Mother and Daughter Moments – 31







While I was stateside recently, I did spend a pleasant afternoon at a small stud farm – but it was business as well as pleasure…


When I arrived, the main group of workers were busy in the stables, giving me the opportunity to visit Barbara.  The wife of the farm owner was in her early forties, and I knew her thirteen year old daughter Babs would be at home as well – it wasn’t a school day, after all.


So I parked out of sight of the main house and walked quickly over, wearing a checked shirt and jeans with a bandana tied over my throat, and riding gloves.  As I reached the side of the house, however, I pulled the stocking down over my head, and made my way into the house.


I soon located Barbara – she was in the office, concentrating on paperwork.  She had short cut chestnut brown hair, and was wearing a denim waistcoat over a short sleeved white blouse, open at the neck, faded jeans and light tan ankle cowboy boots.   So as I closed the door and she looked up, I was pleased to see the confusion in her face.


“Good morning,” I said with a smile as I showed her my gun, “please, do not raise the alarm or reach for any guns.  I would so hate for there to be any mess.”


“You’re English – what do you want,” Barbara said quietly.


“Your cooperation – and your help for when we face the inevitable task of making sure you and your daughter cannot raise the alarm.  Do I have that?”


She smiled as she said “well, this is a different approach.  What is your intention?”


“Please – open the safe, then sit back down and put your hands behind your back.  Once I have them secured, I will empty the safe – and then we’re going to play a game of Robbers with your daughter.”


She smiled as she stood up and opened the safe.  “So, a cowboy robbed us.  She’ll never believe this is real.”


“That’s kind of the point,” I said as I took off my backpack, retrieved a length of cord and tied her wrists tightly together.  I then took a longer length of rope out, and wrapped it round her upper body, securing her arms to her sides as I framed her chest in two bands.


“I see you’ve done this before,” Barbara said as she sat back, watching as I emptied cash and jewels into a bag.


“A few times,” I said with a smile as I stood up.  “But the time has come to join your daughter.  Where is she?”


“Probably in the den,” Barbara said as I helped her to stand up, “but one thing?”


“And that is?”


“My niece is visiting – you’ll have to tie her up as well.”


“Then I will have to do that – shall we?”


When we entered the den, Babs looked up and said “what the…”  She was wearing a long sleeved blue blouse over a white t-shirt, jeans and knee length tan riding boots, but it was the younger girl saying “is that a bad cowboy Aunt Barbara?” that made her laugh.


“I’m afraid it is Jean,” she said with a smile, “and he is going to make sure we cannot move or talk for a while.  But then we can try and free each other, so it’ll be a great game for us all to play, all right?”


Jean nodded as she looked at me.  She was ten years old, and wearing a long sleeved purple dress, lighter purple tights, and brown cowboy boots.


“So this is a game Mom,” Babs said.


“That’s right – so I want you to stand in front of me while the robber does to your arms what he has done to mine. It feels as if you are getting a great big hug that never ends.”


“Goodie,” Jean said as she came over, Babs following her as Barbara sat down.  She talked to them as I guided their hands behind their backs, crossed them and secured them together with rope, Jean giggling and Babs wriggling her fingers as I did so.


“Now for your arms,” I said as I started to wrap the rope around Babs, pinning her arms to her side as she asked her mother “so what is he going to do to us?”


“I imagine he’s going to make sure we stay in the den,” Barbara said as she looked at me, “and that we’ll be quiet, but perhaps he can put a film on for us to watch before we try and escape.”


“Oh yes please,” Jean said as she watched the bands around her cousin’s chest.  Babs nodded as I cinched the bands between her arms and body, and then repeated the process on Jean, before I invited them to sit either side of Barbara, taking more lengths of cord from my pack as they did so.


“So are you going to tie our ankles as well,” Babs said as I doubled the first length over, and knelt down.


“And your legs – but ankles first,” I sais as I wrapped the rope around her booted ankles, and pulled them together.  As I bound them, she tried to move her legs, the leather squeaking as she did so.


“That sounds funny,” Jean said, “can we make that noise as well?”


“Wait until the bad cowboy has finished,” I said as I took the rope between Babs’ legs and tied it off, and then tied her legs together below her knees.  As she raised her legs and looked at them, I moved over to Barbara and started to bind her ankles together as well.


“See,” she said as she wriggled her legs, Babs joining in, “we can all do this!”


Jean laughed as I tied her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees – unlike her aunt and cousin, I tied her legs so that her skirt covered them.


“Now,” I said as I tied the knot off, “time for the bad cowboy to keep the rancher’s family quiet?”


“What are you going to do – tape our mouths over,” Barbara said as she looked at the girls.


“Nope – more traditional,” I said as I took a red bandana from my pack, rolled it into a band and tied a knot in it, and then eased the knot into barbara’s mouth, tying the band round her head as she closed her lips over the packing. 


“Are you all right Mom,” Babs asked as she looked at her mother, Barbara nodding as I rolled a black bandana into a band, knotted it, and used it as a cleave gag on here.  Finally, I used a white one to gag Jean, before I helped Barbara and Babs to lie on the floor facing the television, and hogtied them.  I hogtied Jean as well, lying on her side on the couch, before I started a collection of DC Super Hero High for them to watch as I left…




Sometimes, when I visit, I arrive quite literally in the middle of something – and if it is possible, I will let that something come to a conclusion.  Case in point – Martha Jenkins and her twelve year old daughters Jenny.  Yes, Jenny Jenkins…  Her dad, Martha’s husband, was a television director, and on this particular Saturday was on location, allowing me to call and play a game with them.


It was about midday when I pulled up in the driveway of the house, and took a moment to check I had everything I needed in my rucksack, before I got out and locked the car door.  Putting my trusty rucksack on my back, I put on the gloves, and the stocking mask, before I opened the front door as quietly as possible.


I could hear a young voice in the kitchen, but as I looked carefully in the front room I saw Martha looking at a newspaper.  She had curly blonde hair, and was wearing a blue top with a black leopard print, black jeans and mid-calf grey suede boots.  Smiling, I slipped in and closed the door, before saying “Good afternoon, Mrs Jenkins.”


She looked at me, and I saw the neckline of a black top under the top, before she said “oh my god…”  I took that moment to show her my starting pistol, as I said “please, no shouting or screaming.  Do as I say, and you and Jenny get to spend an exciting afternoon.”


“What do you want,” she whispered quietly.


“For now, for you to listen.  I am going to rob you, but I do not want you or your daughter to be hurt or get upset, so if you do what I ask you to do, the worst is that you both have to spend some time unable to move or speak.”


“And what do you want me to do?”


