How Not To Spend A Saturday







A few weeks after Teddy had stayed with us, I had the longest weekend of my life with Mum and Karen.  In many ways, I was glad Drew was away with Dad - he would never have coped with what happened.  On the other hand, it was exciting in quite a few unusual ways...


It was early Saturday afternoon when we first heard about the escaped convicts.  It was a warm day, and I was wearing a short sleeved shirt with cargo shorts and sneakers.  Karen had on a tight white vest top and denim Daisy Duke shorts over dark leggings.  A pair of sandals was hanging loosely from her feet as we sat listening to the radio, when the news came on.


“We interrupt this program for a breaking story.  Police are reporting that the three men convicted yesterday of the raid on the First American Bank have managed to escape from the van transporting them to prison.  People have been warned not to approach them as the local law enforcement agencies search the area, and...”



I looked up as Karen turned the radio off.  “It’s too hot to listen to crap like that,” she said with a smile on her face.  “I’m going to go and get a Coke from the fridge.  You want one?”


“Go on,” I said as I looked up from my book. “I could do with something cold anyway.”  I returned to my reading, getting to the point in the book when the heroine was spying on the spies, when my thoughts were interrupted by a scream from the kitchen.


“Karen?” I said as I looked up, but I didn’t get an answer.  “KAREN?” I shouted louder, but still no answer.  Putting down the book, I stood up and started to walk towards the door, wondering if she had fallen and hurt herself.


She hadn’t - when I looked outside the door, I could see her, and I could see the six foot man mountain that was holding her with one arm, clamping his hand over her mouth with the other one.  Her eyes were wide with fear as she looked at me, and I stared back at her.


“Who the hell?” I said as I started to run towards them, only to be lifted up and a large hand to be clamped over my own mouth.  “Looks like we got a live one here, boys,” I heard a voice say from behind me as I tried to struggle loose.  “We need to find something to keep these two quiet.  Anything we can use in there, Zeb?”


“Got just the thing, Jake,” a voice from the kitchen shouted back, as a small weasel faced man came into the doorway, carrying two large rolls of grey duct tape in his hands.  “Let’s get these two in the room and make them nice and quiet.”


Whhthllruu?” Karen screamed as the brute holding her literally picked her up and carried in front of him, and I was pushed in after her.  As this happened, I saw that all three were wearing orange coveralls, and their breath - their breath stank, and so did their bodies.  I had a horrible feeling I knew who they were, and one look at Karen told me she was having the same thought.


Siddown,” the weasel faced man said as Karen and I were pushed onto the couch.  “You’re not going to give us any trouble, are you?”  We both shook our heads as I saw the way he was looking at Karen.


“Good - now. We need a place to hang out for a while, so you two youngsters just keep nice and quiet.  Ned, why don’t you go and see if there’s anything to drink in this place.”   The man mountain grunted as he walked off, and the man looked at me.  He had short grey hair., and was a normal looking man.  For some reason, that frightened me more.


Zeb, stop ogling the girl and tape her up.  You, little darling, lie face down on the ground and put your hands behind your back.”


“Look,” I finally said, “we’ll do whatever you tell us to do, but you don’t have to tie us up.”


“Look, kid,” the man called Jake said as he looked at us, “What do they call you and your sister?”


“I’m John, and her name is Karen.”



“Well, John,” he said as he looked at me, “Talk to me like that again, and I will strip Karen here bare and lash her down to her bed, and Zeb here will take care of her.  Do I make myself clear?”


I nodded, as I looked at Karen.  He had made himself very clear, as she slowly lay down on her stomach and put her arms by her side.  The man called Zeb smiled as he pulled her hands behind her back, crossed her wrists and taped them tightly together, the sound of the tape ripping making me jump as he stuck the tape down on her bare skin.


“Throw me the other roll, Zeb,” Jake said, “and I’ll take care of her little brother here.  Turn with your back to me, kid, and put your hands behind you.”


I did as he asked, watching Karen as Zeb pressed her bare ankles together and started to tape them tightly as well.  I barely noticed the fact my own wrists were been held together, and that Jake had wrapped tape around my waist a swell, forcing them against the small of my back.  In fact, I didn’t even notice as my arms were taped to my side across my chest, as I watched Zeb feel up my sister’s legs before rolling he rover and taping them together above and below her knees.


