up to.”


“You haven’t seen the best bit yet,” Heidi said as she started to walk up the staircase, “Come on.”


As the girls walked up the stairs, and then along the upper hallway, the front door opened and Anne and sue returned, carrying a young girl between them.


“In here,” Amy said as she opened a door, and they took Joanne into a small reading room, laying her out on a leather couch.


As she was placed down, Joanne was starting to wonder what the hell had happened.  She tried to wriggle round, the leather squeaking under her, but she still had no idea what had happened, or who had carried her.  She turned her head from side to side, wondering what was happening, when she felt someone at the back of her head, and the hood was taken off.


She blinked for a few minutes, before realising she was no longer in the attic of Heather’s farmhouse.  Rather, she was in some sort of small library, and Alexa was sitting next to her, wiping her forehead and cheeks with a cool, damp cloth.


“Wthsggggn,” Joanne said, before Alexa reached down and gave her a little kiss on her gagged lips.


“If you decide to do this again,” she then said, “let someone else know, all right?  You don’t know how close you came to a problem.”


“Whthppnd,” Joanne said as Alexa stroked her hair.  “I’ll tell you - eventually,” she said with a smile.




“Oh my - this is even bigger than the one at Aunt Heather’s place!”


“And your Aunt Veronica’s,” Jannifer said as they looked round the attic, “we could get all of us in here - mothers and daughters.”


“that’s an idea,” Heidi said, “but not today.  Today is designed for fun.”


“So what are we going to do first?”


As if to answer the question, Veronica appeared at the door.  “Ah there you are,” she said with a smile, “We’re going to do a mother daughter challenge, if you’re interested.”


“What about us,” Britney and Margo said.


“Oh we have a similar thing planned for you two as well - Maria will show you where.  As for the rest of you, come to the front room please.”


As they walked down the stairs, they saw Alexa emerge from the other room with Joanne.  Cindy’s cousin was wearing a pair of jeans and a Motley Crue t-shirt, with a pair of sports socks over her feet.


“Glad you could make it,” Veronica said, “How was the trip?”


“Confusing - where’s Heather?”


“In here,” Veronica said as she opened the door to the main room. Suzanne, Coral, Amy, Dorothy, Katherine, Blossom and Margaret were all standing in a row, with their hands behind their backs.


“Right,” Anne said from the far side of the room, “Give your mothers a great big hug, all of you.” 


The girls looked at each other, then stepped forward and hugged their mothers - but as they did so, Veronica, Bobbi and Heather moved down the line, fastening a set of leather cuffs around the wrists of each of the girls.  It was then they realised that their mothers all had a similar set of cuffs around their own wrists, as a length of cord was used to secure the chains of the mother’s set to the daughter’s.


“Let me guess - escape challenge,” Natalie said as she looked into Katherine’s eyes.


“Not exactly,” her mother said with a smile, “You’ll see...”


“Now then,” Anne said as she produced two more sets of leather cuffs, and fastened then around the ankles of Suzanne and Joanne, before linking them with a chain, “You have all played the game of pass the balloon, right?”


“Oh don’t tell me...”


“No, we’re not going to play that,” Anne said with a smile as she moved on to Coral and Andrea, “but we are going to play a different version of a similar party game.  All will be explained in due course.”


She made her way down the line, securing daughter to mother until they were all linked by the wrists and ankles.  “Well, this is different,” Heidi said as she looked at Amy.


“My god,” her mother replied quietly, “I don’t think I’d realised just how tall you are getting until just now.  It only seems like yesterday you were able to nuzzle your head against my stomach, but now it’s my shoulder.”


“Tell me about it,” Dorothy said as Cindy placed her head on her mother’s shoulder.


“Welcome to our world, ladies,” was all Coral said as Anne made her way down to Margaret and Alice.  As they were secured together, she looked at her daughter and said “What do you think your father’s up to now?”


“Getting free, hopefully,” Alice said, before her sight was suddenly blocked out by a sleep mask.  “Hey what gives,” she called out, only for her mother to reply “It’s all right - I just got blindfolded as well.  Is it blind Man’s Bluff we’re going to be playing?”


“Nope,” Blossom said as Margaret turned her head, “We got one too.  I hope the twins are having fun.”






“You’re our prisoner now - and we get to do anything we want to,” Britney said as she looked at Maria.


“Yeah - because you can’t stop us,” Margo continued as she stood up, having tied Maria’s bound ankles to the front leg of the wooden chair. 


Maria nodded as she smiled over the cotton bandana that was pulled into her mouth.  As soon as she had freed the twins, they had ‘overpowered’ her and tied her wrists together behind the back of the chair, and then tied her arms to the back of the chair.  The knots were not very complex, and if truth be told she could get out of them in about a minute, but she wanted the girls to feel they were part of the party as well.


Her ankles were tied to the front legs of the chair, while another band of rope held her waist to the chair back and a last length around her legs.  She squirmed round and made some mumbled attempts to plead to be released, as Britney and Margo selected a My Little Pony DVD and started to play it.  Maria closed her eyes, thinking of what she could do in revenge for a pair of hellions such as these - and a plan that was forming in her mind made her smile in response.



“Now then,” Anne said as she applied the last strip of micropore tape over Cindy’s mouth, “we’re going to play a little game of find the others.  It’s very simple really - Bobbi, Veronica, Heather, and Sue are going to be around the room, and you just need to find them.  Of course, the fact you cannot see, talk or move without each other’s help may complicate matters somewhat - but then, that’s part of the fun.”


She smiled as the four other women took up position in the four corners of the room, and simply said “Go.”  As the free women started to call out, the secured couples tried to turn their head in the direction of the noise, wondering who was going to move first.


The sound of a car approaching outside came to Anne’s ears, and as she watched Cindy and Dorothy trying to move together she left the room, closing the door behind them as she smiled to herself.  Walking the short distance to the front door, she opened it and smiled as the three people got out of the car.


“Thanks for agreeing to do this for Amy and Dorothy, Jack,” she said as she shook Jack Hawkins’ hand.   The police officer had changed into a short sleeved blue shirt and a pair of slacks, and was taking a pair of ice boxes out of the back of the vehicle.


“My pleasure - and my way of saying thank you,” Jack said as he looked round, “Where is your sister?”


“Don’t worry, she’s promised to behave,” Anne said with a smile as Chloe appeared at the doorway.  “Ah, Monsieur Hawkins,” she said with a smile as she walked towards them, “I am Chloe Badelaine, and I will be helping you with the preparations this afternoon.  Can I help you with anything?”


“There’s a box of salad things in the back - do you think you can take that and then show me to the kitchen,” Jack said quietly.  Chloe nodded to him, and to the other two people who had emerged from the car, before picking up the box and saying “this way.”


“Are you two ready,” Anne said to the dark haired woman and tall man who were standing next to the car.


The woman nodded as the man put her arm around her shoulders.   She was wearing a white short sleeved sundress, with a pair of black leggings on her legs, and her wrist watch glowed green on the face.


“I think so - there’s no clear and present danger, so I guess I get to relax and have fun instead.   You don’t think they’ll recognise me, do you?”


“Why should they?  Brian, they might, which is why you’re Brian and Sarah Carter for today.  Shall we go in?”


“Maybe I should help Jack out with the food,” Brian said as he ran a finger under the collar of his Hawaiian shirt.


“No way - and no stereotypes,” Anne said as she walked them to the door, opening it and showing them into the front room.


“You weren’t joking,” Sarah said as she looked round the room.  Alice and Margaret had hardly moved at all, while Blossom and Jannifer had somehow managed to fall onto the floor and were trying to tickle each other.


Amy and Heidi were slowly shuffling over to a retreating Veronica, while Cindy and Dorothy were getting closer to Bobbi.  The real winners, however, were Suzanne and Joanne, who had caught Sue, while Katherine and Nats had managed to reach Heather.


Alexa was sitting down, watching the others with interest, but she stood up when Anne appeared in the doorway with two strangers, bumping into Coral and Andrea as she did so.


“Alexa,” Anne said with a smile, “These are my friends Sarah and Brian.  They were good enough to help us out earlier today with collecting a few people - starting with Heather.”


As she heard this, Heather looked over at the thin, dark haired woman and the tall, broad shouldered man.  “Oh really,” she said as she walked over, “so can I thank two of the only people who have ever managed to surprise me?”


