Mother and Daughter Moments 7









I met Janna at a bar a couple of months ago – I’d gone with some friends after going to the football match, and she was there with some of her girlfriends.  We’d hit it off, and after we talked for a while I asked her if she wanted to grab a coffee some time.  She said yes, and one thing had led to another, so that we had been going out for a few weeks.


She has short black hair, and deep blue eyes, with a slim build and a love for wearing leather jackets.  Now, of course she knows nothing of my other life – she knows I have a job that takes me around the country, and she works as a legal secretary, but we were really getting to know each other.  So much so I knew this was getting serious – and yet I still kept paying surprise visits.


Janna’s four years younger than me, but her parents lived some way away, so I knew very little about her family – at that point.  That was about to change – a lot.  I’d been looking at a family for a few weeks – Dad worked at the bank, Mum had long blonde hair and dressed well, and their ten year old daughter was as cute as a button when I had seen them at the shops in the town centre.  I’d already decided to visit them that Saturday in the afternoon, and was looking forward to seeing Janna later that night at the pictures.


I was sitting in my car as Mum walked past with her daughter at about one.  Mum had on a blue overcoat, with shiny black leather boots underneath, while the girl was wearing a black coat over a pair of jeans and trainers.  They walked up to the front door and let themselves in, before a few minutes later Mum reappeared with Dad, got into the car and drove off.  There was obviously a babysitter in residence, but I wasn’t going to abandon the visit just because it wasn’t Mummy at home.


As they went down, I opened my bag and looked at my new disguise.  I was getting uncomfortable with the hose, so I picked out the false beard from the back, and fixed it to my face with some spirit gum, the ginger tache and hair framing my mouth.  I then put on the pair of sunglasses that were underneath the beard, and pulled the rolled up cap over my hair to cover it.


Looking at myself in the rear view mirror, I nodded and then got out of the car, taking my bag with me as I walked up to the front door of the house. 


The door was unlocked, and as I slipped in I pulled down the rim of my cap, covering my head with the balaclava so that only my mouth was showing, the shades covering my eyes.  I could hear the little girl playing some sort of game with whoever the babysitter was.


I found out who that was however, when I heard Janna say “I’ll go and get us a drink,” and then saw her walk out of the front room and into the kitchen.  Now I didn’t know what to do – do I get out of there now, or what?


The decision was made for me, however, when she came back and saw me standing in the hallway.  She was going to scream, so I quickly walked up to her and pushed her against the wall, my gloved hand over her mouth as I looked into her eyes.


Now I had a real dilemma on my hand – the way her eyes were wide open told me she had not recognised me, but the moment I spoke the jig was up.  For a while, however, I had been practising lowering my face and trying a different accent, so I steeled myself, and said in a Scottish accent “Ye’re no gonna scream now, are ye?”


As she shook her head, I relaxed a little and said “Guid – now, we’re gonna play a wee game with your wee girl in there.  Are you her mother?”


She shook her head and mumbled “Mhrrnt.” 


“Say that again,” I said as I removed my gloved hand.  Janna swallowed and said “She’s my niece – please, Carol’s only ten, don’t hurt her...”


“Hurt her – I told ye, we’re gonna play a wee game of robbers,” I said as I looked at Janna.  “You’re gonna tell her this is just a game, and get her to play along, and that way nobody gets scared or hurt, right?”


I watched as Janna nodded, and looked at her.  Her brown leather jacket was open over a white t-shirt, and she was wearing denim jeans and trainers as well.


“Good,” I said as I turned her round, and took a length of cord form my pocket, using it to tie her wrists together before tying a folded black scarf tightly over her eyes.  “Now, we go in, you tell her this is a game of robbers, and your friend is going to make sure neither of you can move or talk, all right?”


Janna nodded as we walked back into the room.  Carol was sitting on a big leather armchair, wearing a black top with white polka dots over another white one, jeans and a pair of white socks.


“Who’s the funny looking man, Aunt Janna,” she said as she looked at both of us.


“He’s come so that we can play a game of robbers,” Janna said quietly.  “He’s blindfolded me and tied my hands so that I cannot see what he is doing, but I want you to play along with both of us and do what he says, all right?”


“Are you going to tie me up,” Carol said quietly as I helped Janna to is ton the couch.  “Aye, I am lass,” I said in my Scottish accent, “but it’s like a game of statues.  I’m going to help you to stay still for as much and as long as possible, and the last person to move wins, all right?”


“Will you tie a scarf over my eyes as well?”


“If ye want me to, I will, but I want you to see what I do first so that you are not scared.  Can you make a fist with your hands for me, as if you’re gripping something really tight?”


Taking my rucksack off, I took out a roll of white tape and made her fist into white balls, before I crossed her wrists behind her back and started to tie them together as she stood in front of me.  that feels nice and tight,” she said as I passed the rope between her arms, and then tied some rope around her waist, followed by a band around her arms and tummy, locking her arms into her sides.  One more band went around her upper arms and shoulders, before I said “D’ye think ye can move yer arms now?”


“No – and it’s not scary, Aunt Janna,” Carol said as I helped her to sit on the big chair, and then tied her ankles together, side by side, as well as her legs below her knees.   Once that was done, I got her to tuck her legs under her body, and tied her ankles to her chest ropes as she wriggled round.


“Now I need to make sure yer auntie is just as snugly secured,” I said as I brushed Carol’s hair away from her eyes.  “Do ye want tae watch that as well, or do ye want the blindfold?”


“I’ll take the blindfold,” Carol said as she smiled at me, so I folded a blue scarf into a band and tied it over her eyes, before walking over and starting to wrap some rope around Janna’s arms and chest, before I bound her wrists more tightly and made her lie down.  Ropes followed around her ankles, knees and thighs, before I went back to my bag and said “Right – ye need to be helped to keep quiet now, so open your mouths as wide as you can.”


As they did so, I pushed a folded bandana into Janna’s mouth, and a small handkerchief into Carol’s, before winding the white tape around their heads to keep it in, and then looking at both of them.


Well, I’d done it – but now I felt awful.  I knew I had to take something, but I didn’t want to.  I didn’t want to lose Janna, not now, but I had a professional obligation...


So I searched the house, collected some jewels and cash, and then looked in on both of them.  “Ye can try to escape noo,” I said before I left them – and called the police as soon as I could afterwards.


When Janna called to cancel the date, I was mortified, and asked if she wanted me to come round.  She said not to that day, or indeed that week, but today she said I could come to her place this afternoon.  When I got there, I was surfside to see Carol there as well.  She was wearing a blue short sleeved top over black leggings and short black boots, while Janna had on a white blouse with a black belt around her waist, and jeans.


this is my niece Carol,” she said as she introduced me to her, and I asked if they were both all right.


“It was scary at first, then I thought it was a game, so I wasn’t scared anymore,” Carol said with a smile.


“But what about afterwards?”


“I was a bit scared then, especially when the policeman came in, but you know what the funny thing was?”


no – what?”


Carol winked at Janna, before my girlfriend said “Truthfully – I always wondered what it would be like to be the damsel in distress, and now it’s happened, and the shock has worn off – I actually enjoyed it?”


“What about the things he stole?”


“Mummy said they were handed into a police station two days later, so nothing was really taken.”  I looked at Carol, and said “Well, I suppose that is a good thing.  So long as you both are all right?”


“Actually,” Carol said as she looked at me and Janna, “Aunt Janna and I were wondering...”




Janna smiled and said “We wondered if you’d pretended to be a robber and we can play the game again.”


Well, this was new – so I said “I don’t know how to...”


“I do – I watched what he did to me, so I can tell you what to do.  You can pretend to come in from the kitchen, tie Aunty Janna up, then me – I’ll tell you what to do with her.”


Talk about unexpected consequences...




Now, over all the stories I have told you will realise that rope is my preferred method of binding those I wish to pay with, but it is not the only thing I use.  I have been known to use tape on occasion, if the need arises, but the true occasional pleasure is if I find that there is a ready supply of silk scarves that can be used. 


I was in a small seaside town on the Norfolk coast, enjoying a short break, when my eye was taken by a brown haired woman in her late thirties.  She was wearing a purple bandana in her hair as a band, and wore a long sheepskin coat to keep out the unseasonal chill.


