The Games Player – Green Envy








It was St Patrick’s Day, and the outskirts of Dublin were quiet on this particular afternoon.  I was on another business trip, leaving Janna with our family, but while I was here I was planning to visit the family of one of our clients – especially given I knew he was going to be in meetings all day.


The house itself was an end terrace, and I walked there from a bus stop, wearing a black leather jacket over a jumper and black jeans.  Walking round the side of the house, I ducked into the alleyway, and pulled the stocking down over my head before I let myself into the back garden.


As luck would have it, his wife was in the garden, her back to me as she hung out some washing.  Her name was Darlene, and she was in her early thirties – long dark brown hair, and wearing a crimson vest top and black jogging pants.  She was oblivious to my presence at first – but when ‘I came up behind her, and put my gloved hand over her mouth, she was very much aware I was there.


“Don’t panic,” I whispered into her ear, glad of the high fencing on either side, “do as I say, and you’ll be just fine.  Slowly, walk to the rear door and we will talk inside.”  She didn’t offer any resistance as we walked slowly into the kitchen, but when I took my hand away she said “who the hell are you?”


“The newspapers call me The Games Player, Darlene.”


“The Games Player?  You’re one of those from the UK that rob families?  Why are you here?”


“To rob you, Darlene – and I know your charming daughter Colleen is also here with you at home, so we’re all going to play a game – and I have just the thing to help you play it, a very appropriate choice for today.”




I smiled and said “You’ll see” and then slipped off my rucksack.  “In fact, why don’t we…”


“Darlene, what’s going on here?”


I looked to the doorway to see a younger woman standing there, wearing a lighter red vest top and tight black jeans which were ripped at the knees. I noticed both women were barefoot, before Darlene said “Elsie, look, I don’t know quite how to say this, but…”


“I am going to rob Darlene – you would be?”


“Her sister,” the new arrival said.  Her light hair was in two bunches, dyed purple at the ends, as she said “and who are you?”


“Me?  I’m the one playing a game with Darlene and Coleen – and now with you Elsie,” I said as I removed a roll of red tape from my rucksack. 


“A game of what?”


“Robbers – and we start with making sure you both have your wrists secured together in front of you.”


“Robbers?  Why you…”


“Elsie – he’s the Games Player, from over the water.  I don’t want Coleen to be scared – so do what he says, all right?”


Elsie looked at me, and then nodded as she held her wrists out in front of her.  I made sure they were securely taped together, before I made sure Darlene was similarly secured – and then I wound the tape round their upper arms to force them against their bodies as well.


“There we go,” I said with a smile, “let’s go and make sure Coleen is playing along as well, shall we?”


“We don’t have a choice, Elsie,” Darlene said, her sister nodding as we made our way into the front room.  Coleen was in there, wearing a white sundress that came down to her knees, and she smiled – and then saw the tape round her mother and aunt.


“What’s going on Mummy,” she said as she stood up with her long dark brown hair.


“We’re going to play a special game,” Darlene said, “with the help of this man here.  Why don’t you let him do to your wrists and arms what he has done to me and Aunt Elsie, and then he’ll tell us what he is going to do next?”


“Does it hurt Mummy?”


“Not at all,” Elsie said as she let her niece check the tape on her.  Coleen then nodded, as she held her hands out and let me tape her wrists together, then the tape round her upper arms as well.


“It’s sticky – and it crinkles,” Coleen laughed as she stood with the older women, watching as I took two chairs from the dining table and set them on the floor, then took a smaller blue chair from a side table and put it between the other two.


“You sit on the small chair, Coleen,” I said with a smile, “and your mummy and aunt will sit either side of you, while I use some more of the tape to make sure you can’t stand up very easily.”


All three of them sat down and raised their hands, as I wound the tape round their waists and the chair backs to make sure they stayed there.  I then knelt in front o f them and taped their ankles together, as well as their legs below their knees.


“It feels nice, Mummy,” Coleen laughed as she looked to either side, both of them nodding as I knelt down and taped Darlene’s ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees.  I did the same to Elsie, and then taped the little girl’s ankles before I lifted the skirt of her dress back and taped her legs together.


“There now,” I said as I stood up, “all three of you the captive of the bad robber.”


“You’re not bad,” Coleen said as she looked at me, “you’re a nice robber.”


“I suppose he is,” Elsie said, Darlene shaking her head as I said “now, the bad robber has to go and have a look round the house - if you promise not to shout out, I won’t do anything to stop you doing that for the moment.”


“Like what?”


I saw the mischief in Coleen’s eyes, as I tore a strip of red tape from the roll and pressed it down over her mouth.  She giggled as I did the same to Darlene and Elsie, and said “like that” before I went to see what I could find.


When I looked back in, all three of them were still there, so I said “now you can start to try and get out of the chairs – I’ll be waiting in the kitchen.”


All three of them nodded as I heard the sound of the tape being moved under – for as long as it took me to get out of the house, and leave them to their game of escape…







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