Heidi on the Farm - Part 2









"MMnnggmmnn" Heidi said as she shook her head.

"What's that Heidi? Got something to say?" Natalie whispered as she removed her cousin's gag.  Heidi licked her lips and then said "Wouldn't it be easier to untie Heather and ask her who did it?"

"Of course it would be easier,” Nats said as she regagged Heidi, “but this is much more fun."

Smiling, she began to tickle Heidi’s bare feet while demanding she tell her if she had done this heinous act.   nnnnnggdddd plssttppppp  ahhhhhhh” Heidi laughed out as Natalie’s long fingers worked on the soles of her feet, “Idntknn.”


“Really,” Natalie said as Jannifer saw Heather move slightly, “Well, maybe Cindy will confess.”  She moved on to the next girl, making her twist round and laugh out loud through her gag, but she too could say nothing.


“And what about you, sweet innocent Jan,” Natalie said as she started to tickle her friend’s feet.  Jannifer instantly started to nod her head and call out “Idddt - stp!!”


Natalie sat back on her feet, genuinely shocked as she said “"You mean you did it?  You are confessing? How do I know you're not just saying that to make me stop tickling you? Go on - admit you’re just saying that. You didn't really tie my aunt up."

“BTEDDD,” she screamed out as Nats started to tickle her again, the realisation dawning on her that telling the truth would not protect her - not when Natalie Jenkins had the desire to tickle them all.  For the next half hour, Nats tickled all of them in turn, and by the end of it they had all confessed to binding Heather at least twice.  Alice, by far the most ticklish of the lot, had also confessed to the Kennedy Assassination, the Attack on pearl harbour, faking the NASA moon landings, and was about to confess to betraying General Custer to the Indians when Heather said “Smbdrmvthgg, nw.”


“Don’t move,” Natalie said as she retrieved the keys from the bedside table and released her aunt’s wrists.  They watched as she stretched her arms up, and then reached behind her head, unbuckling the gag and easing it before she removed the blindfold.


“Natalie,” she finally said as she glared at her niece, “Would you care to explain what is going on here?”


“I know one of my so-called friends tied you up when you were asleep, Aunt Heather, so...”


“I know,” Heather said as she reached down and started to untie her ankles, “I asked Jannifer to do this for me before she went to sleep last night, and she was kind enough to do so.  I believe I heard her tell you that?”


Natalie looked at Jannifer, who was nodding as the others looked on.  “Oh,” she said quietly, “but...”


“But nothing - untie them.  Now.”


There was a tine in Heather’s voice that made the other girls feel sorry for Natalie, as she released them as quickly as she could, then stood there with her hands in front of her.


“Now then,” Heather said as she stood up, “I want you four to go, visit the bathroom and clean yourselves up, and then get dressed.  Natalie - you will stay here with me.”


“Yes Aunt Heather,” Natalie said as the others stood up.  As they walked to the door, Heather said “Oh, and girls?  You might want to wear something to protect your legs.”


They looked at each other and left the room, as Heather said “Now, as for you...”





Saturday, 8.30 am


Jannifer made her way down the staircase, pulling down her white mid-sleeved top as she did so to make sure the hem covered the top of her black leggings.  She also had on a pair of white socks, the cuffs of her leggings tucked into them as she walked into the kitchen.


“I’ll be with you in a minute,” Heather said without turning round as Cindy came in.  She was wearing a grey sweatshirt over her dress from the previous day, and a pair of knee length striped socks.


Heidi was right behind her, in a red long sleeved jumper, calf length cut off jeans and red socks covering her ankles.  “Where’s Nats,” she said as Alice came in, and the three girls looked at her.


“What,” she said as she saw Heidi raising an eyebrow, “is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?” 


“No, not at all,” Jannifer said as she looked at her friend.  She was wearing a red and white checked top, the top buttons undone to reveal a glimpse of her chest and the lower part tied under her chest, leaving her belly bare.  A pair of cut-off denim shorts covered the tan hose that she had on over her legs as Heather turned and looked at them.


“Sometimes I forget that you are all turning into young women at your age,” she said as she looked at Alice, “and sometimes I realise you can still act like children.”  She was wearing a baggy short sleeved white blouse and a calf length denim skirt as she walked between the table and the work surface, her bare feet hitting the wooden floor.


“Now come over here,” she said, and as they walked round they saw Nats lying on a rig on the floor.  She was still wearing her shorts and top, but she was as tightly hogtied as they had ever seen her, her ankles tied down to the backs of her thighs as well as to each other, her calves and thighs secured together, and her palms tied back to back between her shoulder blades as coils of rope went round her upper body.


She turned and looked at the quartet, mumbling “hhh” through the black and white striped scarf that was pulled between her lips, the edge of what appeared to be a white sock sticking out from under it.


"I thought you might like to get some revenge for earlier," Heather said as she ran her finger along Natalie’s bare sole.  The young girl quivered and let out a muffled laugh as they looked at each other - and the assault commenced.


Forty tickling fingers probed Natalie's feet, tummy, ribs and neck, making her squeal and wriggle round for ten minutes as the girls exacted their revenge.  Eventually, Heather said “All right - Breakfast is ready.  Sit at the table.”  As they went over, she untied her niece and helped her to stand up,  saying “Next time, listen to your friends - now go and get dressed.”


As she sat at the table and handed round warm croissants, Natalie rubbed her wrists and said “I’ll get you all for this you know. Including you, aunt Heather."  She ran out as Heather started to pout mugs of hot coffee.




Heidi eventually pushed her plate back and said "Well that was a lovely breakfast Heather.  Thank you."