Walking next to her was a twelve year old girl, similar enough in her looks for me to realise she was her daughter, wearing a black duffle coat to keep the cold out.  She had light brown hair that came down to the base of her neck.


What really caught my eye were the designer jewellery and clothes bags they were carrying, suggestive of the fact they may be worth a visit.  So I followed them to an estate on the outskirts of the town, and watched as they walked into a detached house in a small garden.


There wasn’t a car parked in the driveway, and it was about two in the afternoon, so I made the not unreasonable assumption Daddy was not at home.  Slipping up the side of the house, I let myself in, and as I closed the door that led into the kitchen I could hear them laughing in the front room.


That gave me enough time to slip the stocking over my head, but I knew I didn’t have anything to use as binding material, so I would have to improvise.  Walking slowly down the hallway, I peeked into the front room and saw they were watching television.


The older woman was sat in an armchair, her legs tucked under her bottom.  She was wearing a pink blouse over a purple t-shirt, and knee length grey trousers.  As for the younger girl, she had a grey t-shirt and blue jeans on.  Mum also had a brightly coloured and patterned scarf over her shoulders, which her daughter was waving around as she leaned back against her.


That gave me an idea, so I walked in and said “Hello – I’ve come to play a game with both of you.”


I allowed Mummy dearest to see the gun in my pocket as she stared at me, before saying “Oh yes – I forgot all about this, Felicity.  I asked my work colleague to...”


She looked at me, as I said “To come and be a robber for the day.  I’m going to make sure neither of you can stop me from starling all your mummy’s nice things, and then make sure you get free later.”


Felicity looked at me, and then said “Will it hurt, Mummy?”


“No it won’t,” I answered for her, “because I’m going to use your mummy’s silk scarves, and they will fell nice and soft, isn’t that right Mummy?”


She nodded, as I said “In fact, we can start now, Felicity.  Mummy’s going to take the scarf out of her hair and use it to keep your wrists together behind your back, then use that lovely orange scarf and tie it round your waist to keep them against your back.  Then we’ll go up to her bedroom and see what else we can use, right Mummy?”


I gave her a smile, but she understood what I meant as she reached up, pulled the scarf from her head and untied it, then said “Put your hands together behind your beck Felicity.”  She tied her wrists tightly together, and then tied the orange scarf around her waist to keep them in place.


“There – that doesn’t hurt, does it,” I said to Felicity, who tried to move her hands before saying “No – it’s very comfy actually.”


“Good – well, Mummy can take you up to her room now,” I said as I stood to one side, and allowed Mummy to walk Felicity up the stairs, me following.  As we went into the main bedroom, I saw she had a lovely old fashioned bed with an iron head stand and foot board.


“Sit down, Felicity,” I said as I patted the edge of the bed, “While Mummy shows me her scarves.”  I watched as the older woman opened the door, and showed me a whole range of scarves of different shapes and sizes.


“Very nice,” I said as I selected two long green rectangles.  “Use these to tie Felicity’s ankles and legs together, Mummy, and then I want you to lie on your back on the bed.”


“What are you going to do,” she said as she took the scarves.


“I told you – make sure you cannot stop me as I pretend to take your valuables, and then you can try to escape.  Don’t worry – Felicity is going to stay here with you, but you need to start to tie her legs together now.”


She looked at me, and then nodded as she knelt in front of her daughter.  “Tell me if this hurts,” she said as she wrapped the scarf round her ankles and tied them together, and then the second one around her legs below her knees.  As she did this, I picked up two small squares and a shawl, then said “All right Mummy – lie on your back on your bed, and put your hands on your head.”


As she did so, I used the small squares to cinch the ankles and legs bindings, then folded the shawl and tied it round Felicity’s arms to keep her arms held tightly against her body.


“Now, you sit still,” I said as I looked at Felicity, “while I make sure Mummy can’t move, and then you can lie down next to her, all right?”


“OK,” she said as she twisted round, while I went back to the wardrobe and took out four silk squares – two black, two white.  I used those to tie Mummy spread eagled to the bed, one around each wrist and ankle and then tied to the metalwork.


Felicity then lay back on the bed and snuggled next to Mummy, her head on the older woman’s chest as I picked out two handkerchiefs, two bandanas and two silk squares.  “One more thing,” I said as I turned back to the bed, “I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm or watch me for a while, so I need to put something in your mouths and over your eyes.  Mummy first.”


Felicity watched as I pushed a folded handkerchief into Mummy’s mouth, then rolled the bandana up, tied a knot in the band and pulled that between her teeth, and then folded the silk square into a wider band and tied it over her eyes.  “Are you going to do that to me as well,” she said as Mummy put her head back down on the pillow.


It’s part of the game Felicity – isn’t that right Mummy,” I said, as the older woman mumbled and nodded.  I didn’t tie the knot in the younger girl’s cleave gag, but as I blindfolded her she rested her head against Mummy while I – well, while I took care of business.


Quite a nice haul too – so I said “Now, see who can get the blindfold and gag off first,” before leaving them to have fun...




Since the incident with my girlfriend, I have decided to become a lot more careful, and do more thorough background checks on the families I decide to play with.  I need to make sure they have no connections to me, or anyone I know – better that way.  Still, it does not mean I don’t still have fun...


So a month or two back, I finally cleared the family of a local bank manager for a little visit.  I knew he had two daughters – ten and twelve – and he was working on the Saturday morning I drove up to his front door.


I had my new disguise on as well – beard, glasses and balaclava, which I pulled down over my head as I managed to open the kitchen door.  I could hear the family playing somewhere in the house, but had no real idea where yet.  Still, I had my rucksack and supplies, so I started to make my way quietly down the corridor leading from the kitchen into the house.


The noises were getting louder, and as I approached a door I heard one of the girls saying “There – now you’re both my captives.  Intrigued, I peeked in.


The younger girl was standing with her back to me, wearing a pair of purple leggings and a long sleeved lilac covered top, with some lengths of rope in her hands.   Sitting on the couch in front of her were her mother and older sister.  Unlike the mum and younger girl, she had blonde hair, and was wearing a light green zipped cardigan over a blue patterned t-shirt, blue and purple striped leggings and a pair of trainers.


Her mother was wearing a long fawn coloured jumper, black leggings and dark grey socks peeking over the tops of her high dark brown leather boots.  Both of them had their hands behind their backs, and I could also see their ankles and legs were tied together with ropes.  They both also had rolled up silk scarves in their mouths.


I must have made some sort of noise, because the little girl turned round, looked at me and said “Who are you?”


“I’ll tell you,” I said in my false accent and with a smile, “if you tell me what you’re playing?”


“Robbers – I’ve made sure they can’t stop me stealing the nice things now,” the girl said with a smile, “Your turn.”


“Well,” I said as I knelt down next to her, “I’m here to play the game of robbers as well – with you and your family.”   I turned for a moment and looked at their mother, showing her discretely the inside of my jacket so that she and only she could see the gun I had.  Her eyes widened for a second, before she said “thtsrrtdr.”


“Do you play these sort of games often?”


The little girl nodded and said “Yes – but they always get free.  Sometimes it’s me and my sister, and Mummy is the bad person.”


“Well,” I said as I put my rucksack off my back, “I can see you have done a good job so far, but I can show you how to make sure they never escape.  What do you say – partner?”


Both girls looked at Mummy, who nodded as I said “Good – now, I need Mum and your big sister to kneel on the floor, facing the couch.  Can you both do that?”


Well, they managed it, and as they did I could see that their wrists were simply held together with a band of rope.  “Right,” I said as I looked at my partner, “First things first – let’s make sure they cannot get their wrists free.”  I untied mummy’s wrists, indicating she should do the same to her sister, then crossed and tied them back together, with her copying me as I wound the rope around and between the woman’s arms.


“See,” I said as the young girl tied the ropes off, “that makes sure they can’t move them very well.  But we need to make sure they really cannot move their arms as well – copy me.”


She watched as I handed her some white rope from my back pack, doubled it over as I did, and then wound it round her sister’s forearms and stomach, as I did the same to her mother.  We both then tied their upper arms to their bodies, around their shoulders, before I showed her how to tighten that with two short lengths of rope under their arms.


