Jay’s Pool Party








3 pm
The Collard House


A warm, sunny afternoon, the perfect time for a poolside barbecue.  At least, that was what Doug was thinking as he lay back on the recliner by the side of his swimming pool.  It was his fiftieth birthday, and this was the idea of his wife and daughters – and a damned fine idea it was, at least in his mind.


He was wearing a pair of blue swimming shorts, a cold beer on the table by his side, and all seemed to be right with the world.  He had the weekend away from his office, others could take care of financial transactions until the next morning.  Turning his head, he smiled as he saw his wife Robin lying on the recliner next to him, her eyes closed.  She was only two years younger than him, but she had the body of a woman ten years younger – and the vest top and Lycra shorts she was wearing showed that body to the fullest extent.


They had been married for over 25 years, and as he sat up to take a drink, he smiled at his two daughters who were swimming in the pool, their glasses half empty at the pool side.  Jacklyn, the oldest, was 22 years old, and was wearing a blue bikini, the halter neck fastening holding the top up as it covered her breasts.  She had light brown hair like her mother, while her younger sister Sera had the same shade of dark brown hair as her father.  She was wearing a slightly smaller white bikini, as she laughed and went to have another drink.


“Hey Dad,” Jacklyn called over, “When are you planning to actually cook some food?”


“When I decide to get up,” Doug replied with a smile as he finished his beer, “it’s a bit too hot at the moment anyway.  He looked over at Robin and smiled – and then stood up, walking slowly to the pool and then slipping in before he lay on his back and started to swim around.




“HEY,” Doug laughed as his two daughters started to splash him, Robin opening her eyes and slowly looking up at her family.


“Just how much have you three had to drink?”

“Not enough yet,” Sera replied with a laugh.  “Any chance of some more wine, Mum?”


“I guess I could go and have a look,” Robin said as she stood up, and waited for a moment before she slowly walked back to the kitchen door.  She could hear the others laughing and splashing as she walked into the large kitchen – and then stood still, her eyes wide as a leather gloved hand was placed over her mouth.


“Ah did wunder when ane o them would cum in,” a female voice said behind her in a Scottish accent.


“Indeed – but now that the lady of the house is here, we can begin.”  The man speaking had a North of England accent, as he stood in front of Robin.  He was wearing a blue boiler suit, black leather gloves and shoes, and a black balaclava mask that covered his head, only his eyes and mouth showing.


“Now then,” he said as he looked at Robin, his voice strangely calming, “allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jay Edwards, my friend and colleague Mrs McPhee.  We, and the other gentlemen, will be spending some time with you today.”


“Whtmmhhnn,” Robin mumbled under the gloved hand – and then she saw two more men walk in, identically dressed.


“Security disabled Jay – looks like only the four of them.”


“Ach -well, it makes ae nice change,” the woman said behind her, “Ah’ll tak mah hand awa, if ye promise no tae call oot.”


Robin slowly nodded as the gloved hand was removed, and her arms were taken behind her back.  “Now,” Jay said quietly as she heard a ripping sound, and then something stick to her wrist, “I like how conveniently your back garden is protected by those fences, so here is what we are going to do…”




“Jacklyn, Sera – can you come in a minute please?”


“Sure, Mum,” the older daughter said as they heard Robin call out, Doug watching them get out of the pool and walk towards the house as he lay in the water, his eyes closed against the warm sun as he enjoyed the silence.


“Good afternoon, Mister Collard.”


The voice was one he did not recognise – soft, lilting, almost musical, but as he opened his eyes and looked up, Doug found only one word that fitted the occasion.




“Dhhddwhtghhnnhn,” Sera said as she stood there, her hands behind her back and a strip of white tape covering her mouth.  Jacklyn and Robin were next to her – and so was another woman, wearing a boiler suit and a black balaclava mask.  Both of them also had ape over their mouths, as they looked behind their husband and father.


Standing up, he turned to see a masked man standing by the side of the pool.  “I wanted to thank you for leaving your front door unlocked – it meant we could enter and spring this surprise on you and your family.


“What…  Who…”


“My name is Jay Edwards.”


“Jay…”  Doug had heard of this man, as he said “so that is Mrs McPhee?”


