Jay’s Japanese Day







“May I say what an honour it is that you are considering our firm to handle your European accounts, Yakamoto-San,” Mark Williamson said as he stood, and bowed towards the visitor in his office.  He was a Japanese man, with short dark hair, and smartly dressed.


“Your reputation precedes you, Mr Williamson,” his visitor said with a smile, “and all I have seen today tells me that you are more than capable of what we require.  If you will send me the draft contract, I am sure I will be able to quickly approve it.”


“Then I look forward to our working together,” Mark said as they shook hands, and he showed Mr Yakamoto out of his office.  As he left the building, Mark watched him walk to the car and drive away, smiling to himself…




“So you think you have secured the Yakamoto account,” Yvonne Williamson said to her husband as they sat in the front room at their home.  Charlie and Lisa, their children, were already in bed, and Mark was pouring some wine into two glasses.


“I think we have – a very useful account to have, and I hope what might be about to happen to him does not dissuade him from using our accounting services.”


“Well, you weren’t to know, were you,” Lisa said as Mark spread a series of photos out on the coffee table.  “So, who do we have?”


“Well – this is his wife, Nikki,” Mark said as he pointed to the family picture, and to the dark haired woman.  “The three girls are Tamiko, who is thirteen, Suki is seven, and Kim is five.”


Lynn nodded as she looked at the three girls, all wearing dresses as they stood with their parents.  “Okay then – any other family members?”


“Nikki’s mother lives in the house with them,” Mark said as he looked at a picture of an older Japanese woman.  “And then there is Mrs Gray, the housekeeper.”


“That’s her, right,” Lynn said as she pointed to a picture of another older woman, dark haired, wearing a grey coat dress.


“Yup – she lives alone in the house, but most weekends she has her grandchildren staying with her, so we need to be prepared for that possibility,” Mark said as he looked at the blonde haired twin boy and girl.


“How old are they – nine?”


Mark nodded as he said “my plan would be to move in at midday on the Saturday – she takes the girls shopping then, and I understand her mother has a group meeting.  So we take Mrs Gray hostage, secure the house – and move on from there.”


“How many?”


“I’ve called four of our contacts in, and the kids are staying with the Cottrells for the weekend.  So – ready to have some fun?”


“I am – the package from Brian?”


“I got it today – let’s relax for now, and watch a film…”




Mrs Gray looked out of the kitchen window and smiled as her grandchildren ran round the large lawn at the rear of the house.  Tom was wearing a hooded parka over a striped rugby top, blue jeans and sneakers, while his twin sister Ella wore a pink puffa jacket over a short grey dress, red ribbed tights and short black leather boots with a zip fastening on the inside.  They had arrived last night for the weekend, and were giving their grandmother some time to catch up on the laundry.


The housekeeper was wearing a dark tartan dress over a grey top, a wide belt round her waist, dark tights and knee length black leather boots.  her red hair was cut in a long bob, and she wore dark red glasses.


Smiling, she walked to the side and poured some hot water into a mug, adding some coffee as she heard the intercom for the gate at the front of the house ring.  Walking over, she pressed the button and said “yes?”


“Delivery for Mrs Yakamoto,” a man with a Geordie accent said.  Mrs Gray looked at a list by the speaker, before she said “this would be the delivery from Edwards Florists?”


“That’s right – can ye buzz us in?”


“All right,” Mrs Gray said as she pressed a button, and then walked to the front of the house, smiling as she heard a van come to a halt at the front of the house.  Opening the front door, she said “so where do I…”


“Thank you Mrs Gray – please, go back in, and don’t say a word.”


As she walked back, the five men and one woman walked in as well, one of them closing the door.  They were identically dressed – dark blue boiler suits, black boots and gloves, and black balaclavas over their heads so that only their eyes and lips were visible.


“Now, some introductions,” the first man said in his soft Geordie accent, “my name is Jay Edwards, and this is my group of associates.  We are going to be staying for a little while, but so long as you do as I say, no harm will befall you or anyone else.  Understand?”


As she nodded, Jay smiled and said “good – now, I have an important question to ask.  Are your grandchildren here?”


“Yes, but…  Oh on, please, no…”


“Dinnae fret,” the woman said in a Scottish accent, “we’re gonna take guid care o them.  Where er they?”


“Out…  Out the back… Please, don’t hurt them…”


“We have no intentions of doing so,” Jay said quietly, “let’s go into the kitchen, and then I want you to call them in…”




“Tom!  Ella!  Lunchtime!”


“Coming gran,” the young boy said as the both ran to the house, walked in – and then stopped as they saw the masked men and woman in the kitchen.


“Tom, Ella,” Mrs Gray said quietly, “I want you to do what they say, all right?”


“What’s happening Granny,” Ella said quietly.


“Ah’ll tell ye,” the masked woman said, “Tom, Ella, we’re gonna play a game o hostages – and ye and yer granny are the hostages.  So, will ye do what we say, and haf sum fun?”


The twins looked at their grandmother, and nodded as the woman said “guid – Ah’m Mrs McPhee, and I want ye tae tek yer coats off, hang them up, and sit at the table wi yer hands on yer heads.”


“Do as they say, kids,” Mrs Gray whispered as she watched her grandchildren hang their coats up, and then sit on the chairs, putting their hands on their heads as Mrs McPhee opened a bag, took two lengths of rope out, and tied their waists to the chair backs.


