Mischief Night







Hannah Schmidt sat at the table in the front room of her house, looking through the company records and making various notes on a pad by her side.  She had been asked to do a preliminary pass over the books prior to a potential buyer making an offer, and such due diligence was one of the services her accountancy firm offered.


Well, to say firm implied more than one person involved, and Hannah was a one woman band, but they had to appear professional.  The thirty year old lived in the large house with her sisters, and between them they managed a comfortable enough existence.  But something – something in these books was giving her some cause for concern.


She was dressed in what could be described as “smart casual” – a long grey wrap was around her neck and shoulders, keeping them as they covered the skin visible over the round neck of her long sleeved top.  A pair of smart grey jeans, and a pair of knee length brown suede boots, completed the look.


“Hey – anyone home?”


“You’re early Maria,” Hannah said as she looked up, brushing her long blonde hair away from her face.


“No, you’re late,” her nineteen year old sister said as she looked in the door.  A first year student, Maria smiled as she looked at her oldest sister through her glasses, her brown hair held back by an Alice band.  She wore a cream cardigan over a blue blouse with a white collar, a knee length grey skirt with the waist ties loose, tights and black knee length suede boots.


“Good lord is that the time already,” Hannah said.  “Can you go to the kitchen and start to prepare some supper, and when Ingrid gets back we’ll eat together?”


“Sure,” the young woman said as she walked to the kitchen, and looked in the wardrobe.  “Now then, now then,” she said to herself, “what can we cook for suppertnhhthtwhtt....?”


Her muffled calls had been caused by the cloth that had suddenly been clamped over her nose and mouth, a grip like steel holding it in place as her head was forced back against someone.  Maria reached up and tried to pull it away, but the grip was too strong – and something else was happening.


The cloth was damp, and sweet smelling, and that scent seemed to be seeping into her brain as her eyesight started to fog over.  Each time she struggled, she ended up breathing it in more and more, and she grew more and more tired, more and more weary, less and less able to try and pull it away...


Eventually, her eyelids fluttered as she fell into a deep sleep, and only then did the woman holding her let go of the cloth, and sit her in a chair at the table.  She stood about five foot ten, with short black hair cut like a flapper in the twenties, a little curl at her forehead. 

She was wearing a black blouse, the top buttons undone and the collar turned up, a tight knee length black leather skirt and heels, her hands in a pair of short black leather gloves, and she smiled as she stroked the hair from Maria’s face, and then removed her glasses, folding the legs and placing them on the table.


“I just need to make sure you stay here for a while, little one,” she said with a smile, “but don’t worry – you’ll be with your sisters and joining in the fun...”




“Hey – finishing up for the night?”


Hannah smiled as she looked at Ingrid.  Her younger sister by two years, she was wearing a long blue fleece jacket with white trim, a matching knee length skirt, a white top, tights and knee length brown leather boots.


“Where’s Maria?”


“She went to start cooking supper – she probably put some stuff into the oven and then went upstairs.”


“Okay – I’ll go and take a look,” Ingrid said as she went to the kitchen.  The oven was on, and there was the smell of something cooking, but no sign of Maria.  She checked her won reflection in the mirrored walls, her light hair pulled back, and smiled as she turned round.


“Hello – now, do not scream, do not raise the alarm.  Do as I say, and all will be well.”


The voice as deep, with a slight French accent, but the gun in the gloved hand of the stranger was very persuasive, as Ingrid said “who are you?”


“Ah – introductions later,” the woman said with a smile, “right now, you have a choice.  Put your lips together and let me press this tape over them, or I press this cloth over your mouth.  You choose.”


Ingrid looked at the wide roll of white tape, and then at the cloth in the clear plastic bag, before she nodded towards the tape.


“Thank you,” the woman said as she put the bag down, tore a long strip of tape from the roll, and pressed it firmly down over Ingrid’s mouth.  “There – you make that look good,” she said as she picked up the gun again, and stroked Ingrid’s cheek, before saying “shall we?”


“So is she in the kitchen,” Hannah said as she heard the footsteps, only to slowly stand and look on in horror as an armed woman marched Ingrid back in, her mouth covered with white tape.


“I will bring your sister here in a short while,” she said as she pointed the gun at Hannah, “she is – resting for the moment.  My first priority is to make sure neither of you can raise the alarm for a little while.  So, both of you, stand facing each other, and put your hands behind your backs.”


“What is going on,” Hannah said quietly.


“All in good time – now, do as I say, unless you wish your sister to be forced to bind you instead.”


