Maids of Dishonour






7 am


For Constance, the alarm going off at Six in the morning was a normal start to her day.  She would get up, shower, and get into her uniform, ready to work with Eleanor for Lady Dunwall and her family.  It was especially important she did so today – Lord Dunwall was away on a business trip, and Mrs Broome the housekeeper was on holiday, so it fell to her and Eleanor to provide the breakfast and the service to the family that day.


So the fact she was still on her bed, still in her nightshirt, was somewhat galling to her.  But there was nothing she could do about it – the ropes around her wrists and ankles were tied firmly to the four corners of the bed, and the white tape was keeping her lips firmly closed, the sponge behind them filling her mouth and preventing her from speaking.


She could only watch as the woman who had done this to her adjusted the black wig on her head, then pinned the white cap into place, before she turned and smiled at Constance. The maid was taken by surprise – the intruder had been masked when she surprised her, but now she looked so much like Constance it was frightening.  She could only watch as she took a syringe from a thin black box, and injected something into her, something that suddenly made her feel very tired…


Leaving the room, she watched as a second woman, her blonde hair pulled back in a bob, came out of the second room.  Both women wore black dresses, with white trim and collars, white aprons tied in front and white caps, black tights and sensible black shoes.


“Ready Eleanor?”


“Ready Constance,” the blonde said, “let’s get to work.”



8.45 am


“So what plans do you both have for this morning,” Lady Dunwall said as she sat at the dining table.  The forty year old noblewoman was wearing a lilac blouse, open at the neck, a knee length black skirt, dark hose and black heels.


Abigail, her oldest daughter, looked over and said “I’ll be going shopping this afternoon Mother.”  Unlike the brown hair of her mother which was in a bun, Abigail’s long blonde hair fell freely over her long sleeved yellow blouse, the blouse hanging over her black leather miniskirt.  The hem barely covered the top of her hose covered legs, her feet in a pair of tartan patterned heels.


“And just where are you planning on going shopping,” Lady Dunwall said as the maid poured her coffee.


“Oh, here there and everywhere?”


“Credit cards at the read,” Hannah said with a smile.  The brunette was wearing a black vest top over a short sleeved one, both cropped to reveal her bare belly, a black mini skirt and knee length flat heeled black fabric boots.


“Oh – and you’re going to be in your room, listening to our music are you,” Abigail laughed.


“And why not – not much else to do here…”


“Thank you, Eleanor, you may remove the breakfast things now,” Lady Dunwall said as the blonde haired maid nodded, and started to clear the plates.  “I have some correspondence to take care of today, which I will answer in the library.  Would you ask Constance to bring me coffee there at eleven?”


“Of course Your Ladyship,” Eleanor said with a smile as the three women stood and went their separate ways.  She knew they were going to have a very, very different morning from what they had planned…







10.30 am







Hannah was sat at her desk, making notes on a pad as she looked at the reference books in front of her, a pair of headphones on her ears as she listened to music.  Hearing the knock on the door, she called out “come in”, as Eleanor walked into the room.


“Forgive the intrusion,” she said as she closed the door, “but I need to ask a question of you, Miss Hannah.”


“And that is,” she said without looking up.


“Do you want to die today?”


It took a moment for Hannah to realise what she was saying, before she slowly turned round and said “I beg your pardon?”


“Do you wish to die today,” Eleanor said as she aimed her pistol directly at the young woman.  “Because if you do not wish to, you will slowly take the headphones off, and stand up with your arms behind your back.”


“Eleanor, what is the meaning of this?”


“I would have thought it was perfectly clear Miss Hannah,” the maid said as she looked at the brunette, “we’re robbing you.  Now, do as I say, or else…”  She pulled back the safety on the gun, Hannah nodding as she placed the headphones on her desk and stood up.


“Very slowly, turn so you have your back to me, and put your hands behind your back.”


Hannah nodded as she turned round, Eleanor putting the gun down and removing from a bag she was carrying a length of white rope.  She took the young woman’s wrists behind her back, crossed them, and within a few minutes had them held firmly together, the rope going round and between her arms, the ends out of reach of Hannah’s probing fingers.


“What on earth has got into you Eleanor,” she said as the maid took a longer length of rope, and wrapped it round her arms and stomach, pinning them to her sides before she tied the rope off, and tightened it with two smaller lengths between her arms and her body.


“Oh you’ll figure it out eventually,” the maid said as she turned Hannah round, and picked the gun back up.  “Now, we wait for a minute or two…”




“Come in,” Abigail said as she heard the knock on the door, before saying as the door opened “What is it Constance, I need to get going.”


“No you don’t.”


Abigail turned sharply to see the maid standing in the room, a small bag in one hand and a very lethal pistol in the other.  “Shit,” Abigail said quietly, before she tried to run past the woman – only to be pulled back and yelp as Constance said “don’t be a stupid bitch miss” before she pushed her face down onto the bed.


“What the hell do you think you are doing,” Abigail said as Constance drew a length of rope from the bag, and pulled the young woman’s wrists behind her bag.


“I’m telling you to shut the hell up while I tie you up,” Constance said as with frightening speed she wound the rope around Abigail’s crossed wrists and bound them tightly together, cinching the binding b taking the rope between her arms before she tied the ends off.


