Private Party









I love it when my birthday comes around, as Mum always pulls out all the stops for me to have a great party.  Even more so this year, given all that had happened to me, Karen and mum, so when she announced that I could have a costume party for all my friends, I jumped at the chance.


She also invited my cousin Teddy, who had introduced me to the idea of holding women captive, and to my great joy his mum, Aunt Lucy, also agreed to some.  Aunt Lucy was my mother’s sister, and shared a lot of things in common with her - her red hair, her smile, and her body.  The fact she also stood a good four inches taller than my mum was not lost on me either.


So, as you can imagine, I could hardly contain myself when Saturday afternoon came round and I came into the front room, resplendent in the Superman outfit Mum had taken me to buy that morning.  It was a blue bodysuit, with red pants and boots, and a red cape attached to the shoulders.


Karen was already there, fixing the eye mask that Drew was wearing for his Robin costume.  Karen was wearing a yellow bodysuit with brown spots, and a matching cowl with ears was sitting on the couch.


“Who are you coming as,” I said as I sat opposite them.


“The Cheetah,” Karen said as she stood up, her yellow sandals sinking into the carpet as she walked over.  “Ready to play host, my hero?”


“As ever,” I said as the doorbell rang.  As I ran out, I ran into mum, who was coming in.


“Whoa, birthday boy,” she said as she held me, “Take it easy.”  She was dressed as Wonder Woman - and had the costume right.  The gold bustier top, flag shorts that showed off her legs, knee length red boots with a yellow stripe up the front, and a silver tiara perched on a black wig that covered her hair.  A gold rope was looped round her waist as well.


“Well,” Mum said as I stood there, looking at her chest as the bustier forced her breasts up, “go and greet your guests.”  I ran to the door to see - Spiderman standing in front of the Black Cat.


Well, Teddy and Aunt Lucy.  Teddy was wearing a standard SpiderMan outfit, but my eyes were totally focused on Aunt Lucy.  She was wearing a black body suit, with white fur on the sides, and a pair of knee length black leather boots with matching gloves on her arms.  A black domino mask was glued with spirit gum over her eyes.


“Well, happy birthday Superman - I didn’t know it was February 29th,” she said as she walked in, her hips swaying as she did so.  “My god, your mum’s hot today,” I whispered to Teddy as he followed her in.


“Not as hot as your mum,” Teddy whispered in reply as he watched Mum and Aunt Lucy talking.  We could hear other people walking up my path, so Teddy went in as I stayed to welcome the rest of my guests.





The party itself was fantastic - although some of my female class mates seemed to think that appearing in a short skirt and tank top was a costume - but I wasn’t going to complain.  I was having too much fun, especially with some of the games.  All good things have to come to an end, however, and as I showed the last of the guests out I saw Mum and Aunt Lucy head into the living room.


“Nice party.”


I looked up to see Teddy sitting on the staircase, the full head mask in his hands as he stood at the foot of the stairs.  “Yeah,” I said with a smile, “Where are the others?”


“I think Karen is getting Drew ready for bed, but our mums are sitting in the front room.  Want to have a look?”


We both walked in, and rue enough there they were, sitting on the couch having a glass of wine each.  As I looked at Aunt Lucy, my eyes were drawn to her chest, the zipper on her cat suit slightly open now to show the tops of her breasts, while Teddy was looking at my own mother, her pale skin showing over the top of her top...


“Well, if it isn’t the birthday boy,” Aunt Lucy said as she looked at us, “Come and give your aunt a kiss.”  Well, I walked over, and she put her arms round me and kissed my forehead I caught a whiff of her leather costume.  It intoxicated me, so much that Teddy said “careful, Mum - or John may want to play a game with you.”


“Oh, a game?” Mum said as she put her glass down.  “What did you have in mind?”


“You two have heard that we have gone rogue,” Teddy suggested with a grin, “so you try to track us down - only you split up, so Wonder Woman comes after Spiderman and the Black Cat goes after Superman.”


“Oh - and what happens if we get caught?”  Aunt Lucy had a serious face on, but as I looked at Teddy I could see he wasn’t worried.


“We hold you captive,” he simply said.  “Do you want to play?”


