Jay and the Extended Family











The Stone mansion lay off the main road on a hill, the well-manicured lawns surrounding the white two storey building.  Following the recent death of the Stone patriarch, the house had passed onto his oldest son – thirty-year-old Charles Stone, who lived there with his wife Emma and their six-year-old daughter Carol.


He was the youngest of the three Stone children – and he had kept on the housekeeper Amy after his father’s death.  Amy had come to work there two years before – she was in her mid-thirties, and lived in a couple of rooms in the house with her ten-year-old twin children, Chuck and Samantha.  He had come to work there after her husband had died – something that Amy tended not to talk too much about.


This particular day, her children had gone for a walk in the rear grounds of the mansion, as Amy prepared some lunch.  She had long black hair, and was wearing a white cowl necked seater with brown corduroy pants, the lower legs tucked into a pair of loose black suede boots.


As she worked in the kitchen, she heard the buzzer for the front gates of the mansion, and she walked over to the intercom.




“Delivery for Mister Stone.”


“Oh yeah – I’m expecting it.”  She pressed the button to open the gates and then went to wash her hands, before she walked from the rear of the house to the front, smiling as she opened the front door.


“Yes, can I…”


“Hello Amy – just walk back inside, nice and slowly, and keep your hands where we can see them.”


Amy’s face went white as she walked back, the six people coming in after her.  There were four men and two women, all wearing dark blue boiler suits, working boots, black gloves – and black balaclavas, which covered their heads and meant she could only see their eyes and mouths.


“Oh no,” Amy said quietly as she stood against the wall, “please, not again…”


“I am not sure what the memories our presence is causing you to recall,” one of the women said as she walked forward, “but I assure you, we mean you or anyone in this house no harm.  Just do as we say, and all will be well.”




“My name is Ophelia,” the masked woman said as she removed her glove, and touched Amy’s hand.  “You trust me, don’t you?”


Amy stared at her, and then nodded as she replaced her glove.  “Good – Jay?”


“My name is Jay Edwards,” the man who had spoken when the group came in said in a North of England accent, “you have met Ophelia, the other woman is Mrs McPhee.”


“What… What do you want?”


“We have to conduct some business with the master of the house – I presume everyone is out for the moment?”


“Yes – but…  Please, not my children.”


“Where are they,” Ophelia said quietly.


“Outside – they will be in in a few minutes…”


“Jay – allow me and Mrs McPhee to take care of Amy and her children, while you make sure the house is secured.”


“Cum wi us,” the other woman said in a strong Scottish accent as she picked up one of the bags, Ophelia taking Amy by the arm as they walked to the kitchen.


“Gentlemen – secure, disable the internet and phone communications, and establish rooms for later.”  The other three walked off as Jay picked up the other two bags, and walked into the front room.



“I don’t get it – why am I not scared anymore,” Amy said quietly as she put the food out on the table.


“It’s a gift we have – ah, would that be the children?”


Amy nodded as the door to the rear of the house opened, and Chuck and Samantha came in.  They were both wearing grey pants and mid-calf black leather boots.  Chuck had curly brown hair, and was wearing a burgundy-coloured biker’s jacket, a black and grey scarf wrapped round his neck.  His twin sister Samantha was wearing a peach-coloured jacket, with a purple and grey shawl wrapped round her neck, the main point hanging down in front of her.


She looked at the two masked women, and said “Mom…”


“Chuck, Samantha,” Amy said quietly, “this is Ophelia and Mrs McPhee.  They have something to tell you both.”  As she sat down, Mrs McPhee said “Hullo thair – noo, ah need tae tell ye both, Ophelia, my friends and I are here to talk to Mister Stone – but it means we have tae make sure non o ye cahn tell anyone we’re here.”


“You mean we’re going to be kept as hostages?”


“Aye, laddie,” she said as she looked at Chuck, “But we’ll make it fun.  Tak off yer coats ahn scarves, gi them tae yer muffer.”  The children looked at each other, and then unzipped their jackets, handing them to their mother as they removed their scarves, revealing their white jumpers.


