Jay calls on Christyne







Christyne sat at her dressing table, looking at herself and smiling as she finished putting on her make up.  She was wearing a scoop necked blue dress with short sleeves and a short skirt, and knee length red suede boots with a three inch heel.  She was looking forward to this afternoon – her sister in law Patty was coming with her twelve year old daughter Caitlin, as well as her daughter Megan with her twins, Randy and Barbara.  They were going to go to the mall, have some lunch, do some shopping – quality family time for a Saturday.


Smiling, she put a pair of emerald earrings on, and then a gold necklace round her neck, smiling as she heard the knock on her front door.  Glancing at her watch, she smiled as she said “someone’s early” and stood up, walking slowly down to the door.  She could see some figures there, and opened the door as she said “Well, you’re…”


“Good afternoon,” a man said with a soft Geordie accent said as he walked in, smiling as tow more men and a woman followed him – but all were dressed in black boiler suits with leather gloves and balaclava masks.  Christyne opened her mouth to scream – only to be kept quiet as he put his gloved hand over her mouth, and said “Now, don’t do that, stay calm, we won't hurt you, if you do as we say, all right," he says, his voice calming, reassuring.  "Nod if you agree."


Christyne looked at the four intruders, her heart racing as she slowly nodded in agreement.  “That's better," he said as he took his hand away.  "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Jay Edwards.  My friend Mrs. McPhee, and these are two of my associates..."


She looked at the four masked intruders – she had never expected home invaders to introduce themselves....politely too....but it did little to calm her.


Dinnae worry," the masked woman said in a Scottish accent, "ye'll be fine.  We know yer family are coming - when are they expected..."


Behind the man's hand she mumbled, "twenty minutes maybe", her eyes wide behind her glasses.


"Oh how remiss of me," Jay said as he removed his hand.  "Now, do as we say, everyone has something to tell their friends.  For now, however, turn round and put your hands behind your back."  He held up a length of white cord and smiled as he said that, Christyne’s eyes widening as he said "You see Christyne - may I call you Christyne - we need your brother in law to do something for us..."


Swallowing hard, she turned to the wall and stammered "Y-you don't h-have to do this......please leave m-my fa-fa-family o-out of whatever it is...."


"Be calm Christyne - you and your family are the key to ensuring all goes without a problem," Jay said as he crossed and bound your wrists tightly together.  "Gentlemen - ensure all alarms and communications are turned off..."


"Ow!  Th-That's too tight!"


"I ken we're a wee bit scary, Christyne lass - but ye hae nuffing to fear if ye do as we say..."  Mrs. McPhee smiled as Jay turned her round, and said "I know it is tight, but it needs to be, or you may hurt yourself.”


She tried to find the knot with her fingers, then nodded as she stammered "I-I'll d-do a-a-a-anything you say..."


"Good - shall we head into your front room and have a seat?"


"Y-Yessir....Th-This way..."  Christyne led them into her parlour, the sunlight streaming through the large picture window as Jay looked round.  "Very stylish, Christyne - Mrs. McPhee, will you draw the curtains over the window please.  Christyne, sit down, make yourself comfortable..."  As one of the associates put a large bag down, and took more rope out, Christyne sat on the edge of the sofa, looking over her captors, hoping for some way to identify them later.


Jay smiled as he knelt down, doubling a length of rope over as he started to bind her ankles together.  "Here is what is going to happen Christyne - when your family arrive, I am afraid they will be staying here, until we can contact your brother in law.  We will keep you safe and secure, and Mrs. McPhee will take good care of the children."


She suddenly looked up, and said quietly “Please don't touch the children!"


"I am sure we can sort some food out for all of you when they are here, correct?” he pulls the rope between her legs, the red material compressing as he tied it off, and started to bind her legs together below her knees.  “If not, we can phone out for pizzas...  And do not worry, they will actually enjoy it, trust me."


"Aye, jes wait and see" Mrs. McPhee said with a smile as Christyne stared at her.  "How can they enjoy being taken hostage!"


Mrs. McPhee smiled and said "ye'll see..." as Jay finished binding her legs, and then stood up.  Christyne twisted her legs round as she looked at them, as he said "Now, Christyne, when they come in, just talk normally..."


She swallowed again, and said “I'm tied up and scared out of my mind!  I-I don't know t-that I can!"


