Jay and the Two Mothers







The large house stood a way back from the main road, a large wall surrounding the grounds, a pair of gates across the main entrance to the building.  An avenue ran from the other side of the gate, but access was only possible through an intercom or a pass key.


The avenue itself ran through the trees, and came out to the front of the redbrick house, built in the 1930’s with plenty of rooms.  On this particular winter’s day, the sun shone from a clear blue sky, but there seemed to be nobody at home.


Of course, appearances can be deceptive…




“Robert,” the woman said quietly, “please, do not raise your voice.  They told us, if we do as they say, we would not be hurt.  So calm down, and we’ll be all right.”


Lissen to yer sister, Robbie – she’s speaking sense.”


The eleven year old boy looked at the woman who had spoken with the Scottish accent, and said “I don’t believe you.”


“Ah know, we look a wee bot scary, but Jay here speaks the troof.   Here – sit down and let me show ye.”


Susan Corrigan looked at her brother, and nodded as her arm was held in a gloved hand.  Fifteen minute earlier, she had taken the call from the intercom to say there was a delivery for her – and she had been expecting one, so she opened the gates and let the van in.


What she had not been expecting were the four masked men and the one masked woman who came in when she opened the door, all wearing boiler suits, gloves and black balaclavas.  The man in charge had asked who was in the house – and that was when her brother had come out.  He had come to stay for the holidays – and now, they were both captives.


Susan was wearing a red sweater, the sleeves pulled up to her elbows, jeans and a pair of knee length dark brown leather boots.  She was the housekeeper, and liked her employers – but this was something she had never expected to see.


Robert was looking from the masked women to the men, his dark hair got short, wearing a grey jumper, jeans and brown shoes.  Looking at the woman again, he said “what’s your name?”


Ah’m called Mrs McPhee.  Now Robbie…”


“My name is Robert!”


“Robert,” she said quietly, her voice calming the boy down, “Jay, me and mah freends are staying a while, and Ah know yer scared, but I want you to trust me.”


“Don’t hurt my sister…”


“We won’t,” the man holding Susan’s arm said in a Geordie accent, “but I want you to listen to Mrs McPhee for a few minutes.”


“Sit on the floor, Robert,” the masked woman said, Robert nodding as he sat down.  Opening one of the bags the group had brought in, she took out a length of white cord, handing it to Robert and saying “Ah want ye tae hold this – tell me if it scares ye.”


Robert looked at the rope, and shook his head as he said “no – it doesn’t scare me.”


“Okay – give me it back, and then put yer feet togefer.”


Robert nodded as he handed the rope back, watching as the masked woman doubled it over, and then wrapped it round his ankles, pulling the ends through the centre loop and back as they were forced together.  Quickly, she wrapped it round in neat bands, and then separated the two ends before passing them between his legs, making the binding more secure before tying the ends off.


“There noo,” she said as Robert moved his legs from side to side, “des that hurt?  Is it uncomfortable?”


“No – it’s not too tight,” he said as he looked up.


“And you’re not frightened?”


Susan smiled as Robert shook his head, while her own arms were taken behind her back, and she felt the rope on her wrists as they were secured together.


“Now, Ah want to dae the same tae yer wrists, but behind yer back – just like yer sister.  Look at her – does she look afraid or scared?”


Robert looked up at Susan, who nodded and said “it’s all right Robert – we’ll do this together,” as the ropes were tied off round her wrists.


“Check the house, disconnect the telephones, and make sure nobody else is hiding,” the man called Jay said as Mrs McPhee walked behind Robert.  “Lean forward, and put yer hands behind yer back.”


“Okay,” Robert said quietly as he did so, and she felt his gloved hands crossing his wrists, while Susan was helped to sit next to him.


“IT’s all right, kiddo,” she said with a smile as Jay knelt down and tied her ankles together, “we’ll get through this together, all right?”  Robert nodded as he felt the rope forcing his wrists together, and then tied off before they were moved back to back.


“Now,” Jay said, “we cannot have you spoiling the surprise for your employers, so we need to put some duct tape over your mouths.  It won’t hurt, but I do suggest you don’t struggle, because that could cause problems.”


