Playing With The Family








“Oh come on Mum, just how many more shops to we have to walk round?”


Mum gave me a look that said much more than any words could, as Teddy nudged me in the elbows.  He and Aunt Lucy had met us at the mall, and while Karen had taken Drew to the multiplex to see Wreck-It Ralph, we had been dragged round with the sole objective of boring us to tears - well, that and getting some new clothes for school.


Mum was dressed very casually for once, in a long black t-shirt over some tight trousers, a black leather biker jacket and pointed toe shoes with high heels.  Aunt Lucy was wearing a black knee length dress with a brown pin stripe jacket, dark tights and brown suede boots that came halfway up her calves.  We each thought the others mother looked hot, while at the same time not knowing why our own other was dressed as they were.


Hey, we’re teenage boys - it comes with the package.  As does the boredom, as we were making our mothers very aware of with the constant moaning.


“Oh come on mum,” Teddy said, “Surely we’ve visited every show shop in the mall at least twice.  How much longer?”


Aunt Lucy looked at us both, a real sense of exasperation in her voice as she said “Boys - just be patient a little while longer, and then we can go to John’s house for lunch.  We can even play a game when we get home.”


Teddy smiled as he said “Really?  Can we play Kidnap?”


I looked at Mum as he said this, my eyes wide open and innocent.  She just shook her head and rolled her eyes, saying “Lucy, you do know what you’re letting yourself in for?”


“Yeah, I do,” Aunt Lucy said, “but if it means we get this done...”  They both turned and walked off, Teddy and me following behind as we planned and plotted.




“Lunch first,” Mum said as we walked into the kitchen, “and then you can have your devious way with us.”  I helped to take some plates out, while Teddy fixed the drinks and Aunt Lucy helped Mum to make some salad.


I cannot tell you how excited I was as we sat at the table and ate - Teddy and I had cooked up a brilliant plan, and all we needed was for our mums to do a little dressing up.  “So,” Mum eventually said as we finished, “What is the plan for your game?”


“John and I,” Teddy said as he looked at me, “are going to take a couple of rock chicks hostage - and you are the chicks.  Can you dress up like that?”


“Just how old do you think we are,” Aunt Lucy said as she pushed her chair back and stood up.  “Can I raid your wardrobe, Susan?”


“Only if I don’t get what I want first,” Mum said as she stood up as well, and they both left the kitchen.  Teddy and I quickly washed up, and then we got our materials together....



Aunt Lucy was the first to come back in, and I had to catch my breath when I saw her.  She had a large purple hat covering her blonde hair, but that was not what caught my eye.


She was wearing a brown mohair jumper, with a wide round neck, and had a striped scarf wrapped round the top of it.  The bottom of the jumper barely covered one of Mum’s short black skirts, and she also had on a pair of black latex leggings.  She had also found the pair of knee length leopard skin patterns boots that Mum had worn a couple of Halloweens ago, and put them on to cover her legs.


“Rock chick enough for you, Teddy,” she said as she gave us both a twirl.  We were still wearing our t-shirts and shorts, but we had each folded a bandana in half and tied it over our mouths.


Mum came in a moment later - she was wearing blue jeans with a pair of pull on knee length brown leather boots, and a long sleeved brown top with white polka dots all over it.  A white wool scarf was around her neck, tied with the ends hanging down in front of her, and her red hair was falling over her shoulders.


“Right,” Teddy said, “You are the girlfriends of the lead singer and guitarist of top band, Dream On, and you’re in the trailer waiting for them to come off stage when the two robbers come in.”


Mum and Aunt Lucy looked at each other and nodded, before they sat down, Mum in a chair and Aunt Lucy sprawled along the couch.  Teddy and I went out of the room, and listened as Mum said “How many encores are they planning on playing?”


“No idea,” Aunt Lucy said, “But I know they have that damned photo shoot afterwards.”


Teddy nudged me, and I picked up the holdall as he took out a water pistol.  We both then ran in, as Teddy said “Hands where we can see them, dolls.”


“Dolls,” Aunt Lucy said as she sat up, “who are you calling a doll, shrimp?”


“You,” Teddy said as he pointed the water pistol at his mother, “Do you want to argue with me or the gun?”


“Neither,” Mum said as she sat up and raised her hands, “Just please, don’t hurt us.”


“Then do as we say,” I said in a menacing, high-pitched voice.  “Both of you, on the floor with your hands on your heads.”