“Well,” I said as I took off my rucksack, “right now, I want you to turn and put your hands behind your back.  Once I have them secured, I will explain what comes next.”


I sat behind Martha and guided her hands behind her back, taking some cord as I crossed her wrists and then firmly securing them together.  “You need to convince Jenny that this is a special game set up by you and her father,” I said as I wrapped the rope around her wrists, “and that you’re going to play it together.”


“I’ll see you and raise you – my husband is working on a crim drama, and I know there’s an upcoming episode where a family is taken hostage,” Martha said as I pulled the rope between her arms, “I’ll say we’re acting that out – we do from time to time.”


“So long as Jenny plays along, that’s fine,” I said as I took a longer length of rope out of the bag, and used it to bind her arms to her body, bands above and below her chest as I pulled it tighter with each pass, and then tightened it with ropes between her arms and body. 


“She will,” Martha said, “and she’ll get the other girls to play along as well.”


“Other girls?”  I was starting to get the feeling I had a little more work to do...  Ting the ropes off, I helped Martha to stand up and put my rucksack on my back, before we walked into the kitchen.


“Hey Mum – we just finished making the gingerbread, and…”


Jenny was wearing a pink hooded top, blue jeans and black mid-calf suede boots, and was looking at through her glasses, while her two friends looked on as well.  One of the girls had a pink floral clasp in her blonde hair, and was wearing a black cap sleeved top with neon stick figures on the front, black jeans and pink felt ankle boots.  A long brown scarf was wrapped loosely round her neck.  The third girl had darker hair, and wearing a grey t-shirt over a long sleeved white top.  The t-shirt had the logo of Brigham Young U Cougars.  She also had on blue jeans, the legs tucked into black felt boots.


“Jenny, Dad has decided we need to act out an episode,” Martha said as he wriggled round, “and this is the actor he has hired to play the part of the kidnapper.”


“So what are you girls doing,” I said as I looked at the mixing bowls and the lit oven.


“Gingerbread houses,” the girl in the grey top said.


“Quiet Amy – Mum, I don’t know if the girls…”


“Oh it looks fun – what do you say Ellie?”


“I’ll give it a go,” the third girl said, “but we need to finish the gingerbread house first.”


“Of course you do,” I said with a smile, “but when it is finished, I want the three of you to be the kidnapped daughters.  All right?”


The three girls nodded and went back to work as I helped Martha to sit down, and we watched three very talented girls at work.


About an hour later, they all clapped as they looked at the gingerbread house.  “Very good,” Martha said, “but now it’s time?”


“Indeed – all three of you wash your hands, and then come over here,” I said as I opened the rucksack, watching as they talked at the sink and then came over.  Taking a length of cord, I said “okay – Jenny first, s you girls can see.  Cross your wrists in front of yourself.”


“Not behind my back?”


“Oh trust me – this will work,” I said as Jenny crossed her wrists, and I wound the doubled over cord around them, continuing as I secured her wrists with the rope around and between her arms.  I then tied the cord around her waist, making sure her wrists were secured to her front.


“That looks cool,” Amy said as Jenny wriggled round, “me next.”  I obliged by tying her wrists together, and then Ellie’s.  I then took three longer lengths f rope, and tied them round their arms and chests, ensuring their arms were bound to their sides as their jumpers and tops were stretched.  Smaller lengths of rope under their arms, as with Martha, made sure they stayed tight.


“Now, we need to take all of you to a hideout,” I said as I picked up my rucksack, “so up to your bedroom please, Martha.”


“Let’s do as he says girls,” Martha said as she stood up, and we made our way to her bedroom.  Now, I know what you’re thinking – they’ll know it’s a real robbery, but I had seen a safe in a side room, and figured things were there.  First, however, three girls needed to be secured.


As we walked into the bedroom, I told all three of them to sit on the side of the bed, while Martha sat on the chair by her dressing table.  Kneeling in front of them, I used cords to make sure their ankles were tightly bound, the rope sinking into the soft material of their boots as I pulled it tighter.  Once the ropes were cinched and tied off, I repeated the process around their legs below their knees, taking the rope around and between their legs as they talked to each other.


“Now,” I said as I looked at them, “lie on the bed, Jenny in the middle, and get comfy – you’re gonna be here a while.”


“What about Mum,” Jenny asked as she lay down, the three girls watching as I tied their wrists to the rope around their legs below their knees.


“Your mother will come back in a few minutes,” I said as I then tied their ankles to the foot of the bed, “I need to get her to send a message to your Dad.  But before I go, I need to make sure you three girls keep nice and quiet.”


I gently removed Ellie’s scarf, and put it to the side, before asking them all to open their mouths, while I put a clean scrap of folded cloth into their mouths.  Covering their lips with white tape, I smiled and told them to be nice and quiet, while Mum recorded the message.


Taking Martha out of the room, I promised they would be fine, and asked her the combination to the safe.  Once that was done, I gagged her in the same way as the girls, and brought her back in, sitting her on the floor and binding her legs, and then helping her to lie on her side watching the girls as I hogtied her.


“Whtrsggnhhpppnnw,” she said as she wriggled on the floor.


“I’m going to make sure your husband does what I need him to do,” I said with a smile, “once he has, he’ll be told where you are.”


“rrreevreeebdmnn,” Ellie mumbled, the other two girls nodding in agreement.


“I suppose I am – now lie still, and you’ll be fine,” I said as I left the room, went downstairs, and emptied the safe.  I checked on them, and then quietly left – making sure I called the police a suitable length of time later…




I know I was not meant to go on visits at this point, but Steve needed my help with this one visit, so I agreed to accompany him.  I couldn’t wear my usual Games Player outfit, so we decided for this visit we would be more formal.  I put on a black dress that hid my bump, and a pair of flat shoes, while Steve put on a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie and shin shoes.  A disguise that has worked in the past.


And for this visit, we were off to Kent, and the home of avant garde artist Justin du Champs.  He lived in a house near Sittingbourne with his wife Dora, his ten year old daughter Billie and his nine year old son Joe.


And the reason for the visit?  A very nice pay cheque for a recent commission well advertised, and a recent magazine feature – so we got into the car, and headed off round the M25.


It was about three in the afternoon when we pulled into the driveway of the house, and got out, Steve carrying a briefcase and me a large handbag as we walked up to the front door.  Looking at each other, we put on our leather gloves and pulled the stocking masks down over our heads, before I knocked on the front door.


We stopped and waited as the front door was opened by Joe.  He was wearing an Atlanta Falcons top, long dark grey sleeves with a light grey body, tartan checked trousers and grey trainers.  He looked up, and stayed silent as Steve put a finger to his lips, and I guided the young boy back in, closing the door behind us.


