Lock-In Tales – Family Time








Army Games


“Do you accept the challenge?”


Toni and Jodi both nodded as they looked at their fathers.  Toni was eight, with short strawberry blonde hair, and like her father liked to dress in camouflage clothing – today, a long sleeved jumper with blue jeans.  Her six year old sister was wearing a red and brown striped sweater and red pants.

“Okay then – we’re going to use this rope, and then your task is to try and get free.  Why don’t you both sit down on the couch?”


The two sisters sat down as they looked at their fathers.  One, who was also wearing a camouflage t-shirt and pants, took a length of thin white rope and used it to secure Toni’s wrists together in front of her, and then put her wrists down on her lap before he took it down and tied her ankles together, the rope sitting over the cuffs of her jeans as she wriggled her toes.


At the same time, Jodi watched as her father used a thicker white rope to secure her wrists together, and then put her wrists on her lap as well before he wound the rope around her legs and ankles as well. 


They then took another length of rope each, and tied it round their arms and upper bodies, before they were both lifted up, and carried int eh arms of their fathers to the other side of the room, both Toni and Jodi giggling as they twisted round and were sat on the couch next to each other.


Before the tickling started…



In the Room




“It’s just a game,” the man said as he tied the folded towel tightly round Tina’s face,. Muffling her voice as she tried to speak – very effectively as well.  It trapped her dark hair against the back of her neck as she sat in the brown wooden chair, wondering what the point of this game was.


She was wearing a pink t-shirt and  white shorts with blue stripes on the sides, but her wrists were tied together in front of her with a white belt – this had been done before she and Chloe had been carried up into the room.  Chloe was sitting int eh chair opposite her – but not saying a lot.


In the meantime, the man knelt in front of Tina and used a black belt to tie her crossed ankles together, and then secure them to the front leg of the chair, before he took a long red and pink dressing gown belt and tied it tightly round her arms and body, forcing her against the chair back as it went round that as well.  Finally, a length of rope was tied round her lap and the chair seat.


IT was just a game – that was what both the men had said when they had been carried up the stairs, and Chloe wasn’t saying much – because of the rolled up white scarf which was pulled between her lips and tied round her head.  Her wrists had also been tied together in front of her, but the second man had then used a lot more rope to tie her to the chair, around her body and the chair back as well as around her lap, and her ankles.  She also had a folded blue bandana tied over her eyes.


As she twisted round and tried to call out, Tina did the same as well.  Their mother was down the stairs – but they had tied her and used a cloth to keep her quiet as well.  Perhaps, when the men said this was just a game, they meant to treat to as if it was just a game – that might be a way to stop the trembling and the fear…



Quiet Time


“The thing is, given the current situation, we anticipate this kind of thing happening – so we need to make sure all of you understand that if you do as we say, then nobody needs to get hurt.  Do you understand?”


As she looked at her children, their mother nodded and said “I know it’s not what we want to do, but at least they are masked and gloved, so do what they say, all right?”


The three boys and the girl nodded as they looked at the two men, wearing grey track suits and blue latex gloves, blue medical masks over their mouths and noses.  One of the threw a roll of silver tape at the oldest boy and said “tape your brother’s wrists and ankles together.”


He turned and looked at his younger brother, who was wearing a black t-shirt and dark grey combat pants, and said “I’m sorry” as he tore the end of the roll free and wrapped it round his wrists in front of him, then knelt down and taped his ankles together.


“now tear three strips off, and press them down over his mouth to keep him quiet.”


The older boy nodded as he made sure his brother stayed quiet.  He was topless, and wearing faded blue jeans as he gagged the younger boy, knowing he would be next…


The youngest boy was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, and he was crying as he took the roll of tape, saying “I don’t want to do this.”


“I know, but we have to, so try not to cry and take care of me.”


He smiled as he taped his brother’s wrists and ankles together, and then tape dover his mouth before he handed the roll of tape to his sister.  She was a year older, and wearing a blue capped top and faded jeans.  She stroked her youngest brother’s hair from his eyes, and said “don’t worry – just keep calm, and we’ll all get through this together.”


He nodded as he held his hands out, his sister as gently as possible securing them together, and then his ankles, before he gently pressed the strips of tape down over his mouth and smiled.


“All right mummy,” the masked man said as he looked at her, “the girl’s turn, and then we take a walk.”


“It’s going to be all right,” the older woman whispered as she took the roll of silver tape and secured her daughter, then silenced her with strips of tape over her mouth before she stood up.  The four watched as their mother’s wrists were secured together behind her back, and a ban of tap wrapped round her arms and body, before one of the men took her out.


The other one sat down, smiled and said “how about a game of I Spy.  I spy with my little eye something beginning with – H…”



Time Out




“no Aw mom – you both need a time out before this afternoon, so get in there and lie on the beds.”


