Hotter Than My Daughter




“So, which one do you want?”


As Kim looked over at Kath, sitting there with the top buttons on her blouse undone, she found herself at the horns of a real dilemma.  She wanted to be the one they chose, but not because she was the best looking or the sexier of the two.  No, she wanted it to be so that her daughter was spared what was coming – but at the same time, she also wanted it to be because she was the more desirable.


Mind you, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the argument and the stupid bet – and she could not even say sorry.


“MUM!! Have you been borrowing my clothes again?”


Kim sighed as she heard Kath come thundering down the staircase.  At the tender age of 45, she felt as if she looked a lot younger - and if borrowing her daughter’s clothes on the occasional evening helped maintain that illusion, then what harm was there in that?


Kath, on the other hand, did have a problem – the problem been her mother could in the right light make those clothes look like they were made for her.  She was twenty two, with a good looking body and long blonde hair, while her mother has shorter, slightly darker hair cut in a bob but a similar build.  To Kath, this was her mum trying to recapture a youth she felt should be left far behind them.


As Kath walked into the front room, Kim looked up from the paper she was reading.  “Come on, Kath, can’t I look good when I go out?  After all, we share the same tastes and likes – I’m just trying to economise.”


“Yeah – but you’re twice as old as me, and you should be looking to dress your age – as well as for men your age.  How do you think I feel if my friends see you walking around with my dress on?”


“Proud that you have such a cool mum?  Face it, girl, I can still get any man I want any time I want.”


Kath looked down at her mother, her foot tapping on the floor.  “Oh yeah – want to put your money where your mouth is?”




Kath smiled, and Kim saw what she felt was an evil glint in her eye.  “Tonight, we book into a hotel in the next town, get changed and hit the bars.  Let’s see which of us can bring the hottest bloke back to the hotel room.  If you win, I stop arguing about you wearing my clothes.”


“And if you win?”


“If I win, you stop taking my clothes and start dressing like the middle aged woman you really are.  Agreed?”


Kim stood up.  “Agreed – I’ll make the reservation and you get home early.  Let’s settle this once and for all.”






The clock moved to seven as Kim looked in the mirror of the dressing table in the hotel room, applying a deep red lipstick to her lips.  Looking at herself, she pushed the chair back and stood up, smoothing down the front of her denim miniskirt as she did so.  She could hear her daughter coming out of the shower, and the hairdryer starting in the bedroom.


Adjusting the straps on her bra, she picked up the white round necked t-shirt that was lying on the bed and pulled it over her head.  As she fed her arms through the sleeves, she heard Kim singing in the bathroom and smiled.  As far as Kim was concerned, she was going to nail this bet tonight – and Kath was going to have to expand her wardrobe with both of them in mind.


A pair of white strapped sandals was by the bed, the three inch heels raising the heel up as Kim fastened them to her feet.  Standing up, she adjusted her clothing and smiled as Kath came into the room, brushing her blonde hair as she did so.


“My god, Mum, could you not have worn a more demure outfit,” Kath said as she saw Kim standing there, her breasts visible under the white cotton as it stretched over her chest.  “This is your bet, dear”, Kim said with a smile on her face, “Let’s see what you have to offer.”


Kath laughed as she picked up her own denim mini skirt and pulled it on over her pink panties, fastening it at the side, before putting a black bra on over her breasts.   She then picked up a white sleeveless blouse and put it on, fastening the buttons slowly before sitting on the bed and fastening on her own black heeled sandals.


“Ready?” she said as she picked up a small shoulder bag.  “Ready” was Kim’s response as she picked up her own bag and the two women headed out of the room, turning the light off behind them as they closed the door.  Two minutes later, they were heading out of the hotel lobby, looking at each other before they headed in opposite directions along the busy street.






By eight o’clock, Kath was sitting in a wine bar, sipping a large cocktail and looking at the people around her.  They were all talking, sharing their jokes and their news, and she was beginning to wonder if she needed to move on before her mother won the bet when she heard a male voice say “You look like you need someone to talk to.”


