Heidi’s Weekend Retreat







This tale is based on an idea sent to me by Suestruggles, so she deserves much of the credit...




Chloe loaded up the book trolley with the returned volumes, one eye on the small knot of girls that were sitting round one of the communal tables.  They had their notebooks and pads in front of them, but from what little snatches of conversation she could hear the subject under debate was not a class project.


There were five girls there, all good friends of hers, and it was obvious as she pushed the trolley past that they were talking about the coming weekend.


“I wish I could, but Mum and Dad have decided this is a good weekend to visit my Aunt Polly, so we’re heading upstate.”  Jannifer wiped her nose with a plain white handkerchief and stuffed it back into the pocket of her jeans, as she put her head in her hands and looked round the table.  Her red hair had been pulled back in a ponytail, that hung over the shoulder of her blue denim blouse, and a white scarf was tucked into the neck at the front.  “Which is a pity - because from what you have described, it could be fun.”


Heidi smiled as she brushed her blonde hair back.  “Yeah, well, I’m sorry as well.  You can’t go against your parents, however, so I hope you have fun up there.”  She was wearing a cream coloured “UCLA” sweatshirt and a pair of knee length blue leggings, with white sports socks over the top of her sneakers.


Next to her was Cindy, dressed in a pair of grey denim bib shorts and baseball boots.  She was looking at Alice, who was frowning as she sat back in the chair.


“Don’t tell me your father is still having problems with you staying over as well?”


Alice slowly nodded as she took off her glasses.  “Yeah - ever since the news about your mums came out, he’s...  Look, I want to be there, I really do, but he just won’t budge on the subject.”


“So let me get this right,” Heidi said quietly, “Despite the fact that all the other mothers are going to be there, he still thinks something bad is going to happen.”


Alice looked up, and Cindy could see the tears in her eyes.  “It’s stupid, it’s pre-historic, but he’s my dad...”


Natalie stood up and walked over to Alice, giving her a hug as she said “don’t worry, kiddo - we’ll find a way to get him to the right side, you’ll see.”  Alice smiled as she looked round the table, and whispered “Thanks.”  She wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her green blouse and put her glasses back on.


“Miss Jenkins?”


Natalie turned suddenly, her Boho skirt swirling as she did so, and looked straight into Chloe’s eyes.


“Miss Jenkins, I see you are barefoot again.  I believe I have had to speak to you before on the school policy on the matter.” Chloe was dressed, as usual, in a baggy red sweater with a large scarf tucked into the V at the front, denim shorts, black leggings and Dr Marten boots, in contrast to Nat’s sleeveless blouse with a wide brown canvas belt around her waist.


“Oops,” Natalie said as she sat down and put on a pair of sandals, “Sorry about that.”


“Do not do it again,” Chloe said with a wink, “or I will be forced to give you another after school detention.”  She walked off, pushing the trolley in front of her as the girls laughed.


“Did she agree,” Cindy said as she looked at the others.


“Yup - Joanne and Andrea are in as well, but Alexa is away this weekend.  So, we’ll see you there?”


The group nodded and stood up, going their own ways as Chloe started to replace the books on the shelves....





“Remind me again why, if they know where we’re going, we did this to them?”


“Because they asked for it,” Dorothy replied as Amy drove down the main street. 


“Oh yeah, that’s right,” Amy said with a smile.  Behind her she could hear muffled grunts, which she took to be reminders of how the day had started.  Dorothy and Cindy had driven to her house earlier and left their car in the driveway, Amy wanting to take the new SUV she had bought with the tinted windows instead.  Both were dressed casually - Dorothy was wearing a black v-necked sweater over a grey round necked one, and matching trousers, with a pair of black leather ankle boots, while Cindy had chosen to wear pair of grey joggers and sweatshirt, the legs of the joggers tucked into her black Ugg boots.


Heidi had gone for a similar style of dress, only in her case it was a pair of grey and gold leggings with a baggy white t-shirt over a grey long sleeved top.  A pair of black trainers was on her feet, which she was swinging to and fro in the back of the vehicle.  Her mother had chosen a white silk blouse and black leather trousers with heels, but in the back of the SUV were their overnight bags.


The windows were up, but the younger girls were not to know that - they both had a black silk scarf tied over their eyes, trapping Cindy’s long dark hair and Heidi’s short blonde locks underneath, while their mouths were covered with wide strips of flesh coloured plaster.  Each of the girls also had a small sponge ball in their mouths under the plaster.


Their wrists were tightly secured behind their backs, crossed and tied against their spines with white rope that was visible around their waists.  Rope had also been used to bind their ankles together, but with a short length left between their legs to allow them to walk - or at least shuffle.  The band of rope around their legs below their knees provided a further restriction.


“Hmnshlngr,” Heidi said as Amy turned off the main street.


“Not much further,” she said over her shoulder.  “Remember, you were the ones who chose to come this way - anyone would think you wanted to get some early practice in.”


“Vrrfnneee,” Cindy mumbled as Amy turned into the driveway to the house owned by her sister.  As they pulled up to the front door, it was opened by an older Hispanic woman, dressed in a grey housecoat and white shoes, who stood to the side as Amy and Dorothy helped their daughters to hobble into the hallway.


“Good morning, Maria,”


“Good morning Miss Amy, Miss Dorothy,” the maid said as she closed the door.  “I will fetch your bags later - would you care for some cold drinks?”


“In a moment,” Dorothy said as she removed the blindfold from Cindy, and then peeled the plaster away from her mouth, catching the sponge ball as Cindy pushed it out of her mouth.  “Where are the others?”


“Ah yes,” Maria said as Amy allowed Heidi to see and speak as well, “Miss Veronica, Miss Katherine and Miss Natalie are currently upstairs, enjoying some personal time together.  I am not sure they wish to be disturbed yet, but will join us for lunch.”


“Aw,” Heidi said as she looked at Maria, “Can’t we see them?”


