Jay and the Two Dads







As he drove back from the swimming pool in the SUV, Eric Gordon smiled and looked in the rear view mirror.  It was his weekend to have his children stay with him, and they had all spent an hour or so at the swimming pool.


His triplets were sitting in the rear seats, Rose, Stephen and Blair.  Rose was looking at her tablet through her pink rimmed glasses, her white long sleeved top over a pair of pants with coloured dots, and grey slippers.  She had lighter, longer hair than her brother and sister.


Stephen was wearing a blue V-necked jumper over a white t-shirt, brown pants and grey deck shoes, and he was having an animated conversation with his sister.  Blair was wearing a white sweatshirt, blue jeans and black shoes.  They were ten years old, and normally lived with their mother – at least since the divorce, but it had been an amicable one, so there was no issue with them staying every fortnight for the weekend.


His younger daughter, Hannah, was sitting in a car seat next to him.  Her pink top had a white trim at the bottom, while her blue leggings had little white butterflies printed on them, her feet in blue trainers with white laces.


“Can we have some pizza when we get back, Dad,” she said as she looked at him.


“Of course you can – supper is going to be a little later tonight anyway,” Eric said with a smile.  It wasn’t really spoiling them – his partner was not going to get back for a few hours, so they could all sit and share some food while watching a film.


His looked again in the rear view mirror, his dark brown beard and hair neatly trimmed, and then turned onto the estate he lived on.  He had managed to buy a house big enough for everyone to stay in when his children visited, but as he drove up the road and turned into his driveway he noticed a grey transit van parked outside.


“Must be delivering something somewhere,” he said as he parked and turned the engine off, then got out and opened the side door so that his family could get out.  Walking to the door, he unlocked it and let them go in first, saying “put your costumes and towels into the washing machine, then go and wash your hands.”


“Okay Dad,” Stephen said as the four of them took their bags through to the utility room, while Eric went to the refrigerator and took two pizzas out.  Turning the oven on, he opened the boxes and took the discs out, smiling as he waited for the oven to heat up.




The voice was male, the accent North of England, and as Eric slowly turned round he saw the door to the garage open, and four people standing there – three men and one woman.  They were all wearing dark blue boiler suits, dark leather gloves and shoes – and black balaclavas over their heads, showing only their mouths and their eyes.


“Wha…  Who…”


“Allow me to introduce myself,” the man said with a smile, “my name is Jay Edwards, and this is my good friend and confidante, Mrs McPhee, as well as two more of my friends.  Don’t panic Eric, or shout out – the last thing we need to do is have the children upset right?”


Eric stared at the group before he swallowed.  He knew who Jay Edwards was – and what this meant, as he stood in his grey granddad shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes.  This was going to be a very, very different day and night for all of them…


“Now, we are going to be here for some time,” Jay said as he pulled a chair away from the table, “so sit carefully down, hands palm down on your heads.  Mrs McPhee – would you ensure those pizzas are cooked?  We don’t want the four children to go hungry – and we can tell them what is going to happen while they eat.”


“What…  What are you going to do?”


“Well, first things first,” Jay said with a smile as one of the other two men put  a large black bag down, opening it to take out a length of white cord, “why don’t you put your hands together in prayer?  That way, you can have some pizza as well.”


Eric slowly did that, watching the masked man as he bound his wrists tightly together in front of him, the rope going around and between his arms.


“Tha’s them in,” the masked woman said as she closed the oven door, and then found two plates as well as a wooden board and a pizza cutter.  “Ten minutes, ahn then we cahn all go through…”



“Dad, where are the pizzas,” Rose called out as she looked at the door to the main room – and then she gasped as Eric came in, with the masked men, a masked woman coming in and carrying the pizzas before she put them down on a low table.


Blair and Hannah could only stare as Stephen said “Dad, what’s going on?”


“Well – these people are robbers,” Eric said, “and they want me to do something later, I think.  The good news is they have not hurt me, and they are not going to hurt you, so long as you do as they say.  The bad news – look at my hands.”


