Jay and the Go-Go Party







“Thanks for taking me mum,” Lisa Williamson said as she got out of the car and walked into the house, her mother Yvonne shaking her head as she watched her run up the stairs, in her psychedelic print dress and red go-go boots.


“I take it the disco was a success,” Mark Williamson said as he looked out from the front room.  “Charlie’s in bed.”


“Good – gives us a chance to talk,” Yvonne said as she came into the front room.  “You’ve bene planning haven’t you?”


“Now what makes you say that,” Mark said as he kissed his wife.  She was also dressed in sixties clothes – in her case, a white jumper and stirrup pants with white ankle boots.


“The half-drunk bottle of wine and the sheets of paper on the coffee table,” Yvonne said as Mark nodded, and then gathered them up.  “So what are you thinking about?”


“Believe it or not, you’re dressed in an appropriate manner,” Jay said with a smile.  “Riddle me this, my dear – if Jay Edwards and Mrs McPhee had been active in the late sixties or early seventies, what would they have worn?”


“He would probably have worn the classic jumper and pants, or a suit,” Yvonne said as she poured herself a glass of wine, “and Mrs McPhee?  Possibly a cat suit and boots.  Why are you asking those questions?”


“Because I have been looking into the Cabot family,” Mark said as he sat next to her, and showed her some pictures.


“Kurt Cabot, the regional manager of Diversified Funds?”


“The very same – this is his wife Greta and their daughters, Helen and Holly.  They live on a gated community site with three other families – the Grey’s, the Hart’s and the Byrd’s.  Brian wants us to pay the Cabot family a visit, and has provided the opportunity to do it this weekend.”


“And how do we know this opportunity is arising,” Yvonne said as she sipped her wine.


“Intelligence – Diversified Funds is apparently getting a little too diverse in their clientele, so we’ll plant a little something in their systems via Mister Cabot.  He also tells me that Mister Hart and Mister Byrd are going fishing this weekend, and so Greta is hosting a themed sleepover for the girls of the families.”


“What about Mister Grey?”


“There isn’t one – they are divorced,” Mark said as he showed more photos.


“Okay – but this is a gated community.  How on earth are we meant to get in without arousing suspicion?”


“Well, the theme for the party is go-go.”


“As in go-go boots?”


“Precisely,” Mark said as he looked at his wife, “so they are having a DJ come in to play some music – only the DJ they booked is going to be replaced.  Let me tell you the idea…”






“All right girls, have you both done your assignments for school?”


“Yes, mum,” the two voices called from their rooms as Greta Cabot shook her head. 


“Well then you can start to get ready for the party,” she called back as she sat on the king size bed, and pulled the long black leather boots up to her knees.  They shone in the light from the window, and had a square heel as well as the side zip.  As she stood up, she walked over to the mirror and looked at herself, in the dark grey wool dress.  It came half way down her thighs, while a thin patterned belt was round her waist.  Her long light brown hair had been lightened at the tips as they fell over her shoulders.


“Just needs one thing to make the outfit complete,” she said to herself as she picked up a long sleeveless coat, made in a herringbone tweed and with a black leather trim, and slipped it on, leaving it open as she turned from side to side.


“Perfect – just what we need for today,” she said to herself as she left the room and walked down the staircase, looking in the large room that was cleared for the disco the girls would be enjoying later.


“I wonder when that DJ is going to get here,” she said to herself as she glanced at her watch, “It’s noon already…”  As if on cue, the sound of the intercom for the gates across the road sounded, and she walked to the kitchen, picking up the phone as she said “yes?”


“Mrs Cabot?  This is the DJ, apologies for been late – we got lost.  Can you buzz us in and we can get set up?”


“Okay then,” she said with a smile as she pressed a button, and put the phone set down, smiling as she went to the front room.  She saw the grey transit van come up the road, and then reverse into the driveway so that the doors at the back were near to the front door.


As she walked to the front door, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and smiled as she opened the front door – only to step back as a tall man stepped in, a gun in his leather gloved hand.  He was wearing a dark roll neck sweater under a pinstripe suit, and black Chelsea boots, but the other striking thing about him was the black balaclava that covered his head, only his lips and eyes showing.


“Not a word, Greta,” he said in a light Geordie accent as a woman walked in.  She was wearing a long sleeved tight jumper, black leggings, and knee length leather boots, but she too was gloved, masked and armed.


“Now then,” the man said with a smile, “tell my friends here where you want the disco set up, and they will get to work while we have a chat.  Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Jay Edwards, and this is my good friend Mrs McPhee.”


“Jay…  Jay Edwards…  Oh my god, my babies…”


“Will, like you, be perfectly safe if they do what we say,” Jay replied with a smile as another masked man came in, carrying two large metal cases.  “Now, let’s go into the front room.  Mrs McPhee, will you come with me for a moment?”


“Aye,” the woman replied in a Scots accent as they walked into the large front room, the masked woman walking over and closing the curtains as Jay out the large holdall he was carrying down on a chair, opening it and taking a length of rope out which he doubled over in his hands.


“Now, let me make something clear, Greta – we are in charge, and you, your daughters, and the others will be spending today more – restrained than you may have planned.  But we have no intentions of stopping the party you have planned – in fact, with Mrs McPhee’s help, this will be a party none of the girls will ever forget, including the disco.  But we need to make sure neither you, nor your daughters, can spoil the surprise for the others – and so, we start with you.  Please, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“I have your word we will not be harmed?”


“You have my word – we will look after you all while your husband does something for me.  But time is short – please, put your hands behind your back.”


Greta nodded as she turned round, Mrs McPhee smiling as Jay crossed her wrists behind her back and started to bind them together with the rope.  She tried to flex her fingers, and force her wrists apart, but Jay proved too strong as the cords held her wrists firmly together.


“Thank you,” Jay said as he took the rope between her arms and then tied the ends off.  “Now, if you will take a seat…”




“Oh no,” Greta whispered as her two daughters ran into the room.  The older girl, Helen, was eleven, and was wearing a dark V-necked sweater over a white blouse, as well as a wrap round skirt in the same colour as her jumper, the bottom of her blouse sticking out of the jumper.  She was also wearing a pair of her mother’s black leather boots, which on her went over her knees and under the hem of the skirt.