“You may,” Brian said as he held his hand out, “I’m Brian, and this is my wife Sarah.”


“I’ve seen you around somewhere,” Heather said as she shook his hand, “You don’t live near me do you?”


“I don’t know - we’ve never met,” Sarah said as she shook the offered hand - then noticed as Amy and Heidi turned their heads in the direction of her voice at the same time.  She allowed herself a smile before continuing “When Anne said she needed some help, it was our pleasure to do so.”


“So where did you meet?”


“Mutual friends,” Sarah said as Veronica came over.  “I think we should let them go and meet the new arrivals,” she said as she shook their hands.


“Fair enough - ladies, stay still and we’ll remove the cuffs and things for now.”


“Nhhhlfsln,” Coral and Andrea responded in unison, so Sue nodded as she helped them to stand in the corner, then released the couples one by one.


As Katherine and Natalie were released, they rubbed their wrists, looked at each other, and then joined Heather and the two new arrivals.


“Well now,” Katherine said as she looked at them, “It’s an honour to meet someone who can take me completely by surprise.  How did you manage that?”


“I wish I could tell you,” Brain said, “but then I would have to kill you.”  He smiled as he said this, but Katherine could see something in his eye as he said this, so she simply said “Well, perhaps I can get to return the favour later.”


“Perhaps,” Sarah said as Heidi came over.  “We’ve met,” she said quietly as she was joined by Amy, “at the graveyard.  You were visiting Sara’s grave - you said she was an aunt of yours?”


“That’s right - I recognise you both,” Sarah said as she shook their hands.  “I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk more at the time, but you looked as if you wanted some privacy.  It’s a pleasure to meet you both now.”


“Likewise,” Amy said, “May I introduce my partner Dorothy and her daughter Cindy.  I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your names?”


“I’m Brian, and this is my wife Sarah,” Brian said as the others grabbed a drink.  “So, you all seem to play some interesting party games - what did you have in mind next?”


“Well, we have a little while before we make our way to the pool,” Amy said with a smile, “so how about a little challenge?”


“Oh I can think of a challenge,” Katherine said with a smile, “but I think I’ll need some help with it.”


Sarah smiled as she said “Do I detect a hint of revenge coming?”


“Me?   I don’t do revenge, but I do learn from others,” Katherine said with a smile.  “For example, I would love to see if you can escape when I tie you up, and to make it interesting I’ll get Anne to tie me up afterwards.”


“Hmmm,” Sarah said as she looked at Brian, “given we’re wearing skirts, I doubt we can have hogties.  But let’s see what you can offer.”


Katherine smiled and said “Very well - anyone else want to take part in the challenge?”


“We’ll pass,” Amy said as she watched with Veronica, “but we’ll help if you want.”


Looking round the room, Katherine saw the others nod as she said “All right - girls, do your worst.”


“One change,” Anne said as she looked at Amy, “If it is all right with you, I will bind Sarah and Amy will bind you - identically, of course.”

“If Sarah is open to that,” Katherine said, and Sarah nodded, smiling at Anne as she did so.

“Fancy a challenge as well,” Heidi said to Cindy as she watched her mother pick up a length of rope and walk towards Katherine.

“You’re on,” Cindy said. “What about you Nats?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Natalie said with a smile. “What about you two?”

“We’ll go and look in on the twins,” Jannifer said as she and Alice headed for the door. By now Amy had crossed and bound Katherine’s wrist tightly together behind her back, and was starting to encase her upper body in a rope harness, while Anne was doing the same for Sarah.

As she passed the rope around Sarah’s body, pulling her dress over her chest, she said quietly “You all right?”

“I’m fine - Brian served me dinner and satisfied me after we left today, so barring any unexpected visitors I’m good. And if any do show up...”

Anne nodded as she pulled the rope tighter and secured them behind her back, pulling Sarah’s wrists up to secure them to the ropes as well. Amy was doing the same thing for Katherine, while Dorothy was looking for some scarves to use as gags and blindfolds.

As this was going on at one end of the room, at the other Heidi, Cindy and Natalie had their wrist tightly tied behind their backs, their fingers waving as they tried to move their crossed wrists. All three were now sitting on the floor, watching as Alexa, Andrea and Joanne bound their bare ankles tightly together side by side, and then their legs below their knees.

“So that’s the bet - last one to get free has to skinny-dip later in the pool?”

“Alice is so going to hate the fact she didn’t go for this...”

Jannifer and Alice stopped outside of the room the twins were in, listening at the doorway.

“Well, there’s still a video playing, and I don’t hear Maria, so I presume they’re all right,” Alice said as she turned to go away, but Jannifer was still listening in the doorway.

“It’s quiet - too quiet,” she eventually said, as she put her hand on the handle and opened the door. “Britney? Margo? Are you behaving yourselves?”

The two girls walked in, to see the television playing High School Musical 2. In the centre of the room was a wooden chair, ropes hanging from it, and in front of that were Margo and Britney, lying on their stomachs on the floor with their bodies securely hogtied with ropes, and knotted bandanas in their mouths.

“OH boy,” Jannifer said as she took in the scene, “I guess Maria got roped in, and now it’s their turn.”

“So,” Maria said as she closed the door behind them, “You though you would be able to rescue Princess Margo and Princess Britney, no? I am afraid I cannot allow that - and I must detain you both as well.”

“Please,” Alice said as she raised her hands, “Don’t do this.”

“Do what, my little snoop?”

“Make us watch this,” Alice said as she looked at the screen, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hutchens in full song....

“Well, I think that’s them well secured and silenced.”

Katherine and Sarah looked at each other and nodded. They were sitting against the front of a long recliner, their ankles crossed and tied together with rope, and bands of rope around their legs below and above their knees. A longer length of rope was tied around their upper bodies and under their knees, forcing them to sit with their legs bent up.

Both women also had rather unusual gags - rubber bits which were fastened into their mouths with a harness around and over their heads. As they looked at each other, Anne said “When the clock starts, your task is simple - get free. It’s not impossible from this position, but you must free yourself. Ready, set - go!”

The two women started struggling, as Brian said “I think I’ll go and get a cold one.” As he walked to the other side of the room, he stopped to watch the three younger girls.

They were lying on the floor, their arms held tightly to their sides with bands of rope around their stomachs and upper arms, and their legs pulled back so that the heels of their feet touched their bottoms. Their ankles were secured to their chest ropes with a short length of cord, and he could see the strips of white tape covering their mouths, the packing underneath obvious from the way their cheeks were puffed out.

They each had a black sleep mask covering their eyes, as Joanne tickled Cindy’s soles, Alexa Heidi’s and Andrea Natalie’s. All three girls were squirming round, laughing and giggling through their gags at the torture and the way it took their minds off getting free.

“Fun,” he said as he walked through to the kitchen, finding Chloe preparing a salad there. “You weren’t joking about your friends and their games,” he said quietly as he opened the large refrigerator and took out a can of lager.

“Indeed, they are very good players,” Chloe said with a smile, “and I am glad you and Sara - sorry, Sarah were able to join us. Where is she at the moment?”

“Doing an escape challenge with - Katherine, I think she said her name was.” Chloe looked at Brian, who said “Don’t worry - we took all necessary precautions before coming. Nobody is going to experience Sarah’s unique talents today.”

“I am glad,” Chloe said as she returned to chopping the vegetables. “I know this is difficult enough for you, but...”

“Don’t worry, Chloe - Sarah and I need to make some new friends anyway.” He took a drink from his can and said “What’s James doing today?”

“He has a field trip all day, but we are getting together tomorrow - we are, you might say, double dating with Joanne and Alexa.”

“They’re two of the girls your age - the ones tickling Heidi and the other two?”

“Most probably - Joanne is Cindy’s cousin,” Chloe said as Jack walked in. “Hey - got another one of those,” he said as he looked at Brian, who went back to the fridge, took out a second can and threw it at him.

“I didn’t get the chance to ask earlier, but no hard feelings over this morning,” Brian said as Jack opened the can and took a drink.

“None whatsoever - I knew what you were going to do, but the way you did it... Have you had Special Forces training?”

Brian just smiled and said “I’d better get back to the ladies - we’ll be out in a little while.”


Jannifer and Alice were sat back to back behind a couch, unable to see the television screen but still able to hear the sound and the singing. Maria had made them put their arms around each other, and then tied Jannifer’s wrists together in front of Alice’s stomach, returning the favour for Alice.

