Mother and Daughter Moments 30






So I moved on to New York – and on my day off, I decided to visit someone I had researched before leaving.  Mae Daye – yes, that was her name – ran a clothing store off 5th Avenue, and lived in Greenwich Village with her ten year old daughter Faye.  Alliterative, I know, but still…


As I made my way along the street, I reviewed the picture in my mind.  Mae was in her late thirties, with long dark hair, while Faye had short curly hair.  The chances are they would be home on this morning, as she tended to go to her business for the afternoon and evening.  Well, as I thought of what I had in my bag, today she was going to be late…


I found the block her apartment was on, and pressed on the intercom button.  I heard a very distorted female voice say “yes?”




“Come up,” she said as the main door opened.  I went in and closed the door behind myself, before taking my rucksack off and putting the paper wrapped parcel I had shown to the camera back in – then pulled on my leather gloves, and pulled the stocking down over my head, before heading up to the third floor and knocking on the door.


I waited as the lock was turned, the door opened, and a woman said “where do I…” before I pushed the door open and went in, putting my hand over her mouth as I closed the door.


One problem – this was not Mae Faye.  She had long brown hair, and was wearing a black V-necked jumper and blue jeans, the legs tucked into knee length black leather boots.


“Don’t say a word,” I whispered, “where is the woman who lives here?”


“Shhssgntwrkfrnhr,” she mumbled as I heard two younger voices talking.


“Listen carefully, I am going to take my hand away, and I want you to stay quiet, answer quietly when I ask a question.  Nod if you understand.”


I waited until she nodded before I took my hand away.  “Mae had to go to the store – I’m expecting her back in an hour,” she said in a New York accent, “who are you?”


“Today, you’re going to tell the girls in there that I’m pretending to be a robber, and you’re all going to play a game where I have to stop you all raising the alarm.  You understand what I’m saying, don’t you?”


“You’re robbing the apartment,” she said quietly, “and you’re going to tie us up to stop us interfering.  But they’re just kids…”


“Which is why you make this a game,” I said quietly, and then I heard a young girl say “Mom?”  We both looked to the side to see an eight year old girl, wearing a white lace dress, patterned white tights and short black boots with sequined stars on the outside.  She also had a pink Alice band holding her light brown hair back, a little bow on the top.


“It’s all right Michelle,” the woman said with a smile, “we’re all going to play a special game with this man.  He’s pretending to be a bad robber, but if we do as he says, we’ll all get to play a very special game together, all right?”


Michelle nodded as she said “Faye, we’re going to play a special game with Mom and Mom’s friend.”


I smiled under the stocking mask as Faye came out.  She had darker skin, and was wearing a sleeveless olive blouse over a black dress, which had elbow length sleeves and a knee length skirt, as well as black leather boots with chains round the ankles.


“You look funny,” she said as he looked at me.


“I know – so will you play with Michelle’s Mom?”


“Sure – if you’re pretending to be a bad robber, are you going to stop us moving round?”


“I am, but it won’t hurt,” I said as I looked at them, “but it will help if you both go quickly to the toilet now.”


As they walked off, I said to her mother “where is your cell phone and purse?”


“Coffee table – front room…”


“Good – let’s go in, and we can start to get you ready while the girls are in the toilet…”


When the girls came back in, Michelle’s mother was sitting on one end of a long couch, her arms behind her back as she smiled, and I had opened my rucksack up on the coffee table.  “Right girls,” I said with a smile, “I’m going to start by making sure your hands stay behind your back.”


“Come and see what he has done to me, Michelle,” the older woman said, her daughter and Faye walking round as she twisted on the couch, and showed them her bound and crossed wrists.  “Does it hurt Mom,” Michelle asked, nodding as her mother shook her head.  I picked two lengths of cord out of my bag, and walked behind the girls, kneeling down and crossing their wrists behind their back before I secured them tightly together.


I then took two more lengths of rope, and tied it round the arms and tummies of the two girls, locking their arms to their sides as the older woman kept talking to them.


“There we go,” I said as I tied the final knot on Faye’s arms.  “Now, can you both sit on the couch as well, while I make sure Michelle’s Mom cannot move her arms as well?”


As they walked round and sat themselves down, pushing back so their legs hung over the sides, I took a longer length of rope and tied the older woman’s arms tightly to her sides, taking it above and below her chest.  “Why are you different Mom,” Michelle said as she looked over.


“I’m older,” she said with a smile as I tied the ropes off, and then looked at them.  “Now you’re all sitting down, I need to make it difficult for you to get off the couch and move round,” I said as I took more lengths of rope from the bag.  “I’m going to ask your mom to put her feet on the coffee table, and then all three of you to cross her ankles.”


“Mom doesn’t like feet on the table,” Faye said as she looked at me.


“I won’t tell her she did it.”


“Let’s do this girls,” the older woman said as she crossed her ankles and rested her feet on the table, the two young girls crossing their ankles as well, as I made sure their legs were secured together below their knees, and then their ankles, the rope going around and between their legs as well.


“Wow – we really won’t be able to move off here now,” Faye said as she twisted her legs, then giggled as all three tried and there was a loud squeaking sound.


“Okay now,” I said with a smile, “I’m going to put something in your mouths so that you can’t tell anyone I’m here for a while, and then you can all sit here while I pretend to look round.”


“What are you going to put in our mouths,” Faye asked, and then she watched as I folded a cloth, and held it in front of her.  Michelle watched as I pushed the cloth in, the edges between the lips of her friend, and then allowed me to do the same to her, and finally to her mother.


“Remember – the bad robber did it to stop you talking, so don’t spit it out,” I said, the two girls nodding as I went to the rest of the apartment.  I had finished searching the main bedroom when I heard the front door open and close, and a voice say “I’m back.”


I watched from the bedroom as Mae Faye put her keys on a table by the door.  She was wearing a long grey sleeveless coat over a black t-shirt and leatherette leggings, while on her feet were a pair of open toed laced ankle boots.  I stayed out of sight as she walked to the door to the main room, then moved silently behind her as she said “what the…”


“Hllmmwrplnrbbrs” Faye said as Michelle and her mother both nodded, and then I said “hello Mae – don’t panic.  Your friend and your daughters have already started to play the game, and they want you to play as well.  Isn’t that right girls?”

As she watched all three of them nod, I heard her swallow, before she said “all right – I guess the bad robber has caught me as well.  Has he hurt any of you?”


“Nwrrffnnn,” Michelle’s mother said as I guided Mae’s hands behind her book, and secured them tightly together with cord, making sure it went around and between her arms as always.


“Play along – the girls are calm, you don’t want to scare them,” I whispered into her ear, and as she nodded I stated to lash her arms to her sides as well, her coat opening as I did so.


“Shllksklkurmfr,” Faye said as she nudged Michelle, the younger girl nodding as I tied the ropes off, and then walked Mae into the room, helping her to sit in an armchair facing the other three before I knelt down, and started to bind her legs together.


“In a minute,” I said as I pulled the rope round Mae’s legs, “I will make sure you all stay quiet, and then you can sit and try to talk to each other for a while, before you see if you can get free, all right?”


“lrrht,” the others said as I tied the ropes off, and then took another cloth, folding it and putting in into Mae’s mouth.  “You’ve all been very good at keeping the cloth in there,” I said with a smile as I produced a roll of white tape, “but now I’m going to put this over your mouths as well, to make sure it stays there until the end of the game.”


To my relief, the two younger girls nodded as one by one I pressed the tape firmly down over their mouths, their lips visible underneath as they looked at each other, and then I stood and watched in the doorway as they tried to talk.  Eventually, I slipped out, picked up my bag with my gains, and let myself out…




On the outskirts of the town I was visiting was this single storey colonial house, which was owned by the manager of the local Bank of America.  He had a wife in her late forties, and two girls aged nine and eight.  I had dealings with the branch, so I had researched Greg and Jane, and their daughters Chelsea and Myleene.  Nice kids, both with blonde hair like their mother – and on this particular afternoon, they were getting out of the jeep outside their house as I watched from the car.