“Please don’t do that,” she pleaded as he tore the tape off, but that only seemed to make him smile more as he sat her up and wrapped the tape around her arms and body below her breasts.  As I watched, I could see the way her top was been stretched across her chest, and I felt something stirring in me as well - something I tried to stop as I turned my head away.


Jake actually helped me there, by pushing me over and rolling me so that I was lying flat on the couch.  I felt my sneakers and socks been pulled off, and then the tape going round my ankles as I heard Karen whimpering, so I turned my head to see what was happening, and to my surprise I saw Jake had tossed this Zeb character one of my socks, rolled up into a ball.


“Oh god, please, not that,” Karen said before clamping her mouth shut,  I wondered what she was afraid of, but got my answer as Zeb pinched her nose, waiting until she had to open her mouth to breath before stuffing the sock in.  I said “Sorry” as he did so - partly because I knew how sweaty my feet were, but also because as he taped over her mouth she started to make the most amazing mmphing sounds.


Problem was, I knew my turn was coming, and sure enough I saw the other sock been held in front of my mouth.  Nodding, I decided to let him do what was going to happen anyway, and as I opened my mouth I braced myself for the taste of my own sock been used to gag me.


Msmsmsmsm,” I mumbled as I heard the tape been ripped off, and then felt it pulling on my face as it was pressed tightly down over my mouth.  Three more strips followed, as I looked over to see Karen been forced to lie on the ground.


“Now, neither of you move,” Jake said as he stood up.  Zeb here is going to keep an eye on you - and only an eye, Zeb.  These folks have been kind enough to allow us to stay a while, and we should treat them with courtesy, all right?”


The man called Zeb sat down and watched us as Jake closed the blinds and headed to the kitchen.  “Where the hell are those beers, Ned?” I heard him call out as Karen and I looked at each other.


Rullrt,” I mumbled, and watched as she nodded.  Mmmmlbhmssn,” she mumbled in return, as I slowly nodded my head.  Believe it or not, right then and now that was my biggest fear - what was going to happen when mum came home if they were still here?


WE stayed there, trying not to move as the minutes seemed to tick by like a stream of molasses.  After a while, the big man they called Ned brought Zeb a bottle of bear and a chicken leg, which he wolfed down and drank as he watched us.  IT was as he was picking the bones that we heard a car pull into the driveway.


“Looks like the lady of the house is back,” Zeb said as he stood up.  “You two, not a word or a grunt of warning, understand?”


Well, I looked at Karen, Karen looked at me, and we both knew it was no good - Mum was going to walk into a trap, and we had no way of warning her.  Instead, we tried to remain clam as we heard the car door open and close, and then the front door opening and closing.


“What on earth are the blinds closed for, you two,” we heard Mum say as the sound of keys been out on wood filtered through.  “It’s too nice a day to...  KAREN!!! JOHN!!!”


We looked over to see Mum standing in the doorway, looking at us.  She was wearing her work outfit for that day - a short sleeved white dress with a dark blue trim, a wide black leather belt around her waist, tan coloured sheer hose and white shoes with a two inch heel and open toes.


“Not a word, sweetheart,” we heard Jake say, and as we looked again we could see him standing behind mum, her eyes wide as if something was pressed against her.  “Very quietly, go and sit in the nice comfy armchair over there, and put your pretty little hands on your head.”


Wha... Who are you, and why have you done this to my children?”


“Well, that fine looking girl over there is hardly a kid, is she,” Jake said as he pushed Mum into the room, and I saw he had a big carving knife from the kitchen in his hands.  “We just need a place to lay low for a few hours, and then we’ll be out of your hair.  Just do what we tell you to, and everybody will be just fine.”


“All right, I’ll do what you ask,” Mum said as she sat down and placed her hands on her head, “just don’t hurt us.”


“We won’t if you behave - don’t and Ned here gets to play with you.”  Mum’s eyes widened as she saw the third man for the first time, while Zeb walked up behind her and forced her to put her hands behind her back.  She grimaced as we heard the sickening ripping sound again, and we watched as her arms were taped like ours. 


“Nice house you have here, little lady,” Jake said as Zeb taped her ankles together, “What’s your name?”




“You’re not expecting anyone else to call, are you Susan?”


She looked at us before slowly shaking her head.  “My younger son is away with his father for the weekend.”


“He doesn’t live here?”


“No - we’re divorced.”