“This is going to be too easy,” Mum said as she stood up.  “We’ll give you five minutes to hide upstairs, and then we’ll come and find you.”  We looked at each other and ran up the staircase.  Teddy nodded as he headed to my room, and I went and hid behind the bed in Mum’s room.



After a few minutes, I heard the sound of feet on the staircase, and then Aunt Lucy saying “You look in there - I’ll check in here.”  From my place behind the bed, I could see the door open, and my heart leapt when I saw the black leather booted legs coming in.  Aunt Lucy closed the door behind her, and said 2I know you’re in here, Superman - come out and let’s talk.”


I watched as she turned round, and then sat on the bed, the three inch heels of her boots clearly visible to me.  I had enough room under the bed to wriggle forward, and as I did so I kept a length of curtain cord tightly held in my hand.  I wanted to surprise her - and as I passed the rope around her ankles, and pulled the ends through the loop, I knew I had succeeded.


“What th...” was all Aunt Lucy said as I pulled her ankles together.  As she looked down, she could see my hands tying the rope around her ankles, and she was a good enough sport to start laughing as she said “No - please, don’t do this to me.”


“Just be quiet,” I said as I came out from under the bed, “And I won’t hurt you.  I’ve heard of you - you’re the Black cat, aren’t you?”


“I am.” Aunt Lucy said as she held her hands up, “Wonder Woman sent me to talk to you.  She’s worried that you’re - not quite yourself.”


“Oh I feel fine,” I said in a voice that was meant to be deep, but hey, “but I don’t appreciate been surprised by this.  I think you need to be taught a lesson, black cat.”


“Oh,” Aunt Lucy said as he lips made a small circle.  2Please, don’t tie me up or torture me.”


“Tie you up - good idea,” I said as I produced more rope.  “Put your hands behind your back and cross your wrists.”  Aunt Lucy smiled as she did so, and I wrapped the rope around and between her arms, holding her wrists tightly together.


“Oh - you’re good at this,” she said quietly as I tied the rope off out of reach of her fingers. 


“As good as Teddy?” I whispered as I looked at her.


“Maybe better - are you going to tie my arms as well?”


I nodded, at which point she said “It’s all right John - tie me as tightly as you want.  I won’t tell anyone.”  She smiled at me, and I smiled back as I started to wrap some rope around her arms and body, pulling them into her side as I passed it above and below her chest.


As I tightened the coils, the zip of her catsuit started to come down, exposing what I could now see was the black bra she was wearing underneath.  “Your mum told me this isn’t the first time you’ve done this,” Aunt Lucy said quietly, “Especially the weekend the men held you hostage.”


“Did she tell you everything," I gulped as I pulled the ropes tighter making Aunt Lucy gasp.


“Enough - and you are very good at this.”  She looked at me, and followed my line of sight.  “Go on,” she continued, “you can touch them.  I won’t bite.”


I reached over and gently stroked the bare flesh I could see, blushing.  When I had left Karen and Mum that day, I had not done anything more than touch them, but the way they moved as I watched had had an effect on me - one I liked.  I could feel a throbbing again as I looked at Aunt Lucy there.


“Where’s Teddy,” she suddenly said, and I realised that I did not know.  “He was planning to capture Mu... Wonder Woman,” I said as I watched Aunt Lucy stand up.


“We can try and find them in a while - in the mean time, Superman, what are you going to do with your poor defenceless hostage?”  She fluttered her eyes as she said this, and pushed her chest out, almost inviting me to do something to her.


I leaned over and slowly pulled down the zip, the soft leather parting to reveal more of her breast as she smiled at me.  As I started to put my hands on them, she closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh, almost as If she was enjoying the touch of my hands on them, before opening them again and looking at me.


“Do you like it when you do that to a woman, John?”


“Yes - I know Mum and Karen like it, but do you as well?”


“A woman likes to be treated gently, and I can see you are a very gentle young man,” Aunt Lucy said quietly.  “Now, you need to stop if you’re told to, understand?”


“I always do, Aunt Lucy, but sometimes...”


“Yes, John?”


“Sometimes I find something happening to me, and I get - well, hard and then damp.”


Aunt Lucy smiled.  “Don’t worry about that John - it’s all right, just make sure you clean up after yourself.”  As she finished, we heard a muffled call from my bedroom.


