Mother and Daughter Moments 26







It had been a while since I had visited a house with a live-in nanny, but the reports I had heard of this particular family and their wealth were just too much of a temptation to ignore.  Of course, I did my research first – Rebecca McCourt, wife of a very successful lawyer, with one ten year old daughter Caitlin.  The nanny was called Gail, and she was a single mother, with an eleven year old daughter called Mercy.


I also knew the husband was away for the weekend, preparing for a long trial, so my intention was to visit while only the nanny and her daughter were at home, make sure they played the game, and then do my search and leave before Rebecca and Caitlin returned from an afternoon theatre trip.  So I drove up to the front door of the house – they routinely left the gates open if they were out – and made sure I had my gloves and stocking mask on before I grabbed my bag and made my way around the side.


As I entered the kitchen, I could see Gail with her back to the door, doing something at a work area.  She had long brown hair, and was wearing a loose fitting blue blouse the edge of a white t-shirt visible under the hem, dark trousers and knee length straight black leather boots over the lower legs.  I closed the door as quietly as I could, and walked over, taking my starting pistol out of my jacket pocket as I did so.


“Hello,” I said quietly, Gail turning suddenly and then staring at me as I pointed the pistol at her, “please, don’t scream, or make any sudden movements.  Do as I say, and you and your daughter are going to have a fun time.”


“Oh god – who are you?  I don’t have anything valuable...”


“I know you do not,” I said with a smile, “but your employer does, so you and Marcy are going to play a game of Robbers with me, and I’m going to make sure you’re both safe while I have a look round.  So, do as I say, and we won’t scare your daughter, all right?”


As she slowly nodded, we both heard footsteps, so I put the gun away and say “tell her this is a game you’re both going to play” as I stood behind her.  Mercy then came in, wearing a blue t-shirt with a white dove and a rainbow on the front, along with the message “Free to Live Free to Love Peace” on it, aqua blue jogging pants and white socks.


“Hey Mum, can I have a...” She then looked at me and said “mum?”


“Mercy,” Gail said quietly, “we’re going to play a game of Robbers together, with the help of this man.  He’s pretending to be a bad man who has come to steal Mrs McCourt’s valuables, but he’s not really going to.  It’ll be a big surprise for them as well when they get back from the theatre won’t it?”


“Yes it will,” I said quietly, “so will you play along as well?”


“How do we play?”


“Well,” I said with a smile, “why don’t you ask your mum what you came in to ask, and then she can show me where you both live.  Then we can play there.”


“Well – can I have a drink Mum?”


Gail nodded as she poured Mercy a drink of milk in a glass, and then we made our way up to the second floor, Mercy’s light blonde hair blowing in the breeze from the windows as we went in.


“Nice flat,” I said quietly, “now, you sit down and have your drink, Mercy, and I’ll show you what I’m going to do on your Mum first.”  I waited until she was sitting, watching as I said “all right Mum – can you cross your wrists behind your back please?”


As Gail did so, I put my rucksack down and drew out a length of cord, quickly making sure her wrists were firmly tied together, and then said “come and have a look Mercy – what do you think?”


“Cool,” she said as she came round and looked, “does it hurt Mum?”


“No – but finish your drink before he does this to you,” Gail said, Mercy nodding as I took more rope out, and made sure her arms were held securely to her sides, the rope going above and below her chest, as well as between her arms and her body.


“It feels just like when I give you a hug,” Gail said to Mercy as she turned round, and then sat on the couch as I took more rope out from my bag.  “Your turn now Mercy,” I said with a smile, “ready?”


She nodded as I crossed her wrists and tied them together, and then tied some rope around her body and arms as well, so that her arms were held firmly in place as well.  “You’re right Mum – it’s just like you giving me a hug,” she said as she sat on the couch and pushed herself back, smiling as Gail rubbed her head with her cheek.


“Now, the robber has to make sure you and your Mummy cannot get off the couch and walk round,” I said as I took more rope from the bag, “so I want you both to cross your ankles.”


As I started to tie Mercy’s ankles together, I saw her rub her head on Gail’s chest, the blouse open to reveal her t-shirt.  Her mum smiled and talked to her while I took the rope around and between her ankles, and then repeated with a second band around her legs below her knees.


“Your turn now Mum,” she said with a giggle as she lifted her legs up and down, her ankles hanging over the edge of the seat as  I tied her mother’s legs together.  I then stood up, and said “what would you like to watch Mercy?”




“All right then,” I said as I turned on the television and found the Disney Channel.  “Now, the bad robber has to make sure you and your Mum cannot call for help, so I’m going to put something over your mouth to stop you talking for a while.  It won’t hurt, so just copy your mum, all right?”


“All right,” Mercy said as I took my roll of white medical tape put, tore off a strip, and then pressed it firmly over her lips with my gloved hands.  I did the same to Gail, and then helped Mercy to lie with her head on her mother’s lap while I went to search the house.


Well, it didn’t take me long to make my journey worthwhile, as I found lots of jewellery and other items – but it did mean I spent longer than I planned there.  When I went back, Mercy was asleep, so I checked the ropes, before saying “I’ll make sure someone comes soon if your employer doesn’t” to Gail.  As she nodded, she said “Fnnkkuu,” and then watched as I left the room.


Smiling, I made my way down the stairs – and ran into ten year old Caitlin McCourt.  She had chestnut brown hair styled in waves, and was wearing a fawn coloured heavy coat with a bow on the right side.  The edge of a black skirt came out from under the coat, while she was also wearing dark blue tights, black leather and fabric short boots, and black leather gloves.


“Oh my,” she said as she looked at me, with my bag and my mask, “are you a robber?”


“Yes I am,” I said quietly, “where’s your mother?”


“Just closing the garage door...”


“Right,” I said as I turned her to face the door, and put my own gloved hand over her mouth, “just treat this as a game, and you’ll be just fine, all right?”  As Caitlin said “yssmstrrbbr” under my hand, I saw the door open and Rebecca McCourt come in.  She was wearing a longer version of the same coat as Caitlin, and I could see the dark tights between the hem of her coat and the over the knee black leather boots.


“Caitlin, who are you...”  She stopped as she saw me holding and hand gagging her daughter, as I said “Hello Rebecca – now, so long as you and your daughter do what I say, everything will be fine.  I had hoped to have left, but...”


“Where...  where is my nanny?”


“Playing the game with her daughter you are going to play with yours,” I said quietly, “which means I have to make sure you both stay in the same room, and can’t raise the alarm for a little while.  So, leave your bag on the floor there, and slowly take your coat off, then hang in on the stand.”


“Tsslrlttmmntscrd” Caitlin said as Rebecca slipped her coat off, revealing a black jumper and leather skirt.


“Keep your gloves on,” I said as I removed my hand.  “Take your coat off, Caitlin, and hand it to your mother.”  As Caitlin revealed a black short dress, I said “keep your gloves on as well – then both of you, walk into the front room.”  I kept my hand on the young girl’s shoulder as we went through, and Rebecca turned the light on.


“Okay – your mum is going to lie face down on the couch while I make sure you cannot move, Caitlin, and then I’ll do the same to her, all right?”  As Rebecca lay down, I took rope out of my bag, and crossed the young girl’s wrists behind her back, tying them tightly together.


“Did you do this to Mercy,” she asked as I tied the ropes off, and then began to bind her arms to her body.


“I did, yes,” I said as I tied the ropes off.  “Now, go and sit in that chair for me.”  As she walked over and pushed herself back onto the chair, I took more ropes, waited until she was comfortable before I crossed her ankles, and then tied her ankles and legs together.


“Are you comfortable,” Rebecca asked as I tied the last rope off, and then patted her daughter’s head before I walked over to her.  I then bound her mother’s wrists together behind her back, crossed and tied her ankles together, and then secured her legs below her knees.


“Roll over,” I said quietly, and as she did so I helped her to sit up, and tied her arms to her sides.


“Now you’re just like me mummy,” Mercy said as I helped Rebecca to lie back down again, and then rested her head on the arm of the couch.  From there, I taped their mouths, and then left them with the television on, collecting my bag and making my own way out...




So do we have any new members in the discussion today?


Hello – my name is Omera, and I’m eleven years old.  Is it all right if I share my story?


Of course it is Omera – can I take it from your choice of user name you are a Muslim?


That is correct – I heard of this place from a school friend.  Is it true everyone here has met this – Games Player at some time?


Most of us – the rest would love to meet him or her.  So which group do you fall in Omera?


I met the female Games Player – along with my mother, aunt and cousin.  May I tell my story?


Of course you may Omera – tell us how it started?


Well, my father runs some jewellery stores in the city we live in, so we live well.  On the day this happened, we were expecting my Aunt Lanika and nine year old cousin Ubah to join us for dinner.  We are a traditional family, so my mother, whose name is Ghadah, always wears a hijab.


Is that the headscarf?  Do you wear it as well?


Sometimes, but not this day.  I was wearing a long sleeved white top, with a black band at the neck and a thin black belt, a black skirt that comes to my knees, white tights and black shoes.  My mother was wearing a long sleeved white blouse as well, with a black hijab tied around her head and neck, and a long black skirt that covered her legs.

Anyway, we were at home, and I was in my room, completing my homework while my mother was downstairs preparing the meal for when my aunt and cousin arrived.  I really wanted to get it done in plenty of time, but I realised I wanted to get a drink, so I made my way down to the kitchen to pour myself some water.

I poured the water into a glass, but as I walked out I could hear my mother talking to someone.  So I went into the front room – and that was when I saw her.


The Games Player?


Yes – she was a little taller than my mother, and was wearing a brown leather jacket over a roll neck sweater, brown leggings and knee length boots.  She also had leather gloves on, but I also remember the stocking she had pulled down over her head, and tucked under the neck of her jumper.  She looked at me, smiled and said “you must be Omera.  Your mother was just telling me that you were doing your homework – all finished?”

I said no, that I still had some time to do, but my mother said that it could wait, and I should come and sit with her.  She wanted to introduce the other lady, and tell me what was going to happen.  So I sat down, and Mother said that she and Father had arranged that the lady would come today to play a special game with both of us.  She was pretending to be a robber, and we were going to play along and be the family she was robbing.

I watched the masked lady as she smiled, and said that the game would mean I would not be able to move or talk for a while, as if she was a real robber, but it was just a game and Mother would be playing as well.  I had been a little scared at first when I saw her, but she had a nice quiet voice, and when my mother hugged me and said it would be fun, I said I would play as well.


So what did she do first?


She opened a bag she had, and took out two lengths of cord.  Handing one to me, she said to take it in my hands and tell me if I was afraid of it.  Well, it felt soft to me, and I said it did not scare me.  Then she stood up, and told Mother to put her hands behind her back.

I watched as she took the second length of cord, walked to where Mother had turned to look at me, and did something behind her.  When she had finished, Mother turned round and showed me how the woman had crossed her wrists, and used the cord to keep them held together.  She turned back round, looked at me and assured me it did not hurt, before the lady told me to put my hands behind my back as well.

I could feel her take the cord from my hands, and then wrap it round my wrists as well – and Mother was right.  It did not hurt, but it felt strange to know I could not being my hands back round again for a while.  When she had finished, Mother and I talked about how it felt while she went back to her bag, and took out a much longer length of cord.

