Sister of The Bride

You are cordially invited to the Bridal Shower of Vanessa Harkness, on Saturday 14th April at 3 pm, at 15 Tennyson Close.




P.S. As a bridesmaid, you should come at 1 for a last fitting.  Bernie.


There was only one week to Vanessa’s wedding, and Bernie was up to her neck in making the final arrangements for the big day for both her sister and her boyfriend Chris.  Since the death of their parents the previous year, Bernie had taken the role of big sister to the full extent, and everything about the wedding day was under her control.  The ceremony itself was, by Vanessa and Chris’ own choice, to be a small one, so Bernie had arranged for all her friends to come to a bridal shower the week before.


It was 9 am on that morning, and the two sisters were sitting in what had been their parent’s room, looking at the old family photos.


“Hey, this must be from their wedding – when was that?”


“About 40 years ago I think – it would have been their ruby anniversary this year.”


“Just look at those fashions – I mean, you couldn’t even get away with some of them today?”


Bernie looked quizzically at Vanessa.


“So you don’t think you’d look good in that wedding dress?”


Vanessa looked at the picture of her mother, in a short white minidress, white boots and a white sun hat.


“I’m not saying that – but that dress must be long gone.”


Bernie stood up and went into the closet, before reappearing carrying a blue clothes bag.  Laying it on the bed, she opened it to reveal their mother’s wedding dress.


“Why don’t you try it on?  I have a pair of boots that look like those – you put that on while I fetch them, and then you’ll see something special.”


“And what are you going to be doing while I try this on?”


“I’m putting your dress for next week in your room – and then we’ll see what happens after that.”


Vanessa took another look at the picture in the album, of a young woman with the same blonde hair as her cut in a short bob looking radiant.  After staring at it for a few minutes, she started to take off her dressing gown and nightware before putting on the dress.


It was made of white silk, but had short sleeves that flared out below the elbow and a very short skirt that barely reached below Vanessa’s bottom.  A white zip pulled up the front, with a large ring attached to it.  Vanessa pulled the sleeves over her arms, and after zipping the front she looked at herself in the mirror.


“Well, you do look good in that,” Bernie said as she came back in, carrying a pair of white lace-up boots and a clothes bag.  “Try these on while I go and put this outfit on.”



Vanessa sat on the bed and pulled the boots on, lacing them tightly.  “This feels weird”, she thought as she stood up again and looked in the mirror, “I wonder how Mum would have felt seeing me in this?”


“She would have thought you looked fantastic,” Bernie said from behind her.


“Was I thinking out loud again?” Vanessa asked as she turned, and was hit by the sight of Vanessa standing in the door way in a new outfit.


She was wearing a light blue sleeveless jumper, with a black leather miniskirt and a thick black leather belt around her waist.  On her legs were a pair of dark blue suede knee length boots, and over her hair she had tied a long blue silk scarf as a headband.


“Where did you get that?” Vanessa asked.


“In a used clothes store in town.  I saw it and it reminded me so much of what Aunt Susan wore in the wedding pictures I wanted to see what it was like.  Look at us both – do you think we look like them now?”


She picked up the photo album from the bed and brought it over to where Vanessa was standing, turning the pages as she walked.  The tow girls looked at a picture of their late mother and her sister standing together, then at each other in the mirror.


“Oh God – we do look like them don’t we?”


“Scary, isn’t it?”


“So why did you want us to wear these outfits?”


“Aunt Susan will be here at about 12.30 to help set up the shower – this is going to be a surprise for her, if you’re up for it?”


“I suppose so – yes, let’s do it!  Is everything here for the shower?”


“Everything is in hand – just trust me, Vanessa.”


The doorbell rang at that point.


“Now who’s that?” Bernie asked.


“It might be the mailman – why don’t you go down and see?”


Bernie left to go down to the front door, while Vanessa continued to admire herself in the dressing mirror.  She heard a conversation downstairs, and a small scream from Bernie.


“Must be an unexpected surprise,” Vanessa thought as the sound of the door closing and footsteps coming upstairs came to her ears.


“So who was it at the door sis,” she asked as Bernie came back into the bedroom, “and why have you got your hands behind your head.”


“Well, hippie chick, that would be because I’m right behind her,” a male voice answered, and Vanessa looked on in horror as a man with short brown hair followed Bernie into the room, brandishing a large hunting knife.  He was wearing an open necked tan shirt, brown denim trousers and sneakers, and a pair of Ray-Bans covered his eyes.


“I’m sorry, Vanessa,” Bernie said with tears in her eyes, “He surprised me when I opened the door, and he forced me to tell him you were up here.”


“Wha…. What do you want with us?” Vanessa stammered out.


