Mark?s Day









When I woke up the next morning, I opened my eyes to see both Mum and Kristen looking at me.? Mum was wearing a mustard coloured jumper, with a wide black leather belt around her waist, grey jeans and knee length brown suede boots with the cuff turned down under her knee.


Kristen was wearing a green smock top with white polka dots, black leggings and green Ugg boots.? She also had a big smile on her as she said ?Morning, kiddo - your turn today.?


I tried to say ?What do you mean,? but all I heard was ?whtdumn.?? I then realised that something was gently pulling at my skin around my mouth, and as Kristen held a mirror to my face I could see the wide strip of white tape that was covering it.


I could also now see the ropes that were holding me spread eagled to my bed, tugging on them as they held firm to each corner.


?We?re going to church,? Mum said as she patted my head, ?Don?t go anywhere, and when we get back? - you?re all ours.?


I grunted and nodded as I watched them leave - I wasn?t going anywhere.


I didn?t want to...


It was a strange feeling, spending the entire morning on the bed, my arms spread wide above me and my ankles fastened to the foot of the bed.? I was just glad I had put on a blue top and shorts to sleep in, or Mum and Kristen would have had a real sight when they bound me.


What really impressed me was that they had done this without waking me.? I?m a fairly light sleeper as a rule, but I did not even hear them taking the covers off!? As the minutes ticked away, I tried to relax, and allowed myself to wonder just what they were going to do to me when they got back...


The first sign I got of their plans was when I heard the front door open, and Mum call up ?I?ll be with you in a few minutes Mark.?? I strained my ears, hearing some sort of conversation upstairs, and then there was the sound of footsteps on the stairs.


?And how is my baby brother,? Kristen said as she opened the door and looked in, and then Mum came into my bedroom.? She wasn?t able to say a lot, given the white tape that was now covering her mouth, and I could tell from the way her cheeks bulged out there was something under the strips.


?I thought you might like a little company while IO fixed lunch,? she said in a sweet voice as she pulled Mum?s hands behind her back.? I watched as she quickly bound her wrists together, and then as her shoulders were pulled back, her chest forced out under her jersey as Kristen did her work.? Bands of rope then appeared above and below her chest, as Mum was very securely tied.


She wriggled round a little, her chest moving with her as Kristen sat her on the floor, her back against the wall on the far side from the bed, and crossed her ankles before tying them together, the white rope making the grey suede of her boots tighten around her ankles.? More rope went round her legs below her knees, before my lovely sister said ?Right - you two relax, and I?ll sort dinner out, all right??


She left us alone, as Mum looked at me and said ?Umssdgdsrmnmrk.?? She wriggled round again, my eyes fixed on her chest as her breasts jiggled - yeah, jiggled under the tightly stretched jersey material.


I could feel myself responding as well, and blushed as I realised that my shorts were not going to hide that much of how I was feeling.? Mum could see it as well, as she stifled a giggle and said ?Srremrk, dndtmntdt...?


I wasn?t sure whether to laugh or cry, my own mother making me feel like this.? I tried to think of other things to put me off, but it still came back to the sight of her struggling on the floor, and I could not help what I was feeling.


It got worse, though, as she managed to push herself up and start to hop across the floor.? I was stuck, nowhere to go or hide my embarrassment at her body as she jumped up and down, coming even closer to me before she knelt by the bed and said ?swhtrwgngtdnw??


?Dntskm,? I mumbled as I blushed a deep, beetroot red - saved in a way by Kristen coming back, and saying ?Oh my - perhaps I should do something to allow you to be more presentable Mark.


?Tell you what - I?m going to unite you, then you grab some clothes and go and - well, go.? All I want you to do is to keep that gag on until we tell you, all right??


I nodded like mad at that suggestion, and watched as she untied my arms and wrists.? Pausing only to grab what I needed from my cupboard by way of clothes, I sprinted for the bathroom, the muffled laughs of Mum following me as I did so...




Sometime later, I finally emerged, having washed and cleaned myself up.? I had pulled on some clean boxer shorts, and a pair of tan cargo shorts with a striped polo shirt.? The tape gag was still over my mouth, but I had also brought some wipes in the hope that Kristen and Mum would finally allow me to wash my face when it was removed.


