Jay Gets a Surprise







“Well, I think everything seems to be in order,” Mark Williamson said as he looked along the conference table, “if you will do a final check with your lawyers, and then sign the documents, I think we can have the trust funds in place relatively quickly.”


“That is excellent,” the grey haired man said as he stood up and shook Mark’s hand, “I look forward to receiving the final draft in the next few days.”


“Enjoy your weekend,” Mark said as his secretary showed the group out, before he sat down and smiled.  Albert Compson was indeed a very good client – and he knew he was going to enjoy this weekend, albeit not for the reasons he might have been expecting.


Picking up the telephone, he smiled as he said “Yvonne – I should be home by six.  I think we need to talk about what we are going to do while the kids are away...”




“There, that’s Charlie and Lisa settled for the night,” Yvonne said as she came into the dining room, her black hair falling over the shoulders of her jumper.


“Settled? This early in the evening,” Mark said as he looked up.


“Well, settled in the sense of Charlie is watching a DVD, and Lisa is reading a book – they won’t be back down until the morning,” Yvonne said with a smile as she opened the bottle of Rioja, and poured some into two glasses.  “So, the meeting went well today?”


“Oh yeah – taking over the audit responsibilities for Compson Industries should be confirmed next week,” Mark said with a smile.  “Mind you, their balance sheet may have had an adjustment by that time...”


Yvonne looked at the photographs of the detached house, and then the woman and two children sitting on a walkway by a river.  “This is Elaine,” she said as she sat down.


“Yup – along with ten year old Norma and nine year old Gail.  I let Brian and Sarah know last night, and they know what we’re planning to do.”


“So, no special instructions?”


“Not on this occasion,” Mark said as he took a sip of wine.  “We take control, let Albert know what he has got to do, make the withdrawals and get out.  A nice, simple weekend at work for once.”


“Don’t say that,” Yvonne laughed, “you know that’s going to jinx the entire operation!”


Mark shook his head as he stood up, and picked up a pre-pay mobile phone.  Dialling a number, he coughed and then started to speak in a Geordie accent.


“This is Jay – rendezvous 10 am Saturday at meeting point seven.”





“Good morning Mrs McPhee,” the boiler suited man said as he got into the back of the transit van, smiling and nodding to the other two men sitting there.


“And ae guid mornin’ to ye,” the balaclava masked woman said with a smile.  “Glad ye culd join us.”


“Well, it’s always a fun time working with you and Jay,” he said, the other two nodding as Jay came through from the front.


“Gentlemen,” he said in his Northern accent, “thank you for coming.  This should be a straightforward visit – as always, Mrs McPhee will take care of the children with your help, and we stay until the father has taken care of things for us.  As far as we can tell, the house should be empty when we arrive, but be prepared as soon as we go in.”


“How long?”


“About an hour’s drive – get comfy, we set off immediately.”




As Jay drove into the gates of the detached house, he slowly made his way to the side of the house, where a grass lane ran.  Going far enough up to hide the van from anyone looking casually, he turned off the engine, removed his dark glasses and pulled the edge of his bobble hat down, covering his head so that only his eyes and lips were visible.


He took several deep breaths, before coming into the back of the car.  There, the three masked men were checking the contents of two holdalls and their handguns, as Mrs McPhee looked at him.


“Okay lady and gentlemen,” Jay said with a smile, “let’s go and make sure everything is ready for the return of the Compson family.”  Opening the side door, he jumped out, the other four following as they walked to the rear of the building.  They waited as he worked on the back door, before opening it and allowing them to enter the house.


As Mrs McPhee quietly closed the door, Jay listened to see if there were any sounds that might indicate someone was home.  Hearing nothing, he said “good – disable the alarm.”


One of the masked men nodded as he walked into the hallway, the others waiting until he came back in.  “Disabled,” he said with a smile, Jay nodding as he said “go through the house – make sure all telephones are disconnected, and that the internet connection is switched off.”


The three men nodded, but before they could do anything they heard the lock on the front door turning.  Jay quickly closed the door to the kitchen too, as they listened to the front door opening, and footsteps.


“Elaine must have forgotten to set the alarm again,” a female voice said.  “You go into the front room and turn the television on, Michelle, and I’ll get us both a drink.”


Motioning to the men to stand to the side, Jay waited, Mrs McPhee on the other side of the door as the footsteps got closer.  They watched as it opened, and a woman in her early forties came in, wearing a grey cardigan with a dark trim over a black dress covered in white polka dots.  Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders, and she wore a pair of black flat shoes over her light hose covered feet.


As she came in, she saw the three masked men, and said “What the... MICHELLE RNNNNDGTHHLLPP!”


“Now I need you to stay nice and calm,” Jay said as he grabbed her from behind, and placed his leather gloved hand firmly over her mouth.  “I have no desire to hurt you or Michelle, but I need you to do exactly what I and my associates tell you, do you understand?”