“Indeed – please get out of the pool.  I am afraid your plans for today have changed.”


“But…  You normally hit families…”


“And you are a family, are you not?  Just because your daughters are adults does not mean you are not of interest to us.  So please, get out of the pool and dry off – we have much to discuss.”


Doug had heard stories of this man – how he and his gang took the families of executives hostage and made them rob their own companies, but the stories always said they used the children…


The children…


He hauled himself out of the pool and towelled himself off, as Jay said “we’re all going to go inside – once we have you secured – and have a little chat.  Kindly put your hands behind your back.”


“So you’re going to make me take money from my company?”


“In due course,” Jay said as he crossed Doug’s wrists behind his back, and started to secure them together with white tape.  “For now, let’s get you all inside, nice and quiet.”


“Are you all right,” he said as he looked at Robin.


“Hmschrrdhd,” she mumbled back as she watched Jay turn Doug round, and saw the white tape round his wrists, before a long strip of the tape was pressed down over her husband’s mouth.  The four of them were then frog marched back into the house, Doug noticing the curtains had been drawn over the main windows before they were made to sit side by side on the couch.


“Now then,” Jay said as a thirds man took the roll of tape, and knelt down to tape Sera’s ankles together, “once you’re all comfortable, I can explain what is going to happen.”


Doug watched as one by one his girls had their ankles taped together, and then as his own were secured, the tap tugging on the hairs above his ankles.  As they were lowered, Jay said “I know your father had heard of me, so let me explain hat will happen.  I am afraid the barbecue is cancelled – on which note, will you check the barbecue is safely extinguished?”


“Yes, Jay,” a fourth man said as he walked out.


“Now, we will ensure take away is delivered later, after you all have had a chance to change – after that, we will ensure your wife and daughters are comfortably secured, Doug, while one of my associates goes to your office with you.”




“Aye, lass, we are,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile, “but ye’ll all be fine if ye dae as we say.”


Robin looked at the masked woman – for some reason, despite the fact she was scared, she felt she could trust both of them, as she looked at Jacklyn and Sera.  “Hthrhsstthr,” she mumbled, the tape moving over her lips, “hkhh?”


They both nodded as Jay said “there is no reason, however, why you should not have fun while we wait.  Perhaps a film will pass the time – and it will make a refreshing change from a Disney movie, I suspect.  Mrs McPhee?”


“Ah’ll put this on,” the masked woman said as she slipped a disc into the player, all four of them watching the screen as Chicago started to play.  At least it was a film they all enjoyed…




4.15 pm


Thhdhtchmn' (Thhdhtchmn')
Thhdhtchmn' (Thhdhtchmn')
Thhdhtchmn'hlhlhn (ththkhflhrerhnhtsphrm)
Hdhddnhtdhht (Hndthnthhshdht)


Doug watched, amazed as his wife and daughters sang along to the Cell Block Tango through their taped lips, before he was stood up and Jay said “you can go first and get changed.”  He was made to jump out of the room as the music continued, then up the stairs and into the master bedroom as Jay put a bag on the bed, and then cut the tape from his wrists and ankles.  “Keep the tape over your mouth,” he said with a smile, “but change into something comfortable.”


He nodded slowly as he pulled own his swimming shorts, and then walked to a set of drawers, taking out a pair of boxer shorts and pulling them on before he put on a pair of blue shorts.  He then put on a blue t-shirt before he said “uhprhmhsshtehntbhhrt?”


“So long as they do what we say – and you do as well,” Jay said quietly as he took from the bag a length of white rope.  “now, put your hands behind your back please.”


Doug did as he had been asked, feeling the rope rubbing on his bare wrists as Jay secured them tightly together again.  It seemed to only take a moment, but he knew this man was a professional, as the rope went around and between his limbs before the ends were tied off out of reach of his fingers.


As he glanced to the side, he saw Jay take out a much longer length of rope, shaking it loose and then doubling it over before he passed it round Doug’s body.  He felt his arms as they pressed against his side before the rope was taken round again and again, forming two bands around his stomach and his shoulders, until he truly could not move them away from his body.