She doubled that over, and then as my mother watched she used it to keep my arms against my sides, taking it in two bands around my stomach and my shoulders, and with each pass it felt more and more as if I was getting big hug.  I have to say, it felt very nice, even though I could not move my arms after she had tied the ropes off.


It is a very nice feeling isn’t it?  What did your mother say when she was watching?


She told me the lady would do the same to her in a few minutes – and she did as well, the ropes almost framing my mother’s chest as she tied them.  She got a tighter hug I think, because the masked Player also took the ropes under one arm, around her neck and under the other arm.

The lady then said as she was going to use some of the ropes to keep my legs together, when the front door bell rang.  She looked at me, and said I would need to keep quiet so that whoever was there got a surprise, and then she took a roll of white tape from her bag, tore a strip off, and pressed it gently over my mouth.

I watched her and Mother leave the room, and heard conversations in the corridor – then the door opened and Mother came back in, with the Player, Aunt Lanika and my cousin Ubah. I could see that Aunt Lanika and Ubah had their hands behind their backs, and as Ubah sat on the seat next to me I could see her wrists were tied like mine.


What were your aunt and cousin wearing?


Aunt Lanika had on a long crimson dress, with a high patterned collar, and I could see the toes of black ankle boots under the hem.  She also had a black hijab on, the edges tucked under the collar of her dress.  As for Ubah, she was wearing a crimson dress as well, but her one had a little spotted bow on the front and spotted cuffs, and a skirt that came down to her knees.  She also had on black tights, and a pair of shoes like mine.

She told me the masked lady had explained how this was a game Mother and I were playing, and that she had persuaded Aunt Lanika and her to play along as well.  I nodded and tried to say “that’s good” but it came out as “thsgfddd.”

Aunt Lanika asked if I was all right, and I nodded as I watched the Player use some more of the cord to tie her arms to her sides in the same way as Mummy.  She then knelt down and used more cord to tie her ankles together, both Ubah and me watching as she took the rope around and between her ankles.  There was one more length of cord, which she used to tie my aunt’s legs together, and made her skirt rise up so we could see the band around her ankles.


What was your mother doing?


She was standing and watching, promising both me and Ubah that we would both get a drink later on.  Anyway when she had tied Aunt Lanika’s legs, she took four more lengths of cord from her bag, and knelt in front of both of us.  I watched as she tied my ankles together, the rope tightening as it went around and between my legs, and then tied my legs together below my knees.  She then did the same to Ubah – but as she tied her legs together, my cousin pointed out she was not like me.

I guess she wanted to feel as if she was getting a big hug as well, so the Player took another rope and tied it round her arms and body in the same way she had done to me.  That made her smile, as Aunt Lanika told her she was a very good girl for playing along so well.

The Player then tore off a strip of the white tape – which I had to admit, was keeping me quiet as well as feeling nice – and pressed it over Aunt Lanika’s mouth, then a strip over Ubah’s.  She looked at me and said “tslslkebghg,” and I nodded in agreement as she turned the radio on, so that we could hear the music.

She then said my mother was going to walk round the house with her, so that she could pretend to steal things, but when she came back we could both have a drink.  We both nodded and tried to talk to each other, Aunt Lanika joining as they left the room.


So you did not have the television or a film on?


No – we are not allowed that until the evening, but Aunt Lanika kept us company, and the music was nice.  We could hear my mother and the Player moving about upstairs, and then their footsteps before they came in.  The door opened, and my mother walked in, the Player following with four glasses of water, a straw in each one.

She put that on the low table by the couch Ubah and I were sitting on, and sat down as she peeled the tape away from our mouths, and held two of the glasses so that we could both have a drink.  When she was finished, Ubah asked if she could sit on her mother’s lap.

The Player looked at Aunt Lanika, who nodded, so she said if Ubah would wait until her mother had had some water, she would take care of that.  Walking over, she took the tape from my aunt’s mouth and let her have a drink, before carrying Ubah over and sitting her on Aunt Lanika’s lap.  While she did this, my mother came and sat next to me.

The masked lady then came over, and let my mother have a drink, before she said part of the game now meant we had to be really quiet.  I looked at Mother, who nodded and said it would be all right.


So how did she do that?


She first took two more lengths of cord, and tied my mother’s ankles and legs in the same way as Aunt Lanika.  Then she took four pieces of cloth, folded them and put one in each of our mouths.  It was a strange thing – it did not taste too bad on my tongue, but it filled my mouth and kept my tongue pressed down.  She then tore off fresh strips of the white tape, and pressed them over our mouths.  As she did it to Mother, I could see the shape of her lips under the tape, as she smiled, leaned over and kissed my forehead.

I felt really good after that – I was being hugged, and we were all playing what was turning out to be a really good game.  So I put my head against my mother, and watched as Ubah snuggled into Aunt Lanika.

The masked woman then said she was going to wait outside for a while, but soon someone would come and rescue us.  We all nodded as she went out, and I noticed Aunt Lanika try to get free.  The ropes were pressing her dress against her, and Ubah mumbled something, so she stopped and we just listened to the music.


So who came to the rescue?


My father – he came in a couple of hours later, looked at us, and immediately took the tape from my mother’s mouth and pulled the wet cloth out.  That was when she said it had been a real robbery, but she had pretended it was a game so we would not be scared.

The police came and talked to us, and Aunt Lanika and Ubah stayed until late, but I have to say – even if it was a real robbery, my mother and I really enjoyed it.


We can all understand that – so have you played since?


Yes – last week my father tied my mother and I on our beds, wearing our hijabs with jumpers, jeans and boots, with scarves in our mouths and tied round our heads, then left us alone for a couple of hours.  It was great fun...




This was one of those occasions when I stumbled across a situation that both helped me out, and – well, you decide as I go through this.


The family in question were the Harper family – an American couple, George and Mildred, and their nine year old daughter Martha.  George Harper was a senior trader on the London Stock Exchange, while Mildred was the typical all American Mom – I first saw them at some pictures from a company dinner a friend attended, but the jewellery on Mildred had been enough to show me they were worth a visit.  As for Martha, she attended a local American Community School – and as it was later in May, I knew that she had finished for the year, and would be at home the afternoon I had planned to call.


For this occasion, I had decided that I would take the smart approach – a dark grey suit, white shirt, blue tie and black shoes, but I also had in my bag a pair of black leather gloves and the stocking mask, alongside the usual supplies.  So when I drove up to the front door of their detached house, I looked as if I was another salesman coming on a visit.


That is, until I checked nobody was looking, slipped on the gloves and collected my bag, and walked up to the covered porch.  I took a few moments to pull the stocking down over my head, tucking it under my shirt collar, and then rang the doorbell.


A few minutes later, the door was opened by Mildred Harper.  The American woman had silver blonde hair that fell down her head and over the shoulders of her tight grey top.  How tight?  It literally hugged her chest, and I could almost see her bra underneath, with the sleeves down to her elbows.  She wore over that a small yellow and white striped waistcoat – although calling it a waistcoat is a bit large, given it sat either side of her chest.  She was also wearing a pair of blue drainpipe cotton trousers.


“Yes, can I...”  She stared at me for a moment, before backing up as I came in, and standing against the wall as I put my hand over her mouth.  “Hello Mildred,” I said quietly as I looked at her, “now, are you going to try and raise the alarm, or scream – after all, you don’t want to scare Martha, do you?”


She looked at me, eyes wide open, and slowly shook her head from side to side as I said “Good – I’m going to take my hand away, and I want you to turn round, and slowly put your hands behind your back, understand?”


As she nodded again, I removed my hand and opened my bag, taking from the top a length of rope as she said “Oh no – please, you can take my valuables, but...”


“I need to,” I said quietly, “and Martha will also be secured.”  I saw something in her face then, but I said “I know it can be frightening, but if you do as I say you will not be hurt.”


“And that is?”


“You need to convince Martha this is all a game, and I’m only pretending to rob you.  Now, turn round, and put your hands behind your back.”  As she did so, I doubled the rope over, before crossing her wrists in the small of her back and making sure they were secured tightly together.  She wriggled her fingers, but did not try to stop me as the rope went around and between her arms.


“Now then,” I said as I tied the ends together, “where is Martha?”


“She’s in the front room,” Mildred said as she looked over her shoulder.


“All right – now remember, you need to convince her this is a game.”


“Can I do this my own way?”


I nodded as I picked up my bag, and we walked into the front room – where Martha looked up from where she was sitting on the floor and said “whsthsssmm?”


The reason it sounded like that was the scarf which had been rolled up and used as a cleave gag on the nine year old.  It squares of red and white stripes, a blue square and a single white star, and was tied round her head, her long brown hair trapped underneath and falling over it as her teeth bit down on it.


It was obvious now I had interrupted something – Martha was wearing a long sleeved top with white, dark grey and light grey horizontal stripes, a pair of grey leggings and a grey ballet tutu – but her wrists were tied behind her back with white rope, and her ankles were tied together with more of the same rope.  Some other lengths were on the floor.


“Martha,” Mildred said as she looked up, “this man has come to make this game even better, by letting me play as well.  It seems the evil stepmother who was planning to hold her stepdaughter hostage is going to be kidnapped herself.”


“Thstsgdd,” Martha said as she looked at me.  “Urrthekednppr?”


“That’s right,” I said quietly, “and as you can see I already have your mother’s wrists tied behind her back.  So I’m going to make sure she really cannot use her arms or get free – want to watch?”


As she nodded, I put my bag on the couch and opened it, taking out a longer length of rope and using it to secure Mildred’s arms to the side of her body.  The rope went above and below her chest, before I passed it under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and back under the other arm.


“You fiend,” she said as I tied the ropes off, and smiled at her daughter, “why are you doing this?”


“Oh I have my reasons,” I said as I winked at Martha.  “Now sit down facing your daughter.”  As she sat down, resting against the couch, I looked at Martha and said “do you want to be the same as your mom?”


“Yspplsss,” she said as she nodded, so I took some more rope from my bag, and knelt behind her, listening to her giggles as I tied her arms to her sides in the same way.


“I also want to tie your wrists in the same way as your mom,” I said as I tied the chest ropes off, “is that all right?”


“It doesn’t hurt,” Mildred said as Martha nodded, so I pulled the rope around her wrists tighter, cinched the binding between her arms, and tied the ends off out of reach of her fingers.


“Tsslkehgg,” Martha said as she twisted round.


“Yes it is,” Mildred said as I took some more rope from my bag, and knelt in front of her, crossing and tying her ankles tightly together as well.  “Now I’m not going to be able to run away,” she said as Martha nodded, and then watched as I tied her mother’s legs together below her knees, taking the rope between her legs as well.


“So, do you think your mom can run away now?”


Martha shook her head, and then looked at her own legs.  I smiled and took another length of rope, tying her legs together below her knees, and then re-tying her ankles in the same way as her mother.


“So what happens now,” Mildred said as I stood up and walked back to the bed.


“Well, I’m going to keep you two quiet,” I said as I took from the bag a long blue silk rectangle, “and then prepare to take you to where I’m going to keep you both until the ransom is paid.”  I then held the scarf in front of her mouth, and waited as she opened her mouth and I ted the band tightly round her head, passing it round twice before I tied the ends off.


“Would you like a drink before I go and get things ready,” I said as I looked at Martha, who nodded as her mother looked on.  So I stood up, went to the kitchen, and came back with a fruit juice, the straw in the top of the box.