"MMm yes." chorused the other girls as Heather stood up and started to clear the plates away.  Natalie had joined the other girls part way through the meal, but unlike her cousin and friends who had covered their legs and ankles she was still barefoot in a yellow vest top and a short denim skirt that reached to her mid thigh.


“We’ll take care of that,” Alice and Cindy said as they stood up and helped to clear away the breakfast things, all of them wondering what if anything Heather (and Natalie) had planned for them next.

"Well" said Heather when they had finished, "I promised your mothers I would make sure all your homework would be done whatever other games and fun we got up to. So, if you get it out of the way first, we can all have a relaxing and entertaining weekend. Your school bags are all in the porch if you'd like to get them and sit back round the table. Oh and Natalie - are you sure you don't want to put your track suit trousers back on?"

"It's alright Aunt Heather. I don't mind the odd mark."

"Odd mark! " Alice said quietly. "What do you mean?"

The girls soon found out when they returned. Once they were all sat with their school books and home work on the table Heather appeared with a bag of cable ties. Starting with Natalie, then Cindy, Heidi, Jannifer and finally Alice she went round the table, carefully tying each girl’s ankles to the legs of her chair. She then went round again using larger plastic strips to tie their legs just below the knee to the chair legs.

"Now,” Heather said as she stood at the end of the table, “if I hear talking it'd better be about quadratic equations, irregular past participles, equilibrium reactions and the date of the battle of Gettysburg. If I hear anything about the new teen heart throb pop musician or movie star....well." She held up a roll of silver duct tape and some cotton scarves and looked at the group.


They all nodded and opened their books as Heather left the kitchen, leaving the door open as she went to tidy the front room...



Saturday, 11.15


“And that,” Jannifer said as she put down her pen, “is my project on the life cycle of the locust finished.  What about you lot?”


“Quadratic equations done and dusted!”


“Essay on the significance of the title To Kill A Mockingbird completed!”


Natalie looked round the table and said “Great -we got all our homework finished and completed and now we can kick - well, you know what I mean.”


“I sure do,” Alice said as she put her hands behind her head, the bottom of her blouse riding up as she did so.  “It means we get the rest of the weekend to do whatever we want to do.”


“I’m sure Aunt Heather’s got some old Dukes of Hazzard DVDs if you are interested?”


Alice looked over at Natalie, before she picked up an eraser and threw it at her.  Funn-EEE,” she said with a smile, “Just because I get a couple of days away from home and choose to let my hair down...”


“Nothing wrong with that,” Cindy said as she closed her books and put them to one side, “nothing at all.  After all, we all know your dad can be a bit strict.”


Alice nodded as she put her hands down on the table.  “I know - he does like to keep a tight rein on us, which is why I enjoy being with you girls so much.  It gives me a chance to be myself, loosen up a bit.”


“A bit?”  Heidi looked at her friend as her top showed her bare midriff.  “Alice, be honest - even my mum would have a fit if I wore something like that.”


“So would mine,” Alice said with a smile, “but I need to find myself, don’t I?”


“There’s a song in there,” Jannifer said, and she suddenly started singing a song by Queen...


“I want to break free; I want to break free....”


“Really?  I was under the impression you were to sit there and get on with your work.”  The girls looked to the doorway to see Heather standing there, twirling a roll of duct tape in her hand.  “Now, what was it I said about chatting?”


Natalie looked at her aunt and said “Please, We’ve all finished.  Any chance we can be cut free now?”


Heather walked into the room and glanced at the books, then went to the work surface and produced a pair of kitchen scissors.  “Well then,” she said as she started to cut the girls free, “It’s going to be a little while until lunch is ready - why don’t you show the girls round?”


They all stood up and stretched, then put their books back in their bags and followed Natalie out to the hallway.


“Well, you’ve seen the kitchen and dining room, obviously,” she said with a smile, “and the lounge is through there.  This is Aunt Heather’s thinking room.”  She opened a door next to the lounge and showed the others into a smaller room, with shelves of books around the wall and several padded armchairs.


There were also three wooden poles in the room, near to one wall and running from the floor to the ceiling.  Alice walked over with Heidi to the poles, running their hands over them before Alice wrapped herself round one pole and shimmied to the top.  She allowed herself to hang upside down from it, her legs holding her in place as the others watched.


“Sometimes I wish I could do that,” Cindy said as Heidi stood by a second pole and wrapped her arms behind her around it.  “Hmmm,” she finally said, “A girl could be quite nicely tied to one of these - couldn’t she Natalie?”


Natalie looked over as Heidi said “It may not be a good idea to bring Chloe here.”


“I’ve already spent a few hours tied to one of those,” Natalie said as she helped Alice to come down, “and you know what?  It’s far more comfortable barefoot than in those heels Chloe makes me wear!  Come on, I’ll show you the rest of upstairs.”


As the five girls climbed up the stairs, Natalie said “you’ve seen the bedrooms obviously - all of them - and the bathroom, but I want to show you the attic.”


Taking a hook on the end of a rod, Nats reached up and pulled down a folding ladder, then climbed it before opening a hatch in the ceiling and beckoning to the others.  As they climbed up, they found themselves under the eaves of the farmhouse, with several old boxes and tea chests scattered around.


“Not as big as Veronica’s I know,” Natalie said as they looked round, “Aunt Heather tends to just use it for storage.”


“Just a typical attic, then,” Jannifer said as she lifted the lid on one box.  “On the other hand though - girls, come and look at these.”  The others crowded round as Jannifer reached in and took out a length of chain, with a leather cuff fastened to each end.


