Heidi on the Farm - Part 4









Sunday, 8 am


Chloe woke, rubbing her eyes as she sat up on the long couch and looked round.


“Mon dieu, I did not realise it was so late,” she said to herself as she pulled on a dressing gown and made her way back upstairs, silently thanking God that nobody else was awake as she went into Heather’s bedroom.


“Forgive my tardiness, Madame,” Chloe said as she removed the leather gag from Heather’s mouth and started to release her, “I trust you had a relaxing night’s sleep.”


“A relaxing night yes, but not much sleep,” Heather said as she rubbed her wrists.  “Forgive me, Chloe, but...”


“Of course - I will start the coffee machine working,” Chloe said as she slipped back out of the bedroom, and made her way back down the stairs.


A few moments later, Heather came into the kitchen, now wearing a pair of grey pyjama shorts and a vest top, and accompanied by Andrea in her sleepsuit.  “I heard her stirring as I was passing,” Heather said as she sat down, “so I felt it would be nice for her to be released before the others.”


“Thanks,” Andrea said as she accepted a cup of coffee, “So what did I miss last night?”


“Three different plots to tie everyone up - none of which completely succeeded,” Heather said with a smile as she looked out of the window.  “Hmm - I wonder if the girls will be up to helping me in the yard today?”


“Do you have a project still to complete, Madame Heather?”


“It’s Mademoiselle, Chloe - and I do have some work to be getting on with that I need to finish today.  On the other hand, having a group of young girls running free around the house may not be the most conducive use of their time.”


“Perhaps I should give them all some detention?”


“No - I’ve heard what your detention involves,” Heather said in reply, a smile on her face.  “No, I think we can come up with something more constructive...”


“Do you have any idea what their mothers are doing this morning, Heather,” Andrea asked as she held the coffee mug in her hands.


“I know exactly what they’re doing this morning,” Heather said without turning round, “and I’ll tell you all - but not until after lunch.  Which means between us freeing them and giving them a good breakfast, and lunchtime - got it!”


“You have?”


“There’s an old watering hole a couple of miles walk from here - I’ll get Natalie to take them down there and they can muck about for an hour or two.  In fact, I’ll bet she’ll jump at the chance to do it.”


“But will they not need swimming costumes?”


“Not if I know Natalie,” Heather said with a smile.  “Listen, would you two do the honours and go to release them?  I’ll put the oven on and get some bread cooking, as well as some bacon and eggs....”




“The watering hole?  Yeah, I can take them down there - is old man Johnson still around?”


“You are kidding me,” Heidi said as she picked up another slice of bread and buttered it, “You really have an old man Johnson?”


“She’s kidding,” Aunt Heather said, “it’s a private hole, part of my land, so nobody should be watching at all - as you well know young lady.”


“That wasn’t my fault - it was the racoon,” Natalie said as the others looked at her.  “It scared me.”


As they had been released, the girls had all been told to dress casually, so they had all put on shorts and t-shirts for the morning.  The exceptions were Chloe, who had on a pair of baggy blue denim dungarees over a white blouse, and Alexa, who had chosen to wear a grey sweat top and jogging pants.


“Chloe and Alexa will be helping me,” Heather said as she laid another plate of freshly baked rolls on the table, “with the project I have to finish off today, while Joanne and Andrea keep an eye on you hellions down at the hole.”


“And catch up with our reading while we’re about it,” Joanne said as she grabbed a roll, “we have a test next week.”


Heather had changed into a pair of baggy blue overalls with a white t-shirt underneath.   “I’m going to guess this involves some welding,” Natalie said as she looked at her aunt.


“It does indeed - but don’t let that concern you,” Heather said with a smile.  “You girls go off and have fun.”  She watched as the girls pushed back their chairs, grabbed a towel each from the pile she had left out, and assembled in the front yard.


“Shoes off Alice,” Heather heard Natalie say in the yard, and looking out of the window she watched as Alice slipped off the soft shoes she had put on, and then joined the line of girls as they headed through the orchard.


“We’ll do the washing up,” Alexa said as she and Chloe stood up, “and then you can tell us what you need us to do.”