She had then crossed and tied their ankles, as well as binding their legs below their knees with rope, before tying a length from Alice’s wrists to Jannifer’s knees, and visa versa. One final band of rope held their upper bodies together around their stomachs, while a knotted bandanna held a handkerchief in their mouths.

Maria stood by the door, able to watch all four of her captives, and smiled. Only for a little while longer...


Sarah looked over as Katherine finally managed to wriggle her arms round and started to untie the ropes holding her knees up to her chest. If truth be told, she had not really tired to escape - if she had wanted to, she could have snapped the ropes around her like threads of cotton, but she needed to be angry to do that, and this was the most relaxed she had been outside of Brian’s special embrace.

She wriggled around once more, a small dribble of saliva running down her cheek as she slipped the ropes off her wrists and started to bring her arms round as well. It was no shame to lose this contest to Katherine - in fact, she had felt sorry for the way they had captured her. Still, they had done what Anne had asked, and this was a contest of wills for both of them.

“Looks like Katherine’s the winner,” Dorothy said as the blonde haired woman stood up and raised her arms in the air, before allowing Amy to remove the bit gag. Sarah nodded and smiled over the rubber between her teeth, Anne nodding and returning the smile as well.

“I am sorry to interrupt your fun, ladies,” Chloe said as she walked in, “but I have been asked to tell you that the barbecue will be starting soon, and you are all invited to join us at the poolside. I believe the dress code has been decided?”

“It has,” Amy said with a smile, “You will all find swimsuits in the room upstairs - mothers and daughters.”

“I do not see Alice, Jannifer or the twins,” Chloe said as she looked round.

“I’ll tell them,” Veronica said as Joanne started to untie the three struggling captives on the floor. “Guess all three of you are going to have to pay the penalty later,” she said with a smile as Natalie, Cindy and Heidi all groaned...


“Come on you three,” Joanne said as she removed the ropes, “I’m sure we’ll find a way to make it fun for all of you.”  Heidi stood up and watched as Cindy was untied, her light blue t-shirt and denim skirt readjusting on her body as Joanne released her.


“Well, I guess we asked for it,” she said as the other two stood up.  “Come on - our suits are in my bedroom.”


The trio ran up the stairs, as Jannifer escorted her younger sisters with Alice out of the other room, and closed the door of Heidi’s bedroom behind them.  Heidi pulled off her white shorts and panties, then stepped into the green swimsuit and pulled it up her legs, before turning her back and pulling her white sweatshirt off.


As Cindy changed from her clothes into a blue swimsuit, Natalie say on the bed and said “so what exactly are we going to do at the pool?”


“Swim of course,” Cindy said as she pulled the swimsuit up and put her arms through the shoulder straps.  “What else could we do out there?”


“I saw the lawn,” Natalie said with a smile, “I think it may be possible to do a lot more out there - in fact, I have a feeling we may end up doing just that anyway.”


“You mean the forfeit?”


Natalie nodded before putting on a white bikini, and then the three girls headed in their bare feet down the stairs, Natalie pulling a thin top over her upper body as they did so.  Walking out into the rear garden, they saw Jack Hawkins at a barbecue, smiling at them as Katherine and Veronica walked out.  Katherine was wearing a black swimsuit with a brown and white shawl wrapped round her waist, while Veronica was wearing a white swimsuit and a pair of sandals on her feet.


“Nice,” Katherine said, before she saw Margaret and Alice come out.  Margaret was wearing a red bikini top and a pair of red shorts, but it was Alice, dressed in a white bikini with very small briefs, that made all of them gasp.


Katherine and Veronica looked over at Jack, who was looking at his wife and daughter, but then he shook his head and said “the first burgers will be ready in a few minutes.”


“He’s calmed down a lot,” Heidi said as Alice joined them at the side of the pool, sitting at the side of the pool as they dangled their feet in the cool water.


“Yeah - all the better for it,” Alice said as Jannifer came out with Blossom, Britney and Margo.  The twins were wearing matching pink swimming costumes, while Jannifer had on a blue halter top and cycling shorts, and Blossom was wearing a thin short sleeved top over a black bikini.


“Last one is a mouse,” Britney shouted as she and Margo jumped into the pool, while Jannifer joined the others.  Joanne, Alexa and Andrea came out next, heading for some recliners in their halter tops and shorts, while Heather and Sarah came out, both of them wearing blue swimsuits with shorts on as they carried trays of drinks out.


“The others will be out in a few minutes,” they said as they passed the glasses round, while the twins splashed in the shallow end of the pool.  “Amy and Dorothy just wanted a few minutes to themselves.”


“What about Anne and Sue - especially Sue,” Katherine said as she took a drink.


“Oh I’m sure they will be back in a little while,” Heather said as she looked at the older women, “What’s to worry about anyway.”


She saw everyone except the twins turn and look at them, as she said “What?”





“Are you sure this is something you want to do, Anne?”


“Yeah - but not until after they have eaten,” Anne said as she looked out of the attic window at the group in the rear garden.  “I think it will be fun.”


“Fair enough - but it may have been a little unfair to get Maria first.”


“Unfair?  She asked me to do this - didn’t you Maria?”


Maria nodded as she sat in the heavy wooden chair, looking at the Duncombe sisters.  A heavy leather pad was strapped over her mouth, the rubber bug on the underside of the pad filling her mouth.


The chair was like an old dentist’s chair, with two wooden arms, and Maria’s arms were fixed to the arms with heavy leather straps - more of them holding her ankles and legs to the legs of the chair, while a wide leather belt held her stomach to the chair back.  She had heard Anne and Sue discussing their plans for the surprise, and volunteered to be the first.


“We’ll come back and check on you from time to time,” Anne said as Maria nodded to show she understood.  “And I promise you, the twins will be treated gently.  Come on, Sue, we need to get changed - don’t want to appear out of the ordinary.”  The two women left, but not before they switched on the iPod and placed the ear buds in Maria’s ears, the Latin music making her smile under the leather pad...





“Salad,” Chloe said as she carried the bowls out to the table and laid them down, while Brian joined Jack at the cooking stand.


“For goodness sake, Chloe,” Alexa called over from the recliner, “why don’t you put on a pair of shorts at least?”


“I do not think so, mon amie,” Chloe said with a smile, “but I will remove my jumper in a moment.”


“Does she ever dress down,” Andrea said as she looked over at their friend.


“I’m sure she does, but not when I’ve been around,” Joanne said quietly.  “We’re going out with her and her boyfriend next week - maybe she will then.”


“I wish I had a boyfriend sometimes,” Andrea said with a sigh as she watched her mother talking to Bobbi.  Coral had donned a green and white swimsuit, while Bobbi was wearing a dark red bikini.


“Brian,” Heather called over, “How many minutes?”


“About ten for the chicken,” Jack called back in reply, “but for the burgers?”


“Burgers are up,” Brian called over, “who wants to be first?”


“We do,” the twins cried in unison as they got out of the pool and ran over, getting Blossom and Margaret wet as they ran past and grabbed a plate.  “I guess we can eat then, if the hosts have arrived?”


“We have,” Amy said as she came out, wearing a very skimpy pick bikini and some sandals.  She also had a leather collar round her neck, as did Dorothy who followed her out.  Cindy’s eyes opened wide when she saw her mother wearing a tight, small brown bikini with very small briefs.


“When did you have a Brazilian?” Cindy said as her mother walked out.


“When did you learn what a Brazilian is,” Dorothy replied, her eyebrows raised.


“I think your mum won that one,” Natalie said as she poked Cindy in the ribs, making her fall into the pool with a big splash.  The girls watched as she surfaced, treading water as she looked at her friend.


“You realise, of course, this means war,” she said as she lay back and kicked with her feet, the water hitting the other girls as they sat there.  Natalie started laughing as the water hit her, then she threw off her top and dived in, grabbing Cindy as the others joined them in the water.


“I guess they’re going to have fun for a little while rather than eat,” Sarah said as she joined Amy and Dorothy.  “Nice chokers by the way - a present?”


“In a manner of speaking,” Amy said as she picked up a plate.  “Beefburger?”


“No thanks - I had some earlier,” Sarah said as she smiled at Brian.  “I think I’ll stick with some chicken for now.”


