Mother and Daughter Moments 18











Like Steve, I’ve had one occasion where at least one of the girls in the house knew what was going on, but still pretended it was a game to make sure someone else stayed calm and wasn’t hurt. 


The time I’m thinking of is when, for reasons a bit too complex to explain here, I decided to visit the home of Sir Gerald Manners, our local Member of Parliament.  He lived in a detached house on the outskirts of town, with his wife Petunia.  Both were in their early sixties, but I knew they had a daughter, and two granddaughters, one thirteen and the other eleven.  The chances of them visiting when I was there were minimal, but I did know their names – the oldest was Catherine, the youngest Ronnie.


So come the day, I made sure I had everything I may need in my bag, and drove to the road the Manners residence was on.  I parked the car around the corner, and looked at the high wall surrounding the house, before I walked to where some overhanging trees provided some shelter.  With the help of some foot and hand holds, I soon climbed the wall and dropped over onto the other side, landing a very well manicured lawn.


Crouching down for a minute, I took the stocking from my jacket pocket and pulled it over my head, tucking in into the neck of my biker jacket and making sure my gloves were in place.  I also had on a pair of black leggings and mid-length boots.


The back lawn was quiet, so I made my way quickly across to the rear of the building, keeping low as I passed some windows before I got to the rear door.  Smiling, I tried the door handle, and was not surprised to find it was locked.  So the judicious use of a set of lock picks, and I was able to slip into a large kitchen.


I could hear music playing somewhere in the house as I closed the door, which at least told me someone was home.  Making sure the rucksack was secured on my back, I walked slowly to the door, and looked down the corridor.  It was clear, so I slipped down and looked in the first door.


It was an office or library area, and I could see Petunia Manners standing by the bookcase.  She was wearing a grey top with wide sleeves and a Chinese style pattern printed on it, trousers and black sandals, and had a white and black leopard print scarf tied loosely around her neck.  Her light brown hair was flecked with grey.


She looked over as I closed the door, and stared as I produced the pistol I carried.  “My lord, who are you?”


“Me?  I’m here to rob you, Lady Manners, so I must ask you not to make any loud noises or sudden moves.  I heard music – who else is in the house at the moment?”


“My granddaughters – oh no, please, you don’t have to...”


“Remain calm, Lady Manners – I am going to need your help to make sure they and you cannot interfere with my business.”


“You – you’re one of the Games Players?”


“That’s right,” I said as I slipped my rucksack off, “so I need you to convince them this is all a game that has been arranged by you, to liven up their dull afternoon.  That’s not going to be a problem, is it?”


“With Ronnie, no, but Cathy...”


“I am sure you will manage,” I said quietly as I produced a length of cord from the rucksack.  “For now, kindly put the book down slowly, turn and move your hands behind your back.”


“You don’t understand – Cathy is special...”


“I will deal with Cathy the same way as your other granddaughter,” I said as I used the cord to lash her wrists together, crossing them in the small of her back and making sure the knot was out of the way of her long and well manicured fingers.  As always, I cinched the binding, and then passed some rope around her waist to hold her wrists against her back.


“Now, we need to go and tell your charming granddaughters what is happening,” I said as I put my rucksack back on, “after you, please.”


She looked at me as we walked down to another door, and then in, where the two young girls were dancing to some music.  Rachel had long strawberry blonde hair, and was wearing a purple sleeveless cardigan over a purple top with a white paint splash pattern, grey leggings and mid length green-brown leather boots with a flat sole.


It was Cathy that caught my eye – the older girl was wearing a grey patterned smock over a black top and leggings, and black Ugg boots.  Her darker brown hair was cut short, and she had on glasses – but it was also clear to me she had a disability.


“Who is this,” she said as she looked at me.  Petunia tried to smile as she said “this lady was hired by me to play a very special game with all of us, Cathy.”


“She looks funny.”


Rachel was also staring at me as I said “I do – you see, I’m pretending to be a robber, and I have something on to make it difficult to tell who I am.”


“A robber?  I don’t like that...”


“Cathy,” the younger girl finally said as she took her arm, “it’s all right, it’s just a game Grandma has arranged for us.  She just wanted to surprise us, but nothing bad is going to happen to us, is it Miss Robber?”


“No it’s not,” I said as I looked at her.  “I’m going to do a few things so that you and your gran have to stay in the same place, so you won’t be able to move or talk for a little while, but that’s all.”


“Tell you what,” Rachel said, “why don’t you watch what the lady does to me, and then she can do it to you as well.  If I’m not scared, then you won’t be scared, will you?”


“No, because you are brave, and when you are brave, I am brave,” Cathy said as she nodded her head.


“All right then,” I said quietly, slipping my rucksack off, “so let’s start the game.  Why doesn’t your gran sit down while I make sure that you two cannot move your hands for a while?”


“Can I see them, Granny?”


Petunia turned and showed them their hands, Cathy touching them as she said “they look like you can’t move them.  Will you do that to us?”


“Yes I will – why don’t you watch what I do to your little sister?”


Taking some cord out, I knelt behind Rachel, Cathy watching as I crossed her wrists behind her back and tied them together, and then tied some rope around her waist to lock them in place.


“There now – that doesn’t hurt does it Rachel?”


She shook her head and smiled as she looked at Cathy, and said “your turn now.”


“All right,” Cathy said as she moved her own hands behind her, and I soon had her wrists secured as well.  “It’s funny,” she giggled as she waved her fingers.


“Now then, why don’t you and your sister stand still for a moment,” I said as I looked at them, “and I’ll try and make sure you can’t move your arms either.”


“Me first,” Rachel said, as I took some rope and tied her arms to her sides, wrapping it around her stomach and making sure they were locked in place.  I then did the same for Cathy, before inviting them both to sit next to each other on the couch.


“I need to do the same to your grandmother now – but she’s a bit older, so she gets a bit more.”


“I want more too,” Cathy said.


“Don’t worry – I have a very special treat for you two girls,” I said as I began to wrap rope around Petunia’s arms and chest, trapping them in place as it went above and below her chest.


“Are you all right, Grandma?”


“I’m fine, Rachel,” Petunia said as I tied the ropes off.


“Now, I need to make sure you two stay on the couch for the game,” I said as I took more rope out.  Kneeling in front of Rachel, I tied her ankles together, the rope squeaking on her leather boots as I took it around and between her limbs.


“That sounds funny,” Cathy giggled as I pulled the rope tight and tied it off, and then tied her legs together below her knees.


“It does – now it’s your turn,” I said as I tied Cathy’s ankles together, the cords sinking into her boots as I made sure they were firmly held, and then secured her legs below her knees.


“There – now, do you think you can both sit nice and quietly while I take Granny for a walk round the house?”


“Can you put the television on?”


“Of course I can,” I said as I changed it to a children’s channel, and then left them talking to each other while I took Petunia upstairs.


“Thank you, for not scaring her,” she said quietly as she sat on the bed, looking at me as I raided her valuables.


“I think your younger granddaughter knows what is really happening.”


“I am sure she does – but she wants Cathy to be safe as well, so she will play along.”


“How will you silence us?”


“Do the girls have any allergies?”


Petunia shook her head as I said “Well, I use something in their mouths and then tape over the mouth.


“Do it to me before you take me back – it will make it easier.”


I nodded as I closed the last drawer, and said “then we should begin now.”




“Granny cannot talk!”


“Neecnt,” Petunia said as we came in, a strip of flesh coloured sticking plaster covering her mouth and jaw as I helped her to sit down in a chair.


“Now, I need to make sure your grandma is unable to use her legs as well,” I said as I crossed and bound her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, before I stood and looked at both of them.


“Right – before I make it very difficult for both of you to talk, I want to make sure you two stay together, all right?”


They both nodded as I took a length of rope, and tied Rachel’s left thigh to Cathy’s right, taking the rope between them as well.  I did the same between their upper arms, and then their calves, before I held up two hankies.


“Your grandma has a cloth in her mouth as well, so I’m going to give each of you one, and then stick some of the same plaster over your mouths.  Ready?”


