Heidi’s Mystery Week – Part 1









Saturday, one week before


Heather was standing at her sink, finishing off the lunch dishes when she heard the car draw up outside.


“They’re here,” she called out as Amy and Heidi came into the kitchen.  They pulled their shoes on and went outside, walking round to where Anne was getting out of the SUV.  She opened the side door, and helped Kayla to take out the two carry seats before Sarah and Brian got out, stretching as they did so.


“Welcome home,” Amy said as she hugged both of them, “and this must be Bart and little Sarah.”


“It is indeed,” Sarah said with a smile, “and it is so good to be back.  I love England, but Maine – it just is home to me now.”


“Well,” Heather said as she came out, wiping her hands, “your car is in top condition, and waiting for you to drive up to your place – right after you have something to drink.”


“How was the trip,” Anne said as she carried Bart, Kayla bringing Sarah.


“Interesting – the others send their regards, and hope you’re well.”


“All the better for seeing you,” Kayla said as they kissed each other, and came into the farmhouse.


“So what are your plans now,” Heather said as Brian and Sarah sat at the table.


“Head home and rest up for a week,” Sarah said honestly.  “I need some down time just with Brian and the babies.”


“Well don’t worry – we’ll arrange that for you,” Amy said with a smile.  “Heidi, can you go and fetch the present from the bedroom please?”


As Heidi left, Amy whispered “I hope the box arrived in time, Sarah.”


“Just – thanks,” Sarah said with a smile as he looked at the blankets her two children were wrapped in.


“Good,” Heather said as she sat down with Anne.  “Next week, we’re taking the mums and kids away for a week’s holiday, so you’re going to get at least two weeks peace.”


“Anywhere exciting?”


“It’s a secret,” Anne said quietly, “Veronica sorted it out – all I know is I have to pick Fi up and bring her alongside Alexa and Chloe.”


“Fi?  Who’s Fi?”


“Oh that’s right – you haven’t met her yet.  Fi is a member of the gymnastics team – she…  Ah thank you, Heidi.”


“What were you talking about,” Heidi said as she handed Sarah the parcel.


“Oh you’ll find out…”



Thursday, two days before


Blossom Dale and Margaret Hopkins smiled as Veronica showed them into her front room.  As they looked round the room, they saw Heather and Katherine sitting with Roberta and Elena.  Amy and Dorothy were sitting with Suzanne, Coral and Bobbi Hopwood, while Anne, Sue and Kayla were pouring themselves a drink.

“Well, everyone’s here,” Veronica said quietly, “so let’s get down to business – holiday business.  Not one word of this gets out to any of the girls, agreed?”


“Agreed,” they all said.


“This year, I’ve rented a group of four log cabins in a private clearing up in the woods.  I’ll give you all the satnav reference later, but basically it means there is one cabin for the girls – Heidi, Cindy, Jannifer, Britney and Margo, along with Amy and Dorothy as house mothers.


“The second cabin is the Jenkins residence – Natalie, Katherine, Heather, Roberta, and me.  We’ll also have Fi and Alice.


“In the third cabin will be Suzanne, Joanne, Alexa, Coral, Bobbi and Andrea.  Elena will join that group.


“This leaves the fourth cabin – Anne, Sue, Margaret, Blossom, Kayla, and Chloe.”


“Sounds most intriguing,” Coral said, “but I presume the split is for sleeping purposes only?”


“And breakfast some of the days – otherwise we all get together and eat in each other’s cabins between the activities.  Such activities to be – classified.”


“Except for Saturday, that is,” Anne said with a smile.  “We leave it to each family to decide how they are going to get the girls there, but it has to be a surprise.”


“And what exactly are the men folk going to be up to during this time,” Margaret said.


“Funny you should say that,” Anne said with a smile.  “James, Jack, Kurt and the other boyfriends are renting a cabin not too far away, essentially for a week’s hunting and fishing.  We’re planning one night when they come over – but again, keep that a secret from the girls.”


“We aim to all be there by four on Saturday – I’m heading up early with the supplies, accompanied by Heather.  So don’t be late…”




Saturday, outside the school.


Anne watched from behind the wheel of her car as the large Mustang drove up.  She watched, smiling as the young red haired girl got out of the car. Opening the door, she walked over, saying “Mrs Hanson?  I’m Anne Duncombe – thanks for allowing Fi to spend the week with her friends.”


“No, thank you Anne,” Mrs Hanson said as she shook her hand.  The tall redhead was wearing a turquoise halter top and shorts, while Fi wore a short sleeved polo shirt, jeans and sneakers.  “Her grandparents cannot take her for another week, and I do hate her being around the house on her own.”


Fi rolled her eyes at that, before saying “I’ve got my phone Mum – so you can contact me if you need to tell me anything.”


“Okay Fi,” her mother said as she took her bag from the trunk of the Mustang, “See you next Saturday.”  She waved and jumped back into the car, setting off at speed.


“Thank goodness – she can be so annoying at times.  So where are we going?”


“It’s a surprise,” she said as she walked Fi over to her car, putting the bag in the trunk alongside the others.  “Jump in the front seat – I’ll be with you in a moment.”


“Sure, Miss Duncombe,” Fi said as she got in, and then looked over her shoulders.  Two older girls were in the back.  One Fi recognised, wearing a red v-necked sweater with a woollen scarf tucked in the front, blue denim shorts, black leggings and red and white striped socks peeking over the top of her Dr Marten boots.  The other girl had shorter dark hair than the first one, and was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and black jeans.


