Heidi on the Farm - Part 1












Chloe Badelaine turned at the sound of her name to see Heidi and Cindy looking at her, their books held in their arms.  Heidi was wearing a blue t-shirt over a long sleeved grey top, blue denim cut-off shorts over a pair of black leggings, white ankle socks and trainers, while Cindy had on a white blouse, faded denim jeans and brown Ugg boots.


“Ah, good afternoon, Heidi, Cindy,” she said in her French accent.  As usual for her on a school day, she was wearing a v-necked sweater over a t-shirt, with a woollen scarf tied around her neck and tucked into the front of the jumper, a denim skirt over black jeans, and a pair of Dr Marten boots with striped socks over the bottom of her trousers.  “What can I do for you today?”


"Have you seen Natalie?" Heidi asked as she looked at the assistant librarian.

Chloe smiled, and said "Now why would you think I'd seen her?  After all, mes amis, she could be anywhere." As she said this, she gave a little wink as well.

"Well,” Cindy said as she smiled, “She told us that you wanted to see her after school today.  What happened this time?" said Cindy.

"Ah,” Chloe said as she looked at her friends, “Perhaps you had better come into the office with me.  Her time is almost finished anyway.”  She picked up a clipboard and turned, motioning with her finger as she said “Come this way please, both of you."


Heidi and Cindy followed Chloe to the rear of the now rapidly emptying library, where there was a frosted glass door with “STAFF ONLY” printed in black ink on the glass.  “You see,” Chloe said as she turned, “Mademoiselle Natalie once again failed to wear shoes when in the library so I had to have words with her."  Opening the door, she ushered her friends inside and closed the door behind her.

“Ah,” Heidi said as she stifled a laugh, “I see what you mean.  How are you doing Nats?”


“Sthtucle,” Natalie Jenkins mumbled from her position in the office.  She was standing opposite the desk Chloe sat down at, her back against a large metal pole that ran from the floor to the ceiling.  It was obvious to both Heidi and Cindy she had little choice in her position, given her arms were wrapped around the pole.


Her elbows and wrists were taped together behind the pole, with a two inch wide band of lurid pink tape.  She was still wearing the white t-shirt the others had seen her in earlier, but instead of the floor length gypsy skirt she was wearing a very tight, very short red leather skirt that came a short distance down her legs.


The biggest surprise to the girls, however, was Natalie’s legs.  She was wearing a pair of dark hose, and instead of her bare feet, or even her stocking covered soles, she was wearing a pair of red patent leather shoes with a three inch stiletto heel.


She could not even kick them off - Chloe had wound the tape around her feet both individually and together, fixing the shoes to her feet and the feet together.  Her legs had also been taped together at her ankles, calves, above and below her knees and her thighs.


As well as this, her body was held to the pole with bands of tape just above her ankles, her waist, her chest just below her elbows and her shoulders, so that she could only wriggle around a little.  They could see the way her t-shirt was stretched over her chest by this arrangement, and looked at the big smile on Chloe’s face as she looked on.


As Heidi and Cindy walked round, they could only admire Chloe’s work.  Natalie had a number of strips of tape over her mouth, but from the way her cheeks bulged out it was obvious something else was underneath.  Finally, a strip of tape covered her eyes, and they could both see the edges of the gauze pads sticking out from underneath.


Cindy tickled the sides of Natalie’s chest, making her groan and giggle at the same time, the tape creaking as she moved round.


"Hmm - truly a devilish punishment,” Heidi said as she looked at Chloe.  "So how long has she been...... wearing those shoes for?"

"About an hour,” Chloe said as she looked at a clock on the wall.  “In fact, I believe she is ready to be released now."   Picking up a pair of large scissors, she walked over and carefully cut away the tape around Natalie’s wrists and elbows, before releasing her from the bands of tape holding her to the pole.


As soon as her hands were free, Natalie reached up and felt for the edge of the tape over her mouth, picking at it until it was loose enough for her to grip and pull it away from her mouth in one motion.  As the tape came away, she spat a balled up white sock out of her mouth.


"Yeach,” she said as she finally stopped coughing, “I hope that was clean Chloe."

"Mais bien sur. What kind of librarian do you think I am?" Chloe said as she sat at her desk and placed the scissors on the top.

Reaching up to her eyes next, Natalie peeled the tape away and stood there, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light.  “Oh, hello you two,” she said as she realized who else was there, “I’d forgotten you were going to come and meet me.”


"Bare foot in the library again Nats?" 

"Not right now, Cindy,” Natalie said with a rueful smile.  “Having said that, You should really try it someday - AH, there they are.”  She saw the scissors on the desk and started to try to hop over to get them.


Try being the operative word - she managed two hops before the heels got the better of her, and she overbalanced, losing her balance and landing on her hands and knees.  “That’s an ooch,” Heidi said as Natalie looked up at her.


“That’s a double ooch,” Cindy added as they watched her pull herself along the floor on her hands and taped knees, until she reached the desk.  With her hand, she grabbed the scissors and sat on the floor, cutting the tape around her feet and pulling the shoes off as quickly as she could.  Making short work of the rest of her bindings, she pulled the tape and hose off, forming a ball with the material and throwing it at Chloe as she stood up.

