Mother and Daughter Moments 19








The last couple of weeks have been – interesting for Steve and me for a few reasons, but perhaps it would be easier if I told my first tale, then Steve his – and then we can explain the big thing that happened.


This family I had come to visit was one where the mother was best known.  Sheri Wilkins was an Olympic medallist in the pool, who now worked as a television pundit and reporter for big meetings.  She lived with her television director husband in a detached house on the Sussex Downs, along with their eleven year old daughter Emily and nine year old April.  Having studied the family carefully, I knew her husband worked Saturdays, on the talent show he was currently helming, while April had a gymnastics class.  That left Sheri and Emily – and if April came later, I’m sure she would love to join in.


So I had arrived at the detached house, and pulled into the driveway – the house was surrounded by a high wall, but with only one car outside I presumed Sheri and Emily were inside.  I removed my rucksack from the car, put on my gloves and stocking mask, and let myself in through the front door, closing it behind myself.


I had a starter pistol in my jacket pocket, in case it was needed, but as I checked the downstairs rooms I couldn’t find anyone in.  The car was still outside, so I knew they had to be around somewhere.  Slowly, I walked up the staircase, wondering which room they would be in.


As I went round the bedrooms, however, there was still no sign of them.  I was beginning to wonder where they were when I heard laughter from the other side of a window in a room at the back of the house, which had the curtains drawn. 


Figuring they were in the back garden, I peeked through the curtains, being very careful not to give myself away.  When I looked out, I could see they were in the back garden all right...


Sheri was wearing a black and blue swimsuit, and was standing on the diving board of a swimming pool, very securely bound.  I could see from the way her chest was forced out that her arms had been tightly tied behind her back, and there were bands of rope around her ankles, below and above her knees, around her thighs, her stomach and her shoulders.  A black scarf was tied tightly over her mouth, but I could tell something was also in her mouth, and I guessed there was a layer between the scarf and her lips.


As for Emily, she was wearing a blue t-shirt and denim shorts – but she also had a pirate hat on her head, and was wielding a plastic toy cutlass as she said “Arrrr- either ye tell me where the treasure is, Lady Constance, or ye walk the plank!”


I watched as Sheri shook her head and tried to say something.  “Ye think ye can disobey the Pirate Queen, ye landlubber?  Well then, it’s the fishes who will feast on you.”


She poked her mother with the toy cutlass, making her shuffle forward a little so that her toes were over the edge of the diving board, and she started to frantically shake her head.


“On ye go – and may Davy Jones show ye more mercy than me,” Emily said as she poked her mother one more time, and Sheri jumped into the water, her daughter laughing as she broke the surface and then propelled herself to the far side of the pool, managing to stand and jump out as Emily ran round and waved the cutlass in front of her.



Arrr,” I heard her say, “over there with ye.”  She made her mother jump over to where a blanket was laid out, and then helped Sheri to lie on her stomach before pulling her ankles back and tying them to her wrists.


“I need to talk to me crew,” Emily said as she stood up, “you stay right there.”  I watched as she came to what I presumed was the kitchen door, and then I heard footsteps running up the stairs and past the room I was in, before a second door opened and closed.


I took the opportunity to make my own way downstairs, and saw the hut and cutlass in a bag outside the kitchen door, while Sheri had rolled onto her side, with her back to the door.  So I quietly let myself out, walked out (grateful for the high wall) and stepped over to where Sheri was, before I said “Hello.”


She rolled herself over and stared at me, before I heard her say “hmgd” and start to struggle, attempting to free herself.


“Hey,” I said as I knelt down and looked at her, “calm down.  Yes I’m a robber – but I’m the Games Player.  By the looks of things, what’s going to happen is not a new experience for you or your daughters, correct?”


Sheri slowly stared at me, and then nodded as she said “cnurmffmmgg?”


“Let me,” I said as I reached round and untied the scarf, removing it to reveal a wide strip of white micropore tape over her mouth.  I peeled that away, and then removed the cloth from inside her mouth, waiting as she worked her jaw before she said “You really are her?”


“I am – so you know that I’m going to tell you to make this a game for your daughter as well.  So why this gag?”


“Stops any water getting in my mouth,” Sheri said with a smile, “you have no idea how much my girls have wanted to meet you.  Look – Emily’s going to be a few minutes inside the house, while she confirms something with a friend for tonight.”


“Okay,” I said as I untied Sheri from the hogtie, and helped her to sit up, “so what’s the game about?”


“Walking the plank?  Well, since she read about that family you visited with the boat, she’s loved the idea of one of us making the other walk the plank.  Sometimes I do it, sometimes she does, sometimes April.  Today it was my turn to be the captive, and hers to be the pirate.”


“I take it she swims as well as you do then,” I said with a smile.


“Not quite, but she knows how to breath underwater.”  Sheri looked at me, and then said “Look – I know who you are, and I know you’re going to rob me.  But if you’re going to make a game of it, let’s make it a really special one for my girls.


“The one thing we’ve never been able to do is walk the plank together.  If you pretend to be a pirate, you can threaten both of us by making us walk the plank until I give up the location of the treasure.  Make sure you bind and gag us all the same way, and we’ll be fine.”


“Okay – I can do that,” I said, “but when is you other daughter due home?”


“April?  Any minute now – but she’ll play along as well.  Please – it will make their day, and they will do whatever you tell them to.”


I nodded as I said “very well then, I’ll do what you wish.  How much longer?”


“She might be on her way down now,” Sheri said, so I left her sitting on the blanket as I went to the kitchen door, and drew the cutlass and pirate hat out.


As the door opened, I heard a younger girl saying “can I be the pirate now Emily?”


“Yeah – if Mum’s still going to play the game,” Emily said as she came out with her younger sister.  Both girls had their mother’s blonde hair, while April had a pair of shorts on over a green gymnastics leotard.  Both also had trainers on their feet.


“Mum,” Emily said as she saw her mother sitting up and able to speak, “how did you...”


“Hello ye little ladies,” I said in a really bad accent, “I am the Dread Pirate Roberta, and ye both be my prisoners now!”


“What the...”  Both girls turned and looked at me, smiling under the stocking mask as Sheri said “do as she says girls – she captured me before you came into the cabin.”


“It’s you, isn’t it,” April said quietly, “it really is you?”


Arr tha be right my beauty,” I said as I waved the cutlass at them, “so get ye over there and kneel in front of yer mother, with yer hands behind yer back.”


“Oh wow,” Emily said as they walked in front of me, and knelt down in front of Sheri, “it really is her.  What are you going to do – make us walk the plank?”


“Aye – if ye don’t tell me where the treasure be,” I said as I opened my rucksack, and started to tie Emily’s wrists together behind her back, and then her arms below her elbows, admiring the way they nearly touched before I took the rope between her arms, and tied it off.


As soon as I had April secured in the same way, Sheri said “Be brave, my girls – the Dread Pirate Roberta will never make me tell where the treasure is.”


Arr we’ll see,” I said as both girls sat down, stretching their legs out as I removed their socks and shoes, and then tied their ankles side by side, and then their legs above and below their knees, as well as midway up their thighs.  I then sat behind them and passed some rope around their waists, to keep their wrists against their backs, and then around their upper bodies, forcing their arms against their backs as they went around their stomachs and shoulders.


“Now then,” I said as I cinched the ropes, “will ye tell where the treasure is?”


“NEVER,” they called out in unison as I took two new cloths from my bag.


“Then ye walk the plank,” I said as one by one I pushed the cloths into their mouths, and made sure they closed their lips before sealing their mouths with my own micropore tape, and finally tied a folded silk scarf over their mouths.


“On yer feet, scurvy dogs,” I said as I helped them up, and waved the cutlass round, “Tell me, or it’s the plank for all of ye.”


They all shook their heads and then started to jump towards the diving board, shaking their heads as I threatened them and made them line up.


“You first,” I said as I poked Emily in the back, the young girl edging forward and then jumping off the edge.  As she surfaced and began to swim to the shallow end, I made April walk the plank, and then Sheri, each of them surfacing and swimming to the shallow end where I was waiting.


“Where be the treasure?”


I wasn’t surprised as they all shook their head, so I made them walk the plank again.


And again.


After the fourth time, Sheri said “nffff” and nodded to the blankets.


“Go on with ye,” I said as I made them jump over, and lie on their stomachs before I hogtied all three of them.  Removing Sheri’s gag, she told me where to look, before I replaced the gag and said “Now don’t move, any of ye” and went back into the house.


A short while later, I came back out and checked their bonds, before I said “Ye can wait here until me crew decides what to do wi’ ye,” and left them to enjoy the summer sun.


Naturally, I alerted the police – eventually...




Now, as you know I keep an eye on the ‘Games Player’ discussion forum, but recently I noticed that the stalwarts who ran the site, ViTheFirst and IvyTheTerrible, had created a new section called the TTTT club which was limited to those people who had been, to quote ViTheFirst, ‘Tied-up Tight and Tough.’


In other words, if the visitors or members had been visited and ended up far more strictly tied, they were considered for membership of this section.  I managed to get access, and found the core members were KnottyKaty, Michelle and Constance, the three girls who had first reported the more stringent approach.  When I looked in, they and the other members were discussing whether or not the girls Janna had recently visited should be included.  These included the two girls Janna had thought were drowning in a boat.


Well, the people there agreed to allow them in, and the conversation turned to what they called ‘waiters’ – those who visited the discussion group, but had not been visited by Janna or me.  They were talking about how they talk of their wishes of they were visited, and how some wanted a gentle game, but others were almost saying they wanted into the TTTT club on the first visit!  Indeed, when I looked on the main board, there were some – intriguing ideas...



As it was, however, I had a visit of my own to make.  This one was to the home of the Caruthers family.  John owned an antique store, Tanya the mother worked for the local paper, while they had two daughters – twelve year old Pansy and eleven year old Daisy.  It was a Saturday lunchtime when I set off, and my research told me that while John would be at work, the rest of the family should be at home.


Home in this case was a converted barn, which I parked outside and looked at as I adjusted my gloves and pulled the mask down over my head.  I managed to get in through the front door easily enough, and close it behind me, and as I listened I could at least hear the two girls in the front room.