As the older women gathered round the barbecue, Anne and Sue finally came out, dressed in black swimsuits.  “Well now,” Sue said with a smile, “I see we’re just in time for the food.”


“Where’s Maria,” Veronica said as she looked round.  “Having a rest,” Anne replied as she picked up a plate, “she said she would see you all later.”


“Fair enough,” Veronica said, “I guess she deserves it.  Britney, Margo - go easy on the salads.  There’s enough for everyone.”


As the women helped themselves, Joanne walked over and whispered something into Brian’s ear.  The larger man nodded and said “I’ll take care of it once they start eating,” before returning to the serving duties.


“So tell me,” Amy said as she and Sarah sat with Veronica, “What do you do for a living, Sarah?”


“Well, I work as a consultant, if you like - usually from home, with the occasional field trip.  Brian travels a bit for work as well.  We like the solitude where we are - it gives us plenty of time to get on with our jobs.”


“And where do you know Anne from?”


“I could ask you the same question,” Sarah said with a smile. 


“Actually,” Veronica said as she took a mouthful of salad and ate it, “Anne is an old friend of mine and Dorothy’s - through different routes, I hasten to add.  Why do you ask?”


“Interest more than anything,” Sarah said as she watched the girls climb out of the pool and approach the barbeque, “I met Anne through mutual friends as well.  She does have a very close circle of associates and friends.”


“Goes with her job I suppose,” Amy said as Dorothy joined them, kissing her as she sat down.  “Still, I’m glad you could help us out today.”


“My pleasure,” Sarah said with a smile as they continued to eat and talk, “my pleasure...”


As the groups sat talking and eating, Brian nudged Jack and whispered in his ear.  He nodded as they left the barbecue for a few minutes, and walked over to the far side of the fenced off garden, carrying a number of items with them.


“Listen,” Alice said as she looked over at Heidi and Cindy, “When are you lot going on your trip?”


“Trip?”  Joanne sat down with them and said “What trip?”


“It was a present their mums got - a four week trip to the UK.  Veronica and you are going as well, right Nats?”


Natalie nodded as she stretched out on the grass.  “That’s right - we’re flying to London, and then going on a tour of the whole country.”


“Are you going to see the girls while you’re over there?”


“No idea,” Heidi said as she looked over, “but we are going to some sort of fancy dance at Holderness Manor, so I guess we’ll see them there.”


“You’re going to have to tell us all about it,” Jannifer said as she looked at her mother, who was talking to Britney and Margo, before the three of them walked into the house, Sue following them in.  At the far end of the lawn Brian and Jack were kneeling down, looking at something on the ground, but after a few minutes they stood up and walked over.


“Girls,” Joanne said as they came over, “Remember when I said you would all have to pay the forfeit?”


Natalie looked at Heidi and Cindy, but before any of them could get a chance to run her friends were picked up by Brian and Jack, who carried the girls over their shoulders to the rear of the lawn.  Natalie tried to get up, only for Alexa and Andrea to grab her by the arms and legs and carry her after them, the other girls following.


As they approached where the men had been working, they saw six wooden pegs in a row at the edge of the grass, and six more a few feet further down, with length of rope firmly secured to each of the pegs.  “Oh great,” Heidi said as Brian laid her gently on the grass, then took her right wrist and tied the length of rope from the first of the top row of pegs to it, “a stake out.  Good thing there are no ants round here.”


“I know,” Jannifer said with a smile as she watched the three girls been bound spread eagled to the pegs, “after all, what would happen if someone was to suite - oh, I don’t know, strawberry syrup onto your bellies?”


“You wouldn’t dareeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”  Cindy’s protests were cut short by Alice starting to tickle the bare soles of her feet - a chorus that was soon joined by Heidi, as Jannifer started to tickle her sides, and then Natalie as she was tickled on the tummy by Joanne.


Their screams of laughter echoed across the ground, as the two men returned to the barbecue and said “Who would like some more chicken?”


“Enjoying yourself,” Sarah said as she walked over and took a chicken leg from Brian.


“Yeah, surprisingly - they’re a good bunch of kids,” Brian said with a smile, “What about you?”


“Me too,” she replied, “I’m glad Anne asked us to help out.  I’m also glad we’ve not been needed to go to work.”  She reached over and kissed Brian as Heather came over and took a piece of steak from Jack.


“Listen,” she said as she looked at the couple, “Anne told me you live a little way up the mountain from me.  Perhaps we can get together some time when you’re free - I can show you some of the work I do?”


“Sounds fun,” Brian said, “but we’ll need to check our diaries.”  As they talked, the laughter continued as the three girls were unable to stop the tickle assault.


“Well now,” Joanne said as she produced from somewhere a roll of tape, “I think we need to stop these three raising the alarm with the neighbours.”


“Oh no you donnmmmmm” Heidi said as a strip of tape was stuck over her mouth, the other two protesting and then silenced in similar manner.  Their eyes only widened as they saw Alice approaching with a garden hose, a spray attachment fixed to the nozzle.


“NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG” Natalie screamed out as the spray of cold water hit her bare belly, the other two squirming round as the water hit them as well, while the others stood round and watched.  Jannifer smiled at their torment, when she heard Anne whisper into her ear “Can you come with me for a minute - your mum needs to see you.”


“Sure,” Jannifer said as she followed Anne into the house, “What does she want?”


“For you to join her,” Anne said as she clamped a cloth over Jannifer’s nose and mouth.  Her eyes shot open for a moment, but then she realised what was happening and played along, her eyes closing as she relaxed in the older woman’s strong grip.


Anne smiled as she picked Jannifer up in her arms and carried her up to one of the bedrooms, Sue opening the door as she approached.  Margo and Britney watched as Anne gently laid her down next to Blossom, smiling over the knotted black scarves that were tied into their mouths.


The two girls had their wrists tied together in front of them and then tied down to their legs which were bent in front of them, the rope going around them below their knees and then passed down to their ankles.  A long length of rope held them together at their waists.


As Anne rolled Jannifer over and crossed her wrists behind her back, Sue returned to the task of binding her mother.  Blossom already had her wrist crossed and bound, then tied to the small of her back with a length of rope that was passed round her waist.  Sue crossed her ankles and started to tie them together, the rope going round and between her legs, as Anne secured her daughter in the same way, adding rope around her legs below her knees as well while Sue performed the same service for Blossom.


“Time to be quiet,” Sue said as she gently opened Blossom’s mouth and pushed a small piece of cloth inside, then rolled a large black scarf into a thick band and pulled it between her teeth.  As she watched Jannifer get the same gag, Blossom looked at the twins and winked, getting a nod in return before she felt herself being sat up and moved so that she was back to back with Jannifer.


As the rope went round their waists to hold them together, Jannifer began to pretend to come to, groaning and then looking at the twins as she said “Whthpnpngg - mmmmm!”


“Oh be quiet,” Anne said as she tied the ropes off, “and count yourself lucky - you’re the first.  The others will be joining you shortly.”


“Whtdduwnt,” Blossom said through her gag, “dnwhtrupngng?”


“You’ll find out soon enough,” Sue said as she tugged on the ropes, “Right now, enjoy.”


The Dales watched as the door closed on them, then looked at each other, wondering who would make the first move...







“I think they’ve had enough of a wash now,” Joanne said as Alexa turned off the hose, “why don’t you three stay there and dry off for a little while.


“Lllkllufrths,” Heidi said as she watched the girls retreat, but then she started laughing, Cindy and Natalie joining in as their mothers walked over.


“Well, I can see you’ve had fun,” Katherine said as she knelt down, “but I bet you’re still ticklish.”


“HggddddNNNNNN,” Natalie called out as she felt her mother and Veronica tickling the backs of her knees, Amy and Dorothy doing the same to the other two.  From the side of the house, Joanne and Alexa were standing, their arms round each other’s shoulders as Chloe joined them with a plate of food.


“I do so enjoy it when they are having fun,” Joanne said as she looked over, “but I still wish we had been invited to the ceremony.”


“Why,” Alexa said, “Would it have given you ideas?”  She rested her head on Joanne’s shoulder as she said this, while her girlfriend replied “Not in that way - I’m just glad they found a resolution to everything.  So - ready for our date next week, Chloe?”


“Oui,” the young French girl said, “it should be a most pleasant evening.  Have you decided where we will go yet?”


“Nah,” Alexa said with a giggle, “I guess we’ll just go with the flow.  Still, I think it will be a night to remember.”