As she looked round, and saw Mrs McPhee standing by the door, she slowly nodded – and then they all heard softer footsteps approaching.  Jay turned her round to face the doorway as Mrs McPhee stood ready.


They all saw the twelve year old girl come into the kitchen.  The long blonde hair, like that of the older woman, fell over her shoulders, and she was wearing a cap sleeved white t-shirt which had a collage of clothes and accessories printed on the front, a blue and white striped skirt with a blue lace overskirt, dark blue tights and mid-calf black leather boots that had a quilted design.


“Hello,” Jay said as the girl stared at him, his hand still covering the older woman’s mouth, “you must be Michelle.  Now, I want you to stay calm, and not shout or raise the alarm.  Will you do that for me?”


She looked at him, as Mrs McPhee came up and put her gloved hand on the girl’s shoulder.  She then turned and looked at the hand, before looking back at Jay and saying “Mum, what’s going on?”


Only it was the voice of a young boy that came from her mouth...


Jay looked at Michelle, and then at Mrs McPhee, before he said “Hello Michelle.  My name is Jay Edwards, and my friends and I are here to talk to Mister Compson about some business.”


“You mean Uncle Albert?”


He looked at the woman he was hand gagging, and removed his hand as he said “Uncle Albert?”


“My brother.”


“Ah – so you would be Margaret,” Jay said with a smile, “which is curious, as my research showed you had a son, Michael.”


“I’m not a boy,” Michelle said defiantly.


“Of cours ye’re no,” Mrs McPhee said as she looked at Jay and nodded.  “Ye’re Michelle, aye?”


As she nodded, Jay said “Well, Michelle, because my friends and I need to surprise your uncle, I’m afraid we need to make sure you and your mother do not let him or the rest of his family know we are waiting.”


“Are you robbers?”


“Yes we are,” Jay said in reply, “so you need to do whatever we tell you to, all right?”


Michelle slowly nodded as Mrs McPhee said “yer mam was gonna get ye a drink – sit at the table, and ye can both have one afore we start.”


As Michelle pulled a chair away and sat down, Jay said “Fetch both of you a drink – and then I’ll explain what’s going to happen.”


Margaret slowly nodded as she walked to the fridge, taking out a carton of milk and pouring some into two glasses before she replaced the carton, and brought them over.


“So Michelle,” Jay said as she took a sip from the glass, “once you have had your drink, I want you to go with Mrs McPhee into the front room, where she is going to make sure you can’t spoil the surprise, and you can watch the television at the same time.  Your mum will join you after I have a word with her.”


“It’ll be all right,” Margaret said as she held the glass, “I think if you do as they say, then there won’t be any trouble.”


Michelle nodded as she finished her drink, and then took Mrs McPhee’s hand as she said “come wi me lassie – I promise this willnae hurt...” and picked up a holdall in her free hand.


As they went into the front room, Jay looked at Margaret and said “I presume this is her choice?”


“Yes,” Margaret said quietly, “this is something he wants to do, and we allow him.  I don’t know if you can understand...”


“Margaret, it is not my place to say anything – if it is her desire to be Michelle, then for the duration of our visit, she is Michelle.  Now, I know you are bringing her up alone, but may I ask if you made any other arrangements for today?”


“No – why?”


“Because,” Jay said as he stood up, “with deep regret, you and Michelle will have to join Elaine and the girls in staying here while your brother does what we ask.  And as such, I regret to say we need to make sure now you do not raise the alarm when Elaine returns with the girls.  So, I need you to stand up, and cross your wrists behind your back.”


“Oh no – not Michael as well...”


“Michelle, remember,” Jay said quietly, “and yes, Mrs McPhee will be doing that while we talk.  But I promise, do as we ask, no harm will come to anyone.  Now, please, do as I ask.”


Nodding slowly, Margaret stood up, feeling the cord as Jay wrapped it round her wrists to hold them firmly together.  “There now,” he said as he bound the ends out of reach of her fingers, “shall we go and keep Michelle company?”


As they walked into the main room, Michelle looked up and said “hllmmm” through the strip of white tape that covered her mouth.  Margaret could see her wrists were crossed and secured together in front of her with rope, the ends of which had been used to secure them to the band of rope holding her legs together below her knees.  A final band was tied tightly around her ankles, going between and around her legs, the leather squeaking as Michelle tried to move her legs.


“Please, take a seat,” Jay said as he indicated an armchair, “and we will begin.”



“Well, we’re home again,” Elaine Compson said as she stopped the jeep at the front of the house, “I want you girls to finish your homework before Dad gets back, all right?”


“Yes Mum,” Norma said as she rolled her eyes and looked at her sister.  The ten year old was wearing a long sleeved black smock top, with black and white stripes round the middle, blue jeans and a pair of mid-calf black leather boots.  Her light blonde hair fell freely, while her sister’s slightly dark hair had two clasps in place.