Helen had brown hair, while her younger sister Holly had copper brown long hair.  The ten year old was wearing a short sleeved lilac t-shirt and black jeans, with a pair of long black leather boots that came up over her knees.  She stared at the two masked people, and then whispered “Mum, what’s going on?”


“Sit down girls,” Greta said as they walked over, their eyes fixed on Mrs McPhee, and then sat on the couch as she sat in an armchair.  “Girls, I need to be honest with you – we’re been robbed, and I’ve heard of the gang that is robbing us.  I think we – and I mean all of us – are going to have a very different day, but Mr Edwards  and Mrs McPhee,” she said as she looked at the other two adults “have promised that although we may not be able to move or talk, we will not be harmed.  So, I need you to do whatever they say, and I promise you, when the others get here, they will be the same as us.”


“But what about the party, the sleepover,” Helen said as she looked at the masked man.  Jay smiled and said “oh don’t worry – they are going ahead, but you may do things a little differently.  But part of that is we need to surprise the other families when they come in – so we’re going to do the same to you as I’ve done to your mother, and then we can wait for the others to get here.”


“You’re going to tie us up,” Holly whispered as Mrs McPhee took two lengths of white cord from the bag.


“Aye – but Ah promise ye, it wilnae hurt, so I whan ye boff tae put yer hands behind yer backs.”


The two girls looked at their mother, who nodded and said “put your hands behind your back girls.”  As they both did so, Mrs McPhee walked behind the couch they were sitting on, Helen biting her lower lip as she felt the masked woman crossing her wrists and then the soft rope as they were bound together.  Holly watched as the rope went around and between her sister’s arms, Mrs McPhee tying the ends off out of reach of her fingers, before she felt her own wrists been held together.


“Now watch what I do to your mother’s ankles,” Jay said as he knelt down and crossed Greta’s ankles, before he tied her ankles tightly together as well, the girls giggling at the squeaking sound as their mother rubbed her legs together.


“Just wait,” Greta said, surprised to be so relaxed, so unafraid as Mrs McPhee took two more lengths of cord, and knelt in front of the girls.  “Cross yer ankles fer me,” she said as she smiled at them, the girls nodding as they too watched their crossed and booted ankles been bound tightly together.


“Now then,” Jay said as another masked and suited man appeared, “my friend here is going to prepare the food for your party later, so be assured that is going to be taken care of.  For the moment, however, we need all three of you to be quiet, so I need you all to put your lips together.”


As they did so, Mrs McPhee tore strips of white tape from a roll and pressed them over the mouths of each of them, as Jay sat down.  “Now then, you are going to have your disco.”


“Fhnkkuhh,” Helen said, and then looked at the others as they heard the muffled sounds escape from her gagged lips.  “Bhttwhthhohhnsnnhhh.”


“Now, we wait for your first guests to arrive…”






Tonia Grey shook her head as she looked into her daughter’s bedroom and said “what is it now, Bobbi?”


“I look ridiculous in this!”


“I don’t know, I actually think you look kinda cute,” Tonia said as she folded her arms and smiled.  Her nine year old daughter was wearing a roll necked top with a white body and checked sleeves that came to her elbows, matching shorts, and knee length black leather boots with a flat sole.  She had long dark brown hair which fell down the back of her neck.


Tonia was wearing a tiger print sleeveless dress with a short skirt, and long black boots which zipped up the inside, and had sliver buckles at the side.  She shook her head as she went back to her bedroom, coming back with a matching leopard skin coat on, her bare legs visible from the hem to her boots, as she said “well, come on – let’s see just how silly today can get.”


Billie nodded as she took her mother’s hand and they walked down the stairs, leaving the front door and Billie waiting as Tonia locked the door, before they walked across the driveway to the Cabot house.  Tonia knocked on the door and then walked in, Billie following her as she said “Greta?  Where are you?”


“Tonia?  Can you come into the front room – the girls are in here.”


“Sure – whatohmygod…”


“Hello Tonia,” one of the masked men in the room said in a light Geordie accent, “please, don’t scream or panic – today’s party is going to have a slightly different theme.”


“What’s going on mum,” Bobbie asked as she looked at Helen and Holly, the two girls wriggling on the couch as their lips could be seen under the white tape. 


“Yew must be Bobbie,” a woman said as she walked forward, and knelt in front of the young girl.  “Ah’m Mrs McPhee, ahnd it’s mah job tae make sure ye and the other girls have a very special party.  But until the others git here, we need tae make sure ye’re like these twa, nice and quiet – so ah want ye to turn roond, ahnd put yer hands behind yer back fer me.”




“Do…  Do what she asks you to do,” Tonia said as she looked at Greta.


“This is Jay Edwards – they want Kurt to do a robbery for them, and I guess we’re the insurance.”


“But the party?”


“Believe it or not,” Greta said as Tonia felt Jay take her hands behind her back, and start to bind her wrists together, “they have another man setting up the disco, a third cooking the party food – they swear the party is going on, somehow.”


“Htssfhn,” Holly said as Mrs McPhee finished tying Bobbie’s wrists together, and then walked with her to the couch, the sisters shuffling to the sides and making room for the latest arrival to sit down.  As she did so, her booted legs hung over the edge of the seat, as she watched the masked woman cross her ankles and tie them together.


“Mum, are we hostages now as well,” Bobby said as she looked up.


“I think we are, so we’re going to play along, all right,” Tonia said as she watched Mrs McPhee stand up, and press a length of white tape over her daughter’s mouth, before she was sat in a chair next to Greta.


“How long have they been here,” Tonia whispered as Jay knelt down and started to bind her ankles tightly together.


“An hour or so – I have the feeling they’re going to wait until the others get here before anything else happens – so I hope you don’t mind been quiet for a while.”


“Do we have a choice?”


“Not really, no,” Greta said as she watched Bobbie trying to talk, the two older girls giggling as they listened to her – and then watched as Jay covered Tonia’s mouth with the white tape as well.


“The next group’s coming Jay,” Mrs McPhee said as she glanced out of the window.