Easing the scarf from her mouth, I let her have a drink before she said “this is really tight mister kidnapper.  Mom and I may not get out of this.”


“Well, remember it’s just a game,” I said as I brushed the hair from her eyes, “so for this next part, I need your mom and you to stay where you are – but I’ll put the television on.  Right – ready to be mumbling again?”


Martha nodded and opened her mouth as I replaced the cleave gag, but made sure it was tight and snug as Mildred smiled, her lips over her own gag.  I smiled as I turned the television on, took my bag and went to find the valuables.


A little while later, I came back down, to see them both watching the television.  “Time to go to my lair,” I said quietly, “but before I do so, I really want to make sure you both stay nice and quiet.”


“Hwwludtht,” Mildred said, and then she saw the roll of white medical tape in my hand.  I pulled the end free, and then wrapped it round her head, covering the cleave gag as well as her lips.


“Ulkkfneee,” Martha said as I came over and added the extra layer to her gag.  Mildred tried to move her lips under the tape band and said “dduu.”  She then watched as I picked Martha up, and carried her out of the room.


A few minutes later, I came back and lifted her up, carrying her up the stairs and into her bedroom.  Martha was lying on her side on the bed, her ankles pulled back and tied to the chest ropes at her back.


“Tssfnfmmmcntmf” she said as I laid Mildred on her side, facing her daughter as I pulled her ankles back and tied them to her chest ropes as well.  “I’ll go and send the ransom demand now,” I said as I looked at them both, “you stay here until your pop comes to find you.”


They both nodded as I left the room, both of them trying to talk to each other...




One of the joys, or pains, of living in the middle of a town or city is that you need somewhere to go for some fresh air.  For Chloe Bennett, who ran a number of hairdressing salons in this town, which meant every Sunday afternoon she would take her seven year old daughter Nancy to the local park, to walk and feed the ducks on the pond.  A perfectly normal thing to do, which she did every week – which we knew, because we had been discussing me paying them a visit.


On this particular Sunday, Chloe was wearing an old black leather jacket over a  cream coloured jumper, the collar of a white blouse visible underneath, old blue jeans which were fashionably ripped at the knees, and a pair of long red Hunter wellington boots.  Her chestnut brown hair was falling loosely over her jacket, while young Nancy had hers in a knot on the top of her head.  She was wearing a red raincoat over a flecked jumper, jeans and shorter red Hunter boots.


I was actually sitting on a park bench, watching them as they stood by the side of the pond and tossed food in for the ducks.  As they walked off, I stood up and followed them, the collar of my jacket turned up to keep the wind off my neck.  I had my rucksack over my back, with a woollen hat over my hair.  You see, today I had decided given the fact I was going to walk and surprise them I had better use Steve’s alternative method for making sure I was not recognised.


So we walked along, until I saw them stop outside a block of what looked like two houses and walk up the side.  As I watched, I realised it was actually four flats, and the entrance to their flat was at the side.  I guess they liked to live quietly – it’s amazing how many successful people actually do.


I digress, however – I watched them walk in, and then allowed them a few moments before I walked over, and pulled the rim of my hat down, covering my head so that only my eyes and mouth could be seen.  I was also wearing a black jumper and leggings, as well as ankle boots, before I put my gloves on and quietly opened the front door.


As I walked up, I could hear the two of them talking.  The stairs opened out into a large open area, and as I looked over the top I saw Nancy walk towards another door, leaving Chloe alone.  Well, there was no avoiding it, so I walked quickly up the stairs, Chloe looking at me and saying “oh my god” as she saw the starting pistol in my hand.


“Stay calm, do not scream,” I said as I walked over, “this is a robbery, but we’re going to do this in a way that means your daughter does not get scared – and hopefully you won’t as well.  What were you going to do?”


“We...  We were going to watch the Jungle Book, the new version,” Chloe whispered, “but please, don’t hurt us, just tell me what you want and I’ll give you it...”


“I’m not going to hurt you,” I said with a smile, “but I am going to ask you and Nancy to play a game of hostages while you watch the film.  That way, I know where you both are, and that you cannot raise the alarm while I rob you.  So when she comes back, tell her I’m pretending to be a bad robber, and I’m going to make sure you both stay on the couch while you watch the film.”


“All right,” she said as we both heard a toilet flushing, and then Nancy came back in.  She looked at me, and said “you look like someone who is a bad person.”


“She does, doesn’t she,” Chloe said.  “Nancy, how would you like me to hug you all through the film?”


“Yes please – but who is the woman mummy?”


“Well,” Chloe said as she looked at me, “she works at one of my salons, and I called her to come and pretend to want to rob us.  It’s going to be a game where we stay together on the couch while the film is on, and my friend is going to arrange it so we can’t get up or talk to each other – but we can still cuddle in and have fun, all right?”


“Okay,” Nancy said, “what do we need to do?”


“Well now, “I said as I took my rucksack off and knelt down, “first, mummy needs to give me her purse.  While she gets that, can you sit on the couch, and put your hands together in front?”


I looked meaningfully at Chloe, who nodded as she stood up and walked to where her coat and bag were.  As she did, I said “first, I need to make sure you keep your hands together,” as I took some cord from the bag and secured her wrists, hands palm to palm, the rope going around and between her arms.


“See mummy,” she said as Chloe came back with her handbag, “my hands are tied together.”


“I think mine will be as well,” she said as she handed me the bag, and then hugged Nancy, kissing her on the head.


“Next, I need to make sure Mummy cannot walk about,” I said as I found more cord, and then used it to secure Chloe’s ankles together.  As I pulled the rope around her boots, Nancy giggled and said “it sounds like we have mice mummy.”


“Yes it does,” Chloe said with a smile, as I passed the rope around and between her legs, and then tied it off behind, “listen.”  She rubbed her legs together, Nancy giggling even more as I took a second length and tied her legs together, below her knees but above the tops of her boots, again cinching the band between her legs.


“Wow – your legs are held together,” Nancy giggled as Chloe lifted her legs up and down, “are you going to do that to me as well?”


“Oh yes,” I said as she shuffled back in the seat, and then I used two more lengths of cord to tie her ankles and legs together.  She giggled again as she tried to move her legs after I tied the second band of rope off, the rubber and ropes squeaking as I did so.  “Now then,” I said as I looked at them both, “Nancy, I want you to come off the chair for a few moments, and then jump round to look at your mummy.”


Chloe watched as her daughter wriggled herself forward, slipped off the couch and then jumped round to look at her.  “I’m going to help Mummy to get comfortable on the couch,” I said as I looked at her, “and then you can lie next to her, and she can start to give you that great big hug she promised you.”


As Nancy watched, I helped Chloe to lie down so that her bound legs stretched to the far end.  She was half turned onto her side, her head resting on the opposite arm as she smiled and said “come on then Nancy – jump over here and lie down next to me.”


“Yes please,” Nancy said as she jumped over, sat down and then lay down so her head was resting on Chloe’s chest.  Her mother then wrapped her arms round her, kissing her as I used cord to secure her wrists to her forearms.


“This is nice,” Nancy giggled as she cuddled in, both watching as I took yet more rope, and started by tying the young girl’s ankles to her mother’s leg binding.  I then tied rope from Nancy’s wrists to the band below her knees, and finally from Chloe’s arms to her daughter’s ankles.


“I think you two are going to stay there now, aren’t you,” I said, both of them nodding as Chloe kissed Nancy’s head again.


“Now, the bad robber also needs to make sure it’s difficult for you to call out – so I’m going to put something over your mouths to stop you talking, and then I’ll start the movie, all right?”


“Do it to me first,” Chloe said, so I took the roll of brown sticking plaster from my bag, tore off a strip and smoothed it firmly over her mouth, Nancy watching the whole time.


“Do I get that as well mummy,” she said, and as Chloe said “effnkkuddswl” she giggled and then put her lips together.  Once I had covered her mouth in plaster, she looked at the mother and said “ssfffnn” before she reached up and gag kissed her cheek.


“Lwsshfmm” Chloe said as I started the player, watching for a moment before I went and looked round the rest of the rooms.  When I came back, I checked all the ropes, and said “I need to nip out for a few minutes, but the games goes on until someone comes back, all right?”


Both of them nodded, Chloe pressing her gagged mouth to Nancy’s head again, as I left them to enjoy the film...




Now this particular story happened on a trip to the US – and when you hear it, I think you will agree it could only happen over there, but then again, you may not.  I usually go over for two weeks at a time, and read carefully the local news in every place I visit.  This particular time, I was in San Antonio, and the local Sunday paper had an article on a local designer called April Fernandez – she was something of a local fashion icon, especially with dresses for the younger girl as well.  She lived outside the main city, with her husband, and had two daughters – eleven year old Amy and six year old Callie – who liked to do catwalk shows with her.


Well, I also managed to learn through contacts that her husband would be away on the Saturday of my weekend off – so I did my research, and made plans to pay them a little visit, and encourage them to play my game with me.


Come the Saturday morning, I was parked on the street, watching the single storey building as Mister Fernandez drove onto the main road, and into the distance.  Sometimes, these families employ a housekeeper, but I could see no evidence of that in this case, so I drove round and parked the car at a local 7-11 car park, taking my rucksack and walking back.  I was wearing a black leather jacket over a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, so I didn’t look too out of place with my satchel as I walked along.


When I got to the house, I quickly walked up the driveway and around the side, pausing once I was out of sight to slip on my gloves and the stocking mask from the satchel.  I then walked quietly round and looked in the back yard, but there was nobody there.  So I walked to the kitchen door, opened it and slipped in, relieved there was nobody there at that time.  I then took out the gun I had managed to obtain, and walked into the hallway.


I could now hear voices, in particular that of April as she said “all right girls – put on the outfits and then come down, so that I can see how they look.”  So I slipped into a side room and watched as she walked down the stairs.  Fernandez Mater had long blonde hair, cut into a bob, and was wearing a knee length dress with black knee length leather boots.  The dress itself was made of dark silver leather at the front and back, and denim side panels as well as denim capped sleeves.


I watched as she walked past, and then slipped out of the room, following her as she went into the large front room.  She was taken completely by surprise as I hand gagged her, and whispered “hello April Fernandez – no screaming please, we don’t want to upset the girls, do we?”


She struggled under my grasp, and then said “hhrruu?  Whtdduwnt?”


“First, remain calm – I have no intention of hurting you or your daughters, although I am going to make sure neon of you can raise the alarm,” I said quietly.  “All I want are your valuables, so have no fear on any other score.”




“I am afraid I need to make sure I can get away, but I do not want to cause undue distress – so you are going to help me convince them this is a game that you are all going to play.  If you agree to do that, then you can pick where I will leave you, and how the girls can be kept entertained.”


I waited as April considered that, and then as she nodded I said “so if you take away my hand, will you keep quiet, and make this a game for them?”


She nodded again, so I let her go, watching as she turned round and looked at me.  “I heard you say they had to put their dresses on – are they trying some of your designs?”


“Yes,” April whispered, “why?”  I nodded and said “because one way to help them be unafraid is to pretend you are three models, who are being kidnapped by a rival to stop the show.  Then you will all be together, and it will not be unusual if you are alone for a while when I look round, and when I leave you.”


“Okay – but you promise we will not be hurt?”


“Beyond the fact none of you will be able to move or speak, no – so, will you do this?”