“Guid – take ae seat, ahn Ophelia ahn I are gonnae make sure ye stay in yer seats.”


“IT’s all right – they are not going to hurt you,” Amy said, amazed at what she was saying and the fact her children just sat still.  The two masked women took some rope from the bag on the floor, as Amy sat in another chair, watching as they bound the ankles of Chuck and Samantha together with rope.


“What else are you going to do to us?”


“Merely make sure ye all stay in these seats,” Mrs McPhee said as they secured the legs of the children below their knees, and then tied ropes round their waists to keep them in the chair.


“You can start to have your lunch now,” Ophelia said as Chuck and Samantha were pushed into the table, “I’ll make sure your mom is like you, and then she can eat as well.”


“Okay – you have a nice voice,” Chuck said as he started to eat, Samantha taking a drink from a glass as Mrs McPhee bound Amy’s legs.


“Thank you – are you scared anymore?”


“No – but what are we going to do after lunch and when the others arrive?”


“Well, when Mister Stone and his family come home, they will be secured as well.”


“And what about Carol’s aunts and cousins?”


Mrs McPhee smiled as she pushed Amy towards the table, and said “Wehl, they’ll ahl play ahlogn as well – like a big party, ahn ye can all play some games togefer.  Tha’ll be fun – richt?”


The two children nodded as Amy said “I should be petrified after…”


“We can talk about it later if you like – woman to woman,” Ophelia said with a smile, “but for now, eat – and then we prepare for the family to return.”



2 pm


The gates opened as the Daimler drove through, Charles Stone behind the wheel with Emma in the passenger seat, and Carol in the back seat.


“Did you enjoy the party Carol,” Emma said as she looked round.  Her mother had light brown hair, and was wearing a tan coat over a brown jumper and leggings, a grey scarf wrapped round her neck and tucked into the front of the coat and black ankle boots on her feet.


“Yes Mommy,” Carol said with a smile.  The young girl was wearing a blue silk dress with a red floral pattern on it.  The dress was sleeveless but it had a red ribbon hanging from the right shoulder.


Charles smiled as he brought the car to a stop at the front of the house, and got out.  He had dark curly hair, his red coat over a grey jumper, blue jeans and brown hiking boots.


“Come on – let’s get in before it gets too cold,” he said as he opened the front door, Carol running into the house as her blue slippers hit the ground, Charles and Emma following him in.  As he closed the door, Emma removed her coat and walked into the front room after her daughter.




As he walked into the room, Charles saw his wife and daughter standing there, a man and woman behind each of them, masked, and holding their arms.  He could also see Amy sitting in a chair, her hands behind her back with her ankle and knees bound, white tape covering her mouth.


“Hmmshhrrheemhstersthn” she mumbled as Charles whispered “what’s going on…”


“Good evening Mister Stone – my name is Jay Edwards.”


The soft English accent took Charles by surprise as he turned round.  “Jay Edwards?  But…”


“Oh I do operate here occasionally,” Jay said as the woman behind Carol said in a soft Scottish accent “Dinnae be scared lassie – young Chuck ahn Samantha wahn tae see ye.  Ah just need tae tie yer wrists together first – I promise, it disnae hurt.”




“Let the lady do as she asks,” Emma whispered as the woman came round and crossed Carol’s wrists in front of her, and then bound them together with white rope.  “Cum wi me,” the masked woman said as she walked Carol out of the room, while Jay said “now, both of you, hands behind your back…”


“Where are we going?”


“In here, lassie,” Mrs McPhee said as she opened the door to the television room, and Carol walked in.




She looked at Chuck and Samantha as they sat in bean bags.  Their wrists were also tied together in front of them, and then to the ropes below their knees – but each of them had their large scarves tied round their heads, covering their noses and mouths as they wriggled round.


“Ye cahn sit here,” Mrs McPhee said s she pointed to a third bean bag, Carol sat down, watching as the masked woman took more white rope and tied her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, before tying rope from her wrists to her legs.


“Now ye need tae keep nice ahn quiet,” she said as she folded a black wool scarf into a band, and then tied it tightly round her head, covering her mouth as she did so.  “Whthhphsnnh,” she mumbled through the band.