"Christyne," Jay said quietly as he looked at her, his voice calming, reassuring, "I promise you, nobody will get hurt, take a deep breath, calm yourself..."  She did that, taking two deep breaths, wanting to believe him, as calmly as he talked to her - she wanted to believe everything will be all right.


"There, see?  Everything is going to be all right," he said with a smile.  "I promise you, and I am sorry that you were so scared at first."


"Y-You all invaded my home....”  Christyne looked at him and said “it stands to reason, doesn't it?"


"Of course - but now, are you still as scared as then?"


 Lowering her head, she nodded.  She wasn’t sure if she was still as scared, but for the others…  "Trust me, Christyne, everything will be fine - now..."  As Jay spoke, a car drove up, and they all looked to the door.


Her head spun to the covered window, wanting to scream, to warn them, but she looked at the four masked intruders as Jay said "Stay calm," as Mrs. McPhee stood by the door, "tell them to come in here."  She nodded as the door opened and closed, and she said as normally as possible "Come into the parlour, everyone!"


“Coming Granny,” two young voices said as Randy and Barbara came in.  Randy had short light brown hair cut to frame his face, and was wearing a black fleece over a white t-shirt, brown cargo pants and red trainers.  Barbara had her hair in pigtails, and was wearing a white jacket with a fur collar, tan pants and white fringed felt boots that came to her knee.  They stared at their grandmother, before Mrs. McPhee hand gagged them both.


"Hush, wee yins" she whispered as Megan came in, in her leopard print top, jeans and fawn boots, as she said "Mom?" looking at her children as they stared back.


"I know honey,” Christyne said with a sigh, “I'm so sorry, just do whatever they say!"


 "Good afternoon, Megan," Jay said as he came forward.  "Do as we say, and all will be fine."


“If ae take my hands away, will ye both be quiet and we can play a game," Mrs. McPhee said as Christyne suddenly nodded.


“Yes," she said, "A game!  You like games!''


The two of them nodded as Mrs. McPhee took her hand away.  "Why are you like that Granny," Barbara asked as Jay take Megan’s hands behind her back, and started to bind her wrists together as their grandmother said "It's....all part of the game, children.  They tied me up like this so we can all play!"


"I wan ye tae hold this a minute," Mrs. McPhee said as she handed Barbara and Randy a length of white cord.  "We're staying with your grandmother for a while - and when your aunt and cousin get here, they will join in as well," Jay said as Megan felt the rope around her wrists.  "Yes, we'll all play," she said as she looked at Christyne.


"Now, does that scare ye," Mrs. McPhee says as she knelt in front of the children, watching as they shook their heads.  "So, if I use it tae tie yer wrists in front of ye, will that be scary?"


Christyne looked at Megan and nodded, happy she was helping the kids stay calm, as she whispered "What's going on, Mom," while Jay started to bind her arms to her sides, Mrs. McPhee tying Randy's wrists together in front of himself.  She then bound his sister’s wrists together, before she said to both of them “Richt - sit on the couch."


"Right next to Grammy, that's right dears.  We'll sit together" Christyne said as they sat either side of her, smiling as she looked at her grandchildren.  "This is a different game," Barbara said as Mrs. McPhee started to tie her ankles together, the rope compressing the fawn suede of her boots, while Jay sat Megan in the armchair and started to bind her ankles and legs.


As she watched the masked woman secure her granddaughter's ankles, then her legs below her knees, and then her wrists to her knees, Christyne smiled and said “Well, when have you ever visited your grandma and we not played a game!  This one is...something...different."


"That's right - and we need you all to play so that nobody is left out or feels upset," Jay said as he pulled the rope between Megan's legs, her boots squeaking as they rub together.  She nodded as Randy was tied as well, and they both put their heads against their grandmother.


"Noo, we need tae make sure ye cannae tell yer aunt and cousin whits happening..." Mrs. McPhee said as she took a roll of white tape from the bag.


"That's right! Remember h-how surprised you were!" Christyne said as Megan asked "Where’s Patty...”


Looking across the room at the clock on the mantle, Christyne said "I thought she'd be here before you folks."


"Well, we need to keep ye quiet," Mrs. McPhee said as she tore a strip of tape from the roll, "so Im gonna put this oer yer moofs.”  Christyne looked at them, and said "You don't really need to do that, do you?  We won't say anything, will we children?  Will we, Megs?"