The four children nodded as the masked man with their father said “Let me guess…  Rose…  Stephen…  Blair… and Hannah?”  They all nodded in turn, before he said “well, my name is Jay Edwards – let me introduce you to my friend Mrs McPhee.”


“Hullo there,” the masked woman said in a Scottish accent, “ken I get ye tae do sumfing fer me?”


“What,” Stephen said quietly.


“Hold these for me,” she said with a smile as she handed each of them a length of white cord.  Somehow, the four children felt they could trust her as they each took a length of the cord in their hands.


“Now, this is what I used to tie your father’s wrists together in front of him,” Jay said, “but it doesn’t hurt, does it?”  Eric shook his head as Rose said “so are you going to tie our wrists together as well?”


“Aye, ah am,” the woman said with a smile, “hoo aboot I take care o yer bruffer first.”  Stephen nodded as she took the rope from him, doubled it over, and then quickly tied his wrists together – to his surprise, he found he could not move them apart, but his father was right, it did not hurt.


“It’s all right,” he said as he looked at his sisters, “let the masked lady – Mrs McPhee – do this to you as well.”


As the girls watched Mrs McPhee bind their wrists together, Jay helped Eric to sit on a chair next to the table, and took some more rope from one of the other two masked men before he bound his ankles tightly together, and then his legs above his knees.


“Noo, sit yerselfs doon,” Mrs McPhee said after she had tied Hannah’s wrists together, “ahn ah’ll take care o ye legs as well – then ye can hae some food.”


The four children nodded as they sat down, their feet hanging over the edge of the long couch as Mrs McPhee tied their ankles together, and then tied their legs together below their knees, before she picked up the pizza and let them each take a slice – Eric taking one as well as they all held them in their hands.


“So what are you going to do,” Blair said as she swallowed some of her slice.


Well, when you have eaten, we need to wait for the rest of the family to come home,” Jay said with a smile, “so we’ll put the television on and let you all watch something.




The four looked at each other before Jay said “when they get here, they will have this done to them as well while your supper is prepared.  I will say this- we will be staying after your bedtime, so we will let you all wash and change before we make sure you all have to stay in your beds for the night – but we’re going to make it a bit of a sleepover for the girls, and a special night for the boys.”


“And me?”


Jay looked at Eric before he said “I’ll explain to both of you later.  For now, enjoy the pizza – and then we make sure you all stay quiet.”




“Five green bottles, sitting on the wall,
Five green bottles, sitting on the wall,
and if one green bottle should accidentally fall…”


Arnold smiled as his sons sang from the rear seats “there’ll be four green bottles hanging on the wall.”  Robert was 11, Derek 7, both of them wearing blue padded gillets over blue shirts with the sleeves rolled back to their elbows, tan pants and trainers.  Their skin tone was slightly lighter than his, as he looked out onto the road.  He was wearing a grey top over a blue checked shirt and white t-shirt, the same colour of pants and shoes as his sons.


“What are we going to do tonight Dad,” Robert asked.


“Well, so long as your sister go to their rooms, we can all play a game,” he said with a smile as he passed the grey van and then pulled in front of the house, next to the SUV.  They all jumped out and went into the house, the two boys running upstairs and calling out “Steve, you in your room” as Arnold walked into the front room – and said “what the…”


“Hllhrnhld” Eric mumbled through the white tape that covered his mouth.  He was sitting in one of the armchairs, his wrists tied together in front of him and then tied down to a band of rope that was holding his legs together above his knees, a third band around his ankles.




His gaze slowly turned to the couch where he saw Rose, Stephen, Blair and Hannah sitting in a row, tied and gagged in the same way as Eric except their legs were tied together below their knees, their bound feet hanging over the edge of the seat.


“And this must be your partner Eric – a pleasure to make your acquaintance Arnold.  My name is Jay Edwards.”


Eric snapped round as he heard the man speaking behind him, and saw the masked and smiling leader of the intruders.  “Sh…  Jay Edwards?  BOYS!”


“Oh don’t worry – my friend Mrs McPhee is upstairs, and they will come down with her shortly.  For now, I need you to put your hands together in prayer…”



“Who are you?”