“Noo – we wait fer yer cousins.”




“You want me to raid my company?”


“Correct – and to ensure you do, everyone else will be kept safe here,” Jay said with a smile as Ophelia pressed the white tape over Emma’s mouth.  Both were now bound in the same way as Amy, his wife twisting her legs round as they all heard a car draw up outside.  “So, remain calm, and explain to those arriving now what is going to happen…”


They all sat still and listened as they heard the door open and close, and then a female voice say “hey - it’s a bit quiet in here isn’t…”


“Hello – all of you, please, put your hands on your head and walk into the front room.”


Charles groaned as he heard the Australian accent, and then his sister Martha was walked into the room.  She had long dark hair, and was wearing a short sleeved grey dress with a fern print, dark tights and a pair of mid-calf black leather boots. 


She was followed by two twelve-year-old girls, both wearing peach dresses.  One was obviously Martha’s daughter, with her long dark hair, and was wearing white tights and gold slippers, a silver belt round her waist.  The other girl had slightly lighter hair, with a silk sash round her waist, as well as dark tights and slippers.


“Charles – shit, is this a robbery?”


“I’m afraid so Martha – just do what they say, and we’ll be fine.”


“Ahn wha dae we hae here?”


Martha turned and looked at the masked woman, who had just come into the room, and said “This is my daughter Chloe and her friend Zoe.”


“Ahl dressed uhp?”


“We were at a party,” the darker haired girl said, “who are you?”


“Mah name is Mrs McPhee – ahnd ah ahm gonna take ye tae see the uffers.  But first, ah need tae mahk ye the same – so turn roond, ahn put yer hahns behund yer backs.”


“You mean you’re going to tie us up,” Zoe said quietly.


“They are Zoe – all of us,” Charles said, “will you let her phone her family first, and tell them she is going to stay with my sister for the night?  I mean, she is staying the night, isn’t she?”


“She will be – my name is Jay Edwards, Martha,” the masked man standing next to her brother said “and I need you to put your hands behind your back as well.”


“Just do as they say,” Charles said as Mrs McPhee nodded, and Martha handed Zoe a cell phone.  As she dialled a number, she saw the masked woman take Chloe’s hands behind her back, and then use thin white rope to hold her wrists together.


“Mom?  It’s Zoe – I’m going to stay with Chloe tonight, her mom has already agreed.


“Yeah, I can borrow some clothes from her – I’ll call you in the morning, and thanks.”


“Wehl duhn,” Mrs McPhee said as she tied the rope off round Chloe’s wrists, and took the phone from Zoe.  “Yer turn noo.”  At the same time, Martha felt the rope holding her own wrists together, and then she was helped to sit next to Amy and Emma.




“We’ll be all right – go with the lady,” Martha said as they watched Jay bind their mother’s ankles and legs, and then were steered out of the room.  They looked at the second masked lady standing there, who had two black shawls in her gloved hands.


“A wee sumfin tae keep ye quiet,” Mrs McPhee said, “ahn then ye go tae the uffers…”




4 pm


“You will come with me,” Ophelia said as she untied Amy’s legs, “and help to prepare a meal for everyone.”


“Whllbhfhn,” Charles said from under the tape covering his mouth, as Amy walked off with the masked woman.   When they got to the kitchen, Ophelia released her wrists and let Amy peel the tape from her own mouth.


“Do you know how scared I should be?”


“No – tell me.”


“Petrified – I was in a bank robbery once, when my husband was shot and killed.  And yet…”


“And yet, you are not frightened – you’re welcome, but…”


Both women suddenly stopped and turned as the rear door opened, and a woman walked in with a thirteen-year-old girl.  The girl had light brown platted hair, and was wearing a black cardigan over a light blue top, jeans and black slip-on shoes.  The older woman was wearing a grey wool jacket over a black top, jeans with the cuffs turned up, and sandals.


“Hello Amy – is…  Fuck.”


“Hello,” Ophelia said quietly as she looked at the new arrivals.  “Jay, Robert, would you come to the kitchen please?”


