Seven Days of Games









“Don’t worry, Angel, it’s a fun game to play,” Zoe said as she looked at her nine year old daughter.  “The man is going to use all these tape measures on me, and his friend the dressing gown belts on you, and then we can have some fun together all right?”


“All right Mommy,” Angel said as she stood in front of Zoe.  She had on a green sweatshirt with “Free State U” in white on the front and crema coloured pants, with brown slippers, while her mother was wearing a pink t-shirt and dark training bottoms.


“Watch what they do to me,” Zoe said as the man took the first of the tape measures, a green one, and waited until she put her hands together in front of her.  He then wrapped the tape round them, and around her upper arms to hold them in place, before a yellow one was wrapped round her arms.


“Can you put your hands behind your back,” the second man said to Angel, who nodded as she did what he asked, then felt the brown dressing gown belt as he used that to secure her wrists together.  As he did this, she watched as more and more tapes were used to further secure her mother’s arms, but she was smiling, so she wasn’t scared – and neither was Angel.


Zoe’s arms were now secured with four of the measuring tapes, as the man took another yellow one and wrapped it round her ankles, as well as her bare feet.  She could see her daughter’s ankles been secured together with  second belt as she stood there, smiling and laughing as she twisted round, while her own legs were secured above and below her knees with more ruled tapes.


Angel’s own legs were also secured at her knees as she watched the man wind ne small yellow measuring tape around her mother’s toes, before he looked at her and smiled.  “We need to do something to make you both sound funny,” he said before the fourth belt was tied tightly round Angel’s head, covering her mouth as she twisted round and said “thhshsshfhnnmhmmhh.”


“Yhshshthsss,” Zoe replied her own mouth covered now with another yellow measuring tape, which was wound round her head – and keeping a folded cloth inside her mouth.  She started to twist round, Angel doing the same as the two men slipped away…


“The husband came back from the game to find them like that – nothing taken, both unhurt.  According to his wife, they just walked in and said she and her daughter just had to do what they said – and she was worried about what else they might do.”


“I see – so was it a prank?”


“I think so – I hope so…”








Spider-Girl walked slowly down the corridor, tense, alert, her spider sense working.  She had heard the call from the citizen, and knew she was in trouble, and so she had to help.


And then she looked in the romper room, and saw her sitting on am old seat.  The woman was wearing a grey sweatshirt and range jogging pants, and had purple tape wrapped round her hands and wrists, her arms and body, her ankles and feet, and her legs as they were bent.  As trip also covered her mouth, but it was the strip on the forehead that attracted her attention, as she stared at it, the woman shaking her head before Spider-Girl fainted…


“Secure her, Electro.”


Her mother watched as the second man picked her daughter up, the blonde hair in pigtails, and sat her on a small purple chair.  He then picked up the roll of yellow tape, and started to wrap it round the young girl, covering her Spider-Girl costume as she sat with her eyes closed, her head closed.  When he had finished, her arms were and hands were pinned to her sides, her legs to the chair seat.


“All yours, Chameleon.”


The second mand walked over with a roll of red tape and tore several strips off, covering her daughter’s mouth as she slowly opened her eyes and struggled, the tape crinkling as she said “Uhhllhffrrgthhwwwhfths.”


“Yes, we will,” the two men said as the mother and daughter smiled at each other, and tried to get free while the men left…



“The grocer’s wife and daughter?  And still nothing taken?”


“Nope – he came home at the lunch break to find them.  What’s going on boss?”


“Not a sausage of an idea…”







Amy watched as the young man knelt in front of her, and tied her bare ankles together with the rope, while the other one wrapped the belt round her upper body and the chair, so that she was held against it.  Her babysitter was sat on the couch opposite it, nodding and telling her this was a great game as she looked at her own wrists, already secured together in front of her with white rope.


She had been about to go to bed, but was still wearing her purple vest top and her gypsy skirt, the layers of different colour chiffon neatly across her lap.  The men had said they were friends of her babysitter, who had come to play this game of hostages with her…




Amy nodded as the first man pulled her babysitter’s sweat band down over her eyes, and then opened her mouth as she felt the white cloth been pushed in.


“Now don’t move,” she heard the man say, nodding as she hoped her babysitter was having fun as well.  She tried to speak, but it was only muffled sounds that came out – and then she realised the babysitter had something in her mouth as well.


That was a pink dressing gown belt which had been pulled between the teenager’s lips and ted tightly round her head, her long brown hair over the knot.  She had been bound with sheets to the chair, her wrists tied together in front of her with a pale blue knotted scarf, her ankles tied to the legs of the chair as her feet rested on the metal bar with a white and a yellow scarf.  The sheets held her arms to her sides as well as her body to the chair, as the two men looked at her, and then walked off…




“The mayor’s kid this time?  Who the heck is doing this?”


“Well, so far it’s just been pranks, nothing taken.”


“Yeah – so far…”





“And this is part of Jenny’s art project?”


“That’s right,” the young mand said as he looked at Susan and Katy, sitting on the brown couch, “her video art project.  My friend is making her and your Aunt Clara comfy, and I get to look after both of you, and then we shoot the video.  So, ready?”


Jenny looked at her cousin, who was wearing an olive coloured top and shorts, and then nodded as she held her hands together in front of her in prayer, the young man smiling as he used the thin plastic sip tie to secure her wrists tightly together.  She was wearing a blur top with elbow length sleeves and red shorts.


“Your turn,” he said as Katy held her hands up, the thin strip going round her wrists and holding them together as well before he knelt down and used two more strips, the girls looking at their bare feet as their ankles were secured.