We could both hear the footsteps on the stairs, so she nodded as I walked round and stood behind her.  As the door opened, I saw Callie come in first, wearing a knee length denim sleeveless dress with a diagonal row of silver leather rosettes from her left shoulder.  She was wearing a pair of black Mary Jane shoes, and had a silver leather bow in her hair.


“Who is this Mommy,” she said as she came in, followed by Amy.  The older girl had a silver headband with a denim rosette holding her blonde hair back, as she looked at me through her glasses.  Her denim dress was held up by a ruffed strap over her left shoulder, and had a tiered skirt made of the same silver leather as April’s dress.


“Mom,” she said as she looked at both of us, “what’s going on?”


“Girls,” April said quietly, “this is going to be a surprise day.  This man works for your dad, and he’s agreed to play the part of a man who has been hired to stop the Denim Delights fashion show.”


“And how is he going to do that Mommy,” Callie asked as she looked at me.


“He is going to pretend to kidnap us, and hold us for ransom,” April said.  “We’re all going to play along, and we can go down to the den as his hideout.”


“Kidnap us?  So we get to be hostages?”


“That’s right,” I said, “which means you’re going to be staying in the den, and you won’t be able to talk very well for a while, but I will bring you all a drink after a little while.  So, are you going to play along with your mom?”


The two girls looked at me, and then Amy said “all right – but it won’t hurt, will it?”


“No,” I said as I looked at them, “but it may feel a little funny to begin with.  So, the first thing this bad kidnapper has to do is get all three of you ready to go to my lair.  I want you two girls to sit down on the couch, and put your hands on your laps while I show you what I’m going to do.”


We both watched as they sat down, and I took some rope from my satchel, taking April’s wrists behind her back and starting to tie them together.  As Amy watched, she said “if mom says it’s all right, would you like the man to do this to us as well?”


“If mommy says it is all right,” Callie said as I took the rope around and between their mother’s wrists, making sure they were secured tightly together.  When /I had done so, April flexed her fingers, and then smiled as she said “it’s all right girls – you can let the kidnapper do this to you as well.”


“I also need to make sure your mom cannot move her arms, because that makes it more difficult to free her wrists,” I said as I took more rope out, and used it to bind her arms to her sides, the rope going above and below her chest.  As I pulled it tighter, it squawked on her dress, Callie giggling as she said “it sounds funny mommy.”


“It does,” April said as I tied the ropes off, “but I really cannot move my hands or arms now.  So don’t be worried when he does this to you, because we will all be the same, all right?”


The two girls nodded as I took some ropes out and said “right – stand in front of your mom, and put your hands down by your sides.  I’ll do you first, Amy, and then Callie.”  I waited until they were standing in front of April before I guided Amy’s wrists behind her back, Callie leaning back and watching as I bound her sister’s wrists together.


“It feels funny,” Amy said, “but it’s not hurting.  Put your hands behind your back, Callie.”  I then bound the younger girl’s wrists together, before I tied the rope around their arms and body as well.


“Now then,” I said as I tied the ropes behind Callie’s back, “let’s go to the lair.  Mom can lead the way.”


“Let’s go girls – and keep quiet,” April said as she stood up, and the three of them walked off, me following with my satchel.  We went along the hallway and down into the cellar, which had been fitted out as an entertainment room.


“All right,” I said as I closed the door, “sit down next to each other on the couch.  I need to make sure the three of you cannot walk around next.”


I watched as April sat down, Amy to her left and Callie to her right, before I knelt in front of them and took more ropes from my bag.  They all watched as I crossed their ankles and lashed them together, and then secured their legs together below their knees, making sure I cinched both bands for all three of them.


“So what would you like to watch while I go and prepare the ransom demand,” I said with a smile.


“Can we watch the recordings of America’s Top Model,” Amy said, Callie nodding in agreement.


“All right,” April said as she told me how to turn on the television and then select the recordings.


“Now then – before we start the kidnapper needs to make sure you three keep nice and quiet, and he also needs to take a ransom photograph.  For the quiet bit, I’m going to put some tape over your mouth that will make it difficult for you to talk.  Then I’ll take a couple of pictures – before I go and send the ransom demand.”


“Remember girls, this is a game,” April said, “so we’re going to stay here and pretend we cannot escape, all right?”


“Yes mom,” the two girls said in unison, before I took my white tape and covered the lips of each of them.  “Wrellelecnttlk,” April said as the two girls giggled.


“Right – all three of you stay there, and don’t struggle,” I said quietly as I took an old Polaroid camera from my bag, and took some photos.  Why did I have a camera?  A story for another time, I’m afraid.


Anyway, I smiled and said I was going to get the ransom sent, leaving them to enjoy the reality show as the girls kicked their legs up and down, and I went back up to the main house.  I looked round, and found some nice items of jewellery and some cash rolls – as well as her designs in her workshop.  Actually, she was a very good designer, but right then Fashion commentary was not on my agenda.


After an hour or so, I went back down, carrying in my gloved hands three glasses of water with straws in them.  Setting the tray down on a low table, I peeled the tape away from their mouths.


“thank you,” Amy said, “are you going to put the tape on again before you go to collect the ransom?”


“I will be,” I said quietly as I allowed her to have a drink, “but I’m also going to let the three of you change where you are sitting, give you a chance to jump around.  Then I need to make sure you stay extra quiet.  So, where would you like to sit Amy?”


“The beanbag, if I can.”  She looked at a large blue beanbag, so I nodded as I let her finish her drink, and then carried her over, sitting her down – her crossed ankles making jumping difficult.


“Your turn,” I said to Callie as she had a drink, “where would you like to go?”


“Can I sit on the floor?”


“Of course,” I said as she finished her drink, and then shuffled across and off the couch, stretching her legs out as I put a cushion behind her.


“As for you,” I said quietly to Amy as I gave her a drink, “I want you to lie down and roll onto your stomach for a moment.”




“You’ll see,” I said as she finished her drink, and then lay down.  The girls watched as I pulled her ankles back, and secured them to her chest ropes, and then helped her to lei on her side, her head on the arm of the chair.


“Are you going to do that to us,” Callie asked.


“Not quite the same thing – watch,” I said as I knelt in front of her, tied some rope to the lower band at her chest, and then tied it to her ankles as well.  For Amy, I bent her legs to the side, and then ran some rope from her ankles to her wrists.


“We really can’t move now, can we Mom,” she said, April shaking her head as I took the roll of tape.


“This time I’m going to wrap it round your head, so it’s more difficult to get off.  Then I’m going to collect the ransom demand, before you get released, all right?”


The three of them nodded as I started with Callie, wrapping the tape round her head and then gagging her sister in the same way.  As I knelt in front of April, I showed her the compressed sponge in my hand, the mother nodding as she let me push it behind her teeth, and then wrap gagged her.


“Now to collect the ransom,” I said as I re-started the series of recordings, making sure they ran one after the other as they tried to talk to each other.  Slipping out, I collected my gains, took off my stocking mask and left by the front door, before I made my way back to my car...




It was a row of terraced houses, typical of the majority of buildings in Bath, and as I looked up at the second floor I considered again the family I was about to visit.  Maria Callas was a successful designer, who lived with her twelve year old daughter Maria Jr.  I could see them walking down the road at the moment – the older Maria with long black hair, wearing a blue denim jacket over a white top, a knee length skirt with a wave pattern on the front, and knee length black suede boots.  Her daughter was dressed in a dark grey military jacket, the edge of a white top visible underneath, a black skirt with a little purple disc on the front, and knee length black leather boots.


Why was I waiting?  Because the only way to get entry to the block of converted flats they lived in was for someone to open the door, and I needed at least one of them to be in in order for that to happen.  So I watched as they walked along, and then Maria Jr went ahead as her mother let herself in.


I was expecting this – so after a few minutes, I got out of my car and walked to the front door.  I was wearing a black jacket and skirt, with a striped blouse and heels, and carrying a small case with everything I needed in it.  Looking down the nameplates, I pressed the button and waited until a voice said “yes?”


“Mrs Callas?  I’m here from Liberty – I’m afraid our last payment to you was lost in a computer failure, and I’ve been asked to hand deliver your cheque?”


“Has it?  Oh very well – third floor,” she said as I heard the buzz, and the door opened.  I let myself in, my hands protected by leather gloves, and walked up to the flat door – pausing only to pull the stocking down over my head before I knocked twice.


When Maria opened the door, she was surprised to say the least – and I took advantage of that surprise to walk in, and hold her against the wall, my hand over her mouth as I said “Sorry, I don’t have your cheque – but I will be leaving here with something.  You’re not going to raise the alarm, are you?”


She shook her head from side to side as she stared at me.


“Good – now, I know your daughter will be home soon, and we need to make sure we are ready for when she returns.  After all, she will want to play the game with you?”


She looked at me, and as I removed my hand she said “you are the Games Player?”


“I am – and we start the game with you Maria.  Why don’t we go into your front room?”



When I heard the front door open a short while later, I stood with my hand on Maria’s shoulder and said “Call her in here, and don’t say anything about me.”


Maria nodded as she daughter said “I’m back Mum – where are you?”


“I’m in the front room – come and join me Maria.  I have a surprise for you.”


“Oh, I like surprises,” she said as she came through – and then stopped as she saw me standing behind her mother.  Maria was sitting in a high backed chair, her arms around the side of the back as she said “it’s all right Maria – this is the surprise.  This lady is from my agent, and she is playing the part of a robber for this afternoon.  I wanted to show you what would happen if this was ever a reality, so you would not be afraid.”


Maria looked at her mother, as she saw the rope around her waist, and also around her arms holding them to the back of the chair.  Her ankles were crossed and secured together with rope, and then tied to the front leg of the chair, while her legs were tied below the knees.  What her daughter could not see was that her mother’s wrists were tied tightly together behind her back, and then to the chair back.


“Oh my,” the young girl finally said as she took her jacket off, revealing a white t-shirt as she laid the coat on the back of a leather couch, “so she was waiting for you when you came in?”


“That’s right,” Maria said, “and now I’m afraid she now has to make sure you cannot raise the alarm as well.  It’s just a game though – so do as she says, all right?”


“Okay Mum,” young Maria said as she looked at me, “what do you want me to do?”


“Well, why don’t you sit next to your mum in another chair,” I said as I took a second chair and set it next to Maria senior.  “Sit down, and then I want you to lean forward.”  The chair had a back with a central spar and the sides, with plenty of room, so when Maria Jr sat down and leaned forward I guided her thin arms through the gaps.


“Sit back,” I than said, before I crossed her wrists and secured them together with more of the white rope I had in my case.  As I did this, she looked at her mother and said “can you really not move Mum?”


“I’m afraid not dear – she has me tied to the chair, and I think she will tie you to that chair as well.” 


“I will do,” I said as I tied the rope off, and then secured the ends round the central spar in the chair back.  I then took a longer length of rope, and tied her waist and stomach to the chair back, before I walked round to the front.  Her legs were hanging off the seat, and as she watched I crossed and tied her ankles together, then ran some rope round the chair legs to keep them secured.  Finally, I tied her legs together below her knees as well, before I said “there – do you think you can get off the chair now?”


As she shook her head, her mother said “Maybe the bad lady will let us watch television while she does what she came to do?”