Walking along, I decided I would start with them, and then find Tanya, but as I stood behind the door I heard one of them say “Mum still has fifteen minutes to go on the Houdini time – when I checked a few minutes ago, she had got precisely nowhere.”


“I don’t like it when we are that strict with her Pansy – I’m scared we may hurt her someday.”


“It’s all right, Daisy – she likes it this way, and she’s just as strict with us isn’t she?  Besides, she wanted it this way – and think of the forfeit she has to pay.”


“I suppose so – so what do you want to do now?”


On hearing that, I figured it would probably be better to see what they had done to their mother, so I quietly made my way up the staircase, and looked in some of the bedrooms.  It didn’t take me long to find Tanya – and as I looked into what was obviously her bedroom, I was impressed at the skill shown by her daughters.


Tanya was lying on her back in the middle of a large brass bed, with a headboard and footrest.  A strip of white cloth covered her eyes, but there was something else underneath over her eyes themselves judging by the two bulges.  The band of cloth went round her head, and I could see the wires running from under the band to something under the pillow.


A band of white tape was wrapped round the lower half of her face, and the way her cheeks bulged out spoke of something under there as well.  The mother was wearing a dark blue leotard and black tights, and her arms were folded in front of her, her elbows tied to her wrists and the rope wound tight in a tight lattice from elbow to elbow.  She also had bands of rope around her upper arms and body, sitting above and below her chest, and cinched under her arms with shorter lengths.


Her ankles were tightly secured to her thighs, and it was clear from the tightened cloth under those bands how tight the ropes were.   I watched As Tanya tried to move, and grunted each time, but she kept trying to get free.


As I said, very impressive work – so when I said “Hello,” she didn’t move to that in particular, instead grunting and sighing as she tried to move her legs.


Looking at the wires, I reached under the pillow, Tanya turning her head and grunting “ssttttmmlrdde” as I retrieved an iPod.  Turning it off, I said again “Hello.”  That made Tanya struggle like crazy, as she realised it wasn’t her daughter.


“Hey, hey, calm down,” I said as I held her shoulders, “I just want to play a game with you and your daughters, as well as steal your valuables.”




“That’s right,” I said as I untied the blindfold and removed it, taking two cotton pads away as I did so, and she looked at me.  “Now, if I take this gag away, are you going to scream,” I said, smiling as she shook her head from side to side.  I helped her to sit up, and unwound the tape before I eased a large sponge ball out of her mouth.


“Are you really him?”


“I am,” I said as I looked at her, “so what’s this?”


“Well, the girls started to play these tie-up games,” Tanya said as she wriggled round, “and I got roped in – oh god that’s an awful pun...”


“I’ve heard worse – but this?”


“Well,” Tanya said with a smile, “they read about some of the other visits, and – well, they wanted the games to be tougher.”


“Hence the Houdini challenge?”


“Hence, as you say, the Houdini Challenge,” Tanya said as she wriggled round.  “Look – you’re going to rob me, we’re going to get tied up and gagged, and you’re in charge, I get that.  But I think both Daisy and Pansy will be very disappointed if they meet you, and don’t end up very strictly tied.”


“Like you?”


“No – not like this,” Tanya said as she wriggled round, “but I have an idea, if you’re open to it.  You might also like to know they have their own secret stashes, and they would want them to go as well.”


“And what about you?”


“I can’t be seen to give in too easily,” Tanya said as she wriggled round, “so you need to force the combination and location of our safe out of me while they watch.  If you do this, I will be very grateful...”


“Well, I see no reason why not,” I said as I removed my rucksack and opened it.  “What was the iPod playing anyway?”


“White noise – the girls each have one that plays the same thing.”


“Indeed – so, your idea?”


“Untie me,” Tanya said, “upper body first, and then follow my lead...”




As I walked back down the stairs, holding a bag I had found in what I was assured was Pansy’s room, I shook my head and walked straight into the front room.  The two girls were sitting there, Pansy (I presumed being the taller girl) wearing a red leotard over blue tights, and Daisy a black leotard over grey leggings.


“Hello girls,” I said as I walked in, “your mum and dad have asked me to come and play a very special game with both of you.”


Ohmygositsyouitsreallyyouohmygod,” Daisy said as she jumped up and down and clapped her hands, while Pansy just stared at me.


“IS this really happening,” she said as I put the bag down.


“It really is, so your mum has already started playing, and I want you to join in now.”


“Oh yes,” Daisy said, “but you’ve got to tie us really really tightly.  We can’t be seen to be wimps by the others.”


“I agree,” Pansy said, “do your worst.”


“I think that’s up to me, don’t you,” I said quietly as I looked at them.  “So, let’s get ready to play.  Stand in front of me, with your hands behind your back, and your mouths open.”


“Ready,” Pansy said as the two girls opened their mouths, allowing me to push a compressed sponge ball into each of them.  I then tore a strip of white micropore tape away from the roll, and pressed it down over Pansy’s mouth, before I did the same to Daisy.


Taking the bag behind them, I put Pansy’s hand together behind her, palm to palm, and then tightly bound her wrists together, making sure I took the rope between her arms and tied it off out of reach of her fingers.  I did the same to her ankles, and then bound Daisy in the same way, before I walked round and looked at them.


Sthsssll,” Pansy said as she looked at me, and wriggled round, Daisy looking just as crest fallen.


“Oh, is that not enough?  I’ll have to see what I can do.”


They watched as I took a long length of rope from the bag, and walked behind Pansy, doubling it over and wrapping it around her arms just below her elbows before I pulled it tight.  I secured them together, and then took the rope down her arms in a tight figure of eight pattern, before I tied her palms together as well.  Daisy was watching, her eyes wide as I then started to bind her arms in the same way.


“Sit down on the floor,” I said, watching as they wriggled round and managed to sit themselves down.  I then took another length of rope, and tied their legs together just above the ankle binding.  I then wound that up their legs in another figure of eight, securing their legs together and cinching it below and above their knees, and then wrapping it along to half way up their thighs.  Finally, I tied their feet together with two other lengths of rope, and then looked at them.




Hyssss,” Daisy said as she tried to move her feet, while I took two strips of cloth from the bag, and used them as blindfolds on both girls.


“Right then,” I said as I lifted Daisy up, “let’s go and join you mother, shall we?”




A few minutes later, I tied the last knot off and said “Now, let’s see what we have here...”


Removing their blindfolds, both girls blinked as they heard Tanya say “Hllgrrlsssmsreee.”


Looking to their side, they saw their mother sitting between them, tied in the same way they were, with their feet tied to the foot of the brass bed.  Another rope had also been tied around their wrists, and then passed round the headstand, pulled tight so that their arms were as far back as they could go.


“Now then,” I said as I looked at them, “about all those nice things that you have.  Where are they hidden – tell me please.”


“NFRRR,” Pansy and Daisy called out in unison as they wriggled their toes.


“Oh dear, and I had so hoped to avoid unpleasantness,” I said quietly as I stood in front of Daisy, and started to tickle the soles of the feet, as well as the backs of her legs.  She struggled like mad, determined to hold out for as long as possible, so I switched my attention to Pansy, tickling the back of her knees and then her sides as she laughed and giggled and writhed round.


I took turns with them for a good twenty minutes, reducing them to tears and breathlessness as their mother watched, before Pansy said “nnfnff-lltluu?”


“Go ahead,” I said as I peeled the tape away from her mouth, and eased the sponge ball out.


“Under...  Under my bed... Brown locked box... Combination 1234...”


“Very good – and you my younger captive?”


Daisy shook her head, but another minute of my fingers and she told me of the box in her wardrobe.


“Thank you both,” I said as I pushed the sponges back into their mouths, and this time wound the tape tightly round their heads to keep them in place.  “Don’t move.”



I left the room for a few minutes, returning with the empty boxes which they nodded at as I put the bag down.


“Now, dear lady,” I said as I looked at Tanya, “where is your safe, and what is the combination?”


Lnnffrtlll,” she said as I started to tickle her, and at first as the girls watched they thought she would succeed.  But when I reached into my own bag, and took out the electric toothbrush, Tanya shook her head and said “Hmgddnnnttht.”


“Oh yes,” I said as she tried to pull away – but it was no use as I ran the vibrating brush over the soles of her feet, and she convulsed in laughter, so much so I wondered if she was going to be able to breathe for a moment.


This was the deal however, her daughters urging her on as she tried not to give in.  I was relentless, however, as I tickled her soles, until eventually she screamed “LLRRTTLTLKKKKK!”


“And,” I said as I removed her tape gag and eased the sponge out.


“In the...  In the...  Oh god...  In the walk in wardrobe, middle shelf.”


“Combination,” I said as I started the toothbrush again.


“NO!”  She gave me the number, the girls beaming as I re-gagged her, wrapping the tape around her head this time, and then showed them their iPods.  I fixed the ear buds in, making sure it was playing the white noise, and then tied a blindfold over their eyes, making sure it went over their ears so that they had to listen.  I also made sure there were cotton wool pads over their eyes, to make it even darker, before I opened and emptied the safe.  Checking the ropes, I left them to their predicament, hoping their father would be home soon.




A few weeks later, I saw they had both been admitted to the 4T club – but I had other things on my mind.  A raid on a farmhouse, which would need both Janna and I...




So this is how it happened.  I had been looking for some time into a visit to the home of Sir Archibald McDonald, a well respected land owner and city trader.  He lived in a farm in the Border country between Scotland and England, with his wife Morag and their six children – nineteen year old Jack, seventeen year old Jessie, fifteen year old Heather, twelve year old Maggie, ten year old Bess and eight year old Angel.


Nice big family – which is why I needed Janna to come with me.  That way, we got them all secure in one place before we looked round, and minimised the risk of them helping each other.  We planned to make a weekend trip to the area anyway, and we made sure we had plenty of extra supplies to do what needed to be done.


We had one advantage – we knew Archie was away on a business trip, and Jack would be at university – which just left Morag and the girls to play a game with...