Susan nodded as she heard the tape tearing away from the roll, and then felt it as it was pressed over her mouth, listening to Robert’s mumbled grunts as he was tape gagged in the same way.


“We need a souvenir of this day however – a card for your friends.”  Jay looked round, and then picked a length of white fairy lights that Susan had taken out to put on the wall.  The two of them watched as the lights were draped over them as if they were bound together with the wires, and then they were plugged in, Mrs McPhee taking a picture with Susan’s mobile phone before she removed the battery.


“There – now we wait…”


Robert felt Susan’s hand as it held his, and he remained calm, wondering why they were there, and what was going to happen next…



“Only a week to go!”


Tina smiled as she looked in the rear view mirror, her seven year old daughter singing in the back seat.  The young girl had long, curly black hair, with a little pink clip in it, and was wearing a cream top with a beige heart on the front and trim, grey jeans and pink Ugg suede boots. 


Tina herself had on an ivory top, grey leggings and long tan leather boots, and was in a good mood.  “Family night tonight, all right Emma?”


“Casey and I are going to beat both of you,” Emma said with a grin as her mother pressed a button, and the gates swung open, their jeep heading up the drive and parking in front of the house.  Tina looked at the setting sun as they both jumped out, and ran into the house.


“We’re back, Susan,” she called out as they went into the living room, Emma grabbing her mother’s hand as they saw what was waiting.


“Oh my god,” Tina whispered as she looked at Robert and Susan, sitting back to back on the floor, their hands behind their backs and their ankles tied, and silver duct tape covering their mouths.  “What happened?”


Hmmshhreee,” Susan said as Tina felt a hand on her shoulder, and heard a man with a Geordie accent say “hello Tina – now, you and Emma need to remain very quiet, because we’re here for a while, and you need to set a good example.”


“Mummy – why are they wearing those masks?”


Tina looked at the masked men – and women – before she said “who are you?”


“My name is Jay Edwards – I presume you have heard of me?”


Tina nodded slowly as she said “so you must be his friend – Mrs McPhee.”


“Did you do that to Robert,” Emma said as she looked at the masked woman, who smiled as she said “Aye – and Ah’m gonna dae it to ye as well, and yer ma, but furst, do ye need the toilet?”


Emma looked at her mother, who nodded and said “go with her Emma – I’ll be here when you come back.”  Emma took Mrs McPhee’s hand as they walked off, while one of the other masked man carried a chair in from the dining room, and set it on the floor.


“Now, later on, I’m going to ask you to go with one of my assistants to your office and do something,” Jay said, “but not until everyone is home.  So please, take a seat.”


“I wish to ask a favour, if I may?”


“And that is?”


“If it is me you want to do something, I want to be brought back here, not left there.  I want to be with Emma and the rest of my family.”


“On this occasion, I agree,” Jay said with a smile, “now, please – take a seat.”


“Are you both all right,” Tina said as she looked at her housekeeper and her brother, both of them nodding as she sat down.  Taking some rope from the bag, Jay walked behind her, taking a length of rope from a bag before he took her arms around the chair back, and started to bind her wrists together.


“Emma is seven, correct,” he said as he wound the rope around and between her arms, Tina nodding as she said “I don’t want her to be scared.”


“And neither do we, so do as we ask, and all will be well,” Jay said as he tied the ends together, and then secured her wrists to the centre spar of the chair back.  He then wrapped some rope round her stomach and the chair back, locking her against the chair back so that she was secured there.


“Wow Mum – he’s tied you to the chair!”


“It sure looks like it,” Tina said as she twisted round, smiling as she said “so what are you going to do with Emma?”


Och ae think she can stay wif ye,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile as she picked up some rope.  “Emma, mah wee lass, will ye put yer hands behind yer back fer me?”


“Will it hurt?”


“No - it deasnae hurt, does it Bobbie?”


Emma looked at the young boy, who looked back and then shook his head from side to side as Emma put her hands behind her back, looking at her mother as Jay knelt down and secured her ankles to the front legs of the chair.  She looked over her shoulder as the ropes were tied off, and then said “it’s actually very soft, isn’t it?”