Gail was also wearing a black top, although unlike her sister the round neckline was more like that of a leotard than a jumper, with three little buttons on the side of the neck.  She also was wearing blue jeans and mid-thigh black leather boots.


Elaine got out of the jeep, the wind blowing softly on her chestnut brown hair.  The older woman was wearing a long grey sweater and black leggings, her feet nestled in a pair of mid-length dark grey leather boots.


“Looks like your Aunt Margaret is here,” she said as she saw the other car.


“Will Michael be with her?”


“Probably – but remember to call him Michelle if he’s wearing clothes like you.”


“Why does he do that Mummy,” Gail asked.


“I don’t honestly know, but just remember,” Elaine said as she opened the front door and called out “We’re back Margaret – have you been waiting long?”  As the two girls ran up the stairs, she walked into the front room – and almost screamed when she saw Margaret sitting in an armchair, bound at her ankles and legs with white rope, and a knotted scarf pulled between her lips.


“mssreeleeen” she mumbled as Elaine heard muffled giggling, and turned to see Michelle wriggling on the couch – before she heard a soft Geordie voice say “hello Elaine – now, please, don’t scream, but I am afraid your plans for today are going to change.”


“Oh god – the girls...”


“Will be meeting a friend of mine,” the voice said, “so be calm, and all will be well.”


“Who are you,” she said as she saw two masked men come into view.


“My name is Jay Edwards.”


She slowly turned her head, to see the smile in the mouth hole, and whispered “oh no...”


“Who are you,” Norma said as she and Gail stood in the door of her room, looking at the woman who was standing inside.  She was wearing a boiler suit, and had black gloves on her hands, as well as a black balaclava over her head, showing only her eyes and mouth.


“Ma name is Mrs McPhee,” she said as she smiled, “and mah friends and I are going to ask yer daddy to do something for us later.  Now, so that we can make sure he does this, we’re going to stay here wif you, yer mammy and the rest o’ yer family, and I need you to stay calm, all right?”


“You talk funny,” Gail giggled.


“Yea I dae,” Mrs McPhee said, “now, yer cousin Michelle is doon the stairs, but I had tae make sure she couldn’t let ye know what was happening – an ah need to dae the same to ye twa, sae that ye cannae spoil the surprise fer yer dad.”


“What do you mean,” Norma said.


“Well,” Mrs McPhee said, “will ye hold these fer me?”


She handed the two girls a length of cord, both of them holding it and feeling it.  Eventually Gail said “it feels nice and soft – what are you going to do with it?”


“Here,” Mrs McPhee said as she took the cord, and doubled it over, “put yer hands oot in front o ye, palm to palm, and ah’ll show ye...”



“Do you understand Elaine?”


Elaine nodded as she sat in the armchair, wincing as Jay secured her wrists together behind her back.  “You’re going to ask my husband to do something for you, and stay here with all of us until he does it.  So long as we do as you say, nobody gets hurt?”


“Exactly – and this must be Norma and Gail.”


“Hllmmm,” Norma said, Elaine watching her lips move under the white tape that covered her mouth, Gail giggling as she tried to move her covered mouth.  They both had their wrists secured in front of them, as Mrs McPhee helped them to sit either side of Michelle.


“Ready tae hae yer legs like yer cousin?”


As they both nodded, one of the masked men passed the masked woman some more rope, their mother watching as she bound their ankles together, then their legs below their knees, before tying their wrists down to their legs.


“Now, what dae ye wanna watch?”




“Mulan,” Mrs McPhee said as she held the box up, the three girls nodding as she knelt by the player.


“How on earth do you know what they are saying,” Elaine asked as Jay knelt down, crossed her ankles and started to secure them together with rope.


“Practice – and the fact they are not as quiet at the moment as they will be later,” he said with a smile as she watched him pass the cords around and between her legs.  He then secured her legs, as she looked over at Margaret.


“Are you sure you’re all right,” she whispered as she saw the darkening knot that sat between her sister in law’s lips and teeth.  Margaret nodded, and then she saw a knotted scarf in front of her own mouth.  As she opened it, she felt the material as it sat on her tongue, while the band was secured tightly round her own head.


She shuffled in her seat, watching the three kids on the couch as they tried to sing along to Mulan, and wondering what her husband was going to say when he finally arrived home...




As the film finished, Mrs McPhee looked at Michelle, Gail and Norma, as she said “would ye kids like a drink?”


All three of them nodded, Elaine watching as the masked woman nodded to one of the men, and he left the room while she untied their wrists from their legs.  “If I take the tape away from yer mouths, ye need to be real quiet, all reet?”  As they all nodded, she gently removed the tape covering their mouths, as the associate brought through a tray with three glasses of juice on them, each one with a straw in place.


