It’s funny really – you hear of such things happening to other people, but when it actually happens to you, it stays so crystal clear in your mind that you finally understand what it is like to be in that situation – and to experience what I experienced.


So where to begin?  It was New Year’s Eve, and I was going to go out to a party and meet some friends there.  My mother had called earlier that day, and said she was going to go to the same party – so we agreed she’d come round to my place and we would go together.


Now, you have to understand something about my mother – she’s one of those people who likes to dress and look like someone younger than me, never mind herself.  I mean, she had the body to pull it off, but even so...


Where was I?  Oh yeah – it was just before eight I think.  I had showered, put on my make up, and was sitting on the cream leather couch in my front room, putting on my boots.  They were made of soft grey leather, and came up over my knees as I slowly pulled the zip up on the inside.


My legs were also in a new pair of sheer dark tights, while I had picked a new dress to wear.  It had a grey upper half, with a square neckline, and elbow length sleeves.  The skirt was a very light grey with a leopard style print on it, and made of silk, coming to above my knees, but not so short it was immodest.


My long dark hair was combed out and falling over my shoulders, as I looked at my watch and wondered how much longer my mother was going to be, when there was a ring on the doorbell.  I walked quickly to it, opening it and saying something about just letting me get my coat, when I realised it wasn’t my mother who was there.


He was about six foot tall, short dark hair, and wore a smart suit with a white shirt and tie – as well as leather gloves on his hands, one of which was pointing a small pistol at me.  I backed up, not quite believing what was going on as he came in, put a large black bag on the floor, and closed the door.


“What is your name?”


I looked at him, wondering why he was asking the question – he had a soft Scottish accent.


“Please, it will be much easier for you if you answer me, and do as I say – what is your name?”


“Alice,” I eventually whispered.


“All right Alice,” he said with a smile, “is anyone else home at the moment?”


I slowly shook my head, as he picked up the bag.  “Very good – we are going to go into your front room, and you are going to do what I say, all right?”


I nodded as we walked in, and he looked round.


“Good – stand still with your back to me, and let your hands rest at your side.”


“What are you going to do to me,” I whispered as I heard him put the bag on the floor, and then the clasps opening.


“Be patient Alice – all will become clear in due course,” he said as I felt him guide my hands behind my back, and then cross my wrists.


“Oh god,” I whispered as I felt him wrap what felt like soft cord around my bare wrists, and then gently draw them together.  It may have been gently, but it was strong, and as I felt the cords wrap more round my limbs I realised he knew what he was doing.  It didn’t hurt, didn’t rub against my skin, but as the loops tightened with each pass, and then he took the rope between my arms to tighten it still more, I knew instinctively there was no way I was getting my hands out of this.


“There,” he said as he gave one last tug, “that should keep your hands where they can’t cause any mischief.  Sit down on the couch please.”


I walked over and sat down, watching as he knelt in front of me, crossed my ankles and tied them together, presumably in the same way he had tied my wrists.  He started by doubling what I now say was thin white cord, and passing that round my legs, pulling the ends through the centre loop and then back over the rope so that it held firm.  He then wrapped it several times round my legs, keeping the bands on top of each other, before tucking the ends through the top band, separating them, and pulling them between my legs. 


This made the binding even tighter, as he secured the ends together behind my ankles.  I tried to move them, but with no luck.


And that was when the doorbell rang.  “Do not shout to say anything,” the man said as from the back he took a roll of white tape, and tore a length off, pressing it quickly down over my lips to keep me quiet while he went to the front door...


I was late, and I knew I was late – I just hoped Alice would forgive me as I got out of the cab and paid the driver.  It had just taken me so long to decide what it was I wanted to wear...


I had eventually settled on a black jacket I have, with a fake leopard skin collar that fastens tightly up the front, and nice tight black satin leggings.  The top of the jacket came down just enough to show my throat and some skin.


I had also agonised over what boots to wear – settling eventually on a pair of pale blue leather over the knee boots with a high black heel.  I’d been to the salon as well, so that my blonde hair was cut and held by a white Alice band.