“Of course,” I said as I turned them to face the television, and then put the television on.  After that, I went to the bedrooms and took her jewellery, then returned with two of her scarves which I used to cleave gag them.  Telling them I would get them free soon, I left them, opened the front door of the flat, stepped out and...


“Mummy – why is a woman wearing a mask coming out of Maria’s flat?”


I stopped as I saw a woman in her early thirties, wearing a dark grey ruffed cardigan secured with a tie round her waist, a white blouse, jeans and short black boots, holding the hand of a ten year old girl.  She had her brown hair in two pigtails, and was wearing a long woollen smock dress.  It had grey sleeves and a black body, with Nordic pattern details that matched her leggings, and red wellingtons.


I could see her mother reaching for her bag, so I said “It’s all right – Maria and her mother asked me to come and play a game of robbers with them, and I was just stepping out for a while before letting them go.  There’s no need to call the police.”


“Robbers?  That sounds exciting, can we play Mum?”


I looked at her mother, and then said “what’s your name?”


“Suzie.  What’s yours?”


“Ah ah – the robber does not give her name, but I think you and your mum can play as well – isn’t that right mummy?”  I looked at her mother as I stood up and put my hands on Suzie’s shoulder, the woman nodding as she said “all right – why don’t we go in?”  I nodded as she unlocked the door and we walked in.


“It’s a nice flat Suzie,” I said as I looked round, “so where do you want to play?”


“I need to go to the toilet first,” she said as she looked at us.


“On you go then – but keep your boots on,” I said as she went to the toilet, and I whispered “your name?” to her mother.


“Alex – please, we don’t have anything...”


“I believe you Alex, but you saw me, so I need to make sure you and Suzie cannot tell the police until I get away.  Just relax – apart from the fact you won’t be able to move or speak, you’ll be fine.”


She nodded as Suzie came out, and we made our way to the front room of their flat.  “Right – I’m going to put both of you on the couch,” I said, “so the first thing you need to do is stand side by side, and I’ll make sure you cannot move your wrists or use your hands for a while.”


I only had four lengths of rope left, but I had a roll of white tape, so I took that out of my bag and put Suzie’s hands together, palm to palm, before I taped her wrists together and then covered her hands.


“Look mummy – I have a glove on,” she said as she showed Alex her taped hands, and then I did the same to her mother, before I used the tape to fix their arms to their sides, around their stomachs and then their upper arms.  As Suzie wriggled round she giggled at the way the tape crinkled.


“Good – now, sit side by side on the couch,” I said as Alex walked slowly over and sat down, Suzie jumping on and sitting beside her as her feet hung over the edge.  I started by putting her ankles together and securing them with rope, the young girl laughing as the rope squeaked on her wellingtons.


I then tied her legs together below her knees, making sure the rope went between her legs as well, and then watched as she tried to move.  Crossing her mother’s ankles, I tied them tightly together, and then her legs below her knees before turning their television on.


“Now, I need you both to be quiet for a little while,” I said as I took a cloth form my case, and folded it before pushing it into Alex’s mouth, and then taping over her lips.  Suzie watched and said “Will you do that to me as well?”


“I will, if you promise to stay with mummy and not try to call for help.”  As she nodded, I folded and put a smaller cloth into her mouth, and then covered her lips with tape as Alex leaned over, pressing her taped lips on the young girl’s head.


And that was how I left them – making sure I called the police to their flat first.  After all, they really were playing...




Mandy Lo was one of the owners, alongside her husband, of one of the larger Chinese supermarkets in the area, and was also a regular columnist in the local paper.  This had brought her to my attention, and after talking to Janna, we laid our plans for me to visit.


Mandy was in her late thirties, and had two daughters – eleven year old Lin and six year old Soo.  All three had long dark hair, and on this particular afternoon I watched as Mandy drove back onto the driveway of their house.  They had left an hour earlier with all three in the car, but now she was returning with Soo.  The younger girl had her hair platted into two pigtails, and had on a faded denim pinafore dress over a long sleeved peach top, dark tights and tan leather ankle boots.


As for Mandy, she wore a white coat over a black top and trousers, while thronged sandals were on her feet.  Her hair was held back by a clasp at the back, as she fished into her large white bag and took out the door keys.  I watched from my car as they went in, and smiled to myself before I checked my supplies, and then got out.  I was in my usual black jacket, jumper and jeans – and by the time I was at the side of the house, I was also wearing my black gloves and the black stocking mask.


I took a moment to gather myself, and then walked quickly to the back door, opening it and walking in.  The kitchen was empty, so I took my starting pistol out of my bag, and listened by the kitchen door.


Good thing I did – I had literally seconds to get out of the way before the door swung open and Mandy came in, carrying two glasses.  So I allowed her a couple of minutes to put the glasses by the sink before I hand gagged her from behind, pulled her back, and said “do not panic – just do what I say, and you and your daughter will have an afternoon to remember.”


“Whhhthhlllruuu?” she said as she struggled under my hand.


“A man who wants you and your daughter to play a game – and in that way, stay calm and not panic.  Do you understand?”


I held Mandy until she stopped struggling, and then slowly nodded.  “If I remove my hand,” I said quietly, “do you promise to stay quiet?”  She nodded again, before I took my gloved hand away and she turned round, looking at me – and my pistol.


“All right,” she said quietly, “you’re here to rob me?”  When I nodded she said “and nothing more?”


“Not in the way you are fearing – but it does mean you and your daughter are going to have to spend some time together, unable to move or speak.  So long as you tell her it is a game, however, then she will remain calm and you will both be all right.  Do you think she will do that?”


“I think she will – but what if my older daughter comes home?”


“Then you will have to tell her to join in,” I said quietly.  “Now, first things first – let’s go through and tell Soo what is going to happen.  Remember, I’m here to play a game with both of you, all right?”


Mandy nodded as she said “if you are going to tie us up, then tie my wrists first.  If she sees I am all right, she will not complain when you do it to her.”


“Very well,” I said as I slipped my rucksack off, and took a length of rope out.  “Put your hands together in front of yourself, palm to palm.”  As Mandy did this, I secured her wrists together, making sure I took the rope between her wrists as well to make it tight and snug.  I then picked up my bag, as we walked into the front room.  Soo was sitting at one end of a couch, watching a cartoon as Mandy said “Soo, a friend has come round to play a game with both of us.”


She turned and looked at us, before she said “why is he masked?” 


“Well, he’s pretending to be a robber,” she said as I put my bag down, “have a look at my hands.”  She walked over and let Soo look at her wrists, the little girl running her fingers over the rope. 


“Does it hurt Mummy,” she said.


“No – now I’ll sit next to you, and he’ll do the same thing to my ankles he did to my wrists.”  As she took a seat, I took a length of rope from my bag and tied her ankles together in the same way, Soo watching all the time.


“Now then,” Mandy said with a smile, “if he does the same to you, we can sit together and pretend that he is holding us hostage.  Want to do that?”


“What if I need the toilet or want a drink, Mummy?”


“If you need the toilet, you can go – and I’ll bring you a drink if you want one,” I said, “but later on, I may do something else and then you and Mummy can try and get free.”  I waited as Soo looked at me, and then said “all right – my hands first please.”


Mandy watched as I tied Soo’s wrists together, and then her ankles, making sure I cinched them in the same way as her mother.  She then nodded as she said “so we’re both like this now Mummy – so can we still watch the television, mister robber?”


“Of course you can,” I said as I stood up, and walked to the windows, carefully closing the curtains while staying out of sight from outside.  “After all, it’s all a game, isn’t it?  While you do that, I’m going to go and fetch a drink for you and your mummy, just in case you need it.”


I did go to get a drink for both of them – but first, I disconnected the phone and made sure Mandy’s mobile phone was switched off and out of reach.  Coming back in, I placed the drinks down and said “I need to pretend to look around for a few minutes, and see if you have anything worth taking here.”


Both Mandy and Soo nodded as I walked round the room, keeping an eye on them as Soo laughed at the cartoon.  Eventually, I knelt down in front of them and said “now, I want to have a look around the house.  Do you want a drink?”


Soo nodded, so I handed her the glass in her hands, watching as she carefully lifted it to her mouth.  “I need to make sure you and Mummy stay here,” I said as I took some more rope from my bag, “so watch what I do with Mummy.”  Handing Mandy a glass as well, they watched as I tied her legs together below her knees, taking the rope between her legs as well.


“There – your turn now,” I said as I looked at Soo, the young girl nodding as I lifted the hem of her skirt back, tied her legs together, and then folded the skirt back again.  Taking their glasses, I said “the other thing I have to do is make sure you can’t list your hands for a while now – I’ll use some of the rope to tie them to Mummy’s legs.”


Which is what I did – tied some rope between their wrists, and then tied both to Mandy’s legs so that they could raise the wrists a little, but not much.  Soo smiled as she said “I need to stay with you now Mummy.”


“Yes you do,” Mandy said as she nodded at me.  “but if he gives you the remote, you can still pick the program we watch next.”  I was more than happy to do that, before I left them alone and made my way out to search the rest of the house.


It was when I was walking back down, and checking the two of them, that the door opened and a young girl said “Mum – I’m back?”  Looking at Mandy, I stood behind the door as Lin came in and looked at them.  The eleven year old had her hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a white polo shirt, jeans and black trainers.


“It’s all right Lin,” Soo said as she smiled, “we’re playing a game.”


“A game?”  Lin looked at her mother, as she nodded and smiled, and then said “we are – my friend here has helped, and we both want you to play along as well.”  That was when she turned round and saw me, before saying “all right – so will I be like them?”


“Not quite -  because in this game it’s time to play the part where you try to get free – but that’s a little too easy when you are like that, so I need to make sure you find it equally difficult.  Why don’t I show you what I’m going to do with Lin?”


So Mandy and Soo watched as I guided Lin’s wrists behind her back, crossed them and tied them together with rope.  “See – that doesn’t hurt, does it,” I said as I cinched the binding, Lin shaking her head as Soo said “can I go next Mummy?”


“All right,” she said as Lin sat in a chair, and I untied Soo’s wrists, helping her to shuffle forward before she took her arms behind her back, and I tied her wrists together again.  She wriggled round again and smiled as I untied her mother’s wrists, before resecuring them behind her back as well.


“Just let me sort your big sister’s legs as well,” I said as I bound Lin’s ankles and her legs below her knees, before I said “now, I’m going to pretend to leave, and you can try and free each other – but before I do that, I need to do something so that you can’t tell anyone else that you are playing the game.”


I took from my bag a roll of white micropore tape, and then pressed a strip firmly over each of their mouths, Soo saying “usnffnneee” as Lin tried to talk.


“Ubfdd” Mandy said, the three of them giggling slightly as I slipped out, saying “now you can try and get free.”  I reckoned I had enough time to get to my car with what I had found and drive off before one of them managed to free the others...




There is a school of thought that says people who own pet dogs pick them so that they resemble each other – not something I personally believe.  What I do believe is that if you work for someone, and you like working for them, you will unconsciously start to imitate them – sometimes in the way you speak and act, sometimes in the way you dress.


Here’s an example – Barbara Morecambe ran a number of high end dress shops in the North West, and lived in the Alderley Edge area.   Nice big house, with her ten year old daughter Angel and a live-in housekeeper, who had an eight year old daughter.  The housekeeper’s name was Astrid, and her daughter Ellie. 