“Wow,” Cindy said as she took out several sets of handcuffs, “What are these doing up here?”


“Like I said, storage,” Natalie said as she helped the others to empty the box.  It contained several chains, sets of leather cuffs and handcuffs.  Some of the cuffs were fastened by buckles, while others had a hasp and pin for a padlock to go through.  There was also a large box of keys, which Cindy was looking through.


“What’s it like to be fastened in something like these anyway,” Alice said as she took one of the leather cuffs around her wrist.


“You’d need to make sure you had the right key first,” Cindy said as she looked through the box, and then down at the padlocks.  “How on earth can you tell anyway?”


“Not a problem,” Natalie said as she held up a set of cuffs, “if you use the ones with the buckles.”  She fastened one around her won wrists and showed the others.


“Neat,” Heidi said with a grin, “You could spend the whole day chained up here, and no one else in the house would know.”  She looked at Natalie, who just winked before saying “Come on- cellar next.”


Removing the cuff, she led the girls back down the attic and stairs, and then through the now empty kitchen before opening a door and turning on the light.  She led them down to a stone cellar, and looking round they could tell this was where Heather kept her pantry.  There were shelves laden with food, a big freezer humming in the corner, and a wine rack against the wall.  On the other side was a washing machine and dryer, as well as a store of cleaning materials and several coils of rope.


“What on earth are these for,” Jannifer said as she walked over and looked at a line of metal rings that were fixed into the wall.  Natalie lifted one of them up, and said “Take a wild guess.”


“Err, Nats,” Heidi said as she looked at them, “Have you ever been tied to these?”  Nats just smiled and said “Come on - I’ll take you out to the barns next.”


As they went into the kitchen, Cindy said “Wait a minute” and went into the hallway, returning with her boots.    Alice and Heidi went and fetched their trainers, while Jannifer pulled her socks off and put on her flat shoes.


“You don’t know what you’re missing,” Natalie said as she opened the door to the back and walked out, her toes wriggling on the short grass as the others joined her.  It was the first chance they had had to see the rear of the farm, and a short walk away they could see the apple orchard.


“What’s over there,” Alice said as she pointed at a gate in a wall.


“I’ll show you this afternoon,” Natalie said as she walked towards the nearest barn.  “Come on - this is Aunt Heather’s studio.”


She opened the door and walked them in to find Heather sat in front of an easel, working on a painting.  The room was filled with art materials, and various canvases were hanging from the walls or stacked to the side.


“Hi,” Heather said as she looked up, her bare feet resting on a cushion, “Welcome to my workshop.”


“Wow,” Cindy said as she looked round, “so this is what you do for a living - I would never have thought you and Katherine were sisters.”


“Well, every family needs a little variety,” Heather said with a smile, “but yes, this is how I earn my money mainly.  I’ve just finished the set for a new exhibition, and really should be resting, but hey - I just can’t resist the urge when it comes.”


these are really good,” Alice said as she walked round the room, “Do you teach as well?”


“I do a class at Maine University,” Heather said, “and I also sometimes do props for film or theatre sets.  It’s a quick way of making some additional money.  I’ve also helped out with designs from the local RennFaire.


“So is this why you live all alone out here - for the solitude?”


“A little bit -but I’m not the only one out here.  There are the local farmers, and a bit further up the forest road there’s another artist who lives with her boyfriend.  We meet for coffee from time to time - nice girl.”


“Come on,” Natalie said, “I’ll show you some of her prop work.”


“Ah, Natalie, I think you should...”  Heather watched as the girls ran out, and shook her head, saying to herself “Don’t say I didn’t warn you...”


Nats led the girls to the next barn along, opening the door and turning on the light before she showed them in.  The bulb was red, and it cast an eerie glow over the scene.


“Aunt Heather did these for a horror movie,” she said as the girls looked at what seemed to be an Egyptian tomb.  There was a small sphinx sitting in the corner, various sets of hieroglyphics, and a jackal poised to pounce on a plinth.  “Mostly they are made of papier mache, but it does look realistic in the right light.


Standing in the corner were two mummy cases, the gold stylised face staring out at the room as the girls looked round.  Alice was looking at the jackal when she suddenly stopped and looked round the room.


“Natalie,” she said in a nervous tone, “Can you hear something?”


The other girls stopped and listened, before Cindy said “Yeah - I can hear it too now.  It’s coming from over there.”  She looked towards the far corner of the room, the others looking as well.


“OH MY GOD!” Heidi suddenly screamed out as she heard it this time, “It’s coming from the Mummy case.  Natalie, what’s going on here?”


“I don’t know,” Natalie said as she slowly walked over to the two cases, “Are you sure the noise was coming from here?”


“Natalie, are you sure you know what you’re doing,” Jannifer said as the knocking grew louder, and the girls slowly backed away.


“Faint hearts and all that,” Natalie said with a smile as she leaned over and gripped the front of the mummy case, slowly opening the door.


Nooooo - NATS!!!” Cindy screamed out.  “DON’T!!!!”


“OH MY GOD,” the others said in unison as Natalie threw the door to the mummy case open, and they screamed out loud as they saw what was inside.


What was inside was a young woman with long red hair, staring at them over the red scarf that was tied tightly over her lower face.  Bands of rope were tied so tightly round her she looked like a mummy, but as the girls lowered their hands from their eyes they saw the red v-necked pullover, the denim shorts, the black leggings, the purple striped socks and the Doc Marten boots laced up the front.


“KKKK Chloe?”Heidi said as the young woman nodded, and Natalie pulled down the scarf to reveal a white band of cotton pulled tightly between the young French girl’s lips, holding in place a large amount of white cloth that was spilling out over the edges as her cheeks were puffed out.