“Pity,” Jake said as he looked at Mum, “A pretty lady such as you should not live alone.”


“DNTNYYDRRRR,” I screamed out as I realised what he might be thinking.  Jake looked at me for a moment, before saying “Your son does a real good job of looking out for you.  Relax, John - I’m not gonna hurt momma if she behaves.  In fact, she and I are gonna have a nice little chat about her and her stuff.  Ned, Zeb - see what else you can find in the house that we can use later.”


“Right, Jake,” Zeb said as he and the man mountain walked out.  “Now then, Susan,” Jake said as he knelt next to her, the knife in his hand, “Why don’t you start by telling me where you keep your jewellery, hmmm?”


For the next hour or so, Karen and I could only watch as he quizzed Mum about her valuables, her money, who else was in the place, her numbers of her cards - everything.  She was too scared of what they might do to us not to answer him, so that as I saw the clock reach six thirty she had told him everything.


“Thank you, Susan,” he eventually said as the other two came in.  “We found some washing lien and things in the cellar,” Zeb said with a smile, “and there’s plenty of stuff upstairs.”


“Good, good - hungry?”  He looked at us as he said this, and I for one nodded.


“Well, we’re gonna get Momma here to order take out, but she dresses so fine I think all three of you should dress for dinner.”  He stood up and sat Karen up, using the knife to cut the tape away from her legs.


“Where are you taking her,” Mum said as he frogmarched Karen to the stairs.  2Why, to dress for dinner,” Jake said as he smiled back at her.  Zeb here will take your sun to dress as well, and then we’ll give you the chance to freshen up before you order.  Just sit tight, Susan - everything is going to be all right.”






Mum looked at both of us as the doorbell rang, and we nodded to her as she stood up and made her way to the front door.  I glanced over at Karen as she sat there, the hem of her black leather skirt pulled up to show her thighs and the top buttons of her white short sleeved blouse undone to show the tops of her breasts.


She looked back at me, then down and blushed.  It wasn’t her fault I could see her that way - the rope that was tightly wound round her body and the back of the chair she was sitting in had forced the material to stretch across her, and the lapels of her blouse had been forced to the sides.  Her skirt had ridden up because of the way she was sitting, with her ankles pulled back under the chair seat and secured by a length of rope to her wrists, which were tied behind the chair back.  The white rope contrasted with the dark hose that Jake had forced her to put on, the pressure lines visible below her knees as it held her legs tightly together.


Not that I was in any position to say anything either.  They had forced me to dress for church - a short sleeved light blue shirt, trousers and black shoes.  They had also tied me in the same way, to another of the dining room chairs, so that I could barely move in the cocoon of rope wrapped round my body.


“Thanks very much,” we heard mum say and then the door closing, Zeb watching from the doorway the whole time.  As she brought in the Chinese food, he grabbed it off her as Ned took her by the arm and marched her to the empty chair next to me.


“Manners, Ned,” Jake said as he looked at the three of us, “make sure you bind her nice and tightly - I’d hate to think she was going to miss out.”


“You sadistic bastard,” I was surfside to hear Mum say as her bare arms were pulled behind the chair back.  She was wearing a sleeveless white blouse and short blue linen skirt, as well as dark hose.  Both she and Karen had been forced to put on high heeled patent leather shoes, just as if we were eating out at a fancy restaurant - instead of which I was watching as her wrists were tightly tied together, her hands palm to palm like ours, and then tied down to the chair back.


As Ned did this, Zeb pulled her ankles against her front legs of the chair and lashed them into place with the length of washing line Jake had cut earlier.  They had found three fresh skeins, which he had cut into various lengths.  Two of them had been used on Karen and me, and the third was now been used to tie Mum up tightly.


As the rope pressed against her ankles, and I watched her and Karen shift round, I was conscious again of a stirring in me, and a pressure between my legs.  I tried not to show it, ashamed that it was happening, but I could not deny the fact that I found the sight of my sister tied up so tightly, and my mother been tied up, very - well, stimulating is probably the best word.  I had looked at more of Teddy’s pictures over the last few weeks, and wondered what it would be like to see Mum and Karen tied up and gagged again - but not in this way, and not by three hardened criminals!