It would have been about three in the afternoon when we drew up outside the farmhouse, parking out of sight of the main windows.  Both Janna and I got out, me in a jumper, jeans and sneakers, Janna in her black leather jacket, leggings and knee length black leather boots.  We looked at each other, and then opened the boot of the car, Janna pulling her leather gloves on and then the stocking down over her head while I checked the bag, and then donned my own stocking mask.  Smiling at each other, we walked up to the front door and knocked on it, wondering who it was who would answer and who we could start playing the game with.



The door was opened by the oldest girl, Jessie.  She was wearing a knee length black petticoat dress over a long sleeved grey top, dark tights and knee length black leather boots, her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail.  She looked at us, but before she could say anything I had pushed her back into the house and against the wall, my gloved hand over her mouth as Janna closed the door.


“Hello Jessie,” I said quietly, “now I need you to remain calm, and to remain quiet, so that we don’t upset anyone else in the house, particularly the younger girls.  Nod if you understand.”


We both watched as she nodded, and then I said “Good – where’s your mother?”


She glanced to a door halfway down the hall, Janna nodding as she walked down and looked quickly in.  As she turned and indicated to come, I said “Not a word” as I took her arm and we walked into the room.




Morag and Heather both looked up from the Scrabble board they had been playing a game on, and stared at the two of us as well as Jessie.  “Hello Morag,” I said quietly as Janna closed the door, “I want you and Heather here to remain calm, and not to make any sudden movements or loud noises.”


“Mum,” Heather said as she looked at the older woman, “who are they?”  The fifteen year old was wearing a white vest top with a print of two skeletons on the front, black and white leggings with a large letter print on them, and black laced ankle boots.


Morag quietly said “Oh my god – you’re the Games Players,” as she stared at us.  She was wearing a long smock top with brown elbow length sleeves and top area, and the rest of the garment a dusky pink.  Black leggings and suede ankle boots with a three inch heel completed her outfit.


“That’s right – so here’s what’s going to happen,” I said.  “We are going to rob you, and we are going to make sure none of the family can interfere or raise the alarm.  As your two older daughters are of age, we are telling them the truth.”


“For the other girls, though,” Janna said, “you need to convince them this is a special family game that you have arranged, so that they don’t panic or hurt themselves.  We need you all to agree to do that, understand?”


“If we do this,” Morag said, “will you make sure we all stay together?”


“You can say where,” I replied as Janna put her rucksack down, “and I promise you, beyond the fact you will not be able to move or talk, you will be unharmed.  It may even be a fun experience for the younger girls – where are they, by the way?”


“Upstairs in their rooms,” Heather said as she looked at us.


“Good – then let us begin.  Please, all of you, stand in a circle and put your hands behind your backs.”


“Remember, Jessie, Heather,” Morag said as I took a length of cord from the rucksack, put her hands together palm to palm behind her back, and started to tie her wrists together, “the others need to think this is all a big game.”


“All right Mum,” Heather said as Janna crossed and bound her wrists behind her back, making sure she cinched it before she took the rope around her waist to lock them to her body, “but I don’t like it.”


“None of us do,” Jessie said as her wrists were tied, “but we don’t have any choice.”


“Indeed,” I said as I then took a roll of duct tape, and taped Morag’s hands together, before I made the two girls ball their fists and covered them as well. “Now, where shall we put you all?”


Looking at each other, Morag then said “The games room – in the cellar.”


“Excellent,” I said as I opened the door, “lead the way please.”


Morag went first with me, the other two walking behind with Janna as we went down into a large and very well furnished room, with a large wall mounted television.  We invited the three of them to sit down, Janna watching as one by one I crossed and bound their ankles tightly together, and then secured their legs below their knees.


“Good,” I said as I stood up and looked at her, “why don’t you go and start to bring the younger girls down?”  As Janna nodded and walked upstairs, taking some rope with her, I took out a long length from my bag and said “now, who’s first?”


As I slowly walked up the stairs, leaving Steve to make sure Mum and the two older girls were fully secured, I listened carefully to see which rooms the three girls may be in.  At the top of the stairs, I listened in one door, and could hear the sound of a guitar playing, so I opened the door and walked in.


“Who are you,” the girl sitting on the bed said as she looked at me.


“I was going to ask you the same question – you first.”


“I’m Maggie – your turn.”


“Well Maggie, I’m an actress.  My friend and I were hired by your mother to play a very unusual game with her, you and all your sisters today.”


“What sort of game,” Maggie said as she stood up, her long hair falling down her head as she put her guitar down.  She was wearing a floral print short dress, with short sleeves, over a white vest top, and with a wide black leather belt secured round her waist as if it was a girdle.  I could see the dark tights on her legs, and the knee length black leather boots with studded straps crossed at the ankles.


“Well, a game of robbers, if truth be told,” I said as I looked at her.  “Your mother and your older sisters are already playing, and now it’s your turn to join them.”


“Robbers?  So you’re pretending to rob the place?”


“That’s right – but your mum wanted it be realistic, so part of the game is that my friend and I need to make sure none of you can raise the alarm.  That means we have to make sure you can’t move or speak for a while, but your mum wants you to play in the games room, so you’ll have something to watch and listen to.”


“And we’re all going to play?”


“That’s right – so, ready?”


“All right – what do you want me to do?”


“Turn round, please, and put your hands behind your back.”


As she did so, I doubled over a length of cord I took from my pocket, and used it to bind her crossed wrists tightly together, making sure as always I cinched the band between her arms.  I then took another length of rope and tier id round her waist, using it to keep her wrists secured to her back, and then a longer length around her arms and chest, making sure they were held tightly to her side before finally using two shorter lengths to tighten the bands under her arms.


“There – feel all right?”


“Well, I can’t move my arms,” Maggie said as she tried to, “now what?”


“If you promise you will keep quiet and not spoil the surprise for the others we can walk down now.  If not, I need to do something to help you stay quiet, and then we walk down.”


Maggie nodded to show she would stay quiet, so I opened the door, looked out to make sure nobody was watching, and then took her down to the games room.  As I went in, I saw Steve passing the ends of a length of rope under Morag’s arm to finish the binding of her arms to her sides, the rope sitting above and below her chest.


“Ready to play the big game with us Maggie,” she said as she looked to her sides.  Jessie and Heather both nodded, the white micropore tape covering their mouths making it difficult for them to say anything.


“Wow – you really are playing at being real robbers,” Maggie said as she sat down on the floor, watching as I crossed her ankles and tied them tightly together, the rope squeaking as it rubbed against the leather of her boots.  I then tied her legs together below her knees, as Steve looked at her and said “hello Maggie – I need to make sure you can’t spoil the surprise for your younger sisters now, so I’m going to put this cloth in your mouth, and then some of this very special tape over your lips.”


“Will it hurt?”


“No it doesn’t hurt,” her mother said, “does it girls?”


Jessie and Heather shook their heads, the smile visible as the tape moved, so Maggie opened her mouth and allowed Steve to push the cloth in, closing her lips before I tore a strip of tape from the roll and smoothed it firmly down to her face.


“I’ll be back in a minute – make sure they stay comfy...”



When I got to the top of the stairs, I didn’t have long to look for another of the girls – I heard the sound of the toilet flushing, and hid in a doorway as a ten year old girl walked by.  She was wearing a very different outfit from the others, starting with the knee length brown leather boots she had on.  They were side fastening with a zip, but designed to look like military boots with pale beige bands across the front.


She also had an unusual dress on – it had two layers, a top layer of dark pink and milk chocolate brown stripes, which had a hood with a chocolate brown fringe and a leopard print inner lining.  Under that was a plain chocolate brown long sleeved dress which came out from under the top layer about her knees.


Well, I decided to take a chance, so as she went past I grabbed her by the waist, taking her into the room with my gloved hand over her mouth as I whispered “hello Bess – your mummy has hired me and a friend to play a game with you and her and your sisters.  Can you guess what the game is?”


Nnnn,” she said as she shook her head.


“We’re pretending to be bad robbers, and we’re capturing your family one by one.  We already have your mum and your older sisters playing, and they want you to play as well.  So, will you play too?”


She seemed to relax as I said this, and nodded slowly as I said “so, if I take my hand away, will you stay quiet so that you don’t spoil the surprise for Angel?”




As I took my hand away, she looked at me and said “so are you going to tie us all up like a real robber?”


“That’s right – and keep you all quiet as well, so I need you to turn round ad cross your wrists behind your back.”


As she did this, I took my rucksack off, produced some cord and started to bind her wrists tightly together, as well as to her back with rope around her waist.


“Is that too tight,” I said as I tied the waist rope off.


“Not really – so what’s going to happen in the game?”


“Well,” I said as I started to tie her arms to her sides, “we’re going to put you all in the Games room in the cellar, and make sure you can’t speak or move very much, while my friend and I pretend to look for valuables in the place.  Then we’ll give you the signal, and you can try to escape before we set you free.”


“Sounds exciting – I certainly can’t move my arms now,” she said as I tied the top band of rope off, and started to cinch it between her arms and her body.


“That’s the idea,” I said as I looked at her.  “Now, let me have a look at you.”


“You’re going to have to keep me quiet now aren’t you?”


“I am, yes.”


“What about my hair,” she said as I looked at her long blonde hair.


“I have an idea,” I said then as I lifted her hood over her head, making sure her hair was tucked in before I produced a clean cloth and folded it.  “Can you open your mouth as wide as possible for me?  Everyone will get the same, I promise you...”





“Are you all right Bess?”


Ysmmm,” the young girl said as we came into the games room, and I helped her to sit next to her sister.  A band of white tape was wrapped round her head, sealing her lips and keeping the cloth in as it pressed her hood against her head.


Nsslkkk,” Maggie said as I crossed and tied her ankles tightly together, the rope constricting the leather around her ankles, and then bound her legs below her knees and above the boot tops.


“Why don’t you go and bring Angel down now,” I said to Janna, “and we can start the game properly?”


The five watched as Janna nodded and headed back upstairs, while I said “Now, what shall we watch...”


Going back to the top floor, I walked along the corridor until I heard a young girl saying “and so the wicked witch locked the princess in the tower...”


