My Mother’s First Time








Living with your mother when you are in your forties can be a little tiresome, especially when others ask why you have not married.  It’s not as if I have not had relationships – I have, had, quite a few actually, it’s just that I have never actually found the right one for me.


In fact, I have had very fulfilling relationships, and some of them have also allowed me to indulge my fantasies.  I’ve been into bondage ever since I was a teenager, and even then I would tie up friends for a dare.  As I grew older, however, I discovered that some people get as much enjoyment out of being bound and gagged as I did -and indeed, some of the women I have made love to have found the experience much more fulfilling when they were tightly bound and unable to speak or stop what I was doing.


And yes – it was satisfying to me as well, but what I did was a secret from one person, and one person in particular.  My mother.  I never really knew what would happen if she ever found out.


Until last week, when she did.  I came home from my job and called out “Mum, I’m home?”


“Come into the front room Alan,” I heard her call back, “I want to show you something.”  I hung my coat up and walked in to see her sitting on the couch.  She was wearing a pink robe wrapped round her body and coming down to her knees, a sash tied round her waist.   The sleeves of her robe were lace, with a gathered cuff, and her legs were bare.


“Did you have a nap this afternoon, Mum,” I asked as I closed the door.


“Yes, I did,” she said as she looked at me through her large glasses, her greying blonde hair but in a fringe and down to cover the back of her neck, “but when I woke up, I decided to get your dirty washing from your room.  That’s when I found some things.”


“Oh – what things?”


I watched Mum as she picked up a magazine from the coffee table – and then I felt faint as I saw it was a magazine from my private collection.  She flipped through it, as she said “is there something you want to tell me Alan?”




“Is this why you never married?”


“No, Mum,” I said as I sat down, “but yes, I do like to tie up the women I date, and we have fun together doing it.  I have never hurt them, never deliberately tied up anyone who did not want to do it – you believe me, don’t you?”


Mum slowly nodded as she put the book down, and looked at me.  “And you get pleasure form this?”




“When did it start?”


I ran my hand through my own hair, and said “do you remember Margaret?”


“the girl who was in your form at school?”


I nodded as I said “One Firework Night, we came back and went to my room.  I remember she was wearing a blue blouse over a black roll neck sweater, and faded jeans with knee length black boots.  Anyway – we sat on the bed, and kissed, and then she saw I had some twine I had used to tie a parcel up.”


I looked at my mother, who said “go on…”


“Well – she asked if I had ever tied a girl up, and when I said no she stood up, put her hands behind her back and told me tie her wrists together.  I tell you; I was nervous – but I cut some twine off and did it, in the way I’d seen someone tied on The Sweeney.  She nodded, and said I had done a good job, then sat down and told me to tie her ankles together as well.


“When I was done, I sat next to her and she kissed me – and somehow, it seemed better and more exciting.”  I blushed as I said “I guess that’s how it started.”


“and you tied up all of your girlfriends after that?”


“Only those who agreed to let me or asked me – why?”


Mum looked at me, and then she did something I would never, ever have expected.  She blushed as she said “Well – if I asked you to tie me up, what would you do?”  It’s something I admit I had dreamed off when I was a teenager, but now?


“Mum – why would you want me to do that to you?”


“Well…  At my age, and with your father gone…  It would be a new experience.  Will you do this for me?”


I stared at my mother – she was in her early sixties, after all, and yes she was slim, but still…


“All right,” I eventually said, “let me go and change, and fetch some ropes.  I will do it – but you need to tell me if you want me to stop, all right?”  I saw her nod as I left the room and went upstairs.


When I came back down, I was wearing a black sweater and pants, and soft black shoes, an di was carrying a brown holdall.  Mum watched as I sat next to her and put the bag down, opening it and taking out a length of white rope.


“Hold this for a minute,” I said as I gave it to her, “I want you to tell me how it feels.”  As I watched, she held it in her hands and said “soft – and it’s longer than I expected.  Why is it this long?”


“It needs to be – you’ll understand why in a minute,” I said as I took it from her, and doubled it in my hands.  “Ready?  If so, turn your back to me, and put your hands behind your back.”  Mum did just that, looking forward as I put her hands together palm to palm, and then wrapped the rope round them, pulling the ends back through the centre and making sure I kept it in neat bands before I took the ends between her arms, and then pulled it tight before I secured the ends out of reach of her fingers.


She tried to move them round, and then said “that is tight – but I thought it would hurt.”


“If you do it right, it does not hurt,” I said as she turned and looked at me.


“Can you show me what you did?”


“Let me bind your ankles,” I said as I knelt down and took another length of rope from the bag, Mum watching as I wrapped it round her bare ankles and pulled the ends back through the centre loop, drawing them together.


“I see – and you kept it that tight?”


“I did,” I said as she watched me wind the rope round several times, before tucking the ends through the top band and separating them.  She looked on as I took the rope between her legs and pulled the band tighter, and then secured the ends behind her legs.


“There – how does that feel?”


Mum twisted her legs from side to side, before she said “Different – I mean, it’s tight, but it’s snug, and it isn’t scary at all...”


“But how do you feel?”


“honestly?”  Mum looked at me, and then said “curious – is this all you did?”


“No – but remember, if you want me to stop at any time.”


She nodded as I took a slightly longer length of rope from the bag, and then wrapped it round her legs below her knees, making sure I tied them in the same way as her ankles.  It was as I took the rope between her legs to cinch that binding that I hard make a little gasp.


“IS something wrong, Mum?”


She just shook her head and watched me tie the ends of that binding off, before she lifted her legs up and down.  There was the most curious look on her face as she stared through her glasses, before she lowered them and said “no – but what else would you do?”