“Me first this time,” Cathy said, opening her mouth as I pushed the folded cloth in, and then watching as I did the same to her sister.  I then tore two lengths of plaster from the roll, and sealed their lips together, before I said “now, the bad robber is going to pretend to go – see who can get free first.”


I left them trying to talk to each other, leaving by the front door and removing my stocking mask before I made my way back to my car.  I think I know who the bravest girl in that house was that day...




As you know, occasionally Janna and I tag team, especially if we are abroad together either on holiday or on business.  The time that I’m thinking of now was especially fun, not just because we ended up playing two different sets of games, but because it proved to be one of those occasions when working as a team worked especially well.


We were actually in Canada for this one, enjoying a week’s holiday in Toronto.  We’d done most of the tourist things, but had read in the paper one morning about a local business woman who had recently won a very substantial divorce settlement.  That caught our eye, so when it was the day of our flight home we checked out of the hotel, asked them to store our bags while we went for a drive into the country, and drove our hire car to the estate on the outskirts of the city.


We had done a little research on Yvette Laclore, and discovered she had two daughters, Simone and Brigitte.  Simone was eleven, and Brigitte ten, and they also had a live-in housekeeper.  She was actually Hispanic, and had an eight year old daughter.


So we stopped at one of those out of town places where you can buy anything, and bought everything we thought we would need, before putting them into two new rucksacks and heading to the house.  Janna was dressed as she usually liked to dress for these visits – black leather jacket, leggings and short leather boots – while I had on a red sweater and jeans, with trainers.


The house itself had a low white wall round it with a gated entrance, so we parked on a side street and walked slowly round to the rear wall.  Looking round, I helped Janna to get over and passed over the rucksacks, before joining her and walking as quickly as we could to the rear entrance.


It only took me a few minutes to unlock the back door, as we paused to put on our black gloves and stocking masks, and we made our way in.  The kitchen was fitted in the style of a modern home, with a breakfast bar and a range.


We both had obtained fake pistols to add to our persuasive powers, but the intent was still the same – make it a game for the youngest ones.  And that got put to the test fairly quickly, as we heard footsteps and hid in a walk in larder.


I watched as the housekeeper walked in – but she wasn’t wearing what you would expect a housekeeper to wear.  Instead, she was wearing a black waistcoat over a sleeveless top, and leopard print leggings, with bare feet.  Janna watched her as she took two bottles of drink from the fridge, and then walked out, both of us following her as she went down to a cellar.


As she came back up, she was therefore taken completely by surprise as she saw Janna standing in front of her, and I clamped my gloved hand over her mouth.


“Keep calm,” Janna said as she looked at her, her black hair shaking as she tried to get my hand off her mouth, “we’re not going to hurt you or anyone else, so long as you do as we say.  Do you understand?”


She looked at Janna, and eventually nodded as she said “good – now, is Mrs Laclore at home at the moment?”


She shook her head as I said “and her daughters?”


The housekeeper nodded as I said “Well, this is what we are going to do.  We’re going to take you back to your daughter, and you are going to tell her that this is a game of robbers that you are going to play.  Once we have both of you safely secured and out of the way, we’ll talk to the girls, and then eventually to Mrs Laclore.  So long as you do as we say, and pretend this is a game, then you and your daughter will be unharmed.  Do you understand?”


Janna watched as she slowly nodded, before she said “Good – my friend here will take his hand away, and we will go quietly to where your daughter is.”


As I removed my hand, she looked at both of us, and then said “this way” as we headed to the staircase, and walked up to the third floor of the house.  We went into a sitting room, to see her daughter watching television.  She was dressed like her mother, in a black t-shirt and leopard print leggings, her black hair held back by a comb as she stared at us.


“Isla,” her mother said quietly, “our dress up day has taken a special twist.  These two have come to play an extra special game, where the pop diva and her daughter are kidnapped by masked people.  They’ll make sure we are treated like real captives, but it’s all a game, all right?”


She looked at us for a minute, and then nodded as her mother said “good – now, do what they say, all right?”


“Hello Isla,” Janna said as she slipped her rucksack off and opened it, taking out a roll of duct tape.  “We’re going to use this to make sure you and your mom can’t move for a little while, and to keep you both quiet.  Watch while my friend does something to your mom first.”


I then guided the housekeeper’s hands behind her back, and used a roll of tape from my own bag to secure her wrists together, before taking the tape down over her hands to keep them together palm to palm.  Wrapping the tape around her waist to keep them secured, I looked at Isla and said “now, will you let my friend do that to you?”


“It’s all right, Isla, I’ll be right next to you,” her mother said as Janna took the young girl’s wrists behind her back, and taped them together before she wrapped the tape around her waist as well.  I then taped the older woman’s arms to her side, with bands below her chest and around her shoulders, before Janna did the same to her daughter.


“What are you watching,” I said as I helped her mother to sit down.


“I was watching Dora the Explorer,” Isla said, “and Mom was going to pick what we could watch together.”


“Well she still can,” I said as Janna helped her to sit next to her mom, her bare feet over the edge of the seat, “why don’t you tell me friend what you want you watch while I use some more tape to keep your legs together?”


I knelt in front of Isla and taped her ankles together while Janna talked to her mother, and then walked over to a small cabinet, looking for something while I taped her daughter’s legs together below her knees.  Moving over, I secured the older woman’s legs in the same way while Janna slipped a DVD into the player.


“There,” I said as I tore the tape loose and looked at both of them.  “We’ll start the film in a minute, but before we go and make the ransom demand, we need to make sure neither of you can talk, so we’re going to put some cloth in your mouth, and then some strips of tape over it.  Just watch the film, keep calm, and you’ll be just fine – one of us will come and check on you every so often.”


“Watch me, Isla,” her mother said, as she opened her mouth and I put a folded cloth in, and then smoothed several strips of tape over her mouth.  I then gagged the daughter in the same way, watching as she rested her head on her mother’s chest while the film started.


We made sure the telephone was unplugged, and the housekeeper’s purse out of the way, before we out our rucksacks back on and slowly walked down to the ground floor.  There was still no sign of anyone else, so we walked to the door the housekeeper had come out of, and walked down the stairs.


It was a well furnished leisure room, and we could see Simone and Brigitte lying on the floor, playing a video game on the large television.  Simone had a purple sweatshirt on, while Brigitte wore a pink one, the long light brown hair of both of them falling over their shoulders.  Both girls were also wearing faded denim jeans, and black suede boots that came up to their knees.


We looked at each other as we got to the foot of the stairs, as I said “hello girls – we need you to look at us for a moment.”


They both turned round and saw us standing there, the guns in our hands as Janna said “hello – did you mum tell you she had organised a special surprise for both of you today?”


“A... A surprise,” Simone said as she hugged her sister.


“That’s right – a game of robbers,” I said as I slipped my rucksack off, and put my pistol in my pocket.  “We’ve already started playing with your housekeeper and young Isla – they agreed to be the pop singer and her daughter, taking captive by kidnappers.”


“But for you two,” Janna said, “your mum asked us to pretend to be a pair of robbers, who have broken in and find you here.  When your mum gets back, she’ll be told to do as we say, because we have you captive.  It isn’t a real robbery, but we’ll make it as realistic as possible, and you can tell your friends at school about it next week.”


Looking at each other, Brigitte said quietly “Mom did all this for us?”


“That’s right,” Janna said as she looked at the screen.  “So if you want to play along, why don’t you keep playing the game, while my friend and I make sure you can’t run away?”


“It sounds like fun – shall we play Simone?”


“All right – I want to beat you at this anyway,” her older sister said as they laid down again and started the game, Janna and I opened our bag and taking out some lengths of rope, then crossing their ankles and binding them together, making sure we took the rope between their legs as the cord pulled the soft material of their boots around their ankles.


We then took some more cord and tied their legs together below their knees, and then I watched as Janna went to check on the housekeeper and Isla.  She came back down just in time for the game to finish, so I said “why don’t we put a DVD on for you to watch while we wait for your mom to get home?”


“You’ll need to get it – we can’t move," Simone said.