Opening the door slowly, I saw Angel lying on her stomach on the bed, reading a book.  The youngest daughter had a blue band with little white polka dots tied in her hair, and a long sleeved purple top.  A knee length skirt made with strips of different material was over a pair of red leggings, while her feet were in a pair of white socks and light pink moccasin type boots with little pompoms.


As quietly as I could, I closed the door and said “Hello Angel – can I talk to you for a moment?”


She turned and looked at me, before she said “Why is that over your head?”


“Well,” I said as I put my rucksack down, “your mummy has hired me and a friend to play a very big game with you and your sisters.  We’re pretending to be robbers, and we’re gathering all the family in the games room to play this game.”


“Robbers?  So you’re making sure we can’t stop you?”


“That’s right,” I said as I smiled, “but it is all just a game.  I’m going to make sure you can’t move or talk, as then I’ll take you down to join them before my friend and I pretend to look for all the nice things in the house.”


“And mummy has said yes to this?”


“Yes she has.  What are you reading?”


“It’s a story about a princess who is kidnapped and held by a wicked witch.”


“Well, I’m not a wicked witch, but why don’t I kidnap you and take you downstairs?  I need you to do something for me first though.”


“Okay – what?”


“Lie face down and put your hands behind your back for me.”


I watched as Angel did that, and then crossed her wrists before I tied them firmly together with some cord.  I then crossed and tied her ankles together in the same way, the cord sitting just below fur bands on her boots, as well as tying her legs together below her knees.


“It’s like I’m a mermaid,” she said as she lifted her legs up and down.


“That’s right, but I’m going to help you to sit up no, because I need to make sure you really can’t move your arms.”


So I helped her to roll over and sit up, before I tied her arms tightly to her sides, bands around her stomach and shoulders and cinched as well, and then around her waist.


“There – does that hurt?”


“No – it doesn’t hurt, but it feels funny.”


“I know – now, I need to make sure you can’t speak for a little while, so I want you to open your mouth as wide as you possibly can.  I’ll put something in that will muffle sound, and then put some special tape over your lips to stop you opening your mouth.”


As Angel opened her mouth, I put in a folded hankie, and then let her close her mouth before I smoothed the white tape down, covering her jaw and lips.




Ysmmm,” she mumbled as I picked her up and carried her down the stairs to the games room.


“OH lord – are you all right Angel,” her mother said as she came in, the young girl nodding as she was sat next to Maggie and Bess.


“Now then,” Steve said, “the younger girls we are going to make like wriggly worms, and we need the older girls and mummy to watch over them while they play the game.  Understand?”


“We understand,” Morag said as Jessie and Heather nodded.  As they watched, I helped the three younger girls to lie on their stomachs and pulled their ankles back, using lengths of rope to secure their ankles to their chest ropes.  As I did this, Steve gently eased a sponge into their mother’s mouth, and then wrapped white micropore tape tightly round her head, reinforcing the gags on the two older girls as well.


“Now,” Steve said as we made sure the younger girls could see the television, “you can all watch this while my friend and I pretend to have a look round.”


We left the family to watch the program – before Janna came down, I had told the other girls to remember this was a game, and play along – and made our way back up to the room the game of Scrabble had been played in when we arrived.


“You search down here,” I said, “I’ll look upstairs.”


Janna nodded as I went upstairs, and went from room to room, searching carefully and finding a lot of nice pieces in the older girl’s room.  The younger girls had some costume jewellery, which I took as well so they didn’t feel left out.


When I went into the master bedroom, it didn’t take me long to find Morag’s jewellery, which I loaded into my bag as well.  There was also some nice coins, but it was the contents of one particular drawer that took me by surprise.


It had some papers on it, but it also had an envelope, addressed to Morag under her maiden name and dated twenty years ago.  I opened it and took out a white card with gold trim, and printed on the front was the message “Morag – a question for you?”


Opening it, I saw printed in big gold letters “Will You Marry Me?”


As I stared at it, I thought of Janna, of all the good times we had had together, and I started to think a bit more of how I really felt about her.  As I did this, a thought began to form in my mind – one I kept thinking over as I searched the rest of the room, and then the remaining ones.


When I had finished, I went back downstairs with the bag, and met Janna in the room.  She also had a bag that looked heavy.


“How did we do?”


“See for yourself,” I said as we swapped bags, and I opened hers, looking at her as she opened mine.



“How did we do?”


“See for yourself,” Steve said as we swapped bags, and I opened his.  By the feel of it, he had found a good amount of jewels and other things.


What I wasn’t expecting was the white card that was sitting on top of the jewels and other items, or the message that was printed on it.


“Will You Marry Me?”


I stared at it for a moment, and then looked at Steve, literally struck dumb as he slowly nodded.  A million thoughts ran through my head, but finally I walked over to the Scrabble board, picked three letters and made a word.




He looked at me and smiled as he took my bag back.  “Let’s go and make sure they’re all right,” he said as he put the bags in his rucksack, and then took my hand as we went back to the Games room.


The three younger girls were happily watching the film, but Morag had slipped off the couch and was sitting on the floor, while Jessie and Heather were trying to untie each other.


“Looks like we got back just in time,” I said as I made Jessie stand up and hop over to another couch, while Janna checked the ropes on Heather and then made her lie face down on the couch, before she pulled her legs back and hogtied her.  I did the same to Jessie, and then said “do you girls think Mummy should be the same as you?”


Morag rolled her eyes as shook her head, but her younger daughters all nodded, so I helped her to lie face down, pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes with a short length, before we checked the gags on all of them.


“All right – we’re going to pretend to leave now,” I said, “so you can try to escape, or wait until we come or someone comes to set you free.”


They all nodded as we closed the room door, went back and collected our bags, and then returned to the car.  As we sat in the front, Janna removed her stocking mask as said “Steve?”


“Yes,” I said as I removed mine and turned, only to feel her lips on mine.


“We have a lot of talking and planning to do,” she said as she held my hand, “let’s go.”




A couple of years ago, I went to an afternoon matinee of a West End show – Janna was on holiday at the time – and I really enjoyed it.  I also enjoyed what happened afterwards.


I was sat behind a tall woman, with strawberry blonde hair down to her neckline, and she had on a brown leather jacket.  She also had two girls with her, aged about eleven and nine.  Both had dark hair, the older one wearing a black soft jacket with elbow length sleeves, the other a pink padded jerkin over a grey top.


It was during the interval they caught my eye more, as I saw the designer shopping bags they had left as they went for some refreshment.  I needed to go to the men’s room, so when I came back they were in their seats, but I heard the younger girl saying “can we call Daddy when we get home?”


“Of course we can Constance – I’m sure he’d love to hear from all of us?”


That made me prick my ears up, as the lights went down for the second act. 




As the show ended, I followed them from a discrete distance.  From behind, I could see the older girl had a grey skirt, white socks and black fabric boots, while the younger one also seemed to have a darker grey skirt and white socks or tights, with brown ankle boots made of fabric.  As for the mother, she was wearing grey jeans in knee length black fabric boots.


They got on the central line, as did I, and got off in Notting Hill, making their way along the streets until they went into a three storey townhouse.  I noticed a small hardware store nearby, so I ducked in to get some supplies...




As I came back, I noticed the townhouse had a basement.  So I slipped down the stairs, put on my gloves and managed to open the door, so I went inside and closed the door behind me.  I had a moment to put on the stocking I had also bought, making sure it covered my head, before I found the door to the stairs and started to walk up.


As I got near the top of the stairs, I heard their mother standing in the hallway, calling out “Constance!  Bernice!  Your father is on the telephone.”  There was the sound of running footsteps, and then the younger girl saying “Hello Daddy” before the door closed and there was silence.


I slowly made my way into the hallway, and could hear their mother in the kitchen.  Walking slowly down, I watched as she was preparing a meal for the girls.  Her leather jacket had concealed a blue-grey v-necked sweater, and I could also see her boots were actually laced tightly up the front with a black ribbon, tied tightly just below the knee.


I listened and watched for a moment, before she stopped and sat at the table, reading a magazine as she drank from a glass.  I took that as my cue, and walked quietly in, grabbing her from behind as I put my gloved hand over her mouth.


“Don’t panic, don’t scream,” I said quietly as she tried to pull my hand away, “I’m not going to hurt you or your daughters, so long as you keep calm and do what I say, all right?”


She stopped trying to pull my arm away as she heard that, and then slowly nodded.


“I’m going to take my hand away – are you going to shout or scream?”


This time she shook her head from side to side, so I took my hand away and said “thank you.  What’s your name?”


“Alice,” she said quietly, “who are you?  What do you want?”


“Well, Alice, I intend to rob you,” I said, “but if you do as I say, you and your daughters will not come to any harm.  I want you to do a favour for me.”




I could see she was listening, so I said “I need to make sure you and your daughters, Bernice and Constance, cannot raise the alarm.  But we’re going to make it fun – you are going to tell them this is a surprise your husband told you about before they talked to him, that I’m a work colleague who has agreed to pretend to be a burglar and let them play a game of robbers.”


“If I do this, you won’t hurt them?”


“No – they won’t be able to move or speak for a little while, but neither will you, and the game finishes with you trying to free each other.”  Looking at the stove top, I said “I suggest you allow them to eat first, and then you can all play the game together.”


Alice nodded slowly as she said “we will all be together?”


“I promise you.  Now, what are the girls having for tea?”


“Pasty and chips.”


“Well,” I said as I sat down, “why don’t you finish preparing it, and then call them in here to eat it, so that I can keep an eye on all three of you?”


“All.... All right,” Alice said as she slowly stood up, and got two plates out.  “I will get cutlery when they sit down,” I said as she went to open a drawer, Alice nodding as she put the food out on the plates, and then set it on the table.


“Give them their drinks as well,” I said, watching as she opened a bottle of apple juice and poured some into two glasses.  Standing by Alice, I said “very good – call them in now please?”


Nodding, she called out “Bernice!  Constance!  Come into the kitchen and have your tea!”


“Coming Mum,” I heard one of the girls say, and then watched as they both walked in, stopping and staring at me.  Bernice still had her jacket on, and I could see now she had on a grey jersey dress with a pleated skirt, her hair back and held in place by a scrunchie.


