Mummy’s Game








“Are you sure you want to do this?”


“No – but we don’t have a choice, do we Alan?”  Sharon Kerr looked at her husband, who slowly nodded as he said “no – no we don’t.  You get them into the front room, and I’ll find what we need.”


Sharon glanced to the side and nodded as she and her husband left the back room of their house, and she made her way into the front room.  She was in her early forties, and was wearing a black knee length dress with a white trim, with a white cardigan over that.  A pair of knee length black leather boots covered her lower legs, as she moved three chairs from the dinner table to be arranged in front of the couch.


“Hey Mum – Dad says he wants to do a game with us?”


“That’s right,” she said as she looked at her eleven-year-old daughter.  Billie was wearing a loose-fitting black jersey dress, and black slippers.  She was followed in by a thirteen-year-old girl, wearing a long-sleeved black top and red checked pants, with black socks over her feet.


“Billie, Erica – why don’t you take one of the end seats, and your father will sit between you,” Sharon said with a smile as Alan came back in.  they had been married for fifteen years, and he had short greying brown hair with a full beard, wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans and black slippers.


“You’ll need these,” he said as he handed Sharon two rolls of tape – one green, one clear.


“So Dad wants us to do an escape challenge with him,” Erica said as the three of them sat down.


“In a way – I’m going to do the same to all of you, and then I want you to watch an episode of your favourite show before you start to try to get free.  In return, I’ll order pizzas later, all right?”


“Sounds fun.”


“Good, Billie – put your hands out together in front of you, wrists together,” Sharon said as she tore the end of the clear tape free, and then used it to tape her daughter’s wrists together – before wrapping a band of green tape round them as well.  She then knelt down and taped her ankles together in the same way, the young girl raising her legs up and down before Susan moved to where Erica was sitting.


“This won’t hurt, will it Mum,” she said as her long brown hair fell over her shoulders.


“No – it should not hurt,” Sharon said with a smile as she taped her other daughter’s wrists and ankles together, using both clear and green tape.  She then looked at Alan, who nodded as she taped his wrists and ankles.


“We could still get up and jump around,” Billie said with a smile.


“You won’t in a moment,” Sharon said as she tore the end of the clear tape free again, and then wrapped it tightly round her daughter’s upper body and the chair back to hold her against it.  She then added a band of the green tape over that, before she wound the tape round her lap and the chair seat so that she was held in place.


Erica soon had her body secured to the chair in the same way, before Sharon wrapped the tape round Alan’s upper arms and body to hold them in place, and then round his stomach and the chair back.


She then taped his legs together, above and below his knees, as he looked at Billie and Erica.  “One more thing – I want us to be silent, so your mother is going to put the clear tape over your mouths as well.  All right?”


Both of them nodded as Sharon tore strips of the clear tape free and gagged all three of them, before she turned the television on.  “Enjoy – and I’ll see you later,” she said as she turned the television on, and then left them, closing the door and taking a deep breath before she walked into the front room.


“Well done?”


“You didn’t give me a choice,” she said as she looked at the two masked men, and then at the ten-year-old girl sitting on the seat.  “Are you all right, Ariel?”


“Yhssmhmm,” the girl said as she twisted round, the sound muffled by the clear tape over her own mouth.  Her youngest daughter was wearing a black jacket over a blue and black dress, and her own black leather boots which came up to her knee s- but her hands were taped together behind her back, and she had tape wrapped round her arms and body.


“Good – we’ve got an hour.  Let’s go – the main bedroom.”


Sharon nodded as she helped Ariel to stand up, and they walked slowly out…




Two hours later, Alan finally managed to free himself and peel the tape away from his mouth.


“I’m going to see where your mother and Ariel are,” he said as he removed the tape gags, “can you free yourselves now?”


“We can – but what happened Dad?”


“Tell you later,” he said as he kissed Bobbie and Erica on their foreheads, and then left the room, running up the stairs and looking in the main bedroom.  Sharon and Ariel were lying on the bed, Ariel’s head on her mother’s chest, her eyes closed as Sharon looked ay Eric.  Both had tape round their ankles, their legs above and below their knees, and round their arms as he walked over and removed the tape from her mouth.


“The girls?”


“Safe – I’ll free you both, and then call the police…







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