"It'll be fun," Mrs. McPhee said, "and ye'll all be the same..."


"Do me first," Megan said as she looked at the children.  "Megan!" Christyne blurted out as Megan said “Mom, stay calm," the nodded as Mrs McPhee pressed the white tape over her mouth and chin, the shape of her lips visible underneath as she says "httsnhttshbhhddd


”You sound funny Mom," Barbara giggled, Christyne nodding as she said "Yes, doesn't she though?"


"Who wants tae be first," Mrs. McPhee said as she tore a strip of tape from the roll, and looked at her grandchildren.  Randy said "me" as the tape was pressed over his mouth, and then over Barbara's as you watched, seeing the shape of their lips under the tape as they wriggled round.  To her surprise, she could see they were actually having fun, they really believed this WAS a game!  She almost believed it herself watching them....and then she looked at Megan, sitting up over the head of the children and mouthing the words "I'm sorry"


Megan nodded as another car pulled up.  "Remember, not a word," Jay whispered as he stood behind you, "just call them in."


"All o ye stay quiet," Mrs. McPhee said as she put a finger to her lips, the others nodding.


She nodded and stammered “A-Anything you say...."  Jay smiled and nodded as a female voice said "Where are you Christyne?"


"In the parlour, dear!" she shouted out as she looked at the children.  "Come in here… And join the party!"


"Party?  What party," Patty said as she came in, her dark hair to her neck as she wore a short sleeved purple dress and black felt boots.  Her twelve year old daughter Caitlin followed her, wearing a black jacket over a striped top, a denim skirt and knee length black leather boots.  They both stood and stared as they took in the scene, Barbara smiling as she said "Whrhrrhfnfhnn!"


".... This one, Patty!  Come on in, everyone insists!" Christyne said quietly as Megan struggled in the chair.


"Yes we do," Jay said as he came forward, "come in both of you.  Caitlin, will you go to my friend Mrs. McPhee, and she'll make you the same as your cousins here.  Patty, please put your hands behind your back."


"Cum here lassie," Mrs. McPhee said as she took some white cord "and hold yer hands oot…"


"Yes, just do as they say," Christyne said as she watched the masked woman tie her niece’s wrists together in front of her, "It's like.... like Cops 'n Robbers!"  As she mouthed an apology to Patty, Caitlin asked "Are they the robbers," the twins nodding as her wrists are tied together, Jay securing Patty's wrists as she said "Christyne, who are they?"


"There - noo sit next to yer coosins oer there..." Mrs. McPhee said as her aunt shrugged her shoulders, and said "Ooohhh, just...some.... friends, who dropped over.....unexpectedly," twisting her hands behind her back.


"No need for false modesty Christyne," Jay said as he tied the rope round Patty's arms, Caitlin sitting down and watching her legs been bound, "I am Jay Edwards."

Patty's eyes opened wide as she said "Jay Edwards?  Oh my god..."

"There," Mrs. McPhee says as she tied Caitlin's wrists to her leg, "noo, smile fer me."


Christyne looked at her sister in law as she whispered, "You know him, Patty?"


"I...  I know of him.  They hold families hostage, and get one of them to rob their company..."  As she speaks, Caitlin's mouth is covered with tape as she says "Shwhhthhnnsnhh…"  Megan looked at her aunt as she was made to sit in the other armchair, and her legs were bound.


Laughing, I twisted round and said "You see children?  Cops and Robbers!" 


Whsheeee" they said in unison as Patty's legs were secured, and the tape pressed over her mouth.   Suddenly, she began to understand more about what Jay meant when he told her he wanted Patty's husband to do something for them…


"Now then,” Jay said quietly, “we'll put the television on, and you can watch something until we get a phone call, all right?  As for you, Christyne, time to be quiet."


"I-I guess I knew this was coming...." she said Randy nodding and saying "htsshllrhttggrhnnee" as Jay pressed the white tape firmly over her mouth, the tape forming to the shape of her mouth.