“I need you to be very quiet,” Steve said as he looked at Joe.  “We’re here to play a surprise game with you, your sister and your mother.”


“What sort of game,” he said quietly.


“We’re pretending to be robbers,” I said, “and in this game, all three of you are going to be captured by the bad robbers and held hostage until the police come to rescue you.  Now, that means we have to act like, and do things real robbers would, but it is all just a game, all right?”

Joe looked at us for a moment, and then nodded as Steve opened his briefcase, and took out a length of cord.  “Good – because you get to play first Joe, and then your sister and mother can join in.  Can you face the wall, and put your hands behind your back, while the bad man makes sure your hands stay behind your back?”


“Does it hurt?”


“No – it doesn’t hurt,” I said with a smile as Joe turned to face the wall, and Steve doubled the rope over before using it to tie his wrists together behind his back.  I watched as the rope went around and between his arms, before Steve tied it off and said “there – now, I want you to take me to where your sister is.”


“Billie?  Not Mum?”


“Oh let’s get your sister to play first as well, and then your Mum can join in,” I said with a smile.


“Okay – she’s in the front room, and Mum’s upstairs.”


“Front room it is then,” I said as he walked in front of us, Steve opening the door as we went in.  Billie was sitting on the floor, watching the television with her knees bent, and her chin resting on them.  She was wearing a black and grey striped top, with a yellow chick printed on the front, and a pink skirt with white polka dots.  She also had on a pair of black leggings, and black Ugg boots with grey toe tips, and as we came in she looked round, and then looked round again.


“Why have you got your hands behind your back Joe,” she asked, “and why are their heads covered?”


“They’re playing a game of Robbers with us – look at what they did to me already, Billie!”  He turned round and showed Billie his tied wrists, his sister examining the ropes before she said “wow – so are you going to do that to me as well?”


“that’s right – and then your mum,” I said as Steve took some rope out, and guided her hands behind her back as well, the two children talking as he made sure her wrists were secured.  When he had finished, Steve said “now – if you both sit down on the chair, my friend here is going to do the same to your ankles and legs, and then we’ll go and bring your mum into the game.”


“Okay then,” Billie said as she walked over and pushed herself back onto the settee, Joe sitting next to her as Steve handed me four ropes.  I started with Billie, crossing her ankles and tying them tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, before doing the same to her brother.


“Now then,” I said as I passed the rope between Joe’s legs and tied it off, “my friend here is going to talk to your mother, and then she’ll join in the game.  While he does that, I’m going to do a few things to make it even more difficult to get around as part of the game.”


Steve nodded as he took some ropes and left the room, and I said “so, how would you like it if I made sure your arms were fixed to your bodies.”


“How would you do that,” Billie asked as I doubled over a long length of rope.


“Let me show you,” I said with a smile, “Joe, can you shuffle forward a little please?”  I waited as he did so, and then wrapped the rope around him, pulling ends through the centre loop behind his back as his arms were pulled into his sides, the band under his chest.  I wrapped the rope round several times, around his stomach and his upper body, before tying the rope behind him, and using two shorter lengths to cinch the bands between his arms and his sides.


“Wow – it’s like have a great big hug,” he said as he twisted round, “you need to have this as well Billie.”


And so, a few minutes later, Billie also had her arms tied tightly to her sides, and the bands cinched in the same way.  They sat and talked to each other as I made a few preparations, then smiled as I heard Steve say “as I promised, your children are already playing, and they’re really looking forward to you joining them.”


“Well, are you enjoying the game,” Dora said as she smiled at them.  She was wearing a black fleece over a grey t-shirt with a print of a bespectacled tiger on the front, the sides of her fleece pulled to her sides by the bands of rope around her arms and chest.  Her hands were already tied together behind her back, while the legs of her dark jeans were tucked into a pair of over the knee black leather boots.


“We are Mummy,” Billie said, “are you going to play now as well?”


“I am indeed,” she said as she sat down, and Steve said “my friend here is going to do the same to Mummy’s legs as she did to you, and then we have a special treat to make the game all the more exciting.”


“What’s that,” Joe said as I knelt down and crossed Dora’s ankles, before I started to tie the together with rope.   “You’re doing great,” I whispered as I looked at her, “keep them believing it is a game, and then it’s not so bad when they find out.”


“I don’t want my kids scared,” Dora whispered back as I tied the rope between her ankles, the leather boots squeaking as she tried to move them.  I then took a second rope and tied her legs together below her knees, nodding as I said “good – then keep it up.”


“Right,” Steve said with a smile, “the bad robbers need to make sure none of you can call for help or raise the alarm, and we do that using a bit of cloth and some tape.  Who wants to go first?”


“I will,” Dora said as I stood up, “show then that it’s all part of the game.”


I looked at Steve and nodded as he folded a piece of white cotton, then pushed it into Dora’s open mouth.  “It gets more comfortable after a while,” I said as she closed her lips over it, watching as she nodded while Steve tore a strip of the wide white micropore tape from the roll, and pressed it firmly over her mouth.


“Is it all right Mum,” Billie asked as she watched Dora trying to move her lips under the tape, before she looked over and nodded.  “Tsllrhthtucnhfftt…”


So I folded two smaller pieces of cloth and put them into their mouths, before I gently and firmly pressed the tape over their own mouths as well.  I then sat and talked to them as they wriggled round, while Steve took care of business.


We then left them with the television on, promising the good guys would come soon – and I’m sure they did.  After all, we called them an hour later…




Past stories have involved occasions when, to keep the younger generation calm, their dolls have ended up in the same predicament as them.  This, however, has to be the first time Mum and Daughter both had a friend with them…


I had planned to visit Maidstone for some time, and this particular day it was a woman called Fi Callard – she ran a retro fashion store in the town, and was also a fairly successful Vlogger, with some very nice jewellery from what I had researched.  She had an eleven year old daughter, and today I was sat in my car, watching them as they walked down the street.


Fi was wearing a blue sleeveless dress, with a Japanese tree and birds pattern on it, and a dark blue shrug style cardigan with long sleeves.  Her red hair was in a bun on her head, held in place with a blue scarf, and she had a wide black belt fastened round her waist.  The dress came to her knees, and she had flat black slippers on with a bow at the toe.  She was also wearing pearls and rings, as well as a pair of tortoiseshell glasses.


Mercy, her daughter, had a purple coat on over what looked like a blue dress – a princess one at a guess, given the tiara on her head – white tights and toeless laced white sandals.  The really unusual thing as they both carried a rag doll in the arms – Fi’s in a blue dress, and Mercy’s a purple one, and with orange cloths tied over the hair of the dolls like a scarf.