“Very well,” Maria said as she walked to the staircase, “If you will follow me?”  She started to climb the stairs, as Amy helped Heidi to slowly walk up, Dorothy doing the same for Cindy.  They made their way to the door of Veronica’s bedroom.


“As you will see,” Maria said as she opened the door, “They are currently enjoying a close bonding.”


The four of them accompanied Maria in, as Heidi looked to the bed and smiled.  “Oh yeah,” she said quietly, “I see what you mean...”


There were three very recognisable women lying on the bed, Natalie nestled between Veronica and Katherine.  All three were dressed identically, in powder blue vest tops and shorts, with nothing covering their feet.


There was no acknowledgement of the new arrivals - not too surprising, given that all three of them were very tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded.  Amy looked closely at her aunt, whose wrist and elbows were tied together behind her beck, her fists clenched into little balls where they were firmly lashed to the small of her back.  More ropes encircled her arms and chest, keeping them fixed firmly in place to her body.


Their ankles had been lashed together side by side, and their legs bound tightly above and below their knees.  Those knees were resting against their stomachs, with rope snaking around their midriffs and under their legs, while a further length went from their ankles up their bottoms to their wrists.


“Nice ball ties,” Amy said as she looked at Katherine, “Their idea or yours?”


“Theirs, Miss Amy,” Maria said with a smile, “I secured them at midnight, and apart from a short toilet break earlier this morning they requested that they be left this way until midday.”


“They?” Cindy said as she looked at Natalie.  Her long blonde hair was pinned to the back of her head by the two scarves that were tied over her mouth and eyes.  The lower one, a deep crimson red, pressed tightly against her lips, and from the way her cheeks bulged out Cindy figured there was a fair amount of packing in her mouth.  The second scarf was a black silk square with gold patterns, which was folded in a wide enough band to cover her eyes and ears.


“Ear plugs,” Dorothy said to Maria, who nodded as a large smile appeared.  “Miss Natalie was most insistent on both the timing and the earplugs,” she said as she looked at the trio.  “in the same way, Miss Veronica was most insistent on her instructions as well.”


Amy turned her back and stroked the tip of her left index finger over the sole of her aunt’s foot, smiling as Veronica wriggled her toes a little in response.  “Well, we had better do as she says then,” she replied as the quartet left the room, Maria closing the door behind them.


They made their way down to the dining room, where they saw that the table had already been laid for lunch for eleven.  Maria pulled out four of the dining room chairs, and said “If you will please take a seat, I have been told to make you comfortable.”


“Would it be possible to get a cold drink, Maria,” Amy said as she sat in one of the chairs.  “I’d love one as well,” Cindy said as she sat opposite Heidi, while Amy sat next to Cindy and Dorothy to Heidi.


“As soon as I have secured you firmly,” Maria said as she picked up several coils of rope and came over to the table, laying them next to the place mats.  “Miss Amy, Miss Dorothy, I would ask you to please lay your hands on the armrests.”


“I see what you mean now,” Amy said as she placed her arms on the wooden rests, watching as Maria tightly secured them down with a length of parachute cord, passing the rope between her cuff and the wood to keep it tight.  She then wrapped a length of rope around her waist, holding her against the high chair back, before kneeling at her feet and binding her ankles to the outside of the front legs of the chair.  Similar lengths of cord went around her knee and the wooden legs.


“Miss Cindy, I am going to tie your ankles together and back to the chair support,”

“That’s fine,” Cindy said as Maria untied her ankles and then pulled them tightly together, side by side, the rope pulling into the soft fabric of her boots before the maid cinched the coils between her legs, tied the rope off and then secured it to the spar under the chair.


Walking round to the other side, Maria secured Dorothy and Heidi as well, before she went to the kitchen, returning with four glasses of iced tea, each with a straw in the top.  She placed them on the table, then shuffled the chairs in so that the four guests could reach the straws with their lips.


“IF you will excuse me, I must return to the preparation of lunch,” Maria said as she walked back into the kitchen, leaving them to sip on the cooling drink.


“What do you think Aunt Veronica is planning,” Heidi said as she sat herself back up.


“I’m not sure,” Any replied as the doorbell rang, “but whatever it is, I suspect it will be... Coral, I see you and Andrea made it.”


“Ah - I see this is going to be a tight little group,” Coral Blackwood said as she came into the room.  She was wearing a brown leather bomber jacket and tight corduroy trousers, which accentuated her slim figure, and a pair of mid-length brown leather boots.  Her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders as she looked at Amy and Dorothy.


Behind her was her daughter Andrea, wearing her usual fur lined black leather coat over a grey hooded top and a floor length grey gypsy style skirt.  “”Are we starting the weekend as we mean to go on,” she said as she removed her coat and handed it to Maria, while Coral took hers off to reveal a roll necked cashmere sweater in the same shade of brown.


“Don’t ask us - this is Veronica’s doing,” Cindy said as Maria returned and indicated that Coral should sit next to her, and Andrea on the other side.  As Andrea sat down, her skirt rose to reveal the suede ankle boots she was wearing.


“would you prefer your hands behind you or on the arm rests, Miss Coral,” Maria said, and as Coral looked round the table she said “Let’s keep the symmetry going, shall we?”  She laid her arms on the rest, watching as Marisa secured her arms, waist and leg to the chair, and then stood behind Andrea.  Her daughter smiled as she leaned forward and crossed her wrists behind her back, allowing the maid to bind them tightly together before she lashed her waist to the chair back, and then her ankles together, pulling them back to secure them under the seat.


“So who are we waiting for,” Coral said as Maria retuned to the kitchen, coming back momentarily with drinks for the new arrivals before leaving again.


“Joanne and Suzanne,” Dorothy said, “the others are upstairs?”


“Still sleeping?”


“In a way,” Cindy said as she winked at Andrea.