“Aye – and yer ma isnae afraid, is she?”


“I am,” Tina said as Jay tied her leg below her knee to the chair as well, “but I’ll cope.  Why don’t you come and sit on my lap Emma?”


“Can you lift me up, Mrs Scottish lady?”


Mrs McPhee nodded as she lifted Emma up and sat her across Tina’s lap, before she took a length of rope to secure the young girl’s ankles together, the rope sinking into the soft purple material, and then secured her legs together below her knees as well.


“There – is that noo nice?”


“It is,” Emma said as she rested her head on her mother’s chest, Tuna lowering her head and kissing her daughter on the head as she did so.




“Yes, we are – so that they do not spoil the surprise for the others,” Jay said as he tore a strip from the roll of silver tape, and pressed it firmly over Tina’s mouth as Emma watched.


“Can we watch Peppa Pig until Mummy comes home?”


“Of course you can – now lips together, my dear, and relax – better you don’t try to speak or struggle for the moment.”


“I won’t” Emma said as she felt the tape over her mouth, and Mrs McPhee turned the television on while Jay and the others watched.


“Oh – almost forgot,” Jay said with a smile as he draped the fairy lights over both of them, and took a picture with Tina’s phone as they looked at it.  “Now, enjoy the show…”



“Was it a good party, Casey,” Elaine said as she drove through the gates of their home.


“Not bad,” the nine year old said as she swung her legs up and down in the back seat of the jeep.  She was wearing a white top with gold polka dots and long sleeves, a gold chiffon tutu skirt, thick white tights and gold Ugg boots, a white hairband with a gold bow keeping her strawberry blonde hair back from her face.


Elaine smiled as she pulled up outside the house.  “Well, it looks as if everyone else is home, so let’s get in and Susan can get supper started for all of us,” she said with a smile as she turned the car engine off and got out, the heels of her brown leather boots clicking on the tarmac.  The legs of her red jodhpurs were tucked into the knee length leather, while a brown and black leopard spot pattern scarf was wrapped round her neck.


Casey jumped out and ran into the house as her mother closed the car doors and locked them, before she followed her in, closing the door behind herself.  “Is everyone in the front room, Casey,” she called out as she walked on – and then stopped when she saw her daughter, eyes wide as the woman behind her covered her mouth with a leather gloved hand.


Dinnae worry lass,” the masked woman said in a Scottish accent, “everyone’s fine, right?”




Elaine looked at her partner as she nodded, and said “wffnhtnbhnnhrrtjhstdhhssthshhh.”




“It’s all right Casey – we obviously have some guests here, and we need to do as they say.  Look at Emma and Robert – are they scared?”


The young girl looked at the other two children, the young girl on Tina’s lap and the boy behind his sister, who both nodded as they looked over the silver tape covering their mouths.


“What…  Who…”


“Hello,” a man said in a Geordie accent behind Elaine, “don’t turn round, just put your hands behind your back…”


“Hullo lassie,” a masked woman said as she knelt in front of Casey, “yure Casey, aye?”


As the young girl nodded, the woman smiled and said “Ahm Mrs McPhee – let me look after ye.  Turn round and look at yer mammie, and let me put yer hands behind yer back.”


“Will I be like Emma?”


The Scottish woman nodded as Casey turned round, looking at her mother as the masked man took her arms behind her back, and feeling the rope on her own wrists as they were tied firmly together.  She wriggled her fingers as Emma and Robert looked at each other, and tried to move again.


“There,” Jay said as he finished binding her mother’s wrists together, “now, why don’t you sit on the floor – mummy can cross her legs, and you can sit with your back to her side.”


“Are you going to cover out mouths as well,” Casey said as she sat beside Elaine, the others watching as Jay took a length of rope, waited as she sat in the Lotus position, and then tied her ankles tightly together, the rope going round and between her legs.  Casey was watching Mrs McPhee as she tied her ankles together, the white rope on the soft silver material, going around and between her legs before it was tied off.  As she secured the young girl’s legs in the same way, Elaine asked “what is this all about?”