I wanted to say something, but the clean dish towel they had pulled into my mouth, as well as a second one into Karen’s, were proving to be very effective gags.  A third one was pulled between Mum’s lips as she sat there, looking at both of us with eyes that said far more than any mumbled words she could try to say.  As she did this, the three men sat at the table and started to devour the food, drinking from beer bottles as they did so.


Now, I happily confess that by this time I was absolutely starving, so the torture of been trussed as we were, and the growing pressure in my crotch as I watched Karen and Mum, was compounded by the gnawing ache in my belly and the arid, dry taste in my mouth.


I glanced over at Karen, who was squirming round in the chair in a vain attempt to get herself more comfortable, her blouse moving over her breasts as I could clearly make out the nipples under her bra.  I wondered exactly how she was feeling at that time, but when she looked over at me I could see in her eyes several things - fear, embarrassment, and even possibly a hint that she was somehow enjoying this.


That made me feel strangely better - it meant I wasn’t alone in this, but I still had to find some way to quell the throbbing between my legs.  So I thought of grandma, my teachers - anything to cool myself down.


The minutes crept by as we sat there, alternatively looking at each other and then at the growing pile of empty cartons on the table.  Eventually Jake looked at us, burped and said “that’s better - been a long time since we had food like that.  I guess the three of you are getting hungry, right?”


We all nodded at that, so he said “Zeb, clear this lot away.  Ned, see if there is any bread and water - they may as well have a taste of what we’ve had to put up with.”  He stood up, picked put the carving knife and looked at Mum.  “I’m going to release all three of you, so that you can eat and drink.  Don’t so anything stupid, understand?”


MMmmmm,” Mum said as she nodded her head, and Jake knelt behind her.  A few minutes later, she rubbed her wrists as she stood up and walked over to us, hugging us both from behind and saying “Are you two all right?”


We both nodded, waiting to be released as Mum looked at us.  She noticed me, and said “Don’t be embarrassed, John - I’d be amazed if you hadn’t reacted in some way.”


Oh, if only she had known what was going to happen next, but at the point our main concern was something to eat and drink - anything, even the bread and bottles of water that Ned put on the table.  As we were both released, Karen said “I need to go to the toilet.”


“Take her, Ned,” Jake said quietly, “I don’t trust Zeb right this moment.”  We both looked at Karen as she left the room, a little unsteady on her heels as she walked out, before tearing the loaf apart and starting to eat it.


“What do you think they’re going to do next,” I said as I swallowed some of the bread and drank almost a whole bottle of water in one go.


“I don’t know,” Mum said as Karen came back in, almost running to the table and grabbing some bread, “but we can’t stop them.  All we can do is try to be the bravest we can.  Feeling better, Karen?”


“More comfortable, yes - better, no.  I don’t like the way that Zeb character keeps looking at us.”


I looked at the thin, weasel faced guy as he glanced back at us, before returning to a conversation with his two partners.  We kept eating and drinking, until Jake came over and said “Right - upstairs.”


“Oh god, no,” Mum said as her face went white.  “Please, no...”


“Stop worrying, mummy, and get upstairs,” he said as he pushed the three of towards the doorway, Zeb and Ned following him as we walked up the stairs and into Mum’s bedroom.  Only Jake came in at first, but then Ned and Zeb followed, each of them carrying some clothing.


“Right,” Jake finally said, “Start stripping.”




“All three of you, take your clothes off and put on these things.”  The other two threw what they were carrying on the bed, as he reached under the pillow and pulled out Mum’s nightdress.


“We’d better do as they say,” Mum said as she started to slowly unbutton her blouse, taking it off to reveal a white lace bra.  Karen swallowed before she did the same, pulling her blouse out and removing it to show the pale blue strapless bras he had on underneath.


“You too kid,” Jake said as he looked at me, so I removed my tie and shirt, watching as Karen unzipped her leather skirt and let it fall to the floor, before sitting down and pulling her shoes and hose off.  Mum had already let her skirt drop to the floor, and pulled her own hose down, as she slowly unfastened her bra and took it off.  I saw her breasts hanging free for a moment, before she picked up her white nightdress and pulled it over her body.  It was sleeveless, and came down to just above her knees.


Karen pulled on a pair of shorts, light blues in colour, and then turned her back to me as she removed her bra and put on a tank top.  I can’t say I blamed her - she may be twenty, but she was a bit embarrassed.  Probably the tattoo.