“There now,” Mrs McPhee said as she gave them one each, “drink slowly, you don’t want to yerselfs sick, do ye?”


“No, thank you,” Gail said as she sipped her drink.


“So where they here when you arrived,” Norma asked Michelle.


“Yeah,” she said as she looked at her legs, “are you scared?”


“A little – but this Mrs McPhee has been so nice, it’s not been too bad.  You?”


Michelle shook her head as she said “so how long do you think we’re going to be like this?”  Looking up, she said “Mister Edwards, how long are we going to be tied up for?”


Elaine and Margaret both looked at Jay as he said, “well, I’m afraid it’s very likely to be for the rest of today and tonight – but in a little while, we’ll untie your aunt and she can go to start to prepare your dinner, while your mother stays in here and plays a game with all three of you. 


“When your dinner is ready, we’re going to let you use your arms, but you’ll be tied to the chair.  Then we’ll let you all get washed and changed for bed – and then we’re going to make it so that you’re all like little wriggly worms.”


“That sounds funny,” Gail said as Elaine shook her head.”


“Will mummy and Aunt Margaret be playing too,” Elaine asked.


“Yes they will – but don’t worry about that just now,” Jay said with a smile.  “For now, finish your drinks, and then you can play a game.”


“What game can we play?”


“Oh you decide.”


“Well,” Elaine said, “can we switch the Playstation on and play Monopoly on that?  We’ve got three controllers.”


“Okay then – but finish your drinks first...”




“Elaine?  I’m home?”


As Albert Compson hung his coat up, he could hear the girls laughing in the front room, and was about to go in when he heard Elaine say “can you come into the kitchen, darling?  There’s something I need to show you.”


“All right then,” he said as he walked in – and then stopped as he saw the masked man and woman standing with his wife, her arm in the grip of the woman as the door closed behind him.  Spinning round, he saw a second masked man standing there, smiling as he held a pistol in his hand.


“I’m sorry, Albert,” Elaine said quietly, “they were here when I got home with the girls – we’ve been their hostages ever since.  Margaret and Michelle are in the front room with the girls.”


“Who...  Who are you?” he finally said as he looked at the man standing with his wife.


“My name is Jay Edwards,” he said in a calm Geordie voice, “the lady with your wife is Mrs McPhee, and I have three other associates with me today.  Remain calm Mister Compson – so long as you do as we say, everyone has nothing to worry about, and the worst that happens is your family and you are a little uncomfortable for a while.”


“Jay Edwards?”  Albert slumped into one of the kitchen chairs, before he said “I have your word?”


“You have my word – have we harmed you, or done anything other than tie and gag you, Elaine?”


“No – no they haven’t Al.  The girls are actually excited now,” Elaine said.


“I want to see them.”


“Of course you do,” Jay said as he took a length of cord from his pocket, “but first, I am going to secure your wrists behind your back for the moment.  Your charming wife is preparing supper, and once you are satisfied we will come back in here and I will explain what we want you to do.  All right?”


Albert slowly nodded as he stood up, saying “just do as they say Elaine” as he felt his own wrists been secured.  Once Jay had tied the ropes off, he walked him down to the front room, where he was shocked to see Michelle, Norma and Gail holding the controllers in their hands, while Margaret watched from her seat.


“Albert – I’m sorry, the men...”


“We’re all right Uncle Albert,” Michelle said, “the girls are all playing Monopoly while Mum watches over us.”


“All right then,” Albert said quietly as he saw the ropes on their arms and legs.  “I need to talk to Mummy, and then I’ll come back and sit with you until dinner is ready.”


“Thanks Dad – you owe me £200 Norma,” Gail said as Jay led her father back to the kitchen.


“All right,” he said as he sat down, “what’s going to happen?”


“Well,” Jay said as she sat with Albert, “once you have eaten dinner, one of my associates will take you to your office, where you will make a transfer of funds.  I and the rest of us will stay with your family, to make sure you do what we say – because if you don’t well...”


Elaine looked at Albert from the cooker and shook her head.


“All right – I’ll do as you say,” Albert whispered.


“Excellent – and in return, you have my word they will not be harmed.  Now, relax – once dinner is nearly ready, we will...”


The ring of the doorbell took them all by surprise, as Jay put his hand on Albert’s shoulder.


“Not a word,” he said quietly as he looked at Elaine, “Mrs McPhee, make sure the girls stay quiet.  Elaine, answer the door, see who it is, and then get rid of them – and remember who we have captive.”


As Elaine slowly nodded, Mrs McPhee made her way into the front room, while another of the masked men walked behind Elaine.  As she opened the door, she was surprised to see another woman, about the same age as her, standing there.  She had short, dark brown hair, and was wearing a brown leather jacket over a black knee length dress with a red floral print, dark tights and knee length burgundy leather boots.  In one hand was a leather wallet, and her other hand was holding that of a six year old girl.