“We need your wife to do something for us,” Jay said as he stood up, and picked up the roll of duct tape, “and while she does that, we will be keeping you and the others company here.  We’ll make sure she gets safely back, and she will be left with you before we go – a special treat, if you like.”


“How considerate,” Elaine said as she looked to the side, while Mrs McPhee secured Casey’s ankles together below her knees, “and when will all this happen?”


“Well, I think you should have some food first – so we’re going to release your housekeeper in a few minutes, and allow her to cook some early supper for all of you.  Then we can pay a game before the kids get ready for bed.


“And how will they be in bed?”


“Secured – now, put your lips together.”


Nodding, Elaine allowed Jay to cover her mouth with the grey tape, before he passed the roll to Mrs McPhee, who covered Casey’s lips as well.  He then picked up the set of fairy lights, as both of them looked at him.


Whhhddshlhnntnhhtt,” Tina said, the two of them nodding as Jay wrapped the fairy lights round them, and took a picture with Elaine’s mobile phone before he removed the battery.  Looking at one of the other masked men, he said “untie Susan’s legs, and then she can come with me to the kitchen.”


The others watched, Robert in particular as the men then untied Susan’s legs, and helped her to stand up.


Whrruthknnhrrr,” he said through the tape as he twisted round.


“To cook – don’t worry, you’ll join her soon,” Jay said with a smile as Emma looked over and smiled, the tape crinkling over her mouth.





“So we’re going to eat – and then we play a game while you take Tina away.  What happens after that?”


“Well, before she goes,” Jay said as he watched the housekeeper preparing food, “the rest of you will be allowed to change for bed.  Then, we make sure all of you are unable to raise the alarm and we make sure you all get to bed.  Trust me – the kids will be fine, and so will you.”


“How do you do it – make us feel unafraid?”


“It’s a gift – so what are you preparing?”


“A shepherd’s pie – the kids love it,” Susan said as she put the pie in the oven, “so what happens now?”


“You keep working – ask Mrs McPhee to give Robert a chance to go to the toilet, and then make sure he is sitting at the table.  Then you can deal with the others.”


“Of course, Jay,” the masked man said as he left the room, while Susan cleaned some green beans.


“I don’t get it – why us?”


“Your employer is a successful businesswoman – we merely chose now to visit,” Jay said with a smile, “but your brother will have a tale to tell his friends when he returns home.”


“I think we all will,” Susan said quietly as she heard Robert walk to the bathroom, Mrs McPhee saying “efter we get ye seated, wee Emma will be next.”


“Okay – you haven’t hurt us, so I think I trust you, and the kids aren’t panicking either – but you know my employers will want to be together at the end of this?”


“It is likely – and we can accommodate that….”



“Thank you, Susan,” Emma said as she pushed her plate away, and took a drink from her glass of milk.  She looked at her legs as her feet hung over the edge of the seat, her ankles secured together, and then at the band of rope round her waist holding her to the chair.


Everyone except Susan was tied to their chair, Tina and Elaine with their feet on the floor the others with their legs hanging as Mrs McPhee watched from the side.


“Now this is going to be a different night,” Tina said as she looked at the three children, “but if you play along, I think it will be fun, all right?”


“So long as you come home, Mum,” Emma said quietly.  Tina looked at Jay, and said “how long before I have to go?”


“We have an hour or so – why?”


“I want to make sure Emma is safe before I go, so let me be with her as she is made ready.”


Jay looked at Mrs McPhee, who nodded and said “Aye – if ye’ve had enoof, ye can go and hae a clean-up and change now.  Hae a seat, Susan.”


The housekeeper nodded as she sat down, raising her arms as she was secured to the chair, while Mrs McPhee untied Emma and Tina.  “Let’s go upstairs,” Tina said as she held her daughter’s hand, leaving with Mrs McPhee as she picked up one of the bags of ropes.


“What about the rest of us?”


“Well, first we clear up – and if you promise to sit still, we won’t tie your hands,” Jay said with a smile, “and then we can set up a game of Monopoly…”




“There we go,” Tina said as she watched Emma button up her pyjama top, “I think we’re ready.”