“I think Spiderman has captured Wonder Woman,” Aunt Lucy said as she pushed herself onto her feet, “Shall we go and have a look?”


I opened the door and watched as Aunt Lucy hopped out, the sound of leather squeaking a new and arousing one again as we headed for my room.  Pushing open the door, I could see Teddy on my bed, and a pair of red booted legs been pulled back.


“Ah, you found her,” he said as I came in, Aunt Lucy hopping behind me.  I heard mum saying “stthtujn,” and then got a good look at her.


Mum was lying on her stomach on the floor, with a long white scarf of mine tied over her eyes.  The gold rope she had as part of her costume was wrapped around her arms and chest, with her wrists crossed and secured behind her back.   I could hear the squeak as he rubbed her bound ankles and legs together, which Teddy was not pulling back and securing to her chest ropes in a hogtie.


As she turned her head to look at us, I could also see her mouth was covered in a strip of brown plaster, and her cheeks were bulging.  “Socks,” Aunt Lucy said matter of factly, and Teddy just nodded as he out his hand on Mum’s bottom.


“Hey,” I said quietly, “hands off.”


“OK,” Teddy said with a smile while Aunt Lucy looked at Mum, and said “Hey sis - you look really hot down there.”


Cmdwnhrnstht,” Mum mumbled, as Aunt Lucy fell onto her knees and then onto her stomach.  “No, Superman, don’t make me like Wonder Woman," she said as she winked at me, and Teddy gave me a nudge.


I didn’t need to be told twice, as I took some more rope and tied Aunt Lucy’s legs together, below her knees, and then pulled her ankles right back, securing them to her chest ropes with a short length.  As I did this, Teddy took a handkerchief from my drawer, folded it and held it in front of her mouth.


“The usual code,” she said, and as Teddy nodded she opened her mouth, allowing her to push the cotton in.  As she closed her mouth, he tore off another long strip from the brown roll and smoothed it over her lips, while I tied a grey scarf over her eyes.


“There now,” Teddy said as we stood up, and watched our mothers wriggling round on the floor, “That looks nice, doesn’t it?”


“It does,” I said as I watched Mum’s bottom moving in her tight shorts, “it does look nice.”  I reached down and put my hands on her bottom, making her squeal as she tried to move out of the way.


“Try this,” Teddy whispered as he knelt beside his mother, put his hands round her and started to stroke her chest.  I heard what sounded like a low purr, but as I did the same to my mother I heard her moan rather than purr, as well as felt how firm her body was becoming.


It wasn’t the only thing that was becoming firm - especially when I saw a bump in Teddy’s pants as well.  HE looked at me and smiled, nodding as he said “Perhaps we should go and get a drink - leave these two captives here.  I don't think they’re going anywhere, do you?”


“No,” I said as we stood up, “We can look in on them later.”  We both walked out of the room, going past Drew’s room as we heard Karen reading a bedtime story, and down to the kitchen.


As I took two bottles of coke out of the fridge, and handed one to Teddy, “I said “Your mum’s great - she didn’t mind me tying her up at all.”


“Told you,” Teddy said as he took a drink.  “Your mum’s pretty cool as well.  I’m glad we got them both to play a game with us - just a pity it has to end at some point.


“Not yet though - maybe we can get them to do what I got Mum and Karen to do at some point.”


“What was that?”


“Well,” I started as I explained about the time I tied them both face to face, and the next to each other in their nightclothes.  He sat there; slack jawed before whistling and saying “you lucky...  I wish I had been there.”


“Maybe you’ll get lucky another day,” I said as I put my bottle down, and then heard a noise from upstairs.  “What’s going on,” I whispered as I watched the sun setting through the kitchen window.


“No idea,” Teddy said as he stood up, “but I want to find out.  Come on.”  We both headed up stairs and then peeked into my room.


Karen was kneeling on the floor, the black print on her yellow body stocking stretching as he stroked both Mum and Aunt Lucy between their legs, and we could both hear the moans that were coming from them.  “Yes, I know you heroines like this, even though you try to fight it,” she was saying in cooing voice, and I could tell just be listening she was really enjoying herself.


“I love doing this to you,” she cooed as we watched, “so let me deal with you...”  I saw her pick up what looked like two fat pens, and then heard a bussing sound as both Mum and Aunt Lucy moaned even more loudly.