Anyway – I walked quickly up the path, feeling my bum wiggle in the leggings, and rang the doorbell.  Alice didn’t come immediately, so I imagined she was busy, and rang again.  This time the door did open, and I came in, apologising profusely for the fact I was late as the door closed.


And then I turned round, and I realised my daughter may not be in a position to go out either.  He was a good looking young man, smartly dressed, and in a bar I may have been tempted.  But he was in my daughter’s house, and was smiling as he pointed a very real gun in my direction.


“Hello,” he said quietly, “Alice could not come to the door, but she is so glad you can join her now.  Who are you?”


“Irene,” I said quietly, “but who are you?”


“Patience – all will be explained in good time,” he said as he looked at me.  “First, let me say you look very good for your age?”


“Well, that’s nice of you to...”  I then saw the length of cord in his gloved hand, as he said “please, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“Oh god,” I whispered, “have you tied up Alice as well?”




I heard the Mumbled voice, and nodded as I turned round and put my hands behind me, feeling his hands as he gently crossed my wrists, and then used the cord to secure them together.  I was amazed both at his gentleness and his strength as he bound them – and I knew the party would have to wait.


“Now,” he said as he tied the last knot, “shall we go and join Alice?”


We both walked into the front room and there was my daughter, wearing her new grey dress and boots, her hands behind her back and white rope holding her crossed ankles together, looking up at me as she said through the white tape “mmsreemmm.”


“It’s all right, love,” I said quietly as I watched the man go to a large black bag on the floor, “I understand this wasn’t your fault.  Look – if we promise to be quiet, will you take the tape away from her mouth?”


He stood up and looked at us, and then said “well, for the moment, and only if you both promise not to raise your voices.”


“I promise,” I said, and as Alice nodded he removed the tape from her mouth, scrunching it in his hand before he put it into a clear plastic bag, and into the larger one.


I had heard him talking to my Mum in the hallway, and then she came in, wearing an outfit which was just like her – modern, daring, and young.  I had to admit, however, those over the knee boots did look good on her, as she stood there with her hands behind her back.


“I guess the party’s off Mum,” I finally said, both of us laughing as  the man took another length of rope from the bag, shaking it loose before he walked behind her and tied it round her waist.  From her expression, I guessed he was using it to secure her bound wrists to her back as she stood there.


“You still haven’t said what you want, why you’re doing this,” I said as he shook free a much longer length of rope.


“No I haven’t,” he said with a smile as he doubled the rope over, “but I will – in good time.  You must be patient Alice – still much to do before that happens.”


As I watched, he passed the rope around my mother’s arms and body, below her chest, and then pulled it tight, Mum gasping a little as he did so.


While Alice and I had been talking, he had tied the rope round my waist and wrists, and taken the ends between my arms and my back to lock them against my body.  That had been unexpected – but when he pulled the rope under my chest, and then took it round and above my chest, a Number of things became clear to me.


Firstly, that this was a professional, who knew what he was doing.  Secondly, the way he was binding my arms to my body, the rope going above and below my chest, was going to make it next to impossible for me to move them.


But it was the last thing I found both frightening and intriguing at the same time – somehow, he had taken the fear out, and as he pulled each pass tightly I was beginning to get a feeling of – enjoyment?


I tried not to show it as the bands pressed on my chest and forced it out, my top straining to hold closed.  Eventually, he tied the ropes off behind me, and then he fed it again under my left arm, pulling it up and tightening the ropes on the side as he fed the rope around the back of my neck.


As he fed the rope under my other arm, and pulled it behind me, I felt the bands press even more firmly – and from the look on Alice’s face, she could see what was happening as clearly as I could feel it.


As he pulled the ropes one more time, I saw Mum gasp – how must those ropes feel, especially when he had tightened them the way he had?


“There now,” he said eventually as he put his hand on Mum’s shoulders, “I think that’s enough for just now.  Please, take a seat Irene, and remain quiet while I make sure Alice is just as secure.”