We had spent some time considering a visit, and so it was this particular Sunday afternoon I was waiting outside in the car.  Barbara and Angel had gone out for the afternoon, which meant it should only be Astrid and Ellie at home.  With luck, I could get in, make sure they played, find what I wanted and needed before the others got back.


I was wearing a black leather jacket over a sweater and jeans, but as I walked up the driveway I pulled on black leather gloves, and looked round before I pulled the stocking mask down over my head, and let myself in.


So naturally, as soon as I closed the door, Astrid appeared.  The dark skinned young woman was wearing a yellow round necked jumper with a red collar and red and white striped cuffs, as well as a knee length ethnic print skirt with a ruffed waistband.  The incongruous thing was the black ankle socks and white sneakers she was wearing – well, that and her name being Astrid, but that wasn’t important just then.


What was important was stopping her from shouting out, as I produced my starting pistol and put my finger to my lips.  She stared at me and slowly nodded as I whispered “no loud noises – where is your daughter?”


She looked upstairs as I said “Good – now listen carefully.  I want you and young Ellie to play a game of robbers with me.  I’ll make sure you’re both safe and out of the way, but she needs to believe this is a game.  Nod if you understand?”


As Astrid slowly nodded, I said “good – now, why don’t we go up and tell Ellie about the game, and then you can both start to play, all right?”

“All right,” she whispered as we walked up the stairs and into the bedroom, Ellie turning and looking at us.  The young girl had a grey long sleeved jumper on with a knee length floral print skirt, and black suede boots up to her knees.


“Are you a robber,” she said as she looked at me.  Looking back at her, I figured this was one of those times when honesty was best, so I said “yes I am Ellie, and I need you to be a brave girl for your mummy.  I need to make sure both of you stay up here, and can’t warn Mrs Morecombe or Angel that I’m here.  We can make it a game if you want – will you be less frightened if that is the case?”


“I’m not scared – so long as Mummy is here with me,” Ellie said as she looked at Astrid, who nodded as well.  “Good,” I said, “why don’t you sit next to your mummy on the floor, and I’ll make sure you both stay there.”


“Are you sure you’ll be all right,” Astrid said as she looked at her daughter, but Ellie nodded as they both sat down, and I took some rope from my bag.  “All right,” I said, “why don’t you both cross your wrists in front, and we can start…”


They both watched as I used two lengths of cord to secure their wrists together, and then used longer lengths to tie their upper arms to their bodies, making sure I cinched the bands as well.  Ellie giggled as she wriggled round, while I crossed Astrid’s ankles and started to bind them together as well, before doing the same for Ellie.  I then tied their legs below their knees, folding their skirts back to do so and make sure I could take the rope between their legs, and then back again.


“Now then,” I said as I looked at them, and tied their wrists down to their knees, “I need to keep you both quiet.  I’ll check on you from time to time.”


Ellie nodded as she watched me roll a grey bandana into a band, and then tie a knot in the middle, before she opened her mouth and let me push the knot behind her teeth, and then tied the band round her head.  Astrid had a mustard yellow bandana used in the same way, before I turned on the television in the room – and made sure I had all the scissors in my bag with Astrid’s telephone.


From there, I started to search the bedrooms – and it was as I opened the safe in the master bedroom that I heard a car pull up, and looked out of the window.


Barbara Morecombe was wearing a similar outfit to Astrid – or more likely Astrid was wearing a similar outfit to Barbara.  Her jumper was blue, and her top sat over the top of her skirt.  She was also wearing knee length tan leather boots.


Angel was wearing a long tartan coat dress, with leopard spot pants and tan leather cowboy style boots, as well as grey beret covering her light brown hair.  She held her mother’s hand as they came towards the house – and I made my way quickly to the top of the stairs.


“Go into the front room,” Barbara said as she came in, Angel heading there as she went to the back of the house and called out “Astrid?  Are you busy?”  I made my way down, and took her by surprise as I said “Astrid and Ellie are a little tied up at the moment – keep calm, and listen to what I say.”


“Hruuuu,” she mumbled under my gloved hand.


“The papers call me the Games Player – so behave, tell your daughter this is a game, and you’ll both have an exciting time.  Do you understand?”


I waited for a moment, and then she nodded slowly as I said “good – I’m going to take my hand away, and I want you to put your hands behind your back.”


“What are you going to do to me and Angel,” she said as I took some cord, and started to bind her wrists together.


“Keep you together and out of the way while I finish what I came here to do,” I said quietly as I pulled the rope between her arms, and then tied the ends off.  “So we will walk together to the front room, and then Angel will play as well.”


As we walked in, the ten year old looked up and said “who is this mummy?”


“She’s come to play a game of robbers with us,” Barbara said.  “She’s already played with Astrid and Ellie, and now it’s our turn, so she is going to do to you what she does to me, all right?”


Angel nodded as her mum sat down next to her, watching as I tied her daughter’s wrists together behind her back, and then tied her arms to her sides with two bands at her stomach and shoulders.  I did the same to Barbara, making her jumper stretch, and then knelt in front of her as I tied her ankles together, followed by her legs below her knees. 


“It sounds funny,” Angel said as I tied her ankles and legs together as well, while Barbara kissed her on the head. 


“It does sound funny,” I said, “but now I need to keep you both quiet.  Open your mouths please.”  As they did so, I pushed a small sponge ball into their mouths, and then covered their lips with micropore tape.


As Barbara shifted over, I laid Angel down with her head on her mother’s lap and returned to my search, checking both sets of mother and daughter before I made my escape…




It’s funny that Janna talks about dressing alike – it reminds me of the time we both made a visit to a family recently, which ended up with a three way game...


Gerri Hall runs a number of successful hair salons in the York area, alongside her husband, but he works a lot with film and television shows and so tends to be away a lot.  That means she and their eight year old daughter Zoe tend to be home a lot at the weekend, and as we were planning to be in the area to go to a function on the Sunday, a visit was planned out…


We borrowed a grey transit van for this visit, and arrived outside their detached house mid-morning on the Saturday.  We were both dressed in black for this visit – jumpers, pants, leather jackets and gloves.  While I was wearing black shoes, Janna had on a pair of knee length black leather boots.


As we looked out, a car pulled up in front of the house, and as we watched a blonde haired woman in her late twenties got out, along with a nine year old girl with brown hair.  They both were wearing long sleeved white tops with large tartan shawl scarves wrapped round their necks, and brown suede boots with three bands of tassels blowing in the slight breeze.  While the blonde was wearing ripped jeans, the girl had on black jeans.


“Good thing we brought extra supplies,” Janna said as the door opened and Gerri greeted them.  The blonde was wearing a faded blue denim blouse over a white t-shirt, black pants and knee length camel coloured leather boots, and he smiled as they went inside.


We looked at each other, and then checked our rucksacks before we got out and I locked the doors of the transit van.  Putting the rucksacks on our backs, we walked quickly up to the house and made our way round the side, pausing to pull the black stockings down over our heads.  Looking round, I saw the back was clear, so we walked round, Janna watching while I opened the door to the kitchen.


As we slipped inside, we could definitely hear two sets of voices – young ones in one room, and older ones in another.  As Janna put her gloved hand to the kettle, she could tell it had just been boiled, which suggested the young girls were playing in one room and the mothers in another.  So we looked at each other and walked down to where the older voices were.


“Well, I’m glad you could both come over Victoria,” I heard a voice, I presumed Geri, say, “when Emma arrived yesterday, I wanted us all to meet.”


“Of course I was going to come – the bride and bridesmaids together again!”



I looked at Janna and held up three fingers, my wife nodding as we both took a deep breath, and then walked quickly in.  I had taken my starting gun from my pocket, and as we entered I said “Good morning ladies – please, not a word, and stay sitting where you are.”


Geri stared at us from one side of the couch, as the woman who had arrived earlier turned and stared.  The third woman was sitting next to Geri, with long dark brown hair, and was wearing a purple V-necked top with white lace details on the lower sleeve, blue and black Nordic leggings, and knee length black suede boots.  “Oh my god,” Geri finally said, “Who are you?”


“Well, the papers refer to us as the Games Players,” Janna said, “and today we’ve come to play a game with you and Zoe, Geri – but I see this is going to be a bigger game.  Which is not a problem, so long as you obey the rules.  May we know who Emma is and who is Victoria?”


“I’m Emma,” the dark haired woman said quietly, the blonde nodding as she said “I’m Victoria – what are you going to do to us?”


“And the girls – oh lord, Tammy and Nancy are with Zoe!”


“Well, we need to make sure none of you can raise the alarm, but the papers are right about one thing,” I said.  “If the three of you help them to feel as if his is a big game, they will be less scared and this will go much more smoothly.  So, will you do that?”


“And you promise we will be unhurt?”


“You’ll all be secured and gagged, and we will rob you, but yes, you will not be harmed,” Janna said with a smile.  “We’ll also make sure you are all in the same room before we go.  So, will you do that, and remain calm?”


The three women looked at each other before they nodded, as I said “Excellent – may I have your purses and mobile phones please?”


As they handed them over, Janna removed her rucksack and took out some lengths of rope.  “Drink your coffees,” she said, “because the first part of the game means that Victoria and Emma need to stay in this room for a little while.”  I took the phones and removed the batteries, and then drew the curtains over the front windows as Janna said “Both of you, cross your ankles and put your feet on the coffee table for a moment.”


As they did so, she took the rope and bound the ankles of the two women tightly together, taking the cords around and between their limbs as they looked at each other.  “In a few minutes, once you have finished your coffee, Geri is going to come with my friend while she talks to the girls, and then she will come round the house with me.  You two fine ladies will stay here for the moment, and then all three of you will join the girls.”


“And how are you going to make sure we stay here,” Emma said as she looked at her legs, the white rope visible on her ankles.


“Because it is part of the game,” Janna said, “that you are going to be there while the bad robber takes Geri round, and then you will all be together.  We’ll leave the radio on so you won’t be bored, but if you’re not going to panic your daughters, you will do this for them.”


The two women looked at each other and nodded as they put their bound ankles down, and finished their coffees.  Geri watched as I then took two more lengths of rope, made them both lean forward and put their wrists behind their backs, and secured them tightly together.


“Now then,” I said to Geri, “stand up and put your hands behind your back.”  As she did so, Janna crossed them and tied them tightly together, before she said “I’ll take her to explain to the girls about the game, and then bring them to see their mothers before we go off.”


I nodded and watched as she took Geri with her.


“Just remember,” I said quietly as we walked to the other room, one hand on Geri’s arm and the other holding my rucksack, “this is all a surprise game, and you want them all to play.”  I smiled as she nodded, and then we opened the door and we walked in.


“Zoe, can the three of you listen to me – I have a huge surprise for you,” Geri said, the three eight and nine year olds turning and looking at us.   I smiled as my guess as to which one was Zoe proved right as the blonde, wearing a faded denim blouse with the sleeves rolled to the elbow over a white t-shirt, black jeans and mid-calf taupe leather boots said “Mummy, who is this, and why does she look funny?”


“Well, she and another friend are pretending to be robbers – Dad apparently booked them to come and play a game with us today, not realising Aunt Victoria and Aunt Emma would be here as well.  So we’re all going to play a game of robbers – this woman will explain.”


“Hello Zoe,” I said as I looked at her, “can you introduce me to your friends.”


“I’m Tammy,” the brown haired girl we had seen arrive said quietly as she raised her hand.