“Mah name is Mrs McPhee,” the masked woman said as she sat on Robert’s bed, looking at the two boys, “and ye’re Robert, and ye’re Derek, richt?”


The two boys nodded as she continued “well, mah name is Mrs McPhee – and mah friend Jay Edwards is telling yer dah richt noo what I’m telling ye.”


“Are you a bad lady,” Derek whispered quietly.


“Well, suhm people fink sae, but ah promise ye, ye’re no gonna get hurt.  We need yer daddy tae do sumfin fer us later, and so we’re gonna stay a while.  Yer brother and sister are doonstairs, but ah need to dae tae ye whit ah did tae them.”


“And what was that?”


“Tie yer wrists together,” Mrs McPhee said as she showed them two lengths of white rope, “so put yer hands togeffer in prayer fer me.”


Derek watched as his older brother put his hands together, Mrs McPhee doubling one of the lengths of rope over and wrapping it round his wrists before she pulled it tight.  She then wrapped the rope round in neat bands, before separating the ends and taking them between his arms, tying the ends off out of reach of his fingers.


“Does it hurt?”


“No,” Robert said as he shook his head and showed Derek his bound wrists, “it’s actually quite nice.  Let Mrs McPhee do this to you as well.”


Derek watched the masked woman carefully as she bound his wrists together, wriggling his fingers as she tied the ends off.


“noo, ah also made it very difficult fer them tae talk – cahn ah do that too ye as well afore we go doon?”


“How did you do that?”


Mrs McPhee smiled as she picked up from a side a roll of white tape, and peeled a length away.  “That makes a funny sound,” Derek giggled.


“Aye – ahn noo ye cahn,” Mrs McPhee said as she pressed the length of tape gently over Derek’s mouth, Robert watching as he looked at his brother and said “Sehhshndhfhnnee?”


“Yeah you do,” Robert laughed – and then he saw Mrs McPhee tear a second strip of tape off, and then press it down over his mouth with her gloved hands.  “Cum wi me,” she said as she took their hands, and walked them down the stairs.


“Boys!  Are you both all right?”


Robert and Derek nodded as they saw Arnold sat in the second armchair, his wrists tied together in front of himself and then to the rope round his legs, his ankles bound securely.  They then looked at the girls on the couch, and at Stephen as he sat on the floor.


“Robert, Derek, I’m Jay Edwards – don’t be afraid, and we’ll all have a great time.  Sit down next to your brother, and Mrs McPhee will make sure you are the same as him.”


“Hthhrh,” Stephen said as the two boys sat either side of him, Mrs McPhee kneeling down and tying their ankles tightly together, then their legs below their knees, before their wrists were tied down to that band.


“Now that we’re all here,” Jay said with a smile, “let me explain what’s going to happen.  In a little while, we’ll take your fathers to cook your supper, and while they do that I’ll explain to them why we are here, and what we want them to do.  As for the six of you, after supper, we’re going to split the boys and the girls up, and let you all get ready for bed.  Then we’ll make sure you all have fun – in separate rooms – before we settle you all down for the night.”


“Whlwwhbhlhkths,” Rose asked.


“Ye’ll be mair tied ahnd gagged,” Mrs McPhee said, “but ah promise ye it’ll be fun.”


The children looked at each other and nodded as Eric looked at Arnold.




“Hmmm – hhrruh?”


Eric blushed as he said “Fhnnhhlflfhnuf, hmhfffnfhn.  Uh?”


Arnold nodded as well as the other masked men left the room and started to search the house.





“So while they are entertained, we access our work computers, and you do something?”


Jay nodded as he sat with Eric at the table, while Mrs McPhee helped Arnold to prepare some food for them all.


“And after that?”


“We leave you and the family unable to raise the alarm, but I think you’ll find sleep comes very quickly – it usually does in our experience.  I promise, do as we say, all will be fine.  So what are they going to eat?”


“Fish and chips,” Arnold said as he looked round.  “But…  Why are we not scared witless by you two?”


“It’s ah gift,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile as they put trays into the oven.  “Richt – dining table?”


“In the next room – why?”


“Actually, will you take Mrs McPhee on a quick tour,” Jay said quietly, “so we can decide where the girls and boys will go later?”