"Enjoyed yourself then?" asked Heidi as Chloe caught the ball and put it into a wastepaper basket.

"No. It was absolute torture!" Nats said as she jumped into a chair, putting her feet on Chloe's desk and rubbing her calves. "How the hell you lot managed to spend the entire Sunday afternoon in them I will never know.  Having said that, being tied like that does give me time to think. Chloe where did you put my phone?"

Chloe opened a desk drawer and passed Natalie her mobile phone.  "Not calling the police are you?  I would hate to be asked to leave for giving a reasonable punishment."

"No,” Natalie said as she stuck her tongue out at them.  “I just had a couple of ideas about this weekend and I need to make some arrangements."  She listened to her phone for a moment, then said “Hi Aunty, it’s Nats.  About this weekend - I wonder if there’s a couple of things you can do for me as well?”

“We’ll wait outside for you,” Heidi said as she and Cindy turned to leave the office.  Looking at Cindy Heidi said  "Why do I get this feeling of impending doom?"

"Don't be silly you'll enjoy it." grinned Cindy.  As they walked out, they heard Chloe give a gasp of exasperation and shout “"Now will you get your dirty bare feet off my desk Mademoiselle!"

Friday, 5 pm

Amy pulled into the driveway of her house, and climbed out of the car, Dorothy getting out from the passenger seat.  Amy was wearing a pair of tight jeans brown leather ankle boots, with a white t-shirt.  It was a warm afternoon, so she had discarded her cardigan in the trunk of the car, from which she retrieved it along with the bags.


Dorothy was, as she tended to be on a week day, more formally dressed, with a long sleeved white blouse under a cream coloured shift dress that same to just above her knees, white tights and flat shoes.  As she took some of the bags from Amy, she said “"What do you think Veronica has planned for this weekend?"


"I don’t know,” Amy said as she closed the lid of the trunk.  “All she said to me was we'd have some time to ourselves with the girls out of the way."

"Hmm sounds pleasant,” Dorothy said as they started to walk up the path.

"Or ominous,” Amy said with a smile.  “For starters, what does out of the way mean?"


“I presume she was talking about the girls,” Dorothy said.  “Actually, it gives me a chance to do something I’ve been meaning to do for some time - sit down and talk with Margaret Hawkins.”

“Alice’s mother?  Why would you want to talk to her?  Her husband has not exactly been very complementary about us recently.”


“I know,” Dorothy said, “but she said she wanted to ask me about how I'd dealt with...you know some of the upsets in my life. Going into hiding...and the.......kidnapping weekend.  I got the distinct feeling she wanted to tell me something, so I hope Veronica does not mind if I call her and tell her to come round."

"Oh. Sounds a bit scary," Amy said reaching in her purse for keys.  “Actually, Blossom Dale called to ask if she could pop round this weekend as well.  Seems she’s walked in on Margo and Britney playing some sort of game, and she wanted to talk to me about it.”


“Well, maybe the four of us should get together; open a couple of bottles of wine, and put the world, their husbands and ourselves to rights."

"Sounds like a plan,” Amy said as she put her key in the door, only for it to open without turning the lock.  “Oh - the door's open. The girls must be home already."  She pushed the door open and stepped in. "Heidi, Cindy. We're home."

Dorothy stepped in and closed the door behind her. "They're quiet," she said as she looked round, while Amy walked towards the front room.

"Erm, Dorothy - I think I know why," Amy said quietly.  Dorothy turned to see two figures standing in the door that led to the kitchen.  They were dressed entirely in black, from the boots on their feet, the tight leggings, their roll necked sweaters, the gloves on their hands, right up to the balaclavas that covered their heads.


“Good afternoon, Ladies,” one of them said as Amy and Dorothy looked at them.  “Very quietly, place your bags on the floor, raise your arms above your heads, and walk into the front room.  We are both armed, and will not hesitate to use them if you do anything stupid.”


“Where are our daughters?”


“All in good time,” the masked intruder said, their voice electronically masked in some way, “Please, move.”  Dorothy and Amy looked at each other, before doing as they were told, walking into the front room as the intruders followed them.


“Very good - now you,” the voice said to Amy, “Draw the curtains.  We do not want to be seen.”  Dorothy watched as Amy walked over and pulled the curtains closed, leaving the room in a strange dusk like light as she walked back to the middle of the room to join her.


“Very good,” the voice said as the masked intruder looked at them.  “Now, strip.”


"What?" the two women chorused.

"We told you to strip." the other black figure repeated.  “Do not make us say it again.”

“All right,” Amy said as she began to lift her t-shirt up and over her head whilst Dorothy slipped her shoes off.   “I’m sorry,” she whispered into her ear as she then unzipped Dorothy’s dress, watching it fall to the floor as she sat down and removed her boots and socks.


As the dress fell down, Dorothy very gingerly stepped out of it and started to unbutton her blouse, revealing her white bra as she slipped it down her arms, while Amy undid her belt and slowly took her jeans off.  She stood there, in her red bra and panties as Dorothy put her arms across her chest.