“OH,” her friend said with a smile, “Enjoying some quiet time, I take it?”  Heidi laughed as the doorbell rang again, and Maria escorted Suzanne and Joanna into the dining room.  Joanne was wearing a black t-shirt and denim shorts over black leggings, with a pair of back felt boots on her feet, while Suzanne was wearing a blue sweatshirt and knee length skirt, he hose covered legs resting in a pair of high heeled mules.


“Comfy, Dorothy,” she said as Joanne sat herself next to Dorothy, and then she sat next to her daughter.  As Maria secured them in the same way as the others, Joanne called over to Andrea, “Alexa said to tell you the order you placed has arrived - she’ll drop it round next week.”


“Order,” Coral said as she looked at her daughter, “What order?”


“Relax, Mum - Alexa was able to get me a discount on some supplies for Art class - paints and the like.  Nothing more than that.” 


“So where’s your better half today, Coral,” Amy said as Maria stood back up, having secured Suzanne’s legs together under the chair and tied Joanne’s to the front of the chair.


“Business trip - so we have the weekend free to - well, just why are we like this?”


“You’ll have to ask Veronica,” Amy said as the clock in the hallway struck twelve, and Maria passed back through, “which you will be able to do in a minute.”  The group watched the door to the hallway,

After a few moments, they saw Natalie hopping into the room, followed by Veronica and then Katherine.  Although they had been released from the ball ties, and the blindfolds removed, all three were still tightly gagged and bound as they each hopped over to one of the chairs, and then sat down, Natalie sitting next to Heidi while Katherine sat opposite her, and Veronica sat at the head of the table between both of them.


“Fnksmre,” she mumbled as they were each in turn secured to the chair with ropes around their waists, “Umsrvlnshn.”


“As you wish, Miss Veronica,” Maria said as she went back to the kitchen, returning with several large bowls which she placed on the table, one in front of each of the guests as steam rose in front of them.  Dorothy looked at the food in the plates, then at Veronica before saying “Oh come on, you can’t...”


As Maria placed the last plate in front of Veronica, she removed the scarf from around her mouth, shaking it and folding it into a triangle before tying it over Veronica’s front like a bib.  She did the same to Katherine and Natalie, then produced a number of similarly large scarves and giving each of the lunch guests a bib as well.


“Miss Veronica welcomes you,” Maria said with a smile, “and has told me to tell you that whoever manages to eat their lunch in the most - ladylike manner will get to choose what happens afterwards while I prepare dinner.”  She removed the wads of cloth from the mouths of the other three, before leaving the room.


“Sis,” Amy said as she looked at Veronica, smiling in her seat “You have got to be kidding.  No cutlery?”


“No cutlery.”


“Spaghetti Bolognese?”


Veronica nodded and then said “Enjoy...”


Heidi looked at the bowl in front of her, the steam rising from the pasta and meat sauce combination, before she leaned in and started to suck one length of spaghetti up between her lips.  “Mhngree” she mumbled as she looked at the others.


“Oh you are going to pay for this sis,” Amy said as she began to eat the meal as well, and soon the whole table was digging in, their faces either in the bowls sucking up the meal, or else looking round as the sauce covered mouths chewed on the pasta and meat.


“It’s good food,” Coral said as a drop of sauce dropped onto the scarf covering her clothes, “but I am glad I have this bib on.  You’re going to have a hell of a job cleaning these afterwards, though.”


“You have no idea,” Veronica said as the meal continued, the younger girls digging in with more enthusiasm as the older women took more care.  Eventually, however, the bowls were empty, and as they looked round Katherine said “Anyone got any paper?  We could make a pop art print from the stuff on our faces.”


“Very funny,” Coral said as she looked at Andrea, who was grinning with a thick red band around her mouth, “but you’re forgetting something, Katherine?”


“Oh - what’s that?”


“Pudding,” Veronica said as Maria cleared the plates, and then brought our smaller bowls, placing one in front of each of them.  Katherine looked into hers, and groaned as she said “Of course - chocolate ice cream.  It had to be, didn’t it?”


“I’ll pick up any dry cleaning bill as well - now eat,” Veronica said as she began to lick the ice cream out of her bowl, the others following suit as Maria returned to the kitchen.


Twenty minutes later, Maria collected the bowls and looked round the table.  “It is a very fine collection, Miss Veronica,” she finally said, “but in my judgement, Miss Dorothy has the smallest amount of food on her.”


“Well, of course,” Cindy said as she looked round, “My mum’s the best at this sort of thing.”


“I seem to remember a Halloween party where you got your face covered in molasses as well,” Heidi said with a laugh, before Veronica said “all right, all right - Maria has chosen, so Dorothy gets to decide what happens to the rest of us.”


“Would you untie me please, Maria,” Dorothy said, and as she was released from the chair Dorothy stood up, wiped her chin and put it on the table.  “Now if you would be so good as to free Amy and follow me,” she said as she headed for the door.


“Er - Dorothy, what about us,” Joanne said as she tried to pull her arm free.


“Oh, I’m sure you’ll find a way to keep yourself amused,” Dorothy said with a smile as Maria freed Amy and the three of them headed out of the room.


“Great,” Joanne said as she looked at the group, “How are we meant to get free now?”  She tried to scoot her chair back, but her felt covered toes kept slipping as she did so.


Sometime later, Maria returned and cleared the rest of the table away as the others were still trying to get free, and then went into the kitchen.  “Right,” Veronica said as she looked at the others, “Who can actually use their feet apart from us?”


The general groan that rose from the group answered her question, as Natalie put her feet on the floor and started to push her own chair back.  Katherine and Veronica looked at each other and then started to push their own chairs so that they were sitting back to back.  “Can you reach my hands,” Veronica said as she looked over her shoulder, while Nats managed to slide her chair next to Heidi.


“Can you lean forward,” she said, and as Heidi leaned into the table she mover her arms as far towards Nats as she could, while her friend reached over with her hands and started to pick at the knot around Heidi’s wrists.