Gdmrnnng,” Chloe mumbled as the other girls looked at her, and Natalie started to tickle her ribs, making her squirm as much as she could in her position.  “Revenge for the last few punishments,” she said as she turned to the others.  “Come on- let’s see who else we can find.”


She led the way to the next barn, and as they walked in Cindy said “Oh hi Joanne - just hanging out here are you?”


Vrerfnneee,” Joanne said from her position strapped to a large St Andrew’s Cross in the centre of the barn.  She was wearing a grey hooded top and jogging pants, with her wrists and ankles held firmly in place by leather straps, and a leather pad was covering her mouth.


“She’s not alone,” Jannifer said, and as the girls turned they saw Alexa and Andrea kneeling on the floor, their hands secured behind their backs with ropes and their upper bodies securely tied.  As they walked round, they saw that their feet were held in a set of double stacks, with their wrists tied to a ring that was fixed into the wood between their feet.


Alexa was wearing her black t-shirt and jeans, while Andrea had on a blue jumper and tight leggings.


Hlgrls,” Alexa said as she looked at them, “hvngfn?”


“We are now,” Jannifer said as she saw their shoes and socks neatly placed to one side.  Andrea looked round as Cindy, Jannifer and Alice knelt behind them, and Heidi and Natalie walked over to Joanne.


Nnnn, nnnn, dntudr.....” Their pleas fell on deaf ears as the girls commenced their tickling of their bare feet...


The air was filled with the sound of muffled laughs as Cindy and Alice continued their tickle attack on Alexa and Andrea's bare soles. The older girls wriggled as best they could, but with their legs in stocks and their wrists secured there was no escape from the torturing fingers. Jannifer stood up and walked over to join Natalie and Heidi as they tickled Joanne, before she noticed something on the far side of the barn.


“Hey Nats, what’s that,” she said as she pointed to the new object.  The other two turned and looked at it, before Nats said “I have absolutely no idea - must be a new project.”


The walked over and looked at what resembled a sacrificial altar, but as Heidi knocked on it they realised it was made of wood.  It had been painted to resemble old grey stone, with a few reddish brown paint marks to resemble dried blood.


“I wonder who this is for,” Natalie said as she examined the object, noting the short chains that had been attached to each corner.  Jannifer pulled on one of them, before examining the metal cuff that was attached to the free end.


“Your aunt is really good,” she said as she pulled on the chain again, “You would never know this was wood rather than stone.  It feels as if it would never give.”


“Yeah, she is,” Natalie said as she looked at Heidi, and Heidi nodded in return.  Before Jannifer had a chance, they grabbed her and laid her on the altar.  “Hey, what are you...” she called out as they quickly fastened the cuffs on her wrist and ankles, leaving her spread-eagled as she wriggled around.


"All right, very funny, now let me... Oh no, you’re not going to...”


“OH yes I am,” Natalie said as she removed Jannifer’s shoes and looked at her, a hint of menace in her eyes as her finger stroked up the bare sole of her left foot.  "No  ... no NO NOOOO" she cried as Natalie started to tickle her, Heidi joining her cousin as the air was filled by the red haired girl’s shrieks and laughter, much louder than her gagged fellow prisoners.

As the tickle torture continued, Cindy stood up and walked over to Joanne, smiling at her cousin as she said “It’s so unfair for you to be left out.”


Tslrrtdsnt...”  Joanne started to say as Cindy slowly lifted her top and started to tickle her ribs.  She reacted the only way she could, wriggling and desperately trying to get away from Cindy’s fingers as much as Jannifer could escape the other two - in other words, not at all, as a fourth muffled voice joined the chorus of laughter.  It continued for about ten minutes, before there was a small interruption.


"Now there's a sight. And sound."


They all turned to see Heather standing in the doorway, amazed at how loud and clear she had been in the large barn.  By her stood Chloe, still bound with ropes around her upper body and tightly gagged.  She looked round the room, smiling broadly before saying “Playtime’s over.  You need to free your prisoners and get back to the house for lunch."

Cindy nodded and began to unbuckle the straps on Joanne's wrists and ankles while Alice made a start at untying Alexa's hands, Andrea watching closely.  Jannifer looked pleadingly at Heidi and Natalie, but her friends appeared to be having a little trouble.  Eventually Natalie turned and said "Erm, Aunt Heather?"

"Yes Nats"

"How do we get the alter chains open?"

Heather walked over and looked at the prone prisoner, before she burst out laughing. "Maybe we just have to leave your friend here all afternoon."

Jannifer shook her head and screamed "Nooo. Nats I swear I'll get you for this."  The girls then watched as Heather lifted Jannifer’s left foot and tickled it, making her squirm again before she pressed a catch on the cuff, making it spring open.  Heidi and Natalie quickly found the other three catches, allowing Jannifer to jump down and put her shoes back on. "I'll get you two for this." she said as she looked at them.

“Oh, I’m scared,” Heidi said with a laugh as Heather retrieved a key from a hook and unlocked the heavy wooden stocks around the girl’s ankles.  Both of them stood up and stretched, before reaching round their heads to unbuckle their gags. As Joanne removed the panel gag, it left only Chloe gagged and restrained as Alexa and Andrea put their shoes and socks back on.

"I don't know why you're bothering" said Natalie "They'll be coming off again in a minute. Just feel the grass under your feet for a change."  The two girls looked at her and shook their heads, as Cindy asked a question that had been bothering her.

"How did you get here anyway?”