“True – tell my friend what you want to watch and where to find it, and then I’ll help you both to sit up while we make sure you can’t move your arms.”


“There’s a Harry Potter boxset over there,” Simone said as she rolled over and sat up, “want to watch Order of the Phoenix, Brigitte?”


“All right,” her younger sister said as they both sat up, and I went behind them, crossing and binding their wrists together with rope before I took it around their waists, while Janna found the disk.  Once she had put it into the player, she knelt behind Brigitte as I knelt behind Simone, and we tied their arms to their sides, taking the rope around their stomach and shoulders as we did so.


“Not too tight, I hope,” I said as I tied the ropes off, the two girls looking at each other and shaking their heads as we stood up.


“Now then, in a minute we’re going to get you both to lie down again,” Janna said, “and you can watch the film.  When your mom gets home, we’ll have a word with her, and then bring her down to join you.”


“But it’s important she is surprised – those were her instructions,” I said as I took two red bandanas from my rucksack, rolling both of them and tying knots in the middle, “so we’re going to ask you to open your mouths as wide as you can, and tie these round your head.  We’ll then put some very special tape over it, that won’t hurt you or damage your hair, but will make sure Mom gets a total surprise.”


The two girls nodded as we gagged them, and then helped them to lie down, putting cushions under their heads and then pulling their ankles back, and tying them to the chest ropes.


They lay watching the television as we closed our rucksacks again and walked put hr stairs – and the heard a car pull up on the driveway.  We ducked into the front room and waited as the front door opened and closed, and we saw Yvette Laclore walk down the corridor.  She had her dark hair cut short, and was wearing a black cardigan that buttoned up the front, a knee length taupe skirt, and purple knee length suede boots with a three inch stiletto heel.


“Girls,” she called out as we sneaked out, “where are Yoouhmggdddwhststhss!”


“Hello,” Janna said as I hand gagged her, “this is a robbery, but you need to listen very carefully.  Your housekeeper and her daughter and upstairs, your girls are downstairs, but all the girls think this is part of a special game you have arranged.”


“You’ve hired us to pretend to be kidnappers and robbers,” I whispered, “and while we really are going to rob you, you need to play along, so that all the girls keep calm and do not panic.  Your housekeeper knows the truth, and is playing along.  So, will you?”


She looked at Janna, before she slowly nodded and I said “Good – now when I take my hand away, stay calm, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Are they all right,” she finally said as I took the cord I had put in my pocket, and used it to bind her wrists together.


“They are fine,” Janna said quietly, “watching a film in your cellar, while your housekeeper and Isla are pretending to be a kidnapped signer and her daughter.  So do as we say, and they will be fine.”


“Now,” I said as I pulled the rope between her arms, “we will go upstairs, and you will tell me where you keep your valuables, while my friend here checks on Isla and her mother.”


So for the next half hour, I took Yvette round the house, while Janna checked on both sets of captives.  The housekeeper and Isla were still watching the film, Isla now lying with her head on her mother’s lap, while the two girls were lost in the world of Hogwarts.


In the meantime, Janna also checked the downstairs rooms, while I helped myself to Yvette’s jewels – and then used some more rope in my bag to bind her arms tightly to her side, the bands resting above and below her chest before I made it tighter by taking the rope under each arm and around the back of her neck.


“Now then,” I said as I went to her wardrobe, and took out a blue silk scarf, “we’ll take you to be with your daughters.  But first we need you to be quiet, so open wide.”


“All right – and they think this is a game?”


“I told them so – after we leave, you can see if you can escape, but for now, open your mouth.”  I pushed the folded scarf in, and then wrapped the micropore tape round her head to keep it in place, before we joined Janna and made our way back down to the cellar.


“Hllmmm,” Brigitte said as we helped her mother to lie on the long couch, Janna binding her ankles together and then her legs below her knees, before she twisted round to look at her hogtied daughters.


“We need to pretend to leave now,” I said as I looked at them, “and you can try to escape if you want.  If you do, the game is over.  If not, you will be found by a policeman soon.”


They all nodded as Janna and I left the house, and drove off in the hire car, stopping to change into travel clothes and hide our gains before we collected our luggage, and went back to the airport...




I was doing some shopping last week, and saw this thirteen year old girl out with her mother in the supermarket.  I didn’t make eye contact with them, and they didn’t see me, but I had met both of them three years ago, and seeing them there brought that particular visit back to mind.


It was early autumn, and I had been considering a visit to the home of Ally McGraw for a while.  Her husband ran the local bookies – not that I gambled, but her picture in the papers had caught my eye.  They had a ten year old daughter, Carys, and – well, as I say, I had planned to visit them.


There were a number of major sporting events taking place, so as I pulled up outside their house, I knew he would be busy at work.  The question was always going to be were the rest of the family at home, so as I collected my rucksack, and slipped around the side of the house, I was alert for any sign of them.


Fortunately, the back garden was clear, and I managed to get into the kitchen without anyone hearing – having first donned the stocking mask and the leather gloves.  I listened for a little while, and eventually realised the television was on in another room – so I slipped down the corridor, and looked in.


Carys was sitting watching a program, her blonde hair in two pigtails, and wearing a brown and blue striped t-shirt, the baggy sleeves coming to her elbows, and a pair of jeans, the legs of which were tucked into fawn coloured short suede boots with three layers of tassels.


There was no sign of her mother – but then, as I heard the steps on the top of the stairs, I stepped back and hid as much as possible.


Ally McGraw had shoulder length blonde hair, and was wearing a green smock top with elbow length sleeves, jeans and mid-calf brown leather boots with a small heel.  She passed right by me, but before she could open the door to the room I grabbed her from behind, and whispered into her ear “Don’t shout or scream – we don’t want to scare Carys, do we?”


I made her walk back with me to the kitchen, before saying “Now, if I take my hand away, are you going to scream?”


I waited as she shook her head, and then took my hand away as she turned and looked at me.


“Remain calm,” I said quietly, “I only want to steal your valuables, not harm you or your daughter.  But in order to do that, I need to make sure you stay in one place, and cannot raise the alarm.”


“You...  How are you going to do that, lock us in a room?”


“No – I’m going to have to make sure neither of you can move or talk easily,” I said quietly, “so I need you to do something for me.  I need you to keep your daughter calm, and to do that you need to pretend this is a game you’re surprising her with.”


“A... A game?”


“That’s right – follow my lead, and...”


“Mum – what’s wrong?”


We both turned to see Carys standing in the doorway, looking at both of us.  Ally looked at me, and then knelt down as she said “We’re going to play a game with the help of my friend here Carys.  A game of cops and robbers?”


“Oh,” she said as she looked at me, “and is he the robber?”


“Yes he is – he’s going to make sure we stay in one place, and can’t call for help, but we’ll play it together, all right?”


Carys nodded as she looked at me, and I said “We can start playing now.  Tell me Carys, how does this feel to you?”


Ally watched as I took a length of cord from my pocket, and handed it to the young girl.


“IT feels soft – what are you going to do with it?”


“Well, I’m going to fix it so Mum here gives you all the hugs you want, and you can play this game together.  So, can you give me it back, and then look at Mum while I make sure you can’t move your wrists apart?”


“All right,” she said as I knelt behind her, and crossed her wrists behind her back, using the cord to secure them together.


“Does it hurt Carys,” Ally said as I made sure they were secured.


“No – it feels sunny, but it doesn’t hurt Mum.  So what do we do now?”


“Well, I need to make sure both you and Mum can’t move from where I left you,” I said as I picked up my rucksack, “so let’s go back into the front room.  When we get in there, Mum can close the curtains, and I’ll tell you where to sit down.”


As we went into the room, I could see a l-shaped couch facing the television, with a coffee table in front of it, so I said to Carys “Go and sit over there, and Mum can sit next to you.”


So the young girl went and sat herself down, wriggling back as Ally closed the curtains over the windows, and then sat down next to her daughter.


“All right,” I said as I put my rucksack down, “I want you both to put your feet on the coffee table for a few minutes.  Shuffle forward so you can do that, and I’m going to ask Mum to leave her hands on her lap when I can see them.”