The others watched as Natalie started to untie Heidi, and Katherine reach between the slats of Veronica’s chair and started to pick at the rope around her wrists as well, while Maria continued to work in the kitchen.


In an upstairs bedroom, Dorothy gently kissed Amy as they lay under the covers, their bodies lashed together with lengths of rope so that the only movement they could make was together, and their legs entwined around each other as they did so.


“Thanks,” Heidi said as she brought her hands round and rubbed her wrists, and then pulled the rope around her waist so that she could get to the knot.  As she did this, Veronica stretched her arms up and then started to untie her legs.  “Bear with us girls,” she said as she released her legs, “We’ll have you all out as soon as possible, and then we can hit the bathroom and get cleaned up.”


“Just one thing,” Coral said as she watched, “What’s for dinner?”


“Something less messy,” Veronica said with a smile, “I promise you...”





“Now that was a good meal,” Coral said as she pushed her plate back, “and a lot cleaner as well.  What did you call it again?”


“Fish and chips,” Veronica said as the others did so, “a proper British meal, and good for you.  I did not want to mess up our clothes a second time.”


“For which we are very grateful,” Amy said as she wiped her chin.  She was wearing a pair of red silk pyjamas, while Dorothy was dressed in a similar pair of black ones.  The others were still dressed as before, as they made their way into the main room.


“Now then,” Veronica said as she looked to her collection of DVDs, “What do people want to watch?”


“I’m in the mood for a comedy,” Amy said as she cuddled Dorothy, “How about Best in Show or something like that?”


“Nah - let’s watch a musical, a real classic.  What about Singing In The Rain?”  Amy looked at Coral, and said “Really?  Don’t you want to have a laugh?”


“It’s a funny film - isn’t it?”


“Yeah, but I need some real belly laughs.  Veronica what do you say?”


“I say we don’t need an argument, so let’s put it to the vote.  Who wants a comedy film?”


Amy, Dorothy, Heidi, Cindy and Natalie raised their hands.


“And a musical?”


She watched as Coral, Andrea, Joanne, Suzanne and Katherine raised their hands.


“Great - a tie,” Nats said as she looked round.  “Guess you get the casting vote, Veronica.”


“Yeah,” Veronica said, “Well, I was going to say let’s watch something else...”  She ducked as a barrage of cushions headed her way before saying “All right, all right - we’re going to settle this in a mature and democratic fashion.”


“Well said Sis,” Amy said, “How do you propose to do that?”


“Trivial pursuit - two teams, winner takes all.  On one side the comedy, on the other the musical.”


“And what happens to the losers?”


“They have to watch the film as well - without complaining.  And the winners get to make sure of that.”  As she said this, she held up the box containing the ropes from earlier, and then said “Get into your teams, and we can begin.”


The mums and daughters looked at each other, then slit into their teams either side of the coffee table as Veronica fetched the game and set it up.  Tossing a coin, she said to Dorothy “Call it.”




Veronica caught the coin and slapped it down on the back of her hand, then looked at it before she said “Right - you get to ask the first question.”  Dorothy drew the first card, looked at it and said “Right - here we go...”


As the game progressed, the two teams found that they were fairly evenly matched, with both sides knowing some answers and answering just as many wrongly.  In the end, both teams were heading for the final question, with Coral’s team getting there first.  Dorothy consulted with the others, and then said “Entertainment - in which film did Dooley Wilson play it again?”


The five talked amongst themselves, before Coral said “We are going to answer with Play It Again Sam.”


“Nope,” Dorothy said with a smile, “The answer is Casablanca.”  Rolling the dice, they moved to the centre, and after a brief conversation Coral drew the card out.


“Literature - Who wrote the books set in the 87th Precinct?”


To the surprise of all of them, Natalie shouted out “Ed McBain!”  Coral looked at the card as Katherine shook her head, saying “You’ve been in your father’s den again, haven’t you?”  Nats nodded as Coral said “All right - you win.  Will you allow us to go and change into something more comfortable first - I get the feeling we may be here a while?”


“Of course,” Dorothy said as the five left the room.  “Now, you need to sort out the ropes,” she then said to Heidi and Cindy.  “You can take care of Andrea and Joanne, Amy and I will take care of Coral and Suzanne, and Natalie?”


“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Natalie said as the group got to work, while Veronica went to see Maria in the kitchen. 


The first to return was Joanne, who had put on a man’s white shirt over a pair of cycling shorts.  “You get my loving attention, cuz,” Cindy said as she turned Joanne round, arranging her arms behind her back in a box as she used lengths of rope to secure her forearms together, wrists to elbows with a third length in the middle.


As Cindy tied off the last knot, Suzanne returned to the room, wearing a pair of red cotton pyjamas.  Dorothy smiled as she guided her hands behind her back, crossing her wrists before she lashed them together, cinching the ropes between her arms.


As Dorothy wrapped rope around Suzanne’s arms and body, and Cindy did the same for her daughter, Katherine entered the room, wearing a black satin vest top and shorts.  “Hope you’re ready for some time on the floor, Mum,” Natalie said as she took a long length of rope, draped it over Katherine’s shoulders and started to secure her arms and chest in a Chinese Box tie.


“So long as you have a cushion under my head, I don’t mind,” she said as Joanne and Suzanne were sat back to back by Cindy and Dorothy.  The two worked on binding their ankles and legs, as Heidi watched Andrea and Coral enter the room.


“Do you know, that is no surprise at all,” she said as they stood there in matching sleep suits, made from light blue cotton and flanellette, and with a matching pair of fingerless mittens on Andrea’s hands.


“No gloves for you, Coral,” Amy said as she picked up a length of rope.


“No,” Coral said as she held up her white covered hands, “I prefer sports socks.  So where do you want us?”


“Face down on the floor, hands behind your back please,” Heidi said as Natalie pulled the rope under her mother’s arms, and tied off the ends to complete her work.   Throwing a large cushion on the floor, she waited for Katherine to settle her head on it before she crossed her mother’s ankles and started to bind them together.