“I’ll be back,” she said as she stood up, and turned towards the door.  Teddy and I move d to the sides of the door, as Karen walked out - and straight into our arms as we jumped her.


“Hey, look,” Teddy said as he held Karen’s arm, “we got ourselves a Cheetah.”


“Oh no,” Karen said as he held her hands up, “but keep it quiet - Drew only just went to sleep.”  We nodded as we escorted her into Mum’s room, and sat her on the bed.


“All right, you busted me,” she said with a smile.  “So what are you going to do - hogtie me as well?”


“Maybe - but how would you like to help us with a special time for all three of you?”


Karen smiled widely as she nodded.  “What did you have in mind?”


“Well, first you need to take that bodysuit and that cowl off - and put on some stockings and nice short nightdress.  Like when John here tied you and Auntie up.  Then we’ll make you nice and ready...”




I untied Mum from her hogtie as well as her legs, and helped her to stand up.  “Come with me,” I said as I led her out of the room, the cylinder having fallen out from her pants and lying on the floor.


Wht’s gngn,” she mumbled as I led her out of the room, down the corridor and into her own room, the blindfold still tied over her eyes.  Karen looked up from the bed and nodded as I said “don’t move until we tell you.”


Mum stood still, although she wriggled a little when I pulled the zips at the sides of her boots down and helped her to step out.  Not as much, though, as when Teddy and I pulled her shorts down, revealing her knickers under her stockings, and then tied a crotch rope around her waist and between her legs.


“MMMMMM” she called out as she was helped to lie down on the bed, and her legs re-tied together and to her chest, while I unzipped her bodice top and laid it flat out, Teddy helping me to pull it out from under the ropes to leave her bra the only thing covering her chest.


I untied the scarf from her eyes, and as she blinked she saw Karen looking at her, her eyes smiling over her brown plaster gag as she squirmed round in her bra and stockings.  The low moan that escaped her mouth made Mum moan as well, as they wriggled together and rubbed their heads against each other, while we went to fetch Aunt Lucy.


They watched as we walked her in, and removed her boots, helping her to step out of them.  As Teddy untied her arms and chest for a moment, I held her arms as we pulled her catsuit down, and then re-tied her arms tightly behind her back, and then around her chest.


Lknggdlse,” Mum mumbled as we helped Aunt Lucy to get out of the catsuit, and then I got to tie the rope between her legs, making her squeal as I did so and the rope seemed to sink into her dark hose.  We lay her down on the bed, next to Karen, and Teddy bound her ankles and legs, pulling them back so that I could add the hogtie.


Whshhr,” she mumbled, but as I removed the scarf she looked at her sister and niece, before laughing through her gag.  Thgtsll,” she mumbled as Teddy and I took hold of one of her feet each, and started to tickle the soles.


Nnnhhaaa nnnnnn” she screamed as we tickled her feet, and then moved on, tickling Mum and Karen as well.  Teddy then started to stroke Karen’s chest, making her moan as she closed her eyes.  Mum looked at me, then at Aunt Lucy, so I did the same to her, Mum nodding as she watched my aunt moan and writhe round at my touch.


Mum herself started to squirm, and I could see the rope between her legs ribbing against her as she moaned in a chorus of sounds.  As I moved my hands over Aunt Lucy’s chest, I could see her wriggling as well, moving her arms up and down as the rope moved between her legs.


It was having one hell of an effect on me as well and Teddy by the looks of it, as I could see a long hard bump in his pants again.  I knew I had one, and I knew it was throbbing as I continued to play with my aunt’s body.


Suddenly Mum gasped and her head shot up, as her whole body seemed to shake.  I stopped and looked at her, but as I stopped Aunt Lucy did the same thing - stopped and shook as her head went up.


“Come on.” Teddy said as he took my arm and Karen moaned out loud as well, “We need to leave them alone for a few minutes.” 


“Why,” I said as I walked out with him, “What’s going on?”


“Ask you mum one day,” he said as we heard them all moan and call out.  “We’ll leave them to get themselves free.”  We both walked to the stairs, and went for another drink.




I did find out - eventually - but that’s a story for another day, and involves another friend...







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