Not Another Saturday







Looking back on it now, there was no way we could have expected what happened to happen.  Why would we - I’d been to football practice, come home and changed, and then we had all gone to the mall to pick up some new clothes for a family gathering in a few weeks time.  None of us had any idea of what was waiting for us as we drove back onto the driveway of our house.


I guess I should introduce myself - my name’s Mark.  There’s nothing special about me - I’m a bit large for my age, at 5 foot ten and 190, but it’s not like I’m fat.  It just means I’m prime material for the team, with short brown hair and hazel eyes.  I’d changed after practice into a short sleeved check shirt and jeans, and had a pair of sneakers on my feet.  Like I say, nothing special.


My sister, Kristen, was sitting in the back of the car with me.  She’s two years older than me, but three inches smaller, with long dark hair that was falling over the top of her white blouse.  She also was wearing a pair of jeans, with a thin black leather belt around her waist, and tan moccasins on her feet.


My mom, Regina, was of course driving.  She’s even smaller than Kristen - I tower a good five inches over her, and I’m not even eighteen yet.  She has short curly red hair, and was still in the clothes she had to wear for a church meeting earlier that day - a fawn coloured jumper and matching knee length skirt, light tan pantyhose and brown leather shoes with a modest heel on them.


Anyway, we parked the car in the driveway and Kristen and I got out, while Mum popped the trunk and retrieved the bags.  We were trading jokes with each other, the way any other brother or sister would, as we walked up to the front door and opened it.


“Hey, it’s a bit cold in here,” Kristen said as we walked into the hallway.  It was a cold - almost as if we had left a window open, which is what I thought at first.  “Want a drink,” I said as I headed for the kitchen.  Kristen nodded as she made her way into the front room, and Mum came in the front door.


It was as I walked into the kitchen, and opened the refrigerator door, that I noticed the door to the back yard was slightly ajar.  I closed the fridge door, put the two cans I had taken out on the breakfast bar, and walked over to have a look.  As I got closer, I could see that the door had been pushed in, and there were splinters of wood hanging from the door frame.


“What the hell,” I whispered to myself, before I was grabbed from behind and my arm was twisted up my back, making me yelp with pain.  “Don’t move a muscle,” I heard a gravelly voice say behind me, and I could smell alcohol as I was turned round and pushed back towards the front room.


“Oh god - please don’t hurt him,” Mum said as I was pushed into the room.  She and Kristen were kneeling on the floor, their hands on top of their heads, the palms down.  Standing over them was a tall, thin man with cropped dark hair and stubble on his chin, holding a very large metal bar in his hand which he swung up and down.  The curtains had been drawn over the windows - later on, I learnt that Kristen had walked in on the thin guy, who had grabbed and hand gagged her, then forced Mum to black out the windows before making them kneel next to each other.


“We won’t hurt him,” he said in a southern accent, “so long as he does what we tell him to, will you boy?”


“You leave my mum and sis alone,” I said angrily, only for whoever was holding me from behind to pull my arm even further up my back, making me yelp in pain again.  “He’ll do what you tell him,” Mum said as I say Kristen start to cry, “Won’t you Mark?”


“So long as they don’t hurt you,” I said as I grimaced.  “Smart boy,” the other man said as I was released and pushed forward, “now get down on your knees next to the rest of your family, and keep those hands on your head.”


As I knelt down, I finally got a look at who had grabbed me from behind.  He was a man-mountain - six foot eight, and at least four foot round his chest.  He was dressed the same way as the other guy - orange coveralls, with a white t-shirt showing under the opened top, and heavy work boots.


“Right then,” the first man said as he sat himself down and looked at the three of us, “We just need a bite to eat and your care, and we’ll be on your way.  Oh - and we’ll take any nice jewellery and money that you have as well.”


Now personally, I wanted to jump the guy and choke him, but the fact he had his friend there, and my mum and sis were next to me, made me stop.  I could see Kristen had been thinking the same thing, as she whispered “Don’t try anything stupid, Mark,” out of the corner of her mouth.


“So long as you three stay nice and co-operative,” the thin man said as he smiled, “then we’re going to get along just fine.  George, are you hungry?”


“I sure am,” the big man said with a voice that sounded like her gargled rocks each morning, “maybe mummy here can fix us up some grub, Lenny?”