“So you must be Nancy,” I said to the third girl, like her mother wearing a long sleeved purple top with lace details and Nordic leggings, but in her case with a pair of knee length black leather boots on.  She nodded as she looked at us, and I said “my friend and I are playing the part of robbers, and your mums are already playing the game.  They really want you to play as well – because there will be a big contest at the end and a special prize for the winner.”


Geri nodded as Zoe said “is that why you have your hands behind your back Mummy?”


“That’s right Zoe – why don’t all three of you come and have a look?”  I watched as they came over and looked at her tied wrists, running their fingers over them.


“Does it hurt Aunt Geri,” Tammy asked.  She shook her head and said “no it doesn’t – but I think we are all going to have this.  So if we’re going to play, you need to let the masked lady do this to you now, and then you can go and see your mothers as well.”


“So will you play,” I asked with a smile, the three girls looking at each other before Nancy said “can we finish our juice first?”


“Of course,” I said as they went and finished their drink and snacks, and then I stood behind Zoe, the other two girls watching as I crossed her wrists behind her back and then tied them together with the rope.


“Mummy’s right, it doesn’t hurt,” she said as I tied the rope off and tucked the ends into the bands.  Tammy and Nancy looked at her as she tried to move her hands, and then allowed me to tie their wrists in the same way.


“Now then,” I said as I picked up the rucksack, “let’s go and see your mothers, and then I’m going to take you three girls to get ready for the main part of the game.  Don’t worry – your mothers will be joining you as well.”


“Okay,” they said as one, Geri looking at me and whispering “thank you” as we walked back to the main room.


“Nancy,” Victoria said as she saw Janna return with Geri and the three girls, all of them with their wrists behind their backs now, “I see you wanted to play this game as well.”


“I did Mummy – did they tie your ankles as well,” she said as she walked over and sat with Victoria, the older woman kissing her as Tammy went to Emma.  I looked at them and said “thanks you for all playing this big game, girls.  Did my friend say what was going to happen?”


“She said we were all going to go and get ready for the big part of the game, and our mummies would join us later,” Zoe said.


“That’s right – so I want you all to give your mums a kiss on the cheek, and then on you go.  I promise you we will not be too long.”


“Go and have fun,” Emma said as the three girls went out of the room with Tammy, and I closed the door.  “Thank you,” Geri said as I looked at them. 


“You’re welcome – but remember my friend is with them, so do not do anything to spoil the illusion,” I said quietly as I opened my rucksack.  “I need to make sure that you, Victoria, and you Emma, cannot raise the alarm.  I need you both to kneel in front of the couch.”


As Geri watched, I took two longer lengths of rope from my rucksack, and used then to secure the arms of both the other women to their sides, taking the rope above and below their chests and then cinching it between their arms and bodies.  This made the tops of both women stretch over their breasts, and trapped Victoria’s shawl to her as well.


I then tied rope from their ankles to their wrists, before I took two sponge balls from my rucksack and squeezed them in my gloved hands.  Holding them in front of their mouths, I waited as they looked at each other and then opened wide, allowing me to push the sponges inside.  Once they had closed their lips over them, I pressed a long strip of wide white medical tape firmly over their mouths, and then helped them both to sit down on the floor.


“Remember – I have Geri, and my friend has your daughters.  You’re not going to do anything that may lead to our hurting them, are you?”


Both women shook their heads as I took Geri’s arm, and said “now, shall we have a look round…”



“This is my bedroom,” Zoe said as we walked into a large room on the first floor, “can we play in here?”


“This looks good,” I said as I closed the door, “so, for the big contest at the end, I need to prepare all three of you so that the only way you can move is to pretend to be worms.  Your mums will be the same way as you, and then it’s a case of who get to the prize first, or you could decide just to spend some time together.”


“SO how do you do it so we can only move like worms,” Tammy said as she moved her hands back and forth.


“Well, the first thing I have to do is make sure you cannot move your arms,” I said as I opened my bag, and took out a longer length of rope.  “Can I show the other two by doing it to you?”


“All right,” Tammy said, the other two watching as I passed the rope round her arms and her stomach and pulled it so that they were pressed against her body.  As I passed the rope round her arms, in two bands, she said “can you make my scarf so that it covers the top band?”


“I can do once I’m finished,” I said as I wound it round several times, and then tied it off to her wrists.  I then used two shorter lengths to tighten the bands as the girls looked round.


“How does it feel Tammy,” Nancy asked.


“As if Mummy is giving me a big hug,” Nancy said as I moved her shawl so that it covered the top band.  “Do you want to have it next?”


As she nodded, I tied her arms to her sides in the same way, and then bound Zoe’s arms, her blouse moving to the side as I did so.  I then watched as they looked at each other, and tried to move their arms, giggling as they did so.


“Now,” I said, “the next part of this is that I need all three of you to sit on the floor, with your backs against Zoe’s bed.  I’m going to use some more of these ropes to tie your legs tightly together.”


“Like you did to Aunt Victoria and Aunt Emma,” Zoe said as she smiled and looked at me.


“Well, I’m going to make them even more secure,” I said with a smile, “but when your mums join us, they will be exactly the same as you when we have finished, so you get to tell them how it feels.”


“Okay,” Nancy said as they sat side by side, and I crossed her ankles first, tying them tightly together.  She giggled as she heard the rope rubbing on the leather, while I took the rope around and between her legs.  I then tied her legs together below and above her knees, each time cinching the band by taking the rope between her legs.


“She’s right,” she said as she looked at the others, “I cannot move my legs, and it sounds funny.”


“Do me next,” Tammy said, but as I tied her ankles together she laughed for a different reason – the rope sank into the soft brown suede, but the sound came from her boots rubbing against each other, the tassels catching.  After a few minutes, I had her legs secured as well.


As I tied Zoe’s ankles together, she giggled as the leather and rope rubbed, the three of them comparing and trying to sound who could make the funniest sound as I secured her legs.


“There now,” I said as I stood up, “we can’t do a lot more until your mums join us, but I see you have a DVD player Zoe.  Would you like to watch something?”


“Yes please – you pick Nancy…”



“Thank you,” I said as I emptied the last tray of jewels into my bag, Geri watching as she sat on the bed in the master bedroom.  “I think that is everything.”


“So what happens now,” she said as she looked at me.  In answer, I took her arm and helped her to stand up, as we walked down the corridor.  I stopped as we heard a film playing, and looking into the room we saw the three girls, bound and sitting on the floor as they watched a film.


“Hi Mum,” Zoe said, “we’re watching Hakuna Matata until you, Aunt Emma and Aunt Victoria come to join us.”


“Well, we’ll be here in a few minutes,” she said, “are you all right?”


“Fine – we’re imagining you hugging us while we sit here.”


Geri nodded as we made our way down the stairs, and back into the front room.  Emma and Victoria looked at us as Emma mumbled “Thgrls?”


“They’re fine – they really think this is a game,” Geri said as I put the cloth bag down, and withdrew another long length of rope, Geri’s blouse forced to her sides as I secured her arms in the same way as the other two women.


“We’re all going to join the girls,” I said as I tightened the bands around Geri’s chest, “they will have been told the game is worms, and they can only move like them.  After we have gone, the choice is yours as to how you maintain the illusion of the game.  I’m sure you can survive until your husband comes home, or one of their husbands wonder where you have got to.”


“We’ll cope, won’t we,” Geri grunted as I pulled the ropes tighter, the other two nodding as I knelt down and untied their ankles, then helped them to stand.


“But you need to be kept quiet first,” I said as I squashed a sponge ball in my hand, and looked at Geri.  She looked at the other two, who nodded as she allowed me to push the sponge into her mouth, and then press the tape firmly over her mouth and jaw.


“Shall we,” I said as I looked at them, the three women looking at each other and nodding as we started to make our way up the stairs.


“Oh wow – we really are the same,” Tammy said as she saw Emma come in with Victoria and Geri, as well as hubby.


“Why do they have something over their mouths,” Nancy asked.


“Well, if you’re going to be wriggly worms, you need to be quiet,” I said with a smile, “so once your mums have their legs secured like yours, I’ll make sure none of you can talk very easily as well, and then do one more thing to make you like worms.”


The three mothers sat opposite their daughters, watching as Steve crossed their ankles and secured them together, as well as their legs above and below their knees, each band cinched between their legs.  He then took six cushions and laid them on the floor, as I took three small sponge balls and looked at Geri.


“Tsllrrhtgrlslss, wcnstltltlklkths,” she said, Zoe giggling before she opened her mouth and let me push the sponge behind her teeth.  The others let me put the stuffing into their mouths as well, before I tore strips of white tape off and used them to cover their mouths.


“Cnnudrstndmm?” Zoe said, Geri nodding as I helped them to lie on their stomachs, with their heads on pillows, and then ran some rope from their wrists to their ankles.


Once Janna had the girls ready, I helped their mothers to lie on the floor, and ran a similar length of rope from their chest ropes to their ankles – not a true hogtie, but enough to make it difficult for them to move.


“And – GO!”  As Janna called out, the girls looked at each other and started to wriggle over to their mothers, as we watched from the doorway.  Zoe was the first, reaching Geri as she reached over and pressed her gagged lips on her daughter’s head before they wriggled round and lay on their sides.  Tammy reached Emma as they managed to sit together, while Nancy joined Victoria, lying side by side as they tried to talk to each other.


We left them like that, collecting our takings and making our way back to the transit van after we removed the stockings.  When we read the press report a few days later, they told about how they all played a game, and it was fun.  We even found Nancy on the discussion board later – but that’s another story…




I do love Hallowe’en – that time of year when families go from door to door dressed up in costumes to ask for treats.  It also seems to be the time of year when both Steve and I have some unusual encounters – I’m sure he will tell you of his own next time, but for now let me tell you about my recent visit with two cute sisters and their mother, who was enjoying the holiday in her own way.


Her name was Fiona Mohammed, and she lived in the Hayes area of London with her two daughters, Amy and Sally, who were ten and seven respectively.  Her husband was the owner of a large cash and carry in the area, and they were comfortably well off.


What made them a little unusual was that Fiona had converted to her husband’s faith, and had adopted that style of modesty and Western dress that was more and more visible amongst younger Muslim women.  As I watched them walk home in the early evening from Trick and Treating, Fiona was wearing a brown leather jacket over a long grey jumper, while under the jacket I could see a longer brown jersey dress, dark leggings and knee length brown leather boots with straps at the tops and ankles.


Both Amy and Sally were wearing pink ballet dresses with a pair of fairy wings on their backs, and brown Ugg boots, while they carried a wand in one hand and a treat bag in the other.  I smiled as they went up to the front door of their house, and then went in.


All right – I was also smiling because I knew her husband was working late that night, and I was about to invite them to play a game as well. I had dressed for the occasion, in a Catwoman outfit, with a black bodysuit, knee length black boots and long gloves, and a suitable mask to cover my eyes – as well as dark eyeshadow to emphasise my eyes, and a long black wig.


Getting out of my car, I walked down the street with a bag marked “SWAG” in my hand, and then walked up to the front door, knocking and waiting.  I heard from inside Fiona say “all right girls – get changed as quickly as you can and we can have those snacks” before she opened the door and looked at me.  She had taken the jacket off, and I could see the way now her pale blue hijab wrapped her head and neck, and fell over the neck of the grey jumper.