Anyway, I let them get in, allowed them a few minutes to settle – and then got out of the car, dressed in my usual black clothing as I put my rucksack on, and walked up to the front door.  It was unlocked, so I slipped inside and pulled the stocking down over my head, listening for a moment before I walked quickly to the door to the front room.


I glanced in, and saw Fi and Mercy sitting next to each other on the couch.  Mercy had taken her coat off, and I saw she was indeed wearing a princess dress as she and her mother played with the dolls.  This, I felt, was one of those times when surprising both of them was the key, so I opened the door and came in, saying “aha – I see the Princess Mercy and her governess are alone.  Perfect – for me to kidnap them both!”


Fi stared at me for a moment, and then figured out who I was, as she said “oh no your highness, this bad man means to take us and demand a ransom from your father the king!”


Mercy looked at me, and then at her mother, before she said “is this a game Mummy?”


“Yes it is – this is a friend who is playing the part of a kidnapper – he’s not going to hurt us, but it will be as if we really had been kidnapped and held to ransom.”


“So what will he do to us?”


Fi looked at me, and I said “I tell you what – why don’t I get you and your mummy to do to your dolls what I will do to you, then you’ll see what will happen.  Why don’t you each give your dolls a big hug while I sit down?”


Mercy nodded and hugged her doll while I sat down and opened my rucksack.  I was now in the habit of carrying some string as well as a small knife, so I cut a length of string and handed it to Fi, saying “first, the dolls need to have their hands held behind their backs, so they cannot escape easily.  Watch what your mummy does, and then you can do it to your doll.”


Fi looked at me and nodded, then said “watch me Mercy” as she took the arms of her doll behind her back, and tied the hands together.


“Would you like to do it now?”


Mercy nodded as I cut some more string, and then she tied her own doll’s hands behind the back of the body.  I then handed them each another length of string, and told them to tie the ankles together.  When they had done this, Mercy said “will you do this to us?”


“I will – and a little more.  First, I want you to tie the doll’s legs together over their skirts.”  I watched as they did this, and then said “good – now we tie their arms together around their tummies.”




“It makes it safer, and more difficult for them to get free after they are kidnapped,” I said, Mercy nodding as they both did the same.  When they had finished, Fi said “see, they can’t move very easily now, can they?”


As Mercy shook her head, I said “so it’s time for me to kidnap the Princess and her governess.  Why don’t you give each other a big hug first?”


“I’ll keep you safe Your Highness,” Fi said as she hugged her daughter, while I took to the first length of white cord. 


“So I want you to sit with your hands on your lap, Your Highness,” I said to Mercy, and as she did so I took Fi’s hands behind her back and began to tie them firmly together.  As I took the rope around and between her arms, she smiled and said “see – it doesn’t hurt at all.”


“Will you tie her arms as well,” Mercy asked, and I nodded as I took a longer length of rope, and wrapped it around her mother’s arms and chest, tying it off and cinching it with two smaller lengths between her arms and her body.


“And now,” I said as I took the rope again from my bag, “it is your turn, Your Highness.  Face your governess, and put your hands behind your back.”


Fi smiled and wriggled round as I tied her daughter’s wrists together behind her back, Mercy looking over her shoulder as I did so.  “It really doesn’t hurt,” she said as I tied the ropes off, and then tied her arms to her sides in the same way as her mother, so that they were locked in place.


“Now, in a moment I need to take you both to the hideaway,” I said quietly, “but I need to make sure you - and the two ladies in waiting – are quiet.”  Taking my roll of white tape from my rucksack, I tore two small strips off and pressed them over the mouths of the rag dolls, Mercy’s eyes widening as she said “They cannot talk now!”


“No – and neither you or the governess will in a minute, your highness,” I said with a smile, “but I need to do something extra to both of you.  Open your mouth please.”


“Do me first,” Fi said, so as she opened her mouth I put a folded white cloth inside, Mercy watching as her mother closed her mouth, and I pressed a long strip of the micropore tape over her lips.


“Are you all right,” Mercy said, and as her mother replied “mffnurhhhnss” she giggled before opening her own mouth, and letting me gag her.  Collecting the two rag dolls and holding them in my arms, I said “Right – walk in front of me, we’ll use your room as my dungeon Your Highness.”


Mercy nodded as we walked up the stairs and we entered her room – me noting the television in there as I said “good – please, sit on your bed your highness.  I need to secure our legs and make sure you stay there.  Then our governess will come with me for a few minutes to record a ransom demand, before she joins you.”


Mercy nodded as she sat down, and I crossed and tied her ankles together, before tying her legs together over the skirt of her dress, as I had done with the dolls.  “I need you to watch the two ladies in waiting,” I said as I helped her to lie down, made sure her skirt was straight, and then put the rag dolls next to her as she lay on her side. 


“Lkppthmsff,” she mumbled as Fi watched, and I turned the television on to keep her occupied while I took her mother to the next room.  “Thank you for your cooperation,” I whispered, “in return, you keep the jewellery you are wearing – but show me where everything else is.”




When I returned with Fi a few minutes later, I helped her to sit on the floor beside her daughter’s bed, and secured her ankles and legs together as is aid “I go now to deliver the ransom message.  My guards are outside the door, so do not try to escape, understand?”


They both nodded as I left the room, the house, the town…




Recently, I had to travel to France, which presented a unique opportunity for an unplanned visit.  I was in a small town near Lille when I saw this blonde haired woman walking round the market with her daughter, who looked to be about eleven.  The woman was wearing a fawn coloured jumper over a blue blouse, and a knee length skirt with a floral chintz pattern as well as gold sandals.  Her daughter had on a sleeveless dress, in the same design as her mother’s skirt, and white sandals.


I was, I admit, at a bit of a loose end, but I did have my bag with me, so as they walked across the car park I retrieved it and then followed them along a side street, and watched as they entered a large house.  There were windows on the street side, and through them I saw them go into a second floor apartment.  This was about one thirty in the afternoon, so I presumed the father was out – and I hoped so, as I walked into the open door, and walked up.  I had a stocking and gloves in my bag, which I slipped on, but I was also wearing an open necked shirt and jeans.


Taking a moment to control myself, I knocked on the apartment door and waited.  A couple of minutes later, I watched as the door opened, and the mother said “Puis-je vous aider…


She stepped back as I came in, closing the door and putting my hand over her mouth as she stood by the wall.  Restez calme, ne criez pas” I said in a quiet voice “
Je sais que votre fille est avec vous - quelqu'un d'autre dans l'appartement?”  She shook her head, as I said “Bien - Je ne souhaite pas vous faire du mal à vous ou à votre fille, mais si vous ne faites pas comme je l'ai dit, ce ne sera pas sympa. Comprenez vous?”