“I’m sure she’d be delighted to - what’s your name, sweetheart?”


I looked over at Mum as she raised her head and whispered “Regina.”


“Well then, Regina,” he said as he moved forward in the chair, “I want you to go with George her and cook us up some food.  It’s a long time since we’ve had anything except prison food, right George?”


I saw the big guy smile, as I realised these two were escaped convicts.  I looked at Kristen and Mum, as she slowly said “All right - so long as you don’t hurt my babies, and you go afterwards.”


“Oh, your little darlings are safe with me,” Lenny said, “Help the nice lady up George, and be gentle with her.”


The man-mountain grabbed Mum and forced her up to her feet, and I must have started to move, because I heard Lenny say “Don’t do it, boy - your mother would not like the consequences.”  I turned and looked at him, as he smiled, his yellow teeth showing as his ‘friend’ pulled Mum out of the room.


“Now then,” Lenny said as he stood up, “I need to make sure you two kids don’t interfere in our plans.  You, little darling,” he said as he patted Kristen on the head, “don’t move a muscle now.  I want to take care of your big, strong brother here first.


“You, young man, stand up and turn round with your back to me.”


I guessed what was coming, as he reached into his back pocket and took out some lengths of what looked like washing line.  Later on, I found out that was what it was - when they broke into the house, they found a couple of coiled ropes my dad had planned to use for replacing the washing line, and had cut it up ‘just in case anyone came home’.


“I’ll do what you ask,” I said as I got to my feet, “so long as you promise my mum and sister is not going to be hurt.”


“We just want your stuff and a getaway, nothing more,” he said with a smile.  “Now, put your hands behind your back, like a good boy.”


As I moved my hands behind me, I looked over my shoulder and watched as he crossed my wrist and wrapped a length of rope round them, pulling them together tightly as the cords dug into my skin.  I bit my lower lip as he tightened them by passing the rope between my arms, and then tying the ends together, tucking them into the coils.


I could hear the sound of something frying in the kitchen as Lenny turned me round and pushed me into an armchair, Kristen watching the whole time.  “Try to stay calm,” I said as I looked at her, and she nodded as he knelt in front of me, pulling my ankles together with another  length of rope that he wrapped around the cuffs of my jeans.  He passed the rope between my legs to tighten that as well, before he took a third length and pulled my legs together just below my knees.


“Are you all right,” Kristen said as she saw me wince at the tightness of the ropes, but I just nodded - I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how well he had secured me.  Not that it mattered anyway - he knew.  As he pushed me further back into the chair, he said “I’ve done this many times before boy - you and your sis won’t be going anywhere.”


As I tried to twist my arms round, I knew he was right - I wasn’t going anywhere.  Instead, I watched him as she stood in front of Kristen and said “All right, darling your turn, get on your feet.”


I watched as he helped Kristen to stand up, before saying “Walk over to that nice long couch there, and lie yourself face down on it.”


“Do I have to,” she said as she looked at me.  He took her chin in his hand and lifted her face up, staring into her eyes as he said “Yes, you do.  Now move.”


Slowly, she walked over, her hands still on her head as she sat down, then moved her legs over and shuffled down so that she was lying straight out, her hands still on her head.  “Roll over and put your hands behind your back, darling,” he said as he pulled another length of cord from his pocket.  Kristen looked over at me as I sat there, watching as she rolled over and moved her hands behind her back.


This time, Lenny placed her hands together, palm to palm before he tightly lashed her wrists together.  I could see Kristen starting to pant slightly as he did this, but I wasn’t sure why he had not crossed her wrists.  I found out fairly quickly, however, as he took a second length and wrapped it round her arms below her elbows, pulling them together so that they touched.  Kristen does gymnastics, so I knew she was flexible, but I saw her blush bright red as he did this.  I wasn’t sure why - not at that stage anyway.


Moving down to her legs, he quickly tied her ankles together as mine were, before saying “Roll over, darling, and bend your knees a little.”  As she did so, I say that her shoulders had been pulled back and her chest forced out, stretching the material of her blouse over her breasts.  Now, Kristen was well built, but as I saw the way her chest was pushed up and out I have to confess I started to feel some things I had never felt before.  I tried hard to ignore them as Lenny tied her legs together below her knees, then laid her legs down and put a cushion under her head.