“Now,” Jay said as he looked at Mrs Gray, “if anyone calls, take a message, and if anyone has a deliver, take it – but remember we have the children in here, understand?”


As she nodded, he said “good – so, their lunch…”





“What are you going to do when we have finished,” Tom said as he took a drink from his glass of milk.


“Well, we need to make sure that your grandmother’s employers do not know we are here,” Jay said as he sat at the table, “so Mrs McPhee and I are going to make sure you and your sister are kept somewhere out of the way.  We’ll make sure you stay quiet, but you’ll be comfortable, and your grandmother will join you later.  Once everyone is home, we’ll bring you all together, and we’ll see what happens after that.”


“Granny, I’m scared,” Ella said quietly as she looked over.


“I know – but I don’t think they’ll hurt you lass,” Mrs Gray said quietly.  “Treat it as a big adventure.”


“Tha’s ae guid idea,” Mrs McPhee said quietly, “now, which o ye is gonna go to the toilet furst?”


“I will,” Tom said as Mrs McPhee untied him from the chair, and led him from the table.


“Now,” Jay said as he looked at Mrs Gray, “we’ll keep the children in your rooms, if that is all right?”  The older woman slowly nodded as she started to gather the plates, and place them in the dishwasher as Mrs McPhee returned with Tom – Ella noticing that he had his wrists crossed together in front of him, and tied securely with rope.


“It’s all right, Ella, it doesn’t hurt – you go with Mrs McPhee,” he said quietly as Jay untied the young girl, and then she went with the masked woman.  When she returned, her wrists were also tied together in front of her, as Jay said “we’re going to go to your grandmother’s rooms for a little while.  Will you lead the way Ella?  Please ensure Mrs Gray keeps to our arrangement.”


“I’ll see you both later,” she called out as Jay and Mrs McPhee followed the children to a door, Jay opening it as they went into a small sitting room, with a couch and a seat facing the television.  Jay had brought with him some more lengths of rope, while Mrs McPhee had a roll of white tape.


“Riht – sit yerselfs doon on the couch,” she said with a smile, “and we’ll make ye both cumfy.”


“What is the tape for,” Tom asked as Mrs McPhee put it down on the floor, then knelt down as she crossed his ankles and started to tie them together.


“Well, ah’ll show ye in a wee while,” she said with a smile as he felt the rope pulling his ankles together – tightly, but not uncomfortably.  Somehow, he wasn’t afraid any more, and as he looked at his twin sister he could see she was more relaxed as well.


“Your turn,” Jay said as he knelt beside Ella, and crossed her ankles before he began to secure them, the rope sinking into the soft leather as she watched.


“What can we watch,” she said as Jay tied the ropes off, and then started to secure her legs together below her knees.


“Whatever you want – later, it will what Mrs Yakamoto’s girls wish to watch, but this is your time,” Jay said as he tied the rope between her legs, and then tied her wrists down to that band of rope.  She looked at Tom as he was secured in the same way, before she said “can we watch Robot Wars?”


“Of course ye can,” Mrs McPhee said as she stood up, “but ferst, ah need tae put sum o this tape on yer moufs, tae keep ye quiet.  It disnae hurt.”


“We’ll be brave together sis,” Tom said quietly, Ella nodding as the tape was pressed firmly over their mouths, and Jay turned the television on, the program starting as a masked man came in.


“Just sit quietly with them,” he said as they both nodded, while he and Mrs McPhee returned to the kitchen. 


“Are they all right,” Mrs Gray asked quietly.


“They are fine,” Jay said as he looked at the clock, “go about your duties – but one of us will be with you until the family start to arrive home…






“Jay – car incoming.”


“Remember – act normally, and welcome them as normal,” Jay whispered as Mrs Gray nodded, and walked to the front door, opening it as Nikki Yakamoto came in.  “Everything all right Mrs Gray,” she said as she removed her great coat, revealing a red floral print dress, the sleeves reaching to just above her wrists, the skirt at her knees, and a pair of long beige leather boots going under the hem.  The neckline was open, and she wore a set of beads as a necklace.


“No problems,” Mrs Gray said quietly as her mother followed her in.  She was wearing a red wool dress, with a matching scarf tied loosely around her neck, and black leather boots which also went up under the hem of the skirt.


“The children will be returning in an hour,” Nikki said as she looked at Mrs Gray, “may we have some coffee please.”


“Of course,” the housekeeper said quietly, “but there is something I need to discuss first, with both of you.”


“Oh – and that is?”


“If we can go into the front room, I can explain there,” Mrs Gray said as she held the door open, Nikki looking at her mother as they walked in, and then she said “oh my god…”


“Good afternoon, Mrs Yakamoto,” Jay said as he sat in a leather seat, the gun on his lap as the other masked men – and woman – looked on.  “My name is Jay Edwards – I presume you have heard of me?”


The younger woman slowly nodded as Mrs Gray said “I am so sorry – they arrived at lunchtime, they have my babies hostage somewhere…”


“It’s all right Mrs Gray,” Nikki finally said, “I know of this man, you did the right thing.”


“On which note,” Jay said as one of the other masked men took Mrs Gray’s hands behind her back and bound them together with rope, “you should join your grandchildren.  Be assured, your mistress and her family are safe in our hands.”