As they spoke, Anne and Sue came back out, smiling at everyone as they handed out drinks from a tray.  As they stood with Coral and Bobbi, they had a quiet conversation, the two women nodding as they then moved on.


“Thanks,” Andrea said as she took a glass of coke, and took a long drink.  As she did so, she saw her mother and Bobbi put their drinks down, and walk slowly into the house.  “Mum, are you all right,” she said as she followed them, Anne and Sue walking in behind her...


“Now what on earth do you think they’re up to,” Alice said to the three staked out young women as she watched them walk in, “and more to the point, where has Jannifer got to?”


“Smmnlsss, ltsssg,” Heidi said as she pulled on the rope holding her wrist to the peg, and then stopped as she felt the peg give a little.  She glanced over to the others and nodded as she slowly started to pull the peg out of the ground.  As she did so, Natalie called out “Haaals?  Ucnttklmmm.”


“Want a bet,” Alice said as she bent down and started to tickle Natalie’s feet, not noticing Heidi as she slowly freed her wrist...




In the front room, Andrea was staring forward while Sue fastened a pair of fur lined handcuffs around her wrists.  The pair was attached to a second pair, that were already secured around her ankles, so that when the last clasp was fastened she was very tightly hogcuffed on the floor.


“Your mother and her friend will wake up soon enough.” Sue said as Andrea looked over to Coral and Bobbi.  They were lying back to back on their sides, their eyes closed, with their ankles secured by a second set of four cuffs, and their wrists fastened to each other.  A wide leather belt was around their legs and waists, while a leather pad covered their eyes and mouths.


“What on earth are you trying to do, take over the house?”


“No, silly girl,” Anne said as she held a rubber bung attached to a leather pad in front of Andrea, “We’re going to take over the world.  The house is just the staging post.  Now open wide and say ah....”


Andrea allowed herself to be gagged, and then blindfolded, the straps of both pads going round her head, before Su said “Right - who’s next?”


“I think it’s time for a pair of lovers to come closer together - and their friend too,” Anne said quietly.  “Why don’t you go and tell them that Andrea needs their help with something - I’ll take care of the rest.”





“Hmmmgddddplssssdnt,” Natalie screamed out as Alice took great care to run her fingers over the most sensitive parts of her body, not realising what was happening until she felt a tap on her shoulder, and she heard Heidi say “Alice, I think you’ve had enough fun for now - it’s my turn now.”


“Oh sh....”  Alice had no further time to respond as Heidi started to tickle her bare ribs, making her collapse to her knees as Cindy collected some of the ropes and tied the ends to her ankles.  She then helped Heidi to lay her friend face down, and tied her spread-eagled to the ground.


“That,” Natalie said as Cindy finally removed the tape from her mouth, “was torture - but it was worth it.  Where’s Jannifer gone anyway?”


“No idea,” Heidi said as she tied the last rope off to the peg, “but right now, I think we can take care of her.  What about Joanne?”


Cindy looked round, but while she could see her mother and her aunt, there was no sign of her cousin - or of Alexa.


“I think they’ve probably gone somewhere quiet again,” she said with a smile, “Chloe’s disappeared as well.”





Sue stopped at the top of the stairs as she saw Chloe coming out of the room, and waited until the young French woman turned and saw her.


“Ah - hello Sue,” she said as she looked round, “I was just ensuring that Joanne and Alexa were able to enjoy some time together.”


“Let me guess,” sue said with a smile, “Really close friendship?”


“I cannot say anything more, save that they are happy,” Chloe said with a wink.  “Is there something I can do for you?”


“Actually, there is - Maria went up to the attic, and nobody has seen her since, I was going up to see if she was still there - want to come and keep me company?”


“I would be delighted,” Chloe said as they walked along the corridor, and then up the hidden staircase.  Sue opened the door, but as Chloe walked in and saw Maria lashed firmly to the chair, she sighed and said “Mon Dieu - I always have to walk into these situations?”


“It’s just a little game, for our entertainment,” Sue said as she held up a coil of rope, “and we want you to play along.  So please, cross your wrist behind your back and I shall help you to join in.”



“Well, I have done my fair share of the work,” Chloe said with a shrug as she moved her hands, and Sue passed the rope around her arms and body, “so I do deserve a rest.  Who else is going to be involved?”


“Everyone,” Sue said with a smile as she pulled the rope tight, “Everyone...”





“All right, all right, I’m crying UNCLEEEHHHHAAHHAAAAAAA!”


Margaret looked over and said “I think you can let her up now, girls,” as Alice thrashed round on the ground.  Cindy nodded and said “All right, let her up,” as the other two released her from the stakes.   The young girl slowly stood up, looked at the trio, and then said “I will have my revenge - but right after we all have a drink.  Come on.”


Anne came out and looked at the four girls as they ran barefoot across the grass, before saying to Veronica “Just how did you come to get the rights to selling this house anyway?”


“Hmmm - oh just my usual charm and salesmanship,” Veronica said with a smile.  “The previous owner was willing to accept a slightly lower sum in return for a guarantee of no chain, so everyone won in the end.”


“I agree,” Dorothy said with a smile, “It’s possible to be in one room, and nobody can hear you anywhere in the house.”


“How do you know that,” Heather said as she sat with the group.


“We know,” Amy said with a smile, looking at the rest of the older women before they all burst out laughing.  “What’s so funny,” Heidi said as she looked over.


“Nothing,” Veronica said as she looked at them, “Nothing at all.”


“Have you ever realised just how silly our parents can be,” Natalie said to the other girls, who just nodded sagely as they consumed their cold drinks.  Sarah and Brian were sitting with Jack, the two men eating as Sarah laughed at some of their jokes.


“That’s funny,” Katherine said as she looked round, “Where have the others gone to?”


“Hmmm - no idea,” Amy said, “they’ll be around here somewhere though - they would not go off without saying something.”


Heidi and Cindy looked at each other, before Cindy said “Jinkys, Heidi, I think we have a mystery on our hands!”


“Looks that way, Cindy,” Heidi said with a laugh, “You’d better call the boys and get the Mystery Machine warmed up.”  The others burst out laughing as Heather and Katherine pushed their chairs back and stood up.


“You girls just go and have a swim,” Katherine said with a smile, “Heather and I need to have a chat inside.”


The two sisters walked in, Anne watching and then following a short time afterwards as the four girls dive bombed into the pool.


“So what are we going to talk about,” Heather said as they stood in the kitchen.


“Nothing as such,” Katherine said as she looked outside, “but they are right about one thing - half the party have disappeared.  I think it’s time we played Nancy Drew.”


“You’re showing your age, sis,” Heather said with a smile, then she took Katherine by the arm and said “Come on then, let’s put our sleuthing hats on.” 


“Oh I don’t think so - you two are going to come with me.”  The two women turned to see Anne standing there, a smile on her face and a toy pistol in her hand.  They looked at her, then at each other, before slowly raising their hands.


“See what a fine mess you’ve got me into again,” Heather said as Anne made them walk into the large front room, and then sit on the floor back to back.  Taking Heather’s arms, she guided them behind her and round Katherine’s waist, and then secured them together with a pair of handcuffs. As she cuffed Katherine’s wrists in front of Heather, Nat’s mother said “I think we got each other into this, kemo sabay.”


“Call it a draw,” Anne said as she started to wind a long length of rope around their chests, “and don’t worry - you won’t be the last...."






Chloe nodded, her lips closing over her own scarf as it was pulled further into her mouth by Sue.  She had been tied in the Chinese style, with a karada of rope around her arms and body, and her legs bound at the ankles and knees with a single length of rope.  Maria looked down, nodding as she shifted slightly in her chair.


“Now,” Sue said as she stood up, “for Anne’s new friend...”


As Sue headed to the door, Chloe tried to talk to her, but the woollen scarf was too effective, so she sat back, looking at Maria as the Hispanic woman wondered why she was laughing.




“There we go - that should keep you nice and comfortable.”


“Lkwhhfachs,” Katherine mumbled through the rubber bung that was depressing her tongue, and the leather pad that covered her mouth.  Heather nodded, unable to speak as a similar gag silenced her, and then she looked down at her ankles, which were held apart by a spreader bar which was attached to her legs with leather cuffs.