"Every thing!" the strange sounding voice said.  Dorothy protested “You can't be..." but stopped when she saw the other figure step forward

"Everything - Now!"

Amy trembled as she reached for her bra clip whilst Dorothy slowly slid her tights down, dropping them on the floor before unclipping her own bra. Now wearing only their panties, both women looked at the silhouetted forms in front of them and very slowly hooked their tumbs under the last of their underwear. sliding them down their legs and then trying to cover up as much as possible with their hands.

One figure threw some rope to the two women. "Sit down and tie your legs together. Ankles and knees. And no funny business - we'll be checking later."

Both women slowly sat on the floor, resting against the couch as they wrapped ropes around their ankles, going round three times one way and twice the other before cinching and tying the ropes off.  They repeated the process below their knees, and then looked at the two masked captors.


“You,” the voice said, “Tie your partner’s wrists and elbows together behind her back, and then tie some rope around her chest.  No reason why she should not look good.”


“You have a dirty mind,” Amy said as Dorothy shuffled round and put her hands behind her back, balling her fists as she felt the rope pulling her wrists together.  “Enjoying the view,” she snarled at the two masked watchers, but they said nothing as Amy encased her upper body in a rope harness.


“Will you be all right,” she whispered into Dorothy’s ear as she held her and kissed her shoulders.


“I will be,” Dorothy whispered back before Amy felt her arms being pulled behind her back and realised she was being bound as well.  As she was moved back to rest against the couch, she put her head on Dorothy’s shoulder for a moment, as they watched one of the figures balling two small silk squares up.


“Be glad this is not your panties,” they said as the cloths were pushed into their mouths, and then a second scarf, this one a gold 36” square, was folded into a tight band and pulled between their lips, forcing the corners of their mouths back as they pushed the wad further in.  Finally, two other large gold squares were folded into a three inch wide strip and tied over their mouths, keeping the other gagging material in place.


“Don’t move,” the voice said as the two figures walked out, leaving the naked, securely trussed and well gagged women to wriggle round.  They watched as they walked up the stairs, and then carried down a trussed and gagged young woman, taking her out through the kitchen.  Amy looked at Dorothy as the two then returned and went up stairs, coming back with a second young lady, and then a third.  As the third was taken out, they looked at each other - they had recognised them.


Heidi.  Cindy.  Jannifer - but where were they going?


Friday, 4 pm

There was a cool breeze blowing as Heidi, Jannifer and Cindy made their way back to Heidi’s house after school.  They had left Natalie and Alice at the gymnasium, wishing them luck in the competition that afternoon, and then gone to the mall for a short while before heading back - the plan was to meet up with the other two later that evening.

Heidi was wearing a blue and white striped top, black jeans and a pair of black flat shoes, while Cindy had on a white round necked sweatshirt under a knee length pale blue pinafore dress.  Her knee length white socks were visible between the hem of her dress and the top of her black felt boots.

As for Jannifer, she was wearing a red top with sleeves that came down to her elbows, and a hood that lay down her back, a short black skirt, black tights and maroon coloured flat shoes.  All three were carrying their books as they talked and walked along.

"So what does Natalie have planned, do you think?" asked Jannifer as they turned the corner.

"Not sure." said Heidi. "You should have seen what she came up with during the last of Chloe's special detentions.  All she said then was she had a few ideas, and then she talked to her aunt - beyond that, nothing."

"How are your sisters getting on Jan?" asked Cindy.

"Well" began Jannifer as they turned to walk up the garden path, "they've tried a little bit of tying each other up. But they're not that good at getting the ropes tight, even if they can tie knots.”  She allowed herself a small smile as she said “they're also not good at hiding what they do. Mum caught them a few times - fortunately dad didn't, he'd go ballistic I know."

The trio climbed the stairs to the front porch, and Heidi pushed the door open. "Oh looks like Mum's back already - Mum, we’re home!"

As the three friends stepped into the house, however, they were met not by Amy but by two figures, dressed in black with balaclavas over their heads.

"Now, young ladies,” the taller of the two said as they looked at her, “Please, close the door and then place your hands on your heads, before you make your way up the stairs. It will be much easier for all of us if you co-operate."

“Natalie’s idea,” Cindy whispered to Heidi, but her friend just shook her head - she had no idea.  Very slowly, they placed their books on the floor and then complied with the request, shakily climbing the stairs with their hands on their heads. As they reached the top of the stairs, they were directed into Heidi's room where there were ominously several coils of rope and rolls of duct tape on the floor.

"Now,” the intruder said as they walked in, If you'd be so kind as to lie on the floor, face down and hold your hands behind your backs. Thank you."

Cindy looked towards Heidi whilst Heidi looked to Jannifer, then they all did as they had been commanded.  Cindy was the first to feel the rope wrapped around her wrists. As she felt the tightening bands pulling her palms against each other she resigned herself to being tied up for quite some time. “If this is Nat’s doing,” she said as she felt her elbows being drawn together by another length of rope, “I’m going to kill her for it.”

“Join the queue,” Heidi said as she felt her wrists being tightly bound, “I’ll be first.”