That wasn’t the most striking thing, however.  What was were the bands of rope around their bodies, above and below their chests, and the fact their wrists were tied together on their laps.  Bands of white tape also covered their mouths and eyes as they moved their head in response to her gasp.


“Oh sorry, forgot to mention them,” Anne said as she sat in the passenger seat, and started to tie Fi’s wrists together with cord, then secured them to the passenger door.  “You probably recognise Chloe, and this is her friend Alexa.  Chloe, Alexa, Fi has joined us.”


The two girls nodded as Anne picked up a roll of white tape and a folded cloth.  “Open wide, Fi – you need to be blindfolded and gagged for the journey.”


“Wow – a real mystery tour,” Fi said, before she allowed Sue to put the cloth in, and then tape over her mouth and closed eyes.  Starting the car, Anne said “Right – let’s go on holiday,” and she moved off…


Saturday, the Dale household


“Britney, Margo – have you both been to the toilet?”


“Yes, Mum,” the twins chorused downstairs as Jannifer came back into the house.


“We need to get going,” Blossom said as she looked at her watch, “your dad already left with Jack Hawkins.”


“Relax, Mom,” Jannifer said, “we’ll get there in time for dinner – wherever there is.”


“Oh yeah – do  me a favour, Jannifer, put your iPod and earpieces in place now.”


“Well, okay mom,” she said as she turned and picked it up, putting the earpods in, “but why…”


Ten minutes later, Jannifer came back into the house as the twins came down the stairs, dressed in matching denim jackets and jeans.


all done?  Good – now, I want you to put your iPods on and start listening to music.”


“Why, Mom?”


“It’s a surprise – Jannifer has already started, so why don’t you?”


The twins looked at each other, and then plugged their earpods in – just as Blossom tore the end of the roll of micropore tape free, and wound it round their heads, blindfolding them and taping over their ears as well.


“Hey – not Farrmmmmmm” Britney said as Blossom then wrapped the tape round her head and over her mouth, before repeating the process on Margo. 


let’s go outside now,” she said as she took them by the arm and led them to the car, sitting them on the back seat and using zip ties to secure their wrists behind their backs before strapping them in.  Returning to lock the house up, she came back and started to drive off, saying “Now I can enjoy my own music,” as she put on a Celine Dion CD.  Jannifer could only look ahead with her blindfolded and gagged face, as the twins started to hum along to their music in the back.


Saturday – Aunt Heather’s Farm


“They’re here,” Heather said as she saw Katherine pull up outside.


“Thanks for inviting me along,” Elena said as she picked up her bag, “I could do with a nice quiet break?”


“Quiet break?  With this lot?  Good luck with that,” Roberta said with a smile.  She was wearing a pair of Khaki shorts and a tartan shirt over a grey t-shirt, as well as hiking boots.


By contrast, Elena wore a grey tack suit, while Heather was in her usual long flowing skirt and sleeveless blouse.


“Let me get those,” Katherine said as she opened the trunk and put the bags in.


“Where’s Nats,” Roberta said as she looked in the car.


“Her choice – let me show you,” Katherine said as she closed the trunk, and then folded the rear seat forward.  There was a gap about a foot side there, and all three could see Natalie lying there, in a white jumper and long skirt, her bare ankles tied together with rope – as was the rest of her body at the legs, waist and arms.


Walking round the other side, Elena could see the black sleep mask over her eyes, and the black tape over her mouth.




Natalie nodded as she heard her aunt, the three women getting in with Katherine.


“All locked up?”


“I am – let’s hit the road.”



Saturday – the Strong/Elsworth home.


Jack Hawkins pulled up outside the front door, and got out, opening the trunk of the car and removing two cases as Dorothy came out.  She wore a brown jacket and pants over a darker brown jumper.


“Morning Jack, Margaret,” she said as she took the bags, “we’re going to head off in a minute – Alice ready?”


“I’ll bring her over in a moment,” Jack said as he watched Amy come out.  “Veronica already gone?”


“She has – the girls are in the car, so you may as well bring Alice over now.”


“As you wish,” Margaret said as she opened the door, and Jack lifted his daughter out from the back of the car.  Alice’s head was covered in a large headscarf, wrapped round and tied around her neck, and from the muffled noises as Jack carried her to the car it was obvious she was further gagged underneath.


Her wrists were tied together behind her back, and her ankles and knees secured, as Jack sat her next to Heidi and Cindy.  All three girls were in t-shirts and shorts, and all three had their heads covered in the same way.


“Right,” Jack said as he hugged Margaret, “See you during the week.  Have fun?”


“We will,” Margaret said as Jack walked to the car and drove off.  “Right – let’s get going!”




Saturday – the holiday base


Veronica stepped out of one of the four cabins, arranged in a semi-circle, and took a moment to breathe the fresh country air.  It had rained an hour or so earlier, and the fresh pine scent of the surrounding forest was intoxicating.


“Quiet peaceful – makes a nice change,” Sue said as she came out, holding a mug of coffee.


“It is – supplies stored away?”


“All of them,” Sue said with a smile.  “Now all we need are some happy campers.”


“And the first lot is about to arrive,” Veronica said with a smile as two cars pulled up in front of the cabin.  “Glad to see you made it Suzanne,” she said as the driver got out of the first car.


“Nice place,” Suzanne said as Coral Blackwood and Bobbi Hopwood got out of the second car.  “Can we let them see where they are now?”


“Sure,” Sue said as Suzanne helped her daughter Joanne from the car.  She had her wrists cuffed behind her back, and a large black leather panel covering her mouth.