I watched as they slowly stood up and then sat in front of the couch, the sleeves on their tops falling down as they put their hands on their heads.  “Please, just take what you want and go,” Aunt Lucy said as she looked at us.


“We need to keep them out of the way,” Teddy said as he opened our bag and took two lengths of rope out.  “Please, don’t tie us up,” Mum said, but Teddy just smiled and replied “We’re not going to tie you up - not at first anyway.”  He tossed the two lengths at them and said “Tie your own ankles together - and make sure it’s tight, or you’ll be sorry.”


“You want us to tie ourselves up,” Aunt Luc said, and I just nodded, a big smile on my face under the bandana.  I then watched as they pulled their legs up and reached down, wrapping the cords around their ankles and binding them tightly together.


Teddy checked their work as they sat back, and then said “Well done - now do the same above your knees.”  Mum and Aunt Lucy looked at each toher, then took the rope he passed to them and pulled their legs together, the rope just below Aunt Lucy’s skirt.


“Much better,” I said as they tied the ropes off, having passed them between their legs, and tucked the ends in.  “Now take your scarves off - you’re going to use them to gag yourself.”


“You can’t b serious,” Aunt Lucy cried out, but when she saw Teddy holding up a ball he had taken from the bag, with two leather straps running from it, so nodded and unwound the scarf from her neck, opening her mouth wide to wrap it round her head twice and then tie the end off behind her back.


Mum had to open her mouth even wider, as she pulled her thick scarf between her lips and wound the ends round each other at the back of her neck, pulling tightly before securing them in a triple knot.  As she did this, Teddy handed me two lengths of rope, before saying “Shuffle forward and lean down.”


I knelt behind Mum, crossing her wrist and tying them together with one length of rope, before I used the second length to tie her arms to her side.  Teddy did the same to his mother, before we helped them to shuffle round and sit back to back.


Teddy then took out one final length of rope, and with my help we bound their upper bodies together, trapping their wrists behind their back.  “Right now,” Teddy finally said as we tied the rope off, “Sit still and keep quiet, and you won’t get hurt.”


That was their cue to start struggling like mad, the leather boots rubbing and squeaking as they tried to free themselves, but they had done too good a job on themselves - and Teddy and I were enjoying watching this immensely.


Which is why it was a shock when there was a knock on the door.  Mum and Aunt Lucy looked at each other as I went to the door, wondering who was going to be there.  As I opened it, a familiar voice said “Hey John - can I come in?”


Jack was a friend from school, and with a sickening feeling in my stomach I remembered that I had promised to help him with a school project.  “Oh,” I said as I hesitated, “Hi Jack - look I’m sorry but...”


“Thanks of offering to help,” he said as he came in, and then he said “Aren’t we a bit old for playing cowboys and Indians?”  I suddenly realised I had pulled my bandana down, and stuttered something about how I was playing a game with Teddy.


“Cool - can I see,” Jack said as he walked into the living room, only to stop dead when he saw Mum and Aunt Lucy sitting there, their tops tightly stretched under the ropes.


“Hi Jack,” Teddy said as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on, “How’s things?”


“Teddy,” Jack said, “Are you playing robbers or something?”


“Sure,” Teddy said, “Want to play?”


“Look, Jack,” I said as I looked at him, “Mum... Well, all of us like to play these games, but I know it may look a little funny...”


“What looks a little funny?”


“Hey Karen,” Teddy said, and as I looked at the doorway I saw big sister Karen standing there, with Drew beside her.  Drew was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, with white socks and trainers, while Karen was actually dressed in a very similar way to Mum and Aunt Lucy - a collarless shirt over a pair of black leggings, with knee length black boots that had a cuff turned down.  She had a denim jacket on, and grinned broadly as she said “Rock Chicks, eh?  Cool idea.”


Jack was still trying to process this, when Drew said “Why have you tide my mummy up?”  This was his way of saying he wanted to play too, so Teddy took charge.  “You take care of the brat,” he said as he looked at me, “while we take care of his nanny.”  He took some rope out, threw it to me and then said to Jack “You help me to tie her up.  On the floor, lady, and hands behind your back.”


“All right, just don’t hurt the boy,” Karen said as she lowered herself to the floor and lay down, crossing her wrists behind her back.  As Teddy gave Jack some rope, showing him to double it over and start to tie Karen up, I pulled Drew’s wrists behind his back and started to tie his wrists with a shorter piece.