“Pose for me more than anything,” Heather said with a smile, “but you’ll understand when we get to the workshop in a little while.”  She went to collect the pair of shoes as Chloe started to gather the plates and take them to the sink.





“Just how far is it to this watering hole, Nats,” Jannifer said as they walked down the moss covered path.


“We’re here,” Natalie said as they walked into a small grass glade, which was beside a pond of about thirty yards in diameter.  It was fed by a small waterfall that came down from a hill on one side, and there was a small stream that ran off at the other end.


“Wow,” Cindy said as she looked round, “How long have you known about this place?”


“A few years - I learned to swim in here,” Natalie said as she dropped her towel down on the ground, and then stripped her t-shirt and shorts off.


“Are you suggesting we go skinny dipping,” Heidi said as she looked at her cousin, in her white bra and panties.


“Nope - but we can dry off here before we head back to the house for lunch, so while I can’t speak for you lot...”  The girls watched as Natalie turned and ran to the side of the pool, taking a jump and landing with a splash about six feet out from the edge.


The group looked at each other, before the air became a mass of clothing as four more girls joined Heidi in the water, swimming and splashing each other while Joanne and Andrea sat on the grass.


“Don’t you want to join them,” Andrea said as Joanne took out the book they were meant to be working on.


“Tempted - but Alexa isn’t here, so I think we’ll just work,” Joanne said with a sigh.




“Is this how you want her to be, Heather?”


“A little higher - that’s it Alexa, you can tie it off now.  Not too uncomfortable, Chloe?”


“Mfffnmdmsl,” Chloe mumbled through the strip of brown plaster that covered her mouth, and the folded scarf that sat behind it.  She was tightly strapped to a wire frame, her wrists fixed to the top with leather cuffs as were her ankles to the bottom, while more straps went around her legs and her waist to hold her in place.


“Now, Alexa,” Heather said as she reached up for the visor to cover her hair, “If you will stand back for a moment, and keep an eye on Chloe, I’ll try and get this welding down as quickly as possible.  It means I can get this rack to the production company tomorrow, with the fixings in the right place.”


Alexa nodded as Heather set off the blow torch and then started to weld the first of a number of iron plates to the side of the larger frame, looking from time to time at Chloe to check the positioning.


“What exactly is this for, Heather,” Alexa called out over the sound of the torch.


“Believe it or not, a production of Aida - they want to do the temple scene with real damsels in peril.  Who am I to question a paying customer?”


“Who indeed,” Alexa said as she reached up with a feather duster and tickled Chloe, making her squeal and the frame move as she struggled.


“Want to join her,” Heather said without turning round.


“No thanks - had my fair share,” Alexa said quietly as she sat down, watching Heather at work.





“Hey - not fair!”


Jannifer tried to turn away from the dive bomb as Alice jumped into the pool, but it was no use - the water soaked her hair and left her fuming as she looked at the young girl, laughing at her as she bobbed in the water.


“What’s not fair about it?”


“You and Nats are the gymnasts - the rest of us just try and keep up with you, but to dive-bomb us like that...”


“So what are you going to do about it?”


“Don’t tempt me, Alice,” Cindy said as she floated on her back, “After all, those cuffs are still attached to the bed, and we’re not leaving until later today.”


“Promises, promises,” Alice said as she ducked under the surface of the water, Heidi following with a surprised expression a moment later.


“HEIDI!” Jannifer screamed out, only to relax as Heidi came back up and started swimming after Alice towards the side of the watering hole.  As they came out of the water, however, Natalie stopped and looked for a moment, before turning and collecting two items of white clothing.


“Forget something, Alice,” she called out as her friend lay down on the grass.


“No - I knew you’d get them,” she called back as the other girls left the watering hole and joined her on the warm grass.


“You know,” Heidi said as she lay next to Cindy, “I was wondering...”


“Always a dangerous thing for Heidi Strong to do,” Cindy said with her eyes closed.


“Ha, ha,” Heidi said quietly, “No, I was wondering if our mums are having as much fun as we are.”


“I’m sure they are,” Joanne said quietly as she looked up, “In fact, I can guarantee it.”


“Oh,” Andrea said quietly, “And what do you know I don’t?”


“I’m not sure - you told us how you left them, and I detect the hand of a Duncombe in that by the way - so I imagine that they have been taken somewhere with all the other mothers.”