“Okay,” Mum said as she walked to the armchair and sat down, watching as the man – who still hadn’t told us what he was doing there – took another two lengths of rope from the bag and walked towards me.


“Please turn slightly, Alice, so that your back is to me,” he said as he sat down, waiting until I had moved.  My leather boots squeaked as I slid over, and then I felt him pass the rope around my waist, forcing my wrists against my back as he tightened the band to stop me moving them.


“I know,” Mum said as I looked at her, “just let him do it Alice.  I promise you, it’s – different.”


I wondered what she meant, as I felt him pass the rope around my arms, and then he pulled it tight under my chest, forcing my arms into my sides.


That wasn’t so bad – but then he pulled it tightly over the top of my chest, under, over, under, over – and I felt my chest been forced out between the two bands, the rope rubbing on me as he pulled it tighter and tighter – and suddenly I realised what it was Mum was trying to say...


“What the...”


“Hush, patience,” he said as I felt him pulling the bands together behind me, and then he took the rope over my left shoulder.  I wondered what he was going to do, as he walked in front of me – and then he fed the rope through the lower band of rope, between my breasts, and then pulled it up, his hands stroking my chest as he did this...


I watched, fascinated as he man fashioned what was effectively a bra for Alice, the bottom band being pulled up and supporting her breasts as they were forced further out.  As he took the rope over her other shoulder and tied it behind her, I saw her close her eyes and gasp, trying to get used to the way it must have felt.  It was bad enough for me, but when I saw the way she moved as well...


“There now,” he said as he stood up, and Alice turned herself round, ”I trust that is comfortable.”


“I...  I don’t know what it is,” Alice said, quiet honestly.


“Good – stay there.”


“Funny,” she said, and I had to laugh at that as well, as he took more rope from his bag, and used it to bind her legs together below her knees, taking the rope between her legs as well as round them.  I could see her shiver as he did this – and then I realised it was my turn, as he took two more lengths of rope out and walked towards me.


Kneeling in front of me, he smiled as he crossed my ankles and started to secure them together.  I watched, fascinated as the rope rubbed on the leather, and it held my ankles firmly in place, the rope around and between them to keep them in place.  He then took the second length and secured my legs together below my knees, the rope squeaking as it rubbed on the leather as well.


“Now,” he said as he stood up, “I have a few things I need to sort out.  Can I trust you both to stay there and not do anything – including calling for help?”


We looked at each other, and both nodded, Alice saying “can you at least put the television on – if we’re not going anywhere, we may as well be entertained.”


I saw the strange look in his eyes, but dismissed it as he turned the television on, and we watched him pick up his bag, walking out of the room.


As I tried to move, I realised how much the ropes were rubbing on me, and stopped.


“Yeah – I can imagine,” Mum said as I looked over.


“Mum, what are we going to do?”


As she wriggled round, she said “I really don’t know – but you have to admit, it is rather exciting isn’t it?”


“MUM!  He’s tied us up, if he wanted to, he could do anything to us.  He could even...”


“Alice,” Mum said quietly, “let me assure you of one thing.  If he was going to do the worst thing you are thinking of – would we still have our clothes and boots on?”


Well, she had a point there – so I relaxed a little, as we watched the musical on the screen.  We could hear him doing something in the back room, but what it actually was we obviously did not know.


So we sat still, talking quietly to each other and occasionally trying to move.  I had to admit that, as we sat there, the ropes were comfortable – and I was beginning to like the way they rubbed on my chest.


Honestly, I know it sounds awful, but those bands as they rubbed were making me feel all glowing and warm and ever so slightly aroused.  It was difficult and slightly embarrassing to explain – but as we looked at each toher, bound as we were, we had to acknowledge it as well.


After what seemed an eternity, the man walked back in and looked at us.  “I am afraid I need to make sure you both stay quiet now,” he said as he looked at us, “while I take care of what I need to do.  If you stay where you are, then I promise you that before I leave, you will be left amused and occupied.”


We looked at each other, wondering what he meant, and then saw he had two of my scarves in his hands.  At first, I thought he was going to tie them between our lips, keep us quiet that way – but then he folded one of them as he walked towards me, and he said “please, Irene, open your mouth as wide as you can.”