Joanne twisted her body round, her arms raised before she shook them again and replied "Mum brought us all.  The girls came round this morning, said they had been invited, and then mum dropped the whole deal on us."

"Where exactly are we?" asked Alexa as she looked round the barn.

"My Aunts farm," Natalie said, but Alexa shook her head and said "No. I mean WHERE?"

"You mean...?" asked Heidi.

"Yes." said Joanne "Blindfolded and gagged all the way. Mum said it would be a mystery trip, and she wasn’t wrong."  As they talked, Chloe was looking round the group, wriggling round and trying to free herself before she called out in exasperation “"nngg ff wwmmg!!"

"Oh lord - I am so sorry, Chloe," Jannifer said as she stood behind the young French student and untied the band of cloth that was between her lips.  As it was pulled away, she spat out a very wet pad of cotton and worked her mouth before saying "Yeouch. Mon Dieu, what is the time"

"Must be gone 12," Heidi said as she looked round the room.  The four older girls looked at each other before Joanne said "We've been tied up almost three hours?"


"Well,” Heather said as she started to untie Chloe, “Two hours on the farm, and however long it took you to get here."


"For me, you may make that 12 hours,” Chloe said as she finally stretched and looked at Joanne.  "Your darling mother has had me trussed up in your spare room over night."

"Ah,” Joanne said with a smile, “so that's why we didn't hear you arrive after we were tied."

"So what are you all doing here?" asked Alice.

"Mum said she was going to Veronica’s, the rest of the family are away, and it would be good to get away for the weekend." said Joanne, "just before she tied my hands behind me and gagged me!  Then Andrea and Alexa arrived, she did the same to them, blindfolded us and - well, you know the rest."

“Follow me,” Heather said as she led the group back to the farmhouse, where the table was laid for ten people.

Saturday, 2.30 pm


"That was lovely, Natalie said as the group finished, “let's help you clear up."  With nine extra pairs of hands, the cleaning up did not take long, and soon all the girls were sitting round the table with Heather, drinking coffee and talking.

Chloe looked round the spacious kitchen and said "This is a lovely place you have Madam Heather."


“Thanks,” Heather said with a smile, “I like it too.  Nice and quiet, with only the occasional disturbance.”  She winked at Natalie, who smiled in response.

"Yeah." chipped in Cindy, "and Natalie has shown us so many interesting things here."

"Yeah, like the barns," grinned Heidi.

Alexa reached over and touched Joanne’s hand, before saying "So good that you managed to get round and see the sights, some of us were a little tied up this morning.  In fact, we could not see anything until we were in those stocks."


"When did you all get here anyway?" asked Jannifer.

"I don't know,” Andrea said, “we were all tied and gagged."

"They got here about 10." answered Heather "While you were all busy working. And your mother and I, Joanne, made sure that all my new guests were made comfortable while you cleared your diaries so to speak."


“It’s almost as if she really wanted us out of the way,” Joanne whispered.  “Have you any idea what’s going on this weekend?”


“None whatsoever,” Heather said as she looked round the group.  “So, what are we going to do this afternoon?”

"When do we get to see round?" asked Andrea.  Natalie smiled before saying “We could take them for the walk Aunt Heather."

"Yes we could,” Heather said as she nodded, “But I'm not sure we could say you'll see round. You'll certainly get the feel of the environment."  As she said this, all the faces bar Heather and Natalie looked nervously at each other.

Eventually Chloe said "That settles it mes amis. Let us go for the walk."

"OK,” Heather said as she pushed her chair back and stood up.  Nats, you’ll help me get your friends ready won't you."

"Sure thing,” Natalie said as she stood up.  “Right everyone socks off, leave your shoes in the house and come outside.  Oh - and Alice."


"If you don’t want those pantyhose ruined, then I suggest you change too."

Heidi leant over to Cindy. "The word ominous springs to mind based on what we've just heard.”


“Yeah - but it can't be worse than that walk in the woods we took last summer.”


“I wasn’t here for that, remember?”


“It’ll be fun,” Cindy said, “come on...”



Ten minutes later most of the party were standing on the grass outside, all barefoot and most of them subconsciously wiggling their toes or clawing at the lawn exploring the unusual feeling. Heather and Natalie came out from the kitchen, carrying two large bags that the others could see spilling over with ropes, tape and odds and ends of cloth.

"OK." said Heather as she looked at the assembled group, “who's first?"

"What for?" asked Alexa.

"The sensory walk." Natalie said as she started to sort out the coils of rope.

"All right, sensory walk, sounds fun - but why the ropes?"

"Well" said Heather "we are so used to simply seeing with our eyes and feeling with our hands we ignore other sensations. This walk will teach you to use other ways of being aware of your surroundings,"

"By removing the use of your eyes and your hands." added Natalie.  Heidi rolled her eyes and looked round the group, before saying in a mock tone of terror “Oh you scheming little cousin. I might have known this was part of your fiendish plan for the weekend."

Natalie just grinned as Alice joined the rest of the gang. There was one small change to her outfit from the morning. Her tan hose were gone leaving her feet and legs bare. "Well volunteered Alice" called Heather.

"What?"  Alice looked round as the others giggled.

"Just stand here with your hands behind your back."

"Come on, you too cus," Natalie said as she pointed to Heidi.  The young girl went to stand in front of Natalie, holding her hands behind her back in the same way as Alice.

"Just like this Nats." said heather taking two pieces of rope, "twice round the waist, then tie the wrists crossed in the small of the back. Once you’ve done that, leave the long ends dangling like this behind." Natalie nodded and copied her aunt as she bound Heidi and Heather secured Alice.