Her daughter had washed, brushed her teeth, and changed into a pair of pink pyjamas with coloured polka dots on them.  Looking at Mrs McPhee, she said “are you going to tie me up now?”


“Aye – why?”


“I want you to tie Pookie up as well, to keep me company,” Emma said as she picked up her large teddy bear.  Mrs McPhee smiled as she said “well, Pookie may no be able ate be tied as you, but I will tie him up.”


“And keep him quiet?”


Mrs McPhee nodded as she looked at Tina.  “We need twa pairs of socks – one ankle, one long.”  As she was handed the pairs, she took the short ones and handed them to Emma.  “Put them oer his hands.”


As she did so, Mrs McPhee took out a length of rope, and then tied Pookie’s covered wrists together behind the bear’s back.  Yer turn noo,” she said as she handed the longer pair to Emma, her mother watching as she pulled the long socks up over the sleeves of her pyjama jacket, and then Mrs McPhee crossed and tied her wrists tightly together behind her back.


“Next,” she then said as she tied some rope round Emma’s waist, fixing her wrists against her back, and then tied some round Pookie’s waist as well, before she wrapped one length round the bear to keep his arms against his body, making two bands.


“Do you have to use that much rope,” Tina said quietly, but Emma said “we’ll all be the same Mum – and I don’t mind if it means you come back safe.”  As she talked, Mrs McPhee tied her arms to her body with more rope, making two bands which she tightened with shorter lengths of rope between her arm and body on each side.


“It’s snug,” Emma said as she twisted round, then watched as Mrs McPhee tied Pookie’s legs together in two places.  Dae ye want tae wait until we go doonstairs,” she said as she looked at Emma.


“Yes – but how will we be kept quiet?”


“I need ye,” the masked woman said as she folded a cloth, “tae open yer moof.  Ah’ll put this in, and then put mair o that tape over yer lips.”


“Thank you,” Emma said as she allowed Mrs McPhee to push the cloth in, and then press a long strip of white tape over her mouth, Tina watching as it was formed to the contours of her daughter’s chin and lips.  A second strip was then pressed over Pookie’s mouth, before she picked the bear up and said “let’s gae back doon…”


“Oh my god,” Elaine said as she looked at Emma walking in the door, the ropes holding her arms to her sides as Tina followed, and then Mrs McPhee holding the bound and tape gagged teddy bear, “is she all right?”


Mfhhnnn,” Emma mumbled as she sat down, Mrs McPhee putting Pookie on her lap before she took a length of rope, and started to bind her ankles tightly together.


“All of you,” Jay said as he looked round the room, “will be allowed to change and then be treated in exactly the same way as young Emma here – but you have nothing to fear, so long as you remain calm and don’t struggle.  I promise you will all be safe.”


“Susan, do I have to be like that,” Robert said as he watched Mrs McPhee pass the rope between the young girl’s legs to tighten the binding, and then tie the ends off, before she repeated the process on her legs below her knees.


“We all will – but you need to be brave,” his sister said as she hugged him, while Mrs McPhee completed her work.


“It’s time,” Jay said quietly as he looked at Tina, “go with my associate.  He will tell you what to do, and he has instructions to check in with me at regular intervals.  If he fails to do so, or if you do not do as he says…”


The implication was understood, as Tina looked at the other.  “I will see you all later, be brave,” she whispered before she walked over and kissed Elaine, the two of them embracing as Emma giggled and Casey shook her head.


The two of them left the room, Elaine whispering “good luck” as they heard the front door open and close.


Richt,” Mrs McPhee said quietly, “time fer the bairns tae get ready fer bed.  Both of ye, cum wif me – you tae Susan.”


“In the meantime,” Jay said as he picked up some rope, “put your hands behind your back Elaine…”




“What is Mr Edwards doing to Mummy?”


“He’s making sure she stays in the main room – but we’ll join them when we have finished.  Won’t we Mrs McPhee,” Susan said as she watched Casey fastening her pyjama jacket.  She was wearing a pair of pink pyjamas with a heather floral print, while Robert was wearing a pair of white pyjamas with a grey check on them.