"Hhhmmwwwmmph" she mumbled as the ropes seemed tight again, very secure.  "Noo then," Mrs. McPhee says as she turned the television on, and the musical of Willy Wonka started, "sing along if ye want tae."  The youngsters looked at each other, and they started to sing along as the adults struggled.  Christyne looked at them, thinking it was almost cute as they tried to sing…  Megan was watching them as well, but Patty seemed the most worried…


"When the time comes, we'll sort some food out for all of you...  And Patty - relax, stay calm, no harm will come to anyone if you do so..."  He knelt down and started to talk quietly to her, Christyne leaning forward and trying to listen, then sitting back as one of the associates looked at her.


Mrs. McPhee looked at her and smiled as the kids sang along, Patty slowly calming down as Megan "Hwlhhngstthsssghnnbhh?"


Jay stood up and looked over, smiling as she said “as long as is necessary.  Now, search the upstairs room,” he said to one of the associates, who walked out as Christyne watched.  Apparently, she was going to be robbed as well…


As “Cheer up Charlie” started, a cell phone rang, all three adults looking at Jay as he took it out, grateful for the distraction.


"This is Jay Edwards…


"You have secured him?


"Only natural, perhaps you can put him on," he said as he walked over to Christyne, reaching round and removing the tape from her mouth as he put the phone to her ear.


"Christyne?  It's Robert - two men just came into my house, and said you were all hostages!"


Looking round the room, she whispered “Yes Robert, that's exactly right.  We're all here, in my parlour.... they have us all tied up, gagged except for me now.....my gawd Robert, are you all right?"


"I’m fine, have they hurt you?"


”No, no they haven't...."


As you talk, the kids keep singing along “What's that I hear?"


Christyne laughed as she said "The children, they think this is all a game, they convinced them it's a game and they're trying to sing along with the movie they put on for us.........So far everyone is just fine, unable to move or talk, but fine."


“Yeah, I heard they do that.  Look, tell them I love them all, and to enjoy the game, all right?"


"A-All right.... Goodbye Robert" Christyne said as Jay took the phone.


"Do what my friends say, and everyone will see you tomorrow.  Hand then the phone now.


"Check in at the agreed intervals," he said as he ended the call, Patty looking at you.




”Everyone,” Christyne said with a smile, “your dad and uncle says he loves you all and to enjoy our game!"  The children nodded as Mrs. McPhee smiled, and Jay placed the tape back over your mouth.  "Good - now, I think we all could have a pizza tea later.  How does that sound?"


She added her gagged cheer to the others of "yay!", Patty looking too frightened to play along, Megan appearing to be in with them but knowing what Patty must be going through.


"Excellent," Jay said as the film continued. 




Mrs. McPhee smiled as the film ended, and said "who wants tae go roond Granny’s' house?"  As the three of them nodded, she released their wrists from their ankles and helped them to stand up, before they jumped out behind her, the three adults watching, glad they were happy, but concerned they were now out of sight…


"Now," Jay said as he sat down, "after a while, Mrs. McPhee will take them to the dining room, and make sure they stay in their seats before you join them.  Christyne, you will receive the order - and no word of what is going on here, understand?"


Christyne nodded, not wanting anyone hurt as she said "Mm-hmmph"


"Good - your husband, Patty, is going to conduct some business for us, but he needs to go to the office to do that, so we are going to be here for some time.  In fact, you are all going to sleep here."


Megan and Christyne looked over at Patty as she said “Hndthnnnn"


"And then, when he has done what we ask, we leave you here - but you will all be bound, gagged and unable to raise the alarm, in night clothes.  But we have some time before that, enough time for a game..."


The three of them looked at each other and nodded, Jay smiling as she said "Good - I thank you," as they heard the children jump past, and he picked up Christyne’s cell phone. 


"Let me order the food now."  Christyne looked to the door, trying to see the three kids.  The children really did think everything was okay!  And they did not dare tell them otherwise, not until this was all over at the earliest.


One of the masked associates then came in and helped Megan to stand, then she half shuffled, half hopped out of the room.  Patty mewled something through her taped mouth, but Christyne just watched, thinking this was going to be a very unusual tea…


As the man returned and helped Patty out, Jay came in and peeled the tape away from her mouth.  "Remember, they are in the dining room, and you will join them there," he said quietly as she worked her jaw.


"I-I'll remember,” she whispered.  “Just please remember to keep your promise not to hurt anyone."


"I am a man of my word," Jay said as he started to untie her, and she hear the mumbled conversation in the dining room.  It was as he untied her legs that the doorbell rang, and the noise stopped.