“What’s going on,” a second woman said as she came in.  She was wearing a dark grey blazer and skirt with a red jumper under the blazer, and knee length black leather boots.  She stared at Ophelia, and then at the two masked men when they came into the kitchen.


“Ah,” Jay said in his soft accent, “I believe this may be Joanne Stone, Charles’ other sister – and that would make this Jessie.  But you have the advantage of me, Miss…”


“Rhona,” the second woman said.  “Amy, what’s going on?”


“A robbery – well, Charles’ company is being robbed, we’re the collateral guarantee if you like.  All the children are being held elsewhere; the adults are in the front room.”


“And you are…”


“Believe it or not – cooking supper.  The man is called Jay Edwards, the lady Ophelia.”


“Jay… Oh hell,” Joanne said as she looked at Jessie.




“Why don’t you come with me,” the second masked man said as he smiled and took Jessie’s hand, “my friend Mrs McPhee will take care of you.”


“Go with the man,” Joanne said, Rhona nodding as Robert took Jessie along to the television room.  As she walked in, she saw Chuck, Samantha and Carol sitting in the beanbags, their hands tied down to their knees and the wide scarves over their mouths.




She then looked to a couch, where Chloe and Zoe were sitting, their hands behind their backs, ropes round their ankles and legs and black scarves covering their faces below their noses.


“Ahn who is this?”


“Mrs McPhee, this is Jessie Stone, the last to arrive.  Can you make her as comfortable as the others, and then they can watch a film until their supper is ready?”


“Aye – cum wi me lassie,” Mrs McPhee said, holding a gloved hand out until Jessie took it and she walked over to the couch.  “Can ye put yer hanhns behind yer back?”


“Does it hurt?”


Chloe and Zoe shook their heads as Jessie allowed the masked woman to secure her wrists together behind her back, and then she sat next to Chloe, watching as she used rope to secure her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees.


She then picked up a white shawl and folded it into a wide band before gagging the young girl, and then saying “ye can hum along if ye wahnt,” as she started to show Encanto on the big screen.


Robert nodded as he left the room and went back to the front room, looking in as Jay was pressing tape over Rhona’s mouth.


“Young Jessie is just fine,” he said, Rhona and Joanne looking at each other and then nodding as they wriggled round.


“So, everyone is here,” Jay said quietly, “when Amy has prepared the food, we will bring the children to the table and seat them before you go through – and then you can all eat together…”



6.30 pm


“Lord, bless this food to us and our time together.”




Everyone – parents and children – in the front room, Jay having asked them if they would remain calm and not try to call for help.  When they all nodded, they started to eat the pizzas and snacks that Amy had prepared – as Chuck said “that was fun this afternoon – I mean we could not move, could not talk, but I enjoyed it.”


“Chuck – remember the girls would have been frightened…”


“But we weren’t Amy,” Carol said.


“You weren’t?”


“No Mom – we were all excited, but I’m glad we can talk now.”


Charles nodded as he said “well, I need to tell you after this, each family is going to be taken to wash and change into some nightclothes – and then Jay, Mrs McPhee, and the others are going to make sure you all stay in the beds.”


“By tying us up again?”


“Aye,” Mrs McPhee said, “ahn ye can be in a room togefer, or wi yer mas, if ye want.”


The girls all looked at each other, as Carol said “I want to be with my Mom?”


“I’ll go with Chuck and Samantha,” Chloe said, Zoe nodding as well as Mrs McPhee looked at them.


“Jessie will join you as well,” Joanne said as Rhona nodded.  “If we are going to be bound and gagged, she’ll feel better with them.”


Rhona nodded slowly as she sipped from a glass, Charles nodding as he said “well, whatever happens, do what they ask you to do – I don’t want anyone to get hurt, and I want us all to talk about this later.”


“Wise words,” Ophelia said quietly as she looked at Chloe and Zoe.  There was something there, but she was not quite sure what…


“We have bedclothes for the people who do not live here to wear,” Jay said with a smile, “so eat up, and then we can start to make the preparations…”





8 pm


“When do you have to take my husband away?”