“Nice and quiet until they come in Greta,” Jay said with a smile as he stood by the door…




“Why did Daddy have to go fishing today,” Joanne Hart said with a spout as she watched her mother lock the front door of their house.  The twelve year old was wearing a mustard coloured pinafore mini dress over a chocolate coloured jumper, white tights and white knee length go-go leather boots.


“I have no idea, darling – maybe he just doesn’t like parties, but at least you and Fiona are going to sleep over with the other girls,” Elsa Hart said as she put her door keys into her purse.  She had long blonde hair, while her daughters had chestnut brown hair, Joanne with hers cut into a bob while ten year old Fiona had hers longer.  The younger sister was wearing an orange tartan poncho with a fringe, over a bright pink dress with short sleeves and a white Peter Pan collar, orange tights and white knee length boots like her sister.


As for their mother, she had on a sleeveless white top with a roll neck, a black and white checked mini skirt with a thin leather belt, and mid-calf white boots.  She put on a pair of sunglasses, and looked round as she said “right then – party time.”  They walked across the road and into the Cabot house, the two girls running ahead as they said “look at us Ho…”


The sudden silence took Elsa by surprise, as she said “are you all right girls?”  When there was no reply, she walked into the front room, taking in the scene before her as she whispered “what the…”


Joanne and Fiona were standing there, with a woman behind her, her gloved hands on their shoulders as they stood there with white tape covering their mouths.  The woman was wearing a black jumper and leggings – and a balaclava, as she said “dinnae panic, lass – yer girls are fine, aren’t ye girls?”


The two girls nodded, Elsa almost seeing them smile under the tape as she looked past them, to see Bobbie Grey sitting with Holly and Helen Cabot.  All three girls had their hands behind their backs, and she could see the white rope round their ankles, holding them together as they giggled.


Greta Cabot looked over and whispered “I’m sorry Elsa – we’re all captives of the Jay Edwards Gang.”


“The…”  Elsa looked over at the masked man who stood behind Tonia Grey, the older woman nodding as white tape covered her mouth as well.


“Put yer hands behind yer backs,” the masked woman said “and let Mrs McPhee make sure yer just like the other gahls.”


“Welcome, Elsa,” the masked man said in a light Northern accent, “as Greta says, you are going to be our guests for the day and night.  Be assured, we will not harm any of you – so long as you do exactly what we say.  Understand?”


Elsa slowly nodded as she watched Mrs McPhee secure the wrists of her daughters behind her back, dimly aware of the fact her own wrists were been pulled behind her back and secured together with rope as well.  “All day and all night?”


“That’s how they work,” Greta said as she struggled in her chair.  “They’re going to make Kurt do something, and we’re the ransom – but somehow, I know they’re not going to hurt us, and somehow I also know we’re all going to have some fun.  I have no idea why, but I do.”


Elsa looked at Tonia, who slowly nodded as she was helped to sit down next to her on the two seater couch.  Another masked man knelt down and started to tie her ankles together, as there was the sound of leather rubbing no leather as the five girls twisted round and tried to talk to each other.


“Well, something smells good,” Elsa said quietly.


“Indeed – whoever is cooking seems to know what they are doing,” Greta said quietly as Mrs McPhee looked at the five girls. 


“Ah fink these girls need sum exercise – on yer feet, all o ye!”


The three mother watched as the five girls managed to stand up, looking at each other as the masked woman said “let’s go fer ae jump roond the hoose.  Lead the way, Helen!”


Helen nodded as the five girls started to jump out of the room, the mothers looking at each other as Jay shook his head.


“I told you they would have fun,” he said as he tore a strip of white tape from the roll, and covered Elsa’s mouth, then Greta’s.  “Now, let’s wait for the final guests.”


“Did I just hear the girls go up…  OHMYGOD!”


All three women looked to the door, where a blonde haired woman was standing, wearing a striped top in red, orange, green and white, an orange skirt, white tights and knee length white leather boots.  “Hmmghhdduhhrhrlee” Greta said as Jay looked over, and said “you must be Dolly – a most unusual name, Dolly Byrd.  And where is your charming daughter?”


The new arrival looked at him, and stammered “shhhhshhhhshe went to find the other girls.  Oh my god, is this a robbery?”


“It is, and it is also a different type of party from the one you are expecting,” Jay said as one of his masked associates came up behind Dolly.  “Your daughter will find the others some enough – for now, please, put your own hands behind your back…”




“Hey – where are you guys hiding out?”


The fourteen year old girl came to the top of the stairs and looked round – she could hear soft noises, but nothing to say who was making them or where they were.  She had her light brown hair up in a bun on her head, and was wearing a sleeveless mini dress made from a fabric with a metallic finish – silver on top, and gold on the dress.  She was also wearing a pair of white go-go boots over her legs.


“Come on – you know I can find you,” she said as she walked down the hallway, and then stopped outside Helen’s bedroom.  She listened at the door, and then opened it quickly, walking in and saying “there you are, wha…”


“Hlllhhmhyrreeee – whrrhsthjss!”


She took in the scene, her five friends standing in the room, all of them with their hands tied behind their backs, their ankles tied together, and tape over their mouths – and an older woman, dressed in black, looking at her through the eyeholes of a balaclava before she said in a soft Scottish accent “ach ye must be Myra Byrd – welcome tae the party lass.  Cum and join us – ah insist.”


Myra stood there, unsure of what to think as Helen and Holly jumped over to her, and she saw the rope round their wrists.  “Dhntwhhreehtdhssnhthrt” Helen said, as Myra saw her lips try to move under the tape, “Mssmhcfheeelhkshftrrhs.”


“All right – but what’s going on,” she finally said as she walked in, the girls sitting on the large bed as Mrs McPhee took a length of white cord from a pocket.


“Whell,” she said as she walked behind Myra, crossing her wrists behind the young girl’s back and starting to bind them tightly together, “mah fhrend Jay is phrobably tahlkign tae yer mam richt noo.  He’ll say what ah’m saying – we need their daddy tae do a job fer us, and until he does that, ye’re all gonna stay as insurance.”