"Get the order," Jay said as he took her to the front door, handing her purse to her as he stood behind it.


"Ah, the pizzas!  Thank you for being so prompt."  As /jay opened the door, Christyne handed the delivery boy some money and told him to keep the change.  "We have some very hungry people here all right!"


"So I see, have a good meal," he said as Christyne stepped back, Jay closed the door, saying "Shall we?"  She nodded and carried the pizzas to the dining room, seeing the others sat in the chairs, tied in place and still gagged.  Putting the boxes down, she sat in the last chair, waiting as her waist was tied to the hair back and her legs secured, while the others had their arms and wrists untied.


"Ye can take the tape off noo," Mrs. McPhee said with a smile, Christyne smiling uneasily as she said "I knew you'd enjoy it!"


Megan nodded as she said "It is great fun, isn't it Patty?"  Patty nodded as she looked at Caitlin, who also nodded before they all started to eat the pizzas, the four intruders watching.


The older women ate slowly, while the children tucked in.  Christyne could understand why Patty wasn’t very hungry, but they all ate, Christyne wondering when they would eat again


"Eat up everyone,” she eventually said as Mrs. McPhee poured drinks into glasses and handed them round, “there's plenty!  And our game may go on well into the night!"


"Don't worry,” Jay said with a smile, “when you have eaten, you can go to the toilet - and maybe your grandmother can find some pajamas for you to wear..."


"Into the night - so will we be tied up again," Randy asked in an excited voice.


"You sound like you're enjoying it all, Randy"


"I am - I was scared at first, but Mrs. McPhee has made it great fun!"


Megan nodded as she said "She has, hasn't she?  and apparently we're all going to play a game as well."  Christyne took a drink as she said “So we're all having a good time?"


The three children nodded and smiled as she looked at her daughter and sister in law.


"Well, I'm glad to hear that," Jay says.  "So, let me know when you have had enough…"  Christyne saw Megan smiling as well, and Patty trying to…


As Caitlin took a drink, she said "I need to go to the toilet."  Mrs. McPhee nodded as she said “Well, ye and yer granny go upstairs..."  She untied Caitlin as Jay untied her aunt, the others watching as he said "you can go up one at a time after Caitlin."


Christyne stood and said quietly “right this way Caitlin, you know the way."  She followed her up the stairs with Mrs. McPhee and one of the associates, closing h bathroom door as she went in.  She was as hard as she could not to tell her what danger they might well be in.....even though it certainly did not feel like it.”


"Right," Mrs. McPhee said quietly, "she needs some pajamas…"  Christyne looked t her and nodded as she said “I-I have plenty.  We've all had a lot of sleepovers here"


Guid – go wi my friend, get a pair fer everyone."

Christyne nodded as she went to a guest bedroom, taking pajamas out for everyone before going to her room, and laying the pairs out for everyone.  As she looked up, Mrs. McPhee brought Caitlin in and said "Noo Lassie, change into yer pajamas."


“Come here,” Christyne said as she handed Caitlin a pair of peach coloured pajamas with a cherry print, watching as she stripped out of her clothes and folded them to one side, and then pulled the bottoms and top on.  Mrs. McPhee then produced a length of rope guiding her niece’s hands behind her back and crossing her wrists before she tied them together, and then tied a length of rope round her waist to keep them in place.


"Ye'll all be the same noo," she said as she did that, Caitlin looking at Christyne as she said "what happens now Aunty?"


Shrugging her shoulders Christyne said “Time for bed, I guess?"


"Not yet, no," Mrs. McPhee said as she took a longer length of rope, and tied Caitlin's arms to her sides, the rope around her stomach and upper arms.  "A game o Monopoly furst."


"Oh, that sounds like fun!  You like Monopoly, don't you Caitlin dear?"

Caitlin nodded as the ropes were tied off, and Mrs. McPhee looked at Christyne.  "The other bairns next, ahl richt?" she said before they headed back down, the associate taking Caitlin into the parlour as Christyne went with Mrs. McPhee to the dining room.


"I need the toilet," Barbara said as they were untied from their chairs.  "Where's Caitlin," Patty asked as she wriggled round.  Christyne said quietly “She's in the parlour Patty, she's tied up already in her pajamas.”