Jane was a triathlete, and she looked stunning in her black V-necked sweater and leggings, which were tucked into a pair of tight over the knee black leather boots.  Chelsea was wearing a blue short dress with white polka dots, and a pair black short wellingtons with a pair of black wool socks over the top, while Myleene had a pink jersey dress with a little bow that had white polka dots at the side, and a pair of brown ankle Ugg boots.  The branch her husband worked at was open late, so I knew we had a few hours.


I watched as they walked in, and then checked the supplies I had bought later in the week in the rucksack I had.  Smiling, I got out of the car and locked it, and then slipped up the side of the house.  I was dressed in my usual work outfit – clack leather jacket over a jumper, jeans and sneakers, and I slipped the stocking over my head before checking the leather gloves on my hands, and looking to see if the rear yard was clear.


It was, so I slipped round and looked into the kitchen.  Jane was at the icebox, as they call it, looking inside, so I slipped noiselessly inside and closed the door behind me, the starting pistol in my gloved hand as I watched her take three bottles of soft drink out, close the door, turn round – and then stare at me.


“Hello,” I said with an American accent, “no shouting or calling out please – we don’t want to scare the girls, do we?”


She slowly shook her head as I said “so, listen very carefully Jane.   I am going to rob you, and I need to make sure that you and the girls do not interfere or raise the alarm until I have time to escape.”


“Oh god,” she said in a west coast accent, “my babies, please…”


“Be calm,” I said quietly, “I need you to tell them that you have asked me, as a friend, to come and play a game with all three of you, and as part of that game I need to make sure you all stay quiet and in the same place.  You were going to give them a drink?”


“We…  We were all going to have one while watching a film,” Jane said quietly. 


“Tell me, so you have a video camera?”  As Jane nodded, I said “Well, this is what I want you to do…”


Chelsea and Myleene looked up as Jane came in with the three bottles of drink, and then saw me come in behind her, carrying their video camera.  “Hello girls,” I said as I smiled at them, “your mom has a surprise for both of you.”


“Girls,” Jane said with a smile, “I’ve asked my friend here to film us doing an escape challenge.”


“what does that mean Mom,” Chelsea asked.


“He’s going to tie us to three chairs, and make sure it’s difficult for us to move or talk – and then we race to see who can get free first.  It’s going to be fun – and he’s going to film us doing it so your friends can see as well!”

“OH WOW,” Myleene said, “and he looks like a bad man too.”


“that’s the idea,” I said with a smile, “so here’s how we do it.  You put on the film you want to watch, and then I want you to put three chairs in front of the television, mom in the middle, so that your feet touch the ground.”


“I’ll do that,” Jane said as she put the bottles down, and then found three chairs, one slightly higher than the others, and set them up in a row while the girls started the film.  I then set the camera up and adjusted it so it showed all three chairs.


“Okay then,” I said, “take a seat, Mom will give you a drink, and then she’ll talk into the camera.”


As the girls sat down, Jane looked into the camera and said “hi – Chelsea, Myleene and I are about to do the super escape challenge.  The masked man is going to tie us to the chairs, and then stop us talking, and we’ll try and get free.  Girls, hold and have your drinks while he begins.”


The girls smiled and waved at the camera as they took a bottle, and I opened my rucksack, taking out six lengths of cord.  As they talked to their mom, I knelt in front of Chelsea and took her right ankle to the front leg of the chair, pulling the cord tightly round her ankle and the chair leg as I secured it in place, the rubber of the boot compressing underneath.


“How does that feel,” I said as I looked at her, and as she smiled and nodded I tied her other ankle to the left leg of the chair.  As she tried to move her leg, she giggled at the squeaking noise of the rubber and rope, while I secured Jane’s ankles to the front legs of her chair.

 A few minutes later, I had Myleene’s ankles tied to the chair legs as well, the three of them laughing as they tried to move.  I then took three more lengths of rope, and tied them round their legs below their knees, leaving a length between their limbs as I did so.


“What’s that for,” Myleene said as she looked at me.


“You’ll see – now, I’, going to tie some rope round your waists, and then to the chair back – that will make sure if you try to get free, you won’t fall off the chair and help yourselves.”


So as they had their drinks, I tied their waist to the chair backs, a little length of rope between wood and clothes.  I stood up and watched for a moment, and then said “right – I’m now going to tie some rope around your wrists to hold them together, but you can still have your drink while I do that, all right?”


The two girls nodded as I took the bottle for a couple of minutes from Chelsea, and tied her wrists together in front of her, hands palm to palm, making sure I took the rope between her wrists as well.  I then gave her the bottle back, and as she showed Jane I made sure her sister’s wrists were secured together in the same way.


Once I had Jane’s wrists secured, I tied some rope around her upper arms and body to make sure they were held in place.


“Why did you do that,” Myleene asked as she looked at her mother.


“It makes it more difficult – but it doesn’t hurt, does it Mom?”


“No it doesn’t – do you girls want the man to do this to you as well?”


They both nodded, as I tied their upper arms to their body as well – and then once they had finished their drinks, I tied their wrists to the rope between their legs.


“Now,” I said as the film played, “promise not to start while I go to the toilet?”


The two girls nodded, Jane slowly nodding as well as I went to the toilet – and raided her room as well.  When I came back, I said “now, it’s important you cannot talk easily to each other, so I’m going to put a little cloth in your mouths, and put some special tape over your mouth.  Watch as I do it to your mom.”


The two girls watched as Jane opened her mouth, and I stuck a folded rag in, before covering her mouth and jaw with a strip of white micropore tape.  “I can see your lips Mom,” Myleene laughed.




“No – me next,” Chelsea said, and a few minutes later all three were gagged.  I looked at them, then picked up the camera and filmed all three close up, before putting it back and saying “the escape challenge begins – now!


I left them to it as I beat a retreat, confident it would take them a little while to get free…




While Steve was away, there were one or two occasions when I have managed to pay a visit as well.  My usual attire of the jumper, jacket and leggings has been a little – difficult to wear on those occasions, so I have tended to wear stretch pants and a baggy jersey dress instead – but the leather gloves, and the stocking, have always remained the same.


One of the more recent occasions was a spur of the moment decision, based on a conversation I overheard in a café in Colliers Wood.  I was just having some coffee, having visited a friend, when I could not help but overhear the conversation at the next table.


The first to speak was an eleven year old girl, wearing a light pink padded coat, dark pink jeans and silver Ugg boots, as she said “the exciting things always happen to other people Mum, not us.  I just wish someone like the Games Player would visit us.”


Her long dark hair and slightly darker skin told me she was not necessarily European – and a look at her mother confirmed that.  She was wearing black jacket with an abstract coloured pattern on it, a black jumper, jeans and over the knee black leather boots – but it was the black scarf wrapped around her head and neck that kind of gave the game away.


“For one thing, we have nothing worth taking,” she said as she held her coffee cup, “and for another, why would you wish harm to come to us?”


“But Mum…”


“No – finish your drink, and we will head home.”


Well, I had the rest of the day free, and some supplies in my bag – I decided to see if I could make the girl’s wish come true.  Paying my bill, I slipped out and waited for them to leave, following as they made their way down a side street and onto a modern housing estate.


The mother unlocked the door of a detached house, and as they closed it I slipped over and quietly made my way around the side, looking at the back garden.  It was quiet, so I slipped on my gloves, and pulled the stocking down over my head, before I let myself into the kitchen.  Having first checked it was empty through the window, of course.


It was a nice, modern kitchen, and as I looked out into the hallway I could hear the television was on in the front room.  I ducked back as the mother came out and made her way up the stairs – and so I had my window of opportunity.