“Want a bet,” Jannifer said as she too felt her arms being secured.  Within five minutes, all three girls were kneeling on the floor, their wrists and arms tightly secured as each of them had a coil of rope wrapped around their arms and upper bodies, holding them immobile as the ropes tightened around them.

One of the figures then crossed Jannifer’s ankles, tied them together and then helped her to lie down again, before she felt tied her legs being secured above the knees and then her legs bent back as her ankles were attached to her chest ropes.

“Guess I’m next,” Heidi said as the figure then moved to her, and crossed eh rankles, raising her legs in expectation of the hogtie.  To her surprise, however, the figure made her stand up and sit on the bed, before they crossed her ankles and started to tie them together.  The other intruder did the same for Cindy, as their legs were secured at their ankles, and then above and below their knees.

“Sit on the bed, back to back,” one of the figures said, and with a little effort the two girls managed to do that, sitting still as they were bound tightly back to back with more rope around their waists.  “I guess you drew the short straw, Jan,” Cindy said as she turned and looked at Jannifer, who stuck her tongue out as she watched the two intruders bending their legs and securing them to their chest rope above their knees.

Finally, a length of rope was tied at one end to Cindy’s ankles, pulled under both girls and then tied to Heidi’s. before the two intruders stood back.  Jannifer looked up and watched as one of them took three of Heidi’s handkerchiefs from a drawer, and folded them up, while the second found three old bandanas, one black, one green and one red, and folded then into bands.

"Open wide sweetie" one of the figures said to Heidi as she held the balled up cloth in front of her eyes. As she opened her mouth the wad was pressed into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge before the red bandana was pulled between her teeth and knotted at the back of her neck, just under her blonde fringe.

As three strips of duct tape were pressed firmly over Heidi’s lips, to further reinforce the gag, Cindy had the cloth pushed into her mouth, then the green bandana.  Finally, Jannifer got the cloth and black bandana, until all three could only mewl quietly in protest.

Finally, they watched as one of the figures left for a minute, returning with three black headscarves from Amy’s room.  Folding them into two inch wide bands, they used them to blindfold the three girls, and then left them in the room, the only sound that of them walking down the staircase before silence fell over the trio.

“Cnufndknt,” Heidi mumbled as she tried to use her fingers to find a knot, either around her wrists or those of Cindy, but the pair of intruders had secured them so that their wrists were not at the same level - those of Cindy were slightly higher than Heidi, and they could not reach each other.  As for Jannifer, she made some half hearted kicks with her bound legs as she lay face down on the floor but could not make any progress.

“hmgd,” Cindy exclaimed when, as a result of their struggling, both her and Heidi toppled over and fell onto their sides, as Jannifer as tried to stifle a laugh.

“Vrfneee,” Heidi mumbled, as the three girls decided to wait and see what happened.

The girls had no idea how long they had been waiting when they heard voices downstairs. They could not make out what was being said but after a while the voices went quiet and they heard footsteps on the stairs.

“Her first,” they heard the intruder say, and Jannifer felt the rope holding her in a hogtie slacken and then be removed completely.  She felt herself being rolled over and picked up, then carried down the stairs.  For a moment, she thought she heard another set of muffled talking, but then it was the cool air from outside as she was sat in some sort of seat.  She felt a belt pressing down on her, and then something pressed into her ears, before the sound of Mumford and Sons filled her ears, blocking out all other noise.

The two intruders then returned to the bedroom and released Heidi and Cindy from each other.  Heidi was the first to be carried down, and soon she too was listening to some of her favourite music, totally unaware of when Cindy joined her.

The two masked intruders closed the door too, and one of them reached up, removing her balaclava as she shook her hair free.

“You’re waiting for the other transport,” Veronica said as she looked at the second person, who nodded and returned to the house.  All the three girls felt was the car start to move, and their journey began.

How long passed Cindy was not certain - whatever was being used to play the music into her ears was on a random shuffle, and she soon lost count of how many different songs she had heard.  As a result, she had no idea of the time when she felt the car finally come to a stop.

She instinctively turned her head, saying “Whrrw” as she heard the door to whatever they were in open, and the buds were removed from her ears.  She felt the pressure on her chest lessen and then her body lifted up.   As she was carried along, she could hear whoever had her talking in low tones, but was not able to hear much.

By her own reckoning, she was heading into some sort of building, and that was confirmed when she was gently lowered onto the ground and she felt the rope around her ankles being untied - but only for a moment, as he boots were taken off and then her ankles re-tied.

As he was lifted again, she stayed quiet, as she felt herself again moving, and then being dropped onto a hard wooden floor, she back by the feel of it against a wall.  A voice she had never heard before said “One down,” and then footsteps, receding into the distance.

Twice more she heard footsteps coming and going, and twice more she sensed someone being carried in, and left somewhere near her.  As the footsteps receded for the third time, Cindy heard a door close and a key turn in the lock - and then silence, until she heard Heidi call out “Inngee. Anningrr."

Heidi has been the last to be brought in, and she was wriggling round on the ground, trying to see if she could move.  Her back seemed to be against a wall, so she started to slide herself along the floor she was on, wriggling on her bottom until she bumped into someone.