A chain ran down from her wrists to the centre of the bar, while her arms were held tightly to her sides by leather belts which Anne had fastened around the upper bodies of both women, the buckles nestled at the side.  They tried to speak, but as Anne produced two small egg shaped vibrators, and slipped one each into their costumes against their crotches, their comments soon turned to soft moans.


“Now,” she said as she looked at them, “let’s see if I can make Jack a happy man.”   She left Katherine and Heather to struggle against what they were feeling, closing the door on them as she walked to the kitchen.


As she stepped out into the garden, she passed Sarah who was heading in.  “Enjoying yourself,” she said quietly, smiling as Sarah nodded and headed for the bathroom.  As she did so, Sue looked down from the balcony, a smile playing on her lips as she planned her next move.




As Sarah stepped out of the bathroom, she looked slowly round the hallway.  It was quiet, but her instincts were telling her that something was not quite right.  She could not quite put her finger on what it was, but as she looked to the doorway that led to the cellar, she knew someone was watching her.


Smiling, she pretended not to notice the crack in the doorway as she walked past, wondering who was going to try and surprise her.  As she approached the doorway to the kitchen, she began to think she really had imagined it - until a gloved hand clamped over her hand, and she heard Sue say “Now, Mrs Carter, time for you to join the other captives.”


Sarah struggled a little as Sue pulled her backwards towards the cellar.  She was not afraid, and she glanced down at her watch as it remained green on the face - she knew this was some sort of game that Sue, and very possibly Anne, were playing with everyone.  On the other hand, she knew that Sue may have to be taught a lesson.


“Now then,” Sue said as she turned Sarah round, making her walk down the stairs on front of her, “You seemed able to hold your own with Katherine, but I am another league.”


“I’ll do whatever you ask me to do,” Sarah said in a small, quiet voice, turning as they reached the foot of the stairs to look at Sue.  The light from the bulb hanging from the ceiling showed the dark stonework, which had wooden bars running at foot and head level along all sides.  There was also an old iron bedstead leaning against the far wall.


“You’re just the latest of our captives,” Sue said with a smile, “but I think I need to take very special care of you.”  Walking behind Sarah, Sue picked up a pair of leather cuffs, linked by a small length of chain, and secured her wrists together behind her back.


Sarah pulled slightly on the chain, and allowed herself a small smile before she looked at Sue.  “Look,” she said in her quiet voice, “I promise you don’t have to tie me up - just lock me in here and I can play along.  I really don’t want you to do this.”


“Oh no Sarah - you get to be part of the games as well,” Sue said as she looked at her, a strange expression passing over her face for a moment.  “After all, all the others have enjoyed - playing with me.”


Sarah watched as Sue picked up a leather belt and wrapped it round her waist, pulling her arms tightly against her back as she buckled it on her stomach, forcing her to let out a small gasp of surprise.  “Oh you like this, do you,” Sue said with a smile, and Sarah gave a little smile in return.


“Please,” she said as she looked into Sue’s eyes, “Don’t do this to me.  I panic when someone I don’t know does this to me.”


“But you like it, don’t you,” Sue said, standing in front of Sarah as she looked into her eyes.  There was something about the way Sarah was looking at her...  Shaking her head, Sue walked Sarah over to a seat that was placed against the wall, and sat her down, before going to fetch a second pair of the leather cuffs.


“Please,” Sarah panted as Sue came back, “Don’t do this to me.  I really don’t think I can cope with this.”  She looked at her captor, eyes wide as her lips parted slightly, and she started to glow with sweat.


“Don’t be...  Don’t be silly,” Sue said as she knelt down and cuffed Sarah’s ankles, “It’s only for a little while, and I’m not going to hurt you.  I’m not...”  Sue stopped and looked into Sarah’s eyes, a strange feeling passing over her as Sarah smiled back.


“I think we need to keep you quiet,” Sue said as she shook her head, and strapped Sarah’s legs together with another belt.  She stood up and went to fetch a ball gag, but as she turned round she saw the way Sarah’s chest was heaving as she breathed in and out, her chest moving up and down under the swimsuit as it stretched over her forced out chest.


“Oh my,” Sue said as she knelt in front of Sarah, her hand stroking up the inside of her thigh, “You really do like this, don’t you?  I can tell by the way your cheeks are flushing, by the sigh as you squirm round, by...”


“Yes,” Sarah breathed as she looked at Sue.  “What were you going to say?”


“I never noticed until now,” Sue said as she looked into Sarah’s eyes, “just how kissable those lips are.  I wonder - would you mind if...”




Sue held the red ball gag loosely in her hand as she placed her lips close to Sarah’s mouth.  They were so inviting, calling to her as she found herself unable to resist brushing them over Sarah’s mouth.  She did not notice the sound of her breaking both the belt and the chain holding her wrists cuffs together as she out her arms round her captor, and said “It does feel good, doesn’t it?”


“Yes, yes it...”


Sue’s eyes suddenly opened wide, then closed as she slipped to the floor, Sarah helping her down before she put her hands on the belt around her legs and tore it free, then unfastened the cuffs on her ankles.  “I knew that nerve pinch would come in handy some day,” she whispered as she looked at her watch, noting the very light red tinge around the edges.


She put her hand into the pocket of her shorts, finding a small aerosol spray and using it to put some of the liquid on her and Sue, before standing up and looking at the iron bedstead, a small smile appearing on her mouth.






“Hey,” Brian said as he walked round from the barbecue, “Has anyone seen my gorgeous wife?”


“I think she went into the toilet,” Veronica said as she picked up her drink, “although I do have to admit it has been a little while.  Do you think she’s all right?”


“I’m sure she’s fine,” Brian said as he looked at Anne, who was talking to Alice and Margaret.  “Excuse me a moment.”  Walking over, she heard Margaret say “... as a surprise for Jack, I love the - oh hey Brian, what’s up?”


“Nothing, Margaret - I just wondered if I could borrow Anne for a few minutes?”


“OF course - fifteen minutes in the library?”


Anne nodded to the two of them as she left with Brian, saying “What’s up?”


“It’s Sarah - I may be being overprotective, but I haven’t seen her for a while, and I have noticed the crowd getting thinner.  Is there some sort of game going on?”


“You could say that, but I could not possibly comment,” Anne said with a smile.  “But I see what you mean - no Dales, no older Jenkins women, no Chloe, no...”  As she spoke, Brian saw her suddenly stop and stare for a moment.


“Anne?  What is it?”


“Brian - you did satisfy Sarah today, right?”


“Totally - in fact we’ve been practicing...”  Brian then looked at Anne, before saying “Where’s your sister, Anne?”


“The last I saw, she was...  Oh crap,” Anne said as she ran to the house, Brian following after her.


“Hey, what’s up,” Amy said as they ran past, but Anne did not stop to reply, instead quickly checking every room.  As she came out of the room the Dales were in, the door to the cellar opened as both she and Brian looked at it.


“Hey,” Sarah said as she stepped out of the door, brushing her hair away from her face as she did so, “What’s up?”


“Oh thank god,” Anne said as she put her hand to her chest, “For a moment, I thought Sue had...”


“Sue did,” Sarah said with a smile, “and she doesn’t know about me, does she?”


Brian looked at Anne as she shook her head, before saying “Where is she?”


“Downstairs,” Sarah said as she opened the door, “Want to have a look?”  She descended to the cellar, the other two following, and switched on the light.


Sue was fastened to the bedspread, her arms spread wide above her head and fastened to the top of the frame with cuffs, and her legs spread as her ankles were fastened in the same way.  Leather belts were around her thighs, waist and arms, holding her even more firmly in place, while the red ball gag was sitting inside her mouth, the straps fastened around her head.  Her eyes were closed, her head hanging to one side, but there was a bussing sound, and Anne could see the bulge against her crotch.


“Oh dear,” Anne said as she looked at her sister, “Did she...”


“A little,” Sarah said, “but Brian satisfied me, and after the incident at the British house we’ve been practising ways to use my Widow powers when mildly aroused.  That, along with some martial arts training from Brian, meant I could overpower my would-be captor.  Do you think she’ll be mad at me?”


“Sue?  She’ll be wondering how you did it,” Anne said with a laugh, “but I’ll sort her out later once she wakes up.  Right now, how are you?”


Sarah showed Anne the green face of her watch.  “I used a little emergency antidote to counteract the effects - when she wakes up, hopefully she’ll think I hypnotised her.”