Billy and Janna looked at each other and then lay on the beds, Janna on the one with the American Eagle bedspread, and Billy on one with a tiger print.  Their mother smiled as she said “now, you know the rules.  Half an hour, so that I can prepare lunch.  Okay?”


“Yes mom,” Janna said, rolling her eyes as she put her wrists together in front of her.  the ten year old girl was wearing a pink vest top and floral pants, pink and blue sandals on her feet.  She watched as her mother took a long blue belt and tied her wrists together in front of her, then took the other end down and secured her ankles as well.


Billy was wearing a red polo shirt, dark pants and white socks with dark trainers, giggling as he rolled over onto his stomach and put his hands behind his back.  Janna turned her head and watched as their mother used a white bathrobe to tie his wrists together, and then bent his ankles back before she secured them with the other end of the belt.


“See you in an hour,” she said as she left, closing the door as Janna and Billy looked at each other.  They both knew they could get free easily, but they didn’t want to- it was part of the day now that it had been two months without school.


And they loved it…

Put a Sock in It


Donna and Simon ran up the stairs, wondering why their mother had not come back down after taking the laundry upstairs.  Simon was seven, Donna five, and both were casually dressed – Donna in a  cream coloured sundress with multi-coloured flowers, and Simon in a white t-shirt with a Cars print on the front, and grey striped shorts.


They had completed their latest assignment for school, and wanted to have a drink – but to do that, they needed Mum to come down, so they had to find her.


The last thing they expected was to see her lying on her bed, her arms and legs stretched out and what looked like washing line around her wrists and ankles, or a piece of cloth sticking out from her mouth as she looked at them both, and shook her head.  She was wearing a blue t-shirt and cotton shorts, and she was trying to move – but she couldn’t.




“Well, well – what have we here?”


They both turned round to see a big man standing behind them, wearing a black leather jacket and grey jeans – but also with a mask over his head, so they could only see his eyes, and leather gloves on his hands.


“Who are you,” Simon said quietly, “and what is Mummy doing on the bed?”


“Playing a game,” he said with a smile, “and she wants you to play along as well.  Is that all right?”


Donna looked at her mother, who nodded as the man said “okay then – I want you both to sit on the floor.  I’ve got some more of the rope that is around your mother’s wrists and ankles, and I’m going to use it to tie your wrists together.  Will you do that for me?”


“Okay,” Simon said, “we’ll play the game, won’t we Donna?”  His sister nodded as he sat down, watching the man as he used some white rope to tie her wrists firmly together, before he used a second length to tie her brother’s wrists together in the same way.


“There – does it hurt?”


They both shook their heads as he took two more lengths, and used them to tie their ankles in the same way, before he said “can you both lie on your back, and I’ll do something to make sure you both stay together?”


The two children nodded as their mother watched, while he took a longer length of the white rope, and tied it between Simon’s ankles.  He then took it up and wrapped it between his wrists before he tied the loose end between Donna’s ankles so that they had to stay together.


“Now,” the man said as he open don of their mother’s drawers, and took out a pair of white sport socks, “an important part of the game is having something stop you talking.  There’s some cloth in your mother’s mouth – so I’m going to put one of these socks into yours, and then you and your mother can try to talk to each other while I wait downstairs.”


“Htsshnhtshbhd,” their mother said as they both opened their mouths and he put a rolled up sock in each, before he picked up a bag, Simon hearing it jangle as he left them there…




The Bed Share


“I feel awful,” Shona said as she looked at me, “and you need to have this meeting.  How can you watch Tim and Zoe while you do that?”


“Got a plan – if you don’t mind them sharing the bed with you like this?”


Shona wriggled round as she said “no – but are they going to be quiet as well?”


“Oh yes - but let’s get them ready first.  Zoe, Tim – come int Mummy and Daddy’s room please?”


Shona watched, the covers over her as our son and daughter came in.  Zoe is six, Tim three – cute kids.  Zoe was wearing a white sweatshirt and floral print pants with blue socks, while Tim had on a white top with coloured stripes, blue joggers and white trainers.


“What is it Daddy,” Zoe asked.


“I need to do a business meeting downstairs, but Mum can’t come and keep an eye on you – so she wants you to play a game of waiting on the bed with her.  I’ve already got her ready.”


“How,” Tim asked as he looked at her.


“It’s a surprise,” Shona said as I said “so, stand still Zoe, and I’m going to put some tape round your arms and body.”


“Okay,” she said as I used some blue tape round her to hold her arms to her sides, and then she lay next to her mother while I did the same for Tim – and then I taped his wrists together in front of him before he lay down as well.


Zoe soon had her wrists taped together, as they wriggled round, watching as I taped their ankles together and their legs below their knees – Shona laughing as she said “well now – ready for the special part?”


Tim nodded as I tore a long strip of the blue tape from the roll, and pressed it gently down over his mouth.  A second length went over Zoe’s mouth before they watched me take the covers off – and reveal their mother’s blue bound body.


Right before I put the tape over her mouth as well, and went to take my meeting…







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