I watched as she nodded and then said “Si je me retire, promets-tu de ne pas crier?”  She nodded again, and as I removed my hand she said “Qui es-tu? Qu'est-ce que tu veux ?


Comme vous l'avez demandé, je suis ici pour voler vos objets de valeur, mais si vous et votre fille font comme je l'ai dit, elle n'aura pas peur et vous ne causerez aucun préjudice.


She looked at me, and said “Et comment allez-vous faire cela?


Smiling, I replied “Je veux que vous prétendiez que c'est un jeu que vous et elle joueront, et que je prétends seulement. Dites-lui que je ferai quelque chose pour que vous ne puissiez pas vous déplacer ou parler pendant un moment, mais vous serez ensemble, et si elle veut regarder quelque chose avec vous.


She nodded slowly as she said “Très bien, qu'est-ce que tu veux que je fasse?


Une première question: avez-vous une bande dans l'appartement, médical ou autre?


Dans la salle de bain et la cuisine - pourquoi?


Donnez-les moi s'il vous plaît” I said, and we went to the bathroom, the mother handing me a roll of white medical tape from the medicine cabinet, and then the kitchen as she gave me a roll of duct tape.


Alors que nous sommes là, faites un verre pour vous et votre fille, puis amenez-moi à elle.


She took two glasses from a cupboard, and poured milk into both, before we went into the front room.  Her daughter looked up, and said “Maman - qui est l'homme avec le masque sur la tête?


Tout va bien Annette, she said as she handed the girl a glass of milk, c'est un ami que j'ai demandé de venir jouer à nous un jeu de voleurs avec nous deux.


Un jeu de voleurs? Comment jouez-vous cela?


I smiled as I said “Je vais utiliser cette cassette pour vous assurer que votre maman et vous restez dans cette pièce, agréable et calme, alors que je prétends lui voler de belles choses. Ensuite, vous pouvez essayer d'échapper avant l'arrivée de la police.


Avez-vous votre lait Annette - l'homme vous montrera ce qu'il va faire à mes jambes d'abord.  Annette sat back on the couch and watched as I crossed her mother’s ankles, and used the white tape to secure them together, and then taped her legs together below her knee.


Voir? Cela ne fait pas mal, et je ne peux pas bouger mes jambes. Prêt pour lui de faire de même pour vous?


Annette nodded and watched as I crossed her ankles, and then taped them and her legs in the same way as her mother.  She tried to move them, and giggled as she said “Que ferons-nous alors que nous ne pouvons pas bouger ou parler?


Nous pouvons regarder Madeline si vous le souhaitez, n'est-ce pas?

I nodded as she finished her milk, and put her glass down.  I then took her hands behind her back, Annette watching as I taped her wrists together, and then took the tape round her waist to further secure them.


Est-ce mon tour maintenant?


“Oui,” I replied as I did the same to Annette, and she settled in the corner of her seat as her mother smiled.


Alors, comment allez-vous vous assurer que nous ne pouvons pas parler?


comme ça” I said as I tore a strip of duct tape from the roll, and pressed it firmly over the older woman’s mouth, Annette watching as she said “Csstbinennet.  Tearing a second strip off, I pressed it gently over the young girl’s mouth, and then started the film before I searched the apartment.


When I looked back in, Annette had moved across the seat and was sitting with her head on her mother’s side.  I smiled, said they could start to try and get free at the end of the film, and quietly slipped out…




Dress up can be fun – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve incorporated the girls wearing some sort of costume into the games – but I recently met two girls with the mother of one of them who took the idea of dress up to a rather different level.  If they were adults, there is a phrase I would use, but anyway…


Audrey Horne ran a retro clothes store in Newbury, and had been in the local press for the fact she was selling real fur coats.  Now given they are a matter of history, I can see both sides of the argument, but I confess it was the jewellery she was wearing in the interviews that caught my eye.  She was young – mid-thirties – and she had a twelve year old daughter called Tabitha.  Her husband worked away – always convenient and tricky at the same time.


So it was early evening, on a day my research said her husband would be home later, when I walked up to the front door of their detached house, my rucksack on my back and wearing my usual black clothing.  I reached up and pulled down the usual stocking, tucking it into the collar of my jumper, before I tried the front door.  It opened easily, so I slipped in and quietly closed the door behind myself.


I could hear movement upstairs, but more pertinent at that point was the sound of two girls talking in the front room.  As I got closer, I heard one girl say “You have such lovely soft fur Tabby.”


“I know – I preen myself all the time…”


Well, this was intriguing, so I slipped to the other side of the door and looked in.  I could see Tabitha, her light brown hair cut to touch the shoulders of a pale blue knitted top which had a zip at the front over a yellow t-shirt, blue jeans with a star motif and knee length black leather boots, her jeans tucked into them.  With her was another girl of the same age, with brown hair in two pigtails.  She was wearing a white jumper, black trousers and trainers.


But both girls had their faces painted to look like cats, with black tips on their noses, whiskers and the like.  They looked at me before the second girl said “Tabby, who is this?”


“I don’t know Molly – who are you mister?”


“Me?  I’m the man who is pretending he has come to steal the valuables from the lady who owns two fine Persian cats,” I said with a smile, “although I do hope they don’t purr so loudly they get their mistress upset.”


The two girls looked at me, before Molly said “do you really think we are fine Persian cats?”


“Well what else would someone who lives in a house like this would be,” I said with a smile, “so would the kittens like to be stroked?”


I did feel a bit funny saying that, but when they walked over to me and rubbed their heads against my side as they knelt, I had to reach down and pat their heads with my gloved hands.


“Now, the bad robber has to go and find the lady of the house, but he also wants to make sure the kittens stay in the room, curled up in a basket.  Would you like to do that?”


“How will you make sure we stay curled up and quiet,” Molly said as she looked at me.


“SO glad you asked,” I said as I slipped my rucksack off, “can you both sit down on the floor, and bend your legs for me?  I can use some rope to keep your legs together, then do something so you both are curled up in a ball.”


“Will it hurt?”


“Not at all – and you’ll be little kittens curled up and quiet.”


They both nodded as they sat down, watching as I took some cords and tied the ankles of both girls together.  I also secured their legs together below their knees, the rope going between their legs on both bindings.  Tabby twisted her legs from side to side and said “this is different.  IS Mummy going to have this done to her as well?”


“Yes – but slightly differently.  After all, she’s not a kitten is she?”


Both girls shook their heads and giggled as I said “Now, I’d like both of you to bend your knees, and wrap your arms round your upper legs.”