Suzanne and Joanne were now  tightly bound, their legs secured at their ankles, knees and thighs as Cindy pulled their upper bodies  together with a last length of rope.  “Remember these,” Dorothy said as she showed the mother and daughter the balaclavas that had been previously used. 


“One for each of us,” Joanne said quietly.


“Once we have you silenced and deafened,” Cindy lightly replied as she picked up two pads of cotton and a roll of white micropore tape.  “Open wide and say Ah.”


She pushed the wad into the mouths of her cousin and aunt, as Dorothy sealed their lips by wrapping the tape around their heads, and then pushing a set of earplugs into their ears.  Finally, they pulled a balaclava over each of them, before letting them settle as they sat on the couch.


By this time Natalie had bound her mother’s legs tightly together, and was placing her in a strict hogtie, white Heidi and Amy were behind the kneeling Andrea and Coral, wrapping rope around their arms and chests to keep them secure.


“That does feel good,” Andrea said over her shoulder to Heidi, “I see you have been practicing.”


“I had a few lessons,” Heidi said with a smile as Natalie pulled the hood over Katherine’s head, and then tested the gag with a light tickle on the soles of her feet.  Katherine wriggled round, but could not say a word as the last two captives were gagged, their ears filled with foam plugs and the black balaclavas pulled over their heads.


“What are you going to do with them,” Cindy said as both Andrea and Coral were helped to lie on the floor and pillows placed under their heads.  Amy and Heidi smiled at each other as the ropes went around their ankles, knees and thighs, before they pulled their legs back, attaching Andrea’s ankles to Coral’s chest ropes and Coral’s ankles to Andrea’s chest.


“Now then,” Veronica said as she came back in, “Ready for a slightly different comedy?”


“Why,” Natalie said as she curled up on the couch, tucking her bare feet under her legs, “What have you got in mind?”


“Double bill,” Veronica said as she held up two DVDs - Little Shop Of Horrors and A Mighty Wind.


“They are going to be so mad at us,” Amy said as she sat with Dorothy, her arms around her as Cindy sat with Heidi and Natalie.


“Their loss,” Veronica said as she sat down as well, the five bound and gagged victims unaware of what was playing right in front of them...





“Are you sure Andrea is going to be safe like that,” Coral said as she watched Veronica and Natalie laying her daughter gently on one side of the double bed, still tightly hogtied and sleeping peacefully under the hood.


“She’ll be fine, Coral,” Veronica said, “Natalie will be here and keep an eye on her - and you know this is not the first time she has done this.”  Natalie nodded as she sat on the bed next to her friend.


“Don’t worry - we’ll be fine,” she said as the door closed, and she started to read a book.  She could hear the others going to bed, one by one, as the house fell into a dark, peaceful, and quiet sleep....







The buzzing was coming from somewhere, but Natalie was not sure where - especially given she was in an open field, running through the grass in her bare feet.  Wherever she looked, however, it was still there -and now she could feel it against her hand.  She looked down, wondering what it could be as a black object came into view....


She blinked as she woke up, and felt the vibration from her phone against her hand.  Looking to her side, she could see Andrea was still asleep, her chest rising and falling between the bands of rope, but there was no sound from anywhere else.  She got up and walked to the door, quietly closing it behind her as she slipped down the stairs and saw the time on the grandfather clock.


“Why did I agree to doing this at six thirty,” she said as she unlocked and opened the door.


“Good morning mon ami,” Chloe said as she stood in the doorway, “I trust I did not wake you?”


“You did, but never mind,” Nats said as she opened the door and helped Chloe to bring in three boxes of food, and then shut it behind her.  “Come on - let’s get the food into the kitchen, and then you can help me wake the others.”


As Heidi came in slowly, rubbing her eyes, she said “Hey Chloe, what are you doing here?”  Cindy and Joanne were already sitting at the breakfast bar, as she said “and where’s Nats?”


“She went to release Andrea,” Chloe said as she handed Heidi a glass of orange juice.  “For the day to work as planned, you all need to be here before we can proceed.”  As she spoke, Andrea came into the kitchen and said “Good morning everyone - sleep well?”


“I’m sure you did,” Cindy said as she watched Natalie walk in.  “So we’re going to go ahead as planned.”


“We are indeed,” Natalie said as she poured herself a glass of juice.  “When you’ve had a drink, take the supplies you need and we begin phase one.  Chloe, will you take care of Veronica for us please?”


“It will be a pleasure, mon amis,” Chloe said with a smile, “and then I will help her as you will help your mothers, non?”


“Oh yes,” Natalie said with a smile, “they’re not going to know what’s hit them...”




As they quietly opened the door, Heidi and Cindy looked round to see Amy and Dorothy lying on the bed, still in their pyjamas.   They were facing each other, sound asleep as Dorothy had her arm around Amy’s waist.


“They look so cute lying there,” Cindy whispered to Heidi, “It almost seems a pity to disturb them.”


“So let’s not disturb them too much,” Heidi said as she lifted Dorothy’s arm off her mother, and then slowly manoeuvred her so that both her arms were behind her back.  Helping Cindy to do the same thing to Dorothy, they then both took a long length of soft rope and started to tie their mother’s wrists together behind their backs, making sure they were well secured before tying the rope off to the headboard.  They worked slowly and quietly, so that when they had finished both women had barely moved.


It was a simpler task to bind their ankles and secure their feet down to the foot of the bed, with enough slack in both the ropes to allow them to have some movement, before they slipped back into the corridor.  As they did so, they met Chloe and Natalie, while Joanne and Andrea were leaving the other rooms.


“Stage one complete,” Natalie said with a smile, as the aroma of freshly brewing coffee came up the staircase, “now for stage two.”


When Amy heard Heidi saying “Happy Mother’s Day!” she opened her eyes to see her daughter standing there, holding a tray in her arms.  On the tray was a small vase with a single slower in it, orange juice, warm pastries, coffee and fruit.


