Heidi on the Farm - Part 3









“Hey hey the gang’s all here,” Andrea said as she walked in, looking round the room.  Cindy, Natalie, Heidi and Jannifer were sat round the board game, while Joanne and Alexa were on the far side of the room watching.


“You haven’t seen your aunt on your travels have you?”


nope - I can honestly say that I haven’t,” Nats said with a smile.  “I was talking to Chloe about her detention regime.”


“Asking for another session?”


“Making alternative arrangements,” Nats continued as she rolled a ten.  “Why do you ask?”


“I just passed your aunt’s room, and the door was open.  I looked in, and some of her clothes were on the bed, but she wasn’t around.”


“Ah, she probably just went to the toilet - she’ll be down in a minute.”


“OK,” Andrea said as she sat down, and then took her cell phone out of her pocket.  “That’s funny,” she said as she looked at the screen.


“What is?”


“Nah - I just got a text from a blocked number.”


“I didn’t think you could do that - what did it say?”


“Time for bed?”


The girls looked round the room, before Jannifer said “Hang on - where’s Alice as well?”


“I saw her in the bedroom earlier,” Cindy said as she moved her counter, “Perhaps she’s just stretching out?”


“It’s all right,” Joanne said as she and Alexa stood up, “We’ll go and chase her downstairs - don’t go anywhere.”


“And what will you two be doing?”


Alexa just raised her eyebrow as she took Joanne’s hand and walked her out of the room, leaving the girls to guess what was happening.


“Anyone want a drink,” Jannifer said as she stood up.


“Yeah - I’ll come and give you a hand,” Natalie said as the two girls walked into the kitchen, leaving Cindy, Heidi and Andrea alone in the room.


“Right,” Cindy said as she stood up, “Andrea, we need your help with something?”


“Oh,” Andrea said as she looked at them, “and what would that be?”


“A little prank we want to play on my cousin,” Cindy said with a smile, “and all it involves is you being completely immobile.  Interested?”


Andrea smiled and nodded as the girls explained their plan to her...




In the library, Chloe and Heather were trying to get themselves comfortable; oblivious to the face they were not alone in the room.  The third pole had Alice tied to it, her arms and legs wrapped round the pole and held fast with ropes, which also held her body against the wood.


Alice herself as not saying much - her mouth was also covered with a strip of white medical tape.  Even if she could, she was in even less of a position to do anything about it, with her head resting on a pillow on the floor and her body stretched upwards towards the ceiling.  As she slid slowly down the pole, her head and shoulders resting on the floor, she wondered why the person she had caught a brief glimpse of in the mirror had done this - and what she was going to do when she found her...



As Alexa opened the door to the bedroom and pulled Joanne in, she closed the door behind her and proceeded to kiss her girlfriend’s neck and mouth.


“Hmmm - I guess you’ve missed doing that all day, haven’t you,” Joanne eventually said as she put her arms round Alexa’s neck.  “What else are you going to do?”


“Whatever you want, lover,” Alexa said as their lips touched again, oblivious to the sounds outside.




“So what exactly are you planning as the joke,” Andrea said as Amy and Cindy led her into another bedroom.


“Well, we’re going to pretend someone has started to kidnap everyone, and we’ll lead Nats up here to find you.  When she sees you, we’ll grab her and make her in the same way as you.”


“Fair enough,” Andrea said with a smile, “But can I change first?”


“OF course,” Cindy said as they watched Andrea strip off and put on a blue cotton one piece sleep suit, fixing a pair of fingerless mittens over her hands before she stood up.


“Very well,” Andrea then said as she turned and crossed her wrists in the small of her back, “Begin.”


Amy picked up a length of rope and started to bind the older girl’s wrists tightly together, as Cindy knelt down and started to tie her legs together below her knees.  “Oh - double attack,” Andrea purred as she felt her arms and legs being secured, and then as Amy began to tie her arms to her side, pulling the blue cotton over her chest as it tightened over her sleep suit.


“I presume you want the usual accessories as well,” Cindy said as they helped Andrea to lie on the bed, and Amy started to bind her ankles together, side by side.