“Her idea, not mine,” Suzanne said as Sue looked at her, her eyebrows raised quizzically.


“At least she’s dressed,” Coral said as the others saw a pair of tightly tied legs been lifted out from the rear of the car – said legs enclosed in what looked like the bottom half of a white sleepsuit, the feet in attached moccasins.


As she helped Andrea out, it turned that was exactly what her daughter was wearing – a white sleepsuit, the fingerless mittens covering her hands behind her back as she looked round, unable to see through the black sleep mask.  Her legs and arms were tightly bound with bands of rope, while a strip of white tape covered her mouth.


“Oh boy – this is going to be a fun week,” Veronica said as she helped Coral to bring Andrea into the cabin, Suzanne following with Joanne, while Sue started to bring the bags in.  As she brought the last one in, another car drew up, and she waved to the driver.


“Nice,” Heather said as she got out, “very like the farmhouse, but even more remote.”


As she spoke, Roberta and Elena got out, and helped Natalie out from the back.  As her bare feet touched the grass, she nodded and started to hop as her grandmother helped her along.


“I thought you were bringing Kayla as well,” Katherine said as they entered the cabin.


“I did – you’ll see her later once Anne gets here and finds her.  Drink?”


“Sounds good – what have you got,” Katherine said as Natalie was brought into the cabin and sat down, before her blindfold and gag was removed.


“I’ll have a Coke,” she said as she wriggled her toes and looked round.  “Very chic – when do the others get here?”


“Over the next couple of hours,” Veronica said as Natalie was released.  The door opened as Joanne and Andrea joined them, the two of them freed from bonds and gags, and Andrea now wearing a pair of jeans and a red sweatshirt.


“So what is the plan for this weekend,” Joanne said as she sat in an old armchair.


“To relax and have fun,” Veronica said, “depending on…”


The sound of a car horn caught her attention, as Roberta looked out of the window.  “It’s Amy,” she said as the car stopped outside, and Dorothy got out of the passenger side.


“Very nice,” Joanne said as she saw the three girls being helped out, their heads covered entirely by the patterned scarves and shawls, and then walked into the cabin.  As they were removed, Nats waved at them and said “Hey there – welcome to the holiday village.


Fnksvrrmsh,” Heidi said through the clear tape that covered her lips as Amy untied her arms, and then she peeled it off before saying “and how did you get here?”


“Lying between the back seats and the trunk of Mom’s car.”


“Fair enough,” Cindy said as she stretched and yawned.  “Is it all right if the four of us go outside and have a walk round?”


“Sure,” Veronica said as she picked up a map.  “This is the immediate vicinity – why don’t you go and look for the water hole?”


“Got it,” Alice said as she and the other three went out, Nats barefoot as always.


The four girls disappeared down a path as Blossom pulled up, and got out of the car.  “Welcome,” Veronica said as she hugged the latest arrival, and they released Jannifer and her sisters.


Whrrwwww,” Britney said as her mother unwound the tape from her eyes and mouth, and then removed the earpods.  “Wow – we’re in the middle of nowhere, Margo.”


Her twin sister said nothing, until Veronica removed her blindfold and her earpods as well.  Hmmmmm this is beautiful,” she said once her gag was removed, and she smelt the tree scented air.


Jannifer blinked as the blindfold was taken away, and then said “That, Mom, was a dirty lowdown trick – and I loved it” as she embraced Blossom.


“Come in and have a drink,” Veronica said, “you can sort out the luggage in the cabin later.”


Fifteen minutes later, Anne drew up outside, and got out of the car, releasing the three passengers and helping them to step out of the car as Sue came out.


“What kept you,” she said as she embraced her sister.


“Traffic, pure and simple – are we the last here?”


“Yup – some of the girls have gone for a walk, the others are inside.  Let me and Joanne take these three in and get them a drink,” she said as she took Chloe and Fi by the arm, Joanne holding her girlfriend.




Sue nodded to the cabin at the far side, and said “Take your bags in there – you may be a little while.”


Intrigued, Anne removed her case from the back of the car and walked in.  The main room appeared to be bare, and as she set her case down she wondered what Sue had been talking about.


“Anyone here,” she called out, and then she heard the noise in one of the rooms leading off.  As she opened the door, she saw Kayla lying on the bed, her arms and legs spread out and secured to the four corners with ropes.  She was wearing a diaphanous pair of pantaloons and a matching bikini top, while a veil covered her face.


“Oh my,” Anne said as she walked over and stroked her hand over Kayla’s bare belly, “now whatever am I going to do with you.”


She removed the veil, and gently placed her lips on the white tape covered mouth, Kayla raising her head and kissing her in return.  “I guess you must have a lot of built up feeling in there,” Anne whispered, “would you like to have it released?”


Ysmstrss…” Kayla mumbled, her eyes closing as Anne reached over and gently kissed her belly button.


“Well then,” Anne whispered as she removed her jacket, “allow me to oblige you…”






“Barbecue’s ready,” Katherine called out as the families emerged from their unpacking.  She looked up and saw Anne emerging with Kayla, both wearing jeans and open necked polo shirts.


“There you are,” she called out as the two of them walked over, “Where were you hiding, Doctor?”


“In plain sight,” Kayla responded with a giggle, while Katherine turned the chicken.  any sign of the walkers yet?”


“Is that charcoaled chicken I smell Mom,” Natalie said as the four of them emerged from the woods, walking over to where Amy and Dorothy were putting some salads out on a folding table.


“Burnt to a crisp, just the way you like it,” her mother said with a smile as Jannifer came out.