"Oh great, will we be as well," Randy asked, Mrs. McPhee nodding as the two of you walked the twins upstairs.  "Go to the toilet, then come to yer granny's room..."


As they came in, Randy changed into a pair of blue pajamas with an orange fox print, and Barbara into a pair of light blue pajamas with a black beaver print.   Christyne watched as they were bound in the same way as their cousins, and then taken back downstairs, passing Megan at the foot of the stairs.


"Are you two all right," she said as the twins nodded, twisting round.


"They were just fine, Megs," her mother said as she brushed her hair with her hand.  "Nothing at all to worry about."  She nodded as she walked up the stairs, the twins going into the parlour as Christyne went back to the dining room.


"What's happening," Patty asked as Jay’s cell phone rang.


"We're just getting the children into their night clothes, dear."  The older woman stroked her hair and squeezed her shoulders.  "I have a good feeling everything is going to turn out all right in the end.  We just have to endure this until the morning."


Patty nodded as Jay put a finger to his lips, and "This is Jay Edwards.”


"Good, update at the next scheduled time" he said as he ended the call.  "Your husband is doing fine - relax, Patty.”


As he untied Patty, Christyne heard a nose and looked out to see Megan come down, wearing a pair of white pajamas with a blur print, her upper body tightly bound with ropes around her arms and chest, and cinched with ropes at either side.


"You see Patty," Christyne said as she gripped Patty’s arm in a loving way, “everything is going to be fine."


"You can both come up together," Jay said as they both walked to the stairs, Patty suddenly turning and embracing Christyne before they walked up.


"You may go when she comes out Christyne."  She nodded and said “I understand” as Patty went in and closed the door, and Jay said “thank you.”


Looking at him. Christyne said “for what?”


"For being the one who has helped them all Christyne.  Is this the first time for you?"


Looking at the floor, she nodded as she said "I never expected it to ever happen to me....to any of us...."


"Well, you are all very brave, and never let anyone say otherwise," he said as Patty came out, and he went in, hearing him say “come with me” as she closed the door.


Looking out of the window, she saw dusk was setting in, as she did what she had to do, and washed her hands, slowly while praying, then took a very deep breath as she dried her hands, straightened up, and opened the door.


Patty was outside, Jay standing with her in her white top and patchwork pants, her upper body tightly bound as she nodded.  "I'll see you downstairs," she said as Jay took her down, and Mrs. McPhee took Christyne to the bedroom.


There was one pair of pajamas left, cream with a rose print, as Christyne started to undress, uneasy that someone other than her late husband was watching.


"Ye're a very brave woman," Mrs. McPhee said.


"I have to be," she said as she folded her clothes and lay them over the chair by the window.  "It's for them...." 


"True, true - put yer pajamas on, then put yer hands behind yer back."


"Hurry up Granny, we want to play," you hear Caitlin shout up as you put the pajamas on.


"Y-Yes ma'am.  Coming dear," she called back as Mrs. McPhee crossed her wrists behind her back, tying them together and then tying the rope round her waist.  "Do they sound scared," she said as she tied the rope off, and then wound a longer length round her arms and chest, pulling the rope tight as her top was stretched over her chest, then cinching them with two short lengths between her arms and body.


“No”, Christyne said as she shook her head, “no, you've been very good with them.  You seem to have a knack with children"


"It's a gift," she said with a smile as she tied the ropes off.  "Shall we?"


"I guess we shall, Christyne said as she slowly walked back down and into the parlour, seeing the others sat round the coffee table and the Monopoly set laid out.  Randy said “you’re the top hat granny" as she sat down, seeing they all had their legs tied at their ankles and knees.


"Well, okay then! Let's all play Monopoly!"  She sat and joined them, placing her legs together the way theirs were as Jay started to tie them together.  An associate rolled the die for Barbara, as the game started...


She had to admire his skill as he took the rope around and between her ankles, and then her legs – it was tight, but didn’t hurt, but she was unable to get up now…


"Double six - I'll take it," Barbara said as she bought the property, the money going to the bank, the game progressing...


As the game progressed, Christyne watched the others.  Patty looked as if she was about to go out, her mind only half on the game.  She didn't have much in front of her moneywise and two of her properties were mortgaged, and Christyne was not far behind her with only two railroads and a property, and dwindling cash…


Patty then landed on Park Lane, looking round as she said "I guess I lose."   Jay nodded as he said "well, when you lose, you cannot play anymore, so you don't need to speak any more..."