“As good an explanation as any,” Anne said with a smile, “but it means I have to act alone for the game preparation.”


“not necessarily,” Sarah said with a smile, “Maybe I can help out.  What’s left to be done?”


“Just one couple...”






“What did Anne want us to come in for, anyway,” Alice said as Margaret put her hand on the door knob.


“She said she had something she wanted us to do for Amy and Dorothy,” Margaret said as she opened the door and stepped in, Alice following - only to be stopped as she saw Katherine and Heather on the floor, struggling in their bindings.


“Oh boy, here we gommmm” she heard Alice say, and as she turned round she saw Sarah hand gagging her daughter, holding her around the waist as Anne walked in.


“Surprise,” Anne said quietly, “This is a kidnapping.  Do as we say, and your daughter doesn’t get hurt...”


“It’s all right,” Margaret said as she raised her hands, “We’ll both do as you say, won’t we Alice?”


Alice nodded under Anne’s hand, realising what may have happened to the others at the same time.  “Good,” Anne said as she took her hand away, “I want you to kneel on the floor facing each other, and put your hands behind your back.”


As they did so, Margaret said “I want to hug my daughter - it will help her to keep calm. Will you allow me to do that?”


“Really,” Alice said as her mu wrapped her arms round her, and she did the same to Margaret.


“Really,” Margaret said with a wink, “and it might make it more difficult for us to free each other.”


“More difficult?  Mum, what’s happened to you,” Alice said as she felt her wrist being tied together by Sarah, while Anne crossed and tied tightly together Margaret’s wrists behind her daughter’s back.


“Oh come on, miss skinny dipper - I’m rediscovering my sense of - what the...”  Margaret suddenly found her eyes covered by a sleep mask, as she felt her ankles been tied together, and then pulled up slightly as they were secured to something.


“Blindfolds, already - I guess they have something really devious planned for us,” Alice said as she too felt her ankles secured, and then placed her head against her mother’s chest as the two women tied their legs, and then their upper bodies together.


“I think they look really cute,” Anne said as Margaret tried to move her wrists, only to stop when Alice said “Hey - who’s lifting my feet?”


“I was - they must have tied our wrists to each other’s ankles,” Margaret said as Alice nuzzled against her.  “So what now - do we getmmmggmgyswd.”


Margaret’s question was answered as Sarah pushed a knotted scarf into her mouth, and from the muffled sounds at her chest she realised Alice was being gagged in the same way.  “There now,” Anne said as she looked round the room, “I think it’s time we looked in on the others.  Can you go and make sure the residents are still there?”


“Leave it to me,” Sarah said as they left the room, and she walked to the rear garden, climbing the stairs as she smiled to herself at the thought of Sue in the cellar.



“Hey,” Brian said as Sue came back out, “Everything all right in there?”


“Yeah, everything’s good,” she said as she took her place at the table.  Heidi and Cindy were sitting there, t-shirts now covering their upper bodies as Natalie came over and sat with them.  “Where has everyone else gone,” she said as she looked round.”


“I’m not exactly sure,” Veronica said as she put her glass down on the table.  “Have you two cooked up something?”


“Hey, don’t look at us,” Heidi said as she looked at her aunt, “Whatever’s going on has nothing to do with me.  You know anything about this, Nats?”


“Nope,” Natalie said as she stretched her legs out, “but I suppose we could go and see what’s keeping them - everyone expect Joanne and Alexa?”


“Why not - oh,” Dorothy said as she nodded.  “All right - let’s search the house.  You take downstairs - we’ll take upstairs.  Do you three want to join in?”


“Oh no,” Brian said as he sat with Jack, and handed Sarah a drink.  “You go off and have fun - we’ll clear up out here.”


As the others went into the house, Anne was checking the rooms.  Turning the handle of the door she had left Blossom and the girls in, she looked in, seeing Britney and Margo still sitting on the floor - only their gags were hanging down on their tops.


“What the...” was all Anne said before she was pulled in, the door closing behind her...


“So,” Jack said as he looked at the young couple, “Why do I get the feeling you know what’s going on in there?”


“Not me,” Brian said as he drank from the lager bottle, “Sarah?”


“Don’t worry,” Sarah said with a smile, “your wife and daughter are having some close family time, and the others - well, I’m sure they’re just playing a game.  Don’t worry - I’m sure they’ll be fine.”


“And the redoubtable Sue Duncombe - where is she?”


Sarah looked at Jack, smiling as she said “I think Sue has met her match.”


Jack raised an eyebrow as Brian smiled, and said “Oh - I want to see this one.”


“Why not - come with me,” Sarah said as she stood up, the two men following her.





“Well,” Dorothy said as she closed the bedroom door, “I don’t think we need to worry about Joanne and Alexa?”


“You surprise me,” Amy said with a smile as she looked at Dorothy.  “See anything interesting?”


“Enough to know that young Ms Badelaine has some real skills,” Dorothy said with a smile.  “What about you?”


“Nothing yet - what about you Veronica?”


They turned to see Veronica coming down from the attic.  “I’ve found Maria and Chloe,” she said with a smile, “they’re fine, and asked not to be disturbed.  Apparently Anne and Sue did it - a little present for us.”


“Fair enough,” Amy said as she put her hand on another bedroom door, “I wonder  what’s - oh well now, you two need to see this!”


She opened the door to allow Dorothy and Veronica to look in, the two of them laughing as they saw Anne staring at them from the bed.  She was tied spread-eagled to the bed, her arms and leg stretched out side, and a length of rope was tied between her legs, moving with her as wriggled round.  Her cheeks were bulging, and a black scarf was pulled tightly between her lips.


“Oh my,” Veronica finally said, “who did this to you?”


“Judging from these,” Dorothy said as she looked at the piles of rope and scarves on the floor, damp spots visible in the centre of them, “I can guess who was in here - Blossom and the girls.”


“Very likely - but if that’s the case, where are they now?”





“Oh look - four victims, all waiting for our special attention.”


Natalie had the biggest grin possible on her face as she saw the four bound and gagged women in the room.  Alice turned her head at the sound of her face, and said “hgdddd,” anticipating what might be about to happen.


“Well, that explains four of them,” Heidi said as she and Cindy walked over to Alice and Margaret.  “Now what do you think we’re going to do with them?”


“Well, I don’t know about you,” Natalie said as she walked to where Katherine and Heather were struggling, “but these two are mine!”


“hhhnnnnnaAHAHNNNNNNNNNNN” was the combined response as Natalie started to tickle their feet, while Heidi and Dorothy took the opportunity to do the same to the sides of Margaret and Alice, neither of them able to make a move in defence of themselves in case they toppled the other over.


“Payback is a bummer, isn’t it,” Heidi said with a big smile as she tickled Alice, while Cindy stood up.


“Back in a moment,” she said as she headed for the toilet, emerging a few minutes later with a smile on her face.


“Now, wherWereemmmmmg,” she said to herself as she was pulled backwards back into the toilet...





“NCLLLLL” Alice finally called out as the sleep mask fell from her head, and she looked at Heidi.


“Well, if you insist,” she said as she stood up, “what about you Nats?”


“Oh I think they can withstand some more - HEY!” Natalie called out, as a sponge ball hit her in the back.  She and Heidi turned suddenly to hear laughter, and the sound of running feet...


Heidi looked at Nats, mad sprinted after her as they ran after the laughter.  “Was that who I think it was,” she said as they ran into the garden,


“Yup,” Natalie said as they watched Britney and Margo jump into the swimming pool, laughing as they lay on their backs and looked back at the older girls.  “We’ve had enough of been tied up,” Britney said as she waved at them, “so we’re going to have a swim before we need to go home.”


“Where on earth were you,” Natalie said as she walked over and sat at the edge of the pool, dangling her feet in the cool water.


“Upstairs - Jannie managed to free Mum, then they captured Anne and made her as comfy as we had been before they freed us.”


As Heidi sat with them, Dorothy walked down the stairs.  She stopped in the hallway for a moment, looking round and smiling, before she made her way to the toilet.  She had left Amy with Anne and the others, having needed the call of nature.


As she walked in, she saw the shower curtain pulled round.  Thinking nothing of it, she sat and thought for a moment, before cleaning herself up.  It was as she flushed the cistern that she heard the shower curtain move, and turned to see Jannifer and Blossom standing there.