What's the gagmmpphhh" blurted out a shocked Heidi, looking at Alice just before Natalie shoved a folded square of white clothe into her mouth. As she and Alice looked at each other, their captors smoothed three strips of duct tape over their lips.


 Heather looked at the others and grinned.

"Oh yes, did Natalie forget to say?  As well as removing the use of eyes and hands we take precautions to make sure your ears are not distracted by needless talking."  With that she slipped a sleep mask over Alice's eyes, Natalie following suit with Heidi.


“Right - who’s next?”  Heather looked round the group before Alexa and Joanne looked nervously at each other, and then stepped up.

"May I be of assistance?"  Heather nodded as Chloe stepped forward, nervously picking up some ropes.  She was totally unaccustomed to walking without her socks on, never mind her boots, so the feel of the warm grass under her bare toes was a new and strange experience for her.  Andrea walked up to her, and turning her back held out her hands.

The phrase “Many hands make light work,” was never truer, as the three women worked along the line, until Heather was tying Chloe’s wrists while Natalie smoothed the tape over Cindy’s mouth.  Heather then bound her niece and gagged her - the one difference being that she did not leave two ends of rope dangling from her wrists.


“Now, let me move you,” she said as she carefully placed all the girls in a line, Natalie at the back and Andrea at the front.  Working her way down the line, she tied the loose ends of rope from each girl’s wrist to the waist band of the girl behind, linking them in Indian file.  Finally, she tied a rope to the waist of Andrea, collected some extra items and gently pulled on the rope, leading them slowly to the edge of the lawn.


One by one the girls felt the tug on their waist and began to follow the girl ahead, looking around but unable to see or talk.  They each felt the warm sun baked grass change to the cooler, shaded, still slightly damp grass as they reached the shade of the orchard. As Andrea reached the path into the trees Heather called out “Stop.”


 She took out from her pocket a sleep mask and a pair of hand cuffs. Trying a key in the lock and ensuring it worked she placed the key in her blouse pocket before tying the rope from Andrea's waist to the chain of the cuffs. She locked her right hand in the cuffs, then slipped the blindfold over her eyes before locking her left wrist behind her. She had seriously thought of bringing a ball gag with her too, but thought it would be better to warn the girls to stop and maybe let them know of some of the more interesting features.


At any rate, she knew how to walk quietly, so she said “Onward” and stepped slowly forward.  Being blindfolded meant that Heather knew she would have to walk more slowly. Although she knew the path quite well she would have to feel the path ahead carefully with her toes and get the full sensory experience.


She set off slowly leading the group. as the texture underfoot changed from the soft grass of the orchard to the springy carpet of the pine forest to the smooth stones and icy mountain water of the brook.  As they walked along, the girls could feel the change under their feet, but they also took in the sounds and smell around them.  From the scent of the blossom on the trees, to the feel of the ground under their feet, to the splash of water as they walked through the stream.


And the sounds - the wind rustling the leaves of the trees.  The sound of birds in the air and the call of animals.  The gentle bubbling and rushing of the water.


From time to time, Heather would call a stop, to allow them to listen to an interesting bird call but usually she just left the sounds of nature to do their own talking.  The girls were entranced, and transfixed, and took in everything.

Including the loud cry of pain from Heather as they felt themselves being rocked, and heard her say “Owya - Damn nettles."


Whthppnd,” Natalie called out from the back of the line. 


“Just stand still for a moment,” Heather called out as wriggled her head round, until the blindfold slipped down her head.  Looking round, she saw some broad leafed pants growing near the nettle patch she had originally stood on, and walked slowly over, bring the line with her as she stamped on some of the leaves and rubbed her foot on it.


“That’s a little better,” she finally said before putting her bare foot down on the ground, wincing slightly as she did so.  Stepping on a nettle with her left foot had been bad enough - but to step back and stand with her other foot on another bed of nettles had been pure torture.  At least with the dock leaf, she had eased the pain a little - enough to allow her to walk home.


She set off again, bringing the rest of the lien behind her as she made her way around the patch of nettles and along the path to the farmhouse.  With the blindfold off, she at least could see to avoid the worst obstacles, so that when half an hour had passed and she stepped out onto the cool grass by the orchard she could breathe a sigh of relief.


“Stop now,” she called out as Natalie finally stood on the grass, and started to wriggle her body around, forcing the key up and out of her skirt pocket by using the string attached to it.  Looking over her shoulder, she eventually managed to unlock the cuffs and release her hands, rubbing her wrists as she did so.


"OK girls - I want you to sit down now and wait until I come back."  She turned and watched as the girls struggled to get onto the cool grass, Andrea almost falling over and taking the line with her, but eventually they all were on the grass, allowing Heather to go in search of calamine lotion.


After a short while, the girls started to try and talk to each other.




"MMgnnff mmpphhh!"

Eventually, the lien realised that their leader had gone, but their best efforts to talk to each other or even see what was happening were completely hampered.  The blindfolds meant they could not see, while the gags kept them exceptionally quiet.  All they could do was try and wriggle round and get purchase on something.


The fact they were still secured to each other caused a fair share of problems to their efforts to free themselves however.  Heidi was in the middle of the line, with Alice on one side and Chloe on the other side of her.  As Heidi twisted round trying to find the ropes around Chloe’s wrists, however, she pulled on Alice, who pulled back again and forced her hands away from the French girl’s bindings.


At the far end of the line, however, Jannifer was working with Alexa, as Joanne shuffled back to give them some slack.  Jannifer let out a grunt as she finally managed to find the knot holding the rope around Alexa’s wrists, and slowly started to unravel the knot.