“Well good morning Heidi,” Amy said as she tried to stretch out, “To what do...“  She realised that she was unable to move her arms, and then saw the rope around her ankles as it ran to the foot of the bed.


“Surprise,” she heard Dorothy say, and as she turned over she saw Dorothy sitting up with her hands behind her back, while Cindy was tucking a napkin into the top of her pyjama jacket.  “I have the distinct feeling we are not in charge at the moment.”


“You are not in charge today, full stop,” Heidi said as she set the tray down and tucked a napkin into her mother’s top.  “Today you get to do absolutely nothing - we are going to look after you.


“All of you.”


“You mean the others are...  So who is Natalie looking after,” Amy said as she took a sip from the glass of orange juice that Heidi was holding to her mouth.


“We called in some help,” Cindy said as Dorothy took a bite from the cinnamon toast she was holding, “For now, you two are having breakfast in bed - and so are all the mothers.”


“Well, I for one will not complain - but what happens when we have finished,” Amy said before she took a piece of melon in her mouth.


“Not your problem,” Amy said as she looked at her mother.  “All you need to do is eat, drink, and then relax.”


“Why do I get the feeling - ah, so this is your help.  Good morning Chloe.”


“Good Morning, Mrs Elsworth,” Chloe said as she looked in the door.  “Heidi, when you and Cindy have finished join us in the kitchen please.”


“Sure, Chloe,” Cindy said as she held the coffee cup to allow her mother to take a drink.  “That’s better,” she said as she swallowed the hot brown liquid.  “So, how exactly are you going to keep us from doing anything?”


“Apart from tying you to the bed,” Cindy said, and they all laughed as the honesty of the statement hit them.  “No - when you have had enough, we’re going to prepare lunch, while you relax.  So have you had enough?”


A few minutes passed as both women finished their coffee, and then Amy said “All right - do your worst.”


Cindy smiled as she produced two sleep masks from her tray, while Heidi held up two handkerchiefs and a roll of white tape.  “You asked for it - open wide now...”


“All done,” Natalie said as Heidi and Cindy came back in, having changed into shorts and t-shirts. 


“Yeah - they’re nice and quiet - now what do you want us to do,” Heidi said as she looked at Chloe.


“You may start by peeling the button onions and then washing and quartering the mushrooms,” Chloe said as she looked at one of the boxes on the work surface.  “Natalie is preparing the pears for the Tarte Tatin, and Joanne is preparing the ingredients for the Soupes aux Haricots Verts.  Andrea is slicing some vegetables ot use as crudités, and then will work on the apples for the baked Brie and Apple hors d’ouvres.


“So what about the meat?”


“Time to prepare that later - it is important for French cooking to do thing sat the right time,” Chloe said as the door to the rear opened, and Maria came in, wearing a brown coat over her work dress.


“Well,” she said as she looked at the scene in the kitchen, “I am impressed - what can I do to help?”


“In all honesty,” Natalie said as Maria took her coat off and hung it up, revealing her usual pale blue buttoned dress underneath, “Nothing Maria - we are in charge today, and you are taking the day off.”


“Miss Veronica said nothing about this last night.”


“Mum is not in a position to say anything about it - and you are not going to be either, so come with us please Maria.  You need to lie down and have a rest.”  The others looked at each other and smiled as they returned to their work.



“Now, Maria,” Natalie said a few minutes later, “Isn’t that relaxing?”


“Ysmsntle,” Maria mumbled through the thick white scarf that was covering her mouth.  Under the scarf was a band that encircled her head, and under that the folded headscarf that Andrea had pushed into her mouth.  The skirt of her dress had slipped down her white covered legs as they were held to her wrists by a length of rope - one of many that encircled her arms, waist, legs and ankles as she lay there, very securely hogtied.


“Now,” Andrea said as she turned on the television and slipped a DVD into the player, “You missed the film last night - actually, so do did both of us - so we think you should get a chance to watch it now.  Enjoy.”


The two girls returned to the kitchen, and as they started to prepare their food again Chloe helped Heidi to joint the chickens, while Cindy roughly chopped some rashers of bacon on the board and Joanne was rolling out some puff pastry.  On the stove a pan of soup was bubbling away.


“Excellent,” Chloe said as she looked at the clock, “It is ten thirty - we will take a short break, and then with a little more preparation we will be ready to start cooking the rest of the main course and the pudding.  We are making good time girls - well done.”


“So what do we have left to do?”


“Cook the dessert, prepare the coq au vin and put it in the oven, and the vegetables - the rest will be plain sailing.”

An hour or so later, Chloe and the girls gathered around the table.


“So,” she said with a smile, “Let us review.  The crudités and dips?”


“Prepared and chilling in the fridge,” Joanne said with a smile.


“Baked Brie and Apple?”


“We have the portions prepared and ready to go into the oven at the right time.”


“The soup?”


“Cooling and will be pureed at the appropriate moment.”


“Main course and vegetables?”


Andrea looked to the oven.  “Ready to go into the oven, and the pans for the vegetables are ready?”


“And finally, the dessert?”


“Baking now - will come out in thirty minutes.”


Chloe smiled and said “Eh bien, you have worked hard and done a wonderful job in preparation.  I think you can be trusted with the rest of the work for lunch for your mothers - very well done.”


“Thank you Chloe,” Joanne and Andrea said as they took their friend by the arm, “Why don’t you come with us - you deserve a rest.”  The trio walked through to the front room as Natalie looked at Cindy.


“Well,” Heidi said as she sat down, “I guess we need to decide who is going to do what.  Now, I think that wemmssshpngnng?”


“Sorry, Heidi,” Natalie said as she gently pushed the balled up sock into her friend’s mouth, “but after the last time we spent the night together the last thing Cindy and I need is you bossing us around again.  Right Cindy?”


“Right,” Cindy confirmed as she pulled Heidi’s arms behind her back, crossing her wrists as a length of cord went around and between them, “so you’re going to be having a rest for a little while as well, while the four of us get the rest of the setting up and cooking done.