“You sure,” Alice said as she turned over and looked at Joanne, her chin resting on her hands, “Mum and Dad were going to go and see Veronica yesterday.”


“Really,” Jannifer said, “because my mum was going to see Heidi’s mum.  I think she wanted to know how she could control Britney and Margo.”


“Ropes and gags might help,” Natalie said, which made everyone else laugh.


“Seriously, though,” Joanne said, “I know my mum was going to see Veronica as well yesterday and today, so I think something has been planned for your mums.  What it is I can’t say.”


Heidi and Cindy looked at each other, before lying back down and enjoying the warm sun as it dried them and their clothes out.  Eventually, Andrea closed her book and lay back as well.


“It seems so peaceful here - it’s a pity the weekend has to come to an end soon.”


“I know,” Joanne said as she sat up, her knees supporting her chin, “but school finishes soon, and then it’s the long summer.”


“Got any plans for the summer?”


“I need to get a summer job, according to mum,” Joanne said with a sigh.  “Maybe Veronica could use an office assistant.”


“No harm in asking - I’ve got a project to work on, but I’ll tell you about it later.  What about you girls.”


“We start quoting Phineas and Ferb,” Jannifer said as she sat up.  “What time is it anyway?”


“About one.”


“We’d better think about heading back,” Natalie said as she grabbed her t-shirt and shorts, “Aunt Heather wanted us back by two for lunch.  She said she had something to tell us...”


Heather was coming out from her workshop, Chloe and Alexa following behind, as the girls made their way back from the orchard to the farmhouse.  “How was the swim,” she called out as they approached her.


“Refreshing,” Alice said as she walked across the cool grass.  “What have Chloe and Alexa been doing with you?”


“Oh they were just hanging around,” Heather said with a smile as she made her way to the kitchen.  “Look, given how busy I’ve been, let’s raid the cupboards and see what sort of meal we can put together.  Natalie, can you, Heidi and Cindy go to the vegetable garden and get me a couple of lettuces and things?”


“Sure thing,” Natalie said as she grabbed the other two girls and took them to the other side of the barns, where there was a small vegetable patch.


“Wow, your aunt is definitely multi-skilled,” Cindy said as Natalie knelt on the ground and pulled out a couple of lettuces.


“See those plants over there,” she said as she looked at another corner of the patch.  “Pull one of them out of the ground.”  Heidi went over and pulled the plant up, revealing some fresh radishes attached to the bottom of the plant.


“If you go into the greenhouse over there,” Nats then said to Cindy, “You’ll find some tomatoes and cucumbers, and a basket.  Just cut one of the cucumbers free and then pick some tomatoes.”


The girls took a few minutes to gather the food, and then walked back to the kitchen.  As they entered, they saw Heather at the kitchen sink, as well as Joanne and Alexa slicing some cold meats.


“Great,” Heather said as she took the basket, “I just need to wash and prepare these.  Could you go through and join the others in the front room?”


The three girls looked at each other, but as Cindy and Heidi walked in they were grabbed by several pairs of hands and dragged to two chairs sitting in the middle of the room.  “What’s going on,” Natalie said as she stood back from the doorway.


“You’re safe,” Andrea called through, “Your aunt asked us to make sure these two stayed where they were.”


“Cindy and Heidi,” Natalie said with a wry smile, “Why?”


“Oh no, don’t ask us if we want this,” Heidi said as Jannifer held her down in the chair, while Andrea pulled her hands behind the back of the chair and lashed them together with rope.


“When have we ever been given a choice,” Cindy said as she felt Alice binding her wrists behind her back, while Chloe was holding her.  “Do not worry, mon ami,” she said in a soothing voice, “We are doing this for the best of reasons.”


“So tell us them,” Heidi said as she watched Jannifer and Andrea pull her ankles to the side of the front legs of the chair, securing them in place with more rope, and then binding her legs at the knees to the chair seat.


“You don’t have to do this to us, you know,” Cindy said as she felt her back and waist been pulled back to the chair, “You know we’ll always sit nice and quietly and do whatever you want us to do.”