“Why haven’t you fixed Mum’s wrists behind her back,” Carys said as she wriggled forward.


“Because then Mum can’t give you big hugs,” I said with a smile, as I took some cord out of the rucksack, and crossed Ally’s ankles, both watching as I tied her ankles tightly together, the rope rubbing on the leather as I took the rope between her legs.  I then took another length of cord, and tied Ally’s legs together below her knees, before I said “You can take your legs off now – your turn, Carys.”


She watched as I crossed her ankles and tied them together, the cord sinking into the suede as I passed it around and between her legs, and then tied her legs together as well.


“Now then,” I said as I stood up, “I’m going to sit you on Mum’s lap, and then she’s going to give you the great big hugs I promised.”  Lifting her in my arms, I sat her on Ally’s lap, her head resting against her chest as her tied ankles hung over her mother’s knees.  Ally put her arms round Carys, as I took one end of a length of cord and tied it round her left wrist.  Taking it around both of them, I pulled them together at the waist, and then tied the loose end to Ally’s right wrist, so that they were held together.


“Comfy,” Ally said as Carys looked up at her, while I took another length of rope under her legs and edged it up so that to sat between her legs and the seat.


“Yeah – this is fun,” Carys said as she settled back, while I took the rope up and tied their legs together above their knees, and then took the ends round Ally’s arms.  Taking another length of cord, I walked behind the couch and tied it round both of them, across Carys’ shoulders and under Ally’s chest.  I passed it round several times, which also held Ally’s upper arms to her sides, and then tied it off behind Ally.  Two smaller lengths went under the mother’s arms to tighten that band, and then I gave them a moment to settle down.


I took the opportunity to search Ally’s handbag, and remove the battery from the mobile phone, before I said “Let me turn the television on – any favourites channels.”


“Cartoon Network,” Carys said, so I found the channel, before I said “Now, the bad robber has made it very difficult for both of you to move, but he also needs to keep you quiet.  I’m going to put a cloth in your mouth, and I want you both to keep it in there, all right?”


“Are you all right with that Mum?”


“I am,” Ally said as I produced a folded cloth, and pushed it into her open mouth.  She mumbled “Jstlthhmdtt,” as I pushed the cloth into Carys’ mouth, the edges sticking out from her lips.


“I’ll bring you a drink in a little while,” I said as I left them watching the television, and made my search of the rest of the house.  When I walked back in, carrying two glasses of water with a straw in, I saw them look at me.


“Now then,” I said as I eased the wet cloth from their mouths, “are you enjoying the game so far, Carys?”


“Yeah – I love Mum’s hugs,” she said before she took a drink of water, “so what’s next?”


“Well, let me give Mum a drink first,” I said as I made sure they were both all right.  “Now, the bad robber needs to make sure you really cannot raise the alarm.  Were you all right with the cloth in your mouth?”


Carys nodded as she looked at her Mum.


“Well, I’m going to put it back in, and then I’m going to put some tape over your mouth to keep it in.  Mum gets the same, and then, if you want, you can stay as you are or I can help you both to lie down on the couch.”


“Can we lie down Mum?”


“All right,” Ally said as she looked at me, and mouthed “thank you.”


“Open as wide as you can, Carys, and then put your lips together.”


As the cloth went back in, Carys looked at me and smiled as I tore a strip of brown sticking plaster from a wide roll, and then smoothed it down over her lips, before I did the same to Ally.  I then helped them both to lie on the couch, Carys resting her head on her mum’s chest as I put a cushion under Ally’s.


“Now, you relax there, and you’ll find out when the game is over,” I said as I went out, collected my rucksack and went back to my car.  As I drove down the road, I saw Ally’s husband driving back...


So when I saw them in the supermarket, I smiled and walked away.  I don’t make a habit of returning to families I have visited.






This was a bit of an unusual visit for me as the Female Games Player – a very profitable visit, but I had to think of a few new twists on the scenario as I spent time there.


The target family were based in Bath – the mother was in her late thirties, and ran one of those little retro stores, but her husband was a leading political reporter for the more learned newspapers, so they could afford it live in a converted barn.  They had two daughters, aged eleven and ten, and – well, I researched as much as I could their habits and interests.  One of those that surprised me was the fact both daughters were involved in amateur dramatics, which gave me some thoughts as to possible approaches come the day.


The other thing was that the mother was pregnant, at about four months, so I needed to take her situation into account as well.  So it was on a Friday morning during the spring school holidays that I drove down to the historic city, and parked a short distance from the home in a lay-by.


I was dressed as always – black leather jacket over a jumper and leggings, with knee length boots – and walked back towards the house, making sure nobody was looking as I slipped into the driveway, and kept out of sight of the windows as much as possible.  Walking to the front door, I pulled the stocking mask down over my head and tucked it under the neck of my jumper, and then put on my leather gloves before opening the door and slipping in.


I couldn’t hear anything at first – but I knew the man of the house wasn’t at home, so I slipped quietly down the corridor – and as I looked in the front room, I saw Tracy Hepworth sitting in a rocking chair, reading a book and humming to herself.  She was wearing a pink and grey diamond pattern sleeveless smock over a long sleeved pink one, with a brown fabric belt that had a rosette on the front around her waist and above her bump.  A long brown suede skirt went from under the smock to her ankle, and I could see a pair of brown leather boots on her feet.


She looked up at that point, and was about to say something when I put my finger to my lips, closed the door and took a starting pistol from my jacket pocket.  “Please stay calm,” I said as quietly as possible, “I have no wish to harm you or your daughters, so as long as you do as I say, everyone will be all right.”


“Who are you,” she said as she looked at me, her long dark hair back and down her neck.


“I’m going to rob you,” I said quietly, “but I want to make this as painless as possible, so I need to know where your daughters are.”


“They’re upstairs – look, please, don’t hurt them...”


“I already said I’m not going to,” I said as I slipped my rucksack off my back.  “We’re going to pretend this is a game you and your husband have organised, and although I will make sure none of you can raise the alarm, it won’t be too bad an experience for them.”


She stared at me for a moment, before she said “you promise they will not be hurt?”


“They won’t be able to move or speak, but they won’t be hurt, I promise.”  Looking at her I said “what are their names?”


“Elaine and Zara – Elaine is the oldest.”


“All right then,” I said quietly, “I’m going to make sure you can’t get out of that chair, and then I will start playing the game with them.  When I’m finished, I’ll come back and take you to where they are.”  Opening my rucksack, and looking at Tracy, I said “can you cross your wrists in front of yourself please?”


Nodding, she held her wrists up and watched as I secured them together with a length of cord, taking the rope around and between them, before I tied it off out of reach of her fingers, and said “can you raise your arms for a moment please?”


“All right,” Tracy said, watching as I took some rope around her waist and tied it around the back of the rocking chair to hold it in place.  I then knelt down in front of her, and tied her ankles together, cinching the rope between her legs and then tying the ends to the bottom of the rocking chair.


Finally, I wrapped a length of rope around her legs, pulling the skirt around them above her knees, and secured her wrists to that band before turning her to face the television and handing her the remote.


“No reason why you should be bored while I play with the girls,” I said as I closed the curtains over the windows, and then took a roll of micropore tape from the bag.  Tearing off a long strip, I smoothed it over her mouth, before saying “will you be all right like that for a while?”


She nodded as I picked up her handbag, and removed her mobile phone, before turning the television on and saying “I’ll be back in a little while.”


Leaving Tracy in the room, I disconnected the phone from the wall, and then walked up the staircase.  I could hear one of the girls in a bedroom, but there was music coming from what looked like the attic, so I slowly climbed up the staircase and looked in.


There were two nine year old girls there, and from the look of the one wearing a blue top and shorts, with knee length black fabric boots, she was Zara.  She had long black hair as well, placed in two pigtails.  Her friend had long blonde hair, and was wearing a pink top and shorts, again with black fabric boots.