“This is fun,” he said as I wrapped the rope around and between his arms, “isn’t it mum?”  Mum nodded, smiling over the thick white scarf in her mouth, while Aunt Lucy watched Jack nervously bind Karen’s arms together.


I took the second length of rope and wrapped it round Drew’s arms and stomach, as Teddy watched Jack tying Karen’s ankles together.  “It sounds funny,” he said as the rope squeaked from rubbing against the leather, but Karen didn’t complain as he did a very good job for a first timer, and then Teddy helped her to sit up.  As Jack tied her legs together above her knees, and Teddy tied her arms to her side, I sat Drew down and tied his ankles and legs as well.

“Please mister,” he said as I took a fresh bandana out and rolled it into a strip, “I’ll be quiet.  You don’t have to gag me.”


“Can’t take the chance kid,” I said as I winked at him - I knew he liked to be gagged anyway.  Sure enough, Drew opened his mouth and allowed me to pull the scarf between his teeth.  Jack was doing the same to Karen, who had a black silk scarf from the hallway that Teddy had found for her mouth filling.


“We’ve got quite a party here,” Teddy said as he sat Karen next to our mothers, while I lifted Drew up and laid him out on the couch, “and I think we deserve a drink.  Come on - they’re going nowhere.”  The three of us made our way to the kitchen, where the first thing Jack said was “My god - you two are the luckiest guys in the world!  My mum would never let me do that to her!”


Jack’s mum was a real looker - long black hair, thin, and she wore as a rule pants I swear someone had to spray on her.   She also liked to wear low cut tops, and believe me for a kid my age it was a real boost to see her - in many ways.


“Have you tried asking her - pretend you saw it on TV or something,” Teddy said as he handed Jack a can of drink.  “That always seems to be a good way to start.”


We sat for a while, talking about the games we played and the homework we had to do, before Jack looked at the wall clock and said “I gotta go - any chance you guys can invite me round for a game some time.”


“I’ll ask,” I said as I walked him out, and then joined Teddy in the front room.


Inddtgsmwr,” Mum mumbled through her gag, and I removed the scarf from her mouth before starting to untie both her and Aunt Lucy.


“Thanks, John,” she said as I released her and she ran to the door, “Get the others free, and then find the pizza menu - we’ll order a delivery tonight.”



“Come on sleepy head - time for you to go up to your room and read for a while.”


Drew looked at us and said “Aw Mum, do I have to?  What if you play any more games?”


“Bed,” I said as I stood up, “I’ll come up and make sure you get settled down.”


“You, John,” Karen said with her eyebrows raised, “that’s unusual.”


“Yeah, well - Teddy and I were hoping you’d do something for us, if I did this.”


“Might have known there was an ulterior motive,” Mum said as Aunt Lucy looked on.  “All right - what’s the plan?”


“Teddy will explain,” I said as I took Drew’s hand and walked him to the door.


It didn’t take me long to get Drew washed and changed, and as I sat in his room reading a story I could hear footsteps going to and fro outside.  That told me that Mum, Aunt Lucy and Karen had all gone for the idea.


Eventually, Drew fell asleep, and I crept out of the room, to find Teddy waiting for me at the top of the stairs.  “The dinner party is just getting started,” he said with a big smile on his face, “and they ask if we can wear these.”


He had in his hand a pair of Mum’s old stockings, and he handed one to me, pulling the other one over his head.  He looked funny in it, with his hair squashed down and the material stretching over his eyes - but then I probably looked just as silly as I pulled mine over my head and saw the world through a tan coloured filter.


We crept downstairs and saw the three of them sitting round the dinner table, dressed as if they were at a formal party.  Mum had on a beautiful purple dress, with thin capped sleeves and a tiered skirt that came to just above her knees, as well as a pair of very high heeled shoes.


Aunt Lucy looked equally stunning, in a tight sleeveless dress that I could see had a low cut round collar.  It fitted her like a tube of silk, and was black with a light brown pattern that complemented her body, while her black heels complemented the dress


Finally, Karen was wearing a red party dress, in a similar style to Mum’s, but with red patent leather heels that looked huge - and thin.  I figured they could do a lot of damage to me if she wanted to.


Anyway, they were sitting talking as Teddy and I burst into the room.  “Nobody move,” I called out, “this is a robbery.”