“You mean we’re your hostages?  Our mums as well?”  Myra watched as the other girls nodded, while she felt the rope on her bare wrists, holding them together.  “But today…”


“Ach, ye’re haffin yer party,” Mrs McPhee said as she took the rope between the young girl’s wrists, tightening the bands still further, “and yer sleepover, but ye’ll all be a little bit different fer it.  Noo, sit doon on the bed oer there.”


Myra sat down as the other girls watched Mrs McPhee secure her ankles together in the same way as them, and then take some tape from a roll and press it over her lips.  As she stood up, she took a moment to get her balance, and then took a small jump over to join the others.


As Mrs McPhee glanced at her watch, she said “I think yer lunch will be ready, so we’re gonna go doonstairs and intae the dining room.  Cum wi me.”  She left the room, the girls jumping after her, and then stopped as she called down the stairs “Jay, can ye stand at the bottom o’ these stairs?”


“Of course,” Myra heard a soft Geordie accent reply, and then she saw a masked man, dressed in the sixties style, at the bottom of the stairs.  “Ye first lass,” Mrs McPhee said as she looked at Myra, “sit doon and go slowly, one star at ae time.”  Myra nodded as she sat at the top, and put her bound feet on the second step down, sliding and landing on the first one.


She went slowly down, meeting the man at the bottom of the stairs as he helped her to stand up.  “Now, wait for the others,” he said with a smile, “and when you’re al down, we go to the dining room.  Your mother will join you in there.”


Myra nodded as she watched the other girls coming down, Mrs McPhee following Bobbie as she came down.  They then jumped to the rear of the hallway, and made their way into the dining room, which had a number of plates of snacks laid out.


“Take a seat,” Jay said to the six girls, all of them nodding as they went over and sat down, then waiting as he and Mrs McPhee walked round and tied rope round their waists so they were held to the chair back.


“When your mothers are seated, we will untie your wrists and then you can remove the tape from over your mouths,” Jay said as Mrs McPhee left the room.  A few minutes later, Helen and Holly giggled as their mother jumped in, the front of her cardigan flapping as she made her way to one of the spare chairs and sat herself down, before Jay tied her waist to the chair back.  Tonia and Elsa followed her in, and then Myra giggled as she saw her mother jump in after them.


Dolly also had her hands tied behind her back and her ankles secured, and white tape over her mouth.  “Hrruhhllrht,” she said as she looked at Myra, watching as her daughter nodded before she took the last seat and had her waist secured as well.


Jay then nodded to the other masked men who had joined them, as they walked round the table, releasing the wrists of all the captives before they reached up and peeled the tape away from their mouths, As she worked her jaw, Greta looked round the table as she said “I am truly sorry, all of you, when I arranged this today the last thing I expected was for an armed gang to take over our house.”


“It’s all right, Greta,” Tonia said as she rubbed her wrists, “how were you to know?  But I’m not scared, and I don’t think Bobbie is – the rest of you?”  She looked round the table as the others all shook their heads, as Bobbie picked up a cheese straw.


“Wow – this is good, who cooked it?”


One of the masked men nodded as Dolly said “well, I guess we’re going to eat.  Pass the plates around, and we can talk.”


“So if we’re still going to have the party and sleepover today,” Myra said “what’s going to happen?”


“Glad you asked,” Jay said with a smile.  “Once you have eaten, you can go to the toilet, and then we’re going to bind and gag you again – a little more tightly this time.  While your mothers watch a film, Mrs McPhee is going to give you girls a challenge – and then you can come down for the disco.”


“Yer moffers will join ye then,” Mrs McPhee said, “and ye can hae a dance while yer supper’s got ready.”


“Will Dad be home by then,” Holly said as she looked at her mother.


“I think so,” Greta said quietly, “but I think he may go out again after dinner, and then we’ll have your sleepover after that.”


“While tied up and gagged?”  Joanne looked at Mrs McPhee, who nodded and said “aye, but it’s no somefing tae be scared aboo – as ye’ll see in a wee while.”


“Guess we’d better eat up then,” Helen said as she looked at the other girls, all of them nodding as the conversation turned to other matters.




Eventually, Jay looked round the table and said “time to get ready for the afternoon, one family at a time.  Untie Myra and Dolly, gentlemen.”


The two watched as their chairs were pulled back, and their legs untied before they were released from the ropes around their waists.  “Go with Mrs McPhee,” Jay said as one of the masked men stood with her, “and she’ll get you both ready.”


“Come on, the others will join us later,” Dolly said as Myra nodded, and they left with the two masked home invaders.  As they went to the downstairs toilet, Mrs McPhee said “Fetch a bag, will ye?  Noo, who’s first?”


“I’ll go first,” Myra said as she went into the small room.  “Leave the door unlocked and a little open,” Mrs McPhee said as her partner brought a canvas bag out.  A few moments later, Myra came out, and as her mother went back in Mrs McPhee said “cross yer wrists behind yer back, lassie.”


“So we are going to be tied up,” Myra said, but she did as she had been asked, feeling the rope as it went around and between her arms, and then glancing down as Mrs McPhee took the ends round her waist and secured them in front of her.


“Oh lord, we are going to be more tied up,” Dolly said as she came out, watching as Mrs McPhee passed a longer length of rope around her daughter’s arms and body.  She was aware of the masked man taking her own wrists behind her back and securing them, as Mrs McPhee wrapped the rope round Myra, and then tied it off behind her back. 


“Let’s go intae the front room,” she said as both Dolly and Myra walked in, sitting side by side on a couch as they watched Mrs McPhee secure their ankles together, and then their legs below their knees with more rope.


“noo, fer a classic sixties way tae keep ye quiet,” she said as she took a large white silk square from the bag, roll it into a band, and then tie a knot in the middle before she held it in front of Myra’s mouth.  “Open wide lassie.”


“Talk to you later. Mum,” the young girl said before Mrs McPhee eased the silk knot into her mouth, Myra closing her lips over the band as it was tied tightly round her head.


“Guess it’s my turn now,” Dolly said, allowing the masked woman to gag her in the same way before they settled back.  Mrs McPhee beckoned to the man and whispered “Stay here until ae come back.  When ae dae, take her door keys and visit her house.”


“Take what I can find?”