"Oh dear, Patty!"


"What are you going to do," Caitlin asks as she watched Jay compress a red sponge ball in his hand, and say "open wide, Patty.”  The others also watched as Megan said quietly “Oh my,” and Christyne exclaimed "Oh my goodness!  Surely that isn't going into her mouth!"


"Yes, yes it is," Jay said quietly as he walked over, and put his hand in front of Patty's mouth, the other watching wide eyed as she looked at it, then nodded as she opened wide.  Jay eased the sponge in and watched as she closed her lips over it, and then pressed a fresh strip of the wide white tape over her mouth and chin.


Christyne swallowed as she said "My goodness!  Patty, does it hurt?"  Her sister in law shook her head and said "httsechullhheqhtnnsss" as Jay said "So, who is next to go?"


It was a very unusual way to play Monopoly, but the children were enjoying it, and Megan seemed to eb relaxing as well as Patty watched – until Randy was next to be bankrupted


It was Mrs. McPhee who compressed a white sponge ball in her hand, and said "open wide laddie…"


 "Be brave," Megan whispered, Randy nodding as he let the masked woman push the sponge ball into his mouth, his cheeks pushed out...  Again it was surreal, watching him being gagged like that.  But surprisingly he was okay with it happening, to the kids it really was a big game!


She then pressed the tape over his mouth, his lips visible as it covered the lower half of his face, and he sat back to watch the game, his feet over the edge of the couch.


“I wonder who's next," Megan said as she watched her son try to speak, his lips moving under the white tape.  And then Christyne realized she was out, looking round as she said "I....I think it's me next......that didn't take long!"


"Sorry Gran," Caitlin said as Jay held a compressed blue sponge ball.  "Anything to say Christyne?" he said as the others looked at her, Randy smiling under the tape.


"Uhm.... I can't think of anything!  Better shut me up then."


"You're the best Gran," Barbara said as she wriggled round, Patty and Randy mumbling "Yhhsuhrrrr" as jay pushed the sponge into her open mouth the material expanding and forcing her tongue down as her cheeks puffed put, and she closed her lips over it.  Jay smiled as he tore a long strip of the tape from the roll, and pressed it gently over her mouth and face, the tape forming to the contours of her chin as he wriggled round.


Randy smiled as he said "shnhhsshsnnhtgrhnneee?"  Christyne nodded as she said "Mmmffwwwmmffph  Dfff shhhtgh."


Barbara was the next to be gagged, before a few minutes later Caitlin called out “I WIN” and then the last two were gagged.  Christyne watched as Barbara tried to talk to her mother and brother, shaking her head and giggling as she thought how cute it was.


"Wnnn rrr lfff, ywww gd gg'd"


"Exactly," Jay said as Barbara’s eyes started to close, Christyne looking at the clock as she realized it was getting late – their captors had certainly made their captivity enjoyable, she had to admit


 "Och, they're tired.  Time fer bed I think Jay," Mrs. McPhee said as she picked the ten year old girl up, Jay nodding as he "Indeed - everyone else, stand up..."


They all stood in a row, gagged and tightly tied up, as Jay said “to the stairs” and they started to jump out.  The mothers tried to make sure they didn’t knock each other over, but Caitlin and Randy wanted to make it a race to see who would fall first…


"Noo kids, nae ruffhousing" Mrs. McPhee said as she stopped at the foot of the stairs.  "You first Christine, Mrs. McPhee will follow," Jay said as he looked at her, Megan and Patty doing so as well.


The older woman nodded as she started to hop up the stairs, pausing on each one and stopping at the top as Mrs. McPhee followed.


“Which room wil the bairns be in,” she said quietly, Christyne nodding to the first door on the left as Randy started to jump up.  Mrs. McPhee pushed the door open and laid Barbara gently down on the bed, Randy and Caitlin jumping in as well as one of the other associates came with three lengths of rope.


"Cum here and lie doon, boff of ye..." she said, Randy jumping over and lying next to his sister as Christyne watched from the doorway.  Caitlin jumped over after him lying herself down as Mrs. McPhee used a length of rope each to tie their ankles to the foot of the bed.  She heard Patty and Megan join her, all watching as Mrs. McPhee picked up a book and sat in a chair.