Mrs Gray nodded as the rope was pulled tight round and between her wrists, and then tied off, before she was turned round and a strip of white tape pressed over her lips.  As she was taken off, Jay smiled and said “now, we need to make sure both you and your mother are prepared before your daughters return.  Once they are here, and secured, we wait for your husband to come home, and then we can discuss business.  For now, however, please – both of you, put your hands behind your back.”


“Do I have your word they will not be harmed?”


“So long as they do as we say, then the worst that will happen is they and you are immobilised for some time,” Jay said with a smile as two other masked men went behind the two Japanese women, and crossed their wrists before they used white cord to secure their wrists together.


“So we will be bound and silenced as well?”


“Yes you will – but as I say, remain calm, and no harm will come to you.”




“I know we have no choice,” the older woman said as she wriggled her fingers, “do as they ask Nikki.  I do not wish any of us to suffer.”


“Will you both please take a seat,” Jay said as Nikki watched the masked woman.  “What is your role on this day,” she asked as she sat down, her mother sitting next to her.


“Oh ah’ll be looking eftr yer children,” she said in a Scots accent, as Jay said “Please, cross your ankles and rest your feet on the coffee table for a moment…”




“Thanks for the lift,” Tamiko Yakamoto said as she got out of the car, and entered the access code to the gate before she walked to the front door of her house.  The thirteen year old was wearing a black Def Leppard t-shirt and wide flared skirt, black Doc Martens with blue socks, and a black bandana tied in her hair.


Walking into the house, she put her bag down and called out “I’m home.  Anyone around?”  She heard a noise in the front room, and walked in - stopping and staring as she saw her mother and grandmother sitting on the couch, their arms behind their backs, lengths of rope holding their legs together at the ankles and knees, and the sound of leather squeaking added to by their muffled words through the tape covering their mouths.


“No ae wird, lassie,” a soft Scottish voice said as a leather gloved hand was pressed over Tamiko’s mouth.  “Stay calm…”


“Mffrrrr?  Grnddmffrrr?”


Nikki looked at her oldest daughter, and wriggled round as she said “Kpppchllmmmtemmeekkk – lisssntthewummun.”  Tamiko looked at her and nodded as Mrs McPhee said “thank you – now lass – go an sit yerself down on that chair there, and put your hands togefer as ef ye’re praying.”


“Who are you,” she said quietly as she walked over and sat in the rocking chair.


“Ye can call me Mrs McPhee – my friends and I are staying here a wee while, because we want tae talk to yer father.  We’re all gonna play sum games while we wait – and we need ye tae be quiet, so please, do as I say.”


“Shhllrrrhttt,” her grandmother said as she watched Mrs McPhee bind Tamiko’s wrists together with soft rope, taking the rope around and between her arms, and then bind her ankles side by side in the same way.


“Are you robbers?”


“Aye – but ye’re no afraid, are ye,” Mrs McPhee said as she looked at the teenager, Tamiko looking back at her before she shook her head and said “no – how do you do that?”


“Eet’s ae geeft,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile as she tied Tamiko’s legs together below her knees, and then tied her wrists down to them.  “Noo, we need tae keep ye quiet – so put yer lips together, and stay calm.”


Tamiko nodded as she felt the white tape that was pressed over her lips, Nikki and her mother relaxing as Mrs McPhee stood up, and said “guid – noo, we wait fer yer sisters…”




Nikki heard the car draw up and looked at Mrs McPhee, saying “pllsllhttmmtulkk” as the tape crinkled over her lips.  The masked Scot walked over and peeled the tape away as Tamiko rocked gently to and fro, saying “Aye?”


“Please, help me to jump to the longer couch,” she said quietly as her mother watched.  “I know you will be binding Suki and Kim as well, but it will be more comfortable for them if you let me do the talking.”


Mrs McPhee looked over at Jay, who nodded as he came over and they helped the mother to jump to the couch, the other two wriggling round as she did so.  Settlign herself in the centre seat, she looked at the room door as they all heard the front door open and close, and a young voice say “Mummy?”


“Is that you Suki,” Nikki called out.


“Me as well mummy,” a younger girl said.


“Would you both come into the front room – I need to tell you both something.”


Mrs McPhee watched as Suki and Kim came into the room.  Suki had long brown hair, that hung loosely on her head and on the shoulders of her brown jersey dress.  The dress had thin lighter horizontal hoops, and a little red bow at the collar.  She was also wearing white tights and mid-calf burgundy red leather boots.


“What is it mu…”  she said as she came in, and saw her family bound and two of them with tape over their mouths.


“Mummy,” Kim said as she came in and stood with Suki.  Her long dark hair was in pigtails, and she was wearing a faded blue denim pinafore dress over a long-sleeved lemon coloured top, dark tights and tan leather boots that came over her ankles.


“Don’t be upset, girls,” Niki said as she twisted round.  “I know there are masked strangers in the house, and I know we have been tied up, and Tamiko and Grandma have tape over their mouths.  This lady is Mrs McPhee, and the man is Jay Edwards.  They want to get your father to do something for them, and they have been here for a while, and will stay a while longer.”


“Are you hurt, Mummy,” Kim asked quietly.  Nikki shook her head, and said “no – we can’t move, but it doesn’t hurt.  I want you both to come and sit next to me, and hold your hands out while Mrs McPhee makes sure they are like Tamiko’s.  Will you do that please?”