What was really funny was they were both pretending to be pop singers – and they were actually quite good, as they sang along to a backing track.  When they finished, however, Zara looked back and saw me, tapping her friend on the shoulder as she said “Chloe?”


“Yes what is...”  The blonde haired girl turned and looked at me, as I said “Well, it would appear the bad robber has interrupted the rehearsal of the latest singing sensations...”


They looked at each other, as I said “Don’t worry – I was hired by your mum and dad to play a special game today, where I pretended to be a robber.  Your mum said you were into amateur dramatics Zara – is your friend Chloe one of the group as well?”


“Yeah,” Chloe said, “so if you’ve been hired to play a game of robbers, what are we going to do?”


“How about a little improv,” I said as I put my rucksack down, “you keep pretending to by pop singers, and I’m going to pretend to kidnap you, take you to a lair and hold you for ransom.  Is that all right with you?”


The girls looked at each other, and I smiled as they both nodded.


“All right – I need to make sure you can’t raise the alarm or move your arms while I take you to the lair,” I said as I took two small hankies from the bag, “so each of you, take one of these and put them in your mouth.”


They nodded and put the hankies in, after which I gave them each a strip of the microtape and told them to smooth it down over their own mouths.


“Cnussnfgn,” Zara said as I walked behind her, crossed her wrists behind her back and started to tie them together.


“Nbbttusndfnee,” Chloe responded, both girls giggling as I tied rope around Zara’s waist to keep her wrists against her back, and then around her arms and stomach to keep them there.   “Hwsdstfll?”


“Thtbtnss,” Zara said as I did the same to Chloe, the white rope sitting on their tops, before I said “Right – let’s take you to the lair.  Downstairs, if you please.”


We made our way down, and past the door I could hear noise behind.  Opening another door, I found an office and library, so I took them in there.  It had a computer desk, a long brown leather couch and matching seat, and a large oriental rug on the floor.


“All right, singers,” I said as I looked at them, “sit down on the floor, and cross your ankles.”


They watched as I tied their ankles together, and then their legs below their knees, before I helped them to lie on their stomachs, pull their ankles back and secure them to each other’s tummy ropes, and then looked at them.


“I need to get big sister to play now,” I said quietly, “so you wait here while I deliver the ransom note.”


“Shllfths,” Zara said as I smiled at them, and then slipped out of the room as the wriggled round.


Going back to the door, I opened it slightly and looked in to see Elaine standing in front of a long mirror, dancing to another backing track.  She was wearing a light pink dress with spaghetti straps over a white t-shirt, grey tights and black patent leather knee length boots, her dark hair falling over her shoulders and back.


I walked behind her and took her by surprise, putting my hand over her mouth as I whispered “Hello Elaine – I’m here to play a game with you and your mother and sister.  I’ve already captured the two young pop stars and taken them to my lair – so do I get to take their main rival hostage as well?”


She looked at me in the mirror, and then nodded as I said “Good – put your hands behind your back please.”


“Did Mum arrange this?  She knows I’ve got a how coming up where I’m held hostage as part of a family,” she said as I crossed and tied her wrists behind her back.


“That’s right,” I said as I then tied the rope around her waist, “you sister and her friend are already my captives, so the scenario is I have kidnapped you as well, and I’m holding you all in my lair for a large ransom.”


“What about Mum?”


“She’s already playing – I’ll bring her up to join all of you in the game in a little while, but I need to make sure you three are secure first.”


As I was speaking, I’d tied her arms to her side with bands of rope around her tummy and shoulders, with little lengths under her arms.  “Now then, I need to keep you quiet before I take you to my lair,” I said as I held a hankie in front of her mouth.


“You play this game very realistically, don’t you?”


“Oh yes- it’s always better that way.  Now, open wide and say ah...”




A short while later, I came back into the front room and stood in front of Tracy.




“Your daughters and Zara’s friend are in your study,” I said as I untied her ankles from the chair and removed the rest of the ropes, except for those around her wrists.  “They are doing an improv as three pop singers kidnapped and held for ransom for money.  If I remove the tape, will you keep your voice quiet?”


Tracy nodded, and as I removed the tape gag she said “so are you going to take me to join them?”


“I am – but first you need to tell me where you keep your jewellery,” I said as I put several lengths of rope on the seat after helping her up.   As she told me, I tied rope around her upper body, above and below her chest and making sure the lower band stayed on top of her bump, her hands resting against that.


“All right then,” I said quietly, “I need to make sure you are as quiet as they are now.”  Taking a bandana from my rucksack, I pushed it gently into Tracy’s mouth, and as she closed her lips over it I smoothed a fresh piece of tape over her mouth, before helping her to walk up the stairs.


“Hmgdddhgtut,” Elaine said as she wriggled on the leather armchair – I had allowed her to sit on it after I had secured her ankles and legs, and then tucked her legs under herself before running some rope from her ankles to her chest ropes.  The two younger girls were giggling at the sound of rope and leather rubbing on leather.


“Rulrrttmm,” Zara asked, Tracy nodding as I helped her to sit on the long couch, and re-secured her ankles together, as well as her legs above her knees with the rope pulling her skirt in.  Helping her to lie down with her head on the armrest, I then tied her wrists to the leg ropes, before I said “Now I have the record company owner, I can make an even bigger demand.  Don’t go away now.”


I soon had collected what I wished to take, and came back to check they were all still secure and safe, before I said I was going to leave them and collect the ransom.  They all nodded as I made my exit, secure in the knowledge I had time to get well away...




This maybe took an hour, ninety minutes top, on a January morning, but it was still one of the nicest and cutest experiences I had ever had.


I had done my usual research into this family – early thirties, with a ten year old daughter; they were George, Emily and Carla Bristow.  George was the manager of a local furniture store, while Emily was a stay at home mum.  Very useful at times like this, when I was waiting outside their house, watching George as he drove away in the morning gloom.


Once he was sufficiently far away, I got out of the car, and zipped up my windcheater before I took my rucksack from my bag, and walked up to the house.  I had a woollen hat over my head, but as I got to the front door I pulled it down so that the balaclava covered my head, and slipped on my leather gloves before I tried the door handle.


I was unlocked, so I slipped in and closed the door behind me, listening for any noise.  From the voices I could hear, I could tell both Emily and Carla were upstairs, so very quietly I made my way up the staircase.


Both of them seemed to be in the same room, so I stopped for a moment, taking off the balaclava and putting the stocking over my head instead, before I took hold of the door handle and let myself in.


“Hello,” I said as I came into the room, “I hope you’re both ready to play the game your daddy asked me to play with you.”


I looked at them, as they sat next to each other in the bed, and smiled.  Both Emily and Carla were wearing pink pyjamas with a white snowman motif on them – but so was the rag doll Carla was holding.  Emily had her hair pulled back and held by a scrunchie, while Carla had her lighter brown hair falling down over her shoulders.


“Mum,” Carla said as she held the rag doll, “who is this man?”


Emily looked at me, her eyes wide for a moment before she said “Daddy told me he had booked someone to come and play a game of robbers with us, dear, but I thought he was going to be home for it – he must have forgotten it was today.”


“Well,” I said as I closed the door, “I’ll call him to make sure he comes home and plays once you have started.”


“What happens in a game of robbers,” Carla said as she looked at me.


“Well, I pretend to be a bad man who has broken in.  I have to make sure you and your mummy cannot move or speak for a while, but then daddy will come back and rescue you.”


“What about Annie,” she said as she looked at her rag doll.


“She’ll need to be kept quiet as well,” I said as I noticed the pink bootie slippers both Carla and her mother were wearing.  “Actually, I think we should start with her.  So can you explain this is a game, while I take some things from my bag?”


“All right,” Carla said, Annie watching me the whole time while I took some short lengths of cord from my rucksack.


“I want you and mummy,” I said to Carla, “to sit on the bed with your hands on your head, and watch what I do.”


“all right,” Emily said as she and Carla sat with their hands on their heads, watching as I crossed Annie’s limbs in front of her and used a short length of cord to tie where her wrists would be together, and then around the waist of the doll.  More cords went around Annie’s arms and upper body, then where her ankles would have been and half way up the legs, taking the rope between her limbs there.