Rolling the blonde over, so that her hands were pressed against her back, she placed the barrel of the gun against Abigail’s head and said “open that big mouth of yours – I’m gonna show you a way to keep it quiet.”


“How – what are yuhmmfkknggdddd,” Abigail said as Constance pushed a compressed sponge in behind her teeth, the material expanding to push her tongue down and fill her mouth while she closed her lips over it.  The maid then took a roll of dark grey tape, and tore several strips over before pressing them firmly over her mouth.


“There - what do you say now bitch?”




“All in good time,” Constance said as she made Abigail stand up, and bound her arms to her sides, the rope going round her stomach as it was pulled tight, tied off and cinched at both sides.  She then forced Abigail at gunpoint out of the room, and into Hannah’s room.


“Oh Christ – Are you all right Abby,” Hannah said, her sister shaking her head as Constance looked at Eleanor.


“Shut the stupid cow up – Her Ladyship will want her coffee, and I wish to explain the seriousness of the situation to her…”





11 am


“My apologies for the delay, your ladyship,” Constance said as she carried the tray through the door.


“That’s all right – have my daughters left yet,” Lady Dunwall said as she looked up.


“Not yet your ladyship – I am afraid they have been delayed in departing.”


“Oh – why?”


“Because Eleanor and I have them captive – and if you do not do exactly as I say, we will kill them.”


Lady Dunwall looked at Constance, before saying “I beg your pardon?”


“You heard me,” Constance said as she lifted a cover, and picked up the pistol, pointing it directly at Lady Dunwall, “this is a robbery, we have your daughters, and if you do not do as we say they will die – and then you will as well.”


“Constance, how dare you…”


“I’m not Constance – she’s tied up in her room, and so is Eleanor.  Now, very slowly, stand up and open the safe.”


The noblewoman looked at the gun, then stood up and walked to the side, opening a hidden panel in the bookcase and then the safe.  Constance nodded as she picked up a velvet sack, and said “money, jewels – in there please.”


“Who are you then,” Lady Dunwall said as she emptied the contents of the safe into the bag.


“Not important – now, walk with me to the drawing room.”


“I want to see my daughters.”


“And you will – in the drawing room,” Constance said as she waved the gun, Lady Dunwall handing her the sack before she walked in front of the maid, her hands raised.  They entered the drawing room, the large bay window doors looking out onto the rear lawn, as Constance said “good – kneel in front of the couch, and put our hands behind your back.”


As she did so, Constance opened a large canvas bag, and put the sack inside, before she drew out a length of white rope and doubled it over.  It did not take her long to secure Lady Dunwall’s wrists together, and then her arms to her sides, before she was forced to sit in the corner of the long seat,


“You’ll never get away with this you know,” she said as she watched Constance wrap a doubled length of rope round her ankles, and then bind them tightly together, the rope acting like a pair of cuffs as she wound it around and between her slim legs.


“They all say that,” Constance said as she repeated the process below Lady Dunwall’s knees, forcing her legs together, her hose tightening as the rope compressed it.  “Guess what – we always do get away with it…”


Lady Dunwall grunted as the maid’s hands moved on her legs, before she walked to the door.  “Bring the other two down,” she called out before she walked back over, and held a compressed sponge in front of Lady Dunwall’s mouth.




“Yes…”  She waited for her ladyship to open her mouth, before she pushed the sponge inside, and then pressed several layers of grey tape over her mouth to keep it in place and complete the gag.  As she looked to the door, she saw Eleanor pushing Abigail and Hannah in, their mouths sealed with the same grey tape.




“Oh shut the fuck up,” Eleanor said as she pushed Abigail, the young girl falling over the other end of the long seat and her head landing on her mother’s lap as Hannah was pushed onto the floor.  The two maids grabbed more ropes, and secured their ankles and legs in the same way as their mother, both of them wriggling as the ropes went round their thighs and the hands of the maids stroked them at the same time.


“I’ll cover them – Her Ladyship has already emptied the safe,” Constance said as Eleanor pushed Hannah onto her side, at the edge of the red Persian rug, “get the silver.”


The blonde maid nodded as she picked up the bag and left the room, all three women staring at Constance as she covered them with the pistol.  “Stuck up little bitches,” she snarled, “do you some good to be brought down to earth.”


“Mmmeehwtssgnnn,” Abigail said as she looked up.


“Bbbrrfff,” Lady Dunwall said to both of them as they lay there, Hannah wriggling round until Eleanor came back, putting the now full canvas bag on the coffee table.  Lady Dunwall could see the trophies and other silverware inside as she closed the top.


“Right – enjoy your day, ladies,” Constance said as she and Eleanor left the room, Lady Dunwall watching them with their eyes as they disappeared.  As soon as they were out of sight, she said “Enndddutsttppebeegl.”


Her daughter nodded as she managed to right herself, both girls watching as Lady Dunwall shuffled forward, and managed to stand on her feet.  She took a moment to steady herself, and then started to jump across the room, small hops as they waited for her to reach the fireplace, and press the hidden alarm...







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