Shaking her head, Hannah walked to stand beside Ingrid, the two of them looking at each other as the intruder used the white tape to secure their wrists together behind their backs, and then to gag Hannah.  They were both made to sit on the couch, the woman kneeling and taping their ankles together, before she said “Don’t go anywhere now” and left the room.




Ehdntkknnw,” Ingrid said as she started to try and free herself.


“Ah ah – that would not be a good idea.”


They both looked at the woman as she deposited a large holdall on the table, and then left, returning a few minutes later with Maria over her shoulder.  Like the other two, her wrists and ankles were taped, and she had a long strip covering her mouth.




“OH it’s only chloroform – she’ll wake up soon,” the woman said with a smile, “but we have the whole night ahead of us.  First, however, some introductions – my name is Laura Mischief, and tonight it is my pleasure to visit you.”


Hmggdddd,” Hannah whimpered.  She had heard of this woman – and what she did.


“So,” Laura said with a smile as she pulled the tape from Hannah’s lips, “combination to the safe, if you please.”


“If I tell you, will you leave us alone?”


“If you not tell me, then one of your sisters will be my plaything.”


Ingrid looked at her sister and shook her head, as Hannah said “very well” and give her a sequence of numbers.


“Most helpful – thank you,” Laura said with a smile, “and for doing that, you get to rest for a little while as I make your sister here more – comfortable.”  Producing a knife, she walked over and opened the bag, taking out several lengths of rope and standing behind the youngest sister.


Hmmwshpnnn,” she moaned softly as Laura unbuttoned her cardigan and pulled it gently down to her bound wrists, and then stroked her gloved fingers gently around Maria’s chest.  The other two sisters could only watch as she then eased her top up and over her head, pulling it down her arms as well and leaving it on top of her cardigan before she looked over and smiled, picking up a length of cord and doubling it over.


Both Hannah and Ingrid watched as Laura used the rope to pull their sister’s elbows together behind her back, Maria grunting as the rope went tightly around and between her arms.  As they watched, she then took a scalpel and cut the tape away from her wrists, pulling her cardigan and top off before she used a second length of rope to secure them together again.


“She has such an attractive body,” Laura purred as she stroked her hands over Maria’s chest again, “such a pity she chooses to hide it under such plain clothing...”




“Opening her eyes,” Laura said as she took a long length of rope, doubled it over and started to bind Maria’s arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below and forcing her breasts up and out as she slowly opened her eyes.


Hnnnee?  Ngrddd?  Whstggnn?  Whncttetlk...”


“Welcome back little one,” Laura whispered into her ear as she pulled the ropes tighter, took it over one shoulder, under the lower band of rope and back up, before she tied the ends off.  Maria twisted round, wondering what it was she was feeling, and then she looked down as her sight slowly cleared, seeing the ropes around her arms and chest.




“Hush little one,” Laura whispered as she placed her hands on Maria’s chest, and started to massage them, “if you do that, you will choke, and that would be a great shame, so relax and enjoy...”


Maria tried to wriggle out of her grasp, but that only made her rub even more on the gloved hands, making her strange feelings increase as she started to moan.


“See – pleasure,” Laura said as she kissed Maria on the neck, and then walked in front of her, kneeling and smiling as she pulled her skirt down and off. 


Plsslfhrllnnn,” Ingrid said, but when Laura turned and smiled, she simply said “your turn is coming, as you will see...”  She then smiled as her gloved hands stroked down Maria’s legs, the young woman twisting as she tried to hide her embarrassment.


Embarrassment at the way she was being treated – and embracement at the way she was beginning to feel.  It felt – good.  It felt – amazing...


“See – it is wonderful,” Laura said as she pulled her tights down, and then used more rope to secure her legs together below her knees.  As she took the rope between her legs, Maria sighed, and then watched as her binder cut the tape, unzipped and removed her boots, and then the tights before she re-bound her ankles. 


Hannah and Ingrid could only watch as Laura continued to massage and kiss their younger sister, hearing her gasps before she pulled the tape from her mouth and stuffed the gusset of the tights in, then tied the legs tightly round her head.


“Now then,” she said as she stood up, “I need to let your sisters share in the fun, but before I do, let’s make you really comfortable, shall we?”


Maria could only nod, tasting her own hose as Laura made eh rile on her stomach, and then tied another length of rope around her waist, before she took the ends up between her legs, the cords rubbing on her crotch as she used them to secure her ankles behind her back.


“Don’t go away now,” she said as she patted Maria on the bottom, and cut the tape from her sisters’ ankles.  “Stand up,” she said as she took the holdall in one hand, and the gun in the other, “show me where the safe is.”