“Of course I do,” Andrea said with a smile as she felt her legs been drawn more tightly together, “After all, it is no fun without the other things.”


“Then you had better open wide,” Amy said as she balled a pair of ankles socks up, and held them in front of Andrea’s mouth.  She nodded and opened her mouth, allowing them to be pushed in before Cindy covered her lips with a long strip of white microfoam tape.  A pair of earplugs fitted into place, a sleep mask, and then a black nylon head that covered Andrea’s head completed the ensemble, before the other two manoeuvred her to lie face down on the bed and tied her ankles to her chest ropes.


“Now all we need is to get Nats up here and see if she falls for it,” Amy said to Cindy as they left the room, closing the door behind them as they did so.


“Come on - you know she’s not going to fall for that,” Cindy said as they walked down the corridor, past the bedroom doors.


“I suppose not - but it’s worth the try.  After all, what’s the worst that can happen Cindy?”




Heidi turned round, but her friend had vanished, as if into thin air....




“Now where on earth do you think they have got to?”


Natalie and Jannifer were looking round the empty room, with a tray of cups in Natalie’s hands.


“They probably just nipped upstairs - after all, it’s not as if they can get into any trouble, is it?”



“No, I suppose not,” Natalie said as a heavy thump reverberated from the room above them.  “What the hell was that for,” Jannifer said as Nats looked at her.


“I have no idea - but I’m going to find out,” she said as the two girls walked out of the room, up the staircase and then stopped outside the door of one of the bedrooms.


“It was this room, wasn’t it,” Jannifer said as Natalie put her hand on the handle.  She nodded as she opened the door and looked in, only to see Alexa raise her head from the bed and scream “GTMUTTFTSSS!!”


She was tied spread eagled on the bed, her arms and legs stretched out and tied to the four posters at the corners of the bed.  Her pants were lying on the floor, and a thick white scarf was tied into her mouth.


“What happened here,” Natalie said as she walked over and pulled the gag out of Alexa’s mouth, “Joanne preparing you for a fun night?”


“At first yes,” Alexa said quietly, “but then two masked people came in and grabbed her, one of them dragging her out of the room while the other gagged me.  I swear, I have no idea where she’s gone!”


The two younger girls looked at each other, then Jannifer said “Have you seen any of the others?”


“Hey,” Heidi said as she walked into the room, “Have you guys seen Cindy?  One moment she was there, and the next - Alexa, what happened to you?”


“That’s what we want to know,” Natalie said as she untied the older girl.  “Seems someone is playing games with us - and my money is on my darling aunt and Alice.”




“Because this is sounding like a bad horror movie - where’s Andrea?”


“No idea - let’s split up.  Alexa, you and Jannifer search downstairs.  Nats and I will look up here.”


Alexa nodded, rubbing her wrists as she left with Jannifer, while Heidi and Natalie looked at each other.  “So where do we start looking,” Natalie said quietly.


“Let’s go to where I last saw Cindy - outside the bathroom.”




Cindy grunted as she felt her wrists been once again secured together behind her back.  Talking was not an option to her at the moment - the wide band of white tape that was wrapped around her head and mouth, holding a sponge ball inside, saw to that - but she was at least grateful this was the type of tape that would not stick to her long black hair.


She was lying on a mattress in the attic of the farmhouse, her waist tied tightly down to it with a length of rope that had been passed underneath, while her assailant had already crossed and bound her ankles, as well as securing her legs below her knees.  She also had a band of rope wound around her arms and stomach, so that as her wrists were pulled together she was already well trussed.


The most annoying thing was, she had fallen for the oldest trick in the book - been lured into a room by someone she trusted. 


“Now then,” Joanne said as she pulled a black hood over Cindy, having first pushed a pair of earplugs into place, “You just lie down and relax - the others are going to join you shortly.”  Cindy grunted and accepted her current fate - although she had no idea who was going to be captured next.




“Well, wherever she is now, she’s not in the bathroom anymore,” Natalie said as she closed the door.  “Have you seen any of the others?”