I smiled as both girls did this, and then took another length of cord before I knelt beside Tabby.  Crossing her wrists under her legs, I secured them tightly together, and then tied them to the rope around her ankles.  She looked at Molly as I bound her in the same way, and then took more rope and tied it round their arms and upper bodies.


“There now – in a moment, I’ll make sure you’re both lying asleep,” I said with a smile, “but first, I need to make sure the kittens stay quiet.”  Taking a roll of brown sticking plaster from my bag, I tore two strips off and pressed them firmly over their lips, before I helped them both to lie on their sides, with cushions under their heads, and turned the television on.


“Now, the man has to go and find your mistress – when he finds her, we’ll make sure she comes and stays with both of you so that she knows when you wake up.  All right?”


Both girls nodded as they started to purr, while I picked up my rucksack and made my way up the staircase.  I soon found Audrey, who was making the bed in Tabitha’s room, her back to the door.  She was wearing a fawn coloured jumper, a crimson scarf with a gold pattern tied loosely round her neck, and a grey tiered skirt.  Her legs were in a pair of crimson tights, a pair of over the knee brown leather boots completing her outfit.


She turned and saw me, as I said “hello Mrs Horne – please, don’t scream.  I should tell you I have already met Tabitha and her friend, and they’re already secured downstairs.  They think they’re playing a game, and you’re going to play with them.  I strongly suggest, for your sake and theirs, you play along.”


“And what are you really here for?”


“To rob you,” I said with a smile, “so please, do as I say, and in return for some time unable to move or speak everyone will be happier.”


Audrey slowly nodded as I said “so, turn round, and put your hands behind your back, and while I bind you, you can tell me where your valuables are…”



“See – I brought the mistress down to make sure her kittens are all right.”


“Hllmmm,” Tabitha said as she saw Audrey – I had bound her wrists together behind her back, and then wrapped rope around her upper body to secure her arms to her sides.  The scarf was now rolled up and pulled between her lips, the crimson contrasting with her brown hair.


“Errugurrlshllrht,” she said, both girls nodding as she sat on the long couch, watching as I secured her ankles and legs together, and then helped her to lie on her side.  Tabby and Molly looked at me, and then mewled as I moved them over so that they could look at Audrey.


“Ellfffmelttlekettns,” she mumbled, the two girls smiling under their tape gags as I slipped out.  I had about an hour to get away before the husband and father came home…




Steve asked me to come with him for this visit, even though my bump really was starting to show, to act almost as a babysitter.  It was local, and I was missing seeing him playing the games, so I agreed to come along.  I wore a long black loose fitting dress for this visit, with black knee length boots, while Steve was in his usual outfit.


The reason for the babysitter was we were visiting the Mayor’s house – and at a time when, in order to get access, Mrs Judy Finn would be out with her daughter.  So, we needed to start with the housekeeper – a lady in her early fifties called Agnes James.  And given it was a Saturday we were visiting, Steve knew the chances were high she would have her granddaughter, six year old January, with her.


So at about eleven that morning we drove up to the front of the house, looking at the side garage, and noting it was closed.  “Guess it’s the front door then,” Steve said as we put on our leather gloves, and then pulled the stockings down over our heads.


“Are you all right,” he said as he looked at me – I was feeling a bit gassy, but I nodded as I took the canvas bag we had brought in my hand, and we quickly left the car, walking up to the front door as I watched while Steve rang the doorbell, and took the starting pistol we sometimes had to use out of his pocket.


I recognised Agnes James as she answered the door, wearing a white Arran sweater, and blue jeans with the legs tucked into knee length black leather boots.  She looked at us, and whispered “oh no” as Steve walked in, me following and closing the door.


“Hello Agnes,” he said quietly, “our business is with your employer today, but I’m afraid you and January are going to need to be kept out of the way, so I’m inviting you to tell her you’re going to play a game of Kidnap.  Do that, she stays calm and happy, and so do you.  Do you understand?”


“Please, don’t hurt her,” she whispered.  “If you both play, you won’t be hurt,” I said as I smiled under the stocking.  “I’ll be the kidnapper who watches over you until the ransom is paid.”


“What are you going to do with Mrs Finn and Cathy?”


“They will have their own game to play,” Steve said, “but for now, our attention is on you and your granddaughter.  Where is she?”


“In my rooms,” Agnes said as Steve took a length of white cord from his pocket, and took her hands behind her back, crossing and tying them tightly together.  We then walked through the house, and into a room at the back, where I saw January sitting on a leather couch and reading a book.  The young blonde haired girl was wearing a cream coloured fairy dress with a lace skirt, white tights and short black leather boots.  She looked up at us, and said “what’s happening Granny?”


“These are friends of mine,” Agnes said, “and we’re going to play a game of Kidnap today.  We’re going to pretend to be a famous writer and her daughter, who are been held hostage until a ransom is paid.”


“Like in the films?  Will we be tied up as well?”


“Have a look at your granny,” I said as January walked round and looked at the way her wrists were tied, before she said “so we really will be like hostages?”


“You will,” I said with a smile, “but I will be staying to make sure you are all right, and you can watch anything you want while you play.”


“Don’t worry – we’ll play together,” Agnes said, January nodding as Steve handed me a length of white cord.


“So, do you want your hands in front of you or behind you?”


“Behind me,” January said as she put her hands behind her back, and I tied her wrists together, trying to ignore the stomach ache I was feeling.  She looked at Agnes as Steve took some more rope, and tied her arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest and then cinching the two bands.


“Will you do that to me as well,” January said as she looked at me.


“Oh yes – watch,” I said as I pulled the rope around her, hearing her giggle as I tied her arms to her sides.  They then both sat on the couch as I and Steve each took a length of rope, Steve binding Agnes’ ankles while I tied January’s together.  She giggled as she tried to move them, the rope rubbing on her boots as they squeaked, while we made sure they both had their legs secured together below their knees.


“So,” I said as I turned on the television, “what would you like to see?”


“Can we watch Cbeebies, Granny – sorry, rich mummy,” January giggled.  Agnes nodded as Steve took from the bag the roll of white micropore tape.  “What’s that,” she whispered.


“It’s a special tape – when we put it on your mouth, it stops you from talking very loudly,” I said.  “Watch what happens when we put some on your Granny’s mouth.”  I tore a long, wide strip off and pressed it firmly over Agnes’ mouth, smoothing it down so there were no air bubbles or creases, and January could see the shape of her lips underneath.  Agnes turned and said “Cnnuhhrrmmm” as her lips moved underneath.


“Cool – do it to me,” the little girl said, so I tape gagged her as well, then sat down as they watched the television, January leaning against Agnes as Steve took the bag and quietly left.