“Now, close your mouth, and I’ll put some of this over them,” he said as he held up a roll of black tape, “then I need you to pretend to be scared while I film you.”


The two girls nodded as he tore strips of the tape off and smoothed them down over their lips, and then Katy put her head on Susan’s shoulder as they looked at the camera…






“They’ll be fine,” the second and said as he looked at Jenny and Clara.  They were sat back to back in the next room, wearing denims and black leather jackets over scoop necked light coloured tops.  The two older women had their wrists secured together behind their backs, as well as their ankles, while a band of white rope had been tied round their waists to hold them together. 


The women looked at him, the white cloths tied tightly round their heads as the shape of their lips was visible underneath, before they heard the muffled giggles from next door – an then saw the electric toothbrush in his hand as he removed their shoes…



“They tickled them?”


“Yeah – once they had them tied up and gagged one tickled the kids with his fingers, the other the older girls with an electric toothbrush…”






The breakfast dishes had been left on the kitchen table, as had the empty juice glasses, but Steve wasn’t bothered by that, and neither was his Aunt Jane.  The men had come in the back door, and suggested an exciting game, and he could not wait to get started.


Aunt Jane had been first – before they had walked into the front room, one of the men had taken her hands behind her back and done something to make sure she could not bring them back round, and then told Steve to come and look.  He had seen the yellow rope round her wrist, but she had wriggled her fingers, and looked over her shoulder to say she was all right – and then they had walked into the front room, one of the men closing the curtains while the other told him to sit on the old couch, and Aunt Jane to sit on the floor.


They were still in their bedclothes as well – he had on a pair of light blue pyjamas that had white stars on them, and white ankle socks with yellow heels, while Aunt Jane was wearing a short sleeved red top and white pyjama bottoms with a grey check.  One of the men had sat with him while the other used some more of the yellow rope to tie his aunt’s ankles together, and then helped her to lie on her side while he was told to put his hands together in front of him.


The rope as soft, and didn’t hurt him as he tied it around and between his wrists, before telling Steve to lie down so that his hands were next to his ankles.  He had then used the same length of rope to tie his ankles together, and his wrists to his ankles so that his elbow rested on his knees, the rope between both his wrists and his ankles now.


Then he watched as a length of tape was torn from a roll – silver tape, which the man pressed gently down onto his mouth so that he could not speak.  He watched as the roll of tape was tossed across the room, the other man catching it and putting some over Aunt Jane’s mouth as well, before she lay on her side while Steve rolled onto his back, his feet up in the air as he wriggled his fingers and his sock covered toes. 


Aunt Jane nodded, glad he wasn’t afraid as the two men left the room…


“Her partner found them when he returned from the night shift – again, nothing taken, just the two of them secured and kept quiet.”


“What are we dealing with here – a build up to something or what?”






“Relax, lady,” the masked man said as he pulled the ropes tight round Bethan’s arms, forcing them into her sides as she sat on the floor, the black tape covering her mouth.  Her wrists were crossed behind her back and secured together with more rope, as were her ankles over the white knee length boots she was wearing. 


Bethan was wearing a black vest top and a red leather skirt, the tops of her black stockings just visible – but not as visible as the band of white rope that held her legs together above her knees, as she struggled to get free.


“Now sit still,” the man said as he put his hands on her shoulders, her long light brown hair falling in an unkempt manner over her face, “your daughter is enjoying the game as well.”


She looked over to where her seven year old daughter was lying on her stomach on the floor, wearing a white jumper, purple skirt, black leggings and a pair of short white socks with coloured soles.  She looked over at Bethan and nodded, the tiger patterned tape over her mouth stopping her from talking.


Her brown hair was held back in a small pigtail, with a blue cloth headband on her head as well, while the second man used thin green rope to secure her wrists together, and then bend her legs back so that he could secure her ankles as well, her fingers waving as she did so.  This was a different game, but a fun one, like in the books she had been reading – she was the captive with her mother, and soon they would be able to try and get free….



“This is getting beyond a joke – where are these two going to strike next?  How were they found?”


“A phone call to her husband saying their front door was open – but boss, seriously?  They tie the family up, and take nothing?  What is this, some sort of crazy hazing thing?”


“I honestly have no idea…”




As Toni watched the Disney Channel, she knew this was going to be a different morning, after the two men had invited her and her mother to play the game.  She was wearing a purple t-shirt with plain cap sleeves and a picture of  bunny on the front “LOVE” in big letters above it, and a pair of shorts – just like the sort of clothes her mother was wearing as she lay on the long couch.


The man had used a roll of clear tape to secure her bare ankles together, as well as her hands in front of her, and was now winding the tape round her upper legs to keep those taped wrists fixed to them.  The tape sounded funny as she tried to move, but this was all a part of the game, and she smiled as she looked at what the second man was doing with her mother.


The older woman was lying on her back, wearing a sports top with  black front, silver back and grey short sleeves, a pair of silver sports shorts, and dark grey ankle socks.  The man had started by taping her wrists together behind her back with gold tape, and then clear tape over that, before making he rile on her back and bend her legs.  He had already secured her legs at her ales and below her knees, again first with gold tape and then clear, and now he was going over the gold tape band above her knees with the clear tape as well.


“We’ll talk once we get free,” she said to Toni, who nodded as the man pulled a rolled up scarf between her lips, tying it round her head as she closed her lips over it.  She watched the other man cover her mother’s mouth with the gold tape, before she looked over and twisted round, the tape crinkling, and then the sound added to as Toni joined in the game.


“Leave them be – a nice surprise for the daddy,” the man said before they both walked out, Toni watching as the next program started.  Her dad was a police officer – he would be surprised to see them both…



“BOSS!  Move it – they struck at your home…”







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