“There you are – find that waterhole?”


“We sure did – who’s up for a swim in it in the morning?”


“Only if a couple of adults go along with you,” Dorothy said.  “We’ll sort that out later.”


“I presume it will be all seven of you as well,” Blossom said.


“Yes mom – the twins and Fi are coming as well,” Jannifer said as she rolled her eyes.


“So what’s the plan for the rest of the week,” Alexa said as she sat with Joanne.


“Nothing specific planned – except for Wednesday.  That’s when the menfolk are coming over for dinner – and they’ve promised to provide the food.”


“David hunting – whatever next,” Heidi said as she nudged Cindy.


“We’ll decide each day what we’re going to do – but if any of you have specific challenges, let’s hear them now.”


“I’ve got one,” Roberta said, “I think my family need to have a close bonding time.  All of us in the same room, unable to move or speak or see, for eight hours.  You girls up for the challenge?”


“The Screwball Day?  Lord almighty, how long has it been since we did that, Heather?”


“Your blushing bride weekend, if I remember correctly Katherine,” Heather said with a laugh, “but yeah, I’m up for it.  Want to join in Veronica – you are family, after all.”


“I will if Elena does.”


The coach nodded and said “You’re on – which day?”


“We’ll decide that later,” Anne said.  “I’m also presuming certain couples may want some down time on their own, and we can work that in too.”


“Chloe?  Something you wish to say,” Sue said as she looked at the young French girl.


“I may need some – alone time as well,” she said quietly, “if that is possible?”


“We have what we need in the cabin,” Anne said, “how long?”


“Forty eight hours – I wish to set a new limit for the endurance.”


Anne and Sue glanced at Kayla, who nodded in agreement.


“Right – now what about you girls.  Any requests?”


“I’m sure Alexa and I would not mind spending some time together,” Joanne said as she hugged her girlfriend.


“I took that as granted,” Suzanne said as she took another beer.  “So we’ll factor that in.”  As she looked round the group, she could see the girls starting to fall asleep one by one.


“I have an idea, if people are willing,” Andrea said as she looked at the sunset, “pyjama day.  Everyone has to spend the day in their pyjamas, or equivalent, whatever happens.”


“Well, we’d better make sure that’s not the day we go shopping for supplies,” Dorothy said, and then she sat in thought.  “Although – can you imagine the looks we’d get going round that Wal-Mart we passed in our nightdresses?”


“Depends – planning on wearing anything under the nightdress?”


“MOM!” Heidi and Cindy both called out at the same time, making everyone laugh.


“All right, all right,” Veronica said, it’s getting late.  Everyone to their cabin and off to bed – breakfast will be out from seven tomorrow.”





Heidi slowly opened her eyes as the sound of two younger sisters teasing their sister reached her ears.


“Come on Jan – it’s a beautiful day outside,” she heard Margo say as she looked over to the other side of the room.  Margo and Britney were already dressed, in powder blue tops and shorts, with bandanas tied over their hair.


“Go away you little horrors,” Jannifer said as she lay with her pillow over her head, “give us all a chance to wake up.”


“Come on you two,” Amy said as she looked in the room, “help me to set breakfast up while these three wake up.”


“Thanks Mom,” Heidi said as she got out of bed, watching as Jannifer slowly emerged from her place of safety.


“Have they gone,” Cindy said as she turned over.


“For the moment,” Jannifer said as she stood up and stretched.  Looking out of the cabin widow, she said “I see Chloe is up already.  Looks as if she’s been with Sue for a run.”


The other two joined her as they saw Chloe stretching out in front of the cabin, then taking a drink as Sue talked to her.


“Have you noticed how much trimmer Chloe is looking these days?”


“Yeah – look, I didn’t want to say it yesterday, but I think we should take the opportunity this week to get our own back on our beloved Escapology club leader.”


“You know, I think that is a very good idea,” Cindy said as she looked at the other two.  “Come one – let’s get dressed and head out.”


Ten minutes later, the three girls emerged onto the front of the cabin, wearing t-shirts and shorts as Natalie, Alice and Fi came out of the next cabin.  Alice and Fi were both wearing shorts and t-shirts, while Natalie had a tie front cheesecloth blouse on with a pair of Daisy Dukes.


“Morning you lot,” Nats said as she came over, “Sleep well?”


“Until the human dynamos came in,” Jannifer said as she saw the twins sitting in front of Joanne’s cabin, eating their cereal.


“Right,” Katherine said as she emerged, “I think this is a perfect morning for you girls to head down to the waterhole for a swim – after you have had some breakfast and washed up of course.  After you lot went to bed, we had a chat, and Elena and Suzanne have agreed to go down with you.


“Sounds good – we’ll change into our swimming cosies as well,” Alice said, “but I’m starving – what have we got?”


“Cereals, pastries, drinks and bowls on the table out there,” Anne said as she came over, “help yourselves.”





“Oh my – you weren’t joking about it being perfect,” Fi said as they emerged from the woods.  The water stretched out for yards in every direction, and there was an old tyre hanging from a branch over one part of the water’s edge.  There was also a jetty that ran out for about twenty yards into the deeper water.


“It’s wonderful,” Elena said as she placed two bags with towels on the ground.  The girls had all put their bikinis and swimsuits on under their clothes, as they sat on the ground, removing their trainers and sandals and then stripping down.


“Last one in gets splashed,” Margo called out, as she, Britney and Jannifer ran off the end of the pier and jumped in, emerging with their hair plastered down as Jannifer screamed “IT’S FREEZING!!!”