Jay looked at the clock on the wall, and said “in about an hour.”  They had all finished eating and drinking, and were watching the television.


“Very well then,” Emma said as she stood up and took Carol by the hand, “we will go first, so that Charles knows we are both safe.”


Jay nodded as Mrs McPhee said “come wi me,” Ophelia taking a bag as the four of them left the main room and walked up to the bathroom.


“We’ll fetch your gowns,” Ophelia said as she walked towards the master bedroom, Emma taking Carol into the bathroom.


“It’s all right Mommy,” Carol said, “I’m not scared, Mrs McPhee is really nice.”


“I can see she is – for an armed robber,” Emma said quietly.  “So we’ll get washed and changed, and then we will see what happens.”



A few minutes later, they both came out, wearing long white nightgowns with long sleeves, the gown coming halfway down their lower legs.


“Excellent,” Ophelia said as she looked at them, “and now we need to secure you both for the night.  Both of you, cross your wrists in front of yourselves.”  As they did this, she take lengths of white rope and used them to secure their wrists together, taking the rope around and between their limbs, and then tying the rope round their waists to make sure they stayed where they were.


“Ah’ll take care o ye arms noo,” Mrs McPhee said as she wound a longer length of rope round Emma’s body, pulling it tight under her chest and then above it as her upper arms were forced against her sides.  She did this several times, before talking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under her other arm.


“Do you…  Do you have to do this to Carol as well?”


“Och aye – like muffer, like dauchter noh?”


“It’ll be all right Mom,” Carol said as she felt the rope forcing her own arms against her sides, until all she could do was wriggle around as well.


“So what now – you gag us,” Emma said quietly as she looked at her daughter.


“Yes – please, both of you, open your mouth.”


“We’ll talk later,” Emma said before Ophelia pushed a folded cloth into her mouth, and Mrs McPhee wrapped the white tape round her head, covering her lips and trapping her hair at the back of her head.  She then watched as Carol was gagged in the same way, before they were walked into the master bedroom and helped to lie side by side on the bed, their heads on the pillows.


The two masked women then secured their ankles together, before the tied rope round their legs above their knees, trapping the skirt of their nightgowns under the tight bands. Emma and Carol looked at each other as ropes were then tied from their ankles to the foot of the bed.


“Oh my god?”


“Chrhhls,” Emma said as she saw her husband standing in the doorway.


“I…  I need to go now.  Jay and another of the men have taken Amy and her children to prepare them.  Will you be all right?”


Emma nodded as Chloe said “lhffuhdhdheee.”


“Let’s go, check every fifteen minutes,” Jay said as Mrs McPhee and Ophelia walked out of the room, and he looked at Charles.  “Go with my friend, do what he tells you to do, and everybody here will be just fine.”


“Okay,” Charles said quietly as he saw Amy, Chuck and Samantha come out of the bathroom.  Amy had changed into a pair of cream coloured cotton pyjamas with a grey pattern on them, while Chuck and Samantha were in pyjamas with a bus print on them – Chuck in blue, Samantha in pink.


“Amy – I know you had a rough day, are you all right with that is happening?”


“Strangely – yes.  Be safe.”


“You as well,” Charles said as he walked down the stairs, Jay looking at Amy and her children.


“All right then – all of you, put your hands behind your backs and cross your wrists.”


“Guess it’s time,” Samantha whispered as she felt Mrs McPhee secure her wrists together behind her back. 


“Are you two going to be all right on your own?”


“We won’t be on our own – Jessie will be there,” Chuck said as he felt the rope round his own wrists.


“And Chloe and Zoe,” Amy said, surprised at how relaxed she was as she saw the white rope passed round her body and pulled tight under her chest.


“I think they may be looking after each other, Mom.”


“What do you mean by that?”


Samantha shook her head and then gasped as the rope was pulled tight round her own arms and chest.


“That feels – different.”


“Really – it feels tight,” Chuck said as Mrs McPhee pulled the rope round his body.


“Ignore him, Samantha – it will feel different.”


“Mrs McPhee, will you take Chuck and Samantha to the television room please?  Amy, come with me.”