Arnold looked at Eric, who nodded before the two of them left.  “When you say tied and gagged more securely, you mean…”


“Do you really want to know?”


Eric nodded as Jay said “Eventually?  Hogtied, very well gagged, and tied to something to make sure you cannot move.”


“Well, I guess we will all be like that, so long as the girls are all right?”


“Mrs McPhee will look after them, one of my friends will watch the boys.  Now, shall we set the table?”




Eric and Arnold watched from their seats as the three girls and the three boys jumped in, the masked men helping them to sit in their seats before they raised their arms and bands of rope were tied round their waists.  Both men also had rope round their waists, holding them against the chair back, while their ankles were tied to the front legs of the chairs.


“We’re going to take the tape from your mouths,” Jay said as their chairs were pushed in, “and then untie your wrists so that you can eat and drink.  Feel free to talk as well.”  He nodded as the other masked men walked round and untied the wrists of all six children, Mrs McPhee peeling the tape away from their mouths as Eric said “are you all all right?”


“Yes, Dad,” Stephen said, “it was actually fun.   This smells great.”


“Well, eat up,” Arnold said as he looked at them, “and then you’ll be split up.  The boys will have a games night, and the girls a sleepover in their bedroom.”


“Can I ask a question,” Derek said quietly.


“Of course you can,” Jay said with a smile.


“How do you make it so we aren’t scared?”


Jay smiled as he said “I understand why you think you should be scared, but – well, I guess Mrs McPhee, my friends and I don’t think you should be scared of us.”


“Even though you tied and gagged us,” Hannah said as she swallowed some fish.


“Aye,” Mrs McPhee said, “even though we dae that.  Ye weren’t scared, were ye?”


Hannah shook her head as her father said “we’ll all do what they ask, and we’ll all talk about it later – but I really do not think they will harm us.”


“So will we be in the games room,” Stephen asked.


“You will – the girls get the front room, and your fathers will be upstairs,” Jay said as he looked at them.


“Well, at least we can have some fun,” Robert said as he looked at the other boys.


“Now,” Jay said quietly, “we’ll let you wash and get ready for bed before we split you up, but so long as you promise not to make too much noise, that is how you will stay until we need to make sure you cannot get off where you will sleep.  Do you promise to keep the noise down a little?”


All six looked at each other, and then nodded as Jay and Mrs McPhee smiled.  “Good – eat up now…”




“Awhl richt lassies – let’s see ye all,” Mrs McPhee said as she stood outside the bathroom door, watching as Rose, Blair and Hannah came out.  They had come upstairs first to wash and change into their pyjamas – in Rose’s case, a pink short sleeved top and pink bottoms with white sheep printed on them.  Blair was wearing a white t-shirt and pink checked bottoms, while Hannah was wearing a pair of light coloured pyjamas with white, blue and brown squares on them.


At the request of Mrs McPhee, they were all also wearing a pair of white bed socks each, the bottom of their pants legs tucked into them.


“Guid – innate the room,” the masked woman said as the girls went into the older girl’s room, where a portable television had been set up with a DVD player, and the masked men had laid out bowls of snacks and bottles of drink.  As she closed the door, Jay escorted the three boys up and let them go in the bathroom, waiting outside for them.


“Let me pick the film,” Hannah said as the door was closed.


“So long as it’s not My Little Pony.”


“Hey – our dads can’t say what we want to watch,” Hannah said with a smile, “so how about Hairspray?”


“Sounds good to me,” Blair said with a smile as Rose nodded…




“Well, at least the girls are out of our way,” Stephen said as he, Robert and Derek went into the games room that was in the cellar of the house.  Like the girls, all three boys were wearing bed socks, but unlike the girls they all had the same clothes on – white t-shirts and red striped bottoms.


“Now then,” Jay said as he put the bag he was carrying down, “because I need to go and talk to your fathers, and one of my friends will stay in the room, we need to make sure all three of you cannot get up – so we’re going to tie your legs now.  Please, sit on the couch, and put your hands on your heads, palms down.”


“But we can still use our hands,” Derek said quietly.