“Perfect,” Natalie said as she stripped down to her red bikini and jumped in as well, the other girls following behind her while Suzanne unfolded the two chairs she had brought and sat down in one of them.


“We’re just leaving them to their own devices, right?”


“Right,” Suzanne said to Elena as they sat back and enjoyed the morning sunshine, the girls swimming around in the cool water.


After a while, Fi ran out of the water, as Britney and Margo chased her across the grass.


“Help me,” she called out to Suzanne and Elena, “the two water nymphs want to take me to their kingdom!!”


“Water nymphs?”


“I think they watched Maleficent on DVD again the other day,” Elena said with her eyes closed, enjoying the warmth on her neck and shoulders.


“Oh – right,” Suzanne said as the twins tackled Fi to the ground.


“You can’t keep me captive,” Fi said as Margo held her, while Britney went to retrieve something from her shorts.


“Want a bet,” she said as she came back and handed a length of cord to Margo, one binding Fi’s ankles while the other bound her wrists behind her back.


“You’re our captive now,” Margo said, only to be surprised as Fi managed to stand up and start hopping away.


“Catch her,” Britney said as they ran after her, but Fi was fast, as she covered the ground between the twins and the jetty before they had got to the two chairs.


“I will never be dragged down to your kingdom,” she said as she stood at the jetty, laughing as the twins ran towards her.


“What on earth are they doing,” Cindy said to Jannifer as she looked back from the middle of the pond.


“I’m not sure – hey you two, be careful with Fu,” Jannifer called out as the young girl started to jump along the jetty.


“Girls,” Elena called out as she stood up, watching the twins chase Fi towards the end of the jetty, “be careful, we don’t want any accidents.”  She started to run down as Fi reached the end of the jetty, and hopped round to face her two pursuers.


“I mean it – you’ll never drag me down,” Fi called out as the other girls looked on.


“Margo, Britney!”


“OH MY GOD!!!”  Heidi called out as Fi jumped backwards off the jetty, the twins screaming as they watched.


“Oh crap,” Nats said as she and Jannifer started to swim to the end of the jetty – only to stop as Fi came back up, lay on her back and started to propel herself through the water using her bound legs for power and her shoulders to steer.


“Hey,” she said as she passed Nats and Jannifer, “what’s the panic about?”


“How the…  How the hell did you manage to do that,” Nats said as Fi swam past her.


“What this?  The housekeeper at Grandpa’s ranch taught me a few years ago,” Fi said as she swam to the edge of the waterhole, and then stood up, hopping out of the water before she sat on the warm grass.


“You scared me half to death,” Heidi said as she came over, and started to unite the ropes.


“Nah – leave it,” Fi said, “otherwise you might damage the rope.”


“Seriously,” Nats said as she came out, “you were taught to swim like that?”


Yeah  you see, down there everyone knows I play these games, but Grandma and Grandpa want me to be safe while doing it.  So they got Consuela to teach me how to swim when I was tied up.  It’s just like doing the back stroke – except you can’t use your arms,  and you have to do the butterfly kick.  The trick is to relax, and let the water support you.”


“You have got to show me how to do that,” Nats said.


“All right then, get someone to tie your hands behind your back and your ankles side by side,” Fi said as Britney and Margo came over.


“You are AMAZING!” Britney said as she hugged Fi, “I haven’t been that scared since we went to Disneyland!”


“All in the ability,” Fi said as Heidi and Cindy tied Nat’s wrists and ankles.  She then pushed herself up, Fi doing the same, and the two of them jumped down to the water as the others followed.


“I think those two got the fright of their lives,” Suzanne said as she looked over.


“Oh they most certainly did,” Elena said with a nod, “and they deserved it.  Still, I’m amazed at Fi – I need to up her training even more.”


“Right,” Fi said as she and Natalie jumped into the water, and the others followed, “just lie back in the water and let yourself relax.”


Nats nodes as she lay back, floating in the cool water as Fi did the same.  The other four older girls watched as they slowly drifted out, and Fi said “Now gently, start to do the butterfly kick.”  As Nats did so, she felt herself move through the water, and grinned from ear to ear.


“Now dip your left shoulder slightly,” Fi said as she turned her head and looked over, watching as Nats slowly turned to her left, and then to her right as she dipped her other shoulder.


“Now I get it,” she called out as she turned through 180 degrees, “You girls need to try this.”


“Maybe another time,” Heidi said, “right now I just want to enjoy the sunshine, and keep an eye on these two.”


“What two,” Britney called out, before both girls screamed as Jannifer and Alice pulled them under the water.


Sometime later, the girls were lying on their backs, drying off in the sun as Elena looked at her watch.


“Time we were heading back for lunch,” she said quietly.  “You’d better get your shorts back on.”


“Can we come back here another day,” Margo said as she pulled her shorts on.


“I think we can – maybe we’ll bring everyone down with a picnic next time,” Suzanne said as she folded the chairs.  “Right now, let’s start walking back.”


As the party emerged at the cabins, they saw Joanne and Alexa setting out the salad bowls and cold meats.  Both were wearing t-shirts and shorts, and were talking quietly to each other as they did so.


“Hey,” Elena called out as they came to the eating area, “where is everyone else?”


“Most of them are in there,” Joanne said as they nodded to Heidi’s cabin.  “Sue and Kayla are talking to Chloe in their cabin.  I’m sure they will be out in a few minutes.”


“Great – I’m starving,” Nats said as her mother and the others came out.


“How was the watering hole,” Katherine said.