In the farmhouse, Heather let out a sigh of relief as she rubbed the soothing cream into the soles of her feet.  “That’s better,” she said with a soft sigh as she put the tube down on the table, and walked back out onto the lawn.


“So how are we doing,” she said as she looked along the line - only to see that Jannifer and Alexa had managed to free themselves.  Sadly, they had decided it would be more fun to torture their friends to free them, as they walked up and down the line, their fingers working on the ribs of their friends.


Despite their effort sot confuse and distract their friends, including tipping them over and tickling their feet, heather was impressed to see that some had made progress in freeing themselves.  Natalie had worked her blindfold off, while Heidi had managed to free her wrists and was peeling the tape away from her mouth.


Chloe had also managed to finally free her hands, and was lifting her blindfold off her head, but the others were too distracted by Alexa and Jannifer - who themselves had failed to hear Heather picking up a pair of handcuffs and walking behind the pair.


“What the...” Jannifer called out as the bracelet was slapped over her right wrist, and the other cuff over the left wrist of Alexa. 


"Not helping your friends then?" asked heather as she pulled the two girls away, towards a metal bolt that was embedded at the edge of the lawn.  There was a short chain attached to the bolt, which she picked up as she made the two girls sit down, and then fastened by means of a clip to the centre of the cuffs.


“Now you two sit there,” Heather said as she returned to the line, Heidi sticking her tongue out at Jannifer, “While I free the others and then bring some drinks out.”






Ten minutes later, Joanne pulled the last piece of tape from her mouth, spitting the cloth out and taking the drink from heather as the others sat and lay on the grass, looking at each other’s feet.


“That was an experience,” Joanne said as she checked the soles of her feet, “but, and forgive me for saying this Heather, “I am glad it was you who found the nettle patch.”


“No offence taken,” Heather said as she helped Jannifer and Alexa to sit up and offered them a drink.  As they sat there drinking the cool liquid, Natalie was looking closely at the ring they were attached to.


"Aunt Heather?"


"What is that ring for?"

"Ahh.  I was wondering when you were going to ask that question.”  Heather put her drink down and looked at the others.  “Well, it’s there in case a guest just wants to lie in the sun, but then...  Well, if they didn't want to be disturbed, or someone else didn't want them to be disturbed...."

"Like Jannifer and Alexa?" said Heidi with a grin growing on her face.


“Oh no,” Alexa said quietly, “Joanne, you need to do something about this.”


“You’re right, lover, I do,” said Joanne with a grin as big as Heidi’s.  “I need to help them.”

Heather stood up and said “Let me get some things to help,” as she headed to the house.  Nats jumped up and said “I’ll help” as she ran after her aunt, to a chorus of “Nooooo” from Jannifer and Alexa in unison.

A few minutes later Natalie and her Aunt emerged carrying a box and a hammer.  Laying the box on the ground, they started by hammering two stakes parallel to the first one, one at each side, and then as Cindy and Joanne made the two captives lie flat Heidi and Alice used a length of rope to bind their free wrists to the new stakes, leaving their arms spread above their heads.


“You are do dead for this,” Alexa said to Joanne as Heather and Nats positioned and hammered four more stakes into the ground, the spike going through the links of four chains with leather cuffs attached to the other end.  With the help of Chloe and Andrea, Alexa’s ankles were secured to two of the leather cuffs, while Alice and Heidi took care of Jannifer.


“Methinks they doth protest too much,” Heidi said as she planted a little sunshade over Jannifer’s head.


“I agree,” Natalie said as she picked up a wad of clean cloth and gently pushed it into Jannifer’s mouth, before covering it with a fresh strip of tape.


“Nothing so crude for you, lover,” Joanne said as she kissed Alexa, and then eased a white ballgag into her mouth, Alexa raising her head to allow Joanne to fasten the straps around her head.


Looking in the box, Alice took a few out and said "there are quite a few stakes left over aren't there Heather."

Heather nodded and looked round the group, before saying "Well would anyone else like to try it out."


“Well,” Heidi said with a smile as Heather watched Andrea and Joanne taking out four stakes and starting to hammer them into the ground, “you've been so kind to us -  cooking the meals, letting us look round... "

"Yes." Heather said very quietly as she watched the younger girls gathering round her, “It’s been a pleasure for me to do so.  Why are you...?   Oh no...”


"We thought you needed to have a little rest - lie down in this glorious son and relax while we get dinner ready."

"Heyymmmmffff."  Heather was too slow to stop her niece pulling a large blue ballgag into her mouth and buckling it tightly around her head, before the assembled group made her lie on her back and attached her wrists and ankles to the four new stakes.


Alexa and Jannifer looked over and nodded their approval as Natalie looked at the other girls.  “Right then,” she said as she walked to the kitchen, “Chloe, you can look at what we’ve got and suggest something.”


“It will be a great pleasure, mon ami,” Chloe said as Heather looked at the other two, then shrugged and closed her eyes...


Chloe was busy organising the girls in the kitchen when she heard the first pat on the window.  At first, she did not think too much about it, her attention focused on instructing the younger girls in the noble art of putting together a Pork Cassoulet.


It was only when Andrea looked out of the window, and said “Do you think we should bring those three in - it is a little damp out there,” then Chloe realised what it was that had hit the window pane earlier, and she went to have a look.


There was a light fall of rain landing on the lawn outside, the drops falling on the faces of Jannifer, Alexa and Heather as they lay there, unable to get out of the way.  Joanne took one look at Alexa, the dark stains where the rain had hit her t-shirt clearly visible, before saying “I don’t know - do you think they look as if they want to come in?”