“Hey, Lenny,” I heard George call through, “Grub’s up, and it looks mighty fine.”


“Be right through,” Lenny called out as he looked at both of us.  “Naturally, neither of you is going to do anything stupid, not while we have mummy with us, right?  Just lie still and enjoy the experience.”  He turned and walked out of the room, leaving Kristen and I to look at each other as we heard him walk to the kitchen.


I looked at Kristen, Kristen looked at me, and we both listened to the muted voices that were coming from the kitchen.  “Can you move,” Kristen said as she looked down at her legs and moved them up and down.


“No, I can’t” I said as I looked over my shoulder and tried twisting my wrists again.  If I was being 100% honest, I couldn’t meet Kristen in the eye at that moment.  The way she was moving as she twisted round on the couch made her breasts bounce slightly, and I wasn’t sure I wanted my body reacting to that, as it did when I caught sight of the cheerleaders at school.


I shifted myself round in the seat, watching Kristen as she tried to move her arms a bit as well, and listened to the sounds of the two men talking to Mum in the kitchen.  I’m not sure exactly how long this went on for - clock watching was not exactly high on my list of priorities - but I eventually heard the sounds of footsteps returning, and Lenny walked back in with our mother.


“Are you two all right,” she said as she came in, and we both nodded in reply.  I can’t speak for Kristen, especially as she was blushing a bright red, but for me this was the first time I really appreciated what a body my mother had.


They had started to tie her up in the kitchen, as I could see her arms had been pulled behind her back, and I guessed her wrists were tied together in the small of her back.  There was a length of rope around her waist, the grey-white contrasting with the tan of her jumper, but that was not what caught my eye.


What did were the bands that were going around her upper body, above and below her breasts, forcing her chest up and out as she walked in.  The ropes pulled the material of her jumper over her breasts so tightly I could almost swear I could see the pattern of her bra underneath.  What I could see was the way they rose and fell as she breathed in and out, and the small lengths that had been passed round them between her arms and her upper body to tighten them still further.


“Go and have a look round upstairs George,” Lenny said as he looked over his shoulder, “and see what you can find for us to take.”  I could see the man mountain through the open doorway as he walked up the staircase, the thud of his boots a dull echo as Lenny pushed Mum into the room and closed the door behind himself.


“All right, Regina,” he said as he looked at the three of us, “you can see your kids are safe, and thanks for the food.  We’ll be out of your hair in a little while, but we need to make sure you can’t raise the alarm for a while first.”


I could see in his back pocket he had more rope, and I had a horrible feeling I knew what he was going to with it.  “We’re not going to call the police,” I said as I sat myself up and looked at him, “you can just leave us and go.”


“Can’t take the risk, kid,” he said as he looked at me.  “We’ve already ripped your phone out of the wall, so you’re not gonna use that.  Now shut up while I make your mum - comfortable.”


“Mum, who are they,” Kristen asked as Lenny helped Mum to sit on a sheepskin rug that was on the floor between my chair and the couch.


“They escaped from a work group this morning,” she said as she watched Lenny stretch her legs out in front of her and cross her ankles, then start to wrap a fresh length of rope round them.  “They - nnggmmmm - they broke in and were looking for money and clothes when we came in.”


He had pulled Mum’s ankles tightly together, her pantyhose wrinkling slightly under the cords as he wrapped them round and between her legs, and then over her shoes, catching it around her heels before he tied the ends together.  He looked up and smiled at her as he pushed her legs up, and started to bind her legs together just below her knees.  I could see her skirt slipping down her hose covered legs as he did this, exposing the briefest glimpse of her knickers as her legs were pulled together.


“Please, that’s enough,” she said as she watched him pass the rope between her legs to tighten those coils, “Just take what you have and go.”

“Oh no, Regina,” Lenny said as he flashed an evil grin in my direction, “I’m not finished yet.”  To the horror of myself and Kristen, and to Mum’s embarrassment, he then took yet another length of rope and tied it around her legs above her knees, pushing her skirt right down towards her waist as he did so.  She looked at me, blushing a deep deep red as her legs were secured together again, before he allowed her to drop her knees and pull her skirt back down.