“Htsshllrhtt,” Tamiko said as the two young girls sat either side of their mother, Mrs McPhee putting their hands together in prayer before she used lengths of cord to secure their wrists.  Suki twisted her wrists round, then looked at the masked woman and said “is this going to be a game?”


“Aye – a game everyone plays,” she said with a smile as she tied Kim’s wrists together.


“You have a funny accent,” Kim said as she watched Mrs McPhee take more rope, and tie her ankles tightly together, before she folded the skirt of her dress back, and tied her legs together.


“Aye, ah know – do ye like it?”


Kim nodded as Mrs McPhee folded the hem of her skirt back, then tied her wrists to her ankles, before she tied Suki’s ankles and legs together, and then her wrists to the band of rope below her knees.


“That’s a funny noise,” she said as she tried to move her ankles, Kim joining in as Nikki and her mother did the same.


“Tamiko just has to listen,” Kim laughed as Tamiko nodded.


“Now, my wee wans, Ah need tae put some tape ower yer muffer’s mouf, and ower yers,” Mrs McPhee said as she picked up the white tape.  “Once ah’ve dun that, we’ll put ah film on, and ye can all watch and sign along.”


“also,” Jay said as he spoke with his soft Geordie accent, “we’ll bring Mrs Grey and her grandchildren in to watch with you, so you can all wait for your father to come home.”


“Tom and Ella are playing as well,” Suki said as she looked round.


“that’s right,” Jay said with a smile as Mrs McPhee re-gagged Nikki, and she looked at the two young girls.  “So, if you put your lips together, Mrs McPhee will cover your mouths as well, while I go and fetch them.”


Suki and Kim both nodded as the white tape was gently pressed onto their lips, Nikki kissing each of them with her taped mouth as she said “Whrrlllverreebrf, ysss?”


“Yssmmma,” they both said as they watched the door while Jay walked out, returning a few minutes later with Ella as she wriggled in his arms.


“Hllleeenukkee,” she mumbled through her tape gag as he placed her on one end of the other couch, Nikki’s mother watching as he left again, and returned with Tom, who looked at all the others as he was sat down.


Finally, he helped Mrs Gray to come through, her eyes wide as she looked at the girls and said “huuuhllrhttt?”


“Thiiirllfunnn,” Nikki said as the housekeeper was sat between her grandchildren, Ella smiling at Suki and Kim under the tape as the television was turned on, and the film began…





Hiro Yakamoto smiled as he drove up to his front door, and got out of the car.  It had been a long and productive day, and he was looking forward to spending time with his family.


Walking in and closing the door, he could hear the music coming from the front room, as he left his briefcase on the floor and looked ta himself in the mirror.  The neat suit, light blue shirt, dark tie, all correct, as he walked in and said “Good evening ever…”


“Good evening, Mr Yakamoto,” Jay said as he made a slight bow, Hiro looking at his family, his housekeeper and her family, all bound and tape gagged.  “Forgive the intrusion – my name is Jay Edwards, and I would like to conduct some business with you…”


“Jay Edwards?”  He looked round the room as he said “are you all right?  They have not harmed you?”  The children all shook their heads as Nikki looked over, and said “nnhhwwhrrfffnnn.”


“I wish to talk to my wife,” he said as he looked at Jay.


“Of course – release Mrs Yakamoto’s legs, and we will have a discussion.  One of you also release Mrs Grey – she needs to start to prepare supper.  Mrs McPhee, will you be able to keep control here with the others?”


“Aye,” the masked woman said as one of the masked men released Nikki’s ankles and legs, and helped her to stand up as Jay took her arm.  “Shall we,” he said as he indicated the door, Mr Yakamoto nodding as they made their way to his study.  Helping her to sit down, he gently peeled the tape away from her mouth as he said “tell me what happened.”


“They were here when Mother and I returned,” Nikki said as Jay looked on, “they already had Mrs Grey and her grandchildren hostage, then they tied us up – and the girls as they came home.”


“But you have not been hurt?”


“Hurt?”  Nikki looked at Jay as she said “no.  Scared, and a little stiff, yes, but not scared.  They have treated the girls and Tom well – the masked woman, in particular, has taken very good care of them.”


Mr Yakamoto nodded, as Nikki said “Hiro, I genuinely believe they have no wish to hurt any of us, but I implore you – do what they say?”  He then looked at Jay, as he said “what do you wish me to do?”


“Well, first,” Jay said with a smile as one of the masked men came in, “go and change.  Then you can join your wife until supper is served, when you will at all together.  After that, this associate of mine will take you to our offices, to transact a small transfer of funds, while we remain with the others.  Do as we say, and they will be safe and well.”


“Very well then,” Hiro said as he stood up, “I will see you in a few minutes my dear.”  As he walked out, Nikki said “thank you.”


“For what?”


“For keeping your word.  Where will we go?”


“The dining room – you can both be the first to be seated…”




“Are you all right, hahaoya” Hiro said as he watched Jay escort in his mother in law.  He had changed into a V-necked sweater, and a pair of light grey pants, with his shirt visible under the sweater as he sat next to Nikki at one end of the long table.  The older woman nodded as she was sat down, looking on as one of the masked men tied her ankles to the front legs of the chair, and her waist to the chair back, before he released her arms and wrists.


As she reached up and peeled the tape away from her mouth, Jay poured a glass of water and handed it to her, watching as she took a drink before she said “I am fine – sore, but fine.  So what happens now?”