“Not since Cindy and I came upstairs,” Heidi said as she leant against the wall.  “You?”


“Nope - although I did hear Alice earlier.  Have you checked her room?”


The two girls walked along to the bedroom Alice was sharing with Natalie, opening the door to see her shorts and top lying on the floor, and no sign of the young girl.


“Wonder where she got to,” Heidi said as she looked round, only to stop as she heard the door close and lock, and saw Natalie standing there, a grin on her face and a length of rope in her hands.


“Oh Alice is nice and safe,” Nats said as she walked towards her cousin, “and so will you be in just a few minutes.”


“Oh great,” Heidi said as she rolled her eyes, “Alexa put you up to this didn’t she?”


“Nope,” Nats said with a sweet smile as she turned Heidi round and folded her arms so that her elbows rested in the palms of her hand, “now do me a favour - don’t struggle too much while I tie you up.”


Nats worked quickly, binding Heidi’s forearms together and then wrapping the rope around her chest, before making her sit on the bed and binding her ankles and legs together with more rope.  The young girl tried struggling a little, but she knew Natalie was very good at this, so allowed her to finish off the last band of rope around her thighs.


“So did your aunt and you cook up this little exercise as well?”


“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Nats said as she balled up a pair of sports socks and held them in front of Heidi’s mouth.  “For now, be a good girl and let me silence you - and then I can see if I can track down Cindy on my own.”


Heidi could only grumble as Natalie pushed the socks into her mouth, and then used a longer sock to keep them in place.  As her legs were pulled back, and her ankles attached to her arms, her thoughts were around who had taken Cindy if it wasn’t Natalie.


Thoughts that were soon cast to one side as she felt the long fingers tickling the souls of her feet, making her twist round in a vain attempt to get away.





“I can’t hear a soul down here - not even Heather,” Jannifer said as she and Alexa looked in the kitchen.  “Where do you think everyone has gone?”


“Probably outside to enjoy the summer air,” Alexa said as she looked in the main room.  “Right now, though, I want to know where Joanne is.  Have you looked in the library yet?”


“I don’t have a key - Nats said she had it.”


“She’s not the only one who has a key,” Alexa said as she fished a key out of the pocket of the pants she had pulled on.  “Come on, let’s have a look and see what we can find in there.”


Putting the key in the lock, Alexa turned it to the frame and pushed down on the door handle, looking in and saying “Oh my,” then allowing Jannifer to come in after her.



She could see the three poles, with Alexa lying with her feet in the air around one, and on the other side Heather sat with her knees up to her chest.  The middle pole was bare, with a number of lengths of rope lying on the floor in front of it.


“Alice!” Jannifer called out as she ran over to her friend, untying her legs and allowing her to lie on her side on the floor.  “Who did this to you?”



“No idea,” Alexa said as she locked the door behind her, and then walked over to Heather, checking the ropes around her.  “Mind you, it’s nice to see my revenge on Heather is still holding fast.”


Your...  Oh great, Cindy’s behind this isn’t she?  I just walked into a trap didn’t I?”


“Yes and no,” Alexa said with a smile, “but which way round you can try to figure out while you rest against the pole.  Don’t worry - Alice will be next to you in a few minutes...”





Joanne stepped out into the back yard, breathing in the heavily scented air as she watched the sun starting to set over the tree line.  Now that Cindy was safely ensconced in the attic, she could afford to take a few minutes to relax while Alexa took care of the next of the girls, and then she would see who else needed to be taught a lesson for earlier.


She had already looked in on Andrea, to find her peacefully sleeping in her favourite position - tightly bound, gagged, and cut off from the world in her one piece sleep suit.  She smiled at this - Andrea was a lovely and game girl, but she really did not like being deceitful to the others, so it was better she was out of this.


“Well,” she said to herself as she looked at the red band on the skyline, “I guess I need to be moving on with the next person.  I think Natalie - she deserves it for earlier.”


“I do so agree, mon cheri,” she heard a familiar French accent say behind her as a hand went over her mouth and an arm around her waist, “but Miss Jenkins is my responsibility, non?  In the meantime, allow me to make you securely comfortable...”