“We’ll talk when this is over,” Amy said as she watched the masked woman walk off with her children, and then she went with Jay into one of the other bedrooms.


“Please sit on the bed,” he said, Amy sitting down as he knelt and wrapped rope tightly round her ankles, the hem of the pyjama legs flaring out under the tight binding.  He then secured her legs together below her knees as Amy watched.


“Will you be doing the same to Chuck and Samantha?”


“Not quite the same – but their legs will be tied in the same way,” Jay said as he pulled the rope between her legs and tied the ends off.  “But they will be just as quiet – for now, open your mouth.”





“So who goes next,” Martha said as she looked at Joanne.


“You and the girls can go next,” Joanne said as Ophelia came in.  Martha nodded as Ophelia came back into the room, and said “come with me.”


“Let’s do this,” Chloe said as she and Zoe stood up, holding hands as they walked out of the room with her mother following.  Ophelia led them up the staircase and to the bathroom, saying “you will find pyjamas in there – get cleaned up and changed.”


All three nodded as they went in, coming out wearing light grey leopard print pyjamas – Martha had on a long-sleeved top, Chloe and Zoe short sleeved ones.


“Very nice – and given you are a little older, we do something a little different,” Ophelia said as she looked at them.  “All three of you, put your hands behind your back, palm to palm.”


“Well, here we go,” Chloe said, Zoe nodding as one of the masked men took the rope from the bag, and walked behind Zoe.  The gasp from her made Chloe look over as her friend’s elbows were drawn together behind her back, the rope going round and between them, and then used to secure her wrists together as well.


“You look – cute like that,” Chloe said, Zoe blushing as she watched the masked man bind her friend’s arms in the same way, the way it made her look…




“Oh – sorry Mom,” Chloe said as she watched Ophelia bind her mother’s arms behind her back in the same way, the way her chest was forced out - and then fr4amed by bands of rope as Ophelia forced Martha’s arms against her body.


“Oh my…”


She turned and looked at Zoe as Mrs McPhee bound her friend’s upper body in the same way, the bands of rope framing her chest and stretching the pyjama top as it was pulled tighter and tighter.  Zoe was blushing now as she said “it feels – nice…”




Zoe nodded as Mrs McPhee tied the ropes off, then walked behind Chloe with another long length of rope in her hands, wrapping it round the dark-haired girl and forcing her arms against her sides as well.  It was a nice feeling – and she found herself hoping Zoe was liking how she looked as well…


“Yeah I know.”


She turned and looked at Martha as her mother wriggled round, the rope now under her arms as well.  “I know you and Zoe are more than just friends – just be there for each other tonight and for the others, all right?”


“Thanks Mom,” Chloe said quietly as Zoe stood with her.


“Come wi me lassies,” Mrs McPhee said as she pointed to the stairs, Chloe and Zoe walking down as Ophelia said “come with me Martha – you will be with Amy.”  He took her into a bedroom where Amy was lying on the floor, her ankles and legs bound and hogtied, white tape round her head.


“Well, at least we’re not alone…”




“I think they will be fine,” Martha said as she was helped to sit on the floor, watching as Ophelia started to bind her ankles together.  “Does it hurt?”


Amy shook her head as she watched the masked woman secure Martha’s ankles and knees, then push a folded cloth into her mouth before she wound the white tape round her head.  Laying her on the floor, Ophelia rolled Martha over and then hogtied her, before she rolled onto her side and looked at Amy.






“No – I think Jay is putting Joanne and Rhona in a different room,” Ophelia said as she stood up, and turned the lights off.  “Relax – all will be well…”






“Well, hello,” Chloe said as she and Zoe were walked into the television room, Chuck and Samantha watching from the couch.  They both had rope round their ankles and their legs below their knees, as they watched Mrs McPhee walk the two girls to a second couch.


“Sit yersefls doon,” she said, Chloe and Zoe looking at each other as they sat down, and then watching as their ankles and legs were secured in the same way as the other children.


“So, what do you think?”


“I think young Chuck is excited by looking at us,” Zoe giggled as she saw Chuck blush and look away.