Karen turned and started to stand up, but as Teddy pointed the toy gun at her and said “We told you not to move,” she sat back down again and said quietly “All right - just please, don’t hurt us.”


“Then just do as you’re told,” Teddy said, and I could see the broad smile on his face as he looked at Mum and Karen.  “Take off your jewellery and put it on the table, all of you.”


I watched as the three of them stripped off their rings and earrings, and left them in the centre of the table.  “Very good,” Teddy said, “now bring your chairs into the centre of the room, and sit so that you are facing each other.”


“Why,” Aunt Lucy said as she looked at us.


“We need to make sure you won’t get in our way,” Teddy said as he handed me a roll of silver tape, “and we don’t want any of you to get any funny ideas.  Now, just move and sit down.”


I watched as they stood up and carried the chairs they were sitting on into the middle of the room, and sat them so that they were each facing the other two.  “Hands by the side of the chair,” Teddy said as he stood behind Mum, and I stood behind Aunt Lucy.  The backs of the chairs were three vertical spans of round wood, with enough room to fit a slim arm between them, so when I said to Aunt Lucy “Lean forward and put your hands behind you,” I had no problem in guiding her hands through the gaps, crossing her wrists and starting to tape them together.


Looking over, I could see that Teddy had taken a different approach with Mum, by taping her wrists and forearms to the side of the chair.  I contented myself with securing Aunt Lucy’s bound wrist to the centre spar with tape, and then tearing a long length off before I started to tape her waist to the chair back.  As I did so, my hands brushed under her chest, making her gasp slightly as I did so.  I could see Mum was having the same feeling as Teddy taped her waist, but she didn’t seem unhappy about it.


Neither did Aunt Lucy - she turned and smiled as I tore the tape loose and smoothed it down, then went over to Karen and passed her wrists through the back prior to taping them together.


“You’ll never get away with this ooooo” Karen said as I brushed against her chest while taping her waist to the chair back, and then doing the same to her upper body and shoulders.  Teddy had done the same to our mothers, and was now kneeling to the side of Mum, pulling her left leg to the outside of the front chair leg and taping it firmly into place.  We worked our way round, taping the legs of all three of them to the chair legs, and then standing up and looking at them.


“All right,” Mum finally said, “You’ve made sure we can’t move, now just take what you want and leave us alone.  I promise we won’t scream.”


“Get three napkins from the table,” Teddy said to me, so I went and fetched three of the large peach coloured linen napkins, passing one to Teddy as I stuffed a second into my pocket and then rolled the third one into a thin  band.  Standing behind Aunt Lucy, I said “Open wide” and then pulled the napkin into her mouth, bringing the ends round her head and tying them together at the base of her neck.  Teddy did the same to Mum and Karen, while I tore some strips of tape off the roll and smoothed them over their lips as an additional layer to the gag.


“Let’s test them,” Teddy said as he stroked his hand over Mum’s chest, making her moan slightly as he did so.  I blushed a little, but did the same to Aunt Lucy who closed her eyes and moaned as well as my fingers brushed over her chest.  Karen did the same as her chest was played with, before Teddy said “Right - let’s raid the place.”


“Not yet,” I said as I picked up three lengths of cord.  “Tie the chair legs together as well - I don’t want them moving round and freeing each other.”


“Smart move,” Teddy said as he knelt between Mum and Aunt Lucy, tying the chair legs together just above their ankles while I took care of the other two.  Having made sure it was more difficult for them to move at all, we sat back and watched as they tried to talk to each other and free themselves.


The muffled sounds they made as they tried to talk, the way their chests moved as they squirmed in the chair, and the way they looked at us from time to time - it made me feel somewhat warm, contented - and, if truth be told, there was a small bulge appearing in my pants.  The same was true of Teddy however - and I knew for a fact our mother could see it from where they were sitting, while Karen had her back to us.


“You feeling what I’m feeling,” Teddy whispered to me, and I had to confess I did, I really did - so much so that I had to excuse myself for a few minutes.  When I came back, I saw that it was after nine at night, so as Teddy ran off I peeled the tape away from Mum’s mouth and removed the napkin.  She was glowing slightly as she gasped “Thank you John - look, it’s getting late.  Lucy, do you and Teddy want to stop over tonight?  He can borrow some pyjamas from John, and I can sort out somewhere for you to sleep.”