“Are we going to be like Emma now,” he asked nervously as he looked at Mrs McPhee.


“Aye, but it’ll be fun,” the woman said as she smiled at him.  Noo then, hold yer hands oot.”  As they did, she pulled a pair of socks over their hands and up the sleeves of their pyjama jackets, before she took two lengths of rope and walked behind them, crossing Robert’s wrists behind his back as she tied them together.


Casey watched, biting her lower lip as she then wrapped some rope around Robert’s waist, fixing his wrists against his back before she said “yer turn lassie” and bound her own wrists in the same way.


“I think you’re both been very brave,” Susan said quietly as Mrs McPhee produced two longer lengths of rope from the bag, and made sure both of the children had their arms secured to their sides, two bands above and below their chests as they stood perfectly still, and then cinched between their arms and bodies with shorter lengths.


Noo, when ye go to yer bed, lie on yer sides, and it’ll be fine,” she said with a smile as she tied the last knot on Casey’s binding, the young girl looking at the way she was tied and nodding.


“What’s going to happen to my sister,” Robert said as he twisted round.


“Once we has ye twa doonstairs, and like wee Emma, she’ll be taken tae change as well.  Richt – it’s time.  Ah need ye both to open yer moofs nice and wide.”



Shhhyuhrhrlhkkmmnhh,” Emma said as Robert and Casey came in, both of them with strips of white tape over their mouths, their cheeks puffed out as if something was in there behind the tape.  They came and sat either side of her, watching as Mrs McPhee took more rope to secure their ankles together, and then their legs below their knees.


Erruthhallrht,” Elaine mumbled as she twisted in her chair, her own boots squeaking as well.  Her wrists, arms, ankles and legs were secured with rope, and tape covered her mouth as well, a folded scarf in the space behind the layer.


All three nodded as Mrs McPhee put on the DVD of Coco for them to watch, Jay smiling as he said “escort Susan to the kitchen, make sure everything is put away there, and then take her upstairs to change as well…”




Thirty minutes later, Robert looked up as his sister came back in, wearing a pair of peach pyjamas.  A pair of sports socks covered her hands and were pulled over the sleeves, before her wrists had been secured together behind her back with rope, and then to her back with a band round her waist.  Two more bands held her arms to her sides above and below her chest, white tape over her mouth and obviously packed behind it.


“Sit down,” Jay said as he indicated the chair opposite Emma, the young housekeeper nodding as she sat down and watched him secure her ankles, and then her legs below her knees, while the children kept singing along to the film. 


Ghsswhrhlllkths,” Emma said quietly, Susan nodding as Robert said “Whhrrewhllulffhsss?”


“In the bedrooms – we’ll make sure you cannot hurt yourselves by rolling off the beds,” Jay said with a smile as Mrs McPhee said “Ahll make sum supper fer the wains” and left the room.


As she did, Jay took a mobile phone from his pocket, looked at the caller id, and then said “this is Jay Edwards.   Progress report?


“Excellent – projected ETA for return?”


He looked at the clock and nodded.  “Good – we will be ready for you.”  As he put the phone away, Mrs McPhee brought three glasses of milk and a plate of biscuits in, putting them on the low table before she gently peeled the tape away from the mouths of each of the youngsters, and eased the soaking wet cloth out.  “Thank you,” Casey said when she was able to, “are they for us?”


“Aye – we’ll help ye to have a snack and a drink, and then it’s bedtime fer ye…”


“Thank you,” Casey said as Mrs McPhee put the glass down, wiped her lips, and then put the sponge into her mouth before she wrapped the white tape tightly round her head, keeping her quiet as Robert and Casey looked on, their eyes blinking as they started to fall asleep.


“You first I think, young man,” Jay said as he lifted Robert in his arms, waiting as Mrs McPhee untied Susan’s legs, then helped her to stand as one of the associates collected the ropes.