Heidi recognised Jannifer’s muffled voice, and began to rub her head against her shoulder, trying to dislodge her blindfold.  She had begun to move it slightly up when she felt a bump against her.



Satisfied that Cindy has joined them, Heidi kept rubbing her head against Jannifer, while at the same time beginning to pick at Cindy's bonds with her fingers. “Dntmv,” she heard Cindy say as she felt movement behind her, and she felt a layer of tape against her fingers.  Pickign away at the edge, she finally managed to free an edge and pull the tap away from over Cindy’s mouth.  Shaking the sticky pad free, she then gently hooked her fingers under the scarf that had been pulled into her friend’s mouth, seeking to slip it out from between her lips.

After what seemed an eternity, Heidi felt some give in the gag, and slipped it over Cindy’s chin.  She then heard her friend say “Thanks Heidi,” as a damp wad of cloth hit her back.  At the same time, she finally managed to slip the blindfold up and over her head.

She sat still for a few moments, blinking in the light as her blurred eyesight slowly cleared and began to focus.  Cindy was indeed behind her, her mouth free as she said “Where are we?”  As she looked round, Heidi could see they were all in a large bedroom, the one large window open and allowing sunlight in.  Jannifer was next to her, trying to wriggle her hands free - but as she looked round the room, Heidi realised they were not the only ones there.

On the other side of the room was a fourth girl, her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and that lay over her shoulder.  She was wearing a grey sweatshirt and matching tracksuit bottoms, with her bare feet wriggling under the cuffs.  It was as she looked at the others that she realised for the first time they were all barefoot.

The girl was sitting quite still, with bands of silver tape around her ankles, knees, waist and in two bands around her chest.  There was also several bands of tape pressed over her lips and one over her eyes.  It took only a few moments for Heidi to recognise her.

“Nlty?”  she called out, and forgetting about the other two she started to push herself onto her feet, sliding her back up the wall until she was upright.  As Cindy and Jannifer tried to move back to back, she hopped over and sat down with her back to Natalie, using her fingers first to peel the blindfold away from her eyes, and then the tape gag from her mouth.

She turned herself round and watched as Natalie spat a pair of socks out of her mouth, and winked at Heidi as they both heard a key turn.  Both of them looked towards the door as it opened inwards.

In the doorway stood a slightly younger, slightly plumper version of Katherine Jenkins, with a nose ring, and several dangling ear rings. She was wearing a white t-shirt and dungaree jeans, the legs of which came to her mid calf.  She was barefoot, and she had three toe rings all together.  She also had a tattoo round her left ankle of a couple of turns ropes tied with a reef (Square) knot.

With her stood another girl, dressed in a black leotard over a pair of white tights.  Her black hair was pulled back into a pony tail, but the bands of silver tape around her ankles and legs contrasted with both parts of her outfit.  Her arms were pulled behind her back and more silver tape encircled her body round her waist, her shoulders and her body at elbow level. Her mouth was taped over with her cheeks bulging and her eyes were taped over with the outline of gauze pads underneath. It was clear that Alice had also been captured.

Heidi looked at Natalie, her eyebrows raised as he cousin said in a nonchalant tone "Meet my Aunt Heather!"

Friday, 4.45 pm, the high school.

Katherine Jenkins pulled up outside the sports hall and watched as her adopted daughter Natalie walked towards the SUV, smiling as she opened the passenger door and climbed in.  She fastened her seat belt and took off her trainers as Katherine moved off.

"So it's all set up?" asked the girl.

"Yes. Dear. Heather says she has several ideas of her own as well as yours. I've just had a text from Veronica saying that Jannifer, Heidi and Cindy are all set, they're just waiting for Dorothy and Amy now. Once I've dropped you off I'm then going to pick up Alice from her competition. I've got your school bag with Alice's and your weekend bags in the back. I called on her mum before coming over here."

"All going to plan then?"

"Yes dear, just one thing." said Katherine pulling off the road. Turning to Natalie she held a roll of silver duct tape.  “I have clean socks for you to use, but it is time for you to get ready for the weekend.”

Some time later, Katherine pulled up in front of a large farm house, watching as her sister came out and dropped the rag she was wiping her hands with on a chair.  Unbuckling the young girl from her seat, the two women carried her taped body through the farmhouse, up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Laying her against the bed, Katherine kissed her daughter on the head while Heather joked “OK Nats. Just wait here."

"Mnng noo." replied the heavily gagged and blindfolded Natalie.

The two women left the room and walked down to the front hall.  Katherine left the house for a few minutes, before returning and saying "OK the bags are in your kitchen. I'm off to the next pick-up."

"What about the others?"

"About 40 minutes till they're here if traffic stays the same.  Have fun, Heather, and remember - don’t do anything I would not do.”

“From what you told me of your weekend, I’m not the only one with a fun time ahead.  Go on - get moving.  You don’t want to keep the others waiting.”  She smiled as Katherine climbed back into the SUV and drove off, before returning to the kitchen to prepare dinner for six.