“Yes, can I…”  That was all she managed to say before I forced her back in, my gloved hand covering her mouth as I said quietly “Hush – remain calm, do as I say, and you and the girls won’t come to any harm.  Do you understand?”


She looked at me, and then nodded as I took my hand away, allowing her to say “who are you?”


“Oh I’m the cat who has come to take the cream – but I like to play games as well.  What does that say to you?”  She looked at me, and as she said “you’re the Games Player” I nodded.  “For tonight however,” I said, “I am Catwoman, who has come to pretend to rob you and needs to keep all three of you purrfectly safe.”


She looked again at me, and then nodded as she said “and the girls…”


“Convince them you know this is a game – once they come down.”  That was the cue for both the girls to come down the stairs and stare at both of us.  Amy was now wearing a plush pink long sleeved Hello Kitty top, with the message “one of a kind” on the front, black jeans and white socks with coloured spots, while Sally had put on a blur and white striped hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and black socks with coloured hearts. 


What I really found funny was they still had their angel wings on, as Sally said “who is the lady Mum?”


“Come and sit on the stairs with me a minute,” Fiona said, the girls sitting either side as she hugged them on the bottom step.  “Now, this is Hallowe’en, and on Hallowe’en we like to watch scary films and tell scary stories, right?”  As the two girls nodded, she continued “well, this year I thought we could act out a scary story.  This is a friend from my schooldays, and she is going to pretend she is Catwoman, and has come to steal my jewels.  To do that, we need to be kept out of the way, but she’s going to make sure we stay together and have fun while she does that.”


“What’s she going to do,” Amy said as she looked at me.


“Well, I think she’s going to make sure we cannot move for a while, or even talk properly, but it’s all a big game and nothing realty bad is going to happen, isn’t that right Catwoman?”


“That’s right,” I purred, “you and your mummy will be purrfectly safe, but you will also be purrfectly secured.  I promise, it will not hurt.”


“So, will you play with me?  It’ll only be for a little while, and we can have our snacks and drinks while we’re playing, then watch Frankenweenie together.”


“Okay mummy,” Amy said, Sally nodding in agreement, “what are we going to do?”


“Well, is the food ready?”  As Fiona nodded, I said “why don’t you help your mummy to take it into the front room, and we can play the game in there?”  We all went into the kitchen, the girls carefully carrying plates in as Fiona brought a tray with three glasses as well, and we went in.  As they put the plates and drinks on a low table, I went and drew the curtains over, then turned and looked at them as I opened my bag, drawing out some lengths of rope.


“Why don’t you both sit back on the chair for a minute,” I said, “and while you eat, I’ll show you how I make sure you won’t be able to move around very easily.”  As they shuffled back, I smiled and then knelt beside Amy, crossing her ankles as she watched me use a length of rope to tie them tightly together, making sure I took the rope between as well as around her ankles.


“IT doesn’t hurt,” Amy said as I tied the ropes off, “and I really can’t move my feet apart now.”


“That’s the idea,” I said as I took a second length of rope, and tied her legs together below her knees while Amy ate a slice of pizza.  Her mother passed her a glass as I walked round, and began to tie Sally’s ankles together as well, followed by her legs below her knees.


“Are you going to do this to Mummy as well,” she asked as I took the rope between her legs and tightened the band below her knees. 


“Yes I am,” I replied, “but I will do it later once you have all finished eating and drinking.  Right now, however, I need your mummy to ell me where her mobile phone is.”


“In my handbag, over there,” Fiona said, watching as I found her phone, removed the back and took the battery out.  She took a drink from her glass and ate a pastry as she started the film, the two girls giggling as they watched and I sorted some more ropes out from my Swag Bag.


When they had finished, they sat with their heads against their mother and watched the film, swinging their tied legs up and down as I knelt down and crossed Fiona’s ankles before binding them tightly together, and then securing her legs below her knees.  As I tied that second rope off, she raised her legs and said “see – I’m just like both of you now, and we’re all going to stay here together.”


“That’s purrfectly correct,” I said, “but now I need to make sure your mummy cannot use her hands or arms to raise the alarm.  I’ll do something a little different for you two little fairies, because of your wings.”


“Okay,” Amy said as I asked Fiona to shuffle forward, the girls watching as I took her hands behind her back, crossed her wrists and tied them in the same way as her ankles.  I then took a longer length of rope from my bag, and made sure her arms were secured to her sides, the rope sitting above and below her chest.


“Now you sit back,” I said as Fiona smiled at the girls, “and I’ll make sure the girls cannot move their arms.  I want you both to cross your wrists on your laps for me.”  As they did so, I secured their wrists in the same way as their ankles, before using rope to secure the wrist binding to the rope below their knees.  I also used a length of rope to tie their arms to their sides, taking it in a double figure of eight round their arms and tummies before I tied it off.


“It’s just like you’re hugging us Mummy,” Sally said as I picked up my bag.  “If I leave you to watch the film, will you keep playing along and not try to call for help?”  As Fiona nodded and said “we will,” I made my way out of the room and started to put different things into my Swag Bag.


When I came back down, I saw that Sally was now lying on her side, her head on Fiona’s lap as she wriggled round, her legs bent to allow her to be comfortable.  “So what are you going to do now, you evil villain,” Fiona said as she looked at me.


“Well, I need to make my Purrfect getaway,” I said quietly, “but to do so, you three young ladies need to be helped to be purrfectly quiet.  I’m going to put something over your mouths that will mean you cannot use your lips, and call for help.  Who would like to be first?”


“I will,” Amy said, her mother and sister watching as I took from my bag the roll of white micropore tape, tore a length off and pressed it firmly over her mouth.  She looked at Fiona, and as she said “Cnuuhrmmm” she laughed as her lips tried to move under the tape.


“Me next,” Sally said, and then she yawned, so I allowed her to close her lips first before I pressed the tape gently over them.  She nodded as her eyes slowly closed, and she fell asleep, breathing through her nose.


“Now then,” I said quietly, “Daddy will be home soon, and you can tell him what a wonderful game you played.”  Amy nodded as I pressed the stretched tape firmly over Fiona’s mouth, the white contrasting with her hajib as she said “fnkuufrnthrtnnsss.”


“I was never going to, my purrfect little captives,” I said with a smile as I gave Amy the remote to hold, and left them watching the end of the film, as I departed quietly.  Outside there were still groups of kids walking round, paying no attention to me as I got in and drove into the night…




Now, I am a fan of Star Trek – I watched the shows when I was a kid, and caught up on the original shows later, so I can understand why it is a fascination for many people.  What Janna is referring to about above was when I visited a bookstore owner called Janice Rand, and her eleven year old daughter Kira.


If you are a Trekkie, you get the names – if not, it’s not important.  All you need to know is that Janice is in her mid-thirties, with long brown hair, and Kira is a cute as a button young girl.  As to why I was visiting – well, I’ll get to that in a minute.


It was a Sunday afternoon when I called to play – her husband was out on the golf course – and as I entered the kitchen of their cottage I could hear the television playing.  I was in my usual outfit, complete with the stocking mask over my head, and leather gloves, so I walked quietly down the corridor and looked into the front room.


Janice was sitting in an armchair – wearing a Star Trek outfit consisting of a light tan plush top, which had a cowl neck, gold trim on the cuffs and the Star Trak symbol in gold on her left breast, black cropped pants and tight black boots that came above her ankle.  As for Kira, she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and was wearing a red knee length dress with a black square neck, and gold trim on the cuffs, and golden slippers.


They were watching an episode of the original series – and I could see Joan Collins on the screen, which told me it was the classic City on the Edge of Forever.  Still, I was there to do a job, so I crept quietly in, neither of them noticing me – until I put my hand over Kira’s mouth and said “Hello – I’m here to play the game you cooked me for.”


“Whhhssthss,” I heard Kira mumble as Janice stared at me, and I wondered what she was going to do next.  Eventually, she nodded and said “It’s all right Kira – I thought we could make sure we watch lots of programs this afternoon, so I hired this actor to pretend he was going to rob us.  He’s going to make sure we stay here, and watch as many episodes as we can – because we won’t be able to move.  Isn’t that right?”


“That’s exactly right,” I said as I felt Kira slowly nod as well, “so you’re both going to play the game with me, aren’t you?”


“Whtrrugntd,” Kira said, so I removed my hand and said “a real robber has to make sure you and your mummy stay where you are, and can’t raise the alarm, but it’s all a game for both of you to play – all right?”


She nodded as I said “now, it may be a while before you can go to the toilet, so why don’t you both go now?  You can pause the recording for the moment, and I’ll start it again later.”


“Let’s do that first,” Janice said as she and Kira stood up, and I accompanied them to the downstairs toilet, unplugging the phone as I passed it.  When they had finished, Kira looked at me and said “so how will you make sure we cannot move?”


“Well,” I said as I slipped off my rucksack, and took a length of cord out, “feel this, and watch what I do for your mummy with another length.”  As she took it in her hands, I pulled a second length out, and walked behind Janice, guiding her wrists behind her back and crossing them before I tied them tightly together.  I took the rope around and between them, and tied the ends off out of reach of her fingers.  Kira walked round, and said “it’s just like you’re a prisoner of the Klingons now Mummy.”


“Yes it is,” Janice said with a smile, “and it’s your turn now, so give him the cord and put your hands behind your back.”  I smiled as Kira did that, and I made sure her wrists were secured as well, before we walked back into the front room, and I put my rucksack on the chair.  Walking to the windows, I closed the drapes over them, and then took out two longer lengths of rope.


“I need to make sure your arms are fixed to your bodies next – it’s just like having a long, strong hug from Mummy or Daddy,” I said as I walked behind Kira, and passed the rope around her body, pulling her arms into her sides at her stomach, and then taking it around her upper arms and shoulders.  Janice smiled and nodded as she said “how does it feel” as I took the rope around several times, and then tied it off behind.


“He’s right,” Kira said as I used two shorter lengths to tighten the bands between her arms and body, “it is just like a big hug.”  She then walked over to the long couch and sat down, pushing herself back as I took a second long length and started to bind Janice’s arms to her body.


“Go and sit next to your daughter,” I said as I tied the rope off, having taken it under one arm, around the back of her neck and under the other one, the ropes framing her chest as she walked over and sat beside Kira, kissing her on the head as she said “I think the bad man is going to tie our legs next.”


Kira nodded as she watched me cross her ankles, which were hanging over the edge of the chair, and bind them together in the same way I had bound her wrists.  I then secured her legs together, taking the rope around and between them below her knees, before tying it off behind her knees.  As she lifted her legs up and down, I repeated the process on Janice, the rope rubbing on her leather covered ankles.


“Now then,” I said as I picked up the remote, “this is on an on-demand server, right?  So it should just keep playing on from here?”


Janice nodded as I started the program again, and said “I am afraid I need to also make sure you cannot talk for a while, just like a real robber would.”  From my bag, I took out a red bandana, rolled it into a band and tied a knot in the middle, before Kira opened her mouth and allowed me to gag her.  I used a yellow bandana for her mother, Kira nuzzling on her side as I tied the ends at the base of her mother’s neck.


I then left them to watch the rest of the show as I searched the house.  When I returned, Janice looked at me and nodded as I left them.  They seemed happy and comfortable.


Which, given Janice had contacted me to arrange via the message board to arrange this as a special treat for her daughter, was good…







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