“I am told supper will be ready soon, so we will bring the children in two at a time, and secure them to the chairs, before Mrs McPhee helps Mrs Grey to bring the food in.  Once you have eaten, I think a family game time would be a good idea, before you have to go.”


“Keep things as normal as possible, mother,” Nikki said, the older woman nodding as Mrs McPhee escorted Suki and Kim in, their wrists still bound and tape over their mouths. 


“Hae ae seat,” she said as the two girls sat either side of the table, waiting as Mrs McPhee wrapped some rope round their waists to hold them against the chair backs, and then secured their ankles, before she pushed the chairs in.  “Once yer all seated, we’ll untie yer wrists and tak the tape off.”


The two girls nodded as their grandmother said “you are every brave girls.”


“Fnnkkuusubu,” Suki said as Kim looked on, then to the door as Mrs McPhee escorted Tamiko and Ella into the dining room, helping them to sit in two more chairs before their ankles and their waists were secured.  As she left, Mrs Grey brought plates in and set them in front of the captives, as well as the two remaining chairs, leaving as Tom was walked in and tied to one of the chairs.


Mrs McPhee then removed the tape from the mouths of each child, and released their wrists, putting the tape in a bag and the rope to the sides before she gave each of them a drink, and left the room.


“Sobo, are you all right,” Tamiko said as she put her glass down.


“I am,” their grandmother said as she twisted round, “but what of you Tom and Ella?  I understand you have been held captive longer than all of us.”


“I’m all right, thank you,” Ella said, “it was scary at first, but with Grandma there we were all right.”


“Yeah,” Tom said as he looked at Hiro.  “Mr Yakamoto, if we could have stopped them, we would…”


“It is not your fault, Thomas – I realise you had no choice,” Hiro said with a smile as Mrs McPhee and Mrs Grey started to carry through plates of finger food, placing them down as he said “we will pass the plates around and you can take what you want.”


“I have meat and noodles for after,” Mrs Grey said, “I will join you when that is ready.”


“Thank you, Mrs Grey, – eat, everyone,” Nikki said as the plates were passed round, and they all took some snacks.


“I didn’t realise how hungry I was,” Tamiko said as she bit into a roll.


“Well, fear is an adrenaline based reaction – it can leave you hungry,” Jay said with a smile as he watched.


“what happens after supper,” Kim asked as she looked round.


“Well, your father is going to do something for me, and we’re going to stay until it is done,” Jay said as he looked at the table.  “We’re all going to play a game, but eventually you will all change into nightclothes, and we will make sure you stay snug and quiet in your beds – or in the case of you two,” he said as he looked at Ella and Tom, “your grandmother’s bed.”


“We’re going to be tied up in bed?”


“I fear so,” Nikki said as she looked at them, “so we will all be the same, and we will all be brave together.”


“You as well,” Mrs Grey said as she laid plates in front of each them, and then sat down in the spare chair, her hands raised as her legs and waist were secured and then she started to eat with them.



“That was a truly excellent meal, Mrs Grey,” Hiro said as he pushed the plate away.


“Thank you, Mr Yakamoto,” the housekeeper said as the masked men gathered the dishes up and took them to the kitchen.


“Noo then,” Ms McPhee said as she looked round, “Ah fink ye need tae go somewhere.  Who’ll be furst?”


“I need to go,” Kim said as she raised her hand, Mrs McPhee nodding as she released her legs and waist, and took her by the hand as she walked to the toilet, with a length of cord in her gloved hand.  The others watched as they went off, before Tom said “I’ll protect you all.”


“Well, you’re going to be the same as all of them,” Jay said with a smile, “but please, feel free to act the protector.  In fact, you can help me and Mrs McPhee later?”


“Help you?  To tie them up?”


“Yes – do you want to?”


“I’d be happier if you did it to me, bro,” Ella said as she looked over.




“When the time comes,” Mrs Grey said as she looked at Jay, “do all three of us together.”


“Of course,” he said with a smile as Kim came back in, her wrists now tied together behind her back as she sat in the chair, and Suki was taken out by Mrs McPhee…



“Now then – I trust we are all settled?”


The five children nodded as they sat round the low table, the Monopoly board set up in front of them as Mrs McPhee and one of the masked men looked on.  All of them had their wrists secured behind their backs now, and were sitting cross legged, their ankles secured together as well, and rolled up white scarves were tied between their lips as cleave gags.


“noo then – ah’ll be banker,” Mrs McPhee said, “and the deal is, when you are oot, ye get read fer bed, understand?”


“sswehhdeee,” all five said as the masked man rolled the dice, moving Kim’s piece before she nodded and bought The Angel Islington.


“You go with Mrs Grey,” Jay said as he looked at another of his friends, “collect suitable night wear for everyone, and place it in the main bathroom.  Also, find some pairs of sports socks.”


He nodded as he took Mrs Grey by the arm, while he looked at Hiro, Nikki and Sobo.  They were sat side by side on the long couch, their wrists secured again behind their backs but that was all.


“They seem calm,” the older woman said as she twisted round.


“They will be, Mrs McPhee is very good with younger children,” Jay said with a smile.  “so, you understand what is required Mr Yakamoto?”


Hiro nodded as he said “I have your word none of them will be harmed?”


“Secured and silenced, but unharmed so long as they do as we say,” Jay smiled as he looked at them.  Kim nodded as she paid a fine, and then the next turn was taken.