“Great - so you and Joanne cooked up this scheme between yourselves?”


Jannifer was watching Alexa as she bound her ankles tightly together with a length of rope.  Her hands were already bound tightly behind her, her arms wrapped around the pole as her body was held against it.  Alice was now sat beside her, turning her head towards her friend with her legs bound tightly together in front of her.


“Possibly - although I have a feeling we’re not the only ones with a plan for tonight,” Alexa said as she tied Jannifer’s legs together below her knees.  “Now, be a good girl and say ah.”


AhhmmgfgggJannifer mumbled as Alexa tied a rolled up and knotted scarf into her mouth, pulling the ends around her head and securing them under her hair.


“Now then, you two stay there with Heather while I go and see what my girl is up to,” Alexa said as she stood up, “You don’t mind do you He...”


Where Heather had been sitting was now a pile of ropes and a black sleep mask.  “Oh sh...”  Alexa started to say - only to be cut off by Heather holding her arm and saying “Well now - I see I have more than one pair of troublemakers to deal with...”






Heidi was screaming the place down as Nats continued her assault on her feet, oblivious to the sound of the door opening and closing behind her.


“Oh come on, Heidi - did you really think that my aunt and I would pass up the chance to take all of you captive before you went to bed?  After I made sure Chloe was comfortable, I sneaked upstairs and caught Alice.  I figured she’d like to practice her pole exercises, so I left her with Chloe and, to my surprise, Aunt Heather.  Now, are you going to tell me how you managed to capture her without my noticing?”


“BTTWSSNTMMMMMMAAAHHHAAAA” Heidi screamed again, as she desperately tried to wriggle out of the strong grasp of her cousin.  This only made Natalie grab her all the more tightly, as the young red-headed woman crept up behind her.


“I feel she speaks the truth, mon ami,” Chloe said as Natalie looked round.  “It was two people who carried your aunt in - not her alone, and I suspect Cindy was not involved.”


“Really?  Don’t tell me I’ve made the same mistake twice!  If it wasn’t these two, and it wasn’t us, then - where are Joanne and Alexa?”


“I cannot speak for Alexa, but I know where Joanne is - come, I will show you.”


“Don’t go anywhere,” Natalie said as she gently smacked Heidi’s bottom, and followed Chloe out of the room.


“VREFFNNEEE!” Heidi shouted after them, before she tried to wriggle free from the ropes.






“All right, I admit it - it was me and Joanne who did it, but how did you know?”


“Simple - none of the other girls would have considered using a ball tie, especially one like you did.  Also, I knew it could not be Natalie - she’d never have left one of the knots within reach of my fingers.”


“We didn’t - I could have sworn we didn’t!”


“You did your best - but I’m better,” Heather said as she tugged on the leather strap she had placed around Alexa’s thighs, pulling them tightly together before she fastened the hasp behind her legs.  There were more belts around her ankles, lower legs, arms and chest, as she lay on the floor of the library.


Jannifer and Alice were laughing through their gags as they watched the older girl’s predicament, while Heather stood up and walked over to an old oak dresser.


“Well, I can’t blame you for wanting to get back at me for earlier - but where do Jannifer and Alice come into this?”


Jannifer - well, Joanne and I decided we needed to teach the other girls a lesson for this morning.  I know Joanne had got Cindy, and I lured Jannifer down here - but I have no idea who bound Alice up.


Twssnthr - twsnts,” Alice mumbled through her gag, watching as Heather nodded.


“All right - let me get this straight.  You and Joanne tied me up, then you lured Jannifer in here and Cindy fell into her cousin’s clutches.”


“That’s right Heather.”


“At the same time, my darling niece managed to catch Alice, and then - what?”


“She stayed upstairs with Heidi while I came down with Jannifer.  Joanne tied me to the bed to set a trap.”




“No idea - I haven’t seen her.”


“So that leaves Andrea, Heidi, Natalie and Chloe unaccounted for.”


“CHLOE!  She was at the pole next to you when we left you here - where has she gone?”