Friday, later in the bedroom


“Urnthfr?” Heidi said as the older woman as Alice hopped gingerly forward, in the direction she had heard Natalie speak from, while Heather closed the door.  As she got closer, following the sounds she could hear, Natalie eventually said "OK Alice, just kneel now."  Alice nodded as she lowered herself into a crouch, then rocked backwards and sat down, putting her bound feet and legs out in front of her.

“Now, where were we,” Natalie said as she turned her attention back to Heidi, picking at the edge of the tape covering her mouth until she was able to pull it away from her face.  She then grabbed the corner of the scarf that she could see between her cousin’s lips and gently pulled it out, letting the soaking mass fall to the floor.


“That’s better,” Heidi said as she worked her jaw, watching Cindy as she managed to finally work the blindfold off her eyes and start to pick with her teeth at the ropes around Jannifer’s wrists.  “Now, let me have a look at your wrists, Nats.”  She watched as the other girl twisted round, and then began to pick at the edge of the tape with her mouth.


It did not take her long to loosen and unwind the tape around her wrists, and then her elbows, which allowed Natalie in turn to work on untying Heidi’s hands.  “You go and help the others,” Nats said, and as Heidi hopped over to Cindy and Jannifer she pulled herself towards Alice and started to very carefully remove the tape from her eyes.


Fifteen minutes passed, during which Heidi untied the hands of the other two girls while Natalie released Alice’s mouth and hands, and they all started to untie or remove the tape from their own legs.  Eventually they were all sitting in a circle, pulling scarves around their necks or pulling the last of the tape away from their faces.


"So tell us about your Aunt Natalie." said Alice as if nothing had happened.

"Before that," interrupted Jannifer," how did you get here?"

"My mum brought me." answered Natalie as she stretched her legs out and wriggled her bare toes.

"Which one?" asked Heidi as she smiled.

"I meant Alice." said Jannifer as she looked at the others.  “How did she get here - and more to the point, who brought us here?  Who was it who tied the three of us up?”

"Stop , stop, stop." cried Cindy as she looked round the room "I'm confused, so one thing at a time please.  We came together, so who brought you two?"

"Katherine brought me." said Alice and Natalie in unison, looking at each other before they started laughing. "She picked me up from gym class and then taped me up in the car." continued Natalie, “After I was left here, I heard you three coming in. 


"She came to get me when the competition had finished,” Alice said as she rubbed her foot.   “She'd arranged it with my mum. She even had my overnight bag and school work in the car."


“What did your dad have to say about coming here?”


“I don’t think he knows I’m here - Katherine said Mum had told him I was staying at Jannifer’s place for the weekend.  Alice’s voice fell at this last point. "We'd been going about 10 minutes when she pulled the car off the road and produced a white sock and a roll of silver duct tape."

"And the rest...we saw the result of." finished Heidi. "I've got one question which really bugs me though." said Heidi rolling back and showing her bare feet off. "Why did she take our shoes."

Natalie laughed and said "Oh, Aunt Heather doesn't let anyone to wear shoes in her house. Not even guests."

"Oh so we’re guests?” Jannifer said, “Nice welcoming then.”  The others burst out laughing at this as Cindy stood up and looked out of the window.


"I see what Katherine meant about you following Aunt Heather now." said Cindy.

"Yes. I often spent summers here. She was the one who encouraged me to run round barefoot most of the year. And she helped my brother and me with our tie up games. She even taught me how to tie myself up."

"Not very well,” Heidi said, “You usually give yourself rope marks."

Natalie blushed and nodded.  “I need more practice,” she said as the door opened and Heather came back in. Looking round the room, she smiled as she said "So everybody's free now. Well done. Now hurry on downstairs for supper."  She stood back and let Natalie lead the others out of the room, closing the door before she followed them.

"That was wonderful Aunt Heather,” Natalie said as she put her spoon in the blow and pushed it away.  “You make the best Apple Cobbler in the business.”


“Made with apples from my orchard,” Heather said as she sat back.  “Anyone for thirds?”


“No thanks,” Heidi said, “but it was lovely. We can help you clear up, can't we."

“Just so long as you don't get bossy again Heidi." retorted Cindy as she stood up. "Remember what happened at Veronica's."

"Lots of things happened at Veronica’s house," said Natalie as she started to gather the plates.

"I wish we'd been there. You lot have all the fun." said Alice.  Heather smiled and said “I’m sure there will be other opportunities Alice - sometimes you have to do what your parents say, even when you think it’s stupid.”


“Yeah - but if my dad wasn’t so stubborn...”


“I’m sure he’ll come round - he probably just needs a little attitude adjustment,” Heather said as she stood up.

The girls cleared the table and washed the dishes under Natalie’s supervision, while Heather made some drinks and carried them through to her lounge.  Soon they were all sat in her lounge, trying to find out as much as they could of her whilst she chatted with them.  Before long, she looked at the large clock on her mantel and said “Will you look at the time?”

"So Natalie says you even taught her to tie herself up." said Heidi as she stretched and yawned.


"Can you show us how,” Heidi asked as she looked at Natalie.  Heather looked round the room and then smiled.