“We will be fine,” Nikki said as she looked over, “do as they say.”


Hiro nodded as Jay stood up, walked over and untied his wrists.  “It is nearly time,” he said to an associate, “take him and let him prepare.”


“We will be fine,” Sobo said as he nodded and went into the hallway, his daughters looking up as he left.  When he returned a few minutes later, he kissed each of them on the forehead, and said “be brave all of you – and you as well.”


“Whulll,” Tom and Ella said as they looked up, the cloth darkening in their mouths as Hiro nodded to Jay, the salute returned before he was taken out of the house.


“Shall I arrange some supper for the children,” Mrs Grey said as she came in.


“Please do – they will have it when they have got changed for bed,” Nikki said as Tamiko looked up, and said “Hmmbnkruhhtt.”


“So ye are,” Mrs McPhee said as she stood up, and untied her ankles before helping Tamiko to stand, “you cum wif me.”


Tamiko nodded as she was taken out of the room, and walked up the stairs, seeing the masked man outside the bathroom as Mrs McPhee untied her wrists.


“In ye go – hae a wash, change, then cum back out.”  Tamiko nodded as she went in, removing the white gag and looking at the dark stain where it had sat in her mouth, then putting it into the laundry basket before she started to strip and ran a shower.


When she came back out, she was wearing a pale blue vest top and shorts, looking at Mrs McPhee as she said “Good – cum on doon.”


“No ropes?”


“Noh yet – we’ll take care o all o ye tegafur,” she said as she was walked back to the front room, in time to see Tom stand up as his ankles were untied.


“Sit wi yer mam and gran,” Mrs McPhee said, Tamiko hugging both of them before she sat down and watched the game.


One by one the children were taken out and returned – Tom was wearing a pair of blue pyjamas with white trim, then Suki in a white nightdress with a pink Hello Kitty on it.  Ella came next in a blue nightdress, and finally Kim in a pair of pink pyjamas.


“Awhl reet,” Mrs McPhee said as Mrs Grey brought in a tray of biscuits, and some glasses of milk, “ye haf some supper.  Jay?”


“Take her to the bathroom,” Jay said as he helped Nikki’s mother to stand up, “allow her to wash and change, prepare her, then bring her back down.”  Sobo nodded as she looked round, and then followed the man out of the room.


“Are we really going to be tied up,” Suki said as she looked over.


“Ye are, but it’ll be fun,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile.  “Ye’ll see.”


“I want to be with my children when that happens,” Nikki said as she looked at Jay.


“Of course – once your mother returns, you may go and change,” Jay said with a smile.  “Mrs Grey will prepare once we have begun the process.”


When the grandmother returned, she was wearing a pair of black silk pyjamas, but her arms were behind her back.  As she turned and sat down, Nikki saw the red rope that held her crossed wrists tightly together.


“Does it hurt,” she whispered, her mother shaking her head as she said “no – it is firm and tight, but it does not hurt – they let me feel the rope first.”


“And it is?”


“Japanese silk rope – do I feel honoured or scared, Nikki?”


“I wish I knew,” Nikki said with a small smile as she was helped to stand up, and walked to the bathroom.


Walking in, she sat on the toilet and looked at the rows of shoes and boots, as well as the full laundry basket, before she pulled her own boots off, and stood up, slowly removing her clothing.  For a day that should have been terrifying, she was surprisingly relaxed, and for some strange reason was looking forward to what was going to happen…


When she came out, she was wearing a pair of red silk pyjamas, and looked at the length of rope the masked man was holding out.  As she took the rope and felt it, she nodded and then handed it back, turning and crossing her wrists behind her back as she felt the cords been wrapped around and between her wrists.  She could feel the soft cords with her fingers as she relaxed, and then walked back down the stairs.


As she came in, she could see the four girls standing in a line, her mother watching as Jay and Mrs McPhee gave each of them a sponge ball to hold in their hands.


“What’s happening,” she said as she sat down, Mrs Grey been taken out as Tom watched.


“They said it was time for the children to start to get ready,” her mother replied as Mrs McPhee took a roll of silver tape, and told the four girls to make a fist.  She then covered Kim’s fists, turning them into silver balls before she moved on to Suki.  Tom then took a pair of white sports socks, and pulled them over the young girl’s hands, before Jay pated the tops of the socks to Kim’s pyjama top.  They moved along, but when it came to Ella Mrs McPhee handed the roll of tape to Tom, and said “we promised ye’d tak care o yer sister – you do it Tom.”


“Are you all right,” Tom whispered, Ella nodding as she watched her brother cover her fist with the silver tape, then pull the socks up over her sleeves and then taping them in place.”


“Will I be having this as well,” Tom said as he looked at Mrs McPhee.


“Ae – but no yet.  Noo, take this rope and feel it.”


Tom took the length of red rope and said “it feels soft” as he watched Mrs McPhee, Jay and one of the masked men take another length each, and doubled it over as they did before standing behind Ella.


“Copy us,” Jay said as he crossed Suki’s wrists behind her back, Tom crossing Ella’s in the same way and following their instruction as he tied his sister’s wrists together behind her back.  Ella looked over her shoulder, and whispered “thank you” as he passed the rope between her arms to tighten the binding, and then tied the ends off.  Jay came over and looked, then smiled as he said “well done – now, take the rope, and tie it round your sister’s waist so that her wrists are held against her back.”


“Won’t it hurt when we go to bed?”