Constance was wearing a grey cardigan with a striped top at the front, fastened over a grey top, and a darker grey skirt with two birds on the front.  I could now see she was wearing tights, her fabric boots with wedge soles and a zip on the inside.


“Girls,” Alice said quietly, “I know this man looks scary, but he is a friend of your father from work.  Daddy asked if he would call tonight and play a special game with all three of us, where he pretends to be a robber.”


“Cool,” Bernice said, “does that mean he’ll tie us up and keep us quiet?”


“That sounds scary,” Constance said as she stared at me.


“Your sister is right, but it doesn’t have to be scary, if you think of it as a big adventure game,” I said quietly.  “Your mum will be with you all the way through, starting now, so why don’t you both sit down and eat your tea?  I’ll get you a knife and fork each, and while you eat Mummy is going to start playing.”


Alice nodded as she pointed to a drawer, so I took out two knives and forks as the girls sat down, and gave them to them to start eating.  I also took out a pair of kitchen scissors, as I said “sit down, Mummy – we’ll get started in a few minutes.”


I took from my carrier bag the first of three skeins of washing line I had bought, and cut it into several lengths, the girls watching as I did so.  Once I had done this, I smiled and said “Lean forward Mummy, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Eat up girls,” Alice said as I crossed her wrists behind her back, and tied them firmly together, making sure the rope went around and between her arms to make them secure.


“Does it hurt Mummy,” Bernice said as she watched.


“No it doesn’t hurt,” Alice said with a smile, “I just can’t move my arms apart for a while.” 


“I need to make sure mummy’s arms are kept tight by her sides,” I then said as I took the longest length of rope, and started to tie it round Alice’s upper body, taking the band above and below her chest as I forced her arms into her sides, and made sure the bands sat snugly around her. 


“You look funny mummy,” Constance giggled as she looked at Alice.


“Well, both of you may look this funny in a little while,” I said as I tied the rope off, and then cinched it under each arm with a shorter length.  “Don’t squirm too much,” I whispered into her ear, before I sat with them and watched the girls finish their tea.


When they were done, I smiled and said “very good.  Now, I want to make sure you both cannot move your hands before we go into the front room.  Who wants to go first?”


“Me,” Constance said, much to my surprise.


“All right – Bernice, I want you to sit with your hands on your head, and Constance, stand up and come next to your mother.”

As the older girl lifted her hands up, her sleeves falling down, Constance stood facing her mother as Alice turned in her chair.


“Just let the masked man do what he had to do,” she said as I cut a new length of rope, and then crossed her wrists behind her back, making sure I kept the rope firm and neat as I tied then together.  I then used a longer length of rope around her waist to secure her wrists to her back, and then tied the bands around her upper arms, making them neat and tidy.


“Sit next to your mother for a minute,” I said as I looked at her, “while I take care of your sister.”


Both of them watched as I secured Bernice, her jacket opening and moving to the sides as I tied the chest ropes, and then I made her sit down while Alice stood up and I tied some rope around her waist.


“All right then,” I said as I tied the rope between her wrists and back, “let’s all go into your front room, and I’ll make sure none of you can move for a little while.”


“Okay girls, no running,” Alice said as I picked up my bag and the scissors, and we walked through to a very nice room, with a nice big television that had a large l-shaped sofa in front of it.


“All right,” I said as I looked round, “I would like you girls to sit on that side of the couch, and your mother will sit at the other side, all right?”


The two girls sat down, Constance’s feet hanging over the edge, while April sat in her appointed place, watching as I tied the younger girl’s ankles together side by side, and then tied her legs together below her knees, taking the rope between her legs at each band.


“There – think you can move?”


“No,” Constance said as she looked at her legs, “will you do the same to Bernie and Mummy?”


“I will, but I’m going to cross their ankles to make it more difficult for them,” I said as Bernice allowed me to bind her ankles and legs, the bands sitting over and above her fabric boots.  As for Alice, I made sure they were really tight, and then turned on the television as I said “now, I need to make sure all three of you stay very very quiet, starting with mummy.  Open your mouth please.”


As Alice did this, I pushed a balled up sponge into her mouth, and then smoothed several strips of the duct tape I had bought over her lips and mouth.


“What did you put in her mouth?”


“I used one of these,” I said to Bernice as I showed her a smaller sponge ball.  “It just makes it more difficult for you to talk, but you can still watch the television.  Ready?”


She nodded and allowed me to put the sponge in her mouth, and then smooth the tape over her lips.  Constance just nodded as I did the same to her, and then said “You all need to sit nice and still now, and watch the television while I pretend to steal some things.  I’ll come back in and see you when we’re ready for the next part of the game.”


They all looked at me and nodded as I left the room, and searched the house for valuables.  When I came back in, Constance had move across and was lying with her head on her mother’s lap, while Bernice had wriggled round to sit at her feet.


I had thought of hogtying them, but instead I said “All right – you can stay as you are for a while, and then start to try and get free.  All right?”


They all nodded as I headed out and along to the Tube station, the bag now with my gains, and a big smile on my face...





I’ve been on a bit of a high since the engagement, and that has given me a little more boldness, even to the extent of trying what Steve used to do when he first started – a little bit more of an opportunistic approach to some visits.  Let me tell you what I mean.


Two weeks after that lovely day, I was shopping in my local supermarket when I overheard a girl say to her mother “it’s a pity Daddy has to be away today and tomorrow.”


“I know – but it means we can all have a picnic in our back garden instead.  Don’t worry – I’m sure we’ll still have lots of fun.”


Making my way round with the trolley, I saw the two who had been talking as they picked some cereal from the shelf.  The mother was in her mid thirties, with long dark hair, and was wearing a blue cotton strapless dress, with a thin belt round her waist.  The skirt came down to just above her ankles, so that her sandals were visible.


She actually had two girls with her, non-identical twins who looked to be about ten.  One was wearing a denim bib dress, with a long sleeved white top underneath, and black shoes, and had her hair in two pigtails.  The other was wearing a white vest top with ruffed straps and bottom, and denim shorts, with striped deck shoes.


I followed them out to the checkout, and then the car park, tailing them until they stopped outside a terraced house and carried their bags in.  Making a note of the address, I drove down the road and found a DIY chain store.  I just needed to add a few things to what I already had in the rucksack in the back of the car...


It was about an hour later when I returned, excited but praying the fact I hadn’t researched this family as well as others didn’t back fire on me.  The tale Steve told of when he went to rob a family, only to find they hadn’t moved in yet, ran high in my memory at that point.


Anyway, for once I was also wearing denim, so I fastened my jacket up to my collar, and slipped on my leather gloves as I walked to the front door.  Looking quickly round, I tried turning it, and was pleased when it opened without having to be forced or the lock picked.


Pausing only to pull a stocking down over my head, I came in and closed the door behind me, listening for any voices, but the only sounds I could hear came from the back of the house.  I walked slowly down and peeked from the doorway, to see all three of the family sitting on a picnic rug in the back garden, sharing some food.


I decided therefore to take the opportunity to let them enjoy their time in the garden, and went into the dining room, taking three chairs from there to the front room and arranging them in front of the television set.  I was thinking on my feet, before they came in, and my plan was already forming quickly. 


I had time to search downstairs as well, finding an office and claiming a few things in there, before I heard the mother saying “All right girls – upstairs and wash your hands, and then come back down, all right?”


“Yes mum,” two voices said almost in unison as I looked out of the door, and watched her go into the front room.  I followed her as she stood in the doorway, whispering “how did they get in here,” as she looked at the chairs.


“I put them there,” I said as I took the starter pistol I used for menacing and placed it against her back.  “They are there so that you and your charming daughters can play a little game with me – one of robbers.”


“Oh god,” she whispered, “you’re that Games Player?”


“One of them yes – so you cooperate, and tell them this is a special game, then we all get along just fine, all right?”



“All right,” she said as she nodded her head, “I’ll do what you say, just don’t hurt them please?”


“I do not intend to,” I said quietly as I slipped my rucksack off my back, “but we should get started.  Sit down on the chair in the middle, and hold the side of the chair with your hands.”


My trip to the DIY store had not yielded any rope, but it had allowed me to pick up a few things I could use instead, as I knelt behind the chair she sat in, held her wrist to the chair back and used some wide black electrical tape to secure her wrist to the wood.  Repeating the process on the other side, I stood up and walked round to look at her.


“What’s your name?”


“Tammy,” she said as she tried to move her arms.


and the girls?”


“Sam and Pam.  Look, please, my jewels and money are upstairs, but don’t...”


Shhh,” I said as I put my gloved hand over her mouth, “they’re coming down the stairs, so tell them this is a game, and they need to do what I say, understand?”


She whimpered into my palm as she nodded slowly, and the two girls came in.


“Mummy, who is this,” the one wearing the shorts said.


“Pam, this lady is here to play a surprise game of robbers with us.  Can you see how she’s got my wrists taped to the chair?”


The other girl came over and looked, nodding as she said “so we’re going to be taped to the chairs as well?”


“In a slightly different way, yes,” I said quietly.  “I’ll make sure you can’t get off the chairs, as well as make it difficult for you to talk clearly, before I turn the television on and you can try to escape.  It won’t hurt, and you can see who can get free the fastest.  Does that sound like fun?”


“It’s all right girls – we can try together,” Tammy said as she smiled, the two girls nodding as I said “Great – hop on the chairs wither side of your mother, and then do what I say.”


While they did this, I wrapped the black tape around Tammy’s stomach and arms, pinning her against the chair back, before I stood behind Pam.  “I’d like you to lean forward,” I said quietly, “and let me take your arms behind your back.”  As she did this, I guided her hands between the rods in the back of the chair, and asked her to shuffle back so that she was sitting against the chair back.  As she did this, I crossed and taped her wrists tightly together, and then wrapped the tape around her waist, taking it through the chair back so that her wrists were secured to it as well.


“This is quite comfortable,” she said as she looked across at her sister, “don’t be afraid Sam.”


“I’m not afraid Pam,” her sister said as I went behind her and taped her wrists together, and then her waist to the chair, in the same way.  Walking round, I could see their legs hanging over the edge of the chairs, while Tammy had hers on the ground.