Kristen was waiting, and said ?Time for lunch? as she led me down the staircase and into the dining area.? Mum was already there, sitting in one of the chairs, but I could see her ankles were tied to the front legs of the chair, while a band of rope was around her waist.


?Sit down,? Kristen said as she pulled a chair out next to Mum, and I placed my bottom on it.? I watched as she securely bound my ankles to the chair, and then tied my waist in place, before she said ?Now you can remove your gag.?? I reached up and pulled the tape away, before using a wipe on my face and then taking my first drink of the day.


?Slowly, Mark, slowly,? Mum said, ?You don?t want your next move to be another dash to the toilet, do you??


I shook my head and put my glass of water down, as Kristen served up some chicken salad for all of us.? ?Thanks,? I said as I picked up my knife and fork, ?I?m starving.?


I was as well, so we didn?t talk as we all ate, but one thought was in my mind - what were they going to do to me next??




I looked at Mum and blushed.? ?Excited, actually,? I said with a smile, ?I enjoyed spending the morning like that - what did you say to anyone who asked where I was??


?That you were confined to bed with a cold,? Mum said, and I had to admit that was a good ruse.? Taking? a sip from my glass as well, I swallowed and said ?So am I going to be your captive all day??


?Most of it,? Kristen said, ?but I think you?re going to enjoy it.? Of course, you may not have a lot to say in the matter - actually, you will have nothing to say about the matter.?? She took a forkful of salad in her mouth and looked at me as I nodded, understanding exactly what it was she was saying.


Kristen cleared the plates away, and brought over some cakes as well as a mug of coffee for Mum and another glass of juice for me.? We ate in silence for a few minutes, before Kristen said ?Excuse me a minute,? and left the room.


?Where is she going,? I said as I looked to the doorway.


?We need to make sure the curtains in the front room are closed,? Mum said as she sipped on her coffee, ?You?ll understand why in a little while.?


?Oh,? I said with a curious expression, before Kristen came back in.? She was carrying two things in her hands, one of my white sports socks and a black bandana, rolled into a band with a knot tied in the middle.


?I hope that?s a clean sock,? I said as I looked at it.


?Of course it is - I?m not that cruel,? Kristen said as she balled up the sock and held it in front of my mouth.? ?Open wide now - it?s time for the afternoon fun to start.?


I nodded and opened my mouth wide, allowing her to push the sock in and then the knotted cotton band.? I felt the cloth pressing into the side of my face as she tied it round my head, and then released me from the dining chair.


?Come with me Mark,? Mum said after Kristen released her from the chair, and she helped me to stand up, taking me by the arm as we walked into the front room.? There was one of the dining chairs set up in the middle of the room, facing the couch, and it was this that she sat me down on, guiding my hands behind the chair back as she picked up a coil of rope.


I felt my wrists as they were crossed, and then the soft feel of the rope against my skin as Mum tied them tightly together. Making sure it was comfortable but snug as she wound the rope around and between them, before securing them to the chair back.


?Now, you are going to sit still and enjoy the show,? she whispered into my ear before she tied one end of a long length of rope to the side of the chair, and then began to wind it around my upper body and the woodwork.? I felt myself being more and more pulled against the chair back as I was secured in place, hardly a movement possible as the rope snaked around my chest and the chair, before Mum tied it off at the other side.


My legs were next, as she knelt down and tied them together just above my knees, cinching the coils between my legs.? She then tied my ankles tightly together, side by side, and pulled them under the chair before securing them to my wrists as well.


?Right,? she said as she kissed me on the head, ?I?m going to do the washing up.? Kristen will be here in a minute - don?t go anywhere.?


?Ha bloody ha,? is what I thought, but I kept quiet, wondering what was going on as Mum headed for the kitchen.?


?Ready for the show??


I watched as Kristen came back into the room, carrying with her some different clothes and a video camera.? She spent a little while setting it up so that it filmed me, before she sat on the couch, smiling as she said ?You?ll just have to watch as I get changed.?