“Not your concern,” Heather said as she pushed the large rubber bung into Alexa’s mouth, and then fastened the straps on the large leather pad around her head.  “I need to go and see what else has happened.”







“Oh my,” Natalie said as she looked at Joanne, “You really went to town on her, didn’t you?”


Joanne was sat on one of the kitchen chairs, trying to get free from the ropes holding her to it.  Chloe had bound her wrists together in front of her, palm to palm, and then secured her fingers together before taking her wrists over and behind her head, and tying them to the chair back.  A harness of rope was holding her firmly to that chair back, while her ankles had been pulled back either side of the chair and secured to the back legs.


A thick dish towel was sitting between her lips, and it was obvious from the way her cheeks were pushed out that another cloth was sitting under it.


“I find it quite amusing that they had a similar idea to us - to take the others captive and then enjoy the experience of tickling them.  Was it you who dealt with Andrea, by the way?”


“No - I suspect Cindy and Heidi are responsible for that one - which would mean three pairs of us had the same idea.  We’re going to have a hell of a time explaining this one to Aunt Heather.”


“I think she is going to be some time - when I got free, thanks to your help, she was still most tightly secured to the pillar next to me.”


“I never looked properly, given I was making sure Alice was comfortable - what did they use on her.”


“Rope - why?”


Natalie let out a little “oh” and then said “Because there’s a reason Aunt Heather uses cuffs if she really wants to be secure.  She knows every rope escape trick there is - I’m surprised she was still there when I took Alice in.”


“That would be because I was trying to figure out what was going on - now I know why I was confused.”


Chloe and Natalie turned to see Heather standing in the doorway, her arms folded as she looked at Joanne.


Errr,hlll” Joanne said as she looked into Heather’s eyes.


“I think it’s getting late,” Heather eventually said, “Natalie, see if you can find Cindy and free her.  I’d suggest the attic as a place to look.  Chloe, Natalie will tell you where Heidi is as all.”


“What about Andrea?”


“I found her - she’s fast asleep, so leave her where she is.  Start with those two, and I’ll take care of Alice and Jannifer.”


“What about Alexa and Joanne?”


“Leave them to me - bring the others to the front room, and I’ll bring some cocoa in a little while.”


Chloe and Natalie nodded and left Heather alone with Joanne.  “Now then,” she said as she pulled a chair up and sat opposite the young girl, “what shall I do to you two to thank you for this evening?  Any suggestions?”






“Ten o’clock already?  Time flies when you’re having fun.”


Alice held the mug of steaming cocoa in her hand and took a sip as she looked round the room.  After being freed, all the girls had changed into their night clothes, Jannifer in her long pink nightdress, Natalie and Alice in vest tops and shorts, and Cindy and Heidi in their cotton pyjamas.


“Ah, good - everyone safe and accounted for,” Heather said as she came in, having changed into her own nightwear.  She was followed into the room by Chloe, who was wearing a pink teddy nightdress.


“Bit flashy for you, Chloe?” Heidi said as she winked at the French student.


“I do like to good occasionally,” Chloe said with a smile.  “So what are the sleeping arrangements for tonight?”


“Well, where are Joanne and Alexa?”


“Enjoying their reward,” Heather said with a smile as she picked up a steaming mug.


In one of the upstairs bedrooms, Joanne looked into Alexa’s eyes and nodded as she pressed her tape gagged lips against her lover’s.  They were locked in a tight embrace, helped by the ropes around their arms and bodies, as well as that that went from Joanne’s wrists, down Alexa’s bare back and between her legs before it came up to Alexa’s wrists, her fingers stroking against Joanne’s back.


Their legs were wrapped around each other, their ankles bound and secured to the foot of the bed as they rubbed the inside of each other’s crotches, their moans increasing with the feeling...


“Actually, Heather,” Cindy said in the front room, “We were wondering if it would be possible for you to secure us to our beds tonight.”


“Oh,” Heather said as she looked at the girls, “in what way?”


“We brought down some of the leather cuffs from the attic,” Natalie said.  “I’ve done this before, but the others want to know what’s it like to be cuffed to their beds for the night.”