Mrs McPhee nodded before she said “ahnd bring back sem night stuff fer both of them – in theme if ye can.  Right – who’s next…”



As Kurt Cabot drove through the gates at the end of the road, watching through his rear view mirror as the gates swung closed behind the car, he smiled as he considered what was ahead.  A themed party with the other mothers and girls from the close – a truly wonderful idea on his wife’s part, and it meant he could catch up with some work in his office.


He saw the vans parked across the pavement outside his house, and pulled onto the driveway, getting out as he stretched his arms up.  It had been a long, but productive meeting at the office, and he was looking forward to not going back before Monday.


Opening the door, he could hear a Beatles song playing near to him, and music coming from the back of the house.  Hanging his coat up, he walked into the front room, and said “well, it sounds as if…”


He stopped as he took in the sight before him – his wife and the other three mothers on the close, sitting and looking at him as Yellow Submarine was playing on the large television.  All were dressed in the style of the sixties, but all also had their hands behind their backs, the bands of white rope clearly visible above and below the dark jumper Greta was wearing, and the tiger print dress on Tonia, but the way the tops of the other two mothers were stretched over their chests meant they were similarly bound.


All four also had bands of rope around their ankles and below their knees, their legs squeaking as they twisted them round and their boots rubbing together, and they had scarves tied between their lips, rolled into tight bands that pulled the corners of their mouths back as he saw the knots sitting behind their teeth.


They were not alone – there were three masked men, smartly dressed, in the room, two of them behind the women as a third man stepped forward and looked at Kurt.  “A pleasure to meet you, Kurt,” he said with a smile, “my name is Jay Edwards.”


“Jay…  Oh my god, Jay Edwards!  Greta the girls…”


“Dhtnwhrretherrfhn,” Greta mumbled as Jay saw the darkened silk knot in her mouth.


“Indeed, the girls are all enjoying themselves,” Jay said with a smile, “there was no reason why our visit should disturb the plans for the party and sleepover, we just – adapted them a little.  Ladies, if we leave you to the sing-a-long, I will take Kurt to see how the girls are doing.”


“Sing-a-long?”  Kurt watched as the paused film was restarted, the four women looking at each other as they began to sing.



Whluusthllnhdmm, whluhsthllfhdmmm


“Your wife and the other mothers have been exemplary hostesses,” Jay said as he took Kurt’s hands behind his back and tied his wrists together with rope, “but now, you need to see the other girls are fine, and then I need to have a chat with you alone.”


“They’re having their party – the disco?  The DJ we hired…”


“Was unavoidably detained – we provided a replacement,” Jay said as they opened the door to the large room at the back of the house, and Holly called out “HLLHHDHDDEE!”


Kurt could only look as the six girls jumped around in time to the music, twisting round to the sound of Herman’s Hermits singing You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter, Mrs Robinson.  All six of them, from young Bobbie Grey to Myra Byrd, had their wrists secured behind their backs, and ropes around their upper bodies, ankles and legs, as well as knotted scarves tied in their mouths – but they were happy, having fun as they danced around, the masked man smiling as he played the records – and a woman, also masked, dressed in pants and a jersey who walked over and said “ah see yer father’s home – Ah’m Mrs McPhee, and ah’ve been looking after the lassies today.”


“Are they – are they all right like that?”


“Look at yer daughters,” the masked woman said as Kurt looked over to where Holly and Helen were dancing with Joanne and Fiona.  They were tied up, gagged – but happy and laughing?


“They should be terrified – why aren’t they?”


“It’s ah gift,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile as the DJ started to play I’m A Believer, the girls jumping around in time to the music.


“Now that you have seen they are happy, let’s retire to your office, and we can discuss matters,” Jay said as he walked Kurt back along the corridor, and into the small room he used when he worked form home.  “Take a seat,” Jay said as he indicated a leather armchair, Kurt sitting down as the masked man who had accompanied them knelt down and started to bind his ankles together.


“So you’re going to force me to take money from my company – is that it?”


“Amongst other things – such as any money and valuables in the safe,” Jay said with a smile.  “On which note, would you kindly provide the combination?  It means less mess in the morning.”


“Do I have a choice?”


Jay smiled as he said “no, not really – so if you would?”


Kurt nodded as he gave the combination, the second man opening the safe as Jay said “so, one of my friends is preparing dinner for all of you, and you will all eat together.  After that, you will go with my friend here back to the office, and do what he says.”


“And while I do that?”


“the girls will been enjoying a sleepover as planned – we’ve even arranged appropriate clothing for them – and your wife and her friends will be kept safe, secure, quiet – so long as you do what we ask you to do.  Do you understand?”


Kurt slowly nodded as Jay smiled.  “Good – stay with him until the meal is ready,” he said as the second masked man covered Kurt’s mouth with sticking plaster, and he left the room.


“Rhhsmhhsbhnd” Greta asked as Jay walked back into the main room.


“He’s secure for the moment – now, once the film is finished, we’re going to start to gather you all for dinner.  After that, I think a little quiz game of the period may be in order…”


The four mothers looked at each other, wondering what was going to happen next…




“Are you all sure you’re unharmed,” Kurt asked as they all sat round the large dining table, once again secured to the chairs by ropes around their waists, but with all the other bindings removed, Mrs McPhee collecting the knotted scarves and putting them into a plastic bag, all of them noticing how much darker the material that had been in their mouths was.


“We just need a drink Daddy,” Helen said as she took a sip from the glass, “but it’s bene a great day so far.”


“Despite the fact we’re all been held hostage by an armed gang?”


“Yes, Mummy,” Myra said as she looked at Dolly.  “Once I got over the initial shock, I realised if we take it as a game, and part of the party, it’s actually fun!”


Kurt looked at Greta and shook his head as the plates were put in front of them.


“Now, when you have eaten,” Jay said from the side of the room, “your father needs to go with one of my friends, but we’ve got a special quiz lined up for the families to play – and then the girls can change for their slumber party.”


“And us,” Tonia said as she put her glass down.


“We have suitable clothing for the mothers as well – but by the end of the evening, you will all be secured, quiet, and I promise you, you will sleep well.”


The girls all looked at each other as Mrs McPhee said “dinnae worry – ye’ll all be the same.”