As for me, I saw he had brought in a pair of pyjama shorts, but no top.  The fact I had watched Mum and Karen undress had had a rather - unfortunate effect on me, so I kept my briefs on and pulled the shorts on over them.


“You first son,” Jake said as he looked at me, several lengths of rope in his hands, “Come over here.”  I looked at the other two, before walking over and turning my back to him.  I felt him crossing my wrists behind my back, and then the rope as it dug into my bare skin, holding them tightly to each other.


“What are you going to do to us,” I heard Mum say, and as I looked up I saw that she and Karen were sitting on the bed, holding each other as they watched Jake lash my arms to my side with rope going round my body.


“We’re going to take your car,” Jake said as he tugged at the ropes, making my gasp as my arms were forced against me, “and make sure you fine folks can’t raise the alarm for a while.  Just keep calm, and we’ll all get along splendidly.  Get on the floor, lad, on your stomach.”


Well, what choice did I have?  I got down as quickly as I could, and looked behind me as Jake crossed and bound my ankles tightly together, then pulled them back and attached them to my chest ropes.  He finished off by binding my legs together, below my knees, as I turned to look at Mum and Karen.


“Right ladies,” Jake said as he stood up, “both of you, kneel on the bed facing each other.”


“What are you going to do to us,” Mum said as she and Karen climbed onto the bed, facing each other as Mum’s nightdress fell on the covers.  Jake smiled as Ned and Zeb stood behind each of them, pulling their hands behind their back and crossing their wrists as they were bound together with rope.


I watched as Karen gasped, looking over her shoulder as Zeb pulled some rope around her arms below her elbows and pulled them together.  As her shoulders were pulled back, her breasts were thrust out and I could see her nipples clearly this time.  The same thing was happening to Mum, and worse still I could feel my body responding to the sights.  I wasn’t even aware that Jake was behind me until he whispered in my ear “Enjoy the sight.”


Whammmmm,” I said as he pushed a folded up light blue silk square into my mouth, and then pulled a thin multicoloured chiffon scarf between my lips.  I felt the material pressing into my cheeks as he pulled it round my head and tied the ends together at the base of my neck, while I watched the other two binding Mum and Karen’s arms to their body with long lengths of rope, the two of them squirming round as they looked at me.  Msreeeee,” I mumbled as I felt a throbbing growing between my legs, especially when the two men took the ropes over their shoulders and pulled the bottom band of rope up, forcing their breasts up and out.


My eyes then opened still wider as they both reached round and started to squeeze their breasts, making them both call out and Mum say “DON’T!!” as loudly as she could.


“I think they need to be quiet,” Jake said as he walked to Mum’s cupboard and pulled out two more silk squares.  One was a diagonally striped one, with bands of light blue, black, red and gold, while the other was a dark green scarf with a gold border.  He then walked over to her chest of drawers and opened one, removing two pairs of panties as he did so.


“Oh god,” Mum said as Ned squeezed her breasts again, “Please don’t put those in our mouths.”


“Would you prefer your dirty ones,” Jake said as he balled each pair up and handed one to each of his partners.  “IF not, open your mouth and take it - unless you’d rather take something else.”


Both of them looked directly at me, before quietly nodding and opening their mouths, allowing Zeb and Ned to stuff a pair in.  Jake folded the scarves into bands and tied a knot in the middle, handing one to each of them, and I watched as they were both gagged, their lips closing over the knot as the band was tightly tied around their faces.


All Mum and Karen could do now was close their eyes as the groping continued, and I listened to their low moans of complaint.  Well, complaint at first, as slowly they seemed to be responding to it, their bodies moving in motion to the pawing as they started to moan more deeply.


I was certainly moaning - the sight was making me feel very, very different between my legs, as I felt a bulge growing bigger in my shorts.  The throbbing was getting stronger as well, increasing as I moved my legs together.


Mmggmmmmmm,” Mum called out as Ned took another length of rope and tied it round her waist, pulling her wrists against her back as he did so.  He let the ends drop onto the bed behind her, and I wondered what he was going got do with them, especially as Zeb did the same thing to Karen.


I soon got an answer, Karen calling out “MMMGNNNNNDDD” as the ropes went between her legs and were pulled up.  I saw Mum’s nightdress been pulled up as well, as both of them passed the ends through the waist band at the front, then pulled them tightly back through their legs and tied the ends off to their wrists.  Karen’s eyes were wide open, the sounds from her mouth changing as she tried to twist the ropes round, and I saw them moving up and down against her.  Mum said nothing, but I could see that her eyes had widened a swell as the two men helped them both to lie facing each other on the bed, crossing and wrapping ropes around their ankles as they started to tie them together.