“Heidi, we’re the ones being tied up here,” Cindy said with a laugh as Heather, Alexa and Joanne came back in.  “Good - I’m glad you’re both here,” she said as she picked up her telephone and carried it over to the coffee table, placing it between Heidi and Cindy.  “I’m expecting a phone call, and I need you two to be here when I get it.  The rest of you should stick around as well - you might want to hear this.”


“Sounds mysterious,” Alice said as she sat on the floor, crossing her legs.  “What could be so important they have to be in one of their favourite position?”


“Perhaps it’s your dad, and they have to tell him what you’ve been up to this weekend.”


“Don’t joke about that,” Alice said as she looked at Jannifer, “You know what he’s like sometimes.”


“Oh?  Did something happen at the watering hole I need to know about?”


“No,” Nats said to Aunt Heather,” we all went for a swim - it’s just that Alice may have done a little skinny dipping...”


“I see,” Heather said with her eyebrow raised as the phone started to ring.  “We can discuss this later, but for now...”  She pressed the speakerphone button and said “Hello?”


“Heather?  It’s Katherine here,” Natalie’s mother said from the other end of the line, and they could hear other voices in the background.  “How are things on the farm?”


“All good thanks,” Heather said with a smile, “the girls have had a very restful weekend, and they’re here with me now.  They spent the morning down at the watering hole.”


“Really?  I presume that means they went for a nice refreshing swim.  Pity they forgot to take any costumes with them.”


“You know they didn’t need them, Kath.”


The girls looked at each other, Alexa looking at Joanne as she shook her head, and Jannifer blushing when she heard her mother say “Don’t tell me Jannifer...”


“Not Jannifer - no.  From what I understand, it was...”




“Oh crap,” Alice said as she recognised her mother’s voice, and then she blushed even more as she heard her say “We need to have a word with her.”


“Oh double crap, don’t tell me dad’s there too?” Alice mumbled under her breath, looking round the room at the others.


 “Heidi and Cindy?  Are they there?”


“Sitting here with me, as you asked them to be,” Heather said as she stood behind the two bound girls and put her hands on their shoulders..  “Say hello girls.”


“Hi Aunt Veronica,” Heidi called out, “How’s Mum doing?”


“We’re fine,” Amy called out from the speaker, “and - well, Dorothy and I have something to tell you.”


Heidi and Cindy looked at each other and smiled.  “Really,” Cindy said, “Don’t tell me you both decided it was time you got married.”




“MUM!”  Heidi tried to jump out of her seat and grab the phone, only to have to be pulled back by Heather before she fell face forward.  As the girls started laughing, they could hear the mothers laughing at the other end of the call.


 “Actually, no - but we have decided it’s time we made our commitment to each other real, so Veronica and Katherine made sure we had a chance to do that.  I’m sorry you weren’t here to see it, but we’ll tell you all about it later.”


There was a stunned silence around the room, as Heidi and Cindy looked at each other again.  “Oh... My... God...” Cindy mouthed before the biggest grin imaginable broke out on her face, only to be mirrored by her best friend.


The others stood up and gathered around the two girls, Joanne and Alexa hugging as Andrea looked at them.  “Sounds interesting,” she then said, “Will we get the full story?”


“No,” they heard Amy say, and she seemed to be stammering, “but there is one thing we need to tell you both.  What would you say to us living together in the same house?”


The room was in silence as they looked at their two friends, who were looking at each other again.  Cindy slowly turned her head and said quietly “Do you mean it, Mum?”


“We do,” she heard her mother say, “but only if you two are happy for that to happen as well.”  The group looked on as Heidi and Cindy sat there, unsure of what their reaction and response was going to be.  Eventually Heidi said “Does this mean we have to share a room?”


“No,” she heard Cindy’s mum say with a laugh,” I think the house we will move to has enough rooms for you to have one each.”


Heidi and Cindy nodded and then turned their heads back to the phone, as Heidi said “Well then, I have only one thing to say.”  There was an air of expectation around the group of girls as the silence continued for a few more seconds, before Amy said “And that is?”


“We are going to have the biggest celebration meal this week!”


“Oh thank god,” Dorothy said with a sigh, “I think they like the idea.”