“So are we going to do this in your room Holly,” Fiona asked.


“I think so – if that’s all right Mrs McPhee.”


The masked woman nodded as she said “noo eat up – there’s still ae lot o fun tae have.”


“I have to say, whoever cooked this is a master chef,” Elsa said as she took another mouthful of food.


“We’ll pass your compliments on,” Jay said with a smile as he watched.





As the dessert plates were cleared away, Jay said “now for the next game – all the mothers and girls, hold your hands up in front of you in prayer.”


“Here we go again,” Myra said as one by one their wrists were secured together in front of them with thin white cord, the rope going around and between their arms.  Each of them then had a length of brown sticking plaster pressed over their mouths, as Mrs McPhee said “Richt – all of ye walk intae the main room.”


“Except you, Mister Cabot,” Jay said as the families were untied from the chairs, stood up and walked in single file out, “you need to get ready…”



When Kurt looked in the front room a half hour later, he saw the mothers and daughters sitting in their family groups, listening as Mrs McPhee read questions out, and then raising their bound wrists and mumbling their replies through the plaster that covered their mouths.  He marvelled at the fact they were treating this like any other game, but also that she could understand their replies.


“You understand what you need to do,” Jay said as he and one of his partners stood just outside the room.


“Yes – go with him, do what he tells me to do, and they will all be safe.”


“Indeed – check in at regular intervals,” Jay said as he handed the second masked man a data stick, watching him nod before he said “and drive safely – we don’t want any accidents, do we?”


“Funny,” Kurt said as he shook his head, and looked back in the room, saying “I think you’re all wonderful and brave, and I’ll see you when this is all over.”


“Phllssbhshff” Great mumbled as she looked up, Kurt nodding before he was taken out of the house.  They could see the headlights as the car left the driveway, Mrs McPhee nodding as he said “ahl richt then – next question…”


“Well, we know who has won then,” Jay said with a smile as Bobbie and Tonya nudged each other, “but I think it’s time for the younger generation to get ready for their sleepover.  Mrs McPhee, would you take Myra to get ready first please, and explain what is going to happen?”


“Hllshuhshhnnmhmmmee,” the young girl said as her ankles were untied, and she left the room with the masked woman, Jay smiling as he said “and I have a special treat from us for all of you – some episodes of a very famous program of the time.”  He nodded to another masked man, who put a Blu-Ray into the player, and Roger Moore appeared on the screen while the theme tune for The Saint started.


“Noo then,” Mrs McPhee said as they reached the top of the stairs, and she untied Myra’s wrists, “go in and clean yerself up, and put on what you find in there.”  Myra nodded as she went into the bathroom, stopping and looking as she peeled the brown fabric away from her mouth and worked her jaw.


Glancing to the side, she nodded as she said “at least it continues the theme” before she sat on the toilet seat, removing her boots before she started to strip off…


When she came out, having showered and taken care of herself, Myra was wearing a light blue sleeveless nightdress, with a white fringe on the shoulder straps and waist as well as the skirt hem.  It was sleeveless, and came down to her knees.


“Did someone go to my home to get this,” she asked, and as Mrs McPhee nodded she said “so you’ve robbed out home as well?”


“Aye – but dinnae worry, ye’ll be fine,” she said as she opened a bag and took out two sponge balls.  “Noo, hold them in yer hands and make twa fists fer me.”


“So this is it – I’m the first who’s going to be tied up so I cannot escape?”


“So that the others can see what’s gonna happen – are ye scared?”


Myra nodded as she said “A little – but you haven’t hurt us so far, so I want to see what you are going to do.”


“Well, as it’s a sleepoer, ye’ll be in sleeping bags,” Mrs McPhee said as Myra held the sponges in her hands, watching as the masked woman took a roll of silver tape and began to cover her fists, “and we need tae make sure ye really cannae move, but we can dae it in a way that is noo uncomfortable.” She tore the tape off and smoothed it down, before she said “please, cross yer wrists in front of yerself.”


As Myra did so, Mrs McPhee took a length of rope out of the bag and doubled it over, before she wrapped it round the young girl’s wrists, the white bands sitting on top of the silver as her wrists were tightly secured together.  “So you’re going to do this to all of the girls,” she said as she watched the rope tighten with each pass, and then the ends taken between her wrists to tighten the binding still further.


Mrs McPhee then took a second length of rope and tied it round Myra’s wrists, before she took it round her waist, ensuring she could barely move them away from her body as the ends were tied off between her arms and stomach in front of her.  Myra looked down and nodded, as Mrs McPhee took a longer length of rope and wrapped it round her upper body, forming a band round her stomach and another round her upper arms as they were forced into her sides.


“so that’s what it feels like,” she whispered to herself as the masked woman made sure the bands were neat, and then tied the ropes off.”


“What feels like, Lassie?”


“When you really cannot move – so what now?”


“Well, let’s go intae the room ye’ll hae the sleepoer in – in a minute,” Mrs McPhee said as she saw Jay walk up with Bobbie and Holly. 


“I trust you are ready for the next two,” Jay said as they looked at Myra.


“Aye – put those in the bathroom first, will ye,” she said as she nodded to two small piles, Jay taking them and taking them through the door before he untied the wrists of the two youngest girls. 


“Go in and get cleaned up, and then Mrs McPhee will take care of you,” Jay said as he put a second bag next to the one already there, the two girls nodding as they went in.


“We’ll wait fer them,” Mrs McPhee said quietly, “but furst, we need tae make sure ye stay quiet…”




When Bobbie walked out of the bathroom, she was wearing a pair of ducky pink pyjamas, looking at Myra as Holly followed in a nightdress, the same shade of pink but with red flowers printed on it, and it looked more like an oversize pyjama top than a night dress.


“Are we going to be like her,” Holly whispered as she looked at Myra, the older girl nodding as she stood there with a folded scarf in the same colour as her nightdress ted round her head and covering her mouth.


“Aye – so hold these,” the masked woman said as she handed each of them a sponge cut in half, “and make fists.”


“Are you all right, Myra,” Bobbie whispered, then she giggled as Myra said quietly “yhsshndwhrhllthshmm.”


“Wow – whatever you have done to keep her quiet really works.”