“Great – you should have seen Fi swim with her hands and feet tied,” Jannifer said as Blossom came out.


“She swam with…  Elena was she all right?”


“She was fine,” Elena said as she and Suzanne put their chairs down before sitting in them, and the others emerged from the end cabin.  “Come on – let’s eat.  I’m starving.”


As they sat round talking, Heidi nudged Cindy.




“Let’s get Chloe this afternoon.”


“Are you sure,” Cindy said as she looked at the young French girl.  Chloe was wearing a v-necked vest top with her denim shorts, black leggings and sandals, as she ate and talked to Alexa, Andrea and Joanne.


“Yeah, I’m sure – we owe her for the last few sessions last semester.”


“Okay,” Cindy whispered, “let’s have lunch and get cleared up, and then I’ll see if Nats is up to luring her into a trap…”






Oui, Natalie,” Chloe said as she looked at her young friend, “What may I do for you?”


“Can you come with me for a minute – I wanted to ask your advice about something.”


“Of course,” Chloe said as she followed Natalie into Heidi and Cindy’s cabin, “what is it you wish to talk about?”


“How easy it is to trap you,” Natalie said as Heidi threw a loop of rope over Chloe’s arms, pulling them tightly into her sides as she tightened the lasso.


“Mon dieu,” Chloe said with a laugh, “so you finally seek revenge for all my lessons?”


“That’s right,” Heidi said with a laugh as she wrapped the rope around Chloe’s arms and stomach, and then tied it off.  “On your knees, my pretty.”


“Very well then, but be warned – I have been practising,” Chloe said as Cindy knelt beside her and started to bind her ankles while Heidi took her hands behind her back, crossed her wrists and secured them tightly together.


“So have we,” Natalie said as she produced a knotted scarf, and a folded cloth.  Chloe nodded as she allowed herself to be gagged, while the ropes pulled her arms tightly to her sides above her chest.


Nwhtrrudngnnxt,” Chloe mumbled as she was lowered to the floor, her legs secured below her knees as Cindy bent her legs back, and tied her ankles to her chest ropes.


“Seeing just how easily you can escape,” Heidi said as Nats pulled a sleep mask over her eyes, and then slapped Chloe on the bottom. 


Mnnddeee” she mumbled as she started to wriggle round, the girls watching, as the colour of Chloe’s watch dial started to change…


The three girls sat back and watched as their friend and tutor wriggled on the floor, the ropes stretching over her body as she moved.  They were almost hypnotised by her movements, as she struggled, the blindfold covering her eyes, the scarf sitting between her lips.


“You did a good job there,” Heidi said as she nudged Natalie, “it really does seem to be holding her tight.  I wonder if she will manage to escape?


“Yeah, yeah I wonder…” Natalie said in a quiet voice.  For some reason, she was unable to take her eyes off Chloe as she started to pull her arms apart, almost as if she was trying to break the rope.


“You all right,” Cindy said as she looked at her friend.  “You look a bit funny…”


“I…  I’m not sure,” Natalie said as she turned her head but Cindy had also turned, staring at Chloe as she stood up.


“Is it stuffy in here,” Heidi said quietly, “I feel so hot all of a sudden.”


“Yeah,” Cindy said in reply, “It is a bit hot in here.  What…  What’s happening?”


The three girls watched as the ropes stretched around Chloe’s chest, and the started to break, her arms flexing as they split and fell onto the floor.  As she turned over and sat up, moving her wrists around, they didn’t move, but instead stood watching their friend.


“I need to help her,” Heidi said as she stepped forward, only to stop as Natalie held her arm.


“No - I need to help her,” she said, as Chloe broke the ropes around her wrists and reached up to her blindfold.


“Both of you back off,” Cindy said angrily as she stood in front of them, “I’m going to help Chloe.”


Pulling the blindfold off, Chloe saw the three of them facing each other, and then saw the pulsing red face of her watch.


“MNDEEE,” she called out, “RNNNN!”


“Heidi, you in here – your mum is looking for…”


Kayla stood in the doorway, and took the scene in in an instant.  Sprinting in, she grabbed an aerosol and sprayed it over Chloe first, and then over the three girls, before she said “You three need some fresh air – outside, come on.”


She literally pushed the three of them outside as Anne came over.


“What happened,” she said as she started to come in, but Kayla stopped her.


“They ambushed Chloe and tied her up in here,” she said quietly.  “Chloe started to free herself, but in the process…”


“Oh boy,” Anne said as she looked at the three girls, who were shaking their heads and looking at each other.  “Chloe?”


“I sprayed her down, but we should give her a few minutes to…”


“It is all right,” Chloe said as she came up behind Kayla, her watch face green, “but that was a close call.  I am glad you came in when you did.”


“We should have guessed something was up – but what are you going to say to them?”


“I do not know yet – but that exercise I wished to undergo?  I think I should start tonight, if possible.”




“That was great,” Jannifer said as the party finished their evening meal.


“Good – because you five are on washing up duties,” Blossom said, the five older girls groaning as they gathered up the bowls and headed to the cabin.


“So can you teach us to swim like you did today,” Britney said as she and Margo cornered Fi.


“If your mother will let me, then yes – but not tomorrow.”


“Aw,” Margo said, “why not tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow is a challenge day,” their mum said.  “Mainly because Natalie and her family are going to be rather – busy all day.   You two and Fi are going to be set a challenge by Jannifer, Cindy and Alice, while Heidi helps out with something else.”


As Blossom was talking to the kids, Alexa, Andrea and Joanne were talking to Chloe.