It was at this point that the room erupted, the girls hugging and congratulating Heidi and Cindy as Natalie ran up and hugged her aunt.  “Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmmmmm” the two bound girls said rapidly to each other, before Alexa and Andrea clamped their hands over their mouths to keep them quiet while Veronica spoke.


“Listen, Suzanne and Katherine are going to come and pick you girls up in a little while and bring you back here.  Heidi, you, Cindy and Natalie are going to stop here tonight, if that’s all right?  I think you should allow your mothers some personal time tonight.”


Heidi and Cindy tried to speak, but there was only a muffled sound as Heather said “Sorry - we had to stop them screaming for joy.  I’ll see Suzanne and Katherine later this afternoon.  Congratulations, Amy and Dorothy.”


“Thanks,” Amy said as Heather ended the call and then said “All right, let them speak now.”



“YYYYEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!” they screamed in unison as the hands were removed from their mouths.  “So that’s why they had to be tied up and gagged when we were brought here.  How much did you know about this, Heather?”


“Enough - I knew something was planned, and Katherine had me make something as a gift.  I also suspect they would have loved for you and the girls to be there, but sometimes - well sometimes adults just have to be by themselves to work things out.”


“But we would not have objected!”


“I think there were other things they had to deal with,” Heather said as she looked at Alice and Jannifer.  “I think your mothers may want to have a long talk with both of you when you get back, but be honest and listen to what they have to say, all right?”


“But my dad...”


“May have had a change of heart - if I said I understand Anne’s sister Sue was there, what would that say to you?”


Alice stopped for a moment, and then smiled as she said “He may have had an interesting conversation.  So when are they coming for us?”


“I expect them to be here by six, so we have time to eat and then one more activity before they arrive.”


“What about these two?”


Heather looked at Heidi and Cindy, and a big smile went over her face.  “I understand their mothers were fed yesterday, so let’s do the same to them.  Can you four girls carry them into the dining room?”


“It will be our pleasure,” Joanne said as she and Alexa lifted Cindy up in her chair, Andrea and Chloe doing the honours for Heidi, and carried them both from the room, the girls following behind.


The dining table was laid out with salad, meats and breads, as well as plates.  “Sit down, help yourselves,” Heather said with a smile, “I’ll sort some cold drinks out.”


“Well,” Natalie said as she sat next to Cindy, poking her gently in the ribs, “Does that mean you’re my cousin now as well.”


“The Three Amigos, together through thick and thin,” Heidi said as she looked over.  “Although you know what that really means?”


“No, I - oh,” Natalie said as she felt her arms been pulled behind the chair, and looked over her shoulder to see Heather with a length of rope in her hands.


“It means you can be secured as well,” her aunt said with a smile,” and allow us to feed all three of you.”


“That’s right,” Alice said as she and Jannifer pulled her bare feet back and tied them to the rear legs of the chair, “and if you don’t behave like a good little girl, your sensitive little soles get the full treatment.”


“Hey, if you lot want to feed me, I won’t say no,” Natalie said with a  smile as Jannifer put a forkful of salad near her mouth.  “Just dnttccklmwlmmfsfl.”


“As if we would,” Joanne said with a smile from the other side of the table, “Not yet anyway...”





The clock showed three thirty as the girls pushed their empty plates back from the table, saying almost in unison “Thanks, Heather.”


“My pleasure, girls,” Heather sad with a smile, “Now, who’s going to do the washing up?”


“We are,” Alice said, “but only after we have a chance to say thank you to you in our own style.”


“That sounds - worrying,” Heather said as she stood up.  “I just need to go to the toilet.”


As she left the room, Joanne, Alexa and Andrea grabbed a tea towel each and used them to gag the three bound girls, Nats’ eyes widening as they did so.


“Sorry,” Chloe said with a smile, “but we cannot take a chance of you warning your aunt.  Ladies, positions!”


A few moments later, Heather walked back into the kitchen, and saw Heidi, Cindy and Natalie staring back at her over their towel gags.


“Oh,” she said before Alexa and Andrea grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, crossing her wrist and holding them together while Alice tied them with rope.  As they did this, Chloe stood in front of Heather, holding a blue ball gag in her hand and saying “We want to say thank you for your hospitality this weekend, Mademoiselle Heather, so you are going to relax and allow us to take care of you.