“Mntbssee,” Heidi mumbled as Natalie pressed the end of a roll of white tape over her mouth and then wound it round her cousin’s head, sealing the sock in as Cindy bound her arms tightly to her side, making it impossible for her to move her arms out of the way.

“Let’s take a walk,” Natalie said with a smile as they helped Heidi to stand up and walked her between them into the front room.  As they came through, Joanne looked up and said “Oh boy - you decided to go through with it then?”


“Whndduplnts?” Heidi asked as she looked at her friends, but they merely made her sit on the floor beside Maria, as she watched Andrea pulling Chloe’s crossed and bound ankles back in order to secure them to the ropes around her arms and chest.  She already had a thick cloth pulled over her mouth, and Heidi could see the lengths of tape underneath.


She barely noticed as Cindy crossed her ankles and bound them together with cord, followed by her legs below her knees, while Natalie tied a black sleep mask over her eyes.


“Now you stay here like a good girl,” she said as Cindy rolled Heidi onto her stomach and hogtied her, then lightly tickled her feet.  “We’ll let you go in good time to get ready.”


As this was going on, Maria was watching with a detached interest.  She was enjoying the rest, and the smell was delicious, but she was wondering how they were going to serve the food without her help...




The clock showed twelve thirty as the older ladies made their way down the staircase.  They had finally been released an hour earlier, and instructed to wash, and dress for a formal dinner.  Coral came first, in a black cocktail dress that came to just above her knees, dark hose and high heels made from black leather.  She was followed by Katherine, who had come with her Naval uniform - a smart short sleeved blue blouse with her medal ribbons, a knee length blue skirt, natural hose and black shoes with short heels.


Suzanne came next, wearing a white jersey dress with a rounded collar and white shoes, and then Veronica in a tan coloured blouse and trousers, with heels.  Finally there was Amy and Dorothy, both wearing white blouses and grey skirts with black heels.


They were greeted at the bottom of the stairs by Cindy, who was wearing a white blouse with a black bow tie at her neck, a knee length black skirt, black tights and heels.


“Welcome ladies,” she said as she indicated the front room, “Appetizers are being served in here - if you will follow me?”  Inside the room they found Natalie and Andrea, both dressed in the same way as Cindy.  Andrea was holding a tray with flute glasses filled with champagne, while Natalie was holding a tray with little bowls filled with sticks of celery, carrot and peppers.


“I never thought I would see the day,” Katherine said as she took a bowl from her daughter’s tray, “that you would dress like that.  I always thought you would follow your Aunt Heather’s style for all your days?”


“Who is Aunt Heather,” Cindy said with a quizzical look.


“My younger sister,” Katherine said as she sat next to Suzanne, “A true free spirit - rejected our family history completely.  So what’s for lunch?”


“Your menu,” Heidi said as she came in and handed a small card to each of them.


Mother’s Day lunch 2013



- O -

Baked Brie and Apple in a caramelised Sauce

- O -

Soupes aux Haricot Vertes

- O -

Coq au Vin, with vegetables

- O -

Tarte Tatin with cream

- O -



“Very impressive,” Dorothy said as she perused the card, “Did you get some help?”


“We may have,” Joanne said as the clock struck one.  “Ladies, please accompany us to the dining room.”


As they went in, they found the table laid with crisp white linen, and a full Silver Service laid out.  They each took a place at a seat where their name was, before they were served with the hot baked cheeses.




“That was delicious,” Veronica said as she pushed the small plate away, with a trace of the cream left on it.  “Would it be rude to suggest we retire to the front room for coffee?”


“Not at all,” Heidi said as the others cleared the plates away, “We will bring the coffee and chocolates in, but we ask one favour of all of you if you do that.”


“I knew there would be a catch,” Amy said with a smile, “and what would that be?”


“Please,” Cindy said with a smile, “Remove your shoes and hose when you sit down.  You will see why later.”


“Sounds good to me,” Coral said as she laid her napkin on the table and stood up.  “Let’s go.”  The party made their way through, and as Joanne and Andrea cleared the table the others carried through a pot of hot coffee, a tray of chocolates and the coffee cups.


“So,” Katherine said as she sat down and removed her shoes, before slipping her hose down, “What are you planning?” 


“Have some coffee, Mum,” Natalie said with a smile, “and relax.  Nothing bad is planned.”


“That’s what they say every time,” Suzanne said as they were each handed a cup of coffee and started to drink.  As they talked amongst themselves, they barely noticed as one by one the girls gently placed their ankles together, and then tied them tightly with satin sashes.


It was Veronica who eventually looked down, but by then they all had their legs bound, not only at their ankles but also at their knees.


“What are you planning?”


“You’ll see,” Natalie said as she sat at Veronica’s feet, and Cindy at her mother’s and they both started to massage the limbs.  Both women closed their eyes and sighed, as blindfolds were secured over their eyes and Joanne brought in some face packs.


“Foot massage and facials - sounds fantastic,” Coral said with a smile, as one by one the older women had their feet caressed and a cucumber face pack applied to their faces, around the sleep masks.


It was only after half an hour that Heidi said “Nats?”


“Hmmm,” her cousin said as she looked up from her position at Katherine’s feet.


“Where are your shoes?”


Natalie looked at her stocking covered feet, and simply said “Oops.”


“You know what we said would happen if you took your shoes off this afternoon?”


“Nooooo,” Natalie said with a smile, “What did we say?”


“We said,” Joanne said as she joined in, “that you had to wear those shoes all afternoon, or suffer the consequences.  You agreed to that, did you not?”


“Yeesssss,” Natalie said as she winked at the others, “but it was sooooo uncomfortable, and I just did it.  I guess I have to pay the forfeit now, don’t I?”


“You do,” Andrea said as she took Natalie by the arm and helped her to stand up.  “I believe we agreed on the attic, Heidi?”