“Now,” I said as I looked at her, “we need to untie their ankles, let them sit on the couch, and then tie them the same way we did their wrists.”  She allowed her sister to sit down and then crossed and tied her ankles tightly together, while I did the same to her mum, then showed her how to tie their legs together below their knees, passing the rope between their legs to tighten it.


“Now you can’t move, can you ladies,” I said as I looked at mummy and the eldest daughter, my assistant laughing as they twisted round and then nodded, saying “butwcnsttltk” through their gags.


“Getting to that,” I said quietly, “We need to make sure they can’t call for help either.  Watch while I show you what to do with mummy.”


I walked behind the couch, untied the cleave gag, but instead of removing it I pushed the whole cloth into her mouth, my assistant gasping as I took a length of cloth from my bag, that had been knotted in the middle, and used it as a cleave gag instead.


“Now you do the same to your sister,” I said, watching with not a little pride as she did so, using the strip of knotted towel I handed to her.  AS she did this, mummy looked at me and said “Whtrugngtdthr?” nodding at the little sister as she did so.


“The same,” I whispered into her ear, before taking my trusty roll of white tape and winding it round her head to reinforce the gag.  “You do the same now,” I said to her as I passed her the roll of tape, watching as she wound the white tape round her sister’s head and trapped her hair against her neck.


“Wow,” she said as she stepped back, “they really cannot move and speak now.  So when do we steal their valuable things?”


“We don’t”, I said with a laugh as I handgagged her, “I’m going to take everything and leave you to take the blame.  Sorry, but there is no honour amongst thieves.”


Shldhfgsst,” she laughed under my gloved hand, as I bound her as tightly as I had the others, and then gave her the same gag.  Sitting her in the chair opposite them, I tucked her legs under her knees, said “Now don’t move, or I’ll tie you even more tightly,” and searched the house, leaving as I heard them sliding off the chairs to try to get to each other.




Of course, when I am abroad I have a little more liberty to improvise and not plan quite as much – for example, I had reason to be conducting some business in Basel, in the north of Switzerland, and walking back to my hotel room one day I saw this mother and daughter sitting in the park.


They were dark skinned, the mother about thirty and the daughter ten.  The mum had shoulder length black hair cut in a fringe around her face, while her daughter had her hair braided into two pigtails which were pinned to the back of her head.


What intrigued me most was they were dressed in a similar style – a black top, black and white leopard print skirt, tights and boots.  The older woman had a v-necked top, a skirt that came to just above her knee, black tights and short black fabric boots.  Her daughter had a round necked top, with sleeves that came to her wrists, a shorter skirt, white leggings and knee length black leather boots.


There was something about the way they were laughing that made me think they would like to play, so I went into a nearby shop to buy something, and then watched from a distance as the little girl played n the swings, and then they walked off, the daughter holding her mother’s hand.  I followed them from a distance, watching as they turned into a residential street and stopped at a door.


“Good afternoon Lisette, Miss DuPont,” an old lady said as she walked past, “Scholl finished for another day?”


“Quite so, Madame – I’m going to cook her tea, and then we can watch a film together.”


That told me all I needed to know, as I waited for the woman to walk away, and then came up to the closed door.  I took the stocking from the packet I had bought, removed my tie and put it in my pocket, and then looked up and down the street before I rang the doorbell and pulled the stocking over my head.


“Yes,” the mother said as she opened the door, “Can I...”


Shh,” I said as I pushed her back in, my hand covering her mouth as I closed the door, “No screaming – we don’t want to scare Lisette, do we?”


She looked at me, eyes wide before she nodded.   “Good,” I said as I removed my hand, “What’s your name?”


“Hana,” she said quietly.


“All right Hana – I’m going to rob you, and I need to keep you and Lisette out of the way, but we’re going to pretend this is a game I’ve come to help you both play, so that she doesn’t get frightened.  Do you understand?”


“Do you promise you will not hurt us?”


“I promise to make sure you cannot stop me, but it will not hurt,” I said quietly.  “In fact, you’re going to help me play.  What are you doing now?”


“Cooking our dinner – why?”


“Good – introduce me to Lisette,” I said as I took her arm, pausing only to pull their phone away from the wall.  As we went into the front room, Lisette looked up and said “Who is this Mama?”


“I’ve come to play a very special game with you and your mummy, called hostage,” I said with a smile.  “You need to pretend I’m a bad man who has decided to spend the night with you, and you and your mummy have to do everything I tell you.  I promise you, it will be lots of fun.”


“Will it, Mama,” Lisette said as she looked at Hana, who nodded and said “Yes it will.  He made me bring him in here – why?”


“I’m going to keep Lisette company while you finish cooking the meal – so that you don’t do anything silly like trying to raise the alarm.  Which reminds me – where is your mobile phone?”


Hana handed me her handbag, which I searched and removed the phone from.  “Good,” I said, “now you go and prepare the meal, and I will look after Lisette.”


“So you are holding us hostage,” the little girl said as Hana left slowly, “does that mean you have to stop us moving like on the television.”


“Eventually,” I said as I sat down, “But right now, you can keep watching your program.”


Hana returned a short while later with a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese on a tray, which she sat on Lisette’s lap as I watched her eat.  She returned with a bowl for herself, and sat down to have her own meal.


“When you have finished,” I said as Lisette made a loop of some spaghetti strands and put it into her mouth, “I want you to go and do what you need to do at the toilet, while I tell your mother what’s going to happen.”


She nodded and chewed, her mother watching both of us the while time as she finished her meal.  Once she was done, she put the tray on a table and ran to the bathroom.


“Now then, Hana,” I said as I turned to the older woman, “do you have any rope or washing line?”


She nodded and said “Yes – why?”


“Fetch it please, and you will see...”


As Lisette came back in, I said “Right my dear – I’m going to do something to Mummy, to show it does not hurt, and then I will do it to you.  All right?”


She nodded and watched as I guided Hana’s hands behind her back, crossed her wrist and tied them tightly together with a length of washing line, before wrapping some rope around her waist to keep them locked in place.


 “See, Lisette,” she said as she twisted her body round, “It does not hurt, so let the man do it to you now.”


I guided her hands behind her back and tied them together as well, fixing them to the small of her back, before I took some more rope.  “Now I’m going to tie Mummy’s arms to her side,” I said as I wrapped some rope around Hana’s arms and upper body, below and above her chest, and tied it off.  I did the same for Lisette, and then said “Show me your room.”


As we walked into her room, I picked up a doll and said “Sit on your bed.  You’ll stay here for a little while until I finish talking to Mummy, and then I promise I will take her to you, all right?”


“Okay,” Lisette said as she sat down, and I tied her ankles together, side by side, as well as her legs below her knees and above the top of her boots.  Laying her on her side, I then folded a small hankie, put that in her mouth, and covered it with a length of white tape Hana had given me.


“Here,” I said as I put the doll next to her, “she’ll keep you company.”  Lisette nodded and said “Fnku” as I took Hana to the master bedroom. 


That was where I tightened her chest ropes, crossed and bound her ankles together, secured her legs below her knees, and then gagged her with a cloth, a knotted scarf and tape around her head.  She watched as I emptied her jewellery case, then left for a moment, carrying Lisette in and laying her on the bed next to her mother before I left.


The nice thing about Basel is twenty minutes, and you’re in Germany.  Thirty minutes, and you’re driving into the other country in a hire car, before the visit is discovered...




Another time I had to improvise in my younger days was when I saw a mum with her daughter walking back from a newsagent in the more upmarket area of Nottingham.    The mother was in her late twenties, her black hair swept back from her forehead and held back by a scrunchie so that it fell down her back, and her black leather jacket was over a blue top with black polka dots.  The top had a round neck, which I could see clearly as she turned and waited to cross the road.  She had a pair of dark bellbottom denim jeans on, with the heels of her backs boots showing.


The nine year old girl holding her hand was wearing a black puffed jacket, but I could see she had the same colour of top on underneath.  Her jeans were lighter in colour, and she had a pair of pink shoes on, while her long brown hair was falling over her shoulders.  She also had a really cheeky grin on her face, as they crossed the road and walked down the street.


Looking at my watch, I saw it was one thirty, and decided to follow them, thinking that given their clothing the chances were Daddy worked.   As I followed them to a semi-detached house, with no car on the driveway, I decided I was going to take a chance, and made my way along the side of the house, pulling the stocking I had been in the habit of keeping in my pocket out and slipping it on before I pulled on my gloves.