She turned and saw that a man had sat next to her, and was smiling as he looked over.  He was about six foot tall, with short brown hair that was parted to the left, and a pair of bright blue eyes that she could just sink herself into already.  “Well, I was beginning to think of moving on, but you may just have saved me a walk,” she said in return.  “I’m Kath.”


“Hello Kath, I’m Don,” the man said a she shook her hand.  “Can I get you another drink?”  Before she had a chance to answer, Don signalled to the barman and ordered a beer for him and another cocktail for her.


“So, Kath, what’s a nice girl like you doing all alone in a bar like this?  Not that I mind – after all, it gives me a chance to talk to you, but I would have thought the men would be falling over themselves to talk to you.”


“Flattery will get you nowhere,” Kath said, but secretly she was beginning to like this guy.  He was tall, well mannered, and looked strong – a real hot catch in many ways.  For a fleeting moment she wondered where her mother was, but decided to put that to the back of her mind – no way was she going to find someone as cute as this.  “No, I’m taking a short break in town and decided to have a drink.”


“Oh, so you’re on your own, are you?  So am I – staying overnight before a meeting tomorrow.”


“Oh,” Kath said with a smile, “and what sort of business are you in?”


“Acquisitions – buying, selling, negotiating.  Dreary, boring stuff, so let’s not talk about that.  Let’s talk about you instead.”


The two talked as the general noise and bustle continued around them, coming closer to each other as they did so.  Eventually, Kath drained her glass and said “Look, Don, do you fancy going somewhere quieter?”


“Where did you have in mind?”


In reply, Kath showed him her pass key.  “Interested?”


Don smiled as he drained his glass.  He picked up the briefcase that he had left between his chair and the bar and took Kath by the hand.  “Could be,” he said as he leaned over and kissed her on the neck, a feeling like an electric shock running up her spine as he did so.  Smiling, she left some money on the bar and followed Don out of the bar, allowing him to put his arm around her waist as they walked towards the hotel.


As they stopped outside the room door, Don placed his case on the floor and took Kath in his arms, kissing her as they embraced.  When he let go, she smiled and ran her hair through her hair.  “Why don’t we go inside,” she said as she pressed the card into the slot, opening the lock and allowing her to push the door open.  Don picked up his case and followed her in, throwing it on one bed as she sat down on the other.  He took his place by her side and embraced her again, kissing her fully and passionately as she responded in kind.


“My, you’re a good kisser,” Kath said as they parted again.  “So, Don, what do you want to do now?”  He smiled and stood up, saying “I need to get something from my case – do you mind?”


Kath shook her head as Don stood up and put his case upright, opening it and standing with his back to her as he looked inside.  “Do you always come prepared for the possibility of meeting a gorgeous woman on her own,” she said as he straightened up.


“Always,” Don said as he turned round and pointed the pistol in his hand at Kath.  “Please, Kath, don’t scream or say anything – I’d hate to spoil that beautiful face of yours.”


“Oh god,” Kath whispered as she looked at the gun, then at Don, then back to the gun.  “What are you going to do to me?”


In response, Don grabbed Kath by the arm and forced her to kneel on the floor, with her face on the bed.  “Stay still and put your hands behind your back,” he said as he shook out a length of white nylon rope that he held in his other hand.  Kath kept her face buried in the striped cover as she slowly moved her arms behind her back.  Don grabbed them and crossed them before passing the rope around and starting to tie them together.  She could feel the rope tightening around her wrists, smooth to the touch but firm, and gasped as he pulled the loops tighter and passed the rope between her wrists as well.  Tying the ends together and tucking them into the loops, he pulled Kath up and turned her round.


“Just do whatever I tell you, and everything will be fine,” he said as he sat her down on the bed.  She watched as he went back to his case and brought out a skein of the rope, but before he started to unravel it he heard the sound of the door opening.  “Not a word,” he hissed as he knelt behind Kath, clamping his hand over her mouth and pressing the barrel of the pistol in her back.


Kath sat there, looking no nervously as she heard her mother’s voice as the door opened – but nothing had prepared her for the sight that greeted her when Kim walked into the room.