“You sure you’re all right, Chloe,” Andrea said, “You’ve looked a little flush all afternoon.”


“I will be fine,” Chloe said, “but I am going to be undergoing a personal challenge for the next forty eight hours.  So I will not see much of you until Tuesday night.”


“Chloe – we need to start,” Sue said as she called over.


“Have fun,” Alexa said as Chloe went off with Sue.  “So when the kids are busy tomorrow, we and the mums will be working on our suntans, right?”


“Apart from Katherine and co,” Joanne said.  “They’re having their challenge day, right?”


“Oh yeah – ten till six tomorrow, isn’t it?”


“That’s right – so that leaves plenty of time for drinks and lying out in the sun.”


“Unless it rains tomorrow?”


“Spoilsport,” Joanne said as she smiled at Alexa.




“Thank you,” Chloe said as she tugged on the chain, “I think that is secure enough for tonight?”


She was lying on her bed, clad in a red chiffon nightie, and her arms and legs spread to the four corners of the bed.  They were secured to the corners by chains, the ends of which were attached to leather cuffs that were around her wrists and ankles.


“We will release you in the morning,” Sue said as she folded a cloth, “to allow a toilet and food break, and then we secure you for the day using the straitjacket we have brought.  Ready?”


Chloe nodded as she opened her mouth, allowing Sue to push the cloth in before she closed her lips, and several strips of white tape were pressed firmly over her mouth and jaw.


“Sleep well,” Kayla said as she checked everything, and then she and Sue left the room, closing the door behind themselves.


“The girls nearly succumbed?  That could have been awkward,” Sue said as they joined Anne in the front room of the cabin.


“Indeed,” Kayla said, “which is why I think she wants to do this now.  Make sure she cannot surprise them for the next couple of days, and give them a chance to recover.”


“James is coming with the other men on Wednesday, so if we can manage until then, so much the better.”


As Heidi and Cindy washed the dishes, Natalie said “I’m sorry about earlier – I have no idea what happened,” drying the plate before she handed it to Alice.


“What happened earlier?”


“Well,” Heidi said as she turned to Jannifer, “we surprised Chloe with an escape challenge – and, well I’m not quite sure what happened after that.  I remember seeing her snap the ropes…”


“She snapped the ropes?  I didn’t think she was that strong?”


“She did,” Cindy said, “and then it got warm – and the next thing I knew we were outside, taking deep breaths.  Must have been a touch of sunstroke or something.  So you’re doing this Screwball Challenge tomorrow Nats – what’s involved?”


“A lot of sitting quietly round,” Nats said, “but it’s a real family bonding experience, trust me.”





“Good morning, Chloe,” Kayla said as she and Sue came into the bedroom.  “We thought we’d better wake you early and get you changed and fed before anybody else got up.  How are you feeling?”


Gddd,” Chloe grunted as they removed the tape and cloth and they untied her.  “I at least feel more in control than I did yesterday.”


“Before we get you secured for the day,” Sue said as Chloe drank some orange juice and nibbled on a pastry, “Kayla, Anne and I were talking last night about the girls.”


“Ah – yes, I was wondering about that as well,” Chloe said quietly, “how much do you think they know?”


“Depends how aware they were of what was happening – I suspect they may work it out sooner or later, but we may have to tell them something?”


“Would it be awful if I asked you to let me talk to them?  They all know Sarah has special abilities – I think they may soon realise I have the same abilities.”


“We’ll tell then you’ll talk to them on Tuesday,” Sue said quietly.  “Right now – toilet, and then into the jacket.”




“Right,” Roberta said as the breakfast was finished, “time for the challenge.  Katherine, Heather, Natalie, Elena and Veronica – with me please.  Amy, Cindy, Dorothy, Heidi, Jannifer and Alice – we all need your help.”


“We’ll wait out here,” Britney, Margo and Fi said as the others marched into the house the Jenkins group was using.


“You all know the rules – eight hours all ball tied, all gagged, and helping each other to get through it.  Take care of any toilet matters now – Amy,” she then said as she folded her arms behind her back, resting her elbows in the palms of her hands, “you can start with me.”


Amy took some cords and tied her wrists to her elbows, Heidi doing the honours for Veronica and then Cindy for Natalie as they came back.  As the three of them wrapped ropes around the upper bodies of three generations, Jannifer and Alice took care of Katherine and Heather, while Dorothy started to bind Elena.


Once all six were secured around their chests, they sat in a circle on the floor, watching as their ankles and legs were bound.  All six were wearing shorts and tops, talking to each other as their legs were then bent and rope passed under the backs of their thighs, pulling their legs up against their chests as they were secured behind their backs.


“Right,” Katherine said as six sponges were produced, “we talk again in eight hours.  Open wide.”


They allowed their binders to push the sponges into their mouths, before they were taped over and round their heads.


“I’ve got the first ninety minutes,” Amy said as she sat down with a book.  “See you lot later.”  The other five nodded as they left and went outside again…



Anne looked in on Chloe, the young woman nodding as she twisted on the bed, the canvas jacket holding her arms firmly to her sides and the red ball gag filling her mouth.


“All right,” she said quietly.


Yssffnkuu,” Chloe nodded, as Anne closed the door, only to be confronted by Sue and Kayla.


“I seem to recall,” Kayla said as she put her arms round Anne’s neck, “that you promised me some quality time just with you this week.”


“Why yes I did,” Anne said with a smile, “any ideas?”