“Ah,” she said quietly as she saw who was sitting in the shower well behind them, “I suppose you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I had no idea what was going on here?”


“Not at all, I would believe you,” Blossom said with a smile, “but you are one of our hostesses, and I think we should thank you.”  She held up a pair of leather cuffs and smiled, as Jannifer took her hand....





“Well, she really is nice and secure.”


“Hgrt,” Sue said as she looked at Jack, Sarah and Brian, “hwddthshpn.”


“Ask your sister about it sometime,” Sarah said with a smile.  “I’ll tell her you’re down here - eventually.  Right now, I have a feeling Jack here is enjoying what he can see.”


“Well, after the entertaining day I spent in her company,” Jack said with a smile, “I could think of so many things I could say or do, but mostly - mostly I have this funny feeling you would enjoy every second of it.”


Sue nodded, grinning around the ball gag as a dribble of saliva fell on the floor.


“I think the best thing you can do for her,” Sarah said with a smile, “is to leave her.  Why don’t you go upstairs - I’ll join you shortly?”


Brian and Jack nodded and left Sarah alone with Sue.  The blonde haired woman stood for a moment, looking at Sue, then said “I think you want something to distract you until I remember to tell Anne you are down here.  Am I right?”


Sue nodded, then her eyes widened as Sarah picked up a small vibrator, then slid it into her panties.  “Enjoy,” Sarah said as the vibrations started their work on Sue, making her moan as Sarah climbed the stairs and closed the door.


“Oh hey,” she said to Jannifer and Blossom as she closed the door to the cellar behind her.  “Where have you been hiding?”


“We were - tied up in some work,” Blossom said with a smile.  “Also, we had the rest of the family to deal with.  Where is everyone?”


“Here, there and everywhere,” Sarah said as they walked back into the garden.  


“So I see,” Jannifer said as she saw Heidi and Natalie playing at the side of the pool with the twins.  “I also see it’s getting late - do you know where some of the others are?”


“Well,” Heidi and Natalie said as they looked at each other, “We know where Alice, her mother and Natalie’s mum and aunt are.  What about the others?”


“We can help with that,” Amy said as she, Veronica and Anne came out into the garden.  Anne looked at Jannifer and Blossom, smiling at them in admiration for a moment.



“Well,” Veronica said as she looked at her watch, then at the sky as the sun was slowly starting to turn red, “I think we need to start wrapping things up.  Why don’t we head upstairs and take care of those in the bedrooms, and you youngsters take care of the others?”


“Sure,” Natalie said as she stood up.  “Have you seen where Cindy has gone?”


“I haven’t seen her,” Anne said as she looked at Sarah.  “I guess you guys need to be heading back as well - it’s a bit of a drive.”


“Actually,” Brian said with a smile, “We’re going to stop in town tonight.  Neither of us fancies the drive back, and I’ve booked us into a motel.  Having said which, if you don’t mind, we will head off, with thanks for today.”


“It’s our pleasure,” Amy said as she held her hands out.  “I hope we get the chance to see you again someday.”


“Something tells me that might happen,” Sarah said with a smile as she hugged Amy.  “Please, give my regards to the others.”


“If we ever find them,” Heidi said as she walked into the house, Jannifer and Natalie walking in with her.  “We’ll take care of the others, “Nats said as she guided Jannifer to where her mother and the others were, “You see if you can find Cindy.”


“Yeah, yeah, it’s not like she’s hanging round anywhere,” Heidi said with a life as she walked into the bathroom, and then stood stock still.


“Rrrrrheee,” Cindy said through the bandana tied into her mouth as she saw Heidi, Dorothy nodding in agreement from the shower.  Their hands were cuffed together and over the shower head, and their ankles were secured with leather cuffs.


“Me and my big...” Heidi said as a hand was placed over her own mouth, and she heard Jannifer say “Surprise - your turn now.”


“Ah,” Amy said as Jannifer escorted Heidi out of the bathroom, “I see they got you as well.”


Her mother already had her wrists bound tightly behind her back with rope, and Heidi could see Margaret binding her arms tightly to her side with rope.  “It would appear there are wheels within wheels,” Amy said as she watched Jannifer begin to bind Heidi’s wrists.


“Actually, it was Anne’s idea,” Margaret said as she pulled the ropes tightly round Amy’s arms.  “She had planned to capture you four as the last, but we scuppered that plan, so in return for our co-operation she allowed us to bind her.”


“So that’s how you managed to overpower Anne Duncombe,” Amy said with a laugh as Jannifer bound Amy’s arms to her side. 


“Guilty as charged,” Anne said with a smile as she stood against the wall, her arms folded in front of her.  Heidi looked up the stairs and saw Maria and Chloe walk down, smiling as they saw the two captives.


“So what do you have planned for us, you fiend,” Amy said with a smile as one by one the others came into the hall and stood watching.


“A nice comfortable night,” Margaret said with a smile, “but first you really should say goodbye to your guests.”


“And what about Dorothy?”


“Oh you can say goodbye on her behalf as well,” Veronica said as she clapped her hand on her sister’s shoulder.  “Now, smile sweetly, and say goodbye to everyone.”


Amy looked at Heidi, then shrugged her shoulders and said “What choice do we have - but how are they getting home?  It was you, Sue and Sarah who brought them here, and I don’t see Sue.”


“Sarah’s gone as well,” Anne said with a smile, “but I’ve hired a minivan to take the others home.  It should be here in a few minutes.”


“Thanks,” Heather said as she came and hugged the bound mother and daughter, “for everything.”


One by one Amy and Heidi talked with the others, before they walked out and got into the van.   They stood in the doorway, joined now by Cindy and Dorothy as the van drove off, leaving them with Maria, Veronica and Anne as Alice and her family drove away.


“I need to go and take care of Sue,” Anne said with a smile, “Are you happy to take care of these four?”


“Oh yes,” Veronica said with a smile.  Maria, would you be so good as to help Heidi and Cindy to their rooms, and make them comfortable?  I’ll look after Amy and Dorothy.”


“Of course,” Maria said as she took the two girls by the arm and walked them upstairs.  “And what exactly do you have planned for us,” Cindy said as she stopped outside her door and Maria removed the soaking cloth from her mouth.


“It has been a long day - you aunt thinks you should have an undisturbed night’s sleep.”  Maria removed the cuffs from Cindy’s wrists, and then opened the door.  “Please, enter, change - Amy and I will be back shortly.”


Cindy nodded and went into her room, changing into a dusty blue vest top and shorts before Maria returned with Amy.  Amy had now changed into a long t-shirt with “I’m with stupid” and an arrow pointing to the left on the front.  Her wrists were crossed and tied together in front of her, and a strip of white medical tape covered her mouth.  Cindy could tell from the way her cheeks bulged something was sitting underneath.


“Amy gagged herself,” Maria said as she handed Cindy half a bath sponge, “and so shall you.”





“It has been an incredibly long day,” Amy said as she slumped on the couch, having changed into a long white nightgown, the thin straps over her shoulders holding it up.


“Oh yes, but worth it for the looks on their faces,” Dorothy said as she handed Amy a drink.  She was now in a pair of gold silk pyjamas, while Veronica looked on at both of them.  “Do you think they will ever forget?”


“I doubt it,” Veronica said as Sue and Anne came in.  “We’ll be on our way,” Anne said with a smile, “Enjoy your vacation.”


“Thanks,” Amy said as she stood up and hugged them.  “We’ll give your love to Lucinda and the others.”


“Tell her I’ll talk to her soon,” Anne said as she and Sue left.


“So,” Dorothy said as she sat next to Anne, stroking her hand down her cheek and chest, “What shall we do now?”


“Hmmm - later,” Amy said quietly.  “Once the girls are asleep...”




“Good night ladies,” Maria said with a smile as she looked at Heidi and Cindy.  Both girls were lying on Cindy’s bed, their wrists bound and secured above their heads to the headboard, and their ankles tied together with the ropes going to the foot of the bed.  They both had sleep masks over their eyes, and tape over their stuffed mouths, the effect completed by the earplugs they had in their ears.


“I think they’ll sleep now,” Maria said as she walked down the stairs to join Veronica.


“Good - come on,” she said as she handed her maid her coat, “We’ll leave them to it.”  She turned as Amy and Dorothy came out.  “Good night, you two,” she said, as they nodded and walked hand in hand up the stairs.







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