The young girl had long dark brown hair, and was wearing a grey patterned wool cardigan over a blue dress, white tights and mid-calf black leather boots.


“Angela,” she said quietly, “what brings you here?”


“I’m sorry Elaine – but some papers came through that need Albert’s signature.  I thought it would be quicker if I stopped off on the way home.”


“Well, can it wait until the morning?”


“I’m afraid not – and I need to ask if you can let Missy here use the toilet.”


“Please,” the little girl said.


“All right,” Elaine eventually said with a sigh as the masked man slipped into the front room.  “Missy, use the downstairs toilet.  Angela, come through with me.”


“You all right Elaine,” Angela said as they came in, Elaine closing the door as Missy ran into the downstairs toilet.  “You look worried about something.”


“Come on through,” Elaine said quietly as they went into the kitchen – and Angela felt a gloved hand as it was pressed over her mouth, and she took in the scene.


“I’m sorry Angela,” Albert said as he looked up from the seat, “you’ve walked in on a robbery.”




“They’ve taken us all hostage,” Elaine said.


“Hnnn – MSSEEE!”


“My friend Mrs McPhee will make sure she’s safe,” Jay said, “but I am afraid you and she are going to have to stay here as well.  When my friend takes his hand away, do exactly what I say, understand?”


Angela slowly nodded as the hand was taken away, and she heard a Scottish woman talking to Missy.


“Now then,” Jay said, “call anyone who is expecting you, tell them you and your daughter have decided to do something, and will be late back.  Make it convincing, and no hints as to what is going on here.”


“And we won’t be hurt?”


“I give my word,” Jay said with a smile as Angela took a mobile phone from her bag.


“Steve?  I’m taking Missy to a film and we’ll eat afterwards.  I don’t think we’ll be back until later, so don’t wait up for us.”


As she ended the call, Jay said “excellent – take your jacket off and sit down.”  He watched as Angela removed her jacket and sat in a chair.


“the wee lassie wanted to see her ma,” Mrs McPhee said as she brought Missy in.


“I’m playing a game with the girls,” Missy said as she showed Angela her bound wrists, “and the lady says we’ll play a big game later as well.”


“That will be fun, won’t it,” Angela said as she hugged her daughter, and Mrs McPhee went off with her.


“As I was saying before you arrived,” Jay said quietly as he looked at Albert, “once dinner is nearly ready, everyone will come and sit here.”




“Thanks for cooking some extra for us, Elaine,” Angela said as she passed her plate back.


“Yes, it was delicious,” Missy said from her seat.  All five children and the three adults were tied to the chairs with ropes around their waists, and their ankles and legs were secured together, while Mrs McPhee helped Elaine to clear away the plates.


“So what are you going to do to us now,” Michelle said as she looked at her mother.


“Well,” Jay said, “we have a few more people here than I had expected, but I think we can make sure you all get comfortable.  First, however, your father,” he said as he looked at Norma and Gail, “is going to go with one of my friends.  Once he’s ready, I am sure he is going to want to say goodbye to all of you, so let’s give him a chance to get ready first, all right?”


“I’ll see you girls in a minute,” Albert said as he was released from the chair, and escorted from the room.  When he returned a few minutes later, he was wearing a jacket, as he walked round and kissed each person at the table.


“Stay safe,” Elaine whispered as they kissed each other.


“Go with my friend,” Jay said quietly as he handed a masked associate a USB stick, “do what he says, and the family will be fine.  Call in at the agreed times, and once the work is completed.”


As he nodded, he walked out with Albert, Gail calling “see you later Dad” as they went out.


“Now then,” Jay said as he looked round the table, “have we all had enough to eat and drink?”


As they all nodded, Jay said “Good – Mrs McPhee, I want you to untie Michelle and Margaret first, allow them to go to the toilet.  Elaine, I need you also to come upstairs with me, while my friends finish clearing up.”


As Margaret and Michelle were released, Jay and Mrs McPhee took the three of them up the stairs, the sound of the other three girls talking following them.


“What’s going on,” Margaret said as she held Michelle.


“We need to start getting you all ready for the fact you will be staying here tonight,” Jay said, “which means you need to change, and then we start to make sure you cannot move.  Elaine, you will need to provide some nightwear for them.”


“Michelle ma lassie,” Mrs McPhee said as she looked at the girl, “ye need taw tell me...”


“A night  dress – not pyjamas.”


Margaret looked at Elaine, who said “I have an old t-shirt – that should do the trick.”


“Very well then – Mrs McPhee, you and Margaret take Michelle to the bathroom, allow her to get ready.  Elaine, let us find some garments for both of them.”


“Let’s do as they say,” Margaret said as they walked to the bathroom, and Jay walked Elaine to the master bedroom.