Jay then took the rope under the lower band, between his arm and his body, and took it back and around the back of his neck before it went under the other side.  “There,” he said as he tied the ropes off, “let’s go back downstairs – your adoring wife will be next up.”


He walked Doug back down to the main room, Robin looking up and saying “Hwwuhdhnhnnn?”


“Hllchp,” Doug said as he sat down, his daughters watching as one of the other masked men wound rope round their father’s ankles and started to tie them together, as Mrs McPhee helped Robin to stand up.


“Cum wif me,” she said as Robin jumped out of the room, Jacklyn and sera looking at each other as their father’s legs were tied together under his knees.  He looked over, and said “htlhsstuhlhfshmfhnhn.”




“Why dae this, lass,” Mrs McPhee said as she wrapped the long rope round Robin’s body, pulling it tight under her chest.  She was now wearing a sleeveless white blouse and capri pants, her wrists secured behind her back, her arms now being forced into her sides.


“Yhshss…   thstthth…”


“It has tae be tight, lass – that way, ye dinnae get hurt,” Mrs McPhee said as she took the rope above Robin’s chest, and pulled it tight again.  “Well, we dae it because we cahn – ahnd we really guid at it.  Are ye scared?”


“Nhh – hwdhuhdhtht?”


“It’s ae gift,” Mrs McPhee said as she took the rope under the lower band, round her neck and under the other arm, pulling it tight before she secured the ends off.  Robin glanced down, seeing the way the fabric of her blouse was stretched over her chest, as the masked woman said “cum on – yer daughter’s next.”


As they walked into the room, Doug looked at his wife, the two bands of white rope framing her chest, and a strange feeling passed through him as she was sat next to him.




“Hshntthnh,” Robin mumbled as Jacklyn was taken out of the room, her chest bouncing as she jumped with the masked woman, and then she felt the rope rubbing on her bare ankles.  “Whthsghnnthhphhndhg?”


“Hdhntnh,” Doug said as Robin rested her head against his shoulder.  He wanted to protect them – he wanted to protect all of them – but seeing his wife like this, as one of the masked men pulled the rope between her ankles and tied it off, then started to secure her legs below her knees, he was beginning to feel something else as well…





“Mhmm?  Dhhdd?”


He suddenly looked up to see Jacklyn coming in, wearing a candy striped halter top and denim hot pants, her upper body bound in the same way as them.  The ropes made her chest really stand out as she was made to sit down, the masked man beginning to secure her legs as Sera was taken out by Mrs McPhee.  She returned a few minutes later, her upper body also tightly bound, wearing a grey polo shirt and cycling pants.


“Now,” Jay said once all four had their ankles secured as well, “you can remain here until we get some food organised – I hope you don’t mid if we use your credit card, Doug.”




“You do – if you want to see Robin, Jacklyn and Sera lying on the floor, hogtied, at our mercy, you can refuse.”


Jay was soft spoken, never raising his voice, and for one moment Doug pictured the three of them writhing round on the floor, the ropes rubbing on them as they mewled…




He opened his eyes and looked at Robin, who was looking down at his pants, and he blushed as Jay said “I can imagine how you are feeling.  It is only natural, Robin – and besides, are you going to deny you are not just a little excited by what has happened?”


Robin blushed as she looked at Doug, and then at her daughters as they both blushed and nodded, twisting round as the ropes rubbed on their chests.




“Good – so, as I said, we will order food, and you can eat.  Then you will each be taken to shower and change for bed – except you, Doug.  You get to change for work, once we have your wife and daughters ready.  I will explain what will happen after that…”


Doug nodded as he sat still, trying not to get more excited more than he already was…




7.30 pm




“Aye, we dae,” Mrs McPhee said as Doug jumped into the dining room.  Robin, Jacklyn and Sera were already sat at the table, ropes round their waist and their legs still bound, as the two masked men were releasing their upper bodies.   Doug made his way over to the fourth seat and sat down, feeling the rope round his waist as the ropes round his arms were untied, and then his wrists.


“Wait for the word,” he said as Jay and the second man started to bring through boxes of Chinese and Thai food.  Plates were already out, with chopsticks and spoons – but no knives or forks.