I watched, curious as she pulled her green boots off and massaged her feet, before pulling off the white socks that her leggings were tucked into.? ?Maybe I should have put these into your mouth instead, you naughty boy,? she purred as she stood up and held her socks under my nose, forcing me to inhale the acrid, sweaty aroma.


It was heavenly.


She then stood in front of me and slowly pulled her top off, revealing the white bra that she was wearing underneath.? ?I bet you wish you could play with these just now,? she said as she looked at me.? She knew me too well, and knew how frustrated that was going to make me feel.


Which is, of course, why she did it, as she slowly pulled her leggings down, her long shapely legs revealed as she let them drop to the floor, and then pulled on a pair of sheer pantyhose.? It looked as if her legs were still bare so smooth and thin the material was, as she posed and smiled at me.


?I can see you like this,? she pouted, and she was right - there was a bulge appearing in my shorts again, as she picked up a pair of Daisy Duke denim shorts and pulled them up as well, and then pulled a white cheesecloth blouse with a red check over her arms and chest.? The ends were tied together under her chest, as she then knelt on front of me, her breasts visible to me as she held my head up and looked into my eyes.


?You like a girl that looks like this, don?t you Mark,? she said quietly, and I could only mutely nod, so bloody obvious was the answer.? She pressed her chest into my gagged face, and I had to stifle a moan from myself.


Walking over to the couch, she then did something different - she picked up her sock and pushed it into her own mouth, before covering her lips with tape.? She then taped her ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees, as Mum walked into the room.


?My turn now is it,? she said, and Kristen nodded as she pointed to another set of clothes that were on the couch.? Sitting down, I watched as Mum reached behind her legs and unzipped her boots, pulling them off before she wriggled her toes at me, and then unfastened her jeans, pulling them slowly down to reveal the hose and panties she was wearing underneath.


?That?s better,? she whispered as she then pulled her jumper off and over her head letting it fall to the floor as she did so.? I looked at her large, firm chest, and realised I was getting hard again, especially as she picked up an incredibly tight t-shirt and pulled it on, the black material leaving her midriff free and cut to reveal her chest as well.


To my surprise, she then picked up a blue leather microskirt and pulled it on, barely covering herself with it, before she picked up Kristen?s other sock and stuffed it into her own mouth, prior to gagging herself.


As she taped over her mouth, I sat with my mind racing.? My mother, lovely as she is, looked - HOT!? Smoking hot, with her curly red hair and her midriff showing, as she sat next to my equally burning sister and taped her legs together, before he started to tape her wrists in front of her.? She then handed Kristen the roll and held her hands out, watching as her own wrists were secured together.


If I had a problem maintaining control before, it was now near impossible as they squirmed round in the chair and made the most incredible mewling noises.? Eventually, I had to close my eyes to stop myself from doing something that I knew would be embarrassing.? In all this, I had forgotten about the camera filming everything - or the fact they had their wrists in front of them.


Before I had the chance to open my eyes, I heard snipping sounds, and then some sort of cloth covered my eyes, pulled tightly over them.? I then felt two pairs of hands releasing my legs from the chair, and then my upper body, but my wrist stayed together as I was made to stand up and I heard the chair been pulled away.


I then felt more rope around my arms, pulling them tightly into my side as they pulled into my upper and lower chest.? I was not able to do a thing except stand there as I felt the rope going round and round, then around my neck and under my arms as the loops tightened still further.


A pair of hands gently pushed down on my shoulders as I first knelt, then sat down, stretching my legs out in front of me.? That did not last too long either, as I felt my legs bend and the back of my heels against my thighs.


?Hgsdn,? I mumbled, but it was true - I felt the rope around my ankles and thighs, and realised they were doing something I had read of called a frogtie.? ?Wastrellthtbd,? I complained as I felt both legs being restricted in their movement, but it was no use - they obviously both wanted a full and proper revenge.


The exact nature of that revenge became clear, as I felt their fingers on my ribs and the soles of my feet.? ?NNNNNNNNN? I screamed out, but it was no good - they tickled me as much and as often as they wanted, for what seemed like an eternity of torture.