“Beautiful, isn’t it,” Jake said as I heard the sound of tape ripping, and felt strips been stuck over my own well gagged mouth,  It was probably just as well he did that, as the throbbing between my legs was getting more and more intense, not helped by the sight of my mother and sister struggling on the bed and obviously getting more aroused.  I was wondering what was going to happen next when I felt the pressure suddenly relieve, and a dampness spreading on my shorts.


Mum and Karen were now lying on their sides, facing each other as they were placed individually into tight hogties.  “Tape their mouths as well,” Jake said as he threw the roll of grey tape onto the bed, and I watched Karen as her mouth was covered with strip after strip, hiding the knotted cloth under the growing layer of tape.


“I think you need a time out, Son,” I heard Jake say as I was picked up and carried out of the room, Mum and Karen screaming through their gags as Jake took me into my own bedroom and left me on the bed.


“Sweet dreams,” he said as he closed the door on me.  I lay there, listening to the sounds from the other room before there were heavy footsteps on the stairs, and the sound of doors closing.  As I heard a car driving off, and the quiet whimpers through the door, I looked round the room to see if there was anything I could use to try and free myself.


As my eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom, I saw my rucksack on the floor, and as I looked over my shoulder I wriggled my fingers to see just how much wriggle room I had.  After a few moments, I knew I had to do something, so I slowly pushed myself across the covers, perching on the side of the bed as I took several deep breaths through my nose, and then gave myself one more shove.


I groaned as my side hit the carpeted floor, but at least I didn’t do myself any other more serious damage.  Looking over my shoulder, I started again to push myself across the floor towards the rucksack, thanking my lucky stars for once that I had not fastened it up, or cleaned it out after my last trip to Teddy’s house.


The reason?  I knew that near the top was a large pair of scissors, which we had been using to cut some old sheets into strips, and that if I could get them, I could use the edge to cut the rope holding my ankles to my wrists, and then maybe get my own wrist free.


How long it took, I’m not sure - I had to reach the bag, tip it as best I could out onto the floor, and then find the scissors, open them up and saw.  All of this I did eventually manage to do, and I let a snort of relief out through my mouth as I was finally able to stretch my legs out.  I could feel the rope rubbing at my bare legs and wrists, and it was starting to ache and hurt, but I kept going, rubbing the blade at the ropes around my wrists and hoping they gave before I started to cut my skin.


It had been dark when they had left, and the first rays of the morning sun were starting to creep through the curtains when I finally managed to pull my wrists apart.  Sitting up, I somehow pulled the rope around my arms and chest off over my head, and released my legs.  I sat there for a few minutes, panting and regaining myself, before I ripped the tape off my mouth, untied the thin scarf and spat it and the soaking wet blue cloth from my mouth.


Standing up, I almost stumbled immediately, before staggering to the door and opening it.  It was a short walk to Mum’s room, and as I opened the door, she looked over her shoulder at me.  Her eyes were wet, and I could see she and Karen were soaking in sweat, their nightclothes sticking to their bodies.  Karen was asleep, her eyes closed as I reached over and peeled the tape away from Mum’s mouth.


Ruulrrttt?” she mumbled as I slowly untied her scarf gag and eased it out of her mouth, then removed the pink knickers.  “I’m all right, Mum,” I said as she looked down at me, and saw the stain between my legs.


Mmmm - I see you could not stop yourself,” she whispered before saying “Call the police, and then come back and untie me.  We can then free Karen.”






It was late afternoon by the time we came back home.  The police had insisted we were taken to hospital, and then taken our statements.  By the time we were back, Dad was waiting with Drew, and he went into the kitchen with Mum while Karen and I sat down with him.  Eventually he looked in to say goodbye, and left as Mum walked in.


“Drew, we need to talk upstairs,” she said as she took our younger brother by the hand and led him out.  Karen leaned over and whispered “Last night - did the sight do to you what I think it did?”


I just nodded, then my eyes opened as she whispered into my ear “It did the same to me as well - maybe some time you can help me to feel that way again?"  I turned and looked at her, slowly nodding as new thoughts came into my mind...






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