“We did at that,” Heidi said as she watched Natalie being escorted out of the room,” we did at that?”


Katherine turned her head as the door was closed, before saying “Do I need to be worried about where they are heading?”


“Not at all,” Cindy said as she stood up.  “Now, I’m just going to get some more hand cream.”



“OH that’s nice and tight,” Natalie said as she looked over her shoulder at Joanne, who was binding her wrists together on the other side of the wooden support that she was resting against.    “I just wish I hadn’t agreed to that part of the forfeit.”


“A deal’s a deal,” Andrea said as she wound the rope around Natalie’s feet, making sure they were tightly lashed together.  “You have to spend the next hour tied like this, and no complaints.”


Nats shrugged as Joanne wound the rope around her upper body and arms, firmly securing her to the pole.  Her legs were already tied tightly together below her knees, as were her ankles.  “All right, all right,” she said with a slight huff in her voice, “but once this is over, I want these off, and your word you won’t force me to wear shoes like that again.”


“How about boots - I heard the last time Chloe gave you a detention, she made you put on a pair of knee length boots and then taped your legs from knee to ankle.”


Natalie looked at Andrea, before saying “That - was a torture beyond words, but on the other hand it meant we had a chance to plan out today.  Do you think they enjoyed it?”


“I’m sure they’re not complaining,” Joanne said as she held a wad of cloth in front of Natalie’s mouth, “now open wide before we complete the torture device.”


“Frrnnff,” Natalie mumbled as the cloth was pushed into place before Andrea tied a rolled scarf between her friend’s lips, making sure the ends were secured at the base of her neck.


“Ready,” Joanne said, and Natalie nodded as Andrea placed the electric toothbrushes against the soles of her feet and taped them into place.  She closed her eyes, and then started giggling as the bristles vibrated against her soles while the other two left her alone, and returned to the front room.


“How long are you going to give her,” Heidi said as they walked back in.


“Half an hour as agreed,” Joanne said as she looked at the clock.  “Good grief, is it five already?  We had better get the face masks off you and get you cleaned...  Cindy, what’s wrong?”


“We forgot something,” Cindy said as she stood up and removed the sleep mask from her mother’s eyes.


“We...  Oh crap,” Heidi said as she and Cindy ran out of the room.  “What happened,” Coral said as Andrea removed the sleep mask from her mother’s eyes.


“Chloe is going to kill us,” Andrea said as she looked at Joanne.


“Forget Chloe,” Joanne said, “What about Maria?”


Veronica turned her head and said “Maria?  I thought you girls called her and told her not to come in.  What did you do?”




“I am so so sorry,” Cindy said as she eased the incredibly wet headscarf from Maria’s mouth, “We got so caught up in the events of today that we clean forgot about you.  Can you forgive us?”


“It is not a problem Miss Cindy,” Maria said as she sat up and rubbed her wrists, “although I do not go to the bathroom, and I am hungry.”


“Do not worry, Maria,” Chloe said as she shook her head while Heidi untied her, “there should be more than enough for us to share in the meal, once we are free to move, il n'est pas?”


“There is,” Heidi said as she helped Chloe to sit up, “You were a magnificent teacher, Chloe, but you both need to go and take care of things while we heat up some food for you.”


“Did your mothers enjoy the day?”


“Ask them when you go into the front room,” Heidi said as she watched them leave, “We’ll sort out your meal for you.”




“Well, for just getting Natalie to wear tights and shoes, if only for a little while, I think we should thank them all for a wonderful day.”


“I agree, Katherine,” Veronica said as she looked round the room, “and I think you will all agree that this is the perfect way for us to do just that.”


“Oh yes, Madame Jenkins,” Chloe said as she took a sip of her coffee, “It is indeed only fair that you show them all how much they appreciate their love and care for you today.”


Natalie grunted from her position on the floor, where Veronica and Katherine had placed her after they had rescued her from the torture in the attic.  Her feet had been released from the rope around them, but instead they had been secured to the ropes that now encircled her arms and chest in a tight hogtie.


Nor was she alone in this predicament - she was at one end of the line, with Andrea, Joanne, Heidi and Cindy beside her, all tightly hogtied and now gagged in the same way she was.  They had their heads raised, looking nervously around the room as their bare feet wriggled in the air, while the mothers gathered in a group around them as Maria and Chloe looked on.


“The pizzas have been ordered and will be here in an hour,” Amy said as she entered and closed the door, “Are you sure you two wish to sit this out?”


“It is all right, Miss Amy,” Maria said with a smile, “They meant no harm, and I enjoyed the restful day.  I will prepare drinks when the time comes.”


“Well then,” Suzanne said with an evil grin, “At the count of three - one, two, three...”





“And they tickled you for the next hour?”


Jannifer and Alice looked on as Heidi and Cindy nodded.  They were sitting in the dining hall on the following morning, listening to the account of what had happened.


“We had to endure it, but it was worth it,” Cindy said as Natalie joined them, her bare feet peeping out from the hem of her skirt again.  “They said they loved the day - it’s just a pity you two were unable to come.  You missed a great day.”


“Yeah,” Alice said as she picked at her food, “I wish I had come now.”


“Hey,” Nats said as she sat down in the chair, and crossed her legs on the seat, “I just got a text from Mum - she says it’s on!”


“When for,” Cindy said with a smile.


“What’s on,” Jannifer and Alice said in unison.


“Girls weekend away, all five of us, weekend after next.”


“Hold on - it’s the Collegiate Gymnastics tournament that Friday.  I’m not sure I can miss that.”


“It’s during the day, Alice, so no problem.  Veronica’s going to arrange everything.”


“What about our mothers?”


“She’ll talk to them as well - especially yours Alice.”


“Mine,” Alice said as she swallowed, “Why?  Veronica doesn’t really know her.”


“I think she has something else planned - she says she wants to get to know your mothers better.  Anyway, no plans for weekend after next, any of you.  Everything’s going to be great...”







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