“I see,” Heather said quietly.  “Will this be the first time for each of you?”


The other girls nodded, as she said “Very well then - finish your cocoas, do what you need to do in the bathroom, and then go to your rooms.  Chloe, sill you help me?”


“OF course, Heather,” Chloe said with a smile as the conversation moved to other matters...




“There now - does that feel all right?”


Natalie nodded as she tugged on the chain that connected the two leather straps that were on her wrists.  Heather had fed it through the headstand, so that her wrists were above her head as Natalie rested on the pillow.  A second pair of cuffs were on her ankles, and then fed through the metal footrest at the bottom of the bed.


“This is going to be fun,” Alice said as she gently tugged on her own bindings, her vest riding up slightly as she did so.  “So what are you going to gag us with?”


“For safety reasons, I’m only going to use this tape,” Heather said as she held up a roll of white micropore tape.  “But I will put sleep masks on you.  Ready?”


The girls nodded as Heather tore off two long strips, and smoothed them over their lips, before putting on their masks and turning off the light.  “Good night girls,” she said quietly as she closed the door, and then went next door.


“I trust this is comfortable,” she heard Chloe say as she looked at Heidi and Cindy.  Heidi had her wrists secured to one side of the headboard with two leather cuffs, her arms spread wide above her head, while her ankles were tied together with a scarf and secured to the footboard.  Next to her feet were Cindy’s wrists, while her friend’s feet were secured to the headboard in the same way as Heidi’s.


“Scarves and leather?  Very nice.”


“Thanks,” Cindy said as she looked over, “I wanted to try this.  We’re ready when you are.”


Heather tore a strip off the roll of tape, then handed it to Chloe before taping Heidi’s mouth, watching as Cindy was gagged in the same way.  “Sleep well,” she said as the sleep masks were put on, and the girls were left alone.


“Ready, Jannifer,” Heather said as she walked into the next bedroom.  Jannifer was sat on the bed, attaching the leather cuffs to her ankles as the chain rattled against the bottom left corner of the footboard.


“Just about,” she said as she smiled at both of them.  “I just need to tie this in my mouth, and I’m ready.”


“Are you sure you want to do this?”


“I want to,” Jannifer said as she carefully folded the large cream and brown head square into a band, tied  a knot in the middle and then pulled the knot into her mouth, closing her lips and teeth over it as she secured the ends together behind her head.  She then lay down diagonally on the bed, holding her hands above her head and watching as the two older women secured cuffs around them and then attached them to the right hand side of the headboard.


“Good night, Jannifer,” Chloe said as the sleep mask went over her eyes, and the light was turned off before the door was closed.


“Now, are you sure you’re going to be all right in the other room,” Heather said as she looked at Chloe.


“I will be fine Heather - besides, one of us has to be free, non?”


“Very true - which brings me to the other matter I need you help with.  Come with me - you’ll understand in a minute...”


Chloe followed Heather into her bedroom, closing the door behind her as her host sat on the bed.


“Chloe,” she said quietly, “Today has been an - exhausting day, and I need to unwind.  I know it is asking a lot of you, but will you help me to do that?”


“When you say unwind, Mademoiselle Heather, what exactly do you mean?”


“I mean I need some release, and to do that I need your help.  It strikes me, watching you and talking to you, that you know a lot more than you allow others to know, and that you are more skilled than even they realise.  Am I wrong?”


Chloe shook her head gently from side to side, as Heather smiled.  “I thought so - Don’t worry, most of the girls are still too young to know about this sort of thing, Andrea is in her own world, and as for Joanne and Alexa...”


“I quite understand, Heather - they are my friends as well.  What exactly would you have me do?”


“First,” Heather said as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it so that she was standing in a white bra and panties, “I need to have a shower and dry off.  If you look in the bottom drawer in the left, you will find a number of things I want you to use to secure me to the bed.


Chloe nodded and walked to the bureau, looking in the collection as the sound of running water came from the bathroom.  As she sorted through the items, she made sure she understood what was on Heather’s mind.