“There we go,” I said as Carla picked up her doll, whispering “does it hurt Annie” as she kissed the doll’s forehead.


“It doesn’t hurt – but I need to make sure you and your mummy are as tightly tied as Annie is.  If I take care of you, do you want to hug Annie while I do the same to your mother?”


“All right – can you take care of her until I’m ready mummy,” Carla said as she handed the bound doll to Emily.


“OF course,” her mother said, rocking Annie and watching me as I got Carla to stand up.  Looking at her, I said “before I begin, I need to make your hands like Annie’s.”


“What do you mean?”


“Watch,” I said as I took a pair of sports socks from my bag, and pulled them over Carla’s hands, before I taped them to her sleeves with white tape.


“Oh wow – no fingers.”


“That’s right,” I said as I took some cord, and tied her crossed wrists tightly together in front of her.  I made sure the rope went around and between her arms, before passing it round her waist to hold them in position.


“Wow – that is secure,” Carla said as I passed some more rope around her arms and chest, securing them in place as it went around her tummy and upper arms, and then tightened it with short lengths under her arms.


“Now then,” I said as I looked her, “back on the bed next to mummy, and cross your ankles for me.”


“Are you all right like this,” Emily asked as her daughter sat on the bed again next to her and wriggled round.


“It’s a game, right mummy,” she said as I tied her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, making sure I took the rope between her legs as well.  Once that was done, Emily passed her Annie, Carla whispering to her and kissing her as I looked at her mother, and said “stand up, please.”


She watched as I pulled some socks over her hands and taped them to her jacket, before I crossed and tied her wrists together, and then the rope around her waist.


“IT doesn’t hurt does it mummy,” Carla said as she watched me tie Emily’s arms to her side.


“No, it’s actually quite comfortable,” she said as I tied the rope off, and then helped her to sit down, crossing and tying her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees.


“Now then, the bad man needs to cover your eyes for a minute,” I said as I looked in a drawer, and took out a large handkerchief and a grey scarf.  I use the handkerchief to blindfold Annie, and then the folded scarf to cover Carla’s eyes.


“Are you blindfolded as well Mummy?”


“Yes, I am,” Carla said as I looked at her, and whispered “tell me where your valuables are, and I’ll make sure she does not see anything disturbed.”


She nodded and indicated her hiding places, as I carefully searched, put items in my bag, and then made sure all was as it should be.  I also took a second scarf from the drawer, and said “all right – I’m going to let you see now, and then I’ll say what’s going to happen next.”


As I removed the scarf from Carla, I then took the hankie from around Annie’s eyes, and pretended to push it into the doll’s mouth, before I tore a strip of white micropore tape from the roll and pressed it over the doll’s face.


“Are you all right, Annie,” Carla said, listening to the doll before she said “so is the scarf going in my mouth.”


“It is,” I said as I folded it, “it will feel strange for a little while, but Mummy will get the same as well, and you can try and talk to each other.”


Carla nodded as she opened her mouth, and I put the scarf in, waiting as she closed her lips together before I pressed the tape down, and then gagged Emily in the same way.


The bed was one of those with a television in the footboard, so I turned it on and left them watching a show, promising to call Daddy and let him know they were playing the game.  Well, I did call him – eventually...



Halloween parties, as I’m sure I have mentioned in the past, can be a great source of fun for many, and each year I seem to find myself visiting a family and helping them to enjoy the night in a different way.


Last year, it was the home of Rosalind Pyke.  No, not the actress – that’s ROSAMUND PIKE.  This Rosalind is a local conservative councillor, and a head of a primary school - but she also has a very nice investment fund, as I could tell from my researches, and lived in a nice detached house with her twin daughters, Heidi and Ingrid.


Her ex-husband was Swiss, which may help explain the names for her daughters.  Anyway, as I say it was Halloween, and as I walked up the driveway of the house in the evening gloom, I could see a light on downstairs.  Naturally, I thought I had managed to get them before they went out, and as I slipped into the kitchen I could hear the voice of a young girl.


I was wearing my usual outfit for such visits, with the stocking tucked into the jumper I had on, so I decided to see who I could find first – but as I looked into the front room, I realised that the Pyke family were not at home.


The woman who had her back to me had ash brown shoulder length hair, and was wearing a black sweater and faded denim jeans, the legs of which were tucked into knee length tan leather boots. 


“There’s a good kitty, nice kitty,” she was saying, and I could see on the floor in front of her a ten year old girl, dressed to look like a cat.  She was wearing a dark jumper and jeans, with a long cat tail attached to the waistband, knee length black suede boots and a pair of cat eras with gold lining.  She also had whickers drawn on her face, and black mittens on her hands, and a pair of glasses perched on her blackened nose.


She then turned and looked at me, the other woman seeing that and turning as well as she said “oh my god...”


“Good evening – can I ask who you are?”


“Me?  I’m the Games Player.”


“OH wow mum,” the girl said as she got on her knees, “it really is him.”


“But I’m just the cleaner,” the older woman said, “I don’t know where anything...”


“Relax,” I said quietly, “my business in with Mrs Pyke, but I cannot have you letting her know I am here.  Where is she?”


“Taken her daughters to a disco at the school – she should be back in an hour.  I was only checking something after taking Dawn here trick or treating...”


“Well, Dawn,” I said looking at her, “you know what I do.  Do you think you and your mum can play a game to set things up for the Pykes?”


“You promise you will not hurt us?”


“Not at all – in fact, how the little kitten like to be curled up on the mother’s lap?”


Dawn nodded as I slipped off the rucksack, opened it and took some rope out.  “All right then – but I need to make sure mummy cannot move her arms first, all right?”


She watched as I crossed and tied her mother’s wrists together behind her back, and then bound her arms tightly to her side, taking the rope above and below her chest as I did so.


“Now,” I said as I tied the rope off, “we need to take you somewhere out of the way, where you can be comfortable and also watch something to keep you amused.  Thoughts?”


“The girls have a play room upstairs – bean bags and a television,” mummy offered.


“Good – let’s go up there then,” I said as I opened the door, Dawn and her mother heading up in front of me.  Going up the staircase, I found the room – nice, large, and a large bean bag.


“Very nice – make yourself comfortable,” I said to her mother, waiting until she sat down before I bound her ankles and legs tightly together.


“Now then Dawn,” I said as I looked at the young girl, “can you sit next to your mother for a minute, and put your hands on your head?”


As she did this, I tied her ankles tightly together, making sure the rope went between her legs as it pulled the soft fabric around her limbs.  I also tied her legs together below her knees, before I said “now, can you curl up like the cute little kitten you are and rest on mummy?”


Dawn nodded and wrapped her arms around her legs, pulling them up to her chest as she put her head on her mother’s lap.  Taking the rope, I tied her wrists together under her legs, and then secured them to her ankles with a length of rope, before putting the television on.


“You need to be kept quiet as well,” I said as I took from my bag two sponge balls and my roll of micropore tape.  “Open your mouths as wide as you can, and I’ll put these in before I cover your lips.”


It only took a couple of minutes to silence both of them, Dawn grinning as she nuzzled into her mother’s lap, and I saw headlights coming up the driveway.


“Enjoy the show,” I said as I left them in there, and listened to the front door opening and closing.


“You go into the front room and turn the television on,” I heard Mrs Pyke say and as the door to that room closed I walked slowly downstairs, and made my way to the kitchen where Rosalind was standing in front of the microwave, a large bowl to the side. 


Her outfit was very modish – a black sleeveless mini dress with a white collar and belt, the thongs from which were hanging to the side.  I could also see the top of her stockings, her lower legs encased in a pair of tight white leather boots.


“HMGSSHWTHRR” she called out as I put my leather gloved hand over her mouth, and my free arm round her waist.


“Stay calm, Rosalind,” I whispered into her ear, “you don’t want to upset the twins, do you?”


She shook her head as she said “btthruuu?”