As Janna sat with the housekeeper and her granddaughter, I slipped out and stood in the corridor as I heard the front door open and close.  I stayed quiet as Judy Finn walked past, her black hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a black blouse which was unbuttoned at the neck, blue jeans with a black leather belt, and knee length black leather boots.


“Mrs James,” she called out as she walked into the kitchen, “where are you?”


“She can’t come at the moment,” I said as I followed her in, Judy turning and looking at me.  “And I need you to remain clam, and listen very carefully to what I say, because she and January do not want anything bad to happen to you.


“Or them.”


She looked at me, and then slowly nodded as she said “so what are you going to do?”


“Well, rob you – but I have no wish to upset you or Cathy unduly, so we’re going to pretend this is a game of robbers – that way, everyone remains calm.”


“You’re the Games Player, aren’t you?”


I nodded as she said “very well then – but we do it so that I bind her, under your instruction, and then you bind me.”


“As you wish – where is she?”



As we walked into the front room, Cathy looked at us and said “Mum, is this a robber?”


“A pretend one,” Judy said, “so we’re going to play a game where this friend of mine is going to make sure we cannot stop him from robbing us.  Will you play if he shows me what to do to you, and then he does it to me?”


“Okay then,” Cathy said with a smile.  The ten year old had her black hair braided into two pigtails, and was wearing a pink sweatshirt over a short pink floral dress, striped leggings and pink trainers.  “What do you want me to do?”


“Go and close the curtains please,” I said as Cathy did that, and I put the bag on a low table.  Taking out a length of rope, I said “double it over – Cathy, come back here and stand with your hands behind your back.”


As she did so, I said “now, cross her wrists, then wrap the rope round them, feed the ends through the loop, and pull back against it.”  Judy nodded as she did this, Cathy looking forward as her wrists were forced together.


“Now, wrap it round three more times, keeping the bands neat and tidy, then feed the ends through the top band.”  Judy did this, then I told her to separate the ends, and take them between her daughter’s arms, tightening the binding before she tied the ends together, and tucked them out of reach of her daughter’s fingers.


“Now then,” I said as Cathy looked round, “we need to tie your arms to your body.”  I took out a longer length of rope, handed it to Judy and told her to double it over, then showed her how to secure Cathy’s arms to her sides with two bands, before tightening them with two short lengths between her arms and body.


“It’s like a big hug,” Cathy said as she twirled round and smiled. 


“As good as my hugs,” Judy said as she wrapped her arms round Cathy and kissed her forehead.


“No,” Cathy giggled as she sat down on a leather couch, watching as I showed Judy how to tie her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees.  As she watched, I then bound her mother in the same way, so that they were sitting side by side.


“Now then,” I said with a smile, “I need to keep you both quiet, and I’ll then pretend to go and look for valuables.  It’s just a game, of course, so can I trust you both to stay there while I do that?”


Judy looked at me and nodded – she knew we also had the others hostage, even if Cathy didn’t.  So I tape gagged both of them, and then left the room, making my way up the stairs and helping myself to her valuables.


When I came back down, I looked into see that Cathy was now lying on her side, her head on her mother’s lap, her eyes closed as she breathed in and out through her nose.  I nodded and said “remain calm – you will all be fine, and I thank you for your cooperation.”  Judy nodded as I closed the door, and went to see how Janna was.


I looked up as the door opened, and Steve looked in, nodding as I stood up.  “We’re going to collect the ransom now,” I said as January looked at me, “so keep watching, and you will be released soon.”  She nodded as I followed him out, and we removed the stocking masks before we walked back to her car.


It was as we were getting in that I felt a strong cramp in my stomach, and then felt a warm flow down my legs.  I looked at Steve, he looked at me – and we drove.


Which is why I can tell this tale in my bed, as little Stephanie lies beside me in her crib, fast asleep and new born…




Respect is always the watch word when I visit – particularly if there is a cultural thing to take care of. Especially so if it helps to keep everyone calm and things moving smoothly.  That was certainly the case with a recent visit to Belgravia, to see what I could find at the home of a Japanese businessman.


Mr Sato lived in a large house with his wife Mariko, his mother Itsuko and their eleven year old daughter Keiko.  Mariko’s sister Chiyo, two years her junior, also lived nearby, and my research had shown she and her own six year old daughter Minae were frequent visitors – a fact I had to be prepared for.


Mariko was in her thirties, while Itsuko Sato was in her early sixties – and as I watched them walk up the main road towards their house, I took a moment to assess the situation.  Itsuko had on a light purple padded jacket over a chocolate brown sweater, brown pants and flat shoes, while her daughter in law had a black jacket with a wide grey lapel fastened over a top, and blue jeans with the legs tucked into straight light beige leather boots.


Keiko had her black hair in a ponytail, and a darker purple padded jacket over a white blouse, a grey skirt with little dark grey dots, dark tights and black leather ankle boots.  They were each carrying two bags, as they walked to the house and then inside.


I waited for a few moments, and then got out of the car, carrying a grip bag with me rather than a rucksack this time.  I was also smartly dressed – a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie and highly polished shoes.  I was also wearing dark glasses – and leather gloves on my hands.  I had to pray that showing respect in this way would cover for the lack of stocking mask in this case.


I walked up to the front door, ringing the doorbell as I reached into my inside jacket pocket for something I wished to show whoever answered the door.  A few minutes later, I heard the door lock turning, and smiled as I saw Itsuko Sato open the door.


“Yes, how may I…”  She saw the pistol in my hand, and backed slowly up as I came in and closed the door behind myself.


“Forgive the intrusion,” I said quietly, “but I have some business to conduct with your daughter in law, and I wish to offer her, as well as you and your granddaughter, the chance to play a game as I conduct that business.  For now, please do not try to raise the alarm or announce my presence, to anyone outside this house.”


Itsuko looked at me, her greying brown hair framing her face, as she said “and what do you plan to do?”


“Ensure you all cooperate, but I have no desire to harm any of you.  It will be necessary for me to make sure none of you can raise the alarm or interfere, but I will do it in a way which hopefully not be too upsetting, and possibly even exciting.”


“And how – ah, I have heard of you.  Do you not normally cover your head with a stocking?”


“I do – but I think this is more appropriate for today.  So, will you do as I ask?”


“You do have manners – very well, so what will we do now?”


“Where is the rest of your family?”


“We were having tea,” she said quietly.


“Good – let us join them, and I will take the lead.”  We walked into the front room, Mariko and Keiko looking up as Mariko said “who…”


“Good afternoon Mrs Sato,” I said quietly, “I have come, as requested, to help you and the rest of your family enjoy an afternoon pretending to be hostages.  I have explained already to your mother in law that this is a game, and although I have been charged as you requested to make it as realistic as possible, no harm will come to any of you.”