I realised I had no choice, Alice watching with her eyes wide open as I allowed him to push the silk wad into my mouth, easing it behind my teeth but taking care not to push it so far in it blocked my windpipe.  It was a new, strange feeling, the soft silk with a slight hint of perfume on my tongue, and I sat still, getting used to it as he tore from the roll of white tape a long, wide strip and pressed it firmly over my closed lips, his gloved hands smoothing it into place.


“Are you all right, Mum?” I heard Alice say as I looked over to her.


“Ellmnjjsmhw,” Mum replied as I saw him fold the second scarf, and walk back over to me.  I allowed him to push the scarf into my mouth as well, and as I got used to the way it felt he taped over my lips, this time pressing it firmly down so that it seemed to mould to the contours and shape of my face.


“Whthpnssnnn,” I heard myself say as he looked at us.


“Just stay still – I’ll be back soon,” he said, and he left us again, with only the television on.


Somehow, the two of us not been able to say much made it more – exciting?  Is that the word I was looking for?  I don’t know, but as I wriggled round, and the ropes rubbed even more on my chest, I started to feel somewhat faint and giddy.  So I kept doing it, the ropes rubbing on my boots as well...


I could see what was happening to Alice, but she started to lose herself in it, as she responded to the way the ropes rubbed on her.


And I had to admit, I was getting some excitement out of our situation as well, as I wriggled round, and the ropes pressed in on my chest.  I too was beginning to feel warm and bothered in a nice way – and despite what I had said earlier, something in me was beginning to wish he would take advantage of the fact we could not stop him.


Sometime later, he came back in, and said "thank you for your patience – now, allow me to reward you.  What can I do for you?”


As Alice closed her eyes, I looked at him, and then at my chest.  He nodded as he came over, and helped to kneel on the floor, kneeling behind me himself as his hands started to gently caress my chest...


I watched as he started to – well, grope Mum, and she closed her eyes and started to moan.  And yet, somehow I knew this wasn’t a moan of fear, but of pleasure.  I moved myself forward, closing my own eyes and moaning as the ropes rubbed on me, and got onto my knees, looking at him and wondering if he would get the message.


He looked at me and nodded, saying “patience for a little while longer Alice,” while he caressed and kneaded Mum’s chest, and then went in front of her for a moment.  She looked at him as he tied a length of rope to her chest ropes, and then nodded, closing her eyes as he kissed her taped mouth and then pulling the rope between her legs.


The fire in me needed to be released, and as I felt the rope press onto my crotch, and he secured it to my wrists, I moaned even more loudly.  He pulled it up, rubbing it against me, and I nodded, knowing the power was within my own hands now to take me wherever I wanted to go. 


He helped me to lie on the floor, and as he pulled my ankles back I started to tug gently on the rope, feeling it rub on me and distracting me from the fact he was tying my ankles to the chest ropes, and leaving me virtually unable to move.


But I could move enough...


Mum’s moans and gasps got louder as he moved to me, and tied some rope to my upper band at my chest as well, then fed it down and between my legs, lifting the skirt of my dress up as he tied it to my wrists, and I felt it press down on my panties.


I hadn’t realised what all my twisting had done to me there – but I did now, as he reached round and began to massage my very prominent chest as well.  I closed my eyes and moaned in pure delight and lust, his hands making my breast and nipples firm and sensitive, the rope as I moved my wrists taking me somewhere I had only dreamed of, but never really experienced, that heat, that desire, that longing...


I heard Mum scream out and then stop moving, and a few moments later I knew why as well as an orgasm like no other shook through me.  He held me until I relaxed, and then laid me on the floor, looking at Mum as she nodded, and I felt him tie my ankles to my chest ropes.


“Thank you ladies,” he said as he stood up, “forgive me if I leave you like this, but I am sure someone will find you soon.”


We both nodded as we looked at each other.  We had been patient so far – I guess we could be a while longer.


Especially if we can use these ropes to our advantage...







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