The clock in the wine bar was showing eight o’clock as Kim took another sip of her chardonnay.   She had been there for half an hour, in the peace and quiet of the bar, and looking at the various men in the room.  One in particular had caught her eye – a tall, well built man with short dark hair who was standing at the bar.  Kim liked to play the long game, so she had not made a move to talk to him – if he was interested, by her reckoning, he would come to her.


So when he turned and looked at her, then walked slowly over and asked if he could join her, she simply nodded and watched as he sat down.


“My name’s Dan,” he said with a smile, “and I could not help noticing you looking at me for the last few minutes.  Would it be all right if I knew who the beautiful woman making eyes at me is?”


“I’m Kim,”” she said in reply, “Just a girl looking for a little companionship.”


“A girl?  Forgive me, but I think you’re a little old to be called a girl.  Not that is a bad thing,” he quickly said a she saw a shadow pass over Kim’s face,” in fact, I prefer my women to be more mature.  I find that makes them a little...”


“Easier,” Kim said with a hard tone, but Dan could see a twinkle in her eye as she said it.


“Experienced, actually.  I prefer to be with women who know what they are doing, if you know what I mean.  Another glass?”


As Kim nodded, Dan signalled to a waitress and asked for two new drinks.  She started to smile – a man who preferred a woman who knew what she was doing was just what she felt would win the bet with her daughter.


“So, Kim, what brings beautiful lady like you to a place like this?”


“As I said, just looking for some company.  You?”


“Oh, a drink before I turn in for the night.  I have a big meeting tomorrow, and I just need to relax a little.”


“Well, perhaps we can relax and talk together,” Kim said in return as the waitress brought the drinks over.


They sat and talked, drinking and laughing, before Dan looked at his watch.  “Well, it’s getting late, and I need to get going.”  As he started to stand up, Kim put her hand on his arm.  “Do you have time for a nightcap,” she said with a  smile, “perhaps back in my room?”


Dan looked at her face, before smiling and saying “I suppose a nightcap would be all right.  "Where are you staying?”


“Not far from here,” Kim said as she stood up and took his hand.  “Come with me.”


They walked the short distance back to the hotel, but Kim stopped outside the room door and turned to face Dan.  “Kiss me,” she said, and Dan took her in his arms and pressed his lips against her.  They kissed, holding each other before Kim let go and produced her door key.


“Come on in,” she said as she opened the door, but she was not prepared for what happened next.  As she turned, Dan grabbed her from behind, holding her in a vice like grip around her arms and waist as he hand gagged her and kicked the door open.  Pushing her in front of him, they walked in as Dan said “Just do what I tell you and everything will be all right,” but as the door closed behind them Kim’s eyes widened at the sight that greeted her on the bed.





“Don – don’t tell me you were successful as well?”


“So it would appear – but don’t tell me we have bagged a pair of sisters?”


“Nope – mother and daughter by the looks of it.  Is that right ladies?”


Both Kim and Kath were staring at each other, and at the men holding them both and gagging them.  “MMM” Kath mumbled, but Kim just shook her head.  She could see that her daughter’s wrists were behind her back, as well as the rope in the case on the other bed, and was starting to pray this was just a robbery.


“Well, Kim, if this is your daughter then I need to ask you to do exactly what I tell you to do, or she is the one that is going to get hurt.  I’m going to take my hand away, and my brother is going to take his from your daughter.  Neither of you scream or shout out, do you understand?”


Both women nodded as the hands were removed from their mouths.  As Don shook out the skein of rope, Dan said “Do you mind if I use yours – I was going to go with whatever was here, but...”


“Help yourself,” Don said as Dan took a length of rope from the case.  Kim watched as the rope was passed over Kath’s arms and head and pulled around her daughter’s chest, pulling her arms into her side and holding them there more with each pass.  “Kath, tell me you’re all right,” she whispered, barely noticing that her own wrists were being tied together by the man she had thought would win her the bet.


“I’m fine mum, just scared out of my wits,” Kath said as she winced at the tightness of the ropes.  “What  the hell have we got into here?”