When everything was set out, Jay said “remove the tape from your mouths, and hand it to my friend.”


“Thank god,” Robin said as she peeled the tape away and put it in the gloved hand, “Girls, are you all right?”


“Hmmfhhine Mum,” Jacklyn said when she was able to speak, Sera nodding as she removed the tape from her mouth.  All three then looked at Doug as he slowly removed his own gag, and looked at the rest of his family.


“I am so, so sorry,” he eventually said, “how are you doing?”


“We’re coping Dad,” Jacklyn said, “I should be terrified, but I’m not.  And besides…”  She looked own at her bound legs, and said “it’s – different.”


“What about you, Doug?”


“so long as you three are all right…”


“You know what I mean.”


Doug nodded as he said “we…  We can talk about it when this is all over.  Right now – strange as this may sound – I’m starving.  Pass the Pad Thai over please.”


“I trust you all feeling a little more sober now as well,” Jay said as he poured water.


“Well – being held captive, bound, gagged, it has a habit of focusing and sobering you,” Doug said quietly.  “But you’re right – I should be terrified, but somehow, I know you’ll be safe with them.”


“Bound and gagged, but safe?  Strange – but true,” Sera said as she bit into a spring roll, chewed and swallowed.  “so how are we going to eb tied up?”


“All the same way,” Jay said with a smile, “and your father will see that you are all safe before he goes to do what we need him to do.  For now, eat, drink – and then the real business of the evening can begin.”


“The bottles outside…”


“Ah cleared them ahl earlier,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile.  The four of them looked at each other, and then began to eat the food in front of them…



8.30 pm


“You can go first,” Jay said as Sera was released form the chair, and her legs untied.  She looked as one by one the rest of the family had their arms taken round the chair back and their wrists taped together, before Mrs McPhee said “Time tae wash ahn change, lassie,” and took her by the arm as she walked her up the stairs. 


“what’s going to happen now,” she said as they stopped outside the bathroom.


“Go in, wash, and then we go tae yer room,” Mrs McPhee said quietly, “and we get ye ready fer bed.”


Sera nodded as she went into the room, leaving the door open as Mrs McPhee waited.  She looked at herself in the mirror, before she shook her head and stripped off, stepping into the shower and letting the warm water wash over her before she lathered herself up.


When she stepped out, a towel round her body, Mrs McPhee walked with her to her room, allowing her to go in as she said “dry yerself off ahn then change.”


Sera nodded as she said “I have to admit, if I’m going to be held by intruders, at least I feel safe with you.”


“Ah tahk that as ae compliment,” Mrs McPhee said as she opened a small bag, waiting until Sera had put on a light pink vest top and a pair of sleep shorts before she said “now, tahk these ahn make fists wif yer hands.”


She held out two sponge balls, Sera nodding as she grabbed them in her hands, and then watched the masked woman as she wound silver tape round her fists, turning them into what looked like boxing gloves.  She then slipped a pair of white sports socks up over her hands, and taped the tops to her bare arms with white tape.


“This is to make sure I can’t pick knots?”


“Ahn that ye cannae feel the ropes,” Mrs McPhee said as she took a length of rope from the bag.  “Noo, put yer hands behind yer back – Ah’m going tae use the same ropes, ahn this time ye can tell me where ye keep yer valuables.”


“So you’re going to take them as well,” Sera said as she felt the rope round her wrists, holding them firmly together.


“Well, you’re not children, are you,” Mrs McPhee said as she pulled the rope tighter between her arms, and then tied the ends off.  She then began to bind her arms to her side with a longer rope, as Sera told her where to look to find her jewellery boxes.


This time, Mrs McPhee took the rope down over one shoulder, and then passed it round the lower band between her breasts, before she pulled it back up.


“Do you…  Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?”


“Ah dae – and yer mother ahn sister do as well,” Mrs McPhee said as she tied the rope off.  “Cumfy?”


“Surprisingly, yes,” Sera said as she twisted round, the ropes rubbing on her.  “Now what?”


“We go and sit doonstairs,” Mrs McPhee said as they walked out of her room – to see Jacklyn standing at the bathroom.


