One Friday Afternoon









“It’s 2.30 on Friday the 13th, and you’re listening to K-WOL, playing the sounds of the seventies.  Next up, a classic from Black Lace...”


Sandra was making coffee as she listened to the radio, singing along as she busied herself.   An attractive woman in her late forties, she was casually dressed, wearing a white silk camisole top under a black waistcoat, jeans and open toed sandals.  Every Friday she and her sister Elaine would get together, drink coffee, and put the world to rights before her husband got home for the weekend.


A conversation that started as her sister Elaine came in, saying “Fresh coffee?”


“Always,” Sandra said as she looked round.  Elaine was a year younger, and had lighter brown hair swept up and back, unlike Sandra’s own straight hairstyle.  She had a green padded sleeveless jerkin over a striped jumper, jeans and brown flip flops on her feet.


“So what’s happening in your world,” Elaine said as she slipped her jerkin off, and hung it over the back of a wooden chair in the dining room.


“Not much – Bert and I are going out for dinner tonight, so I’ve got that to look forward to,” Sandra said as she handed a mug of coffee over, and then sat down.  “Tell me what you’ve been up to...”




“Are you sure this is the place?”


“This is it,” the taller of the two men said as they looked at the detached house, “rich pickings inside.”


“All right then,” his partner said, “let’s do this.”  The two men got out of the van, one of them carrying a tool bag, and made their way up to the house.




“Oh you have got to be kidding me,” Sandra said as she shook her head, “she really thought she was going to get away with that?”


“She did,” Elaine said as there was a knock on the front door.  “I’ll go and see who that is,” Sandra said as she got up and walked to the front door, still shaking her head as she opened it wide.


“Inside,” one of the two men standing there said as he grabbed Sandra, turning her round and slapping his glove hand over her mouth as she was held around her waist.  She screamed into the leather, the smell of the glove overpowering everything else, as she kicked out with her feet while she was dragged back into the house, the second man closing the door and then producing a pistol from inside his overalls.


“Shut the fuck up,” he whispered as Sandra saw the gun pointed at her.  “Just be a good girl, and stop struggling and screaming, got it?”


“HTHHLLRU,” she shouted out from under the gloved hand.


“Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear,” the man said as he looked at Sandra, “you be quiet, got it?”


Sandra nodded, trying to calm herself down as Elaine called out “So who’s at the door sis?”


The man with the gun walked into the kitchen, looking at Elaine as she stared back, the coffee cup in her hands.


“Not a word,” he said, “or my friend hurts your sister.  Put that cup down, and get in the front room, hands on your head.”


“What the he...”


“MOVE,” he shouted as he pointed the gun at her, Elaine nodding as she stood up and walked towards him, her hands on her head.


“Better,” he said as she went into the hallway, Sandra staring at her with eyes wide open as she was frog marched in behind her.


“Pull the shades to,” the armed man said, Elaine doing that and then turning round, watching as he put the tool bag on the coffee table, opened it and brought out a length of gold coloured nylon rope.


“Sit down,” he said as he looked at Elaine, “and put your hands out in front of you, palm against palm.”


“Sandra,” Elaine said as she did this, “what’s going on?”  But all Sandra could do was shake her head, a tear starting to roll down her cheek as she watched the intruder put the gun down, and then bind Elaine’s wrists tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms as Elaine bit her lower lip.


“Right,” he then said as he looked at Sandra, “are you going to behave?”


Sandra nodded as he smiled, and said “good – take that waistcoat off, and put your hands out in front of yourself, palm to palm.”


“Just do as he says Sandra,” Elaine said as the hand was taken from her sister’s mouth, “it’s going to be all right.”


“I hope it is,” Sandra said as she watched the man tie her wrists together in the same way as her sister, the nylon rope biting into her skin as it was pulled tighter with each pass.


“Good,” he then said as he made Sandra sit next to Elaine, “take care of the phones, and make sure nobody else is in the house.”


As the taller man walked off, his partner sat down and said “we just want your valuables, that’s all – so this will go a lot easier on both of you if you do what we say, and answer our questions.”


Both woman nodded silently as the taller man came back, and looked in the tool bag.


“Whose house is this?”


“Mine,” Sandra said, “why?”


“Then you are the only one who needs to talk for now.”


“What do you mean by thmmmmgdddwhtrudng,” Elaine mumbled as the tall man stood behind her, and pushed a folded rag into her mouth, before tying a folded gold and brown scarf between her lips, passing it round twice to hold the stuffing firmly in place inside her mouth, before knotting the ends together at the base of her neck.