“Not if you lie on your side,” Jay said with a smile as Tom copied him, tying the rope around her waist and wrists, and then between her back and her arms to keep them in place.


“Are you all coping,” Nikki said as she looked at her daughters, Tamiko looking at the other two and then nodding as the associate passed a length of rope around her arms and body, pulling tight round her stomach and then winding it above and below her chest as the same thing was done to the other three girls.


“Do you have to do that,” Sobo said quietly, looking on as Jay nodded and said “all the same, and it is safer if you really cannot move.”


“It’s all right, Sobo,” Suki said as the ropes were pulled tight, “it’s like you and mummy giving us all a long hug.”


“Tha’s rheet,” Mrs McPhee said as she tied the ropes off on Kim, and then used two smaller lengths to cinch and tightened the bands between her arms and body.  Nikki and her mother looked at all four of the girls, as Jay said “Well, before we get Tom ready, we need to make sure none of you can talk.”


As Mrs Grey came in, wearing a yellow nightshirt with her wrists tied behind her back, she saw Mrs McPhee fold four small white cloths, and then putting one into the mouths of each of the four girls, before Jay tied a knotted length of towelling between the lips of each one.


“now - ready for the next layer?”


All four nodded as he wound white tape tightly round their heads, and then helped them to sit down as Mrs McPhee looked at Tom.


“My turn?”


“Aye son – yer turn…”


The girls and Mrs Grey watched as Tom held two sponges in his hands, while I covered his fist with silver tape, then the socks, before they were taped to the sleeves of his pyjama top.  She then took his hands behind his back as Ella said “SnnhthdbhddTmmmm.”


“I know – and we’ll all be like this,” he said with a smile as his wrists were bound together, and then his arms tied to his sides by the masked Scottish woman.  As he wriggled round, he looked at the others – and tried not to stare at Tamiko as she looked over, moving herself.


“Open wide.”


He felt the cotton on his tongue as the folded cloth was pushed gently into his mouth, and then the towelling knot as the strip was tied round his head.  Finally, the white tape was wrapped tightly round his head, as Mrs Grey said “will they be all right?”


“Ach they’ll be fine,” Mrs McPhee said as she looked over, “but it’s time for all three of ye to go to bed.”  Mrs Grey watched as Jay unwound a longer length of rope, and then tied the older woman’s arms tightly to her sides, forming two bands above and below her chest as her nightshirt was stretched.


Jay then took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm before he tied it off, and said “say goodnight to everyone – time for you to come with me.  Mrs McPhee – arrange some entertainment for the others while we are away.”


“Sit doon lassies – ah’ll find ae film,” Mrs McPhee said as Jay and a masked man took Mrs Grey and her grandchildren to her bedroom, and all three sat on the edge of the bed. 


“What are you going to do,” Mrs Grey said as the masked man sat down, crossed her ankles and started to bind them tightly together with rope.


“Well, first I’ll secure the legs of all three of you,” he said as he looked up and smiled, “and make sure you’re quiet – then I make sure you all stay on the bed.”  Tom and Ella watched as he passed the rope between their grandmother’s legs, tightening the binding before he tied it off, and then folded the skirt of her nightdress back while he secured her legs below her knees, and then covered the rope.


“Ready,” he said as he looked at Ella, the young girl nodding as he watched Jay bind her legs, and then help her to lie on one side of the large bed, as he tied her ankles to the foot of the bed with more rope.


He then bound Tom’s legs, before he looked at Mrs Grey and said “time to be quiet.  Anything you wish to say?”  Mrs Grey nodded and looked at her grandchildren, before she said “you have both been very brave – I’ll tell your mum and dad about this tomorrow.”


“Fnksgrnneee,” Tom said as Jay folded a cloth, and said “open your mouth.”    Mrs Grey allowed him to push the cloth in, and then felt the towelling on her tongue as the knotted strip was tied into her mouth, before the white tape was wrapped tightly round her head.  She then lay on her back, watching as her ankles were also secured to the foot of the bed, before Tom lay on her other side and was also secured.


She turned her head from side to side, kissing her grandchildren on the cheek as Jay said “stay here until they sleep, then check every thirty minutes” before he left the room.




As he walked into the room, she saw Tamiko, Suki and Kim sitting on the long seat, their legs bound at the ankles and blow their knees as they sang along to the anime they were watching.


Nikki and Sobo were sat in the chairs, their arms heled tightly to their sides, their nightwear stretched over their chests by the bands above and below, and by the rope between their arms and upper bodies that cinched the binding.  Their legs were not yet tied, but like the girls they had bands of white tape wrapped round their heads.


He smiled as he heard them signing along to the theme tune…


Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru


Thnrren Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru
Thnrren Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru


Thnrren Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru
Tsukiyo no ban ni Okarina fuiteru
Thnrren Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru
Moshimo aeta nara Sutekina shiawase ga
Anata ni kuru wa

Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru


“My Neighbour Totoro?”


“Yup,” Mrs McPhee said as she looked over, “much tae be said fer the power of Studio Ghibli”


Thnrren Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru

Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru
Tuttru Tuttru Tuttru


Nikki looked over and mumbled “theffrsss?”


“Resting,” Jay said as Mrs McPhee nodded, “when the time comes, we will make sure you are as comfortable.”


The clock was showing half past nine as Kim slowly closed her eyes, Suki looking at hr and then at her mother.