“Ach it’s a natural fing – as are ye two.  Dinnae be ashamed tae admit that.”


“I’m not,” Chloe said as she reached over and kissed Zoe on the cheek, before allowing the masked woman to push the folded cloth into her mouth, and then wrap the white tape tightly round her head to cover her mouth.  She watched as her friend was silenced in the same way, before they rubbed their heads together, and then she rested her head on Zoe’s shoulder, Samantha seeing the smile on her lips under the tape.





“Hllhjhssshs,” Samantha said as the youngest girl came in.  Jessie had changed into a pair of pink pyjamas, her hands behind her back and bands of rope round her upper arms and chest – as well as the band of white tape round her head, covering her mouth and trapping her blonde hair against her neck.




“We felt it would be better if Jessie came first,” Ophelia said as she walked the young girl over to where Chuck and Samantha were sitting, smiling at Chloe and Zoe as she did so.


“Aye, ah guid idhe,” Mrs McPhee said as she took more ropes from the large bag, and knelt in front of Jessie.  “Yeh’re all richt?”  The young girl nodded as she watched the masked woman secure her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, before she turned on the television.


“Noo then – whit can we watch?”




“Thank you for taking care of Jessie,” Joanne said as she felt the ropes going under one arm, and then round her neck before they went under the other arm.  She had changed into a deep red silk teddy nightdress, her wrists and elbows secured together behind her back, bands of rope framing her chest.


“It was our pleasure,” Jay said as he tied the ropes off, “she will be safe with the others, while you are both together here.”


“Good,” Rhona said as she twisted her upper body round.  She was wearing a short peach coloured silk nightie, the material stretched tightly over her chest by the bands of rope holding her wrists and arms in place.


“Got to say, you look sexy, lover.”


“So do you – I may not be able to say it soon, but I want you to know that.”


“I know,” Joanne said before she kissed Rhona, and then smiled as her lover opened her mouth and allowed Jay to push the folded cloth into her mouth, then wind the white tape tightly round her head to further silence her.


“Hhrhrwhgh,” Rhona mumbled as Joanne opened her mouth and allowed herself to be gagged, before they both sat on the edge of the bed.  Looking at each other, they placed their tape covered lips together as Jay and the masked man knelt down and started to bind their bare ankles and legs.


“Ah, l’amour,” Jay said quietly as he stood up, the two masked men helping Joanne and Rhona to lie on their sides on the bed facing each other and then hogtying them both as they kissed.  “We will leave you to enjoy this time together.”


As they walked out of the room, Jay looked in the next room where Emma and Carol were sleeping, their chests rising and falling as they lay facing each other.  Smiling, he went out and closed the door.


“Clear up – make sure we leave no clues behind,” he said as he walked down to the television room, and looked in.  Mrs McPhee looked over and nodded as he looked at the bound and gagged children, and then stepped out, closing the door behind himself…




4 am


Chuck slowly opened his eyes and looked round, wondering why everything was so quiet, and why he was so stiff.  He then remembered as he wriggled round, the ropes holding firm as his eyes adjusted to the gloom. 


Jessie and Samantha were asleep, Jessie lying with her head on the arm of the couch they were on, Samantha with her head back.  Looking over, he saw Chloe and Zoe on the other couch, their heads together as their chests rose and fell.


Wriggling forward, he managed to stand on his feet and then jumped to the door, turning and slowly opening it before he went into the corridor.  The house was in darkness, as he jumped along the hallway, and then sat on the bottom step before he started to push himself up to the landing.


As he stopped to catch his breath, he could some open bedroom doors, and shuffled over, looking in to see Emma and Chloe side by side on the bed, Chloe’s head on her mother’s chest.  The next room had Joanne and Rhona, and then he saw his mother and Martha on the bedroom floor.




Amy opened her eyes and saw her son there, as she said “whtsthhttt?”


“Hdhntknh,” the bound and gagged boy said before they heard footsteps, and then a torch shining into the room.


“Damn – more in here,” the police officer said as he came in, Chuck nodding as he said “Fhkkuhhlhhrhd…”








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