Slipping down the hallway, I saw the girl sitting reading a book as the radio played in the background.  So I closed the door, walked over, and put my gloved hand over her mouth as I said “hello – I heard you wondered what would happen if the Games Player called.  Well, time to find out.”


She looked up, and I could see the excitement in her eyes as she said “Rellele?”


“Really – so do you promise to keep quiet, and do what I tell you to do?”


She nodded as I took my hand away – she had taken her coat off, and the grey V-necked sweater she was wearing was visible – and I said “what’s your name?”




“All right Nadia – we’re going to play a game of hostages, but this time you’re going to tell your mother to play along.  So let’s start – lean forward, and put your hands behind your back.”


As she did so, I slipped my rucksack off, removed a length of white cord, and quickly tied her wrists together, her palms pressed together as I tightened the rope around and between her arms.  I then took a longer length of rope out, and said “so how exciting is this,” as I tied her arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest.


“I’m amazed you’re here,” Nadia whispered as her arms were forced into her sides, “but this really is exciting.  We don’t have anything worth stealing though…”


“So this really is the experience without the theft,” I said as I tied the ropes off behind her, and then used two shorter lengths to cinch the bands between her arms and her body.  As she wriggled round, I knelt in front of her, and tied her ankles tightly together, the cords sinking into the soft material of the boots as I took the rope around and between her legs.  Another length secured her legs together below her knees, as she giggled and said “you really do tie someone up, don’t you?”


“Well, you have to do it right,” I said as we heard footsteps.  I stood behind the door, and put my finger to my lips as I watched Nadia wriggling on the couch.


“Nadia, have you…  NADIA!”


Her mother stated at Nadia as she struggled on the couch, and walked forward – only to stop as I hand gagged her from behind, and said “please, no sudden movements or noises.”


“Whtasggnnnn,” she mumbled as Nadia giggled, and said “it’s the Games Player Mum – she’s come to visit us!”


I removed my hand as her mother turned round, and said “but…  But…”


“Not a word,” I said as I held up a length of cord, “turn round, and put your hands behind your back.  I have Nadia secured – it is your turn now.”


“It’s all right Mum – she hasn’t hurt me, and it is different,” Nadia said as I crossed and tied her mother’s wrists together, and then used a longer length of rope to secure her arms to her upper body, using two smaller lengths of rope as I had with Nadia to makes sure the bands were tightened on her body.


“We have nothing of value,” she said as I helped her to sit on the floor, and then helped Nadia to lie on her side, her head on the arm rest.  “Nothing you can steal.”


“I am not here to rob you,” I said quietly as I crossed and secured her ankles together with more rope, “merely to help you both share in the game.”


“See – I told you it would be exciting Mum,” Nadia said as she wriggled round, while I secured her mother’s legs together below her knees.  As she tried to move, the leather squeaked, which made them both laugh.


“Okay,” I said as I went back to my rucksack, “time to make sure you both stay quiet.”  I took out a plastic bag with clean cloths inside, took one out, folded it and put it into Nadia’s mouth as she lay on the couch, then used a second one as a stuff gag for her mother.


The final stage was some nice white micropore tape, which I pressed firmly down over their mouths and jaws, and then left them to try and get free as I headed for home…




I’ve talked before about mums and daughters who liked to dress alike – and when I came back to the UK, I paid a visit on two sisters who followed that philosophy.


Actually, my intention was to visit one sister – Amy Johnson, whose partner was a professional rugby player away on tour.  She had a seven year old daughter called Annie, and from the gossip columns and the likes of Hello, I knew the house they lived in would have some useful yields.  But, given it would almost certainly be alarmed, I had to call when they were resident.


So it was I pulled up outside the gated residence in my van, and pressed the intercom button.




“Delivery for you, Miss Johnson,” I said, and smiled as the gates swung inwards.  I was wearing a black polo shirt and pants, as well as my leather gloves – and as I pulled up at the front door, and walked to the rear of the van, I took out the box I needed as well as something else, before pulling a stocking down over my head and carrying the box under one arm to the front door – I had something else to show her when she opened it.


I smiled as Any Johnson opened the door, her long brown hair falling over the shoulders of her white lace dress.  It had a round neckline, and sleeves which flowed out from the elbow, while the skirt came to just above her knees.  She was also wearing a pair of knee length black leather boots.


But it was the way she said “yes, where do I si…”  and then backed up as she saw the starting pistol in my gloved hands, and the smile under the stocking.


“Not a word,” I said quietly as I closed the door, and put the box down, “face the wall, Miss Johnson, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Who are you,” she said as I opened the box, took out a length of white cord, and then lashed her wrists together behind her back, her hands palm to palm.


“I’m the man who is robbing you,” I said quietly as I pulled the cords between her arms, “and needs to keep you and your daughter out of the way for a while.”


“Oh no,” she whispered as I tied the ropes off, “please…”


“But we can make sure she is not afraid,” I said quietly, “so long as you pretend this is a special game.  If you play together, then it will be fun and there will be no fear.  Do you understand?”


“I understand,” Amy said as I picked up the box, “but I have other guests.”


“then they play as well,” I said quietly, “so you lead the way, and let me do the talking.”  I indicated with my gun she should walk in front of us, and then opened the door to the front room so she could walk in.


“So what was in the…”


The three people in the front room stopped and stared as I walked in.  The woman who had spoken looked like a slightly older version of Amy, and was wearing a black jacket over a white lace top, a little tail at the back, and tight black leggings with leather effect kneepads.  Her feet sat in a pair of black shoes with side zips and a white wedge sole.


It was the two younger girls that were the surprise.  I recognised Annie, a white band with a large flower holding her hair back, and dressed in the same way as her mother, save for the tan leather boots with military style fake fastenings on the front.  But there was another girl, ten years old, dressed in the same way as the older woman, a pair of pussycat ears on a white band on her hair and wearing black Doc Marten boots.


“Eve,” Amy said quietly, “we’re all going to play a special game of robbers.  This man is an – actor I hired to play the robber, and with his help, we’re all going to be playing together.”


“A game Mummy,” Annie said, “how do we play?”


“Well,” Amy said, “can you see what he’s done to my wrists?”  The two girls walked over and looked at her as she looked at Eve, then said “he’s going to do the same to you to begin with, all right?”


“Can we play Mum,” the older girl said.


“Yes, we’ll play as well Maggie,” Eve said as she looked at me.  “In fact, do me first so that they know there’s nothing to be afraid of.”


“Why don’t you girls sit with me,” Amy said as she sat down, Annie on one side and Maggie on the other, while I took some cord from the box and walked behind Eve.


“Your sister,” I said as I pulled her arms behind her, and started to bind her wrists together.


“Yeah – what are you going to do?”


“Make sure you and the girls stay here while I take your sister for a walk,” I said with a smile, “and then you all get to play a big part of the game together.”  Pulling the rope tight between her arms, I secured the ends together, and then said “go and show your daughter while I fetch some rope for them.”


“Don’t worry girls – it doesn’t hurt,” she said as Maggie looked at her, and then I said “stand up, girls, and look at your mother.”


“It’s our turn now,” Annie said as I took her hands behind her back, and tied her wrists firmly together.  “there – does it hurt,” I asked as I tied the ends together, and she wriggled her fingers.


“No,” she said as I bound Maggie’s wrists behind her back as well, and then used two longer lengths to secure their arms to their sides, the rope going around their stomachs and then tightened between their arms and sides.


“Wow – look at me mum,” Maggie said as she tried to move her arms.


“So I see,” Eve said as I told the two girls to sit on the floor, and stretch their legs out, facing the television.  I then took four lengths of rope, and used them to bind their legs together and the ankles and just below their knees, taking the rope around and between their legs as I did so.


“Now,” I said quietly to them, “I’m going to bind your mother’s arms to their sides, and you can watch the television, all right?”