I had no idea just how long it lasted - and the occasional stroke of a hand between my legs was not much help either.? It was the silence apart from my giggles and screams that was worse - I had no way of knowing if they were still gagged or not - no way at all.


Eventually, however, I felt wetness between my legs, and the tickling and teasing stopped.? ?Msreee,? I mumbled as the blindfold was removed, and I saw both of them looking at me, their tops sweat stained but with big smiles on their clearly ungagged faces.


?I think you need to stay that way,? Mum said as she stood up, ?while we order some pizza.? Don?t worry - we?re not going to change.? I can tell you really like these outfits.?




It was about eight o?clock when I was finally untied, and allowed to stretch out.? Untying the now very dark stained bandana, I removed it from my mouth and said ?all right, all right - you got your revenge.? Can we eat now??


?Sure,? Kristen said with a great big smile.? ?We?re hungry as well.? We can also watch the movie we filmed today - you?re the star of it?


The pizza was great, the film revealing, but as Mum cleared away the boxes I stretched up and yawned.? ?It?s been a great day, but I?m about ready for my bed,? I said to Kristen as she drained her glass.?


?Yeah,? Mum said, ?I guess we could all do with getting ready for bed.?? She came back in with two pairs of handcuffs, and before we could say anything she had cuffed our wrists together in front of us.


?Mum, what are you doing,? Kristen said as she watched our mother go out, and come back with a fresh pair of pyjama shorts for me and a t-shirt for her.


?You?re going to get changed for bed,? Mum said with a smile, ?Right here.? I?ll only uncuff your hands to let you take your upper clothes off and change that, but you need to strip off as much as you can first and put your bottoms on.?


?But you haven?t got me any...? Kristen started to protest - but then she saw the pair of cycling shorts Mum was holding, and she pursed her lips before saying ?Oh - right.?


Sitting down, she reached under her chest and untied the front of her blouse, wriggling her body as the garment fell open, then slowly unbuttoned her denim shorts and let them fall to the floor.? I did something similar, letting my cargo shorts fall to the ground before I stepped out of them, and then sat down to pull my socks off as Kristen removed her hose.


?Pants as well,? Mum said, and I really did blush again as I let my boxers fall to the floor - I was starting to get a boner again.? Kristen wriggled out of her panties, then took the bicycle shorts and pulled them on as I pulled on my bed shorts.


?Better,? Mum said as we both sat down.? She kept her promise, and did indeed remove the handcuffs - but only after she had tied our legs together below our knees, cinching the coils between our legs.? As I took my shirt off and pulled over my pyjama top, Kristen took off her blouse and bra, her breasts making me feel even harder between my knees as she pulled her top on.


We then watched Mum as she pulled off her own tight t-shirt, and removed her bra.? ?You like what you see, don?t you Mark,? she said as she took a silk vest and pulled it on, the material hugging her like a second skin as the plunging neckline revealed her chest.


Her skirt came off next, followed by her hose, and a pair of tight silk shorts went on, before she sat back and crossed her legs.? ?Be honest, Kids,? she said as she looked at us, ?Does your mother still have it??


I had my mouth wide open, and could only nod, but Kristen said ?Honestly?? Do you want to hit the clubs one night Mum??


?I might take you up on that - if you don?t mind being seen with an old fogey,? Mum said with a laugh.? ?Right - time for bed, Mark.? How would you like to sleep tonight??


?Not the way I woke up,? I said, ?but - will you tie me again??


Mum and Kristen both nodded, as they stood up and the two of us shuffled after Mum.? We went to my room, where Kristen tied my wrist together in front of me and then used rope around my waist to keep them in place, while Mum tied my ankles.


I sat down and then shuffled back onto the bed, before Mum tied a rolled up scarf between my lips as a gag.? I watched then as Mum tied a crotch rope on Kristen, making her moan as she walked my loving sister to her bed.


As I slowly drifted off to sleep, I thought back over the day, and one idea was uppermost in my mind.


How I was going to pay them back for a wonderful time...







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