“I need to make sure you can’t move your legs that much either,” I said as I looked at them, and started by crossing their mother’s ankles and taping them together, before I repeated the process on the two girls.  I then taped the legs of Pam and Sam together below their knees, as well as taping their thighs to the chair seat.


For Tammy, I also taped her legs together below her knees, but gathered her skirt around them before I did so, the blue flaring out from under the black band.  I also taped her thighs to the chair seat, before looking at them and saying “there – think you can get free from that?”


The two girls nodded as Tammy looked at the, before I said “now, I also need to make sure, as the robber, you cannot call for help.”


“Are you going to use the black tape for that as well,” Tammy said as she looked at the girls.


“No – I have something else for that,” I said as I looked in my rucksack, and took out three small sponges.  “First step – one of these each in your mouths.  If you breathe through your nose, you’ll be fine, bur first – any of you allergic to sticking plaster?”


“I am,” Pam said, Tammy nodding in agreement.


“Okay – I need to get something for you young lady, but first let me get your mum and sister quiet.” 


Pam watched as I pushed the squashed up sponge into their mouths, and then smoothed a strip of brown sticking plaster down over their lips, sealing the sponge in and making sure it formed to the shape of their jaw and lips. 


“Now, will you be quiet while I go and get something?”


“I will,” Pam said as the other two tried to talk to her, making her giggle with the sounds that came out.  I went into the hallway, and found one of Tammy’s scarves hanging on the coat stand – a large blue silk square, which I quickly rolled into a band and tied a double knot in.


“What’s that for,” Pam said as I came back in.


“Well, this will be like the sponge, and the scarf then gets tied round your head.  Ready?”


She nodded as I eased the silk knot between her teeth, and then tied the blue band around her head, hearing her giggle as I tied the ends at the base of her neck.


“Now, let me put the television on,” I said, “and you can watch while I pretend to have a look round.  Don’t start trying to escape yet – I’ll tell you when you can, all right?”


I left the room after putting something on for them to watch, and soon had a few nice items to deal with.  Coming back down, I could see they hadn’t moved, so I said “Feel free to start trying to escape whenever you want – I’ll be watching...”


It wasn’t a huge haul, but it did make me feel a lot more confident...




The phrase “softly softly catchee monkey” is one from my parent’s youth, true, but despite the rather unfortunate connotations of the phrasing the principle is sound – sometimes you have to take it slow and steady to get the greatest reward.


This particular visit was to the owner of a number of successful Chinese restaurants in the North East of England, the family themselves actually living in a little village called Corbridge on the road between Newcastle and Carlisle.  He had a young wife called Sue, as well as two daughters – thirteen year old Kim and eight year old Po.  I had spent some time investigating him and his home life – while at the same time considering that general area as a possible location for my stag do.  But that isn’t really relevant to this tale.


I decided to visit later on a Saturday afternoon – I knew Po went to a dance class at about that time, and the man of the house would have left for work, allowing me all the time I needed to be about my business.  In fact, I decided this would be a good time to try a slightly different approach, because my research told Sue usually left Kim for an hour or so to do her homework.


I also did a little preparatory work – visiting the chat room, I had discovered that Kim was actually one of the waiters!  IP trackers – a wonderful piece of appware.


So come the Saturday afternoon, I pulled up outside their cottage, nodding as I saw no cars parked outside.  That was consistent – Sue took Po to her dance class, then did the shopping before coming home, so Kim would be alone in the house.  I got out, collected my rucksack, and made my way to the back of the cottage, stopping to slip on my gloves and the stocking mask before I did so.  The back door was locked, but it was an old wooden one, and I soon had it open.


I could hear music playing upstairs, so I went slowly up and peeked in the room it was coming from.  Young Kim was sitting at a desk, with her back to me, obviously doing some sort of homework, her long dark hair covering her neck.  I waited a few minutes, and then walked in, looking at her as she suddenly turned round and looked at me through her large glasses.


She was wearing a grey vest over a lighter grey long sleeved top, a grey skirt in the same material as her vest, dark leggings and black leather biker boots.  She took a minute to look at me, and then broke into a grin as she said “Oh my – I’ve heard about you.  Are you the Games Player?”


“I am,” I said quietly, “and I’ve come to play today with your mum and sister.  I hope that doesn’t upset you too much?”


“Actually, it kinda excites me,” she said quietly, “so are you going to start with me?  I’m not expecting Mum back for another thirty minutes.”


“Have you finished your homework,” I said as I looked at the open book.


“It can wait – after all, you’re the robber,” she said with a smile.


“All right then,” I said as I slipped my rucksack off, “I’m going to make sure you stay in this room first, until your mother gets back.  Once I have her agreement to play this game, I’ll bring you down – it’s up to you whether or not you decide to tell her you know what’s really happening.


Kim nodded as I opened my rucksack and took the first length of rope out.  “Okay then,” I said quietly, “can you put your hands behind your back for me and cross your wrists?”


I watched as Kim stood up, and then turned in front of me, looking over her shoulder as I would the rope around and between her wrists and tied it off.  “I always wondered how that felt,” she said quietly as she moved her fingers.  “It’s different to what I thought.”


“Well, how does this feel,” I said as I passed some rope around her waist, and fixed her wrists against her back, before I passed the rope around her upper body and arms, pulling them into her sides and making sure she could not move them, finishing with short lengths under her arms to tighten them as well.


“Wow – I really can’t move my arms,” Kim said as she sat on the bed, watching as I pulled her ankles together with yet more rope, and cinched that band between her legs.  A second length went around her legs below her knees, the white much clearer against the black.


As she tried to move her legs, the leather squeaking from the boots rubbing against each other, I said “so, I will tell your mother and sister to play along with the game, and once they’re read I’ll bring you down to join them.”


“Will you do one thing for me,” Kim said as she looked at me.


“What’s that?”


“Really make sure I can’t speak – I’m sure you can make it look as if it’s just a cloth over my mouth, but I really want to be quiet.”


“If that is what you want, I can do that,” I said as I opened one of her drawers, and took out one of her handkerchiefs as well as a red ribbon, “open your mouth nice and wide please.”


I pushed the folded hankie in, and used the ribbon as a cleave gag, before I took from my bag a roll of white medical tape.  Kim nodded and smiled as I started to wrap it round her head, trapping her hair safely as I did so, and then I took a white scarf from my rucksack, folded it into a wide band and tied that over the tape, so it looked as if she only had a gag over her mouth.


Helping her to lie down on her side, and removing her glasses for her own safety, I heard a car pull up outside and glanced out of the window.  I could see her mother getting out of the car, and turned back to her to say “nice and quiet now – it won’t take me long to get her to play as well.”


Kim nodded and shifted slightly on the bed as I picked up my rucksack and started to make my way slowly down the stairs.


“Kim?  I’m back,” I heard her call out from the front room, so I stood by the doorway and looked in.  Like her daughter, Sue also had long dark hair that fell to her shoulders, over her grey jumper.  The bottom of a grey and white striped top could be seen under the hem of the jumper, while the legs of her dark jeans were tucked into knee length tan leather boots.


Well, she was the mother, so I took the starting pistol from my jacket pocket, walked in and smiled as I said “Good afternoon Sue – please, no screams or shouts, until you hear what I have to say.”


“Oh my god,” she said as she looked at me, the beads of her necklace jangling as she raised her hands, “where’s Kim?”


“Your daughter is upstairs,” I said quietly as I looked at her, “and she’s already started to play the game.”




“Yes – the game of robbers I told her you and your husband had planned as a surprise for her and your younger daughter today.  Where is Po, by the way?”


“At a friend’s house,” Sue said quietly, “but I did not arrange a game.”


“Of course you did not,” I said politely, “but that is what I told your daughter to keep her calm, and that is what you will tell her when I bring her down here to join you.  IT is important she stays calm, because I am going to rob you, and I am going to stop you and anyone else from raising the alarm – just as I have done with Kim.  Do you understand?”


She slowly nodded as I slipped off my rucksack, and said “good – now I need to make sure you cannot move for a while, but once I have done this, I will bring Kim down to join you.  So please draw the curtains over the window, then sit on that couch, with your back to me, and put your arms by your sides.”


As she did this, I sat behind her and folded her arms behind her back, resting her elbows in the palms of her hands, and used two lengths of ropes to box tie her arms, wrist to elbow, cinching it between the limbs.  I then tied a third length of rope around her forearms to hold them together as well.


Taking a longer length of rope out, I then wrapped it around her upper arms and body, taking the rope above and below her chest, and then tightening that by passing the rope under one arm, pulling it up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.  She grimaced a little as I did this, but eventually said “Well, at least it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable...”


“All right, Sue,” I said as I stood up, “lie down and then roll onto your stomach, and I’ll make sure you can’t move your legs.”


Nodding, she lay along the couch and rolled over, resting her head on a cushion as I crossed and tied her ankles tightly together, the rope rubbing on the leather as I did so.  Binding her legs together just below her knees, and cinching that band between her legs, I then pulled her legs back and secured her ankles to her chest ropes with one last piece of rope.


“There now – for your own safety, don’t move around too much,” I said quietly.  “Before I fetch Kim, you have a chance to tell me where your valuables are, and minimise the mess that can result from me searching.”


“There are jewellery boxes in the wardrobe of our room, and the second drawer,” she said as she tried to move, “you promise you will not hurt us?”


“I promise,” I said as I looked in her handbag, and removed the battery from her mobile phone, before heading out of the room and up the stairs.


Hllmm,” Kim said as I carried her back in, “tssfnnggmsntt?”


“Yes, it is a fun game – are you all right playing like this Kim?”




“No I can’t,” I said as I helped Kim to sit in a large armchair, tucking her legs underneath her before I used a length of rope to secure her ankles to her chest ropes.


“All right Sue – time for you to be quiet,” I said as I took a cloth from my bag and folded it.  “Open your mouth...”


The front door suddenly opened and closed, as I heard a young girl say “Mummy!  Kimmy!  I’m home.”