The kitchen door was unlocked, so I got in with no problems.  Neither of them were in there either, so I opened the door to the hallway and listened for a few minutes.  I could hear soft voices, and as I made my way down I realised they were coming from upstairs.  Standing at the bottom of the stairs, I heard the mother say “Go and sort your toys out, Frankie.”


“All right, Mummy,” the girl said, and I saw from the foot of the stairs the pink shoes run along the corridor.  I then made my way slowly up the stairs, keeping an ear out for either of them saying or doing anything that might lead to them seeing me.


This time, I got lucky, as the girl stayed in her room, and I was able to slowly open the door to a larger bedroom.  Mummy was standing with her back to me, so I walked in and grabbed her, my gloved hand over her mouth as I said “Quiet, not a word – don’t want to scare Frankie, do we?”


Hmmggddnnnn,” she screamed into my glove as she struggled.  “Look, I’m only here to rob you, nothing else,” I said as I held her more tightly, “So take that thought from your mind and calm down!”


As she heard me say this, she physically relaxed, so I said “Good – now, I’ll take my hand away, and you stay nice and quiet, all right?”


She nodded, and as I took my hand away she said “Please, just take what you want, I won’t stop you...”


“No, neither you or Frankie will – we’re going to play a game of robbers, and I’m the bad guy.  Now, I’m going to do one thing.”  I glanced over at the open wardrobe, and saw the neatly arranged ties on the door.


“Now then,” I said as I selected a tie, and crossed her wrists behind her back, securing them together, “I want you to call in your daughter.”


“Frankie?  Why?”


“Well, she will enjoy the game more if she is in here with you,” I said as I made sure they were well tied.  “Go ahead – call her in, then tell her you’re going to play this game.”


She swallowed, and then said “Frankie – come into Mummy and Daddy’s room please.”


“Coming Mummy,” I heard her say, and then she appeared at the door, looking at me and saying “Mummy?  Who is the strange man?”


“He’s come to play a game with us,” her mummy said, “but to play this game, he needs to make sure we cannot move for a while.  See?”  She turned and showed Frankie her wrists, the young girl staring before saying “Does it hurt?”


“No,” her mother said with a smile, “Do you want to try it?”


“All right,” she said as I took another tie, crossed Frankie’s wrists behind her back and then secured them together.  She tried to move them, before saying “You’re right, it doesn’t.  What’s next?”


“I need to make sure you cannot move your arms,” I said as I tied two of her father’s ties together, then used them to secure her lower arms to her tummy.  “It feels really funny, Mummy,” she said as she looked at her, “but it’s all right.”


“Your turn,” I said as I used two more ties to secure her arms together below her chest, then said “Right both of you, sit on the bed with your backs against the wall please.”


As they did so, I found four more ties, and used them to bind their ankles together, as well as their legs below their knees.  I hadn’t noticed Frankie’s top was a little higher in the neckline than her mother’s, but as she wriggled her legs it became apparent she was really enjoying this.


“Now then,” I said as I looked at them, “I need to pretend to rob your mummy now.  IF you promise to keep really quiet, you can lie down next to each other, all right?”


“OK,” Frankie said as she slid down, her head resting on the pillow as she talked to her mother, and I found her jewellery.  There were some very nice pieces as well, which I pocketed and then put the boxes back.


“Now,” I said when I had finished, “When does Daddy get home?”


“At about six o’clock,” Frankie said with a smile, “Isn’t that right Mummy?”


Her mother nodded and smiled at her, then looked at me with a worried expression.


“Well, I need to keep you nice and quiet for a while, and you need to try to escape – or you can wait together until Daddy comes home and surprise him.  Which would you like?”


“Can we surprise Daddy,” Frankie said as she looked at her mother.  Turning her head to me, she said “All right – but show Frankie what you’re going to do by taking care of me first.”


I nodded, and folded a handkerchief, pushing it into her mouth before I used another tie between her teeth to hold it in place.  “So long as you breathe through your nose, and lie still, you’ll be fine,” I said as I looked at Frankie, her mother nodding as well.


“All right,” Frankie said as I took care of her as well.  Once the tie was nestled between her lips, I said “I also need to make sure you cannot move your lips.”  I had seen a roll of duct tape in the corridor, so I went and fetched it, smoothing one strip over Frankie’s mouth and three over her mother’s.


There was one more thing I did, as I rolled her mother onto her side to face Frankie, and then tied her ankles to the band around her arms with another tie.  “Have fun,” I said as I left them there. And made good my escape.


Ah the impetuousness of youth – I remember it well now, as I approach the house of my next game players...




I had checked this particular family out very carefully, as I expected a large collection, given Daddy’s position as the regional manager for a chain of stores – and the fact Mummy was the daughter of a very wealthy businessman.   They lived in the Chilterns, in a nice little house on the outskirts of Chalfont St Peters – discrete, quiet, perfect.


I also knew Daddy was away on business, and was not due back for some time, so this was going to be one of the occasions when I alerted the police – after I had enough time to make my escape, of course.  My researches had also shown that the family were aware of some of the risks of their position – which gave me an idea of how to approach the game this time.


They had two daughters – one eight, one ten.  Both took after their mother, with long light brown hair.  So I laid my plans accordingly, and on this Sunday morning I watched as Mummy drove the two girls home from church – it was an early service, a Mass I guessed from their background.


They looked so nice as they got out of the car, the younger daughter skipping up to the front door.  Her name was Sarah, while her older sister was Naomi.  Mummy’s name was Rebecca – this I had learned in advance.


As they went in, I started to don my disguise, and then got out of the car, the beanie hat firmly on my head as I walked up to the front door.  Looking from side to side, I used my skeleton keys to open the door, and slipped inside, pulling the balaclava down over my head as I closed the door silently.


I could hear a radio in the back of the house, but that was for later.  Right now my target was young Sarah, and as I slowly climbed the stairs I heard the two girls in their rooms.  Peeking into one door, I saw Naomi sitting at a desk, working on something.


Next door was Sarah, who was lying on her stomach on the bed, kicking her legs up and down.  She was wearing a black dress with white polka dots, which came over her knees, and a thin pink ribbon wound her waist.  Her feet were nestled in a pair of brown sandals, and I could see a black hair band in her hair.


Closing the door behind me, I walked over and gently put my hand over her mouth.  She gasped and turned to look at me, only the red beard and glasses visible under my mask.


“Hello, Sarah,” I said quietly, “Mummy and Daddy have asked me to come and play a game with you – one of hostages.  You’ve been told what to do if a bad man comes into your house right?”


Sarah nodded as she looked at me.


“Well, they have asked me to pretend to be one of those bad men.  I’m going to make sure you cannot tell anyone what is happening, and then I will do the same to your sister, but it’s all a game, so you do not need to panic.  All right?”


She nodded slowly as I took my hand away.  “So it’s all a game,” she said as she looked at me.  I nodded and said “That’s right – a big adventure.  Now, can you go and find a pair of your sports socks for me?”


She nodded and went to a set of drawers, taking a pair out as I opened my bag.  “Very good,” I said as I smiled at her, “Now, hold these, and then hold your hands out...”



A few minutes later, I opened the door to Sarah’s room, put my finger to her lips, and then moved to the next room.  The radio was still on downstairs, and as I opened the door to Naomi’s room she was still at her desk, head down in concentration.


She was wearing, in contrast to her sister, a white short sleeved dress with black polka dots, and a black sash round her waist.  I could see the white ballet slippers as she kicked her hair back, over her white tights.


Smiling, I walked in and took her completely by surprise.  “Hello Naomi,” I whispered into her ear as my hand covered her mouth, “Mummy and Daddy have asked me to play a game of hostages with all of you.  I’ve already started to play with Sarah, and she wants you to join her.”


I could feel Naomi mumbling something under my hand, so I said “Very quietly, stand up and come to Sarah’s room with me.  She’s waiting for you.”


This time I felt her nod, so I let her stand up, before taking her arm and walking her in.  “Hello, Naomi,” Sarah said as she came in, “Ready to play?”  She was lying on the bed, her wrists crossed and tied tightly together in front of her, while there were bands of rope around her waist, belly and shoulders.  Her ankles were crossed and tied together, and I had secured her legs below her knees under her skirt.  The main thing Naomi noticed, however, was the white tape over her hands.