“Yeah,” Kayla said as she took Anne’s hand, “come with me…”




and now for a quiet day sunbathing,” Joanne said as she and Alexa lay back on the blankets, Joanne in a red bikini and Alexa in a black swimsuit with denim shorts.


In the clearing between the cabins, Fi, Britney and Margo were looking at Jannifer and Alice.


“All right – we have a scavenger hunt for both of you,” Alice said as she handed them a sheet of paper.  “Everything here can be found either in the cabins, or in the nearby woods, and you have until lunchtime to find as much as you can.  Do you accept the challenge?”


“We do,” they said with a nod.


“Right then – go to it,” Jannifer said, smiling as her sisters ran off into the woods with Fi.


“Fancy joining the others in the sun,” Alice said as she watched the other mothers heading to where Alexa and Joanne already were.


“Not yet – I want to sit in the shade for a moment,” Jannifer said as she went and sat on the porch.


“No sign of Anne or Kayla there?”


“Why would there be?  I think they’re enjoying some close personal time right now?" Alice said as she looked over at the cabin.


“Oh yeah – funny isn’t it?”


“What is?”


“Heidi and Cindy’s mum, Joanne and Alexa, Anne and Kayla – even Heidi and Cindy have their boyfriends.”


“Feeling a bit left out of it, Jan?”


“A little – I can’t help wondering if there is a boy for me out there as well?”


“I’m sure there is – he just doesn’t know it yet,” Alice said with a smile as she looked at her mother lying down.  “I mean, it took a while for Mum and Dad as well, to accept the others…”


“You mean it took your dad a while,” Jannifer said quietly.


“All right, it took my dad a while,” Alice said.   Jannifer looked at her friend, and then said “Alice – is there something you’re trying to tell me?”


“I’m not sure – can you ask me that question again in a few days?”


“Sure – but why wait a few days?”


“Please, Jan – just allow me that time,” Alice said with a little smile.




“I was thinking,” Andrea said as she lay on the grass, idly sketching, “that we could have a mass game of capture the flag before the end of the week.”


“Lord, it’s been years since I’ve played that,” Amy said as she looked over.  “A mass Battle Royale, you mean?”


“Exactly – take captives, try and get the other team before they get you, keep hostages, all that sort of thing.”


“Well let’s map it out – Wednesday we know the guys are coming over,” Sue said without opening her eyes.


“Chloe is doing this challenge, so she’s unavailable until then anyway,” Blossom said.


“So we have Thursday or Friday – how does Thursday sound?”


“Sounds good,” Sue said “with one proviso.  Anne, Chloe and I act as referees.  That way, we can’t give either team an advantage.”


“Deal – let’s start working out the rules…”


Alice looked in at the Jenkins group, watching Natalie in particular.  A small smile crossed her face as she did so – she had a favour to ask of Heidi and Cindy, and she hoped they would agree.





Anne smiled as she gag kissed Kayla, the two women tied face to face, white tape covering their lips and a pair of panties stuffed in each of their mouths.  Sue had used yards of rope to secure them to each other, the most devious the one that ran between their legs and was tied to the wrists of their partner, tied together behind their own backs.


Eeknnn” Kayla said as she tugged again, watching Anne’s eyes mist over as the compliment was returned.




“Well now, how are you doing,” Alice said as Fi returned with the twins.


“We think we’ve found most of the things you asked us to find,” Fi said, “but…”


“But we’re hungry and thirsty,” Margo said as she looked at her sister.


“All right then,” Jannifer said as she stood up, “come on, we’ll fix some lunch.  Fi, would you mind going and seeing if any of the others want to eat just now?”


“Sure,” she said as she walked off, the others returning with her as Cindy came out.


“Friday afternoon,” Sue said as they all sat down, “capture the flag.”


“Great – how are the sides decided?”


“Luck of the draw,” Blossom said, “but we’ll do it separately for the adults and the kids.  Right now, let’s eat and then we can deal with things later.”



“Ah that’s better,” Veronica said as she finally stretched her legs out, Amy rubbing them as they watched the rest of the challenge group being untied.  “It was relaxing, but I’m glad it’s over now.”


“Well, that’s part of the challenge,” Roberta said as she stood up.  “I for one am glad to know I can still do this sort of thing.  So what’s for dinner?”


“The girls are cooking a big pot of risotto,” Dorothy said.  “Chloe will join us as well.  I imagine she’s hungry after the first part of her challenge.”


“How on earth she manages it I will never know,” Heather said, “but I’ll wonder about that later.  Come on – let’s eat.”


“There they are,” Heidi said as they all walked out of the cabin.  “Come on, tell us how you feel?”


“Sleepy, and relaxed,” Nats said as she took a bowl of the risotto from Cindy.  “Not much happen today?”


“Oh we all kept busy,” Anne said as she came out with Kayla and Chloe.


“Yeah, but we need to relax now,” Sue said as she stretched, “who would like a game of chess after dinner?”




The chorus from the other mothers made Blossom and Margaret look at each other.


“Why won’t you play Chess with Sue?”


“Because of the forfeits if you lose,” Suzanne said as she looked at the dark haired woman.


“It was all in fun,” Sue said with the sweetest of smiles.


“Anyway, early night tonight all round,” Amy said.  “We’re going to go for a walk tomorrow into the hills, for all those who want to come.”


“We’ll come,” Jannifer and the twins said as she looked at her mother who nodded in agreement.


“Do you mind if I stay behind,” Alice said.


“Me too – I want some time out in the sun,” Nats said, Heidi and Cindy nodding in agreement.


“I need to stay here with Chloe,” Kayla said, but the others all agreed to join the hike.







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