Hwbtwfu,” Aunt Lucy said as she looked at mum.  Mbbslmbrprtecpshr.”


Mum nodded, and then looked at Karen.  “Does that sound fun to you?” she said, and Karen nodded as well in reply.  I could see she was hot and sweating, so as Teddy came in Mum said “Teddy, you and your mother are going to stay here tonight.  We’ve played some fun games today, and I have an idea for a last set of games that we can all enjoy.”


“What’s that,” Teddy said as he looked at Mum, a big smile on his face.


“Slumber Party invasion - untie us, and John will take you upstairs to clean up once you’ve gathered all your stuff together.  Karen will come and get you in John’s room when we’re ready, and she’ll explain the game.”


“Slumber party?”  Teddy had an even bigger smile on his face as he said “Does that mean...”


Fnfrssn,” Aunt Lucy mumbled, as we got to work freeing our captives.



The clock was showing nearly ten as Teddy and I were changing in my room.  I had got out an old camp bed and put it up on the floor, along with a sleeping bag.  I had loaned Teddy a pair of short blue pyjamas, while I had on a pair of black ones.


“Are you two ready,” Karen said as she knocked on the door.  “Come in,” I said, then my eyes nearly dropped out of my head as she came in, wearing a short nightdress with a leopard skin pattern.  It was held up by two straps over her shoulders, while there was a white lace detail on her chest under her breasts.


“Eyes front tiger,” she said as she looked at Teddy.  “Here’s the plan.  Your mothers and I are having a slumber party, and I just left to get some snacks.  You two have captured me, and then you’re going to capture your mothers.  Got rope there?”


“Sure have,” Teddy said as he held up his rucksack.  “Good,” Karen said as she turned her back to us, crossing her wrists behind her back as she flexed her fingers.  “You can play with all of us, but no touching below our waists.  We’ll allow you to tie a rope between our legs, but no other touching there, all right?”


We both nodded as I took some rope from Teddy and started to wrap it around my sister’s crossed wrists, securing them together as Teddy started to tie her arms to her side, wrapping the rope above and below her chest as the silk was pulled tighter over her breasts.  I also tied some rope around her waist, fixing her wrist to her back as Teddy tightened the chest ropes by passing them under her arms.


“That all right, Cuz,” he said with a smile as he tied the last rope off.  Karen wriggled a bit, the rope rubbing over her skin before she said “Good stuff - now listen carefully.  Teddy, you tie a length of rope to the bottom of my chest harness, and let it drop to the floor.”


I watched as Teddy did this, and then Karen said “Now, pass the rope to John between my knees.  John, you take the rope, pull it up and then tie it to my wrists.  Don’t worry about me - just do it.”


I did as she asked, the hem of her nightdress rising as she let out a little moan, and then tied the rope off.  We stood in front of her, as she said “thank you - now, stuff a handkerchief into my mouth, and escort me to Mum’s room.  And one more thing.”


“What’s that,” I said as I took a handkerchief from my drawer.


“Enjoy yourself - I think we will,” Karen said, then opened her mouth and allowed me to put the cloth in, closing her lips over it as we walked her to the bedroom.  Opening the door, we heard Aunt Lucy say “there you - Karen what happened?”


Aunt Lucy was sitting on Mum’s bed, wearing a white vest top and pink shorts with a light black motif on them, and a black drawstring pulled round her waist.  Mum was lying on her stomach on the bed, in a long pink t-shirt which came over her lower body and sleeves that came down to her elbows.  A large white heart was on the front of it, as she put her hands to her mouth.


“Sit her down,” Teddy said as I sat Karen on the floor, her eyes glazing over slightly as I did so, “You two, stand up facing each other, and put your hands behind your back.”


“We...  We’d better do as they say,” Mum said as she stood up, while Aunt Lucy stood in front of her.  She winked at me as I crossed my aunt’s wrist behind her back and tied them together, Teddy doing the honours to my mother.


Anne made some funny mewling noises as she wriggled on the floor, while I and Teddy secured our mothers with their wrists bound, rope around their waist to hold them in place, and then coils above and below their breasts.  As I was tying the ropes around Aunt Lucy’s chest, I could not help brushing against her breasts, hearing her soft moans as I did so and seeing Mum having the same reaction to Teddy’s fingers.