“Your money, your valuables, your baubles and some of your time.  Right now, however, I want both of you to shut up and sit down on that bed.”


The two sisters looked at each other, and as Bernie stood there crying Vanessa went over and hugged her older sister.


“Come on, Bernie,” she said, “we’d better do as he says.”  The two girls walked over and sat on the edge of the king size bed.


The man picked up the photo album that had been left on a dressing table.


“Is this woman your mother?”  He asked Vanessa, and she silently nodded.


“You look very much like her – and you are just like the other woman here,” he said to Bernie.  “Are you wearing that for a reason?”


Vanessa swallowed.  “I… I’m getting married next week, and my sister asked if I would try it on” she whispered.


“Congratulations – I hope this isn’t going to put you off that day too much then,” he said.


“What do you mean by that,” Bernie asked.


“You’ll see, young lady,” the man said as he reached into his pocket and produced some lengths of cord.  “Why don’t you stand up, both of you, and the lady in white stand with your back to you?”


“Oh no – please tell me you’re not going to…..”


“Do you think two such beautiful ladies as you are would still be dressed if I was going to hurt you?” the man said.  “I just want you to put your hands behind your back, and I want your sister to tie them together.”


“You want me to tie my sister up?” Bernie said with a look of anger in her voice.  “On the day of her wedding shower?”


“Well, if you don’t want your guests to end up the same way, I suggest you do it now.  I can’t keep an eye on both of you and tie you both up, and I’m sure you want me out of here as quickly as possible.  Now, double that rope up and wrap it around her wrists.”


Vanessa looked at the man, as he picked up the knife and began to move towards them, and quietly placed her wrists behind her back.  Bernie wrapped the rope around, pulling it tight so that they were held firmly together, and then tied the knot at the top of the rope.


“Very nice, sister,” the man said, and he took Vanessa by the arm and sat her down on the bed.  “Now, cross your ankles, and your sister can do the same to them.”


Bernie knelt down in front of her sister, and took the length of cord the man held out in front of her.  She wrapped the cord around Vanessa’s ankles in a figure-of –eight pattern, before wrapping it between her ankles and tying it off behind her feet.


“You’re doing very well, young lady.  Now, tie another length around her legs above her knees, and remember that I’m watching you.”


Bernie did as the man demanded, and she stood up to look at her bound sister.  Vanessa looked over her shoulder at the ropes around her wrists, looking for a way to loosen them, but in her fear Bernie had tied them tightly and there was no way she could reach the knots with her own fingers.


“Now, bride, you just sit still while your sister takes care of herself.  "I want you,” the man said turning to Bernie, “to sit down against the wall over there with your hands on top of your head.  Go on – do it!”


Bernie cast a sad look at Vanessa, and then did as the intruder asked.


“Here,” he said tossing her a length of rope, “tie your ankles together in the same way as you did your sisters.  I’ll be watching, so do it right or you won’t like the way I do it.”


Vanessa watched now as Bernie slowly drew her legs up towards her chest, crossed her ankles and wrapped the white cord around the dark blue suede in the same figure-of-eight pattern, so that her ankles were held tightly together.  She knotted the rope off, and then stretched her legs out in front of her.


“Now your legs, tightly again,” the man said passing her a long length of rope, and Bernie tied her legs together above her knees.


“That’s very good of you – now put your hands on top of your head and don’t move.”


The intruder started to rummage through the drawers in the room.  “Haven’t you any valuables?” he asked,


“Not in here – this was our parents’ room,” Vanessa said.  “If you want money and jewellery, look in our rooms down the corridor.


“All right – you put your hands in front of you,” he said to Bernie, and he took her wrists and bound them together with a length of cord, fastening it down to the rope around her thighs.


“Neither of you say a word – I’ll be back,” he said as he exited the room, leaving the door open.


“Are you all right, Bernie?”  Vanessa asked as she watched her sister twisting her wrists around.


“Well, given we’re being robbed, I don’t seem to be so bad.  I just want him out of here before anyone else comes.”


Vanessa glanced at the clock, which said it was 10.30 in the morning.  “Aunt Susan is due at 12.30 – so we’ve got two hours to wait.  I suppose it could be worse.”


“Yeah – she could be here now.”  Bernie gave up trying to get her wrists free as she said this.


A few minutes later, the intruder returned carrying a pillow case, which tinkled as he put it down.  He took out of the case a pair of tan stockings, and two pairs of panties that Bernie recognised as her own.


“I’m afraid I have to keep you two quiet while I make my getaway, and I have to improvise.  First of all, however, I need to make sure the bride here can’t get away before her big day comes.  I’m sorry, dear, but this is necessary.”