“IT’s a game, right,” Sarah said as she looked at me.  I nodded, and then gave her two sponge balls to hold, while I taped her hands into white fists.  The sports socks went over next, and then tape over them, before I crossed her wrists behind her back and tied then tightly together with rope.


“The man is going to go and get Mummy to play once he has made sure we cannot surprise her,” Sarah said as she wriggled round. 


Naomi looked at me, and I could see she was not convinced, so I whispered into her ear “It’s a game for all of you – go along with it.”  She nodded, and then stood still as I fixed her wrists to her back with rope around her waist, followed by a band of rope around her forearms and tummy.


“We’re not going to be able to move, are we,” Sarah said as I tied her arms more, with rope around her shoulders.  “That’s the idea of a game of hostages,” I said as I helped her to sit in a chair, “like you have been told, this will help you know what to do is it ever really happened.”


I crossed and tied Naomi’s ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, before I looked at both of them.


“Now, I think it’s time I went and got Mummy to start playing,” I said quietly as I looked in my bag, “but before I go, I need to make sure you give her a big surprise – with no warning...”





Walking slowly down the stairs, I made my way through to the kitchen, where I saw Rebecca sitting at the kitchen table, drinking from a coffee mug as she read the paper.  She was wearing a nee length black dress with a white Wendy collar, black tights which were decorated with white polka dots, and a pair of black ankle boots.


I stood in the doorway, smiled and said “Hello Rebecca.”  She looked up, her silver earrings visible under her long hair, and said “Who the hell are you?”


“A burglar,” I said as I walked in, “so please, no screams or attempts to raise the alarm.”  I took my gun out of my pocket and laid it on the table as I sat facing her.


Rebecca looked at me and said “My girls...”


“Lovely young ladies,” I said with a smile, “I’ve been talking to them upstairs, as we played a game of hostages.   Right now, they’re waiting upstairs for you to come and play with them.  You see, I told them you and your husband had invited me to come and play a game, as part of the things they have been told to do if a bad man takes them.  You understand what I’m saying, don’t you?”


Rebecca stared at me for a minute, before she said “Dear god – you’re tied them up haven’t you?”


“And gagged them – but it’s part of the game, and it is time for you to play.  When I am finished, I will make sure the three of you are together, and I will inform the police in due course.  But right now, you need to pretend this is a game as well – for Sarah’s sake?”


“Why not Naomi?”


“I think she suspects the truth – but play for both of them.  Now, finish your coffee, and then I want you to hold these.”  I took two halves of a sponge from my pocket and smiled at their mother.  Rebecca looked at me for a moment, before slowly raising the mug to her mouth.




I knocked on Sarah’s door, and opened it to let Rebecca see her daughters.  As she walked in, she gasped as Naomi said “Hllmmm” through the tape covering her mouth.  Sarah was nodding, her cheeks puffed out slightly from the hankie I had put in her mouth, the knotted strip of towel and the micropore tape wrapped round her head.


“See,” I said as I looked at them, “Mummy is playing as well.”  I had covered Rebecca’s fists in the same way as the other two, and then tied them tightly together behind her back, as well as using rope around her waist to secure them in place.  I had asked her to leave her boots in the kitchen, so she was standing there in her stocking soles.


“Are you both enjoying the game,” Rebecca said as she looked at her daughters, both of them nodding as they looked at her.  “Good – this man is going to take me to Mummy and Daddy’s room, and stop me moving round, and then he will bring you to me in a few minutes, all right?”


They both nodded and wriggled round on the bed and seat as I escorted Rebecca to the bedroom.  “Very good,” I said as I closed the door, and took more rope from my bag, “Now stand still while I bind you.”


I wrapped the rope above and below her chest, all the time asking her to tell me where her valuables were hidden and kept.  As the rope pulled her arms in, and forced her chest out, she told me where everything was, especially when I passed the rope under her arms to tighten the bands.


“Good,” I said as I helped her to sit down, and then bound her ankles and legs, “Very useful.  Now, lie down and don’t say a word, while I make sure you have told me the truth.”


Rebecca managed to lie on her side, watching me as I found all her jewellery, and selected the items I felt would raise most – even then, it was a considerable haul.  Satisfied, I turned and said “Now, I need to silence you, and bring your daughters in.  I’m going to say I need to send a ransom message, and may be some time, so feel free to play along with that.”


“And what happens then?”


I folded a red scarf from her wardrobe, and said “I make my escape, call the authorities – and if you have not freed yourselves, they will.”


“No chance with our hands covered,” she said as she rolled over and waved her white fists at me.


“True – so enjoy the game,” I said as I walked over.  “Now, open wide.”  Rebecca allowed me to push the cloth into her mouth, and then to tie a knotted length of towelling in.  Sitting her up, I then wound the white tape around her head, trapping her hair, before I selected a lovely gold and black Hermes scarf, folded it into a band, and tied it tightly over her mouth.


“Just relax now,” I said as she laid her head on the pillow, and left the room, taking two of her scarves with me.  A few minutes later, I carried Sarah in, the yellow scarf I had taken tied tightly over her mouth.  I laid her next to her mother, adjusting her skirt so that it covered her knees, then left again, returning a few minutes later with Naomi, who had a black scarf tied in a band over her mouth.


“Now stay there while I go and talk to your daddy – I need to let him know my ransom demands,” I said as I closed the door, the two girls wriggling against their mummy as they laid their heads on her chest.


Which is where I imagine the police found them an hour and a half later...




On occasion, of course, I get my timing totally wrong, particularly in the earlier days.   I’d followed this woman and her daughter one night from a shopping mall to their home, mainly because of the top end shopping bags they were carrying, and watched as they walked up to a terraced house and let themselves in, the light going on as they did so.  She was about five foot ten, with long light brown hair, while her daughter came up to her chest.


I was about to go to the front door when I reached into my coat pocket, and realised I had forgotten a stocking to use as a mask.  Cursing my luck, I looked up and down the street, and saw a corner shop, so I headed for that, hoping they had something.


Fifteen minutes later, I was back in the dimly lit street, the stocking in my hand as I walked up to the front door.  Using a pen knife, I let myself in, and closed the door behind me, listening for any sounds as I pulled the stocking over my head.


All I could hear was the sound of running water, so I quickly checked the downstairs room, but there was no sign of Mum or her daughter.  As I stood there, however, I heard the mother say “Iris, come and brush your teeth.”


Stepping back and leaning against the wall, I saw a pair of bare legs walk past, and then someone in pyjama bottoms run past.  So both of them were upstairs – which meant I needed to go up to find them.


So I did so, walking slowly up the stairs as I watched for either of them.  I could hear the sound of Iris brushing her teeth in the bathroom, so I went to Mummy’s room, and opened the door.  She was sitting at a dressing table, putting her light brown hair up in a bun as she looked in the mirror.


She was wearing a top and bottoms, the top like a vest but gathered at her bust, the pants with bellbottom legs.  There was gold braid at the edges, and the pattern was pink and white, using a lotus blossom pattern.


As I closed the door behind me, she must have seen me in the mirror, because she turned round and was going to scream.  I barely made it across the room in time to hand gag her, and say “Stop struggling and play along” before Iris came into the room.


The girl, who was about ten, was wearing a pair of pyjamas with a round neck and elasticised cuffs, but the pattern was identical to her mothers.  She said “Mummy, who is this man?” as she stood in the doorway.


“Come in Iris,” I said through the stocking covering my face, “Your mummy is going to play a game with you, where I’m going to pretend to rob you.  You won’t be hurt, but I need to make sure you both have some quiet time together.  Does that sound like fun?”


“Is that right, Mummy,” she said, her brown hair falling onto her shoulders.  Mummy looked at me, and then nodded, saying “that’s right, Iris, we’ll play a game” as I removed my hand.


“Now, I’m pretending to be a cat burglar.  Do you know what a burglar does if he is disturbed, Iris?”


I could see she was thinking, before she said “He needs to stop them from calling for help, doesn’t he?”


“That’s right, but I haven’t brought anything with me.  So I need to ask Mummy if she has any rope.”


“I don’t” Mummy said, “All that I have are a couple of balls of brown yarn.”


“Where are they?”