“Please don’t hurt us,” Mum then said as Teddy passed the rope over her shoulder and under the lower band of rope, his hands stroking over her breasts as he did so as he pulled the rope back up.  I had seen this on some of the photos Teddy had showed me before - a rope bra he called it - so I did the same to Aunt Lucy, who closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as I did so.


“Now to do to you what we did to your daughter,” Teddy said, and we turned our mothers round, tying a length of rope to the lower bend of rope around their chests and letting it drop to the floor.  We walked behind them and knelt down, pulling the rope through their legs and then up, Teddy making Mum’s top rise a little as he did so so that I caught a sneak peek of the pink panties underneath.


“Face down on the bed, both of you,” Teddy said, and I heard them both moan as they walked over, the rope moving with them, and lay down, crossing their ankles as they did so.  Teddy and I then got to work on their legs, binding their ankles tightly together and then their legs below their knees.


“Take care of the kid,” Teddy said as he looked at Karen, who had her eyes closed as she shuffled from side to side, “I’ll secure these two.”   I watched as he pulled Mum’s ankles back and started to tie them to her chest ropes, while I crossed and tied Karen’s ankles and then her legs together.


“Can you find some scarves,” I said over my shoulder as Teddy finished hogtying his mother, and I tied the rope off between Karen’s legs.  Mum said “If you must gag us, there are scarves in the top drawer,” and Teddy opened it, taking out two blue silk squares and three blue bandanas.


I took one of the silk squares and folded it into a pad, as Teddy did the same, and we then pushed them into our mother’s mouths.  We then rolled a banana each into a thin band, tied a knot in the middle and eased them into their mouths, pulling the ends around their heads and securing them at the base of their necks.


I knelt next to Karen and added a knotted cleave gag to her mouth, as I heard both Mum and Aunt Lucy trying to laugh as Teddy started to tickle their feet.  “Hang on,” I said as I found another bandana, a black one this time, and folded it into a wide band, before tying it other Karen’s eyes to blindfold her.


I then came over to the bed, and started to tickle Aunt Lucy’s feet as Teddy tickled Mum’s.  They both tried to laugh out loud, and wriggled round, their laughter mingled with moans as the ropes rubbed against them.  We then worked our way up their bodies, tickling their legs and ribs, but as I tickled Aunt Lucy on the side of her chest she moaned instead of laughing, and I slipped my hand sunder her, feeling just how firm her chest was.


She moaned even more and nodded as I did this, turning her head to me and winking, so I started to stroke rather than tickle her chest, making her moan even more as she wriggled  round.  Teddy was doing the same thing to my mother, and she had her eyes closed as her moans seemed to get louder, and she started to try to pull her wrist up and down, moving the rope  between her legs.


Aunt Lucy’s chest as getting even firmer, and I could feel her nipples now under her vest as she groaned at my touch.  “Do we keep going,” I mouthed to Teddy, and he nodded, continuing to play with and stroke Mum’s chest as I did the same for Aunt Lucy.


There was something else happening with me, and I guessed with teddy as well - a throbbing between my legs as I felt my shorts stretch.  Teddy nodded to me and moved between Mum and Aunt Lucy, rolling them onto their sides so that they faced each other as he gently stroked and massaged their chests.


For my part, I went over to Karen and moved her so that I could kneel behind her, and started to play with her chest as well.   Ysssss,” she mumbled as I she leaned back against me, groaning as well as I felt her nipples firming up under my touch.  I loved the sound, the feel, the way it made me feel, as I started to feel a much stronger throbbing.


“’scuse me,” Teddy said as he ran out of the room, and Karen said “Hgtm.”  I helped her to lie on the floor and hogtied her as Mum watched, and then said “Cmerreejn.”


I stood up and walked over as she looked at Aunt Lucy and said “Bldnfld, thn lvsslnrt?”  Aunt Lucy nodded, so I found two more bandanas and blindfolded them, before playing some more with them.


When Teddy came back, we lifted our mothers off the bed and lay them next to Karen, before saying “We’ll leave you alone now, have fun.”  Leaving the room, we closed the door on them and went to my room, Teddy watching as I switched on the computer....



I got up early the next morning and went into Mum’s room, to see that they had managed somehow to free themselves.  Ropes and scarves were on the floor, while Mum and Aunt Lucy were in the bed, sleeping peacefully.  I presumed Karen was in hers as well, so I left them to sleep and went downstairs.


Of course, by the time lunchtime came round Karen had her revenge on me and Teddy - but that’s a story for another day...







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