“Where are you going to leave us,” she said quietly as she found a pair of white silk pyjamas, and the t-shirt.  It was a pale blue one, with a v-neck and short sleeves.


“Around the house – but one of us will stay with everyone until they fall asleep,” Jay said quietly as they walked back to the bathroom, Mrs McPhee knocking on the door and handing in the t-shirt.  A few moments later, Michelle came out, the t-shirt coming to her knees and the sleeves to her elbows.


“Ah fink ye look nice in tha’” Mrs McPhee said, Michelle grinning as Margaret came out in the pyjamas.


“Let’s go downstairs,” Jay said as they walked down, and into the front room.


“Now then you need to put your hands behind your back,” Jay said as he held up a roll of white tape, “we’ll secure you both in here, and bring the others in bit by bit as they get ready.”


“Just do as they say,” Margaret said to Michelle as she put her hands behind her, smiling as her wrists were taped together by Jay, then watching as her daughter’s wrists were taped as well.  They were both then helped to sit on the couch, their ankles secured and their mouths taped over, before Mrs McPhee and Jay left the room and one of the other masked men came in.


Angela and Missy were next – both of them were still dressed, but they had been allowed to take their boots off, and Missy had also taken her cardigan off.  Margaret and her daughter watched as Angela sat down, her hands on her head as Jay taped her ankles together, and then sat Missy on her mother’s lap, the little girl giggling as her ankles were taped together, and then her wrists in front of her.  Angel then moved her arms down and hugged her daughter, watching as her own wrists were crossed and taped in front of Missy, and then mumbling as they both were tape gagged.


“Sfmmsnntt,” Michelle said as she looked at the six year old, Missy nodding as the tape crinkled over her smile.


Norma and Gail then came in, Norma wearing a round necked pale pink top and pants, Gail a pair of black pyjamas.  Both were helped to sit on the floor after their wrists were taped, and their ankles secured, before strips of tape were pressed over their mouths.


Finally, Elaine was walked in, her wrists taped behind her back and her mouth covered, before she was sat in an armchair and her ankles secured.


“Now then,” Jay said as he turned the television on, “let’s watch this together, shall we?”


The girls all nodded, the mothers looking at each other as the moments ticked away.



“Well,” Jay said as an associate came in.


“Downstairs room had a futon – we’ve unfolded and prepared it,” he said quietly.


“Good – Missy, Angela, we need to make sure you are settled for a while now.”


“Say yer goodbyes,” Mrs McPhee said as she peeled the tape from Missy’s mouth, and cut the tape from Angela’s arms and ankles.


“Bggddfrthm,” Elaine mumbled.


“See you all later,” Missy said as Jay carried her in his arms, and Mrs McPhee walked with Angela.  They went into a downstairs room, where a futon had been folded out.


“Now, wer gonna take tha tape awa,” Mrs McPhee said, “an then we’ll dae something different, awl reet?”


Angela watched as they cut the tape from Missy’s arms, and then used a length of cord to bind her wrists together in front of her.


“What are you going to do,” Missy said as she wriggled her fingers.


“We’ll make you into a little caterpillar,” Jay said with a smile as Mrs McPhee began to bind her arms to her body with more rope, “and then we’ll lie you next to your mother.  You won’t be able to talk, but you will be together and safe.”


“Okay then,” Missy said as she watched the masked woman sit her on the bed, and then bind her ankles tightly together, the rope sitting on her white tights.  Another band held her legs together below her knees, as she sat and looked.


“Now then,” Jay said as he removed the tape from her mother’s mouth, “you need to say good night to each other.  Don’t worry – you will be together.”


“I don’t know when we’ll talk again,” Angela said, “but you are a very brave girl, and I love you very much.”


“I love you too Mummy,” Missy said, watching as Jay started to wrap rope around her mother’s body, holding her upper arms to her sides as the bands went above and below her chest.


“I need you tae open yer mouf fer me,” Mrs McPhee said, Missy nodding as she pushed a small folded cloth in, and waiting as the young girl closed her mouth.  She then peeled a length of white tape from a roll, and pressed it down over Missy’s mouth, her lips visible underneath.


“Lie down,” Jay said to Angela, after he tied off the rope that was holding her wrists together in front of herself.  As she lay on the futon, Jay doubled more rope over and used it secure her ankles together, as well as tying them to the foot of the recliner, and then folded her skirt back as he secured her legs together below her knees.


As he did this, Mrs McPhee laid Missy next to her, so that her head rested on her mother’s shoulder.  She then tied a length of rope to link their wrists together, and to secure Missy’s ankles to her mother’s legs, while Jay pushed a folded scarf into her mouth, and taped her lips over.


“Ah’ll stay ah wheel,” Mrs McPhee said, Jay nodding as Missy cuddled in, and Angela gave her a kiss on her head with her gagged lips...