“Tak her doon,” Mrs McPhee said as the masked man took sera by the arm.  “In ye go, lassie…”



“Oh god – Sera, are you all right,” Robin said as her younger daughter came into the kitchen, the vest stretched over her chest. 


“Ah’m…  I mean I’m fine Mum,” Sera said quietly. Jay smiled as he said “Take her into the front room – Robin, you will go up in a few minutes, and then once you are all ready, your husband will change.”


Doug was staring at his younger daughter, before he slowly nodded, trying not to show what he was thinking.  The ropes made her look so different, so helpless…




“Take her into the front room,” Jay said quietly as he started to release Robin from the chair.


“Doug, are you sure you are all right?”


“Robin,” he said quietly as he looked at his wife, “I can’t say just how I am feeling.  I…  I see all of you, like this, and I just want to protect you, but when I look at you in particular…”


Robin nodded as she stood up, and came over, kissing her husband before she said “I’ve got to say, seeing you tied up like that, made me feel – excited as I guess you felt as well.”


“Something to talk about tomorrow?”


“yeah – something to talk about tomorrow,” Doug said quietly as the masked man came in, and escorted Robin up the stairs.


“It is perfectly natural, you know?”


“What,” Doug said as he looked at Jay, “to see my wife and daughters tied up, and want to comfort them, protect them…”


“Make love to your wife when she is like that?”


Doug slowly nodded as Jay sat next to him.  Putting hid gloved hand on Doug’s shoulder, he said “I am aware this can come as a shock to you.  Many couples get pleasure from restraint – I think you may be discovering that you and your wife are one of those couples.”


“But my daughters…”


“That I cannot help you with,” Jay said with a smile as Jacklyn was brought back in, the white ropes holding her body tight as the pyjama top she was wearing was stretched over her chest.  The pyjamas were white silk, as she said “Dad, I know what you must be thinking…”


“So long as you are safe, that is the main thing,” Doug said quietly, nodding as Jacklyn nodded. 


“Go and join your sister,” Jay said quietly as he started to untie Doug, “your father will join you shortly.”  Jacklyn nodded as she was taken off, and Doug slowly stood up, saying “I don’t know if they will ever understand…”


“Talk to them tomorrow,” Jay said with a smile as he escorted Doug our of the room.  Looking in the front room, he saw Jacklyn and Sera talking to each other, before he heard Robin say “Doug…”


He turned to see his wife coming down with Mrs McPhee, wearing a long white nightdress – but her arms were behind her back, the ropes stretching the nightdress over her chest as she stood there, with the rope between her breasts.  He nodded as she walked past, seeing the white socks taped over her hands as he did so, and then walked up the stairs, walking into the bathroom and stripping down before he stepped into the shower.




10 pm


When he came back in, wearing a suit, shirt and tie, Doug looked at his wife and daughters as they sat side by side on the couch.  Sera had a thin towelling strip between her lips, the cloth pulling the corners of her mouth back and tied round her head, while Jacklyn was having a knotted strip eased between her lips by Mrs McPhee.  As it was tied round her head, he looked at Robin as Jay pushed a compressed red sponge ball into her mouth.  He could see her cheeks puff out as it expanded in her mouth, before Mrs McPhee produced a fresh length of towelling, tied a double knot in the middle, and then gently pushed it into his wife’s mouth.


“I need you all to be brave,” Doug said quietly, “while I am gone.”


“Whllbefhindhd,” Sera said as Jay picked up a roll of white tape, and then peeled the end free before he stuck it to his daughter’s cheek, then wiped it round her head, pushing her cheeks back in as he did so.


“Why are you doing all this?”


“To make sure they stay nice and quiet,” Jay said as the tape went round Sera’s head again, “while they stay in bed.” 


“Hthlhlrhlrtthdhd,” Jacklyn said as Jay tore the end of the tape from the roll, then patted it down on Sera’s head before he moved behind Jacklyn.  Mrs McPhee then picked up a roll of silver tape, tore the end free, and then wound it round Sera’s head as well, the tape covering all except a thin border of the white tape.


“Hmehhghddd,” Robin said as she looked along at her daughters, before Jay started to wind the white tape round her own head.  Slowly, methodically, they were all being silenced – and she was happy with that?