“Of course – and we’ll get some snacks and drinks later.  But we don’t want you jumping up and walking off.”


The three boys nodded as he knelt in front of Robert, saying “oldest first” as he doubled over a length of rope, and wrapped it round his ankles, forcing them together as he made several more passes, and then took the rope between his legs to cinch the binding.  Tying the ends off behind him, he took a second length of rope and tied his legs together below his knees, making sure that was tight and comfortable as well before he moved on to Stephen.


As Derek watched Jay bind his legs, the masked man handed them each a controller, and tuned on the television, the games console screen coming up.


“Now, please keep the noise down as much as possible,” Jay said, “I don’t want to have to gag you all just yet but if it gets too loud, then…”


“We can’t have the snacks,” Robert said as he nodded, “so we will be as quiet as we can.”


“Good – so what are you going to play?”


“Rocket Racers!”


“Excellent,” he said quietly as he nodded to the masked man, “I’ll be back in a little while with the snacks.”


He left the room, closing the door behind himself, and made his way back to the dining room where Eric and Arnold were still tied to their chairs.  “Now, I’m just going to take some things to the boys,” he said with a smile, “and then We’ll take you both to your office and we can begin proceedings.


“Once you have both washed and changed as well…”




“I can hear the bells…”


Mrs McPhee smiled as the girls were singing along, the bowl of popcorn on the floor next to them, while the door opened and the masked associate looked in.  He whispered into Mrs McPhee’s ear, and watched as she nodded and said “Ah’ll be back soon” and left the room.


She made her way back into the front room and picked up a large canvas bag, smiling as she saw Jay come past.


“Taking up the supplies for later?”


“Aye – you?”


“Going to take Eric and Arnold to their office.  We’ll call on the girls first after that…”


Mrs McPhee nodded as she watched Jay walk up to the bathroom, the door opening as the fathers came out.  Eric was wearing a pair of blue checked pyjamas, and Robert grey ones, like the children with bed socks pulled up over their feet.


“Shall we,” Jay said as they walked to one of the other rooms, the two men nodding as they sat at their desks and booted up their work laptops.  As they did so, Jay opened a bag and took out two lengths of white rope, handing one to his masked associate.


“What now,” Eric said as he looked round.


“Now – kindly put your hands behind your back,” Jay said quietly, his friend walking behind the man and starting to bind his wrists tightly together.  As he did so, Arnold looked round, and then felt the rope around his own wrists as Jay started to bind them together behind his back.


“So where are you going to leave us,” Eric said as the masked man plugged a stick into his laptop, and he saw things starting to happen to accounts at his firm.


“In your bedroom,” Jay said as the second masked man took a longer length of rope, and started to wrap it round Eric’s upper body, forcing his arms into his sides as they formed two bands, one around his upper arms and shoulders, the other around her arms and stomach.


He turned his head ad watched as Jay did the same thing to his husband, Arnold shaking his head as the ropes forced his arms into his sides, and then grunting as Jay tightened them with shorter lengths between his arms and body.




Arnold turned and looked at Eric as he said “I hope the girls don’t mind this being done to them.”


“The girls?  What about the boys?”


Arnold threw his head bac and laughed as Eric felt the ands tighten round his chest as well.  “Far point – look, can we see all of them before you make sure we can’t see them at all?”


“We can arrange that,” Jay said quietly as he looked at his watch.  “Stand up – we’ll go and see the girls now, make sure they are ready for bed.”


Eric and Arnold nodded as they left their laptops running and walked down the corridor, Mrs McPhee opening the door and the girls watching as their fathers walked in while the film ended.


“Oh wow – are you going to do that to us?”


“they are Hannah,” Eric said, “but don’t be afraid.  It’s tight, but it doesn’t hurt, and I’m sure Mrs McPhee will take care of you.”


“Aye – stand up girls, ahnd put yer hands behind yer backs.  We’ll tie ye up, make ye comfy on the bed, ahn then start anuther film.  What dae ye want tae watch?”


“How about The Hunger Games?”