Natalie looked at her aunt, whose lips were smiling round the ball gag, and said “Nah - we’ll bring them in when dinner’s ready.” 


Heather could see then looking through the window, and was trying to tell them that the rain fall was a little harder than they could tell - she could feel the dampness of the grass under her bottom, never mind the beautiful smell of the freshly damp grass.


Jannifer’s white top had a random pattern of darker grey spots on it now, as she tried to wriggle her feet free from their binding - to no avail.  She was, however starting to feel the tape that was covering her mouth give as the rain fell on her, and she started to work her jaw in an attempt to get the gag off.


Hcmnntsfn,” Heather said as she looked over at the young girl, trying to cheer her up.


Ekn,” Jannifer replied, “btmgttngwt.”


Fnkrvnj,” Alexa said as she looked towards the window, “emmm.”


The three of them looked at each other and nodded, as the rain started to fall more heavily on the ground.






Saturday, 7.30 pm


“All right - first of all, that was a wonderful dinner, Nats and Chloe.  You two make a great team in the kitchen.”


The group around the table clapped and cheered as Heather looked at the other two.  The evidence of the dinner was scattered around the table, as Heidi stood up and started to gather the plates together.


“Oh no you don’t,” Alexa said as she and Jannifer stood up, “We’re talking care of the dishes.  You lot go into the front room and we’ll join you later.”


“Well, as you asked so nicely,” Alice said as she stood up, “I need to go and fetch something from my room.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


“I’m going to head upstairs as well,” Cindy said as she looked at Heidi, “we have something to sort out as well, don’t we?”


Heidi looked at her friend for a moment, before saying “Oh yeah - we’ll see you guys in a little while.”


“Tell you what,” Heather said, “everyone have a little self time for half an hour, then we’ll meet up in the front room to watch a film or something, all right?”


The group nodded at that as they went their separate ways, leaving Alexa and Jannifer to deal with the dishes.


“Chloe,” Natalie said as they walked into the corridor, “I was wondering if you would help me with something.”


“But of course mon ami,” she said with a smile, “What would that be?”


Natalie smiled as she led Chloe to the library...




Alice looked at herself in the full length mirror in the room she shared with Natalie.  She had changed out of her shorts and blouse, and was now wearing a white short sleeved crop top that hugged her chest, a short flared miniskirt and cycle shorts underneath.


“One good thing about being here - Dad is not going to shout out me for my choice of clothing,” she said to herself as the door to the room opened.


“That you Nats,” she said without looking round, so when the scarf was tied over her eyes she was taken completely by surprise, unable to stop her captor from pulling her hands behind her back...




“And that is that,” Jannifer said as she put the last pot away.  “Ready to join the others?”


“I think so,” Alexa said as she hung the cloth up, “So what do you think is going to happen next.


“Don’t know - maybe we can play a few board games,” the younger girl said as they walked into the front room.  Cindy and Heidi were already there, setting up a Clue game board as they looked up.


“Clue?  You’re suggesting we play that?”  Alexa sat herself down as Joanne walked in and placed herself next to her girlfriend.




“Of course you are,” Alexa said as she kissed Joanne.  “Hey, Cindy - heard from your mother?”


“Not since last night - I presume she’s being taken good care of?”


“Don’t ask me - all I know is Mum was heading over to Veronica’s place later today.”


“Yeah - I’d figured she was one of the ones who prepared us for travel yesterday.”  As Heidi looked up, the door opened and Jannifer came back in with Natalie.


“So what have you two been up to?”


“Us?  Sweet innocent us?  What makes you think we have been up to anything?”


“The look on your face,” Cindy said, which made Natalie laugh.  “All right, all right - I wanted to thank Chloe for helping cook tonight, so I showed her the library.”


“And how long is she going to be - studying for?”


“As long as she needs - I have the key to the room,” Natalie said with a smile, as she held up a small door key.


In the library, Chloe was staring at the door, silently plotting her revenge on young Natalie.  She was not wearing her normal outfit, instead having donned a white silk blouse, a tight black leather skirt, and black patent leather shoes with a three inch stiletto heel.  She was standing against one of the three pillars in the library, her arms wrapped behind her and her wrists secured with tight ropes.


Further bands were holding her erect against the wooden post, around her chest, stomach, waist, thighs, calves and ankles, while a large red ball gag has been pulled into her mouth.  Finally, a leather sleep mask had been fastened tightly around her head.


“Well, I suppose I do deserve this,” she thought to herself, “after all, my punishment regime may have been a little harsh.  It is, however, most relaxing - if a little uncomfortable.”


Her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the door opening and someone coming in.  No - two people, as Chloe could hear some muffled groans and then someone being made to sit next to her.  She listened to the sounds of rope rubbing against skin and wood, and then buckles being fastened, before one set of footprints left the room and she heard the door closing, the lock turning after her.


Hssthr,” she called out, only to hear what sounded like Heather saying “Kle?”




Had she been able to see, she would have found Heather was indeed sat next to her, her arms pulled behind and around the second of the three pillars.  She had removed her sweatshirt, but her legs were pulled up tightly against her stomach and secured to her upper body in a ball tie.


Her chest was also secured to the pillar with ropes above and below her breasts, while her wrists were crossed and tightly bound together.  Finally, a large strip of plaster was covering her mouth, holding in one of her headscarves.


A black sleep mask was also secured over her eyes, as she tried to wriggle her toes - apart from her big toes, which were tied together with a piece of string.


What neither of them could see was the third person in the room, who in even less of a position to help them...







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