She felt the tape on her cheeks, and then the silver tape over it, as Jay took a black headscarf from the bag the supplies were in, folded it into a wide band, and then tied it tightly round Sera’s head, making it look as if she was in an old movie.  Doug could only watch as Jacklyn and Robin had the same done to them, before Jay said “We’re going to take the three of you upstairs, before Doug goes with my friend.  Stand up, and walk with us.”


“Wait,” Doug said quietly as they stood up, and then he hugged his daughters, whispering “it will be all right” into their ears before he hugged Robin, and kissed her on the cheek.




“I love all of you,” he said as they walked up the stairs, Jay carrying more ropes before they went into Sera’s room.  She sat down on the bed, watching as Mrs McPhee crossed and bound her ankles tightly together, then secured her legs below her knees, cinching each band by taking the rope between her legs as well.  She was then helped to lie on her side, looking at the others as her ankles were pulled back and secured to her chest ropes, the heels of her feet almost sitting on the shorts.


“Relax, you are going to be fine,” Jay said as he turned the main light off, and took the others into Jacklyn’s room.  A few minutes later, she was lying on her side on her bed, grunting as Jay pulled her ankles back and hogtied her as he had her sister.


They then went into the master bedroom, Doug watching as his wife had her legs bound and then was hogtied as well.  “I’ll see you soon,” Doug said quietly as Robin slowly nodded and twisted round, and he saw the way she looked.


“Come – it is time,” Jay said as they stepped outside, and they walked down the stairs.  “Check them every fifteen minutes,” he said to one of his colleagues, as he handed a USB stick to the second man.


“Go with him, and do as he says – he will check in with me at regular intervals, so if you do anything…”


“I understand,” Doug said quietly as he was taken out of the house, getting into his car before they drove off….






6 am
Collard Consultants


Robin was lying on the bed, squirming as the ropes held her see through negligee against her body, her arms secured, the thin material stretched so much he could clearly see her firm nipples underneath.  Doug smiled as he came over, the white tape over her mouth and eyes as he gently kissed her neck, and she moaned.


“the girls are secured,” he whispered into her ear, “so they are not going to stop me.  Trust me – I am ready.”  He then knelt down and kissed her breasts, his wife moaning as she twisted round and allowed him to suck gently on them, before he moved between her legs, her ankles secured to her thighs.


“I hope you are ready.”


Robin slowly raised her head and nodded, before she said “OH MY GOD!  MISTER COLLARD!”


As he opened his eyes, Doug saw two of the office cleaners looking at him.  He was sat in a chair, lashed to it with band after band of rope, his hands behind the chair back and his ankles pulled up under the seat.  White tape was over his mouth, as he said “Ghtmhfhrrhhhndchllthephllsss.”


“Call the police,” the older woman said, the younger one running off as she peeled the tape away from his mouth, and eased the red sponge ball out.


“The police…  My Family…”


“What happened,” the woman said as she looked at the ropes.


“Please, cut me free – I need to call my family,” he whispered…





11 am
The Collard house


“Thank you,” the officer said as he closed his pad, and stood up.  “We’ll file our report, but we know this gang – a little unusual for them to hit a family like you, but not unheard of.”


Doug nodded as he held Robin in his arms, the two daughters next to each other on another chair.  They were all wearing casual clothes, as SOC officers were walking round the house.


“We’re going to stay in a hotel tonight,” Doug said quietly, “I’ll let you know where.”


“Thank you,” the officer said as Jacklyn and Sera slowly stood up.


“Are you both?”


“Stiff, but we’re all right,” Jacklyn said quietly, “we’ll go and pack a bag.”


As they left, Robin said “Doug, last night…”


“How did it feel?”


“I fell asleep almost immediately- it was the police that woke me up – but the dreams…”


“I had some vivid dreams as well,” Doug said quietly, “the experience, the emotions…”


As Robin nodded, she said “is it wrong that I was excited by it?”


“Only if it was wrong that I was excited as well.”  He gripped Robin’s hand as he said “I wanted to be with you, to make love to you, but…”


“Maybe another time?”


“Maybe,” Doug said quietly as he kissed his wife, “if you’re not scared of it…”








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