A few minutes later, the sound of the running water stopped and Heather came back in, drying off her hair with a small towel and wearing a second one around her body, her long legs showing just below the edge of the white cotton cloth.


“Ah - good choices,” she said with a smile as she sat on the bed.  “Start with my ankles please - the padded leather cuffs would be suitable.”


Heather walked over to the bed and sat herself down, watching as Chloe shaked a small amount of talcum powder on each of her ankles and then fastened a cuff around each of them.  Picking up a length of chain, she fastened one end to the cuff using the eye and hook, and then pulled her ankle to the side before fastening the other end of the chain to one of the eyeholes on the bed frame.


“You’ve done this before, haven’t you,” Heather said with a smile as she watched Chloe secure her other ankle to the bottom of the bed, the large bath towel opening slightly to reveal a small glimpse of her crotch as her legs were spread apart.


“I may have some experience in these matters,” Chloe said with a smile, “although I confess, it is normally my boyfriend who is the one applying such restraints to me.”


“I can tell - someone who is practised does such things without hesitation,” Heather said as she lay back, resting her head on the two large pillows.


Chloe picked up a pair of fluffy handcuffs, which were linked by a long silver chain, and fastened one of the wrist cuffs around Heather’s, before feeding the other one around the headboard and cuffing her other wrist.  She tugged gently on the chains, smiling as she realised she was secured safely, and said “Now then, did you find anything else when you were looking in the drawer.”


“I did, Mademoiselle,” Chloe said quietly, “but I must ask first if you wish to be vocal or - silenced.”


“I think, for the sake of the others, silenced would be better,” Heather said as she licked her lips, shivering slightly and making the chains rattle.  “What do you have in mind?”


Chloe went back to the drawer, and selected what looked like a large leather pad.  On one side was a rubber bug shaped like a penis, and on each side were leather straps with a buckle at the end.


“Is there a safe code,” Chloe said as she walked back over.


“Morse code - SOS.”


“I understand,” Chloe said as she looked in to Heather’s eyes.  “Now, if you will please?”


Heather nodded and opened her mouth, her lips closing over the base of the rubber bung as Chloe fitted it into her mouth and fastened the straps around her head, the leather pad covering her mouth as she said “Fnkkuu - plsbgn.”


“As you wish, Heather,” Chloe said with a smile as she pulled a mink glove on her hand, and started to stroke down and across Heather’s body, opening the towel up to reveal her naked flesh.  Heather shivered slightly at the soft touch of the fur on her cool skin, giggling slightly as Chloe expertly moved it across and around her chest and stomach.


Mmmfmffllggsgd” she said as she looked at the young French girl, who moved her glove covered hand down the inside of Heather’s thighs, smiling at the reaction she got from the older woman.


“You find this relaxing,” Chloe said as she looked into Heather’s eyes, seeing them glaze slightly over as she nodded and groaned.


“In that case, perhaps you will like this as well,” she continued as she gently caressed Heather’s breasts with her gloved hand, stroking over her mounds as the soft material rubbed against her sensitive flesh.  She smiled as Heather arched her back slightly and moaned more, obviously enjoying the sensations it was causing within her.


Mmmysseddd,” she moaned as Chloe felt the flesh firming under her touch, and smile din return as she continued to gently knead Heather’s breasts under the soft fur mitten.  “Forgive me,” she whispered as she leaned over and placed her red lips on Heather’s nipples, kissing them gently as her tongue stroked over the brown tip.


Heather raised her head and shook her head gently, saying “Nsssbtusstlnstd.”  Chloe nodded and wiped Heather’s breasts dry, making her moan even more, before she went back to the drawer and took out a white cylindrical object that was about six inches long.  As she pressed a button on the base, Heather heard a soft humming sound, and stretched her hands up, pulling on the chains in anticipation.


“Shall we start here,” Chloe said quietly as she stroked the device down Heather’s left side, watching her squirm and giggle as the vibrations hit her skin.  The chains rattled gently as she twisted round, trying to get away from Chloe’s gentle teasing of her sides as the vibrator was stroked up and down both sides.