“Do I have a choice,” Heather said as she heard the sound of tape coming free from a roll, and looked behind her to see Alice taping her fingers together.


“Not really, no - please, open wide.”


“Well, if you insist on clrrnggppp,” Heather said as Chloe pushed the ball gag into her mouth and fastened the straps around her head, while Joanne started to wrap more rope around her arms and chest to hold them in place.


Natalie giggled into the cloth filling her mouth as Jannifer knelt by Heather, binding her legs together below her knees, while Joanne tied the chest ropes off.  “We’ll be back for you three later,” Alice said with a smile as they escorted Heather out of the room, leaving the trio wondering what was to come.


Heidi looked at the kitchen clock a sit ticked slowly round, before all three heard muffled laughter coming from the front room.  They exchanged glances, wondering what was happening, when Alice and Jannifer came in, the most evil of looks on their faces.  Natalie looked down at her legs, bound either side of the chair, and said “Uhhhhh” through her gag.


“Your Aunt Heather is a remarkable woman,” Jannifer said with a smile, “but she shares one thing in common with you, Natalie.”


“Nlynn?” Cindy said with a smile.


“Oh yes - she has the most amazingly sensitive soles on her feet - just like you,” Alice said.  Natalie groaned and closed her eyes, then shook violently as the two girls started to tickle the exposed soles of her feet.  Heidi and Cindy also groaned as they wondered when their turn would come - a question that was answered as they felt fingers working on the soles of their own feet.


In the front room, Heather could hear the three girls screaming in laughter, but she was in no position to help them.  She was lying on her stomach on the floor, her legs attached to her chest ropes by a length of rope from her bound ankles, as Chloe, Joanne, Alexa and Andrea took turns tickling her ribs, her feet, the backs of her legs, making her shake in laughter...



An hour later, Alice and Jannifer finally took pity on their friends, removing their gags and untying them from the chairs.  “You realise, of course, this means war,” Natalie said as she rubbed her wrists.


“I look forward to it,” Alice said with a smile as they all hugged.  “We’d better go and get our bags sorted out - our lifts should be here soon.”


“Where’s Aunt Heather?”


Alice smiled as she opened the door to the front room, and showed Natalie her hogtied and now blindfolded aunt.  “Let’s leave her for a while,” Nats said as she closed the door.




Heather blinked as the blindfold was removed, and she saw her sister kneeling next to her, dressed in her formal uniform.


“Having fun,” Katherine said with a smile.


“Vrffnnne - gtmutfths,” Heather mumbled, as Katherine slowly untied and then ungagged her.  “Let me guess - a thank you from the girls,” Katherine said as she helped Heather to stand.


“Got it in one - no hard feelings, all good clean fun.  Where’s Suzanne?”


“Helping them get their bags into the cars - come on, you’d better say goodbye to them.”


Heather walked to the door and watched as the girls loaded their bags into the cars, and then waved as they climbed into the seats.  Natalie ran over and hugged her, saying “Thanks for everything, Aunty,” Nats said as she looked at Heather.


“Any time - and if you ever want to visit again, let me know,” Heather said as Katherine looked at her watch.


“We’d better get going - come to dinner next Wednesday?”


“I’ll look forward to it,” Heather said as the two vehicles started down the path, waving to the girls as they left...




“There you are!”


Veronica embraced Heidi as the girls filed into the front room of her house, while Maria held the door open.


“We’ve had a great weekend - thanks Veronica,” Cindy said as the others made their way into the kitchen.  “How are our mums?”


“I imagine they are very happy,” Veronica said with a smile.  “Go and grab something to eat, and then we can sort a movie out to watch.  How was your sister?”


“Tied up in her work,” Katherine said with a wink.  “But I think they all had a good time.  One thing.”




“I heard them talking as I was driving about them spending the night cuffed to their beds.”


Veronica slowly nodded.  “Hmmm - time for a girl to girl talk, I think.  You take care of Natalie?”


“I will,” Katherine said, “and we can let Margaret and Blossom know discretely.  They’re growing up so fast, we need to warn them of a few things.”





Wednesday, 5 pm


“This is beginning to have a rather familiar feel to it,” Heidi said as she and Cindy walked down the school corridor.