Both girls nodded as I stood up, Annie making her boots squeak as she tried to move her legs.  I took a longer length of rope, and wrapped it round Eve’s arms and body, making two bands above and below her chest as her jacket was forced to the sides, and then tightened by taking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.


As the girls started to watch Phineas and Fern, I tied the ropes off on Eve, and then repeated the process on Eve.  I then helped her to stand up as Eve lay on her side, both watching the girls as I crossed and bound Eve’s ankles together, and then secured her legs below her knees.


“Now, I need to take your mummy for a walk round the house,” I said as I knelt next to the girls and looked at Eve, “but I also need to make sure you cannot tell anyone the bad robber is in the house, so I’m going to put a bit of cloth in your mouth.  It’s all part of the game, so promise me you’ll keep it in there for me?”


“We will,” Annie said as she opened her mouth, and I put the folded cloth in.  Maggie did the same, nodding as the edge of the cloth sat between her lips, and watching as I put a larger cloth in her mother’s mouth.


“I’ll be back in a little while,” Amy said as I took her by the arm, and left them watching the television as I took her on a tour of the house.


“Wthssgnnhppnnmm,” Annie said as I brought her mother back in, the cloth sticking out from the edges of her lips as well. 


“Well, the bad robber is going to make sure all four of you are the same,” I said quietly, “and then you get to try and escape.  Okay?”


All three nodded as I helped Amy to sit down, and then secure her legs with her ankles crossed, as well as below her knees.  The two mothers watched as I helped the girls to lie on their stomachs, pulled their ankles back and tied them to rope round their stomachs.


I adjusted Annie’s skirt to cover her bottom, and then made Eve and Amy lie on either side of them, hogtying them as well before I showed them a roll of white tape.


“This is going to go over your mouths – it makes it even more difficult for you to be heard, but that means it’s more fun when you try to talk to each other.”  Tearing a strip from the roll, I pressed it gently but firmly over Annie’s lips, Amy nodding as she daughter turned her head and saw the shape of her lips underneath.


I tape gagged the others, and then said “good luck – wait ten minutes, and then start.”  Walking out of the room, I put my supplies into the parcel with my findings in the rooms.  I then let myself out, and removed the stocking mask before I carried the parcel out, put in into the van, and then drove off…




I was so glad that Steve was back from his trip, but he also knew I was itching to pay a visit of my own – so he suggested perhaps doing a more traditional type of robbery, but making it an escape challenge for the people who would be at home, so that I could keep control without needing to pretend as much.


The target he had in mind was the wife and daughter of a local politician – the Right Honourable Charles Kingston, MP.  They lived in a house in a village outside town, Charles, his wife Davina and their fifteen year old daughter Abigail.  The fact their daughter was older was one of the reasons this had to be a slightly more honest approach.


So I drove to the village, and parked in the main car park before spending some time looking round the shops – until I spotted Davina and Abigail.  The teenager was wearing a blue top with long lace sleeves and a lace panel above the ruffed neckline, blue jeans and knee length ruffed black leather boots.  Her chestnut brown hair fell over her shoulders, as did that of Davina.  The mother was wearing a red jersey dress, with elbow length sleeves and a wide black belt round her waist, jeans and what looked like black ankle boots.


I followed them from a distance, holding the rucksack as it sat over one shoulder.  I was wearing a baggy black sweater and jeans, hiding my bump as much as possible, as they walked into the driveway of their home, and through the front door.  I looked round, and then followed them up, pulling down the rim of my hat as I did so.  It was a little too public for the stocking mask, so the balaclava covered my head, leaving me with only my lips and eyes showing as I knocked on the front door.


“Yes,” Davina said as she opened the door, “can I…”


“Not a word,” I said as I showed her my starting pistol, and made her walk back in, closing the door behind me.  “Is there anyone else home apart from you and your daughter.”


“No,” Davina whispered as her eyed stayed fixed on the gun, and she slowly raised her hands.  “What do you want…”


“Not to hurt you or Abigail – so please, no sudden noises, no attempts to raise the alarm.  I want you to disconnect the phone from the wall, and then take me to where Abigail currently is.”


She nodded as she unplugged the phone, and then walked in front of me to the front room.  As we walked in, Abigail looked up, and then gasped as she said “oh my god…”


“Very slowly,” I said as I looked at her, “stand up, walk to the windows and draw the curtains over, then I want you both to sit down, hands where I can see them.”  Davina watched as her daughter did as I said, and then they both sat next to each other, hands on their laps as I sat down.


“Now,” I said quietly, “I am one of what the press like to call the Games Players – and normally, I convince the mother to get any children in the house to play a game with them of robbers or kidnap or something similar.  In your case, however, I think you are old enough to know what is really happening.”


Abigail nodded slowly as I said “there is no reason to be afraid – I am going to tie you and your mother up, and I am going to make sure you stay quiet, but so long as you do not fight me or struggle, you will be fine.  If you want, think of it as acting a part in a story.”


“Okay,” Abigail said quietly as she looked at me. 


“Now – where are your mobile phones?”


“In our bags – outside,” Davina said as I slipped my rucksack off, and opened the top.


“I’ll collect them later – right now, I need to start to take care of both of you.   I want you both to kneel in front of the couch, and put your hands on your heads.”


“Just do as she says,” Davina whispered as the two of them knelt down, and put their hands on their heads.  I walked behind the mother, and crossed her wrists behind her back before I bound them tightly together, the rope going around and between her arms so that they were locked together, the knot out of reach of her fingers, the ends tucked away.


She tried to move as I secured Abigail’s wrists in the same way, the young girl staring straight ahead.  She then gasped as I took a longer length of rope, and wrapped it round her arms and body, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides and then wrapping it around her above and below her chest, to ensure she really could not move her arms.


“Why are you doing this,” she asked quietly.


“To make sure you cannot move your arms – if this was a kidnapping, they may have knocked you out.  Imagine waking up and finding yourself like this – best you know what’s happened,” I said as I tied the ropes off behind her back.


“It’s all right, Abigail – stay calm, and stay still,” Davina said, before she also gasped as I forced her arms to be locked to the sides of her body as well.


“There,” I said as I tied those ropes off, “both of you sit on the couch now.”


As they sat down, I smiled and said “let’s make this easy on both of you – tell me where your valuables are, and you don’t have to get the housekeeper to clean up the mess afterwards.  I’ll also leave you comfortable.”


“Okay,” Abigail said as she looked at her mother, trying to move her arms, “please, Mum, at least it’ll be over more quickly then.”


“Good,” I said as Davina nodded, “stand up, and let’s go to the rooms upstairs.”  We walked up the staircase, and started in Abigail’s bedroom, both of them sitting on the bed as she told me where her jewellery was.


“thank you,” I said as I put the last in my bag, “now I am going to make sure you stay in this room, while your mother comes with me to hers.”  Opening the bag, I took out two lengths of rope, and used one to secure Abigail’s ankles together, and then the second to secure her legs together below her knees.


“Please stand up Davina, and allow Abagail to lie on her side on the bed,” I said, waiting as her mother stood up and she managed to lie down before I pulled her ankles back behind her, and tied them to her chest ropes with another length of rope.


As Davina watched, I then took from the bag a roll of white tape and a cloth, and told Abigail to open her mouth.  I pushed the cloth in, and then pressed the tape firmly over her jaw and mouth, before I turned the radio on and we went to Davina’s room.


“Is she going to be all right like that,” she asked as we went into the master bedroom.


“So long as she stays still and calm, she’ll be fine – now, please, lie face down on the bed while I secure your legs, and then I can find your valuables.”




A short while later, I pressed the tape firmly over Davina’s mouth, and left the television on as she rolled onto her side and tried to free herself from the hogtie.  I checked up on Abigail, who was only moving a little as her boots squeaked, and then made my way down the stairs, closing my rucksack and taking my balaclava off before I walked out.