“Well, it’s not like we can object,” Eric said as Mrs McPhee started by crossing Rose’s wrists behind her back and securing them together, and then tying rope around her upper body, the bands pressing on her bare arms as they were forced against her sides.  As she looked round, the masked woman then did the same to Blair, and finally to Hannah as their fathers watched.


“It’s like being hugged by you, Dad,” Hannah said as Mrs McPhee said “Noo then – we need tae keep ye all quiet now, so keep calm, and ye’ll be fine.  Open yer moofs as wide as ye can.”


The three girls looked at each other, and then opened their mouths as Mrs McPhee pushed a small red sponge ball into each of their mouths, and then wrapped white tape round their heads to cover their mouths.  They then sat on the double bed, watching as one by one their ankles were bound tightly together and then their legs below their knees. 


Jay then helped them to lie down as Mrs McPhee tied rope from their ankles to the foot of the bed before she started the film.


“Be brave girls,” Arnold said quietly.


“Whwhllbbdhdd,” Rose said, the other two nodding as Jay took Eric and Arnold out of the room, and they walked down to the games room.


“DAD!  I WON!”


“Good,” Eric said as he looked at Stephen, “but I have to tell you its time for them to make sure you can’t move or speak very easily boys.”


“Can we watch a Batman film, Dad,” Robert said, Derek and Stephen both nodding as Arnold said “yes you can.”


The boys nodded as they all put their hands behind their back, the two masked men binding their wrists together and then making sure their arms were firmly held against their sides, all three wriggling round as the ropes were tightened.


“the girls are already tied up and gagged,” Eric said quietly, “and in a minute they’ll make sure you stay quiet as well.  Is there anything you want to say?”


“Yes – thank you for making this fun,” Stephen said before Jay pushed a red sponge ball into his mouth and wrapped the white tape around his head.  Robert and Derek were soon silenced as well, before three cushions were put on the floor and they were helped to lie down on their stomachs, their ankles pulled back and tied the rope around their chests.


“Whllwhrshthck,” Robert said, the other two nodding as Jay started the film.  “go between both rooms, check every half hour,” he said as he indicated that Eric and Arnold should go with him.  He walked the two men up to their bedroom, both of them sitting on the bed and watching as the second masked man who had walked with them secured their ankles and legs together.


“We won’t go until everyone is asleep, and the work is done,” Jay said, “but thank you for your cooperation.  Please, open your mouths.”


“We’ll talk later,” Arnold said, Eric nodding as they both felt the sponge ball expand in their mouths, and then the tape tugging on their skin as it was wound tightly round their heads.  They were then helped to lie on their sides, facing each other as they were place into hogties, and then the lights were turned off.


“Whllhrwhhrrr,” Eric mumbled in the darkness, and then he felt Arnold’s taped lips on his as they comforted each other…







Derek slowly opened his eyes to see Stephen looking at him, and Robert slowly opening his eyes.  They were all lying on their sides, their heads on the cushions – but there was no other sound, and their legs were no longer tied to their chest ropes.  They were still tightly bound and gagged, but as he sat himself up Derek said “Whhshhrrr?”


“Hdhnhhrrnhbdhee – whntthshh?”




Derek watched as Stephen sat himself up, and then started to push himself to the open door, his brother following him before Derek started to push himself over as well.  It took some time, but they slowly pushed themselves along the floor, and then pushed themselves up the stairs and into the hallway.


There was no sound, nobody there, so they pushed themselves onto their feet and then jumped to the stairs, taking turns to push themselves up and then waiting until they were all more confident at the top of the stairs.




Robert nodded as they jumped to the room Stephen’s sisters shared, and looked in.  All three were still asleep, their chests rising and falling as the tape covered their mouth.


“Hllsththt – fhnddhd,” Stephen said, the other two nodding as he jumped into the room and they jumped down to the room their fathers used.  As they opened the door, Eric turned over and said “BHHSSS!”


“llhdhdd,” Derek said as the two boys jumped over looking at the tight knots holding the tow older men in their hogties.




Before they could answer, there was the sound of footsteps running up the stairs, and as Arnold turned over he saw his boss at the door, saying “oh my god” as two policemen appeared behind him.


“Hghdhdhphddd,” Derek said as more sirens were heard…







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