Ghddlhkkk,” Elaine said, Susan nodding as she walked with the associate behind Jay and Robert.  They made their way up the stairs, before Susan led them to her room, and they all walked in, Robert gently breathing in and out through his nose.  She watched as Jay laid him gently on his side, his bound wrists facing the wall by the large bed, and then secured his bound ankles to the foot of the bed with rope.


She leaned over the bed, gently pressing her own taped lips on his forehead, before she sat down, watching as Jay secured her ankles and legs again, and then lay facing her brother, grunting slightly as her legs were pulled back and her ankles secured to the ropes around her chest.


“Remain calm, and all will be well,” Jay said quietly as he turned the light off, closing the door as Susan felt her own eyelids start to close…




“Now then,” Jay said as he walked back in, kneeling and untying Elaine’s legs, “time you two went to your bed as well.”  He looked at Mrs McPhee, who nodded as she picked up Emma, and then waited until Jay put Pookie on her tummy.  He then lifted Casey up as Elaine stood, and they made their way up to the girl’s bedroom.  There were two single beds there, Elaine watching as the girls were placed so that their heads rested on the pillows, and then their ankles were secured to the foot of the bed as well.


Ah’ll stay richt here,” Mrs McPhee said as she picked up a book, Elaine watching before she was gently guided out of the room as the masked woman began to read.


“We’re going to untie you now,” Jay said quietly, “and allow you to change before we secure you on your bed.  Your wife will be here in a little while, and she will join you there…”



As Jay opened the door, Tina was escorted in by his associate, removing her jacket as she said “I did what you asked – now what?”


“We let you get ready for bed,” Jay said as he walked her up the stairs and to the bathroom.  “Elaine selected a suitable garment for you to wear – go in, shower, change.”


A few minutes later, Tina came out of the bathroom, wearing a short dusky pink nightdress, held by thin straps over her shoulders.  IT had a lace trim at the skirt, and over it she was wearing a matching sheer lace top.


“So what now – you stop me raising the alarm?”


“Precisely,” Jay said as he looked at her, “please, hold your hands out.”  As Elaine watched, he pulled a pair of sports socks over her hands and then taped the cuffs to her arms, before he walked behind her, crossing her wrists behind her back before he started to tie them tightly together.


“Where are the rest of them,” Tina asked as he took the rope between her arms to cinch the binding, and then tied the ends off, before he took a longer length and started to bind her arms to her sides.  She could feel the band as they forced her arms against her, but the rope also felt soft…


“We’ll show you in a moment,” Jay said with a smile as he framed her chest in the ropes, and then passed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm before securing it behind her back.  She tried to move, but could only swing from side to side as Jay said “this way please.”


He opened the door to Susan’s room, Tina looking in as she saw her and Robert asleep on the bed, bound and gagged.  He then took her to the girls’ room, Emma looking over and saying “Hllhhmhhmm” as her eyes closed and she went to sleep.


“You haven’t hurt them?”


“Nah – they’ve been wee angels,” Mrs McPhee said as she walked out of the room with them, “but she wanted tae be sure ye got back safely.  Shall we?”


Elaine looked over as the bedroom door opened, and said “Hfhkkghdd” as Tina came in with the masked intruders.  Tina looked at her wife, lying on her side on the bed, wearing the same style of night dress but in pure white.  White tape was also wrapped round her head, holding something in her mouth, and she was bound and hogtied with bands of rope.


“Are you all right,” Tina asked, Elaine nodding as she watched Jay compress a sponge in his hand, and then say “open wide Tina.”  The sponge was then pushed into her mouth, Tina’s eyes opening wide as she felt it expand, before white tape was also tied tightly round her own head to silence her.


As she sat down, she watched Jay bind her ankles and legs, before she was helped to lie on her side, looking at Elaine as her own legs were pulled back, and then secured to her chest ropes, wondering what was going to happen as Jay said “check every fifteen minutes” before they left the room.


Shwhthrwhhghnnedh,” Elaine said as she looked over, Tina looking back before she wriggled over, and pressed her taped lips on her wife’s…





“Have you seen the reports, Mark,” Lynn said as she passed the paper over.


“I have indeed – but we have another visit to make next weekend,” Mark said quietly, “a favour for Brian…”













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