“In here,” she said as she opened a drawer ad placed the balls of yarn on the dresser top  I picked them up, looked at it, and said “All right then – Iris, you and your mummy are going to lie on her bed, side by side.   I want you to cross your wrist on your lap, and Mummy to put her hands on her head.”


“Do as the man says, Iris,” Mummy said, so they lay down on the bed, with Iris watching me as I made a little loop with the end of the roll of twine.   “I want you to put your hands together in prayer, like you do at church,” I said to the little girl, and as she did so I put the loop of yarn over her wrists, pulled it so that her hands were held together, and then wrapped it a few dozen times around and between her arms, so that her wrists were held snugly together.  I cut the yarn off and knotted it properly, as she lifted her hands up and down.


“Sit up for me,” I said quietly, and as Iris sat up I tied the yarn round her right elbow, before winding it round her arms and body to hold them in place.  It wasn’t as tight as I would do it in later years, but it was effective enough at the time.


“Now you just lie there,” I said as Iris put her head back on the pillow, “I need to make sure your mummy cannot move her hands and arms either – but because she is older, I need to do her in a different way.  Sit up, please, and put your hands behind your back.”


A few minutes later, I had used the yarn to secure Mummy’s wrists behind her back, crossed and tied, and then wrapped the yarn around her waist to keep them in place.  I also tied yarn around her arms and chest.


“Are you all right, Mummy,” Iris said as she lay down on her side.


“I am,” she said as I picked up the second ball of yarn, made another loop, and started to tie Iris’ ankles together side by side.  After quite a few turns round and between her legs, I ran the yarn out and tied her legs together below her knees, before cutting it and tying it off behind her legs.


Mummy soon had her ankles and legs secured together in the same way.  “Now then,” I said as I looked at them both, “Mummy needs to tell me where she keeps her expensive things, and then I’m going to pretend to steal them from you.  You can lie there and talk quietly, but I need a promise from both of you that you won’t scream or shout for help, all right?”


“We won’t do anything stupid,” Mummy said, before she and Iris started to talk about what they were going to do tomorrow – right after she told me where her jewellery was.  So it didn’t take me long to find enough to satisfy me, before I did a quick tour of the rest of the house.


“Right,” I said when I came back into the bedroom, “It’s eight o’clock now.  When does Daddy get home?”


“Nine,” Iris said with a smile.


“All right then,” I said as I went to the dresser and took out two of Daddy’s hankies, “I need to make sure you cannot call for help, and then I’m going to leave you to try and escape, all right?  You might get out before Daddy returns, but we’ll see.  Now, open wide.”


“Do I have to have the cloth in my mouth?”


I looked at Iris, and said “No – just put your lips together.”  As she did so, I tore a length of the brown plaster from the roll, and smoothed it over her lips.


Mummy got the cloths however – and a long strip of the Elastoplast, before I left them both to enjoy their time together.  At least they were ready for bed...




Now, I have been paying my visits for a few years, and it has attracted a fair amount of press attention over that time.  I don’t think the press quite know what to make of me – I’ve been called a solo equivalent of Jay Edwards, which is kind of flattering, but really I am not even in the same league as him.  Yeah, I’ve worked with him from time to time, but nowhere near that league.


That reputation does have some advantages, however – as I discovered a couple of months back, when I planned to pay a visit to a family in the outskirts of Leicester.  The father ran a chain of restaurants, and I had seen the pictures of him with his wife in the local press.  She always wore a headscarf, covering her neck and hair, but she dressed well and I knew the jewellery she wore on her hands and neck were genuine enough.


I also knew they had two daughters, one eleven and one nine, and the wife’s mother lived with them to help look after them.  On this particular Saturday, I watched as the mum and dad drove off in their Daimler, and then picked up my bag.   I locked the car, walked through the opening in the high stone wall, and walked up to the side of the house, pulling the balaclava down and covering my false beard and glasses as I slipped out of sight of the main road.


The rear of the house opened onto a large lawn, with the door to the kitchen ajar.  There were some clothes hanging on a washing line, which I presumed the grandmother had put out, as I slipped through the door and walked in.  Sure enough, the washing machine was going, as I looked round and made sure my gloves were on properly.


There was the sound of footsteps, and as I stood behind the door an older woman came in, that I recognised as the grandmother.  She wore a long purple robe, with slippers visible on her feet, and a black and white checked shawl covered her head and neck, the edges tucked into her gown.


She put a pile of clothes on the work surface, and didn’t even turn as I walked behind her.  Her first reaction was to scream into my gloved hand, as I said quietly “Please don’t struggle or scream.  I promise you I am not going to hurt you.”


Now normally, that has the desired effect, but this time it did not work, as she continued to try and scream.  “I said to calm down,” I said again as I showed her my gun, “I don’t want to hurt you, but if I have to...”


The talking continued as she looked at the gun, but as I removed my hand I realised I could not understand a word she was saying.


“Who are you?”


I turned, holding the old woman by the arm, and saw the older daughter standing there.  She wore a blue sweatshirt, denim jeans and thick socks, while a light blue scarf was tied around her head and neck, held in place by a silver pin.


“What’s your name,” I said as I looked at her.


“I am Jamelia,” she said quietly, “and I have heard of you.  You’re the robber who likes to play games with the families, aren’t you?”


I nodded and said “Your grandmother seems to think I want to hurt her.”


Jamelia looked at the older woman and then started to talk to her in the same language she was using.  She stopped struggling and looked at me, then nodded and put her hands on her covered head.


“I have told her you are here to rob us, but we need to pretend you have come to play a game for the sake of my sister,” Jamelia said as she looked at me.  “My grandmother does not speak or understand English – she fled Iraq in the seventies with my grandfather, and never learned.  If you tell me what is going to happen, I will tell her and she will do as you ask.”


The older woman nodded as she looked at me, so I said “All right then – where is your sister?”


“She is playing in the front room,” Jamelia said as she looked at me.  “Come, I will take you there.”  She put her hands on her head, like her grandmother, before walking in front of both of us, down the corridor and into the front room.


It was simply furnished, the main furniture being a large red three seater couch in red velvet, with brown covers on the cushions and back.   A matching two seater settee sat at right ankles to it, while on the floor a younger girl was playing with her dolls.  She wore a purple and blue top, light blue pants, and was bare footed, while a light purple scarf covered her hair.  She looked up, dropping the doll as she saw me, and said “Grandma?  Jamelia?”


“It is all right, sister,” the young girl said, “This man has come to play a game of robbers with all three of us.  He’s going to make sure none of us can move or speak, and then we can have fun trying to help each other escape, as they do in your books.  Do as he says, and it will be great fun.”


The young girl then said something in the strange language to her grandmother, who nodded as she looked at them.  “Now then,” I said as I put my bag down, “I will make sure none of you are able to move.  I promise you it will not hurt, and will be comfortable.  Jamelia, you and your sister sit on the smaller couch, and I will start with your grandmother.  Tell her to put her hands behind her back.”


Jamelia said a few words, her grandmother nodding as she moved her arms and crossed her wrists behind her back.  I put her hands together, palm to palm, and tied them tightly together before taking the rope around her waist to lock them in place.  I then took a roll of white tape, and taped her hands together, so that she could not use her fingers.


She looked over her shoulder, and nodded to the two girls, as I tied her arms tightly to her side with two bands of rope – one around her lower arms and stomach, and the other around her upper arms and shoulders.  I then helped her to sit on the longer couch, before I turned and said “Your turn Jamelia.”


“Watch what he does to me,” she said to her younger sister, “and then he will do the same to you.”  I put her hands together behind her back and then tied and taped them, before I used a length of rope around her arms and stomach to hold them in place.


“The papers are right,” she said as I sat her back down, and then helped her sister to stand up, “you do not hurt us.   Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” I said as I bound the younger girl’s wrists and arms, before helping her to sit down as well.  “Now, I need to secure your legs, but I want your grandmother to be comfortable, and to know I am doing no more than that.  Please tell her to lie on her back, resting her head on the armrest and stretching her legs out.”


Jamelia said a few words, and I watched as the older woman wriggled round and lay down.  I gently adjusted the skirt of her robe, and then wrapped some rope around her legs, drawing the material against her legs as I tied them together.  This raised the hem of her skirt, allowing me to bind her ankles tightly together without disturbing her modesty too much.