“I bet you think your mum looks good like this,” Lenny said as he looked at me.  The strange and horrible thing was, he was right - I did think Mum looked fantastic, the material of her jumper stretched tightly across her chest and the legs squeaking as she rubbed them together trying to loosen the ropes.


Rather more worrying and embarrassing was the fact I could feel myself responding to the sight before me - the last thing I needed was for Mum and Kristen to know I was getting aroused by them.  Fortunately, George the walking mountain came in at that point and said “Got everything - thought you might want these.”


“Thanks, George,” Lenny said as he took a pile of what looked like cloths from his friend.  “Oh god,” I heard Kristen say as she rolled over onto her side and looked at what he had been given, “Please, not that.”


Mum looked up and said “You don’t have to gag us, we’ll be quiet.”  Honestly, it had occurred to me until then that was what he had, but it was - George had given him a number of handkerchiefs, and three scarves, as well as what looked to me like Kristen’s knickers.


“Cute,” Lenny said as he held up a pair of pink briefs with a Hello Kitty logo on the front panel, and with a sinking feeling I realised that it was my sister’s knickers.  As eh folded them into a pad, he walked over and knelt next to Kristen on the couch.


“Open up,” he said as he held the wad in front of her, “it’s time fro you to be quiet little girl.”


“NO,” I heard myself scream out, “Don’t do it.”


“Do you want them in your mouth instead,” he said as he turned and looked at me, and I fell silent, shaking my head from side to side.  “Well then,” he whispered, “shut up until it’s your turn.  Come on, girlie - open wide.”


I looked at Kristen, she looked at Mum, and Mum slowly nodded her head, saying “Just let him do it, sweetheart.”  I watched as she opened her mouth, allowing him to push the cloth wad in, and then as he picked up one of her red and black bandanas and rolled it into a band, tying a knot in the middle of it as he did so.  “Now this,” he said as he pushed the knot of cotton into her mouth, her teeth biting down on it as he pulled the ends tightly around her head and secured them at the base of her neck, her hair trapped underneath as he did so.


He then rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her legs back, making her grunt as he tied one end of a length of rope around her ankles, and the other end around the rope that I could see holding her elbows together.  Mum could see it as well, as I heard her mutter “Oh God” when Lenny turned and looked at her.


“Your boy next,” he said as he picked up three of what I now saw were my dad’s hankies and wadded them up.   “You’re not going to give me any trouble, are you,” he said as I looked at his yellowing teeth.  Glancing at Mum, I saw her nod slightly as I opened my mouth and allowed him to stuff the cloths in.


They were clean, so there was a faint taste of soap and freshener on them as I felt my tongue been pushed on to the floor of my mouth.  I watched as he took one of my mother’s large headscarves, a cream coloured silk one with a horse pattern imprinted on it, and folded it into a band.  He didn’t tie a knot in the middle of it, but instead pulled it tightly between my lips, forcing the wadding further in and down as he tied the ends together at the base of my neck.  He then made me kneel on the chair, and tied my ankles to my wrists with rope.  I slid onto my side and watched him from an angle.


Dnthrtmmm,” I mumbled as I saw him kneel next to Mum, with a pair of her white knickers in his hand wadded up.  “I’m all right, kids,” she said as she looked at us, “Just keep brave.”  She opened her mouth and allowed him to stuff the silk in, before he folded a plain green silk square into a band, tied a knot in the middle and pushed the knot into my mother’s mouth, her lips closing round it as he tied it tightly around her face.  I could see the way it sunk slightly into her cheeks as he rolled her onto her side and pulled her legs back, fixing her ankles to the ropes around her chest with a last length.  Mum had her back to me, so I could see the way the two bands had been pulled together behind her back and the large knot between her shoulder blades.


As Lenny walked over to me, he leaned over and whispered in my ear “Nothing wrong with getting aroused at what you see Son - just try to relax,” as George came back into the room, a set of car keys in his hand.  “So long everyone,” Lenny said as they walked out of the door, “have fun now, y’all hear?”


He closed the door on the three of us, and we listened to the sound of the front door closing, the car starting and the motor fading into the distance.  The room was dark, the dust in the air catching what little light was getting through the curtains, as Kristen rolled onto her side and looked at both of us.