"Look - why don't you all get changed for bed, go to the toilet and then come back,  and we'll watch a DVD.  Then I’ll show you how to tie yourself up."  She watched as the girls jumped up and ran out of the room, shouting “Your bags are in Natalie’s room” after them.

Heidi and Cindy were the first to come back in, having changed into a pair of short sleeved pyjamas with pants that came down to just below their knees, almost like a pair of Capri shorts.  Jannifer followed her, wearing a black top and shorts that looked as if they were made of silk.


As they sat on the couch, Alice came in, dressed in a pink nightie, shaped like a t-shirt on her chest and with a skirt that came half way down her thighs.  Finally Natalie and Heather came in together, Nats in a powder blue vest top and shorts, while her aunt was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of blue cycling shorts.


“All comfortable,” Heather said as she looked round the room.  “All right then - Natalie will you help me please?" She opened a cupboard and handed her niece several coils of soft white rope, then stood behind Alice and asked her to shuffle forward while Natalie stood behind Heidi.


They started by placing the hands of both girls behind their backs, placing them palm to palm before tightly binding them with the rope, four coils round and two between before they cinched and tied the ends off.  A further length of rope went round their waist, fixing their wrists into the small of their backs, before Nats and Heather knelt in front of them.


“Cross your ankles,” Heather said quietly, and soon both Heidi and Alice were looking at their tightly bound legs, both at their ankles and just below their knees.  Standing back up, they then folded a small white scarf each into a pad, and pushed them into the open mouths of Heidi and Alice, before using a black scarf each as a cleave gag to help keep the packing in place.


“You two next,” Heather said as she stood behind Cindy, and Nats behind Jannifer.  Once they were secured, Heather bound and gagged her daughter, and helped her to sit down before she took care of some things near the DVD player.


Switching on the television, Heather looked at her captive audience and said “OK. I will now start the demonstration.  The easiest bit is your legs - so always do them first."  She picked up three lengths of rope and used them to bind her ankles together, then her legs above and below the knee, pulling the ropes tight and making sure she cinched the bands.


"Now come the tricky bit - you have to arrange some rope around yourself so that your wrists will be secured behind your back.  Watch carefully.”  The girls looked on as she wound a length of rope around her waist, and then made four loops on the rope in front of her, with a slip knot in the middle.  Once she was satisfied, she slid the rope around her waist and then fed her hands through the loops - two around her left wrists and two around her right one.


"Now,” Heather said as she looked at the others, “these two loose ends are pulled to tighten the knot. You can undo the knot by gripping the ball of the slip knot and sliding it down these two ropes, but sometimes that may not be possible.  So it is always best to have a pair of scissors or knife available."  As she said this, she looked towards the television, and the others could see a pair of scissors lying on the floor in front of it.


"If you want to, you can attach these ropes to your ankles as well, or to a leg of a bed, heating pipe or such - but if you do you will need the blade to get free.  You can't slide the knot off with these ends tied, but you can still immobilise yourself."

With that, and with her back turned to the five girls she pulled hard on the two loose ends. The coils tightened round her wrists and Heather tugged on the waist rope to demonstrate she was tied up.

"OK - any emergencies just grunt three times as loud as you can in quick succession. Got that?"

The girls looked at each other and chorused "MMMNNNGGm, MMMNNNGGG< MMNNNGGGNN."

"Good - now I can finish getting ready."  Heather turned round to the chair behind her and knelt down, before she began to force a square of material into her mouth as if she was eating it. She then leant forward and used Natalie’s toes to push the cloth the rest of the way in so that she could close her lips over it.


“Gnthfr,” Natalie said as she lay flat on the floor and rolled to where she had left three strips of tape, before rolling her mouth against the first, then the second, and finally the third.   Sitting herself up, she shuffled back as the girls saw how she was effectively tape gagged and silenced as well as her younger companions. Reaching forward with her bare feet, she pressed PLAY on the DVD remote and settled back to watch the film with the others.


The room was in near darkness when the DVD had finished.  Heather struggled to her knees in the centre of the room and looked at the girls, saying "mmnng, migff inngg hww eww geeng oog om igg"

There followed 5 minutes of picking and straining as she slowly stretched the knot down the loose ends eventually managing to get her left wrist free then freeing her other hand. She next peeled the tape off her mouth and took the soaked square of material out before hopping to Jannifer, who was sitting at the left end of the row of girls, and untied her gag.

"So you see girls, that is how you tie yourself up but you really have to have scissors available in case you have to get out more quickly. If you don't touch the scissors and don't pick the knot you are tied as securely as if you'd been kidnapped."

Once Heidi's gag was removed she turned to Natalie and said "I can see why you sometimes come to school with rope marks when your try this at home."

Heather held up her hands for all who had not seen the deep imprint of the ropes and red scratched skin on the left wrist. "I used to try and hogtie myself too," she said, “so I got ankle rope burns too."

"Which explains the thick tights in summer from someone who is usually bare foot from March?”


Natalie looked at Cindy and said "well yes. Until Mum caught me at it one day and said providing dad was out she'd always be able to tie me up. Well she did say that once she'd stopped laughing and then given my feet a good tickling."