She looked over to the two younger girls and nodded as I knelt in front of them, crossing their ankles and tying them tightly together, before I secured their legs together below their knees.


“There now,” I said as I looked in my bag, “I think you will be quite secure there.  Would you like the television on?”


“Can you play the DVD that is in the machine for us?  We were going to watch it anyway?”


I nodded and started the film, as I said “Now, I must keep you all quiet.  Open your mouth for me, Jamelia, so I can show your grandmother and sister what I will do.”


The young girl nodded and opened her mouth, allowing me to put the folded cloth into her mouth, and then as she closed it again seal her lips with a strip of the white micropore tape.  Her grandmother watched me do this, then nodded and opened her mouth, allowing me to gag her next.


Tsllrrlttsstfn,” Jamelia said as she looked at her younger sister, who slowly opened her mouth and allowed me to put the loose cloth in, then tape her lips over.   They them shuffled back in the chair and started to watch the cartoon, their grandmother watching over them as I went and searched the house.


When I returned, they were humming along to a song.  The older woman looked at me and nodded, as I closed the door and left them to enjoy their time together.




The visits are always the most fun when you come across the totally unexpected – such as the two princesses, or the time I found the twelve year old and eleven year old being biker chicks with their grandmother.


Another time happened a year or so ago, when I saw a woman walking out of the upmarket part of the Westfield shopping centre with her two daughters, who looked as if they were ten and nine.  She had dark brown hair, and was wearing a red leather jacket over an Aztec print mini dress, with high heels on her feet.  Both of the girls had blonde hair – well, the older one had lighter brown hair, and the younger one was blonde with her hair in pigtails.  She was wearing a padded jerkin over a purple jumper, and blue denim shorts over purple and white striped leggings, while her older sister was wearing a blue jacket and jeans.


I could see from the bags they were carrying I could see they were moneyed – an idea reinforced as they headed into Notting Hill, and then down one of the main residential streets.  I noted the house they went into, and then went to fetch my things.


Now, this was a busy road, so a stocking was not going to work.  Fortunately, I had a balaclava which I could roll up into a hat, and a pair of dark glasses, so I put the latter on and walked up to the front door, the hat on my head, and rang the doorbell.




“Parcel – I need your signature.”


“All right – just a minute.”


A minute was all I needed as I looked round and pulled the balaclava down over my head, as the front door was opened and the mother looked at me.


“Yes can I...” was all she got to say as I pushed my way in, holding her against the hallway wall with my hand over her mouth, and the gun in my other gloved hand.


Shhh,” I said quietly, “we don’t want to upset the little ones, do we?”


She looked at the gun, at me, and then at the paper which was on the table beside her.  There was a report on the page open to us, and as I looked at it I saw it was talking about the last visit I paid, to the family of the manager of the Lloyds Bank in a town in Notts.


“Yeah, that’s me,” I said in answer to her unasked question, “so you know what we’re going to do don’t you?  Where are the girls?”


She indicated the door behind me to the right with her eyes, and then tried to kick at me.  “Don’t” I said as I pressed the gun to her head, and then I realised something.   Normally when a family comes home, they take their shoes off or stay as they were – they don’t change into a pair of taupe leather boots that came to just below her knee.


“What were you doing when I rang the bell,” I asked as I took my hand away.


“We...  We were trying on boots,” she said quietly.


“What are your names?”


“I’m Alison – please, don’t hurt them.”


“You’ve read the papers – all I do is play a game of robbers with you, and you need to pretend it is a game.  Now, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


The dress was a strapless one, so as I crossed and tied Alison’s wrists behind her back with cords her bare shoulders were pulled back.  “Introduce me to them,” I said as I made her walk to the door.


As we went in, it was – well, it was actually quite a funny sight.  The younger girl was sitting in a red and purple plastic chair, but her legs were now nestled in a pair of dark brown leather boots, with thick soles and a strap effect round the legs.  They looked a couple of sizes too big, and came to her knees, so I guessed they actually belonged to her sister.


Her sister, on the other hand, had on a pair of tan leather boots that came all the way up her legs, almost as if they were a pair of waders or thigh highs on an adult.  The coat had been hiding a blue t-shirt over a long sleeved white top.  She was grinning and walking round, trying to keep her balance, as she turned and looked at me with her hand on her chin and a smile.


“Hey Mummy – who’s this?”


“Betty, Veronica,” she said as she looked at the older and younger girl in turn, “this man has come to play a game of robbers with us.”


“Oh,” Veronica said as she started to stand up.  “It’s all right, Veronica,” I said with a smile, “Sit back down – you can stay in the chair while we play the game.  You both look funny dressed that way.”


“I think I look pretty,” Betty said as she looked at Alison, “Don’t I look pretty, mummy?”


“Yes you do, my dear,” she said as she looked at me.  “All right girls,” I said as I let Alison sit in a chair, “I need to make sure you all stay here and can’t stop me pretending to rob you.  Do you want to take those boots off?”


“No,” Betty said as she started to walk round, “I look pretty and I want to keep them on.”


“Me too,” Veronica said as she looked at me.


“all right then,” I said as I opened my bag, “Betty, why don’t you lie on your tummy on the long couch there, and watch while I make sure your sister can’t move first?”


As Betty walked over, I took Veronica’s left arm and laid it on the arm of the chair she was sitting in, using some cords to tie her wrist and elbow to the chair.  I shuffled round and did the same on the other side, making sure I cinched each band, before I tied her waist to the chair back.


I then used some thicker rope to tie her ankles as tightly together as I could, the leather folding under the ropes as I pulled her legs together, but I made sure I did some extra passes between her legs.  I then tied her legs together below her knees, before saying “Now, you and Mummy can talk while I take care of your big sister.”


“She looks funny in those boots,” Veronica said as I stood up.


“She’s going to look even funnier in a minute,” I said as I walked over and tied Betty’s legs together, at the ankles and below her knees, the rope squeaking as it was pulled tighter and tighter over the leather.  I then crossed her wrists together behind her back, and helped her to sit u for a minute, as I tied her arms to her sides with a double figure of eight around her arms and tummy.


“Both comfy,” I said as I looked at the girls, both of them nodding as they started to compare their bonds, while I took care of Alison, binding her arms tightly to her sides with rope above and below her chest.  I then crossed and tied her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees.


“Thank you,” she whispered as she sat back n the chair.


“For what?”


“For making it a game,” she said as I looked at the two girls.  “Now, keep quiet while I have a look round,” I said, as I went to search the house.


They had behaved, and they were cute little girls, so I decided as I went round I wasn’t going to gag them that tightly.  Well, Mummy would be, but not the girls.  When I returned to the room, the three of them were talking quietly.


“I need to keep you quiet now,” I said as I rolled up a purple bandana and knelt next to Veronica.  “Open wide and I’ll tie this into your mouth.”


“All right,” she said as I tied the gag into her mouth, the ends secured at the back of her head.  I then rolled up a black and white scarf, tied a knot in the middle and tied that in Betty’s mouth, before I helped her to lie on her side with her head on the armrest of the settee.


“Now,” I said as I stood behind Alison, a blue silk scarf already rolled up and a knot tied in it,” Once I go, you can start to try and get free from your ropes.  Someone will come and tell you when the game is over.”


I held a called up cloth in front of Alison’s mouth, whispering “this first” as she allowed me to put it in, and then use the knotted scarf to gag her.  I gave each of them a kiss on the forehead, and left them to enjoy the rest of the game.




Another example of a dress up game came the time I robbed a farmhouse in the Cotswolds.  It wasn’t an actual working farm – it was owned by a stockbroker, who wanted his family to live in the country.  Made it easier for me to play my game as well.


I had checked to make sure there were no connections, and then made my way there on a Saturday afternoon, parking in a public car park opposite the lane that led up to the farm.  I knew he had four daughters – two sets of twins, actually, one aged twelve and the other eight.  Must be fun for them, was all I thought, as I saw him drive off in his car on his way to his beloved Swindon Town.


After a short period, I set off and drove up the lane, parking just outside the gate to the farmhouse as I made my way over the fence and along the adjoining field.  There was a large paddock, with a couple of horses, but they did not pay me any attention as I climbed over the fence and crossed the yard, making my way in through the back door.  My backpack was equipped with everything I needed.