Mariko looked at Itsuko, who nodded as she said “I had forgotten you had informed me of the plans for today – Keiko, this is a special game, and you will be with me for the game, so do not be afraid.  We will have fun together.”


“Will Aunt Chiyo and Minae play as well,” Keiko said, “when they arrive?”


“I am sure they will,” Itsuko said, “so what are your requests, young man?”


“That you finish your drinks,” I said with a smile as I put the grip bag on a table, “it will be necessary for you and your grandmother to stay in this room for a while, Keiko, so while you drink I will be using some rope to secure the ankles of both of you together.  I will do your grandmother first.”


Itsuko sat next to her granddaughter and handed her the glass of milk, as I took two lengths of white cord from the bag and knelt next to her.  “Please remain seated,” I said as I looked at Mariko, “and finish your tea.”


“It is all right, Mariko, we will do this together,” Itsuko said as I doubled one length of rope, and bound her ankles tightly together as she sipped her tea, Keiko watching as I did so.  She smiled as she said “see – it is firm, but it does not hurt, so allow the man to do the same to you.”


“Yes Grandmother,” she said as I took the second length of rope, and tied her ankles together as well, the band sitting on top of her boots as her mother watched.  “It doesn’t hurt,” she said after I had tied the rope between her legs, and she lifted them up to have a look. 


“Once you have finished your drinks,” I said with a smile as I stood up, “we shall proceed with making sure both of you stay in this room, while you walk round the house with me, Mrs Sato.”


“And what will the rest of my family be doing,” Mariko said quietly.


“Keiko may pick a film to watch, but they will do so quietly.  Have you finished your drink?”


Keiko nodded as I took another length of cord from the bag.  “Then I need to make sure your hands are kept secured out of the way – so that it is more difficult to escape.  Can you put them behind your back please?”


“Don’t worry- we will all have our wrists secured in some way,” her grandmother said as she did what I had asked, and I secured her crossed wrists together behind her back.  She twisted round a little, as I took a longer length of rope, and tied it round her arms and stomach, locking them into her sides.


“Now then,” I said quietly as I took another length of rope, “I will ask your mother to put her hands behind her back as well, and then I need to make sure your legs are secured a little more.”  Both of them watched as I crossed and secured Mariko’s wrists together behind her back, taking the rope around and between her arms as well.  She then sat back as I took more rope, and secured the legs of Itsuko and Keiko together below their knees as well.


“There,” I said as I tied the rope behind the older woman’s legs, “now…”


“What the…”


We all looked to the door as two new arrivals stood there.  They both had black hair, the older woman with hers pulled back in a ponytail, and were wearing padded beige coats, blue jeans and black knee length leather boots, the little girl holding her mother’s hand.


“Hey Aunt Chiyo,” Keiko said “we’re all playing a game where this man is pretending to hold us as hostages.  Grandmother said you and Minae would play along as well.”




“We are all playing,” Mariko said with a smile, “so take your coats off, both of you, and you can join in as well.”


“But it looks as if it will hurt,” Minae said quietly.


“It does not hurt,” Itsuko said, “come and have a look at our legs.”  I watched as Chiyo helped her daughter to take her coat off, revealing a blue sweatshirt, and she came over, touching the ropes as her cousin moved her legs up and down.


“But I don’t want my hands behind my back…”


“You don’t have to,” I said with a smile, “and if you want, your grandmother can hold you and hug you while you play.  All I want you to do is to put your hands together in front of you.”


“It is all right, Minae,” Mariko said as her mother looked at her, “we will all be playing at the same time.”  The little girl nodded as he put her hands together, and I bound her wrists as her mother removed her coat, revealing a white jumper.  She watched as I tied the ropes off, and then secured her arms to her sides in the same way as her cousin.


“Now then – would you like to sit on your grandmother’s lap?”  Minae nodded as she walked over and sat on Mitsuko’s lap, watching as I took two more lengths of rope and tied her ankles and legs together, then used another length to tie her ankles to the rope around Mitsuko’s.


“That means you stay there – and so does the hug your grandmother is going to give you now,” I said as Itsuko put her arms round Minae, and I tied her wrists together in front of her as well, and then tied them down to the rope around Mina’s legs.  Finally, I tied a longer rope around both of them at their waists to hold them together.


“Now then,” I said with a smile, “I need to make sure your Aunt Chiyo stays here with you as well.  If you will put your hands behind your back?”


“What would you girls like to watch,” Itsuko said as I crossed Chiyo’s wrists behind her back, and then secured them tightly together, before taking a longer rope and wrapping it around her arms and body, binding her with two bands above and below her chest, then cinching the bands between her arms and her body.  I then did the same to Mariko, before I asked her to stand up and asked Chiyo to sit down.  I then secured her legs at the ankles and below her knees, as Minae rested her head against her grandmother’s chest.


“So – what will you watch?”  They told me which channel, before I said “now, I want to take your mother and aunt for a walk round, but the man holding you hostage has to make sure you stay quiet.  So I have something for each of you.”  I wanted to be traditional, so I took from my grip bag a long strip of white cloth, with a double knot tied in the middle.  Walking behind Chiyo, she opened her mouth as I eased the knot behind her teeth, and then tied the band round her head.


“Can you say anything, Mummy,” Minae said, giggling as Chiyo said “nuuttelututt.”


“I have one for each of you as well,” I said as one by one I gagged Itsuko and her granddaughters, and then left them to watch the television as I took Mariko out of the room.  “Now,” I said quietly, “remember who is in there, and show me your valuables.”




“How are you doing,” I said as I walked back in with Mariko, her mouth now also gagged with a knotted strip of cloth.  Keiko was sitting with her head against Mitsuko’s arm, as her grandmother turned and kissed her head, then that of Minae.


“swhhhepeennw,” Chiyo said as I looked at her.


“now the man has to make sure you cannot raise the alarm,” I said as I helped Mariko to sit on the floor, and then tied her ankles and legs with more rope.  They watched as I helped her to lie on her stomach, and pulled her ankles back, tying them to her chest ropes.


“Hmmmlkkssfnnn,” Keiko said as I helped her aunt to lie next to her mother, and bound her legs to her chest ropes in the same way – and then took two wide white scarves out, and tied them tightly round their heads, covering their mouths and chins.  I’d seen it in an old movie, and wanted to try it.


“Weerrlelecnt, mmfff,” Chiyo said as they wriggled round, their boots squeaking as they rubbed.




I looked at Mariko, who nodded as I helped Keiko to lie next to her and hogtied her as well, then over gagged her before I over gagged the other two, and left them struggling and watching television…







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