As I did so, however, I felt a kick inside me – and I knew I would have to stop now for a while…




“Kya aap sab theek chhota hai?”


I nodded as Amma leaned over and kissed my forehead, then looked at the man with the stocking over his face and nodded.  I wanted to say something, but that was a little difficult at the time, given the game we were playing.


My name is Dhanya, and I am ten years old.  We live in Leicester – Amma looks after me, while Appa has a gold and jewellery store, and I love them both very much.  We tend to speak Hindi at home, and English at school, just because it is easier, but my parents can speak English.  It’s just when they are surprised, they go back to Hindi – and this afternoon, both Amma and I were very surprised.


We had been to temple, and then Appa had gone to work while we went home.  I was wearing a new dress, with a cream coloured top that has short sleeves, and a black skirt with a cream fern pattern that came down over my knees, while Amma was wearing a deep red saree, with a gold pattern on the edges, and a short sleeved blouse underneath.


As we came into the house, Amma said to me “jab aap ek naashte taiyaar karate hain to aap kuchh nahin dekhate hain aur kyon dekhate hain?”  I nodded and made my way into the front room, turning on the television and finding one of my favourite programs while Amma went into the kitchen.  A few minutes later, she came back with a plate of sweet cakes and a glass of milk.  I thanked her as we sat down and started to watch Dora the Explorer together.


About ten minutes later, we heard someone ringing the front doorbell, and Amma went to see who it was – and that was when our afternoon became very different.


I heard a man talking, and then Amma came in – but there was someone with her.  He was a tall man, and wore a black leather jacket, jeans and trainers – but there were one or two strange things.  He had a pair of black leather gloves on his hands, one of them holding a rucksack – and he also had what looked like one of Amma’s stockings pulled down over his head, covering his face.


“Who is this Amma,” I asked, and she said to me “Dhanya, main chaahata hoon ki aap is vyakti se bahut saavadhaanee se sunen, aur vah aapako bataenge ki vah yahaan kyon hai.”


“Dhanya,” he said as he looked at me, “is that your name?”  I nodded as he said “Well, Dhanya, your dad has asked if I would come and play a game with you and your mother.”


“What sort of game?”


“Robbers – I’m pretending to be a bad man who has come to rob you, and I need to make sure you and your mother cannot stop me.”


“kya aipee ne hamaare lie aisa kiya?”


“haan usane kiya - to ham ek saath khelenge, theek hai?”


I nodded as the man said “now, part of the game means I have to stop you and your mummy leaving this room, and also making sure you cannot call out, but it is all part of the game, and it won’t hurt.  Isn’t that right Amma?”


When Amma nodded in agreement, I said “so how will you do that?”


“Well, let me show you first with your mother, so please – finish your snack,” he said as he took a rucksack off, and took out of it a length of white cord.  I took a drink as he guided Amma’s hands behind her back, and then did something to them.  When he had finished, she turned round and showed me her crossed wrists, and the rope holding them tightly together.  I ran my finger over it and said “does it hurt?”


“Nahin - yah tang hai, lekin yah chot nahin karata hai. kya aap manushy ko yah karane ke lie prerit karenge?”


“theek hai amma” I said as he took another length of rope, and said “turn to face your mummy, and put your hands behind your back for me Dhanya.”


I did that, and then felt the rope as he tied it round and between my arms.  When he had finished, I tried to move them apart, but he had very nicely fixed them together.  I turned and showed Amma them, then saw her smile as the man stood behind her.


“Now, the next thing I have to do is make sure your mummy cannot move her arms as well.”  Saying this, he took a much longer length of rope from his rucksack, and then wrapped it round her, pulling her saree tight as he tied her arms to her body.  She smiled and nodded to tell me she was fine, before the masked man told her to sit next to me, and took another long length of rope out.


I watched as he wrapped it around me, and forced my arms into my sides as he pulled I tight.  It made two bands – one round my tummy and one round my upper arms – but when he had finished, I really could not move my arms at all.  Looking at Amma, she smiled and said “aap is khel ko pasand karate hain?”


I nodded as the man knelt down in front of me, and used some more of the rope to tie my ankles together.  I could feel it on my bare skin, like my wrists, but it did not hurt, and he was very gentle as he took the rope around and between my legs.  He tied the ends together behind my legs, and then used another length to tie my legs together below my knees.


“Now then, Dhanya,” he said as he tied that rope off, “I need to take you mummy for a walk round the house, but I need to be sure you can’t try to call for help while I do that, so I’m going to put something on your mouth to make it difficult for you to talk.”


“krpaya, nahin - vah shaant ho jaegee main vaada karata hoon.”


“It’s all right Amma,” I said with a smile, “it’s part of the game, right?”


“yes it is – so put your lips together for me Dhanya.”  I did that, and then he took out of his bag a roll of white tape.  It made a funny noise as he peeled a length of the tape away and tore it off, and then he pressed it gently down onto my face, covering my mouth and jaw.  It pulled a little on my skin, but when I tried to open my mouth and talk I found I couldn’t!


“Kya aap sab theek chhota hai?”


I nodded as the masked man helped Amma to stand up, and then allowed me to lay on the couch, with my head on a cushion and my skirt adjusted.  He then left me to watch the television as he took Amma for a walk.


It was actually very comfortable there, and I enjoyed watching the television even if I could not really sing along with any of the songs.  I could hear the man and Amma upstairs, and I figured he was pretending to ask where she kept her nice rings and things.


Eventually, they came back in, and he asked Amma to sit in the chair near where I was lying.  She looked at me and said “kya aap theek hain dhanya?”


“Yssmmee,” I mumbled as the masked man knelt down and tied Amma’s ankles together, then used a length of rope to tie the saree around her legs.  “Now then,” he said as he took another length of tape from the roll,” it’s time for your mummy to be as quiet as you are Dhanya.  I’ll be watching from outside the room, so wait a little while, and then you can try and get free.”


I watched as he pressed the tape over Amma’s mouth, giggling as I saw the lips underneath, and she nodded as he left the room.  We watched the television for a while, and then Amma started to try and get herself free.


I tried as well, but it was no good – we had to wait for Appa to come home, and then I found out it wasn’t just a game – we really had been robbed!  And yet, it was fun…




Normally, it happens that I have to get more young people playing the game than I had anticipated.  A recent visit to a farmhouse, however, brought up the exact opposite approach…


The farmhouse belonged to a very famous jockey, who lived there with his wife Sheila and their seven year old daughter Connie.  On the day I was planning to visit, I knew he was riding at a meeting in Wetherby, which meant I had plenty of time to be about my business.


I drove into the farmyard and looked round, not seeing anyone outside but the family jeep nearby, as I got out and pulled on my gloves, then walked to the kitchen door.  Letting myself in, I pulled down the stocking over my head, and then stood behind the door as I heard footsteps approaching.


No – boot steps, as Sheila came in.  She was wearing a grey riding jacket, with a blue collar and cream leather patches, over a white roll neck sweater.  She was also wearing a cream knee length skirt, white leggings and knee length brown leather boots with a flat sole.


As she turned and saw me, she gasped ad said “oh my god…”


“Just stay calm and quiet,” I said as I closed the door, “I am going to need your help to make sure young Connie is not afraid when I take care of things this afternoon.”


“Connie – oh my god, are you going to rob me?”


“I am – so I need you to convince Connie this is a special game and she is to play along as well.  Do you think you can do that?”


Sheila nodded slowly as she said “do you promise not to hurt us?”


“So long as you don’t struggle when I secure you and Connie, you’ll be fine.”  As she nodded, I said “so, we start to play now.  Turn round, and put your hands behind your back…”


“Okay, okay,” she said as she turned round, and I crossed her wrists before securing them tightly together with the rope.  Smiling, I said “you lead the way – and remember, convince Connie this is a game.”