Heather untied her own ankles then began to untie the girls' hands, leaving them to free their own legs as she said "Definitely time for bed now."


“Right - we have three bedrooms - who wants which?”


“Bags I share with Cindy," shouted Heidi.

"Me with Alice." called Natalie.

"So I don't get anyone to share with?" said Jannifer.  Heather put her arm round the young girl’s shoulder and said “Don't worry -You'll have a whole double bed to yourself.  Now, up the stairs and straight off to sleep - lots to do tomorrow.”


“All right,” Natalie said as she stretched and yawned.  “Let’s go.”  The group stood up and slowly climbed the stairs, finding their rooms and closing the doors behind them.

After ten minutes had passed, Jannifer was in her bed reading when there was a knock on the door.  “Come in,” she said, and as the door opened she saw Heather standing there, dressed in just her lycra cycling shorts and a sports bra.

"Jannifer, san I ask you to do something special for me?" she asked quietly, and the young girl could see she was nervous.  “Of course,” she replied, and climbed out of the bed, following Heather down to the landing to her room.  As she went in, she saw lying on the bed some lengths of rope and two sets of handcuffs.


Sitting on the bed, Heather looked at Jannifer and said "It's been quite some time since I've been truly helpless and felt that thrill of being tied up by someone else. I know it’s asking a lot, but do you think you could help? The keys to the cuffs are on the bedside table but I need someone to tie me up and make sure it's tight.  Will you do that for me?"


“I could,” Jannifer whispered, “but what will the others say if they find out?”


“Nothing - if they have any sense,” Heather said quietly.  “Now, take one of the lengths of rope, and tie one end to the bottom of the bed, at the side, then make a loop at the top with a slip knot.  Can you do that?”


She watched as Jannifer followed her instructions, fixing a length of rope to each of the bottom corners of the bed and leaving them with the loops on the mattress.  “Great - now, wait until I am ready.”  Jannifer watched as Heather took the cuffs and attached one part of each pair to a metal ring at the top of the bed - noticing as she did so the semicircles of about an inch in diameter along the frame.


“Now,” Heather said as she lay on the bed, her head nestling on the two pillows, “tie the loops of rope around my ankles, and tighten them.”  She watched as Jannifer slipped the loops of rope over her ankles and pulled them tight, and then moved to the top of the bed.


Heather smiled as she  lifted her hands above her head, watching as Jannifer fastened the other half of the cuffs over her wrists.  Once they were secured, she said “Now, pull the rope around my ankles a little tighter, and secure them to the foot of the bed again.”


As Jannifer followed her request, Heather smiled and tested her wrist and ankles.  "See,” she said as she looked at Jannifer, “That's the bit I can't do for myself. I'm slightly stretched now and totally helpless."

"Do you want the sheets on Heather?"

Heather sighed and then said "No leave me uncovered for the night please. And one last thing, well two really."

"What's that?"

"Look in the bottom of the cupboard over..." Heather looked up and tried to point, first with her right hand then the toes on her right foot.  Looking in that direction, Jannifer opened the door and then a set of drawers inside, looking through them one by one before she retrieved a leather panel gag, which had a rubber ball fixed to the underside of the panel.


“That’s the one - I need you to secure that around my head, and then there's a sleep mask under the pillow. Put that on me too."

“As you wish,” Jannifer said as she eased the ball into Heather’s open mouth and passed the straps around her head, fastening them tightly around her head as the leather was pulled down over her mouth.  “Fnku,” Heather mumbled as the young girl then slipped the sleep mask out from under the pillow and slipped the blindfold over Heather's eyes, plunging her into darkness despite the light being on.


She looked at their host for this weekend all tied up and helpless. Heather gave a muffled moan as she moved around a little testing the range of her restraint before Jannifer left the room, switching off the light to return to her own bed.



Saturday, 7 am

“But I don’t want to pull the crate with my arms...”


The next thing Jannifer was aware of was a pulling feeling in her arms. When she had returned to her bed, the effects of the adrenalin rush from the events of Friday had worn off, and she had fallen straight into a deep and dreamless sleep.


Dreamless, that is, until now when she realised that someone was pulling at her arms.  Opening her eyes, she turned her head to discover Natalie had rolled her over onto her stomach, and was binding her crossed wrists together behind her back.


"What are you doommpphh" Jannifer said as Nats stuffed a folded piece of cotton into her mouth and tied a rolled up red neckscarf between her teeth, completing the gag.

"You’re coming with me." Natalie said as she helped Jannifer to stand up, and then walked her down to her aunt’s bedroom.  As she walked in, she could see Heather still lying on the bed, asleep as the blindfold and leather panel remained in place.


Also in the room were Heidi, Cindy and Alice, all bound the same way with their hands behind them, ankles and knees tied together and gagged the same way as Jannifer was.  They looked up from where they were sitting on the floor, as Natalie pushed Jannifer to the ground and tied her knees and ankles together.

"Now,” Natalie said as she looked at her friends, “one of you has tied Aunt Heather to her bed and I intend to find out who."






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