"Ah'll say and read them a story," she said as the other three leaned against each other for comfort, knowing the children would be all right now as Jay came up.


“they'll be fine.  Ladies, into the next bedroom please."


Christyne nodded as she heard that, and looked at the scene.  That woman, for a criminal, is just so wonderful with children, I think!  What a mother she would make…  They then hopped in short hops into the next bedroom, Jay looking at the double bed as he said “good - Megan, Patty, you will be in here.  Please, lie on the bed, facing each other."


They looked at each other, and then at Christyne as she nodded, before they started to jump over to the bed and sit down.  Patty rolled over to her side before Megan flopped herself down and lay beside her, the two women looking into each other’s moist and wide eyes as jay walked over.  Christyne watched as he pulled the ankles of each woman back, and tied them to their chest ropes, before checking them.


Ghswwhhrrrfhrthenhhtt," Megan mumbled, Patty nodding as she flexed her fingers, and Christyne listened to Mrs. McPhee.  She even did the different voices…  She could barely imagine what it was like int here, as Jay said “Your room Christyne.  Stay here, make sure they stay comfortable," he said to the masked associate, who nodded as the older woman was guided to her bedroom, Jay saying "lie down, get comfortable..." as they went in.


"Yffrr" she said as she hopped over to her bed, turning round and hopping back before she sat down, then bent her knees and swung her tied legs up as she lay on her side.


Jay came over and hogtied her as well, before he said "You have been a most gracious hostess, Christyne, thank you..."


"Yr wrrcmm...."  She wondered who would rescue her, but somehow felt she had to thank him for taking care of them and keeping his promise to not harm them, but she knew the gag would make her words unintelligible, so she just tried to say a "Fnnn ywww frrr nwww hrrrfnn ufph."


"You’re welcome," he said with a smile as Mrs. McPhee looked in.  “The bairns are sleeping peacefully..."


"Good - relax Christyne, it will be over soon," Jay says as they left, and he turned the light off...  She tried to adjust to the light, mumbling "Mmmwwwmmfph...."as her eyes slowly closed…




"Christyne!  Where are you!"


Her eyes shot wide open as she heard the call.  It as morning, the sunlight streaming through the window, as she heard a voice "the kids are in here!"


Rrrbrrrr!  Hlllfph!!” she called out as another voice said "Oh my god," before the door to her room opened, and Robert her brother came in, wearing an open necked shirt and pants.


"Oh dear god - are you all right?" he said quietly as he walked over, Christyne nodding as she said "Mmm...mmmffph!" and lifted her head up.  He gently peeled the tape away, and the soaking wet sponge from her mouth as she gasped loudly.




"It's all right - they left me tied and gagged in the office.  The police are freeing the others - what happened?"


She heard the children, and Megan "oh thank god..." before she said trying to catch her breath “They...four people...they forced.... forced their way in.....tied me up and used me to lure everyone in....we've all been tied up for hours!”


"Take your time," Robert said as an officer came in and started to untie her.


"Christyne - are you all right," Megan asked as she and Patty come in.


One by one she could feel the loops of rope loosening....."They kept us tied up and gagged all day....all day and all night.....but they never threatened us, never harmed us....they made sure we ate and.....and even helped us play a game of Monopoly to pass the time!”


"Monopoly!  I heard the stories, but..."  Robert started laughing as Christyne sat up.


"It's true - I was the first to lose, and the first to be gagged," Patty said with a rueful smile before she started laughing.


"What's so funny!  We were all tied up and they played our pieces for us.  As each player lost, they gagged us…  Oh Patty!  Are you all right??”


"Come on Mom," Megan said with a smile, "you have to admit, even if we were scared, it was fun..."  Patty nodded as she looked at you.  "I'm fine Chrisy - it's just a relief it is over now..."




Christyne stood shakily up, but soon got her legs and wits back.  "You know, it...it really was, they made it fun for us...."  she saw the kids un in and hug her as Caitlin said "you were amazing Granny."


Kneeling down, she hugged and kissed each of them as she said “Are you children all alright?"


"We're fine," Randy said with a smile, "but we're very hungry..."


She laughed as she said “Well when the police are done with us, why don't we all go out for a very good brunch!”


"Sounds good - let's get washed when they let us," Robert says as he hugged all of them...







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