“Well – let me try something,” I said as I took another length of rope from my bag, “Turn your back to me again.”


“Okay,” she said as she twisted round, and I sat behind her, passing the rope round her arms at her elbows and then gently pulling them together.


“Oh my…”


“Do you want me to stop?”


There was a moment’s silence, before she said “no – go on.”  I pulled the rope tighter, until her elbows almost touched, and then I secured them in the same way as her wrists – including cinching the band between her arms, that made her gasp again as I tied the ends off, and held her arms as I said “is that too tight?”


“It’s tight, but…”  Mum twisted her body round, as I saw the way the elbow tie had forced her shoulders back and her chest out, before she said “so, what else would you do?”


“Mum, are you sure?  I mean…”


“I’m sure – if it gets too much, I’ll let you know,” she said quietly.  I nodded as I said “all right – here we go” and took from the bag a much longer length of rope.  Mum’s eyes opened wide, as she said “how long is…”


“about a hundred feet,” I said as I shook it out and then doubled it over, “but you’ll see why in a few minutes.  Ready?”


Mum nodded as I went behind her, and passed the rope round her body, before I pulled it tight under her chest.  This time it was a more audible gasp that she made, as I took the rope round her again above her chest, starting to form two bands as I kept the rope taut with each pass.


As I did so, she looked down at the two bands that were forming, her robe starting to open a little as it was stretched over her chest by the tight binding.  There was the strangest look in her eyes – but it as one I recognised, one of beginning to experience those feelings…


“All right so far,” I said as I pulled the rope tight above her chest.


“I think so – that is…  I wonder why it feels like this…”


“Want me to continue?”


Mum slowly nodded as I pulled the rope round the bands behind her back, and then went to the side, feeding the rope under the lower band between her body and arm, before I pulled the rope up and back. Mum sat still as I took the rope round the back of her neck, lifting her hair out of the way, and then took it down and under the lower band at the other side.  As I secured the ends behind her, I said “there – how does it feel now?”


“Different…  Oh god…”  I watched as she twisted from side to side, “the way this is rubbing on me…”  I then noticed that her robe was opening up, so I said “do you want me to…”




I stared at Mum as she looked at one picture in the magazine, a woman bound the way she was, her robe opened up, before she said “if…  If I am going to experience this, I wish to experience it all the way, and I trust you not to take advantage.”


I nodded, and then slowly opened up her robe, pulling it to the sides under the tight robes as it exposed her white bra and panties.  She glanced down and nodded, before she said something that really surprised me.”


“Alan…  What is a crotch rope?”


“Mum, why are you asking?”


“The picture,” she said as she twisted round.  “Alan, do you have any idea how this is making me feel…”


“I do – but you’re my mum…”


“I know – which is why I need you to show me.  Can you do it?”


“I can – but tell me if you want me not to do it.”


“I can’t tell you if I can’t speak – I think I want to know how it feels to be gagged now.”


I looked at my mother, saw the determination in her eyes, and then nodded as I took a white scarf from the bag, and folded it into a pad.


“Mum…  I am going to put this in your mouth.  It will feel funny to begin with, but you will get used to it.  Then I’m going to put some tape over your mouth and face – it will tug a little, but it won’t hurt.  If you remain calm, it will be fine – but if at any time you want me to remove it, nod and grunt three times.”


“Is that a safe word?”


“As good as – ready?”


Mum nodded as I helped her to stand, and then said “Thank you” before she opened her mouth, and I gently eased the folded scarf in, pushing it past her teeth with my fingers as her cheeks bulged out.  She then closed her lips as I peeled a strip of the white tape from the roll.


Believe it or not, I was actually shaking a little as I smoothed the tape down over her lips and mouth.  If I had been a teenager, it would have been worse, but there she was – her wrists behind her back, ropes round her arms and body, her legs, her ankles, her robe open and her underwear visible, and the shape of her lips clear under the tape.


“Okay,” I said quietly, “ready?”


Mum nodded as I took a longer length of rope, and doubled it over before I fed it under the two bands of rope, between her breasts.  As I pulled the rope down, I heard her moan, and saw she had closed her eyes as I took the rope down, and then helped her to turn round on her bare feet.


I then knelt down and put my hand between her thighs, and pulled the rope back and up.  Mum actually squealed as I did that, the rope rubbing between her legs on her panties, before I took it up and secured it behind her back.




“Are you all right,” I whispered into her ear, and she nodded before she jumped round, and then laid down on the long couch she had been sitting on.  I watched as she rolled onto her front, and then bent her legs back as she looked at me.


“Are…  Are you sure?”


She nodded as I took more rope, and tied it between her ankles, before I tied the other end to the crotch rope as she moaned.  “I…  I think I need to leave you for a while,” I said quietly, “to be alone.  I think that will be better.  Will you be all right?”


She turned her head and nodded as I removed her glasses, folding the legs and placing them to the side on a table before I walked to the door.  as I turned round, I saw her slowly try to move her legs, and knew something from what my girlfriends had said of what she was beginning to feel.


So I closed the door, and found a takeaway menu, looking at it and deciding to order some food.





“thank you,” Mum said as we sat at the table, eating a late supper.  I had returned an hour later and slowly untied her, seeing the dampness on her body and on the ropes as well as the soaking scarf as I took it out of her mouth.  She went straight to the bathroom, showered, and was now wearing her nightdress.


“For what?”


“For what you did – Alan…”




“Do you think you could do that with me and Gertie?”


I looked at her and said “your friend Gertie?  Tie you both up and gag you?”


“In our dresses – we want to know how it feels together…”


And that was a whole other revelation…







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