“Remember it’s a game,” I whispered to both of them as I stood by the door, both of them looking over as it opened and Po came in.  The eight year old had her hair in two pigtails, held by metal rings, and was wearing a sleeveless brown dress.  The skirt of the dress had a lace detail at the hem, while the collar was a brightly embroidered yoke with a butterfly pin at the front.  She was also wearing a pair of knee length brown suede boots with details and cuffs.


“Oh my,” she said as he saw her mother and sister, “what’s happening here?”


“Hello Po,” I said as I closed the door, “you’re just in time to play a game of cops and robbers with your mother and sister.  I’m playing the bad robber, and I need to make sure all three of you cannot stop me looking round.”


“This is a game?”


“That’s right, darling,” Sue said as she looked at her younger daughter, “Daddy and I booked this for today.  Kim only has that cloth over her mouth, right Kim?”


Her older sister nodded and said nothing, as I said “so I need to use some nice soft ropes to make sure you cannot move either Po.  Then I’ll make sure you and Mummy can only make funny noises, like Kim.”


Tsrrlffnn,” Kim said, Po giggling as she said “can you make mummy sound like that now?”


“Yes I can – can you close your eyes for me?”


As she did so, I whispered “open your mouth” to Sue, pushing the cloth in before I wrapped the white tape around her head.


Ucnnpnueesnwpo,” Sue mumbled, the young girl grinning as she saw the band around her mother’s mouth.


“All right, mister nasty robber – where do I go?”


“Where would you like to go?”


Po jumped onto the spare armchair, and said “can I have my hands in front?”


“Only if I can tie them to your legs to stop you from trying to use them.”


“Deal,” she said as she held her arms out, watching as I tied her wrists tightly together, and nodding as I cinched the ropes between her arms to tighten it.  I then tied her upper arms to her body, in the same way as her sister, so that all she could do was move her forearms up and down.


“Now for your legs,” I said as I tied her ankles tightly together side by side, the rope compressing the suede around her legs, and then secured them with another band just below and just above her knees.  Finally, I bent her legs so that the soles of her boots were resting on her feet, and tied her wrists to the rope above her knees.


“Well, I’m not going anywhere,” she said to Sue and Kim, while I found a small cloth and folded it up.


“Time to be quiet – this will soon get damp in your mouth and feel more comfortable, and I’ll do to you what I did to your mum, all right?”


Po nodded as I pushed the cloth into her open mouth, and then smiled as I wrapped the tape round her head, making sure her lips were well covered before I tore the end off and smoothed it down.


Putting the radio on, I then went and searched the house, taking what I could find before I returned and said “the cops will be coming soon – try and get free before they get here.”


All three of them started to wriggle round while I made my escape, and drove off.  I had a country house to look at for a reception...




I’d also been looking around a few venues since that memorable weekend, although in my case it was for a nice, quiet weekend away with my female friends.


If such a thing was possible – but it was while I was visiting one particular spa that I heard one of the workers saying “So is it this weekend you and the girls get to yourselves boss?”


“That’s right – the boys are away, so it’s pamper time for the three of us.”


I looked over at the blonde haired woman as she said this, wearing a white smock and dark trousers.  An idea had arisen in my mind – it was a popular spa, and the prices they charged, I suspected she made a good living from it. 


“Well, I think I have everything I need,” I said as I shook the other woman’s hand, “I’ll be in touch if I decide to book here.”


That night, at home, Steve and I looked up the owner on the web.  Her name was Ulrika Svenson, which would go some way to explain the blonde good looks, and she was married to a local property developer.  She had four kids, two boys and two girls.  So if the men folk were going to be away, that meant thirteen year old Anna and eleven year old Cheyenne would be the other people at home...




It was about eleven on the Saturday morning when I pulled up outside their detached house, and looked around the street.  I still find it amazing how deserted a road can be on a weekend, as I got out, removed my rucksack and locked the car, before I quickly walked up to the side of the house.  I was wearing my usual outfit – tight leggings and a roll neck sweater, with a black leather jacket over it.  I paused to put on my black leather gloves, and then pulled a black balaclava down over my head, so that only my eyes and red lips could be seen.


Why a balaclava this time?  Well, Ulrika had seen me – and I didn’t want to take the risk of her recognising me, even with a stocking over my head.


Anyway, I walked round to the back of the house, and peeked round the corner to see the three of them, their backs to me, through the windows of the conservatory.  The two younger girls were wearing pink dressing gowns, and I could see they both had jeans on underneath, while Ulrika herself was wearing a white dressing gown.


So I went back to the front of the house, and let myself in through the front door, feeling in my jacket pocket for the fake pistol I used for persuasive purposes.  Walking down the hallway, I could hear them laughing, until I was in a position to look into the conservatory where they were all sitting.


There was a leather upholstered bench along a wall, with three foot baths on the floor in front of it, and the youngest of the two girls was sitting with her feet in one, her dark hair platted into a pigtail, and an orange top just visible under her dressing gown.  She was holding a glass of juice, watching as her older sister handed their mother a cup cake.  The older girl had a cup cake in her own hand, while Ulrika sat with her feet in a foot bath and a glass in her hand.


“Thanks for arranging this mum,” the older girl said as she sat down and picked up her own glass.  “Here’s to a great day!”


“Cheers,” Ulrika and her other daughter said as they took a drink, and then bit into their cupcakes.


“Well, I certainly seem to have arrived in time anyway,” I said as I walked in.  Ulrika, Anna and Cheyenne looked at me, mouths open as I stood there.  “So, what I see here is two beauty queens and their minder, enjoying a special day, unaware that a kidnapper has come to hold you all for ransom!”


“I beg your pardon,” Ulrika finally said as she looked at me.


“Oh, didn’t your mother tell you about the rest of today,” I said with a smile.  “She arranged this special surprise for her two little beauty queens, so that you really felt special today.”


“Mum, is she telling the truth,” Cheyenne said as they both looked at her, Ulrika watching as I eased the handle of my fake gun out of my jacket pocket, and then put it away again as she nodded.


“Surprise,” she said as she smiled at both of them.  “Do you want to play along as well?”


“Sounds exciting,” Anna said as she looked at me, “so what’s going to happen?”


“Well,” I said with a smile, “you’re still going to be pampered – I think you’d both love a facial, for example – but it’s going to happen in a slightly different way.”  As I spoke, I saw Ulrika pulling the dressing gown closer round herself, and her bare legs – as a thought occurred to me.  “So, finish your drinks, and your cup cakes, and let your feet have that water massage – we can start after that.”


“IT’s all right, girls,” Ulrika said as she nodded, “let’s play along.  It’ll add a little extra excitement to the day, won’t it?”


I watched as they sat back, and started chatting as if I wasn’t there, while the water bubbled around their feet.  After a while, Ulrika took her feet out, picked up a towel and dried them, before she said “why don’t you girls dry your feet while I have a word with the lady here?”


“Okay mum,” Anna said as she started to dry her own feet, passing a towel to Cheyenne as I took Ulrika out of earshot.


“You’re going to rob us, aren’t you,” she whispered, and as I nodded she said “are you going to hurt us?”


“No – but I do need to make sure you and your daughter’s can’t raise the alarm.”  Looking at her, I said “Are you...”


“Yes,” she said as she drew the gown around herself, “so at least allow me the chance to get dressed.”


“First, I want to make sure your daughters stay somewhere for a while,” I said as I looked at them  Was a facial on the schedule?”


“Yes – why?”


“I’ll show you,” I said as we went back in.  “So, the two beauty queens are going to have a very special facial while the bad kidnapper talks to their mother.  Your feet dried?”


They both nodded as I said “good – now, why don’t you take a seat in the loungers there?  Your mother is going to prepare and put the masks on, but the bad kidnapper is going to make sure you stay on the loungers?”


“How,” Cheyenne said as she looked at me.


“With the help of this,” I said as I took my rucksack off, and took out a roll of black electrical tape.  “Sit down, lie back and make yourselves comfortable.”


As Ulrika prepared the paste for the masks, I waited until the two girls had settled down, and then put their arms on the rests, using the tape to secure their wrists and elbows to the chair.  I then crossed their ankles and taped them together, as well as their legs below their knees, the tape band visible under the hem of their dressing gowns.


“Now then,” I said as Ulrika smoothed the paste onto their faces, “I will out the radio on while you both lie there, and let that mask do all the wonderful cleansing it should do.  We’re also going to put some cucumber slices over your eyes, so you need to close them and make sure you stay still so that they remain there.”


“What about Mum?”


“Oh she’ll also have a mask later,” I said with a smile, “but the bad kidnapper needs to talk to her first, all right?”


The two girls nodded as the green paste covered their faces, and then Ulrika sliced some cucumber, handing me the knife afterwards before she placed thin slices over their closed eyes.  It was Maroon 5 who had a song playing on the radio, as I escorted Ulrika out of the room, and up to her bedroom.


“So what are you going to do,” she said as she removed her gown, and put on some underwear, followed by a pair of black cycling shorts.


“As I said, I am here to rob you,” I said quietly, “and yes, you will all be tied up and gagged.  For now, however, I will settle for making the girls feel comfortable, so finish dressing, and then you can show me where you keep your valuables and money.  That way, no mess when they discover what really happened.”


Nodding, Ulrika out on a red swimsuit over the black shorts, and then a v-necked black top over that.  We then went round the room, me holding a bag as she placed her jewels and money inside.  I let her keep things like her wedding and engagement rings – I’m not totally hard hearted, after all.




“Downstairs in the office.”


“After you,” I said as we went down to the office, and she opened the safe, before I said “all right – leave that open for the moment, and we’ll go back and get your daughters cleaned up.”


Nodding, Ulrika and I walked back in, entering as she said “Time to take the masks off.  Sit up, and then go to the bathroom downstairs and wash it off.”


“Leave the door open so that your mother can see you have taken everything off,” I said as we all walked through, me and Ulrika watching as they washed the face masks off and then dried themselves.


“Now, the time has come for the wicked kidnapper to take the young beauty queens hostage,” I said quietly, “but at the same time, she’s going to do something to make it different.  Why don’t we go into the living room?”