“I understand,” she said quietly as we walked into the front room – where Connie looked up from the couch and said “Mummy?”  The young girl was wearing a grey and white patterned smock over a white blouse, grey leggings and silver boots with black straps criss-crossed on the front.


But it was the other two women in the room that I was looking at.  One was dark haired, and wore a taupe leather jacket over a white blouse, a grey wool scarf tied round her neck.  Under her white skirt I could see dark grey tights, and her knee length cream leather boots.


The other blonde haired woman was wearing a long black coat over a black dress, tights and knee length boots, a white wool scarf tied round her neck.  “Sheila,” she said as she looked at her.


“Mum, Gail, Connie,” Sheila said quietly, “we’re all going to play a game of Robbers – this man is pretending to be one, and we’re all going to play along, all right?”


“Robbers?  How do we play that?”


“Well Connie,” I said with a smile, “I surprised your mummy, and – would you like to help your grandma and aunt play?”


The two older women looked at Sheila as she nodded, and Connie said “Sure -w hat do you want me to do?”


“Well,” I said with a smile, “we need to make sure your granny and aunt stay quiet – so I want you to go and tie their scarves round their heads, while they open their mouths.  Then they will stay quiet while the bad robber makes sure they cannot get away or raise the alarm.”


“What do you…”


“Mum,” Sheila said as she looked at the dark haired woman, “let’s all just play along, and we’ll all be together in the same way, all right?”


As Sheila sat down, I took Connie’s hand and walked over to her grandmother, taking her scarf as I said “stand behind her, and when I give you the ends, pull the scarf tight, all right?”


“Okay,” she giggled as I said “open your mouth as wide as you can.”  Sheila and Gail watched as I pulled the scarf between her lips, and handed it to Connie, who pulled back as her grandmother closed her teeth and lips over it.


“Let me,” I then said as I walked round and secured the ends together, and then said “your aunt next?”


“Yes please,” Connie said, giggling as she stood behind Gail, and I gagged her in the same way.  “Now then, I need to tie your wrists behind your back,” I said, “and then you can sit with your mum while I make sure they both stay here.”


Connie nodded as I took a length of cord from my bag, and tied her wrists together in front of her, before taking the rope round her waist to keep them against her body.  As she walked round to sit with Sheila, I took more cords out, and started to bind Gail’s wrists behind her back while they watched.


I then wrapped a much longer length of rope around her arms and upper body, before doing the same to her grandmother, both women looking at them as the wool scarf filled their mouths.  I then walked over and said “so who will be first Connie – you or Mummy?”


“Me first,” the little girl said with a smile as I took some rope, and tied her arms to her body, making two bands as I did so.  I then tied her mother’s arms to her sides, before I said “I need to take your mummy for a little walk.  Stay there a minute though.”


Walking over, I secured the legs of her aunt and grandmother with ropes around their ankles and their legs, Connie giggling as the leather of their boots rubbed together.


I then came over and tied her ankles together, the rope sinking into her boots, and then her legs below her knees, Sheila leaning over and kissing her on her forehead as I went into the hallway, and returned with one of the little girl’s brown wool scarfs. 


“Oh – are you going to put that in my mouth,” she said, and then she opened her mouth as wide as she could while I gagged her, making sure it went between her teeth and pressed her tongue down as I secured the ends at the base of her neck.


“Stay right there,” I said with a smile, all three nodding as I took Sheila by the arm and walked her to the staircase.


A few minutes later, I come back down and smile as I see them all where I left them, a dark stain developing in all three of their gags.


“Sit down,” I said to Sheila, who nodded as she sat on the far end of the couch from her daughter.  She couldn’t say a lot – the peach wool scarf was keeping her as quiet as the other three.


Connie watched as I secured her ankles and legs, and then moved her so that her head was resting on her mother’s lap, before I made her grandmother and aunt sit back to back, and secured them together with more rope.  Smiling, I said “enjoy the evening” and left them to try and escape…



Hello – looks like another member has joined the Games Player Support Club.  Welcome.


Thanks – it’s amazing just reading some of the stories here, and knowing I’m not the only one who feels this way.


So tell us something about yourself – when did you meet them?


Well, my name’s Bobbi, and I’m twelve.  I live in Wales with my mum and dad, my sister Claire – she’s a year older than me – and the brat.


The Brat?


My little brother Tommy – he’s ten.  Anyway, this happened about six months ago, but it took me that long to discover this chat room, and work out just how I felt about what happened.


Okay – start at the beginning…


Okay – it was a Sunday afternoon, and we were at home, just sitting round doing our own thing.  Claire and I were in the front room of the house, doing our homework – she had on an orange tracksuit and a blue t-shirt, with black trainers, and I had on a pair of purple tracksuit bottoms with brown trainers, and a dark brown top with a white t-shirt underneath.

Tommy was doing something upstairs in his room – he had on a patterned sweatshirt, jeans and trainers.  Dad had left that morning for a business trip, and Mum was starting to prepare dinner.  She had on a blue jumper with a floral print skirt, purple tights and long black boots.


Okay – I see the scene.  So when did you know the Games Player had called?


Well, Claire and I heard Tommy come down the stairs, presumably to go to the kitchen to get a drink.  We could hear him talking to Mum and I remember him saying “We’re going to play a game?”

Then we heard footsteps, and the door opened as Mum and Tommy came in – as well as another woman.  She was wearing a black sweater under a leather jacket, leggings and knee length fabric boots – but she also has black leather gloves on.


And a black stocking mask over her head.


Yeah – she smiled as Mum told us we were all going to play a game with the help of her friend, and Tommy said it sounded like fun.

So I asked what the game was, and Mum said it was Robbers.  Claire shook her head, but Mum said it was all right, and we should all play along.  Both Mum and Claire wear glasses, but the woman said she would take care of the later.

I asked how we were going to play, and the woman said she was the robber, and she had to make sure we could not stop her from taking our valuables.  So she told us to sit still with our hands where she could see them, and Mum sat with us while she took a rucksack off her back.


Did your mother have her hands tied behind her back?


I didn’t really notice it when she same in, but you’re right – she did, as we watched her take a length of white cord from her bag, and then take Tommy’s hands behind his back.  Mum watched with us as she used the cord to tie his wrists together, as he joked he would be able to get free and rescue all of us.


Famous last words, I suspect, but go on.


Yeah – when she took a really long length of rope out, and used it to tie his arms to his body with two bands of rope, I think he got a little worried then.  Even more so when she used two lengths of rope to tighten the bands between his arms and his body.

She told him to sit in the chair, as she took two more shorter lengths of cord and told us to stand up, facing Tommy and Mum.  I felt her take my hands behind my back, and then the rope as it was sued to hold them firmly together.  It only seemed to take a couple of minutes, but when she was done I could not move my wrists apart at all.  She then tied Claire’s wrists together behind her back as she bit her lower lip, before the longer rope was wrapped round my arms and body.

It felt strange – snug and tight as she wound it round me, above and below my chest, and then tightened it once she had tied it off in the same way as Tommy.  Claire got the same treatment, before we set back down again, and the masked woman bound Mum’s arms to her sides.

I could see that Claire’s tracksuit top had been pulled to her sides, and as she wriggled round she began to relax a little.  I was glad – if we were all playing the game, we had nothing to be afraid of.


Okay – so you all had your arms tied.  What did the Games Player do then?


She took more rope from the rucksack, and tied Tommy’s ankles together, and then his legs below his knees.  We watched as she wound the rope around and between his legs, as he asked what she was going to do.

She said she was going to make sure we all stayed in the room, and then she and Mum would take a walk round the house.  She’d then come down and make sure we were all kept securely somewhere, so that we could try to escape while she waited.  Well, I had been trying to find the knot for the rope round my wrists, and I already wondered if that was going to be possible, but I said nothing.