Coming over to the bed, he gently pushed Vanessa over onto her side, and rolled her over so that she was lying with her back to Bernie.  Taking yet another length of cord, he tied her ankles to her wrists in a loose hogtie, pulling her skirt back down so that she had a modicum of decency about her.


“Now, bride, you’re first,” the intruder said as he took one of the pairs of panties, rolled it into a ball and then stuffed it half down one of the stockings.


“Oh no – you’re going to gag us like that?” Bernie asked, but the man merely nodded and leant over the prone form of Vanessa.


“Open wide – you’ll get used to the taste quickly,” he said as he pushed the ball into her mouth, then pulled the two ends of the stocking back and tied them into a knot at the base of her neck.  Vanessa grunted as the knot was tied.


“Your turn, sister,” he said as he stuffed the other pair of panties into the remaining stocking, and pushed the gag into Bernie’s mouth before securing it behind her head.  She almost physically gagged at the taste of the nylon and cotton, but realised there was nothing she could do now about their situation and tried to settle back.


“All right, ladies, don’t move or I’ll come back,” the man said as eh picked up the pillow case and the girls heard him descending the staircase.  The sound of the front door closed was followed by silence, save for the twittering of the birds and the traffic on the nearby road.


The clock in the hallway struck the hour at 11, but it was half past before the two girls were convinced that the intruder was not coming back.  Vanessa rolled over on the bed to look at her sister, to see that she was sweating from the effort of trying to free her wrists from her legs, and Bernie’s head was dropping down.


“brni?   BRNI?” she tried to shout out through the gag.


Bernie wearily raised her head, and saw her sister dressed in white on the bed, staring at her with concern in her eyes and the band of tan nylon around her mouth.  She nodded her head to indicate she had heard Vanessa, and then laid her head back against the wall and started to silently cry again.


Vanessa tried to straighten her legs out, but the length of rope connecting her ankles to her wrists made that impossible.  What she realised, however, was that Bernie needed her, and she had to get over to her if at all possible.


Rolling onto her stomach, Vanessa wriggled around until her ankles and legs were lying over the edge of the bed.  Taking several deep breaths, she arched her back so that her legs began to fall off the bed, and with a thud she landed on her knees on the bedroom floor.


The clock struck noon, while Vanessa caught her breath.  Turning around on her knees, she slowly shuffled over to where her sister was sitting with her eyes closed, tears running down her cheeks and a quiet sobbing sound coming from beneath her gag,  Inch by inch she moved closer, trying to say comforting things but only “mmm…. Hmmph…. Plss….” coming out from her mouth.  Closer and closer she came until she was next to her older sister.  With one last effort, she fell over onto her side and placed her head on Bernie’s lap.


“Brni… m hr…. pls stp crng” she mumbled through her gag, and Bernie opened her eyes to see her sister looking up at her with concern.


The two girls looked at each other, and then both reacted as they heard the front door opening again.  “Vanessa?  Bernie?  Where are you girls?” they heard their Aunt Susan called.  Both started to scream out to attract her attention, and to their relief the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs reached their ears.


“Girls are you in….. OH MY GOD!!”  Their Aunt Susan was a blonde haired woman in her late 50’s, who today was wearing a brown sweater and slacks.  She stared at the two bound and gagged girls lying on the bedroom floor.


“Nt…. whts rng?” Vanessa mmphed as she stood there watching the two girls without moving.


Susan shook her head, and running over she pulled the panties gags out of their mouths.


“Girls, what happened here?  And why are you wearing your mother’s wedding dress, Vanessa?”


“It was going to be a surprise for you,” Bernie said, “but we ended up being surprised by a burglar.  We’re just glad you got here on time.”


“Let me call the police, and I’ll get a knife to cut there cords with,” she said as she ran down the stairs, and the two girls began to cry openly in relief.





The police soon arrived and took statements, but there wasn’t time to cancel the bridal shower or for the two sisters to change, so it was a more subdued affair with the guests commiserating the two girls on their ordeal.  Susan, however, remained strangely silent throughout the event, and it was only afterwards that the two sisters managed to talk to her.


“Aunt – are you all right?”  Bernie asked after the others had gone and the girls had changed.


“It’s just – seeing you there, Vanessa, just reminded me so much of your mother, and Bernie of me when I was her age, that I froze.”


“I know we look like you and Mum,” Vanessa said, “but you never went through anything like we did today.  Mum would have told us about it.”


“No she wouldn’t,” Aunt Susan said, “because we swore never to tell anyone what happened before her wedding to your father.”


The two younger women looked at each other in astonishment.


“You mean,” Bernie stuttered, “this happened to the two of you as well?”


Susan nodded, and tears started to come down her face as she began to tell the story….



Which, I’m afraid, must wait for another day...