Whddudtht,” Hannah mumbled as they walked to the back of the house.


“Oh stop complaining – she is still a young girl, so I went easy on her,” Laura said.  “You two however – well, let’s see shall we.  I’m going to cut your wrist free, but if you try anything – anything – except what I say, you will regret it.  Understand?”


Both women nodded as she cut through the tape.  “Good – you can both start by stripping off your upper clothing.”




“You heard me,” Laura said as she looked at them, “strip to your bra.”


The two sisters looked at each other, before Hannah removed her wrap, letting it drop to the floor before she removed her jumper.  Ingrid shivered as she unfastened her jacket and slipped it off, before removing her own jumper.


“Very nice,” Laura said as she looked at their white bras, and then walked round them.  “Now, remove your boots, pants, skirt and hose – as quickly as you can.”


Whtruggntdtsss,” Ingrid said as she unzipped her skirt and let it drop, Hannah pulling her boots off and then letting her jeans fall to the ground.


“I’m sorry, did you ask a question?”


Ingrid nodded as the two of them slipped their hose off, worried that she may use it to gag them as well -= a fear that was increased as Laura said “remove the tape from your mouths.”


“I said,” Ingrid gasped after she had removed the tape, “what are you going to do with us?”


“Oh now that is a good question,” Laura said with a smile, “and I will answer you.  But first, take your panties off.”




“I said,” Laura whispered, “take your panties off.”  The two sisters looked at each other, before Hannah slipped off her grey briefs, and Ingrid her blue panties. 


“That’s very good of both of you – now, fold them into a pad.”


“Oh no – you’re not going to...”


“No I’m not,” Laura said as she stroked Hannah’s cheek, “you are, in each other’s mouth.”


“Please, don’t make us do OW!”


Ingrid felt the slap on her bottom, then heard Hannah cry out as the leather gloved hand came down on her bottom as well.


“No arguments – do it.”


They looked at each other, before they opened their mouths and pushed the panties in, trying not to gag at the taste as they closed their lips over them.


“There now,” Laura said as she took two length of rope from her bag, “now, tie these round your waists, and hold the ends in your hands.”  She stood, watching and smiling as Hannah and Ingrid tied the ropes round their waists, and held the ends out.


“Now then,” she said as she walked behind them, “I have  a special present for each of you.”


WhtsttthhHMGDDD!”  Hannah squealed as the device was pushed into her passage, and then the ropes taken from her hands and pulled quickly between her legs, Laura smiling as she tied the ends to the band at the back.  Ingrid could only stand and shiver, then squeal as she had a similar device pushed into herself and the crotch rope applied.


Hpplssnnnn” she moaned as she felt the vibrations inside herself, Laura chuckling as she said “now, hug each other, hands behind each other’s back.”  As the two women did this, she used ropes to bind their wrists behind each other back, and then to the other woman’s crotch ropes.  Finally, she wound rope tightly round their upper bodies, securing them together as they started to sweat, desperate to control what was happening to themselves.


The relief as they were forced to kneel was short lived, as Laura secured their ankles, then their legs together and to each other above their knees.






“Now, try to stay there while I collect your nice shiny things,” their captor said as she opened the safe, smiling as she finally heard them both scream out.




In the front room, Maria heard her sister’s screams of muffled pleasure, but she had her own problems, as her struggles brought on the third orgasm in a row, her body shaking as the ropes brought her over the edge...



“Well, this is lovely,” Laura said as she pressed the tape firmly over Ingrid’s lips, the woman panting as she looked at Hannah, her eyes wide over the white tape before they both started shaking again, “but I do need to take my leave soon.  Night night.”


Whtdummnnnnmmmmmmmmm” Ingrid said as the chloroform soaked cloth was clamped over her nose and taped mouth, her eyes quickly closing as Hannah watched, struggling and then feeling the orgasm build again.  As the fumes sent her to sleep, she was relieved, even as she knew she was going to ache...


Laura laid both women on their sides, smiling as she went back down to the main room.  Maria watched as she checked her ropes, and then said “no sleep for you young lady – but a little fun.”


She squealed as Laura fitted the vibrator under the crotch rope, over her panties, before she watched the dark haired villainess leave...





“Now what,” DCI Jardine said as he came out.


“Another burglary boss,” the desk sergeant said, “the Schmidt sisters.”


“Who did this one?”


“According to the youngest, Laura Mischief.”


“What is this, open night for crooks.”


“Don’t say that,” the DC said as the telephone rang again...”







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