“Yeah - you do wonder if we should make an after school club of this.”


“Wouldn’t we have to advertise it widely?”


“We’d also have to deal with the Christian Circle, at the very least.”


“Yeah - you put me off right there.”


Cindy laughed as Heidi held open the library door.  The shelves of books stood unattended, and there was nobody sitting at the study tables as they made their way over to the office.  They could see the blinds were drawn down, as Heidi knocked on the door.


After a few seconds had passed, the door opened and Chloe looked round at the two friends.


"Oui Mesdames?  How may I help you?"

Heidi swallowed and said "Erm is Natalie here?"

"And Alice?" added Cindy.

“Please, come in,” Chloe said as she opened the door and allowed them to enter.  As they came in, and Chloe closed the door behind them, Cindy smiled and said “Ah - I see they are here.”


Natalie's white blouse, ankle length denim skirt and barely worn sandals stood were over one chair by the desk.  Natalie herself was standing back against a pole, her arms wrapped around and behind it. She was wearing a tight red vest top and short black miniskirt. Her legs were unusually encased in tan nylon and her feet were settled in high heeled strappy sandals.  Her legs were held together with green neon tape at her ankles, above and below her knees and around her thighs. They were further held to the pole at knee and ankles with more bands of tape.


Her arms were held together behind the pole at wrist and elbows, her hands palm to palm, and there were more turns of tape round her waist, ribs and shoulders , holding her arms to her side and her body to the pole. Her long blonde hair was held up in a pony tail allowing further turns of tape to go several times around her head and the pole whilst covering her eyes, mouth and ears.

The two friends looked on as the immobile Natalie breathed gently, occasionally twitching her knee as if trying to move her weight from one foot to another, or sometimes wiggled her nose.  The way she was secured ensured no other movement was possible.

"Barefoot in your library again?" asked Heidi.

"Unfortunately so." replied Chloe as she shook her head.  “I had hoped the previous session would have cured her, but - well, no.”

"And Alice?" asked Cindy as she looked at her other friend.

"She was late returning books."

Alice was sitting on a chair next to Chloe’s desk, dressed in a pink UCLA top and black leggings, her feet bare with her sneakers at the side of the chair. Her hands were tied behind the chair with white rope, and then tied to the wooden bars at the back.  Her upper arms were tied separately to the uprights at the side of the chair.


More ropes circled her waist and chest, pinning her to the chair as she tried to move. Her legs were bound with more white rope at her ankles, above and below knees, and around her calves and thighs. Her legs rested on Chloe's desk where a rope ran from her ankle bindings, under the desk and up to her knee bindings holding her legs tight to the desk. Her mouth and eyes were covered with more of the lurid green tape.


On the soles of her feet were a series of black and blue scribbles, noughts and crosses games and a smiley face drawn on the pad of each toe.  Two biros lay on the desk just next to her bare soles.

“How long have they been like this?”  Heidi said as she stroked the sole of Alice’s foot, making her giggle and squirm round.

“About an hour,” Chloe said as she looked at her watch, “Miss Natalie is due for release just now"

"And Alice"

"Regrettably she forgot to return two books, so she must stay another hour. Would you care for a game of noughts and crosses while you wait?"

“Intriguing, but only once Natalie is free,” Heidi said with a smile.

“Of course,” Chloe said as she walked over to the pole and removed the tape from Natalie’s head, pulling a sock from her mouth as she did so.  “Oh - there you are,” Nats said as Chloe cut her free from the pole.


“Anyone would think you did this deliberately,” Cindy said as she watched her friend hop nervously in her heels towards Chloe’s desk, standing by the desk as she looked at the pair of scissors which lay within reach of her fingers.  "Does it get any better?”

"These Damn heels,” Natalie said as she tried to get the scissors, “I can't wait to get them off. But you know what?”


“What.” Heidi said as she and Cindy exchanged a look.”  Natalie smiled as she looked at the scissors and said “I've had another really good idea. Can you get my phoommff..."


Cindy lost no time in tackling Natalie and making her fall to the floor, sitting across her legs as she hand gagged her.  “Chloe,” she said quickly, “get the duct tape. Heidi, take your socks off. We don’t want to hear any more of Natalie’s ideas for a while.”








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