“Oh god,” Sandra whispered as she looked at her sister, her muffled calls as she looked at her a pitiful sound.


“Now – we can trash this room, or you can tell us where your safe and any valuables are,” the man said as he looked directly at Sandra.


“No – everything’s upstairs,” she whispered, “just please, don’t hurt us.”


“Good – let’s go,” he said as the tall man grabbed Elaine’s arm and pulled her up, Sandra slowly standing as well.  She had noticed the two lengths of rope hanging down from her wrists as she did so, and wondered why he had left them there.


The party started to walk up the stairs, but as they reached the turn in the staircase the smaller man stopped for a moment.


“Sit down,” he said as he looked at Elaine, the younger woman nodding as she sat on the wide step.  He nodded to his partner, who grabbed Elaine’s wrists and pulled them up over her head, Sandra watching as he used the length of rope to bind them to the banister, passing them round the base of the small wooden orb and securing them tightly.


“Make sure she stays there,” the man said as he made Sandra walk past, the taller man nodding as he took more lengths of gold rope from the tool bag and handed it over.


Elaine watched as he put her ankles together on the next step down and started to bind them tightly together, the hem of her jean legs flaring out as he pulled the rope tight around and between her limbs, making sure they were held firmly together.  He then took a second length of rope, smiling at Elaine as he wrapped it around her legs above her knees and forced them together, taking the rope between her legs as he did so.


“Whtruddgthsfrr,” she mumbled as he pulled the rope between her legs, feeling the pressure on them as the bands tightened, and then he tied the ends off underneath.


“Because we can, and because I was told to make sure you don’t move,” he growled as he then turned her so that her back was against the banister, and took another length of rope, passing it around her body and the banister under her chest.  As he pulled the rope, she felt her body being forced against the wooden support, watching as he wound it round above and below her chest, feeling her jumper tighten over it as it was forced out.


“Nice rack,” he said as he tied the ropes off behind the banister, the bands coming together as he did so, and then he stood and looked at her.




“Hush,” he said as he took a last length of rope, and passed it around both bands of rope, bringing them together between her breasts as he pulled them closer together, the ropes pressing even more firmly on her as he tied them together, the bands now forming two tight circles around her chest.  She squealed into her gag as she tried to move, the ropes rubbing on her through her jumper as her captor looked at her and smiled.





“What’s your friend doing to my sister,” Sandra said as she sat on the floor by her bed.  The intruder had taken her wrists up and over her head, and was now securing them to the headboard behind her.  She was sitting near the window of the room, but he had drawn the curtains closed, to block the view from the street.


“Making sure she cannot raise the alarm or stop us,” he said as he drew more golden rope from the tool bag, and placed Sandra’s ankles together, binding them tightly as he passed the rope around and between her legs, and tying it off before he took a second band and secured her legs together above her knees.


Sandra wriggled round, then stopped as she realised her camisole top was moving as well, and the way it was rubbing on her chest may give the man with her – ideas.  She looked up to catch the look he had in her eyes, so distracted him by saying “the safe is in the walk-in – I’ll give you the combination.”


“Good,” he said as he opened the doors, and looked inside.  “Go ahead.”


She could hear Elaine complaining in the hallway, but was powerless to do anything except watch as he opened and emptied the safe, and then searched through her jewellery boxes that lay on the dressing table.


“Very nice,” he said as he turned and looked at her, “now open wide.”


“You don’t have to do that,” Sandra said as he looked at the rag in his hand, “I’ll be quiet, I prmmsmmssshhffkkkk.”


“Yes, I know you will,” he said as he pushed the cloth into her mouth, and then removed a roll of black tape from the tool bag, tearing strip after strip off and smoothing it over her lips and jaw until a wide pad covered her mouth.  She watched as he put his gains into the tool bag, and then left the room.


She waited until the front door opened and closed, before she started to kick her legs up and down, her sandals flying off as her hose covered feet wriggled, and she called out “HLPMMMMM!!!  SMBDEEHPLLMMMM!”


“HLPSSSPLSSS!” she heard Elaine calling out as well, but there was no reply, as Sandra struggled, her top riding up as she did so.


This went on for what seemed like hours, the sun starting to set outside the window from what little she could see through the gap in the curtains, before she heard the front door open and close.


“Sandra, love, where – sweet Jesus who did this to you?”


“HLPPPMMMMM” she called out as her husband appeared, and looked round.


“Hold on,” he said as he came over and pulled the tape away, then eased the cloth out.




“She’s fine – what happened?”


“Burglars – please, untie us and then call the police,” Sandra said as she sobbed tears of relief...







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