Jay smiled and then took out his cell phone as they were talking.


“This is Jay Edwards.


“Good – let me know when everything is complete,” he said as he ended the call, and then walked into the main room.


“Whhrrth?  Rtthlrrt?”


“They are both fine – Mrs McPhee will sit with them until they are asleep,” Jay said as he sat down.   “Your husband is also behaving himself, but now we need to have a short discussion.


“We will, eventually, ensure you are all kept quiet and secured.  The question is around Michelle – should she be with the girls, or with her mother?”


“Mmmm,” Michelle said as she looked at Margaret, and shook her head before she looked at Norma and Gail.


“Wwwntntgfrr,” Norma said as she looked at her mother.


“Very well then – the three of you will go into your parent’s room, and your mothers will be made comfortable – elsewhere.”




“I’m sorry,” Jay said as he stood up, walked over and removed the tape from Elaine’s mouth, “what did you say?”


“Can the girls have some supper before they go upstairs?”


“Of course – I’m going to release you and Margaret, and then you go with my friend here.  Once you bring it in, I will release them – but right after, we need to make sure they stay where we leave them, all right?”


The three girls nodded as Jay looked at the associates, one removing the tape gag from Margaret before the two mothers were released.




“Thank you,” Margaret said quietly, as they walked into the kitchen with one of the masked men.


“Are you still scared, Elaine,” she said quietly as they prepared some biscuits on a plate.


“No – and that surprises me,” Elaine said quietly, “I don’t know why, but I - I trust both of them.”


“Yeah – something about them makes me feel it’s all going to be all right.”


“But still – if they do what I think they’re going to do...”


“Let’s be brave for the girls,” Margaret said as they carried the drinks and biscuits in, the three youngsters descending on them as soon as their hands and mouths were free.


“Slowly, slowly,” Jay said with a smile, “you don’t want to be sick do you?”


“No Mister Edwards,” Michelle said with a smile as she looked at him.


“That’s better – now, when you are finished...  Mrs McPhee, our other guests?”


“Fas Asleep,” the masked woman said with a smile.


“I was saying, when they have finished, they get to go to the toilet one at a time, and I want you to take them.


“And to prepare them once they have been.”


“Ah understand,” Mrs McPhee said, picking up a bag and smiling as she said “so who will be going first?”


“I will,” Norma said as she stood up, taking Mrs McPhee’s hand as they walked to the downstairs toilet.  The masked woman waited outside, smiling as the door opened and the ten year old girl came out.


“Right lassie,” Mrs McPhee said, “I wan ye tae make two fists with yer hands.”  As Norma did this, Mrs McPhee pulled a pair of sports socks up over her hands, and then taped them to the sleeves of her top.


“Wow,” Norma said quietly, “so what now?”


“Now, I want ye tae turn roond, and cross yer wrists behind yer back.”


As Norma did as she was told, Mrs McPhee knelt down and doubled over a length of cord, before binding her wrists tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms.  When she had finished, she took some rope around Norma’s waist, fixing her wrists against her back, and then tied her arms to her sides, two bands sitting on her chest before she tied the ropes off, and used tow small lengths to tighten them between her arms and her body.


“Wow – I really can’t move them now,” she said as she wriggled round.


“Nope – now, ye go an sit wi yer ma, and ah’ll bring one o the others oot.”


“Is that what you’re going to do to me,” Gail said as Norma came in, and sat on Elaine’s lap.


“It is,” Jay said, “but who will go next?”


“I will,” Michelle said as she stood up and went with Mrs McPhee, Gail looking at her sister.


“It doesn’t hurt, it’s actually like been hugged all the time,” Norma said as she wriggled round, making her mother laugh.


A few minutes later, Michelle came back in, her arms secured just as tightly, and Gail went off with Mrs McPhee.  Her top was stretched over her upper body, as she looked at the others.


“Mum, don’t worry – I’ll look after them,” she said as she walked over, sitting on Margaret’s knee and resting her head on her chest as her mother hugged her.  A few more minutes later, Gail came in, grinning as she wriggled round.


“Now then,” Jay said quietly, “all three of you are going to sleep on the same bed, in your mum and dad’s room, Norma and Gail.  But before we go up, I’m going to tie the wrists of your mother behind their backs.  Only that for the moment – I want them both to see you are safe.”


“Well, we knew this was coming,” Elaine said as she and Margaret stood up, putting their hands behind their backs as they felt the masked men securing them together with rope.

“Shall we,” Jay said as Margaret felt a last tug between her wrists, and then the ends tied off.  The three girls walked off with Mrs McPhee, Jay carrying a holdall as the masked men walked behind them.


As they walked past the spare room, they saw Angela and Missy on the futon.  Missy was breathing gently through her nose as she moved her head on her mother’s chest, Angela resting her head on Missy’s as she quietly slept as well.