The girls nodded as they went in, and then took off their dressing gowns.


“Now then, the nasty kidnapper is going to make sure you and your mother cannot move for a little while,” I said as I took my rucksack off, “or call out for help, but I promise it won’t hurt.  I want both of you to sit on the floor, with your hands on your head, while I make sure mum cannot move her arms or hands, all right?”


They both nodded and sat down as I took some rope out and guided Ulrika’s wrists behind her back, crossing them and lashing them together as Cheyenne said “Why are you doing that?”


“I need to make sure mum, and then you, cannot move much.”  As I then wrapped some rope around their mother’s waist, I said “but by doing this, the nasty kidnapper will get a chance to paint your finger and toe nails as well!”


“How,” Anna asked as I took more rope, and tied her mother’s arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest.


“I’ll show you once I have you both nice and secure.  First, Mum is going to sit on the long couch, and watch while you two link arms, and try to put your hands in front of yourselves.”  Ulrika sat and watched as they managed to do this, and I used to lengths of cord to tie their wrists together in front of their tummies.


I then used more rope to tie their arms together on both sides, as well as their upper bodies around their stomachs, before using shorter lengths of rope to tie their ankles together side by side, and then their legs below their knees.


“We really can’t move now,” Anna said as I bent their legs, and tied a length of rope from their wrists to their knees, before I looked at Ulrika.


“Your turn now,” I said as I tied her ankles together side by side, and then secured her legs below her knees, before I helped her to roll over and pulled her ankles back, tying them to her chest with a last length of rope.


“Now then,” I said as I looked round, and then picked up a bottle of red nail varnish, “I did promise, didn’t I?”


And so began the strangest half hour of all, as I painted the nails of both girls, as well as their mother, while they talked as if this was the most normal thing in the world.  Once I had finished, however, I said “it’s time or make sure you all stay quiet, while the nail varnish dries.  I want you all to close your eyes open your mouths, all right?”


As the girls did this, I pushed a folded scarf into Ulrika’s mouth and then wrapped white micropore tape around her head to seal her lips.  As for the girls, they both got a folded handkerchief and a long, wide strip of the tape pressed down over their lips, the shape visible on all three of them as I then put a gel eye mask from the pamper room on each of them.


“Okay – now stay where you are,” I said quietly as I made my exit, and got back to the car.  As I drove off, I wondered how the girls would feel about a Hostage Hen party...




As you will know from past entries, it’s not uncommon for me to come across the people employed by the families I visit, as well as their children, and when that happens I always want to make sure they feel part of the game as well.  When I was in the states recently, I had time to research a friend of one of the clients I was dealing with – he worked in the same office, but my client told me his wife was a successful home-based entrepreneur, and between them they earned enough to at least employ a daytime housekeeper.


I managed to get access to his file on their system one day and looked them up – nice house out of town, his wife a larger woman with blonde hair, like their eleven year old daughter.  Looking through local records also told me of their housekeeper – and a couple of days of discrete surveillance told me of her.  She was in her early forties, with a ten year old daughter.


So come the Friday, I decided as I had a day off to prepare for a little home visit.  I arrived outside the house at about two, in time to see the housekeeper arrive in her car.


She had greying brown hair, cut in a bob, and wore black rimmed glasses as she got out of the car.  Her grey jacket covered a dark grey top and brown jumper, while she had ankle boots on under her grey trousers.


Her daughter was also with her, a pink paisley print coat over a light blue dress with a floral pattern, dark blue leggings and long black Ugg style boots.  She also had short pink gloves on as she took her mother’s hand and went into the house.


I allowed them a few moments to settle down, before coming up to the house and trying the front door for myself.  As it opened, I pulled the stocking down over my head, and made my way in, closing the door behind me as I listened for any clues as to where they may be.


The main sounds were coming from the kitchen, so I made my way down and looked inside.  The housekeeper was working at the side, preparing some vegetables while her daughter sat at the table, working in an exercise book.


“Emma,” she said without looking round as I walked in, “make sure you finish that assignment as quickly as you can.”






She turned round to see me standing behind her daughter’s chair, my gloved hand over her mouth as I said “Good afternoon – sorry I didn’t ring the doorbell, but that would have spoilt the surprise of the game starting.”


“The... Game?”


“That’s right – the one your employer arranged for her and her daughter to play today.  Don’t tell me she didn’t tell you you were going to play as well?”


I looked at the older woman, now seeing it was a woollen waistcoat she had over her jumper, before she nodded and said “well, she didn’t tell me, but she does like to organise surprise games.  Emma, we’re going to play a game with this man, all right?”


“Good – now, this is a game of robbers, which is why I surprised you this way Emma.  If you promise to be really quiet, I’ll take my hand away, all right?”


I felt her nod as I took my hand away, and she said “so how do we play?”


“Well, I’m going to have to pretend to be a bad man who’s come to rob this house, so you and your mother are going to be tied to these chairs, and I’ll make sure you can’t tell the others of the surprise.  It won’t hurt, but you won’t be able to move or talk for a little while, all right?”


“Just do as he says, Emma,” her mother whispered as I put my rucksack behind the chair, opening it to take some rope out.  “While your mother finishes what she’s doing, Emma, I want you to put your hands on your head and let me tie your waist to the chair – then you can finish your assignment for school.”


The young girl put her hands on her head while I tied her waist to the chair back, winding it around her body and the wood, and then tied her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees.  Pushing her chair back in, I sat on the other side and watched them both at work, until Emma said “finished.”


“Good – and how is mummy doing?”


“I need to put this in the oven,” she said as she put the lid on a casserole pot.



“Put it on low, let it braise slowly,” I said as she opened the oven door, and I fed Emma’s hands through the slats in the chair back, before I crossed and started to tie her wrists together.  Once I had them tied down to the chair back, I stood up and said “Mummy’s going to come and sit next to you now, while I make sure she can’t get out of the chair either.”


“It’s not too bad mummy,” Emma said as she wriggled round, while her mother sat in the chair next to her, allowing me to guide her arms round the chair before I bound her wrists together, and then tied them to the centre spar of the chair back.


“We’ll keep each other company in here, eh Emma,” she said as I wound some rope around her waist to tie her to the chair there as well, and then used length of cord to tie her ankles, and her legs below her knees, to the front legs of the chair.


“There now,” I said as I stood up, “but I need to keep you both nice and quiet as well, so I’m going to tie a scarf into your mouths.”  From my rucksack, I took out  a large black silk square I had bought, rolled it in to a band and tied it into a knot, before easing the knot into Emma’s mother’s mouth and tying the band tightly around her head, making sure they were secured at the base of her neck.


“Your turn now Emma,” I said a is rolled a smaller blue square into a band, tied the knot and then cleave gagged the young girl, both of them looking at each other before I pulled their chairs back to back, and used a last length of rope to secure the chairs together, encasing their upper bodies as I did so with the rope around Emma’s upper arms, and under her mother’s chest.


Leaving them with the radio on in the kitchen, I started to search through the downstairs rooms, stopping a short while later when I heard the front door open and close.


I looked out of the door as the lady of the house came in, wearing a fawn coloured type of cardigan which acted as a shawl or poncho as well over a long sleeved black top, faded jeans and knee length black leather boots.


The nine year old girl with her had on a pink top with white sleeves, jeans and white trainers, both of them talking to each other as they went into the front room – where I had not been yet.


So I allowed them a few minutes, before the mother came out and said “Mrs Johnson?  Are you in the kitchen?”


I followed her down the hallway, taking advantage of the fact she was looking at the housekeeper and Emma bound and gagged to handgag her myself, and say “Not a word dear lady – they started the game you booked me to play while you were out, and now it’s your turn.  Understand?”


She nodded slowly as Emma said “Tsgrtffnnwlssntmsknfrrfng.”


Mrs Johnson nodded as well as she said very quietly “All right – what do you want me to do?”


“Hands behind your back – slowly please – and I’ll start the game for you, before we go and get your daughter started as well,” I said as I took some cord from my pocket, crossed her wrists behind her and then tied them tightly together, taking the cord around and between her arms.


“You both enjoy the game in here – we’ll see each other soon,” she said as I turned her round, and whispered in her ear “You need to convince your daughter this is just a game as well, understand?”


She nodded as I walked her back to the front room, where her daughter was watching the television.


“Mum – who’s the man with the funny face?”


“He’s come to play a game of robbery with us,” she said as I stood behind her, “so I want you to be a brave girl and play along with me, all right?”


“Are we going to be together?”


“I guarantee it,” I said with a smile, “so I want you to stay where you are for now, while I make sure mummy is nice and comfortable on here, all right?”


As she nodded and kept watching the television, I sat her mother down and then took my rucksack off, opening it to take a long length of rope out before I tied her arms to her side, the ropes going above and below her chest and then, once I had that tied off, using shorter lengths to cinch them under her arms.


“I need to make sure you can’t run off now, so keep watching the television,” I said to the young girl as I crossed and tied her ankles tightly together, and then secured her legs below her knees, making sure I cinched both bands between her legs.  Satisfied, I watched as she looked back and moved her legs up and down, before I bound her mother’s legs, the rope squeaking on the leather as they were secured together.


“Right, young lady,” I then said as I knelt next to her, “I want you to let me help you kneel for a few minutes, while I make sure like your mum you can’t move your arms, and then I’ll lie you down with your head on her lap.  All right?”


She nodded as I helped her to her knees, and then tied her wrists together behind her back as well, and tied her arms to her side, before I helped her to lie on the couch with her head on her mother’s lap.


“There now – mummy is going to tell me the combination to any safe upstairs, because she wants you both to be safe, isn’t that right mummy?”


The older woman nodded as she told me what I needed, before I said “now, the bad robber has to keep both of you quiet while he goes upstairs.”  Taking two sponge balls from my bag, I pressed them in my gloved hands and said “This will stop the sound, and some special tape I have stops your lips moving.  Both of you, open wide please.”


I smiled as they both allowed me to push the sponges in, and then tape their lips over with white micropore tape, before turning the television up and leaving them alone.  I soon had the safe emptied, and checked they were all secured before I told them they could try to escape now, and I made my getaway...







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