“Perhaps you would prefer it along here, Mademoiselle,” Chloe whispered as she started to run the vibrator down the back of Heather’s legs, making her bend her knees and pull the chain taut, but as she then stroked the device up the inside of her thighs Heather relaxed again, enjoying the way she was feeling under the gentle assault.



In another bedroom, Joanne let out a long, low, exhilarating moan as she arched her back, her body responding to each push of Alexa’s legs between her own, pressing against her crotch as the dampness spread around Alexa’s thighs.


Her partner was in an equal state of ecstasy, gently rubbing against Joanne’s tape gag with her own taped mouth and then the side of her neck as she continued to rub her crotch against Joanne’s thigh.


As if they were communicating telepathically, both girls opened their eyes wide and arched their backs, screaming into their gags as once again they experienced a full orgasm, then collapsing into their bound arms on the bed.




Joanne nodded and smiled under the tape as they cuddled and kissed again.




Mmmsgd,” Heather moaned as the vibrator stroked over her belly button, Chloe smiling as she continued the gentle arousal of her host.  The older woman squirmed under the device, pressing her belly up against the vibrations as Chloe moved it up and under the base of Heather’s breasts.


“OHOHYSPLS,” Heather called out as she felt the vibrations on her breasts, and nodded as Chloe moved the device up and over them, squealing as the buzzing went over the nipples of her breasts and rubbing up against them.  She could feel warmth between her legs as this assault on her continued, a feeling that she enjoyed and wanted to make stronger, to continue.


She looked at Chloe, her eyes widening and her head nodding as Chloe looked back at her.  “You wish me to move on,” she whispered quietly, but Heather gently shook her head from side to side, closing her eyes and moaning at the feeling of the buzzing on her very firm, very erect nipples.


Chloe continued to gently stroke the device over Heather’s chest, as she arched her back and moaned at the contact, before she moved the vibrator down and stroked it over her crotch.  Heather’s eyes widened even more, her moans got even louder as she pressed against it, and looked at her young tormentor, nodding as Chloe saw the soft glisten of moisture between Heather’s legs.


“Ah - are you ready,” Chloe whispered as she looked at the damp skin, the red lips almost pulsating as Heather arched her back even more, the chains rattling as she pulled them taut.  Looking into Heather’s eyes, she could see the determination as the older woman nodded her head, and she stroked the vibrator against her clit, hearing the gasps and moans as she stroked it up and down against her red lips.


“HHMGMSDDDD” Heather almost screamed out through the leather as Chloe moved the tip of the vibrator between the lips.  She wanted to close her legs around it, to pull it fully into her, but her tormentor was not ready to allow that just yet.  Instead she withdrew it and started once again to stroke the whole device over the clit, watching as Heather writhed and moaned in response to the torment.


Pllssssmktlllrl,” Heather quietly whimpered as she looked into Chloe’s eyes, pleading for release.  Chloe looked back and slowly nodded as she took the vibrator and slipped the tip between the lips of her passage, slowly inserting and withdrawing it as Heather gasped more and more with each stroke.


“ah yes - I can tell you are ready now,” Chloe said with a smile as she slowly slipped the vibrator fully in, Heather gripping it tightly as the vibrations echoed inside her, finding her most sensitive spots as it made her gasp and writhe more and more, making the vibrations increase their effect on her.


“HMGDDHGDSHMGDDDDD” she screamed out as she was unable to fight any more, her body spasming as a rush of cum came from between her legs, enveloping the vibrator and soaking into the towel under her as she had the most satisfying orgasm for some time, collapsing gently onto the bed as it subsided and looking at Chloe.


“Do you wish this to continue for some time,” the young French girl said, and as Heather nodded weakly she tied a rope around her waist, then between her legs as the cords sunk into the moist lips.  Turning the rate on the vibrator to the lowest setting, she slipped it under the crotch rope and stroked Heather’s sweat covered brow.


“I will come in early to release you, Mademoiselle,” Chloe said with a smile, “For now, enjoy.”  Heather nodded mutely and then arched her back again, as Chloe turned off the light and closed the door...







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