The room had been silent, but I could see the redness in her eyes, and as she stared at both o fuse I heard her moan “hgdd, hgddd,” through the cloth that filled her mouth, the gasps as she started to cry becoming more and more audible.  Mum looked up at her, saying “tslrrtkrstn, dnncr drln, dntcr” as she tried to reassure her.  She then looked over her shoulder at the ropes that were holding her in place. 


For my part, I was also looking at the way I had been tied.  I wasn’t tied as strictly, but the ropes were holding me firmly, and I wasn’t having much luck in finding a way to loosen them.   What I did have, however, was a bit more flexibility - Kristen had her ankles almost touching her fingers, while Mum was too scared to move much at all, no matter how much she tried to hide it.


Well, I was the man of the house at the moment, so I felt I had to do something.  I grunted “dntmv” and started to try and turn myself round on the chair, intending to get myself side on on the seat that I could slip off onto my knees.


Well, you know what they saw about best intentions - as I moved, the seat cushion moved with me, and I fell rather clumsily onto my side.  As I looked up I could see Mum looking at me with a real note of concern, while Kristen - Kristen stopped crying, looked at my face and said “Mgsggsdadfsfnnnne” as she tried to stop herself from laughing.


Well, that decided it - I pushed myself onto my knees and started to shuffle towards Mum, saying “rllvr” as I did so.  She nodded and rolled over onto her side, but as I got closer I could see just how fiendishly complicated the knots were around the ropes behind her back.  With my wrists crossed, I realised there was no way I was going even begin to unravel that, so I tried a different approach.


Shuffling myself round so that I was sitting down with my legs to the side, I said “brngurmffvr” to mum, waving with my hands as I did so.  She looked at me for a few moments, wondering what I was trying to do, but eventually she twigged as she stated to wriggle towards me, her jumper riding slightly up as she did so so that I could see her bare midriff under the rope band around her waist.


Eventually, she came close enough to allow me to reach the gag around her mouth with my hand.  Slowly, carefully, I managed to manoeuvre one finger under the silk band that was digging into her cheeks, and as I moved myself round Mum started to twist her head, catching onto what I was trying to do as I slowly moved my finger towards her lips. 


It was a slow, painful process, but after a while I succeeded in forcing the band out of her mouth.  Looking over my shoulder, I could see the dark olive stain in the knot as it dropped under her chin.   Mum said “gdddb,” and opened her mouth, allowing me to grab a corner of the now soaking silk and gently draw the knickers out from her mouth.


As I dropped the pad on the floor, Mum slowly worked her mouth, then lay still for a moment before saying “Well done, Mark - now go and see if you do the same to your sister.”




“Yes, you must - I want all of us to be able to talk, and she can do the same to you when she’s done.”


Nodding, I got back onto my knees and started to shuffle over, as Kristen mumbled “cmnbgb” and rolled herself over so that her face was facing off the couch.


Again, it took what seemed like an eternity, but eventually I managed to pull the knot out from between her teeth, and watched as she spat her now very dark pink knickers out.  “Guess I have to do the same for you now,” she eventually said, but I didn’t reply - I just moved myself so that her fingers could reach the band in my own mouth.


Eventually I sat myself on the floor, looking at Mum as I said “Do you think they’re going to get very far?”  She had rolled onto her side, her skirt riding up around her waist as her jumper had ridden up to just below her breasts, while Kristen’s blouse had worked free from her jeans, and the top couple of buttons had come undone, revealing her pink bra.


Mum opened her mouth to say something, when the door was thrown open to the room, and we saw two uniformed officers in black and white, looking in as their guns were raised.  “In here,” one of them called over his shoulder as he holstered his gun and came over, saying “You three all right” as he knelt beside Mum.


“We’re fine if sore and stiff,” she said as she looked at both of us, Kristen and me nodding as two more officers came in and started to untie us.  “What happened?”


“We picked up the escapees an hour ago - they ran a red and a Highway Patrol officer called it in.  Once we had them, we realised they had stolen the car, and came as fast as we could.”


As I sat up and rubbed my wrists, I glanced down and realised that my - exertions had caused me to become a little aroused.  I looked at Mum, who just smiled - she had seen as well, but was choosing to say nothing.


Not at that point, anyway...





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