Fortunately for me, the kitchen was empty, but I could hear excited chatter elsewhere in the house.  The question was, where would I start?   When I heard the younger twins shrieking in one of the downstairs room, my mind was made up, so I sneaked along the corridor and looked in.


There they were, sitting on a mat with cushions around them, playing with their dolls.  I knew their names were Jean and Maggie, but not which was which.  One had long dark hair, and was wearing a pink short sleeved dress that buttoned up the front, woollen tights with a pattern and knee length black leather boots.  The other girl had a pink and white bandana tied over her hair, and was barefoot.  She wore a black pinafore type of dress, which was see-through below her knees, so that I could see her legs crossed under the material.


That girl had a pair of pink headphones on her ears, and was listening to something on an MP3 player, so I said “Hello” instead to the other girl.


“Maggie,” she said as she saw me, and nudged her sister, “Who is this man?”


“Don’t be scared,” I said as I looked at them, dressed as I was in a denim jacket, dark trousers and jumper, and the stocking over my head, “I’ve been invited by your mum and dad to come and play a tie-up game with all of you.  Do you know what that is?”


“What did he say, Jean,” the other girl said, but I could see a hint of excitement in her sister’s eyes.  “Yeah, I’ve heard of them – you have to be made unable to move and talk for a while, right?”


“Right – and I thought if I started with you, then asked you to call your mother in, she would be delighted and surprised.  Do you want to do it?”


Maggie looked uncertain, but Jean said “Yes please – come on Maggie, you can continue to listen to 1D as well.”  That seemed to cheer her up, as I said “Right – I need you both to put your hands together in front of you, and raise them up a little bit.”


I started with their wrists – putting a pair of clean socks over each of their hands, and then tying their wrists together, hands palm to palm, and cinching the rope between their arms as well.  I then got both of them to bend their legs, before I tied their ankles tightly together with more rope.


“That sounds funny,” Jean giggled as the rope rubbed against her leather boots – fortunately it was soft enough that the rope pulled it around her ankles as well, but I took care not to hurt Maggie either.   I then ted their legs together below their knees, before I ted their wrists down to their knees and helped them move round so that they were sitting back to back.


“This is exciting,” Jean said as I used some more rope to tie them back to back at their waists, and then I looked at Maggie.


“Everything all right?  Not too scary?”


She shook her head and started to sign along to her favourite band.  “Ah – I’m afraid I need to stop you from telling your sisters or mum the game has started,” I said as I took a roll of black tape from my bag, “but you can hum along, all right?”


Good  - I think they’re rubbish.”


I had to stop myself laughing as I tore a strip of black tape off, and pressed it down over Jane’s lips, then a second strip over Maggie’s mouth, her signing turning into soft mmphing instead.


Of course, the moment I stood up was the moment their mother chose to come into the room.  “Girls, do you want a drink,” she started to say, and then she fell silent as she saw her little girls bound back to back and gagged.


Hemmmwrplnggm,” Jane said as I walked up behind her and hand gagged her.


“That’s right, mummy,” I whispered into her ear as I winked at the girls, “This is the game of robbers you and your husband asked me to come and play.  I thought I’d get started early – I hope you don’t mind?”


She was in her earl forties, and was wearing a black cardigan over a grey and black patterned top, her crimped blonde hair falling over it.  Her skirt was in a gypsy style, made of blue suede with a black border that had a floral pattern printed on it.  I could see a hint of her black tights under the hem of the skirt, and above her knee length black leather boots.


“Don’t” I said as I moved my foot from the heel of one boot, “The girls are playing along, and you said you would as well, all right?”


She looked at the young girls, and then nodded under my gloved hand.  “Don’t worry girls, it’s all part of the game,” I said as I walked their mother out of the room, “I’ll come back and check on you later, all right?”


They both nodded as I closed the door, and then released my hand.  “Now, mummy, they think this is a game, so let’s keep it that way, all right?”


She nodded as she said “All right – but you won’t hurt them?”


“I just need to keep them and your other daughters out of the way for a little while, and then to give me time to get away.  Where are your older twins?”


“They are in their bedroom, why?”


“We need to make them part of the game as well,” I said as I turned her round, pulled her arms behind her back and tied her wrist tightly together, making sure they were crossed and well secured.  “Why don’t you take me up to them?”


We walked up the stairs, and stopped outside a room she indicated.  Opening the door, I saw them sitting side by side on the bed, watching a DVD on a small television.


Their names were Trish and Carly – I found out which one was which when their mother said “Trish, would you pause the film for a moment,” and the one on the left used a remote.  She had brown hair cut into a bob, and was wearing a powder pink cotton jerkin, zipped up the front, over a long sleeved white top, black leggings and cuffed brown leather boots that came to just below her knee.


Carly was wearing a lumberjack shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, over a pair of jeans and grey felt boots.  I could see a black top peeking out from under her shirt, as she said “Mum, why are your hands behind your back.”


“Girls,” their mother said quietly, “We’re going to play a game of robbers with the man here.  He’s going to make sure you can’t move or speak for a little while, and then pretend to rob us.”




“Maggie and Jean are already playing downstairs,” their mother said as she looked at them, “and I will go and play with them in a little while, but we need to get you involved in the game up here, all right?”


The two girls looked at me, as I smiled back at them, and slowly nodded their heads.  I was fairly sure they knew what was really going on, but with their younger sisters secured downstairs...


“So how are you going to secure us,” Trish said as she looked at me.


“Actually,” I said as I took my bag off, and removed two lengths of cord, “you are.  You’re both Girl Guides right?  Have you done your rope work badges?”


They looked at me as I tossed the cords to them, and said “So I want you to tie your ankles tightly together, cinching the band, and using a double knot behind your legs.  All right?”


“Just do as he says girls,” their mother whispered, and so they did as I said – and they did a very good job of it as well, making sure they were well secured.


“Now,” I said as I tossed them another length of rope, “tie your legs together in the same way, below your knees.”  I watched as they did that as well, and then stretched their legs out, looking at them curiously.


“Now I need a volunteer from one of you.”


“What for?”


“To tie their sister’s wrists together behind their back,” I said as I looked at Carly, “Are you volunteering?”


“It’s all right, Carly,” Trish said as she turned her back and crossed her wrists behind her back, “You do it to me.  I suspect he’ll then do it to you.”


I watched as Carly bound her sister’s wrists, and then I tied hers together, before I used more rope to bind their arms to their sides at their stomachs and shoulders.  “Not too uncomfortable, I hope,” I said as I looked at them.


“So how does the ‘game’ go from here?” Trish said as she looked at me.


“Well, I have to make sure you two stay quiet,” I said as I took two flannels and a roll of white tape from my bag, “then I will ask your mum to show me where the things I will  pretend to take are, before I take her back to your younger sisters and make sure she is playing along as well.


“So, open your mouths wide please...”


“It’s all right girls, I will get this as well, I think,” their mother said as I folded the flannels and pushed them into their mouths, then wound the tape around their heads to keep them in place.  Putting the tape back, they watched as I then bound their mother’s arms to her sides, the rope going above and below her chest and making her cardigan open over it.


“Enjoy the rest of the film girls,” I said as I started it playing again, and then left them to struggle on the bed.  From there, we went to the master bedroom, where their mother showed me all sorts of lovely things for me to take.


I then looked in her wardrobe, and used a blue silk square to stuff her mouth, and a rolled up black scarf as a cleave gag, before covering her lower head in the white tape.


“Now, it’s still a game to the kids, right,” I said as I walked her out, looking in on Trish and Carly to see they had fallen asleep, and then taking her downstairs again.


Hllmmmwhttp?” Maggie said as I walked their mother in, and then helped her to sit against the wall so that she could watch both of them.  More rope secured her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees, making sure I put her skirt back over.


“Would you like it as well,” I said, and when they both nodded I covered the black tape over their mouths with white tape around their heads.


“Well, I need to pretend to go with my things now,” I said as I looked at them, “Enjoy the rest of the game.”


The look their mother gave me as I walked out was pure hatred, but then she mumbled “Trrngtfrtm” to the other two girls, as she started to move towards them.  I left them to play as I went back to my car.


Their father was not going to have a good day – on the radio as I drove off, I heard Swindon had lost...







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