“Well, I’m the man who is going to rob you,” I said, “but to do so, I need to keep you and your daughters from interfering, so we are going to pretend this is a game you arranged for Halloween.  You will not be harmed, but you will not be able to move or talk.  I’ll let the authorities know of what is going on when I have had sufficient time to get away. Understand?”


She slowly nodded as I said “Good – when I take my hand away, do not scream or make a noise.”


She nodded again, so that when I removed my hand she said “All right – but let me do the talking, I will tell them what’s going to happen.”


“Then I need to tell you and start with you,” I said as I pulled some cord from my pocket.  “slowly, put your hands behind your back...”



Surprising as Rosalind’s costume was, it was nothing compared to my amusement when we went into the front room.  I had crossed and tied their mother’s wrists behind her back, and tied some rope around her waist as well, but the twins...


The eleven year olds were wearing costumes that looked like Swiss men in those bad climbing films – white blouses and tights, Bavarian style braces, shorts and knee length boots.  Heidi had her straw blonde hair in pigtails, and was wearing a pair of black shorts and knee length patent leather black boots, while Ingrid had on red shorts and knee length red leather lace-up boots.


“Girls,” Rosalind said, “we’re going to play a game of hostages now for Halloween.  This is a work colleague, who has agreed to play the part of a robber, and he’s going to tie all three of us up, keep us quiet, and challenge us to escape before he gets away.”


“that sounds exciting,” Ingrid said, “what do we need to do?”


Rosalind looked at me, as I said “why don’t you both sit on the floor, back to back, and put your hands on top of your heads?”


As they sat down, I invited Rosalind to sit on a recliner, and then took my rucksack off again, removing a long length of rope and using it to bind the two girls together at their waists and chests.


“This is just like that movie we watched,” Heidi said as I tied some rope between them to keep the bands tight, and then said “Now then, can the two of you link your arms, and bring your hands together in front of yourselves?”


Once they did this, made easier by the fact their bodies were tightly tied together, I tied their wrists together, and then their ankles as well as their legs below their knees.  Bending their legs, I tied their wrists to that last band of rope, and then went over to Rosalind.


“Tell me where you keep your jewels,” I said as the girls giggled, and while their mother told me I lashed her ankles tightly together, the rope rubbing on her boots as I took it around and between, and then her legs below her knees.


“Now,” I said as I turned the television on, “do I need to keep you quiet while I search the house.


“YES,” the twins said in unison, their mother shaking her head.  So I gagged them – sponge balls and tape for all three, before I helped Rosalind to lie on her stomach and hogtied her, the rope going from her ankles to her chest ropes.  She rolled over and mumbled something as I left them, and searched the house.


Looking in on Dawn and her mother, I saw she was still curled up, asleep on her mother’s lap as she looked at me.


“They’re secured downstairs – I’ll tell them you are here,” I said before I closed the door and went down.


“One thing I should have mentioned,” I said as I checked Rosalind’s bindings, “your cleaner and her daughter are also playing – they are upstairs in the play room the girls use.”


“Rtheehvnnfnswl,” Ingrid mumbled as she looked at me.


“Oh yes – Dawn is a contented pussycat,” I said with a smile.  “now you can start to try to escape – good luck...”




Ever since I discovered the Games Player chat room, I have popped in from time to time to see what they are talking about.  It’s usually fun to see who are new members – a lot of whom are people who wish they could share in the experience.


I know – somehow it’s an adventure to dream of us visiting them.  Anyway, this particular occasion there were these two girls talking about how much they wish they could play the tie-up games talked about on the board, but their mother absolutely forbade them to do so.


They’re a good bunch of kids who run the place, and they asked why their mother was so dead set against it.  They said their mother was afraid of them getting hurt, and they didn’t want to go against her wishes.  Another gentle prod revealed their mother had been the victim of a home invasion when she was eleven years old – the same age as the older of the girls – which had left her terrified of what might happen.  When they had joked one time about meeting one of us, she had – and I quote them – freaked out and screamed no.  They had money – it wasn’t as if they were poor – but any jewellery was family heirlooms – those that had not been stolen before.


Well, I could understand their mother’s point of view, but they could at least talk in the chat room about their dreams and wishes.




That was a few months ago – so last week, I was preparing to visit this house where I knew the family of a local store manager lived.  Her name was Maggie Fife, and she had two daughters – twelve year old Ronnie and ten year old Caggie.  It was a typical Saturday morning, and her husband had already departed for his work place.


So I parked my car, and slipped on my leather gloves before I walked to the front door of the detached house.  Looking round, I pulled the stocking I had down over my head and then opened the door, slipping in as I listened for noise.  Hearing nothing loud, I made my way slowly down the corridor, because I could hear someone was in the kitchen.


Looking in, I saw Maggie Fife standing by the washing machine, loading dirty clothes in before she put a washing capsule in and closed the door.  She had long brown hair, and was wearing an electric blue top over a grey smock come dress.  The blue top had a silver clasp at the left side, and came just below her waist, the other top coming halfway down her legs which were in black tights.  Her feet were in a pair of purple suede short boots.


As she stood up and stepped back, I walked quickly in and grabbed her, my leather gloved hand over her mouth as I said “not a word – I want you to just sit down and listen, understand?”


I could feel her shaking as she nodded, so I let her go and she sat down.   I could now see the top was a wrap round design, the deep V coming to just below her chest.


She stared at me, not speaking as I said “now listen very carefully – I am going to rob this house, and...”


I was not prepared for what happened next, as she said “no” very quietly, and then started to shake uncontrollably as she said “ohmygod ohmygod no please not again – you’re going to hurt me, you’re going to hurt my girls, and take everything I own, I don’t want it to happen again, I only have the last of our heirlooms, please...”


“Calm down, calm down,” I said as I put my gloved hands on her shoulders and looked at her, “why do you think I’m going to hurt you and your daughters.”


“That’s what happened last time – the men tied me so tightly, hurt me, used me to make Mum and Dad tell them where things were...”


I suddenly realised who this woman was, and who her daughters were, as I said “I want you to take a deep breath, Maggie, and then look at me.”


I sat down and held her hands as she calmed herself, before saying “I have no intention of hurting you or your daughters.  Nor am I going to steal your jewellery – I will take any money I found but nothing else.  But I will tie you and your daughters up, and I will make sure you stay quiet – the key to keeping calm is to make it like a game.”


“A game...  Oh my god,” Maggie said as she looked at me, “are you the Games Player they talked about?”


“One of them – but I need you to play along as well,” I said quietly as I slipped my rucksack off.  “Did they hurt you really badly?”


Maggie nodded as I opened my bag, and took a length of soft rope out.  “Okay – I want you to hold this for me, tell me how it feels to you.”


Maggie gingerly took the rope and said “Not especially bad – why?”


“Because I will use this to tie your wrists – but it won’t hurt,” I said as I doubled the rope, “can you cross your wrists in front of yourself for me?”


I watched as she slowly held her wrists out, and I wrapped the rope round them, feeding the ends through the middle.  “Now watch,” I said as I gently pulled the ropes back, and brought her wrists together, “how does that feel?”


“Strange,” she said quietly, “what have you done?”


“Using the rope this way means I can secure your wrists together safely, and it won’t hurt,” I said as I wound it several times round, Maggie watching as I then took the ends through the band, and separated them, passing them between her wrists and tightening the binding before I tied the ends together and tucked them in.


“There – I’ve tied your wrists together,” I said quietly, “but it doesn’t hurt, does it?”


“No – no it doesn’t,” she said as she raised them to look at.  “But do you have to do this to us?”


“I do – but pretending it is a game will help you and them,” I said as I picked up my rucksack.  “Why don’t we go through to your front room, and I can carry on there?”


Maggie nodded as she stood up, and we went through.  There was a large leather settee in the room, so I said “Why don’t you sit down in the centre of that – I’m going to tie your ankles and legs together now, in the same way I secured your wrists together.”


As she sat down, I doubled over another length of rope, and then put her ankles side by side, the white rope compressing the purple suede around her ankles as I secured them.


“That does feel different,” she said as I made sure the ropes were tight, “do you take the rope between my legs as well?”