“Bedtime for you two I think,” Jay said with a smile as he lifted Suki, and Mrs McPhee Kim.


“Uhlllsmshsswll,” Sobo said as she shifted forward and stood up, looking at her masked captors.


“Of course – watch Tamiko and her mother for me,” Jay said as they set off, two of the masked men staying in the room as the other one went with them.  Kim was laid on her side on her bed, and as she shuffled with her head on the pillow Mrs McPhee tied her ankles to the foot of her bed with a length of cord.


“Yer room next,” she said to Suki, who nodded as Jay carried her to the next room, and laid her on her own bed, Mrs McPhee securing her ankles before she picked up a book.  “Ahll stay a wee while and read,” she said as Jay and the other man took Sobo to her room.  She sat on her bed, watching as Jay secured her ankles and legs, and then helped her to lie on her side, her head resting on two pillows as he walked round and pulled her ankles back, securing them to her chest ropes.


“Stay here and check them all,” he said to the masked man before he walked quietly down the stairs, smiling as he saw Tamiko resting her head on Nikki’s chest.  His mobile phone buzzed as he took it out and looked at it.


“This is Jay.


“Good – continue and inform me when all is completed.”  Putting the phone away, he smiled and said “your husband is cooperating fully – perhaps it is time we took you to your beds.”


“Ehwhntntstwffmeemm,” Tamiko said as she looked at Jay,


“Are you sure?  If you do, you will be exactly like her.”


“Hmmshurr,” Nikki said as she nodded, Jay smiling as he picked Tamiko up and said “very well then – after you, Mrs Yakamoto.”


Nikki nodded as she walked off, wriggling her fingers as Jay lifted Tamiko and followed her, the final associate carrying a bag after them.  They climbed up the stairs, looking in on Kim as she slept on her side, and Suki as her eyes slowly closed while Mrs McPhee read, and then into the master bedroom.


“Please, take a seat,” Jay said as Nikki sat on one side of the bed, the associate taking some rope and kneeling as he crossed and tied her ankles together, while Jay walked round the bed and laid Tamiko gently down on her side.  As Nikki grunted at the pressure on her legs, Jay gently pulled Tamiko’s ankles back and then secured them to the ropes round her chest with a length of rope.


“Not too uncomfortable I hope,” he said to Tamiko, the young girl shaking her head as Nikki watched the masked man bind her legs below her knees, the red silk compressing under as the rope was taken round and between before it was tied off, and then she lay down, looking at Tamiko as she in turn was hogtied.


“Uhllrhhtt,” she mumbled, Tamiko nodding as she twisted round, and then her eyes slowly closed as the day had an effect on her.  “Sleep,” Nikki heard Jay say quietly, “all will be well in the morning.”


As her eyes slowly closed, she prayed her husband was safe, and they would all be gone soon…






“I hope they’re ready,” David Grey said as he turned off the main road, and made his way up the driveway, “I want to get home by lunchtime.”


“I’m sure your mother will have them ready,” Elaine said with a smile.  She was wearing a tan leather jacket and boots, with grey leggings and a white jumper, while her husband had on a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and trainers.  As they pulled up outside the house, everything was quiet, with just the morning chorus of the birds sounding.


“We’d better walk round to the kitchen – don’t want to bother the family,” Elaine said as they got out of the car, and walked round the house to the back door.  She put her hand on the door handle and opened it out, smiling as she said “Agnes?  We’re here.”


There was no reply, and as David walked in they noticed there as no sign of anything having been prepared for breakfast.


“That’s funny,” he said as he looked at his watch, “normally the girls are up by now at least.  Let’s go and check her room.”


As they walked down the corridor, Elaine could hear some muffled noises.  “I bet they’re playing a game with her while they wait for us,” she said as she knocked on the bedroom door, and said “Tom?  Ella?”




The couple looked at each other, before David opened the door and looked in, his face paling as he said “oh my god…”


“What is it,” Elaine said as she looked in, and saw all three of them lying on their sides, wriggling in the ropes that held them securely as they looked over the white bands around their necks.  Dave walked over and unwound the tape from his mother’s mouth, then eased the soaking wet towelling and cloth from her mouth as she gasped and said “oh thank god – call the police, son, there’s been a robbery…”


“I think they already know,” Elaine said as they all heard the sirens…




Nikki opened her eyes as she heard the sirens, and looked at Tamiko as she lay in front of her.



“Thmmekkee – whkkppphlpshhrrr.”


Her oldest daughter slowly opened her eyes as they heard slamming doors, footsteps and then a male voice say “we’ve got two kids in these rooms, tied and gagged.”


The door to the bedroom opened and Nikki rolled over, saying “Hhfnkkghd” as Hiro stood in the doorway, gasping before he ran over and kissed them both on the head as paramedics and policemen came in.


“The girls,” Nikki croaked as the gag was removed, “and my mother, are they…”


“Safe – sore, dry, but safe – we’ll get you free and then we can all talk,” Hiro said as the ropes were loosened on both women…




“We started to receive the intel as soon as you downloaded the patch,” Brian Holderness-Carter said on the screen as Mark sipped his coffee, “good work.  I trust it was profitable for you as well.”


“No complaints,” Mark said with a smile.  “In fact, we’re going to take a short break, so we won’t be around for a month or so.”


“Oh – anywhere nice?”


“Always wanted to visit Tokyo…”






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