“Huuhffnhhddeebhbbee,” Myra said as she watched Mrs McPhee secure the upper half of the bodies of both girls in the same way as hers.


“But they’re gonna find out noo,” Mrs McPhee eventually said as she tied the rope off around Holly’s arms, and looked in the bag, taking out a sponge and compressing it as she said “who’s gonna open their moof first?”


Holly and Bobbie looked at each other, before the younger girl opened her mouth wide, feeling the sponge expand in her mouth as Mrs McPhee pushed it behind her teeth, and then her eyes opening wide as she produced a length of towelling with a knot tied in the middle, and eased the knot between her teeth as well, tying it round Bobbie’s head as she closed her lips over it.


“Are you all right,” Holly whispered, Bobbie nodding as Mrs McPhee took a roll of white tape, and then stuck the end to Bobbie’s cheek before she wound the tape tightly round her head, covering the strip and her lips so that she could barely speak.


Mrs McPhee then took a scarf in the same shade as their pyjamas, folded it into a wide band, and tied it round Bobbie’s head so that she looked as if that was the only gag applied.  “Wow – you look like the lady in the television program now,” Holly said, Bobbie nodding as Mrs McPhee compressed a second sponge, and said "yer turn, dearie…”


A few minutes later, Holly was a silenced as the other two, before they walked into her older sister’s bedroom.  Six sleeping bags had been laid out on the floor, three at the wall and three against Helen’s bed, and each of them with a pillow placed in the right position to act as a back support.


“Tak ah seat,” Mrs McPhee said, Myra walking to the wall and sitting on the middle sleeping bag as the two younger girls sat either side of her.  They watched as one by one the masked woman took more rope and secured their ankles together, the rope going around and between their legs, and then secured their legs below their knees in the same way, before making sure they were sitting upright, the pillows supporting their backs against the wall.


“Noo then, ae need tae go and get the offers,” Mrs McPhee said as she turned on a television on the far wall, “so watch this until they join ye.”


The three girls nodded as The Young Ones started, Mrs McPhee saying to the masked man “watch them” before she left the room.



Myra looked at Holly and Bobbie as all three wriggled round, before she said “whllhfwhrlhkthshllnhtt….”


“Fhllsnhssbhtfhneee,” Bobbie said, Myra nodding – the way the tight ropes round her arms and chest were making her feel giddy in a different way, but as the ‘mother’ for the rest of the night, she felt it would be better to say nothing.  She could hear the footsteps, and the muffled voices of the other three girls, before there was silence.


The first to come in was Helen, wearing a floral print sleeveless nightgown with a ribbon detail near the top.  The folded white scarf tied tightly round her head told Myra all she needed to know, as did the bands of rope around her waist, her wrists, and her arms and upper body.


“Shwwsthsghnnhwhrk,” she said as she sat down, the masked man securing her ankles and her legs below her knees with ropes as Myra shrugged her shoulders.  Joanne was next, wearing a pair of powder blue pyjamas with a sleeveless top, as well secured and silenced as the others.  She took a seat before Mrs McPhee came in with Fiona, who was wearing red pyjamas with a white trim.


As her legs were secured together, Mrs McPhee said “noo, I ken ye cannae eat stuff, but ye can listen tae music, and ye can try ahn talk tae each other.” 


“Ewhllthsssmfhhn,” Fiona said as the three other girls sat on their sleeping bags, their backs against Helen’s bed, Mrs McPhee turned on an old record player, and started to play some 7” singles.  As she did so, she nodded to Jay as he walked Greta to her bedroom…




“Well, at least they removed the tape after the girls went up,” Dolly said as she looked at Tonia and Elsa.


“True – but they made sure we stayed her instead,” Tonia said as she looked at the length if rope that was now connecting her wrists to her ankles.  “Mind you – have you noticed how old school this is?”


“Yeah – like the Saint,” Dolly whispered as she twisted round, her white boots rubbing together, “but I have the distinct feeling when we have done whatever Greta is doing, it will be a lot tighter.”


“And a lot quieter,” Elsa whispered, “what I don’t get is, why are we not terrified?  The kids have just accepted it, but why…”


“Well, I guess you get to see a bit of what is going to happen now.”


The three women stopped and looked to the room door as Jay brought Greta back in.  She was wearing a short pink nightie with a floral print, her bare arms held to her sides with bands of rope that went above and below her chest.  The rope had then been taken under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, and her wrists were held together behind her back.


“Well, that answers one question – have you seen the girls,” Tonia asked.


“I have – they’re in their sleeping bags, and Bobbie is already asleep, so I know how they’re going to be – tied up, the sleeping bags done up, and unable to call out.”  She turned round and showed them her hands, her fists covered in silver duct tape, and said “even though they have their wrists tied in front of them, they’re not getting free.”


“If you promise to stay in the chair, you may have a seat and we will not secure your legs,” Jay said, Greta nodding as she sat down and he untied Tonia.  “He’ll take you to shower and change, and we’ll see you in a few minutes,” Greta said, her friend nodding as Jay escorted her out of the room.


“So if the girls are going to be in Helen’s room, where are we going,” Dolly asked Greta as she wriggled round.


“In my room – I think two of us are going on the bed, and two on the floor, so if you want to volunteer for the floor now, feel free,” Greta said as she looked at the other two and smiled.


“Okay, I know that look,” Elsa said quietly, “are you actually a bit excited by all this, Greta Cabot?”


“Don’t think badly of me for saying this – but yeah, I am a bit excited,” Greta said.  “It’s difficult to explain – but when you go and get tied up, I think you’ll begin to understand as well.”


Elsa and Dolly looked at each other, and nodded – they were excited as well, and they suspected that their daughters at least were just as excited.  It was a strange feeling – they were hostages, Greta’s husband was bene forced to rob his bank – and yet they felt relaxed, happy, and yes excited.


“Well, who’s next,” Tonia said as she was brought back in, wearing a pair of blue pyjamas with a green print on it, and her upper body just as well secured as was Greta’s.  Dolly nodded as she was untied and led up, Jay accompanying her as the two women talked to Elsa.  Eventually, she too was brought down, wearing a pair of sleeveless pink pyjamas and securely bound, before Elsa was untied and led to the bathroom.