“Oh, you’re both been robbed,” Dan said a she picked out another skein of rope, “but what are the odds that my brother and I would pick up a mother and daughter?  Pretty slim, I’d imagine – which both of you are, by the way.”  He wrapped the rope around Kim’s chest, below her breasts, and bound her tightly as Don finished securing Kath.  He rubbed her arms, making her shiver, before he climbed off the bed and stood in front of Kim.


“So,” he said as he watched his brother pass the rope around the coils behind Kim’s back, “Which one do you think wins our bet?”


“Your bet?” Kim said as she was pushed towards the bed and sat next to Kath.


“We had a bet as to who could convince the best looking woman to let them come to their room and then we would rob them,” Don said as he picked up another length of rope and shook it out.  “All right, Kath turn round and lift your legs onto the bed.  Dan will take care of your mother.”


Both women watched as their ankles were tightly bound together, side by side, and then their legs tied together just below their knees.  Kim could not help noticing the way Dan was rubbing her legs as he pulled the rope around them, or the fact that he seemed to be enjoying it.  Looking over her shoulder, she could see that his brother was feeling Kim’s thighs, much to her disquiet.


Kath squirmed round so that she was sitting next to her mother again, and said “Mum, I’m scared.”


“It’s all right, darling,” Kim said quietly, “They can take our stuff and leave is. We won’t call out or raise the alarm for – half an hour, I promise you.”


“It’s a kind offer,” Don said as he walked over to the case on the other bed, “but I can’t take the risk that you are lying.”  Kath squirmed as he saw Don take out two white silk scarves and two men’s handkerchiefs.  Handing one of each to Dan, he started to roll the handkerchief into a small ball and placed himself on the bed behind Kath.


“No, please, dontmmmpp” Kath said as he pushed the balled up cloth into her mouth, silencing her.  “Please,” Kim pleaded, “Don’t hurt my baby.”


“Hurt her?” Don said as he rolled the scarf into a thin band and tied a knot in the middle, “Of course I won’t hurt her.”   He pulled the knot into Kath’s mouth, the material forcing the corners of her mouth back as he tied the ends together at her neck under her hair.  As a balled up cloth was pushed into Kim’s mouth from behind, and a knotted scarf pulled in as well, she watched as Don held her daughter’s arms and kissed her neck and shoulders, a shiver running up and down Kath’s spine as she shook.  To her horror, she then felt Dan’s lips kissing the back of her neck, and she groaned as a shiver went through her as well.


That feeling grew worse as she felt her breasts been caressed by Dan, his fingers gently kneading them as he continued to kiss her.  Looking over, she watched as Don undid the top buttons of Kath’s blouse and ran his fingers under the cotton and over her bra.  After a few minutes, during which both women started to moan at the touch on their breasts, they watched both Don and Dan walk over and stand in front of them.


“So,” Dan said, “Which do you think is hotter – Kath or Kim?  Is the mother hotter than her daughter?”


“Hmm – difficult choice, Dan,” Don said as he looked at the two women staring back at him.  His eyes eventually fixed on Kath as Kim looked over at her daughter.


“So, which one do you want?”





Kim looked back at the two men as they continued to stare at them  “mm” she mumbled through her gag, “tk m”.


“Oh look, mummy wants to be first,” Dan said as he walked over and pulled on her t-shirt, forcing it up from under the ropes and exposing her bra to the cool air in the room.  “Well, Kim, why don’t you just try to relax and it will soon all pass.”  As she felt him unclasping her bra, Kim watched as Don slowly unbuttoned her daughter’s blouse before picking her up and carrying her to the other side of the bed.  She closed her eyes, hoping that whatever happened would be quick.




The bedside clock showed 12 as Don closed the case and looked at his brother.  The two women were lying facing each other on the bed, sobbing quietly as the cold air encircled their naked breasts.  Their skirts lay on the floor, as Dan put their handbags and purses in a bag he had taken from his brother.


“Thanks for a lovely evening, ladies,” Dan said as he turned off the light.  “Oh - and you were both as hot as each other.”   Kim turned and watched as the door was closed, before moving over to be next to Kath as she lay sobbing on the bed.  “m hr, cf, m hr” she said quietly as the noise from outside came through.





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