“They’ll be fine,” Jay said as they walked up the stairs, and entered Angela’s bedroom.


“Awl reet lassies,” Mrs McPhee said, “sit on the bed while we secure yer legs.”


“Can I say something,” Michelle said as she watched Mrs McPhee double some rope over, then kneel down and start to bind her ankles together.


“Of course,” Jay said as he doubled over a much longer length of rope, and started to bind her mother’s arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest.


“Thank you – for allowing me to be Michelle.  I did not know if you would when we first met you, but I see you understood.”


“My dear young girl,” Jay said as Mrs McPhee secured her legs below her knees, and then moved over to Norma, “you are truly one of the bravest girls I have ever met, and I want you never to forget that.”


Michelle smiled as Jay fed the ropes under one arm, pulled it up and around the back of Margaret’s neck, and then under the other arm, the pyjama top stretching over her body.


“Awl reet,” Mrs McPhee said as she tied the rope around Gail’s legs, taking the ends between them to further tighten the binding.  “Afore ye lie doon, we need tae make sure ye really cannae talk.”


“And how will you do that,” Elaine asked as she felt the ropes tighten around her own arms and body.


“First,” Mrs McPhee said as she folded three handkerchiefs, “open yer moofs.”


“Be brave girls, and try to relax,” Elaine said as the cloths were placed in each of their mouths, and then Mrs McPhee tied a knotted strip of towel between their lips to keep it in place.


“Wllsntsbed” Norma said, and then her eyes widened as Mrs McPhee took a roll of white tape, and started to wrap it tightly round the young girl’s head, covering the cleave gag and further silencing her.


“Wllssdfrnt” Michelle mumbled as Mrs McPhee smoothed the tape round her own head, and then helped the three girls to lie on their sides, all three watching as she ran some ropes from their ankles to the foot of the bed.


“Mrs McPhee will stay to make sure you get to sleep safely,” Jay said, the masked woman nodding as she left the room for a moment, and then returned with a book.


“Ah hope ye like Potter,” she said as she sat down and started reading, Jay motioning as the two men made Elaine and Margaret leave with them.


“In here,” Jay said as they walked into a spare bedroom, “and sit on the bed.”


“I guess we’re going to be together,” Margaret said as they sat down, watching as the two masked men bound their ankles and legs.


“Time for you both to be quiet,” Jay said quietly as he held two sponge balls in his gloved hands.


“Elaine, will we be all right?”


“I think so,” Elaine replied as both women opened their mouths, and Jay gently eased the sponges into their mouths.  He then used a knotted scarf as a cleave gag on each of them, before he wrapped the tape tightly round their heads as well.


Both women were helped to lie on their sides, facing each other as their ankles were pulled back and secured to their chest ropes, both of them trying to get comfortable.


“Watch them,” Jay said to one of the men, who nodded as he and the second masked man left them in the room.  Walking down the stairs, he went to a bag and took out a bottle of water, smiling as he drained it.


“The wee darlins are asleep,” Mrs McPhee said as she came in.


“Good – now we wait for the word.”






As Angela opened her eyes, she sae Missy looking at her, rubbing her cheek on her dress.  She smiled as she kissed her again, and then saw the tape slowly start to come away from her mouth.


“Kppgnngdrln,” she whispered as Missy gently moved her head, eventually removing the tape from over her mouth as it stayed stuck to her dress.


“Mummy,” she whispered, “I think the man and the nice lady have gone.”


Angela nodded – the house was in darkness, and she could hear nothing.


“Can you take the tape from your mouth, mummy?”


“lltrrr,” Angela said as she stated to rub her cheek on the mattress, Missy laughing as she slowly peeled the tape away.


“There,” she said as she finally could speak, “are you all right?”


“I’m all right mummy – but where are...”




“Albert – In here!”


The door to the room opened as she and Missy looked up, Albert Compson looking at her as a policeman came in.


“Angela – are you and Missy all right?”


“We’re fine – but I’ve no idea where the others are...”




“Go – we’ll free them,” the officer said as Albert ran up the stairs.




“Are you al right girls,” he said as he came in and kissed each of them, the three gagged girls nodding before he heard “we’ve got the others.”


“I’ll speak to you all later,” he said as he ran to the other room, Elaine looking at him as the sponge was eased from her mouth.


“Albert – the girls?”


“They’re fine – just let me hold you...”





“So, another successful night,” Yvonne said as she sat with Mark, nursing a coffee.


“Yeah – one or two surprises, but still, an interesting night.”


“You mean Michelle?”


“Yeah – I admire anyone with that sort of courage.  Anyway, we need to get ready for tonight.”


“Oh yeah – family night.  What are you and Charlie planning?”


“Dirty Mary Crazy Larry,” Mark said with a smile, “with plenty of tape...”







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