As she walked in, she saw a pair of pyjamas on a blanket box, with a brown and white pattern and a sleeveless top.  She could hear muffled noises and music, as she stripped off, leaving her clothes on the pile with the others and then having a shower.


As she came out, Jay handed her two sponge balls and said “make a fist with your hands.”  As she did this, he wrapped silver tape round her fists, so that they were covered, before he walked behind her, crossing her wrists behind her back and securing them firmly together, the rope going around and between the sliver bands over her wrists.  He then took the rope round her waist, keeping her hands secured against her back, before taking a longer length of rope and wrapping it round her, pulling it tight under her chest as he arms were forced to her sides.


“Oh my,” she whispered as the rope was pulled tightly round her, forming bands above and below her chest as her top was pulled over it, and then trying not to let Jay see her shiver as he further tightened the bands by taking the rope under her arms and round the back of her neck.


As she twisted round, she saw Mrs McPhee come out of Helen’s room, smiling as she said “Ah dinnae think they’ll be awake much longer.”


“Do you need some help?”


As she nodded, Elsa said “May I see them please?”


“Of course,” Jay said as he walked her to the bedroom, and she saw the masked man laying Fiona on her back, securing her wrists to the ropes round her legs before he zipped up the sleeping bag.  All the girls had their eyes closed, their heads resting on the pillows as Jay guided Elsa away.


“Have you seen them,” Greta asked as Elsa sat down.


“They’re all asleep in their sleeping bags,” she said as Jay took a mobile phone from his pocket.


“This is Jay Edwards.


“Assure him the wives and girls are unharmed.  Is the transfer progressing?


“Good.  When it is complete, secure and silence him, then call me.”


“Is Kurt all right,” Greta said as she wriggled round.


“He is fine – but I think it is time for the four of you to be secured and silenced for the night.”  He nodded to the two masked men in the room, who each took a sponge ball from a bag in each of their hands and compressed them.  “Open your mouths as wide as you can.”


“We’ll talk about this tomorrow,” Greta said quietly, the other three women nodding as each of them felt the sponge expand in their mouths, and then the cloth pulling back the corners of their mouth as the knotted strips of towelling was pulled between their lips.


“Whllthtsphrthnn,” Greta said before the white tape was wound tightly round her head, covering her lips and the cloth before Jay tore the end free and pressed it down to the back of her head.  She watched as her three friends were tape gagged in the same way, before a folded white scarf was tied round her head, covering the tape band as well, all four eventually looking the same.


“Shall we,” Jay said as he indicated the door, Greta nodding as she stood up and walked to the door, the other three following as the ropes rubbed on them.  They walked in single file along the hall, up the stairs, and past Helen’s bedroom, all of them looking in to see the six girls asleep on their backs.


Walking into Greta’s bedroom, Jay said “Two of you sit on the floor, two on the bed.”  Dolly and Elsa looked at each other, and then sat by then bed as Greta and Tonia sat on the bed on the other side.  Jay and the three masked men then knelt down, each of them holding ropes which they used to bind their ankles tightly together, and then their legs below their knees, each band cinched by taking the rope between their legs as well.


“Help them to lie down,” Jay said as he walked round, watching as Dolly and Elsa were laid down on their sides facing each other, their heads on pillows before Elsa felt the masked man pulling her ankles back, and securing them to her chest rooms.  She watched Dolly as the same thing was down to her, and then nodded as the men walked to the bed.


Greta and Tonia were then laid on the bed, again facing each other as they were hogtied, Greta feeling the increased pressure on her chest as the rope was tied to the rope from her ankles.  She could see Tonia felt the same, as Jay said “Check them every ten minutes” and the men left, the lights going off.


“Ahl secure,” Mrs McPhee said as Jay walked out.


“They are – start to clear up, everyone.  And well done – it has been a long, but profitable day.”






The sun was just starting to rise as the gates opened, and a blue people carrier drove through, coming to a stop on the driveway of the Hart home.


“Well, that was a good night,” Gary Byrd said as he got out of the passenger seat, wearing a camouflage jacket and jeans.


“Yeah – but I think some coffee and time with the family is needed now,” Paul Hart said as he closed and locked the car door.  The two men nodded as they walked up to their front doors, unlocking and walking into their houses together – and then coming back out again a few minutes later.


“We’ve bene robbed,” Paul said quietly, “and I can’t find Elsa in the house.”


“Same here – and no sign of Dolly,” Gary said.  “The girls were over at Kurt’s place for a sleepover, so they should be safe.”


“I know it’s early, but we’d better check,” Paul said as they quickly walked over to the Cabot house, Gary going to knock on the door- and then stand back as it opened inwards.


The two men looked at each other, before they walked in, Paul saying “Girls?  Greta?”


“Do you hear that,” Gary said, both men listening before they slowly walked up the stairs.  “Girls?” Paul called out again, and this time he did hear the noise, as he walked to one of the bedrooms.


“Is it safe for me to come in,” he said quietly, and then he heard a voice say “HLLPHHSSSS” Looking at Gary, he opened the door inwards, both men looking in as their eyes opened wide.


“Hlhhddhdhddd,” Myra said as she looked up form one of the six sleeping bags, “hrrrjhhndmhssmhcfhsthlhrrr?”


“Oh my god,” Gary said as he walked over, pulling down the scarf from his daughter’s mouth and then seeing the band of white tape round her head.  He opened the sleeping bag and saw the way she was tied, before he said “are you all like this?”


The other five girls nodded as Paul took out his mobile phone and dialled 999 – only for both men to hear the sirens.  “We’ll be back,” Gary said as they went to the main bedroom and opened the door.


“Hfhnkghhdd – hhhrthghrls?”


“Shit,” Paul said as he and Gary knelt on the floor and released their wives from the hogties, hearing the footsteps on the stairs as they turned to see Kurt run in, his clothes dishevelled.


“Kurt, what the hell happened here,” Gary said as he ran over and hugged Greta, before he started to remove her gag.


“Jay Edwards – the girls?”


“In the bedroom,” Paul said as the police came in, and ambulances started to appear outside…







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