She then walked over, and started to tie my ankles together, the rope making the cuffs of my bottoms flare out as it was pulled tightly round my legs.  It was snug as well, and when she tied the second rope below my knees I tried to move my legs – although all I could do was move them up and down.

Claire then had her legs tied in the same way, before she stood up and took a roll of white tape from the bag.  She tore three strips off, and stuck them over our mouths, before she turned the television on and took Mum out of the room.


I know the tape you mean – it really keeps your mouth closed, doesn’t it?


Oh yes – Tommy tried to talk, but all we could hear were mumbles – and the sight of his lips trying to move under the tape, which made us giggle.  Claire and I tried to wriggle round, and see if we could free each other, but it was no good – the game meant we were secured, and we had to accept it.

After about an hour, the masked woman came back in with three glasses of water, removed the tape from our mouths, and allowed us all to take a drink through a straw.  Claire then asked where Mum was – and the masked lady said we were all going to see in a few minutes.

So we had our drink, and then we were all helped to stand up and jump across the room, and to the foot of the stairs.  One by one, we sat down and pushed ourselves up the staircase, the woman helping us to stand before we looked in Mum and Dad’s room.  Mum looked at us from the bed, and said “tsslrhhtkdds – tmfrtherstfthgm.”


She was tightly tied and gagged, right?


Right – her ankles were crossed and tied, and her boots squeaked as she tried to move her legs.  They were also bound below her knees, and her ankles were tied to the chest ropes behind her.

The white tape was pressed firmly over her mouth, and it looked as if something was in her mouth as well.  We nodded as the lady told us to go to Tommy’s room, and we jumped there.  Tommy was told to lie on his bed and roll over, before his ankles were pulled back and tied to the ropes round his chest.

I remember Claire saying did he think he would still escape, and he nodded – before the woman pushed a balled up sock into his mouth, and pressed a length of the white tape firmly over his mouth.


That would keep him quiet.


It kept us quiet as well – one of his socks went into our mouths as well, before we jumped to my room and were made to lie on my bed, side by side, before our ankles were secured to our chest ropes as well.  We looked at each other as she said she would wait downstairs, and closed the door with my radio playing.


So what did you do?


By then, I admit it – I was enjoying the game, and the sight of Tommy bound and gagged was keeping me happy.  We were like that for a couple of hours before the police arrived, and we were all freed.  Then Mum told us what really had happened – how the woman had surprised her in the kitchen, and told her to tell us it was all a game.


And now?


Well, Claire and I are here, and Tommy is struggling on our bed…




The Family that Prays Together Stays Together.  That was the poster which was outside the church as I drove past – and the family I had just visited were certainly an example of that.


The de Klerk family were well known in this area for their restaurants, and also for their contributions to local charities.  Rebekkah – and yes that was how she spelt her name – was in her late thirties, while they had two daughters – Lotte, who was ten, and Sara who was nine.  Their father, as well as a businessman, was also a prominent member of the local Lutheranean church, and on this particular day was away at a leader’s retreat – the reason why I felt it was a good time to drop by.


So it was midday when I parked in the street their house stood on, and got out of the car, looking up and down the tree lined road.  I could see their Jeep in the driveway, so I knew they were home as I walked up the driveway, and slipped into the open garage, stopping to put on the gloves and my stocking mask.


As I carefully opened the door that led to the kitchen, I saw Rebekkah at the sink.  She had her light brown hair held back in a ponytail and was wearing a blue checked blouse, a dark blue skirt with a wide brown leather belt, and knee length brown leather boots with only a small heel.  Smiling under the mask, I walked quietly in, and then hand gagged her from behind as I said “don’t panic – do as I say, and everything will be all right…”




“I’m the man who is here to rob you, so remain calm and do not struggle…” I said quietly as she wriggled in my grasp.  “If you remain calm, your daughters remain calm, and nobody comes to any harm…”


She slowly nodded as I said “so if I take my hand away, you will be quiet?”  She nodded again, and as I took my hand away she turned and looked at me.


“Please – do not hurt me or my girls…”


“So long as you do as I say, they’ll be fine – but I will need to ensure you cannot stop me.  I find that usually works better if you tell the girls you are all playing a game, and you will play with them.”


Looking at me, she slowly nodded and said “you are going to tie all three of us up, correct?”


“That is correct,” I said as I took my rucksack off, and took out some rope.


“Please, allow me to lead this, and they will do as I say – I ask only our hands be in front of us, but you make sure we cannot move them.”


I nodded as I said “I will start with you.”  I watched as Rebekkah put her hands together, palm to palm, and then secured them tightly and snugly, making sure it was cinched and the knot out of reach of her fingers.


“Thank you – we will go to them now,” she said as she started to walk into the hallway, and I followed with my bag.  We walked into the front room, both Lotte and Sara looking over at us.


“Girls,” Rebekkah said quietly, “this man has come to pretend to be a robber, and he is going to make sure we all stay in this room and cannot move.  We also will not be able to talk for a while, but it is just a game, so play with me please.”


Lotte stood up and walked over.  The young blonde haired girl was wearing a light grey sweatshirt over a white blouse, a puff ball style grey skirt, light grey tights and knee length dark grey fabric boots, and she had a dark grey beret perched on her hair.  She looked at the rope around her mother’s wrists, and then said “come and look Sara.”


The young girl came over, a white pillbox hat on her head, came over and looked.  She was wearing a long grey dress which was gathered at the sides, and I could see she also had a white blouse on underneath.  The dress came down over her knees, and she had on white leggings with a grey splatter pattern, and mid=calf black leather boots – like those her mother and sister were wearing, with only a small flat heel.


“Is that hurting, Mama,” she asked, and as Rebekkah shook her head she said “no – and the man is going to do this to both of you now as well, so out your hands together in prayer.”


Both girls immediately stood, smiling with their hands together, and watched as I tied their wrists together in front of them.  “what now, sir,” Lotte said as she watched me finish binding her sister’s wrists.


“I need to tie your arms to your sides now – so you can all stand in a line for me?”


“Stand either side of me,” Rebekkah said as the family lined up, and I used longer lengths of rope to secure their arms to their sides, making two bands as I did so.  The girls giggled as they tried to move, before I said “now then – who don’t you all sit on the floor, and stretch your legs out for me?”


They walked to the couch and all sat in front, watching as I put my rucksack down, and took out more lengths of rope.  I started by tying Sara’s ankles together, side by side, taking the rope around and between her legs and tying it off, before I bent them so that the soles of her boots were flat on the floor.  Pushing up the hem of her skirt very slightly, I tied her legs together below her knees, and then put her forearms on her thighs before I tied her wrists to that last band of rope.


“I will make sure you are all like this,” I said with a smile, “and then I am going to have a look round the house.”


Lotte nodded as I bound her ankles tightly together, bent her legs and secured them, and then tied her wrists to that last rope.  Rebekkah leaned over and kissed both girls on the forehead, saying “when he leaves the room, we will pray for release together, all right?”


“Yes Mama,” they both replied as I tied her wrists to rope around her legs, and then smiled as I left them with their heads bowed, quietly praying…




When I returned, I gave both girls a drink of water, and dried their mouths – before I pressed long strips of micropore tape firmly over their mouths and faces.  As they tried to talk, Rebekkah said “Girls – we will be quiet, and when the man leaves us, we will pray together silently.  Understand?”


They both nodded and watched as I tape gagged their mother, and left them to their devotions, driving past the church with the poster as I departed…




This one actually happened some months ago, but I haven’t written about it yet, for reasons that will hopefully become clear.