“I do,” I said as I passed the ends round.




“It’s called cinching,” I said as I looked up, “it makes the binding tighter, but it also makes it more difficult to get out of, and more comfortable, because the rope does not rub so much if you try to move.”


“Well, it does seem to work,” Maggie said as I tied that rope off, and then started to bind your legs together below your knees.


“So when I have you secured, I need to tell your daughters what is happening,” I said as I pulled the band tight around your legs, and then fed the rope around, “where are they?”


“Upstairs in Ronnie’s room,” Maggie said as she watched me take the rope between her legs, tightening that band and then tying it off.  “I don’t know why,, but I’m not scared of you doing this?”


“You had a bad experience,” I said as I tied her legs together above her knees, “I would be scared of that happened as well.  But I promise you, you have nothing to be afraid of from me.  There – is that uncomfortable?”


“No – not really,” Maggie said as she lifted her legs up and down, “but what happens now?”



“Now, I need to make it difficult for you to stand up and use your hands,” I say quietly as I tie one end of a short length of rope between your wrists, and then tie the other end to the rope above your knees.  As she tried to pull them up, and lifted her legs instead, I said “now, I need to go and bring your daughters down to join you, but I need to keep you quiet first.”


“Do you have to,” Maggie said as she looked at me.


“I’m afraid so,” I said as I took a large black headsquare, and rolled it into a band, before I tied a knot in the middle.  “So, open your mouth as wide as you can.  This will feel a bit funny at first, but you soon get used to it.”


She nodded as I eased the knot behind her teeth, and then tied the scarf around her head, her lips and teeth closing over it.


“There – are you going to be all right for a few minutes?”


Maggie wriggled her head and then nodded as I said “good – I will be back in a few minutes.”


“Lbbwtngg,” she mumbled as I slipped out and up the staircase – taking her handbag with me and removing the mobile phone, before I unplugged their phone and then went upstairs.


Looking in the bedroom, I saw Ronnie and Caggie sitting on the bed, talking to each other.  Ronnie was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, with a grey hooded top open at the front which had “I love you” in various styles of black lettering on it.  She also had on a pair of black biker boots, with her blonde hair pulled back in a pigtail.


Caggie was wearing a white long sleeved top with thin grey stripes, and a big silver heart on the front, grey leggings and short black biker boots, with a silver headband holding her hair back.


“Hello girls,” I said as I walked in and closed the door, “I’ve come to play a game of robbers with you and your mummy.”


They both stared at me before Ronnie said “Oh god no – it really is you isn’t it?”


“Mum – is she all right,” Caggie said as she put her hands other mouth.


“Your mother is fine,” I said quietly, “and she told about what has happened to her in the past.  So we’re going to play the game for her as much as for you, all right?”


“Well – I suppose so, but can we see her first?”


“Of course,” I said as I opened the door, “why don’t you both walk down the stairs with me, your hands on your head, as if I just took you hostage.”


Both girls nodded as they out their hands on their hair, and we walked back downstairs.


“Hllgrls,” Maggie said as we came in, “rugngngtplswl?”


“Are you all right, Mum,” Ronnie said as she looked at her mother, smiling as Maggie nodded.


“Now then, I need to make sure your daughters cannot raise the alarm before I look for your money,” I said as I opened my rucksack.  “We’ll start with you Caggie.  Can you stand in front of me, and slowly put your arms by your side?”


Maggie and Ronnie watched as the younger daughter put her arms by her side, and I folded them behind her back, using two lengths of rope to bind her wrists to her elbows.


“Thssdfrrntt,” Maggie said as she looked at me.


“This is another way we can make sure someone doesn’t raise the alarm,” I said as I tied Caggie’s arms to her side with ripe around her body, and then cinched with two short lengths under her arms.  “Your turn now Ronnie – stand in front of me, and put your hands behind your back.”


Caggie watched as I put her sister’s hands together, palm to palm, and then tied her wrists tightly together, before I wrapped rope around her arms at her stomach and shoulders, to hold them in place.


“Are you two all right,” I said as I tied the rope off, both girls nodding and wriggling round.


“All right, I need to keep you both quiet now, but I’m going to do something different for each of you,” I said as I took a large handkerchief from my bag.  Folding it, I said “open your mouth please Ronnie.”


“Htruddngthr,” Maggie said, watching as I pushed the cloth in, and then used a rolled up long scarf as a cleave gag, passing it twice round her head and tying it off at the base of her neck.


“Mllrrhttmmm,” she mumbled, then both of them watched as I pushed a sponge ball into Caggie’s mouth, before smoothing a length of white micropore tape over her mouth to seal her lips.


“There – you’re all gagged in different ways, but I bet you find it hard to talk,” I said as the girls sat either side of their mother, and I tied their ankles and legs below their knees, taking Caggie’s boots off first but keeping Ronnie’s on her.


The two girls cuddled into Maggie, who kissed them both on their heads, as I took more rope out, and then arranged the girls so they were lying each side of Maggie, and then hogtied them.   Maggie looked at them as they smiled at her, and I collected what money I could find before heading off.


Looking back in, I said “Now, you’re all gagged different ways, and the girls are as secure as you are Maggie.  You can try to struggle and free each other, but just keep breathing through your nose as you do it.  Someone will come and free you soon.”





A few days later, I saw both girls has become full members of the chat room, and their mother was joining in, taking on the lessons I had taught...





The Bangra Mile in Manchester – a hive of activity even on a Sunday morning, which is when in my younger days I saw the mother coming out of a store.  She had a black scarf covering her hair and around her neck, as well as an ornately embroidered red and white tunic.  A second red scarf with blue on the other side was draped over her shoulders, while on her legs was a pair of crimson pantaloons.  Her outfit was completed by a pair of gold sandals.


The girl walking with her must have been about eleven, and had a white scarf over her own neck and shoulders, embroidered with pink flowers as it hung over her green tunic.  Matching pants and shoes completed her dress as she took her mother’s arm and walked down the road. 


I smiled as I followed them – the gold jewellery enough temptation as I walked down the road.  I had a stocking and gloves in my pocket, and something else I had meant to try out.


Eventually, I saw them walk into a small garden, and then into a very nice looking house.  I was young, cocky, and ready to take more risks than I am now, so I put on my gloves, slipped the stocking over my head, and knocked on the front door.


When it opened, I saw the mother standing there, her black scarf now around her shoulders so that I could see her dark hair.  Before she could say anything, I pushed her back inside, put my hand over her mouth and said “not a word – just do as I say, and you and your daughter don’t get hurt, all right?”


She stared at me, eyes wide, and then nodded as I heard a little voice say “who are you?”


“Me,” I said as I looked at her daughter, “I’ve come to play a game of cops and robbers with you and your mother.  Isn’t that right?”


Her mother nodded as the young girl put the white scarf back over her hair.  “Momma always says we should keep our head covered when strangers are around,” she said as she looked at me.


“That’s right – so I’m going to ask you to go into the front room, and close the curtains for me while I bring your momma in.  Can you do that?”


She nodded and walked into the room while I helped her mother to walk through, whispering “put your scarf over your head again,” as I did so.  While she did that, I pulled the telephone from the wall, and then pulled two chairs away from the table.


“Sit down,” I said to both of them, “and put your hands on your head.”


The mother helped her daughter to sit down, while I took from my pocket a large roll of white tape.  Smiling, I started by taping their waists to the chair backs, and then I taped the mother’s wrists to the chair back.  I then taped her upper body to the chair, before I said to her daughter “can you put your hands together in front of yourself?”


She smiled and did what I asked, watching as I taped her wrists together, and then put some tape around her arms and upper body to keep them in place.  As she wriggled round, she smiled at her mother while I taped her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees.


Going back to her mother, I taped her ankles to the front legs of the chair, and then her legs just below her knees, before I took two clean hankies from my pocket.  I put one in their mouths, and then wrapped the tape round their heads, using the scarves to protect their hair.


I left them to sit still while I raided the place, and then got away – but I was lucky.  As I left, and walked down the road, I saw a car stop outside and two very large gentlemen walk in...







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