The family in question, the Braithwaites, lived in Morecambe, and on this particular afternoon I was walking a short distance behind them on the seafront as they took in the fresh air.  The mother, Alison, was in her early thirties, and was dressed for the cold weather – a black jacket with a purple woollen hat and scarf, a dark jumper and leggings, black leather gloves and boots.  Her oldest daughter, Carol, was twelve, and wearing a black hat and scarf with a red coat, jeans and black gloves and short leather boots with ankle straps.  Amy was ten, and wearing a blue hat and jacket, jeans and short black leather boots with a side bow.


Now they were well known for their local business – Alison ran a clothes store – and as they turned to go home I followed from the same discrete distance.  I was parked in a public car park, but had everything I needed with me.


They lived a short distance from the beach in a nice detached cottage, and as they walked in I decided to give them a few minutes before I went in.  As it was cold, I had decided this was one of those occasions when the balaclava would be needed, and it currently formed the hat on my head, my leather gloves already on.


So I took a deep breath, walked up to the front door, pulled the balaclava down over my head, and let myself in.  I could hear the television in the front room, and looking in I saw the two girls – Carol wearing a black jumper, Amy a blue one – watching television.


The noise in the kitchen told me where Alison was, so I took my starter’s pistol out of my pocket, and walked in.  she had removed her hat and scarf, both on the back of a chair with her coat, and as she looked at me she went “what the…”


“Be quiet,” I whispered as I closed the door, “no need to tell the girls I am here yet, and spoil the game for them, is there?”


“The…  Oh my god, you’re the Games Player?”


“That’s right,” I said quietly, “so I need you, Alison, to play along so that the girls do not get upset.  You understand?”


She nodded slowly as I said “Good,” and then realised there was a bump under her jumper.  “how long?”


“Five months – please…”


“Remain calm Alison,” I said quietly, “I have to make sure none of you can raise the alarm, but that can be done in a way which will not harm you or the baby.  I need you cross your wrists in front of you – you will be more comfortable that way.”


Alison nodded and watched as I took a length of cord from my rucksack, and tied her wrists firmly together in front of her.  I then took a longer length of rope and tied her upper arms to her sides, the band sitting above and below her chest but on top of the bump, before cinching it with two smaller lengths of rope between her arms and her body.


“There,” I finally said, “the ropes are not on the bump, and you should be secure once we have all finished.  Now, shall we get the girls to play along?”


“You promise they will not be hurt?”


“Only restrained,” I said as I opened the door, and we walked to the front room.  Carol turned and looked at me, and then looked again as she said “Amy…”


“Hello girls,” I said with a smile, “don’t be scared – this is a game your mother asked me to come and play with all of you.  Isn’t that right, Alison?”


“that’s right,” she said with a smile, “this man is pretending to by a robber, and he’s already surprised me and stopped me moving my arms.”


Amy stood up and walked over, before she said “is he going to do that to us?”


“Something similar,” I said “but I’m going to tie your hands behind your back, and when I am done, you and your sister will be like wriggly worms on the floor.”


“How,” Carol asked.


“Well, if you both come here, and let your mum sit down, I’ll show you,” I said as I put my rucksack down, and Alison sat in a chair.  They came over, and within a few minutes I had their wrists crossed and secured behind their backs, and their arms tied tightly to their sides, the bands cinched round their bodies.


“Wow – it is tight,” Carol said as she twisted round, Amy nodding in agreement.


“Good – now, sit on the floor, facing the television, and cross your ankles for me,” I said with a smile, and again within a few minutes their ankles and legs were secured with rope around and between their limbs.


“now then,” I said quietly, “I need to make sure you two stay here, so I’m going to put you on your tummies facing the television, with a cushion under your heads, all right?”


They both nodded, Alison watching as I hogtied them both, their boots squeaking as they rubbed together, and then turned the television on – before I used brown sticking plaster as a gag for each of them.


“Will you girls be all right like that,” Alison said, both of them nodding as I put on Star vs The Forces of Evil, and invited Alison to take a walk round with me.  We returned a half hour later, their mother now also sporting a brown plaster gag, before I helped her to lie on the couch and bound her ankles and legs.


That was how I left them as I left the room, took off my balaclava and walked out of the house.  And the reason for the delay?  The announcement of the birth of their baby brother was just published…




I’m told it’s unusual for boys to tell the story of when they met the Games Player – and I’m only eight years old as well at the time a few years ago, but Mummy said it might help me get over what happened.


So – it was a cold day, and I had been to the park with Mummy.  I was well wrapped up, wearing a red coat over a black jumper, thick trousers, and trainers, as well as fingerless gloves and a blue hat on my head.  Mummy had a white shawl with a black check wrapped round her head and neck, her black hair just visible and the scarf tucked into her brown wool jacket.  She was wearing long black leather gloves, blue jeans and those funny black boots which look like cloth at the front and leather at the back.


So we had been to the park, and I had played on the swings and things, before we walked back to our house.  It was a typical Saturday nothing unusual – until we went into the house, and I turned to see why Mummy had suddenly stopped talking.


There was a man behind Mummy – he looked funny, with something stretched over his head – ad he had a gloved hand over Mummy’s mouth.  He looked at me, and smiled as he said he was here to play a surprise game with me and Mummy.  I asked him what the game was, and he said Cops and Robbers – and he was pretending to be the robber now.


I looked at Mummy as he took his hand away, and she said we were going to play the game together.  The man was going to make sure we could not move, and stay together, while he pretended to look for money and things.


He told us to take our coats off, so I took my coat and hat off, but he then told me to keep my gloves on.  As for Mummy, she took her coat and scarf off, but kept on her long gloves as they covered the arms of her blue jumper.


I asked Mummy how we were going to be kept still, and the man smiled as he said he would show me.  He took off a rucksack, and took a length of cord from it, before he told Mummy to put her hands behind her back.  He did something, and when Mummy turned round I saw he had used it to keep her wrists together.


I asked her if it hurt, and she shook her head as the man walked behind me, and took my hands behind my back.  I felt him put my mittens on my hands, and then the rope as it pulled my wrists together.  IT didn’t hurt, but it felt strange.


The man then asked us to go and sit in the front room, so we did that, sitting side by side on a couch as he closed the curtains.  He then took a longer length of rope from his bag, and wrapped it round my arms and tunny, tying it so that I really could not move my arms.  He then tied some rope around Mummy’s arms, so that she could not move them either, before he knelt down in front of us.


He said I was playing the game wonderfully, Mummy smiling at me as he tied my ankles together, and then my legs below my knees, my trousers squeaking as I moved my legs.


He then tied Mummy’s ankles together, and her legs as well, the tops of the boots sticking up under the second band of rope. I saw he took the rope around and between her legs, like he had done with mine, and it felt really snug.  I couldn’t feel the rope either, and the white band on Mummy’s black and blue costume was nice to see.


She smiled at me, then leaned over and kissed my forehead as the man took a blue scarf from his bag, rolled it up and tied a knot in the middle of it.  I wondered why he had done that – and then he told Mummy to open her mouth, and he put the knot between her teeth before tying the band round her head.  I wondered why he did that, but when she tried to talk to me, she sounded really quiet and funny.


The man said he was going to do the same to me, so I watched as he rolled a second blue scarf up, and then opened my mouth as he put the band in.  It felt funny, the knot pressing my tongue down, and the band tied tightly on my cheeks, but when I tried to speak I sounded as funny as Mummy.


The man told us to stay where we were, and he left the room, Mummy looking at me and kissing my head again as I cuddled against her.  The man had turned the television on before he left the room, and we watched some programs before he came back in.


He said he was going to play the next bit of the game now, as he helped to lie down with my head on Mummy’s lap.  He tied some rope from my wrists to my ankles, and then tied some from Mummy’s legs up to my chest, so that I had to stay where I was.


He said he’d watch as we tried to escape, but I was too comfortable and too tired – it was only when Daddy came home we were released, and I discovered the truth.  Thing is, ever since then I’ve got excited at seeing people tied up.  Is that bad?







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